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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

October 25, 2001 from Omaha, NE

Opening Segment: WCW
- The entire WCW roster, except Sting, lead by owner Shane McMahon comes to the ring
- Shane & Stephanie aren’t in a good mood after WCW lost three championships on Raw
- Shane says his father had the audacity to call him a pussy and Stephanie a bitch
- Shane says he’s the owner of WCW and WCW will be in control at Survivor Series
- He introduces the man that will make that happen, Eric Bischoff
- Shane tells Bischoff that at the Survivor Series in the “Winner Take All” match, that Eric Bischoff can count on his WCW to represent him
- Bischoff thanks Shane and says that Shane is right because it’s all about control
- He says at the Survivor Series he will put it all on the line but after the Survivor Series, he will be in control as the sole owner of the World Wrestling Federation
- Eric says then he will merge his WWF with Shane’s WCW just like promised and then they will control the entire wrestling landscape
- Bischoff says the WWF superstars could either work for them or just retire
- He says the single greatest moment of his entire life would then happen the next night on Raw
- He says unless Vince McMahon wants to work here as a janitor, he will publicly humiliate him and tell him to his face “Vince, read my lips, You’re Fired”
- Shane tells the WCW roster that what happened on Raw was inexcusable
- Shane addresses Rey Mysterio, Hurricane Helms and Palumbo & O’Haire, the four men that lost their championships on Monday
- He talks about Vince and Linda teaching him the concept of “tough love”
- As Shane berates them, Bischoff tells him that he has a better idea
- Bischoff says, however, they need momentum going into the Survivor Series
- He says in order to gain momentum they should start with the one thing that is most valuable to the WWF, the WWF Title and somebody in WCW should take that title tonight
- He says because of a pre-match stipulation from Monday, Hollywood Hogan is not entitled to a rematch for the WWF Title tonight
- Bischoff says therefore the WCW roster will battle it out tonight in a 20 Men Battle Royal and whoever wins that Battle Royal will face the WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin tonight
- Shane says whoever that might be he better bring the title back to WCW

20 Men Battle Royal to earn a WWF Title Match on Smackdown
- The 20 participants are Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Big Show, Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Hurricane Helms, Chavo Guerrero, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Hugh Morrus, Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak, Raven, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome
- One early elimination has Mike Awesome powerbombing Raven over the top rope through a table on the outside
- The final three superstars in the ring are Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Rob Van Dam
- Scott Hall throws RVD over the top rope but RVD lands on the apron only to be eliminated by a Big Boot by Kevin Nash
- Hall then sneaks up behind Nash but Nash ducks a clothesline and hits another Big Boot that knocks Hall over the top rope to win the Battle Royal and a shot for the WWF Title against Steve Austin later tonight
- Hall congratulates Nash after the match and the two hug
- Scott signals Nash to take the WWF title back

Trish vs Mighty Molly
- Trish picks up the pinfall after a bulldog

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Steve Austin
- McMahon enters Austin’s locker room and congratulates him on being a double champion
- Vince tells Austin that he has no alternative but to beat Kevin Nash, or else things would never be the same for him again
- Austin tells Vince to never come in here again and tell him what to do
- He says he will whoop some ass tonight because that’s what he always does
- Austin says if Vince doesn’t leave right now he will start whooping his sorry ass
- McMahon says he wanted to talk to the Rock now anyway

Backstage: Vince McMahon & The Rock
- McMahon approaches The Rock and wants to shake his hand but Rock wouldn’t
- Vince says he needs a favour
- He says The Outsiders are the heart of the WCW/NWO faction and they need to rip that heart out
- Vince says since Austin has Kevin Nash later tonight, he asks The Rock to take on Scott Hall tonight on Smackdown
- He says he would appreciate it and Rock says he looks forward to that match and that tonight he will lay the smackdown on this Chico’s candy punk ass
- Rock asks Vince if he’d like to see that
- He then tells Vince to wipe a monkey’s ass with what he thinks

WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz vs Diamond Dallas Page & Scott Steiner
- Test and Stacy join the commentators for this match
- Stacy gets involved and Steiner knocks her down
- Test checks on Stacy Keibler and distracts Steiner who then gets hit by Neckbreaker by the Dudleyz
- Moments later, the Dudleyz hit a 3D on Page for the win
- Scott Steiner gets on the microphone and says Stacy cost him his match at No Mercy and now she cost him the WWF Tag Team Titles
- Steiner snaps and nails Stacy with a belly-to-belly suplex
- Test is irate as Page and Steiner quickly leave

Backstage: Shane McMahon & The NWO
- Shane tells Hall and Nash that they led by example during the Battle Royal
- He tells Hall to take out The Rock, then turns to Nash and says it’s time for Nash to become the new WWF champion
- Shane says it’s time for someone to raise some hell and that man is Nash

