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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

July 12, 2001 from Birmingham, AL

Backstage: Undertaker & Vince McMahon
- Vince wants Taker and Kane to be part of Team WWF at Invasion
- Taker agrees but only if Vince gives him a match with Scott Steiner and Shane McMahon tonight
- Vince makes the match but he says Triple H will be Taker’s partner
- Taker says they got a deal

Opening Segment: Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon
- WCW president Ric Flair comes out to open Smackdown and brings out the WCW owner, Shane McMahon along with the entire WCW roster
- Shane says they will show their dominance on Smackdown tonight when he and Big Poppa Pump take on Triple H and The Undertaker
- Shane brags about shocking the world on Monday
- Shane says he can’t take all credit for it and introduces his sister Stephanie and the new Co-Owner of the WWF, Eric Bischoff
- Steph and Eric come to the ring and the three embrace in the ring
- Steph takes the mic and says Shane and her couldn’t wait for Vince to die
- Steph says they will run their dad out of business
- Eric Bischoff has the mic and introduces himself
- He says he is the only person in history to ever take it to Vince McMahon
- He explains how he created Monday Nitro and beat Raw in the ratings for 84 weeks
- He denies that his success depended on Ted Turners money
- He claims that he came very close to running the WWF out of business
- Bischoff says he forced McMahon to change his product and then Vince took all of his concepts to become the success he was
- He says that he wanted to buy WCW earlier in the year but McMahon tried to take it from him
- Eric says that since McMahon took everything away from him, he will now take everything away from Vince
- He says he’s glad Shane outsmarted his dad and now owns WCW
- Bischoff says it’s ok because thanks to Shane and Stephanie, he now owns 50% of the WWF
- Bischoff says that isn’t enough for him though, he wants 100% control over this company and then merge the WWF with Shane’s WCW to rule the entire pro wrestling industry
- Bischoff tells Vince they can do things the easy way, which would be that Vince simply gives Eric 100% control of the WWF, or they can do things the hard way, which means that WCW will destroy the WWF and then he can have his 50% of this worthless company back
- If Vince chooses to do things the hard way, the first step to destroy the WWF will be at Invasion when Team WCW will squash Team WWF

Rey Mysterio def. Hardcore Holly
- Edge & Christian join the commentators for this match
- After the match, E&C are about to hit the ring and attack Mysterio but Rey hits them with a 619 and then leaves the ring

Kurt Angle def. Lance Storm
- Storm cuts an anti-american promo which Angle interrupts
- Angle makes Storm tap to the Ankle Lock after a distraction by Y2J

Backstage: Vince and Team WWF
- Vince is with four members of Team WWF: Triple H, Kurt Angle, Kane and Undertaker
- Vince says they need to be united
- The four men promise to work together for the good of the WWF
- Hunter wants to know what the deal with Austin is
- Vince tells Hunter not to worry, he will call out Austin to the ring next

In Ring Segment: Vince McMahon
- Vince comes to the ring and introduces the WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin
- The glass shatters but there is no Austin
- The music stops and McMahon introduces him again
- The music starts but instead Austin appears on the Tron sitting in his pick-up truck
- Vince says apparently Austin decided to no show again like he did on Monday
- He says he can’t blame him because he made Austin’s life miserable for the last four years
- He says that things have changed and he thought they were on the same page as far as WCW goes, he says he was obviously wrong
- Vince tells Austin he needs him to lead Team WWF at Invasion
- Vince says if Austin can hear him he begs him to come out, he can even give him a Stunner
- We see on the Tron that somebody informs Austin what Vince is saying and Austin starts the motor
- However, Austin turns around and drives away from the building
- Vince is frustrated and leaves the ring

During the Break: Vince & Triple H
- McMahon steps in his limo to go find Austin
- Hunter is there telling him to hell with Stone Cold
- Vince says he’s got to find him and talk sense into him

DDP def. Kane
- Mike Awesome distracts Kane, Page rolls Kane up and Nick Patrick fast counts him

Lita def. Trish Stratus
- Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson approach the Hardy Boyz backstage after the match and kiss them
- Lita is irate

Backstage: WWF & WCW referees
- Earl Hebner challenges Nick Patrick to a match at Invasion
- Patrick agrees but says they shouldn’t wait until then and a brawl between all referees ensues

WWF Hardcore Title: Jeff Hardy def. Mike Awesome to win the Hardcore Title
- Kane comes out and chokeslams Awesome setting up the Swanton Bomb for the win
- After the match, Kane & Mike Awesome brawl to the backstage area when RVD hits the ring and attacks Jeff
- RVD takes the mic and says that he was the mole that let the WCW guys in the arenas ever since Wrestlemania
- He says that he was working for Shane and WCW the entire time

Undertaker & Triple H def. Shane McMahon & Scott Steiner by DQ
- During the match, WCW wrestlers interfere
- Taker & Triple H can fight them off but then the rest of the WCW roster storm out
- Triple H is attacked by several guys on the outside, so Taker dives over the top rope to take them out
- Angle, Kane, Jericho and other WWF wrestlers come out to make the save but they are quickly outnumbered
- Eric Bischoff watches on with a demonic smile as the WCW guys annihilate the WWF wrestlers
- The WCW stars stand over the fallen Federation superstars as Smackdown goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
July 16, 2001 from Providence, Rhode Island

The Friendly Tap: Steve Austin
- Steve Austin is shown at The Friendly Tap, a local bar owned by referee Tim White
- Steve is quietly drinking a beer

Opening Segment: Spike & Molly, Bischoff, Palumbo & O’Haire
- Spike makes his way down to the ring and calls out Molly
- Spike tells her he loves her
- Molly says she loves him too
- Eric Bischoff interrupts
- Bischoff invites Spike and Molly to join WCW
- Spike denies
- WCW Tag Team Champions Palumbo & O’Haire come out and say it’s too bad he refused
- Palumbo & O’Haire tie Spike to the ropes and make him watch Molly getting put through a table
- Then they go after Spike’s broken leg but the Dudley Boyz save him
- Spike calls for help for Molly and the Dudleyz are there to support him and hug Spike, reuniting with their little brother

