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Lane 04-15-2013 11:02 PM

Wrestling Is Life
Wrestling Is Life presents
WIL stage 1. Operation: Save Wrestling
March 3 2013
Vorhees New Jersey

Wrestling Is Life is dedicated to providing fans the best quality wrestling possible with established and rising indy names that have dedicated their lives to professional wrestling. The debut card is as follows.

1.Frankie Arion vs Chris Dickinson

2.Roderick Strong vs ACH

3.Michael Elgin & Josh Alexander vs Jimmy Jacobs & Shane Hollister

4.Eddie Edwards vs Eddie Kingston

5.Arik Cannon vs Hallowicked vs Davey Richards vs Drake Younger

6.Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano

7.Drew Gulak & Biff Busick vs Ricochet & Rich Swann

8.Mike Quackenbush vs Jon Gresham

Lane 04-16-2013 09:22 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Gulak and Busick send word on their match against World 1 International at WIL Stage One on May 3

Earlier today WIL caught up with Drew Gulak & Biff Busick aka Vulgar Display of Power. Gulak & Busick have gave their word that on March 3 they will bring back the old school mentality to professional wrestling in that they will stretch and beat respect into their opponents. These two men feel as if the current fans of wrestling are spoiled and aim to bring back realism to the sport and remind fans that not everything is all an act.

Lane 04-18-2013 12:12 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Teaser is gone. Full show being written. Will be up this weekend.

Lane 04-21-2013 01:38 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Killer Elite Squad coming to WIL

Wrestling is Life officials have come to terms that the team of Killer Elite Squad who consist of Lance Hoyt & David Hart Smith will be competing in a tournament for WIL in the near future. Killer Elite Squad currently hold the IWGP and NWA Tag Team Championships. More details to come.

The Cowboy!! 04-21-2013 04:04 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
looks good, be interesting to see how your 1st show goes i'll be reading.

Buttermaker 04-21-2013 04:18 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Looks good so far. I'm looking forward to reading your first event.

Lane 04-21-2013 05:55 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Thanks guys. Im currently on match 5 so the show will either be up tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.

Lane 04-21-2013 08:16 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Wrestling Is Life presents
WIL stage 1. Operation: Save Wrestling
March 3 2013
Vorhees New Jersey

Owner Lane Walker is out to start the show and hype up the crowd and run down tonights card. He makes an announcement that in July WIL will present their first Wrestle With Heart Tournament featuring 16 tag teams that will span two days.

1.Frankie Arion vs Chris Dickinson
Dickinson charges and Arion moves out the way and kicks at Dickinsons legs and throws forearms to his face. Dickinson shoves Arion down towards the ropes and charges again. Arion pulls down the top rope causing Chris to fall to the outside. Arion goes for a suicide dive but Dickinson catches him and body slams him onto the ground. Chris rolls Frankie inside the ring and gets a 2 count. He picks Arion up again and this time throws him into the ropes upside down and pins again for only a 2. Dickinson picks Frankie up in a suplex but Frankie floats over and rolls Dickinson up for a 3 at 4:12
After the match Chris Dickinsons partner in The Doom Patrol, Johnny Mangue leaves his merch table and storms the ring and lays the boots to Frankie. He lifts Arion up in a powerbomb and throws him into the turnbuckle as Dickinson picks him up and drops him on his head with the brain eater. The Doom Patrol stand tall as Frankie is carried to the back.

2.Roderick Strong vs ACH
ACH starts the match getting the fans to clap before he and Roderick lock up. Strong backs ACH into the corner and goes for a chop but ACH ducks. Strong turns around and ACH goes for a chest kick but Strong blocks with his forearms as the crowd claps and they stare at each other. Roderick shoulder rushes ACH into the opposite corner and chops him hard. ACH answers back with the chest kick. ACH goes for the chest kick again but Strong catches his leg and gives him a dragon screw and turns it over into a Boston Crab. ACH grabs the ropes. Roderick stomps ACH's ankle and stands him up. Roderick comes off the ropes and is taken down by a rana from ACH. ACH hooks the leg for a 2. Roderick back up and ACH throws a few forearms before running off the ropes and Strong hits him with a chop sending ACH to his back. Strong with a double stomp to the stomach and a 2 count. Roderick picks ACH up and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Strong climbs to the second but ACH shoves him off. ACH goes for a high cross body but Strong jumps into the air causing ACH to crash onto Strongs knees. ACH rolling in pain as Strong picks him up and delvers the Orange Crush Backbreaker at 10:08 for the win.

3.Maple leaf Strong (Michael Elgin & Josh ALexander) vs D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs and Shane Hollister)

Elgin starts the match off locking up with both Shane and Jacobs. He throws them both back into their turnbuckle. Hollister and Jacobs talk to each other and Hollister rushes Elgin and dives between his legs with Jacobs right behind him. Hollister on all fours behind Elgin as Jacobs hits a drop kick to Elgins chest and Elgin falls over the back of Hollister.