The Rock vs Scott Hall
- The two men battle up the ramp early on
- Late in the match, Rock hits a Rock Bottom but the ref was knocked down and can’t make the count
- Rock locks in the sharpshooter, but X-Pac runs down and breaks it up and hits Rock with a Spinning Wheel Kick
- Hall and then goes for the Outsider’s Edge and X-Pac throws the ref back into the ring but Rock kicks out
- X-Pac yells at the ref and Justin Credible suddenly runs to the ring, chasing his former best friend into the crowd
- Back in the ring, Hall is about to nail Rock with a chair, but Hall misses and gets a DDT onto a chair for his troubles
- Big Show then comes down to assault Austin but Albert comes out and fights him off
- Kevin Nash walks down to attack Rock, but the glass shatters and Steve Austin runs down to help his tag partner, fighting Nash off
- Moments later, Rock nails a spinebuster on Hall, and sets Hall up for the People's Elbow
- However, Hollywood Hogan is there to grab Rock's leg and nail him in the head with a steel chair
- Hall then pins The Rock as the ref counts the three and Hall has just beaten The Great One
- The NWO pound on Rock and Austin after the match
- As they all celebrate Hall’s victory, Nash stands over Austin signalling that he’ll take his WWF Title tonight

Parking Lot: X-Pac & Justin Credible
- Justin Credible is still chasing X-Pac, who leaves the arena and drives off
- Credible jumps in a car and follows him

Chris Jericho vs Booker T
- Booker gains control and late in the match, he goes for a suplex but Jericho reverses it to roll Booker up for the win
- Booker is very upset after the match

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Sgt. Slaughter
- Vince is with Linda backstage, upset about what happened during the Hall/Rock match when Sgt. Slaughter comes in with a message from Shane
- Shane had sent the message that he was waiting in the parking lot and wanted to fight Vince in a street fight
- Vince says he's been waiting for this since Wrestlemania and that this wouldn't take long
- He tells Linda to wait in the locker room

Backstage: The Rock & Steve Austin
- The Rock and Austin are backstage refusing medical help
- Rock thanks Austin for trying to do the right thing
- He tells Austin that he got his back later tonight because they may not agree on a lot of things but they can agree on one thing and that is that the NWO is the biggest group of assholes walking god’s green earth
- Austin says he appreciates it but he doesn’t need any help
- Rock hands Austin a steel chair and says Austin may not need his help but maybe he needs this

Parking Lot: Vince McMahon
- Vince goes out to the parking lot and calls out Shane, who is nowhere to be found

Backstage: Linda McMahon, Shane, Stephanie, Eric Bischoff
- Eric Bischoff, Shane and Stephanie enter Vince’s office, much to Linda's surprise
- Shane says that he wouldn't fight Vince in a street fight on Smackdown, he would do it on Monday's Raw
- Bischoff physically intimidates Linda to the point where she slaps him to break free
- Eric says it doesn't feel good to be slapped and holds Linda for Stephanie to slap
- Shane gets between them but then allows Stephanie to slap her across the face
- Stephanie calls his mom a bitch as they exit the office
- Bischoff, Shane & Stephanie leave the arena quickly in a limo
- Moments later, Vince returns to the locker room to find Linda crying and with a big bruise on her face
- Vince takes Linda to their limo and they drive off

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire
- Matt goes for the Twist of Fate on Palumbo but O’Haire breaks it up
- O’Haire and Matt brawl on the outside and Lita is knocked down
- Matt checks on Lita and O’Haire rams him face first into the ring post
- Moments later, Jeff eats a Djungle Kick and gets pinned after a Swanton Bomb by O’Haire

WWF Title: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash w/ Scott Hall
- Austin comes out with a steel chair in hand and smacks both Outsiders in the back with it before the bell rings
- Nash and Hall leave the ring and Austin follows them and hits them with a double clothesline
- Austin throws Nash back into the ring and Hall attacks Austin on the floor, with the ref's back turned
- Eventually the referee gets knocked out
- Hall runs into the ring but Austin hits a spinebuster
- Big Show walks down and attacks Steve Austin
- Albert runs down and takes Show out of the ring
- Albert and Big Show brawl through the crowd
- Nash hits a Sidewalk Slam and covers Austin but only gets a two count
- The referee gets knocked down again
- Hall runs back in and both Outsiders beat on Austin
- The Rock’s music hits and The People’s Champion runs to the ring and lays the smackdown on Hall finshing him off with a Rock Bottom
- Hollywood Hogan sneaks into the ring with a steel chair but Rock turns in time and Hogan drops the chair and leaves the ring
- Rock chases Hogan up the entrance ramp and the two brawl to the back
- Back in the ring, Nash sets Austin up for the Jacknife but Austin hits a low blow and follows with a Stunner and the ref is back to count the pin
- Steve Austin gets to his feet and celebrates with some Steveweisers as Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
October 29, 2001 from Louisville, KY

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon & WWF roster
- World Wrestling Federation Co-owner Vince McMahon enters the ring while the entire roster of the Federation gather around the squared circle
- Mr. McMahon promises that after Survivor Series, they will get rid of Eric Bischoff
- Vince then addresses the attack by Bischoff, Shane and Stephanie on Linda McMahon during SmackDown
- Vince warns Shane that father would destroy son later that evening during their Street Fight
- Mr. McMahon begins introducing his team of Federation superstars at Survivor Series
- “The Game” Triple H, “ The Icon, The Main Event, The Showstopper” Shawn Michaels, WCW Tag Team Champion The Rock, and his Tag Team Co-Champion and the WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin comprise the team
- Just as Mr. McMahon finishes the introduction, Stephanie McMahon’s entrance music hits and the Billion-Dollar Princess strolls onto the entrance ramp
- Stephanie boldly proclaims that the superstars in WCW were successful as well as smart
- She orders that footage of the SmackDown attack on her mother be played
- When the clip finishes, Stephanie asks her father to consider what Eric Bischoff and his team of WCW superstars would do to him, Linda and the Federation at Survivor Series
- Stephanie tells Linda she hopes her mother enjoys watching Shane wreck his father that evening
- With that, out comes WCW Owner Shane McMahon
- Shane says there couldn't be anything more satisfying than systematically taking his father apart
- WWF Co-Owner Eric Bischoff comes out as well and says, actually there is
- Bischoff proclaims that a member of his team at Survivor Series is at ringside right now and reveal himself tonight
- "I'm looking at that person right now" says Bischoff while gazing over the Federation Superstars flanking a confused Vince at ringside

