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World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

Welcome to World Russo Entertainment 2.0, kid. Name's Vinny Ru and I'm the new BAWS around here. You thought World Russo Entertainment was da shit? Wait til you see what's in store in the 2.0 era, son. You want SWERVES? They're coming, BABY! SHOOTS? Fuhgeddhaboutit! You want wrasslin'? Get the f**k outta here, son.



All thanks to Murph, the brains behind World Russo Entertainment. He has handed over the reigns to me, which you might have caught in the first thread, which you can find here. I will be keeping WRE 2.0 in the same innovative BTB style that Murph created in WRE, and he will also be staying on as a creative consultant so the transition between the two eras should hopefully be a smooth one. I will start the beginning of WRE2 with the much-hyped 50 Shades of Russo PPV, featuring John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the Unified Championship in the main event and Jim Cornette vs. Vince Russo in the most awaited grudge match in the history of our sport.

For those who need to recap, here is a link and brief summary to each show from the first era of WRE:

  • Raw 1 - Vince Russo is introduced as new head writer of WWE and unleashes a new era of Russomania, including Ryback destroying a Make-A-Wish kid and Dolph/Big E. fighting a wrestling bear, amongst other insane storylines and swerves.
  • Raw 2 - Russomania continues with the swerves - Jack Swagger debuting the new Confederate Championship, Alex Riley beating Cena in a Buried Alive match to no fanfare and the Kings of Wrestling reuniting, winning the tag straps and disbanding all in one night.
  • Extreme Rules - A crazy Russo-filled PPV, with the long awaited return of Jim Cornette in the main event to haunt Vinny Ru. While out-of-the-closet Cody Rhodes kisses Jason Collins in the middle of the ring, Fandango fights Jericho in a Ballroom Brawl - oh, and there's some wrestling in there too.
  • Raw 3 - Russo announces the big 50 Shades of Russo PPV amidst a sea of swerves and angles, as well as promising a future bout between himself and long time rival Jim Cornette. Sami Zayn's face is burnt by Kane while Kaitlyn pins the Great Khali, before kissing Cody Rhodes. In traditional Russo fashion, Lord Albert Tensington (formerly Tensai) fights Brodus Clay in a Fat Burner on a Pole Match.
  • Raw 4 - A battle between David Otunga and Clarence Mason in the courtrooms means Cornette/Russo won't happen til 50 Shades of Russo. Randy Orton punts Bret Hart in the head (stiff), while CM Punk makes his unexpected return at the end of the show. John Cena faces Tyson Kidd for the WWE title and Sami Zayn returns from his inferno match burning as El Generico.

Champions list as of the end of the first era
  1. WWE Champion - John Cena
  2. World Heavyweight Champion - Randy Orton
  3. IC Champion - "Mr. 420" Evan Bourne
  4. Confederate Champion - Jack Swagger
  5. Tag Team Champions - Prime Time Players
  6. Divas Champion - Kaitlyn


June 16th - Allstate Arena, Chicago

WWE and World Heavyweight Championship Unification Match
John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton (c)

15 Year Grudge Match
Vince "Vinny Ru" Russo vs. Jim Cornette

To eliminate your opponent, you must make them BLEED
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry vs. Fandango vs. Big Show vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Kassius Ohno vs. ?????

Intercontinental Championship
Evan "Mr. 420" Bourne (c) vs. ???

Confederacy Championship
Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter (c) vs. ???

Tag Team Championship
Primetime Players (c) w/ A.W. vs. Team GenericNO (Daniel Bryan and El Generico)


-- CM Punk new theme tune to be unveiled in hometown show! --
-- TWO special Announcements from Vinny Ru to open the show! --
-- Cody Rhodes to make "heartfelt speech" --

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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

And now.. from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, WWE presents.. 50 SHADES OF RUSSO - Sponsored by Hardee's!

After the pyros explode around the arena, 3, and JBL introduce us to all the big matches of the night, including the long awaited, 15 years in the making Vince Russo vs. Jim Cornette fight. Lawler is stuffing himself with a Hardee's burger and tells us with his mouth half full that he expects tonight to be a night full of great action.


Guess who?

Out walks THE BOSS VINNY RU, holding a black baseball bat and wearing a New York Yankees shirt, to huge boos from the smark crowd in Chicago. He gets into the ring and roughly grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia's hand, shouting "CUT IT". Before he gets a chance to speak, a large "Fire Russo!" chant starts from the largely male audience. "Hey, it's not my fault Chicago is a 2nd rate city. Not everyone can be from New Yawk, baby!" The crowd booed wildly, with some a chant for the Cubs breaking out. Russo took a moment to run down the Cubs, bigging up the Yankees and pulling at his shirt to crazy heat. "Anyway, tonight isn't about baseball, tonight is about PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. And like all you marks read in the dirt sheets this week, I have TWO special announcements to make. First off, I'm looking at you, King." The camera to cut a shot of Jerry Lawler who was about to tuck in to his second Hardee's burger of the night already.

"Me?" Lawler said on commentary. "Oh-oh," JBL said with a chortle in his voice. "Yeah King, I'm looking at you!" Russo jumped out of the ring and walked towards the commentary booth. As he did, Lawler stood up to face him man to man. Russo pointed his bat in Lawler's face. "King, wasn't it less than a year ago you had a heart attack in that same damn chair?" Lawler nodded solemnly, rubbing his hands together ready for a fight. "Then why on God's green earth do you continue to eat this SH**." Russo picked up the Hardee's burger from the desk and threw it at Lawler's face. King snarled and wiped the remnants of the burger off him, while Russo stood pointing the bat at him. "You're a fucking embarassment to this show, Jerry. You know something? You're done. Finished! I'm firing your ass, right now! And don't even think about laying a damn hand on me, or I'll sue your clogged arteries ass for last every penny you have." Lawler stared at Russo wide eyed as the fans chanted JERRY, JERRY, JERRY. Jerry raised his fists to a loud pop, but Russo shook his hand and laughed, daring him to do it. At that, Lawler backed down and began to walk away to loud boos from the crowd, before a "FIRE RUSSO" chant broke out and THE BAWS jumped back into the ring, laughing at Lawler all the way.

1 - Ladies and gentleman, we're sorry you had to witness this horrible scene. This was not part of the script for this evening's show.

"Now before I get to the next thing on my list.. Jim Cornette, I will meet you tonight in this very ring for the match the world has been waiting to see for the past 15 years." Russo pointed the baseball bat at the hard-cam. "So you better bring you A-game son, because tonight is going to be NO HOLDS BARRED! And just like I got your ass fired from TNA, tonight I'm going to send you packing out the door of the Allstate Arena in this DUMP of a city."

All of a sudden, the LIGHTS WENT OUT. The crowd popped, expecting a gong, or a visit from The Shield, but instead "Message In Blood" by Pantera played.

When the lights came back on, standing at the top of the ramp was CHICAGO'S OWN CM PUNK!

The crowd popped like crazy, breaking out into huge CM PUNK chants, as their hometown hero paced down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He laughed, shaking his head, as he stepped into the ring and went face to face with Russo. The two stood there face to face, as 3 said "This is the moment the world has been waiting for!" Another "Fire Russo" chant broke out, and Russo looked squirmish as Punk laughed in his face. "I think they want you to leave," Punk said, breaking the ice, to a mega pop. "They don't know WHAT they want!" Russo said to major heat. "I think the Voice of the Voiceless knows what these people want more than a 3rd rate hack like you do, Vinny. Hey, this seems strangely familiar.. Me, in this ring, telling a guy called Vince to give the fans what they want." He looked at the crowd with a knowing face, as chants of "Ice Cream Bars" and "Colt Cabana" broke out. "Hey, PHIL, you can hate on my writing ability all you want, that's fine... but if there's one thing a Vinny RU show never is, it's a RE-RUN." Punk shrugged his shoulders and nodded, admittedly. "So lets tear up the 2011 script, because you are NEVER GETTING A TITLE SHOT while I'm THE BAWS Not after that GTS on Raw... No way..." Punk looked like he was about to lay into Russo, but Russo pointed the bat in his face as he had done with Lawler. "Unless! Unless, CM Punk, you help me. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, capiche?" Punk furrowed his brows, curious at what Russo had to offer. "Punk, I'll let you fight for the Unified WWE World Championship if you make the match go the way that *I* want it to go, tonight. So Punk, there's a black and white striped shirt waiting for you in the back, because tonight you're going to be the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for Cena vs. Orton. How's that for a pipebomb? Now hit my damn music." Russo dropped the mic in the CM Punk pipebomb fashion, as Punk stood with folded arms and watched Russo, mouthing inaudibly on the camera "What way do you want the match to go?"


