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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

June 14, 2001 from Baltimore, MY

In Ring Segment:
- Jericho comes out and is irate about what happened to Chris Benoit on Monday
- Jericho says that Benoit was already injured because of their brutal TLC match and because of his cage match against Kurt Angle but Booker T’s attack is responsible that Benoit will now need surgery and that he would probably be out for a full year
- Jericho says Booker will pay for it, tonight
- Booker appears on the Tron and says he will not wrestle Jericho tonight
- Commissioner Regal comes out and says as punishment for Monday, Booker will put his number one contender spot for the WWF title on the line tonight, against Jericho
- Regal says because of Benoits injury, his opponent in the KotR tournament, Edge, therefore automatically advances to the Semi-Finals
- Regal also says that Jericho does not have to forfeit the Tag Team Title but instead defend it with a different partner
- Jericho says Regal might still be a jackass but at least he’s a WWF jackass
- The announcers say that Stephanie and Triple H will not be here tonight for obvious reasons but we will hear from them next Monday

KotR Quarter-Finals: Rob Van Dam def. Dean Malenko

The Big Show def. Raven

European Title: Matt Hardy def. K-Kwik to retain

Kurt Angle def. The Undertaker by DQ

Hardcore Title: Test def. Rhyno to win the Hardcore Title

Tajiri def. Crash Holly

Kane def. Albert

Number One Contender for WWF Title: Booker T def. Chris Jericho
- During the match, Austin is shown watching the match backstage
- After Booker escapes the Walls of Jericho twice by grabbing the ropes, he can roll Jericho up and uses the ropes to pin Jericho
- Booker celebrates as Smackdown goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
June 18, 2001 from Tampa, FL

In Ring Segment: Spike Dudley & Molly Holly
- Spike calls out the Dudley Boyz
- The Dudleyz come out
- Bubba calls Molly a bimbo
- Molly slaps him
- Bubba grabs her by the hair
- Spike tries to help but D-Vom attacks him
- The Dudleyz 3D Spike and then Molly as well

KotR Quarter-Finals: Kurt Angle def. Jeff Hardy
- They show a recap of Sara’s stalker;
- Another video is shown in which the stalker says he will reveal himself tonight

Live via Satelite: Stephanie & Triple H
- Stephanie and Triple H are at home
- They are still shattered about losing their unborn child
- They say that now they love each other more than ever and that they will renew their wedding vows at King of the Ring
- Hunter says he promised Steph to stay at home until then
- When he comes back he will put Booker through the same hell that they’re going through right now

KotR Quarter-Finals: Chris Jericho def. Kane
- Mike Awesome interferes and costs Kane the match
- After the match, Lance Storm comes out of nowhere and superkicks Jericho

Backstage: Commissioner Regal
- Regal makes a match tonight, Booker T, Storm and Awesome against Austin and two partners of his choice

Tazz def. Hardcore Holly

Rhyno def. Tajiri

In Ring Segment: Sara’s stalker
- Undertaker’s music plays
- A masked man comes out on a motor-bike
- He rips off his mask to reveal that he is Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner
- Steiner says he did it because to make an impact in this business you have to go after the biggest and meanest dog in the yard
- He says he’ll be at King of the Ring

Edge def. Perry Saturn

European Title: Matt Hardy def. Albert to retain
- After the match Albert attacks Matt until Jeff and Lita come down
- X-Factor comes out and leave Team Xtreme laying
- X-Pac vs Jeff Hardy for the Lightheavyweight Title at King of the Ring is announced

Steve Austin & Chris Jericho & Kane def. Booker T & Lance Storm & Mike Awesome
- Jericho and Kane are Austin’s mystery partners
- Booker hits the Axe Kick on Jericho and performs a Spinaroonie
- He walks right into a Stone Cold Stunner and gets put in the Walls of Jericho
- Booker taps and his team loses the match
- Austin and Kane fend off Storm and Awesome while Jericho keeps applying the Walls with Booker tapping
- The WCW roster comes out to help followed by the WWF roster
- Scott Hall and Kevin Nash once again use the chaos to come through the crowd
- They still haven’t heard from Vince McMahon
- They say they’ll be at KotR this Sunday and that Vince better be there as well
- Raw goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

