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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

May 24, 2001 from Anaheim, CA

In Ring Segment: Triple H & Stephanie
- Triple H says he and Taker walked through hell last Sunday at Judgment Day
- Triple H says he has all the respect in the world for the Undertaker
- Stephanie looks not too happy to hear this
- Hunter says that now he has beaten everybody that there is to beat
- Hunter says he wants a shot at the WWF Title

X-Pac def. Eddie Guerrero

KotR Qualifier: Kurt Angle def. Spike Dudley

Backstage: Triple H & Stephanie
- Steph says she can’t believe that Hunter respects a guy that kidnapped her
- Hunter tells Steph that the world doesn’t revolve around her
- Steph says he never acknowledges her contribution to his success
- Hunter tells Steph to shut up

KotR Qualifier: Dean Malenko def. Raven

In Ring Segment: Booker T
- Booker heads to the ring
- Booker says Austin is afraid of him because he smells Austin’s fear
- Booker says he will whip Austin’s ass at King of the Ring
- Booker says after he has beaten Austin, Booker will stand over him and Austin will know his name

Grandmaster Sexay & Steve Blackman & Trish def. Bull Buchanan & Goodfather & Ivory

Backstage: Triple H & Steph
- They are still discussing
- Steph tells Hunter he should pay attention to her because she made him what he is
- Steph talks about anything that her family and Vince have done for him
- Hunter interrupts her and says Vince is an asshole
- He says he doesn’t understand why she worshipped the ground he walked on after everything he put her through because Taker abducting her was Vince’s idea
- Steph accused Hunter of marrying her just to get into the McMahon family
- Hunter says he married her not because but in spite of her family
- Steph says maybe her dad was right and he isn’t good enough for her
- Hunter says maybe everybody is right with what they say about her

KotR Qualifier: Kane def. Rhyno

Tag Team Title: Benoit & Jericho def. Edge & Christian & The Dudleyz & The Hardyz in a TLC match
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

damn you're turning Triple-H into a tweener.

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by rbhayek View Post
damn you're turning Triple-H into a tweener.
Stay tuned
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
May 28, 2001 from Calgary, Alberta

The Hardy Boyz def. X-Factor
- During the match, Scott Hall walks through the crowd and takes a seat in the front row
- After the match, X-Pac and Justin Credible greet him with the Kliq sign
- They talk a little bit and hug him
- Heyman and Ross don’t know what to make of it wondering what business Hall has here
- Heyman goes over to Hall to find out
- Halls opens with “Hey Yo”
- Hall says he is just like everybody else here, a little mark, who wants to take a few pictures, get a few autographs and perhaps drink a few beers with the boys
- Hall says he doesn’t want any trouble

Backstage: Rhyno & William Regal
- Rhyno walks in William Regals office and wants another chance in the KotR tournament
- Regal asks why he should do that
- Rhyno says “just watch”

KotR Qualifier: Chris Jericho def. The Big Show
- After the match, Rhyno gores Jericho on the stage as he is leaving
- Rhyno comes to the ring and gores The Big Show as well
- Rhyno pins him and becomes the new Hardcore champion

Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus def. Perry Saturn & Terri
- Lance Storm interferes and superkicks Saturn

Backstage: Spike Dudley & Molly Holly
- They talk about their families fighting
- Angle comes by and he and Spike argue
- Angle attacks Spike
- Molly runs to Dudleyz locker for help
- The Holly cousins are standing next to the locker and attack the Dudleyz from behind
- The Dudleyz think Molly set them up

Backstage: Stephanie & Triple H
- Steph asks Hunter where his wedding band is
- Hunter says he took it off because he has a match
- Steph suggests that he may need help tonight
- Hunter tells Steph to not come down to ringside tonight
- Hunter says he doesn’t want anything or anyone to screw up his chances to become the number one contender for the WWF title again

Eddie Guerrero def. Albert

Some disturbing footage of the Undertaker’s wife, Sara, at home is shown.

