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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Hollywood Quality Feedback:

Hey man just read the show and figured i'd drop you some feedback. First off I like the fact you did away with pros and brought in the NXT Championship, It makes your NXT different which is always good to make yourself stand out from the real product.

All the matches were well written but I'm not too sure on the orange color for them. It may be a little too bright but it's still readable so maybe i'm just crazy.

One complaint I have is it seemed the whole first episode was based around Bryan Danielson, I get that's the big draw of the show as he should be but this almost came across as the Bryan Danielson show.

Like you said your promos were short, But they got the point across well so I don't think that's a problem honestly. In fact IMO the promos were the perfect length because some people make promos too long and then they just kinda run on and on and on.

Overall it was a good first show and I will be keeping my eye on this thread for sure. Looking forward to next week dude!

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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

JAM’s Review

Typical start to the show. I like how you mentioned that these 8 guys fell into a line or that Darren Young gulped at the sign of the Chairman because it really gives you a feel that these 8 men are rookies. Glad that you have NXT as a brand instead of a competition because NXT as a competition failed in my eyes. Introducing a title quick is a pretty interesting move but I guess it does give these guys motivation to work hard. Plus, the final match will be at ‘Mania, that’s great! Everything was well setup here man. Definitely going to be an interesting read from here on out.

Very good first match on NXT here. Very surprised that I was actually interested in Darren Young sticking it to Barrett here. Glad you gave him the Bull Hammer right away instead of the Wasteland and that you really played up to the fact that he’s a bareknuckle fighter. Always thought that this gimmick worked out better for him. I’m thinking Barrett is a favorite to be the first NXT Champion but it seems too obvious. I’m expecting a swerve down the road. Establishing Otunga as probably the best promo man of the group was good. I think his gimmick would really flourish if he was given time to he’s definitely someone to look out for.

Never been a big fan of Tarver but I think you’ll change some people’s mind about that. He wasn’t really given time in real life NXT but had a boxing gimmick I believe. Gabriel with a lost, noooo! But anyway, I’m sure he’ll get right back in the race. I have a feeling Gabriel could be a darkhorse to win the whole thing with Barrett and Bryan being mixed up with superstars from Raw or Smackdown. Also, establishing them as guys who don’t really talk much can really be good for you. I’d probably have done the same thing since it’s pretty hard to write for them.

Was wondering where Slater was, good to see him here. I think Slater can serve a purpose on the show so I hope you use him well even though we know he’s gonna get squashed by Ryback. Interaction between Danielson and Barrett was great! Definitely the two frontrunners imo.

Matt Hardy as the first WWE superstar on NXT? Diggin’ it! I hope he faces Justin Gabriel in the next episode since I think Gabriel will be able to show his full arsenal against a guy like Matt Hardy. As for the main event, I’m sure we all knew that Danielson was going to pull off the victory. Which is why I think having Otunga win would’ve been shocking and what I would’ve gone for. With the submission, Danielson has the early lead, good match!

Overall, I like what you’ve done with NXT, making it a brand. Probably the first of its kind, it’s sure to get some attention. I think you did well in establishing what we can expect from each guy. You’ve made me interested in guys like Darren Young and Michael Tarver which aren’t easy things to do. The matches were very well-written. And although sometimes it seems like a lot of focus was on Danielson, I think it couldn’t be helped because he’s the most successful of the 8 men. But all in all, you did a good job. Definitely looking forward to the next show

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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Episode Two Preview
26th January 2010

Last week, we saw the inaugural episode of WWE's newest show, NXT! In a night full of great action, we were able to see all eight of the NXT Superstars in action for the first time, where he four winners were able to get the early advantage in the race to get Champion Points and qualify for the chance to compete to become the very first NXT Champion at Wrestlemania XXVI!

As Mr McMahon explained last week, if any of the NXT Superstars are able to defeat an already established Raw or Smackdown Superstar, they will receive double the amount of Champion Points, and one of the NXT Superstars will have the chance to do that as Smackdown Superstar Matt Hardy will be in the house tonight! At this point we don't know which one of our eight competitors will face 'The Man who Will Not Die', but we will find out this Tuesday on NXT!

Matt Hardy vs ???

Provisional Matches:

Justin Gabriel vs Michael Tarver

Bryan Danielson vs Heath Slater

Darren Young vs Ryback

Wade Barrett vs David Otunga

Thanks a lot for the comments guys, really glad that the first show went down as well as it did. Apologies for the bare bones preview here, but the show is in full once again and I have to say that I am a little more pleased with this one than the first one, but that isn't for me to decide. Will post this on Saturday if I get the time, if not Monday
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Episode Two
26th January 2010

Our show starts this week with a brief recap package of last week's events; we can hear soundbytes from Mr McMahon's speech as they play over some of the action we saw in the ring last week. Wade Barrett knocks Darren Young out cold with his Bull Hammer elbow, Justin Gabriel hits his impressive Asai Moonsault to the outside on Michael Tarver, but is ultimately cheated out of the victory by Michael Tarver and ploughed into the mat by a Death Valley Driver. Short clips of Ryback dominating Heath Slater before finally putting him away with Shellshocked, and the package ends with highlights from hard-hitting main event between Bryan Danielson and David Otunga; stiff kicks from Bryan, Suicide Dive, Suplex onto the floor, Bryan sent into the steel steps, the Dragon Suplex from Bryan and ultimately that Crossface Chickenwing which causes Otunga to tap out. Bryan is seen celebrating on the top rope just as Mr McMahon says 'The World is Watching'. We hit the arena now, and once again all eight of our NXT Superstars are standing in the ring, BRYAN DANIELSON, JUSTIN GABRIEL, DARREN YOUNG and RYBACK are standing on one side of the ring, whilst the other four, WADE BARRETT, DAVID OTUNGA, MICHAEL TARVER and HEATH SLATER are on the other side, to truly establish the face/heel dynamic of the Superstars. However, in the centre of the ring, MATT STRIKER is once again up from commentary with a microphone, waiting for 'Wild and Young' to fade out.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to NXT. You all may be wondering why we have gathered the eight NXT Superstars together at this time; but it is a reason that I will make clear to you all now.

There's a slight buzz in the arena as the anticipation builds.

Matt Striker: As you all know, the eight of you are competing to earn Champion Points to earn the right to compete at Wrestlemania Twenty-Six and become the inaugural NXT Champion. As Mr McMahon stated last week, if you are able to defeat a Raw or Smackdown Superstar you will gain Double Points for your effort.

The NXT Superstars nod their heads as they know how important some of those wins can be.

Matt Striker: And as it just so happens... we've got a WWE Superstar here in the house TONIGHT!!

A very kind pop for that as Striker grins out to the fans.

Matt Striker: This man... is none other than 'The Man Who Will Not Die' MATT HARDY!!!

A loud pop for that, and a “HARDY” chant even pops up. The face Superstars smile and nod their heads at the chance to face a former Tag Team, Cruiserweight and United States Champion whilst the heels don't seem that impressed by Hardy.

Matt Striker: So we need to decide who is going to face Matt, don't we? And in the spirit of this Sunday's upcoming Royal Rumble... we're going to do it in an EIGHT MAN OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL!!

Now, all eight of the men start to grin, and the fans roar in approval. Striker quickly leaves the ring and jogs around to the commentary desk to join Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a way to start the show! Welcome to NXT folks, I'm Michael Cole, here with Matt Striker... and as you've just heard, we've got a Battle Royal between all eight of our NXT Superstars to kick things off tonight!