June 21, 2001 from Orlando, FL

Opening Segment: Commissioner Regal and Shane McMahon
- Regal and Shane both want to choose the stipulation for the match between Austin and Booker T at King of the Ring this Sunday
- They come to an agreement that the match will be decided in two falls with each fall being for one of the world titles

The Big Show def. Spike Dudley

Kane & The Hardy Boyz def. X-Factor

Hardcore Title: Test def. Perry Saturn

In Ring Segment: The Undertaker
- The Undertaker says at King of the Ring he will make Scott Steiner famous by giving him the single biggest ass kicking in history
- Scott Steiner appears on the Tron from Takers home
- Scott Steiner again says that he will be at King of the Ring

Tajiri def. Taka Michinoku

Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle & Edge
- This match features the two Semi-Finals opponents in the King of the Ring tournament tag together
- After the match, the Dudleyz come out and say since Jericho found a new partner they want their title shot right now
- Jericho looks at RVD who looks to be ready for some more action and accepts

WWF Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz def. Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam
- Jericho and RVD have problems working together
- Jericho gets in RVD’s face, RVD poses and Y2J slaps him in the face which leads to RVD kicking Jericho in the head and then leaving Jericho alone in the ring
- Jericho can fight back and as he is about to get the win, Booker comes out and costs him the match
- WCW wrestlers join him in the beating after the match
- The Dudleyz choose to leave
- Austin comes down and makes the save for Jericho
- More WCW wrestlers come out which leads to the WWF roster storming out
- A giant brawl ensues as the last Smackdown prior to King of the Ring goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

King of the Ring 2001 Matchcard:

WWF/WCW Title: Steve Austin vs Booker T (one fall will be for the WWF and one fall for the WCW title)

WWF Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz vs Spike Dudley and a mystery opponent

Lightheavyweight Title: Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac

King of the Ring Semi-Finals:
Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam
Edge vs Kurt Angle

King of the Ring Finals

Stephanie & Triple H renew their wedding vows
The Undertaker confronts Scott Steiner
The Outsiders call out Vince McMahon to give them their job back

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

King of the Ring 2001
June 24, 2001 from East Rutherford, NJ

In Ring Segment: Scott Steiner
- Steiner says what we saw was just the PG part of his videos
- He says he has a private collection of Sara videos which aren’t PG
- He says that he will be sitting ringside until Taker decides to show up

KotR Semi-Finals: Kurt Angle def. Edge
- Christian interferes and spears Angle
- Edge follows with a spear of his own but Ric Flair comes out and distracts the referee
- Edge is distracted by this and runs into an Angle Slam

Backstage: Mr.McMahon
- Michael Cole asks Vince why he’s here
- Vince says that he will walk Stephanie down the aisle
- Cole asks Vince if he will confront Hall and Nash
- Vince doesn’t answer

Backstage: Stephanie & Triple H
- Hunter looks to be upset and walks towards the door
- Steph begs Hunter not to go after Booker T tonight like he promised her
- Steph says she has to get ready and Hunter leaves but he promises again not to pick a fight

Ringside: Paul Heyman & Scott Steiner
- Paul Heyman interviews Steiner and suddenly footage of Steiner dining plays on the Tron
- Steiner is upset

KotR Semi-Finals: Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho
. Jericho applies the Walls on RVD when his former Tag Team partner Lance Storm hits the ring and superkicks JY2
- RVD follows with the 5 Star Frog Splash for the pin

Backstage: Triple H & Linda McMahon
- Linda greets Hunter and gives him a video tape
- Linda says this is very important

Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz def. Spike Dudley and Kane to retain
- Kane is Spike’s mystery partner
- Dudleyz hit the 3D on Spike for the win
- After the match, Kane puts Bubba through a table

Ringside: Scott Steiner
- More footage of Steiner airs and Steiner tells Taker to come out right now

Lightheavyweight Title: X-Pac def. Jeff Hardy to win the Lightheavyweight Title

Backstage: Hunter and Linda
- Hunter and Linda watch the tape and there’s a commercial on it
- Linda explains that the doctor they have been meeting is really an actor
- Linda says Stephanie was never pregnant
- Hunter is devastated

Backstage: Steph and Vince
- Vince tells Steph how beautiful she looks

In Ring Segment: Stephanie & Triple H wedding ceremony
- Stephanie says her wedding vows to Hunter
- Hunter begins to give his vows
- Hunter finishes by saying he sees Stephanie for what she really is: “ A no good lying bitch”
- Hunter says he can’t believe that Stephanie would do that to him
- Hunter says they’re marriage is over and that they are through
- Vince steps in and pushes Hunter
- Hunter hits a Pedigree on him
- Hunter takes off his wedding ring and throws it at Steph

