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WWE: Paul Heyman's Takeover

You guys can tell me what you think of this but here's what I'd book following Extreme Rules:
When CM Punk finally returns he decides it's time for him and Brock Lesnar to finally align themselves. Over the next few weeks (June) Lesnar & Punk pop up at random times on RAW and take people out. Then after Payback, leading into Money in the Bank, the takeover is in full swing. Mr. McMahon & Triple H are in the ring addressing Heyman, Punk & Lesnar about how they on the verge of being fired because of the violence and sadistic attacks they are putting on the WWE.

The Shield's music hits. They come to the ring and annihilate Mr. McMahon and Triple H. The next week for the first time, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk & The Shield are together in the ring. They are talking about how they are sick and tired of being overshadowed by undeserving talent, and they are going to overtake RAW. (Like the Nexus angle in a way) They raise absolute hell over the next few weeks and on WWE.com a few days before Money in the Bank, Mr. McMahon has come to terms for the firings of the 5 wrestlers and Paul Heyman. Money in the Bank goes off without a chink, until the main event (RAW MITB match)
In the 8 man MITB match, the lights go out. They come back on with the 5 man unit surrounding the ring. They raise all hell and DESTROY every participant. Roman Reigns powerbombs a guy through the table, spears someone through the barricade. Lesnar F-5's everything in sight. Ambrose and Rollins beatdown anything that moves & Punk hits his finisher on a few people. The next night on RAW it's Kane (Hell no split up awhile back) vs CM Punk in a huge lumberjack match. A brawl breaks out between the faces and heels (nothing to do with Heyman's group yet) Then after some guys are worn down, The Shield & Lesnar come down to pick the scraps.

They cause chaos yet again, and just as they are about to powerbomb Kane........GONGGGGGGGGGGG. The lights go out. A druid appears on the stage in a spotlight. Eery music plays. The lights come back on and everyone is laid out. RAW ends.

Now it's RAW July 22. Triple H comes out and says The Shield, CM Punk & Brock Lesnar are re-hired....IF Paul Heyman comes out alone. Heyman comes out and they agree to a monumental 5 vs 5 tag match at Summerslam for control of the WWE. Triple H announces it will be himself, and the Brothers of Destruction. Last 2 participants yet to be named. But since Team Heyman has a manager....so should Team WWE...out comes Ric Flair. WOOO the naitchaaa boy! Main event is the contract signing. Triple H & Heyman sign the contracts..Heyman's team comes down and attacks Triple H. Brothers of Destruction come down to help but get overpowered.

RAW July 29. Punk & Lesnar beatdown BOD backstage. Triple H is in the ring cutting a promo about Summerslam when The Shield comes on the titantron. Talking about what will happen at Summerslam. They have a hostage though. Stephanie McMahon. To get inside Triple H's head, they powerbomb her through a table backstage. Triple H runs backstage to check on her as the show goes off the air.

RAW Aug 5. Triple H shown talking to someone (who?) about not wanting to have to call on him for help but....he has to. End of the show is CM Punk vs Triple H in a steel cage. Winner gets to pick an added stipulation. Punk wins, picks stipulation where everyone on Heyman's Team gets Ironclad contacts. They can do as they please. Orton sneaks up behind and RKO's him. Runs out of the ring as everyone comes running down. End of RAW.

RAW Aug 12. Team Heyman is in the ring bragging about how they're going to rule the WWE after Sunday. Triple H brings out his team, walks to the ring but stops. He says "oh yeah, we have one more member" A limo is shown in the parking lot. Someone get's out. Who is it? Team Heyman don't wait. They start brawling with Team WWE. They have Flair, about to break his neck with a chair.....when Batista's music hits! The crowd goes insane and a 5 on 5 brawl ends the show.

Summerslam Aug 18. Incredible match, but Team Heyman wins! They rule WWE for a month or so, but the group implodes with everyone wanting a major title.

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Re: WWE: Paul Heyman's Takeover

Wrong section my friend.

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