Backstage, Renee Young was standing backstage with Interncontinental Champion "Mr. 420" Evan Bourne. She asked the IC champ what he thought about facing an unknown mystery opponent tonight, and he said he didn't care who it was, because Ev An Bourne is not only Mr. Monday Night but Mr. Sunday Night as well, and whoever was going to feel the blaze of his power will eventually fall to the 6-star frog splash. It was only as he was about to leave that a MASKED MAN ATTACKED HIM FROM BEHIND. The man, in full black and a balaclava, threw Bourne into the wall and beat the hell out of him til he was a broken mess.


We cut backstage to a limosine pulling into the arena, but the camera faded to the ring before we got to see who was inside.


Tag Team Championship
Primetime Players (c) w/ A.W. vs. Team GenericNO (Daniel Bryan and El Generico)

Bryan and Generico made their entrance to a creative chant of "No-le, no-le, no-le" from the smark crowd. After them, A.W. came out and did his schtick, introducing the Prime Time Players. JBL mentioned Titus O'Neil's American Football background, bringing up his past accolades and success. The match got underway, with some good quick action, Bryan and Generico tagging in and out quickly and doing work on D-Young. Young got the tag for O'Neil who came in and floored both Bryan and Generico before doing the DOG BARK, which the crowd did back in return. Titus hit a big spinebuster on Generico and pinned .. 1.. 2... kickout! JBL took his time to mention Titus O'Neil's football background again, as though we hadn't heard 5 minutes earlier. The Big Deal worked Generico for a while, until Generico was able to escape and get the hot tag in on Bryan who attacked Titus with blistering pace. To the sound of loud YES chants, it looked like Bryan was about to get the upper hand in the match.. but suddenly, the camera cut backstage to Kane, who had been laid out on the floor with his mask removed! We could only see the back of his head, but there was a puddle of blood underneath him. The camera cut back to Bryan, who was staring at the screen, when suddenly from behind THREE MASKED MEN IN BALACLAVAS ATTACKED HIM. El Generico tried to come in and make the save, but the masked trio took him out too, beating him to a pulp. 1 mentioned how "This was not supposed to be part of the script" for the second time in the night already.

Result: No Contest


Backstage, VINCE RUSSO was training in his office with David Otunga, sparring with him and shadowboxing, telling him how badly Jim Cornette is going to get beaten tonight. David Otunga stopped Russo and suggested that there were legal implications if he was to beat Cornette too badly, so he had an idea. Russo asked what it was. Otunga replied, saying "Mr. Russo, sir, I believe you should make tonight's match not just a no holds barred match, but a double pole match. Put a baseball bat on one pole and a tennis racket on the other, then you can use the baseball bat without restraint". Russo picked his trusty baseball bat off his marble desk and studied it, before saying "You're a genius, Dave! BOOK IT!"


We cut to a shot of a car pulling up alongside the other mystery limo from earlier. Out steps a pissed off looking TRIPLE H, who stormed into the arena, ignoring the questions of Renee Young who tried to follow him but couldn't keep up.


There was an interview with Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Big Show who were all stood backstage with Matt Striker. They spoke about how angry they had all been in recent weeks having been left off TV by Russo. Sheamus said "We've been waiting for ol' Vinny Ru to write us back into the show for a while, so it's about time fella." Matt Striker asked if any of them had any idea what would be the SPECIAL RUSSO MYSTERY PRIZE for the winner of the Battle Royale, to which Del Rio said "Eet doesn't matter what Russo has in shtore for dee winner of dee match too-niight. All that matters is dat wee are back on TV wrestling again." Big Show nodded, folding his arms, before all 3 men walked away.



Triple H stormed out to the ring with the same pissed off face he had moments earlier, grabbing a microphone from Lillian Garcia. 1 said "Ladies and gentlemen, this segment wasn't supposed to be part of the format."

"Kill the music," Triple H said, swiping his arm in the air in a cutting motion. "I've been sat at home since the angle with Brock and I have been watching. I am sick and damn tired of sitting through this clusterfu** of a product that is being put out every week." The crowd popped, with another "Fire Russo" chant breaking out. "I sat and watched WCW die from the other side under your reign, and I'm not going to sit and watch my family's company collapse, so RUSSO, get your ass out here now. This ain't no storyline here pal, this is for real." He stood, pacing around the ring, looking up the ramp and waiting for Russo. Nobody came. "Come on Russo, get your SKINNY. FAT. ASS out here, right now!"


3 Oh, my! Could it be!? Is this who was in the limosine earlier?!

Out walked THE NATUUUURE BOOOOY RIC FLAIR to loud WOOOO's from the crowd. He took his time during his entrance, soaking up the cheers as he strutted down to the ring. He exchanged some kind words with Lillian Garcia before taking a microphone off her and getting into the ring face to face with his former Evolution team-mate. "WOOOOOOOOO" he shouted in Triple H's face, to a huge pop. Triple H smirked. "Naitch, it's great to see you, but what the hell are you doing here in Chicago?" ... "Wooooo!" He said again, laughing and smiling, before running the ropes and delivering an elbow drop the floor to a standing ovation. "Triple H!" he said. "Triple H, what am I doing here? What is the Nature Boy doing here in Chicago?" The crowd popped for the mention of their home town. "Paul, my friend, let's talk man to man here. You know and I know that at WrestleMania 24 I had my last match with Shawn Michaels. And it was a great match. One of the greatest and honorable moments of my life.. But like I have always said.. WOOOOOOO! I will NEVER RETIRE!!" The crowd went crazy with WOO's, while Triple H shook his head. "Ric, you need to leave," Triple H said to a chorus of boos. "I'm here to deal with Russo." ... "No!" Flair said, before going on to inform Triple H that despite having never seen eye to eye with the boss, that RUSSO HAD SIGNED HIM TO A PERMANENT WRESTLING CONTRACT! Triple H shook his head in disgust, objecting to Ric tarnishing his legacy. "Paul, I've already wrestled guys like Sting and Foley down in Florida since my match with Shawn." A small TNA chant broke out. "And now, Paul.." Ric stopped, looked at Triple H with an evil glare in his eye, then he CLOTHESLINED THE GAME, before putting him in the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! He picked up the mic with Triple H wreathing in agony in the figure 4, and screamed WOOOO at him to pops from the crowd. "Now Triple H, I'm going to wrestle YOU on RAW tommorow night!" Flair let go of the hold and rolled out the ring, throwing his suit jacket down to the floor as his music hit. Triple H held his shins through his jeans and looked on at Flair with anger in his eyes.


We go backstage to Renee Young who was standing by with WWE champion JOHN CENA. He was holding the WWE Championship that The Rock had debuted earlier in the year, but said no matter who wins tonight between him and Orton, there should be a brand new Unified World Championship belt unveiled the following night on Raw. He wished Orton the best of luck, brought up their past history of EPIC matches, before saying "may the best man win."


A hidden camera (TNA style) was watching backstage as Tyson Kidd was on the phone to someone. He asked "Is it ready," before saying "Good." And then hanging up. He looked around, to see if anyone had been watching and missing the blatant camera that was pointing at him through the door, before he walked away.


We cut to a shot of PWTorch editor Wade Keller arriving in a car! He was stopped by Matt Striker, who asked if he was here to take up the open invitation to cut a promo on the controversial Cody Rhodes homosexual angle, and he replied yes. Some of the crowd popped for him, some booed him, but most didn't know who he was despite Chicago being a notorious smark city.


Confederate Championship
Jack Swagger (c) w/ Zeb Colter vs. ???