KotR Finals: Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle
- Ric Flair distracts Angle as he has the Ankle Lock applied
- Diamond Dallas Page hits the ring and hits the Diamond Cutter on Angle
- RVD hits the Frog Splash to become the new King of the Ring

Ringside: Scott Steiner
- More footage of Steiner airs
- Steiner is pissed and goes in the ring and demands for Taker to come out right now
- It is revealed that Sara filmed the footage and then Taker comes out
- The fight is on and Taker gets the upper hand until Steiner hits him with a Steel Pipe
- Taker is down and as he sits up Steiner leaves through the crowd

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Angle walks by some security guys and is seemingly pissed off
- He figures that Flair helped him in the Semis just to screw him even more in the Finals
- He asks who the hell does Diamond Dallas page think he is
- Angle promises that both Flair and Page will get theirs the next time they show up

In Ring Segment: The Outsiders
- Meanwhile, the Outsiders made their way through the crowd and hit the ring
- They want to make it short and sweet and ask Vince to get out right now
- Vince doesn’t appear and The Outsiders look not too happy
- Hall and Nash say they are sick and tired of waiting so instead of asking to get their job back, they will come to Raw is War at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night and simply take it back

WCW Title: Booker T def. Steve Austin in the first fall to win the WCW title
- As Austin has Booker beaten, DDP comes out and hits the Diamond Cutter on Austin
- Booker pins Austin to win the WCW title

WWF Title: Steve Austin def. Booker T to retain the WWF title
- The second fall starts immediately and as soon as Austin gets up Booker follows with the Axe kick but Austin kicks out
- DDP gets back in the ring but Kurt Angle storms out and attacks Page
- Booker goes after Kurt who clotheslines him on the Top Rope which catapults him right into a Stone Cold Stunner and Austin retains the WWF title
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
June 25, 2001 from New York City, NY

Opening Segment: Mr.McMahon
- Vince opens by apologizing to Triple H for shoving him last night
- He says he found out after the King of the Ring what Stephanie had done to him and the whole McMahon family
- Vince calls out Stephanie
- Stephanie says she made some big mistakes but she is young and nave
- Steph says that she is sorry
- Vince is not impressed and tells Stephanie to get out of his sight
- Stephanie starts crying and goes backstage
- McMahon talks about the history of Madison Square Garden
- Vince shows a video on the TitanTron about his father Vince McMahon Sr.

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Test to win the title
- Test and Rhyno fight in the backstage area
- Rhyno pins Test after a Gore against the wall
- WCW’s Mike Awesome appears and powerbombs Rhyno onto a ladder
- Awesome pins Rhyno and wins the Hardcore Title

Light Heavyweight Title: X-Pac def Jeff Hardy to retain

Backstage: Triple H & Vince
- Vince complains about Mike Awesome soiling the hollowed ground of MSG
- Hunter is still mad at Vince but Vince assures him he had nothing to with Stephanie’s plan and that she betrayed him also
- Vince extends his hand and Hunter shakes it
- Kurt Angle enters the room
- Angle complains about getting screwed out of winning the King of the Ring for a second time last night
- Hunter tells Kurt he is pathetic for whining about his problems instead of doing something about it
- Angle has no response

Tazz def. Steven Richards
- Richards insults the New York Crowd
- Out comes Tazz and squashes Richards in 10 seconds

In Ring Segment: King of the Ring Ceremony
- Commissioner Regal introduces the 2001 King of the Ring, Rob Van Dam
- RVD comes to the ring
- Regal congratulates RVD
- Billy Gunn interrupts, complains about not being in the tournament after winning it two years ago and insults RVD
- Gunn wants a match against RVD tonight
- RVD accepts and Regal makes it official

Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz def. Kane & The Undertaker w/ Sara
- Mike Awesome interferes and attacks Kane
- The Dudleyz get the win
- Kane chases Awesome and Taker chokeslams Bubba
- As Taker and Sara are up on the ramp, Scott Steiner approaches them with his Steel pipe
- Steiner knocks Taker out with it and rips out a couple of Sara’s hair
- Taker gets back up and chases him away
- Steiner runs out of the arena, throws a guy out of his car and drives off
- Taker tells Sara to stay with Kane and follows Steiner on his motor cycle

