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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
September 17, 2001 from Nashville, TN

Opening Segment: Eric Bischoff
- Eric Bischoff kicks off the last Raw before Unforgiven this Sunday
- Bischoff announces Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs Triple H & Undertaker for tonight
- Eric brags about having a 8 degree black belt
- He says he’s gonna give everybody an example of what he’s gonna do to Austin at Unforgiven
- Bischoff says he’s going to compete tonight in a match against Jim Ross
- He reminds Steve Austin that he can’t touch him or he will be fired

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. The APA to retain
- The Acolytes get the upper hand late in the match and then set-up a table obviously to send a message to Kronik
- As Bradshaw goes to powerbomb O’Haire through the table, said Kronik and Steven Richards run to the ring and put Bradshaw through the table
- Faarooq is left alone in the ring and gets double teamed by the Thrillers eventually falling victim to a Djungle Kick by Palumbo for the win

Backstage: Kronik, Steven Richards, Shane McMahon
- As Richards and Kronik leave the arena, they approach the arriving Shane
- Richards explains what just happened and Shane is glad to hear that Kronik took out the APA again
- Shane says they can finish them off once and for all at Unforgiven when the two teams meet

Backstage: Lance Storm & Hurricane Helms
- Storm and Helms have a talk about Hurricane getting a sidekick
- Helms says his Hurri-sense is telling him the right person for the job

Backstage: Ric Flair, DDP & RVD
- As DDP and Ric Flair arrive, they are greeted by RVD
- RVD wants to know why DDP threw him off the stage last week
- DDP says he did that to help RVD win his Hardcore Title back
- Van Dam says that’s fine as long as he and Page are cool
- Flair assures him that everything is cool between them

Lance Storm w/ Ivory def. Jeff Hardy
- Ivory distracts Jeff which almost costs Jeff the match
- As Ivory tries to distract Jeff again, Lita goes after her
- Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb but Storm gets his knees up and follows with the Half Boston Crab for the submission victory

Backstage: Tazz & Booker T
- Tazz interviews Booker T and wants to know how he feels about Flair making the US Title match at unforgiven against both Edge & Christian
- Booker says Ric Flair knows what he does and accuses Tazz of trying to stir up
- Booker says he needs to let some frustration out and challenges Tazz to a match
- Tazz accepts and Booker says the mood is about to change

Backstage: Stephanie & RVD
- RVD walks up to Stephanie and asks if there is anything he can do for her
- She says he can pin Jericho in tonight’s Tag Team match and then again in a Hardcore Title match at Unforgiven
- RVD asks if that’s it and says she’s got it

Backstage: Hurricane & Molly
- Hurricane enters Molly’s dressing room and asks her if she wants to be his sidekick
- Spike walks in and wants to know what’s going on
- The two agree to a match later tonight and Hurricane tells Molly to think about his proposal

Triple H & The Undertaker def. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/ Hollywood Hogan
- A few minutes into the match, The NWO handcuff Triple H to the ringpost
- Now it’s basically a handicap match for The Undertaker against the Outsiders
- Nash taunts Hunter with the keys to the handcuff just out of reach
- Suddenly, HBK appears behind Nash and delivers a Sweet Chin Music on him
- Michaels gets the key and frees Hunter
- Taker makes the hot tag to Hunter
- A fired up Triple H gets back into the match and can hit the Pedigree on Scott Hall
- Hogan gets on the apron but Hunter knocks him down
- Nash is back in the ring and attacks Hunter
- Triple H tags in Undertaker and then jumps Nash again
- The two brawl to the outside while Undertaker finishes off Hall with the Last Ride
- After the match, Undertaker is staring down Hogan

Booker T w/ Shane McMahon def. Tazz in a non-Title match
- Booker distracts the referee, which gives Shane the chance to pound on Tazz
- Tazz can fight him off and then flattens Booker as well
- Tazz locks in the Tazzmission but Shane hits Tazz with a low blow behind the ref’s back
- Booker follows with the Axe Kick for the win

Backstage: Christian
- Michael Cole interviews Christian and asks about Edge
- Christian says that Edge is probably at home licking his wounds
- He starts to talk about Unforgiven when out of nowhere, he is attacked by Edge
- Christian tries to get away as Edge is held back by officials

European Title: Hurricane Helms def. Spike Dudley w/ Molly to retain
- During the match, Hurricane asks Molly to put on his cape but she refuses
- Molly throws it in the ring and Hurricane goes after it
- Molly climbs the ropes and tries to hit Hurricane but misses and hits Spike instead
- Hurricane makes the pin for the title defense
- Afterwards, Molly tries to console Spike and explain her actions

Backstage: Shane McMahon & Torrie
- Shane walks up to Torrie and tells her that when they are ready to pull the plug on Tajiri that she would be ready
- Torrie agrees but looks worried as he walks away

Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy def. The Rock in a Handicap match
- Steiner and Test dominate most of the match until Rock sets Steiner up for the Rock Bottom, which Test averts
- Instead, Test gets hit with the Rock Bottom, which Steiner doesn’t avert
- The Rock goes for the pin but Nick Patrick is talking to Steiner
- Behind the referee’s back, Goldberg enters the ring and spears The Rock
- The referee turns and Steiner pins Rock to get the win for his team
- After the match, Steiner and Test keep attacking the Rock until the Dudleyz make the save
- The two teams will meet this Sunday for the WWF Tag Team Titles

Backstage: RVD
- RVD tries to enter DDP’s locker but it’s locked
- DDP yells that he will meet him out in the ring

Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle def. Diamond Dallas Page & Rob Van Dam w/ Ric Flair & Stephanie
- RVD and Jericho begin brawling on the outside in a preview of their match this Sunday
- Back in the ring, both make the tag and Angle and Jericho double team DDP
- RVD tries to help Page but accidentally hits DDP
- The referee is knocked out
- Angle goes for the Ankle Lock on Page but RVD saves him
- Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Van Dam but Stephanie distracts him
- Jericho goes for the Walls on Steph when Flair hands Page the ring bell and he hits Jericho with it
- Angle gets back up and hits Page with an Angle Slam and goes for the cover
- The ref is back and counts the three for the win of the WWF guys
- As the WCW guys leave, DDP stares at Angle

