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Turning Cena Heel: A basic outline

This is a repost from a thread in the general section CC is welcome and appreciated. This will be the starting point for my first year as Booker but I don't want to fill it out without some first impressions/cc.

Slow burn turn. Cena gets cockier and we see alot more of "troll" Cena with the audience. Then after months of feuding with Ryback; someone delivers a swerve. Maybe the Shield. Maybe a returning JoMo. Maybe Ryback himself. Anyway, J-Cena is giving his 9000 Never Give Up promo in the ring when the Shield/JoMo/Ryback shows up and plays a video package of all of the subtle things Cena has been doing that all add up to show that he's a heel.

-That Q&A with the Rock where he came off as a hyper competitive brat who'd win at any cost
-Taking the easy way out in his match against Mark Henry
-Rushing at Ryback that night after Mania before Ryback took him out first
-A roll up pin with pulled tights that no one saw
-Backstage behavior like hanging out with the World Champion Wade Barrett right before Wade won the title under dubious circumstances with unknown outside interference (this could work into a different type of heel turn where its revealed that Cena was "turned to the dark side" during his brief tenure with Wade's Nexus and has been a sleeper agent waiting to bring the Nexus back at a time when they were both World Champs simultaneously. Homeland, anyone?)

John Cena is exposed as a narcissistic glory hound who doesn't care about the fans, per se, but cares that they acknowledge and adore him and give him power. He's a hyper competitive guy who HAS to win and lately "John, Ryback's pushed you to your limit and the cracks were starting to show before the Shield bust the Curious Case of John Cena wide open. You are the bad guy, not us"!

Cena doesn't adress the allegations. Next week, in a backstage segment, his two friends Zack Ryder and Kofi Kingston confront him.
"John.... is it true"? His response is two AAs and then an STF to Kofi on the cold hard floor of the locker room. The refs pull him off his former friend and he grabs his belt and strides down to the ring. Where he interrupts a promo of 3MB and devastates all three of them. He tells his fans straight up, it's true. And until now, he almost started to care about them for real. But he just can't pretend to be the good guy anymore. And anyway, you don't want a good guy. You booed my ass from Miami to Boston. He doesn't need the fans, he's reached a level of greatness where he's untouchable. John Cena isn't just a wrestling god, John Cena IS WRESTLING. And it doesn't matter what the people think at this point because no one can stop him.
Cue "FEED ME MORE".....
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Re: Turning Cena Heel: A basic outline

No opinions? CC? I'll just go ahead and start here when I've the time.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Turning Cena Heel: A basic outline

Here's my basic scenario for a Cena heel turn. "It's the main event of Wrestlemania 30. John Cena the defending WWE Champion defending his title against none other, then The Undertaker. The match starts out with Cena and Taker being evenly matched. After a couple of moves on eachother such as the Five Kunckle Shuffle, and Snake Eyes, Undertaker hits Cena with the chokeslam. 1..2..Cena kicks out. Taker then lines Cena up for the Last Ride and hits it with tremendous force. 1..2..Cena kicks out. Taker then brings down the straps and then hits Cena with the Tombstone Piledriver. 1...2...Cena kicks out. The Announcers and the crowd cannot believe it. Cena has taken all of The Undertaker's finishing moves and has managed to kick out of all of them.

Taker then signals that the end is near. Undertaker tries to lift Cena up for the Tombstone, but Cena escapes out of it and hits an Attitude Adjustment from out of nowhere on Taker. 1..2..Taker kicks out. Cena tries to grab Taker's leg and lock in the STF, but Taker traps Cena into Hell's Gate and Cena has nowhere to go. Cena has been trying for about a full 2 minutes now desperately trying to escape the submission and Cena looks passed out. The ref starts to lift Cena's arm up. Cena's arm goes down, 1. Cena's arm goes down twice, 2. If Cena's arm goes down again then The Undertaker will be declared the winner of the match and 22-0 at Wrestlemania. Cena manages to keep his arm up and Cena manages to lift Taker off the mat and slams him. Breaking the hold.

