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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

August 30, 2001 from Detroit, MI

Opening Segment: Eric Bischoff
- Bischoff kicks off Smackdown
- Bischoff says he is sick and tired of both Stone Cold and The Undertaker
- Therefore he makes a match pitting Steve Austin against The Undertaker
- He says he hopes that they will tear each other apart
- Bischoff says if they don’t attempt to destroy each other, they will forfeit their resp. matches at Unforgiven which means neither one of them will get a shot at the WWF Title and in Stone Cold’s case, he will never again get a shot
- Steve Austin comes to the ring
- Austin says he has no problem kicking the Undertaker’s ass tonight but what happens if he beats him since Undertaker is the number one contender
- He says that would make him number one contender wouldn’t it
- Bischoff says Austin’s got a point, and if he beats The Undertaker he will indeed be the number one contender
- The Undertaker comes out and immediately confronts Bischoff
- Taker says he already told Bischoff to better not mess with him
- Taker says he and Stone Cold have been in a lot of battles
- He says that he will beat Austin tonight if that’s what it takes to go on to Unforgiven to win the WWF title
- Austin interrupts and asks Taker if that’s so
- Taker turns around and they both get in each other’s face
- Bischoff gets out of the ring
- He walks up the ramp and announces to make sure that they both don’t hold back and beat the living hell out of each other, he will be the Special Referee

The APA & Show-Gunns def. Scott Steiner, Test, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Edge wants to go the ring alone for his match against Kanyon later tonight
- Christian says he understands

Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho & The Rock
- The Rock locks in the Sharpshooter on Rey but Goldberg walks down the ramp
- The Rock lets go and signals Goldberg to “Just Bring It”
- Mysterio tries to attack Rock from behind but Rock counters and hits the Spinebuster
- Rock goes for the People’s Elbow but Shane interferes with a Flying Clothesline
- Jericho enters the ring and hits Shane with a Bulldog and then applies the Walls
- RVD breaks it up by hitting Y2J with a Flying kick from the top rope
- Rock then hits RVD with a Rock Bottom
- Goldberg gets on the apron and distracts the Rock
- Rock again sees Rey coming from behind and hits a Rock Bottom on him as well
- Rock gets up and Goldberg welcomes him with a Spear
- Goldberg throws Rey onto Rock and WCW ref Charles Robinson who let all of this happen counts the three

In Ring: Kurt Angle
- Kurt Angle’s music hits and Angle comes to the ring
- Angle grabs a mic and says that he tried to be a nice guy with DDP
- Angle says he was nice enough to kick out of three Diamond Cutters at Summerslam
- He says the next night he was enough to supply him with some good, wholesome milk
- He says this past Monday he was nice enough to invite DDP to wrestle him in a Tag match but DDP refused to accept and then not only attacked him after the match but also stole his gold medals
- Angle then issues a challenge to DDP for a match at Unforgiven in his hometown of Pittsburgh
- Then he calls DDP out to the ring because he wants his medals back
- Instead of DDP, Booker T and Shane McMahon come out
- Booker says he was robbed as well when the Rock stole his WCW title
- He says that the gold medals mean nothing compared to the WCW title
- Booker says he will add to the crime rate in Detroit by punking out Angle later tonight
- Angle attacks both men and knocks them out of the ring
- At that point, DDP appears on the Tron with Angle’s medals in hand
- DDP tells Angle if he wants his medals back he should come backstage and get them
- Angle makes his way backstage
- The camera follows Angle to the back and he walks by Scotty Too Hotty
- Scotty says he saw DDP getting in his car

Backstage: William Regal, Tajiri, Torrie
- Torrie is in the Commissioner’s office trying to get a job as his assistant
- Regal denies her offer
- Torrie then starts flirting with Tajiri as Lance Storm walks in
- Storm challenges Tajiri to a match tonight

Kanyon def. Edge
- Kanyon grabs a chair but Christian comes out and pulls it out of Kanyon’s hands
- Christian then goes to hit Kanyon but he ducks and Edge gets hits with the chair
- Kanyon punches Christian and pins Edge for the win
- After the match, Christian apologizes to his brother

Parking Lot: DDP
- DDP is sitting on the roof of his car waiting for Angle
- DDP says he is beginning to get a little bored

Parking Lot: Kurt Angle
- After commercial, Angle is in the parking lot looking for DDP
- Suddenly, a car nearly runs him over
- It was DDP, who starts laughing and holds the medals out the window asking Kurt if he wants to take a ride with his medals
- DDP drives off

Hurricane Helms & Ivory def. Spike Dudley & Molly Holly

Backstage: The Rock
- The Rock is still in the building pacing in the backstage area

