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WCW 2001: The Take Over

World Championship Wrestling
2001: The Take Over

March 26, 2001
WCW Nitro: Night of Champions Special
Live from Panama City

The Pyro goes off as the annual Spring Break edition of WCW Nitro kicks off in Panama City. Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson welcome fans to the last telecast of WCW Nitro on TNT and proclaims it a Night of Champions.

Ric Flair comes down and talks about how WCW has been sold and the owner will be revealed later in the show. Since this is the last WCW Nitro telecast on TNT he challenges his greatest WCW opponent Sting to a match in tonight’s Main Event!

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Sean O’Haire and Chuck Polumbo (c) def Mike Awesome and Lance Storm
-Team Canada comes out strong, but their efforts aren’t enough to keep them from putting Polumbo and O’Haire down for the count. In the end it’s the Natural Born Thrillers who retain the titles with a pinfall on Storm.

Video Package for the Night of Champions highlights all the great World Champions from WCW/NWA.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero def. Sugar Shane Helms (c)
-An amazing Cruiserweight Championship contest between two of the best currently in the business. Helms gets close numerous times to putting Chavo away, but the 3rd Generation Superstar manages to escape each time. Chavo nails Shane with a boot to the head and covers him for the win.

Mean Gene Oakerlund interviews Booker T on his upcoming match against Scott Steiner. Booker T talks about the unfamiliarity of WCW’s future but is certain that when it’s all said and done he’s still going to be on top of the company.

Eric Bischoff does a phone interview with Tony where he discusses the future of WCW and the uncertainty coming out of tonight’s telecast. He hopes that WCW will be around for years to come.

Shawn Stasiak w. Stacey Keibler def. Bam Bam Bigelow
-Bam Bam comes up short after the interference of Stacey leads to Stasiak nailing Bam Bam with a set a brass knucks. Stasiak covers Bam Bam and picks up the victory.

Champion vs. Champion
WCW World Championship vs. US Championship
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner def. Booker T
-The US champion clashes with the man who took the World Championship away from him. With bragging rights on the line Booker T attempts to put Steiner down quickly, but Big Poppa Pump has other plans. After kicking out of the Bookend, Steiner slaps the Steiner Recliner on Booker, forcing him to tap.

Tony and Scott give a heartfelt thanks to WCW fans who have stuck by the company and supported them through thick and thin over the last several years.

Sting announces backstage that it’s show time.

A limousine pulls up outside the arena.

Ric Flair vs. Sting
-Two of WCW biggest names square off in the huge main event ending WCW Nitro on TNT. Both men come close to putting the other away. Just as Sting puts Flair in the Scorpion Death Lock 5 masked men come down to the ring and take the two of them out resulting in a no contest. The men beat down Sting and Flair with led pipes and chains before kicking the two of them out of the ring.

One of the men takes off his mask to reveal himself as Shane McMahon. McMahon announces that he is the man who’s purchased WCW. McMahon makes it quite clear that WCW has a new agenda coming and that agenda starts next week when Nitro is live from Madison...Square...Garden and on their new broadcast partner...NBC!

WWF News:
3/27/01- 12:00 PM EST, Shane McMahon resigns from the WWF Board of Directors. This leads to his match at Wrestlemania Seventeen against Vince McMahon being canceled. No sources can confirm whether this is a storyline on WWF’s part or whether Shane McMahon actually purchased WCW. All that is confirmed is that WCW’s new boss has been removed from his father’s company.

WCW News:
3/27/01 – 9:00 AM EST, WCW Monday Nitro makes its debut to NBC on April 2, 2001 Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City. This is the first time any wrestling promotion performs in the Gardens other than WWF. Nitro will air Live from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM on all NBC affiliates. WCW has also revealed dates for its other live Nitro shows; 4/9 Washington DC, 4/16 Richmond VA, 4/23 Charlotte NC, and 4/30 Atlanta GA.

WCW News:
3/29/01 - 12:00 PM EST, Word going around is that Shane McMahon has been quite approachable and hands on in the WCW offices especially given the amount of changes with transitioning from being a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner to now being its own entity. Still no word on whether WCW is owned by Shane McMahon or by the WWF, but sources say that this will be kept tight lipped for now.

WCW 2001: The Take Over
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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

I love WCW threads. Yours looks pretty cool so, I'll keep an eye out for your official roster and your first show.

Good luck!

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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WWF News:
3/29/01 - With only days away from Wrestlemania 17, WWF has been scrambling to find a replacement for Shane McMahon in the street fight against Vince. Speculation is that Mick Foley might be brought in to replace Shane. When Smackdown airs tonight hope is that this will be addressed. There is also talk that the match may just be scrapped all together and the storyline between Vince and Linca will continue past Wrestlemania.

WCW News:
3/29/01 - WCW's website has been updated with it's list of wrestlers still under WCW contract. Some of the wrestlers were under contracts with AOL Time Warner, but it is believed that since they are still listed on the roster that either Shane McMahon bought the contracts out, or they made arrangements to use the wrestlers. Sources within the company expect more names will be added to this roster within the next little while. A few believe that upon leaving for WCW, McMahon may have convinced others to be released from their contracts at WWF.