Backstage: Rhyno & William Regal
- Regal is very impressed with Rhyno and gives Rhyno another spot in the KotR tournament
- His opponent: Chris Benoit

The Dudley Boyz def. The Hollys
- After the match, the Dudleyz want to put Molly through a table
- Spike tries to stop them and is laying on the table to save Molly
- Bubba then powerbombs Molly on Spike through the table

KotR Qualifier: Chris Benoit def. Rhyno by submission

Number One Contender for the WWF Title: Booker T def. Triple H
- Hunter greets Scott Hall, who is still sitting front row, with the Kliq sign
- Shane keeps on interfering on Booker’s behalf, so Steph comes down despite her husband’s wishes
- Shane grabs Steph by the hair and Hunter rescues her
- Booker hits Hunter from behind which knocks Shane and Steph off the apron
- Booker utilizes and rolls up Hunter for the win
- Hunter yells at Steph afterwards, storms backstage and leaves Stephanie standing
- Steph screams “I love you” but Hunter wouldn’t turn around
- Austin runs down and stuns Booker and Shane
- Austin celebrates with some Steveweisers
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

My god, how long have you been planning this? Are you just sort of doing things as they come along or is everything carefully planned?
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

I have every feud and every PPV match for every major name until Wrestlemania planned out. The same goes for all the big angles that further the general storyline of WCW invading.

Now as far as smaller angles and TV matches go to set-up and advance feuds and develop characters, some of it is planned weeks or even months in advance and some is done as "things come along" as you put it.

Thanks for your interest. You like it thus far?
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

May 31, 2001 from Edmonton, Alberta

Rob Van Dam def. Dean Malenko

Kane def. Edge

Interview: Jim Ross & Stephanie McMahon
- Ross asks Stephanie about her marriage after what happened on Monday
- Steph says she made a mistake just like everyone makes mistakes
- Footage is shown from after Raw and we see Triple H storming in his locker room, Steph screams for Hunter to open the door which Hunter does but only to give her her bags
- Steph almost starts to cry
- Steph says even though what you see on TV they are still happy in day-to-day life
- She still loves Hunter and Hunter still loves her
- She says she will prove how perfect their marriage is

Hardcore Holly def. Bubba Ray Dudley

Chris Jericho def. Kurt Angle

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Raven

X-Factor def. The Hardy Boyz & Eddie Guerrero

WWF Title: Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit ends in a No-Contest
- Austin stuns Benoit but the ref is out
- Austin wakes up the ref and Benoit applies the Crossface
- Booker runs in and attacks Benoit and then also Stone Cold
- WCW wrestlers join him in the beating
- Jericho leads some WWF guys out to the ring to make the save
- The ring empties and Austin stuns Booker who falls right into a Crossface
- Booker taps as Austin flips him off and pours beer over him
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
June 4, 2001 from Minneapolis, MN

In Ring Segment: Triple H
- Hunter wastes no time and calls out Booker T because they have a score to settle
- Booker and Shane come out
- Booker calls Hunter a loser and himself a winner
- Booker says he’s gonna kick Hunter’s ass again “right now”
- Booker and Shane walk to the ring and they start brawling
- The brawl turns into an official match

Triple H def. Booker T by DQ
- HHH dominates until Shane interferes and attacks Hunter causing a DQ
- Austin comes down and saves Triple H of all people
- Austin and Hunter stare at each other

Rob Van Dam def. Kane
- WCW wrestler Mike Awesome interferes and hits an Awesome Bomb on Kane

Backstage: Stephanie & Triple H
- Hunter says he wants to kick Booker’s and her brother’s ass
- Steph has a smile on her face
- Hunter asks her what she has to smile about
- Steph says she has a big surprise for him later tonight

KotR Qualifier: Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy

Kurt Angle & The Hollys def. The Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley

In Ring Segment: Stephanie & Triple H
- Steph calls out Hunter for his surprise
- She says that next week they will renew their wedding vows at King of the Ring
- Hunter says no
- Steph says he as to do it
- Hunter wants to know why and asks her if it’s because she’s the billion dollar princess and always gets what she wants
- Steph says it’s because she’s pregnant
- Hunter pauses and then lifts his wife in the air with a big smile on his face and gives her a kiss

Chris Benoit def. The Big Show by submission
- Benoit says if it wasn’t for Booker T, he’d have won the WWF title in his hometown
- Benoit says he will be WWF champion soon but before that he is coming for Booker

Backstage: Stephanie & Triple H
- Steph and Hunter are about to leave the arena to celebrate the good news
- Hunter insists to carry all the luggage

In Ring Segment: The Undertaker
- Taker comes down to the ring and says somebody has a death wish to be stalking his wife Sara
- Taker says as long as nobody admits to have done it he will interrogate the whole company
- He starts with the first two in sight and turns to Heyman and Ross at the announce table
- Ross makes a point to maybe start talking to the owner of the company: Mr. McMahon
- Taker leaves angrily

Backstage: The Undertaker & Mr. McMahon
- During a commercial, Taker confronts Mr. McMahon
- McMahon claims to know nothing about it
- Vince says maybe Taker shouldn’t interrogate his own company but rather the competition
- Vince says Taker should talk to the owner of WCW, Shane McMahon

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Both say that they want to become King of the Ring this year

KotR Qualifier: Edge def. Christian

WWF Title: Steve Austin def Chris Jericho
- Austin has Y2J ready for the pin but no ref is there to count
- Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Austin as Lance Storm runs in and superkicks Jericho
- Austin hits another Stunner on Jericho for the pin
- As soon as the ref counts to three, Booker runs in and lays out Austin
- WCW wrestlers follow and then Benoit brings out the WWF guys
- The WWF guys chase the WCW guys and a giant brawl ensues which is separated by security
- After the ring has emptied, Scott Hall suddenly comes through the crowd, grabs a mic and gets in the ring
- Hall says there’s something that he wants to say and this was the perfect chance to do so
- Hall says speaking of “chance”, he thanks Vince McMahon for giving him a chance almost ten years ago to come to the Federation
- He says that he and his big buddy thought to themselves the other day if the business was fun again, they’d want to come back and last week he found out that the business was fun again
- He wants to ask the fans, the Federation superstars and Vince McMahon to give them a second chance
- He says that next week, Big Sexy will be right here with him
- Until then, Hall says, he wants Vince to think about what they say “Everybody deserves a second chance”
- Security is back and escorts Hall out of the ring as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

June 7, 2001 from Grand Forks, ND

In Ring Segment: Booker & Shane McMahon
- Shane says Benoit and Jericho stuck their nose in WCW business
- He says therefore tonight Benoit & Jericho will defend the WWF Tag Team Title against himself and Booker T
- Shane says later on he will add a special stipulation to that match
- Booker says even after he beat Triple H he still doesn’t get the recognition and respect he deserves
- Everywhere he goes, people are assuming, Austin is gonna kick his ass at King of the Ring
- He says he will prove the people wrong come King of the Ring and then he will finally get the recognition and respect he deserves

Footage: Stephanie and Triple H
- Steph and Triple H are meeting with Steph’s doctor
- The doctor says everything is developing just fine
- The doctor shows them a picture taken during the ultrasound and Hunter is amazed by it

Kurt Angle def. Hardcore Holly

Lightheavyweight Title : Jeff Hardy def. Jerry Lynn to win the Lightheavyweight title

Kane def. X-Pac

Backstage: Mr. McMahon & Triple H
- Triple H says it is Stephanie’s request that he walks her down the aisle when they renew their wedding vows
- Vnce says he’ll do it