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out to boos from the crowd. Colter cut a promo, saying when the confederacy secedes from the union that Chicago, one of the biggest leech cities on this once glorious nation, will be the first to fall. It got mild heat. He then brought up the Chicago Cubs, as Russo had earlier, and got some crazy heat. "Now, before we find out who the Confederate Champion Jack Swagger's opponent is for tonight, we are going to introduce our new ally. A great man, with a great pedigree, who believes in the history and the purity of this once great nation. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you... Joe Hennig!"

A hard rock remix of Curt Hennig's old theme "Rap is Crap" began to play over the speakers, as Joe Hennig walked out laughing and grinning in a cowboy hat and leather cut with chaps. He shouted "Yeeehaaaw" and ripped up an Alberto Del Rio sign a fan was holding. He got into the ring and shook hands with Swagger and Colter, then went to the outside of the ring with Colter.

"And now," Lillian Garcia said. "Jack Swagger's mystery opponent for tonight..."


"... J... T... G!"

Out walked JTG in traditional black wrestling attire with a serious look on his face, not playing up to the camera as he usually did. He paced down to the ring and got in the ring. The bell rang. JTG and Swagger locked up and went through some amateur moves, JTG displaying a more mat-based style than his usual unorthodox style. Hennig and Colter were on the outside, trying to draw heat from the crowd who were mildly interested in the match. Then suddenly, 5 MASKED MEN IN BALACLAVAS STORMED THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! The same type who had disrupted the show earlier! They beat the hell out of Colter and Hennig, while Swagger looked on saying "Thwhat the thell is going thon!" Then from behind, JTG came in with a roll-up, holding his tights.. 1...2... 3! NEW CONFEDERATE CHAMPION!

After the match, JTG grabbed his new belt and ran up the ramp, staring at the masked men who jumped into the ring and started to beat the shit out of Swagger like a pack of hyenas. Cole mentioned that "this was not in the script" for the 4th or 5th time in the night already.


We go backstage to THE BAWS VINNY RU, who is pacing back and forth in his office fuming. "Who the hell are these guys?" he says, pointing at the TV. "These guys in balaclavas!" Otunga shrugged his shoulders and takes a sip of his coffee. "This isn't part of the format, Dave, I don't know what's going on here tonight. These guys better not mess my show up any more or there will be HELL to pay!"


We fade to Matt Striker, who has managed to get interview time with Triple H. Triple H says he is more pissed off that Flair would go against his word than that he attacked him. He said they go back a long time. "I can forgive him, he was just trying to make a statement. I get it. But going against everything the WWE family have done for him in the past and rubbing it in my face like that. He's crossed a damn line." Triple H, in fury, pushed Striker down the floor, who went flying backwards into a pile of steel pipes that clattered around him.


We cut to ringside, where Lillian Garcia was ready to introduce someone...

"Please show a warm welcome, to head writer and editor of, Wade Keller."

Keller walked out to no music to a bare minimum reaction from the crowd. He took the microphone from Lillian Garcia, saying thankyou and began to address the crowd. He nervously informed the fans of who he was, and recapped for those who had missed it that an article he had written about the Cody Rhodes angle. He stated he thought the angle was insulting to the LGBT community, and as a homosexual man himself, he felt he had to take a stand. The crowd barely reacted, until another mild "Fire Russo" chant broke out. He said he had been given a few minutes of time to spell out why he felt WWE had gone too far and Russo's concept of "crash TV" belonged to another era and was outdated.


Cody Rhodes's music hit and he walked out, surprisingly, in his old facemask gimmick.

Kelly looked nervous, as Cody Rhodes minced around him holding a microphone, staring him up and down. "Wade, Wade, Wade. How pleasant of a surprise it is to see you here. You know, when I was a kid, I used to read your newsletters. My father told me not to, but I DON'T CARE WHAT MY FATHER THINKS. No, no, no, NO!" His voice began to crack and he paced back and forth before staring into the camera. "Daad. Dad, are you there? Are you listening? I am A HOMO. SEXUAL. This isn't an angle, Dad! This isn't a repeat of Goldust.. And Wade.." Cody laughed, his face twitching behind the mask in an eerie but camp way. He went face to face with Wade, who was visibly shaken and looked down into his eyes with a salacious and lustful expression. Rhodes went to touch Keller's cheek, but Keller slapped his hand away and left the ring. The crowd was mostly silent, with a small group guys still chanting "Fire Russo" on one side of the arena.

Cody Rhodes's music hit again, putting an early end to a highly awkward and ridiculous segment.


Backstage, we cut to Kassius Ohno who was with Renee Young. She asked him who was next on his "list of 100", and abruptly he hit her with an ELBOW SMASH! "You were number 2," he said, leaving the scene.


We cut to CM Punk, who was sitting in the locker room, looking at the referee shirt in his hands, when in walked RYBACK. He said, no matter what happens in the match tonight, he is next in line to fight Orton or Cena for the Unified Championship. That is when RANDY ORTON appeared out of nowhere, getting in Ryback's face. They stared each other down, and Randy held his World Heavyweight Championship over his head, causing Ryback to snarl and a bit of drool fell out of his mouth (one for Botchmania). CM Punk stood up and broke the two apart without words and said leave it for another time.


Intercontinental Championship
Evan "Mr. 420" Bourne (c) vs. ???

Evan Bourne stumbled down to the ring holding his gut, still shook from the attack earlier by the masked man. His face was bloodied and bruised. He handed the IC championship to the ref and waited for his opponent...


R-Truth walked out with a serious look on his face, before laughing and shaking his head at Bourne. He slid into the ring and stopped the referee before he started the match, taking a mic instead.

"Evan Bourne. (WHAT) It seeems to me that you look a little hurt. (WHAT) I said it seems as though he is hurt.. (WHAT) Don't what me! (WHAT) I said DON'T WHAT ME! (WHAT)." R-Truth look flustered with the crowd and took a moment to catch his breathe. "Evan Bourne, I know what you need right about now. (WHAT) You need to chill... know what I'm sayin?" Truth reached into his pocket and pulled out a rolled up cigarette in the traditional spliff shape, with a lighter. He handed them to Evan Bourne and told him to have a toke. Evan, apprhensive at first, came around to the idea, and took a few tokes of the "cigarette". A look of relaxation came across his face, and he fell back against the ropes, leaning on them with one arm in a slump. The bell rang, and Truth kicked Bourne in the gut, hit him with a PILEDRIVER and held him for the pin... 1... 2.. 3!

Truth picked up his Intercontinental Championship and held it up to a mild reaction from the crowd, a mixture of cheers and boos. The fans began to chant "RVD" as the camera focused on an unconscious Evan Bourne in the ring, but the camera faded out to a Make-A-Wish ad with Vince Russo.



Straight after the Make-A-Wish ad ended, J.R's music hit! The Chicago crowd rose to their feet, waiting for their hero to arrive, and out his podgy frame came under the famous black cowboy hat, holding a bottle of BBQ sauce up to the crowd! The crowd erupted in cheers.. but the cheers faded.. and then turned into boos.. when they realised it was not J.R. but .. an impostor?

1 - Ladies and gentleman, this isn't Good Ol' J.R. ... Is this who I think it is?

The impostor JR took to the microphone and said "Good evening Chicago" to mild boos. He stood there, doing a skewed smile with his tongue slipping out, and lets the boos grow and grow, til they got really loud. The smarky Chicago crowd realised who it was.

1 - That's... that's OKLAHOMA! From WCW!

The crowd booed heavily, as the nameplate came up on the screen reading OKLAHOMA. In his worst impression of J.R., he informed them how his good friend Vince Russo had appointed him to be THE REPLACEMENT FOR JERRY THE KING LAWLER! He thanked the fans and wished for them to have a slobberknocker of a night to loud boos.


Backstage, Ric Flair was partying in Vince Russo's office , drinking martinis and lounging with the Bella Twins on either arm on the leather couch. He said thankyou to Russo for being so gracious and giving him a second oppurtunity in the WWE. Russo called Paul Levesque an asshole and said he had that figure four coming to him, after he pussied out against Brock Lesnar earlier in the month. Flair said he has Russo's back in the big match with Jim Cornette later that night and Russo shook his hand before doing some more shadow-boxing.