WCW 2001 Roster
Owner: Shane McMahon

Bill Goldberg (inactive)
Booker T
Brian Adams
Brian Clark
Buff Bagwell
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Polumbo
Curt Henning
Dustin Rhodes
Hawk (inactive)
Hulk Hogan (inactive)
Jeff Jarrett
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Lex Luger
Macho Man (inactive)
Mark Jindrak
Mike Awesome
Ric Flair
Scott Steiner
Sean O’Haire
Shawn Stasiak

AJ Styles
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
Christopher Daniels
Elix Skipper
Rey Mysterio
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore


Broadcast Team
David Penzer
Gene Oakerlund
Jeremy Borash
Jerry Lawler
Tony Schiavone

Charles Robinson
Nick Patrick
Slick Johnson

Arn Anderson
Dusty Rhodes
Fit Finlay
Roddy Piper
Terry Taylor

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Scott Steiner
WCW United States Champion: Booker T
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero
WCW World Tag Team Champions: Sean O’Haire and Chuck Polumbo

WCW Monday Nitro Live 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM NBC


WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review

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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WCW Monday Nitro Preview
April 2, 2001

WCW Monday Nitro makes it's debut on NBC with a new Sheriff and a whole new look. The first Monday Nitro under the Shane McMahon Era comes with controversy following the events of last week's Nitro when he and a band of masked men took out Ric Flair and Sting during their Main Event contest. What is Shane McMahon's agenda for WCW Nitro following last week? What does the future hold in store for the legendary company? Hopefully these questions will be answered this week.

Curt Henning makes his WCW return this week as he steps in the ring with the master of the Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page. Will the most perfect wrestler in WCW be able to pick up a victory on his return or will Diamond Dallas Page prove that he truly is a good thing?

After coming off a loss in the Champion vs. Champion contest last week, Booker T is set to defend his United States Championship against the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett. Will the Champion be able to make a come back or will there be yet another upset for Booker two weeks in a row?

Rumours have been flying that Hulk Hogan may be returning to WCW following the announcement that Shane McMahon has taken over. Fans eagerly anticipate the return of the Icon as WCW comes to you for the first time ever in a Jammed Packed Madison Square Garden in New York City. Tune in to Nitro with a new look, a new network, and a new time. NBC 9:00 PM eastern.

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review
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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WCW Monday Nitro
Live from New York City, NY
4/2/01 on NBC

Last week’s Nitro finale with Ric Flair and Sting getting assaulted by five men in ski masks. One of them reveals himself to be Shane McMahon. McMahon announces that he now owns WCW.

Video: “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson is the new official theme for Nitro as Ric Flair, Stacy Keibler, Buff Bagwell, Sting, Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Chavo Guerrero, Mike Awesome, Goldberg, and Shane McMahon are featured.

The pyro goes off in Madison Square Garden as the original WCW Monday Nitro set returns with the updated WCW Nitro Logo. Tony Schiavone sits alone a ringside to welcome fans tuning in to the first Monday Nitro on NBC. 17,000 Fans fill Madison Square Garden for the first WCW event to happen in the building.

“Here Comes the Money” plays as Shane McMahon comes down to the ring with four masked men joining him. McMahon gets a mixed reaction from the NY fans as he climbs through the ropes and takes a microphone from David Penzer.

Shane: My name is Shane McMahon and I am the new owner of World Championship Wrestling.

Fans boo McMahon after hearing WCW.

Shane: I made my intentions known last week on Nitro that there is a new agenda for WCW moving forward. We’re here in Madison Square Garden. Some say this is the house my father built; others say this is the house that Hogan built.

Fans chant “Hogan” repeatedly as Shane pauses.

Shane: But all of you know that MSG was the house that my Grandfather built. Tonight, I only thought it was fitting that the new McMahon in the wrestling world should take a stance in this humble home and stick it to the Feds, stick it to the family, and stick it to Vinnie Mac! You see, for years my father was the mastermind behind Sports Entertainment, but he always forgot one thing, you have to listen to the fans. Wrestling fans around the world want professional wrestling, not Sports Entertainment. That’s why WCW kicked the crap out of its competition in the Monday Night Wars for 84 straight weeks. Fans knew what they were getting in WCW was real and the emotions weren’t scripted. This war is real and I’m making it known now that by the end of 2001, WCW will be on top of Professional Wrestling again.

Fans continue with the “Hogan” chant as McMahon continues.

Shane: You can chant for Hogan all you want but he’s not going to be here tonight. He hasn’t been seen on Nitro since he left in 2000. But please, before I go any further, allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the WCW broadcast team...

“Great Gate of Kiev” plays as Jerry The King Lawler makes his WCW debut. The King is welcomed be fans in MSG as he heads down and takes his place at the broadcast table alongside Tony.

Shane: From this moment forward, I’m putting everybody on notice in the back and around the company. WCW is my company now and you have to play by my rules. You can either be with Shane or against Shane, but one way or the other I own each and every single person backstage.

“Thus Sprach Zarathurstra” plays as the Nature Boy Ric Flair enters the Garden. Flair gets a huge WOOOOO from the crowd as he styles and profiles in his suit and tie. Flair gets a pyro display before walking down the aisle. The masked men try stopping him, but McMahon insists they let him in the ring. Flair is handed a microphone from Penzer.

Ric: If you think...If you THINK for one minute that you’re going to walk into WCW and tell me what to do you have another thing coming boy. You may be in the house that McMahon built, but son THIS IS THE COMPANY THE NATURE BOY BUILT...WOOOOOOOOOO

Fans give a huge WOOOOOO for the Nature Boy.

Shane: I understand your frustration from last week Ric, but the truth is that you don’t fit in well with the new WCW.

Ric: The new WCW? The NEW WCW? I’ll show you something about the new WCW.

Flair takes off his jacket, throws it to the floor, and drops an elbow on it before getting in the face with Shane McMahon.

Ric: The day I don’t fit in with the new WCW is the day I die punk. You’re nothing more than a pick kid with a silver spoon in your mouth. I’m the 14 Time Heavyweight Champion of the World. While you were pooping diapers I was winning titles; and nothing will ever change the fact that I will never have a young punk like you tell me I don’t fit well with this company.