European Title: The Big Show def. Matt Hardy by DQ
- Show goes for the chokeslam but Lita low blows him causing a DQ
- Hardy retains

WWF New York: Shane, Booker, DDP
- Shane introduces the WCW champion Booker T and the man that helped bringing the title back home, Diamond Dallas Page
- They call out anybody from the WWF who has the guts to show up here at WWF New York

Backstage: Vince, Triple H, Angle
- Vince tells Hunter to go to WWF New York and kick WCW’s ass
- Hunter says that this is Kurt’s chance to do something about it
- Angle agrees and they leave

Backstage: WWF roster
- The APA hold a meeting and rally the group to stand up against the WCW invasion

Backstage: Triple H & Angle
- Angle and Hunter head towards the parking lot and then walk by Austin’s pick-up truck
- Austin is sitting inside, and signifies that Angle and Hunter get in the car
- Angle and Hunter hesitate for a second but then get in
- They take off

RVD def. Billy Gunn
- Shawn Stasiak comes out and attacks Billy Gunn allowing RVD to hit the 5 Star

Backstage: Vince
- Vince is on the phone talking to Hunter
- Hunter says they’re stuck in traffic

Chris Jericho def. Tajiri w/ William Regal
- After the match, Lance Storm appears and superkicks Jericho
- Tajiri and Regal come back and make the save

Backstage: Vince
- Vince is still on the phone with Hunter saying he has a plan
- Vince tells them he goes in the ring and then gives them a signal to get in

In Ring Segment: Mr.McMahon
- Vince tells Hunter to enter WWF New York now
- As they do, Austin, Angle and Hunter, are informed that the WCW guys left a while ago
- Back in the arena, Shane, along with Booker and DDP appear on the ramp
- Behind Vince, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash approach the ring through the crowd
- They stand right beside Vince who didn’t see them enter
- Vince is confused and looks at them but Hall and Nash stare at the WCW guys
- Vince starts smiling until Hall and Nash turn to Vince
- Hall smacks Vince and Nash hits him with a Jacknife Powerbomb
- Shane, Booker and DDP come down to the ring
- The APA leads the WWF roster to save Vince
- The rest of the WCW wrestlers come out
- The WWF guys are outnumbered and don’t stand a chance against WCW
- WCW president Ric Flair comes out and is standing over a fallen Vince as Raw goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

June 28, 2001 from New York City, NY

Opening Segment: The Outsiders
- Shane McMahon comes out on the ramp and introduces the two guys that turned their back on this company, went south and made WCW the number one company in the world by kicking the WWF’s ass
- Shane says they will help do it again and it all started on Monday
- Shane says it’s an honour to bring out Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, The Outsiders
- The Outsiders come out and shake Shane’s hand
- Shane heads backstage and the Outsiders walk towards the ring
- Hall says this could all have been avoided very easily
- All Vince had to do was to give them their job back
- Hall says he didn’t and that’s why they signed brand new contracts with WCW
- Hall says if Vince thought he won the war, to think again
- Nash gets the mic and says it’s good to be back in New York
- Nash says their last show before they left was right here in the Garden
- He wants to refresh everybody’s memory
- The famous video from 1996 of Hall, Nash, Hunter and HBK hugging in the middle of the ring at MSG is shown; we see Shane in the truck pushing to show it
- Nash says he figures HBK has retired and not here but there is one more person in that video that is not retired and is here tonight
- Nash says he wants Triple H to come out, just old friends talking to each other
- Hunter’s music hits and the Game comes to the ring
- Triple H brings a sledgehammer with him just in case
- Nash wants him to drop it, Hunter doesn’t
- Nash says that video brought back memories and asks Hunter if he agrees
- Nash says if his memory serves him correctly there was just one person that was punished for it
- Nash says it wasn’t him and it wasn’t Hall because they left the same night
- He says it also wasn’t HBK because he was Vince’s golden boy
- Nash says Hunter took all the heat and he got punished for it and was treated like trash for a full year
- Nash explains how Vince and his company tried everything to sabotage his career, no they tried to ruin his career
- Nash says despite that Hunter became the most dangerous man around here, he became the Game, he became the Celebral Assassin and he did it all by himself
- He says that Hunter owes this company nothing
- That’s why he wants Hunter to do the right thing and that is to finally tell Vince and company to kiss his ass and be with his real family and join WCW
- No reaction from Hunter at all
- Hall and Nash leave the ring and tell Hunter to think about it