Eric Bischoff def. Jim Ross in a No Holds Barred match
- Bischoff comes out and brings The Big Show with him
- Eric has Big Show hold up a few pieces of wood, then a water melon and then some cinder blocks and breaks them with karate kicks
- JR comes out and talks some trash to Bischoff implying that Eric is scared of Stone Cold
- Bischoff says he is not scared of Steve Austin
- He makes tonight’s match No Holds Barred
- Eric says everything and everyone is legal, while looking over to Big Show
- Bischoff and JR start the match and Big Show immediately beats on Ross
- Show gets another cinder block over JR’s face and Bischoff kicks and shatters the cinder block
- Bischoff covers a bloodied and knocked out JR
- Finally, the glass shatters and Steve Austin runs to the ring
- Big Show awaits him but Austin ducks a clothesline and lays out Big Show which leaves Eric Bischoff in the ring alone and scared to death
- Bischoff pleads with Austin reminding him of the stipulation that he can’t touch him
- Austin is doing his best to keep his composure when out of nowhere Big Show grabs him by the throat and flattens him with the chokeslam
- Eric “covers” Austin and Big Show “counts” to three
- The two celebrate and Bischoff mocks Austin by drinking beers on the turnbuckles

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

September 20, 2001 from Memphis, TN

Opening Segment: Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair
- DDP and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair head to the ring as the show begins
- He says Unforgiven is a good name because he will never forgive Kurt Angle for making his life a living hell as of late
- Page says although Angle embarrassed and humiliated him, he will not put up with it anymore
- DDP promises even though Angle pinned him on Raw, it will never happen again
- He says on Sunday in Angle’s hometown, he will make an example out of Kurt in front of his own family
- Page says he isn’t going to wait until Sunday however and calls out Kurt Angle right now
- Moments later, the Olympic Hero makes his way to the ring as DDP awaits him outside the ring
- The two immediately duke it out on the floor and Angle starts getting the control
- Page rolls inside the ring, Angle follows and continues the attack on Page
- Ric Flair hits Angle with a low blow and goes for the Figure Four but Kurt counters and hits him with an Angle Slam
- This allows Page to recover and attack Kurt
- DDP grabs a chair and repeatedly nails Angle with it
- Then he slams him in the ringpost
- Page then removes the padding on the floor and piledrives Angle on the concrete twice
- Commissioner Regal and some referees come down to check on Kurt
- Regal calls out EMT’s and Angle is taken away on a stretcher

Kronik w/ Steven Richards def. Kaientai
- Steven gets on the mic before the match and says no one has ever manhandled The APA like Kronik did on Monday
- He says that will pale in comparison to what happens this Sunday at Unforgiven when Kronik take out The APA once and for all
- Steven says tonight will be a preview of Sunday as Kronik take on Kaientai
- As the match begins, Jim Ross states that Angle has arrived in the medical facility and is undergoing a series of tests
- Kronik make short work of Kaientai and finish them off with double chokeslams

Backstage: William Regal, DDP
- Regal storms into the WCW locker and gets in Page’s face
- DDP pushes him but Regal pushes him right back
- Regal says it will be him and Page in the ring tonight

Hardcore Title Match: Rob Van Dam w/ Stephanie def. Rhyno to retain
- Chris Jericho provides colour commentary for this match, just three days prior to their match this Sunday at Unforgiven
- RVD wins the match with the Five Star Frogsplash
- After the match, Stephanie calls Jericho in the ring and wants Sunday’s match to be for the IC title instead
- She asks Jericho if he has the guts to put the IC title on the line or not
- Jericho accepts the challenge and says the Hardcore title suits RVD better because RVD and Steph are the perfect couple as the King and the Queen of “Hardcore”
- Steph tries to slap Jericho but he grabs her and RVD nails Jericho from behind with his title belt
- RVD lays the IC title belt on Jericho’s chest and delivers the Five Star on him

Steve Austin, Triple H & Undertaker def. The NWO (Hall, Nash, Show) w/ Hollywood Hogan
- Triple H is isolated by the NWO for a long time
- Undertaker gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house
- Hogan gets on the apron and tries to sneak in the ring as Taker quickly turns his head and Hogan stops immediately
- All hell breaks loose at this point as the entire NWO jump Taker
- Austin joins in and goes after Hall
- Hunter is back up as well and attacks Nash
- The four brawl to the outside and we are back to just Taker and Big Show in the ring
- Show goes for the chokeslam but Taker low blows Show and goes for a chokeslam of his own
- Hogan has a chair and smacks Taker in the back
- Show follows with the chokeslam and gets the win for his team
- Undertaker sits up and goes after Hogan
- Austin is back in the ring and hits Show over the head with the chair several times
- Eric Bischoff comes to the stage and does not look happy
- Bischoff watches as Show gets stunned by Austin

Edge def. Kanyon
- During the bout, Christian comes out trying to spear Edge but he moves and Christian hits Kanyon instead
- Edge finishes Kanyon off with the Buzzkiller

The Hardyz def. Hurricane & Lance Storm in a no. one contender match for the WCW Tag Titles
- Hurricane and Storm seem to have the match in hand until Spike comes out and shoves Hurricane off the top rope
- Matt then rolls a distracted Storm up for the win
- The Hardyz have earned a shot for the WCW Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven
- After the match, Hurricane and Spike get their revenge on Spike by giving him a double superkick
- Palumbo & O’Haire storm out to the ring and attack The Hardyz
- Palumbo lays Matt out with a Djungle Kick while O’Haire puts Jeff away with a Senton Bomb of his own

Backstage: DDP, Flair, RVD
- DDP is talking about to Flair about Regal when RVD enters the room
- RVD informs DDP that he’s heard that Kurt Angle has checked himself out of the hospital
- DDP looks shocked

Diamond Dallas Page w/ Ric Flair def. William Regal w/ Tajiri
- Page wins with the Diamond Cutter after interference by Ric Flair
- After the match, DDP and Flair continue the attack on Regal
- Tajiri tries to make the save but Page nails him with a Diamond Cutter as well
- Flair applies the Figure Four on Regal while DDP sets Tajiri up for a Piledriver on the concrete
- Kurt Angle’s music hits
- Page lets go off Tajiri and Flair releases the hold as well as both men get ready for Angle
- Angle comes out in a neckbrace
- Angle says that he will never forgive Page for throwing his medals and with this a piece of America away
- He also says he will never forgive Page for what he did to him tonight
- Kurt says he finally sees Page for what he is, a desperate man who is afraid to face him
- He says Page knows that Angle can beat him
- Angle promises that on Sunday in his hometown, he will make DDP tap
- He says he will have no forgiveness as he tears off his neckbrace

Backstage: The Rock
- Jonathan Coachman interviews The Rock about his match with Goldberg for the WCW Title this Sunday
- The Rock says there is no way the WCW title would leave his waist this Sunday at Unforgiven

