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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

So.. let me get this straight. You re-write history as to how you would have done it, and these people just read through pages, upon pages, upon more pages of what happened in this imaginary world? Like a fantasy book or something? I know this sounds sarcastically rude, but I'm being serious. Is there a video?

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    Ok NXT is the best. I'll just stop with that.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by ThunderJet88 View Post
So.. let me get this straight. You re-write history as to how you would have done it, and these people just read through pages, upon pages, upon more pages of what happened in this imaginary world? Like a fantasy book or something? I know this sounds sarcastically rude, but I'm being serious. Is there a video?
Welcome to the "Be The Booker" section. Let me tell you how this works around here. One person starts a thread, in which he writes his version of a certain time period in wrestling or comes up with something completely new. Yeah, like a fantasy book, that's probably why it's called "Fantasy booking".

A video, what?! How could there be a video of something that didn't actually happen? Do you even read what you're writing?!
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

WWF/WCW SmackDown!
February 28, 2002 from Boston, Mass

KICKOFF: Hardy Boyz & Lita vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio & Torrie Wilson
- Torrie limps her way to ringside with a brace on her right ankle
- Before the match starts, Jazz makes her way out and gets in the face of Lita
- An injured Torrie steps aside and "allows" the Women’s Champion to take her place
- Rey Mysterio climbs the ropes as Kidman sets Matt up for the Nutcracker Sweet
- Lita, however, pushes Rey off and onto the canvas, while Jeff attacks Kidman
- With Matt holding Kidman, Lita dives off the top turnbuckle with a Legdrop and hits her own version of the move
- Lita goes for the Twist of Fate on Jazz, but, while the ref’s back is turned, Torrie jumps into the ring and crushes Lita’s face with a brace-loaded spinning-heel kick!
- This allows Jazz to nail a Fisherman’s Suplex on Lita to give her team the win!

BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Lance Storm
- Lance Storm brags about being responsible for Goldberg breaking Christian’s ankle on RAW
- Storm says he’s got a feeling that Edge will follow him to the hospital after Goldberg gets done with him tonight
- Storm asks Jericho about Stacy
- To Storm’s surprise, Jericho says he will offer Stacy an apology

- Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac and Big Show bounce into RVD’s locker and blame him for what happened to X-Pac on Monday
- RVD says “whatever” and X-Pac blows a gasket
- X-Pac says RVD needs to be taught a lesson in teamwork and challenges RVD to a match
- RVD says he’s cool with that
- X-Pac asks if he’s also cool with putting that US title on the line and RVD says he wouldn’t have it any other way

BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley & Ric Flair
- Mick Foley is watching a tape of his brutal beating on Arn Anderson from RAW, when WCW President Ric Flair walks in
- Flair calls Foley a "cold-blooded bastard"
- The Nature Boy turns off the television, takes out the videotape, throws it against the wall and tells Foley that he will get even later in the night

MATCH: Test w/ Albert vs Chris Jericho
- Jericho comes out first and says he has a heartfelt apology for Stacy tonight
- He says that he's sorry that Stacy hooked up with an idiot like Test
- Test wants Stacy to stay backstage for his match against Jericho
- The two argue, but Stacy finally gives in and T&A head to the ring
- During the match, Lance Storm bullies Stacy out to the ringside area
- Test is distracted by this resulting in Jericho pinning him after a roll-up
- While Test is arguing with Stacy, Albert goes after Storm
- Jericho uses this to go to the outside and grab a chair
- Albert gets a hold of Storm but Jericho whacks Albert in the back with the chair and Storm hits a Superkick to knock out Albert
- Test goes after Storm and as he turns around, he walks right into a brutal chair shot to the head from Jericho
- Jericho then sets up Stacy for a chairshot, but Shawn Michaels makes the save!
- Michaels is able to fight both men off and then hits the Sweet Chin Music on Storm
- But then Shawn suffers the same fate as Test and walks right into a viscious chair shor from Y2J, busting HBK open
- Jericho says that Michaels tried to be the hero one too many times
- Y2J says that he wants to end Shawn Michaels' career at Wrestlemania!

US TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam (c) vs X-Pac w/ NWO
- Late in the match, RVD brings a chair into the ring, but X-Pac hits a Spinning Wheel kick right in the jaw of Van Dam
- While the ref X-Pac gives the sign for his Bronco Buster, but RVD grabs the second chair and holds it above his head, causing X-Pac to knock himself out
- The ref calls for the bell, as X-Pac bounces back into the middle of the ring
- RVD hits the ropes and goes for the Five Star, but Big Show is standing over X-Pac, forcing RVD to think twice about it
- Hall and Nash are checking on X-Pac as is Big Show, who turns his head for one second, and then gets a Side kick off the top from RVD
- Hall and Nash are irate and chase RVD away from the ring

BACKSTAGE: Big Poppa Pump & Stephanie McMahon
- Stephanie and Steiner are watching on their monitor and Stephanie is worried that the WCW/NWO alliance might fall apart
- She tells Steiner that he will team up with Booker and DDP on SmackDown! and that the three of them have to get along
- Stephanie asks Steiner if he got her the hand lotion, but as he hands it to her, she screams at him for buying the wrong brand!
- She tells him to go buy her the correct lotion right away, but Steiner says he will do it after his tag match
- Stephanie says that he needed her for his big match against Triple H at WrestleMania X8 and he needed to keep her happy, so she demands Steiner to go buy her the lotion right now!

BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Sting
- Flair is looking for Sting backstage, when a shadow appears behind Flair
- The shadow gets closer, it’s Sting
- Flair talks about doing Sting a favour on Monday when he made the match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and now he needs a favour from Sting

NON-TITLE MATCH: Goldberg vs Edge
- Goldberg is looking for revenge on Edge, who speared him last Monday on RAW
- The match begins and after a quick offense by Edge, Goldberg regains control and dominates match
- Goldberg is about to finish Edge off with the Spear, when Steve Austin's music hits!
- Stone Cold walks down to ringside and distracts Goldberg, giving Edge some time to recover
- Goldberg puts his focus back on Edge again and then goes for the Spear
- Edge, however, moves out of the way and Goldberg inadvertently spears the referee
- Goldberg is confused and turns right into a Spear by Edge
- Edge goes for the cover, and Stone Cold quickly puts the ref’s shirt on and with the fastest count possible, counts 1-2-3
- Austin flips Goldberg off, rolls to the outside, where he raises Edge’s hand, who has just beaten the Undisputed Champion Goldberg
- Austin and Edge quickly retrieve, when Goldberg gets back up and completely loses it
- Goldberg gets to the outside, bullies the timekeeper around, and destroys anything in sight
- After the break, Goldberg is still in the ring yelling and demanding for Stone Cold to bring his ass out here
- Instead, Eric Bischoff is walking to the ring, calling for officials and security to stop this carnage
- Goldberg tells Bischoff to be a man and get his ass in the ring
- Bischoff takes a deep breath and steps into the lion’s den
- Eric tries to calm Goldberg down, but Goldberg immediately collars Bischoff
- Bischoff tells Goldberg that Austin is not a signed official, therefore the count was illegal and thus Goldberg never lost the match
- Goldberg lets go off Bischoff, only to tell him that he doesn’t give a damn about Bischoff or his Wrestlemania main event, because Austin won’t make it to Wrestlemania

BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Kurt Angle & Rikishi & Stephanie McMahon
- Triple H, Kurt Angle and Rikishi are going over their match strategy before Stephanie walks in
- An enraged Steph yells at The Game for the comments he made about her on RAW
- Steph also says that his lawyers are being completely unreasonable in their divorce settlement
- The Game says that 50 percent for each is more than fair
- Steph says that since she made Triple H, she not only deserved 50 percent of what they had together, but she also deserves 50 percent of anything The Game earns from now until he dies!
- The Billion Dollar Princess says she always gets what she wants, and she storms out of the room

HARDCORE MATCH: Al Snow vs Sting
- WCW President Ric Flair makes his way to the ring and wants someone to join him in the ring right now
- Flair then calls out Al Snow, who makes his way to the ring in street clothes, not having been scheduled to compete tonight
- Flair welcomes Snow and tells him that even though he did a great job on Tough Enough, it’s time for him to be back on the active roster
- Flair says Snow will have his first match back tonight and it will be his specialty, a Hardcore Match, and his opponent will be Sting
- While Snow gets in a heated discussion with Flair, Sting makes his way to the ring
- Sting starts things off hardcore right away when he bashes Snow’s skull with a trashcan
- The Stinger continues his assault, but Snow is able to take a fire extinguisher from under the ring
- Snow is able to hide the object, as Sting sets up for the Stinger Splash
- Just as Sting comes flying at him, Snow pulls the trigger, which sends the cold cloud of smoke into the Icon’s face, allowing the Tough Enough trainer to get the upper hand
- After some offense, Snow tries to put Sting away with the Snow Plow, but Sting counters it into the Scorpion Deathdrop
- But Sting is not done and instead of going for the cover, he begins beating on Snow
- He continues his attack until Maven rushes to the ring and blindsides Sting!
- Maven eventually hits a Dropkick to take Sting out of the ring and follows him to the outside
- Maven picks up a steel chair, but Sting catches Maven and hits a Deathdrop on the Tough Enough winner on the concrete floor
- Sting then grabs the steel chair and sets his sights on Snow, who is struggling to get back to his feet inside the ring
- There, he grabs Snow, and slams his throat down forcefully onto the chair!
- Snow clutches at his throat as Sting walks away coldly
- EMT’s are out and put Snow on a stretcher, when Mick Foley finally appears at ringside as well to check on his friend
- The Nature Boy walks back out on the entrance ramp with an evil smile on his face
- With Snow writhing in pain, Foley stares down Flair, who has a mic and asks how it feels to see your best friend get carried out on a stretcher
- Flair says he’ll see Foley at WrestleMania

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hollywood Hogan
- Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduce a video package that Hollywood Hulk Hogan produced by himself, about himself

