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World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

WrestleMania XIV Results
March 29, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts

1. L.O.D. 2000 won a 15-team battle royal to determine the number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championships at 08:19 - The Legion of Doom returned to WWF programming for the first time since February 23, to the surprise of everyone inside the Fleet Center and the millions watching around the world. The L.O.D. outlasted the entire Los Boricuas faction, The Truth Commission, Bradshaw & Chainz, The Nation of Domination, The Quebecers, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, The Headbangers, Too Much, Disciples of Apocalypse, Steve Blackman and Flash Funk, and The Godwinns to become #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Those titles would be defended later on in the show.

2. Taka Michinoku defeated Aguila to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship at 05:47 - For the first time in World Wrestling Federation history, the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was defended at WrestleMania. The title, of course, debuted months back after an enthralling tournament to crown a Light Heavyweight Champion took over the fall of 1997. Taka Michinoku walked into WrestleMania XIV as the Light Heavyweight Champion, and walked out as Light Heavyweight Champion, after dismissing the sensational Aguila with the devastating Michinoku Driver.

3. Triple H w/ Chyna defeated Owen Hart to retain the WWF European Championship at 11:27 - The second championship match at WrestleMania XIV went just as the first: the champion came out victorious and was successful in his title defense. Triple H managed to pry away one of D-Generation X's largest foes, as Owen Hart fell victim and could not attain the European Championship. Hart put forth a valiant effort, but after a low blow from Chyna, and a subsequent Pedigree, the 1997 King of the Ring made certain that at least one D-X member walked out with the gold.

4. Marc Mero & Sable defeated Goldust & Luna Vachon in a Mixed Tag Team Match at 09:05 - In spite of the fact that Sable was attracting so much attention from the WWF audience, Marc Mero was doing everything that he could to get the attention diverted his way. That did not come at an easy price, eventually replacing Sable with The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, the very definition of bizarre in the WWF. Luna Vachon was so very disdainful of Sable, eventually attacking her with makeup on an edition of RAW is WAR!, which ultimately led to this contest. It would be the popular Sable picking up the victory for her team, hitting the devastating TKO on Luna.

5. The Rock w/ The Nation of Domination defeated Ken Shamrock via disqualification to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship at 04:49 - Rocky Maivia , known now simply as The Rock, had fought at wits end to keep the Intercontinental Championship in his possession. That would include some underhanded tactics, including a persuasion of a referee to reverse a decision in his match against Ken Shamrock. These two eventually would clash on the big stage, but a true decision ever really came to be. Ken Shamrock made The Rock tap out, but the referee's decision was not final, as it was announced that The World's Most Dangerous Man's suppressive submission hold was held onto for too long, leading to a disqualification.

6. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie defeated The New Age Outlaws to win the WWF Tag Team Championships at 10:00 - If anybody in the World Wrestling Federation was making a name for themselves, it was The New Age Outlaws. Pissing off everybody they could, stepping on the hands that helped pave the way for them to be in the business, 'Road Dogg' Jesse James and 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn ascended up the tag team rankings and became the WWF Tag Team Champions in January. They would continue this torrid run, eventually budding heads with a couple of hardcore icons: Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie. It was nothing but a brawl, that extended its away to the back and involved a forklift, but Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie walked out of Beantown with the World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

7. The Undertaker defeated Kane at 16:48 - It was one of the most anticipated encounters in World Wrestling Federation history. Boy did it ever live up to the hype. The Undertaker, who swore never to fight his own flesh and blood, turned against his words, for it was too mighty a cause to not go under, and squared off with his brother Kane in the squared circle. The two titans clashed with several millions of eyes watching, and after not just ONE Tombstone Piledriver, after not just TWO Tombstone Piledrivers, but, after THREE Tombstone Piledrivers, The Undertaker picked up his seventh consecutive victory at a WrestleMania, beating his own flesh and blood in the ring.

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels to win the WWF Championship at 20:01 - A new era has arrived in the World Wrestling Federation. A new day has dawned. A brand new champion has been crowned. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 1998 Royal Rumble winner, made his mark on wrestling history by defeating the incumbent WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels after delivering the Stone Cold Stunner. 'Iron' Mike Tyson, brought in as the special enforcer, and seemingly on D-Generation X's side, turned on HBK and delivered a knockout shot heard round the world in the match's aftermath.



Greensboro, North Carolina; Greensboro Coliseum
April 26, 1998

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Wisconsin Center Arena
May 31, 1998

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh Civic Arena
June 28, 1998


OOC: Hey everybody. It's me again. I've been around these parts for a while and, I know, it's been said by me and others that I usually have a plan and things don't work out well. I've taken a bit of a new approach towards these things and with that said, I hope that this project pans out the way I have it right now. And if it doesn't... well, I'll be back again with something else, I'm sure. The first RAW is WAR should be up at some point in the next week, at the latest two. You should also expect some "backstage" segments posted within the next week, too.

Hope you enjoy this, ya'll.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

Oh man, this looks sweet. I have plans for my own take on this exact time period stashed away in a folder on my computer, was tempting to carry it out but I decided not to, and even if I did, I would have only posted a news update and one show, since that's what I do best.

Anyway, best of luck with this, great time period to take on and will be interesting to see what you do to give it your own flavour.
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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

Cannot wait for this! Great period to start from, as the Summer of '98 was amazing imo. Best of luck.
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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

March 30, 1998
Albany, New York
5 Hours Before the Broadcast

The stage was set, the dust had settled, and WrestleMania XIV was now a distant memory. The sights were set on WrestleMania XV next year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but the World Wrestling Federation knew that work still needed to be done. Even with a brand new WWF Champion, new stars being created left and right, and spectacular, cutting-edge storylines, there still needed to be more.

They were at war. They were losing that war.

It had not been since June 10th of 1996 that the World Wrestling Federation’s flagship program, Raw, had collected a victory in the ratings over their rival competitor. World Championship Wrestling’s Monday Nitro was a freight train. They picked up 83 consecutive victories in the ‘ratings war’ against Raw, now known as RAW is WAR. The WWF was a fledgling company. They were left for dead. The starpower was all signed on Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff’s checkbook.

But even in the wake of the Montréal Screwjob, and even with Nitro still dominating, Raw was picking up steam. Since December 22, 1997, Raw had averaged a 3.47 in the ratings. WCW was piling up in the stratosphere, getting 4’s and even a 5.1 on March the 16th, but WWF felt they were getting close. Close might not be enough in this cutthroat business of wrestling and television, but something had to give.

Something had to fall the World Wrestling Federation’s way.

They needed a break. A domino to fall. A chip to be cashed. They were due for SOMETHING to happen so they could gain an advantage over their competitor.


Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, Shane McMahon, Robert Remus, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson converged in an executive suite inside of the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York. They were a confident group. WrestleMania XIV was a rip-roaring success, and the punch-out from Mike Tyson on Shawn Michaels even netted them a spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter late last night. The media attention they got from the event was extraordinary. Not since the absolute dud of WrestleMania XI had there been such a tremendous crossover between professional wrestling and the professional sports world.

Vince McMahon: I’m glad you could all join me at this meeting today, gentlemen. WrestleMania Fourteen was an absolutely special night. The early buy rate readings, as brought to me by one of our company’s associates, are astounding. Tonight has to be a night that we can capitalize off of this. It has to.