The Rock & the Dudley Boyz def. Booker T, Scott Steiner & Test w/ Shane by Countout
- During the match, all men get in the ring at the same time and The Dudleyz and Scott Steiner and Test brawl to the outside leaving only Rock and Booker in the ring
- Booker suddenly leaves the ring and gets counted out
- Goldberg is in the ring behind Rock waiting for the Brahma Bull to turn around
- Rock has figured out what’s been going on and before he even turns around, he signals Goldberg to “Just Bring It”
- Goldberg pauses and then the two go face-to-face
- With this staredown, the last Smackdown before Unforgiven goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Complete card for Unforgiven 2001

WWF Title: Hollywood Hogan vs The Undertaker

WCW Title: The Rock vs Goldberg

No Holds Barred: Steve Austin vs Eric Bischoff
- if Austin wins, he gets a match for the WWF title at No Mercy
- if Bischoff wins, Austin will never get another shot at the WWF title and Bischoff has complete control over anything related to Stone Cold

Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash w/ Scott Hall

Kurt Angle vs Diamond Dallas Page

Hardcore Match for the WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam

Triple Threat Match for the WCW United States Title: Booker T vs Christian vs Edge

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz vs Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire vs The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita

The APA vs Kronik w/ Steven Richards
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Unforgiven 2001
September 23, 2001 from Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday Night Heat: Hurricane, Lance Storm & Raven w/ Terri def. Billy Gunn, Rhyno & Tajiri

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. The Hardyz w/ Lita to retain
- The two teams go right after each other
- Jeff soon gets isolated and is doubleteamed by Palumbo & O’Haire
- Jeff makes the hot tag to his brother and Matt takes down Palumbo with a DDT
- Then he throws both opponents out of the ring and hits them with a moonsault on the floor
- Back in the ring, Palumbo surprises Matt with a Djungle Kick and goes for the cover
- However, Jeff is able to break the count with a Swanton Bomb
- O’Haire then nails Jeff with a DVD and Palumbo is able to make the cover for the win

Backstage: Rob Van Dam & Stephanie
- RVD arrives and is greeted by Stephanie, who offers her managing services to him
- Van Dam replies that he is a “one-man” show but Steph can help find him a dressing room to contain his superstar status
- Steph says she can get him any dressing room they have

Ringside: Kurt Angle’s family
- Michael Cole asks Kurt Angle’s family about his neck problems and what it would mean to him to win in his hometown in front of his family
- They answer that it would be a very exciting evening for the Angle family if he pulled out the win

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz def. Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy to retain the titles
- Test powerslams D-Von but the referee is too concerned with Stacy standing on the apron
- D-Von then shoves Test right into Stacy, who lands in Steiner’s arms
- Test gets upset and is attacked by both Dudleyz
- Test fights back and goes for the Big Boot but misses and nails Steiner instead
- Steiner then falls victim to a 3D and the Dudleyz win the match

Backstage: Christian
- Lilian Garcia interviews Christian
- Christian says he will fulfill his dream by pinning Edge and become the US Champion
- The camera turns away and there is chaos as Edge is laid out
- Christian arrives at the scene obviously shocked and asks what happened to his brother
- Commissioner Regal is there and brings EMT’s with him who take Edge out on a stretcher and load him into an ambulance

Backstage: Booker T & Shane McMahon
- Booker and Shane are seen watching the monitor and say that’s too bad what happened to Edge
- Booker tells Shane that he didn’t need him out there now that he’s got that sucka Christian one-on-one
- Suddenly, Christian storms into their locker and accuses them to be responsible for what happened to his brother
- Christian says he will get revenge for Edge and kick Booker’s ass and take his US Title

WCW United States Title: Christian def. Booker T to win the US Title
- Christian goes right after Booker T
- The referee gets between them and is knocked out
- Booker is able to hit Christian with the Book End but there is no ref
- Booker checks on the ref while Christian gets back up and grabs the US title belt on the outside
- Christian enters the ring and whacks Booker with the title belt
- Christian then pins him to capture the US title

The APA def. Kronik w/ Steven Richards
- Even before the bell rings, The APA start pounding on Kronik
- The fight spills outside the ring, where Kronik takes out Bradshaw by using the ring barrier
- Bradshaw tries to fight back and eventually gets to tag in Faarooq
- Faarooq is on fire, taking out both Adams and Clarke
- Faarooq attempts to hit the Dominator on Adams but Clarke saves his partner
- Kronik then both beat down Faarooq until Bradshaw enters the ring to help his partner
- This allows Faarooq to climb the top rope and take out Bryan Clarke with a flying shouler block
- With Clarke out of the equation, Bradshaw hits Adams with the Clothesline from Hell for the win
- After the match, Steven Richards enters the ring with a chair but gets a nasty Powerbomb from Bradshaw with a little assist by Faarooq

Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho in a Hardcore match to win the IC Title
- The two brawl in and outside the ring
- At one point, RVD sets Jericho up on the ring barrier and tries a Spinning Wheel Kick off the ring apron but Y2J moves
- As RVD tries to get to his feet, Jericho grabs a ladder out from under the ring
- Jericho suplexes Van Dam onto the ladder
- Jericho then applies the Walls of Jericho but Van Dam is able to escape
- Jericho goes for the Lionsault bur RVD moves and goes for the Five Star but Y2J rolls out of the way
- RVD then climbs the ladder but is locked in the Walls on top of it
- Jericho starts pounding Van Dam with a steel chair when Stephanie runs to the ring
- He distracts Jericho and RVD hits the Van Daminator and follows with the Five Star for the title win

Kurt Angle def. Diamond Dallas Page w/ Ric Flair
- Before the match even begins, Angle awaits Page on the entrance ramp and starts pounding on him
- Ric Flair jumps Angle and tries to get him off of Page which prompts referee Earl Hebner to ban Flair from ringside
- The Nature Boy throws a tantrum but Hebner’s deicison stands and Flair has to leave
- Page follows while pleading with the ref but to no effect
- Angle chases him down and attacks him on the stage
- Angle then tosses Page off the stage
- Kurt picks up Dallas and carries him back to the ring
- Then he runs Page right into the ringpost
- Next, he removes the padding over the concrete and goes for a Piledriver, much like DDP has done to him
- Page fights back and goes for a Piledriver of his own but Angle backdrops him on the concrete
- Back in the ring, DDP goes right after Angle’s injured neck, stomping on and driving his knee right into the neck and then simply standing on it
- Kurt can fight back and hits three German Suplexes with the third further hurting his neck
- Angle then hits Page with his own Diamond Cutter but DDP can kick out
- DDP returns the favour by hitting Angle with an Angle Slam which the Olympic Hero kicks out of
- DDP again goes for a Piledriver but Kurt reverses it into the Ankle lock
- Page eventually taps out
- Angle celebrates with his family in the ring afterwards

Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels def. Kevin Nash w/ Scott Hall by DQ
- Early in the match, Scott Hall tries to interfere but Shawn Michaels attacks him and the two fight on the outside
- As a result, both Scott Hall & Shawn Michaels are banned from ringside and the two brawl to the back
- As Triple H goes for the Pedigree late in the match, Kevin Nash hits him with a low blow
- Referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell and Nash knocks him out with a Forearm
- Big Sexy gets the sledgehammer on the outside and then nails Triple H in the head with it
- Nash then throws a helpless Triple H to the outside and Jacknifes him through the announce table

No Holds Barred: Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff
- Jim Ross comes out for this match only and joins the announcers
- The WWF roster is shown backstage gathered around a monitor watching their boss get beat up and making sure no WCW wrestlers interfere
- Steve Austin squashes Eric Bischoff after three Stone Cold Stunners
- As Jim Ross cheers on Stone Cold like only he can, Austin finishes Bischoff off with one more Stunner before leaving the ring
- As a result of a pre-match stipulation, Austin will now face the WWF champion at No Mercy

WCW Title: Goldberg def. The Rock to win the WCW Title
- Early in the match, The Rock tries his best to fight off his opponent but Goldberg soon gets the upper hand and dominates The Rock for a long time
- After several minutes, Goldberg sets-up The Rock for a Spear, but Rock moves, resulting in Goldberg hitting the ring post
- The Rock now takes the advantage and locks Goldberg in a Sharpshooter
- With unbelievable strength, Goldberg is able to power out of the move
- Rock applies a second Sharpshooter and Goldberg grabs the ropes
- The referee has to pull Rock off Goldberg as the People’s Champion wouldn’t let go
- Rock, for a second, discusses with the ref and gets speared by Goldberg
- Goldberg, feeling the effects from the sharpshooter, can’t follow up though
- The Rock, however, is able to perform a Spinebuster and the People’s Elbow but Goldberg kicks out
- Rock sets Goldberg up for a Rock Bottom and can hit it, but again, Goldberg kicks out
- Out of nowhere, Goldberg hits Rock with a Spear and follows with another Spear before finishing off Rock with the Jackhammer
- Goldberg is the new WCW Champion

WWF Title: Hollywood Hulk Hogan def. The Undertaker to retain
- As soon as the match begins, The Undertaker attacks Hogan beating him up with his own weight belt
- Hogan soon gets the weight belt back and nails the Undertaker with it
- Hulk whips Taker until the referee throws the belt to the outside
- Hogan throws Taker from post to post and chokes the Dead Man
- Hogan backdrops Taker and clotheslines him to the outside
- A few minutes later, Taker tries to go old-school on Hogan but Hulk crotches him on the top rope
- Hogan then superplexes Taker from the top but Taker kicks out of a pinfall attempt
- Hollywood then hits a bit boot and goes for the Legdrop, but Taker moves
- Taker then gets control of the match and beats Hogan up
- Taker continues his attack on the champion and goes for a Big Boot, but Hogan ducks and Taker crotches himself on the top rope
- Hogan goes for a clothesline, Taker blocks and chokeslams him but Hogan kicks out
- Hogan fights back and agains hits the Big Boot
- He then nails the Legdrop, but Taker kicks out
- Hogan has Taker in the turnbuckle and climbs it to punch Taker in the head and even bite him
- Out of nowhere, Taker presses Hogan up in the air and hits the Last Ride
- Taker goes for the cover and has the match won when the lights suddenly go out in the arena
- When the lights come back on, Sting is standing behind Undertaker with a baseball bat in hand and the referee is knocked out
- Undertaker turns around and Sting hits Taker in the stomach with the bat and then in the back
- Taker barely gets back up and Sting viciously nails him in the head with the bat
- Sting gets the ref and Hogan rolls over to cover Taker for the win

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
September 24, 2001 from Columbus, OH

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon
- McMahon, making his first appearance after several weeks, opens the show
- Vince says he spent a lot of time at home the last couple of weeks enjoying his new found love for his wife Linda
- He says, he thought he had a capable Commissioner in William Regal to replace him, but things didn’t work out so great around here
- Vince says except the WWF Tag Team Titles, every WWF title is in the hands of WCW and it makes him sick
- He says especially seeing the WWF title in the hands of Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes him want to vomit
- McMahon says that Hogan got his ass kicked last night by the Undertaker and that he shouldn’t even be the WWF champion right now
- He says that if it wasn’t for Sting screwing Undertaker, we would have a new WWF champion now and therefore at the next PPV called No Mercy Sting will face The Undertaker and that The Undertaker will show Sting "No Mercy"
- Another individual that will show his opponent "no mercy" will be Triple H because after what Kevin Nash did to him last night, The Game sure is out for revenge and he will get it because Kevin Nash will face Triple H at No Mercy in a Hell in a Cell
- McMahon then addresses Hogan again and says his run as champion will come to an end really soon because after dismantling Eric Bischoff last night, Stone Cold Steve Austin will get his shot at the WWF title at No Mercy
- But Hogan might not even make it to No Mercy as champion because tonight in this very ring, Hollywood Hogan will defend the WWF title
- The NWO music hits and out come the WWF champion, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, Big Show is missing because he suffered a concussion last week on Smackdown during Austin’s brutal attack
- Hogan says he is the WWF champion and the way it’s always been, he has a lot of stroke in the WWF
- Hulk says he’s tired and beat up from last night and will not wrestle tonight
- Vince says he will but he’s allowed to pick his own opponent but it has to be a former WWF champion
- Hogan and Nash are looking at each other and begin to smile
- Hollywood says he’s made up his mind and to make sure he will have “tough competition”, he will choose the man that held the WWF title for an entire year, Big Sexy Kevin Nash
- Hogan and Nash shake hands and Scott Hall acts as a referee
- Vince interrupts and says there was one thing he forgot to tell him, it can’t be any of his NWO buddies
- Hogan is thinking and says he’ll face the 16 time World champion and two time WWF champion, The Nature Boy Ric Flair

Backstage: Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm, Raven and Ivory
- Storm with Ivory and Raven with Terri are talking about the 8-Men Tag match next when Hurricane enters
- Hurricane says he’s ready for Molly to be his full-time sidekick