WWF Intercontinental Title: Lance Storm def. Chris Jericho to win the IC title
- Lance Storm and Mike Awesome come out and talk trash about Chris Jericho
- Chris Jericho comes out and challenges them to a match at Invasion
- They accept thinking Jericho wanted a handicap-match
- Jericho says he forgot to introduce his tag partner, The Big Show
- Big Show comes out and will be in Jerichos corner for his match against Storm
- Mike Awesome interferes and Big Show chases him away
- Storm uses the distraction and superkicks Jericho to get the pin and win the Intercontinental Title

Backstage: Stephanie, Booker T, Kurt Angle
- Stephanie is shown talking to Booker T as Kurt Angle shows up
- Angle talks down to Stephanie but Booker interrupts him
- Angle challenges Booker to a match for the WCW Title tonight
- Stephanie accepts on Booker’s behalf

Backstage: Shane & Bischoff
- They talk about Invasion saying Vince obviously chose to do things the hard way
- They agree that Team WCW will be Booker, DDP, Scott Steiner and The Outsiders
- Shane says the face of sports entertainment will be changed forever this Sunday at Invasion

The Friendly Tap: Austin & McMahon
- Austin is still sitting in the bar and looks depressed
- McMahon comes in
- Vince apologizes again to Steve for everything that he’s done to him and says he really needs him right now
- Austin doesn’t respond

Rey Mysterio def. Edge by DQ
- Christian joins the commentators for this match
- A few minutes into the match, Christian hits the ring and attacks Rey
- Kidman runs in to make the save

The Friendly Tap: Austin, White
- Tim White encourages Austin to do what’s right
- Austin still doesn’t say a word

WCW Heavyweight Title: Booker T def. Kurt Angle to retain
- Angle hits Booker with the Angle Slam but Nick Patrick fakes an arm injury
- Then Angle puts Booker in the ankle lock but again fakes an injury when Booker is tapping
- Hebner comes out, shoves Patrick out of the ring and goes for the signal to ring the bell but Shane interrupts him
- Suddenly, DDP hits the ring and nails Angle with the Diamond Cutter
- Booker covers Angle and Patrick counts the 1-2-3

Triple H def. Billy Kidman
- Hunter pins Kidman with the Pedigree
- After the match, Hunter gets a sledgehammer and goes to hit Kidman
- Kanyon, Stasiak and Mysterio come down
- Kanyon and Stasiak don’t want to get in the ring but they can distract Hunter long enough for Mysterio to pull Kidman out
- Hunter chases them all off

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire def. The Hardy Boyz to retain
- Rob Van Dam comes down and helps the Thrillers get the win
- After the match, Van Dam attacks Matt but Jeff saves him
- The Thrillers attack Jeff to set-up the Five Star Frog Splash from RVD
- The Dudleyz are out and chase the three WCW guys away

Backstage: Vince & WWF roster
- The APA give the roster a pep-talk
- Vince speaks about Austin not being here like he hoped he would
- Triple H steps in and says to hell with Austin
- Hunter says there is no shame in fighting and getting your ass kicked but there is no honor in not fighting at all
- Hall of Famer Freddie Blassie is rolled into the room in a wheelchair
- Freddie says there comes a time where every man has to fight for what they believe in
- He gets up from the wheelchair and tells the WWF roster to go get ‘em
- Everybody is pumped after this speech

The Friendly Tap: Steve Austin
- We see Austin at the Friendly Tap watching this on TV
- Austin smashes a pool cue over the table and leaves

Trish Stratus def. Terri
- After the match, Stacey and Torrie attack Trish but Lita makes the save

Kane & The Undertaker def. DDP and Scott Steiner by DQ
- During the match, Booker and the Outsiders hit the ring and attack Kane and Taker
- The APA, Hardyz, Angle and Triple H hit the ring
- Awesome, Storm, Kanyon, Kidman, Mysterio, O’Haire, Palumbo, Chavo and RVD also hit the ring
- More WWF guys come down as well
- Hugh Morrus and Gregory Helms are shown beating up the Hollys outside of the arena
- Suddenly, Austins pick-up truck arrives and he smacks the WCW guys over head with a pool cue
- Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak are shown attacking Edge & Christian backstage
- Austin enters and knocks out Stasiak and Jindrak
- Meanwhile, the WCW get the advantage over the WWF guys inside the ring
- The glass shatters and out comes Stone Cold
- Austin raises hell and stuns O’Haire, Palumbo, Chavo and Kanyon
- Kane & Taker simultaneously chokeslam Kidman and Mysterio
- Austin, Kane, Taker, Hunter and Angle, Team WWF, clear the ring and they all seem to be on the same page as Taker even helps up Triple H
- Team WWF stands tall as we cut to backstage where Bischoff, Shane and Stephanie yell at Freddie Blassie that they will destroy the WWF this Sunday at Invasion
- Raw goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

July 19, 2001 from Boston, MA

Opening Segment: Bischoff, Shane, Stephanie & WCW roster
- WCW owner Shane McMahon comes down leading his WCW stars to the ring
- He introduces the Co-Owner of the WWF, Eric Bischoff and his sister Stephanie McMahon
- Shane says the face of sports entertainment will forever change this Sunday at Invasion
- Stephanie says that the Federation has run its course and neither “Classie” Freddie Blassie nor Stone Cold Steve Austin will change that
- She says Vince should remember that Shane and her have no problem playing dirty
- Bischoff takes the mic and says nobody knows more about playing dirty than him
- He brings up giving away the Raw results minutes before the taped show went on the air and throwing a WWF title belt in the trash can on live TV
- Bischoff says that on the WCW killing fields, he will be the last to survive

Backstage: Vince & Angle
- Vince is watching all of this in his office when Kurt Angle enters
- Vince says actions speak louder than words
- Angle wants to know what Vince thought of him insulting Stephanie on Monday
- Vince says he was being too nice to her