And who could blame Vince for feeling this way? Or argue with him? The show following WrestleMania still featured a crowd that had thousands from not only the surrounding area, but all over the country and the world. WrestleMania weekend was the staple of the World Wrestling Federation. They had to send the fans home happy.

Vince McMahon: First off, I spoke to Jim [Cornette] earlier on tonight, and after a lengthy discussion, we decided it was best to nix our “NWA” storyline, but Jim was in favor of being aligned with Jeff Jarrett. Vince?

Vince Russo: No problem with me, boss. Jimmy’s a talker, and Jarrett is somebody that I think has gotten a raw deal too many times. Now he hasn’t done himself many favors with the attitude that he carries himself with. But Cornette being aligned with Jeff has no qualms with me. And I was thinking…

Vince turns his head over to Mr. Russo.

Vince McMahon: Well. Go on. You’re thinking, I’m listening.

Vince Russo: We need to do something about the middle tier of the roster. WCW is kicking our ASS with the talent that they have got. They’re all credible wrestlers. They’re all talented. Even though all the old stooges are holding them back in that company, they’ve got something that we DON’T.

Gerald Brisco: He’s right, McMahon. There are so many talented wrestlers in that company, but they are also credible. We’ve got to do something.

Russo and Brisco were right. The WCW’s midcard was owning the WWF’s. It wasn’t even particularly close.

Vince Russo: Now we’ve got some fringe guys like Ken and Paul and Owen and Dwayne – but let’s face it – their stars. They have BRIGHT futures in this company. Soon they aren’t going to need some of the titles that they’re fighting for and the titles, in the case of Rocky, are going to need. But guys like Jarrett, Marc, Dustin, Steve [Blackman], Accie [D’Lo Brown] and Mark [Henry], we’ve got to do something with these guys. And it doesn’t happen overnight. I’m not saying it does. But we’ve got to establish these guys as credible. You can hide some of their flaws, but if the audience sees that these guys are legit, it won’t matter if they aren’t mat technicians.

Vince, liking what he is hearing, nods in certain approval.

Vince McMahon: I like the sound of that. I really do. Now what do we suppose we do about Mark [Callaway]? He’s coming off an absolutely humongous match against Glen. The fans seem to be captivated by it.

Vince Russo: I had a lot in mind about that. I’ll talk to you about that later on, boss.

Robert Remus: This guy’s a one-stop shop isn’t he?

Vince let out a smile. Vince Russo was his prized possession. He had smarts. He had talent. He knew what he was talking about. A mere pickup as a freelancer for WWF magazine six years ago, Russo became the head writer and was the brainchild for the ‘Attitude’ that was seeping through WWF television for the last year or so. He trusted Vince and knew he couldn’t do anything to ever let him get away.

Just then, one of Vince’s associates knocked on the door and then opened it.

Associate: Mr. McMahon, we have a phone call for you.

Vince turns around, a bit perturbed that anybody would call him in a meeting. Before he can say anything, his son speaks up.

Shane McMahon: I’ll get this, dad.

With that, Shane hopped off his seat and walked out of the room. Standing side by side with the associate, telling him nothing more than it was a phone call, by the person’s request, Shane stepped into the room and put the phone up to his hear.

Shane McMahon: Hello, this is Shane McMahon. My father is in a meeting.

Shane McMahon: Oh, oh hi [REDACTED]. Good to speak to you. Heard a lot about you. How can I help you?

A beaming smile came over the face of the heir to the McMahon throne.

Shane McMahon: Haha, this is great news. Spectacular news. I understand your unhappiness. Yes. Believe me, I get where you’re coming from

Shane McMahon: Yes, yes. Right away. I’ll be right back.

Shane darted out of the office, leaving the phone on the desk, and went back to the executive suite. He banged on the door in excitement before realizing he just could open it without a problem.

Shane McMahon: Dad. Dad.

Vince turned his head around, just as annoyed as he was a few minutes ago.

Vince McMahon: Shane, you know we’re in an important meeting right now-

Shane McMahon: Dad. Listen to me. We have a defector.

The mood quickly changes, as there’s a level of uncertainty, and for some reason, with only hearing “we have a defector” from his son, the Chairman can’t understand why Shane seems so damn happy.

Vince McMahon: Well why the hell do you seem so happy about it dammit? That’s preposterous! I don’t want any more defectors from this company!

Shane McMahon: From WCW.

The mood quickly changes once again, as Vince finally comes to his senses. Even at the risk of sounding like a complete hypocrite, business was business, and Vince would surely welcome anybody willing to jump to HIS ship.

Vince McMahon: Well speak more clearly next time, Shane. Who is this defector?

Shane McMahon: He’s on the phone. I think you’ll be pleased. Come with me.

The Chairman of the Board puts his meeting on hold, and follows along with his son to the room he was just in. Much like earlier with Vince’s associate, Shane tells his father nothing but the simple facts: SOMEONE from World Championship Wrestling wants to jump to the World Wrestling Federation, and SOMEONE is on the phone.

But who?

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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

WWF RAW is WAR Preview for March 30, 1998

In the wake of the greatest WrestleMania of all time, the World Wrestling Federation brings its flagship program to Albany, New York for what should be a memorable night!

The long road travel culminated for Stone Cold Steve Austin. After sustaining a broken neck last August at SummerSlam, The Texas Rattlesnake won the 1998 Royal Rumble Match in January, and picked up the biggest victory in his entire career nearly 24 hours ago. Stone Cold defeated Shawn Michaels, arguably the greatest big-match performer of our lifetime, in the main event of WrestleMania XIV to capture the World Wrestling Federation Championship. In the wake of this, Austin is scheduled to address the worldwide audience right at the top of the RAW is WAR broadcast! You won't want to miss it!

Where there is triumph, there are trials and tribulations. That is what Shawn Michaels must now go through in the reality that he is no longer the World Wrestling Federation Champion. Rumors are running rampant that last night may have been Shawn Michaels' last EVER WrestleMania. Will the leader of D-Generation X do the unthinkable after losing his most prized possession? D-X is scheduled to be on the show, so it may in fact be their defining moment as an entity.

The other big story from the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment? The long, anticipated encounter of brother versus brother on the big state. The Undertaker, The Phenom of the World Wrestling Federation went toe to toe with a man he claimed he would never fight: Kane. It looked apparent that Paul Bearer's own mastodon was going to give The Undertaker his first ever loss at a WrestleMania. However, after not one, not two, but three Tombstone Piledrivers, The Undertaker pinned his brother Kane in a legendary match that will be remembered for ages. The Undertaker will have to follow that performance up tonight as he takes on the former WWF Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws, in a Handicap Match. Will Paul Bearer and Kane make their presence felt as well?

All of this, plus, the Light Heavyweight Championship being defended, as well as a return match from WrestleMania as Marc Mero teams up with Sable to take on 'The Artist Formerly Known as' Goldust and Luna Vachon, on RAW is WAR on the USA Network at 9 PM ET! Check your local listings.