Backstage: Bischoff, Stephanie, Shane, Goldberg
- After a break, Bischoff, Stephanie and Shane walk backstage and enter the dressing room of WCW Champion Goldberg
- Bischoff says there is no way the Federation would figure out who he was talking about
- Goldberg slowly stands up and approaches Shane to tell him “Vince is Next”

Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Edge
- Rob Van Dam does a suicide plancha over the top rope onto Edge, who is holding a ladder
- Edge hit a reverse DDT on Rob Van Dam from the top of the ladder
- RVD monkey flips Edge onto the flat ladder, then follows with the rolling thunder
- Edge pulls Rob Van Dam's feet out from under him sending him face first to the mat
- Rob Van Dam misses a five-star-frog splash and lands ribs-first onto a ladder
- Edge climbs to the top of the ladder, but RVD drop kicks the ladder sending Edge down
- Both men climb the ladder, as it tips over, Edge crashes to the mat, but RVD lands on a second ladder
- Rob Van Dam follows up by hitting a five-star-frog splash from the very top of the ladder
- Van Dam climbs the ladder but somehow Edge is able to get back up and climb the ladder on the opposite side and then jumps over RVD and powerbombs him off the ladder
- Edge climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt to become the new Intercontinental Champion

Backstage: The APA
- The APA are in their “office” playing poker and speculate who the traitor would be
- Bradshaw reminds Faarooq that he was a former WCW champion indicating it might be him
- Teddy Long interrupts and says there would be an urgent meeting among the WWF superstars held by D-Generation-X
- The APA are surprised D-X would hold a meeting but slap their cards down and leave to the meeting

Hurricane Helms & Mighty Molly vs Tajiri & Torrie Wilson
- Hurricane goes for his Eye of the Hurricane finisher early on, but Tajiri dodges it and counters with a stiff kick
- Both men tag in their female counterparts and Torrie begins throwing Molly around the ring
- She even hits Hurricane's sidekick with Tajiri's patented handspring elbow off the ropes
- Hurricane rushes to Molly's aid, but finds himself locked in the Tarantula
- But Molly takes advantage and rolls up Torrie for the win

Backstage: WWF Roster
- Triple H says he loves the Federation and he tries to call out the traitor
- Hunter demands the person reveal his or her identity right now
- The Rock enters the room
- Shawn says, finally, The Rock has decided to show up for the meeting
- Rock asks DX when they became leader of the Federation
- Hunter says they became the leader a long time ago long before The Rock even got here
- Shawn says he was winning championships back when Rock made out with some chick in High School
- Rock hands Spike his WCW Tag Title belt and asks Shawn what he was doing when The Rock was winning championships
- The Rock says he’s with the Federation and threatens whomever it was that planned on turning his back on the WWF
- The People's Champion proceeds to adjourn the meeting
- Shawn then asks where the hell Stone Cold was and Hunter says that’s one hell of a question

In Ring: Scott Steiner
- Scott Steiner comes out and talks trash about Stacy and demanding an apology from her
- Eric Bischoff comes out and says he’s got a surprise for Scott, and calls out Spike Dudley to wrestle Big Poppa Pump right now with the Dudleyz barred from ringside

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs Spike Dudley
- Steiner immediately attacks Spike as he enters the ring
- Big Poppa Pump dominates the match and finishes him off with the Steiner Recliner
- After the match, Steiner continues the assault on Spike until the Dudleyz make the save
- Steiner leaves the ring but Test arrives and throws Steiner back into ring
- The Dudleyz then give Steiner a 3D
- Diamond Dallas Page sneaks up from behind Stacy and hits her with a Diamond Cutter on the ramp
- DDP leaves as quick as he arrived and Test runs after him but stops to check on Stacy
- EMT’s come out and carry Stacy away on a stretcher
- After a break, an ambulance takes Stacy to the hospital and Test goes with her

Backstage: D-Generation-X & Steve Austin
- D-X storm into Austin’s locker room
- Hunter screams at Austin for missing the meeting and Austin yells back at Hunter
- Shawn tries to calm down his best friend and tells Austin that no showing this meeting kind of makes him suspicious
- Austin says he doesn’t care about who the traitor was and reminds Shawn that he doesn’t trust anybody, especially them
- Shawn asks Austin why he would be the traitor and Austin says he’s not talking about him and then glares at Triple H
- Shawn then glares at Hunter as well and Hunter leaves the room pissed off