Matt Striker: The prize is a chance for our Superstars to earn double the normal amount of Champion Points if they are able to defeat Smackdown's Matt Hardy, a test which I know that all of these Superstars will want to take.

Michael Cole: Imagine if one of these guys are able to make Matt Hardy tap out; that is six Champion Points in the bag right there!

Matt Striker: Not only that, but that victory will also come with the pride that you will be the first NXT Superstar to defeat a WWE Superstar, and the recognition across the entire WWE Universe of being able to do just that.

Michael Cole: It looks like we're ready to go!

All eight men still stand in the groups of four that they were in before, as they all eye up the man opposite them, some obvious bad blood has already developed between some of the competitors. One of the officials on the outside motion to the timekeeper... and we are ready to go!

Match One:
8-Man Over the top Rope Battle Royal
Winner faces Matt Hardy in the Main Event
Bryan Danielson vs Darren Young vs David Otunga vs Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel vs Michael Tarver vs Ryback vs Wade Barrett

The bell rings... and we're off! However, all eight men still stay in the position they were in before the bell... no one wants to jump in first! However, Heath Slater slowly walks into the centre of the ring, and gets a decent level of heat as he eyes up the four faces... and he points right at Ryback! The fans laugh as Slater dares the man who demolished him last week to come and face him, “COME HERE RIGHT NOW SO I CAN PROVE THAT LAST WEEK WAS A FLUKE!” and surely enough... Ryback steps forwards! Slater though doesn't back down as the rest of the NXT Superstars watch on with some interest here. Ryback nods his head slowly... and Slater punches him right in the face – but Ryback no-sells it and doesn't even flinch! Slater looks shocked as he gazes into his fist with amazement... and Ryback floors him with a right hand! Slater drops down like a sack of spuds, as David Otunga now marches forwards and is knocked down as well! Young tries to turn Ryback around and gets smashed with a clothesline! Gabriel goes down! Danielson floored with a right... a boot right to Barrett's face! Ryback stares around the ring to see Michael Tarver is the only man left standing! Tarver looks a little unsure... and he leaps out of the ring through the middle rope!!

The fans boo Tarver as he smartly is able to get out of Ryback's wrath. Ryback stares at the man who escaped him... but he is clubbed from behind... by Heath Slater! Slater starts windmilling on Ryback's back, but Ryback turns around and flattens him with a clothesline! Not wanting to deal with Slater any more, Ryback reaches down and grabs him by the hair, pulling him up... and sending him flying over the top rope – Slater is our first elimination!!


The fans pop loudly as the rocker stays down at ringside, and Ryback turns back towards the ring and sees Bryan Danielson charging at him... Ryback sidesteps and sends Danielson over the top, but he's able to hang onto the ropes and land safely on the apron! Once again, all of the other Superstars are lining up to get a shot at Ryback! Both Young and Gabriel charge in at once, but are flattened by a Double Clothesline! Barrett comes forwards and lands a couple of shots to the head which cause Ryback to stumble backwards a little, and Barrett charges against the ropes and comes back... but gets sent flying with a huge BACK BODY DROP!! Barrett crashes down on his back and immediately favours it. Otunga comes from behind, but Ryback turns it around and bullrushes him into the corner! Ryback starts to unload with rapid fire shots into Otunga's mid section... before lifting him up into a Military Press... and slamming him down into the mat! Otunga lands right on his chest, and starts to make his way back up to his feet after bouncing off of the canvas. He backs up into the ropes and Ryback waits on him... before clotheslining him over the top rope and out to the floor!!!


Ryback nods his head as a sign that he is impressed with his work thus far, and he turns around to see who's next (GOOOOLLLDBEERRGGG) but he's caught off by a Double Dropkick to the chest by Young and Gabriel!! Ryback stumbles back into the ropes, and the temporary alliance both try to hoist Ryback's frame over the top, but it doesn't seem that Ryback is going anywhere quickly. On the other side of the ring, Danielson is about to go and follow up on Barrett who is still recovering from the Back Body Drop, but just as it looks like Bryan is going to hit Wade, he instead points to Young and Gabriel trying to get Ryback out and says “We git rid of him, and then we wrestle!”, before he makes his way over and grabs onto one of Ryback's legs... and sure enough, Barrett also strides over and tries to help heave the big man over the top rope! With Barrett's size and strength behind them, it appears that Ryback is starting to go over, but he isn't going to go down without a fight!

Ryback starts to reach up... and he clocks Gabriel right in the face, which causes him to stagger backwards! 'back then smacks Young one, and then Barrett, allowing him to push himself back down into the ring! Danielson goes for a kick to the ribs, but Ryback catches his leg... and throws him over the top rope, but Danielson saves himself again! Ryback tries to force Bryan off of the apron with his boot, but Danielson grabs onto the bottom rope, and isn't going anywhere! Ryback gives up and turns around, but he isn't able to catch Gabriel running past him and off of the opposite ropes and catching him with a dropkick to the back! The impact sends Ryback careening forwards and off of the ropes again... and he turns Gabriel inside out with a Clothesline!! The South African folds up like an accordion, as Ryback turns around and sees Young charging at him, and he presses Young up into the air... and he lands right onto Gabriel! Ryback roars out to the fans and he turns around once again... but is taken out by the BULL HAMMER ELBOW FROM BARRETT!!

The fans can't help but boo that as Ryback drops to the mat like a wild animal that has just been tranquillized, and Barrett is quick to grab Ryback around the neck, and he roars “COME ON!” to all of the other Superstars in the ring, and Young and Gabriel are limply able to help Barrett bring the dead weight up and onto the top rope, where they are able to get Ryback's upper body onto the top rope and begin to heave him over, but as they do, it seems Ryback has shaken the cobwebs from the Bull Hammer out, and he plants his hands on the ring apron to stop them from forcing him down. Danielson though measures the crowd from behind and he charges in... and hits Ryback with a running dropkick to the ass... which tips the monster over the top... and he falls to the floor! RYBACK IS OUT!!


Danielson quickly gets back to his feet and backs away from the crowd, as does Barrett... but Young and Gabriel both need a few seconds to get themselves together given the beating they took from Ryback. Gabriel leans over the top rope looking down at the perplexed Ryback... but MICHAEL TARVER SLIDES INTO THE RING... AND DUMPS GABRIEL OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!


The fans aren't happy as they shower Tarver with heat as he sticks it to Gabriel again after cheating him out of the victory last week. Gabriel pounds his hand on the apron once he gets back to his feet, before he is asked to head to the back by the officials. Tarver though backs into the corner next to him and looks around the ring, as the four remaining combatants have now taken a corner each. Barrett and Danielson both look at each other from across the ring, and it is obvious that they want now to be the time where they prove who is the better wrestler. Danielson points between them with a smile on his face, and Barrett nods his head to indicate that now is go-time. Both of them start to make their way towards the centre of the ring, but Danielson is cut off by Tarver, and Barrett by Young! Tarver knocks Danielson down with a clothesline, and Young connects with a dropkick to Barrett that takes him out!