Shane: The bottom line Ric is that I’m in charge now, and we’re going to do things my way. Do you understand.

Flair puts his hands on the owner of WCW when Big Poppa Pump’s music plays. The World Heavyweight Champion walks with a purpose down to the ring. He grabs Flair and body slams him to the canvas before beating the hell out of him with right hands across the side of Flair’s head. Steiner kicks Flair outside the ring, takes his championship title off and raises it in the air. Steiner and Shane McMahon raise their hands in victory as Shane addresses the Nature Boy.

Shane: It’s clear that you’re not with the new regime Flair, so allow me to give you a little reality check tonight. Ric Flair, Scott Steiner for the World Heavyweight Championship.... WOOOOO!!!

“Here Comes The Money” plays again as Shane, Scott Steiner, and the four masked men leave the ring together. Flair is still left down and out.

Tony: What a way to make a statement in the opening moments of WCW Nitro.

King: It seems to me that the Nature Boy just got himself on the wrong side of Shane McMahon, and trust me Tony, you never want to get on the wrong side of a McMahon.

Tony: I believe you King. This is WCW Monday Nitro returning after commercial break.


David Penzer introduces the first contest for WCW Monday Nitro.

“Self High-Five” plays as Diamond Dallas Page comes down to the ring with Kimberly joining him. Page has a cocky arrogance to him as he walks past the fans at ringside.

“Road To Glory” plays for Curt Henning as he heads down to the ring. Henning receives a great reaction from the fans in MSG as he makes his WCW return.

Match 1:
Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly vs. Curt Henning
The two lock up in the middle of the ring with Henning able to back Page into the corner. DDP knees Henning and whips him shoulder first into the ring post. Page dominates Henning from there forward in the match, working the shoulder of Henning in order to take him out. Curt rolls to the outside and Page goes after him, slamming him head first into the apron then whipping his sore shoulder into the ring steps. Henning is rolled back into the ring and covered for a near fall. Page continues on the offense, taunting Henning in the ring. Curt finally gets some fight back and nails Page with a couple of rights to the mid section. Henning gets to his feet and knees Page in the gut then slams him to the canvas. Henning hits a snapmare on Page as the fans cheer for him in the ring. Curt covers Page for a near fall and continues to put DDP in a sleeper hold. Page fights out of the sleeper with a side slam and the match rages on. Page is about to nail Henning with the Diamond Cutter, but Henning stops and counters with the Henningplex, covering him for the 1...2...3.
Curt Henning wins via pinfall (4:39)

Henning’s hand is raised following the contest and Curt continues to the backstage area. On his way up the ramp he is stopped by Mean Gene Oakerlund.

Gene: What an impressive return by you tonight Curt Henning.

Curt: Thanks Mean Gene, you might even say that return was PERFECT. Just like everything else in the life of Curt Henning.

Gene: What are your plans moving forward now that you’re back in WCW.

Curt: If there is one thing that I have never accomplished Gene, it’s winning the World Heavyweight Championship. So I hope Scott Steiner is ready, because he’s going to get schooled on what being a perfect champion is all about.

Henning continues to the back.

Backstage: Shane McMahon meets with Chavo Guerrero, Shane Helms, Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore, Elix Skipper, AJ Styles, Vampiro, and Christopher Daniels in his office. He talks about the Cruiserweight Division and what it means to WCW and to professional wrestling. McMahon makes it quite clear that he wants to see the Cruiserweights of WCW excel to the highest level they can get to. This discussion sets up the Cruiserweight Challenge planned for the next several weeks. McMahon tells them that leading up to WCW’s first pay-per-view under the McMahon era Slamboree each of them will have the opportunity to wrestle on Nitro. The person who impresses him most will wrestle for the championship at Slamboree. McMahon also announces a rematch between Chavo and Shane Helms will be taking place tonight.


Match 2: WCW US Championship
Booker T (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett
Coming off the heels of his defeat last week, Booker T is fired up for his contest against the returning Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett starts off the match by jumping the champion, but Booker fights back and clotheslines Jarrett to the canvas. Booker follows up with a kick to Jeff and slaps a head lock on him. Jarrett battles out and throws Booker out to the floor. Jeff goes out after Booker and they scrap outside the ring for a moment before Booker kicks him in the face. The champion rolls Jeff into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Diving off with a missile dropkick, the champion nails the Chosen One, sending him to the ground. Jeff is rolled up for the pin, but manages to kick out before three. The Champion does the spinarooni to get back to his feet and goes for the Bookend, but Jarrett counters with the Stroke and covers Booker for the 1...2...3.
Jeff Jarrett wins via pinfall to become NEW WCW US CHAMPION (4:18)

The Chosen One rejoices in his victory over Booker T. Yelling “I Did It” to the crowd Jarrett raises his championship in the air. To add insult to injury, Jarrett cracks the guitar over the head of Booker T then leaves the ring.

Backstage: Mean Gene Oakerlund interviews the Nature Boy Ric Flair about his upcoming match against the World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner. Flair warns Steiner of what happens when someone slaps the Nature Boy in the face and vows to walk out of Madison Square Garden the 15 Time Heavyweight Champion of the World.


Stacy Keibler comes down to the ring, performs her dance routine then grabs a hold of a microphone as the King comments on her dance routine and her legs.

Stacy: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome a real man; my man Shawn “the Star” Stasiak.

Stasiak comes down to the ring to a very heated crowd in Madison Square Garden. Stasiak is handed a microphone and addresses everybody.

Shawn: You see, when you look as good as I do, and you have someone as good looking as Stacy by your side, it’s only a matter of time before you become a success, and that’s what I am, a success. There isn’t a person in the world who can outdo me here in WCW.