WCW Tag Team Titles: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin & The Rock (c) vs The Outsiders
- Hall and Nash take turns pounding on Austin early in the match
- But the WWF Champion manages to work his way out and tag in the Great One
- The Rock lays the smackdown on both men, hitting Hall with a DDT and tossing Nash through the ropes
- Rocky accidentally strikes Austin in the process of wrecking the opponents
- Austin retaliates by smashing the Great One while Rock goes for the People's Elbow
- Hall tries to take advantage but Austin breaks up a pin attempt and then wants Rock to make the tag
- Rock makes the tag and as Austin goes after Hall, Rock hits Austin with a Rock Bottom
- Rock then turns to walk up the entrance ramp but dashes back to break up Hall's pin attempt on Austin
- While The Rock takes care of Nash with a Rock Bottom, Austin earns the win with the Stone Cold Stunner on Hall
- The WCW Tag Team Champions angrily exchange words following the match

Backstage: Ric Flair & William Regal
- WCW president Ric Flair and WCW Commissioner William Regal talk about what just happened
- Flair is angry that Hall and Nash lost but Regal calms him down saying what’s more important right now is that Austin and Rock want to destroy each other
- Flair says Regal is right and the two talk about Kurt Angle’s match with Regal later tonight
- Ric says he wants Regal to take out Angle for even thinking that he is in the same league as “The Nature Boy”

Ivory vs Lita
- Lita hits Ivory with a suplex and goes for a pin but Ivory kicks out
- Lita then throws Ivory out of the ring and launches a body press toward her opponent but she misses and crashes into the retaining wall
- Matt Hardy comes out to his girlfriend's aid and puts her back in the ring
- Ivory comes up and taunts Matt, who strikes Lita with his elbow as he goes to strike Ivory
- Lita recovers and gets the pin after a Moonsault, but she leaves the ring only after screaming angrily at her boyfriend

WWF New York: Mick Foley
- WWF Commissioner Mick Foley proudly displays his new book, "Halloween Hijinks."
- Mick talks about Austin and Rock successfully defending the WCW Tag Team Titles against The Outsiders and hopes they can put their egos aside at the Survivor Series for his and the WWF’s sake
- Foley then talks about looking forward to another match he booked for tonight, O’Haire & Palumbo against D-Generation-X

Kurt Angle vs William Regal.w/ Ric Flair
- William Regal, with new entrance music blaring, enters the ring in an attempt to take out Kurt Angle
- Regal's tenacious, physical onslaught is not enough to put The Olympic Hero.away and Angle wins the match by forcing his opponent to tap out to the Ankle Lock
- Flair throws a tantrum on the outside and Angle celebrates with a huge “Whooo” directed at The Nature Boy which makes him even angrier

Backstage: Vince McMahon & D-Generation-X
- Shawn apologizes to Hunter for earlier tonight as they are approached by Vince McMahon
- Vince wishes them luck in their upcoming match
- Hunter says he knows Vince was worried that either him or Shawn are going to jump sides that night
- Vince, finding himself sandwiched between the two best friends, wishes them luck and turns to leave
- Shawn tells Vince the two don't need any luck, but Vince does

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire vs D-Generation-X
- D-Generation-X begin to pick apart their opponents
- Shawn wins the match for his team with Sweet Chin Music on Palumbo after ducking a Djungle Kick

Street Fight: Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon
- Vince pummels his son with his bare fists and then smashes a steel sign over his son's head
- The beating continues as Vince rams Shane into the ring steps and into the ring post
- Shane gasps for breath as his father wraps a cable around his neck and cuts off his son's air
- Vince throws Shane into the ring and tosses in a few garbage cans and a kendo stick as well
- Vince winds up to smack Shane with a trash can, but gets hit by a low blow from Shane
- The Boy Wonder takes control by repeatedly smashing a trash can lid over his father's head
- Shane sets a trashcan on his father's chest, climbs the top rope and launches a Shooting Star Press, but Vince moves, causing Shane to land on the trash can
- Mr. McMahon regains the upper hand by cracking his son with the kendo stick over and over again
- The brutality continues with Vince knocking Shane outside the ring
- The Federation Co-Owner clears the announce table of monitors but gets a few trash can lids to the head and a TV monitor to the skull from his son
- With his father dazed, Shane gets back into the ring and vaults to the top rope
- Shane launches himself at his father and lands with an elbow drop and both men crash through the table
- Shane gathers his senses and takes Vince back into the ring
- Vince recovers in time to kick out after a two-count
- Shane sits his father in the corner of the ring and assaults him with repeated blows
- In a sickening scene, Shane sets a trash can up on his prone father and goes to the opposite ring corner to reenact his amazing Van Terminator from Wrestlemania
- This time however, Vince moves at the last second, and stops Shane mid-air with a trash can lid
- Vince goes for the cover but The Outsiders, Hall and Nash suddenly storm out and attack Vince
- D-Generation-X run down and go after the Outsiders
- Shawn hits Hall with a Clothesline that catapults both guys out of the ring
- In the ring, Triple H gives Nash the Pedigree
- Hollywood Hogan is here and low blows Triple H and hits him with the Big Boot
- The Rock is out and lays the smackdown on Hogan finishing him with the Rock Bottom
- Behind The Rock’s back, Goldberg sneaks into the ring and spears Rock
- The glass shatters and Steve Austin runs down and goes face to face with Goldberg
- From under the ring, Sting suddenly appears, baseball hat in hand and nails Austin in the back of the head with it
- Sting then smashes Triple H in the stomach and then in the head with the bat
- Shawn is back in the ring and Sting strikes him down with the bat as well
- The Rock gets back up and Sting also hits him in the head with it
- Sting then turns his attention to Vince and teases to smack him down as well but instead he chokes him with the bat, holding him up for a vicious spear by Goldberg, that breaks McMahon in half
- After Shane pins his father, Sting, Goldberg and Shane celebrate and Eric Bischoff comes out to the stage with an evil smile on his face as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Smart move with sting coming from under the ring, I was hoping none of the federation would turn