Lance Storm def. Tajiri
- Torrie runs down to ringside
- Tajiri is distracted by her and Storm pins Tajiri after a superkick

Kurt Angle def. Booker T w/ Shane McMahon
- After interference from Shane McMahon, Booker hits the Axe Kick but Angle kicks out
- Angle hits the Angle Slam and applies the Ankle Lock
- Shane gets in the ring and hits the Angle Slam on Angle
- At this point, the Rock runs down to the ring and takes out WCW ref Charles Robinson
- The Rock then goes after Shane and beats on him in the corner
- Booker attacks Rock but Angle sneaks up and hits a German Suplex on Booker
- Earl Hebner runs out and counts the pin
- After the match, Booker beats on the Rock as Shane beats on Angle
- Angle fights back and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Shane
- The Rock also gains the advantage with a series right hands on Booker
- Suddenly, Goldberg appears at the exit in the crowd
- The Rock immediately storms out of the ring and towards him
- Once there, Goldberg has disappeared
- Back in the ring, Angle celebrates by drinking milk cartons
- DDP again appears on the Tron standing on the Detroit bridge
- He wonders what Angle will do to get his medals back
- He wants Angle to get on his knees and beg for them
- DDP says he has never seen a bigger crybaby than Kurt
- He wants Kurt to cry for him and then he would give him his medals back
- DDP then throws the medals into the river
- Kurt Angle is losing it

No. 1 Contender for the WWF Title; Special Ref.: Eric Bischoff: Undertaker def. Steve Austin
- During the match, the Outsiders walk out to the ramp
- Triple H atacks them from behind and they brawl backstage
- Austin accidentally pushes Taker into Bischoff
- Austin follows with the Stunner but Bischoff is down and can’t make the count
- Austin checks on Bischoff and then gets chokeslammed
- Bischoff counts but Austin kicks out
- Austin goes for another Stunner but Taker shoves him away right into Bischoff
- Hogan walks down to the ring and grabs a steel chair
- Hogan tries to hit Taker but Austin takes it away
- Austin chases away Hogan
- Taker sees Austin with the chair and thinks Austin went to hit him with it
- Taker attacks Austin and then Taker hits Austin with the chair and covers him
- Bischoff is back up and counts but Austin again kicks out
- Austin picks up the chair and Taker kicks it into Austin’s face
- Taker covers Austin and Bischoff starts counting
- Austin puts his foot on the rope but Bischoff counts to three
- Bischoff tries to raise Taker’s hand but he wouldn’t let him
- Taker stares down Bischoff, who immediately leaves the ring
- Austin gets back up and tries to tell Taker what happened
- Undertaker ignores it so Austin gives him the Stunner
- Hogan sneaks in the ring and nails Austin with a chair
- Taker gets back up and is also hit with a chair by Hogan
- With Hogan standing over the fallen Austin and Undertaker, Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
September 03, 2001 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scott Steiner & Test def. The APA
- Scott Steiner gets the victory for his team when Steven Richards interferes
- After the match, Stacy raises Steiner’s arm which seems to upset a jealous Test

In Ring: The Undertaker
- The Undertaker comes to the ring to kick off Raw
- Taker says after beating Steve Austin last week on Smackdown he now gets to fight Hollywood Hogan for the WWF title at Unforgiven
- Taker says he will be judge, jury and executioner of Hogan’s title reign and of the entire WCW
- Taker says after the match, he was stunned by Steve Austin and he doesn’t appreciate it
- Taker calls out Austin
- Steve Austin’s music hits and he walks down to the ring
- The two go face to face and after some trash talk by Taker, Austin flips him off
- Taker responds by punching Austin and the fight is on
- Austin and Taker brawl in and out of the ring and over the announce table
- Austin smashes Taker in a face with a TV monitor
- Referees pull Austin and Taker apart
- Austin breaks away and jumps a bloodied Undertaker
- Referees again pull them apart
- This time Taker breaks free and goes after Austin
- Refs try to pull them apart but Austin and Taker both smack the referees
- The two fight to the backstage area
- Bischoff is there with police and security
- Taker accidentally nails a police officer and gets handcuffed
- Austin is held back by security
- Hogan is watching from a distance laughing as The Undertaker is taken to jail

Backstage: William Regal, Tajiri
- Commissioner Regal warns Tajiri to watch out for Torrie Wilson
- Regal also says that he and Tajiri will take on the WCW Tag Team Champion Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire
- Regal says he if they won he has the right to book them in a WCW Tag Title match on Smackdown