MAIN EVENT: Triple H, Kurt Angle & Rikishi vs Scott Steiner, Booker T & DDP w/ Stephanie
- Late in the match, Steiner snaps on the Recleiner on Angle, but Triple H runs in to make the save
- Angle finally tags in Triple H, allowing The Game to get his hands on Steiner
- Triple H has Steiner locked in for the Pedigree, but Stephanie runs in and pulls his hair
- The Game then sets up Stephanie for the Pedigree, but Steiner lays out Triple H with his Steel Pipe
- With everybody else fighting, the ref didn’t see any of this and doesn’t call for the bell
- Steiner locks in the Recleiner on The Game, but Angle makes the save, freeing HHH by hitting Steiner with the Olympic Slam
- Steph re-enters the ring with the Pipe, but she quickly drops it after locking eyes with Rikishi
- Stephanie tries to escape but is trapped in the ring corner between Angle and Hunter
- Rikishi is approaching Stephanie, when Booker T tries to attack, but misses and knocks down Stephanie
- Angle takes down a shocked Booker with a German Suplex and Rikishi sets his sights on Stephanie, setting up the Stinkface, as Triple H cheers him on
- While Angle puts Booker in the Ankle Lock, Stephanie awakens just in time to witness Rikishi’s ass right in front of her
- Stephanie screams in agony moments before Rikishi gives her the Stinkface!
- Behind Kurt’s back, DDP is planning an attack, but Hunter turns him around to hit a Pedigree
- While Steiner is helping a disgusted Stephanie out of the ring, Booker T taps to Angle’s ankle lock and Triple H covers DDP for the win

IN RING: Eric Bischoff
- Still the WWF owner, Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring to address Monday’s proceedings
- Bischoff says everybody saw the meeting from the Headquarters and what the results were
- Eric says Vince McMahon, once again, found a way to manipulate others for his benefit, making reference to the Board of Directors and of course the CEO of this company, Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon
- He says thanks to the Board and thanks to Linda, Vince McMahon was handed 50% of the company on a silver platter, just like Vince McMahon has always been handed everything on a silver platter
- Bischoff says only a loser would take something that’s been handed to them on a silver platter
- Eric says he's not a loser, he’s a winner in life, because he's overcome obstacles that other people only dream about and achieved his goals against all odds
- He says he would like to take us on a journey back to last November, Survivor Series, and footage is shown of Goldberg pinning Steve Austin resulting in Eric Bischoff becoming the sole owner of the WWF
- Then Bischoff shows footage of the next night on RAW, when he publicly fired Vince McMahon, to which Bischoff refers to as the greatest moment of his life
- Eric now asks the question he claims he’s been asked ever since last November, why he would offer Vince’s wife Linda to remain the CEO of the company
- He says for three months, that’s been Linda’s and his little secret and then asks the crowd if they liked “bed time stories”
- Bischoff says he has a bed time story that Vince McMahon will never ever forget
- Eric threatens to reveal the secret, when Vince McMahon comes to the ring and tells Bischoff to not "go there"
- Bischoff says maybe it's time to tell Vince a little bed time story and Vince shoves Eric down
- McMahon picks Bischoff back up, collars him again and yells at him that nobody ever messes with his family
- Eric dares McMahon to hit him because when he does, he will not only reveal the secret, but also show the whole world what happened one night in November last year
- McMahon is trying to maintain his composure and is about to snap at any second, when Linda McMahon runs down to the ring, begging Vince not to hit him
- Linda gets Vince to let go off Bischoff, who takes a deep breath and then begins to smile
- Linda pleads Bischoff to not tell the secret and repeatedly apologizes for voting against Bischoff during the meeting
- Bischoff says it’s too late for that and tells Linda to get on her knees and beg
- Against her husband’s orders, Linda gets down on one knee and starts to cry, but Bischoff says that’s not enough
- Linda gets down on both knees and Bischoff looks happy, while Vince is furious and ready to explode
- Bischoff says no matter what he always in the end and tells Linda to get up again
- A crying Linda tells Vince over and over again that she’s sorry and begins to leave
- McMahon starts walking up to Linda asking her what this is all about, when Eric Bischoff tells them that they’re not done yet
- Bischoff says like he said he always win in the end, so therefore one more little thing needs to happen so that he won’t reveal the secret and that is that Vince will forfeit their match at Wrestlemania right now and get the hell out of his company and his life for good
- McMahon steps back into the ring and teases a handshake only for him to punch Bischoff’s lights out
- Linda watches on in horror, knowing what this means and as soon as Bischoff comes back to his senses, he promises to show the whole world exactly what happened between Linda and himself next Monday on RAW
- With Bischoff smiling and Linda in complete shock, SmackDown goes off the air!

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by murder View Post
Welcome to the "Be The Booker" section. Let me tell you how this works around here. One person starts a thread, in which he writes his version of a certain time period in wrestling or comes up with something completely new. Yeah, like a fantasy book, that's probably why it's called "Fantasy booking".

