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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE: The Warpath Has been Chosen (Moderator please close)

Hi guys this is going to be my first be the booker so i'm hoping you guys will all like the twists and turns I for take on this journey

Meet The Rosters

John Cena - WWE Champion
CM Punk
Randy Orton
Wade Barrett - Intercontinental Champion
Mark Henry
The Miz
Chris Jericho
Kane - Tag Team Champion
Daniel Bryan - Tag Team Champion
jack Swagger
Zack Ryder
Santino Marella
R Truth
David Otonga
Heath Slater
Drew Mcintyre
Ted Dibasie
Alex Riley
William Regal
Tyson Kidd

Alberto Del Rio - World Heavweight Champion
Dolph Ziggler - Mr Money In The Bank
Big Show
Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston - United States Champion
Damien Sandow
Jimmy Uso
Jay Uso
Big E Langston
Brodus Clay
Ezekiel Jackson
Darren Young
Titus O’Neil
Yoshi Tatsu
Derrick Bateman
Justin Gabriel
Mason Ryan
Evan Bourne
Sin Cara
Jinder Mahal

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: The Warpath Has been Chosen

Monday April 8th 2013 (Izod Center New Jersey)

Michael Cole - Good evening everybody and welcome to Monday Night Raw Live from the Izod Center In New Jersey. We are sold out today a capacity crowd of 20,000 fans have packed the arena the night after Wrestlemania 29.

Jerry Lawler - The crowd in here is electric tonight Cole. Not only are we expecting to see the new WWE champion make a speech, but also we have confirmation that the Chairman himself Mr McMahon has a very important announcement to make here live on Raw tonight.

Michael Cole - And May I remind you King that we are just 6 weeks away from Extreme Rules. Which I think we can all say we are looking forward too After how the Events Of Last Night Unfolded.

Jerry Lawler - One last thing to say Cole... The Road to the next Wrestlemania Starts right here right NOW


( A Huge pop goes up from the crowd as the Entrance Music of the Chairmen plays from the giant speakers)

Michael Cole - Here he is the Genius behind the Legend that is this great Business Our Boss and Your "GOD" King.... Mr McMahon

Jerry Lawler - Kiss ass....

Mr McMahon power walks down the ramp and towards the ring climbing the steel steps with a glowing smile on his face

Mr McMahon - Good Evening ladies and gentleman.... And Welcome To MONDAY NIGHT RAAAAW

Mr McMahon - I am pleased to announce that we here at WWE have an action packed Show for you here tonight... Which will for one night feature not only Stars from Raw but Also Smackdown.

(A roar goes up from the crowd)

Mr McMahon - But Before we kick things Off I would like to Invite a few of the superstars down to the ring because i have an important announcement for them... Firstly may i Please ask Ezekiel jack...


(The crowd Erupts with a mixture of cheers and boo's)

Jerry Lawler - Here he comes our New WWE Champion.... John Cenaaaa

Michael Cole - Oh for crying out loud who does he think he is barging in on Mr McMahon Like that!!!

(Cena Rolls into the ring and poses with his newly won belt and then turns his attention to the Chairmen)

Cena - Well Well Well.... fancy that Folks... Me coming out into the ring in front of a sold out Crowd In New Jersey to find good old Motor Chops Running that mouth of his as usual... Well I got Four words for you Vince THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!

MrMcmahon- John... John what in the Hell do you think you are Doing Coming down here and cutting me off Mid sentence like that. Im out here making a very important announcement. An announcement that is going to affect the futures of some of your very own friends backstage

Cena - Look Vince nobody wants to here you blabbing on about how good last night was and how it was such a big win for the WWE and that it was a huge success.... The only Success Story of last night is in this ring right now and it sure as hell aint you.... ya got me.

Mr McMahon - How dare you... Nobody is bigger than the Company and that goes for you too...

Cena - Im a record breaking Champion Vince I am the Company I am the Face of the WWE and nobody can stop me and if you dont believe it then... well YOU CAN'T SEE ME

Mr McMahon - Right thats it I'm going to make this short and sweet... Tonight On Monday Night Raw, Four Superstars are going to battle it out for their very Futures... the winner Will Face you Tonight John For The WWE TITLE. Should These Superstars lose and not Advance then they will find their Contracts Terminated as of the close of the show... So without Further or do Please let me introduce to you the first two superstars who will be battling it out for their lives and a shot at the title.... Yoshi Tatsu and The Miz.
This fight starts right here right now so John get the hell out of my Ring!!


(Yoshi Tatsu's Music hits the speakers and there is barely a murmur from the crowd as the Superstar hits the Stage)

He makes his way down to the ring and awaits his opponent

"I came to play... Theres a price to play"

(A Sizable roar goes up from the crowd as the Miz hits the Stage and walks to the ring with his usual cocky look plastered across his face)

Michael Cole - Our first match of the night is about to start here right now and i can only see one winner.... and he's AWESOMEEEE

Jerry Lawler - Dont Rule out the young Flyer Cole... remember they are fighting to keep their jobs anything can happen!!!

Michael Cole - The Miz And Yoshi Tatsu in action after the break Live and next!!

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Re: WWE: The Warpath Has been Chosen

Just a word of advice, you should take a look at the the rules. I'm assuming you're planning on posting your shows in parts, which is not allowed, one show must be in one post. Good luck.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: The Warpath Has been Chosen

Okay thanks for the info.... My Pc is being abit of a loser today and keeps crashing so i was afraid of losing what i had down... i will close this and start over
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