Stasiak is interrupted when Goldberg’s music plays. Fans in Madison Square Garden jump to their feet and start chanting “Goldberg” the cameras in the back show Goldberg walking down the hallway and out into the arena. The pyro goes off and smoke is snorted out Goldberg’s nose as the chants continue for him. Goldberg gets in the ring and scares Stacy to the outside.

Match 3:
Shawn Stasiak w. Stacy Keibler vs. Bill Goldberg
Stasiak punches Goldberg and chops him in the chest repeatedly, but his efforts have no effect on Goldberg. As Stasiak dives off the ropes, Goldberg clotheslines him to the canvas. Stasiak gets back up but is immediately kicked down to the ground again. Goldberg waits for him to get back up to his feet then charges after, spearing him to the canvas. Goldberg tells the audience that it’s over and goes for the Jackhammer. Goldberg pins Stasiak for the pin.
Goldberg wins via pinfall (1:45)

With a very impressive return to WCW, Goldberg’s hand is raised in the air and he yells out “Who’s Next” to the crowd before leaving the ring to massive “Goldberg” chants.

Backstage: Shane McMahon is in his office when a knock comes to the door. Sting enters his office as fans in MSG cheer for him.

Shane: Hello Sting, it’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you after all these years.

Sting: I don’t really know yet if the pleasures all mine, but I heard you wanted to see me.

Shane: Yes, I did Sting. You see I first wanted to apologize for attacking you last week on Nitro, unfortunately for you it was the wrong place and time. I do have great admiration for you and all you mean to WCW.

Sting: How can I help you Shane?

Shane: Well, I’m going to put this very plainly for you. You see, WCW is now my company and I want to do things in this company that haven’t been done before. I see a way Sting can be used in WCW, but in order to make that happen I need to know whether you’re on my team or not.

Sting: So first you beat me down like a government mule and now you want me to work with you in your new vision of WCW?

Shane: Well...yeah! What do you say Sting? Help me make WCW the crowning jewel it once was.

Sting ponders for a moment before getting in the face of Shane.

Sting: You have got to be out of your freaking MIND! There is no way in hell that I would ever side with the corporate entity over the guys in the back that slave away each and every single day to make WCW a better place.

Shane: Well... I’m sorry to hear that Sting. I really am... You see now that I know where your loyalties lie I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. Next week on Nitro I want you to find two other people who feel the exact same way as you because you’re going to go up against Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger, and Buff Bagwell in a Six Man Tag Team Match. And after that match is done, I’m going to personally see to it that you rot in hell!


Video: WCW presents Slamboree on Sunday, May 6, 2001 love from Detroit Michigan and only on PPV.

Match 4: WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Shane Helms vs. Chavo Guerrero (c)
Shane dominates Chavo in the early goings of the match, with the champion constantly escaping to the outside to regroup. Helms spring boards off the ropes with a splash on the champion outside the ring and the match continues with Helms in complete control. As the challenger looks to regain the championship he lost last week, the heat is on Chavo to do whatever it takes to retain the gold. Chavo nails Helms with a low blow then follows up with a gut wrench on Shane. The champion now has a moment to gain control of the match and uses it to his full advantage. Chavo nails Helms with a series of three suplexes before covering him for a near fall. With Helms still at the mercy of the champion, Chavo takes the time to taunt Helms in the middle of the ring. A scoop slam sends Helms to the canvas and Chavo goes to the top rope. He dives off with a Frog Splash, but Helms is able to roll out of the way. Both men lay on the canvas for a moment before Shane slowly crawls towards Chavo. He puts an arm on him and covers him, but Chavo kicks out. The match continues to go back and forth with punches and chops on one another until Helms gets the advantage. Helms whips Guerrero into the ropes and drops him with a back breaker. Helms nails the Nightmare on Helms Street and capitalizes with a 1...2...3.
Shane Helms wins via pinfall to become the NEW WCW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION (8:12)

After a solid championship match leads to another title changing hands, Jerry Lawler and Tony Schiavone question whether Ric Flair will make it 3 for 3 tonight and become the 15-Time WCW Heavyweight Champion.

As Helms heads to the back, he is jumped by Billy Kidman. Kidman slams Helms to the ground then takes his title belt. He waits for Helms to get back up and cracks the title across the skull of the champion. Billy Kidman poses with the belt while the champion is laid out on the floor.


David Penzer announces the Main Event for WCW Monday Nitro.

“Thus Sprach Zarathustra” plays, the pyro goes off and the 14-Time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair makes his return to the ring. Flair is met with a huge chorus of “WOOOO” chants and Nature Boy signs from the fans; the legend styles and profiles his way down the aisle and climbs into the ring; posing once again before taking his robe off.