Taker gets Cena back up, but this time Cena escapes the Tombstone and turns it into an STF. Taker manages to reach the ropes. Cena then lines Taker up again for another AA, but Taker gets out of it and turns it into another Tombstone Piledriver. Everyone believes that it's over. 1...2...Cena kicks out. Taker and the crowd are stunned. Soon everyone starts chanting "This Is Awesome". Taker grabs Cena, but Cena turns it into another AA. 1...2...Taker kicks out. Cena is now getting frustrated. Cena has hit everything on The Undertaker, every move, every finisher that he can think of and he still manages to kick out. Cena goes for the third AA in this match and hits it with authority. 1..2..Taker kicks out. Cena is losing it. Cena out of frustration hits an AA on the referee.

Cena grabs a chair and all the announcers are asking "What are you doing John?" Cena hits Taker with the steelchair and repeatedly hits him with it until he is motionless. Finally another ref comes out and Cena hits Taker with yet another AA. 1..2..Taker kicks out at the last possible second. Cena is going ballistic. Cena knocks out the second referee and goes on a ringside rampage. He pushes over the announcers and table and attacks Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. Other Wrestlers like Kofi Kingston and Santino try to calm John down, but he attacks them.

Cena gets back in the ring and hits Taker 3 consecutive times with the AA. 1..2..Taker kicks out. Nobody in the arena can believe what they are seeing right now. Cena mocks The Undertaker by trying to hit a Tombstone Piledriver, but Taker reverses it and nails Cena with the Tombstone, but there is no referee. Soon disgraced former referee Brad Maddox comes out and starts to count 1..2..Maddox is about to count 3, but he stops and smiles at The Undertaker. The Undertaker is enraged and grabs Maddox by the neck when suddenly The Shield appears and attacks The Undertaker. The Shield hits their signature Triple Powerbomb and leaves The Undertaker totally motionless. Cena is totally dazed and confused and slowly pins The Undertaker. 1...2...3. The Streak has been broken, Undertaker has been defeated at Wrestlemania. Cena regains the championship, but the entire arena is in stunned silence. Wrestlemania ends with the Druids carrying The Undertaker's lifeless body to a casket where a bolt of lightning hits the casket and it goes up in flames. Backstage personnel put the fire out and when the camera peers inside the casket, we only see the words "Rest In Peace" in scattered ashes.

The next night on Raw, Cena is interviewed in the ring by Jim Ross to explain his actions at last night's Wrestlemania. Cena says that there are "no words to describe the shame and sorrow that I felt at last nights main event." Cena goes on to say that he has absolutely nothing to do with the appearances of Brad Maddox and The Shield at Wrestlemania last night. Soon Kane comes out and confronts Cena and tells him that he was right all along. That when everybody else had ignored him and written him off about Cena "Embracing the Hate" that he had known the whole truth all along, that Cena had fooled and used everyone as part of his "Grand Scheme". Cena tells Kane that he has no idea what he is talking about. The accusations by Kane lead to a No DQ match at Extreme Rules between Cena and Kane. Just like at Wrestlemania, The Shield interferes again, but when The Shield has Cena and Kane surrounded, Dean Ambrose tosses Cena a pipe while Kanes back is turned. Cena hits Kane in the back of the head and Cena finally reveals that he has turned heel. The Shield powerbombs Kane through the announce table and Brad Maddox along with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out to the ring where they all fully embrace in the middle of the ring. Loud boo's are heard all around the arena, and the TV shows little children crying.

Cena grabs a mic and says: "You know what, I used to live by the code of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect and phrases like Rise Above The Hate. It took me awhile to realize, but Kane was right all along. The only way for me to be the greatest of all time can only happen if I can embrace the hate." Cena goes on to say: "Forget about names like The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Undertaker. I AM GREATER THEN ALL OF THOSE HALL OF FAMERS AND LEGENDS! ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN THAT LOCKER ROOM! I AM A LIVING LEGEND!. I don't care about any of the little kids here, or any of the charity work at Make A Wish. For me, I only care about money! and all you idiots that actually pay to see grown men wrestle at a circus show (Circus show is a reference to how Pro-Wrestling is scripted, thereby attacking the Wrestling fans even more.) For the record, the WWE Universe can kiss my ass. THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!" *Fans go on to throw trash into the ring* CM Punk walks out and stares Cena in the eye and Punk shakes his head and looks at Cena ashamed.

Cena goes on to form a heel alliance with The Shield, Brock Lesnar and Wade Barrett. Cena will hold onto the title for about 9 more months until losing it to CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. Cena and the heel alliance will go on a reign of terror throughout WWE until The Rock returns to face John Cena at WM 31 and put an end to it all.

...Did everyone like my storyline?
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