Backstage: DDP & Ric Flair
- DDP and Flair arrive at the arena
- DDP seems nervous and looks over his shoulder every other second
- Stephanie welcomes then and tells DDP how greats it was what he did to Kurt Angle’s gold medals
- DDP asks Stephanie if she has seen Angle lately
- Steph says no but tells DDP that she has a big surprise for him later

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. Tajiri & William Regal
- Torrie Wilson comes to ringside during the match
- Regal gets knocked out of the ring and knocks Torrie over by accident
- Tajiri is distracted by that and gets caught with a Djungle Kick by Palumbo for the win
- The WCW Tag champions continue the assault on Tajiri after the match but Regal makes the save

Backstage: Booker, Christian & Edge
- Booker runs into Edge & Christian
- They make fun of Booker’s haircut and Booker challenges one of them to a match for the US title
- Christian immediately accepts which irritates Edge somewhat

Backstage: DDP & Ric Flair
- Stephanie enters DDP locker and DDP jumps out of his skin
- DDP tells Steph that she needs to knock because she scared Flair to death
- Steph apologizes and tells DDP that his surprise is getting nearer
- DDP says Flair wants to know if Angle is anywhere nearby and Steph says not to worry
- Steph leaves and Flair pads DDP on the shoulder and DDP jumps out of his skin again

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- As Christian prepares for his match against Booker T, Edge enters the room
- Edge tells Christian that it would be totally cool if he won the US title
- Christian agrees and tells Edge not to come to ringside because he wants to win the title on his own

In Ring: Eric Bischoff:
- Bischoff comes to the ring
- Bischoff admits that he did a lousy job officiating the Austin vs Taker match last week
- Bischoff apologizes to Steve Austin
- Suddenly, Steve Austin comes to the ring
- Austin says Bischoff is full of crap
- He tells Bischoff he’s pissed off
- Bischoff says since The Undertaker is in jail, Austin has to find a new partner to team against Scott Hall and Kevin Nash tonight
- He says if he can’t find one it will be a handicap match
- Bischoff leaves and Austin still looks upset at Bischoff

US Title: Booker T w/ Shane McMahon def. Christian to retain the US title
- Shane McMahon constantly interferes on Booker’s behalf
- Christian goes for the Unprettier but Shane jumps on the apron
- Booker counters and shoves Christian into Shane and hits Christian with the Book End for the win
- After the match, Booker and Shane beat down Christian some more until the Dudleyz run down and chase them away

Backstage: Triple H & Steve Austin
- Triple H walks in Austin’s locker
- Hunter offers to be Austin’s tag partner for one night only
- Austin says he doesn’t trust anybody and especially him
- Austin says he doesn’t want nor does he need a partner
- Triple H says he knows that but he will go out there with him whether he likes it or not

Backstage: Stephanie, Flair & DDP
- Stephanie says it’s time for DDP’s surprise
- Steph leads DDP to the Parking Lot
- Stephanie shows DDP his surprise, a brand new car
- DDP tells Steph he loves his new car
- Out of nowhere, Kurt Angle appears with a tire iron and knocks out Flair and DDP
- Angle throws Page in the car and jumps into it as well and drives of
- Stephanie attends to Flair and screams for help

Ivory & Hurricane Helms def. Lita & Matt Hardy

Backstage: William Regal
- Backstage, Regal is informed that something has happened
- Regal follows the official to a room and where Triple H lies unconscious surrounded by other officials
- Hunter gets stretchered out and is taken to the hospital
- Regal says he has a good idea who did this

Backstage: Edge, Christian & Lance Storm
- Edge tries to console his brother
- Lance Storm walks in and says they are both pathetic
- Edge says he is pathetic and challenges him to a match

Backstage: Stephanie
- Stephanie is calling the cops when she sees footage of Angle appearing on TV
- Angle parks the car and speaks to DDP, who is blindfolded and chained up
- Angle takes off the blindfold and shows DDP that they are on a bridge
- Angle threatens DDP to throw him over the bridge into the river
- DDP keeps saying that he is sorry
- Angle says he will not throw him off the bridge because it isn’t high enough
- Stephanie demands the WCW wrestlers to go help DDP

Edge def. Lance Storm
- After the match, Storm goes to assault Edge with a steel chair
- Christian runs down with a chair of his own running off Storm
- Suddenly, Christian smacks Edge over the head with the chair
- Christian screams at Edge and keeps pounding on him with the chair

Backstage: William Regal & The Outsiders
- Regal confronts Hall and Nash for beating up Triple H
- Regal says it will still be a tag match because Austin can find new partner

Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy def. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