A video, what?! How could there be a video of something that didn't actually happen? Do you even read what you're writing?!
Right on. I figured no videos, but worth asking I figure heh. Yeah I read quite a bit of it, good material for sure..now if only the actual company had that sort of common sense.

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    Ok NXT is the best. I'll just stop with that.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion


- Eric Bischoff announced on SmackDown that he will reveal the secret as to why he offered Linda McMahon to remain the CEO of the company. What's that secret about? Will it affect Linda's future in the company? And what about her marriage to Vince McMahon? We'll find out Monday!

- After what happened on SmackDown, Goldberg was granted another match against Edge this Monday. Will Goldberg finally be able to take out Edge, just like his brother Christian? or will the Texas Rattlesnake ruin Goldberg's plan yet again?

- In another huge match, "Olmypic Gold Medallist" Kurt Angle takes on "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. Unlike last time, Stephanie will not be a factor, because the two will battle iside a Steel Cage!

- Also on RAW, we decide who will face Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania, when Billy Kidman, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Tajiri compete in a Fatal Four Way Match, Jazz defends her Women's Title against Trish Stratus and in Tag Team Action, Chris Jericho & Lance Storm take on the No. 1 Contenders for the Unified Tag Team Championship, The Dudley Boyz.

- Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Sting, US Champion Rob Van Dam and the entire NWO are also expected to be there, when the The Road To Wrestlemania continues this coming Monday on RAW!
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

March 4, 2002 from Austin, Texas

KICKOFF: Goldberg vs Edge
- We kick off RAW this week with the Undisputed Champion Goldberg, who is scheduled to face Edge in a rematch from SmackDown
- Before Edge can make his way out, however, WWF owner Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring
- Bischoff says he hates to interrupt, but Edge will be not be "Next" because he's cancelling this match!
- Goldberg takes a mic and says Bischoff has already broken two laws: 1) Getting in HIS business, and 2) Pissing HIM off!
- Bischoff says Goldberg will have a chance to let his anger out on someone tonight on RAW, it just won’t be Edge
- Goldberg says the only replacement he accepts is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
- Bischoff says it won’t be Steve Austin, but since McMahon has a match at WrestleMania against him, Vince deserves a little warm-up match
- Eric says that’s why tonight, for the first time ever, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will go one-on-one with The Undisputed Champion Goldberg!
- He says that way Vince will have his warm-up match and he doesn’t have to worry about Vince ruining the special moment, when he reveals Linda’s and his little secret to the whole world, so it’s a win/win for everybody
- Suddenly, Vince McMahon stomps down to the ring with a purpose, looking pissed
- Vince walks straight to Bischoff, threatening him, but Goldberg steps right in front Vince and Vince backs off
- Bischoff asks McMahon what the deal is, if the great, almighty Vince McMahon with the balls the size of grapefruits is scared all of a sudden
- McMahon gets a mic and asks Goldberg since when he lets anybody tell him what to do
- Goldberg seems to agree because he suddenly turns around and stares Bischoff down
- Goldberg tells Bischoff he will soften Vince up for him, but only if Bischoff gives him Austin in the same ring with him tonight
- At this point, the glass shatters and Stone Cold makes his way to the ring
- Goldberg is ready to go and Bischoff is trying everything he can to hold Goldberg back as Austin hits the ring
- Austin says he was in the back listen to these three jackasses out here making matches and excuses and it’s all a bunch of BS
- He says the fact of the matter is he’s going to WrestleMania to whip Goldberg’s ass and become the Undisputed Champion
- Stone Cold says, having said that, he really likes the idea of McMahon vs Goldberg and he can’t wait to see that
- Austin says he’s looking forward to this match so much that he’d like to see it in person and seeing as he did a hell of a job on SmackDown, he wants to be the referee
- Bischoff addresses Austin, saying he's not going to let him ruin the main event
- He says, however, since Goldberg wants Austin in the same ring, he makes Austin the referee, and Goldberg doesn’t like it one bit
- Bischoff continues that Austin, however, has to call the match right down the middle and if he doesn’t, he loses his shot at the Undisputed Title at WrestleMania
- Goldberg then tells Stone Cold that after he gets done with McMahon, “AUSTIN IS NEXT”
- McMahon steps in and tells Goldberg that after Austin is done with him at WrestleMania, it’s not “WHO’S NEXT?”, it’s “WHO’S GOLDBERG?”
- Goldberg sets his sights on McMahon, but suddenly turns around and spears Austin
- Both, McMahon and Bischoff are shocked by this and Vince goes to check on Austin, not realizing Goldberg getting ready for another Spear
- McMahon gets back up, before turning around, just as Goldberg approaches
- Vince quickly moves out of the way and Goldberg accidentally spears Bischoff
- With both Austin and Bischoff down, Goldberg stares down McMahon, who is obviously scared, knowing he can suffer that same fate later tonight

ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff
- After the break, Eric Bischoff is being helped out by Chief of Staff William Regal
- We see how both Austin and Bischoff got up from the Spear during the commercial and then Austin hitting Bischoff with a Stone Cold Stunner
- When Regal and Bischoff reach the top of the ramp, Bischoff demands a mic and says that this was supposed to a Eric Bischoff night, and it’s gonna be a damn Eric Bischoff night
- He reminds everybody that Eric Bischoff always gets the last laugh and always wins in the end
- Bischoff says that Vince is gonna get his later tonight, but until then, he might wanna take a look at this footage
- Eric says he’s a man of his word, so he wants Kevin Dunn to roll the footage right now
- Bischoff wants everybody to turn their attention to the TitanTron, where a video starts playing, which shows the McMahon mansion
- Eric approaches the house, rings the door bell, and is being let in by the McMahon’s home help
- Bischoff asks if Vince isn’t here and the person tells him no, so Bischoff wants to be taken to Linda McMahon
- Bischoff makes fun of the ridiculously big house, when they arrive at Linda’s home office
- There she is, Linda McMahon, who is surprised when she sees Eric Bischoff walking in
- Bischoff laughs that Vince McMahon is looking for a job right now, while he's actually at the McMahon house!
- Linda asks Bischoff to leave, but Bischoff says he's not here to hurt her, he's here to please her
- Bischoff says he built WCW from the ground up, while Vince McMahon had the WWF handed to him and then he was even handed his creation, WCW, but thank god Shane bought it
- Linda blames Eric Bischoff for ruining her family by turning Shane and Steph against their own parents
- Bischoff says she shouldn’t blame him, Vince is the one to blame for all of this
- Eric says Vince tried to run him out of business, just like Vince ran his father out of business and now Vince suffered the same fate as his father
- He tells Linda not to worry though, she can stay the CEO, because for one she’s been doing a great job for decades now
- Bischoff says the other reason being Linda can be a real asset with the Board of Directors and most importantly Vince seeing Linda getting up every morning to go work for Eric Bischoff has to eat Vince alive
- Eric Bischoff tells Linda that she will enjoy working closely with him all day, just as much as she'll enjoy this
- Bischoff draws closer to Linda, but she stops him and Bischoff asks her if she likes her job, and more importantly, if she likes the big house, the cars, the jewelry, everything because if he fired her, all of this could be gone
- Eric then holds Linda’s hand behind her back and then lays a big kiss on her!
- Linda is fighting it at first, but after a couple of moments, she actually seems to enjoy it
- Bischoff then asks Linda to show him the bedroom, at which point, the footage stops and we see an irate Linda McMahon in the Production truck yelling at Kevin Dunn for showing this footage
- Dunn apologizes, saying he had no choice and Linda tells him to not show any of this again

TAG MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho & Lance Storm
- During the match, the Tag Champions Hall and Nash, walk out on the entrance ramp to scout their opponents at WrestleMania
- Late in the match, The Dudleyz hits the 3D on Storm, but Y2J rolls in and pins Bubba
- Jericho celebrates on the ramp, but Shawn Michaels comes out and superkicks Y2J!
- Michaels tells Jericho that he'll see him at WrestleMania

INTERVIEW: The Coach & Kurt Angle
- Kurt says he appreciated watching Eric Bischoff getting speared, but he also appreciates Bischoff for making the cage match with Scott Steiner
- Angle says Steiner got lucky twice, but tonight in the steel cage, his luck will run out

- Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio comes out and joins the commentators for this match
- Jeff Hardy has Kidman pinned after the Swanton Bomb, but Torrie Wilson distracts the referee, allowing Mysterio to sneak into the ring and hit Hardy with the Cruiserweight Title belt
- At the same time, Lita pulls Torrie off the apron, while Matt takes care of Tajiri
- Matt now sees his brother knocked out with Mysterio standing outside the ring, title belt in hand
- He now has to make the choice to capitalize or do the right thing and he doesn’t know what to do
- Matt decides to do the right thing and instead of going for the cover, he goes to check on his brother
- Mysterio then quickly hits the ring again and also knocks out Matt with the title belt and the ref calls for the bell, ending the match in a No-Contest
- Tajiri hits the ring to attack Mysterio, but he slips out and escapes the assault
- As Rey heads up the ramp, Chief of Staff William Regal comes out and announces that he got word from Eric Bischoff that Rey Mysterio will defend the Cruiserweight Title at WrestleMania in the very first Cruiserweight Open

BACKSTAGE: Linda & Vince McMahon
- Backstage, Vince and Linda meet face to face and Linda apologizes, saying she is sorry and takes full responsibility for what happened on that evening, including her kiss to Eric Bischoff
- She adds that she will never forgive Eric for wrecking their life and asks her husband to forgive her
- Vince asks Linda how she expects him to forgive her after what he saw earlier
- He adds that he doesn’t want to imagine what happened after that, which upsets Linda
- Linda asks him how he could think that she went any further
- She says the only thing we didn’t see was how she told Bischoff that she would remain the CEO, but she will not be Bischoff’s property and then asked him to leave, which he did
- Linda says the only reason why she wanted to keep the job, was not for her, but only for Vince, because she loved him and she would do everything she can to help him get his company back
- Linda says she shouldn’t have let Bischoff kiss her and she shouldn’t have defended Eric time and time again during meetings with the Board of Directors and she’s ashamed and takes full responsibility for it
- Linda, with tears in her eyes, tells Vince that she loves him and again asks if he could forgive her, just like she was able to forgive him in the past
- Vince says he doesn’t know what to think and he has to get ready for his match now
- As Linda leaves, she reminds Vince she always was and always will be there for him