Scott Steiner def. Kurt Angle by DQ
- Angle hits the Angle Slam but Nick Patrick refuses to count
- Angle goes after Patrick but Steiner rolls Angle up and Patrick tries to fast count Angle but he kicks out
- Angle goes for a clothesline but Steiner ducks and Patrick gets hit by it
- Steiner has Angle in the Steiner Recliner but there is no ref so Steiner checks on Patrick
- Patrick comes to and Angle puts Steiner in the Ankle Lock but Patrick simply disqualifies Angle for knocking him out earlier
- Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Patrick after the match allowing Steiner to get a chair
- He goes to hit Angle but Angle counters and puts the Ankle Lock on Steiner again
- Patrick grabs the chair but Angle sees it and chases him away
- Angle picks up the chair and nails Steiner in the back with it
- Steiner and Patrick both limp to the locker room

The Big Show def. Mike Awesome
- Lance Storm and Mike Awesome come out and Storm talks about beating Jericho for the IC title on Raw thus proving who the star of their team was back then
- Mike Awesome talks about how he is the new Giant around here
- Big Show interrupts and the match begins
- Show goes for the Showstopper but Storm pulls Awesome out of the ring
- Aweosme grabs a chair but Hebner prevents him from hitting Show
- Storm gets in Hebner’s face and Jericho sneaks in the ring to hit Awesome with the chair which sets-up the showstopper for the win

Undertaker & Kane def. Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio
- Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop but Taker counters into a Last Ride for the win

Sean O’Haire w/ Chuck Palumbo def. Bubba Ray w/ D-Von

Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson def. Lita & Trish Stratus in an Arm Wrestling match
- Nick Patrick and Earl Hebner both officiate the match
- Patrick knocks out Hebner which allows Stacy to help Torrie win the match
- After the match, Lita and Trish attack Stacy and Torrie and then Lita, Trish and Hebner attack Patrick and throw him out of the ring

Gregory Helms & Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy & X-Pac
- Helms pins X-Pac

Backstage: Bischoff, Shane, Steph & Team WCW
- The three talk to Team WCW – Booker T, DDP, Scott Steiner and The Outsiders
- Shane says Booker and DDP will make a statement tonight in their match against Stone Cold and Triple H

Booker T & DDP def. Steve Austin & Triple H by Countout
- Austin stuns both Booker and DDP when Steiner appears on the Tron screaming at Austin
- He shows Austin how he has abducted Debra and thrown her in the trunk of his car
- Austin immediately sprints out of the arena giving the WCW guy the countout victory
- Meanwhile, the Undertaker attacks Steiner but the WCW guys are there to save him
- The WWF roster arrives at the scene and a giant brawl ensues backstage
- Austin arrives but Steiner pulls away before Austin can reach him
- Austin jumps in another car and speeds after Steiner
- Back in the ring, Hunter applies the pedigree on Booker
- Before he can hit it, The Outsiders and Page attack him
- Backstage the fight between WWF and WCW continues
- In the ring, Nash hits Hunter with the Jacknife
- Hall spraypaints the letters WCW/NWO on his back
- Shane, Stephanie, Bischoff, Booker, DDP and The Outsiders raise their hands as Smackdown goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

This is quite good so far, seeing the real Invasion storyline really helps you visualise what's happening in yours, I hope you make yours longer and hope there are plenty more surprises to come
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by dmccourt95 View Post
This is quite good so far, seeing the real Invasion storyline really helps you visualise what's happening in yours, I hope you make yours longer and hope there are plenty more surprises to come
Thanks man, appreciate it. Yeah, this story will last a full year so it will culminate at Wrestlemania 18. So stay tuned, because the best is yet to come. As far as surprises go, if you like surprises, you will love the Invasion PPV.

Here's the full card:

The Inaugural Brawl
Team WWF (WWF champion Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Kane & Undertaker) vs
Team WCW (WCW champion Booker T, Scott Steiner, DDP, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)

Bra & Panties Match:
Lita & Trish vs Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson

Hardcore Title:
Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam

WWF Tag Team champions The Dudley Boyz vs WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire

WWF Light Heavyweight champion X-Pac vs WCW Cruiswerweight champion Gregory Helms

Chris Jericho & The Big Show vs Lance Storm & Mike Awesome

Edge & Christian vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio

The APA vs Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak

Billy Gunn, Rhyno & Albert vs Kanyon, Hugh Morrus & Chavo Guerrero

Earl Hebner vs Nick Patrick
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

July 22, 2001 from Cleveland, OH

Chris Jericho & The Big Show def. Lance Storm & Mike Awesome
- Storm wants to be serious for a minute but Y2J interrupts
- Jericho waits on the ramp until his Tag team partner The Big Show comes out
- Storm goes to superkick Jericho but Show blocks it and hits the showstopper on Storm
- Awesome goes for the Awesome bomb on Jericho but Show spears him
- Jericho lands on Awesome for the win

Backstage: Vince & Angle
- Vince is in his office celebrating Jericho’s and Show’s victory
- Vince wants Angle to remember the ‘96 olympics and to think about his American heroics
- Angle says enough of this Americana bullshit and that it was time to kick some serious ass
- Angle says he will do it for his company, his country and for himself

Earl Hebner def. Nick Patick with Mick Foley as special referee
- Mick Foley makes a surprise appearance as the special referee for this match
- Patrick is accompanied by fellow WCW referees, Hebner by the WWF referees
- Hebner gets knocked out of the ring and the WCW refs attack him but the WWF refs rescue him
- As a result, Foley sends the WCW refs to the locker
- Seconds later, Hebner spears Patrick for the pin
- After the match, Patrick gets in Foley’s face and Foley puts the Socko Claw on him

Backstage: Debra & Sara
- Debra is seen backstage clearly nervous and upset about what happened on Smackdown
- Sara is there and she says that Steiner is indeed a psycho

The APA def. Mark Jindrak & Shawn Stasiak
- Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hell on Jindrak for the pin

Backstage: Vince, Jericho & Big Show
- Vince thanks Jericho and Show for setting the stage to sweap WCW tonight
- Jericho says they’ve both been there and WCW never had leadership
- Jericho says with Shane as boss this has changed
- Show says that they shouldn’t underestimate Eric Bischoff

Backstage: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Steph & Helms
- Stephanie talks about how she hates Jericho
- Shane calms her down and tells Helms that he needs to take out X-Pac
- Flair screams how they are losing everything and tells helms this is a must win
- Bischoff says Helms should show everybody that X-Pac sucks