Current Top 5: CM Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Lesnar and Rollins

All Time Top 5: CM Punk, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Lesnar
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Survivor Series is approaching and we are already 2 weeks away practically but I expect someone from the WWF to turn soon or at least by Survivor Series
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

November 01, 2001 from Cincinatti, OH

WCW Tag Team Titles: The Rock & Steve Austin (c) vs The Outsiders
- Austin and Rock work together in the early going, but tensions are clearly heating up
- As Austin whoops some ass in the ring, Rock goes for Flying Clothesline but accidentally hits Austin
- Nash then nails the Great One with the big boot and follows with the Jacknife for the pin, as Hall and Nash become the new WCW Tag Team Champions
- After the bout, an enraged Austin has some words with Rock
- Rock is about to leave the ring, when Austin holds him back and the men come to blows with Austin soon hitting a weakened Rock with a Stone Cold Stunner
- Austin then walks away, but suddenly stops, returns, and delivers another Stunner to Rock

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Steve Austin
- Moments later, Vince McMahon calms Austin down backstage
- Vince says that after losing to Shane on Raw, and after losing the WCW Tag Team Championship, he needs Team WWF to be on the same page
- He tells Austin not to be so selfish, since he might be unemployed the day after Survivor Series
- Vince says that Austin should think about apologizing to Rock, since he doesn't want any more problems on Smackdown
- As Vince speaks, Rock runs over to attack Austin, and both men have to be restrained by Federation officials

In Ring: Test
- Michael Cole interviews Test backstage on the condition of Stacy
- Test says she’s doing better and says DDP will get his
- Booker & RVD walk to the ring and Booker says DDP is not here tonight
- He makes fun of Test sayin maybe he should call a whambulance
- Palumbo & O’Haire walk down and run their mouths as well until Test has enough and starts attacking them
- Test is outnumbered but The Dudleyz and Christian make the save
- The Dudleyz challenge the four of them to a Tables match right now

Tables Match: Booker T, RVD, Palumbo & O’Haire vs Test, Christian & The Dudley Boyz
- Late in the match, Rob Van Dam hits a Van Terminator on Christian
- The Dudley Boyz hit Palumbo with the Wassup Headbutt and then call for the Tables
- The Dudleyz set up a table, but Booker brings Christian’s US Title belt into the ring and whacks the Dudleyz with it
- Spike Dudley runs down to the ring and hits a Dudley Dog on Booker and then gets tossed over the top rope through a table by RVD
- Test puts O’Haire through the table with a Pumphandle Slam to win the match for his team

Taped Segment: Eric Bischoff
- Eric Bischoff addresses the fans
- He says that with Survivor Series coming up, he started thinking about who he wants on his side when everything is on the line
- Bischoff says he likes to surround himself with winners because that’s what he is
- Eric says that no one on Team WWF fits that description
- He says Shawn Michaels is a loser for following around Triple H, the man who used him to get to the top, and Rock and Austin are too self-absorbed
- Bischoff says that the one man who is a true winner is Goldberg
- He says that Goldberg always gets the job done and tonight he will prove that because Goldberg will defend his WCW title against Triple H
- Eric says as for Shawn Michaels, he will go one on one tonight with the real “Icon”, Sting
- Bischoff says he loves his job, and he would be damned if he would put his job on the line by trusting some WWF losers
- Bischoff then names his team for Survivor Series: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hollywood Hogan, Sting and Goldberg
- He says that people shouldn't be upset with him, only because he is more intelligent than they are
- The camera then pans out to show Bischoff standing next to the entire Team Bischoff, in unison, for Survivor Series

Kurt Angle vs Big Show & X-Pac
- Kurt Angle comes out for his match against X-Pac when WCW President Ric Flair appears on the stage and introduces X-Pac’s tag team partner in this special handicap match, The Big Show
- Big Show & X-Pac double team Angle during the final portion of the match
- Angle fights back and puts the Ankle Lock on X-Pac
- Show, however, grabs Angle and chokeslams him to win the match for his team

Backstage: William Regal, Tajiri & Torrie
- WCW Commissioner William Regal watches the match in his office, and Tajiri and Torrie Wilson enter his office
- Regal says that he and Tajiri weren't spending enough time together anymore, and he says he is proud of what Tajiri has done with the Federation
- He offers Tajiri the chance to join WCW
- Torrie begs Tajiri to say no, which Tajiri does
- Regal says that he respects Tajiri's decision, and then beats him down
- He says he would meet Tajiri later in the night on Smackdown

WWF European Title: Bradshaw (c) vs Lance Storm
- As the match begins, Bradshaw uses his power moves to dominate, but Hurricane Helms runs down, as Lance Storm brings a chair into the ring
- Bradshaw snatches the chair, but the referee grabs it
- As the ref throws the chair away, Storm clobbers Bradshaw with the European Championship and pins him to win the title

