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TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Spoiler for LOCKDOWN 2012 RESULTS:

Lockdown 2012 Results

Team Garrett (Garrett Bischoff, AJ Stlyes, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam) def. Team Eric (Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Gunner, and Kazarian)
- TNA granted Garrett Bischoff’s request of heading back down to OVW to improve. It is not clear as to when Garrett will be called up to the main roster again.
TNA Tag Title Match: Samoa Joe and Magnus © def. The Motor City Machine Guns
TNA Television Title Match: Ted Dibiase Jr. © def. Robbie E
- Instead of Devon answering Robbie E's open challenge at Victory Road, Ted Dibiase Jr. made his TNA debut and won the title in his first match. After Dibiase retained his Television Title, he was jumped from behind by Jesse Godderz, a breakout star in OVW, who is now in an alliance with the Robbies.
Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © def. Velvet Sky
- Knockouts Tag Team Title Match never occurred. Just pretend that ODB and Eric Young were never a couple to begin with.
Matt Morgan def. Crimson
- It was said on that Crimson was sent down to OVW to work on his in-ring skills more. It was by his own request that he felt the need to go back down to OVW to train more. It's being reported that Crimson shouldn't take too long down in OVW.
Kurt Angle def. Jeff Hardy
TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode © def. James Storm


AJ Styles - Alex Shelley - Austin Aries - Bobby Roode - Bully Ray - Chris Hero - Chris Sabin - Christopher Daniels - D'Angelo Dinero - Devon - Doug Williams - Eric Young - Gunner - James Storm - Jeff Hardy - Jesse - Kazarian - Kid Kash - Kurt Angle - Magnus - Matt Morgan - Mr. Anderson - Rob Van Dam - Robbie E - Samoa Joe - Sting - Ted Dibiase Jr. - Zema Ion
Released: Abyss, Hernandez, Shannon Moore

Brooke Tessmacher - Christy Hemme - Gail Kim - Madison Rayne - Mickie James - Sara Del Rey - SoCal Val - Tara - Velvet Sky
Released: ODB

TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode
TNA Television Champion: Ted Dibiase Jr.
TNA Tag Team Champions: Magnus and Samoa Joe
X-Division Champion: Austin Aries
Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)
Jesse, Robbie E, and Robbie T
Magnus and Samoa Joe
The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

General Manager: Hulk Hogan
Announce Team: Mike Tenay and Taz
Backstage Interviewer: Jeremy Borash
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme


BREAKING NEWS! FCW Talent, Kassius Ohno, aka Chris Hero, has been released from his contract with WWE. Hero was said to not like the idea of going to developmental before being called up to the main roster in a while. However, his partner in the indies, Claudio Castagnoli has remained with WWE much to the surprise of many. Hero and Castagnoli have been a team for a while and were told they were going to be called up as a team. When Hero learned that that was not the case, he wanted out. Therefore, Hero was released from the WWE and his 90-day no compete clause was waived. TNA executives have given Chris Hero a phone call as soon as they heard the news and is said to be very close to signing Hero to a contract.

Not only that, but Sara Del Rey, who was a valet for the team of Hero and Castagnoli, is confirmed to have signed with TNA wrestling and is very excited to be part of the company. Del Rey’s profile has already been added to the website. To find out more on Sara Del Rey, just check out

The reason for the pursuit of talent is simple, the TNA roster is quite thin at the moment. After releasing superstars of their own, Dixie Carter gathered her team together and told them exactly what she wanted. The word backstage is that more tag teams, more x-division superstars, and knockouts will be signed to the company in the near future. The feeling backstage is that these three divisions really put TNA on the map. So look out for more focus in each of those divisions.

In an exclusive interview, Steve Borden, aka Sting, isn’t sure how much longer he has left. Borden says that when he retires, he would like to work backstage to help TNA grow. Not only that, Borden also says that with whatever time he has left, he is very much willing to put over the younger talent.

What made TNA back in the day unique was not only its roster, but also its appearance. The return of the six sided ring has been discussed with the higher-ups but nothing conclusive can be said about it. However, the reason that the six sided ring was changed to a four sided ring was because of complaints from some talents that it’s difficult to maneuver in the ring.