The Dudley Boyz, Spike & Molly def. Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm, Raven & Ivory w/ Terri
- During the match, Ivory holds Molly for Storm to superkick but Hurricane interrupts
- Hurricane then tries to finish off Spike but Spike gets the tag to Bubba, who cleans house
- The Dudleyz set-up Hurricane for a 3D but Ivory breaks it up
- Molly tags in and is able to pin Ivory to give her team the win

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Steve Austin
- Austin storms in Vince’s office unhappy with Vince giving someone else a title shot
- Vince tells Austin to calm down because he will face the winner of the Hogan/Flair match at No Mercy

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & Ric Flair
- Ric Flair thanks Hogan for giving him a title shot tonight and says he’s honoured to be picked
- Hogan says he chose him so that he could just go out there and lay down for him

In Ring: Christian
- The New WCW US Champion, Christian comes to the ring
- Christian shows footage of Edge being laid out last night
- Christian says he doesn’t know when Edge will be back but he promises to find the person who did this and get revenge for his brother
- He then shows footage of later that night when he beat Booker T in controversial fashion to become the US champion
- Suddenly, Rob Van Dam’s music hits and the new Intercontinental champion comes out as well
- RVD says since both the US and the IC champion are in the ring together, he challenges Christian to a match, title for title
- Christian says he doesn’t appreciate RVD interrupting him
- He tries to copy RVD’s catchphrase and Van Dam shows him how it’s done
- At this point, Christian attacks RVD and the match starts

WCW US Champion Christian def. WWF Intercontinental Champion by DQ
- Late in the match, Christian grabs a chair on the outside
- As he is about to hit, Booker T runs to the ring
- Booker gets on the apron, which distracts Christian, who is then hit with a Van Daminator by RVD
- The ref disqualifies RVD for the move
- Booker gets in the ring and together with RVD starts stomping on Christian
- Booker and RVD set Christian up for a Con-Chair-To but Kurt Angle runs down and saves his friend
- Angle goes one-on-one with Booker for a few moments before Booker escapes
- Kurt challenges Booker to a match later tonight and Booker accepts

Backstage: Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels
- Shawn Michaels approaches Ric Flair in his office
- Shawn talks about how much he respects Flair and pleads with him to not lay down for Hogan
- Michaels says he once heard how Flair was the measuring stick in this business and he fought every day trying to reach that level
- Flair starts to choke up and asks Shawn if he thinks he can go out there and beat Hogan
- HBK says he believes in The Nature Boy but the question is if Ric Flair believes in it
- As Shawn leaves, Flair has tears in his eyes

In Ring: Chris Jericho
- Chris Jericho comes to the ring and talks about losing the Intercontinental Title to RVD last night
- Jericho says he thought about coming out tonight and demand rematch with RVD to reclaim his title but then decided that maybe it was time to go after the big one
- Jericho says that’s why he wants to call out someone to the ring right now and issue a challenge
- That someone is a “friend” from his WCW days and the man that beat The Rock last night and became the new WCW champion, Goldberg
- Goldberg’s music hits and the new WCW champion comes to the ring
- Jericho sarcastically says it’s good to see Goldberg again
- Y2J reminds Goldberg about the days when Goldberg refused to wrestle him
- Goldberg says that’s in the past and he has no problem with kicking Jericho’s ass now
- The two go face to face and just as it seems to get physical, The Rock’s music hits and The People’s champion walks down to the ring
- The Rock says with all due respect to Chris Jericho, there is someone that should get his hands on Goldberg before him and that is the Rock
- The Rock and Goldberg now stand face to face
- Goldberg says whoever gets the shot will be “next”
- Goldberg leaves as Rock and Jericho trash talk each other

Backstage: Ric Flair
- Ric Flair is looking in the mirror wearing one of his classic flashy “Nature Boy” robes
- Flair fires himself up and lets out an enthusiastic “Whooo”

The APA def. Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy
- After a mistimed move by Scott Steiner, Test gets nailed with a Clothesline From Hell is pinned by Bradshaw
- After the match, Steiner and Test shove each other until Stacy gets between them
- The two continue to argue and Stacy simply walks out on both men

Kurt Angle def. Booker T
- Early in the match, Angle is able to apply the Ankle lock but Booker can reach the ropes
- Booker then goes after Kurt’s injured neck
- Angle fights back and goes for the Angle Slam but Booker counters and shoves Kurt into referee Earl Hebner
- Booker then lays out Kurt with a side kick
- He goes for the Book End but Angle counters into a back suplex
- Booker misses the Axe kick and gets locked in the Ankle Lock
- Booker has no choice but to tap out

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & Ric Flair
- Flair enters Hogan’s locker and talks about showing Hogan the “real” Ric Flair
- Ric says he knows Hogan is beaten up but he has had a thousand matches like that in his career
- Flair says he will not lay down for anybody, anywhere

Kanyon def. Matt Hardy w/ Lita
- Kanyon seems to be more focused on Lita that on the match until he gets slapped by her across the face
- As Kanyon is on the outside, Lita even hits him with a Litacanrana
- Matt goes for the Twist of fate but Kanyon shoves Matt right into Lita and pins Matt after a Flatliner
- After the match, Kanyon goes after Lita but Jeff is there and attacks Kanyon
- Team Xtreme lay out Kanyon and celebrate in the ring together
- Suddenly, the lights go out in the arena and when they come back on, Sting is the ring, baseball bat in hand
- Sting knocks out both Hardyz with the bat and Lita retrieves into a corner
- Sting slowly walks over to her and holds the bat right in front her throat
- The Undertaker’s music hits and Taker rides down to the ring
- Before he enters the ring, the lights go out again and once back on, Sting has disappeared

Vignette: Diamond Dallas Page
- DDP appears on the screen with an evil smile
- He admits to tapping out to Kurt Angle at Unforgiven
- He says that wasn’t a bad thing that was a good thing because what matters is not getting back down but getting back up
- Page says he did some soulsearching and he found the real DDP
- He says he likes DDP and he will help the people like themselves

WWF Title: Hollywood Hulk Hogan def. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair to retain
- Hogan wants Flair to lay down but flair replies with a big “Whooo”
- Late in the match, the ref gets knocked out and then Flair locks Hogan into the Figure Four Leglock which prompts the Outsiders to hit the ring
- Flair lets go off Hogan and smacks Hall off the apron
- Flair then kicks the top rope crotching Nash who just steps over
- DX runs out and go after the Outsiders and brawl with them to the back
- In the meantime, Hogan has grabbed the WWE title belt and waits for Flair to turn around
- Flair turns, Hogan swings but misses and Flair hits Hogan with belt instead
- The referee crawls over but Hogan kicks out
- Flair again goes for the Figure Four but Hogan kicks Flair into the turnbuckle
- Hogan low blows him, rolls him up and grabs Flair’s tights
- The ref counts the three and Hogan has retained the title
- Flair is pissed and confronts Hogan
- Hogan and Flair get in a fight and the entire WCW roster comes down to separate the two
- Flair frees himself and jumps Hogan as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