Backstage: The Rock.
- Jonathan Coachman interviews The Rock
- Rock says he has three words for Austin “Just Bring It”
- He then challenges Stone Cold to a WWF Title match this Monday on Raw

”The Heartbreak Kid“ Shawn Michaels vs “The Icon” Sting
- The fight soon spills into the crowd, where Goldberg sneaks up on Michaels and brutally hits him with a chair shot to the surgically repaired back, as Sting distracts the ref
- Triple H runs down and gets into a brawl with Goldberg
- Back in the ring, Sting focuses on Shawn’s back but HBK battles back, hitting Sting with a Flying Forearm, and even delivering the top-rope elbow drop, despite his injured back
- Soon after, Shawn actually locks Sting in the Scorpion Deathlock, but the Stinger fights back
- Shawn then goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Sting reverses it into the Scorpion and The Heartbreak Kid is forced to tap out
- Shortly thereafter, Shawn is taken to a local medical facility

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge (c) vs “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
- As the match goes on, Test comes down to ringside
- Steiner hangs Edge upside down in the ring corner and chokes Edge
- The ref holds Steiner back and tries to free Edge when Test hits the ring and delivers a boot to Steiner's face
- Moments later, Edge nails the Spear to score the pin and retain his title

Backstage: Steve Austin
- The Coach asks Austin if he would accept Rock's challenge for Raw
- Austin says he would deliver his answer to The Rock personally
- Moments later, Stone Cold enters Rock's locker room, and the two men fight it out, as Federation officials struggle to pull them apart
- It’s official, Steve Austin will defend his WWF Title against The Rock on Raw in a rematch from Wrestlemania X-Seven

William Regal vs Tajiri w/ Torrie
- Regal pins his former friend after a reverse slam and gives Tajiri a post-match beating as Torrie watches on in horror

Backstage: Vince McMahon & Triple H
- As Triple H prepares for his match with Goldberg, Mr. McMahon approaches him and says he is confident that Triple H would win the WCW title for Team WWF
- He says he knows Hunter is upset about what happened to Shawn and also apologizes that he had doubted him on Raw
- But he says tonight there is no alternative but for Triple H to take the WCW title
- Triple H says that he will kick Goldberg's ass for the title and tells Vince to kiss his ass for doubting him on Monday
- Hunter then punches a hole through the wall in a rage of anger

WCW Title: Goldberg vs Triple H
- Goldberg comes out first and ambushes Triple H before the Game even gets in the ring
- The Game soon gets back on his feet and knocks Goldberg down
- Triple H grabs the ring bell, but Goldberg sees it coming and nails Hunter with a boot to the head
- Finally, the match moves into the ring and the opening bell rings
- Triple H dominates in the early going, including his signature facebreaker and high knee
- After a near fall, Goldberg battles back against the Celebral Assassin, nearly hitting a spear, but Hunter sidesteps
- Triple H then goes for the Pedigree, but Goldberg backdrops Hunter
- Goldberg then hits Hunter with a Spear, but the force of it knocks Triple H out of the ring
- When Goldberg goes after him, Triple H rams Goldberg's back into the ring post, but Goldberg counters with a knee to the kidneys
- Goldberg slams Hunter's head on the announce table and continues to brutalize his challenger, even choking him out with a microphone cord
- The two men get back in the ring, where Goldberg chokes Hunter on the ropes
- The King of Kings battles back, but Goldberg grounds his opponent with a sleeper
- Hunter escapes the hold and the momentum seems to be on the side of the Game
- A missed boot by Hunter allows Goldberg to go to work on his challenger again, however
- Shortly after, Hunter reverses an Irish Whip, sending Goldberg crashing into referee Earl Hebner, knocking Hebner out
- With the ref down, Triple H assaults Goldberg with a steel chair
- He locks Goldberg's leg in the chair and prepares to crush his ankle but Goldberg recovers and nails Hunter with the chair across the back
- Another chair shot to the head busts Triple H wide open
- Goldberg then spears Triple H again and gives the signal for the Jackhammer
- Goldberg hits the Jackhammer and the ref is back to count the three
- After the match, Goldberg continues to attack Triple H, who tries to battle back, but to no avail
- The Game is bleeding profusely and Goldberg again flattens Hunter with a vicious spear
- Eric Bischoff walks down as he and Goldberg stand over Triple H’s prone body as Smackdown goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

17 more nights until Survivor Series, 17 more days until Survivor Series and things for Team WWF don't look so good now do they? WCW has quite the team look at this, they have Hogan, Nash, Hall, Sting and Goldberg that is quite the team if you ask me and WWF's team has Austin, Rock, Taker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, WWF's team is falling apart at the seams because of Rock and Austin, it is only a matter of time before Austin turns heel turning on WWF in turn for WCW, but then again Rock could be the one to turn heel because the both of these men have such humongous egos that they are going to cost Team WWF the victory
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by Terry Gyimah View Post
Austin, Rock, Taker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels
He hasn't been announced for Team WWF.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Raw is War
November 05, 2001 from Long Island, NY

