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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

August 02, 2001 from Washington, DC

Opening Segment: D-Generation-X
- The familiar D-X music hits and Shawn Michaels & Triple H come to the ring wearing old school D-X t-shirts
- Triple H does his classic “are you ready” speech
- HBK follows with the “if you ain’t down with that” line
- Eric Bischoff comes out with security
- Bischoff says he’s happy that HBK and HHH are back together, in fact he’s so happy that he officially makes Shawn Hunter’s manager
- HBK tells Bischoff he has major problem with Bischoff telling him what to do
- Bischoff says Shawn will do what he’s telling because he’s Eric Bischoff
- Bischoff says HBK doesn’t have the sroke he once had in the WWF
- HBK says he doesn’t need stroke but he does whatever he wants to do
- Bischoff says that since Shawn is unable to perform as an active wrestler, he has two choices
- He either will be Hunter’s manager or he will be fired
- Shawn says if he’s given the choice that’s not his way or the highway, he always picks the highway
- Eric Bischoff then proceeds to fire Shawn Michaels
- Bischoff tells security to escort Shawn out of the arena which they do
- Hunter yells at Bischoff and threatens him
- Through the crowd, the Outsiders appear
- Hunter smacks Bischoff when Hall and Nash enter the ring and attack him
- Hunter can fight back but the Outsiders eventually get the upper hand
- Hall hits the Outsider’s Edge and Nash follows with the Jacknife
- Nash gets the sledgehammer from under the ring and nails Triple H with it
- They rip off Hunter’s D-X shirt and spray paint “NWO” on his back

The Hardy Boyz def. Mark Jindrak & Shawn Stasiak

Backstage: Stephanie & Jericho
- Jericho walks backstage and runs into Stephanie
- Jericho makes fun of her as E&C approach them and join him in making fun of her
- Stephanie says they will pay for that

Backstage: Scott Steiner
- Steiner is shown in a shrine to Undertaker’s wife Sara
- He says Sara and he are soulmates

Kane def. Kanyon

Backstage: Stephanie, Storm, Palumbo & O’Haire
- Steph tells them to take out Jericho, E&C for good

In Ring Segment: The Rock
- The Rock makes his way to the ring
- He explains that he didn’t come back for Vince McMahon but for the people
- Rock says he was born in the WWF and will never leave the WWF and will forever be the People’s Champion
- Rock is interrupted by WCW Champion Booker T
- Rock asks Booker who he is and as Booker answers, he does the “It doesn’t matter” line
- Booker says it should matter because he is out to challenge the Rock to a match at Summerslam
- Rock says he doesn’t want to wait until Summerslam and just kick Booker’s ass in Washington, DC
- Shane McMahon comes out
- Shane demands that Rock respects Booker
- Shane calls out Rock to a Street Fight on Raw next Monday
- Rock accepts both challenges

Lance Storm, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian
- Jericho has Palumbo in the Walls when Storm superkicks him allowing Palumbo to cover him

In Ring Segment: Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Steve Austin walks to the ring, still limping from the attack on Raw
- He brings a steel chair with him
- Before Austin can say a word, the NWO’s music hits and the NWO comes out on the stage
- Austin says as soon they hit the ring, they will get their asses handed to them
- Hogan says, after what he did on Monday, Austin is no position to make any threats
- Hogan says this was just the beginning of the Rattlesnake being treated like an animal
- Hall says at Summerslam, Austin will go down and out
- Nash asks Hogan if they should take out Austin right now
- Austin interrupts him and says he will come up the ramp and take them out
- Stone Cold walks halfway up the ramp, then takes some kind of device out from his jacket
- Austin aims at the Outsiders and then fires a huge net on Hall and Nash trapping them
- Hogan is stunned and then tries to free his buddies
- But Austin is quicker and starts attacking Hulk
- Hall and Nash can finally free themselves and Austin walks to the back
- Hall and Nash help Hogan up and they go looking for Stone Cold

Kurt Angle def. Rey Mysterio
- Kurt says he will not cry about losing the WCW title to Booker T on Raw
- Instead, he wants to challenge DDP to a match at Summerslam
- Kurt promises to break Page’s ankle in two
- Kurt says since they’re in the nation’s capitol, he wants to lead the crowd in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and he does
- DDP’s music interrupts and he comes out
- He accepts Kurt’s challenge for Summerslam and pledges to whip Kurt’s red, white and blue ass
- DDP brings out Kurt’s opponent for tonight, Rey Mysterio
- Angle beats with Rey after countering a Top Rope Hurricanrana into the Ankle Lock

WCW Title: The Undertaker w/Sara def. Booker T w/Shane by DQ
- Shane constantly interferes in the match
- Taker goes for a chokeslam but Shane threatens Sara and Taker lets go of Booker to go after Shane on the outside
- This allows Booker to grab a chair and hit Taker with it causing a DQ
- Booker throws Taker back in the ring and goes to hit Taker again
- The Rock runs down and hits Booker with a Rock Bottom

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
August 06, 2001 from Anahaim, CA

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon
- Vince McMahon opens the show
- He says last week Eric Bischoff fired Shawn Michaels
- He says Bischoff fired Shawn because of his inability to perform as an active wrestler anymore
- He says once again Eric Bischoff proved he has neither good business instincts nor any moral whatsoever
- Vince says Shawn has nothing left to prove, he proved himself a long time ago
- He says Shawn was the greatest in-ring performer in history
- Vince calls Shawn an Icon
- He says you don’t fire someone who literally broke his back for your company
- Vince then reinstates Shawn Michaels and brings out the Heartbreak Kid
- Shawn Michaels comes out
- He thanks Vince that he got his job back
- He says he doesn’t want to be a liability to this company however
- Shawn says he doesn’t want to be back to be Commissioner, to be a spokesperson or to be a manager
- He says that was all fine and well for a period of time but all he has ever wanted to do was to step inside the ring and give these fans a show they have never seen
- He says that’s why he talked to his doctors and there are a few final tests left but there’s a really good chance that he will be cleared to wrestle again very soon
- Shawn says he already knows who his first opponents should be
- He says he demands the two men he used to call his best friends and that took out Hunter on Smackdown to come out right now
- Shawn calls out Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the Outsiders
- However, Eric Bischoff comes out to the stage, as always with security
- Bischoff congratulates that he finally got his fire back and that’s all he wanted
- Bischoff says the Outsiders aren’t here yet
- Shawn tells Bischoff to either bring him the Outsiders or he’ll be find them
- Shawn leaves the ring and walks by Eric Bischoff to the backstage area

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam def. Kane to retain
- Scott Steiner interferes and hits Kane with a Steel Pipe
- RVD hits the Five-Star Frogsplash for the pin
- Kane chases Steiner away after the match

Parking Lot: Shawn Michaels
- Shawn is seen in the Parking Lot waiting for Hall and Nash to arrive
- Shawn has Triple H’s sledgehammer in hand

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Billy Kidman def. X-Pac to win the Cruiserweight title

Backstage: Scott Steiner
- Steiner is in front of his shrine to Sara
- Steiner says he wants his Sara

Parking Lot: Shawn Michaels
- Shawn is still waiting for Hall and Nash when Eric Bischoff approaches and warns him to not do anything he will regret
- Shawn just looks at him and wonders what Bischoff will do about it
- Bischoff tells him to wait and see

Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle def. DDP & Lance Storm
- Angle can make Storm tap to the Ankle Lock as DDP watches on from the outside