Edge & Christian def. X-Pac & Billy Gunn

Hardcore Title: Mike Awesome def. Kane to retain

WWF Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz def. The Hardy Boyz in a Tables match to retain
- Rob Van Dam comes out and throws Jeff off the top rope right into a 3D through the table

Spike Dudley & Molly Holly def. Crash Holly & Jaqueline

The Big Show def. Perry Saturn

Chris Jericho & Scotty Too Hotty def. Tajiri & William Regal

Kurt Angle & Steve Austin def. Booker T & DDP by DQ
- The Outsiders get involved and beat down Angle and Austin
- Triple H is seen in his locker not making a move
- Kane and Undertaker make the save
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
July 02, 2001 from Tacoma, Washington

Opening Segment: Vince, Angle, Austin, Shane
- Vince comes to the ring
- He talks about the WWF vs WCW Invasion PPV
- He says the main event will be five WWF superstars against five WCW guys, in a match called the Inaugural Brawl
- Vince says he hopes that Triple H will be in the right corner come Invasion
- Kurt Angle comes out
- Angle tells Vince to forget about Triple H
- He offers Vince to lead Team WWF at Invasion
- Glass shatters which brings out Stone Cold
- Austin tells Angle to shut up
- Austin tells Vince he plans to kick WCW’s ass at Invasion and he doesn’t want nor need any partners to do so
- Austin says that if Vince gave him four partners he better make sure they know who the captain of the team is and they better know not to stand in Stone Cold’s way
- Shane McMahon comes out on the stage
- He says while the WWF is all about talking, in his company action speaks louder than words
- He says that’s why tonight the main event will be Booker T vs Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW Heavyweight Title
- Shane says he talked to Hunter and he can’t wait for Triple H to officially join WCW tonight

Hardcore Title: Mike Awesome def. The Undertaker to retain
- Scott Steiner interferes and hits Taker with a Steel Pipe which allows Awesome to pin Taker
- Steiner goes after Sara
- Kane comes out and attacks Steiner and throws him in the ring to Taker who simultaneously sits up
- Taker beats up Steiner but Awesome is back to attack Taker
- Kane gets Awesome while Steiner escapes

Intergender Match: Molly w/Spike def. Crash Holly w/ Jackie

Tajiri def. Scotty Too Hotty

The Dudley Boyz def. Chris Jericho & Spike Dudley
- Lance Storm interferes and Y2J chases him away leaving Spike alone against the Dudleyz who put him away with the 3-D

Light Heavyweight Title: X-Pac w/ Justin Credible def. Christian w/ Edge to retain

Rhyno def. Test
- After the match, the APA and the rest of the locker come out and attack Test because they think Test as Shane’s good buddy is the mole that let the WCW guys enter the arenas ever since Wrestlemania

Mixed Tag Match: Lita & Matt Hardy def. Trish & The Big Show
- Big Show attacks Matt after the match until Jeff comes out to help
- Rob Van Dam comes out and attacks Jeff

WCW Title: Booker T vs DDP ends in a No-Contest
- During the match, Angle and Austin run down and attack Booker and Page

In Ring Segment: The Outsiders & Triple H
- While Angle & Austin brawl with Booker and Page to the backstage area, the Outsiders hit the ring
- Hall talks about the Kliq and its history
- Hall says on Smackdown they made an offer to Triple H and haven’t received a response yet
- Hall says Hunter should make the best decision, not the last deicison of his life
- Nash takes the mic and says he’s got a lot of aggression built inside of him after sitting at home the last six months
- Nash says the Outsiders will be in the Inaugural Brawl at Invasion and Hunter better be in their corner, or else
- They ask Hunter what’s it gonna be
- Triple H comes out, sledgehammer in hand
- Hunter gets in the ring and stares down Hall and Nash
- Then he drops the sledgehammer and starts smiling
- Hunter walks towards Hall and Nash, does the Kliq sign and hugs his old buddies
- Behind Nash’s back, Hunter kicks Hall in the gut out of nowhere and follows with a Pedigree
- Nash turns around and sees Hall knocked out in the middle of the ring
- Nash tries to attack Triple H but Hunter ducks and clotheslines Nash over the top rope
- Nash almost immediately gets up and gets on the apron but Hunter has picked up his sledgehammer and Nash backs off
- Hall has recovered from the Pedigree and Hunter sets him up for a sledgehammer shot but Nash can pull Hall out of the ring at the last moment
- The Outsiders stare down Hunter as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