And lastly, the TNA logo has undergone a color change to light blue and will now be the official logo of TNA (as seen on the banner above). Nothing has been said about a new stage design but inside knowledge says that it’s a possibility.
JAM's Note: Well, here I am again, back with another TNA thread. I was planning to do a WWE thread this time, but everyone is doing WWE. Haven't seen a TNA thread in what seems like ages, so I'm attempting to do one. Planned well for this one and I'm quite excited to get some shows out, so watch out for it!

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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Hey man! This is looking good. I'm looking forward to reading it and I can't wait to see how you utilise some of your talent that you have on board. Good luck, mate.

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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Looks solid. Gutted that you released Abyss, really feel he could be rebuilt as a legit monster if given the proper time and investment. A bit surprised by your inclusion of Ted DiBiase Jr. however, I do hope you use him in a capacity that he should be used in as he did have some talent and a lot of potential to develop. I'll be reading.
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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Releasing Abyss?

But yeah - I like the OVW stuff you've changed, with all of the greener, less polished guys going down there. My only qualm with it however is that why would you give Garrett Bischoff the victory in Lethal Lockdown if he's not going to be on TV to capitalise on the biggest victory of his career? I dunno', it just seems really counter productive and you could have maybe changed the result of the match or you could have kept Garrett, seeing as he is GOAT anyway.

Del Rey vs. Mickie James Bound For Glory Main Event, PLZ

Good luck breh, you know I want you to find a thread to stick to so this best be it, otherwise i'll do something bad like block you on MSN or something. Do your thang' DUDE.

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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
Releasing Abyss?

Good luck breh, you know I want you to find a thread to stick to so this best be it, otherwise i'll do something bad like block you on MSN or something. Do your thang' DUDE.

In all seriousness, good luck with this DUDE!
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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

About time this was up. Don't disapoint otherwise the Philippines gon get got.

Good luck DUDE!
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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Looking forward to reading this one bro! I hope you stick with it this time though as since i've been booking i've yet to see you reach a PPV in any thread.

If you need someone to bounce ideas off of you know my inbox (here or fb) is always open for ya.


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Talking Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Glad to see you finally made a thread, been talking about doing one for what seemed like forever, but Boo at it being a TNA Thread. I look forward to seeing how you book can't possibly be worse than their actual product lol.

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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

There hasn't been a TNA thread that has really gotten my attention ever, maybe this one will be it. The involvment of OVW and what you have planned out seems to be a good place to start at, good with this!

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: TNA 2012: I'm At It Again, Brother!

Orlando, Florida – April 19, 2012

At Lockdown, we experienced a hellacious pay-per-view with each match being contested inside a steel cage. We saw careers shortened, bones broken, and bloodshed but that was to be expected because of the reputation of Lockdown. With the fallout of Lockdown on the minds of everyone in attendance in the iMPACT Zone we are sure to see the arena be guns ablazing with fans going rapid. Let’s not waste anymore time, welcome to iMPACT Wrestling!

iMPACT started off fast and furious with a lovely pyro display that pumped up the crowd in attendance even more if that were possible. It seems we have entered a new era in iMPACT wrestling as the show has been on fire as of late. After a few moments, the arrival of the World Champion, Bobby Roode played poison to everyone’s joy. Clad in a three-piece suit and a grin on his face, the World Champion looks happy on his way to the ring. He proclaimed dominance over his TNA kingdom simply by raising his World Title in the air for all to see much to the annoyance of the iMPACT crowd. He goes on to tell the world that he knew he was coming back to iMPACT as the World Champion, writing off that James Storm had no chance. Roode continues babbling on his usual shtick by saying he was the better man in Beer Money and that he had to carry the team most of the time. Finally, he finished his promo saying that Storm is a complete and utter failure. Not just a failure in his career but a failure as a father, which gets Roode loads of heat after that comment.