Tarver fires Danielson off of the ropes, but Bryan comes back and takes him down with a running clothesline! Tarver is right back up, and Danielson floors him with another clothesline! Young now charges at Danielson, looking for a clothesline, but Bryan ducks it and then dumps Young on the back of his neck with a Half Nelson Suplex!!! Danielson gets up and roars out to the fans, but Tarver comes from behind and tries to send him over the top... but Bryan skins the cat!! Danielson flips himself back up and lands right next to Tarver, who sends him into the corner and delivers a strong shoulder thrust to the mid section. Tarver places Danielson on the top turnbuckle, and he tries to adjust him to that he can hook him up on his shoulders for that Death Valley Driver that we saw last week, but Danielson pushes him back, and he turns around, right into a boot to the gut, and then a DDT from Darren Young!! Young springs right back up.. but Danielson leaps from the top and knocks him down with a Diving Dropkick! Young goes flying back as 'The American Dragon' rises up to his feet and Wade Barrett comes and stands right in front of him!

There's an initial staredown and moment of tension between the two men, and after a few seconds... the fists start to fly! Both men fire rapid shots at the other and Barrett starts to get the better of it as he forces Bryan back into the ropes with some punches to the head. Barrett tries to tip Danielson over the top rope, but Bryan fights back with a right hand to the face, and it is Danielson's turn to start laying into Barrett with kicks to the legs and a spinning heel kick to the mid section that causes Barrett to fall back onto the ropes. Danielson now tries to get his head underneath Barrett's leg to get him over the top rope, but Barrett uses his leg to kick Bryan away. Barrett charges at Bryan in the centre of the ring, going for a clothesline, which Bryan is able to duck, and he connects with an almighty chop to the chest! Barrett screams out in pain, and Bryan follows up with a stinging kick to the back of the leg that causes Barrett to drop down to one knee. Bryan quickly scoots around to the other side and kicks Barrett's other knee, before returning to the front and connecting with a flurry of kicks to the chest, and a final ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD!!

Barrett drops down to the mat onto his face as Danielson turns his attention to the other two men, Young and Tarver, who are both situated in one of the corners where Tarver is trying to force Young over the top rope, but the Party Boy is holding onto the ropes using all of his will. Danielson turns Tarver around and rocks him in the face with a forearm which knocks him down into the turnbuckle. Bryan pulls Young down and stands him in front of Tarver, and chops him in the chest! Young drops down in front of Tarver and both are seated in front of the other. Danielson turns around and charges into the two men... going for a running dropkick, but Young dodges... and Tarver gets Danielson's boots right in his face! Danielson gets back up to his feet again, and he turns around right into a Flapjack from Darren Young! Young bounces back up to his feet and he tries to hoist Danielson up now, and force him over the top rope! Bryan is able though to keep hold of the ropes to stop Young from tipping him over, and he is able to kick Young away back into the centre of the ring... and right into a BULL HAMMER FROM BARRETT!!

Barrett smirks out to everyone as he takes everyone by surprise again, and Young is knocked out by Barrett for the second week in a row! The Englishman now slowly shifts the deadweight of Young back up... and sends him flying over the top rope and out!


Barrett revels in the heat from the fans as a medic now tends to Young on the outside. Danielson is facing him across the ring and he puts up the dukes as he breathes heavily as he wants to go at it again with Barrett. Wade charges in with a clothesline, but Bryan ducks it and continues forwards into the ropes on the opposite side... but Barrett catches him mid air and spins him down into the mat! (Winds of Change) Barrett turns to Tarver in the corner, who is back up to his feet. Wade goes for a right hand, but Tarver dodges it and starts rapidly jabbing him in the ribs, and finishes the combo off with a massive right hand! Tarver brings Barrett into the centre of the ring, and he holds Barrett's head under his shoulder and does a cut throat action with his hand... and he goes to DDT Barrett... but Wade lifts him up and dumps him over the top rope, but Tarver lands on the apron! Tarver is able to fight Barrett back, and he sacks Barrett in the face with another stiff right!

Barrett drops down onto all fours, and Tarver starts to make his way back into the ring, but suddenly Danielson comes charging in... and he uses Barrett as a platform; to kick Tarver square in the jaw; knocking him down to the floor!!!


The fans cheer loudly as we're down to our final two, but there is suddenly a large cry of fear from the fans as Barrett quickly gets back up and dumps Danielson over the top rope!! Barrett wins it!!


Winner: Wade Barrett (12.09)


One of the officials from the outside slides into the ring to raise Barrett's arm into the air, as he holds his ribs after that hard fought victory. He might be feeling the effects of the Battle Royal, but the smile is most definitely there, as he knows that he has a chance to rack up a large amount of Champion Points later on. Bryan Danielson sits at ringside, slightly disappointed with himself, but he brings himself back up to his feet and starts backing his way up the ramp with a wry smile on his face. Barrett casts a look in Danielson's direction, and 'The American Dragon' responds by saying... “I'll win the next one.” as Barrett grins and shakes his head.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What a Battle Royal! But we now know that it will be Wade Barrett back out here later on to compete with Matt Hardy to possibly earn himself up to SIX Champion Points!

Matt Striker: But you have to think, for Barrett and all of our other NXT Superstars; will he be one-hundred percent when he faces Matt Hardy later on after enduring this gruelling Battle Royal?

Michael Cole: That is true, Matt... but what about the damage that Barrett was able to do to the others in this match; they're all going to be competing again tonight as well, and Darren Young was possibly knocked out for the second week running out there by that Bull Hammer!

Matt Striker: Wade Barrett has honed and perfected that move for years, and I think he would be upset if he hit someone with it and it didn't knock them out!

Michael Cole: Matt, what do you make of what we just saw between Barrett and Bryan Danielson? A friendly rivalry beginning perhaps?

Matt Striker: After what we managed to catch those two saying to each other last week – they sure as hell aren't friends!

Danielson is now at the top of the ramp and he takes one final look at Barrett celebrating his victory as we head off for the first commercial of the night.

Commercial Break

We return, and we're backstage with the woman that was last week identified as NAOMI. She smiles at the camera and holds her microphone up, looking extremely happy.

Naomi: Hey everyone, it is me, Naomi! I'm joined by the man that we just learned will take on Wade Barrett in our main event, and we're extremely pleased to have him here – Matt Hardy!

There's an extremely strong pop in the arena as MATT HARDY walks into the shot and stands next to Naomi with a smile on his face as well.

Naomi: Matt, thank you so much for being here. As we just saw before the break, the eight NXT Superstars competed in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to decide who will face you in tonight's main event... and it was Wade Barrett that was victorious. He already has two Champion Points from last week, and has the chance to win double if he can beat you tonight. How do you feel about having to take Wade on?

Matt Hardy: Thank you, Naomi, it is great to be here. If I am being honest, I'd not heard much about Wade Barrett before NXT, but I made sure I was watching last week and I have to admit that he impressed me.

Hardy nods his head.

Matt Hardy: I've been around in this business for a long time, and I know just how important something like this, like NXT, is. When I was first steppin' into this business, I woulda killed for a chance like the one that these guys are gettin'.

The fans cheer as they can see Hardy is getting passionate here.

Matt Hardy: I can see that Wade Barrett knows just how important this is, and I know how much good a win tonight will do for him... but Wade, don't get mistaken; I'm not gonna take it easy on ya out there.

Hardy smiles as the fans pop.

Matt Hardy: I might understand how much you need this win, and I know just how important it is to help the WWE Superstars of the future, but I aint gonna go out there and lie down for ya.

???: I don't need you to.