Parking Lot: Shawn Michaels & The NWO
- Shawn is still outside the arena waiting for Hall and Nash
- A limousine arrives and Shawn gets ready to attack
- The NWO get out and see Shawn with the sledgehammer in hand
- Just as Shawn goes for the attack, police is there to apparently arrest Shawn
- Hall and Nash use this distraction and attack Shawn from behind
- “Police” don’t do anything about it
- Nash then throws HBK through the side window of a car
- Hogan tells the “police officers” they did a great job
- After a commercial break, HBK is loaded into an ambulance
- Vince and Regal arrive at the scene
- Vince gets in the NWO’s face and calls them sons of bitches
- Vince pushes Hogan but Regal holds him back
- Vince says they’re gonna pay for it
- Vince says he’s going to the hospital and asks Regal if he knows what to do
- Regal assures him that he does

Rey Mysterio def. Christian w/ Edge

Backstage: Kane, Undertaker, Sara
- Sara and Undertaker arrive
- Kane tells Taker that Steiner has set up a shrine to Sara
- Taker says it’s time to end this once and for all

Backstage: Kurt Angle & The Rock
- Angle comes into Rock’s locker
- Angle says he knows they don’t like each other
- Rock says he is willing to start with a clean slate
- Angle gives Rock a big glass of milk
- Rock thanks Kurt for the milk but says he prefers pie
- Angle says he will bring him pie next time
- Kurt wishes Rock luck for his street fight against Shane tonight

Backstage: Regal & Bischoff
- Regal storms in Bischoff’s office
- Regal says he know he’s behind the paid off police officers and is responsible that Shawn was brutalized
- Bischoff denies everything of course
- Regal says knew Bischoff liked to play dirty but he had no idea
- Regals says it’s ok because he can play dirty as well
- Regal then makes a match for later tonight, Booker T defending his WCW title against Stone Cold Steve Austin
- He says not only will Austin become the new WCW champion if he wins but Hollywood Hogan will also lose his shot at the WWF title at Summerslam
- Bischoff says he can’t do that and Regal says he just did and leaves

Backstage: Undertaker
- Taker enters the room where Sara’s shrine is
- Taker gets pissed off and throws stuff around
- A shadow lurks and somebody starts laughing
- The shadow jumps out and Taker attacks him but it’s not Steiner it’s Mike Awesome
- Out of nowhere, Steiner attacks Taker
- Awesome and Steiner beat down Taker until Kane enters and chases them off

Footage: Booker T
- We see footage of Booker T from earlier today in Hollywood auditioning for a movie role
- They ask about the Rock and Booker says he is a bigger star than the Rock
- Booker says he will take out the Rock at Summerslam

WCW Title: Steve Austin def. Booker T by DQ
- A few minutes into the match, the NWO comes to the ring and attacks Austin
- Austin fights back but the NWO is too much for him
- Hogan gets a wrench from under the ring and nails Austin in the head with it
- Austin is bloodied as the NWO leaves
- Hogan comes back and nails Austin again
- After commercial, Austin refuses medical attention and is barely able to walk to the back

The Rock def. Shane McMahon in a Street Fight
- Booker T interferes but the Rock can take him out and finishes off Shane for the win
- Immediately after the match, Booker attacks the Rock
- Booker beats down Rock and then places him on the Announce table
- Shane goes to the Top Rope and delivers a Flying Elbow onto Rock through the table

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

August 09, 2001 from Los Angeles, CA

Opening Segment: Triple H
- Triple H comes out to the ring
- Hunter calls Hall and Nash self-centered, bitter, jaded sons of bitches
- He says they made a mistake last week on Smackdown, they should have finished him off when they had the chance
- Hunter challenges them to finish him off tonight
- After a few moments, The NWO comes out to the stage
- Nash says he understands Hunter being upset but there is need for such nasty words
- Nash says they could kick Hunter’s ass right now without breaking a sweat
- He suggests to wait until Summerslam, when Hunter was 100 percent so that he wouldn’t have any excuses
- He challenges Triple H to a tag team match at Summerslam, The Outsiders versus Triple H and any partner he wants
- Nash wishes Hunter luck in finding a tag partner since his last remaining friend was in the hospital right now thanks to them
- Hunter accepts the challenge
- Hunter says Nash is wrong about one thing though, Shawn is not in hospital right now
- Hunter says Shawn doesn’t like hospitals that much and is already home again but he shouldn’t take his word for it
- Triple H point to the OvalTron where HBK, beaten up and bruised, appears on the screen via sattelite from his home in San Antonio
- Hunter asks Shawn how he is doing
- Shawn answers he is ok for a guy who got smashed through a car window
- Shawn says he will be 100 percent again and he will 100 percent at Summerslam
- Hall and Nash laugh and wonder what HBK was gonna do at Summerslam and Nash asks if he was gonna talk them to death
- Nash says HBK is dead and if Shawn decides to come back they will cripple his ass
- Hall wants Shawn to think about his son and his wife and not being able to be there for them again because he can’t walk anymore
- Shawn tells them not to talk about his son and his wife
- Shawn says he might no longer be the Showstopper but he knows when a man has to stand up and fight
- Shawn stand up out of his chair and walks off
- Hall then challenges Hunter to a match tonight on Smackdown
- He says to forget about the last time they wrestled because tonight there will be no Shawn Michaels to save him
- Hunter accepts

Mike Awesome & Scott Steiner def. The APA
- During the match, Test runs-in and hits Farooq with a big boot which sets-up the win

Backstage: The Rock
- The Rock arrives at the Staples Center

Backstage: Awesome, Steiner, Test
- Awesome, Steiner and the newest member of WCW, Test celebrate the win
- Test says he showed the APA that’s what happens if you mess with him
- The three decide to go out and celebrate some more when Commissioner Regal walks by
- He informs Mike Awesome and Test that they will compete in a 8-Men Tag Team match at Summerslam alongside Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire against the Dudley Boyz & the APA
- He also makes a cage match for Summerslam between Steiner and The Undertaker

Backstage: Regal & X-Factor
- Kanyon enters Regals’s office and wants a match to prove that he is the Invasion MVP
- X-Pac enters and complains about losing the Cruiserweight title on Raw
- Regal books a rematch between X-Pac and Kidman for Summerslam
- He also makes a tag match for tonight: X-Factor vs Kidman and Kanyon

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam def. Edge to retain
- Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring before the match
- Mysterio interferes but Edge can fight off both men for a while but soon gets overwhelmed
- Mysterio and RVD each grab a chair and give Edge the Conchairto
- RVD follows with Five Star for the title defense
- Mysterio taunts Edge after the match

X-Factor def. Kidman & Kanyon
- X-Pac hits Kidman with the Cruiserweight title belt and then X-Pac and Credible hit the X marks the spot on Kanyon for the win

In Ring Segment: Booker T & Shane McMahon
- WCW champion Booker T and WCW owner Shane McMahon come down to the ring
- Shane says this town is filled with Hollywood phonies who have never been in a fight in their entire life because they don’t have the guts to stand up for what they believe in
- Shane says in a Street Fight it’s not about who walks away the winner but who walks away period
- He says it was him and Booker who walked away on Monday, not the Rock
- Booker says that Rock got his ass kicked on Monday and that Rock is jealous and scared of Booker T
- He says if Rock disagrees he should accept his Summerslam challenge
- This brings out the Rock
- The Rock accepts the challenge
- The Rock promises to whip Booker’s ass at Summerslam but he isn’t interested in Summerslam just yet, he is interested in tonight
- Booker says if the Rock wants Booker T, he can walk down and face him and Shane right now
- The Rock makes his way down the ramp, grabs a steel chair and gets in the ring
- Booker and Shane get the upper hand at first but the Rock can fight back and hits Booker with a Spinebuster onto the steel chair
- Then the Rock focuses on Shane and gives him the Rock Bottom through the announce table to get some payback for Monday