“Rockhouse” plays as Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner comes out with Midajah in his corner. The World Heavyweight Champion poses at the top of the ramp before heading down the aisle. He takes his chain headpiece off and poses with the title before handing it over the Nick Patrick.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner w. Midajah (c) vs. Nature Boy Ric Flair
Speculation mounts as the two of them stare each other down. Tony and the King comment on how just 7 days ago they were close friends with Flair working with Steiner and how the influence of one man like Shane McMahon has on the wrestlers. Flair and Steiner lock up in the middle of the ring with Nature Boy getting a head lock on Steiner. Steiner whips Flair into the ropes, but goes down with a shoulder block. Flair gives a huge WOOO to the crowd before strutting in the ring. Steiner gets back up and they lock up again. This time, Flair knees Steiner and drops him with a hip toss to the canvas. Flair gets “Nature Boy” chants going for him as he takes the fight now to Scott Steiner. Flair grabs the head of Steiner and drills the side with right hands before whipping him into the corner and charging with an elbow. Flair chops Steiner a few times before whipping him across the ring and going after him again. Flair sends Steiner down to the ground and starts taunting Midajah to come see what a real man is. Flair showing well for his age starts working the knee of Steiner, setting up for the Figure Four. Steiner manages to grab Ric and throw him out of the ring, taking the Nature Boy off his game for a moment. As Steiner distracts the referee, inside the ring Midajah takes the opportunity to rake the back of the Nature Boy, digging her nails deep across his back. Flair cries in pain as Scott Steiner goes out after him. Steiner nails him with uppercuts then rolls Flair into the ring. The Champion is now in complete control of Flair from this point forward. Steiner slams Flair to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. The Champion drops a couple of elbows on Flair before pinning him for a near fall. Big Poppa Pump pulls Flair up and whips him across the ring, nailing him with a clothesline. The Nature Boy gets on his knees and backs himself in the corner. As Steiner approaches Flair pleads with him to stop, but Steiner grabs Flair and whips him across the ring so hard that Flair’s momentum sends him over the top rope and onto the apron. Flair runs across the apron to the opposite corner and climbs to the rope. Flair jumps off but is met with a punch to the midsection. Steiner remains quite dominant in the match until he goes for a belly to back suplex. Flair nails him with a low blow kick and follows through with a small package roll up. Getting a near fall, the Nature Boy immediately gets back up and starts working the leg of the champion again. This time, Flair finally manages to put Steiner in the Figure Four right in the middle of the ring. With Steiner begging Flair to release the hold, the Nature Boy applies more pressure to the leg; making Tony and the King wonder if this is it for the champion. All hell breaks loose as the four men in ski masks run down to the ring and jump Flair, forcing the referee to call for the bell.
Ric Flair wins via disqualification (13:26)

The ski masks beat the living daylights out of the Nature Boy in the middle of the ring as Steiner gets up to his feet. Business picks up however when Goldberg, Booker T, Sting, Kevin Nash, and Diamond Dallas Page all head into the ring. They even the score for Flair and get some retribution on his behalf. With a brawl taking place in the middle of the ring, the momentum quickly shifts back to McMahon’s favour as Jarrett, Buff Bagwell, and Luger rush down as well. The fight is now 8 on 6 with McMahon’s team in complete control as they beat down the WCW guys.

“Voodoo Child” plays; red and yellow smoke bellows through and the huge Hulkamania logo comes over the video screen as the fans in MSG jump to their feet. Hollywood Hogan Returns to WCW after an almost 10 month absence. Hogan comes down to the ring with a mission and takes out each man one at a time until there was only Scott Steiner left. Hogan clotheslines the champion over the ropes and helps his fellow WCW wrestlers to their feet. The thunderous “Hogan” chant echoes through Madison Square Garden as Hogan rips off his shirt and addresses Shane McMahon.

HHH: Listen here brother. I don’t know what business you’re trying to run here in WCW, but it’s about damn time you realize that you’re standing in the house that Hulkamania built and running the company that the Nature Boy built.

McMahon has some words for Hogan that are inaudible.

HHH: If you want a war here in WCW, then you’re going to get one brother. I’ve had to deal with bigger issues than scum like you Shane O Mac. And as far as the WCW World Title goes, Scott Steiner, I hope you shine that title up real nice brother because I’m coming to get back the title I never lost dude. Wha’cha gonna do when WCW runs wild on you!!!!

Hogan throws the microphone to the ground and poses for the crowd as “Voodoo Child” plays again in MSG. McMahon and his troops head to the back as the first Nitro of the McMahon Era goes off the air.

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review
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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WCW's first Monday Nitro under Shane McMahon came with a flurry of excitement from fans and wrestlers in the locker room. Many felt the overall production of the show was far superior than it's been in months and the atmosphere backstage was positive. There were several old faces returning to the show including Goldberg, Hogan, and Curt Henning which gave Nitro the sense of star power it's been lacking for a long time. Nitro while not controversial on live television, did have some hints of of controversy by being in Madison Square Garden.

WCW offices have confirm that Shane McMahon partnered up with other investors to purchase the company. While his partners are not revealed, McMahon did deny that WWF had any involvement in the company. Shane made it quite clear that WCW is his company and will continue to be ran as a separate entity.

No word yet on who the four masked men are, but sources within the company say that they will eventually be revealed. The current plan for the storyline is to do a hybrid of the New Blood/NWO stories with McMahon leading the young blood against guys like Hogan and Flair.

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review
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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

Great first show, will definitely be keeping a eye on this

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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WCW Nitro Preview:
April 9th, 2001

Live from Washington, DC World Championship Wrestling returns with Monday Nitro on NBC.

Last week the battle lines were drawn and the locker room is divided as the new owner of WCW took control. Shane McMahon promised to shake the business up and so far the shake up has been huge. This week McMahon vows to divide and conquer Hogan and his group in order to change to direction of WCW.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan returned to Nitro last week with a single purpose: to reclaim the championship he never lost. Hogan made it clear that he intends on taking Scott Steiner out and regain his WCW World Heavyweight Championship. How will the Champion react to Hogan's challenge and will Shane McMahon allow them to square off in the ring?

Last week on Nitro Sting was asked to prepare a 3 man team to square off against Totally Buff and the Chosen One. Who has Sting picked to be in his corner for the 6-man tag match?

Also, will AJ Styles make a statement as he competes for the first time against Billy Kidman? WCW Monday Nitro is live as the road to Slamboree continues this week in Washington D.C.

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review

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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

WCW Monday Nitro
April 9, 2001
Live from Washington D.C

The Beautiful People theme song plays, the pyro goes off in the arena and fans are going crazy for WCW Monday Nitro as Tony Schiavone and Jerry the King Lawler welcome fans at home.

