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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

April 29, 2001 from Chicago, Il

The Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley def. X-Factor

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Raven to retain

Dutchess of Queensbury IC Title Match: William Regal def. Chris Jericho
- Jericho beats Regal twice, but Regal keeps changing the rules and finally pins Y2J

30-Minute Submission Match: Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle
- Match is restarted after a draw in the regular 30 minutes
- Benoit makes Angle tap in overtime

Last Man Standing: Kane def. The Big Show

Eddie Guerrero def. Rob Van Dam

Triple H vs The Undertaker ends in a No-Contest
- Three officials get knocked out
- A fourth official stops the match and disqualifies both men
- After the match, Taker throws Triple H through the set wall

WWF & WCW Title: Steve Austin def. Booker T to win the WCW title
- Shane keeps on interfering until Vince comes out and knocks Shane down
- After the match, Vince hands Austin the WWF title belt for the first time in history

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by murder View Post
Thanks for the feedback Nige. You're absolutely right, it's pretty basic for the most part right now. That's on purpose. You see the title of the thread is called "WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion".
Because this angle will last an entire year, there's only so much WCW on the show at this point (basically just Booker and some midcarders).

Everything that is strictly WWF related, especially the undercard feuds, I try to keep short and sweet. Once, the Invasion really starts, that will change. The shows will be more detailed and the storylines will be better explained.
You're best off then just starting at a certain point close to the invasion and give a more detailed backstory of what's gone in instead of just listing the results. It's a waste of your time really going down this route.

You should just concentrate on describing in a detailed backstory of only things of real relevance, significant PPV results, major angles, pushes, title changes etc rather than just 'he beat him' for weekly shows that don't matter a week later.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
April 30, 2001 from Milwaukee, WI

In Ring Promo: Kurt Angle
- Angle says Benoit is a cheater
- Angle points out that Benoit tapped right after the 30 minute expired
- The overtime should have started immediately after the match just like in the Olympics
- Therefore Angle proclaims himself as the winner
- Benoit comes out
- Benoit says despite everything Agles says, he still beat him
- Angle attacks him and Benoit fights back
- Benoit gets the upper hand and hits Angle with a German Suplex
- Benoit then steals Angles gold medals

Eddie Guerrero def. Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy
- Eddie hits Jeff with Matts European Title belt when Jeff jumps over the top rope
- Eddie hits the Frog Splash for the win

European Title: Matt Hardy def. Edge w/ Christian to retain

X-Pac def. Spike Dudley

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Chris Jericho to retain
- New Intercontinental champion William Regal joins the commentators
- Regal, Edge & Christian all interfere and help Rhyno win
- After the match, Regal continues the assault on Y2J
- Jericho recovers and beats Regal up with a trash can

In Ring Promo: Mr.McMahon
- McMahon introduces the first man ever to hold both the WWF and WCW Title simultaneously, Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Steve Austin comes down to the ring
- Vince says also for the first time in history, he is proud of Austin being the WWF champion and representing his company
- Vince thanks Steve for defending the honour of his company against WCW
- Austin says he appreciates the fact that Vince came down to help him last night but he doesn’t need nor want anybody’s help, especially Vince’s
- Austin says as far as defending his company goes, he hasn’t to thank him for that because nobody hates WCW more than him
- Austin brings up the circumstances of his release in 95 and that Vince gave him an opportunity here
- McMahon extends his hand for Austin to shake
- Austin tells Vince to put his hand down or else he’ll whoop his ass and walk it dry
- Austin says even though he won’t shake his hand, he will do this …
- Austin wants some Steveweisers
- Austin and McMahon have a beer together
- Shane and Booker T come out
- Shane says his dad has finally lost it, toasting with Stone Cold Steve Austin
- It’s Vinces fault Booker is no longer the WCW champion but he’ll deal with Vince later
- Tonight, Shane says, it’s about Booker T getting revenge on Austin
- Shane proposes a 6 Men tag for later tonight and brings out Bookers tag team partners, the WCW Tag Team champions: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire
- If Austin can’t find two partners, it’ll be a 3 on 1 Handicap match instead

The Acolytes def. Crash & Hardcore Holly
- Crash hits Hardcore by accident and costs them the match
- Hardcore beats up Crash afterwards

Test def. Triple H by DQ
- Triple H beats up Test with a chair
- Triple H sets-up Test for a Pedigree through the Announce table
- Taker makes the save and chases Triple H away

Womens Title: Chyna def. Trish Status
- Chyna powerbombs Trish for the win
- Chyna says she hasn’t had any competition as the Womens champion
- Lita comes out and challenges Chyna for the title