15-Man First Blood Battle Royale for the RUSSO MYSTERY PRIZE
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry vs. Fandango vs. Big Show vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Kassius Ohno vs. ?????

All 15 men made their entrances, with Sheamus coming out first and Ryback coming out last. They waited in the middle of the ring for the bell to ring, as JBL noted there were only 14 men in the ring. The mystery competitor had not yet arrived. The action started and Kassius Ohno and Cesaro went straight for each other, beating the crap out of one another. All the other guys hammered each other around the different 4 corners. All of a sudden, BLOOD FELL FROM THE CEILING! Oklahoma yelled "BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD!" Everyone was covered in the red liquid, and stood there looking at each other in disbelief when suddenly the 15th man ran down to the ring. Tyson Kidd! He got into the ring in the middle of all the 14 blood covered superstars and the bell rang! Tyson Kidd had won the First Blood Battle Royale!

Tyson quickly escaped from the ring with a cheeky grin on his face, as the 14 other blood covered stars looked on at him in fury. Then VINCE RUSSO appeared on the screen, and said RUSSO'S MYSTERY PRIZE would be revealed on Raw tomorrow night.


We cut to the commentary booth of Cole, JBL and Oklahoma, who hyped up the next match, which was Vince Russo vs. Jim Cornette in a Double Pole match. They explained the rules, how in one corner there was a pole with a baseball bat and in the other corner, a pole with a tennis racket. Oklahoma said it was bound to be a slobberknocker!

A gratuitous 6 minute video package detailing the long history of Vince Russo and Jim Cornette aired. Halfway through the video, audible "bullshit" chants from the crowd were hastily muted.


Double Pole Match
Vince Russo vs. Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette made his entrance to a lukewarm babyface reaction from the crowd. He waved to them, but had a serious look on his face. He was wearing grey jogging pants with an old school "Smoky Mountain Wrestling" t-shirt. He got into the ring and waited for his opponent, staring up at the tennis racket on the pole. The mat had been changed during the course of the 6-minute video to a new clean one, though there were still small traces of the "blood" around the ring.

The lights went black, and intense strobe lighting came on, with a deep rumbling build up music. In the corner, the spotlight went on a live band with a clashing sound.. the fans popped as they realised it was the reunited BLACK SABBATH. They broke into a live version of IRON MAN, as VINNY RU walked out in his New Yawk Yankees
jersey to incredible heat!

Pyros went off around the titantron behind him, before flames shot up out of the ramp. Russo shadowboxed down the aisle and stared up at the baseball bat on the end of the pole, 3: "It's a big fight feel here in Chicago!"

[IMG]" border="0" alt="" title="Angle" class="inlineimg" />5WbMbl.jpg[/IMG]

He stepped into the ring and intensely stared down Jim Cornette across the other side of the ring. After the elaborate entrance, the fans had started to get into the idea of the match, and chants of "Fuck You Russo" rang out around the arena. The bell for the match sounded.

Russo and Cornette stepped closer to each other and stared each other down as the hardcam slowly zoomed in on them. "This is intense!" JBL said, while Oklahoma praised Russo for his leadership skills. Cole reminded the fans that "this is real life, folks, there's no script here." Everyone was waiting for something to happen, when suddenly Jim Cornette took a step back and fell to his knees. "What the hell is this about?" JBL said. The crowd stood to their feet, intrigued as to what was happening. Then, Jim Cornette dramatically put both of his hands at the top of his Smoky Mountain Wrestling t-shirt and started to rip it! Underneath the ripped t-shirt, Jim Cornette revealed he was wearing another t-shirt! Cornette was wearing a VINCE RUSSO t-shirt!

Russo was dumbfounded at what had happened. He looked down at Cornette, who was crying, whimpering and begging Russo for forgiveness for all he had said over the years. The camera picked up what he was saying. "I'm sorry, Vince! I'm sorry I said I wanted to murder you! I'm sorry I blamed you for everything! I deserved to be fired, you were always the better man! Please forgive me."


Ric Flair surprisingly made his way out to the ring and threw his suit jacket off, undoing his tie. He got into the ring and shook hands with Russo, then looked down at Jim Cornette, shaking his head in disgust at him. He ran the ropes back and forth past Russo and Cornette, then stopped in his tracks behind Cornette. He looked at Russo and grinned, then pointed to the baseball bat to a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. The crowd began to chant "We want wrestling" and Vince Russo turned and shouted "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT" to loud boos. Flair could audibly hear saying "Fucking bunch of marks" and nodding his head to the side, indicating the crowd. He said it three times.

Cornette, still weeping away in his Vinny Ru t-shirt, looked up hopefully to Russo, saying "Please!" again. Russo shook his head to say "no" with a sinister laugh, then hastily went and retrieved the baseball bat. Cornette put his arms out in a Jesus pose, sacrificing himself to Russo, who measured up the baseball bat. Flair shouted WOOOOOOOOOOO and RUSSO STRUCK CORNETTE ACROSS THE HEAD WITH THE BAT! The crowd popped for reasons of irony. Russo put his foot over the unconscious Cornette's chest and the referee counted 1... 2... 3.


After the match, Ric Flair taught Russo how to put the figure four leglock on Jim Cornette to boos from the crowd, and strutted around the scene shouting WOOOO. Russo shook his head back and forth, applying tight pressure on the hold, as a semi-conscious Cornette wriggled around in pain, his Russo t-shirt rolled halfway up his fat body. IRON MAN began to play again, and Russo stood up, holding the bat in the air, the winner of the match. He made his way back up the ramp with Flair to loud "Fire Russo" chants, where the Bella Twins greeted both of them, holding onto their arms.


Backstage, Triple H was watching on a monitor disgusted. He flipped the monitor over and began smashing the room up in anger, when he noticed someone walk into his room. The camera faded before we could see who the mystery person was.


An ad rolled for next month's PPV, Money in the Bank. was shown on the ad holding wads of cash and a baseball bat as he said "All you marks think this is gonna be another ordinary Money In The Bank pay per view? THINK AGAIN!" The ad ended with details of the event over a freeze frame of Russo's face in sunglasses smiling.


Unified WWE World Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton (c) (Special Guest Referee: CM Punk)

CM Punk made his entrance first, nonchalantly walking out to his new theme by Pantera to a huge reaction from his hometown crowd. He was wearing a ref shirt with cut off sleeves, and his regular wrist tape. He stood in the middle of the ring and waited for the two competitors.


Randy Orton came out next to a pop from the crowd, with some mild boos. He did his usual entrance and stared Punk down as he walked across to the turnbuckle to pose. He handed Punk his World Heavyweight Championship and waited for his opponent.


came out next to a big reaction, mostly boos with some mild cheers. He slid into the ring and handed Punk the WWE championship before kissing it. He did his usual schtick then squared off ready to fight.

Punk called for the bell to ring. Orton and Cena went straight into the action with some mat wrestling, to "You can't wrestle" chants from the Chicago crowd. They went back and forth with the action, til it settled into the usual Cena-as-underdog style match, with Orton playing a mild heel role. The fans chanted "CM Punk" throughout, who called the match down the middle. The match went outside the ring, but Punk let it go without counting them out. They punched each other around the ring to cheers from the crowd, who enjoyed the brawling action. Orton eventually whipped Cena into the ringpost, knocking him down.

Orton dragged Cena into the ring and got a 2-count. He worked on him for a while after that, with slow, methodical kicks. He got Cena against the ropes and held his foot down on the back of his head. Punk went for the 5 count. Orton let go and stared Punk down, who just chewed gum back in Orton's face. While Orton was distracted, Cena came from behind with a running bulldog! He went for a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Orton hit him with an uppercut as he did the "You can't see me."

The action went back and forth for several more minutes, with Orton mostly having the upper hand. JBL said "Orton is the blueprint for a superstar" Then Cena came back into it, putting orton in the same choke spot he had him in minutes earlier. Punk counted for five, then dragged Cena off at 3. Cena pushed Punk, and Punk pushed Cena back, who fell into a rollup from Orton! Punk counted, 1 .. 2... kickout..

The three men all got in each other's faces, arguing, when suddenly...