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms def. Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac
- Helms counters a Bronco Buster with a low blow and hits the Vertebreaker for the pin and the first win for WCW tonight

Backstage: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Stephanie, Steiner
- Steiner interrupts the others celebrating and brags about what he has done on Smackdown
- Shane tells him to stay focused
- Steiner says that now he is not only in Takers’s head but also in Austin’s head

Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio def. Edge & Christian
- Mysterio hits Christian with a 619 and goes for the West Coast Pop but Edge shoves Christian to the side and counters the move into a huge spear
- Kidman breaks up the pin
- Christian pulls Kidman out of the ring and Edge hits a Top Rope Plancha on Kidman which takes them both out
- Christian get back up and goes for the Unprettier on Rey but he dropkicks Christian into the ropes, hits another 619 and the West Coast Pop for the win

Backstage: Vince, Undertaker, Kane
- Undertaker and Kane are getting ready for the Inaugural Brawl when Vince enters
- Vince gives them a pep talk and says they can’t afford to lose any more matches especially the Inaugural Brawl
- Kane gets angry and intimidates Vince and Taker says tonight we will see the best of the Undertaker

Kanyon, Hugh Morrus & Chavo Guerrero def. Albert, Billy Gunn & Rhyno
- Alberts hits the Baldobomb on Chavo but Kanyon and Morrus break up the pin
- Billy Gunn hits the Fame Asser on Morrus
- Kanyon sneaks up behind Gunn and nails him with a Flat-Liner for the pin
- After the match, Rhino gores Kanyon in half

Backstage: Shane & Booker T
- Shane fires up Booker backstage
- Booker promises to make his organization proud

Backstage: Regal, Tajiri & The Dudley Boyz
- The Dudleyz walk into the Commssioner’s office as Regal wanted to see them
- Regal says they have to win for the WWF tonight
- The Dudleyz tell them they’ve got it but want to know what Regal and Tajiri are doing exactly to help the WWF
- Regal and Tajiri look embarassed

WWF Tag Champions The Dudley Boyz def. WCW Tag Champions Palumbo & O’Haire
- Palumbo and O’Haire have the advantage when Regal and Tajiri come out
- Regal distracts the referee and Tajiri spits the mist in Palumbo’s face setting up the 3D for the pin

Backstage: Hardyz & RVD
- Matt talks to his brother about his match with RVD when out of nowhere RVD appears and hits Matt with a chair
- RVD says Jeff is next

WWF New York: Hardcore Holly
- Hardcore Holly signs autographs at WWF New York when a fan is approaching him wearing a WCW T-shirt
- Holly rips off his shirt and has him thrown out of the building

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy to win the hardcore title
- Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb but misses
- RVD puts the hardcore title belt on Jeff’s face and hits a Five Star Frogsplash to become the new hardcore champion

Backstage: Vince & Triple H
- Hunter walks in Vince’s office and asks what the hell he wants
- Hunter looks pissed off and seems to lose it any moment
- Vince tells Hunter to be in the right frame of mind for the Inaugural Brawl and to think about the beating he took on Smackdown
- Hunter pushes Vince to the wall and screams that he is thinking about what happened on Thursday every damn second
- Hunter says tonight as far as WCW is concerned: “Game Over”

Bra & Panties Match: Lita & Trish def. Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson
- Foley is back out and officiates this match as well
- Lita and Trish each hit their finish and strip their opponents down to their Bra & panties to win the match
- Lita and Trish walk away arm in arm ending their long time rivalry

Backstage: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Stephanie & Team WCW
- Shane tells Team WCW that it is “do or die”

Backstage: Vince & Austin
- Austin tells Vince that he will whoop some ass tonight

Inaugural Brawl: Team WCW def. Team WWF
- WCW owner Shane McMahon comes out first, followed by WCW President Ric Flair, accompanied by Stephanie McMahon
- WWF Co owner Eric Bischoff comes out next, followed by Vince McMahon, accompanied by Linda McMahon
- Team WCW, consisting of WCW champion Booker T, Scott Steiner, DDP and The Outsiders each make their way to the ring
- Then Team WWF, consisting of WWF champion Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle & The Brothers Of Destruction each make their way to the ring
- Austin and Steiner start as the two legal men in the ring
- Later in the match, Triple H comes in and cleans house but, after a distraction from Steph, gets in trouble and is isolated by Team WCW for minutes
- Hunter comes back and sets-up the Pedigree on Steiner
- Steiner gives Hunter a blatant low-blow and applies the Steiner Recliner on Hunter
- Hunter is slowly fading as Undertaker gets in the ring and attacks Steiner
- This leads to the other members of both teams to hit the ring and a giant brawl ensues
- In this chaos, Nash accidentally hits Booker with a Big Boot
- Taker chokeslams Steiner and goes for the last ride but WCW referee Charles Robinson pounds on Taker so he takes the move instead
- Steiner leaves the ring and Taker follows brawling with him through the crowd and out of the arena
- Meanwhile, Kane sets-up Scott Hall for a chokeslam through the English announce table but Nash saves him and puts Kane through the announce table with a Jacknife Powerbomb
- Right next to them, Page has Angle in position to give him a Diamond Cutter through the Spanish announce table but Angle counters and gives Page his own finisher through the table
- Angle gets up and is hit by Flair with brass knuckles
- Austin sees it and knocks out Flair
- Steph then slaps Austin
- Austin hesitates for a second and Linda is there and slaps her own daughter
- Bischoff grabs a shocked Linda by the hair and throws her to the ground
- Vince gets furious and punches Bischoff’s lights out
- Shane helps up Booker and hands him the WCW title belt
- Booker hits Austin in the head with it
- Vince tries to hand the WWF title belt to Hunter but Shane intercepts and nails Vince with the belt instead
- Hunter gets up behind Shane and as soon as Shane turns, he knocks him out and throws him out of the ring
- Nash gets in the ring and tries to Big Boot Hunter, but he sidesteps and Nash hangs himself on the top rope
- Hall brings in Hunter’s sledgehammer and tries to hit him with it but Hunter ducks and hits Hall with it
- Booker sneaks in the ring and tries the Axe kick but misses and gets hit by a Pedigree
- Nash is there to interrupt the count
- Nash sets Hunter up for the Jacknife but Hunter grabs his sledgehammer and as Nash has him in the air, Hunter nails him with it
- Hunter still takes a nasty fall and everybody is knocked out
- At this point, Hollywood Hulk Hogan comes down to the ring in street clothes
- Hogan takes the sledgehammer and as Hunter gets up, he nails him with it
- Booker rolls over and makes cover for the win for Team WCW
- Austin gets back in the ring and stuns Booker T but Hogan uses the sledgehammer on Austin as well
- Hogan helps Hall and Nash back to their feet, rips his shirt in typical Hulkamania fashion to reveal a NWO shirt
- Hogan, Hall and Nash spraypaint Austin and Triple H with the letters WCW and NWO respectively as Invasion ends
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
July 23, 2001 from Buffalo, NY

