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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
October 08, 2001 from Indianapolis, IN

Opening Segment: New World Order
- One of the two remaining members of X-Factor, Albert comes out for his match against The Big Show
- The NWO music hits in the arena and Big Show, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac come down and surround the ring
- The four guys simultaneously hit the ring and jump Albert, who doesn’t stand a chance
- Albert is destroyed and thrown out of the ring
- Justin Credible runs down followed by a trainer and they bring Albert to the back
- Nash gets on the mic and says now that that’s out of the way, on to the important stuff
- He says first some bad news, Hollywood is not here tonight
- Nash instead introduces the WCW president, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
- Ric Flair comes down and says he has seen hundreds of Ric Flair wannabees come and go
- Flair talks about everything he did to become the “Nature Boy”
- He says to be the man, you gotta beat the man
- Ric says Shawn Michaels will always be a Ric Flair wannabee
- Flair claims that at No Mercy he will make HBK his bitch all night long
- Shawn Michaels’ music hits and he walks out to the stage
- He says he knew he was taking a big chance last week and Flair proved that he’s the dirtiest player in the game
- Shawn says Ric Flair didn’t pass the torch, he took it from him
- HBK remembers when Flair ran away from the WWE, Shawn Michaels stepped up
- Michaels says at No Mercy he’s gonna take that torch and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine
- Scott Hall takes the mic and challenges HBK to come to the ring
- Shawn starts walking towards the ring when Triple H’s music hits
- The Game comes out and the two storm to the ring and take the fight to the NWO as Flair leaves the ring
- Justin Credible is back out and helps D-Generation-X
- Big Show is left in the ring as the others brawl to the outside
- Suddenly, Stone Cold appears behind him and knocks him out with a Steel Chair
- Austin, Credible and D-X stand tall as the NWO pulls Big Show out of the ring

Rey Mysterio, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. The Dudley Boyz & Spike
- After some confusion, Rey hits the West Coast pop on Spike for the win
- After the match, Bubba lays out Mysterio
- As the other four men continue to fight, Bubba powerbombs Rey through the table

Backstage: Booker T & Rob Van Dam
- Booker approaches RVD backstage and congratulates on his win on Smackdown even though he would have beaten Angle a lot faster
- Booker talks about being a former WCW champion and RVD replies this means that he lost the title whereas he is still the Hardcore champion and the Intercontinental Campion as most of all, he is “Rob Van Dam”

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita def. Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy
- Steiner and Test use their power advantage early on to dominate the Hardyz but Team Xtreme fights back
- Test hits Jeff with the Big Boot but Lita nails him with a Litacanrana
- Matt then hits the Twist of Fate on Test
- Steiner hits Jeff with a clothesline and then throws Lita out of the ring
- Matt and Steiner then fight on the outside while Lita and stacy get in a fight on their own
- At this point, The Undertaker makes his way to the ring and hits Test with a Last Ride with the ref on the outside trying to regain control
- Jeff follows with a Swanton Bomb and pins Test for the win
- After the match, Stacy is concerned about Test’s health and tries to help him
- Steiner wants Stacy to come with him
- Stacy doesn’t and stays with Test which makes Steiner furious
- Steiner starts yelling at Stacy and then shoves her down
- Test gets back up and attacks Steiner and the two brawl until security breaks it up
- Eric Bischoff comes out and sets-up Steiner vs Test for the services of Stacy at No Mercy
- As we go back to the commentators, Sting appears on the screen with a torch in his hand standing inside a flaming pentagram
- Taker comes back out to the stage to watch this
- Sting says Undertaker is not a dead man, he is not lucifer and not the devil
- He talks about Undertaker sacrificing people
- Sting says Undertaker can’t sacrifice him, this time the Undertaker will be the one who gets sacrificed
- Sting then extinguishes the torch and the screen goes black

Backstage: Lita, Hurricane & Molly
- Lita is leaving the Hardyz locker and runs into Hurricane and Mighty Molly
- Molly challenges Lita to a match tonight and Lita accepts

Booker T def. Rhyno by DQ
- WCW US Champion Christian comes out to do commentary for this match
- As Christian gets involved in the match, Rhyno accidentally hits Christian when aiming for Booker
- Booker uses the distraction and hits Rhyno with the Bookend but Christian pulls him out of the ring which causes the DQ for Rhyno
- After the match, Rhyno goes to hit Booker with a Gore but misses and then hits Christian with the Axe kick

Rob Van Dam & Shane McMahon def. Chris Jericho & The Rock
- Early on, Jericho goes for the Lionsault on Shane but Van Dam kicks him in the head
- Jericho is isolated and finally makes the tag to The Rock
- Rock cleans house and Jericho is back as well and puts RVD in the Walls of Jericho on the outside
- Shane sneaks up from behind and bulldogs Jericho onto the steel steps
- Back in the ring, RVD hits Rock with several kicks and goes for the Five-Star but misses
- Rock hits Shane with a Spinebuster and goes for the People’s Elbow but RVD prevents it
- Then The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on RVD but Shane breaks it up
- A bloody Jericho struggles to get to his feet, grabs a steel chair and goes to hit Shane but misses and hits The Rock instead
- RVD pins Rock and gets the win for his team

Backstage: Chris Jericho & The Rock
- EMT’s check on a bloody Y2J as Rock approaches him
- Rock asks Jericho what he was thinking and Y2J responds he was trying to win the match
- The Rock wants Jericho to take responsibility for his mistake and Jericho says maybe he should knock the People’s Eyebrow off the Rock’s face
- Rock challenges him to do so and Jericho hits him right between the eyes
- Referees and officials have to separate The Rock and Jericho

Mighty Molly def. Lita
- Lita goes for the Twist of Fate but Molly counters and rolls Lita up for the win
- After the match, Hurricane comes out to congratulate his sidekick

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Michael Cole asks Angle if he was worried about his match with DDP
- Angle says at Summerslam, DDP learned he couldn’t beat him and at Unforgiven he learned Angle could beat him as he made him tap
- Angle says he will let his actions speak for themselves

Backstage: NWO & Ric Flair
- The NWO is getting ready for their match
- Ric Flair approaches them and says they have to close the door on this whole D-X thing tonight
- Nash tells him to not worry because they have everything worked out