Out walked VINCE RUSSO himself, holding his trusty baseball bat. He walked around the ring and took a seat at commentary. Oklahoma played the typical heel commentator, praising Russo for his leadership. Russo talked about how great a night of wrestling it had been and stood up to soak in the heat from the Chicago crowd, as "Fire Russo" chants started again.

In the ring, Orton and Cena were exchanging blows, until Orton missed a clothesline and Cena hit him with the drop toe hold - then slapped the STF straight on him!

Orton struggled to the ropes, Punk in his face saying "Whattaya say, Randy". Orton finally made it to the ropes, and Punk pulled Cena off him again. Cena got up in Punk's face and PUNK SPAT HIS GUM OUT AT CENA! Oklahoma yelled "gum, gum, gum!" on commentary. Cena put on his best angry face and clenched his fists up, then ducked as ORTON RAN IN FROM BEHIND, ACCIDENTALLY CLOTHESLINING PUNK! Of course, with Punk being a referee in this match, he took on the traditional role of referee weakness and fell to the floor, rolling out of the ring from a simple clothesline. Russo said "That baystard just laid his hand on a WWE official! You can bet your ASS the WWE will be suing him for that!"

As Orton looked down over the ropes at the laid out Punk, Cena came from behind and picked him up, dropping him with the AA! He went for the cover, but Punk was only just coming back to consciousness on the outside. Russo said "Enough is ENOUGH" on commentary, and stood up, throwing his headset off. He ripped off his New York Yankees shirt to reveal a referee shirt! He ran into the ring and counted.. 1... 2... Orton kicked out!

3 - Great drama here in the Windy City!

Russo then crept back on the back of his hands with a smile on his face and looked at CM Punk on the outside of the ring. CM Punk returned the smile and said "It's time!" pointing to the top of his wrist. Russo jumped out of the ring and stood alongside CM Punk and looked at Orton and Cena as they staggered to get up in the middle of the ring. "DROP IT!" Russo shouted...


"BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD" Oklahoma yelled.

CM Punk and Russo were laughing on the outside of the ring, and Russo told Punk to get in there. Punk slid in, ripping his referee shirt off and pinning both Cena and Orton simultaneously! Russo slid in after him and slapped his hand to the mat..




Russo and Punk were in disbelief! Russo then slid back out of the ring, his referee shirt splattered in the blood, and he retrieved his baseball bat from the commentary desk! He threw it into the ring and Punk began beating the fuck out of both Cena and Orton! He laid into their backs, cracking the bat as hard as he could with a manic wide-eyed face.


Punk then picked Orton up and hit the GTS on him! He picked Cena up and did the same! He covered both men again, and Russo slid into the ring and hit the fast count 1, 2, 3! CM PUNK WAS THE NEW UNIFIED WWE WORLD CHAMPION!

Russo went and picked both belts up from the timekeeper's area and handed them both to Punk. He held them up in the middle of the ring and shouted "BEST IN THE WOOOOOORLD!" As his new theme played. Russo stood on the turnbuckle, shouting at the crowd who were cheering like crazy for Punk.

Then, out came TYSON KIDD, clapping and cheering CM Punk. After him came THE NAAATURE BOOOY RIC FLAIR!! Kidd, Flair, Russo and Punk all raised their arms in the middle of the ring as a logo appeared on the titantron...


The four men beat down Punk and Cena some more, laying into them with boots and punches. Flair went crazy, hitting elbow drops on them. All the while, "Message in Blood" by Pantera continued to play. JBL noted, "We should have seen it coming!" Oklahoma was shouting "New Blood! New Blood! New Blood! What a slobberknocker!!! Mr. Russo swerved us all!"


1 - OH MY!!!!!

Out came Triple H and Shawn Michaels! DEGENERATION X!!! Cole noted that "Shawn Michaels must have been the mystery man that Triple H saw earlier!" They ran down to the ring and started fighting the four men of the New Blood! But the numbers were against them, and [SIZE="3"]the New Blood got the advantage, laying Triple H and HBK out with the baseball bat.[/SIZE] They writhed in pain in the bloody mat alongside Cena and Orton, who were still out cold.

Vince Russo took a microphone and shouted "Welcome to the New Blood, baby!" As the New Blood theme played out over the speakers again, the four men celebration over the carcasses of DX, Cena and Orton.

Then the New Blood music cut off! Russo looked perplexed, and he shouted for a sound guy to "put that shit back on!" But instead of the New Blood theme, something else happened..

To the shock of everyone in the arena, RON SIMMONS APPEARED ON TITANTRON! Russo looked up at the screen and could audibly be heard saying "What the fuck?" .. Some members of the audience could be heard shouting "DAMN".. Then, the WWE logo appeared in the corner, as Ron Simmon's intense stare faded to black without a word.

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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

News updates...


Wrestling Observer
- With the only match that went over two minutes at Extreme Rules being John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Dave Meltzer only awarded that match a rating - with a rating of 2 1/2 stars. "A mess of a main event that is typical of Vince Russo booking" were his choice of words.
- Heavy criticism of the Cody Rhodes "homosexuality" angle has reached major news outlets. Russo is reportedly happy with the "controversy" and plans to put even more spotlight on the angle in future shows.
- Major rumour breaking that Randy Orton is reportedly unhappy with his position in the company.
- Preliminary buys estimation for 50 Shades are 160k, a 20k bump up from the equivalent 2012 PPV.

Quick PPV report:

- Jerry Lawler fired, replaced by Oklahoma on commentary
- CM Punk announced as special guest ref for Orton-Cena
- Primetime Players retain titles against Team GenericNo
- New "masked men" angle, attacking various competitors through the show
- Returning R-Truth wins the Intercontinental Title, while JTG wins the Confederate Championship
- Ric Flair returns, begins feud with Triple H
- Tyson Kidd wins "First Blood Battle Royale" after dumping blood from the ceiling on the 14 other men
- Jim Cornette begs for mercy instead of fighting Russo in "Double Pole" match
- CM Punk becomes first Unified World Champion, despite only being referee in match
- The "New Blood" is formed, with Russo, CM Punk, Flair and Tyson Kidd as the stable members
- DX reunites (HBK and Triple H) to take on the NB, but are decimated
- Ron Simmons appears at end of broadcast, but doesn't say "damn"
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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

Murph's one was great you have a lot to live up to but judging by your first show this should be just as great! Good luck.
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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

Thanks man Murph was the innovator, but I couldn't bear to see it go because it was too funny.
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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

Ending was so random, this is great .

**** <3 ****

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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood

June 17th 2013 - Grand Rapids, Michigan


A new era. A new attitude. A new blood.


The new TV-14 opening to Raw aired, with a return to the old Raw is War theme. The video package was mainly footage of the current roster using weapon shots, divas at their most scantily clad and THE BAWS, VINNY RU himself, all over it.

We then cut to a recap of the last night's 50 Shades of Russo PPV. The major recap was of the formation of the NEW BLOOD - Vince Russo, Ric Flair, Tyson Kidd and CM Punk as the new Unified WWE/World Champion. It also recapped the reunion of DX, along with their eventual beatdown by the New Blood. The video ended with the dramatic appearence of Ron Simmons on the titantron at the end of the PPV.



The theme of the NEW BLOOD, "Message in Blood" by Pantera - as unveiled the previous night, played out over the PA system. Bright red pyros went off around the titantron and all over the arena, as out walked Russo, Punk, Kidd and Flair, side-by-side. Russo, in his NU YAWK YANKEES jersey, took a couple of extra step forwards holding his baseball bat and led the other three down to the ring. They all got in the ring and Russo grabbed a microphone from Lillian Garcia's hand. The crowd were WOOOO'ing, for Flair.

"Welcome to the era of the New Blood, baby!" He shouted, to a mixture of cheers and jeers. A light CM Punk chant broke out, which Russo talked over. "In case all you MARKS didn't notice, last night we crowned the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion... CM Punk, baby!" The crowd erupted in cheers, as Punk held up both the belts in cocky fashion, while Flair and Tyson Kidd applauded him from behind. "But first off, Nikki, Brie, come on down girls, bring out what I asked you to, and hurry up about it!"