Opening Segment: Steve Austin
- Steve Austin comes to the ring with a chair and a cooler full of beer
- Austin says he's really pissed off about what happened last night
- Austin calls out Hogan, Hall and Nash right now
- Austin waits and finally the arena gets black and white and the NWO music hits
- Out come Hogan, Hall and Nash to the stage
- Austin says he wanted them to come to the ring
- NWO have a little chat with each other
- They walk towards the ring but stop half way, turn around and walk backstage
- Austin yells for them to come back
- Austin says he’s going to hold an in ring strike until the NWO comes out again
- Austin takes a seat in the middle of the ring and starts drinking some beers
- They go to commercial and after the break, Austin is still in the ring
- Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he comes out with some security guys
- He says this is his show and Austin will leave the ring right now so this show can continue
- Austin throws beers at Eric from the ring
- Eric threatens Austin what would happen if he struck an off-duty cop
- Bischoff and security get in the ring and Austin simply flips him off
- Bischoff says he has a big announcement to make and it concerns Austin he can stay
- Bischoff makes a match between WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin defending his title against the number one contender, Hollywood Hulk Hogan at Summerslam
- Ross on commentary asks how Hogan became the number one contender
- Bischoff says, Austin can now personally thank him with an evil grin on his face
- Austin gets up from the chair and starts smiling
- Then, Austin suddenly spears Bischoff and beats on him
- Bischoff’s security grabs Austin and cuffs him
- Eric orders them to take Austin away
- He tells Austin he will go straight to jail
- After another commercial, Austin is loaded in a police car with the NWO in the background smiling
- Hogan says that he will walk to the ring later, he’s got something to get off his chest
- He tells Hall and Nash that he wants to go out there by himself

Backstage: Rob Van Dam
- RVD is backstage with some WCW wrestlers and brags about taking the Hardcore Title from Jeff Hardy
- He says he showed Jeff why they call him “Mr. PPV” and tonight he’ll show Matt Hardy why they call him “Mr. Monday Night”

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam def. Matt Hardy to retain
- Matt’s European title is not on the line tonight
- Hardy gets a ladder from under the ring
- RVD puts hardy between the ladder and hits the Five Star for the win

Backstage: Edge & Christian, Palumbo & O’Haire
- E&C run into the Thrillers
- The Thrillers taunt E&C about Invasion and challenge them to a match tonight
- E&C tell them that WCW only won because of Hogan
- Booker comes by and says WCW would have won even without Hogan
- Booker suggest a 6-Men if E&C can find a partner

Rey Mysterio def. Albert
- Albert comes to the ring with Justin Credible but there is no sign of X-Pac
- Hugh Morrus comes out and distracts the referee
- Mike Awesome hits the ring and nails Albert with an Awesome bomb
- Rey makes the cover and gets the win
- The ring fills up with WWF and WCW wrestlers in a huge brawl with WWF coming out on top

Backstage: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Steph & Kanyon
- Kanyon joins the other four and brags about being the “Invasion MVP”
- Steph tells him to better go prepare for his match against Jericho later tonight

Backstage: Stacy & Torrie
- Torrie claims to show Trish who the dominant female is tonight

Commssioner’s office: Regal & Tajiri
They talk about Invasion last night
Regal tells Tajiri to go out there and beat Kidman

Backstage: Edge, Christian & Angle
- Edge & Christian are talking to Angle to convince him to be their partner tonight
- Angle says he’s in

Tajiri def. Kidman

Backstage: Ric Flair & DDP
- Flair gives Page a pep-talk
- Flair says they have the Hardcore title, the IC title and Hogan will take the WWF title
- Now they need the legend of the Undertaker

DDP def. The Undertaker by Countout
- Scott Steiner comes to the ring and chases Sara
- Taker chases Steiner away from Sara and gets counted out
- They brawl into the crowd
- They get back in the ring and Taker gets a chair
- Sara is punching Steiner and Taker has to pull her off
- Taker goes to hit Steiner with the chair but Steiner ducks and Taker hits Sara instead

Backstage: Undertaker & Sara
- After the break, Taker is shown carrying Sara around backstage

Backstage: Scott Steiner
- Steiner says seeing Sara in pain turns him on
- He gets on a motor cycle and drives off

Chris Jericho def. Kanyon

In Ring Segment: Vince McMahon
- Vince comes to the ring
- Vince talks about Hogan coming in feels like a bomb dropping on him
- Vince says he has a bomb of his own to drop
- McMahon says he will do something he should have done a long time ago
- He reinstates The Rock
- He invites The Rock to come back next week on Raw by using all of his catchphrases

Backstage: Vince & Angle
- Angle approaches Vince and says he’s glad Rock will be back
- He says he is happy about anybody that will help in the war against WCW
- Angle says that they need a leader however, and he would be the man for the job
- Vince tells Angle that actions speak louder than words
- Angle grabs McMahon by the throat and pushes him against the wall and asks Vince how’s that for actions

WWF New York: Billy Gunn & Big Show
- Gunn and Show are at WWF New York and don’t look too happy
- They say that the WWF doesn’t show respect so they will make WWF respect them

Backstage: Jeff Hardy, Torrie, Trish
- Torrie speaks to Jeff about her spanking match and wants a little practice
- Trish comes in and attacks Torrie

Torrie def. Trish in a Spanking Match

Backstage: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Steph, Booker, Palumbo & O’Haire
- Shane is talking about the importance of tonight’s match