Diamond Dallas Page def. Kurt Angle
- Before the match, some WCW wrestlers come out to the ring but Commissioner Regal is there to demand that they return to the locker
- Regal says he will stay out there and make sure everything stays fair
- DDP comes out first and gets in the face of Regal as Angle’s music hits
- Angle comes out and the match is under way
- Kurt goes for the Diamond Cutter but Page reverses it
- Angle then counters into the Ankle Lock but Page makes it to the ropes
- DDP gains control of the match and goes for the Cutter but Angle rolls him up scoring a nearfall
- Page goes for a steel chair but Regal stops him
- Angle then hits some Germans on Page but DDP stops it with a low blow
- DDP goes for the Cutter but Angle shoves him right into the referee
- DDP again goes for a chair but Regal follows him in the ring and takes it away from him
- Shockingly, regal then nails Angle over the head with the chair
- Regal helps Hebner but Angle kicks out of the pin attempt
- DDP then hits the Diamond Cutter and Hebner counts the fall

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & X-Pac def. Justin Credible, Shawn Michaels & Triple H
- Late in the match, Kevin Nash hits Credible with the Jacknife and X-Pac covers him for the win
- The six men brawl for a few moments and Triple H hits Nash with a Pedigree
- Big Show eventually makes his way down to help his NWO buddies
- The NWO gain the advantage until the glass shatters and Stone Cold cleans house
- Out of nowhere, Hollywood Hogan appears behind Austin and nails him over the head with the WWF title belt
- With a big mile on his face, Hollywood Hogan holds up the WWF title belt as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

October 11, 2001 from Moline, IL

Opening Segment: Shane & Stephanie McMahon
- WCW owner Shane McMahon and his sister Stephanie head to the ring to kick off Smackdown
- Shane brags about DDP beating Kurt Angle on Raw and that WCW is the dominant force in sports entertainment
- Stephanie says that WCW is about truly great people and then indroduces the newest member of WCW, Federation Commissioner William Regal
- He says when Vince was at home saving his marriage, he was here trying his best to fight WCW
- He says Vince never thanked him for his support and for the great job he did as Commissioner
- When Vince came back, he said that he thought Regal could replace him but apparently couldn’t and there he realized what a terrible human being Vince truly is
- Regal says unlike Vince, he is a man of integrity and that’s why he joined WCW, because unlike their father, Shane and Stephanie lead their company with integrity
- Vince McMahon’s music plays and out comes the WWF co-owner
- McMahon says as of this minute, Regal’s services as WWF Commissioner are no longer required
- In typical Vince fashion he proceeds to fire William Regal
- Regal says he can’t fire him and Vince replies that he just did
- Vince says that tonight on Smackdown there will be a new WWF Commissioner
- He says that when you live by the sword you die by the sowrd - it’s true, it’s true
- Suddenly, an irate Kurt Angle sneaks into the ring and attacks Shane and Regal
- Regal, Shane and Steph escape and Regal is upset

The Undertaker def. The Big Show w/ Kevin Nash & Scott Hall by DQ
- As The Undertaker gets the upper hand, the Outsiders attack him which causes a DQ
- Out of nowhere, Edge hits the ring with a chair and starts swinging at NWO members
- Christian also runs down with a chair and teases to nail Edge with it but turns and hits Show
- Christian and Edge give Show the Conchairto and the brothers reunite
- Edge gets a mic and explains what happened at Unforgiven
- He says what he remembers is seeing a bunch of guys wearing NWO shirts
- Edge promises to take out the NWO one by one
- Eric Bischoff comes out and books Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a match against Edge & Christian tonight

Vignette: Diamond Dallas Page
- DDP appears on the screen with a huge grin and says that Kurt Angle losing to him wasn’t a bad thing, it was a good thing, because he learned a valuable lesson
- He says after he was beaten by DDP, Angle feels like a loser, a nothing, a nobody but DDP says Angle still is somebody
- DDP says, people still like Kurt and he will help Kurt to like himself again

Backstage: Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian
- Jericho talks to E&C about his upcoming match against The Rock and RVD for the number one contender spot for the WCW title
- Christian asks how things are between Y2J and The Rock and advises Jericho to not let WCW make him turn on his family like he did
- Jericho says they are ok but tonight is every man for himself
- Edge wishes him luck as he and Christian leave
- Stephanie walks in and taunts Jericho about always losing the “big one”
- Jericho replies that if anybody knows about “big ones”, it would be Stephanie

Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio def. X-Pac to win the Cruiserweight Title
- X-Pac comes out and says since he had already beaten everybody in the WWF, he challenges any WCW cruiserweight to a match
- Rey Mysterio accepts the challenge
- Mysterio and X-Pac shake hands before the match
- Late in the match, Rey is knocked to the outside as Edge suddenly appears and spears X-Pac
- The ref didn’t see it and neither did Mysterio who wonders what happened but takes advantage and pins X-Pac to become the new Cruiserweight champion

Backstage: Rob Van Dam & Shane
- Shane wants to make sure that RVD knows what this is about
- He says it’s not about beating Rock and Jericho and becoming the number one contender
- This is about making sure Rock and Jericho destroy each other and neither man to be able to challenge Goldberg at No Mercy
- All RVD says is “cool” and Shane asks him if he knows what kind of pressure he was under
- RVD says no because everything was cool for Rob Van Dam

No. 1 Contenders match for the WCW Title: Chris Jericho & The Rock def. Rob Van Dam
- After a long match, the ref gets knocked out
- Jericho goes to check on him and RVD kicks him in the head and hits the Five Star Frog Splash
- RVD grabs a chair to attack Rock but sees the ref get back in the ring and decides to go for the pin on Y2J
- The Rock can break up the pin attempt at the last moment and we see Shane backstage, who is upset at RVD
- The fight continues until DDP runs down with a chair
- Page grabs the chair and “accidentally” nails RVD with it
- Both Jericho and Rock roll over and cover RVD and the ref counts him out
- The ref raises both Jericho’s and Rock’s hands
- After the match, Jericho and Rock argue over who won the match and then start to shove each other
- Both then start a fight and brawl all over the arena

In Ring: Rob Van Dam & Diamond Dallas Page
- Back in the ring, an irate RVD approaches DDP
- The two stare each other down and RVD doesn’t back down from DDP
- Shane and the rest of WCW run down and separate the two guys
- DDP then apologizes to RVD and wants to shake his hand
- Before RVD does, we hear the sound of a crashing car and Mick Foley makes his return to the WWF
- Foley says there is no place like home and announces that he is the new WWF Commissioner
- He says his first act is to book a match between Kurt Angle and William Regal for tonight
- Foley then addresses DDP and says that Angle also wants of piece of DDP and he will get another match with him at No Mercy
- He says that it will be Triple Threat match however and the third man in this match will be Rob van Dam

European Title: Hurricane Helms w/ Molly def. Test w/ Stacy by Countout
- Hurricane issues an open challenge to any “mortal” who wishes to be vanquished
- To Hurricane’s surprise, Test answers the challenge
- Test looks to have the match won when Scott Steiner comes out and starts going after Stacy
- Test saves her and gets counted out

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Christian says they are the underdogs and that nobody expects them to win tonight
- Edge says that maybe they should prove everybody wrong then