Backstage: Big Show & Steve Austin
- Big Show approaches Steve Austin in his locker
- Show says Austin might not want him as his tag partner but tonight he will be
- Show tells Austin that he has unfinished business with the NWO
- Austin simply leaves the locker and Big Show follows him

Somewhere in Toronto: Kurt Angle & DDP
- Angle leads DDP to the edge of a higher bridge
- DDP says he is sorry for throwing his medals in the river and he would go back and get them
- Angle says it’s too late for that
- Angle blindfolds DDP again and says he wants him to beg
- Angle says if he wouldn’t beg he would throw him over the bridge faster than DDP threw his medals over the edge last week
- DDP kind of begs and Angle says he is pathetic
- Angle wants him to cry
- DDP says he can’t cry and Angle again tells him to
- DDP starts to somewhat cry and Angle calls him a joke
- DDP mumbles how sorry how stupid it was to throw the medals in the river
- Angle says there is one thing he wants more than his medals and that’s a rematch at Unforgiven in his hometown of Pittsburgh
- DDP says he’s got it
- Angle says DDP is still going in the water and shoves him down into a wading pool

In Ring: The Rock
- The Rock comes to the ring
- The Rock says he is not afraid of Goldberg or anybody else for that matter
- The Rock says Goldberg wants the Rock at Unforgiven and he’s got the Rock at Unforgiven
- The Rock says he wants Goldberg just as bad
- The Rock says he doesn’t want to wait to Unforgiven, he wants Goldberg now
- At this point, Goldberg appears on the TitanTron
- Goldberg says Rock is lucky because he couldn’t be in Toronto tonight
- Goldberg says the Rock can says whatever he wants but the fact remains that he is next
- The Rock says he ain’t next, Goldberg is next
- The Rock poses on the turnbuckle and suddenly Goldberg appears behind him
- The Rock gets off the turnbuckle, turns around and gets speared in half by Goldberg

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/ Hollywood Hogan def. Big Show & Steve Austin
- Hogan grabs the mic before the match and talks about his match Undertaker
- Hogan says if The Undertaker was smart he’d stay in jail and not show up at Unforgiven
- He says if he does show up he will run Dead Man Inc. out of business
- Austin is isolated from Show by the Outsiders
- Austin is able to hit the Stunner on hall out of nowhere but is unable to make the cover
- Austin goes to tag in Big Show
- Big Show enters the ring, turns around and chokeslams Steve Austin
- Big Show has joined the NWO and celebrates together with Hall, Nash and Hogan
- The NWO beat down Austin as Eric Bischoff comes to the ring
- The NWO hold Austin up and Bischoff hits a roundhouse kick knocking Austin out cold
- They spray paint Austin as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

I want to read this but it's hard I'm afraid. Everything is the same color and it just seems too 'listed'. Like you're recent 'segment' with the Rock. I got tired of reading "The Rock Says". Just work on making the format better as well as putting more detail into everything, especially matches.

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by TomahawkJock View Post
I want to read this but it's hard I'm afraid. Everything is the same color and it just seems too 'listed'. Like you're recent 'segment' with the Rock. I got tired of reading "The Rock Says". Just work on making the format better as well as putting more detail into everything, especially matches.
Thanks for the feedback, I'd like to comment on it though.

Personally, I don't like this various colours thing, it's too much. When you read a book it has the same colour and type art on all pages, doesn't it?

I get what you're saying about the Rock segment even though that was a very short promo. But I'm more careful next time.

As for the format itself. To me, listing it is the most attractive format. I don't like reading long paragraphs with 10 sentences, I get lost in that and nothing can be remembered. This is actually easier to read and to remember, try it if you haven't.

TV shows are for angles, character development and storylines. It only makes sense to go into detail about wrestling matches if there's some sort of angle that furthers a storyline in it. PPV's are for the wrestling, did you read Summerslam yet?
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

September 04, 2001 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Opening Segment: Steve Austin
- Stone Cold kicks off Raw and comes to the ring
- Steve Austin opens a beer before saying a word
- Austin says he’s in a bad mood and pissed off
- He says he will kick Eric Bischoff’s sorry ass at Unforgiven
- Austin says tonight he wants a match with Big Show
- Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he comes to the stage
- Eric says Big Show isn’t here tonight
- He sets-up Steve Austin and Triple H vs Scott Hall and Kevin Nash instead
- Bischoff says that he will be the special referee for that match
- He reminds Austin that he can’t touch him

Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio def. The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita
- Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Kidman and Jeff follows with the Swanton Bomb
- Suddenly, Terri runs to the ring and distracts the ref
- Lita pulls Terri off the apron
- Behind the Hardyz, Raven enters the ring
- Raven kicks Jeff and hits the Evenflow DDT
- Mysterio coves for the win
- After the match, Lita gets in the ring to confront Terri and goes for the Twist of Fate
- Raven grabs her and DDT’s her as well
- Matt attacks Raven but Rey and Kidman hold him up for Raven to hit him with the DDT
- Raven and Terri celebrate with Mysterio and Kidman and have obviously joined WCW

Backstage: Triple H & William Regal
- Triple H enters Regal’s office
- He says that it was Big Show that attacked him last week from behind
- Hunter wants revenge on him
- Regal says Big Show is apparently not here tonight
- Hunter says he will get his revenge one way or another

Backstage: DDP & Ric Flair
- DDP and Flair arrive at the arena
- They enter the WCW locker and none of the other WCW wrestlers look him in the eye
- Flair asks what the hell is wrong with them
- He tells them DDP begged and cried for them on Raw and none of them where there to help him
- Chavo Guerrero enters and makes a comment about Page being humiliated
- DDP yells at him and then kicks his ass
- The other WCW wrestlers pull him off and DDP leaves
- Flair warns them to never do that again and follows Page

In Ring: Christian
- After attacking his brother on Raw, Christian heads to the ring to explain his actions
- Christian says Edge made him do what he did on Monday
- He calls Edge selfish, jealous and bitter
- He challenges Booker T to another match at Unforgiven for the US Title
- Christian says it will eat Edge alive to see him win a singles title

Backstage: Eric Bischoff & Debra
- Bischoff is on the phone in his office as Debra enters
- Eric tries to kiss up to Debra
- She says Austin has a message for him
- Debra then slaps Bischoff across the face and leaves
- Bischoff whines about not getting any respect

Backstage: DDP, Flair & Shawn Stasiak
- Flair is trying to calm DDP down when Stasiak walks by
- Stasiak offers Page a cup of coffee
- Page drinks it but says it’s too hot and throws the coffee in Stasiak’s face
- DDP then beats up Stasiak and tells Flair to get a paramedic cause he burnt his mouth

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall def. Steve Austin & Triple H by Countout; Special referee: Eric Bischoff
- After a long match, Austin hits the Stunner on Hall as Nash and Hunter brawl to backstage
- Bischoff doesn’t count Austin’s pin attempt but instead counts out Triple H who is the legal man
- Bischoff declares the Outsiders the winners by Countout
- Bischoff immediately leaves the ring Austin hits Hall with another Stunner

Backstage: William Regal & Tajiri
- Commissioner Regal is disgusted by what happened and thinks what he should do about it
- Apparently, Tajiri proposes a match against Hollywood Hogan
- Regal says that’s a good idea and that he will take on Hogan tonight
- He says it will be non-title though because Undertaker is the number one contender

Steven Richards vs Bradshaw w/ Faarooq ends in a No-Contest
- Steven Richards comes out to the ring
- He blames the APA for the disbanding of the RTC
- Richards says that’s why he steviekicked Bradshaw on Raw,
- He challenges Bradshaw to a match which Bradshaw accepts
- Bradshaw comes out with Faarooq and goes right after Steven
- Richards grabs a chair and walks up the ramp
- Bradshaw goes after him and Richards says he got himself a little protection
- At this point, Faarooq gets attacked by Brian Adams back in the ring
- Bradshaw comes back for the save but is attacked by Bryan Clarke, the other half of Kronik
- Steven is back in the ring and tells Kronik to continue the assault
- Kronik hit the double chokeslam on both Faarooq and Bradshaw

Backstage: The NWO & Eric Bischoff
- Hogan, Hall and Nash are in Bischoff’s office celebrating the Outsider’s victory
- Hogan says he’s got to get ready for his match against William Regal tonight
- Eric says the Commissioner likes to book himself in matches, but so does he
- Bischoff then makes a match for Raw: Big Show, Hall and Nash against Austin, Triple H and their partner Eric Bischoff

Test w/ Stacy def. Billy Gunn
- Scott Steiner interferes as Stacy distracts the referee
- Test hits the Big Boot for the win and it seems as if both men are still on the same page

Backstage: DDP& Flair
- Flair convinces DDP to go out to the ring and explain himself

In Ring: DDP & Ric Flair
- Flair says he can’t believe how bloodthirsty the WWF fans are as they were cheering when Kurt Angle was about to throw Page off the bridge
- DDP says that the name “Unforgiven” is fitting because he would never forgive Kurt for what he did on Monday
- He says at Unforgiven he wouldn't be chained down or blindfolded and he will not be beaten
- Kurt Angle comes out to the stage
- Angle says e would never forgive DDP for throwing his medals over the bridge
- Kurt says that he saw a side of DDP that he had never seen before
- He says that at Unforgiven, DDP will see a side of Kurt Angle to make him wish he never messed with him