WCW champion Booker T, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire def. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian
- Referee Earl Hebner gets knocked out
- WCW referee Nick Patrick replaces him
- Angle hits Booker with the Angle slam but Patrick refuses to count
- Angle attacks Patrick and slaps the Ankle lock on him
- DDP sneaks in the ring and nails Angle with the Diamond Cutter
- Booker rolls over and Patrick is barely able to make the count
- The APA, The Dudley Boyz and Kane race to the ring and chase off Page

In Ring Segment: Hollywood Hulk Hogan
- Hulk Hogan comes to the ring
- Hogan says how great it is to be back in a WWF ring
- He tells the fans that they have been through everything, the Russians, monsters and even 700 pounds of Andre The Giant
- Hogan says that something happened and the fans turned on him
- He says he didn’t want to leave but the fans drove him out of the WWF
- Hogan tells the fans that they can kiss his ass
- He says it is sad to see what the WWF has come to since he left
- He talks about how he was a real champion, a real role model and a real hero and not someone like the current WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Hogan asks where Austin was and says that’s right, he’s in jail, again
- Hogan admits that besides all that, Austin has made quite a name for himself in his absence but he’s seen dozens of guys like him
- He calls Austin a “flavour of the month”
- As far as he is concerned, Austin isn’t even in his league
- He says that he put the WWF on the map and made the WWF what it is today
- He says he is the biggest star in wrestling, past and present
- Hogan says it will a pleasure to kick Austin’s ass at Summerslam and once again be the WWF Champion, a real champion that people can be proud off
- Triple H’s music hits
- Hunter comes out with a sledgehammer in hand
- He gets in the ring and Hogan backs off into a corner
- Hall and Nash make the save just as Hunter goes to hit Hogan
- Hunter can fight them off for a little while but the NWO get the advantage eventually
- Hunter fights back and tackles Hall
- Nash drops an elbow on Hunter
- Hall handcuffs Hunter to the ropes
- Hogan takes the sledgehammer and points towards Hunter’s head with it
- Someone comes through the crowd, steel chair in hand, it’s Shawn Michaels
- Michaels gets in the ring right between Hunter and the NWO holding the chair
- Nash and Hall stare at HBK for a few moments
- They tell Hogan to drop the hammer and leave the ring

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

July 26, 2001 from Pittsburgh, PA

The Hardy Boyz def. The Filthy Animals
- Lita hits a hurricanrana on Kidman outside the ring
- Rey falls victim to a Twist of Fate by Matt and a Swanton Bomb by Jeff

Backstage: Billy Gunn & Big show
- Gunn and Show discuss how their team should be called
- They agree on “Show-Gunns”

In Ring Segment: Shawn Michaels
- Shawn says nine months is a long time to be gone but he is glad to be back
- Shawn says in a way he is not glad to be back
- Shawn talks about the Kliq and it’s history
- He says that nothing could separate them, even when Hall and Nash went to WCW, they still remained best friends with Hunter and himself
- Shawn says they never cared about the WWF vs WCW war
- He says the way they saw it was the Kliq expanding to rule the whole wrestling world with Hall and Nash running WCW and Hunter and himself running the WWF
- Shawn says now all of that has changed
- He says he’d watch WWF every week and Hunter, Hall and Nash would try to kill each other
- Shawn says that’s when he decided to come back, to save their friendship
- So he goes to Raw and next thing he knows is Hunter is being handcuffed and Hall and Nash give orders to Hogan to smack Hunter with a sledgehammer
- Shawn says he doesn’t care about Hall’s and Nash’s relationship to Hogan, he doesn’t care about the NWO and he doesn’t care about this new WWF vs WCW war
- He says all he cares about is that his friends stick together
- Suddenly, the NWO music hits and out come Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
- They get in the ring and after a few moments hug HBK
- Nash says it’s good to see Shawn back
- Nash says he sees where HBK was coming from but their problems with Hunter will continue
- Nash tells Shawn to remember how they took Hunter under their wing from the very day that Hunter joined the WWF
- He explains how Hunter would come to them and tell them he wanted to hang out and ride with them
- He says he thought they could continue on where they left off in 96 but Hunter has changed and then he turned his back on them
- Triple H’s music hits and The Game comes out
- Hunter immediately gets in Nash’s face
- Shawn holds them apart
- Hall tells Shawn it will never be the same again between them and Hunter so HBK has to make a choice, it’s either them or him
- Hall says that if he comes with them, together with Hogan, they will be unstoppable
- He says that if HBK chooses Hunter, he chooses the world that the NWO is against
- Hunter and Nash are staring a hole into each other this entire time
- Hall and Nash leave with Hunter and Nash still not taking their eyes off of each other
- Shawn looks depressed and leaves the ring

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan
- Hogan is shown watching what’s going on in the ring and has an evil smile on his face
- Out of nowhere, Steve Austin attacks him from behind with a crowbar

Backstage: The Outsiders
- After the break, Hall and Nash walk back to their locker and Hogan is not there
- They start to look for him

Commssioner’s Office: Regal, Tajiri & Kanyon
- Kanyon demands a rematch from Raw against Jericho
- Regal makes a tag match with Jericho and Tajiri against Kanyon and a partner of his choice
- Kanyon chooses Rob van Dam

The Dudley Boyz def. Show-Gunns
- After the match, Gunn and Show exchange words

Backstage: Shane & Booker T
- It’s announced that rock will be on Raw is War next Monday
- Then we cut to Booker and Shane and Shane says he has a message for Rock later
- Booker says to hell with Rock

Scott Steiner def. Kane by DQ
- During the match, Steiner gets a chair but Kane counters and uses the chair on Steiner
- Nick Patrick DQ’s him for that
- Kane goes after Patrick but Steiner hits Kane with the chair and leaves
- Patrick taunts Kane until he gets up and gives Patrick a chokeslam

Backstage: The Outsiders
- Hall and Nash leave the arena and start looking for Hogan in the parking lot
- They find their limousine has “3:16” spraypainted on it and the tires have been slashed

Kanyon & Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho & Tajiri
- Kanyon uses RVD’s hardcore title belt on Tajiri while he has the Tarantula on RVD
- RVD hits the Five Star Frogsplash for the win