Kurt Angle def. William Regal by DQ
- Angle looks to exact revenge on Regal in this bout
- Kurt is in control but WCW wrestlers Raven, Kanyon and Mike Awesome come out and save Regal causing a DQ
- Angle can fight them off and stands tall in the ring as Regal escapes

Edge & Christian def. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall
- Christian delivers the Unprettier on Hall as Booker pulls Christian out of the ring but then Edge spears Booker
- Back in the ring, Nash goes for Jacknife on Christian but Edge spears him, Christian rolls over and the ref counts the three giving Edge & Christian the victory
- With Edge & Christian celebrating, Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
October 15, 2001 from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon & Mick Foley
- As we kick off Raw, we see the Hell in a Cell hanging high above the ring
- WWF co-owner Vince McMahon comes out to the ring to open the show
- McMahon introduces the new WWF Commissioner, Mick Foley
- Vince wants to publicly apologize to Foley for firing him last year and for the manner in which he did it
- He extends his hand to Foley but Foley wouldn’t shake it
- Foley instead gives Vince a huge hug
- McMahon leaves the ring and gives Foley his mic
- Foley says he didn’t come back as the Commissioner for Vince McMahon however, he came back for the fans to give them what they want
- That’s why he made a Triple Threat match between Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle at No Mercy
- He says that since on Smackdown both Jericho’s and Rock’s hands were raised, they should both receive a WCW title shot at No Mercy
- Foley says therefore Goldberg will get what he wanted a few weeks ago and that is to take on Chris Jericho and Rock at the same time because he will defend his WCW title against both Jericho and Rock
- He says Jericho and Rock will be in action tonight as Jericho will take on Raven and The Rock will take on Rob Van Dam
- He then talks about the Cell hanging above the ring
- Foley talks about his legendary matches inside the Cell
- He says he knows that no referee is looking forward to officiating a match inside the Cell much less with two guys like Kevin Nash and Triple H involved
- Foley then makes himself the referee for the Hell in a Cell match this Sunday
- This brings out the New World Order lead to the ring by Kevin Nash
- Nash says this is none of Mick Foley’s business
- Foley should go back to live a regular life, with a regular wife and regular kids
- Nash says the last time Foley stood inside Hell in a Cell, his professional life came to an end and warns Foley that if he stepped inside the Cell this Sunday his personal life may come to an end as well
- Nash says Foley has until the end of the show to reconsider his decision or he will do it for him

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page & Booker T
- Booker approaches DDP in his locker and asks him about his match this Sunday
- DDP says he’s cool with the Triple Threat match
- Booker says he wants to be Page’s Tag partner for his match tonight against Kurt Angle and a mystery partner

The Big Show def. Bubba Ray Dudley w/ D-Von Dudley
- Show puts Bubba away with the Showstopper
- After the match, D-Von hits the ring and attacks Big Show
- The Dudleyz hit the Wazzzup headbutt and D-Von gets the table
- X-Pac runs down and attacks the Dudleyz
- The Dudleyz recover and are about to put X-Pac through the table but he is saved by Show
- X-Pac delivers a roundhouse kick to D-Von while Big Show chokeslams Bubba through the table

Test w/ Stacy def. Lance Storm
- Scott Steiner comes out and joins the commentators for this match
- A few minutes into the match, Steiner goes after Stacy and goes to drag her up the ramp
- Test leaves the ring and attacks Steiner freeing Stacy
- Back in the ring, Test is able to finish off Storm with a Big Boot
- Steiner has recovered and repeatedly smashes Test with a chair until Stacy throws herself on Test
- Steiner corners Stacy and intimidates her
- He says after this Sunday Stacy will no longer be his freak, she will be his whore

Rey Mysterio def. Tazz
- Tazz comes out and shows footage of Mysterio attacking Maven two weeks ago on Smackdown
- He then challenges Mysterio to a match, who shortly after comes out and accepts the challenge
- Tazz has the clear strength advantage but Mysterio uses his quickness to get the upset victory after countering a powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Coach asks Kurt Angle who his partner will be as Christian walks in
- Christian says since Booker T will be DDP’s partner, it looks like Kurt’s partner is already chosen
- Angle agrees so the main event will be Angle & Christian against Booker T & DDP

Backstage: Chris Jericho & The Rock
- Michael Cole asks both men about their feelings on the Triple Threat match this Sunday
- Jericho says he knows he can beat Goldberg and he damn sure knows he can beat The Rock
- Rock interrupts and says Jericho could never beat The Rock but he could beat Jericho
- The Rock tells Jericho to just stay out of his way until Sunday
- Jericho says this is getting good

Rob Van Dam def. The Rock by DQ
- Jericho joins the commentators for this match
- The two fight in and outside the ring with RVD eventually getting the upper hand
- RVD misses the split legged moonsault and Rock comes back with a Fyling Forearm
- Rock then ducks a roundhouse kick and follows with a DDT for a nearfall
- RVD blocks a Rock Bottom attempt but misses the Rolling Thunder
- Rock throws RVD out of the ring and hammers him on the announce table
- RVD recovers and goes for a chair but the ref stops him
- Back in the ring, Raven appears and DDTs The Rock
- Van Dam then goes for the Five Star but Jericho shoves him off the top rope causing the DQ for The Rock
- Raven and RVD then both beat on the Rock and Jericho does not come for his aid
- Y2J explains that he respects Rock’s wishes to stay out of his business and leaves
- RVD then nails The Rock with a Rolling Thunder

Edge def. X-Pac
- X-Pac sets Edge up for the Broncobuster but takes too much time and runs right into a spear
- After several near falls, Edge counters the X-Factor into an Edgecution for the win
- Edge gets out of the ring and grabs two chairs
- Then he puts one chair under X-Pac’s head and goes to hit him with another chair
- Before he does, J.R. leaves the announce table to whisper something to Edge, which causes Edge to run backstage
- Backstage, Christian awaits Edge and tells him that the police called to say that their mom was in an accident
- Edge & Christian immediately leave the arena
- In the parking lot they run into the NWO, who ask where they are going
- It turns out to be a set up as Nash, Hall and Big Show attack Edge & Christian

Chris Jericho def. Raven by DQ
- Jericho is able to lock Raven in the Walls of Jericho but Kanyon and Mike Awesome run down and attack Y2J by orders of Stephanie
- The Rock comes down and clears the ring of the WCW guys before Rock Bottoming Y2J
- Suddenly, Goldberg appears and spears The Rock in half

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Angle is backstage with medics who check on Edge & Christian
- Undertaker enters and says Angle has a new partner tonight