That voice came in a very deep, British accent meaning that it can be only one person... and surely enough WADE BARRETT walks into the shot on the other side of Naomi. He still has sweat dripping from his hair from the Battle Royal. Hardy holds his hand out, but Barrett looks at it and scoffs; choosing to ignore the gesture of respect.

Wade Barrett: If you need any help lying down out there tonight, I'm sure that I can be of great help.

Barrett holds his elbow up again, and Hardy gives him a look to say that he knows what that elbow is capable of.

Wade Barrett: And if you don't believe me, once Darren Young has regained the ability to string a sentence together, I am sure that he will vouch for me. You are right, though, Hardy – I do need those points tonight, and I have no problem taking them later on... and there is nothing you can do about it.

Matt Hardy: Actually... there is a lot I can do about it. I can kick your ass all the way back to England so you can sit back and enjoy your crumpets and watch me win the Royal Rumble this Sunday!

Wade Barrett: Oh... you Americans never fail to amuse me. One day, you will all understand just why Great Britain is just that... Great. I'll see you out there later on.

Barrett smirks one more time as he turns around and walks off, leaving Hardy looking extremely determined as we fade out.

We head back to ringside, and we can hear 'The Rising' playing as JUSTIN GABRIEL is making his way down the ramp, and MICHAEL TARVER is standing in the centre of the ring, as he hasn't left since being thrown out of the Battle Royal. Gabriel is staring a hole through Tarver after what happened last week, whilst 'The Lone Wolf' seems extremely pleased with his work though.

Michael Cole: So it is safe to say that there is no love lost between Wade Barrett and Matt Hardy ahead of their match later tonight!

Matt Striker: Speaking of love not being lost; what about these two gentlemen? Last week, Michael Tarver cheated Justin Gabriel out of two precious Champion Points, shall we take a look?

Replays are show of last week when Tarver uses the referee as a shield to stop Gabriel from hitting a move from the top rope.

Michael Cole: Well, it might not be the most moral of methods, but Michael Tarver is now one step closer to becoming the first NXT Champion. Here's another reminder of how we are going to decide the inaugural NXT Champion.

“Up until the 23/03/10 Episode of NXT, the eight NXT Superstars will be competing in matches to earn themselves 'Champion Points'. The two NXT Superstars that have the most points at the end of that episode will face each other in a match at Wrestlemania XXVI, where the winner will become the inaugural NXT Champion.

Champion Points are earned as followed;

Victory via Disqualification or Count Out – 1 Point
Victory via Pin Fall – 2 Points
Victory via Submission – 3 Points

On occasions where an NXT Superstar is able to defeat an already established Raw Superstar or Smackdown Superstar, the number of points they receive will be double the amount normally won if facing an NXT Superstar, depending on method of victory.”

Michael Cole: So last week Tarver got himself two points, and tonight Justin Gabriel has another shot at him, and well, he should be fired up as Tarver also stuck it to him earlier tonight by eliminating him from the Battle Royal.

Gabriel hops up onto the apron and he takes another look of disdain towards Tarver, who still wears a broad smirk on his face. The South African gets into the ring and gets onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle, raising his arm to the fans who give him a nice cheer. Gabriel jumps down and waits for the referee to get everything finalized before the match and once he has... it is time to ring the bell!

Match Two:
Justin Gabriel vs Michael Tarver

Both men approach the centre of the ring, and Tarver holds his hands up and he goes for a collar-and-elbow tie up much like last wek... but Gabriel has another idea, and he hits Tarver with a Spinning Heel Kick to the mid section! The fans pop loudly as Gabriel is quick to follow up by running against the ropes and connecting with a Knee Lift that causes Tarver to stumble backwards with his legs wobbling around. Gabriel faces Tarver with his back to him and he leaps into the air; and cracks Tarver around the back of the head with a Pélé Kick!! Tarver drops down to the mat and Gabriel dives on top for the cover; the fans cheering on the exciting offence! One...Two-Kickout!! Tarver starts to stir as Gabriel quickly climbs up the nearest turnbuckle, and he looks like he is measuring up for something special... but Tarver rolls out of the ring! The fans boo as once again Gabriel is left stranded on the top rope. Tarver points his finger to his head to show that he is smarter... but once he turns around he is wiped out by a CROSS BODY OUT OF THE RING FROM GABRIEL!!!

Both men lay down in a heap in front of the announce tables, as for the second week in a row, Gabriel is able to use some high risk offence against Tarver to great effect. Gabriel gets to his feet and Tarver is not far behind him, but Gabriel cracks him with a forearm to the side of the head. Gabriel rolls Michael back into the ring, but Tarver is able to roll up quickly to his feet and catch Gabriel with an elbow drop onto his back as the South African slides back into the ring. Tarver quickly leaps on top of Gabriel and drives several hard knees into the shoulder, before he pulls on Justin's arm and yanks him back up to his feet and transitions it into a hammerlock... taking Gabriel over and dropping him with a Hammerlock Back Drop! Gabriel immediately holds his shoulder and winces as Tarver smartly gets right back on it with a Crowbar, looking to force the submission. Gabriel shakes his head profusely as he tries to fight the hold off, and he is eventually able to roll out of the hold and he gets to the ropes, meaning that Tarver must break the hold – not before he fully utilizes the referee's 5 Count.

Tarver shouts at the referee to let him get on with the match, and he cheap shots Gabriel in the face to knock him out onto the apron! The referee grabs Tarver and pulls him back to allow Gabriel to get out of the ropes. Tarver barges past the referee, but he is caught by a Springboard Forearm to the face from Gabriel – into the cover! One...Two...Thr-NO!! The fans cheer in support of Gabriel as he rises back up to his feet and urges for Tarver to get back as well. Gabriel cracks Tarver with a kick to the ribs, and he tries to hook him up for a Suplex, but Tarver is able to counter with stiff rights to the ribs of the South African, which causes Justin to break his hold. Gabriel charges back into Tarver, but he runs straight into a big boot! Gabriel stumbles back into the corner, and Tarver is right on him, and he places Gabriel onto the top rope and onto his shoulders! Tarver walks towards the centre of the ring and he goes to hit the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER – But Gabriel counters it... into a Tornado DDT!!! Gabriel into another cover! One...Two...Thre-Tarver kicks out!

Gabriel runs his hand through his hair in frustration as he makes his way back up, with Tarver not moving at all in the centre of the ring. Gabriel nods his head and makes his way towards the corner and up it... getting onto the top rope! Gabriel looks set to leap off the ropes, but once again Tarver holds his eye and demands the referee to come over and look at it! The fans boo as the official has to do his job and check on Tarver, but once again, Tarver grabs his collar and pulls him in – but the official slaps Tarver's hand away and backs off! Gabriel can only watched whilst he is perched on the turnbuckle as Tarver is FURIOUS and he gets up to his feet and gets right into the referee's face! The official makes it clear that he knows what Tarver is up to, and frustrated, Tarver turns back around – right into a SUPERKICK FROM GABRIEL!! Tarver's lights are knocked out and once again Gabriel scrambles up the turnbuckle and gets onto the top rope! The fans get up onto their feet and Gabriel scans the arena – before he leaps off of the top rope with a 450 SPLASH!!!! THAT WAS CRAZY!!! The fans ROAR for that and a small “HOLY SHIT!” develops as Gabriel clutches his own stomach before flopping on top for a pin! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel via Pinfall (4.22)


Gabriel slowly rises to his feet with a wince, which quickly transitions into a smile as he's avenged Tarver for cheating him last week and eliminating him from the Battle Royal as well as getting himself on the board in the Champion Points table. Tarver is too holding his stomach, and he rolls out to the outside with a face of thunder as he makes it clear to Gabriel that this isn't over. The South African stands in the centre of the ring with his hand up as replays are shown of that amazing 450 Splash.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a manoeuvre from Justin Gabriel! I can say I'd certainly like to see that again! Matt, imagine that 450 Splash at Wrestlemania!