The Undertaker def. The Big Show by DQ
- Triple H interferes with a sledgehammer and hits Taker in the head with it
- Kane makes his way to the ring
- However, The Big Show is there and repeatedly hits Kane with a chair

Steve Austin & Dudley Boyz vs Booker T & Chuck Palumo & Sean O’Haire ends in a No-Contest
- Austin comes out alone and starts the match by himself
- The Dudley Boyz come out and now it’s 3 on 3
- The Dudleyz and the Thrillers brawl outside and it’s down to Austin and Booker in the ring
- Earl Hebner is knocked out
- WCW referee Nick Patrick comes down
- Austin sets him up for the Stunner but Patrick hits Austin in the back
- Austin, no selling the punch, turns around and stuns the hell out of Patrick
- More WCW wrestlers come down followed by the WWF locker chasing the WCW guys off
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

May 3, 2001 from Indianapolis, IN

In Ring Promo: The Undertaker
- Taker says after what happened on raw, Kane is not here tonight
- Taker challenges Triple H to a Hell in a Cell match at Judgment Day
- Taker wants payback tonight
- Kane would get revenge when he comes back
- Triple H comes out and accepts Takers challenge
- As far as tonight goes, he has someone in the back ready for payback tonight
- Someone who has a big score to settle with Taker

Triple H def. Test
- The Big Show joins the commentators
- Suddenly the Undertaker comes out of the crowd and attacks Show

In Ring Segment: Shane McMahon & Booker T
- Shane books a “warm-up” match for Judgment Day for Austin later tonight
- A handicap match against Palumbo and O’Haire
- Austin comes out and gladly accepts
- Austin says after he’s done with them, Booker will be next

Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam def. Dean Malenko & Eddie Guerrero
- RVD kicks Eddie in the head and he and Jeff go to separate corners
- Jeff hits the Swanton and a second later RVD hits the 5-Star Frog Splash for the win

X-Pac def. Raven

Hardcore Holly def. Kurt Angle
- Benoit comes down with Angles medals around his neck which distracts Angle
- Holly rolls him up for the win

Matt Hardy & Chris Jericho def. Edge & Christian & Rhyno in a Handicap match

Lightheavyweight Title: Jerry Lynn def. Grandmaster Sexay to retain

The Undertaker vs Rikishi ends in a No-Contest
- Triple H and Big Show come down but Taker has a chain and can hold them back
- Taker grabs a chair and hits Rikishi with it
- Triple H and Taker stare at each other

Steve Austin def. Chuck Palumbo & O’Haire in a handicap match
- WCW members come out followed by the WWF wrestlers to chase them off
- Referee gets knocked out
- Booker comes down and Bookends Austin
- Ref wakes up but Austin kicks out
- The Dudleyz come out and attack Booker which distracts the Thrillers
- Austin uses the distraction for a Stunner and gets the win
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
May 7, 2001

In Ring Segment: The Undertaker
- Taker says since Kane was taken out, he got even on Thursday by taking Show out
- Taker says, at Judgment Day, he will make Triple H famous
- Rikishi and Triple H come to the ring
- Rikishi says they have unfinished business
- Taker tells Rikishi to stop being Triple H’s puppet
- He asks Rikishi what Hunter has ever done for him
- And where was Triple H on Thursday when he needed him
- Hunter tells Rikishi to attack Taker
- Rikishi hesitates
- Hunter gets in his face telling him again
- Rikishi shakes his head and Hunter smacks him
- Rikishi blocks a punch and hits Hunter with a Side Kick
- Hunter leaves the ring and challenges Rikishi to a match tonight

Bradshaw def. Kurt Angle by Countout
- Chris Benoit appears on the Titan Tron and threatens to sell Angles gold medals
- Angle runs outside tyring to get his medals back and gets counted out

Edge & Christian & Rhyno def. The Hardy Boyz & Rob Van Dam
- Before the match Eddie Guerrero comes down to ringside
- After the match, Eddie beats up RVD

Lightheavyweight Title: Jerry Lynn def. Crash & Grandmaster Sexay & Taka in a 4-Way

IC Title: Chris Jericho def. William Regal in a Steel Cage match to win the IC title back

Lita def. Molly Holly

The Dudley Boyz def. X-Factor in a 6-Men Tables match

In Ring Segment: Chris Benoit
- Benoits walks down with Angles medals around his neck
- Benoit challenges Angle to a match at Judgment Day
- If Angle wins, he will get his medals back
- Angle comes out and accepts the match
- Benoit puts the medals down his pants