Booker T & Diamond Dallas Page def. Kurt Angle & The Undertaker
- As DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter, Angle counters it into the Ankle Lock but Booker saves him
- DDP again goes for the Cutter but Angle again counters and they hit each other with a double clothesline
- Angle makes the tag to Undertaker who hits everything in sight
- Taker throws Booker into the ring corner and accidentally knocks out referee Tim White
- Undertaker then knocks DDP outside the ring with a clothesline and sets up Booker for the Last Ride
- Suddenly, the lights go out and Sting is seen standing in the rafters
- Taker leaves the ring and apparently goes after Sting
- Back in the ring, Angle hits the Angle Slam on Booker but DDP smacks Angle over the head with a chair
- WCW referee Charles Robinson comes out and starts to count but Kurt kicks out
- DDP then assaults Charles Robinson, his own referee
- Page hits Angle with a low blow as Van Dam comes out and steps on the top rope with both Angle and DDP knocked down
- RVD thinks for a second and then hits Angle with the Five Star
- DDP covers Angle and WCW referee Nick Patrick makes the count giving the win to Page and Booker
- DDP stares in amazement at RVD

Backstage: Steve Austin & Mick Foley
- Steve Austin finds Mick Foley backstage and asks him why he looked intimidated by Kevin Nash and if he was scared of him
- Austin says the Mick Foley he knows took him to hell and back and he expects this Mick Foley to go out there now

In Ring: Kevin Nash & Mick Foley
- Kevin Nash comes down to the ring as the Cell lowers and calls out Mick Foley to hear what his decision will be
- Foley comes to the stage and says he will return to his regular life after the PPV because he’s gonna take his asskicking tonight
- Mick Foley enters the Cell and starts brawling with Kevin Nash and the rest of the NWO comes down and beat up Mick Foley
- Nash destroys Foley and then smacks him over the head with a vicious chair shot
- Big Sexy then nails Foley with a huge Jacknife
- Shawn Michaels and Triple H come down to make the save
- Ric Flair also comes out and low blows HBK just as he prepares for Sweet Chin Music on Scott Hall
- DX and Foley are outnumbered and the NWO and Ric Flair beat them down until the glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way out to the ring
- Austin cleans house and Hogan escapes the Cell to get away from Stone Cold
- Austin nails Big Show with a chair twice and then gives him the Stunner
- Austin then hits a double Stunner on Hall and X-Pac before leaving the Cell to go after Hogan
- Back inside the Cell, HBK superkicks Ric Flair and Triple H hits the Pedigree on Nash
- HBK “pins” Flair and HHH “pins” Nash and Foley rolls over to count the three as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

October 18, 2001 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Opening Segment: Chris Jericho
- Y2J opens Smackdown and comes to the ring
- Jericho says in the last few weeks he’s been hearing that he was a choke artist, that he wasn’t a big time player and that he couldn’t win the big one
- He says those peope are right because he has never won the WWF or WCW Championships
- Y2J says he will get retribution at No Mercy and then the naysayers can kiss his ass
- Goldberg’s music hits and he comes to the ring
- Goldberg talks about Jericho always losing the big match
- He says this Sunday will be no different because in case Jericho didn’t know already, he’s next
- Goldberg says if The Rock was here he would tell him the same thing
- On cue, The Rock’s music hits and The People’s Champ walks to the ring
- The Rock gets right in Goldberg’s face
- Jericho shoves Rock away and gets in Goldberg’s face
- Rock then shoves Jericho away and the two go face to face
- The Rock tells Jericho the reason he never wins the big one is because he is just not good enough
- Y2J then holds his hand up and signals The Rock to “Just Bring It”
- Out of nowhere, the Rock delivers the Rock Bottom on Jericho
- As The Rock turns around, he gets hit by a vicious spear from Goldberg

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page & Booker T
- DDP and Booker talk backstage and DDP is happy that RVD proved once and for all that he is 100% with WCW
- Booker says he still doesn’t really trust RVD because all RVD cares about is Rob Van Dam
- He mentions that RVD hesitated on Monday and he might just as well have Frog Splashed Page
- DDP doesn’t want to hear it and leads the rest of the WCW wrestlers into chanting “RVD”

Parking Lot: A mystery limo pulls in backstage at the Molson Centre

Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm & Molly def. Team Xtreme
- Hurricane finishes off Jeff for the pinfall victory

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page
- In the WCW locker, Page talks about kicking Kurt Angle’s ass for months now
- He says he has Angle’s number any day of the week including this Sunday

Parking Lot: We see the limo again and the door opens but closes again immediately

Edge def. Rey Mysterio
- Rey has the advantage as the female winner of Tough Enuogh, Nidia comes to the ring and distracts the referee
- Maven comes through the crowd and gets on the top rope and dropkicks Mysterio
- Rey gets up and walks right into a spear by Edge for the win

Parking Lot: Rob Van Dam
- Back in the parking lot, RVD steps out of the limo

Backstage: Mick Foley
- Lilian Garcia asks Commissioner Foley why he would make Jericho and Rock team up tonight
- Foley says it’s an attempt to cool down the heat between the two and focus on the real goal which is beating Goldberg at No Mercy for the WCW title
- He says he and Rock were also bitter enemies at one point and then formed the Rock’n’Sock Connection and won the WWF Tag Titles
- Foley then makes a match for No Mercy with the Dudley Boyz defending the WWF tag Team Titles against NWO members The Big Show & X-Pac

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page & Rob Van Dam
- RVD enters the WCW locker and DDP greets him and shakes his hand
- DDP says RVD did the right thing on Monday taking out Angle and he wants RVD to take out Angle again later tonight

Booker T & Scott Steiner def. Christian & Test
- After a high impact match, Christian goes fort he Unprettier on Steiner but Booker hits him with a Side Kick and Steiner pins Christian for the win

Parking Lot: Vince McMahon
- In the parking lot, the door of the limo opens and Vince McMahon steps out and struts into the arena

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page & Rob Van Dam
- The WCW wrestlers stare down RVD after what they just saw
- DDP asks him what business he has in Vince’s limo
- RVD says they were just talking and Vince said he would see him this Sunday
- DDP tells RVD it’s time to make a decision, he is either with him or against him
- RVD says that’s cool and leaves

X-Pac w/ Big Show def. D-Von w/ Bubba Ray Dudley
- Spike Dudley runs down and distracts the referee allowing the Dudleyz to hit X-Pac with a 3D
- Big Show then brutally puts Spike through several tables outside the ring
- As the ref and Bubba check on Spike, Show chokeslams D-Von through a table allowing X-Pac to pick up the win
- After the match, Bubba also is chokeslammed through a table by Big Show