Hollister with a senton onto Elgin. Elgin tags out to Alexander who runs towards Hollister who leap frogs over then catches Alexander with a dropkick. Alexander rolls to the outside to re group with Elgin. Jacobs comes off the top to the outside with a cross body but MLS catch him. Hollister hits a suicide dive knocing everyone down as he rolls Alexander back into the ring. He goes to hit Josh but Josh hits him in the bread basket. He stands and forearms Hollister across the jaw and shoulder rushes him into the corner of MLS where Elgin tags in. Elgin lifts up Hollister with a stalling suplex. Jacobs runs in to break it up but Elgin takes him down with a big boot while dropping Hollister with the suplex. Elgin picks Jacobs up and throws him to the outside. Elgin picks Hollister up and sets him on the top turnbuckle of the MLS corner. He tags in Alexander. Elgin grabs Hollisters foot and yanks him off the turnbuckle and sends him crashing back first into Alexanders knee. Alexander covers for 2. Alexander calls for his finisher and lifts Hollister up for a tombstone but Hollister floats over Alexanders back. Alexander goes for a clothsline but Hollister rolls through and trys to tag in Jacobs but Elgin yanks him off the apron. Alexander with a german suplex and 2 count. He calls for the end again. Alexander lifts Hollister up and hits a 360 degree tombstone. Jacobs breaks up the pin at 2.9 seconds. Elgin in and he spears Jacobs and they both go falling to the outside. Ref trying to restore order as Alexander looks on. Hollister low blows Alexander and hits Shugs Last Gift (small package driver) as the ref enters back into the ring and counts the three at 13:45

After the match Jacobs oblivious to what Hollister has done celebrates with him and looks confused as to why they are getting boos.

4.Eddie Edwards vs Eddie Kingston.
They start things off with a test of strength. Edwards unlocks his left hand from Kingstons and dives through his legs and stands having Kingston in a pump handle position. Edwards releases and takes Kingston down with a sunset flip for 1. Kingston goes for the sliding D on a sitting Edwards but Edwards ducks. Edwards goes for a double stomp but Kingston rolls out of the way. Not to miss a beat Edwards grabs Kingstons leg and turns him over into a single legged Boston crab. Kingston makes it to the ropes and Eddie breaks the hold and stomps on Kingstons ankle before the ref backs him up. Kingston back up and Edwards teases a lock up before taking Kingston down with a single leg tackle. Edwards applies a spinning toe hold but Kingston rolls him up for 2. Both men back up and Kingston hits a back elbow taking Edwards down. He picks Edwards back up and irish whips him into the ropes. Edwards comes off and hits a head scissors onto Kingston. Kingston back up immediately and hits a running sick kick on Edwards and both men are down. They exchange chops before Kingston hops up and hits a sliding D for another 2 count. Kingston picks Edwards up for a back suplex but Edwards lands on his feet. Kingston turns around and gets hit with a super kick. Edwards goes to run the ropes but Kingston grabs him by the back of his tights and yanks him back towards him before dumping him on his head with a back drop driver. Edwards back up and falls into the ropes but the momentum sends him forward and Kingston hits with the Backfist to The Future for the win at 10:01