Triple H def. Rikishi
- Rikishi has Triple H in the corner for the Stinkface when Stephanie interferes
- Rikishi attempts to give Steph the Stinkface
- Hunter recovers and hits the Pedigree for the win
- Hunter gets a chair and when he goes to hit Rikishi, Takers music hits
- Taker comes down with two chairs, he throws one in the ring for Rikishi
- Triple H gets away from Taker
- In the meantime, Rikishi gives Steph the Stinkface

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire def. Steve Austin in a No-DQ handicap match
- WCW wrestlers come down and attack Austin
- The WWF lockerrom empties
- Officials try to separate the groups
- The match continues with the Tag champs getting the upper hand
- The WWF vs WCW brawl continues backstage which is shown on the Titan Tron
- Austin comes back and hits a Stunner on O’Haire out of nowhere
- This prompts Booker to hit the ring
- Austin chases him away
- Austin hits another Stunner on Palumbo but Booker gives Austin the Bookend
- O’Haire rolls over and gets the three count on Austin
- An angry Austin runs after Booker as the WCW Tag champs celebrate in the ring
- The fighting continues backstage as Booker tries to escape from Austin
- Booker jumps in a limo where Shane is waiting for him and they drive away
- Austin climbs in his truck and chases them
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

May 10, 2001 from Hartford, CT

Opening: Rob Van Dam
- RVD comes out for a match
- Eddie Guerrero sneaks up from behind RVD on the ramp and attacks him
- Guerrero throws RVD in the ring steps which busts him open

In Ring Segment: Steve Austin
- Austin says he is pissed about what happened on Raw
- He says there are two things he plans on doing tonight: Drink beer and kick Booker T’s ass
- Lance Storm comes out
- Storm says Austin represents everything he hates about America
- Storm talks about the crime rate in America
- Austin says he would add to the crime rate tonight by sticking his foot up Storm’s ass
- They make a match and Storm exits the ring
- Austin drinks some beers
- Lance gets back back in the ring and superkicks Austin

Christian w/ Edge def. Chris Jericho w/ Chris Benoit in a Non-Title match

The Hardy Boyz & Lita def. Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather & Ivory

Rikishi def. Triple H by DQ
- Big Show interfered and ends up receiving a Stinkface from Rikishi

Albert def. Raven

Edge w/ Christian def. Chris Benoit w/ Chris Jericho
- Angle runs in and hits the Angle Slam on Benoit as Christian and Jericho brawl on the outside which distracts the referee

Spike Dudley def. Crash Holly

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Bradshaw

Steve Austin def. Lance Storm
- Booker comes out and says at Judgment Day, he will whoop Austin ass and take back his WCW Heavyweight title and the WWF title
- The two have a staredown

In Ring Segment: The Undertaker
- Taker says he wants to find out whether or not Triple H was a man
- He asks if Hunter is finally ready to meet him face to face and get his ass kicked
- Triple H comes down to ringside and the fight is on
- Big Show is there and attacks Undertaker just as Taker is in control
- Lights go out and Kane returns
- Triple H and Show leave and the Brothers of Destruction celebrate their reunion
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
May 14, 2001 from Cincinnati, OH

In Ring Segment: Big Show and Triple H
- Big Show & Triple H start the show
- Big Show challenges Kane to a "Chain Match" at Judgment Day
- Triple H challenges Kane and Taker for a tag match tonight
- Taker comes out and accepts both challenges
- Kane sneak attacks both Show and Hunter

Backstage: William Regal and Kurt Angle
- Regal tells Kurt Angle that if he fights Rikishi tonight, Angle will be able to choose a stipulation for his match with Benoit at Judgment Day

Rikishi def. Kurt Angle by DQ
- William Regal interferes and attacks Rikishi
- Kurt Angle gives Rikishi the Angle Slam

Backstage: The Coach
- Jonathan Coachman says that he's heard that the Police are coming to the arena to talk to the Undertaker

Backstage: Crash and Molly Holly
- Crash confronts Molly for talking to Spike Dudley, Crash says you can't trust a Dudley

Backstage: The Coach
- Jonathan Coachman is outside of the Undertakers dressing room
- Police are inside
- Taker runs out with his gear and leaves the arena
- The Police officer tells Coachman that the Undertakers wife was involved in a car accident

The Hardyz & Rob Van Dam def. The Radicalz
- After the match, Eddie lays out Malenko with a Chair

Backstage: Triple H
- Hunter catches up with the Police Officer
- Hunter asks how Taker took the news
- The Officer says he was obviously upset
- Officer leaves, and The Game has a smirk on his face

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Crash Holly
- Spike tries to help Crash, but it backfires
- After the bout, Crash hits Spike with a trash can lid and leaves