Kanyon & Raven def. Chris Jericho & The Rock by DQ
- Before the match even begins, Jericho and Rock have to be separated by officials
- Once the bell rings, Jericho and Rock get into it again and Kanyon and Raven take advantage
- Soon after, Jericho goes outside, grabs a chair and nails everybody with it, including The Rock
- Jericho then gives Rock the People’s Elbow
- Suddenly, Goldberg appears and spears Y2J straight to hell

WWF Intercontinental Title: Kurt Angle def. Rob Van Dam by DQ
- As Angle has RVD in the Ankle Lock, Diamond Dallas Page hits the ring and starts pounding on Kurt causing a DQ
- DDP then throws RVD out of the ring
- Angle hits Page with the Angle Slam and both men are out
- RVD hits the top rope and after thinking for a second, nails DDP with the Five Star
Frog Splash
- Moments later, Vince McMahon walks out to the stage and makes the “Rob Van Dam” gesture

The Undertaker def. Scott Hall w/NWO
- Scott Hall comes out first and, as usual, the NWO accompanies him to the ring
- Undertaker is out second and right after he hits the ring, DX’s music hits and HBK and Triple H come out to support Taker
- The NWO constantly try to help Hall but DX is there to stop them every time
- Undertaker wins after the Last Ride on Hall
- Hollywood Hogan tries to attack Taker with a chair but Taker turns around in time and goes after him
- On the outside, a giant brawl ensues between DX and the NWO and Flair runs down to jon the NWO
- Flair, Big Show, X-Pac and Nash eventually gain control over DX
- Nash hits the ring and attacks Taker from behind but Taker fights back and sets him up for a Last Ride
- Hogan now smacks Taker with the chair from behind
- Hall and Nash then hold up Taker and Hogan goes to nail him with the chair
- Stone Cold’s music hits and he runs down and makes the save hitting anything in sight
- Austin, Taker and DX clear the ring as the lights go out in the arena and Sting appears in the rafters
- Sting points to Undertaker with his baseball bat and then does Taker’s “Rest in Peace” gesture as the last Smackdown before No Mercy goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Full card for No Mercy 2001:

The Hardy Boyz vs Hurricane & Lance Storm

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz vs The NWO (Big Show & X-Pac)

Services of Stacy: Test vs “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

WCW US Title: Christian vs Booker T

WWF Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam vs Diamond Dallas Page vs Kurt Angle

The Undertaker vs Sting

“Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Hell in a Cell: “The Game” Triple H vs “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

WCW Title: Goldberg vs Chris Jericho vs The Rock

WWF Title: Hollywood Hogan vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

No Mercy 2001
October 21, 2001 from St. Louis, MO

Sunday Night Heat:

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio def. Scotty Too Hotty to retain
- Mysterio pins Scotty with the West Coast Pop

The APA def. Hugh Morrus & Kanyon
- Bradshaw pins Kanyon after the Clothesline from Hell

No Mercy Kicks off:

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita def. Hurricane Helms & Lance Storm w/ Ivory & Mighty Molly
- The Hardy Boyz are accompanied by Matt Hardy's girlfriend Lita, while Storm and the Hurricane are accompanied by Ivory and the Hurricane's sidekick Mighty Molly
- Hurricane and Storm double-team the Hardy Boyz for most of the match while the Hardy Boyz counter through their high-flying attacks
- Near the end of the match, Lita battles Ivory and Mighty Molly
- Jeff attacks Ivory but Storm attacks him from behind and applies a Canadian Maple Leaf
- Lita performs a Lita-canrana on Storm, giving the advantage to the Hardy Boyz
- Matt delivers a Twist of Fate to Hurricane and Jeff finishes Hurricane with a Swanton Bomb, allowing Matt to pin Hurricane to get the win

Backstage: Rob Van Dam & William Regal
- Rob Van Dam arrives at the arena and runs into WCW Commissioner William Regal
- He suggests that RVD apologize to DDP and RVD says no
- Regal then says that RVD better have nothing to do with Vince McMahon and RVD says he is just looking out for No. 1
- Regal tells him not to do anything he would regret later

Parking Lot: Vince McMahon & Michael Cole
- A limo pulls into the arena and Mr. McMahon steps out
- Michael Cole catches up with him and asks why he was there and Vince says that all of Cole's questions would be answered before the night was through, one way or another
- He says he was at No Mercy to make an impact

Services of Stacy: Test w/ Stacy def. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
- The winner of this match earns the managing services of Stacy Keibler
- In the early stages, Steiner gets the advantage after a Belly to Belly suplex on Test
- After a quick comeback by Test, Steiner is able to lock in the Steiner Recliner but Stacy jumps on the apron distracting the ref and Steiner, who lets go off Test
- Afterward, Steiner rolls out of the ring to go after Stacy and grabs a steel chair
- As he was about to hit Test with it, however, it bounces off the top rope and hits Steiner in his face
- Test follows up on the situation by using the Big Boot and covers Steiner for the pinfall and thus winning Keibler's managing services

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Michael Cole asks Kurt Angle what he thinks about Mr. McMahon seemingly supporting RVD
- Angle says that he is focused on winning the match and then Mr. McMahon walks in to say hi to Kurt
- Vince wishes Kurt the best of luck tonight
- Angle says he doesn't need luck

WCW United States Title: Booker T def. Christian by DQ
- The match begins with Booker T hitting Christian with a spinebuster
- Towards the end of the match, Booker T performs a spinarooni.
- As a result, Christian grabs the US title belt, which Booker brought into the ring, and hits Booker T in the head with it
- Therefore, Booker T won the match by disqualification but since a championship cannot change hands when a match ends in a disqualification or countout, Christian retains the title

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz def. The NWO (The Big Show & X-Pac) to retain
- Before the match, we see how the NWO took out Spike on Smackdown
- As the match starts, Dudley Boyz dominate X-Pac until X-Pac gets momentum by performing Spinning Wheel Kicks on both Dudleyz
- Bubba Ray eventually performs a Bubba Bomb on X-Pac
- The Dudley Boyz continue to assault X-Pac until Show tags in and starts dominating the match
- He attempts to perform a Chokeslam on Bubba Ray but D-Von low blows Big Show
- X-Pac performs the Bronco Buster on D-Von and then delivers a Flying Clothesline to Bubba
- He tries the X-Factor but Bubba Ray avoids it and the referee gets knocked out
- Big Show chokeslams D-Von and attempts a pinfall but there is no referee to count the pinfall
- Edge takes advantage of the situation and interferes by hitting Big Show with a spear and leaves
- The Dudley Boyz then hit X-Pac with the 3D, allowing D-Von to pin him to retain the Tag Team Championship

Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam def DDP & Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match to retain
- In the early goings of the match, Angle dominates Page and RVD but he can not gain momentum for long as Page and RVD start double-teaming him
- DDP attempts to hit a Diamond Cutter on Angle but Angle counters it into an Ankle Lock.
- RVD breaks the hold until Page and RVD begin fighting with each other
- Page eventually begins fighting with Angle and performs a Catapult on Angle into the steel steps outside the ring
- RVD climbs the top rope and attempts to hit a Cross Body, but both men move out of the way
- Moments later, Page hits a Diamond Cutter on Angle and attempts a pinfall but RVD breaks up the pin
- RVD sets Page up in the corner, and hits a Corkscrew Moonsault for a near-fall
- Angle hit an Angle Slam on RVD and attempts a pinfall but Page breaks up the pin
- Page knocks Angle from the ring, and then goes outside the ring after him
- DDP and Angle duck it out on the outside, and Page removes the top of the other announce table
- He attempts to perform a Piledriver on Angle but Angle backdropped him onto the announce table
- RVD then scores with a leap to the outside on Angle, as all three men are laid out on the outside
- Suddenly, Vince McMahon comes down to ringside
- RVD and Angle are the first two men up, and they slug it out inside the ring, where RVD hits Angle with a Spinning Wheel Kick
- Van Dam climbs up the top rope, but Angle catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex
- DDP finally gets back into the ring, and hits another Cutter on Angle, but Angle falls outside the ring, so Page turns his attention to RVD
- McMahon gets in the ring and nails Page in the back with a steel chair
- RVD climbs up the top rope and performed a Five-Star Frog Splash on Page, but RVD can not go for the pinfall immediately
- When he finally attempts the pinfall, Angle breaks it up
- Angle hits RVD with consecutive Belly-to-Back Suplexes and an Angle slam, but as he attempted the pinfall, Shane McMahon interferes in the match and throws Angle to the outside and into the ringpost
- Shane and Vince then start going at it on the outside
- Back in the ring, Page sets-up a defenseless RVD for the Diamond Cutter but out of nowhere, RVD kicks DDP in the head and rolls him up for the upset victory to retain his championship

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair def. “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels
- During the match, Michaels sets up a table at ringside and positions Flair on it
- Scott Hall comes through the audience and interferes in the match, though, Michaels performs a superkick on him
- Then, Michaels performs a Splash on Flair, breaking the table in the process
- Towards the end of the match, Michaels accidentally knocks the referee down and after he performs a Sweet Chin Music on Flair, Hall comes into the ring and hits Michaels' head with a steel chair
- Because the referee is incapacitated, Flair can not be disqualified for the interference
- Hall then places Flair on top of Michaels and runs out of the ring
- When the referee recuperates, he sees the cover and counts the pinfall by Flair for the win

Triple H def. Kevin Nash in a Hell in a Cell Match with Mick Foley as the Special Referee
- During the beginning of the match, both wrestlers use a steel chair, a hammer, and the steel cage to their advantage
- Eventually, Nash hits Triple H with a barbed wire bat several times before Triple H is able to hit him with the steel ring stairs
- After Nash hits Triple H in the head with a steel chair, he turns around and hits Foley with the chair as well
- As Foley comes back to his senses, he takes out Mr. Socko and applies the Mandible Claw on Nash
- Nash is fading but is able to low blow Foley
- Triple H has the steel steps and hits Nash with it but this knocks out Foley as well so he can’t count Hunter’s pinfall attempt
- Hunter goes to check on Foley as Nash clothesline Triple H into Foley, who takes a nasty bump into the Cell
- Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Nash counters and catapults Hunter into the ring post covered in barbed wire
- Nash follows with the Jacknife but Foley is still outside and can’t make the count
- Foley crawls back in the ring and starts the count but Hunter kicks out
- Nash goes for another but Hunter has grabbed a sledgehammer and hits him in the head with it
- Triple H follows up with a Pedigree on Nash and Foley is able to count the pinfall and Triple H has won the match

Sting def. The Undertaker
- Sting comes out first baseball bat in hand and awaits the arrival of The Undertaker
- The ref forces Sting to drop the bat so he lays the bat down in one of the ring corners
- As Undertaker gets off his motorcycle, Sting immediately starts attacking him
- The match officially starts when both men roll into the ring and exchange blows
- Undertaker starts attacking Sting’s left arm and hits him with Old School
- Sting regains advantage in the match and sends him into the ring steps outside the ring
- He continues to attack Undertaker before returning to the ring
- Sting starts dominating Undertaker before being hit with a Big Boot by Undertaker attempting a Stinger Splash
- Sting regains advantage and performs a Neckbreaker for a nearfall
- He climbs the top rope and jumps on Undertaker but Undertaker counters by performing a Big Boot for a nearfall
- Undertaker nails a Running DDT for a nearfall and follows with a Corner Clothesline and a Legdrop for another nearfall
- Sting whips Undertaker into the corner and hits him a Stinger Splash, then follows by performing another Stinger Splash on Undertaker
- Then he goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Taker fights out and rams Sting right into the referee
- Sting approaches Taker but Taker grabs him by the throat
- Undertaker tries to hit Sting with a Chokeslam but Sting low blows Undertaker and starts attacking him in the corner by climbing on the second rope and pounding on Taker
- As Undertaker goes to lift Sting up on his shoulders, Sting grabs the baseball bat
- Taker goes for a Last Ride but Sting knocks him out cold with a baseball bat shot to the head
- The referee wakes up and counts the pin attempt and Sting has won the match

WCW Title: Goldberg def. Chris Jericho & The Rock in a Triple Threat Match to retain
- In the early stages of the match, all three men fight at ringside
- During this brawl, Goldberg attempts to spear Jericho, who is positioned in front of the security barricade
- Jericho, however, avoids the attack as Goldberg performs the spear and breaks through the security barricade
- With Goldberg knocked out cold, Y2J and The Rock go one-on-one back inside the ring
- Rock tries to perform a Rock Bottom on Jericho but Jericho counters it into the Walls of Jericho
- Rock is able to make it to the ropes and Jericho has to break the hold
- Jericho hits Rock, who’s standing on the ring apron, with a Springboard Dropkick
- Y2J gains several near-falls until Rock makes a comeback by clotheslining Jericho
- Rock plants Jericho in the corner and hits a Superplex off the top rope
- Rock performs a Belly to Belly Suplex and a Samoan Drop for a near-fall
- Jericho fights back and hits Rock with his own finisher, the Rock Bottom, followed by a Lionsault for a nearfall
- Jericho hits Rock with a Bulldog and then attempts to hit Rock's own finisher, the People's Elbow but Rock avoids the move and applies a Sharpshooter on Jericho
- Jericho reaches the ropes to break the hold
- Rock leaves the ring and removes the top of the Spanish announce and it’s monitors
- Rock pulls Jericho on the table and performs a Rock Bottom on the table
- The Rock throws Jericho back into the ring and goes for the cover
- The ref counts to two and right before the three, Goldberg is back and breaks the count to save his WCW title
- Goldberg sets Rock up for a spear but Rock moves and Goldberg hits the ring post
- Y2J is back up and stumbles towards Rock, who hits him with a Spinebuster and attempts to hit a People's Elbow but out of nowhere, Goldberg spears the Rock
- Y2J slowly makes it to his feet and gets speared as well
- Goldberg follows with the Jackhammer on Jericho and gets the win