Opening Segment: Vince McMahon
- Mr. McMahon kicks off the show and a smiling Vince struts to the ring
- McMahon says he expects The Rock and Stone Cold to beat the living hell out of each other during their match later that evening for the WWF Championship
- Mr. McMahon says he is ok with that as long as the two work together after their match as key members of the Federation’s team at Survivor Series
- The Co-owner of the WWF says he has an announcement to make tonight that would make Federation history
- Mr. McMahon proclaims that a member of Eric Bischoff's Survivor Series team will join the Federation during the upcoming Pay-Per-View's "Winner Take All" match
- But Mr. McMahon says he can't wait that long and feels he needs to let the cat out of the bag right here
- Vince announces that the man who would switch sides would be “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
- Before Mr. McMahon can explain the reasons for his assertion, Voodoo Child starts playing, which brings Hollywood Hogan to the ring
- The former five time Federation Champion grabs the microphone and stands less than a foot from Mr. McMahon's face
- “You sure got a big mouth, don't you brother”? Hogan growls
- “Who in the hell do you think you are?”, Hogan refutes Mr. McMahon's claim
- McMahon extends his hand to Hogan but Hogan wouldn’t shake and instead decides to leave the ring, which brings back the same smile on Vince’s face, which he had earlier

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan
- Hogan is shown returning backstage where sneering members of WCW greet Hogan
- He defends himself and says he would never turn his back on them
- His fellow superstars don't look convinced, even NWO members look at him in a suspicious manner as he enters the locker

Lita vs Ivory
- The WCW diva quickly takes control by hammering Lita's head into the turnbuckle and then hitting a leg drop in the center of the ring
- But Lita turns things around by dropping Ivory with a clothesline and a Russian leg sweep
- Lance Storm comes down and grabs Lita by the hair as Ivory distracts the referee
- Matt Hardy rushes to Lita's aid, but as he pulls Storm away, Lita's throat snapped into the ring ropes
- A startled Lita then gets rolled up by Ivory for the victory

Backstage: The New World Order, Shane McMahon
- Hogan vents to his NWO buddies as WCW Owner Shane McMahon breaks into the locker
- He glares at Hogan with arms folded and points out that Hogan did nothing to Vince when he had the chance out there and just walked away
- Shane says, despite all of that, he doesn't think Hogan was jumping ship because his father is a liar
- However, Shane says, he does feel that one member of WCW could switch sides

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge (c) vs Booker T
- Edge throws Booker into the ring wall before tossing his larger opponent into the ring to officially start the action
- Booker roars back and slams Edge to the canvas, but can't get the three-count
- Booker whips Edge to the corner and sprints toward the champion, but Edge counters with a crushing spear that leads to a successful title defense

Backstage: Vince McMahon & The Rock
- Mr. McMahon sits in his office when The Rock comes in
- The People's Champion expresses disbelief that Vince was bringing Hollywood Hogan back to the Federation
- Vince says he would do anything to ensure the survival of the Federation
- The Rock says Vince got him wrong, because as far as he is concerned, Hogan should be brought back
- Rock says he is looking forward to kicking Hogan’s candy ass in the future

Backstage: Edge & Christian
- Backstage, Edge celebrates his victory with Christian
- Christian says he’s gotta prepare for his title defense against Rob Van Dam

WCW United States Title: Christian (c) vs X-Pac
- X-Pac climbs the top turnbuckle and is distracted by Justin Credible, who comes to ringside
- The challenger hits a Flying Cross Body and Christian reverses it for the upset victory to defend his title
- After the match, Credible goes after X-Pac, but Pac can escape

Backstage: Ric Flair, Scott Steiner & DDP
- WCW President Ric Flair fires up DDP and Big Poppa Pump for their match against Kurt Angle & Test later tonight

“The Icon“ Sting vs “The Game“ Triple H
- Triple H assaults Sting outside the ring before the match starts
- The Game continues to pound on Sting after the two move into the squared circle
- Sting rebounds and the match continues with each competitor gaining and losing momentum
- Sting looks to have the match locked up, literally, when he snaps on his Scorpion Deathlock but Triple H grabs the ropes
- Triple H gathers all his strength and smashes Sting with a Pedigree that sends both men crumbling to the canvas
- Hunter finally makes the cover but Sting kicks out
- Triple H then gathers Sting up for another Pedigree, which is blocked
- Sting, again, locks in the Scorpion, and Hunter is howling in pain
- Triple H proves that he is the Game and turns the tide on Sting, who finds himself in his own hold
- Before Sting might tap out to his own finishing move, Goldberg rushes down and spears Triple H
- The match ends in a disqualification and a Jackhammer to Triple H
- Shawn Michaels runs down with a chair in hand but the damage has been done
- Goldberg yells at HBK "You're Next" because later tonight, Goldberg will defend his WCW Titlte against Shawn Michaels

Diamond Dallas Page & Scott Steiner vs Test & Kurt Angle.
- Late in the match, Scott Steiner takes Kurt Angle out by throwing him into the steps
- Scott Steiner then hits Test with a chair in the back behind the ref’s back and DDP picks up the three count

Scott Hall vs Justin Credible
- X-Pac comes to the ring to return the favour and distracts Credible allowing Scott Hall to pin Credible after the Outsider’s Edge

Backstage: The Rock
- The Coach interviews Rocky, who says Austin has no idea who he's messing with
- Rock says that Wrestlemania was only the beginning, Austin's win was seven months ago and this is tonight
- The Rock says this is the night he walks in the People's Ring and walks out the WWF Champion
- Before Raw goes to a commercial, Shawn Michaels is shown preparing for his WCW Title match against Goldberg, which is next