INTERVIEW: The Coach & Rob Van Dam
- RVD says he will remain US Champ at WrestleMani…, when he is interrupted by X-Pac, who challenges RVD to a match tonight because they have unfinished business
- RVD tells X-Pac to lighten up, and X-Pac slaps Van Dam!
- Van Dam punches X-Pac and the two start brawling, but officials led by WCW President Ric Flair, break the fight up
- Flair is irate and yells at both men that he’s had enough
- Ric says the two are supposed to be on the same page, which is exactly what is going to happen tonight
- Flair says RVD and X-Pac will take on Edge and Rikishi tonight on RAW to soften Edge up for Mania and to make Rikishi pay for shoving his fat ass into Stephanie’s face last Thursday on Smackdown
- Ric warns both men, that if they do not work together as a team, there will be hell to pay for both men

- Backstage, Booker T and DDP walk around and have a chat about Kurt Angle
- The two arrive at Scott Steiner’s locker and enter

BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Vince McMahon
- Vince is entering Austin’s locker asking how he’s doing after what happened earlier
- Austin asks McMahon what he really wants and Vince says that no matter what happens out there, Austin, under no circumstances whatsoever, should get involved and cost himself the title match at WrestleMania
- Austin tells McMahon that he should stop worrying about Austin, he should start to realize that he is in for an ass-kicking tonight
- McMahon says he just wanted to make sure and starts to leave but Austin yells after him to close the door and calls him a son of a bitch
- Vince closes the door again and turns around to ask Austin what his problem was
- Austin tells Vince to look at himself, he’s pathetic, crying about facing Goldberg in a match and Linda kissing Bischoff
- Vince warns Austin not to go there but Austin tells him to shut up
- Austin asks where’s the Vince McMahon that made his life a living hell, where is the man with the balls the size of grapefruits
- He says if this Vince McMahon, who’s only thinking about his relationship with Linda, is going out there, Goldberg will destroy him and then Eric Bischoff will pick up what’s left and beat him at WrestleMania and get Vince’s company once and for all
- McMahon asks Austin what he’s supposed to do and Austin collars Vince and rams him into the wall
- Austin yells at McMahon to defend himself, but Vince, although angry at first, doesn’t do anything
- Stone Cold reminds Vince of everything he has done to him, having Vince be arrested, the corvette incident, the beer truck incident, and violating him in the hospital and Vince starts getting angry
- Austin says that’s what he wants and now he wants Vince to take all that anger and hatred and let it out on Goldberg because that’s the only chance, he’ll even make it to WrestleMania to save his company
- Vince is really firing up, but all of a sudden he asks Austin if he’ll let him go now and Austin is furious
- Austin tells Vince he left him no choice and then slaps the hell out of McMahon and again and again
- Stone Cold goes for another slap and finally Vince blocks his hand, and starts yelling who the hell Austin thinks he is
- Vince tells him he’s Vince McMahon damn it and he’s gonna take no crap from anybody and Austin begins to smile
- McMahon then tells Austin he has to get ready for his match because later tonight, he’s gonna kick Goldberg’s ass and at WrestleMania, he’s gonna beat the hell out of that little parasite Eric Bischoff and take back his company and that’s the bottom line ‘cause Vince McMahon said so
- Vince starts to leave, before turning around and flipping Austin off
- In typical McMahon fashion, Vince struts out of the locker, and a stunned Austin simply calls him a stupid, little son of a bitch

WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Jazz (c) vs Trish Stratus
- Jazz dominates Trish for most of the match, but Trish fights back
- The Women’s Champ then starts to throw Trish around and even rips Trish's top off!
- Trish gets ticked off and puts Jazz in a submission hold, but Jazz makes it to the ropes
- Stratus, however, doesn't break the hold and gets DQed
- As a result, Jazz remain Women’s Champion and Trish is irate

BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
- Stephanie is shown talking to Shane on the phone
- Steph is bitching because she can't find her lotion, when HHH enters the room with a box
- HHH says he has a box of Stephanie's things to return and dumps the stuff on the floor
- Steph spots her special lotion and quickly applies some to her hands, arms, chest and neck
- HHH watches on with a grin and Steph asks what the hell he is looking at and tells him to get lost

IN RING: Sting
- Sting comes down to the ring and says the fans are all waiting for the resurrection of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania X8, but there won't be a resurrection, there will be a percecution of Biblical propertions
- The Undertaker’s GONG plays and a new eerie video plays, as a pair of burning Taker symbols are lowered