The Bella Twins theme hit, as the girls came out with smiling faces in matching and revealing red dresses. Nikki was carrying a trashcan, while Brie had hold of a luxurious crimson velvet case. Russo went on to hype up The New Blood as the return of the "most explosive faction in the history of sports entertainment" (despite it baring no resemblance to the original WCW New Blood). He said the new era should have a championship belt that held more prestigie than the "junk" belts CM Punk had on over each shoulder. A light "Fire Russo" chant broke out, carrying on from the Chicago crowd the previous night.

CM Punk took the mic and held the WWE Championship over the trashcan. He said that "Dwaaaaaayyyyne" introduced this belt to the WWE and it only represented an era of pro wrestling that was long dead. He dropped the belt into the trashcan, to a mild mix of cheers and boos from the audience. He next went to drop the World Heavyweight Championship in there, but Flair stopped him before he could do it. "Punk," he said, taking the mic. "Punk, Punk.. do you realise.. do you realise the history of that belt you're holding right there?" Punk and Russo both looked incredulous at Flair, who stared at them both, while Tyson Kidd folded his arms shaking his head. "If you drop the big gold belt in that trashcan, you are putting the final nail in the coffin of the era that the NATURE BOY came from. You are telling a whole generation of guys their time is done. You are saying "f--- you" to all the boys in the back, who have worked their whole careers.. their whole LIVES to have the chance to wear that belt..." The crowd popped with WOOO's, loving Flair's passionate sentimental speech.

"NAITCH, what the hell, baby?" Russo shouted interrupting. "What are you trying to say?"


The whole crowd booed, as CM Punk's face lit up with a vicious smile, and he dropped the World Heavyweight Championship in the trashcan. The New Blood celebrated around the ring, Flair strutting and WOO'ing while Tyson Kidd emulated him. They then got to the next portion of the segment - the unveiling of the new title. Brie Bella came to the forefront, holding the luxurious blood red case in her hand, as Russo lifted up the lid to reveal the new belt.

"It's beautiful, BABY!" Russo shouted. It was the same as The Big Gold Belt, but with an old worn out look and covered in splattered blood effect. Tyson Kidd sold being overwhelmed, while Flair put the belt around Punk's waist. Russo then called in ring announcer MICHAEL BUFFER, who was waiting at ringside.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please show your appreciation for the newwwwwww New Blood World Heavyweight Champion - the voice of the voiceless, the best in the world, C. M. Puuuuuuuunk."

Punk jumped up on the turnbuckle and shoved his new belt in the air to a loud mix of cheers and boos, but more boos than he had received before thanks to Flair expertly putting over the old belts. Then, out of nowhere..


Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Randy Orton all ran down to the ring! Oklahoma yelled "DX! DX! DX!" on commentary. But the New Blood managed to escape from them, running away from them up the ramp. John Cena and Randy orton then ripped off their usual shirts, revealing DX SHIRTS! CENA AND ORTON HAD JOINED DX! Triple H then grabbed the mic and said he would "see you in the middle of this ring tonight, bitch", pointing at Flair, as the DX theme hit again and all 4 men did crotch chops in a line. Orton's was less enthusiastic than the other three men.


We came back from an ad break to see The New Blood with The Bella Twins in Russo's office. Russo was pacing back and forth, holding his bat. "These schmucks think they can come in and ruin our title presentation!" He said, before smashing across his desk with the bat. It was just then, that there was a knock on the door. "Who the hell is it!?" He shouted. In walked THE SHIELD. Ambrose said The Shield could provide their services to The New Blood, if Russo gave them a tag team title shot against The Primetime Players that evening. Russo said it was "DONE", and firmly shook Ambrose's hand. The Shield had aligned with The New Blood!


We cut next to Lord Albert Tensington, who was pulling up in a horse-drawn carriage in the parking lot. He stepped out donned in a regal cap and gown and was approached by Matt Striker, who asked him why he was here tonight (despite the fact he was a contracted worker of the company..) ... Tensington, in his worst English-sounding accent, informed Striker he had ordered a VIP box to enjoy the evening's entertainment. He pulled out a pair of golden binoculars on a stick and minced away, but it was just as he was to turn the corner that 7 MASKED MEN IN BALACLAVAS ASSAULTED HIM WITH WEAPONS! Striker tried to make a run for it, but the masked men caught up with him and destroyed him too, busting him open and leaving him unconscious!


4 on 4 Elimination Tag Team Match
Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Fandango and Ryback

We came to the ring, where Ryback was the last to make his entrance (the others untelevised) and the bell rang. Aside from him, all the other 7 men were wearing their typical WWE t-shirts, along with their wrestling gear. Ryback stood in the ring, ready to fight, but the other 7 men were on the outside. The 7 others then circled the ring, putting their hands against the ropes, while Ryback turned in a circle.

1 - Fans at home, we're not quite sure what is going on here..

The other 7 men, despite being on opposing teams, all jumped up onto the ring apron and teased getting into the ring. They were all staring at Ryback, who kept turning around, his fists in the air. Wade Barrett then said "Get him, boys!" And they all jumped into the ring and began decimating Ryback! The arena erupted, standing on their feet. Ryback tried to fight them off at first, clotheslining Christian and hitting Ziggler with a spinebuster, but the numbers were too overwhelming. All 7 men began destroying him, choking him out and stamping on him. Barrett, directing traffic, pointed to the outside. Miz and Del Rio went to the outside and grabbed Michael Cole, dragging him over the table and pummeling him! JBL tried to make the save, but a groggy Ziggler came from behind with a STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD! Oklahoma made a dash for it through the crowd, just escaping. Justin Roberts was next, as Christian began choking him out with a tie, and Lillian Garcia was BROGUE KICKED by Sheamus! After they had taken everyone out, including a couple of camera guys, they started tearing up the ring and the mat. The fans were going insane!


We cut to the backstage, where Russo and The New Blood were watching with their heads in their hands. Another cut showed the four members of DX all watching on from the locker room, in shock.


We came back to ringside, where Barrett was stood in the middle of the ring directing traffic, telling everyone what to do. Everywhere was torn apart, the ring ropes loosened, the mat ripped up. Some arena security tried to run in and stop it, but they were quickly destroyed. The Barrett called all his troops back into the ring and they stood in a line and ripped off their t-shirts.. they all had the exact same shirt on underneath!

From left to right they stood in unison, their arms raised! Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Fandango. Wade Barrett was holding a microphone.

"Vince Russo... New Blood... DX... We've had ENOUGH of your bloody crap. We've had enough of being written out of the show each and every week. We've had enough of First Blood Battle Royales and inane pole matches. We are the Third Nexus and we're here to take over."

He dropped the mic, and raised his arm again with the others, to a huge pop and a "Nexus" chant. The camera cut to black for a few moments, before running a generic WWE "don't try this at home" ad.


We cut back from an extended commercial break, where the Third Nexus were still hanging out in the middle of the ring. A camera went backstage, where Ziggler and Christian were bullying the sound guy into forcing them to put the sound back on the microphones.

Back to the ring and Barrett was standing there, shouting something towards the back. The other guys looked pissed, and The Miz kicked Ryback in the back of the head as he tried to slither up. It was just then that El Generico and Daniel Bryan ran out! They got a huge pop. Inevitably, they ran directly into a full on assault, and were destroyed by The Third Nexus.

Ziggler and Christian came back out with microphones. Ziggler said "We're live," and pointed to Barrett, who raised the microphone to his mouth again. "Send all the boys in the back down, if you want, but there's no stopping us." He kicked Bryan out the ring, who rolled out with a tumble. "Mike, you commentate, right?" He was looking at The Miz, who nodded. "Tonight you're going to be the play-by-play guy. I'll be on colour. The rest of you hang around at ringside, we need a timekeeper and a ring announcer."

They all exited the ring and took their positions at ringside. Barrett put his headset on and said "Come on then, what are we waiting for, Russo? Bring on the next bloody match."


Backstage, Russo and The New Blood were watching on with horror still. "He thinks he can take over MY show?" He smashed his baseball bat into the wall several times, making big holes. "Send out The Shield then. Tag Team Title match with the Prime Time Players, RIGHT NOW!" David Otunga walked in and said he got there as fast as he could. He informed Russo that there were grounds for arrest, and to call the police immediately. Russo said "Leave the schmucks, we'll deal with it ourselves."