WWF Title: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin def. Hollywood Hogan to win the WWF Title
- Before Austin and Hogan can make their entrances, WWF Co-Owner Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and announces that this match will be “No Disqualifaction”
- Bischoff then joins the commentators with a huge smile on his face
- The match starts when Hogan and Austin battle each other in the entrance way and fight each other throughout the ringside area
- Hogan then picks up a chair and tries to hit Austin with it but Austin kicks Hogan in the stomach and starts to fight back
- Austin then throws Hogan into the steel steps
- Bischoff sneaks up behind Austin and hits him with a roundhouse kick
- This prompts Vince McMahon to come down and slap the taste right out of Bischoff’s mouth
- Shane McMahon sprints down but Vince takes his head off with a chair
- Vince tries to hit Hogan with the chair as well but Hogan avoids it and nails Vince over the head with it instead
- As Hogan turns, Austin performs a Stone Cold Stunner on him
- Bischoff then interferes again and tries to attack Austin with the chair but Austin avoids it and attacks him
- Scott Hall runs to the ring and tries to hit Austin with the chair but unlike earlier tonight, this time he misses and Austin knocks his lights out
- Hogan grabs the chair and this time he is able to hit Austin over the head with it
- Shawn Michaels then interferes and superkicks the chair right into Hogan’s face
- Michaels then goes after Hall trying to get revenge for costing him the match earlier on
- Hogan is busted wide open and walks right into a Stone Cold Stunner
- The referee counts the pin and Steve Austin has won the WWF Title back
- Vince McMahon is back up and personally hands Austin the WWF Title belt
- McMahon demands to get a few beers thrown into the ring
- Eric Bischoff gets back up and Austin tells Vince to give Bischoff a Stunner, which he does
- Austin and McMahon then share a cold one as No Mercy comes to an end

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
October 22, 2001 from Kansas City, MO

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff
- Raw kicks off with WWF Co-owner Vince McMahon heading to the ring
- McMahon says he sat back and watched Eric Bischoff try to dismantle the greatest sports-entertainment franchise ever created but he wasn’t going to sit back anymore
- Vince says tonight he will take care of some business
- He gets interrupted by Eric Bischoff who comes to the stage
- Bischoff tells Vince to move to Florida with the rest of the elderly people
- Vince says he thought about that but says now probably wasn’t the time
- McMahon says he hadn’t everything handed to him, unlike Bischoff, who simply bought 50% of his company from his ungrateful children
- He says he earned what he has by taking calculated risks and tonight he will take another calculated risk
- He suggests that Survivor Series should really be a matter of survival
- Vince says one match will determine who will be the sole owner of the WWF
- McMahon proposes a winner take all match with traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series rules
- Bischoff thinks for a few seconds and then says he will be happy to put it all on the line at Survivor Series
- Bischoff then says he had a challenge of his own, one McMahon had already turned down once years ago
- Eric says he will kick Vince’s ass right here and now and starts walking towards the ring
- WCW owner Shane McMahon and his sister Stephanie come out trying to stop Eric
- Vince asks what was stopping Eric and Bischoff says he wouldn’t do it in front of his children
- McMahon says that Shane and Stephanie could really be Bischoff’s children because Shane was a pussy, Stephanie was a bitch and Bischoff was both

Lita & Trish def. Ivory & Molly
- The opening match on Raw is a divas match as the WWF’s Lita and Trish take on WCW’s Ivory & Molly
- At one point Trish nails Molly with a Top Rope Hurricanrana
- Soon after, Lita hits the Twist of Fate and then a moonsault to score the pin

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Rob Van Dam
- Rob Van Dam enters McMahon’s office as Vince wants to talk business
- Vince says the Federation is his life and he wants RVD to be part of his company
- RVD says he doesn’t know and doesn’t like all the talk about taking sides
- Vince tells Van Dam that he is either with him or against him and asks what it’s going to be
- RVD says he is just fine where he is at right now, just being Rob Van Dam
- Vince says with all due respect, RVD would defend the Intercontinental Title tonight against Edge

Backstage: Mick Foley & William Regal
- WWF Commissioner Mick Foley enters WCW Commissioner William Regal's office and starts throwing his stuff all over the place and sets up his own stuff
- Foley says they should share an office to enjoy all the action on Raw
- Foley says he had made a few matches, including Tajiri against Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Title and Bradshaw against The Hurricane for the European Championship
- Regal in return wants to make Steve Austin defend his WWF title against Hollywood Hogan, who demanded a rematch tonight
- Foley says Austin is already booked in a Tag match against Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire and Austin’s partner will be The Rock
- Foley proposes that they make the match for the WCW Tag Team Titles and if Palumbo & O’Haire win, Austin must defend the WWF title against Hogan on Smackdown
- Regal agrees and then Foley says since Hogan wants to be in action tonight, he will have a match - against The Undertaker and Regal spits out his tea in shock

Unified Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri w/ Torrie def Rey Mysterio w/ Kidman to win the Cruiserweight Title
- Paul Heyman makes note of the fact that Kidman and Torrie are former flames
- Tajiri wears down the champion and scores with the handspring elbow
- Tajiri then locks Mysterio in the Tarantula
- Mysterio ducks Tajiri’s kick to the head, hits the 619 and goes for the West Coast Pop but Tajiri moves out of the way
- Moments later, Tajiri nails the kick to Mysterio's head and scores the pin to capture the title, much to Torrie's delight

Backstage: Chris Jericho & Ric Flair
- Y2J enters Flair’s office and calls Flair’s victory over Shawn Michaels last night a travesty, because if it wasn’t for Scott Hall, HBK would have beaten Flair
- Flair gets irate and says that tonight Jericho will finally get his wish and go one-on-one with Goldberg
- Jericho says only if it’s for the WCW title and Flair says he’s got a deal

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge def. Rob Van Dam by DQ
- RVD brings in a steel chair and hits Edge with the Van Daminator which gets him disqualified
- Christian comes out to check on his brother but Booker T runs down and attacks him
- Booker and RVD then hit Christian with a Con-Chair-To
- Rob Van Dam pulls out a ladder from under the ring and rams the ladder right into the forehead of Edge
- RVD then hits a Frog splash on Edge off the top of the ladder