September 27, 2001 from Dayton, OH

Booker T w/ Shane McMahon def. The Undertaker
- Prior to the bout, Shane gets the mic and talks about the situation at the end of Raw
- Shane congratulates Vince to his masterplan on Monday to cause tension within WCW
- Shane says on Raw we will have a rematch between Hogan and Flair and the two will fight until all the problems are solved and all issues are settled because that’s the way they do things in WCW
- He guarantees that after the match, the two will shake hands and WCW will be united and stronger than ever
- The Undertaker comes out and the fight between him and Booker is on
- Undertaker has the match won after the Chokeslam on Booker but Shane pulls referee Nick Patrick out of the ring
- Undertaker nails Shane for his troubles
- Booker gets a chair but Taker ducks and counters with another Chokeslam
- Taker goes for the Last ride but Shane hits Taker with a vicious chair shot
- Undertaker recovers and hits Shane with a Last Ride
- At this point, the lights go out and when they come back on, Taker is looking around for Sting
- Meanwhile, Booker grabs the chair and smacks Taker over the head with it for the win

Backstage: William Regal
- Commissioner Regal tells Tajiri that since Shane is wielding his power as WCW owner, so will he as WWF Commissioner
- Regal books a WCW Tag Team Title match between Chris Jericho & The Rock and Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita def. Kanyon & Raven
- Kanyon again starts to flirt with Lita
- At one point, he tries to kiss her but Lita clotheslines him on the top rope and Matt follows with the Twist Of Fate for the win

Backstage: William Regal, X-Factor
- X-Pac barges into Commissioner’s office demanding some competition
- He says he’s already beaten every Light Heavyweight or Cruiserweight wrestler in both companies and wants some new opponent
- Regal says he has the perfect opponent for X-Pac then, the Big Show
- X-Pac isn’t exactly thrilled to hear that

The Big Show def. X-Pac w/ X-Factor by DQ
- Big Show is back in action this week in this ultimate mismatch
- As the ring bells, X-Pac is still on the apron and watches the other members of X-Factor, Albert and Justin Credible attack Big show which causes a DQ for X-Pac
- X-Pac watches on as Big Show catches Credible in midair and chokeslams him
- Albert tries the Baldo Bomb on Big Show but fails of course and gets the Chokeslam
- X-Pac leaves ringside as Big Show stares after him

Backstage: RVD & Stephanie
- RVD is stretching in his locker when Stephanie enters
- Rob says she might knock the next time
- Steph says she will be in his corner during his Hardcore match for the Intercontinental Title tonight against Kurt Angle
- RVD asks Steph to stay in the back for his match

Backstage: The Rock & Chris Jericho
- The Rock and Chris Jericho talk about their match later tonight
- The two argue who will be the next WCW Champion but agree that tonight they will both become the WCW Tag Team Champions

WWF Intercontinental Title: RVD w/ Stephanie def. Kurt Angle in a Hardcore match to retain
- Stephanie comes out before the match and joins the commentators
- RVD goes for a dropkick off the top rope but Angle counters and puts him in the Ankle lock
- Steph gets in the ring and tries to nail Angle with a chair but Kurt catches her and puts her in the Ankle Lock
- This allows RVD to hit Angle with a spinning wheel kick
- Angle fights back and the referee and Staphanie get knocked out
- Kurt hits RVD with the Angle Slam but there is no ref to count the three
- Angle goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks and he nails Stephanie instead
- RVD then hits Angle with a Van Daminator and gets the pinfall victory
- After the match, WCW wrestlers come out and check on Stephanie, who’s unconscious

Ivory w/ Lance Storm def. Molly w/ Spike
- The two women bump heads and Molly is knocked out cold
- Ivory scores the easy pin
- After the match, the trainer hits the ring to help Molly
- While Storm attacks Spike, Hurricane comes out and carries Molly to the back

Rey Mysterio def. Crash Holly
- Rey Mysterio pins Crash after the West Coast Pop

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chris Jericho & The Rock def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire by DQ
- Despite both men wanting to be number one contender for the WCW title, they stand side by side as they attempt to win the WCW Tag Team Title
- At one point, Jericho and Rock look to have the match won when Jericho locks Palumbo in the Walls of Jericho and Rock has O’Haire in the Sharpshooter at the same time
- But Shane and Booker T run to the ring ending the match in a disqualification
- The WCW members pound on Jericho and Rock, but the two eventually fight back until Goldberg hits the ring and spears both Jericho and then the Rock
- WCW celebrates as Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Love this. Please keep it going
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by charlestipton View Post
Love this. Please keep it going
Thanks, man.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
October 01, 2001 from Baton Rouge, LA

Opening Segment: Kurt Angle
- Kurt Angle comes and tells the crowd that DDP is not scheduled to appear on Raw tonight
- Angle thinks DDP said that so it would be a surprise when he did show up
- Kurt calls out DDP right now
- No answer, instead The Rock’s music hits and the People’s Champion comes to the ring
- The Rock challenges Palumbo & O’Haire to a rematch from Smackdown
- Shane McMahon’s music plays and the WCW owner appears on the stage
- Shane forces The Rock to face Palumbo & O’Haire in a handicap match tonight
- He then challenges Angle to a match tonight which Angle accepts
- Shane starts walking towards the ring and out of the crowd Palumbo & O’Haire hit the ring and attack The Rock
- Angle tries to help but Shane grabs a chair and smacks Angle over the head with it
- Palumbo hits Rock with a Djungle Kick and O’Haire follows with a Senton Bomb

WWF European Title: Hurricane Helms def. Spike Dudley to retain
- A returning Mike Awesome interferes allowing Hurricane to get the pin

Backstage: Hurricane Helms
- Helms leaves the arena and introduces his new sidekick, Molly
- Together, they drive off in Helms’ hurri-cycle
- Spike watches this on the TitanTron and is visibly upset

WCW US Title: Christian def. Test w/ Stacy to retain
- Late in the match, Christian accidentally hits Stacy with a baseball slide
- Test goes out to check on her but Christian grabs him from behind
- Scott Steiner comes down and carries Stacy to the backstage area
- Test is distracted by this and gets pinned by Christian
- Test angrily walks to the back as Booker T comes down and lays out Christian