Matches Confirmed:
Taka Michinoku vs. Flash Funk - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. The New Age Outlaws - Handicap Match
Marc Mero & Sable vs. TAFKA Goldust & Luna Vachon - WrestleMania XIV Return Match


RAW is WAR: Tomorrow.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

Really like the idea of the WCW defect person being on the phone with WWF. Also looks like a good preview. I don't really get why Taker would get put in a handicap match for no real reason, but it is the WWF so you never know! . Good luck with it and I'll check out Raw is War!

Thanks CHAMPviaDQ for sig and avy
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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

Only question I have is... is Flash Funk even a lightweight? Don't remember him being that weight class but if he is, well don't I look like a moron?

gonna assume that taker/kane feud will continue. cant wait to see your show and where you go with a new #1 contender for the wwf title.
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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat

March 30, 1998
Albany, New York

Before the beginning of the broadcast, and following the WWF Attitude! Signature, we get a video recap of WrestleMania XIV. It highlights the entire card, culminating with The Undertaker’s incredible victory over his brother Kane, and the crowning of a new World Wrestling Federation Champion; Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Shawn Michaels with the Stone Cold Stunner, and then picking up the victory and hoisting the WWF Title belt up high, with J.R. belting, “THE AUSTIN ERA HAS BEGUN!” The opening video plays, with “A Thorn in Your Eye” accompanying it, before we cut into the Pepsi Arena, for an incredible fireworks display. The camera does a sweep around the Pepsi Arena, showing all of the fans on their seats, and their signs and posters, before we hear the voice of RAW is WAR, Jim Ross, who welcomes us to the broadcast, along with Michael Cole at ringside for the first hour. They spend a good portion of time hyping up the fallout of WrestleMania XIV, before announcing that tonight, among other things, Taka Michinoku will defend the Light Heavyweight Championship, The Undertaker takes on The New Age Outlaws in a Handicap Match, and Marc Mero & Sable take on TAFKA Goldust & Luna Vachon in a return match from WrestleMania XIV. The roof off the Pepsi Arena then blows off at the sound of GLASS SHATTERS!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin, the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion, makes his way to the ring. But by being an untraditional champion, there comes the responsibility of carrying yourself… well, untraditionally, as The Texas Rattlesnake makes his way into the arena, and out amongst the crowd in a black pickup truck!! “Well he might not be Bruno Sammartino, or “Superstar” Billy Graham, but Stone Cold Steve Austin is the WWF Champion, and he has arrived!!” J.R. bellows out, as Austin climbs out of the truck, hops onto the flatbed, and throws his championship up in the air for the world to see. He carries a microphone with him, and sits atop the roof of his car. “What you see sitting on this Ford pickup truck, is THE toughest son of a bitch in the World Wrestling Federation! What you see is a man who despite suffering a broken neck seven months ago, walked into Royal Rumble, outlasted 29 other guys, and made his way to WrestleMania! What you see… is the new World Wrestling Federation Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin!” The audience cheers wildly at the sound of all of this. “Now as World Wrestling Federation Champion, I can guarantee you that you will see more hell raised than you’ve ever seen in this industry. You will see more ass whooping, and you will see more beer swilled than ever before!” To say the crowd is behind Austin would be an understatement.

Austin continues on his inaugurate champion speech, but then, the presence of a rising adversary for the World Wrestling Federation Champion arrives on stage. Mr. McMahon, the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, struts out on stage in a dandy black suit with a microphone in hand. Before Vince can have any time to speak, he’s greeted with a defiant “ASSHOLE!” chant from the fans in Albany. “Stone Cold, as the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, it is my duty to congratulate you on becoming the World Wrestling Federation Champion last night at the event that was my creation, WrestleMania Fourteen.” Austin sits and he watches, not finding a reason to speak. “You join a list of many of the greatest superstars to ever set foot in that very ring. People like the man that you beat last night, Shawn Michaels. People like The Undertaker, Yokozuna, and even men who claim themselves to be the best, and proclaim to say your prayers and eat your vitamins. That is the company that you keep.”

Austin looks at the title belt and then brings the microphone up. “Vince I’m gonna tell you once and I ain’t gonna say it again. I don’t give a damn about the past and the company that I keep.” This brings monstrous cheers from the crowd. “Stone Cold Steve Austin won’t do a damn thing that anybody has ever done. I’m the World Wrestling Federation Champion, and I will do things my way.” Vince, to say the least, does not look pleased. “Well Mr. Austin if you so choose to carry yourself in a way that is undisciplined and unlike that of your peers, then that is your decision. However, be aware that as a World Wrestling Federation employee, you will be judged as such, and with-“ Austin cuts him off. “You know Vince, I really don’t give a damn about your little rules, and your little citations if I break ‘em.” Austin stands up on the flatbed. “If you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin continue to raise hell like never before, not giving a damn about what that piece of crap says, gimme a HELL YEAH!” The audience responds with a boisterous “HELL YEAH!” “Alright that’s enough of that! That’s enough of that!” The owner speaks up. “Stone Cold, if you wanna carry yourself like that, then tonight I have some news for you. That WWF Championship that you have in your hands, you’re going to be putting it ON THE LINE – HERE TONIGHT!” The crowd responds with a shocking gasp, as it CERTAINLY wasn’t what they had in mind. “Oh yeah, and in fact… in fact, you’re going to put that title on the line against the man that seven months ago in that very ring, broke your neck! Yeah, that’s right! Tonight in that very ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin defends the World Wrestling Federation Championship… against OWEN HART!”

Jim Ross jumps in. “What a night this is going to be! Stone Cold Steve Austin defends the WWF Championship against Owen Hart here in Albany! Folks, you won’t want to miss this!”

Commercial Break

Match 1
Jeff Jarrett w/ Jim Cornette vs. Headbanger Mosh w/ Headbanger Thrasher
Jeff Jarrett trots out with Jim Cornette flanking him and J.R. informs us of the NWA’s disbandment, to which Michael Cole adds, “The full story is on WWF.COM if you want to read it. Some interesting words by Cornette.” Jarrett steps into the ring for singles competition against Headbanger Mosh, with Headbanger Thrasher standing ringside. Mosh gets into the ring and immediately the match is underway. Jarrett shies away from the usual tie-up and instead takes it to Mosh, throwing elbows and right and left hands his way and getting him into the corner. Mosh, though, eventually evades the ambush and locks in a rear waist-lock. Jarrett swings an elbow, missing, and instead hits a back suplex. Mosh then follows in with a clothesline, and then scoop slams Jarrett and goes for a pin, getting a near fall! Mosh runs off to the ropes and goes for a cross body, but Double J catches him mid-air. Jarrett is a bit cocky, and mouths off to the crowd, and hits a Fallaway Slam, leading to Double J doing a bit of strutting as we hear Cornette primping up his client. Thrasher tries to get Mosh’s attention, telling him to get up, and Jarrett plucks him off the mat. He hits a few rights, before sending him to the ropes. Mosh ducks under a clothesline, but isn’t so lucky after rebounding, being leveled by a back elbow by Jarrett.