Backstage: Stephanie & Hugh Morrus
- Hugh Morrus approaches Stephanie backstage and promises to take out Jericho for her

Backstage: Kurt Angle & Dudley Boyz
- Angle approaches the Dudleyz and psyches them up for their 6-Men against DDP and the Thrillers tonight
- Angle talks about the Dudleyz being “extreme” and then shows his tattoo to prove how “extreme” he is

Chris Jericho def. Hugh Morrus
- Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho for the Submission victory
- On his way to the back, out of nowhere, Jericho gets superkicked by Lance Storm
- Storm then throws Jericho off the stage

Backstage: Stephanie & Lance Storm
- Stephanie tells Lance Storm how impressed she is by his actions
- Stephanie volunteers to be in Storm’s corner at Summerslam for his match against Jericho

DDP, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire w/Ric Flair def. Kurt Angle & The Dudley Boyz by DQ
- Angle locks DDP into the Ankle lock and Palumbo & O’Haire try to break it up but the Dudleyz attack them
- DDP gets to the ropes but taps as Angle won’t let go which causes the DQ
- Flair grabs a chair and hits Angle in the back to free Page
- Angle goes after Flair but DDP gets back up and nails Angle with a Diamond Cutter
- Flair locks in the Figure Four and DDP places the chair on Angle’s throat chocking him out
- After the damage has been done, they let go of Angle, who is put on a stretcher
- DDP and Flair mock Angle as he is taken away
- Out of nowhere, Angle grabs Page’s leg and applies the Ankle Lock
- Flair again frees Page and they leave as Angle gets up and stares them down

Triple H def. Scott Hall by DQ
- Triple H sets-up Hall for the Pedigree but Nash gets on the apron and Hunter goes after him
- Hollywood Hogan heads to the ring
- Hogan distracts the referee and Nash pulls Hunter out of the ring and drops Hunter on the barricade
- Back in the ring, Hall goes for the Outsider’s Edge but Hunter backdrops him
- Hunter then nails Hall with the Pedigree but Nash gets in the ring and Hunter fights him off
- Hunter sends Nash over the top rope and Hogan gets in the ring
- Hunter stares him down and as Hunter goes to attack Hogan, Hall and Nash are back up and Hunter gets triple-teamed by the NWO
- Suddenly, Stone Cold’s music hits and Austin runs down to the ring
- Austin has a steel chair and nails the three NWO members with it
- The NWO leaves the ring as Eric Bischoff comes out
- Bischoff calls Austin a son of a bitch
- Bischoff says if Austin and Hunter wanted the NWO, they can have them
- Bischoff makes a handicap match with Austin and Hunter facing the entire NWO in a handicap match this Monday on Raw is War
- Austin and Hunter stare down the NWO as Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
August 13, 2001 from Chicago, IL

Billy Kidman def. Justin Credible w/ X-Pac
- X-Pac tries to interfere but Kidman fights him off and hits the Shooting Star Press on Credible for the win

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- E&C talk about their match against Rey Mysterio and Kanyon tonight
- Edge asks Christian why he wasn’t there for the save when he got the Conchairto by RVD and Storm
- Christian says he wasn’t at Smackdown at all

Backstage: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle
- Cole says that RVD challenged Angle to a hardcore match tonight
- Cole asks Angle if he is healthy enough to compete after what happened on Thursday
- Angle says he was in much worse condition when he won the gold medals in 96 and that he will take on RVD
- From behind, Hugh Morrus attacks Angle, who can fight back and make Morrus tap to the Ankle lock

Edge & Christian def. Rey Mysterio & Kanyon
- Christian hurts his knee when he is tossed to the outside
- Mysterio accidentally hits Kanyon with a variation of the West Coast Pop when Edge pulls Kanyon in the way
- Edge follows with the spear on Mysterio for the win
- Kanyon and Mysterio both attack Edge afterwards until Christian makes the save with a chair

Backstage: Mike Awesome, Test, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire
- Awesome & Test pump the Thrillers up for their match against the Brothers of Destruction tonight

Backstage: William Regal & Kurt Angle
- Commissioner Regal tries to talk Angle out of competing against RVD tonight
- Angle says a true American never backs down from a fight
- Shawn Stasiak tries to attack Angle, but he moves and Stasiak knocks himself out
- Regal wishes Angle luck

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def Kane & The Undertaker to retain
- Awesome and Test come out to watch the match from the stage
- When Kane and Undertaker go for the Double chokeslam, Awesome and Test run down to the ring
- Undertaker goes after them which allows Scott Steiner to hit the ring and nail Kane with a steel pipe for the title defense
- After the match, Steiner repeatedly hits Kane with the Steel Pipe
- Taker comes back and chases Steiner away which allows the other four WCW guys to attack Kane
- They set-up multiple tables on the outside and Mike Awesome hits the Awesome Bomb on Kane to the outside through the tables
- Finally, The APA and The Dudley Boyz run down and chase them away but the damage has been done
- EMT’s come out to attend Kane but Undertaker is back and shoves them away

Backstage: Kane & Undertaker
- After the break, Michael Cole explains how Taker refused to let EMT’s take Kane to the hospital and left the arena

In Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon & Lance Storm
- Stephanie and IC champion Lance Storm come to the ring and brag about throwing Jericho off the stage on Smackdown
- Steph says she will personally be in Storm’s corner at Summerslam to watch him beat Jericho again
- Storm says it would be an honour
- Out comes Y2J
- Jericho makes fun of Stephanie until Storm interrupts him demanding respect for Stephanie
- Booker T’s music hits and Booker makes him way to the ring
- Booker starts to talk about the Rock and Summerslam
- This brings out The Rock
- The Rock trash talks Booker T
- Jericho gets in on the trash talking
- Stephanie interrupts and challenges Jericho & Rock to a match tonight against Lance Storm and Booker T
- Jericho and Rock accept

Test def. Spike Dudley w/ Molly Holly
- Spike’s first match back after recovering from his leg injury
- Test gets the pin
- After the match, Test powerbombs Spike
- Test tries to do it again but the Dudleyz run down for the save
- Awesome, Palumbo, O’Haire and the APA follow and a big brawl ensues
- The WWF guys get the better of the WCW guys

Backstage: Ric Flair & Gregory “Hurricane” Helms
- Helms walks into Flair’s office and reintroduces himself as Hurricane Helms
- Helms wants Flair to give him a rematch for the Cruiserweight title
- Flair says, the Cruiserweight title match for Summerslam is official
- Flair asks what Helms tattoo was about
- Helms explains that it is the Green Lantern
- Flair tells Helms to go out there and cause destruction like a real hurricane
- Helms says he can and he will

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle
- During the match, Hurricane Helms, Hugh Morrus and Shawn Stasiak come out and attack Angle
- As Angle fights them off, Jeff Hardy runs down and nails RVD with a Swanton Bomb
- Jeff covers RVD and with the 24/7 rules in tact, the ref counts the three and Hardy becomes the new Hardcore champion
- Angle and Hardy celebrate together

Booker T & Lance Storm w/ Shane & Stephanie McMahon def. Chris Jericho & The Rock
- Jericho has Storm tapping to the Walls of Jericho but there is no ref
- A WWF ref runs down but Shane attacks him
- Steph gets in the ring and pulls Jericho’s hair
- Jericho drops Steph to the mat and goes for the Walls on her but Storm rolls him up and WCW ref Charles Robinson counts the three giving the WCW guys the win
- Jericho gets up and Storm lays him out with a Superkick
- Rock throws Booker into the steps and goes after Storm
- Rock goes for the Rock Bottom on him but Shane attacks Rock
- Rock fights back and beats Shane out of the ring
- Booker attacks the rock and hits him with the Bookend
- Shane grabs a chair and tell Booker to do it again on the chair this time which Booker does
- Jericho and Rock are out as Booker, Storm, Shane and Steph leave with their arms raised