Backstage: DDP
- After the break, Page is in the WCW locker and is pissed
- He says he wants to kick somebody’s ass tonight
- Page says he will fight the next person to walk through the door

Backstage: The Rock
- Lilian Gracia asks the rock about his match with Goldberg at Unforgiven
- He says Unforgiven will be electrifying
- The Rock says Goldberg vs The Rock is a dream match but at Unforgiven this dream will turn into a nightmare for Goldberg

Backstage: DDP
- Page is still awaiting the next person to walk through the door and suddenly, RVD walks in
- DDP tells him that they will go one-on-one tonight

Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Lance Storm & Booker T def. Dudley Boyz, Chris Jericho & Rock
- The WCW team isolates the Rock for a long time but Rock is finally able to tag in Y2J
- Jericho hits the Lionsault on Booker but Storm breaks up the pin
- Moments later, The Dudleyz hit the 3-D on Storm
- Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Booker but Shane interferes
- Y2J grabs Shane and locks him in the Walls of Jericho
- Suddenly, Goldberg appears and spears Jericho
- Booker pins Jericho to pick up the win for his team
- The WCW guys leave as Rock stares after Goldberg
- Goldberg screams “You’re Next” and Rock signals to “Just Bring It”

Backstage: DDP, Flair & RVD
- Flair asks DDP if he wants to go through with this as RVD enters the room
- DDP tells RVD that tonight his name will be Kurt Angle
- RVD says his name is “Rob Van Dam”
- RVD leaves and DDP is furious

Rob Van Dam def. Diamond Dallas Page w/ Ric Flair in a non-title match
- DDP attacks RVD before the bell
- Page goes for the Diamond Cutter but RVD counters it into a dropkick
- Van Dam tries the rolling thunder but Page gets his knees up
- DDP tells Flair to give him a chair which he does
- Page goes to hit RVD but he hits the Van Daminator
- RVD attempts the Five Star but Page is back up and climbs the rope
- Van Dam knocks him down and delivers the Five Star but misses
- DDP hits the Diamond Cutter but instead of going for the cover, he applies the Ankle lock
- Kurt Angle’s music starts playing and Angle walks out
- Page immediately lets go
- RVD takes advantage and rolls up Page for the upset victory
- Angle laughs at a stunned DDP

Hollywood Hulk Hogan def. William Regal w/ Tajiri by DQ in a non-title match
- Tajiri accompanies William Regal to the ring for this non-title match
- The two brawl outside the ring
- Regal seems to have hurt his knee and Hogan gets back in the ring
- The referee goes to the outside to check on Regal
- Tajiri sneaks in the ring and spit the green mist in Hogan’s face and knocks Hogan out with a viscious kick to the head
- The Outsiders run out and chase Tajiri out of the arena
- Regal suddenly jumps back up and enters the ring
- He orders a stunned ref to count the pin
- The referee finally does but Hogan kicks out
- At this point, The Undertaker walks down to the ring and attacks Hogan
- Undertaker grabs the WWF title belt and nails Hogan with it
- Undertaker then chokeslams Hogan as Smackdown goes off the air

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I'd be a lot more into this if
1) There was more detail put into the shows.
2) You weren't doing things that were actually being done on TV at the time.

Big thanks to Praetorian Guard for the sig!
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Quick question, how're you gonna deal with the 9/11 attacks? Sensitive topic, I know, I just wonder if you'll hold a tribute show, or will you just gloss over it or simply take the week off TV?

WWE 2013: The Revival by NiallF96

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by murder View Post
Personally, I don't like this various colours thing, it's too much. When you read a book it has the same colour and type art on all pages, doesn't it?

As for the format itself. To me, listing it is the most attractive format. I don't like reading long paragraphs with 10 sentences, I get lost in that and nothing can be remembered. This is actually easier to read and to remember, try it if you haven't.

TV shows are for angles, character development and storylines. It only makes sense to go into detail about wrestling matches if there's some sort of angle that furthers a storyline in it. PPV's are for the wrestling, did you read Summerslam yet?
The colour isn't an issue as much. The listing is. It's not attractive and it looks lazy whether it be intentional or not. You just skim through it, "He said this" in short sentences one after another in list format etc. It's completely forgettable. You're skimming through it writing it, so will the reader. It's like boring lists you skim through every day. There's no emotion to it to connect to. You can't visualise the promo at all. Do you not think it's strange no other BTB's are written that way? There's a reason why. It's just not interesting or ever going to work.