5.Davey Richards vs Hallowicked vs Drake Younger vs Arik Cannon.
Richards and Cannon start things out. Cannon rushes past Richards and spring boards off the middle rope and gives Richards a arm drag sending him to the outside. Hallowicked now in and rushes off the ropes. Drop down by Cannon and Hallowicked hops over. Leap frog by Cannon and Hallowicked goes through the legs. Bend down by cannon and Hallowicked hops over with a sunset flip but doesnt hold on and Cannon rolls to the outside. Hallowicked turns around and Drake hits a crossbody off the top but Wicked rolls through and gorrila presses Drake above his head and tosses him to the outside onto Cannon. Hallowicked hits a suicide dive onto Cannon. He panders to the crowd as Davey is on the apron and hits a running kick to Hallowickeds chest sending him to ground. Cannon and Hallowicked up and Richards hits a rolling senton off the apron onto both men. All 3 men are up and trading strikes. Drake climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault onto the 3 guys and lands on his feet. Younger rolls Cannon into the ring and pins him for 1. Drake picks Arik up and chops him across the chest. Punch to the face of Cannon by Drake. Headbutt by Cannon. Richards back in and dropkicks Drake into Cannon. Richards with an Okana roll on Drake. Drake pushes Davey off at one and Hallowicked hits a spike ddt on Richards. Hallowicked with a irish whip on Younger into the corner. Hallowicked jumps to the second rope with his left foot while hitting a brain kick with his right. Wicked jumps down and when he turns around is hit with an exploder suplex by Cannon. Richards with a double stomp to wickeds chest. Davey goes for a chest kick on Cannon but Cannon catches his leg and hits a dragon screw. Cannon puts Davey into a sharp shooter then hooks Richards unbent leg under his crotch and turns Richards over applying a hands free sharpshooter. Cannon is tossed a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from the crowd. Cannon chugs the beer and spits beer into Hallowickeds face. Drake goes to break up the hold but Cannon hits him in the head with the beer can. Cannon releases the hold and covers Richards for 1. Hallowicked in now and shouler tackles Cannon down Wicked and Younger pick Cannon up and set him on the turnbuckle. They hook Cannon for a double suplex but Richards positions himself under Younger and Wicked and hits a tower of doom. He pins Younger for a 1. Hallowicked for a 2. Then Cannon for another 2. Richards hooks Drake for the D.R. Driver but Cannon grabs Drakes boot and sets him down. Cannon hooks Richards in the suplex and drops him with Total Anarchy. Cannon up but doesnt see Drake behind him. Drake hooks Cannon in the vertabreaker and drops him with Drakes Landing. Drake covers but Hallowicked pulls him off and picks him up onto his shoulders and hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Drakes clutching his stomach and Hallowicked hits a running boot to the side of Drakes head then pins him for the win at 17:52

6.Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano.
Cole and Gargano lock up and Cole pulls Gargano into a headlock. Gargano backs Cole up into the ropes and goes to shoot Cole off but Cole grabs Garganos hair and pulls him back into the headlock. Gargano with an elbow to Coles stomach and another. Cole tightens the hold. Gargano places his hand on Coles upper back and kicks his leg forward then swings it back while pushing Cole forward causing Cole to trip face first onto the canvas. Gargano with a school boy for 2. Gargano goes for the axehandle but Cole rakes his chest. Gargano turns around and yells. Cole rushes Gargano into the corner and gives him a few shoulder blocks into the back. Gargano turns around in the turnbuckle and falls into the seated position. Cole goes for the bronco buster but Gargano moves. Gargano lifst Cole up by pulling his hair. Cole turns around and is met by a chest rake. He turns around and Gargano gives him a back rake. Cole turns around again and Gargano rakes the eyes as the crowd cheers and laughs at Gargano getting revenge. Gargano with a single leg take down and covers for 2. Gargano goes to stand Cole up but Cole gives Gargano a back drop. Cole off the ropes and hits an elbow drop. Cole off the ropes again and this time hits a knee drop to the head of Gargano. Cole covers for 2 and tells Gargano to stand. Cole runs towards Gargano but is dropped with a flap jack. Gargano lifts Cole up by the waist and applys the full nelson and goes for the Hurst Do Nut but Cole gets out and goes for the straight jacket german suplex but Gargano hops into the wheel barrel position and takes Cole over. Gargano sits on Cole and holds the legs for 1. Gargano off the ropes and taken down with a power slam. Cole panders to Gargano while he sits on the top turnbuckle. Gargano goes after Cole but Cole kicks Gargano causing Gargano to bend over. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise (flip piledriver) but Gargano reverses it into a a Kryptonite Kruntch.
Gargano locks in the GargaNo Escape. Cole makes it to the ropes. Gargano picks Cole up and hits the Hurts Do Nut but Cole gets his foot on the ropes. Gargano pulls Cole to the center of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Gargano comes off the top with a frog splash but Cole gets the knees up. Cole gets behind Gargano and gives him the straight jacket german suplex for the win at 13:26

7.Vulgar Display of Power (Drew Gulak & Biff Busick) vs World 1 International (Rich Swann & Ricochet) As World 1 make their entrance they are attacked from behind by Biff and Drew. Drew body slams Swann down onto the concrete. Biff throws Ricochet into the ring post and Ricochet is busted open. Gulak has thrown two chairs into the ring. Biff slides in a tabe. They throw Swann and Ricochet into the ring and continue the beat down. Biff sets the table up in the corner. Gulak drops Swann onto one of the chairs with a piledriver. Busicke powerbombs Ricochet through the table. Gulak now opens one of the other chairs and places Swanns head on it. He takes the other chair and hits the back of the first one and now Swanns laying bleeding and seemingly unconscious. Gulak picks Ricochet up out of the ruble and lifts him in the electric chair position. Buick off the top with a clothsline and Ricochet falls on his head off Gulaks shoulders. They now place the chairs and open them with the seat sides facing one another. They lay the limp body of Swann chest first across them and double choke slam Ricochet onto him. Satisfied with their they leave as the crowd is left in shock. Ricochet is helped to the back as Swann is stretchered to the back.