Backstage: The NWO
- Hall talks about how this is the first time that the NWO has competed in the WWF
- Nash talks about playing the game and on Sunday it will be “Game Over”
- Hogan talks about beating Stone Cold at Summerslam and becoming wrestling’s only Icon

The NWO (Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) def. Steve Austin & Triple H
- As Austin brawls with Hogan on the outside, the Outsiders dominate Hunter in the ring
- Nash puts Hunter away with the Jacknife Powerbomb for the win
- Austin comes back in the ring and attacks the Outsiders
- Hogan grabs the WWF title belt and nails Steve Austin with it
- The NWO spraypaint both Austin and Hunter as the last Raw before Summerslam ends

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

August 16, 2001 from Salt Lake City, UT

Opening Segment: Shane McMahon
- WCW owner Shane McMahon comes to the ring
- Shane promises that Booker will successfully defend the WCW title against the Rock at Summerslam
- Shane brings out the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, the WCW champion, Booker T
- Out comes the WCW champion, Booker T
- Booker imitates all of Rock’s catchphrases which brings out the Rock
- The Rock congratulates Booker on giving him two Rock Bottoms on Raw including one on a chair
- He promises to hit Booker with Rock Bottom at Summerslam and win the WCW title
- But Rock says this was Sunday and he had a fantastic idea for tonight
- Rock challenges Booker to a Lights out match tonight on Smackdown
- Booker accepts
- Rock says there would be no title on the line and no rules, and they would turn out the lights because the party was over

X-Factor def. Billy Kidman & Kanyon

In Ring Segment: The Outsiders
- Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the Outsiders, walk to the ring
- Hall has the mic first and talks about Shawn Michaels
- Hall says he wants Michaels to sign a waiver or there will be no match at Summerslam
- Hall says they sent Michaels the document but haven’t received a reply yet
- Nash takes the mic and talks about Triple H
- He says Triple H used them to get to the top
- Nash says if he didn’t leave in 96, Hunter would never have won any world titles and would never have headlined any PPV’s
- Nash says he is better that Triple H has ever been
- Nash says when the people chant Triple H it makes him sick
- Nash talks more smack about Triple H and Triple H’s music suddenly hits
- Triple H walks toward the ring with a mic in hand and tell Nash to shut up
- Hall asks Hunter who the hell he thinks he is
- Hunter says he is “The Game” and on Sunday they will play the game and lose
- Hall says he left out one fact, they already played the game and Hunter got his ass kicked, as did his little buddy Shawn Michaels
- Hunter gets in the ring and asks Hall if he wants to “go” tonight
- Hall says he would love to “go” tonight
- Hall and Hunter stare each other down as Nash tries to cheap shot Hunter
- Hunter sees it and knocks him down
- Hall attacks Hunter from behind
- Hall and Nash leave the ring and walk up the ramp as Hunter gets back up

Backstage: Eric Bischoff & The Outsiders
- After the break, The Outsiders enter Eric’s office
- Eric gives them the document signed with Shawn’s signature
- Eric says he is not sanctioning the match as he does not want to be responsible if something happens at Summerslam
- Hall says the match will happen whether it is sanctioned or not
- Nash wants Eric to make the Hall/Triple H match tonight a No DQ
- Bischoff grants his wish but warns Nash not to get involved
- Nash promises he wouldn’t and all three of them share an evil smile
- Hall and Nash asks where Hogan was and Bischoff says Hogan is on his way to the ring to call out Austin
- Hall and Nash don’t look too happy but Eric assures them it’s “ok”

Backstage: Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson
- Stacy and Torrie challenge Lita & Trish to a match on Heat prior to Summerslam this Sunday

Backstage: Steve Austin
- Michael Cole asks Austin about his match with Hollywood Hogan at Summerslam
- Austin says Hogan has pissed him off
- He says he will go to Summerslam and open a can of whoopass on that sumbitch
- Suddenly, the NWO music starts playing and Hollywood Hogan makes his way to the ring
- Hogan addresses Austin and says he doesn’t have to hide in the back
- He says Austin was telling the whole world what he would do to him
- He reminds Austin what he did to him last Monday on Raw
- Hogan says he heard from Stone Cold that he was the toughest SOB in the WWF
- He wants Austin to prove it
- Hogan says if Austin had anything to say he should say it to his face
- He says he won’t leave until Austin comes to the ring
- Moments later, Austin’s music hits
- As soon as he walk to the stage, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are there with chairs to attack him
- But it wasn’t Austin that came to the stage, as Austin suddenly appears in the ring behind Hogan
- Hogan turns around and gets hit with a Stone Cold Stunner before Hall and Nash come back to the ring to chase Austin away

Diamond Dallas Page def. Scotty Too Hotty
- DDP comes out with a clipboard
- He says the name of every WWF sueperstar is on there and he will randomly select a opponent from this list
- He says screw it he will start with the first name
- DDP turns the list upside down and calls out Scotty Too Hotty
- Scotty comes out and Page easily puts him away with the Diamond Cutter
- Page destroys Scotty after the match and calls him “Kurt”
- Kurt Angle runs out and gets into it with DDP
- Ric Flair runs to the ring and hits Angle with a low blow
- Flair locks in the Figure Four as DDP pounds on Angle
- The WWF superstars run down for the save as Flair and Page leave through the crowd

Lance Storm & Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy
- RVD brings out a ladder and uses it on Jeff
- Moments later, RVD pins Jeff after the Five Star Frogsplash
- After the match, Stephanie is alone in the ring as Jericho approaches her
- Storm sneaks up from behind and delivers a superkick but Y2J moves and Storm hits Steph
- Storm is shocked and checks on Steph as Jericho leaves smiling

Backstage: Team Xtreme
- After the break, Matt and Lita check on Jeff
- Jeff says he wants his match against RVD at Summerslam to be a Ladder match

Mike Awesome & Scott Steiner def. Edge & Christian
- Christian grabs two chair and as he and Edge go for the Conchairto, Rey Mysterio runs down and dropkicks the chair in Edge’s face
- Christian chases him off allowing Steiner to put Edge away with the Steiner Recliner

Backstage: The Undertaker
- Michael Cole interviews Taker and asks about the condition of his brother Kane
- Taker says Kane will be back soon and then there will be hell to pay for anybody involved on Monday
- Cole asks Taker about the Cage match against Steiner at Summerslam
- Taker says he is pissed off to the point where he needs to make an example out of Scott Steiner
- He says Steiner should know what he does to others in cage matches and it wasn’t pretty
- Taker says at Summerslam, Steiner will get an old-school beatdown and there would be no place to run and no place to hide
- He says he will do exactly what Scott Steiner wants him to do, he will make him famous and it will be ugly

Triple H def Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash in a No DQ match
- Nash doesn’t get involved the entire match, that is until Hunter goes for the Pedigree and Nash gets on the apron, so Hunter lets go and smacks Nash
- From behind, Hall hits Hunter with a low blow
- Hall gets a sledgehammer from under the ring and set-up Hunter
- Suddenly, Shawn Michaels runs down to the ring and knocks down Hall
- Nash is back on the apron but HBK knocks him down again and then Hall clotheslines HBK
- Hall goes for the Outsider’s Edge on HBK but Hunter is back up and smacks Hall
- Nash hits the ring but HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on him which sends Nash over the top rope
- HBK falls on his knees holding his back
- Meanwhile, Hunter and Hall continue to fight and Hunter hits Hall with a Pedigree for the win
- Nash pulls Hall out of the ring but HBK flies over the top rope onto them
- Hunter follows outside and the four men continue to brawl until security can finally separate them