July 05, 2001 from Tacoma, Washington

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz def. Chris Jericho & Spike Dudley
- Lance Storm distracts Jericho while Spike gets hit with a 3D

Backstage: WCW & WWF referees
- The referees of both companies get into a heated argument
- Earl Hebner and Nick Patrick have to be pulled apart

Jaqueline def. Crash Holly

WWF Light Heavyweight Title: X-Pac def. Christian w/ Edge to retain
- WCW wrestler Billy Kidman comes out and attacks Edge from behind
- Christian goes for the Unprettier but X-Pac counters and shoves Christian into Kidman
- Kidman clotheslines Christian onto the top rope
- While Edge gets up and chases Kidman away, X-Pac hits the X-Factor for the pin
- After the match, WCW Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms attacks X-Pac until Justin Credible makes the save

In Ring Segment: Vince, Linda & Stephanie McMahon
- Vince and Linda walk to the ring hand in hand
- Vince says they have been going through divorce proceedings in the past four months but that is in the past
- Vince says he had a lot of therapy and he’s a changed man
- Linda says he really is and she was finally able to forgive him
- Linda says as far as Shane and WCW go, she supported him in the beginning but then she realized that Shane doesn’t want to compete with the WWF and build his own brand, he wants to run the WWF out of business which means he wants to run his parents out of business also
- She says that from now on Shane is all on his own
- Vince and Linda are about to leave as Stephanie comes down to the ring
- A teary Stephanie asks his parents for forgiveness
- Linda begins to feel sorry but Vince holds her back and says that’s what Steph does, manipulate, and Linda shouldn’t fall for it
- Vince tells Steph to get the hell out of his ring, get out of his company and out of his life
- Steph is shocked and starts running up the ramp crying
- Shane comes out
- Steph stops and Shane gives her a hug
- While Shane hugs his sister, he looks at Vince in the ring and starts to smile

Billy Gunn & The Big Show def. The Hardy Boyz
- Rob van Dam comes out and attacks Matt which distracts Jeff and Billy hits his finisher

Albert def. Edge
- Billy Kidman again comes out but Christian is there to prevent him from interfering
- Edge is distracted by this and Albert hits a low blow and the Baldo Bomb for the win

Backstage: WWF roster
- The APA apologize to Test for thinking he was the mole and for beating him up on Raw
- Test is not impressed and leaves the room

Scotty Too Hotty def. Dean Malenko

WCW Heavyweight Title: Booker T def. Scott Steiner
- Undertaker walks down which distracts Steiner
- Booker rolls him up for the win
- Taker chases Steiner but suddenly finds himself surrounded by WCW wrestlers
- The WCW guys attack Taker and hold him up for Steiner who hits him with a steel pipe
- Taker is out and busted open
- Some WCW wrestlers bring out Sara and we see Kane knocked out backstage on the Tron
- Sara slaps Steiner and Steiner goes to hit her but Shane is there to stop him
- Steiner suddenly attacks Shane and leaves the ring and the WCW wrestlers go to check on Shane
- With lots of confusion, Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
July 09, 2001 from Atlanta, GA

Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs Scott Steiner
- Shane comes out with a kendo stick for his match, but The Undertaker comes out and tells Shane that Steiner is his tonight
- Shane says ok and leaves
- Steiner comes out with a steel pipe
- As the match begins, Shane gets back in the ring and attacks Taker
- Sara hits Shane with the kendo stick but Steiner grabs her and hits her with a brutal suplex
- Shane and Steiner leave and Shane tells Steiner to take the rest of the night off
- Steiner leaves on a motor cycle
- Sara is taken to hospital and Taker goes with her

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz def. Edge & Christian to retain
- Billy Kidman interferes and costs E&C the match
- After the match, Kidman gets thrown in the ring by the Dudleyz so that E&C
- Edge & Christian attack Kidman and tell the Dudleyz to get the tables
- The Dudleyz go for it but are attacked by Palumbo and O’Haire
- They brawl to the back
- In the ring, Edge & Christian hit Kidman with the Conchairto, place Kidman onto the table and stand up a huge ladder
- Suddenly, Rey Mysterio runs down, gets on the apron and springboards on the ladder
- Mysterio is on top of the ladder when Edge & Christian finally realize him
- Mysterio leaps off the top of the ladder onto Edge & Christian
- Edge & Christian sneak out and leave and the reunited Filthy Animals, Kidman & Mysterio celebrate