Tag Team Titles Match
Prime Time Players w/ AW (c) vs. The Shield

Before the match started, Charles Robinson was utterly destroyed by Third Nexus member Alberto Del Rio, who broke his arm in the Crossarm hold! Del Rio pulled Robinson's referee shirt off him and threw it on over his own Nexus shirt.

The Shield came out next, to no music, walking through the crowd. They stopped halfway and looked down, cracking their knuckles. They hopped the barricade and jumped into the ring, staring down the Third Nexus on the outside.

The Primetime Players came out next, also to no music. Their expressions were the opposite of their usual fun-loving selves - as they walked down to ringside with serious expressions on their faces. Titus O'Neil did the dog bark at The Shield from the outside, then raised his tag team title in the air to loud boos.

It was just as The Shield were trash-talking them over the loose ring ropes, that from behind 5 MASKED MEN JUMPED THROUGH THE CROWD AND STARTED BEATING UP THE SHIELD IN THE RING! It was the same masked men as the ones who had been causing destruction since 50 Shades of Russo! Del Rio jumped out of the ring. The Prime Time Players stood on the outside laughing, taunting the fans. Wade Barrett on colour commentary noted "Isn't this tasty", while Miz on play-by-play jokingly said "Ladies and gentleman, this was NOT part of tonight's format!"

Then the masked men stood in a row over the beaten carcasses of The Shield and raised their fists in the air! Was it more members of the Third Nexus? They all reached up and removed their balaclavas...

"What the bloody hell is this?" Barrett said, with real confusion in his voice.

In a line, stood JAY LETHAL, SHELTON BENJAMIN, MVP, MICHAEL TARVER and ALEX RILEY! (token white guy). Titus O'Neil then jumped into the ring and slid on top of Ambrose for the pin, as MVP hit the fast 3-count for the win. He shouted "ring the bell" at Sheamus on the outside, who reluctantly rang the bell.

Then, the music hit...


Out walked R-TRUTH with the IC title, JTG with the Confederacy Championship, followed by CLARENCE MASON! They joined the Prime Time Players and AW, who all jumped into the ring with the other 5 men. Then when they were all there, out came RON SIMMONS! He stood at the top of the ramp and raised his fist. The fans were on their feet, almost silent, just watching with utter shock at what was happening.

The Nation of Domination then proceeded to jump out of the ring and start brawling with the Third Nexus!!! The fans were going insane! They all brawled through the crowds, as various chants of "NOD" and "Nexus" broke out, the fans torn on who to support.

One the rest of the NOD and the Third Nexus had brawled away through the arena, only Ron Simmons and Clarence Mason were left in the ring. Ron Simmons picked up a mic and began to speak.

"No longer will we stand back and be unnoticed. No longer will we be left to rot in the mid-card, by RACIST writers! We have all the belts, except one (forgetting Kaityln was still Divas champion). The World Heavyweight Title. Russo, Punk, Flair, New Blood.. I'm coming for that belt. The WWE will BELONG to the Nation of Domination"

The crowd started shouting "damn" at Simmons as he stood in silence after finishing his promo, but he dropped the mic without another word and the NOD's theme music hit again.


We came back from another extended commercial break to find going INSANE in his office. He said he had no commentators, no interviewers, no ring announcer and he had three new factions running wild on HIS SHOW. He looked directly into the camera and told everyone he was taking job applications.


Down at an utterly destroyed ringside, OKLAHOMA returned the commentary desk holding a bottle of BBQ sauce in celebration. All the other men who had been beat up by The Nexus or the NOD had been escorted out by medics. Oklahoma took to commentary and said "THAT WAS A SLOBBERKNOCKER FOLKS" and said "I suppose I'll be your play-by-play AND colour commentator for the night, it's just as well good ol' Okie is the best in the business on the headsets." He then raised his BBQ sauce bottle to the camera and took a big chug of it.


We cut backstage to footage of the Nation of Domination and the Third Nexus brawling all over the arena. While NOD had the slight advantage in the numbers game, the Third Nexus were still getting enough shots in for it to be an equal fight. Some of the guys had bloodied faces and there were multiple CHAIR SHOTS TO THE HEAD!


Next, there was a shot of Cody Rhodes getting out of a pink limosine. In the background, a muted mix of cheers and boos from the audience greeted him as he walked through the arena.


Cameras caught up with JTG, who was holding his Confederate Championship. Behind him, the brawling between The Third Nexus and the NOD continued. He said "This ain't no Confederate Championship anymore, yo. This is now known as the SWAG YOLO CHAMPIONSHIP, get me?" He posed to the camera in his typical gangsta style, before turning around and smashing an incoming Dolph Ziggler with the belt.


Evening Gown on a Pole Match - Divas Championship
Kaitlyn vs. ???

After the camera panned around a pole that had been set up on a turnbuckle with an evening gown hanging from it, Kaitlyn walked out in only her bra and panties to a huge pop from the crowd, holding her Divas Championship in a fashion to cover herself. Okie remarked that he was getting a "RAGING SLOBBERKNOCKER", before taking another chug of his BBQ sauce. Kaitlyn waited for her opponent in embarassment, while the fans chanted "We want puppies!" Okie said "She can whip me like a government mule, all night!"

Then, the sound of old ragtime piano came across the arena sound system, as out walked a TOPLESS MAE YOUNG!. She was holding a microphone in her hand as she stumbled down to the ring and said something indecipherable to Kaitlyn, before calling her a SLUT! Kaitlyn shook her head and covered herself, almost crying. The bell rang as Mae Young got in the ring, and Kaitlyn went to grab the Evening Gown - but out jogged MARK HENRY! He got in the ring and CLOTHESLINED KAITLYN!

Henry clumsily climbed up and grabbed the evening gown off the pole, then handed it to Mae Young. She covered herself up and Mark Henry hugged her and kissed her!!! Mae Young had won the Divas Title!!!


After the match, a large chant of "Sexual Chocolate" rang out around the arena, along with ironic cheers for Henry kissing Mae Young. Mark Henry lifted Mae Young off the ground, who was holding the Divas Title, and span her around in a circle to a big pop.


A new "pop" version of Cody Rhodes theme hit, sounding like it had been performed by a third rate Lady Gaga wannabe. He minced out onto the stage in pink tights and a pink-tinted version of his "undashing" face mask and had a microphone in his hand.

"This... is disgusting!" Cody said, pacing around Mark Henry and Mae Young in the ring. "This is the 21st century and absolutely nobody wants to see this kind of display anymore." Mark Henry retrieved a mic of his own and said "Maybe that's because you're not gettin' any," to a huge pop from the crowd, followed by a large "Sexual Chocolate" chant. He grinned laughing, and gave Mae Young another kiss.

"STOP IT" Cody Rhodes shouted. "I am a HO. MO. SEXUAL." The fans booed.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," Henry said. "But keep your business to yourself, man."

"That's rich coming from a man who just committed a lewd act of NECROPHILIA in the middle of this ring. Or is that actually legal in a dump of a state like Michigan?" The crowd booed and started a chant of "YOU SUCK". Cody turned to them and said "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I DO!"

"Hey man, I've got no problem with the gay community, but I think you need to leave," Mark Henry said.

"How about you MAKE ME, big boy?" Cody said, before PLANTING A KISS ON MARK HENRY! Mark Henry pushed Rhodes away, who went stumbling back and falling out of of the ring, as the Sexual Chocolate theme hit!


Backstage, a hidden camera was spying (TNA-style) on Degeneration-X in the locker room. Triple H was getting warmed up for his fight with Ric Flair. Orton said "Excuse me, I need to make a call" and left. In the room, Cena told Triple H he has his back for tonight. Triple H said "Thanks John, but I can do this alone." HBK said "Whatever you leave of Flair tonight, I'm taking the rest.


In the and New Blood office, there was a knock on the door. Russo shouted "COME IN". In walked THE GREAT KHALI who mumbled something about a job incoherently. "You want to be the new backstage interviewer? It's yours, you've got it, baby. Go and put a suit on, grab a mic and start looking for interviews!" Great Khali smiled and said "thank-you Mr. Russo" in his worst English, before leaving.