TAG TEAM MATCH: Rob Van Dam & X-Pac vs Edge & Rikishi
- Despite Flair’s warnings, RVD and X-Pac do not seem to get along and argue right from the get-go over who will start the match
- It doesn’t take long for both men to get in each other’s faces again and Flair makes his way down to the ring and sets them straight, which seems to work
- Midway through the match, Mick Foley arrives to the building on the big screen
- The referee gets knocked out and Flair pounds away on Edge and Rikishi
- Suddenly, Mick Foley runs down and attacks Ric Flair and throws him over the guard rail and brawls into the crowd!
- In the ring, Edge battles X-Pac and hits a big dropkick off the top rope!
- Edge sets up for the Spear, but The Big Show runs down and gives Edge a Chokeslam!
- X-Pac rolls over and puts his arm over Edge as a second referee runs down, but only counts 2!
- Rikishi then plants X-Pac with a Samoan Drop, prompting Show to try to get back into the ring and go after Rikishi, but Edge gives him a Spear and Show flies off the apron to the floor!
- Behind Rikishi’s back, RVD climbs the top rope and hits Rikishi with a Side Kick, only to run into Spear by Edge, and Edge pins RVD, again

BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Goldberg
- Eric Bischoff is entering Goldberg’s locker and thanks Goldberg for apologizing for almost spearing him in half out there
- Goldberg says what happened was a mistake, but he's not going to suck up and apologize
- He then wants to know if Bischoff is gonna fire him now, but then reminds Bischoff that he needs him
- Goldberg says because without him, there is no WrestleMania main event and without him softening McMahon up, Bischoff will lose his company at WrestleMania
- Eric wants Goldberg to remember one thing, he made him and he sure as hell can break him
- Goldberg corners Bischoff and tells him that nobody, especially not Bischoff made him and nobody, especially not Bischoff controls him
- Goldberg then tells Eric that the next time he spears him, it won’t be a mistake
- As Goldberg leaves the locker, Eric starts smiling

DESIRE: The Rock
- A Desire video of the Rock is shown, highlighting his career
- As the video ends, we see Hollywood Hogan watching on a monitor with the Coach, who is ready to conduct an interview with Hogan
- Hogan says it’s a tragedy that Rock had such a promising career and now it’s questionable if Rock can even compete at this year’s WrestleMania or ever again
- Coach asks Hogan if he hasn’t heard the rumour that The Rock will be on Smackdown and Hogan is speechless

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Scott Steiner
- Steph arrives at Steiner's locker room, when Booker and DDP come out of the locker
- She greets them, but the two, for some reason, are very distanced and quickly leave
- Steph enters the locker and complains over Bischoff making the match between him and Kurt a Steel Cage match and asks what he was thinking
- Steiner says she shouldn’t worry about it, because he asked for the match
- He then looks up at Stephanie and asks her about how she looks and Steph has no idea what he means
- She steps in front of the mirror, and freaks out, when she sees that she has a rash all over her body
- Steph says it must have been from HHH replacing her lotion with something else
- Stephanie tells Steiner to kick HHH's ass at WrestleMania and Steiner says what he’ll do to Kurt tonight will be a taste of what’s in store for Hunter at Mania

STEEL CAGE MATCH: Scott Steiner vs Kurt Angle
- Late in the match, Steiner tries to escape over the top of the cage, but Angle pulls Steiner back into the ring
- Later, Steiner tries to escape through the door, but Angle again stops him
- Angle climbs to the top of the cage, and almost makes it over, but Steiner pulls him down
- Angle then nails Steiner with the Olympic Slam, when suddenly Stephanie comes to ringside
- Referee Teddly Long tries to stop her, Stephanie rams Long into the cage
- Angle tries to crawl out the door, but Steph slams the door into his head!
- Steiner recovers and begins to ram Angle's head into the cage walls, but Angle slingshots Steiner into the Cage!
- Stephanie puts a chair into the cage, and Steiner tries to use the chair, but Angle kicks him and beats down Steiner
- Angle tries to climb the cage, but Stephanie comes in and pulls him off causing Angle to crotch himself on the top rope and then gets his foot tied up in the ropes
- Stephanie then helps Steiner escape through the door and win the match
- As soon as the bell rings, Booker T and DDP run down to the ring, while Stephanie is looking for the keys in Teddy Long’s pants to lock the door
- Booker, DDP and Steiner all get back in the ring and triple team Angle, while Stephanie finds the keys, gets in the cage as well and locks the door behind her
- It was a plan all along to take out Kurt Angle, and it’s the same way Booker took out Chris Benoit last year
- Booker is setting Angle up for the Axe Kick, but Kurt counters it into the Angle Slam
- DDP goes for the attack and sets up the Diamond Cutter, but Angle reverses it into a German Suplex
- Finally, Steiner knocks down Kurt, as Steph is cheering him on
- Steiner goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Angle, again counters it and hits a Belly to Belly on his own
- Steph is in shock as Angle sets his sights on her, and she realizes that she is locked inside the Cage
- Steph quickly goes unlock the door, but Kurt catches her, throws the keys out of the cage and puts her in the Ankle Lock
- Steph is screaming in pain and taps repeatedly, but Angle doesn’t let go
- Steiner is back up and finally smashes Angle over the head with the chair and now Booker and DDP are back as well to join in on the beating
- The three hold Angle up for Stephanie and she not only slaps him across the face, but also kicks him between the legs
- Angle goes down and Steiner applies the Recliner, choking the life out of Angle
- Finally, Triple H’s music hits and he runs down to the ring, trying to climb the cage
- But the three men inside are able to block him every time
- Triple H then has the idea to look for the keys, which Kurt has thrown out earlier
- Seconds later, Hunter finds the keys and unlocks the door
- Everybody inside is trying to climb over the cage, but Steiner sees Stephanie not being able to climb the cage, while Booker and DDP escape
- Steiner makes the heroic sacrifice and climbs back down to rescue Steph from HHH
- Hunter slowly closes the door behind him, locks it, and pulls the keys in his tights, as he locks his eyes on Steiner
- After a brief staredown, Hunter and Steiner go at it and the fight is on
- Stephanie is screaming for help as Hunter is beating the living hell out of Steiner and sets him up for a Pedigree
- Steiner fights free with a low blow, when the Steel Cage begins to raise
- Steph gets Steiner out of there before Hunter gets back to his feet
- Hunter is about to run after them, but notices Angle, still knocked out and decides to check on him instead and call for EMT’s