Mosh tries to roll out of the ring but Jarrett cuts him off, picking him back up and connecting with a knife-edged chop, before hitting him with a bionic elbow. He heads to the corner, propping him up onto the top rope. He ascends, drilling him with a few rights, before connecting with a Superplex off the top rope! Jarrett rolls over, hooking the leg, but Mosh kicks out! Jarrett loses his cool briefly, drilling Mosh with rights, before the referee threatens to reprimand him. Jarrett mouths off to him, as Mosh gets himself to his feet. He staggers, and walks into Jarrett, who tries to slam him, but Mosh slides out of his grip! Mosh hits forearms on his back, turning him around, before hitting the Chazinator! Thrasher bangs on the apron, as he goes for the cover. 1! 2! SHOULDER UP FROM DOUBLE J! Mosh tries to put in a late rally, eventually looking for Bombs Away, but Jarrett is able to move out of the way! Mosh is then brought up to his feet, as Jeff Jarrett then hits a Forward Russian legsweep! Thrasher tries to get into the ring, to try and stop the match, but Cornette is there to cut him off, striking him with the famed tennis racket!! Jarrett gets the academic three count just as the five-minute mark passes, and celebrates a victory, as he gets up and his music plays. Cornette jumps for joy on the outside, as Jarrett then escapes the ring, and walks up with his business partner.
Result: Jeff Jarrett def. Headbanger Mosh at 4:59.

We cut to a video of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, from his most recent defeat last night after WrestleMania XIV ended. D-Generation X’s HHH and Chyna stand near him in their locker room, with Michaels, winded, deflated and defeated, rubbing his face with a wet rag. Helmsley is in a quiet pace, with Chyna sitting down with HBK, who rips off his red gloves and tosses them to the wall. Helmsley stops, and turns towards Shawn. “It can’t end like this,” Hunter belts out. “Not like that. Not in front of a worldwide audience. It can’t, Shawn, it just can’t.” Michaels undoes his ponytail and lets the locks fall down and he stands up. “For fourteen long years, I’ve fought to be the best. For the last three years, undisputedly, undoubtedly, unquestionably I have been. I’ve never been outperformed… until tonight.” Hunter gets in his best friend’s face. “I don’t give a DAMN if you did. 99 times out of 100, you’d kick Steve Austin’s ass and you’d walk out of WrestleMania as THE top guy. As THE Headliner. The Showstopper. The Icon. Tonight was the anomaly. Tonight was the outlier. It just can’t end this way, man.” Thinking for a few moments in quiet, the 3-time World Wrestling Federation Champion speaks up. “Let me sleep on it… and tomorrow night in Albany… … … I’ll have my answer.”

Kevin Kelly is backstage at the interview pit, and alongside him is a man who picked up a victory last night at WrestleMania XIV. The circumstances, however, were unusual. The Rock, the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, stands with the belt on his shoulder and a black sport coat and tan pants. Kelly takes us back to last night at WrestleMania XIV first, reminding us that “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock slapped on the Ankle Lock, only for the referee to call a disqualification on Shamrock. The video also reminds us that Faarooq, the leader of The Nation of Domination, made it certain that none of the Nation members were able to help Rocky from the clutches of Shamrock’s deadly submission maneuver. “Well you know something, jabroni, The Rock is NOT in a great mood tonight. Not only am I in Albany, New York, perhaps the worst capital in America, but The Rock is not at 100 percent.” Rocky takes his sunglasses off. “You’re right, The Rock had to deal with Ken Shamrock’s ankle lock. And for that reason, The Rock suffered a sprained ankle at the hands of that maneuver. And The Rock is not happy with Faarooq, nor is The Rock happy with the rest of the Nation. Now I had a talk with my Nation members, and luckily for The Rock, it’s all crystal clear.”

The Rock then goes on to say to Ken Shamrock that even despite spraining his ankle, he’s still the Intercontinental Champion, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. “Shamrock, you can sprain The Rock’s ankle, you can hurt The Rock any which way you want, but the fact of the matter is this: as long as The Rock is the Intercontinental Champion, The Rock is not fazed. I’m the best damn Intercontinental Champion today, yesterday, when I won this title, and the best damn Intercontinental Champion that there will ever be! And Shamrock, rest assured, The Rock will get his revenge. If you SMELL… what The Rock is cooking.”

Commercial Break

Match 2 – WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Match
Taka Michinoku © vs. Flash Funk
>> Inside the ring, we see the man they call Flash Funk awaiting for his opportunity at the Light Heavyweight Championship, and J.R. and Michael Cole announce that later tonight, Ken Shamrock will be taking on D’Lo Brown of The Nation of Domination. “And with tension seemingly settled in The Nation of Domination, one has to wonder what the fate might be for “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” here tonight in Albany,” Michael Cole states as the music of Taka Michinoku hits. Taka is welcomed with a solid reaction from the fans, and he flies into the ring and the match gets started. Funk proves formidable for the LHW Champion, giving him everything that he has with his impressive dossier of maneuvers. Taka does a good job in his own right, as the Japanese sensation keeps the momentum built up from his match last night, his successful defense against the likes of Aguila. Flash Funk looks to hit the Funky Flash Splash off the top rope… AND DOES!! “This could be over! We might have a new champion!” belts J.R., as the referee makes his count, but Taka kicks out! “And the resilience of Taka Michinoku pays off – what a match thus far” Cole utters, as Funk looks to be perplexed that his terrific finishing maneuver could not put him away. He brings him up to his feet, driving his knees into his face, before loading him up – SITOUT POWERBOMB! Taka lands with a thud, and Funk makes the cover. 1! 2!! 3!!! NO!! Taka throws a shoulder up at the last second!! Funk slaps the mat in frustration, and shoots him into the corner. Flash spends some time to showboat, before running in, looking to splash, but Michinoku gets his boots up!! Taking his eyes off the champion, Funk pays for it as he stumbles down to a knee. The Light Heavyweight Champion props himself to the second rope, and then up to the top. Funk turns around, and walks into a Corkscrew Moonsault from the Light Heavyweight Champion!! Michinoku rolls over, hooking both of the legs, and another successful defense is complete.
Result: Taka Michinoku def. Flash Funk to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship at 7:05.

In the locker room we have Sable and Marc Mero, with the lovely blonde wearing her same attire as last night, while “The Marvelous One” is dressed to compete in the same clothes as he was in last night as well. Mero and Sable discuss their strategy, with Mero, as it has been lately, making it all about him. “Look honey, I know that you’ve got people out there that came to see you, but it’s about me at the end of the day,” Mero states, with confidence brimming. “I’ve been in this business for a few years now, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can be. You and I? If you just take a step BACK or two, we can be legit as they come. I’ve got the size, I’ve got the strength, I’ve got the power of my rights and lefts, and I’ve got the TKO, baby.” Marc pounds his fist against his hand. “Just listen to me, and we’ll be at the top in no time.” Sable, begrudgingly, nods her head reluctantly and Mero lets out a grin as he bounces and continues to talk himself up.

Commercial Break

J.R. welcomes us back to the broadcast with an outside shot of the Pepsi Arena in Albany, when we then see a limousine pull into the parking lot. Soon thereafter, to a tremendous mixed reaction, is the controversial pack of degenerates. D-Generation X, in full force, with a quiet and business-looking Shawn Michaels leading the charge, HHH and Chyna flanking him to his left and to his right respectively, make their way towards the arena. “Well with that interaction courtesy of WWF Home Video that was played earlier tonight, this might be the biggest night in the HISTORY of D-Generation X,” Michael Cole utters as we go back to ringside.