Booker T w/ shane def. The Rock in a Lights Out match
- The lights go out for the main event of Smackdown
- The Rock and Booker T brawl all over the arena
- Back at ringside, Rock goes for a Rock Bottom through the announce table but Shane hits rock with a low blow
- Booker T then hits the Bookend on Rock through the table and pins Rock
- With a triumphant Booker standing over a fallen Rock, the last Smackdown prior to Summerslam goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Summerslam 2001 Full Card:

WWF Title
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hollywodd Hulk Hogan

WCW Title
Booker T w/ Shane McMahon vs The Rock

Non-Sanctioned Match
D-Generation-X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

Kurt Angle vs Diamond Dallas Page w/ Ric Flair

Steel Cage Match
The Undertaker vs "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Intercontinental Title
Lance Storm w/ Stephanie McMahon vs Chris Jericho

Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight Title
Billy Kidman vs X-Pac

Hardcore Title Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam

8-Men Tag
APA & WWF Tag Champions Dudley Boyz vs Mike Awesome, Test & WCW Tag Champions Palumbo & O'Haire

Edge vs Rey Mysterio

Sunday Night Heat
Lita & Trish vs Stacy & Torrie
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Summerslam 2001
August 19, 2001 from San Jose, CA

Sunday Night Heat: Lita & Trish def. Stacy & Torrie
- Prior to the match, Lita is laid out backstage by Stacy and Torrie
- The match starts as a handicap-match
- During the match, Lita comes to the ring and hits the Twist of Fate on Stacy allowing Trish to pin her

Edge def. Rey Mysterio
- As Edge walks to the ring, we see Christian backstage in a room with other WWF superstars cheering on his brother
- Rey hits Edge with a 619 and sets-him up for the West Coast Pop but Christian runs down and shoves Edge out of the way
- Rey therefore misses and Christian goes for a spear but Rey pushes Edge between himself and Christian
- Christian tries another spear but this time Rey counters and hits the 619 on Christian
- Mysterio covers Edge but he kicks out
- Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop again but Edge spears him mid air for the pin

Backstage: Test
- Michael Cole asks Test why he left the WWF
- Test grabs the mic and says he left because in the WWF there was no loyalty

Cuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Mike Awesome & Test def. The APA & The Dudley Boyz
- The Dudley Boyz bring Spike and Molly with them
- During the match, Shane McMahon sneaks into the ring and smack Bradshaw with a chair, which allows Test to pin him

Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Title Unification Match: X-Pac def. Kidman to unify both titles
- Albert comes to the ring during the match
- X-Pac goes for the BroncoBuster but Kidman counters it into a low-blow
- Kidman goes to the top rope but Albert gets on the apron
- Kidman nails Albert with a dropkick but the distraction allows X-Pac to hit a low-blow on Kidman and then the X-Factor for the title win
- X-Pac becomes the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion

Backstage: Lance Storm & Stephanie
- As Storm prepares for his match, Stephanie tells him to take Jericho out
- Storm says he will take Jericho out once and for all

Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho def. Lance Storm w/ Stephanie to win the IC Title
- Stephanie interferes and grabs Y2J’s ankle as he climbs to the top rope ready to fly down on Storm, who’s on the outside
- Y2J kicks off Steph and jumps right into a superkick by Lance Storm
- Back in the ring, Storm goes for the cover but Jericho kicks out
- Jericho fights back and hits a top rope drop kick on Storm but Steph distracts the ref
- Y2J walks over, pushes the ref out of the way and plants a huge kiss on Stephanie
- Jericho hits the Lionsault, but Storm is able to kick out
- Storm comes back and locks in the half Boston Crab
- Jericho gets to the ropes breaking the hold
- Storm goes for another superkick but Jericho counters it and drops Storm on the top turnbuckle
- Jericho follows with the Walls of Jericho and Storm taps out
- Stephanie angrily runs backstage as Jericho celebrates his IC title win

Hardcore Title Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy to win the Hardcore title
- After a brutal match, Jeff goes for the Swanton, but RVD moves
- RVD then tries the Five Star, but this time Jeff moves out of the way
- Hardy climbs the Ladder but RVD is back, climbs from the other side and suplexes Hardy off the ladder
- RVD starts to climb and now Jeff climbs the other side, jumps over RVD and powerbombs him off the ladder
- Jeff againclimbs up and this time, RVD simply pulls the ladder away from under Jeff, who is left hanging at the belt
- RVD stand up another ladder and hits Jeff with a Flying Side Kick
- RVD climbs the ladder and is finally able to grab the Hardcore title belt

Steel Cage Match: The Undertaker def. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
- Right after both men have entered the cage, Sara locks the door with s Steel chain
- During the match, Undertaker hits Steiner with a chokeslam at which point Mike Awesome runs to the ring and chases Sara
- Sara starts climbing the cage to get away from Awesome
- Taker watches her and behind his back, Awesome hands Steiner a Steel pipe
- Steiner still sells the chokeslam and Taker again signals for the Last Ride
- As he has him up in the air, Steiner hits Taker in the head with the Pipe
- Steiner tells Awesome to unlock the cage door
- Steiner then sees Sara on top of the cage and climbs after her
- Kane, still battered and bruised after what happened on Raw, slowly walks down to the ring
- Sara sees Kane and climbs down towards him
- Steiner also sees him and turns his attention to Taker again
- Awesome, in the meanwhile has unlocked the door
- Awesome sees Kane approaching him and starts leaving through the crowd with Kane in pursuit
- Steiner goes for the Steiner Recliner and tries to choke Taker out with the Pipe
- Taker is able to reach the chain and smacks Steiner with it, freeing himself
- Taker continues to pound Steiner with the chain and then locks the door again
- Then Taker sees the Steel Pipe
- He grabs it and goes to hit Steiner with it
- Steiner however hits Taker with a low-blow and then starts to climb the cage
- Taker sits back up and hits Steiner with the Last ride for the win
- Sara gets in the ring and celebrates with her husband

Diamond Dallas Page w/ Ric Flair def. Kurt Angle
- Late in the match, DDP hits Angle with a Diamond Cutter but Angle is able to kick out
- DDP is shocked, as is Flair on the outside
- DDP yells at the ref and then hits another Cutter on Angle but Angle can pull a foot out of the ring to stop the count
- DDP gets pissed and Flair is losing it outside of the ring
- DDP bounces Angle into the ring-post and Angle is busted open
- DDP then bounces Angle’s head on the Announce table but Angle is able to put him in the Ankle Lock somehow
- Flair gets involved and gets Angle off of Page
- Page crawls back in the ring and Angle again puts on the Ankle lock
- Page can make it to the ropes
- Angle, a bloody mess, is getting weaker and weaker and DDP strikes back with another Diamond Cutter
- But Angle still kicks out
- Page is stunned and Flair throws a tantrum on the outside
- Angle gets up and hits the Angle Slam on Page
- Page kicks out
- Page gets back up and nails referee Earl Hebner
- Mike Chioda runs down and gets hit with a Diamond Cutter
- Tim White is out next and he too gets knocked out by Page
- Angle hits another Angle Slam on Page
- Flair gets in the ring and knocks Angle out with brass knuckes
- Flair calls for another ref and out comes WCW ref Nick Patrick
- Flair applies the Figure Four right in front of Patrick who doesn’t do anything about it
- Angle screams in pain but he just wouldn’t quit
- Angle starts fighting out of it until Page smacks in the head with a chair
- Angle doesn’t move and Patrick stops the match
- Patrick raises DDP’s arms as Flair finally lets go of Angle
- The three celebrate and just as they are about to leave, Angle, out of nowhere, grabs Page’s ankle and applies the Ankle lock
- Flair tries anything to get Page out of the ring
- Patrick pounds on Angle’s back and Angle puts him in the Ankle lock and screams that he will break his freaking ankle
- In the meantime, Flair gets Page the hell out of there