WCW Title: Goldberg def. Chris Jericho to retain the WCW Title
- Jericho applies several submission holds on Goldberg's shoulder, which he injured the night before by breaking through the barricade when attempting a spear on Y2J
- After remaining in control for the duration of the match, Goldberg is able to counter Jericho's Wall's of Jericho and hits the Jackhammer on him
- Goldberg then covers Jericho to retain the WCW championship

Backstage: Justin Credible & The NWO
- Justin Credible barges into the NWO locker room looking for a fight
- Nash says if he wants a fight, to take it to the ring for a 6 Men tag match

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Rob Van Dam
- McMahon crushes RVD’s and Booker’s little celebration
- He says it appears that RVD has taken a side after all
- Vince tells RVD that next week he will take on Edge for the IC title in a ladder match

WWF European Title: Bradshaw def. Hurricane Helms w/ Molly to win the European Title
- Hurricane clearly has a size disadvantage against Bradshaw and is hoping to utilize his Hurri-powers to overcome that disadvantage
- Molly tries provoking Bradshaw on the outside, but the big Texan stays focused on the champion
- Hurricane soon gets cocky and tries to use power moves on Bradshaw, but Bradshaw just outmuscles The Hurricane
- Molly goes up top and flies down on Bradshaw, but Bradshaw catches her and tosses her around like a rag doll
- Hurricane then goes for a clothesline, but it doesn't affect Bradshaw
- Bradshaw then nails the Clothesline from Hell to win the European Championship

Backstage: Mick Foley & William Regal
- Foley brags to Regal in the commissioners' office and tells Regal that it is a hell of a night for the Federation
- He says that he would give Hurricane a title rematch
- Regal says the Federation might be on a role, but RVD retained, and so would the WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire and then Hollywood Hogan would regain the WWF Championship

D-Generation-X & X-Factor def. The NWO (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Big Show & X-Pac)
- The NWO comes to the ring first and then Justin Credible makes his entrance but stops on the entrance ramp and waves to the back to bring out Albert, who returns to action after being taken out by the NWO a few weeks ago
- DX’s music hits and Shawn Michaels and Triple H are X-Factor’s Tag partners tonight
- The three men storm in the ring and the fight is on
- Hall hits the Outsider’s Edge on HBK but Triple H breaks up the fall
- From there, the NWO isolates Shawn, but Michaels is soon able to tag in Triple H, who cleaned house
- The match deteriorates into a brawl with Hall and Hunter remaining in the ring
- Triple H hits a neckbreaker, but Nash breaks up the pinfall
- With HBK outside the ring, after being thrown head-first into the steps, Triple H hits a Pedigree on Nash
- He is about to hit one on Hall, but Hall backdrops him and goes for the Outsider’s Edge
- Shawn, however, nails Hall with the Sweet Chin Music and Triple H hits the Pedigree on Hall to score the pinfall

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & The Undertaker
- Hollywood Hogan is walking to the ring when he comes by Undertaker’s motorcycle
- Hogan stops and suddenly Taker appears behind him
- Taker sits down on his bike and tells Hogan that he sees him out there

The Undertaker def. Hollywood Hogan by DQ
- After we come back from commercial, it’s time for Hollywood Hogan to take on The Undertaker
- Undertaker has the advantage in the early-going
- Taker looks for the chokeslam early on, but Hogan kicks his way out of it
- The fight spills to the outside of the ring, where Hogan rams Taker into the ring post to wear him down
- In the ring, Hogan hit Taker with his belt, which does nothing but anger the former Dead Man
- Hogan goes for a chair but Taker simply punches the chair into Hogan's head
- The ref calls for the DQ and awards the match to Hogan but Taker isn’t done and chases the ref out of the ring
- He goes for a chairshot, but the lights go out in the arena for a few seconds and Sting is standing behind Taker when they come back on
- Taker turns his attention to Sting and backs him into the corner but then Hogan smacks Taker down with a chair shot to the back and then another one to the head
- Hogan then delivers a Legdrop of Doom on Undertaker and after that, Sting chokes out a bloody Taker with his baseball bat

Backstage: Steve Austin & The Rock
- Austin is getting ready for the match when Rock enters his locker room
- It’s the first time since their epic encounter at Wrestlemania that these two meet again
- Rock congratulates Austin on his win at No Mercy and says that one day it will Stone Cold vs The Rock for the WWF Title again
- The Rock says that tonight it was about taking the WCW Tag Titles, but more importantly than that, tonight is about the WWF
- Austin says tonight is about whooping some ass but that he is looking forward to whoop Rock’s ass in the future again as well
- Rock then gives Austin a chair, saying he would need it the next time they meet

WCW Tag Titles: Steve Austin & The Rock def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire to win the titles
- Despite their earlier tension, Rock and Austin work together well as the match gets underway
- But at one point, Austin tags in Rock, and the two bump into each other, creating some tension
- The champions gain control and set their sights on isolating Austin in their corner and wearing him down
- But finally, Austin makes the tag to Rock, who kicks some ass
- He hits the spinebuster on Palumbo and goes for the People's Elbow, but O’Haire breaks it up
- The People's Champion lays the smack down on O’Haire though and then nails the People's Elbow on D-Von, but O’Haire breaks up the fall
- Austin hits O’Haire with a Thesz Press and Rock goes to hit Palumbo with a flying clothesline but hits Austin instead
- The Thrillers then throw Austin to the outside and go for the finish, but Austin tackles O’Haire and Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Palumbo, pinning him for the win, much to Shane's and Stephanie's dismay
- The Rock and Steve Austin are the new WCW Tag Team Champions
- Rock presents Austin with the tag title and with the WWF Title
- Austin then demands a few Steveweisers and shares a cold one with The Great One as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

This is getting good, I hope your going to keep this till WM like you said and not finish it at Survivor Series, was good that the Rock and Austin won the titles would love to have seen that happen

Just one thing that's bugging me, revealing the winner of the match at the start, I'd like to keep the suspense especialy when its for matches like the WWF title

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by dmccourt95 View Post
This is getting good, I hope your going to keep this till WM like you said and not finish it at Survivor Series, was good that the Rock and Austin won the titles would love to have seen that happen

Just one thing that's bugging me, revealing the winner of the match at the start, I'd like to keep the suspense especialy when its for matches like the WWF title
Thanks! Don't worry this thing will culminate at Wrestlemania, how it was supposed to be.

You're right, revealing the ending at the beginning was a bad idea. I'm changing that from now on.

New episode of Smackdown coming soon.

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by murder View Post
Thanks! Don't worry this thing will culminate at Wrestlemania, how it was supposed to be.

You're right, revealing the ending at the beginning was a bad idea. I'm changing that from now on.

New episode of Smackdown coming soon.
Looking forward to it!

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