Match 3
The New Age Outlaws vs. The Undertaker
In the ring, The New Age Outlaws stand wearing their usual attire, and Road Dogg commanding the attention of the fans with the microphone. “Now, I’d like Albany’s attention, cause if you don’t look quick enough, you might not hear me mention… that tonight, myself and the Bad Ass, are here to take out the trash. Undertaker…” James says, getting a loud ovation from the fans. “We’re gonna take you to the Dogg House. LLLADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION, PROUDLY BRINGS TO YOU ITS SOON TO BE, AND SHOULD BE, WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLDDDDDD! “The Road Dogg,” Jesse James, “The Bad Ass” Billy Gunn, the NEW! AGE! OUTLAWS!” Dogg throws the microphone on the ground and the lights go out in the Pepsi Arena. The crowd goes berserk, as flashbulbs begin to percolate the arena, and “Dark Side” comes over the P.A. system and soon thereafter, The Phenom of the World Wrestling Federation stomps out onto the stage after a clap of thunder. The Undertaker, dressed in black, looks as focused as ever, as J.R. and Cole marvel over his performance against his brother Kane. “It might have taken three Tombstone Piledrivers, and it might have been his greatest challenge at WrestleMania yet, but The Undertaker beat his own flesh and blood last night in Boston, and what a moment it was.” J.R. sells t, as Taker turns the lights on with his own command, before walking into the ring, and our third matchup is underway. Taker drills both Jesse and Billy with right hands and dumps Billy out of the ring, before sending Jesse back into the ropes with another scintillating right. J.R. and Cole put over the Outlaws on commentary as the match progresses, even with their defeat at the hands of Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie last night for the WWF Tag Team Championships. “They might make you angry, J.R., but these two might be the tag team of 1998 before it’s all said and done,” utters Michael Cole as Undertaker brings James down with a sidewalk slam. He goes for the cover, but Billy Gunn dives into the ring and smashes his forearm on the back of The Phenom to break up the count.

This ends the advantage for the leader of “The Creatures of the Night,” who cheer for their hero, as The Outlaws stomp on Undertaker after a brief recuperating period. They both send him off to the ropes, and duck a clothesline attempt from Undertaker, and hit a double dropkick to the chest. Gunn then drops a leg, and James shakes, rattles, and rolls before hitting an elbow drop right into the chest of The Undertaker. James makes a cover as Gunn counts along, but they only get two!! Gunn walks over and stomps on The Undertaker’s face, as the New Age Outlaws continue to drive home their advantage, decisively looking strong in their own right against the former 3-time WWF Champion. About a minute later, James hits Taker with a forearm to the back, just as he was preparing to hit The Chokeslam on Billy Gunn, breaking out of that hold, and Gunn prepares to deliver the Fame Asser… and scores!! Gunn props over, making the cover hooking a leg. “The Outlaws are gonna get the upset!! The Outlaws! NO!! The Phenom won’t die yet!!” J.R. proclaims, as Undertaker gets a shoulder up before the count of three from the referee. James argues with the referee, as Gunn picks him up, and scoop slams Undertaker to the ground, and he joins in the argument. The camera widens, and a few seconds later… THE PHENOM SITS UP!!! “Oh my! The Outlaws are in big trouble!” Cole shouts, as it couldn’t be any truer. The devilish look appears on Taker’s face, as he hits a Big Boot on James, who falls to the mat, and he grabs Gunn once again, and then with him goozled, he lifts him up and powers him down with The Chokeslam!! He turns around, slowly making his patented throat slash gesture, and then scoops Road Dogg onto his shoulder. He keeps him up, wrapping his arms around the waist, and drives him down! Tombstone Piledriver!!! Undertaker crosses Road Dogg’s arms, as we watch his eyes roll back behind his head. 1! 2!! 3!!! The Undertaker picks up the victory!!
Result: The Undertaker def. The New Age Outlaws at 9:20.

In the midst of the celebration of the victory, all is not well for too long… the lights stay black, and then a red light is cast up on the arena, as the daunting music of the mastodon Kane hits to a fiery explosion on the stage! Paul Bearer leads his son, his monster, out through the fire and brimstone, as obviously revenge is on the minds of these two. Undertaker pulls on his gloves, knowing he has to be ready to fight, as he calls on Kane to come into the ring!! “Well it looks like these two titans are gonna get it on again!” J.R. yells, as Kane gets onto the apron, before climbing over the top rope and entering a duel of rights and lefts with his brother!! Undertaker gains the advantage at first, eventually getting Kane out of the ring! The monster lands on his feet, however, but that doesn’t stop The Phenom, who sprints and leaps over the top rope, SCORING WITH A SPLASH ONTO KANE!!! Paul Bearer belts out a “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” as he then, when the moment is right, jumps onto the back of The Phenom!! He covers his eyes, raking at them, trying so desperately to stall, as we see the red monster sit up, shades of his brother!! Undertaker just shreds Bearer off his back, as he walks right into a devastating boot from Kane!! Kane then follows that up by grabbing Taker by the hair, throwing him into the barricade!! “What a sickening thud!! Did you hear that!?” J.R. shouts, as Kane stands over his fallen brother. “NOT ENOUGH MY SON. MOOOOOOOOORE!” Paul Bearer exclaims, and with no remorse, Kane drags Undertaker to his feet, and runs him into the ring post face-first!!! He does so again! And again! And again! “Enough already! Get some damn help out here!” Michael Cole shouts, as Kane stands over Taker, now busted open, and Kane grabs him and scoops him onto his shoulder. He walks up the ramp, with no sign of any help from anyone, as J.R. and Cole continue to question just WHY no one has come out here. As they reach the stage, finally, EMT’s and officials come out, but Kane drops Taker like a sack of potatoes, and then goes after the cavalry!! With strike after strike, the mastodon Kane gets through every bit of help that The Undertaker could possibly get, as he then presses him over his head!!

“NO! NO! GET HIM OFF DAMMIT!! YOU’RE GONNA BREAK HIM IN HALF!” J.R. shouts out, as Kane approaches the edge of the ramp. Bearer doesn’t call his monster off, shouting at him to do it, and the crowd in Albany watches along with the worldwide audience, AS KANE TOSSES UNDERTAKER OFF THE STAGE!!! “NO! DAMMIT! THE UNDERTAKER HAS BEEN BROKEN IN HALF BY HIS OWN BROTHER! HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD DAMMIT!” J.R. bellows out, as Kane stands over his dirty work with Paul Bearer evilly cackling on the stage. He lets out a howl, as Kane, an unremorseful son of a bitch in his own right, sends us to the War Zone…

Commercial Break

March 30, 1998
Albany, New York

‘Break it Down’ hits to a rousing mixed reaction as the WAR Zone kicks off, with Jim Ross still at ringside, and replacing Michael Cole for the second hour is, of course, none other than Jerry “The King” Lawler. “How are we supposed to continue after that!?!!? Kane may have destroyed The Undertaker for good J.R.! FOR GOOD!!” As J.R. and King discuss the status of The Undertaker, which at the moment is hanging in the balance, HHH makes his way to the ring with Chyna flanked to his left. Conspicuous by his absence is Shawn Michaels, the former World Wrestling Federation Champion, as our announce team makes it apparent that this could be a moment that defines D-Generation X and the WWF as well. “I’m only going to do this once,” Hunter Hearst Helmsley starts, while walking around the ring. “Let me be the man who does the introducing. Here ladies and gentlemen is the man that throughout he last two years, ahs taken more heat, more bruises, more beatings, and after every single one of them, he has gotten right up after it with no problem. Here’s the leader of D-Generation X, and my best friend… Shawn Michaels.”