Matt Striker: There's still a long way to go before we know if we will see Justin Gabriel and that 450 Splash at Wrestlemania Twenty-Six, but if he keeps hitting it and raking in those Champion Points I don't see why we can't see it on the Grandest Stage of them All.

Michael Cole: But look at Michael Tarver – I don't think he has finished with Justin Gabriel just yet.

Matt Striker: As much as I enjoyed watching Michael Tarver outsmart Justin Gabriel last week and earlier tonight in the Battle Royal - he went to the well one too many times tonight... and it cost him.

We get a final glimpse of Gabriel in the ring celebrating, before we quickly fade to a corridor backstage with BRYAN DANIELSON walking down it in his ring gear; we can still hear Cole's voice over the top.

Michael Cole: He failed to earn a shot against Matt Hardy for the main event, but 'The American Dragon' Bryan Danielson is in action NEXT!

Commercial Break


There's the loudest pop of the night so far, and it is reserved for the man that is currently on top of the Champion Points table, BRYAN DANIELSON, walks out with his arms raised in the air. Once the music starts to pick up he starts jogging down the ramp and slapping hands with the fans in the front row and he gets up onto the outside of the turnbuckle, ready to sing along to the chorus -



Michael Cole: Oh not this again!

The music instantly cuts out and HEATH SLATER walks out onto the stage once again with a microphone in his hand much like last week. Danielson looks back at him with a look of disgust as the fans shit all over 'The One Man Band', who is once again carrying a 'Guitar Hero' guitar to the ring with him.

Heath Slater: That song is NOTHIN' compared to what I have been working on back in my studio! When I am ready to unleash my music on the world, you will all be blown away by the ONE MAN BAANND BAYYBAYYY!!

More heat as Slater insults Europe, and the rocker starts to make his way down to the ring as he continues, removing his accessories as he reaches the base of the ramp.

Heath Slater: All week everyone has been sayin' that I'm a joke because of what happened last week against Ryback; I'm not a joke people! I'm not here to make y'all laugh!

Ironically, Slater's voice makes a few of the fans laugh as Slater now starts making his way up the steel steps.

Heath Slater: I'm here to show everyone why Heath Slater is the future of this company, and why the One Man Band is going to become the ONE MAN CHAMPION at WRESTLEMANIA BAYBAYYY!!

Slater gets into the ring and he starts walking towards Danielson who doesn't back down an inch.

Heath Slater: And I'm gonna do it by beating YOU, Danielson!

There's a slight pause, but Slater firmly breaks it by CRACKING THE MICROPHONE OFF OF DANIELSON'S HEAD!!! Everyone is shocked as Danielson falls down into the turnbuckle and Slater orders for the match to start!

Match Three:
Heath Slater vs Bryan Danielson

The bell rings and Slater gets right onto Danielson and he lays into him with repeated right hands to the head, and then he pulls him out of the corner and goes behind... before he leaps up and nails drops Danielson onto the back of his head with a Jumping Reverse STO!! Danielson holds the back of his head as he winces and it looks like Slater could have a chance if he was to cover Danileson... but instead he starts prancing around the ring! Slater gets into the centre of the ring and plays an air guitar, and he doesn't notice Danielson getting back to his feet behind him! The fans cheer as Slater finally turns around... and is decked with a Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head! Slater scrambles around the mat before he rolls underneath the bottom rope and down to the floor. Bryan rubs his head as this is his second match of the night, but he quickly sizes Slater on the outside up... before charging through the ropes and wiping Slater out with a SUICIDE DIVE!!! Danielson gets back up to his feet quickly and slaps hands with a couple of fans before rolling Slater back into the ring for a pin attempt! One...Two... Kickout!

Slater gets up and falls into the turnbuckle, but all that does it allow Danielson to come in and start delivering Knife-Edge Chops to Slater's chest! After four chops, Danielson turns around and steps away before coming back and going for a Running Dropkick – but Slater moves! Danielson gets caught in the ropes and he's essentially sitting on the second turbuckle, and Slater is able to capitalize and drop Bryan with a neckbreaker from the position that Danielson is stuck in! Slater goes for the cover this time... One...Two...Foot on the rope! Slater is shocked, and he brings Bryan up again and measures him once more, looking for another Jumping Reverse STO, but Danielson grabs onto the ropes, causing Slater to drop down and crash onto the mat! Slater holds his chest and comes back up onto his knees and Danielson starts pounding his chest with some more stinging kicks, and the cheers from the fans are louder with each kick, as Bryan finishes off with one more right to the side of the head! As Slater is falling down to the mat, Danielson grabs him around the neck and hooks his arm through his legs and puts Slater in a submission in the centre of the ring! (LeBell Lock) Slater looks around the ring but realises he has nowhere to go... and he's forced to tao out!

Winner: Bryan Danielson via Submission (2.33)


Danielson rises up to his feet with a rather pissed off look on his face as he expressed his frustrations on missing out on a match with Hardy and for the cheap shot from Slater. Once he hears the cheers from the fans however, his demeanour improves and he heads out of the ring to celebrate with the fans after extending his lead at the top of the Champion Points Table.

Michael Cole: Did you see the change in Bryan Danielson during that match? I noticed it last week; but there is a reason he is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the world.

Matt Striker: I think the best thing about watching Bryan Danielson is seeing the variety of ways he can put his opponent away; I'm sure that Heath Slater was expecting the Crossface Chickenwing we saw last week.

Michael Cole: This vast array of submission techniques that Danielson has at his disposal can only favour him in gaining Champion Points, as submission victories are worth more points.

Matt Striker: As it stands, Bryan is four points clear at the top, and that is an advantage that could be sending him to Wrestlemania.

We head backstage again now, and NAOMI is standing by with JUSTIN GABRIEL. Gabriel gets a nice cheer from the crowd, and he is still covered in sweat following his victory over Michael Tarver.

Naomi: I'm here with Justin Gabriel, who was able to defeat Michael Tarver earlier tonight and earn his first Champion Points. Justin, how do you feel now you've got your first win here on NXT?

Justin Gabriel: Thanks Naomi. I feel great- OWH!!

Gabriel suddenly drops to the mat... as he's been blindsided by MICHAEL TARVER!!! The fans boo heavily as Tarver stomps Gabriel down into the ground! Naomi flees the scene as Tarver brings Gabriel back up and holds his face up close to his.

Michael Tarver: You feel great, huh? Well, feel great whilst you still can; because I am not done wit' you just yet!

Tarver now grabs Gabriel by the back of the head... and throws him head first into the wall behind the interview area! Gabriel holds his head in pain as finally now some personnel arrive and pull Tarver away from Gabriel. Nonetheless, this doesn't stop Tarver from smirking as he backs up and we fade back out to the arena...