Tony: There is definitely an electricity in the air here tonight for another fantastic edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Last week’s show was regarded as one of the highest rated editions of WCW Monday Nitro in over a year. Tony Schiavone here along with my colleague Jerry “The King” Lawler.

King: Last week was definitely a landmark night for the new WCW, but I’m excited for what we’re going to see tonight as we start the road to Slamboree.

Tony: There is a line drawn now between Shane McMahon and what he views the new WCW as and the wrestlers who represent tradition here in this company. I’m eager to see how things are going to shape up tonight.

“Here Comes the Money” plays as Shane McMahon heads down to the ring. He’s joined by his four masked men, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, US Champion Jeff Jarrett, and the World Champion Scott Steiner. They all climb through the ropes and get behind the Owner of WCW as he addresses the rowdy fans in Washington.

Shane: Well, well, well, here we are again, here for another edition of Monday Nitro. We just came off of one of the most auction packed weeks in wrestling with the Feds finishing up their Mania last Sunday. It’s funny though because that’s not what people are talking about now is it. Everyone is talking about WCW. All you fans are here because I have you talking, Scott Steiner has you talking, my mystery men have you talking. You’re wondering what is going to go down and who these people are. I promise you that you’ll find out soon enough. As for now I can promise you that Hogan, Flair, Sting, Booker will be divided tonight.

“Voodoo Child” plays and Hollywood Hogan comes out to the entrance way. Fans start the “Hogan” chant as Shane addresses the legend.

Shane: I knew it was only a matter of time until you dragged your sorry ass out to this ring Hulk. You see everyone. Hogan knows that I am the man who is now signing his paycheque, and he’s going to do exactly what is told of him because his pal Eric Bischoff and ATM Ted aren’t around anymore.

Hulk: Let me makes things clear for you brother; 9 months ago I left WCW because of the tyrant that was put in charge to make bullsh*t decisions. That man is no longer around WCW, but the fact still remains that I was never defeated for the WCW Heavyweight Championship brother.

Shane: So let me get this straight, you came back after a 9 month hissy fit to order yourself a shot at the WCW Championship? I don’t think so...BROTHER!!!!

Hogan pauses at the entrance way before Shane continues.

Shane: This is my company and I get to decide who’s going to get a shot at my champion. Tonight we’re going to have Hulk Hogan wrestling Booker T and Ric Flair wrestling Diamond Dallas Paige. The winner of those two matches will square off in the main event to determine the number 1 contender for Slamboree. Do I make myself clear?

Hulk: Yes, you do Shane, but please allow me to make myself clear brother! Slamboree I’m going to wrestle Big Poppa Pump Brother, but I also have a little surprise for your Shane-O-Mac. Just stay tuned.

“Voodoo Child” plays and Hollywood Hogan retreats to the back.


Match 1: Billy Kidman vs. AJ Styles
The Phenomenal AJ Styles locks up with a newly focus Billy Kidman. The two cruiserweights go back and forth with lock ups, and holds. AJ dives off the top rope with a moonsault on Kidman and attempts a cover, but Kidman kicks out before three. The former Cruiserweight Champion drops Styles with a back breaker then toys with him before climbing to the top rope. He’s about to dive off when Shane Helms comes down to the ring. Helms serves as a distraction, allowing AJ to powerbomb Kidman off the top rope. AJ follows up with a Styles Clash and covers Kidman for the 1...2...3.
AJ Styles pins Billy Kidman (3:24)

Shane Helms laughs as he heads to the back while AJ Styles has his hand raised in victory. The Phenomenal One leaves the ring and Kidman comes to irate over his loss.

Backstage: Ric Flair is doing some last minute prepping when Hulk Hogan comes in. They talk about how things are going down in WCW now that Shane McMahon is in control and Flair asks Hogan if he has a plan. Hogan makes it very clear to the Nature Boy that McMahon wants to divide them so he can take complete control. Hogan admits that although he and Flair never saw eye to eye a lot in the past this is the time for them to work together. They shake hands and Hogan wishes Flair good luck.


David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Monday Nitro

“Thus Sprach Zarathurstra” plays as the Nature Boy Ric Flair gets a huge ovation from the crowd in Washington. Flair’s pyro goes off as he walks the aisle.

“Self High-Five” plays for DDP as Page and Kimberly make their way down to the ring.

Match 2: Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly
They shake hands before locking up in the ring. Flair gets the early lead in the match with a wrist lock, but Page counters out and clotheslines him to the canvas. Page and Flair have several more exchanges back and forth until Page clotheslines Flair over the top rope and onto the floor. Page dominates the Nature Boy outside the ring as a split screen shows Shane and his boys watching from backstage. Flair is brought back inside and covered for a near fall. Page continues to beat down Flair in the ring, but the Nature Boy keeps refusing to stay down. Flair puts Page into a small package and gets a near fall, surprising Page and Kimberly. The match progresses with Flair starting to make a comeback much to the delight of the fans in Washington. The Nature Boy grabs Page up by the shin and drops him on his knee, showing signs that he’s setting up for the figure four. The Nature Boy continues working on the leg of DDP before give a WOOOO out to the crowd. The four men in the ski masks make their way down to the ring and surround the Nature Boy as he continues beating down Page. They slowly stalk Flair from around the ring, serving as a distraction for him. As Flair is about to put the Figure Four on Page the four men climb to the apron Flair stops and starts an altercation with one of them, allowing DDP to get up and nail Flair with the Diamond Cutter. Page gets the cover and moves on to the main event.
Diamond Dallas Page pins Ric Flair (5:49)

The men head to the back again following DDP’s victory, but not before saluting him on the apron causing Tony and the King to question whether DDP is siding with Shane McMahon or not.