‘Sexy Boy’ hits to a humongous mixed reaction as HBK makes his way to the ring, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, and not toiling around with his middle school antics. HHH hands off the microphone to his best friend, who takes center stage in the ring. “Y’know ever since I won the 1995 Royal Rumble Match, as the number one entrant, I’ve been at the top of the mountain. I’ve faced a guy who I still call one of my best friends at WrestleMania 11, I faced another one of my best friends that year at SummerSlam, and ever since that Royal Rumble victory, there’s been no one that can touch me.” Michaels begins to pace, giving us a history lesson on where he’s been and who he’s beaten. “It didn’t matter if it was Mick Foley, it didn’t matter if it was Vader, British Bulldog, Psycho Sid, at one time or another they fell victim to good ole’ HBK. But last night…” cheers enter the arena, as Michaels runs his hands through his air. “Last night was a different story. Last night, Shawn Michaels couldn’t get the job done. For the first time in my life I was outperformed at a WrestleMania. Even in some defeats, I still was the better man. Last night didn’t go as planned.”

Michaels continues to pace, looking glum, but lets it be known, once and for all, that he isn’t going anywhere. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors, I’ve read the newspapers, I’ve even listened to the commentators. The speculation is running rampant: was last night Shawn Michaels’ last match in the World Wrestling Federation? Is Shawn Michaels going to work… for TED TURNER?!” Boos from the Albany crowd, as Michaels shakes his head. “Well let me tell you all a few things. D-Generation X is only going to get stronger. D-Generation X isn’t going ANYWHERE! “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels isn’t going ANYWHERE either! In fact…” Hunter walks over to him and Michaels puts the microphone between them… “We’ve only just begun.”

Commercial Break

We get a look back at how the WWF Tag Team Championships were decided last night at WrestleMania. For the first time in history, the World Wrestling Federation hosted a Dumpster Match between The New Age Outlaws and the tandem of Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie. In this brutal affair, Charlie and Cactus were the ones to upstage the polarizing Outlaws, taking out the trash and setting them into the dumpster to pick up the WWF Tag Team Titles. We return back to the live broadcast, where we see Cactus and Chainsaw standing in the interview pit, with no interviewer in sight however. Instead, Cactus and Charlie deliver their own promo with no microphones, letting everyone know that they are not to be messed with. “It might be easy to say that you’ve gone through hell when you’ve lost part of your ear in another country. It might be easy to say that you’ve gone through hell when you’ve been in nearly every kind of match that there ever was. But the fact is,” Cactus states. “We’ve only just left an imprint. The World Wrestling Federation has never seen a team more barbaric, more sadistic, more capable of things that you’ve never ever seen before. I can promise, I CAN PROMISE that you will not see a forgettable time as WWF Tag Team Champions. Charlie and I plan on making our impact, and an our imprint remembered… forever! BANG BANG!”

Match 4
D’Lo Brown w/ The Nation of Domination vs. Ken Shamrock
We’re back at ringside and The Nation of Domination is at ringside with D’Lo Brown inside the ring, waiting for his opponent this evening. That man? “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock, who enters the ring to quite the ovation. The camera cuts to the Intercontinental Champion, The Rock, who stands at ringside wearing what we saw him in before in an interview segment. Shamrock stares at him, before turning his attention to D’Lo, and we’re underway for our fourth match of the evening. Shamrock and Brown duel with fists and blows for the opening seconds, before the Ultimate Fighter gains control of the matchup. Shamrock pulverizes D’Lo with stiff blows and throws, and the Nation tries to get the advantage back to D’Lo’s favor with their support. Eventually, a break follows, as Kama Mustafa, which leads to Mark Henry walking in and destroying Shamrock with a shoulder block, distracts the referee. He rolls out of the ring, letting Kama off the apron, and D’Lo uses the opening to take control. He eventually looks for, and hits the Low Down! 1! 2! Kick out from Shamrock! The Nation tries to scramble for a resolution, but cannot find one as once again, The Rock and Faarooq are butting heads!! They shout at one another on the outside, as we see Shamrock now hit Ken Shamrock with a Belly-to-Belly Throw, followed by the Ankle Lock! Shamrock twists and twists, as the referee watches D’Lo tap out! Just like 24 hours ago however, Shamrock keeps the hold locked in but the top two heads of the Nation are still butting heads! Mustafa and Henry, FINALLY a few moments later, walk get into the ring to make the save. “The Nation of Domination might be dissolving before our very eyes!” J.R. shouts, as it certainly has gotten chaotic.
Result: Ken Shamrock def. D’Lo Brown at 4:40.

A quick, 30-second hype video for the encore presentation of WrestleMania XIV plays after cutting to black, telling fans to order the encore tomorrow night at 8PM ET/7PM CT on their Pay-Per-View providers.

Match 5
L.O.D. 2000 w/ Sunny vs. Los Boricuas
Following our encore presentation advertisement, we’re back in the Pepsi Arena and Los Boricuas make their way to the ring accompanied by their theme song. The heat is not large, but it is there to an extent as Savio Vega and Miguel Perez, Jr. lead the way with Jose Estrada, Jr. and Jesús Castillo treading behind. Moments later, “What a Rush” hits to a tremendous response, perhaps the second loudest of the night, as L.O.D. 2000 make their way out into the arena after their surprise return in the WrestleMania XIV Battle Royal at the start of last night’s show. Sunny accompanies them along the way, as Lawler and Ross hype them up, calling them the best tag team living in the world today. They step into the ring, and after some brief discussion, this match begins with Hawk and Vega starting things off. Animal, on the apron, talks to his buddy from the apron as The Legion of Doom get a big advantage to start the matchup. Hawk and Animal isolate Vega away from Perez, pulverizing him with elbows and double-team maneuvers, leaving the rest of Los Boricuas rendered helpless. Finally, they break away, and the advantage is equalized. Perez comes into the ring and brawls with Hawk, while Vega charges after Animal, and the two brawl onto the outside. Perez mounts Hawk and lands a collection of rights and lefts, and on the outside, Vega sends Animal into the set of steel steps on the outside. Perez makes a tag to Vega, and after a short exchange, Vega locks in La Cobra Dinamita.

The match halts, with Vega clenching away at Hawk, trying to suck the life out of him. Perez convinces Vega to set him up for Vega’s Caribbean Kick, and he tosses Hawk at him. Perez holds him up, and Vega, with Animal now up on his feet, trying to get onto the apron, looks for the Caribbean Kick and hits it! Only problem? He hit his own partner!! Perez goes down and out of the ring, and Hawk shoves Vega into the corner, and then lands a scoop slam on his return! He helps his partner up, who tags himself in, as Hawk then ascends to the top turnbuckle. Animal, gaining strength, props Vega up on his shoulders as Hawk flies off the top rope. Doomsday Device! 1! 2! 3!!! The three count is academic and L.O.D. 2000 picks up the win in the War Zone!! A celebration ensues on the outside, as Los Boricuas attempt to regroup, with the miscommunication being a major, major problem for them all.
Result: L.O.D. 2000 def. Los Boricuas at 4:25.