Backstage: Kane & Regal
- Kane is shown leaving the arena
- Regal says if he leaves he will be under breach of contract and Kane and Taker will both be fired
- Kane must face HHH & Show alone

Jericho & Benoit def. Edge & Christian in a Non-Title match
- During the match, Kurt Angle comes down and steals back his medals from Benoit
- But after the match, Benoit says those medals are made of candy, and the real medals appear from Benoits tights

In Ring Segment: William Regal
- Regal makes his way to the ring and tells the crowd that Kane will take on HHH & Show in a handicap match
- Kane & Show will fight at Judgment Day in a Chain match
- He has signed himself to wrestle Rikishi at Judgment Day
- Grandmaster Sexay interupts and says Regal has to loosen up and he tries to get him to dance
- Regal attacks Sexay

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie
- Steph is upset about what happened to the Undertakers wife, and says she hopes it never happens to her
- Hunter says not to worry, cause it won't

Chyna & Lita def. Ivory & Molly Holly
- Chyna refused to tag in

Backstage: Big Show, Triple H, Stephanie
- They discuss Taker's wife
- Show and HHH sound very strange in their tone

Rhyno & Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather def. Test & The Acoltyes
- Rhyno nails Test with the ring steps

Kane def. Big Show & Triple H by DQ
- Show uses the chain on Kane

Steve Austin def. Shane McMahon
- Booker interferes but to no avail as Austin finishes off Shane with a Stunner
- Booker attacks Austin after the match
- Booker lays Austin on the announce table
- Shane hits his Top Rope elbow onto Austin through the announce table
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

May 17, 2001 from Louisville, KY

In Ring Segment: Kane & The Undertaker
- Kane and Undertaker head to the ring
- Taker says someone called the police on Monday that his wife was in car wreck
- Taker says she wasn’t
- He wants to know who made the call and that person will suffer pain worse than any car wreck
- He believes the person was Triple H
- Taker says he has some questions for Hunter and the Game better has some answers

The Hardy Boyz & Rob Van Dam def. The Radicalz
- Eddie turns on his team

Backstage: Undertaker & Triple H
- Taker bursts into Hunters dressing room to demand some answers
- Hunter tells Taker that it was Big Show that made the call and he can call the Police Department to find out he tells the truth

Bradshaw def. Rhyno in a Non-title match
- Test climbs in the ring and gives Rhyno a Big Boot

Backstage: Undertaker
- Taker speaks to the Cincinnati Police Department who inform him the call came from Big Shows cell phone

Chris Benoit & Rikishi Phatu def. Kurt Angle & William Regal
- Before the match, Angle says he wants the match at Judgment Day to be a straight-up wrestling match
- Benoit comes out, proposing a 2 out of 3 Falls match, the first fall being a normal wrestling match, the second a submission match and the third a ladder match with the medals hanging above the ring
- Angle hits Benoit with the Angle slam but goes for his medals in Benoits tights and kisses them
- Benoit hits the Crossface and Angle taps to give Benoit and Rikishi the win
- Benoit again leaves with the medals

Backstage: Undertaker & William Regal
- Taker demands a match with Big Show
- Regal grants Taker the match

Chyna def. Ivory & Molly Holly in a handicap match

Edge def. Chris Jericho in a Non-Title match
- Christian distracts the ref allowing Edge to hit Jericho with a chair for the win

Backstage: Big Show and Regal
- Big Show demands that Regal cancels the match as he is innocent
- Regal denies and hopes Taker would hurt him bad

Hardcore Holly def. Spike Dudley

Backstage: Big Show
- Show is getting ready for his match
- Show suddenly realizes that he borrowed Hunter his cell phone on Monday night
- Show is irate but realizes that it’s too late now and walks out for his match

The Big Show vs the Undertaker ends in a No-Contets
- Taker dismantles Big Show
- Triple H appears on the Tron admitting to have called the cops on Monday
- But he didn’t do it himself as Show attacks Taker with a chain
- The Game runs to the ring and helps Show brutalize the Undertaker
- Kane makes the save
- The Brothers of Destruction stare down Big Show and Triple H