Backstage: Mean Gene Oakerlund talks with Sting about his upcoming 6 man tag team match. Sting hypes the fact that he’s found a couple of really tough guys to come to WCW and help him take out Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger, and Buff Bagwell. Sting then makes his intentions quite clear; after he wins tonight he’s going to Slamboree to square off against Jeff Jarrett for the WCW United States Championship. Mean Gene is interrupted when Shane McMahon comes over and announces that since Gene is so close to Hogan; his services in WCW are no longer required. Shane O-Mac fires Mean Gene and replaces him with JB Jeremy Borash. Sting gets in Shane’s face, but the owner walks away.


Video: WCW presents Slamboree on Sunday, May 6, 2001 love from Detroit Michigan and only on PPV.

“Voodoo Child” plays as red and yellow smoke blows through the entrance way. Hollywood Hogan comes out with his red and yellow feather boa around his neck. The crowd erupts as pyro goes off in the arena and Hogan poses at the top of the ramp. Hogan makes his way down the aisle and climbs through the ropes.

“Don’t Hate the Play’a” Booker T’s music plays as the former World and US Champion makes his way down to the ring. Tony and the King talk about how rough the last two weeks have been for Booker since he lost to Scott Steiner during the last TNT Nitro and last week he lost his US Title to Jeff Jarrett. The King makes it clear that Shane McMahon’s plan is coming along well.

Match 3: Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Booker T
Hogan and Booker shake hands in the middle of the ring before locking up with a collar elbow tie up. With his size coming into play, Hogan backs Booker into the ropes and whips him across the ring. A shoulder block sends Booker to the canvas and Hogan poses for the fans in the ring. Booker gets up and locks up with Hogan again, this time the Hulkster drops him with a scoop slam and follows up with an elbow. The fans are solidly behind Hogan as Booker slowly gets back to his feet. A third time they lock up, Booker T knees Hogan in the mid section then whips him shoulder first into the ring post. Hogan is put into the corner and Booker climbs to the second rope before driving 10 punches into the side of Hogan’s head. Booker gets down and slams Hogan to the canvas with a bulldog. A spinarooni gets Booker back to his feet and some of the fans show their support for him. The match continues to go back and forth with Booker continuing a slight advantage over Hollywood Hogan. Booker slaps a side headlock on Hogan and starts punching him again. After letting go of the hold, Booker charges after and clotheslines Hogan over the top rope. Booker goes out after Hogan on the outside and gets quite violent with him leaving fans questioning whether Booker has turned on Hogan. The Icon is rolled back into the ring where Booker continues to beat him down. Booker T covers Hogan in the middle of the ring, but only gets a two count as Hogan is able to kick out. The former champion continues to attack the Icon, but Hogan still refuses to give up. After several more attempts to put Hogan down with either a pin or a submission, Booker is left with only one option, the Bookend. Booker nails Hogan with the Bookend and covers him in the middle of the ring, but surprisingly Hogan jumps out and starts Hulking up. the fans in Washington go crazy as the Icon nails Booker with three big rights then whips him across the ropes, following up with a big boot to the face. Booker falls to the canvas and Hogan dives off the ropes with the Atomic Leg Drop. Hollywood follows through with the 1...2...3.
Hollywood Hogan pins Booker T (6:59)

“Voodoo Child” plays again as Hogan moves on to the Main Event against Diamond Dallas Page. Hogan starts posing for the fans in Washington when Booker stops him dead in his tracks. The two of them stare each other down for a moment before Booker extends a hand. Hogan and Booker shake and hug each other before Booker T leaves the ring and Hogan goes back to posing for the crowd.

Backstage: Shane McMahon head into the locker room of the Natural Born Thrillers. McMahon questions Chuck Polumbo and Sean O’Haire on why they feel they deserve to be World Tag Team Champions when they don’t support the new boss in WCW. O’Haire questions what McMahon is talking about and Shane makes it clear that he’s noticed the lack of respect he’s been getting from the NBT since arriving two weeks ago. McMahon expects that everyone on the roster would respect him, and since they clearly don’t Shane decides to put them in a match next week against a team that has shown him respect...Kronik. Shane-O-Mac leaves their locker room.


Backstage: DDP is interviewed by JB Jeremy Borash concerning his main event match against Hollywood Hogan. DDP makes it clear that this isn’t about Hogan or Page, it’s about getting the shot at the belt, and that’s what DDP wants more than anything else. Diamond Dallas is then asked about his involvement with Shane McMahon since it was his team who helped save him in his match earlier on against Ric Flair. DDP reminds JB that he doesn’t need anyone saving him, let along scum like Shane McMahon. DDP claims he’s the best in the company and everyone will understand that it’s not a bad thing...it’s a good thing.

Inside the arena, David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Monday Nitro.

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett’s theme plays as the new US Champion walks down the aisle with Totally Buff and Miss Elizabeth. There seems to be tension between Luger and Liz as the group of them walk down together and enter the ring.

“The Crow” theme plays and the arena gets dark as a spotlight shines on the entrance way. The Icon of WCW makes his way out with a thunderous reaction from the fans. Sting complete with his white, black, and red face pain and black trench coat stops at the entrance way. Sting looks back at the fans give a huge ovation for the Road Warriors as Hawk and Animal return to WCW together.