Backstage: Vince & Triple H
- Vince thanks Hunter for staying with the WWF
- Triple H says he is WWF 4 Life
- Hunter says if Vince liked what he did last week he will love what he does tonight

Albert def. Rhyno

Backstage: Triple H & Booker T
- Hunter bursts into Booker’s locker room and challenges him for the WCW Title tonight
- Booker says if Hunter wants a fight, he’ll get one

The Big Show def. Jeff Hardy
- Rob Van Dam distracts Jeff allowing Show to hit the chokeslam

Backstage: Vince, Triple H, Angle
- Triple H gets ready for his match
- Vince tells Hunter how extremely important this match is tonight
- Angle walks in and volunteers to be the leader of Team WWF at Invasion
- Hunter says he will be the captain of the team
- Angle and Hunter argue until Vince stops it
- Vince tells them to get on the same page and tells Angle to be in Hunter’s corner
- Hunter says he doesn’t want Angle or anybody else out there to help him

Backstage: Shane & Booker T
- Shane gives Booker a pep talk bringing up that Atlanta is the home of WCW

WCW Heavyweight Title: Booker T def. Triple H to retain
- Shane hits Hunter right in front of referee Nick Patrick but Patrick does nothing
- Hunter hits the Pedigree on Booker but Patrick turns to Shane who gets on the apron
- Earl Hebner hits the ring and starts counting but Patrick turns around and attacks Hebner
- Patrick and Hebner brawl to the outside
- Back in the ring, the Outsiders sneak up behind Hunter and knock him out with a hammer
- Booker recovers and pins Hunter
- Another WCW referee Charles Robinson runs down and counts the three
- The other WWF and WCW referees get involved in the Hebner/Patrick brawl as Booker and Shane leave

WWF Light Heavyweight Title: X-Pac def, Scotty Too Hotty to retain
- After the match, X-Pac is attacked by Gregory Helms

Backstage: Vince, Triple H, Angle
- EMT’s attend Hunter, who still has not recovered from the brutal hammer shot
- Vince and Angle are there and Angle says it’s Hunter’s own fault since he didn’t want him out there

Kane & Chris Jericho vs Mike Awesome & Lance Storm
- Since the Undertaker is in the hospital with Sara, Kane has no tag team partner for this match
- Jericho comes out and seems to be replacing Taker
- Shane constantly interferes in the match so Vince comes out with Angle
- Ric Flair comes out so Angle leaves Vince’s side to get revenge on Flair
- DDP sneaks up behind Angle and hits him with a Diamond Cutter
- At this point, WCW wrestlers come from everywhere and surround the ring
- Jericho and Kane are trapped in the ring while Shane and Flair hold back Vince and make him watch the WCW wrestlers destroy Jericho and Kane
- Shane asks Vince where his guys are and then tells Vince to look at the TitanTron
- There we see the APA and the rest of the WWF roster storm out to help them but Hall and Nash await and attack them with baseball bats
- After they finished them off, they spray paint them with the NWO letters
- The Outsiders leave in a limo and we see Austin’s pick up truck not that far away
- The camera closes in and we see Austin sitting in it
- Austin doesn’t look too concerned
- Shane tells Vince not to get his hopes up, Austin will not come and save him, he wouldn’t save the guy that did everything to screw him for years
- Shane says he has a little surprise for his dad
- Out comes Stephanie McMahon
- Steph and Shane hug again just like on Smackdown and then Steph slaps her own dad
- Steph says there is one more surprise
- Steph asks Vince if he remembered when he told her to not only leave his ring but to leave his company
- She says that’s exactly what she did because she sold her stock of the WWF
- Shane takes the mic and says he sold his stock as well
- Shane wants Vince to meet the person, who bought their stock and is now 50% owner of the WWF, Eric Bischoff
- Eric Bischoff comes out with a big, evil smile on his face
- Flair and Shane hold Vince up for Bischoff to taunt McMahon and finally knock him out with a roundhouse kick
- Eric Bischoff stands triumphant over Vince McMahon as Raw goes off the air
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