6-Men Elimination Tag: Austin & Dudleyz def. Booker T & Palumbo & O’Haire by DQ
- First man out is Palumbo after a Stunner
- Next, O’Haire pinned D-Von after a Senton Bomb
- Bubba hits O’Haire with a Bubba Bomb moments later but with the ref distracted, Booker gives Bubba a Bookend allowing O’Haire to pin Bubba
- Austin stuns O’Haire and pins him and the match is down to Austin and Booker
- Austin goes for the Stunner bur the Thrillers are back and attack Austin causing a DQ
- Booker hits the Bookend and the Thrillers hit a Superkick and a Senton Bomb
- Booker traps Austins ankle in a chair and jumps off the second rope crushing Austins ankle
- Dudleyz run down for the svae but the damage has been done
- EMTs bring out a stretcher for Austin
- Booker mocks Austin as Austin flips him off, gets up from the stretcher and punches him
- Booker escapes and they stare at each other as the last Smackdown before Judgment Day goes off the air
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Judgment Day
May 20, 2001 from Sacramento, CA

Eddie Guerrero def. Rob Van Dam

William Regal def. Rikishi

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Edge & Christian talk about tonights Tag Team Turmoil match in which they defend the WWF Tag Team Titles entering as the last team because they’re the champions
- Angle comes in and asks for some advice on a Ladder match
- Edge says falling off sucks and Christian says if he was to fall off, to fall off with the medals

Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit in a 2 out of 3 Falls match
- Benoits pins Angle in a regular match
- Angle makes Benoit tap to the Ankle lock in a Submission match
- Angle wins the ladder match to get back his gold medals after interference by Edge & Christian

Hardcore Title: Rhyno def. Test to retain

Women’s Title: Chyna def. Lita to retain

Backstage: Kurt Angle
- Angle says that tomorrow night on Raw is War, he would have an official ceremony to celebrate the return of his gold medals

Kane def. The Big Show in a Chain match
- Triple H comes down with a chair and goes to hit Kane but Kane ducks and Hunter hits Big Show instead

Backstage: Chris Jericho
- Jericho says that he and his mystery partner will take out Edge & Christian tonight and become the new WWF Tag team Champions

WWF Tag Team Titles: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho win a Tag Team Turmoil to win the WWF Tag Team Titles
- The Acolytes def. The Radicalz
- The Acolytes def. The Dudley Boyz
- The Acolytes def. The Hollys
- X-Factor def. The Acolytes
- X-Factor def. The Hardy Boyz
- Chris Jericho and his mystery partner Chris Benoit def. X-Factor
- Jericho & Benoit def. Edge & Christian

WWF & WCW Title: Steve Austin def. Booker T to retain both championships

Triple H def. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
May 21. 2001 from San Jose, CA

In Ring Segment: Steve Austin
- The glass breaks and the WWF and WCW Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring
- Austin says the bottom line is he is still the WWF and WCW champion
- Austin says Booker does not get a rematch
- Booker and Shane Mcmahon come out
- Shane says that the WCW title is WCW business and since Booker is still the US champion, he is the number one contender for the WCW heavyweight title
- So Booker will get another shot at the King of the Ring

Hardcore Title: The Big Show def. Rhyno to win the title

The Acolytes def. The Radicalz

European Title: Matt Hardy def. X-Pac to retain

In Ring Segment: Kurt Angle Ceremony
- Kurt Angle comes out
- Angle says he is a hero and an Olympic Gold medalist
- Angle says he is the greatest amateur and pro wrestler in the present, the past and the future
- Angle concludes with a loud “Whooo”
- Suddenly, another “Whooo” is audible which brings out “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
- Angle is shocked
- Flair says nobody says “Whooo” except him
- Flair says Angle might be the best amateur wrestler but as far as best pro wrestler goes there is only one man who can rightfully claim that and Angle is looking at him
- Flair says, however, he has been watching Angle and has to admit that he is very impressed
- Angle says he should be because unlike Flair, he was a “real” champion and a Olympic Gold medalist
- Angle says he will prove that he is the best and that’s why he will win defend his “King of the Ring” title, something nobody has ever done
- After that, Angle says, he will challenge whoever the WWF Champion may be
- Angle says, after he wins the KotR and becomes the WWF champion again, he’ll have no problem to wrestle “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair so he can experience firsthand that Kurt Angle is the best
- Angle says, it would not be for the WWF title because Flair is no championship material
- Flair accepts Angles challenge and says it’s ok, he’s not here to win any world titles, he’s won 16 world titles already
- Flair says the reason he is here is because he got a call from someone who said he needed him here
- The person said he would need him in a war against his father, someone Flair has a score to settle with
- That person was Shane McMahon
- Flair says Shane offered him a job in the greatest company in the world, WCW.
- Flair explains, it’s a job he has experience in
- Flair announces that he is the President of World Championship Wrestling

The Hollys def. The Dudley Boyz

KotR qualifier: Rob Van Dam def. Eddie Guerrero

Tag Team Title: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Edge & Christian to retain

Kane def. Kurt Angle
- Ric Flair comes out and distracts Angle
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