In the backstage, The THIRD NEXUS and the NATION OF DOMINATION were brawling in the parking lot! They all started jumping into cars and began driving out of the arena in a huge CAR CHASE! The cameraman jumped into a car too and followed them out, where they drove around the arena on closed off roads, smashing into one another!!! One of the cars then burst into flames, and it pulled up. Sheamus and Wade Barrett jumped out of it, running away from the car before it EXPLODED!!!


Tyson Kidd made his way out to the ring to the New Blood theme and took the microphone. He said "Vinny, I'm ready for my big mystery surprise, so bring it on" to a little heat. He had won the First Blood Battle Royale at 50 Shades of Russo for the "Mystery Vince Russo Prize".

But, instead of Russo walking out, DAVID OTUNGA, Russo's lawyer came out. "Mr. Kidd," Otunga said, addressing him from the top of the ramp. "My client, Mr. Russo, would like for me to inform you your surprise is ready to be delivered to you..."

Tyson stood in the middle of ring asking "what is it?" and shrugging his shoulders, when suddenly BLOOD FELL FROM THE CEILING! David Otunga stood at the top of the ramp laughing, holding his coffee flash, as Tyson Kidd slipped around in the blood! "SWERVE! SWERVE! SWERVE!" Oklahoma shouted on commentary.

Then strangely, a man from the crowd jumped the barricade in a long black trenchcoat and hood. It was hard to see his face. He was carrying a baseball bat.. he got into the ring and started laying into Tyson Kidd! The man stood over Tyson Kidd's battered body, covered in blood, and he slowly reached up to removed his hood... It was JIM CORNETTE! The man who sacrificed himself to Vince Russo the night before! Otunga looked on with confused horror, selling the fact that Cornette was acting alone, before the show cut to a Money in the Bank PPV ad.


Backstage, the new interviewer for WWE Raw, The Great Khali, was in a suit and bow-tie looking for interviews when he bumped into "HBK" Shawn Michaels. He mumbled something incoherently about if Shawn Michaels was "back for good." HBK said, "I don't know what you just said big man, but as long as Paul needs me around, I've got his back. But I will never set foot in that ring to wrestle a match, ever again. Unlike Flair, I'm goin' to keep my word and stay retired." He pat Khali on the back and left.


A hidden camera filmed Randy Orton getting into a sports car and leaving the arena. Oklahoma said it was "strange" and wondered aloud whether it was a "shoot or a work".


Main Event
Ric Flair vs. Triple H

The ring was still destroyed from the earlier Nexus tear-down, and it was still covered in blood from Russo's "surprise" to Tyson Kidd. There was no ring announcer for the entrances and no timekeeper to sound the bell. Triple H made his way down to the ring first to a loud pop and stood in the middle of the bloody ring, staring down around at the destruction. WOOOOOOO! Ric Flair's theme hit to a fairly loud pop, and he made his way out wearing his robe. Then his theme turned to the New Blood theme, "Message in Blood" by Pantera, and he strutted down the ramp WOO'ing. Triple H was shouting "Bring it on."

Flair jumped into the ring and they exchanged blows back and forth, running the ropes and trying to knock one another down with clotheslines. Flair's face turned red with blood pressure almost instantly. They then both backed into the ropes and ran into each other with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. They both fell down into the bloody ring and rolled out onto the floor. The blood had covered them entirely - though it was less apparent on Flair's already-red body..

They started battering one another around ringside, throwing each other into the steel steps and barricades. Flair let out multiple Oh God's, years away from being anywhere near good condition for such a heavy brawling match. Flair hit Triple H with a drop toe hold onto the commentary table, where Oklahoma shouted "SLOBBERKNOCKER! SLOBBERKNOCKER! THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN!"

Flair got up and WOO'd, before stomping into Triple H. He went to hit him with a running knee, but Triple H hit a back body drop! Flair went flying adn crashing through the commentary table! The crowd popped huge, as Flair writhed around in severe pain.

It was just then that CM PUNK and VINNY RU ran down to ringside with his trusty baseball bat! "I'm the batman!" Russo shouted, as he layed into Triple H, scoring hits against his back, while CM Punk kicked away at him. Then the DX theme hit and JOHN CENA and SHAWN MICHAELS ran out together and chased Russo/Punk around the ring, before chasing them up the ramp!

It was back to just Flair and Triple H one on one, and they both crawled up to their feet. They had both been busted open, which was apparent even through the fake blood they were covered in. They exchanged blows again, the match descending into an all out brawl. Flair went flying and limped away around the corner, where he picked up a STEEL CHAIR, WHICH HE HIT TRIPLE H IN THE HEAD WITH. He went for the cover, on the outside of the ring, even though there had been no referee the entire time. The fans counted to 2, but Triple H kicked out anyway.

Flair then got up and slowly strutted around and locked in the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! The crowd erupted into woo's, as he held the hold on Triple H for a good number of minutes. He was close to tapping, while the fans chanted "Tap, tap, tap", despite Triple H being the face. Flair had the hold locked in tight and there was nothing Triple H could do!

Then the lights went out! What was going on!

The lights came back on and Flair still had Triple H in the figure four, appling even more pressure. Had it just been a glitch? No.. wait.. there was something happening on the other side of the ring! JERRY LAWLER WAS STANDING OVER THE BODY OF OKLAHOMA IN STREET CLOTHES! HE HAD KNOCKED OKLAHOMA OUT COLD!!!

Jerry ran back out through the crowd to chants of "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry", as Flair-Triple H continued with no commentary. Triple H tried to turn over but he couldn't manage to do it.. He raised his hand up.. Was he going to tap? The story on his face said he was about to.. But then suddenly..


If Oklahoma had been there, he would have been standing on his feet screaming "nWo! nWo! nWo!" But out walked KEVIN NASH, X-PAC, SCOTT STEINER AND BUFF BAGWELL to the nWo theme, casually strolling down the aisle while Triple H was in agony from Flairs figure four! What the fuck was going on here?! Steiner and X-Pac walked around and picked up a steel chair each.. they looked at Flair and Triple H, who were oblivious to what was happening, such was the punishment of the match. They then started LAYING INTO THE TWO OF THEM!

All the 4 members of the nWo then got in the middle of the ring and raised their arms, as their theme played out the end of one of the most insane shows in wrestling history.

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Re: World Russo Entertainment 2.0: The New Blood


Wrestling Observer
Meltzer has attempted to try and offer some guidance to fans after Monday's crazy "gang warfare" episode of Raw, in which saw the formation of 3 brand new factions, to go with the 2 that formed on Sunday's PPV. Here is a list of all the factions, and current champions to stay on top of the craziness:
  • NEW BLOOD - Vince Russo, CM Punk, Ric Flair, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, David Otunga
  • DEGENERATION X - Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Randy Orton (unknown..)
  • NEW WORLD ORDER - Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell
  • NATION OF DOMINATION - Ron Simmons, Clarence Mason, A.W., Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, R-Truth, JTG, Jay Lethal, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Michael Tarver, Alex Riley
  • THIRD NEXUS - Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango

Current Champions
  • New Blood World Champion - CM Punk
  • Intercontinental Champion - R-Truth
  • SWAG YOLO Champion - JTG
  • Tag Team Champions - Prime Time Players
  • Womens Champion - Mae Young

News updates
  • Raw's show has come in for major flak for the Nation of Domination angle, receiving thousands of complaints. While that angle may have ran fine back in the nineties, modern audiences are outraged at its content, even despite the inclusion of Alex Riley as a member of the controversial group.
  • More controversy in the mainstream news for the Cody Rhodes angle, again. GLAAD are threatening to sue. Vince Russo's reported attitude is one of "bring it on", saying controversy will bring in the ratings. It is the same attitude he has towards the N.O.D angle.
  • Even with heavy criticism from the dirt sheets and split opinion from the IWC, Raw pulled in a huge 3.4 rating this week, which is sure to keep Vince Russo in Vince Mcmahon's good books. A return to TV-14 may be one of the leading causes, as well as the returns of big groups like Nexus and nWo all in one show, as well as the advertised return to action from Ric Flair.
  • The Randy Orton angle was actually not part of the script, according to inside sources, and him driving out the arena at the end of the show was "real life" footage.

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