Match 4: Sting, Hawk, Animal vs. Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell w. Miss Elizabeth
The six man tag team match starts off with Sting and Buff Bagwell squaring off. The Icon decimates Bagwell with chops and kicks before backing him into the corner. Sting kicks the living hell out of Buff before slamming him face first onto the mat. Quick tags to Hawk and Animal make it impossible for Buff to get to his corner as the trio dominates the early goings of the contest. A distraction from Jarrett allows for Luger to get involved in the match, taking out Animal and getting Bagwell out of dodge. The Total Package starts beating down Animal with forearms to the back of the head. Luger slams the Road Warrior to the canvas then tags Jarrett in. The momentum of the match switches back and forth constantly as each team attempts to regain control over their opponents. All hell breaks loose near the end of the contest with Referee Nick Patrick losing control. A brawl occurs in the ring with all six wrestlers beating the hell out of each other. The brawl continues on the outside, leaving Jeff Jarrett and Sting alone in the ring. The two of them battle back and forth with rights, kicks, and chops to each other. The Icon backs Jeff into the corner and whips him across the ropes then nails him with the Stinger Splash. The Stinger follows up with the Scorpion Death Drop and covers Jeff, but the pin is broken when Lex Luger gets involved. Luger jabs Sting with the baseball bat right in the ribcage.
Sting and the Road Warriors win via DQ (8:31)

The Total Package continues to beat the hell out of Sting with the baseball bat in the middle of the ring. Jarrett gets to his feet and grabs the guitar. He swings back, but Elizabeth gets in between Jarrett and Sting, preventing him from using the guitar. Luger yells at Elizabeth, but she refuses to listen. The Total Package throws Sting onto the ground and gets in her face, then taking the guitar from Jarrett, Luger smashes it across the head of the first lady of wrestling, sending her to the ground. Luger and Jarrett celebrate in the right.

Tony: What a disgraceful turn of events we’ve just witnessed here on Nitro. The Total Package just took out Elizabeth with the Guitar.

King: Well Tony, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Women are no good, they’re constantly sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Tony: And you condone this King?

King: I’m not saying it’s right, but she was asking for it. She’s supposes to support her man, not interfere in his business.

Backstage: DDP and Kim are on their way out to the ring when they are stopped by the Nature Boy. Flair questions DDP on whether he has anything to do with Shane McMahon. Page guarantees that he’s not involved with McMahon. Flair accepts his claim and wishes him luck tonight.


Michael Buffer introduces the Main Event for WCW Monday Nitro with the winner moving on Challenge the World Heavyweight Champion at Slamboree.

“Self High-Five” plays as DDP and Kimberly come back to the ring for the main event. The pyro explodes and they continue to the ring.

“Voodoo Child” plays and a huge fireworks display goes off behind the entrance as Hollywood Hogan struts out to the stage. Hogan stops and plays air guitar before walking down the aisle and talking smack about DDP.

Match 5: Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Hogan and Page have a stare down as Tony and the King relive the history between these two men. They lock up and Page gets the advantage over Hogan. The crowd in Washington are torn between the two of them as the match stays even during the first bit. Business does start to pick up as Hogan pushes Page so hard to the canvas that he falls out of the ring. Hogan goes out after him and follows DDP around the ring. Page attempts to slam Hogan into the ring apron, but Hogan counters and sends Page head first. Hollywood rakes the eyes of Page then slams him into the steel guard rail. Hogan rolls under the ring to break the count than continues his path of aggression on the outside of the ring. Page is whipped across the floor, but counters and sends Hogan face first into the ring post. DDP follows through with a clothesline and drops Hogan to the ground. The match continues back inside the ring with Page dominating the Hulkster. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Hogan pushes him away. DDP comes back with a kick the Hogan’s midsection and drops him with a back breaker. Hollywood is down as the World Champion comes out to the ring area and gets on commentary. Steiner addresses rumours that Page is working for McMahon and all but confirms those rumours are true as DDP slaps a sleeper on Hogan. The fans start the “Hogan” Chant as Hollywood gets fired up. Hogan drives several elbows into DDP’s mid section until the sleeper is released and Hogan is able to nail Page with a chop to the chest. Hogan whips Page into the ropes and drops him with a clothesline. As Hogan prepares for the Leg Drop, Big Poppa Pump catches his attention and distracts Hollywood long enough for Page to come back with the Diamond Cutter. DDP covers Hogan for the 1...2...kickout as Hogan gets to his knees and starts the Hulking Up again. Fans are on their feet as Hogan takes DDP out with the Big Boot then follows up with the Leg Drop. Hogan covers Page for the 1...2...3.
Hollywood Hogan pins DDP (10:10)

The place erupts as Hogan returns to WCW in a big way. Hogan points to Scott Steiner and indicates that he’s going to win the World Heavyweight Championship once again. Hogan’s celebration is short lived however when the four men come down to the ring and jump him from behind. Big Poppa Pump watches on approvingly as all of them take their cheap shots on Hogan. The arena goes crazy again when Goldberg charges down to the ring. The Man doesn’t have to do anything as the four men immediately clear the ring and head to the back with Big Poppa Pump.

Goldberg helps Hogan to his feet when Hollywood asks for a microphone.

Hulk: Listen up Shane. You may be riding high this week, but things are going to change because next week... Eric Bischoff is coming back brother!

Fans cheer as Nitro goes off the air from Washington.

World Championship Wrestling Presents
May 6, 2001 Live from Detroit, Michigan

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Chosen One Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Sting

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review

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Re: WCW 2001: The Take Over

Wow very unique and cool idea for this thread! I just wanted to give you some positive feedback in thanks to your interest in mine. I will review your show as soon as I have time, and you can hold me to that. From what I've seen, this looks very enjoyable and much better than what they came up with in 2001 for WCW. Hogan Vs Stiener, an awesome feud ive always wanted to see, cant wait for that! I also love Shane Mmcmahon as an on air talent, and him goig back and forth with Bischoff should be gold. Expect my review soon, I should have time in the next few days. Hopefully you can stick to this as it looks very exciting!

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