The Dudley Boyz def. The Radicalz

Edge def. Test

WWF Tag Team Title:
- Shane comes out and says the stipulation is that Benoit & Jericho will run a special WCW Tag Team Gauntlet
- Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Chris Kanyon & Shawn Stasiak
- Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Chavo Guerrero & Hugh Morrus
- Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Booker T & Shane McMahon
- After the match, the other WCW wrestlers come back and attack Benoit & Jericho
- Hunter runs down to make the save but Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Palumbo & O’Haire come down and the WWF guys are outnumbered
- Finally, Austin comes down and cleans house
- Steph walks out to check on her husband
- The two hug as Booker sneaks up from behind and knocks Hunter down right onto his wife
- Shane looks awkwardly at Booker and seems to be concerned about Steph, who screams in pain
- The Game checks on her and Smackdown goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
June 11, 2001 from Richmond, VA

In Ring Segment: William Regal
- Commissioner Regal opens the show
- He announces Jericho vs Rhyno and Benoit vs Angle
- Shane comes out and manipulates Regal into making Jericho face both Rhyno & Big Show in a handicap match and Benoit vs Angle to face each other in a cage match
- The Undertaker comes out and wants to know if Shane knows anything about who is stalking his wife
- Shane says he has nothing to do with it and he has no idea who might be behind it
- At that point, another stalker video is show on the TitanTron
- This time, the stalker is in Taker’s hotel room going through Sara’s stuff
- Undertaker is pissed and leaves

Christian def. Kane
- Before the match we see taker leaving the arena and he is heading to the hotel
- During the match, Mike Awesome interferes and Awesome bombs Kane

Footage: Stephanie & Triple H
- Triple H is shown waiting in the hospital
- Her doctor comes out and tells him that Stephanie lost the baby
- Hunter is shattered
- Vince is with him and consoles Hunter

The Hardy Boyz def. X-Factor

Rhyno & The Big Show def. Chris Jericho
- After the match, Rhyno turns on Big Show and gores him

Perry Saturn def. Steve Blackman

The Dudley Boyz vs The Hollys ends in a No-Contest
- Everybody is knocked out and then Spike and Molly kiss in the middle of the ring

Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit
- Booker interferes and stops Benoit from escaping
- Angle escapes and wins the match
- Booker gets in the cage, locks the door and attacks Benoit with a Steel Chair
- Angle sees what’s going on and doesn’t know what to do
- Angle finally decides to help Benoit and starts climbing the cage but Shane knocks him out with a kendo stick
- A weakened Jericho slowly walks to the ring, followed by other WWF wrestlers and they climb the cage but are jumped by WCW wrestlers
- Meanwhile, Booker continues the assault on Benoit
- Jericho tries anything to get inside the cage but the WCW guys won’t let him in
- Inside the cage, Booker hits Benoit in the back of the head with the chair
- Booker puts Benoit’s head in the chair
- Booker gets up and jumps off the top rope onto the chair
- Austin comes out and raises hell and Jericho is finally able to climb over the cage just in time before Booker can do it a second time
- Booker escapes the cage and runs through the crowd
- Benoit is carried away on a stretcher
- We see on the TitanTron that Benoit is loaded in an ambulance
- Back in the arena, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash make their way through the crowd and are about to get into the ring
- A security guard tries to hold them back but they tell him something and he lets them pass
- Hall addresses the crowd first with his “Hey Yo” and then holds a quick survey by asking the fans if anybody came to see the “Outsiders”
- Hall hands Nash the mic
- Nash says “The Outsiders” are in the house
- Nash says he is here to set the record straight
- Nash says he was watching at home when Hall was here the past two weeks and he and his buddies were associated with words like “cancer” and “poison”
- They have even called them a bunch of “company-killing bastards”
- Nash says they deserve a second chance just like everybody else does
- Nash says they want a clean slate and the opportunity to prove the doubters wrong
- Nash says that they haven’t heard from Vince McMahon yet but hope they do real soon
- If not they would be right here again next week and Vince can give them his answer on Live TV
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