Commercial Break

We come back live in the War Zone to the office of Mr. McMahon who is standing alongside the World Wrestling Federation Commissioner, Sgt. Slaughter. We jump into a conversation, in which McMahon says to Sgt. Slaughter, “The World Wrestling Federation Championship will be on the line at Unforgiven: In Your House. But the thing is, Stone Cold doesn’t know his challenger yet. And hell, even I don’t know Stone Cold’s challenger! Sarge, next week in Syracuse, I am going to HAND PICK the number one contender for the Stone Cold Steve Austin and his World Wrestling Federation Championship. It can be anybody – it could even be YOU.”

Match 6
Marc Mero & Sable vs. TAFKA Goldust & Luna Vachon
As J.R. and The King delve into banter about the shell shocking announcement by the World Wrestling Federation’s Chairman, the music of “Marvelous” Marc Mero hits and out steps the TKO artist and his lovely wife Sable. “I mean can you believe this type of announcement? This is incredible! Unprecedented! I could be challenging for the WWF Championship,” King exclaims. “YOU could be challenging for the WWF Championship. Our guys in the truck could! I sure hope Vince knows what he’s doing.” “Well if I were a betting man, I’d say Mr. McMahon wouldn’t make this kind of decision without having something in mind,” Ross replies, as Sable and Mero step into the ring. “Now I’m not a betting man, so I don’t know what the hell is going to happen next week in Syracuse, but it sure sounds to me like we’re in for a good old fashioned game of wait and see.” Mero bounces around after taking his hood off, as we then hear the music of The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust hit to a mixed reaction from the fans in attendance in the Pepsi Arena. TAFKA Goldust and Luna Vachon make their way to the ring together, arm and arm, as “The Bizarre One” immediately gets right to it after entering the ring. He blasts Mero with a right hand, while Luna tackles Sable, and the fight is on! Sable and Luna spill out to the ringside area, pulling at one another’s hair and fists and forearms fly between Mero and TAFKA Goldust in the corner. Goldy gets an advantage over Mero, hitting him with some hard knee thrusts, before pulling him out of the corner and hitting a vertical suplex. He goes for the cover, but only gets a near fall, before standing up and dropping an elbow.

“The Bizarre One” uses his eccentric tactics in the opening states of the match to not only creep Mero out, but to retain control of the match. That all changes however, when Goldust misses a clothesline, which Mero quickly counters into a back suplex. Mero then follows that up with a few short-armed clotheslines, before driving him down to the ring with a running powerslam. Mero then hops onto the second rope, and delivers a leg drop to the throat, before hooking the legs. Shoulder up at 2! The advantage shifts a few more times, before we get to our finish. Sable and Luna find themselves I nearly the same position as last night, with Sable in position to hit the Sable Bomb, and she delivers it!! Mero however tags in Sable afterwards, and grabs Goldust and pulls him into the ring! Due to the rules of the matchup, the man must face the man in this encounter, so Sable, obviously perturbed, sands with her hands on her hips in the corner as Mero after a moment of stunning Goldust briefly, loads him up onto his shoulders before delivering the TKO!! 1! 2!! 3!!! Mero and Sable pick up the victory in the rematch from WrestleMania, but the nature of it rubs Sable the wrong way. She squabbles with Mero, all the way up the ramp in fact, as it would appear that Mero’s quest to be the star of the couple is continuing on. “Well Mero’s narcissism may be lasting right now. But if I know anything about Sable,” J.R. says aloud. “It’s that she may not put up with it for too much longer.” “Oooh! Come to me Sable!! I’ll give you all the attention you want! Ha ha ha!” King, our resident horndog, sounds off.
Result: Marc Mero & Sable def. TAFKA Goldust & Luna Vachon at 5:45.

We head to the backstage area and we see a split-screen of Steve Austin setting up his right knee brace, with his black vest already on, and meanwhile, Owen Hart in his locker room, alone with his black and pink singlet on with his black leather jacket, reminiscent of his brother, as J.R. gives us a good sell. “Well don’t you go anywhere ladies and gentlemen! Up next, the World Wrestling Federation Championship is on the line! Stone Cold Steve Austin’s first WWF Title defense is against the man who broke his neck at Summerslam: Owen Hart! Don’t go anywhere! That match is NEXT!!”

Commercial Break





Match 7 – Main Event – WWF Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs. Owen Hart
We’re back at the ringside area, after our advertisement for the In Your House Pay-Per-View at the end of this month, and Owen Hart makes his way to the ring to the sound of his music to a vivacious ovation from the fans in Albany. “Owen Hart hasn’t had many opportunities like this in his career. Owen Hart has not had a great last few months. But Owen Hart has won the fans over recently, and Owen Hart could very well become the World Wrestling Federation Champion tonight, unceremoniously at that.” Those are the words of our esteemed broadcaster Jim Ross as Owen Hart climbs into the ring and takes off his black leather jacket. He bends down with his hands on his knees, waiting for the WWF Champion to make his way to the ring. Suddenly, GLASS SHATTERS! The roof nearly comes off the Pepsi Arena – AGAIN – and making his way to the ring is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Owen doesn’t wait for this opportunity to vanish in thin air, and as soon as SCSA enters the squared circle, he takes him down with a double leg! Owen wildly throw lefts and rights in the direction of Austin’s head, before pulling him off the mat and running him to the ropes. Owen Hart follows in and drills Austin with a high-knee lift into the gut. Austin flops onto his back and Owen nails him with a dropkick to the chest, taking him out of the ring. Some of the Albany crowd, surprisingly at that, gets behind Hart, as he runs to the ropes and dives through and hits a suicide dive!! “Owen Hart is giving his all, and he knows what’s on the line tonight! What a start!” J.R. shouts, as Hart picks Austin up and rolls him back into the ring, going for the cover, but only getting a two count. The lone Hart in the World Wrestling Federation gives Austin everything but the kitchen sink in the opening minutes, nearly finding his way out of every advantage that Austin finds himself getting. Owen delivers a backbreaking tilt-a-whirl side slam and goes for the cover again. 1! 2! Kick out!

Owen and Austin, two rivals for nearly all of the 3rd and 4th quarters of 1997, do their damndest to outdo all of those classic bouts in this made-for-television encounter. We enter the final three minutes of this match, with Austin nearly getting the best of Owen Hart after hitting a throwback: the Stun Gun. He pulls Owen off the mat, feeding off this hot crowd, and whips him to the ropes. Owen counters, and pulls him in and loads him onto his shoulder! “Owen with the counter! Owen – he’s gonna set him up!” “This move broke Austin’s neck! It’s gonna happen again!” Owen drops down… Tombstone Piledriver!! Like a fish out of water, Austin flops for a few moments and holds his neck and the back of his head in pain, as Owen drapes his body over Austin, desperately hooking the legs. “New champion! The Austin Era is over already!” King shouts… “NO! NO IT’S NOT!! AUSTIN KICKS OUT OF THE TOMBSTONE!” J.R. gives the hard sell, as we seep into the overrun of the broadcast, as Austin kicks out of the very move that nearly paralyzed him for life back in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Owen then crawls up to his feet and takes a huge exhale, before grabbing Austin’s legs. The crowd lets out a monstrous mixed reaction, and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter! The Texas Rattlesnake however scrambles, and scrambles, and shoves Owen away! The Rocket makes his way to his feet as SCSA stands up – STUNNER! Stone Cold Stunner on Owen Hart!! “THE STUNNER ON OWEN HART! AUSTIN! … GOT ‘EM! AUSTIN RETAINS THE TITLE!”
Result: Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Owen Hart to retain the WWF Championship at 15:00.