MAIN EVENT: Goldberg vs Vince McMahon; Special Referee: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
- Eric Bischoff and William Regal join the announce team for the match
- Both Goldberg and McMahon test each other's strength in the beginning of the match, with Goldberg getting the upper hand, but McMahon kicks him in the guts
- McMahon then tosses Goldberg to the outside and slams Goldberg’s head on the announce table and grabs a steel chair
- Bischoff gets up and talks smack to McMahon and the two almost exchange blows, but Austin steps in between them
- With Austin distracted, McMahon tries to smack Goldberg with the chair, but Goldberg hits Vince with a chair shot of his own, that causes McMahon to bleed from the head
- Austin gets in Goldberg’s face, figuring what happened, but he can’t do anything about it
- Goldberg throws McMahon back into the ring, hits the Spear and the Jackhammer and Austin has no choice but to count the three
- Austin is rolling to the outside and grabs both world title belts
- He gets back into to the ring and Goldberg rips them out of Austin’s hands
- Goldberg raises both title belts right in front of Austin, who retaliates with a Stone Cold Stunner
- Austin then grabs both title belts again and leaves
- Goldberg gets back up shortly after and realizes that both title belts are missing and sees Stone Cold flipping him off from the top of the ramp before heading backstage
- Goldberg jumps out of the ring and runs after him, while Eric Bischoff and William Regal hit the ring
- Bischoff stares down at McMahon, who is still out and a bloodied mess and Bischoff enjoys what he sees
- Regal picks McMahon up and holds him for Bischoff, who hits McMahon with several karate kicks, before knocking McMahon down and out with a big roundhouse kick
- Bischoff, however, is not done as he orders Regal to bring something in the ring
- Regal goes outside and pulls a cinder block from under the ring and brings it inside
- Again, Regal grabs McMahon and this time sits him up and places the cinder block right in front of Vince’s head
- Officials run down, but Regal holds them back and Bischoff threatens them that they will be fired and orders them to return to backstage, which they do
- Bischoff is about to kick the cinder block right in Vince’s face, when Linda McMahon makes her way to the ring, almost crying, begging Bischoff to stop
- Linda is covering Vince, who pushes Linda aside and Linda, on her knees, pleads with Bischoff
- Bischoff approaches Linda and then plants a huge kiss on her, right in front Vince’s face
- Linda pushes Bischoff away and then slaps him across the face as hard as she can
- In a split second, Bischoff suddenly delivers a Roundhouse Kick to Linda, who goes down as she was struck by lightning
- Vince is frozen and even Regal is shocked, but Bischoff is seemingly very proud of himself
- Regal again holds the cinder block in front of Vince and this time Bischoff kicks it right into Vince’s head, breaking the block and Vince’s skull in the process
- RAW goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Updated WrestleMania X8 card:

Goldberg (c) vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Rock

Eric Bischoff vs Vince McMahon

Sting vs The Undertaker

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs "Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner w/ Stephanie McMahon vs "The Game" Triple H

"Y2J" Chris Jericho vs "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

The Outsiders (c) vs The Dudley Boyz

Rob Van Dam (c) vs Edge

Rey Mysterio defends against every Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight of both companies
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

SmackDown! Preview

- After having his career almost ended by Hollywood Hogan, The Rock makes his return and will be the Special Guest on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel

- We will hear from Mick Foley to give us an update on how Linda and Vince McMahon are doing after Eric Bischoff's actions on RAW

- "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner goes one on one with "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

- In a preview to the Cruiserweight Open at WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio will team with Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero to take on The Hardy Boyz and Tajiri

- Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undisputed Champion Goldberg are also expected to be here and Goldberg sure wants both of his World Title belts back. This and much more when The Road to WrestleMania continues this Thursday on SmackDown!
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