The previously unheard theme echoes around the arena, but it soon becomes clear that it belongs to DARREN YOUNG as he walks out to the ring slowly; with a bandage around his head after suffering from that deadly Bull Hammer from Wade Barrett earlier on the Battle Royal. The crowd don't give much of a reaction however as they are more concerned for the condition of Justin Gabriel after what we just saw.

Michael Cole: Can we get some medical help back there for Justin Gabriel?! What a sick act by Michael Tarver; the pure jealousy over the fact that Gabriel beat him earlier tonight.

Matt Striker: I'm not going to condone attacking people backstage, but I have some sympathy for Tarver after not getting those Champion Points tonight.

Michael Cole: Well here we see Darren Young; and the reason he has his head bandaged up is because of the man who won our Battle Royal and will face Matt Hardy later tonight, Wade Barrett.

Matt Striker: I will have to give Darren Young credit though; coming out here after already being knocked out earlier tonight. We saw last week that this kid has a lot of heart, and hopefully it can lead him to victory here tonight.

Young gets in the ring and he smiles out to the fans whilst acting like he's turned stupid after being hit in the head too many times by pulling silly faces to the crowd. His music fades out and he focuses towards the stage, his face dropping slightly as the music of his opponent begins to play...


The fans let out a rather loud pop as RYBACK walks out onto the stage! Young looks a little concerned as the beast starts to marge down to the ring and shakes his head at Young, who visibly gulps at the sight of his hulking opponent.

Matt Striker: Speaking of Wade Barrett's Bull Hammer; here is the other man in that Battle Royal who was on the wrong end of Barrett's elbow!

Michael Cole: Ryback was on a roll in that Battle Royal; he had already eliminated two men, and it took a colossal effort from FOUR men to finally get him over the top rope – but it was not without a fight.

Matt Striker: In his short time so far on NXT, Ryback has proven himself to be a wrecking machine; as we've already touched on he dominated the Battle Royal earlier on for a sustained period, and he destroyed Heath Slater last week to win himself two Champion Points.

Michael Cole: We also mentioned last week that Ryback could well be one of the favourites to become the first NXT Champion at Wrestlemania.

Matt Striker: A testament I still believe to be true. Will Darren Young's heart be enough to stop this monster?

Ryback gets into the ring, and he immediately marches to the centre, and Young takes a deep breath, meeting him in the middle; the two opponents sharing a nod at each other as a sign of respect. The referee requests that both men return to separate corners so he can perform his final pre-match checks. Ryback's music fades out and the referee checks the boots of both men before declaring that the match is ready to begin; the buzz of the crowd evident for another chance to see Ryback in action.

Match Four:
Ryback vs Darren Young

The bell rings, and both men re-approach the centre of the ring with the meeting between them coming immediately as Young goes for a kick to Ryback's ribs, but it doesn't phase the big man one bit in the slightest. Young then smacks 'back with a right hand, which also doesn't seem to do much damage. Ryback's response is to shove Young down to the mat! Young rolls back and pops right up, and he charges in but Ryback meets him with a massive shoulder block! The fans pop as Young holds the back of his head after landing hard on it. Ryback lifts Young back off of the mat and chucks him in the corner, and starts delivering some shoulder blocks right into Young's midsection! Young yelps in pain as Ryback stops after three thrusts, and he takes a few paces back and turns around, looking to charge in at Young... but Young is able to connect with a low dropkick to Ryback's knee; sending Ryback crashing face-first into the middle turnbuckle! Young gets back up to his feet using the ropes as Ryback starts to make his way back up.

Young follows up with a right hand to the back of Ryback's head, before he slowly turns the big man around and tries to ground him with a front facelock, his arm wrapped around Ryback's head to try to cut off the oxygen supply. Young keeps his weight on Ryback's head which Striker points out is great strategy to try and wear the much larger man down. Young screams out as he wrenches harder on Ryback's neck. Ryback though starts to bring himself up... and he gets back on his feet with Young hanging off of him! Ryback pushes Young back again, and he charges at the party-goer, but Young meets him with a Dropkick to the face! The move doesn't knock Ryback down, but Young quickly gets back to his feet and he scales the turnbuckle! He steadies himself and leaps from the top; going for a Cross Body – but Ryback swats him out of the air like a fly!!! Young lands on the mat, and Ryback quickly drops down for the first cover of the match! One...Two...Thr-Young kicks out!

Ryback picks Young back up and he lifts him right above his head with a Military Press!! Ryback displays his immense strength by marching around the ring whilst he has Young trapped... but Ryback puts him out of his misery by slamming him down to the mat onto his chest!! Young gasps for air as Ryback starts walking menacingly around the ring and he settles on a corner and begins to windmill his arm around much in the fashion of last week against Slater. Young slowly begins to make his way back up to a solitary knee, before he then pushes himself back up to his feet and turns around into a CLOTHESLINE FROM RYBACK!!! Young is flipped inside-out by the behemoth, and lays motionless on his front. Ryback stands over his downed opponent and shouts “FINISH HIM!” and he picks Young off of the mat one more time, and hoists him onto his shoulders! Ryback marches around the ring again before he drops Young to the mat with SHELLSHOCKED!!! Ryback leaps on top of Young and hooks the leg! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Ryback via Pinfall (3.15)


Ryback gets back up to his feet without making much of a hassle and has his arm raised by the referee before getting out of the ring and marching back up the ramp; knowing that he has sent enough of a message to his fellow Superstars with another commanding performance. Young is tended to again by the medics in the ring, as they have to prop him up.

Michael Cole: I think Darren Young has literally taken a few too many hits to the head so far on NXT!

Matt Striker: Well the two Bull Hammers; coupled with that devastating clothesline from Ryback isn't going to do anyone wonders, Cole.

Michael Cole: But how impressive was Ryback again? I'll give Young some credit, he was able to keep the big man down for a few moments, much more than we can say for Heath Slater last week, but in the end he was no match once again for Ryback.

Matt Striker: It is going to take something, or someone, really special to stop Ryback if he carries on building momentum like this. As it stands he now moves up to second place in the Champion Points table, within touching distance of Bryan Danielson.

We now see a shot of WADE BARRETT walking backstage with a large smirk on his face as he is clearly heading towards the ring for his match. He shakes his deadly elbow out and looks down at it with approval.

Michael Cole: Well if this man is able to make Matt Hardy tap out; he'll climb all the way to the top of the Champion Points table; and I wouldn't put it past him! Wade Barrett gets his chance against Matt Hardy... next!

Commercial Break

We return, and we're backstage once more, and in the doctor's room, where DARREN YOUNG is laying down on the table with an icepack on his head and looking worse for wear.

???: Well, I'll be damned.

The camera pans a little to the left to show that DAVID OTUNGA has walked into the shot and he stands next to Young with a smirk on his face.

David Otunga: Darren, what can I say? Maybe some people just aren't cut out to be a WWE Superstar... I think we've all seen enough evidence that you should just...give...up.

The fans boo Otunga for that comment.

David Otunga: Seeing you out there wasting the opportunities to win those Champion Points whilst I have to wait in the wings makes me feel sick to my stomach. What I just watched out there almost made me be embarrassed for even being a part of this brand.

Finally, Young looks up and he stares Otunga right in the face.

Darren Young: Well, why don't you take Ryback on next week then, Mr A-List?

The fans cheer as Otunga looks a little nervous, but then he loosens up a little bit.

David Otunga: Fine... I'll face him next week... then you watch me win that NXT Championship at Wrestlemania from home; where you belong.