Quick Match Results

Spoiler for Quick Match Results:
~ Jeff Jarrett def. Headbanger Mosh at 4:59
~ Taka Michinoku def. Flash Funk to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship at 7:05
~ The Undertaker def. The New Age Outlaws at 9:20
~ Ken Shamrock def. D’Lo Brown at 4:40
~ L.O.D. 2000 def. Los Boricuas at 4:25
~ Marc Mero & Sable def. TAFKA Goldust & Luna Vachon at 5:45
~ Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Owen Hart to retain the WWF Championship at 15:00


Spoiler for WWF Unforgiven: In Your House Card:

Greensboro, North Carolina; Greensboro Coliseum
April 26, 1998

Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs. Mr. McMahon's Handpicked Opponent

Spoiler for OOC Comments:
OOC: Hey ya'll. So I realized after the fact that there were a few things that kind of griped me about this show. For 1, I definitely could have reworked the NAO/Undertaker match as being the Outlaws coming out and challenging someone, leading to Taker coming out to answer their challenge. Certainly, it was a bit of a misstep in booking. Additionally, Flash Funk challenging for the LHW Title was a BIT risque. I tried looking up Flash's credentials, and it appeared he was roughly between 215-230 lbs., which was around the Cruiserweight Title requirements. Nonetheless, that might have been a misstep also. I am also trying to work my way through the booking of shows, because the way they were designed were much different back then as well. So I'm learning as I go on, and trying to get back into the swing of things. Full-length shows will probably eventually get here, but for now, this type of recap will be used. Hope you enjoy this.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation: Feeling the Heat


Is this thing on?


April 1, 1998
Syracuse, New York
3 Hours Before Taping

Vince McMahon
is patiently standing outside of the Oncenter in Syracuse, New York. Just three hours before the RAW is WAR! taping is set to begin, the Chairman of the World Wrestling Federation is awaiting the arrival of the man that is simply known as ‘The Defector.’ World Championship Wrestling picked up a lot of scraps for many years from the WWF. Hogan, Savage, Luger, Ray Traylor, Hall, Nash, and many more made their way to WCW for the big bucks. Apparently, however, there was some unrest percolating in the WCW locker room.

Was this going to be a lone defector? Or would more soon follow?

A black Chrysler Town Car pulls up into the arena’s garage, and a smile gathers on Vince’s face. This was his man. He was certain of it, based upon phone calls that he had had with ‘The Defector.’ He walks up to the car as it parks right in front of him. The driver steps out, says hello to Mr. McMahon, and walks to the backseat door. He opens it wide, and out steps the guy he wanted to see.

Vince McMahon: Just in the nick of time. Good to see you, [REDACTED].

The Defector: You too, Vince.

The two men shake hands.

Vince McMahon: I’m glad that we could come to a verbal agreement while you were in the air. You still need to sign your contract, however, but if you’ll follow me, we can square that away.

The Defector nods his head and follows his new boss through the double doors and into the bowels of the arena. He passes several recognizable faces, such as Robert Remus, Shane McMahon, the man who he was on the phone with last week, and Gerald Brisco. All greeted the now FORMER WCW wrestler with respect and approval, giving him a new sense of light and warmth. The two walked into an office room, and sat down.

Vince McMahon: Now we want you to work tonight. Can you do that?

The Defector: Yes.

Vince McMahon: Terrific. My colleague Vince will speak to you momentarily about our plans for you. We’re going to have you involved in a high-profile matchup. That is all we will tell you at this point.

The Defector: That’s just what I want. I felt I was being… pushed back due to some politicking amongst the boys in the back. Never really got my due.

Vince McMahon: And I can see that, and I can see why you’re so disappointed. I can promise you this: we’ll have you involved.

The Defector: Good. Let’s let the ink dry on this.

Vince, overcome with joy, pushes the contract in front of him. A brand-spanking, new 3-year deal was on the table with [REDACTED]. He watches The Defector read the contract over, put pen to paper, signing his name, and pushes the contract forward.

The first domino finally fell for the World Wrestling Federation.


The Defector let the ink dry on his brand new contract and made his way to the office of Vince Russo, the head booker for the World Wrestling Federation. And after about a 20-minute discussion, The Defector made his way out of the office and headed through the tunnel up to the locker room area. He saw some of the faces of the WWF; the agents, the women, and the wrestlers. Immediately, he could practically tell that things were done much differently around here. And needless to say, he felt good about that.

One of the people that caught his attention was Owen Hart, who made his way out of his locker room wearing a Michigan Starter jacket, blue sweatpants and Owen looked up and saw him, and pointed his finger at him.

Owen Hart: Holy shit. You’re the guy?

Evidently, word had spread. The Defector nodded his head.

Owen Hart: Jesus Christ, I didn’t expect this. How’s it going? Welcome.

Owen shook The Defector’s hand.

The Defector: Very well. I’m enjoying this place already. A bit surprised to see you.

Owen looked perplexed as The Defector continued on.

The Defector: Given the… situation around here as of late, of course. I’d had a few run-ins with Jim, Davey, and Bret before I made my jump here. What made you stay around here?

Naturally, Owen had seen this coming, even with his perplexed look. Given that the infamous Montreal Screwjob had not eluded him for months on end.

Owen Hart: I’ll straight shoot ya, [REDACTED]. I was reluctant from the get go. I didn’t like what happened. Why would I? The damn owner of the company screwed my brother. And so did that piece of shit, Shawn. But y’know what? The reason that I stuck around here - and believe me, I thought about defecting to Atlanta – was that I was going to be just like you. I didn’t feel like I was going to be put near the top. I’ve built myself up a lot recently, I’ve seen my stock rise, and I’ve got a good feeling that for the first time in my career I might be ascending to the very top in this business. With that said, Bischoff, that smug piece of filth that he is, wasn’t so confident in me either, if you catch my drift.

Almost paralleled, The Defector nodded at his reasoning.

Owen Hart: If you, [REDACTED], and I do things that others say we can’t do, we’re going to make a lot of people happy and we’re going to piss a lot of other people off. And the latter will feel so, so damn good.

The Defector: Absolutely.


OOC: Not sure when RAW is WAR! will be up, but it shouldn't be too, too far away from now. I have already begun in it and this weekend/week might get crowded, since I'm moving into my new place next week and have to wait for internet and what not to get and connected. In the meantime, let this RAW and this segment sink in. I'll be back soon, guys.

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Spoilers wanted. Who is The Defector!!!

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