List format and lack of detail completely undersell anything you're trying to do. Like I said a while ago now, you're wasting your own time continuing still in this format. You've not learnt from that despite others clearly telling you the same. The rate in that you churn out shows also makes it look like you're more concerned getting shows out than the quality of them. Most people take two weeks to post a show. In that time you've probably posted at least 10!

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by niallf96 View Post
Quick question, how're you gonna deal with the 9/11 attacks? Sensitive topic, I know, I just wonder if you'll hold a tribute show, or will you just gloss over it or simply take the week off TV?
That's a good question. For me, there can only be one answer and that is to skip the entire show. That's what should have happened back then in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post
You can't visualise the promo at all.

You've not learnt from that despite others clearly telling you the same.
As for visualizing, it's funny you say that because I've read the complete opposite a few pages ago.

Who are those "others"? Only two people (you being one of them) seem to have a problem with this, while every other feedback has been positive.

I'm glad you're still reading it after two months though, despite apparently not liking it.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
September 10, 2001 from San Antonio, TX

Opening Segment: The New World Order
- Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and the newest NWO member The Big Show come to the ring
- Kevin Nash talks about his match with Triple H at Unforgiven
- Scott Hall says that he will be in his Kev’s corner
- Big Show shows footage of him turning on Stone Cold last week
- Big Show explains why he did it
- He says that last year he was main eventing Wrestlemania and now he’s just wasting his time
- Show says the WWF have no idea what to do with the biggest and baddest superstar in company history and that’s why he left the WWF
- The Big Show says that the NWO just got bigger and badder
- Suddenly, Shawn Michaels’ music hits and San Antonio’s own, The Heartbreak Kid comes to the stage
- Shawn starts off by telling Big Show to stop whining
- Shawn announces that he will officially be in Triple H’s corner at Unforgiven
- HBK then says that he talked to the Commissioner earlier today and Regal assigned him to referee tonights main event between the NWO, Eric Bischoff, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Backstage: The Undertaker
- Undertaker arrives and tells a security guy to watch his bike
- He says it won’t be long
- In the background, we see Hollywood Hogan standing in the parking lot watching Taker

Team Xtreme def. Ivory, Hurricane Helms & Lance Storm
- Matt Hardy hits the Legdrop from the second turnbuckle on Helms but Lance Storm hits him with a superkick
- Jeff throws Storm out of the ring and sails over the top rope taking him out
- This leaves Lita and Ivory in the ring and as Lita is about to get the pin, Lance Storm breaks it up
- Jeff Hardy is back as well and stops Storm from finishing off Lita
- Hurricane knocks down Jeff which allows Matt to hit him with the Twist of Fate setting up Helms for a moonsault by Lita for the win

Backstage: Undertaker
- Undertaker returns but his bike is missing
- He grab the security guard and asks who took it
- The guy says that Hollywood Hogan took his bike

Backstage: William Regal, Tajiri and Torrie
- Commissioner Regal informs Tajiri that he has a match tonight with Kanyon
- Regal tells Tajiri to focus on the match and not on Torrie

Backstage: Ric Flair & DDP
- Flair is in his office talking to DDP
- DDP is still upset about what happened last week on Raw and then on Smackdown
- Christian enters the office and demand another shot for Booker’s US title at Unforgiven
- Flair says that Christian knows that Edge will be getting the shot
- Christian says but he took Edge out last Monday so he should be getting the match
- Flair says Christian did impress him last week so he will get his shot at Unforgiven and it will be a Triple Threat Match between himself, Edge and Booker T
-As Christian leaves, DDP wonders what Flair is thinking putting Booker against two opponents
- Flair explains that all Booker has to do is watch Edge & Christian kill each other
- Rob Van Dam enters the office as Flair wanted to see him
- Flair books him in a match against Kurt Angle tonight
- RVD asks if it’s for the Hardcore Title because he likes the Hardcore style better
- DDP says he’s so confident in him that he should put the title on the line

Tajiri def. Kanyon
- Tajiri applies the Tarantual on Kanyon but he can fight out of it
- Kanyon tries to finish off Tajiri when Torrie interferes which distracts Kanyon
- Kanyon turns around and Tajiri spits his green mist in Kanyon’s face and gets the pin