IC Title Match: Lance Storm def Parry Saturn by DQ to retain
- Saturn hits Storm with his mop causing a DQ

Backstage: Outsiders
- Hall and Nash find Hogan tied to a chair
- As soon at they try to free him, Austin jumps in and attacks both Outsiders with the crowbar
- Then Austin lowers a garage door behind himself and Hogan to trap Hall and Nash

In Ring Segment: Bischoff, Flair, Shane, Steph, WCW roster
- Shane has the mic first and says he has a message for the hottest free agent in sports-entertainment history, The Rock
- He shows footage of all the times that Vince screwed the Rock and how Vince fired the Rock in April
- Shane invites the Rock to join WCW and says the choice is his on Monday
- Steph has the mic next and says that the fans didn’t believe that WCW would win the Inaugural Brawl
- She says they struck the WWF with a near fatal blow and will soon have all the titles
- She goes through all the champions they already have: WCW Tag team Champions Cuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire, WCW Cruiserweight champion Gregory Helms, WWF IC champion Lance Storm, WWF Hardcore champion Rob van Dam and of course the WCW champion & US champion Booker T
- She says at Summerslam they will take the crown jewel of the WWF, the WWF title, when Hollywood Hogan defeats Stone Cold Steve Austin
- She says they don’t worry about Hogan’s absence, Hall and Nash will take care of that
- Stephanie says WCW was the home of the gold
- This brings out Pittsburgh’s own, Olympic Gold medalist, Kurt Angle
- Kurt says this is the home of the gold because he has the gold medals and this is his home
- He says nothing would please him more than to beat Booker T in his hometown and take the WCW title to the WWF
- Eric Bischoff takes the mic and says Angle doesn’t deserve another title shot
- WCW president Ric Flair grabs the mic and says he is all about opportunity and that’s why Angle will get a shot for the WCW title against Booker T tonight
- Bischoff is shocked by Flair’s statement
- DDP tells Booker he can beat this sucka anytime, anywhere and Booker agrees
- Booker says Angle’s ass belongs to him
- Angle says his ass belongs to no one and after he wins the WCW title from Booker T, DDP was next

Edge & Christian def. DDP & Mike Awesome
- Awesome has Christian up for the Awesome Bomb but Edge spears him and Christian gets the pin
- DDP lays out Edge & Christian after the match with Diamond Cutter, a direct message to their best friend Kurt Angle

WCW Title: Kurt Angle def. Booker T to win the WCW Title
- During the match, WCW wrestlers interfere but the WWF guys chase them off
- With the refs distracted by the brawl between WCW and WWF, Ric Flair sneaks in the ring and hits Angle, who juts sets-up Booker for the Angle Slam, with a low blow
- Booker follows with the Axe kick but Angle kicks out
- Flair is upset and gets on the apron screaming at the ref
- Angle puts the Ankle lock on Booker but the ref is distracted by Flair
- DDP hits the ring and nails Angle with a Diamond Cutter
- Flair lets go off the ref and he starts counting but again Angle kicks out
- Out of nowhere, Angle applies the Ankle Lock and Booker taps
- Much to Flair’s and DDP’s shock, Kurt Angle is the new WCW champion

In Ring Segment: Steve Austin & Hollywood Hogan
- Stone Cold’s music hits and he enters the arena with his pick-up truck
- On the truck-bed, Hogan is lying unconscious
- Austin throws a beer-cooler in the ring and drags Hogan in the ring
- Austin hits Hogan over the head with a beer can
- Austin grabs a mic and repeatedly yells “brother” while stomping on Hogan
- Austin tells Hogan that he is the last son-of-a-bitch Hogan wants to mess with
- Hogan gets up and Austin hands him a beer can
- Austin toasts Hogan and then gives him the Stunner
- Austin then spray paints “3:16” on Hogan’s back
- Stone Cold celebrates with a fallen Hogan laid out in the middle of the ring
- Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Was waiting for that!

Good to see HBK back and The Return of the Rock should be good, there's so much star power on either side it's crazy and there is still a few that could come back, If only this was what the real Invasion was like

Current Top 5: CM Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Lesnar and Rollins

All Time Top 5: CM Punk, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Lesnar
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
July 30, 2001 from Philadelphia, PN

Opening Segment: New World Order
- Hogan, Hall and Nash come to the ring
- Hogan is pushing a wheel barrel with something in it covered up with a blanket
- Hall takes the mic and says that he will have a match with Triple H tonight
- He says he has it on good authority that Shawn will be here tonight
- Nash has the mic and says they are three of the biggest stars in wrestling history and they expect to be treated that way
- He gives the mic to Hogan
- Hogan says, last week Stone Cold went too far
- He says Steve Austin tired to kill him on Smackdown
- Hogan says nobody humiliates him
- Hogan says Austin is screwed come Summerslam
- He asks Austin to call a truce until then

Parking Lot: Shawn Michaels
- HBK arrives and is informed by Michale Cole that Eric Bischoff expects him in his office

Chris Jericho def. Billy Kidman w/ Ric Flair
- Billy Kidman comes out for his match against Chris Jericho
- WCW president Ric Flair comes down to the ring
- Flair gets a mic and says he made a mistake on Smackdown but he will make up for it
- He announces a rematch between Booker T and Kurt Angle for the WCW title tonight
- Flair says this will be a historic night for WCW because not only will Booker T recapture the WCW title from Kurt Angle but the Rock will also join WCW
- Flair is interrupted by Chris Jericho
- Jericho tells Flair to shut the hell up
- Jericho says he is sick and tired of hearing Flair’s voice
- Jericho makes fun of Flair and Kidman and then comes down for the match
- Kidman misses the Shooting Star Press and Y2J pins him after a Lionsault
- Flair is on the outside throwing a tantrum

Backstage: Eric Bischoff & Shawn Michaels
- Bischoff is on the phone in his office and gets interrupted by Shawn Michaels
- Bischoff says it’s all about creating compelling television
- Eric says that’s why he appoints Shawn Michaels the Special Referee in the Scott Hall vs Triple H match
- Shawn says Bischoff is stirring the pot and he is right in the middle of it
- Bischoff encourages HBK to not be in the middle and pick a side