Non-Sanctioned-Match: D-Generation-X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) def. The Outsiders
- This is Shawn’s first match since Wrestlemania 14, over three years ago
- The Outsiders take the early advantage as Nash gets in the ring and hits Shawn with a Jacknife
- Triple H can break the pin attempt
- Nash and Hall isolate Shawn for a long time hitting with several backbreakers at one point
- Finally, HBK is able to tag in Hunter, who cleans house
- Nash and Triple H then brawl on the outside
- In the ring, Hall hits the Outsider’s Edge on Shawn
- Hunter can fight off Nash, gets in the ring and hits hall with a Pedigree
- Hunter goes for the cover but Nash pulls out the ref and knocks him out
- Hunter nails Nash with a baseball slide which sends him flying over the announce table
- HBK pulls out a ladder from under the ring as Hunter repeatedly punches Nash, who’s lying on the announce table as HBK starts climbing the ladder
- Shawn drops off the ladder onto Nash through the table
- HBK climbs the ladder again and this time hits an Flying Elbow off the ladder on Hall
- Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music but Hall reverses it into the Outsider’s Edge
- However, Hunter nails Hall with the sledgehammer and Shawn follows with SCM for the win
- Shawn and Hunter then proceed to spray paint Hall's back with "DX"

WCW Title: The Rock def. Booker T w/ Shane McMahon to win the WCW Title
- Booker pulls out all the stops and brings it to the Rock right from the start
- Still, The Rock can hit Booker with a DDT but Shane grabs the WCW title belt and nails the Rock with it
- The APA runs down and chases Shane leading to Bradshaw taking Shane’s head off with a Clothesline From Hell
- In the ring, Booker can hit the Book End but Rock can kick out
- The Rock gets up and is able to hit the Spinebuster on Booker followed by the People’s Elbow
- But Shane is back up and interrupts the count
- Rock chases him to the outside and nails him with a Rock Bottom
- As Rock gets back in the ring, Booker nails him with the Axe kick
- Booker does the Spinaroonie which sends him right into a Rock Bottom
- Rock makes the cover and is the new WCW champion

WWF Title: Hollywood Hulk Hogan def. Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the WWF Title
- The main event, Icon vs Icon for the WWF Title is finally here
- But there is no stare-down as Austin immediately brings it to Hogan and stomps a mudhole in him
- Austin exposes a turnbuckle and tries to give Hogan an Irish-Whip but Hogan reverses it and has the advantage doing anything in his power to keep the rattlesnake down
- But Austin fights back and the Outsiders come back out to the ring
- Out of nowhere, Austin hits Hogan with a Stunner
- Hebner counts but Hall pulls Earl out and knocks him down
- Nash hits the ring and attacks Austin
- Austin then stuns Nash and shortly after stuns Hall as well
- Hogan is back to his feet and attacks Austin but again, Austin hits the Stunner
- Another in attempt is prevented by Kevin Nash, who elbow drops a second ref
- Hall goes for the Outsider’s Edge but Austin backdrops him to the outside
- Shawn and Triple H are back out as well and get in a fight with Hall and Nash again
- As the four men brawl to the back, Hogan hits Austin with the WWF title belt
- But there is no ref
- Hogan throws Austin in the ropes and delivers Big Boot, followed by the Legdrop
- But still, no ref
- Hogan throws Earl Hebner back in the ring but Austin has recovered and hits Hogan with another Stunner
- Hebner is still not able to count and Austin checks on him
- Behind Austin’s back, someone enters the ring, it’s Goldberg
- Austin turns and Goldberg spears him breaking him in half
- Hogan rolls over and Goldberg simply picks up the ref and throws him in position like a puppet
- Hebner counts and Austin can not kick out
- Hollywood Hulk Hogan has just beaten Steve Austin and is the new WWF champion

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
August 20, 2001 from Sacramento, CA

Trish Stratus def. Torrie Wilson

In Ring: Eric Bischoff & Hollywood Hogan
- Bischoff comes to the ring and has the WWF title belt around his shoulder
- He starts off by saying for Austin’s own good, he has given him the night off
- Bischoff says in case Austin still decides to show up, he’s got police officers on the outside that will prevent him from entering
- Bischoff says that Austin will never get a rematch
- He then introduces the new WWF champion, Hollywood Hogan
- Hogan comes to the ring but before Bischoff can hand him the belt, The Undertaker’s music hits and The American Bad Ass comes to the ring
- Undertaker says he spent the last couple of months worrying about personal stuff
- After last night this chapter is officially closed
- So now he will continue exactly where he left off before that, his hunt for what is rightfully his, the WWF championship
- He says the champion might have changed but the mission remains the same
- Undertaker recalls that he defeated Hogan at Survivor Series some ten years ago to win his first WWF championship
- Hogan says Taker did beat him before but those were different times
- Undertaker challenges Hogan to a WWF title match tonight
- Hogan suggests a match at Unforgiven instead
- Taker says he doesn’t like waiting all that much and gets in Hogan’s face
- Hogan backs off and says Unforgiven will be just fine
- Taker takes the WWF title belt from Bischoff and puts it on Hogan’s shoulder
- He tells Hogan to hang onto it as long as he can

APA, Show Guns, Scotty Too Hotty & Spike def. Natural Born Thrillers, Kanyon & Hugh Morrus
- The match sees all twelve men hitting their finishers on each other culminating in Big show hitting the Chokeslam on Kanyon for the win
- After the match, the WWF superstars stand united in the ring as the WCW guys leave backstage

Backstage: Eric Bischoff & Vince
- Vince informs Bischoff that he told the police officers to leave
- Vince says he wants himself, Bischoff and Austin in the ring together
- Vince has a proposition for both Austin and Bischoff that Bischoff will be interested to hear

Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho def. Mike Awesome to retain
- Chris Jericho says at Summerslam he finally beat Lance Storm and recaptured the IC title
- He says however Storm proved he had a set unlike Mike Awesome, who ran away from Kane like a chicken last night
- This leads to his opponent Mike Awesome coming to the ring
- During the match, Lance Storm comes out and attacks Jericho
- Jericho and Storm battle on the outside as Kane sneaks into the ring and chokeslams Awesome
- Jericho can fight off Storm, goes for the pin and retains the IC title
- After the match, Kane pulls a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside
- Kane gets in the ring and then chokeslams Awesome to the outside through the table

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Christian says he will win the US title tonight from Booker T
- Edge wishes Christian luck

In Ring: Eric Bischoff & Vince McMahon
- Bischoff comes to the ring
- McMahon then enters the ring
- The two argue as Austin’s music hits and out comes Stone Cold
- Vince says if it was to Eric Bischoff, Austin will never again get a opportunity to wrestle for the WWF championship
- He says it might sound strange coming from him but he disagrees with that
- So Vince has a proposition to make for both of them
- McMahon proposes a match for Unforgiven, Stone Cold Steve Austin in one corner and in the other, Eric Bischoff
- Austin likes what he hears, Bischoff not so much and he yells at McMahon
- McMahon continues and explains that there will some stipulations in this match
- If Austin wins, he will get his WWF Title rematch in October at No Mercy
- But if Bischoff somehow manages to win, he will have total control over anything related to Stone Cold
- Vince says he would not be able to interfere in any of Bischoff’s decisions ever again
- Eric, after doing some thinking, agrees to the match but adds two more stipulations
- For one, the match will be No-Holds-Barred, so if any WCW wrestler sees fit to interfere, he can
- The second stipulation is that Austin will not attack any WCW wrestler from now on until Unforgiven
- Vince adds that Austin can’t unless he is physically provoked
- Bischoff extends his hand to Austin
- Austin asks for some Steveweisers
- Austin toasts Bischoff, officially accepting the match
- Austin then stuns him and drinks some beers as Vince just stands there laughing at Bischoff
- Austin and Vince then share a cold one