Backstage: Rob Van Dam, Shane McMahon
- Shane approaches RVD and expresses concern over Stephanie getting hurt during RVD’s hardcore match against Kurt Angle on Smackdown
- RVD defends himself saying that he told Stephanie to not come down there

The Rock def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire in a handicap match
- As the Rock is arguing with Nick Patrick, Shane runs down and hits Rock from behind whick knocks out Patrick as well
- Shane then nails Rock with a chair and Charles Robinson runs to the ring to count the pin but WWF referee Mike Chioda comes out and knocks out Robinson
- Rock recovers and pins O’Haire after a Rock Bottom

Vignette: Diamond Dallas Page
- DDP appears on the screen
- Page denies being here tonight but says due to his Yoga he’ll be back very soon
- He wants the lazy people to get off the couch and try it too

In Ring: Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair
- Shawn Michaels comes out and introduces the greatest world champion of all time, Ric Flair
- Shawn tells flair that he is everything that is great and wonderful in this business
- Michaels says Flair is every reason he wanted to do this as a job
- He remembers when Flair came out 15 years ago and called himself the standard in wrestling
- HBK says he used every ounce of his being trying to live up to that standard
- Shawn says he once thought he reached that level
- Michaels says after last week, Ric Flair will be known as the greatest wrestler ever
- HBK says it might be selfish but he wants to know if he is in the same league as Ric Flair
- He says it would be an honor and a pleasure to wrestle Ric Flair at No Mercy one-on-one
- Flair thanks Shawn for reminding him last week who he needed to be
- Ric says he already passed the torch to Shanw Michaels who took wrestling to a whole new level
- He says he would love to go out there and have a match with Shawn Michaels
- The NWO music hits and the New World Order, lead by WWF champion Hollywood Hogan, walks to the ring
- Hogan says he knows first hand that the “Nature Boy” is back
- He then warns Flair not to turn his back on them
- Flair says Hogan is the WWF champion but Shawn Michaels came to him and reminded him who he was
- He says tonight he will beat Hogan and become the new WWF champion
- Hogan tells Flair that he brought him back to the spotlight and that Flair does not want to stand against them
- Eric Bischoff’s music hits and Bischoff comes out on the stage
- Bischoff says that he didn’t feel all that well after his match with Stone Cold and Vince McMahon took advantage of it
- He makes the match between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels at No Mercy official
- Bischoff then scraps the planned main event between Hogan and Flair tonight and makes it a handicap match, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels against Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
- Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and Bischoff starts walking down the ramp
- McMahon says he likes Bischoff’s general idea of changing the match tonight but it will not happen the way Eric wishes
- Vince says the NWO can’t participate in the match because they are banned from ringside, so Hogan will have no partners for his match
- So instead of 3 on 2 it will now be 1 on 2, because we will have Hollywood Hogan against Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels in a handicap match tonight

Vignette: Sting
- We cut to a graveyard, where a mysterious figure stands in front of a grave
- The person turns to the camera, it’s Sting
- Sting says he’s been watching The Undertaker ever since his debut as Dead Man
- He calls Undertaker a fraud faking to be a “Dead Man walking” to intimidate his opponents
- He says there’s no intimidating The Stinger
- Sting says at No Mercy he will prove the big dog in this yard is all bark and no bite
- He says after No Mercy, Taker might very well be a “Dead Man” after all
- Sting walks away revealing the tombstone to read “Undertaker”

Backstage: The Undertaker
- Undertaker is seen watching the monitor
- Taker gets out of his chair and throws it away
- Taker says to find out what he’s got and walks out of his locker

Rey Mysterio def. Tajiri w/ Torrie
- Torrie distracts the referee as Lance Storm comes to the ring and superkicks Tajiri, allowing Mysterio to get the pin

Backstage: William Regal, Lance Storm
- Regal is irate and approaches Lance Storm backstage
- Regal says he doesn’t appreciate Storm sticking his nose in other people’s business
- The Commissioner then makes a match between him and Storm tonight

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff
- Hogan is upset and wants Bischoff to do something about the handicap match tonight
- Bischoff says there’s nothing he can do about it but proposes that Hogan should talk to McMahon himself

In Ring: Chris Jericho & Goldberg
- Chris Jericho comes down to the ring
- Jericho talks about how Goldberg refused to wrestle him in WCW
- Y2J says now that Goldberg is here, he challenges him to a match at No Mercy for the WCW title
- Goldberg’s music hits and the WCW champion comes down to the ring
- He accepts Jericho’s challenge
- Goldberg turns his attention away from Y2J and says if Rock wants a rematch, he’s got it
- He says he would even take them both on at the same time
- After saying that, Goldberg turns back to Jericho, who suddenly sprays Goldberg something in his eyes
- Jericho then lines up Goldberg and spears him

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & Vince McMahon
- Hogan walks into McMahon’s office and tries to suck up and weasel his way out of the handicap match tonight
- McMahon says he appreciates it but the match is still on
- Hogan shows his true face and gets upset and accuses McMahon of abusing his power to get back at him
- McMahon says in any event, the match is still on
- Hogan then says he’s gonna go out there and prove how good he is by beating both Flair and Michaels without the help of the NWO

Backstage: Triple H
- Michael Cole interviews Triple H to get his feelings on Shawn’s match tonight
- Hunter says it seems like Hogan is having his hands full but he still told Shawn to be careful
- Triple H says he’s been out of control lately because his best friends turned on him and Nash tried to take him out for good at Unforgiven
- Hunter says Nash failed and now he will take him out for good at No Mercy inside Hell in a Cell

William Regal def. Lance Storm
- A very aggressive Regal makes Storm tap to the Regal stretch

Backstage: Ric Flair
- Flair is shown getting ready for his match
- As he leaves the dressing room, we see a masked man in the background

Kurt Angle def. Shane McMahon
- Rob van Dam interferes in the match and hits Angle with a Five-Star Grog splash to the outside
- Angle recovers and makes Shane tap to the Ankle lock

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan & Ric Flair
- Hogan tries to intimidate and talk Flair out of the match, which only pumps up Flair even more

At the Graveyard: Undertaker
- Taker arrives at the graveyard and is looking around for Sting, who’s nowhere to be found
- Taker finds the tombstone from earlier and rips it out

Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels def. Hollywood Hogan by DQ in a handicap match
- As the match starts, we see Stone Cold Steve Austin in his locker watching the monitor
- Shawn Michaels starts the match and faces off with Hollywood Hogan
- HBK eventually tags in Ric Flair, who comes in, turns around and then knocks out Shawn Michaels
- Flair and Hogan then start double teaming HBK and the referee calls for the bell
- Flair grabs the ref and throws him out of the ring
- The camera cuts to the back, where we see the NWO beating down Austin in his locker
- Back in the arena, Flair and Hogan continue the assault on HBK until Triple H’s music hits and the Game storms to the ring
- Triple H throws his shirt away and hits the ring all fired up and takes down both Flair and Hogan
- Suddenly, the masked man appears behind Triple H
- Hunter turns around and the masked man nails him with a Spinning Wheel Kick
- The mystery man unmasks and reveals himself to be none other than X-Pac
- The other NWO members come down and reunite with X-Pac, who has apparently rejoined the NWO
- Flair and the NWO celebrate their master plan and the two D-Generation-X members get spray painted
- It looks like WCW is united and stronger than ever just like Shane guaranteed last week on Smackdown
- Raw goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

October 04, 2001 from Mobile, AL

Opening Segment: WCW
- Shane McMahon leads members of WCW down to the ring to kick off Smackdown
- He brags about his masterplan last Monday fooling everybody from Shawn Michaels to Vince McMahon including each and every single WWF fan
- Shane says all the fans thought they would see the end of WCW but Monday on Raw proved, just like he promised, that WCW is united and stronger than ever
- Shane wants to thank the two men that put on a show worthy of an Academy Award, the WCW president, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and the WWF Champion, Hollywood Hogan
- He then officially welcomes X-Pac back to WCW
- X-Pac takes the mic and talks about his time in WCW
- He says he never wanted to leave because he was with his two best friends, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
- Then Eric Bischoff fired him and he got a call from Triple H
- X-Pac says Triple H only called him because Shawn Michaels dropped the ball and D-Generation-X was done
- He says that’s the type of person Triple H is, he would call you only if he needed you, and if he didn’t need you anymore, he’d leave you high and dry
- X-Pac says he carried D-Generation-X on his back for three years and he was sick and tired of it because he never got the appreciation and respect he deserved
- He gets interrupted by the Commissioner, William Regal
- Regal comes out on the stage and says all he has to do is get security to escort WCW out of the building but he rather lets the WWF superstars handle that
- The Commissioner says since X-Pac is so pumped up, he will book him in a match tonight
- Regal says it will be X-Pac and the other traitor, his new friend Big Show taking on X-Pac’s former partners Justin Credible and Albert and that match will be next
- Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Olympic Hero comes out to the stage as well
- Angle says since Regal is out here making matches, he wants a match himself, against the guy that interfered in his business on Raw, Rob Van Dam
- Regal likes the idea and makes the match official

The Big Show & X-Pac def. Albert & Justin Credible
- After the break, the WCW members except Pac and Show have left and out come X-Pac’s former friends, Albert & Justin Credible
- Credible is able to get his hands on X-Pac but Big Show saves the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion
- Moments later, Big Show hits Albert with a Chokeslam and X-Pac hits the X-Factor on Credible for the win

Backstage: Hurricane Helms & Molly
- Hurricane and Molly arrive at the arena in their hurri-cycle
- Coach approaches them and asks Molly why she left Spike
- Molly says life with Spike was going nowhere since he didn’t have superpowers
- She says from now on she will be known as Mighty Molly

The Dudley Boyz & Spike def. Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm & Mike Awesome w/ Mighty Molly
- The Dudley Boyz hit the 3D on Awesome and Spike follows with a big Splash off the top for the win

Backstage: Maven
- Maven, the winner of Tough Enough, is warming up for his first match in the WWF later tonight against WCW’s Rey Mysterio

WWF Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle
- Angle goes for the Angle Slam but RVD counters with a kick to Angle’s head
- RVD goes for the Five Star but Angle moves and then hits the Angle Slam
- As referee Earl Hebner starts to count, WCW referee Nick Patrick pulls him out of the ring and the two start fighting
- In the ring, Angle puts RVD in the Ankle Lock and RVD taps but there is no ref
- At this point, Diamond Dallas Page appears on the OvalTron and asks Kurt if he has done his yoga today
- He says he feels good because he is helping people
- Shane sneaks into the ring and nails a distracted Angle in the head with a steel chair
- RVD hits the Five Star and pins Angle for the win
- DDP, still on the Tron, tells Kurt to look to the positive side of life
- He says this coming Monday, he will be back and face Angle on Raw
- Angle seems to be looking forward to it and then chases Shane out of the arena

Rey Mysterio def. Maven
- Mysterio seems to enjoy smacking around the young, inexperienced Maven but Maven tries to fight back with some impressive dropkicks
- Rey regains control shortly after and finishes Maven off with a 619 followed by the West Coast Pop
- After the match, Mysterio helps Maven up to his feet and raises his arm but then clotheslines him back to the mat
- Maven’s former trainer Tazz comes down for the save

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Coach finds Angle backstage and interviews him
- Angle says he’s pissed off and can’t wait until Monday to beat DDP so badly that no yoga will help him this time

The Undertaker def. Booker T
- Booker throws Undertaker outside the ring where he gets attacked by Scott Steiner and Test
- Steiner and Test get into an argument and Taker is able to fight back
- In the meantime, Booker gets hit by Christian with the US title belt in the ring
- Taker steps back in the ring and puts Booker away with a huge chokeslam

Backstage: Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Nick Patrick
- Sean O’Haire says that nothing felt as good as hitting The Rock with a Senton Bomb on Raw
- Chuck Palumbo promises to take care of business tonight on Smackdown
- Nick Patrick says that Mike Chioda will pay for making the biggest mistake of his life, putting his hands on the WCW head official

Backstage: William Regal
- Commissioner Regal informs us that he will indeed sanction a match for Raw between Kurt Angle and Diamond Dallas Page
- Regal says that every WCW wrestler is banned from ringside

The Rock, Chris Jericho & Mike Chioda def. Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire & Nick Patrick
- Chioda and Patrick get physically involved in the match as Chioda chases Patrick into the ring, who is then put in the Walls of Jericho by Y2J
- The WCW Tag Champions save Patrick who leaves the ring but is thrown back into the ring by Earl Hebner
- Mike Chioda then spears Patrick and beats him up
- Patrick then gets hit with a Rock Bottom by The Rock
- Jericho follows with the Lionsault and, after being told by Rock to hit the People’s Elbow, Chioda pins Patrick
- WCW referee Charles Robinson comes out to check on Patrick but is also planted with a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow by Chioda
- Another WCW referee runs down and gets powerbombed twice by Jericho
- This time, Earl Hebner hits the People’s Elbow and the WWF officials celebrate with Rock and Jericho as Smackdown goes off the air

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