Before Roode could continue on, the music of Sting blares through the PA system finally giving the crowd a reason to cheer. With a mic in hand, Sting cuts his on promo with the theme being that Storm isn’t a failure, but Roode is! Sting says that Roode disrespects the entire TNA name whenever he cheats to win his matches, also calling him a phony which enrages Roode. The champion rebuttals back saying that it doesn’t matter the method in which he wins but that he gets the job done all the time. Clearly disgusted with Roode, Sting gets more intense in his tone saying that when he was champion, he never took shortcuts and did this company proud by being a respectable champion. Roode simply retorts back by saying that he’s the longest reigning champion in TNA history and that proves he’s a better champion than Sting will ever be. Sting smiles at what Roode just said and tells him to prove it by defending his title against Sting at Sacrifice! Roode is taken aback with the fans screaming their approval of this proposal from Sting. Roode, sensing that he’s lost this round, exits the ring mouthing off to Sting that he rejects and that Sting isn’t worthy to challenge him.


iMPACT comes back on air with Mike Tenay and Taz welcoming everyone back to iMPACT. They say that the main event has just been announced with Sting taking on Kurt Angle! Each man give their take on what transpired in the opening segment before they cut away.

A video showing a replay of Ted Dibiase retaining his Television Title against Robbie E before getting attacked from behind by a debuting Jesse Godderz. Going back to real time, the cameras see Dibiase stretching in the back before his match tonight before Bully Ray interrupts him. Ted asks Bully what he wants before Bully says that he doesn’t like Dibiase, not one bit. He says that Dibiase is a punk ass kid who thinks he can just walk in this company because of his last name. Bully continues saying that it’s different here where he has to earn respect and right now, he has none. Ted tells him that he’s sick and tired of people like Bully thinking he has it easy just because of his last name. He says he came to TNA to prove that he’s his own man and that being the Television Champion is a step in the right direction. The video ends when the two stare down and with Bully leaving, brushing off Ted’s shoulder.

Fast forward to his rematch with Robbie E, Dibiase gained another win after thwarting off interference by both Jesse and Robbie T. Dibiase hit the Dream Street on Robbie E and made his exit before Robbie E’s henchmen could come back to get him.

An exclusive video from Lockdown was played where James Storm was seen getting medical treatment in the back after losing lots of blood in his loss to Bobby Roode in the main event. Seeing that he was on camera, James Storm pushed the medic that was attending to his wound away and told the cameraman to get the camera out of the room. Not abiding by his request, the cameraman ate a Last Call Superkick for his troubles.


The next match saw Magnus squaring off with the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels with their respective partners at ringside. The two men produced a good match. Just when we thought Magnus had Daniels down for the three, Kaz pulls Hebner out of the ring resulting in Hebner ejecting him from ringside much to the satisfaction of the crowd. With the match continuing on, Magnus took advantage and had Daniels down for the elbow drop. However, Kaz makes a beeline for the ring and clobbers Joe and slams him across the steel steps. Magnus gets down from the top rope to aid his partner but Daniels recovers and rolls him up for the victory with a handful of tights.

The cameras go backstage with Matt Morgan barging into Hulk Hogan’s office who seemed to be having an important meeting. Morgan yells for everyone to get out which infuriates Hogan. With Hogan seething, Morgan takes the opportunity to stake his claim for a shot at the World Title. He says that he broke Crimson’s undefeated streak and beat him so bad that he had to go back to developmental. Hogan comes back saying that he didn’t do anything to even be considered for a title shot. Hogan continues on saying that if Morgan wants to be considered for a future title shot, he has to show the Hulkster something. Morgan surprisingly nods his head and reminds Hogan that this is what he wanted, signaling that Morgan should definitely be someone to look out for.


Back from the break, we are taken to a video package advertising Eric Young’s new show Off the Hook: Extreme Catches which makes its debut on Animal Planet. Shortly after the video package, we’re taken ringside where Eric Young and Douglas Williams were already in the ring ready for their match. We saw a more serious Eric Young compared to the last couple weeks and he actually pulled out the victory after hitting a pretty sweet finisher, the Youngblood Neckbreaker! However, the main talking point came after the match. Young climbed the turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans but when he turned around, BAM! Carbon Footprint by Matt Morgan connected. Morgan was seen mouthing off to the cameras, “This is what you were asking for Hulk. You did this.”


We come back to see Gail Kim, with her Knockouts Title on her shoulder, cutting a promo backstage. She tells everyone who would listen that her victory as Lockdown solidifies her as the greatest Knockout to ever grace a TNA ring. She continues on saying that she’s tired of beating Velvet Sky and claims that even the fans are tired of her beating Velvet Sky. Gail says that she needs more competition because if not, she won’t wrestle because there isn’t anyone worthy to challenge her. It was then that Velvet Sky appeared on the scene. She tells Gail that she was very close to beating her for the title but Gail retorts back saying that couldn’t be farther from the truth. An intense staredown ensues, only for the silence to be broken up when Velvet Sky slaps Gail across the face before eventually leaving the shot. Kim is enraged with anger as she holds her face after that vicious slap from Velvet Sky.