WCW Title: Goldberg vs Shawn Michaels
- Goldberg hits a big slam and sets up for the spear but misses and hits the referee
- Shawn Michaels hits the superkick and both men are down and out
- The Outsiders appear and pull Shawn Michaels out of the ring and lay him out
- Nash then Jacknifes Shawn through the announce table
- Hunter comes down but The Outsiders and Goldberg are more than he can handle and he gets laid out as well
- Goldberg sets him up for a Spear but Hall and Nash have a better idea
- They put Hunter's ankle between a folding chair and Goldberg smashes it off the second ropes
- Eric Bischoff comes down the ramp clapping and celebrates the destruction of D-Generation-X with Goldberg and The Outsiders
- After a break, we see how Triple H is taken to a medical facility with HBK going with him

Backstage: Steve Austin
- Michael Cole talks to Steve Austin and Austin says he will beat The Rock that evening
- He promises to open up a big can of whoop-ass on The Rock tonight

WWF Title: Steve Austin (c) vs The Rock
- The Rock and Austin pound away on each other as soon as the ring bell sounds
- Rock tries to land a Rock Bottom but Austin dodges
- Austin attempts to put Rocky in a Sharpshooter but the Great One reaches the ropes before the champ can execute the maneuver
- Rocky takes over control of the match, but can't land a pinfall on Austin
- Austin strikes back with a Neckbreaker that evened the score
- The Texas Rattlesnake climbs the second rope and nails a flying elbow to The Rock's chest, but that still wouldn't put the Great One away
- The Rock, all of a sudden, puts Austin in the Sharpshooter
- Austin screams in pain, but musters every bit of energy he can and grabs the rope to break the hold
- Rock follows with a spinebuster and whips off his elbow pad in preparation of the Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment, The People’s Elbow but Austin dodges
- The battle moves outside the ring with Austin tearing the top of the Spanish announce table off and cracking it over Rock's head
- He takes out the monitors and carries Rocky up on the table and gives him the middlefinger setting-up the Stone Cold Stunner
- The Rock, however, blocks the kick, gives Austin the middlefinger, and hits a Rock Bottom on Austin through the table
- Both men are out for a long time and eventually, The Rock throws Austin back inside the ring where he locks in another Sharpshooter
- Austin tries to get to the ropes and finally is able to reach the ropes
- The Rock lets go off Austin and collapses as the Sharpshooter after this brutal match has taken it’s toll on him as well
- With lightning speed, Austin performs a Stunner on Rock but can’t follow up with the cover as both men are down
- At this point, Team Bischoff hits the ring and Goldberg, Sting, Hogan and The Outsiders beat down both Austin and Rock ending the match in a No-Contest
- Hogan takes the WWF Title belt and smashes it over Austin's skull
- Goldberg follows that up with a devastating chair shot to the Rock
- Sting has both men set-up for him so he can nail them with his baseball bat
- As he is about to finish them off, Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” starts playing in the arena and The America Badass makes his return and rides down his motorcycle to the ring
- Undertaker steps in the ring and stares down Team WCW and Hogan simply leaves the ring
- Sting is horrified and takes a step back behind Goldberg, Hall and Nash
- Hall fires himself up and tries to attack Taker but Taker smacks him down with a right hand
- Kevin Nash spits in his hand and the two big men battle it out with Taker soon knocking down Nash
- Goldberg is next and brings it to the Undertaker but Taker gets the advantage so Sting sneaks up behind Taker and swings his bat directed at Taker
- Taker, however, blocks it, takes the bat and tries to nails Sting but Hall and Nash attack him and Sting leaves the ring
- Undertaker fights them off and delivers Chokeslams first on Hall and then on Nash
- Austin and Rock are back up again and take care of Goldberg, knocking him out of the ring with a double clothesline
- Austin and Rock stare at each other and then at the Undertaker as Team WCW retrieves
- Goldberg storms the ring again but The Rock swings a chair at him
- Goldberg is pissed and wants to get back into the ring but his teammates hold him back with Austin, Rock and Taker standing tall in the ring as Raw goes off the air

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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Russo did an interview were he rebooked the invasion. i liked his idea ALOT

bring in the nWo. Hall comes down to the ring interrupts a match like he did in 96 on Raw and it escalates from there. i think that would of been GOLD.

the storyline went from the night afte WM17 to WM18

Comfortable shoes never lose.
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Re: WWF 2001: The WCW Invasion

Originally Posted by bodog19 View Post
Russo did an interview were he rebooked the invasion. i liked his idea ALOT

bring in the nWo. Hall comes down to the ring interrupts a match like he did in 96 on Raw and it escalates from there. i think that would of been GOLD.

the storyline went from the night afte WM17 to WM18
That's the exact same way I brought Hall (and Nash) in. But it's not rocket science to come up with that since it is the only logical way to bring them in, too bad WWF didn't do it.

Russo's rebooking was pretty strong in the beginning but when he had McMahon allign himself with Bischoff, he killed the angle dead.

Anyway, Survivor Series is only two weeks away and the main event is set after this past edition of Raw:

Team WWF representing Vince McMahon (Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker) vs Team WCW representing Eric Bischoff (Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sting) in an Elimination Tag Match for the sole ownership of the WWF.

More matches will be announced on the remaining Raw and Smackdown shows leading to the PPV.
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