Otunga grins at Young again who scowls back up at him from the table, and then the A-Lister exits the room; leaving a very frustrated Darren Young. We return back to the arena and there is a rather loud buzz in the air...


There's a decent amount of heat, the loudest of the night so far, as WADE BARRETT walks through the curtain for a second time and out onto the ramp, still buzzing from his victory in the Battle Royal earlier on. He lifts his elbow up into the air and simulates hitting someone with the Bull Hammer at the top of the ramp before he swaggers down the aisle, soaking in the reception from the fans with a satisfied smirk.

Michael Cole: Here we go, it is Main Event time! Wade Barrett defeated all seven of his other NXT Superstars in a Battle Royal at the start of the show, last eliminating Bryan Danielson to become the first NXT Superstar to earn the chance to face a WWE Superstar.

Matt Striker: Let us not forget that if Wade Barrett is successful in defeating Matt Hardy tonight, he will earn double the amount of Champion Points than he usually would against and NXT Superstar.

Michael Cole: Which means that a huge six points could potentially be won by Barrett tonight which will send him to the top of our leaderboard as everything stands.

Matt Striker: But making a man like Matt Hardy tap out is a LOT easier said than done. I think from what we've seen from Wade Barrett already, that he is much more fond of knocking his opponents out with that Bull Hammer elbow!

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett has drawn upon many years of bare knuckle fighting, a sport in which he was a champion, and he has perfected that Bull Hammer, and we've seen him put it to good use a fair few times already on NXT.

Barrett gets into the ring and he metaphorically knocks another imaginary person out with his elbow as he roars out to the fans. He nods his head along to his music before it fades out, and he does some final stretched before his opponent makes his way out; relishing his first NXT Main Event.


There's an extremely loud pop that surpasses Danielson's as MATT HARDY jogs out onto the stage!! He throws up the V1 signal and roars out to the fans and slaps hands with them on his way down the ramp, looking pleased to be a part of NXT tonight. Barrett looks unimpressed in the ring and he resumes his preparations.

Michael Cole: Here he is! Matt Hardy, a former Cruiserweight, United States and Tag Team Champion with his brother Jeff, right here on NXT!

Matt Striker: Matt is preparing for the Royal Rumble this Sunday where he will be looking to book his place at Wrestlemania Twenty-Six, where we will also see two of our NXT Superstars compete for the NXT Championship.

Michael Cole: We saw some interaction between Wade Barrett and Matt hardy earlier on; it appears that Wade is not intimidated by being the first NXT Superstar to go up against a Raw or Smackdown wrestler.

Matt Striker: I'm sure Barrett will be feeling some degree of pressure ahead of what is so far the most important match in his short career thus far, but what about the pressure on Matt Hardy's shoulders? I doubt that he will want to be known as the first WWE Superstar to be defeated by a NXT roster member.

Michael Cole: I agree, there is an element of added pressure for the WWE Superstars against these younger guys, as they don't want to be seen as the one who lets the WWE team down.

Matt Striker: Well, if Wade Barrett is able to hit that Bull Hammer again, Matt Hardy won't be in good shape heading into the Royal Rumble Match this Sunday.

Hardy gets into the ring up the steps and immediately walks across it, throwing the V1 signal up again to the fans, who respond with a good pop. Hardy removes his vest and throws it into the crowd, as he strides around the ring with Barrett watching on. The Englishman looks a little unimpressed as he takes a deep breath ahead of this match. 'Live for the Moment' fades out and the referee calls for the bell for the second ever NXT Main Event to get underway!

Main Event:
Wade Barrett vs Matt Hardy

The bell rings and both men slowly make their way towards the centre and immediately initiate a lock up. Barrett starts to try and power Hardy back into the corner, but the veteran is able to get Barrett into a side headlock and keep the larger man stationary in the centre of the ring momentarily. Barrett delivers a swift shot to Hardy's ribs and then forces him into the ropes. Hardy uses all of the momentum to come off of the ropes and knock Barrett down with a shoulder block! Barrett starts getting right back up and Hardy runs off of the ropes and Barrett goes to meet him with a clothesline, but Hardy is able to duck it and get Barrett back into that side headlock. Before Barrett has the chance to counter out of it again, Hardy takes him over with a Headlock Takeover and keeps the hold applied on Barrett on the mat. Barrett tries to work his way back up to his feet, but Hardy smartly positions himself so Barrett is unable to get himself up to his feet.

Sensing that the submission hold isn't going to do much more damage to Barrett, Hardy break it and quickly regroups and Irish Whips Barrett into the ropes, but Barrett reverses it and Hardy is sent for a ride! Hardy once again uses all of the momentum he can build up and this time he is able to connect with a Flying Forearm that sends Barrett crashing down to the mat! Hardy then gets back to his feet and drops a leg down across Barrett's throat! Cover – One...Two-Barrett kicks out! Hardy gets right back into that side headlock following Barrett's kick out; trying to stay on top of Barrett before he has a chance to get started. Barrett though gets back to his feet and forces Hardy back into the ropes and fires him off again. Barrett charges back in after him, but Hardy sees him coming and low bridges the top rope; causing Barrett to drop down to the ring floor! Barrett lands in a heap as Hardy gets in some good practice for Sunday, and the fans cheer the efforts of the veteran thus far in this match.

Barrett slowly starts to make his way back up to his feet with the aid of the ring apron, meanwhile Hardy walks over next to the ropes where Barrett is situated... and he launches himself over the top rope to take Barrett out with a Plancha!! The fans cheer loudly for that, and Hardy throws his V1 signal up into the air again once he's back up to his feet, and quickly adjusts his waist before lifting Barrett back up to his feet. Barrett however, is able to elbow Hardy in the gut, which staggers the Smackdown Superstar, and Barrett follows up with a right hand to the face that knocks Hardy back. The commentary team notes that this is the area where Barrett is prone to be more deadly given his history. Barrett grabs Hardy by the arm and pulls him with all of his might... and Hardy crashes face-first into the steel ring post!! Hardy drops like a stone to the floor, as Barrett revels in the heat from the fans and he picks his opponent off of the floor and rolls him back into the ring, and hooks the leg once he's back in there himself...One...Two...Hardy kicks out!

Matt lives to his moniker of 'The Man Who Will Not Die' by kicking out of that one, but to say that Hardy is slow back to his feet after that one is an understatement, as he has to be helped back up to his feet by Barrett, who shoves him in the corner and begins delivering right and left hands to Hardy's chest and mid section, looking to wear the famously resilient Hardy down. The referee demands Barrett back away from Hardy in the corner, which the Englishman does, and he waits for Hardy to come stumbling out at him and he drops him down onto his knee with a Gutbuster!! Hardy splutters for air as he is possibly winded, and Barrett turns him off of his stomach for another pin attempt – One...Two...Shoulder up!! The fans start up a “HARDY” chant in the arena to try and will the veteran on, but Barrett ignores it completely and brings Hardy back up again... and drops him to the mat with a Scoop Slam!! Barrett now backs up against the ropes and drops an elbow right across Hardy's chest, and he stays down there for yet another pin! One...Two...NO!!