8.Mike Quackenbush vs Jon Gresham

They lock knuckles and Jon pulls Quack towards him as he back peddles to the turnbuckle. Gresham climbs to the second while still holding the knuckles lock and places Quacks head between his knees. Quack throws Jon over his head and rolls over still while holding the knuckle lock the whole time. Back on their feet now and they Release their left hands. Quack springs to the middle ropes and grabs Jons wrist and pulls him over but their right hands are still locked togeather. Back to a full lock up now and Gresham hops onto Quacks knees and gives him a monkey flip and they remain holding the knuckle lock. They stand and raise their hands above their heads and turn their backs to one another while remaining in the knuckle lock. Quack uses his leverage to roll Gresham over his back with a back flip and Quack brings his hands down and shoots them up applying pressure to Greshams wrist's. Gresham on his kees and Quack hops up and lands with a knee on each of Greshams shoulders and gets a 2 before Jon pushes him off. Quack now folds Jons body weight over himself and gets a two again before Jon flips Quack causing him to land in a sunset flip pin. Jon gets a 2 and uses Quacks momentum to immediately turn it into a crucifix pin for 2. Both men on their knees now as the crowd claps at the technical show case these two are putting on. Both men shake hands. They go to lock up but Quack fakes Jon out and goes behind him and hooks his waist. Quack lifts Jon up and slams him onto his stomach. Quack now gator rolling Gresham. Gresham dizzy isnt able to counter Quack locking him into a camel clutch. Jon gets his head out rolls forward causing Quack to falls face first to the mat. Quacks legs now under Greshams arm pits. Jon hooks his feet under Quacks pits and grabs his wrists and wrenches back as Quack yells out in suprise. Mike places his head on the mat and pushes up with his head causing his body weight to come down on Gresham and put his shoulders to the mat. 2 count before Jon kicks out. Mike hits the ropes and is taken down by a pollish hammer. Jon now runs and hops up to the top turnbuckle. He is suprised when Quack is behind him and spring boards off the rope besides him and trys a rana off the second turnbuckle but Jon holds the top rope causing Quack to moonsault off of Jons shoulders and crash on his chest. Quack on all fours now and gresham on the top turnbuckle. Gresham hits a double knee drop to the back of Quack and pins him at 11:01

The crowd stands and cheers for both men as Jon helps Quack up and they shake hands before hugging. Quack takes the mic and calls Jon the future of wrestling and praises him for expanding out to learn different styles before returning to the states. Quack then says he wants a chance at redemption and challenges Jon to a re match at the next show and Jon accepts.

Buttermaker 04-21-2013 08:33 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Good matches, an action packed show. Looks like the result of your first match could potentially set up a feud between The Arion Brothers and The Doom Patrol. I like the tournament you have planned for the tag team titles, makes the goal at the end seem important and that the combatants earned there titles. Hallowicked is one of my favourite's in Chikara and its good to see him win a hard fought match of the night type match..

Just a suggestion, perhaps next show have a pre match backstage promo or something to hype the matches and give wrestlers more character. But all in all great show.

Lane 04-21-2013 10:59 PM

Re: Wrestling Is Life
Newswire: Tournament news and next show, announced.

The Wrestling is Life: Wrestle With Heart tournament will take place July 16-17 in Vorhees New Jersey. the first 4 teams have been announced

1.Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt & David Hart Smith)

2.The American Wolves

3.Eddie Kingston & Hallowicked

4.D.I.F.H. (Jimmy Jacobs & Shane Hollister)

In addition 8 men will compete from April-November in a points based tournament to crown the first WIL champion. The 2 men with the most points at the end of November will go to the main event of the December show to compete for the title. The points are simple. Each man starts out at 0. If they win its +1 and if they lose its -1. If a wrestler loses they will not remain at 0 points. The competitors are

1.Jon Gresham

2.Mike Quackenbush


4.Eddie Kingston

5.Roderick Strong

6.Necro Butcher

7.Adam Cole

8.Drake Younger

Wrestling is Life presents: Attack The Living on April 16th 2013
Vorhees New Jersey

1.#KOA(Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic) vs The Sex Bob-ombs(Davey Vega & Matt Fitchet)

2.WIL Title tournament match
Roderick Strong vs Eddie Kingston

3.WIL Title Tournament match
Hallowicked vs Adam Cole

4.Shane Hollister vs Josh Alexander vs Biff Busick

5.Arik Cannon, ACH, & Frankie Arion vs The Doom Patrol & ???

6.Jimmy Jacobs vs Michael Elgin vs Drew Gulak

7,WIL title tournament. Necro Butcher rules
Necro Butcher vs Drake Younger

8.WIL title tournament
Mike Quackenbush vs Jon Gresham

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