In X-Division action, Austin Aries went one-on-one with crowd favorite, Rob Van Dam. In what can be said as the match of the night, the two men truly wowed the crowd. Van Dam was up to his usual tricks as he connected with kicks that seemed to come out of nowhere. But it was Austin Aries who came away with the win after RVD missed a Frog Splash only for Aries to take advantage and hit the Brainbuster. After the match, the two combatants shook hands much to the appreciation of the crowd.


Back from the break, we are backstage where Jeff Hardy cuts a promo of his own. Here, the person behind the camera asks Hardy what’s next for him. Hardy replies saying that his loss at Lockdown to Kurt Angle disappointed him. He continues on saying that he’s been down before and that every time he was down, he got back up. The Bound For Glory series is what Hardy mentions next while saying that he has his eyes on taking part of it. Not only that, but he plans to go the extra mile to get to where he wants to be. And that’s to be World Champion once again. With a look of determination on his face-painted eyes, he says that this will be soon.

Seems we’re all about video packages this episode as another one plays but this time with two men we’ve seen tonight already, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian aka Bad Influence. The two were up to their usual foolish antics as they confidently called out the World Tag Team Champions, Samoa Joe and Magnus. Daniels speaks first commenting that Joe and Magnus aren’t even a real team and that luck has everything to do with their title reign. Kaz gets his say in, agreeing with what Daniels just said. Kaz says that their win earlier in the night just proves that they’re better and smarter…and more goodlooking, which confuses everyone who heard/read that. Daniels takes the reins once again and says that if ever the tag titles were put on the line against them, they’d win the match easily, no sweat. For their final point, Daniels says that Joe and Magnus should call their team The Shoeshiners in which he explains that WHEN, with an emphasis on WHEN, Bad Influence take those titles off of Joe and Magnus, shoe shining is all Joe and Magnus will be good for.

The cameras go back to ringside as the commentary team recap the events that took place tonight on this episode of iMPACT. They assure everyone though, that the night is not over and that next is their main event. We see images of Sting and Kurt Angle getting ready for the match as Mike Tenay and Taz talk over it before going to our final commercial break.


In the main event, two of TNA’s most coveted superstars went to battle. On a side note, World Champion, Bobby Roode was on commentary for this match. Sting and Kurt battled in what was a very good main event. With Kurt in control almost the entire match, Sting took it up a level and evened the match. With the two seemingly tied with one another, Kurt resorted to raking the eyes of the Stinger before connecting with the Angle Slam. Kurt wasn’t happy with just that and applied the Ankle Lock as well. Roode took off his headset and got infront of Sting, taunting him to tap out. Roode even pulled the ropes back when Sting was close to reaching them. Earl Hebner kicked away Roode’s hand and eventually Sting was able to get to the ropes. In the final sequence of the match, Sting rolled away after withstanding the Ankle Lock. Kurt made the mistake of performing a baseball slide on Sting only for Sting to move away and connect with Roode instead. From then on, nothing Kurt could do would stop Sting. The Icon eventually got the win after hitting the Scorpion Deathdrop.

As soon as the match concluded, Roode stormed the ring and pummeled Sting. Still carrying the momentum he had in the match, Sting was able to fend for himself backing Roode down to a corner. However, what surprised everyone is when Sting turned around after the flurry of right hands he dished out to Roode. BAM! – Another Carbon Footprint lays out a superstar. Roode was shocked at what just happened and immediately high-tailed it out of the ring. The commentators then begin questioning if what Hulk said spurred this out of Matt Morgan, which it obviously did. The last image of this episode sees Morgan mouthing off what he said earlier to Hogan.

JAM's Note: First show in a while. Although it's in recaps, I think I still did a good job getting my point across. So what you can expect is that the weekly shows will be in this format while the PPVS will be in full, fingers crossed. Btw, the format is based on the best recaps I've seen on BTB, DC's The WWE Chronicles. So kudos to him for the format. Hope you all enjoy!

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