In Ring: Hollywood Hogan
- The Undertaker’s music hits and Hollywood Hogan drives Taker’s bike to the ring
- Tajiri is still in the ring so Hogan takes his belt off and smacks Tajiri several times with it and chokes him out
- Torrie pleads with Hogan let go off him
- Hogan backs off but then delivers the Legdrop and kicks Tajiri out of the ring
- Hogan then calls out The Undertaker
- The Undertaker comes out to the stage
- Taker says that Hogan should know that you don’t touch another man’s bike
- Undertaker threatens Hogan and gives him one chance to give his bike back
- Hogan says all Taker does is making empty threats
- Taker immediately starts walking towards the ring
- Hogan tells him to stop or he will run his dead ass over
- Taker quickly approaches Hogan who has trouble starting the bike
- Taker grabs Hogan, who was hiding a steel pipe in his jacket, and Hogan smacks Taker over the head with it
- Hogan drives to the back as Undertaker slowly recovers
- The camera follows Hogan backstage and Hogan parks the bike and gets into a big trailor truck
- Hogan then runs over the bike with the truck
- Hogan then leaves the arena in the NWO limo
- Taker speeds to the backstage area and finds his bike completely destroyed
- Taker is pissed and throws a guy out of his car to follow Hogan's limo

Booker T, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. Chris Jericho & The APA
- As Booker and Bradshaw fight to the outside, Booker grabs a chair
- Faarooq pulls the chair from Booker and Bradshaw can fight back
- Booker goes for Axe kick but Bradshaw blocks it and hits Booker with the Clothesline from Hell as Steven Richards runs in
- Bradshaw knocks Richards down but Booker takes advantage of the distraction and hits the Scissor’s Kick for the win
- After the match, Bradshaw grabs Steven and sets him up for the Powerbomb when Kronik run down and break it up
- Kronik powerbomb both Acolytes through tables

Backstage: RVD & DDP
- DDP orders RVD to take Kurt Angle out for him
- DDP yells at RVD to show him what he’s got
- RVD thinks DDP should calm down, he’s got everything under control because he’s “RV” as Page cuts in and says he knows who he is
- DDP angrily tells him to go out there and get it done

Hardcore Title: Kurt Angle def. Rob Van Dam to win the Hardcore Title
- Angle applies the Ankle lock but RVD can make it to the ropes
- A second attempt for the Ankle Lock is countered by RVD who smashes Angle in the head with a steel chair
- Angle fights back and hits the Angle Slam on RVD onto the chair
- Both men fight to the outside and brawl back up the entrance ramp
- Angle counters a Spiining Kick by RVD and puts him in the Ankle Lock for the title win
- Suddenly, DDP appears and throws Angle off the stage
- DDP helps Van Dam and then throws him down as well and onto Angle
- DDP tells the ref to count the pinfall which he does and RVD regains the Hardcore Title
- DDP walks to the back and has a sinister smile on his face
- EMT’s are out and put Angle on a stretcher and move him out of the arena in an ambulance

In Ring: The Rock
- WCW champion The Rock comes out and immediately calls out Goldberg
- Instead, Gillberg comes out
- The Rock makes fun of Gillberg for a few minutes until the real Goldberg comes out
- Goldberg hits the ring and stares down the Rock, who doesn’t make a move
- The two go face to face as Gillberg starts pounding on Goldberg
- Goldberg absolutely destroys Gillberg with a Spear
- The Rock then delivers a Rock Bottom on Goldberg
- The Rock leaves the ring and walks up the ramp
- Goldberg quickly recovers and the two stare each other down

Stacy, Scott Steiner & Test def. Molly & The Dudley Boyz w/ Spike
- Steiner gets the pinfall victory
- After the match, Stacy wants the two to shake hands which they do

NWO vs Eric Bischoff, Triple H & Steve Austin with HBK as Referee ends in a No-Contest
- Bischoff doesn’t get involved at all in the match so it’s basically a handicap match
- Austin is isolated for a long time until making the hot tag to Tripe H
- Hunter is fired up, knocks down Hall and then clotheslines Nash over the top rope
- Triple H hits Scott Hall with the Pedigree and goes for the cover
- Nash pulls Triple H out of the ring and then powerbombs Triple H through the announce table
- Nash gets back on the apron but HBK hits him with a Sweet Chin Music
- Back in the ring, Austin hits Hall with a Stunner and Shawn starts to count
- Big Show grabs HBK and chokeslams him
- Eric Bischoff grabs a chair on the outside
- Show tries to clothesline Austin but he ducks and hits a Stunner on him
- Shawn is still out and Austin goes to check on him
- Bischoff sneaks in the ring and as Austin turns, whacks him over the head with the chair
- As Austin gets back up, Bischoff knocks him out with a kick to the head
- The NWO members are back up and celebrate with Bischoff
- Then they spraypaint Austin, Shawn and Hunter as Raw goes off the air

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