US Title: Booker def. Christian w/ Edge by DQ to retain
- Booker grabs the US title belt and goes to nail Christian but Edge makes the save
- However this causes a DQ and Christian loses the match who gets angry at Edge

In Ring: DDP, Ric Flair & Stephanie
- Flair and Steph come to the ring, arm in arm
- Flair and Stephanie brag about DDP destroying Angle last night at Summerslam
- Then, Flair calls for DDP to come to the ring
- DDP says he beat Kurt Angle’s ass for Flair, Steph, Shane and everybody in WCW
- DDP continues trash talking until Kurt Angle’s music hits
- DDP looks up the ramp and sees Kurt Angle driving a giant milk truck to the ring
- Angle starts throwing milk cartons in the ring aimed at DDP, Flair and Steph
- Then he picks up a hose and starts spraying milk all over the three
- Angle climbs up the truck and drinks several cartons of milk as the WCW guys are soaked in milk

Commissioner's office: The Outsiders & William Regal
- The Outsiders walk into Regal's office
- Hall says no matter what happened last night, they are still a better team than D-X
- Nash wants Regal to book them in a match for the WWF Tag Titles against the Dudley Boyz since Bischoff was stunned earlier on
- Regal says they got it

Backstage: Triple H
- Hunter is on the cell talking to HBK, who is seeing doctors after last nights match
- Hunter says last night they got a piece of the Outsiders but that was just the beginning
- Hunter says they will pay for everything they have done to them the past few weeks
- He tells Shawn not to worry, even though he’s not here does not mean he’s alone
- Hunter puts the phone away and picks up a sledgehammer

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz def. The Outsiders to retain
- Late in the match, Kevin Nash comes down with a sledgehammer and goes after Nash
- They get in a fight and brawl all the way to the back
- Hall is left by himself and eats the 3D for the title defense

Backstage: Test & Stacy
- Stacy approaches Test and complains about her loss last night
- Stacy says she got Regal to book a match with the Hardyz against any two WCW guys
- Stacy says Test will be one of them because she needs the Hardyz to be taken out so that she can take out Lita
- Test asks who his partner will be and Stacy says it will be Big poppa Pump, Scott Steiner

Backstage: Kevin Nash & Triple H
- Nash and Hunter are still fighting in the back
- Nash hits a low blow and jumps in a limo
- As Nash drives off, Hunter smashes the car window with his sledgehammer

Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy def. The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita
- Steiner gets the submission victory
- After the match, Stacy lays out Lita
- Stacy then gives both Steiner and Test a huge hug that both men seem to enjoy a lot

In Ring: The Rock
- The new WCW champion, The Rock, makes his way to the ring
- He says last night at Summerslam he took Booker T to school
- Rock says the biggest lesson he taught Booker T was that he could act like the Rock and talk like the Rock but there is only one great one
- The Rock asks Booker what he will do next, will he cry about his loss or he will be a man and come out and stand face to face with him
- Instead of Booker T’s music, another familiar music hits
- It’s Goldberg’s music and he comes out with his pyro
- Goldberg walks down and gets in the ring
- Goldberg and Rock circle around the ring
- Goldberg picks up the mic and says it’s not about what’s next, it’s who’s next
- Goldberg says that Rock is next
- Godlberg throws the mic towards Rock who catches it and then gets speared in half
- Goldberg picks up the WCW title belt, raises it and throws it down onto a fallen Rock

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

August 24, 2001 from Denver, CO

Opening Segment: Eric Bischoff
- Bischoff kicks off Smackdown
- Bischoff adresses Austin first and says he will be punished for stunning him on Raw
- He makes a match for tonight, Austin vs Scott Hall
- He says after Unforgiven he will make Austin’s life hell
- He says that from now on nobody can lay a finger on him again and if anybody should they will be fired on the spot
- He says there is nothing that anybody including Vince McMahon can do about it
- Bischoff says on to the Undertaker
- He says The Undertaker can’t just come out and lay out challenges
- Bischoff reminds him that he runs this place, not him
- Bischoff says The Undertaker may have a verbal agreement with Hollywood Hogan but that doesn’t mean that he will indeed get a shot at the WWF title at Unforgiven
- The Undertaker’s music hits and the American Bad Ass makes his way to the ring
- Undertaker tells Bischoff to make him the number one contender at Unforgiven right now
- Bischoff says just like everybody else, The Undertaker has to earn a shot at the WWF title
- He says Undertaker will compete in a match tonight and if he wins, he will get his shot
- He says his opponent will be the King of the Ring and Hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam
- Undertaker intimidates Bischoff in the ring corner and then leaves the ring

Show-Gunns def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire in a non-title match

Backstage: The Rock & The APA
- The Rock walks into the APA’s office and they congratulate him on becoming the WCW champion
- They ask how he was doing after the Spear by Goldberg on Raw
- Rock says he’s just fine and tonight they will lay the Smackdown on Booker, Storm and Test

In Ring Segment: Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair, Stephanie
- Flair and Stephanie come to the ring and announce the “real American hero” DDP
- DDP comes out and thanks Flair and Steph for their appreciation
- DDP talks about Angle being a disgrace for what he did on Monday
- DDP says he can’t undertand why the people here would chant for someone like Angle
- Stephanie says the people should appreciate and chant for DDP, not Kurt Angle
- Steph gets interrupted by Y2J who tells her to shut the hell up
- Jericho makes fun of the three in the ring because of what Angle did to them on Raw
- Jericho then challenges DDP to a match tonight
- DDP accepts

The Undertaker def. Rob Van Dam to become the number one contender for the WWF Title
- Late in the match, Rob Van Dam brings a chair into the ring
- Undertaker smacks him down and grabs the chair but out of nowhere RVD hits the Van Daminator
- RVD goes for the Five Star but as he lands Taker grabs him by the throat and hits the chokeslam
- Taker follows with the Last Ride for the win and is officially the number one contender for the WWF Title

Kurt Angle def. Kanyon

Booker T, Lance Storm & Test def. The Rock & The APA
- All six men are brawling inside the ring when Goldberg appears up in the crowd
- The Rock signals to “Just Bring It”
- With Rock distracted, Booker hits the Axe kick on Faarooq for the pin

Ivory def. Lita
- Hurricane Helms comes down to the ring and costs Lita the match by pulling the top rope down as Lita got whipped into it
- Ivory gets the pin and keeps attacking Lita after the match
- Matt Hardy comes down to make the save

Backstage: RVD & Raven
- RVD is packing his bags as Raven enters the room
- Raven demands a shot at the Hardcore title on Raw since he never got a real rematch
- Van Dam tells Raven he should go to Bischoff and make the match official

Diamond Dallas Page def. Chris Jericho in a non-title match
- DDP comes out to the ring first, accompanied by Ric Flair and Stephanie
- Before Jericho comes out, Commissioner Regal appears
- Regal says that if DDP loses, Kurt Angle will get a rematch at Unforgiven
- As Jericho comes out, we see Kurt Angle watching the match backstage
- Y2J is able to lock in the Walls of Jericho early but DDP gets to the ropes
- The two brawl outside and back in the ring, Jericho again applies the Walls but Flair pulls DDP to the ropes this time as Stephanie distracts the referee
- Jericho goes after Stephanie and then gets rolled up by DDP, who has his legs on the ropes with Flair assisting him
- The ref doesn’t see any of this and counts the three
- DDP celebrates with Flair and Steph on the ramp

Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash
- Hall throws Austin out of the ring where Nash attacks Austin
- Eventually, the ref gets knocked out
- Nash hits the ring and again attacks Austin
- Triple H runs in, attacks Nash and throws him out of the ring
- Hunter and Nash brawl through the crowd
- Hogan gets in the ring and hits Austin with the WWF title belt
- Hall makes the cover but Austin kicks out
- Ref again gets knocked out as Hall and Hogan beat down Austin
- The Undertaker runs to the ring and pulls Hogan out of the ring and they start a brawl
- Hall sets- up the Outsider’s Edge but Austin backdrops him
- Austin hits the Stunner and the ref is back up to count the three
- Austin celebrates with some beers as Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
August 27, 2001 from Grand Rapids, MI

Opening Segment: Eric Bischoff
- Bischoff says he has no desire to wage war with Steve Austin
- Bischoff says he likes Steve Austin
- He says Austin is the man in the WWF, that is until now
- He says he has a problem with what Austin did to him last week
- Eric reminds us that he said there would be punishment and fines Austin 10000$
- Suddenly, the Undertaker comes out to the ring
- Taker tells Bischoff that his focus is on the wrong man
- Taker says that he and Hogan have been in some battles
- He says that he will beat Hogan at Unforgiven and win the WWF title
- Taker says if Eric gets in his way he will knock his teeth out
- Bischoff reminds Taker that he nor anybody else can’t touch him anymore
- Taker intimidates Bischoff and asks if he was gonna fire him then
- At this point, the NWO, Hogan, Hall and Nash come out
- Scott Hall says that Taker had no business sticking his nose in his match last week
- Hall says there is only thing to do because of that
- All three men hit the ring and attack the Undertaker
- Triple H comes out and goes after Nash
- Steve Austin runs down as well and clears the ring
- Bischoff sets up The NWO vs Steve Austin, Triple H & The Undertaker for tonight

Backstage: Hurricane Helms
- Michael Cole asks Helms about his obsession with the Green Lantern
- Helms calls him the greatest superhero of all time
- Helms says the Green Lantern always prevailed and so will he tonight when he takes on Matt Hardy for the European championship

European Title: Hurricane Helms def. Matt Hardy w/ Lita to win the European title
- During the match, Ivory runs down to the ring and nails Lita with a tire iron
- Matt pulls Ivory by the hair, who hits him in the rips with the iron
- Helms hits Hardy with a modified neckbreaker for the title win

Backstage: Bischoff, Raven
- Raven enters Bischoff’s office
- Raven says he and RVD want a hardcore title match against each other
- Bischoff tells Raven instead of fighting, the two will team up against Y2J and Kurt Angle

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- After the break, Cole asks Angle about his match tonight
- Angle sees Raven and chases him down
- Angle beats the hell out of Raven and puts him in the Ankle Lock

Backstage: Edge & Christian & Hugh Morrus
- Edge & Hugh Morrus get in an altercation backstage
- Christian approaches them and proposes a match between his brother and Morrus
- Edge asks Christian what the hell he is thinking

Backstage: Raven & EMT's
- In the back, EMT’s are checking on Ravens ankle
- They tell him that he is unable to compete tonight

The APA def. Scott Steiner & Test w/ Stacy Keibler
- Late in the match, Test accidentally hits Steiner with the Big Boot
- Bradshaw puts the distracted Test away with the Clothesline from Hell

In Ring: Shane McMahon
- Shane McMahon is back and comes out to the ring
- Shane says about five months he purchased WCW with his hard earned money
- He says he bought the company to make it the most dominant brand and run the WWF and Vince McMahon out of business
- Shane talks about the great WCW champions of the past, Ric Flair, Sting, Hollywood Hogan and Goldberg, those were champions you could be proud of
- Shane says the current champion is everything he despises about the business
- Shane says the Rock doesn’t care about the history of WCW or its future and you need a champion who cares
- He says that’s why he brought in the most impressive WCW champion in history, Goldberg
- He says at Unforgiven a new champion will be crowned because The Rock is going down to Goldberg
- Shane says Goldberg will bring the WCW title back where it belongs
- The Rock comes out on the ramp
- The Rock says he knows damn well about the history of the WCW and the WCW title
- He says the WCW is just like Shane’s sister, everybody gets a turn
- The Rock congratulates Shane on purchasing WCW and now having the honour of standing in front of the most electrifying WCW champion in history
- The Rock says he knows he has Goldberg at Unforgiven but why wait
- Rock says if Shane wants to take title, he can come to the ring and Shane can take it
- Shane gestures for the Rock to just bring it
- The Rock comes down to the ring and Shane runs out of the ring
- Goldberg comes up from behind Rock but Rock sees him and throws some punches
- Shane is back in the ring and attacks Rock
- Rock can fight off Shane and out of nowhere, Goldberg hits a massive spear on Rock
- Shane celebrates with Goldberg staring a hole in the Rock, as Rock clutches his ribs

Hugh Morrus def. Edge w/ Christian by DQ
- Christian sits down at the Announce table
- Late in the match, Morrus goes for the No Laughing Matters and taunts Christian
- Christian gets up and throws Morrus off the turnbuckle in front off the official
- Edge hits the Impaler but the ref calls for the DQ because of Christian’s interference
- Edge gets really mad at Christian afterwards

Backstage: Booker T
- Cole shows Booker a clip of Big Show mocking Booker T
- Booker says he’s gonna hurt somebody

Backstage: Jericho & Stephanie
- Stephanie approaches Jericho in the back
- Steph says Y2J is yesterdays’s news
- She says the new greatest thing is RVD
- Y2J says they are the perfect team because she’s the HOE

US Title: Big Show def. Booker T by DQ
- As Show goes for the chokeslam, Booker hits him with a low blow
- Show is able to throw Booker out of the ring and toss him into the steps
- Show approaches Booker but misses and hurts his knee on the steps
- Booker picks up a chair and nails Show with it causing a DQ
- Booker continues to beat down Show after the match

Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle def. Diamond Dallas Page & Rob Van Dam
- DDP comes out and teases to take Raven’s place but says he suffered an injury in his match against Jericho on Smackdown
- DDP then announces Rey Mysterio as RVD’s tag team partner
- DDP stays ringside
- Jericho is isolated for a long time and is finally able to tag in Angle
- Angle hits the bell to belly Suplex on Mysterio but RVD interrupts the cover
- RVD hits the Five Star on Angle and Mysterio covers but Jericho stops the count
- Jericho knocks RVD to the outside and applies the Walls of Jericho on him
- DDP breaks it up and throws Jericho into the ringpost
- Back in the ring, Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Mysterio
- DDP gets on the apron and Angle knocks him off
- Rey drop kicks Angle and goes for the 619
- Angle counters it into the Ankle lock and Mysterio taps out
- DDP is back in the ring and nails Angle in the head with RVD’s Hardcore title belt
- DDP stomps down Angle and then gets Angle’s gold medals
- DDP puts the medals around his neck and hits Angle with the title belt again
- DDP walks up the ramp and taunts Angle, who barely gets up from the assault

Steve Austin, Triple H & Undertaker def. The NWO (Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)
- A big brawl immediately starts
- After Austin gets dominated for a long time, Triple H gets the hot tag and cleans house
- Triple H is able to hit the Pedigree on Kevin Nash for the pin
- After the match, Scott Hall attacks Hunter
- Austin goes after Hall
- Hogan pulls Taker out of the ring and nails him with a chair shot to the head
- Undertaker, busted wide open, sits up and goes after Hogan as Raw goes off the air

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