Backstage: Vince, Regal & Tajiri
- Backstage, Vince is decorating the Rock’s dressing room
- Regal comes in and brings all sorts of pies for the Rock
- Regal tells Vince that Tajiri has a chance to bring back the Hardcore Title tonight
- Vince says even though Regal had good thoughts but the Rock likes a different kind of pie

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam def. Tajiri to retain

Backstage: Shawn Michaels & Triple H
- Hunter walks in Shawn’s dressing room and says he will not only beat Scott Hall he will hurt him bad and Shawn better not get in his way
- He says all Shawn had to do was to make sure that Kevin Nash doesn’t get involved

Backstage: Shane & Stephanie McMahon, Booker T
- Shane and Stephanie are also planning a party for the Rock
- Shane tells Booker not to worry about the Rock but instead to worry about his WCW title match against Kurt Angle
- He wants Booker to make an example out of Kurt Angle

Backstage: Vince & Big Show
- Show approaches Vince to pitch some marketing ideas to him for a new t-shirt for his tag team with Billy Gunn
- Vince has no time for him as he gets ready for the Rock’s arrival

Backstage: Booker T & DDP
- DDP fires up Booker for his WCW title match and says the match will be No-DQ
- DDP tells him to make an example out of Angle and bring back the WCW title

WWF New York: Test
- Test is at WWF New York and JR asks Test about the WWF superstar attacking him a few weeks ago
- Test says he was once angry but he will stay loyal to the WWF
- He hopes Angle will win and that the Rock will come back to the WWF

WCW Title: Booker T w/ shane McMahon def. Kurt Angle to win the WCW title
- Before the match even begins, WCW wrestlers take advantage of the No-DQ rule
- Lance Storm hits a superkick on Angle and the WWF locker empties attacking the WCW guys
- Officials try to break the brawl
- The ring empties except Angle and Booker and the match officially starts
- We see the brawl between WWF and WCW continue in the back
- Angle hits the Angle Slam and then puts on the Ankle lock which prompts DDP to get in the ring
- Angle chases him away but knocks out Earl Hebner by doing so
- Booker hits the Axe kick and Charles Robinson runs in but Angle kicks out
- Angle knocks out Robinson and hits the Angle Slam on Booker
- DDP is back and hits the Diamond Cutter
- Shane throws Hebner back in the ring to count the pin
- Booker has regained the WCW title
- An angry Angle runs after DDP as Shane and Booker celebrate in the ring
- Page can escape and Angle tells Cole backstage that he will break DDP’s ankle

Kanyon & Rey Mysterio def. Edge & Christian

Title vs Title: X-Pac def. Gregory Helms to win the WCW Cruiserweight title
- X-Pac now has both, the WWF Lightheavyweight title and the WCW Cruiserweight title

Backstage: The Outsiders & Shawn Michaels
- The camera finds the Outsiders having a very friendly conversation with HBK

WCW Tag Team Titles: Kane & Undertaker w/ Sara def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire by DQ
- Taker hits a chokeslam on Palumbo but Scott Steiner interferes and hits Taker with a low blow for the DQ
- Palumbo & O’Haire retain the titles
- O’Haire grabs Sara but Taker saves her and hits a chokeslam on O’Haire as well
- Steiner runs away from the Brothers of Destruction

Triple H def. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash with Shawn Michaels as Special Referee
- Shawn Michaels is calling the match right down the middle
- At one point, Scott Hall goes for the Outsider’s Edge but Hunter counters it and backdrops Hall out of the ring
- Hall looks to have injured his knee after hitting the concrete
- Shawn goes out of the ring to check on Hall
- Kevin Nash uses the distraction and hits Triple H in the back of the head
- Hall suddenly recovers from his knee injury and gets back in the ring
- Shawn sees Hunter knocked out and figures he was played by Hall and Nash
- Hall goes for the Outsider’s Edge again but out of nowhere, Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music on Hall
- Nash hits the apron and as soon as he steps over the top rope, Shawn superkicks him out of the ring again
- Hunter rolls over for the cover and Shawn counts the three
- Shawn and Triple H stare each other down and then high five in classic DX fashion
- Shawn and Hunter then do crotch jobs in The Outsider’s direction

Outside: The Rock
- Outside the arena, the Rock looks at the statue of Rocky Balboa
- The Rock turns to the camera and raises the people’s Eyebrow

WWF Title: Steve Austin def. Diamond Dallas Page to retain
- Kurt Angle comes out during the match which distracts DDP
- Austin uses the distraction and hits the Stunner on DDP for the win
- Angle storms in the ring and goes after DDP
- The two brawl through the crowd
- Austin watches the two go at it for a moment when Hollywood Hogan sneaks up behind him and hits Austin over the head with the WWF title belt
- Eric Bischoff brings out the wheel barrel from earlier on
- Hogan reveals that it’s full of cinder blocks
- Hogan sets Austin up on the ring post and smashes a cinder block over Stone Cold’s knee
- Hogan retreats to the stage as EMT’s come out to attend Steve Austin

In Ring Segment: Shane, Steph, Vince, The Rock
- Vince comes out first, followed by Shane & Steph
- Then, the Rock comes out
- Shane speaks first and reminds the Rock of Vince screwing Rock at Mania 2000
- Shane takes Rock back to Raw the day after Wrestlemania this year, when he fired the Rock publicly humiliating him
- Shane says that if Rock went back to the WWF, Vince will screw him again and again
- Vince takes the mic and says Shane’s points are somewhat accurate
- He regrets firing him the day after Wrestlemania but he can’t apologize to Rock
- He tells Rock that if it’s right for business, he will screw him again
- He says he will work to earn Rock’s trust again
- Vince says Rock’s future is with the people and with the WWF
- Shane counters and says that WCW is the future because the WWF is going down
- Vince and Shane continue to debate and the push each other until the Rock suddenly Rock Bottoms Vince
- Shane and Steph celebrate as Rock stares down Shane
- Rock begins to smile and shakes Shane’s hand
- Rock then Rock Bottoms Shane and hits him with the People’s Elbow
- The People’s Champion grabs a mic and says: “Finally The Rock has come back to the WWF” as Raw goes off the air

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