Barrett pounds the mat in frustration and he shouts for the referee to count faster, meanwhile, Hardy is able to regroup in back himself into the corner. Barrett sees him and goes to connect with a corner clothesline, but Hardy is able to get his boot up and he catches Barrett right in the face with it! Barrett stumbles backwards following that, and Hardy pushes himself out of the corner and he leaps onto Barrett and drives him into the mat with a Bulldog!!! Hardy dives on top for the cover! One...Two...NO! Barrett stays alive, and Hardy brings him up to his feet again, and Irish Whips him against the ropes, and Barrett comes back at him with a Running Big Boot!! Hardy's momentum is killed just like that, and Barrett roars out to the fans as he stomps around the ring defiantly. Barrett brings Hardy to his feet and keeps hold of his arm and knocks him down with a Short Arm Clothesline, and he repeats the process again! After a pair of clotheslines, Barrett finds himself literally dragging Hardy back up, but he drops him down with another clothesline with the release this time!

Hardy holds his head after the controlled strikes and attacks, as Barrett now looks to take further advantage by feeding Matt's head in between the top and middle rope and pulls it back into the ring... and starts viciously driving both of his knees, one after the other, right into Hardy's face!!! It makes for awkward watching for the fans as Hardy's guard slowly slips and his arms end up just hanging limply at his sides, as the referee is forced to wrestle Barrett away from Hardy. Unable to pull Barrett away, the ref resorts to the 5 Count, and Barrett delivers his final knee strike on the count of four, but Hardy looks dazed as Barrett backs away. The referee clears the path after checking on Hardy, and Barrett nails him with a Big Boot to the head!!! Hardy drops down onto the apron and Barrett pulls him back through into the ring under the bottom rope. Barrett goes for a pin! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Hardy stays alive, and Barrett quickly grabs him and locks him in a very tight headlock, looking to force a submission from Hardy and pick up that all-important 6 Champion Points.

The fans drum up the “HARDY!” chant again as 'The Sensei of Mattitude' grasps for air in the hold from Barrett, but the ruthless Englishman doesn't give Hardy a chance of getting out of it as he is trapped in the centre of the ring. Hardy raises his arm up, and Barrett screams for him to tap out, but Hardy shakes his head and mouths “No”... but Barrett visibly cranks the pressure on the hold up some more and Hardy starts to fade! His eyes begin to close slowly, and his arm drops limply to the mat, so the referee gets down there and lifts Hardy's arm up... but it drops down to the mat! The fans continue to will Hardy on as the official raises the arm for the second time... but it drops down to the canvas once more! Barrett has a grin on his face now as the referee lifts the arm up for the third and final time... but Hardy prevents it from hitting the floor! Feeding off of the energy from the crowd, Hardy starts to bring himself back up to his feet and delivers a Back Suplex to Barrett to break the hold!!

Both men are down on the mat and both require the use of the ropes to get themselves back to their feet at the same time. Barrett though quickly charges in at Hardy and goes for the BULL HAMMER- but Hardy ducks it... and scores with the SIDE EFFECT!!! The fans EXPLODE for that move as Hardy is quickly back to his feet and he staggers into the corner and begins to make his way up it! Barrett is still down on his back as Hardy reaches the second rope and he shouts to the fans with the double V1 guns up... and connects with a Diving Leg Drop!! Hardy dives on top for the cover! One...Two...Thr-NO!!! Barrett shows some tremendous heart by kicking out! Hardy gets back up, a little shocked by what he's been put through against the much less experienced Englishman, but he gets up to his feet and wills Barrett back to his feet. Wade stirs and makes his way back up and kicks him in the gut...TWIST OF FATE-NO!! Barrett pushes Hardy back, and Matt charges back at him... right into the WINDS OF CHANGE!! Barrett now hooks the leg of Hardy!! One...Two...Thre-HARDY KICKS OUT!!!

The fans cheer loudly for the kick out from the veteran, and Barrett shakes his head as he is shocked that nothing he's been able to do has been able to put Hardy away. Barrett gets back up and he is able to focus himself and he starts to motion with his elbow that he's going to try and finish this thing off again! Hardy starts to bring himself up to his feet once again, and once he does, Barrett comes charging in looking for the BULL HAMMER again.... but Hardy sidesteps... and Barrett clatters into the corner!! Barrett delivers the Bull Hammer to the top turnbuckle and he turns around to shake his arm up, but it met with the kick to the gut! TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!! The fans EXPLODE again and Hardy leaps into the cover!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pinfall (10.01)


The fans are all on their feet applauding the efforts of both men as Hardy gets up to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee as Barrett lays on his back with his head in his hands after failing to earn those extra Champion Points. Hardy gets up onto the second rope of one of the turnbuckles and raises his arm up in the air, pointing to the Wrestlemania sign, and indicating that he is going to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Michael Cole: That was a perfect example of the amazing action you'll see only here on NXT! A great showing for both men, but in the end Matt Hardy's resolve managed to get him past a very game Wade Barrett.

Matt Striker: A great momentum-builder for Matt Hardy, but what a performance by Wade Barrett! He took Matt Hardy to his absolute limit tonight, and imagine if Wade didn't have to go through a Battle Royal earlier tonight he could have won this thing tonight.

Michael Cole: Look at this; what a show of respect by Matt Hardy.

The music has faded out in the ring and Hardy is down from the turnbuckle, as Barrett has now gotten himself onto his feet with his hands on his hips. The two men stare at each other and Hardy extends his hand! The fans respond with a positive reaction, and Barrett considers the handshake.., but the only thing he shakes is his head as he turns around and leaves the ring; leaving Hardy high and dry! The fans boo and Hardy shrugs and continues his celebrations as Barrett backs up the ramp looking disappointed with himself.


Michael Cole: Oh come on! Hardy was only trying to show the kid some respect and tell him that he put in a good effort – Wade Barrett wouldn't have lost anything by just shaking the man's hand!

Matt Striker: You've got to put yourself in Barrett's shoes now though, Cole; he's now four Champion Points behind the top, and a whole win away from second place.

Michael Cole: We're only week two; he's going to have a lot more opportunities to get some points. That's all we have time for this week, folks; we'll see ya next time!

Barrett is now on the stage looking out into the arena, as Hardy is now on the outside slapping hands with the fans as Barrett turns around and heads to the back as NXT fades...to...black.



1 - Bryan Danielson - 6 Points
2 - Ryback - 4 Points
=3 - Justin Gabriel - 2 Points
=3 - Michael Tarver - 2 Points
=3 - Wade Barrett - 2 Points
=5 - Darren Young - 0 Points
=5 - David Otunga - 0 Points
=5 - Heath Slater - 0 Points
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

NXT News and Notes

Vince McMahon is reportedly happy with how the first two episodes of NXT have came across, and has especially enjoyed how intimate the show feels with a smaller roster; allowing the fans to connect with the characters more than they usually would. It is reported that out of all eight NXT Superstars, Vince is the most high on Wade Barrett and Ryback; most likely because of his well-known preferences with larger wrestlers. As for who will be appearing at Wrestlemania to compete for the NXT Championship; creative have plans in place for any combination of five of the NXT Superstars, but Vince knew which two he wanted on Wrestlemania right from the start, but as always plans could change.

Despite McMahon being a fan of the smaller NXT Roster, he does want to expand the talent pool on NXT which means that we could be seeing some new faces around, maybe even before Wrestlemania, but with surely more to come afterwards.

To bring some more awareness for NXT, it has been arranged that the February 16th Edition will be 90 minutes as opposed to one hour, and will be billed as an 'NXT Supershow'. This will be the first chance to get a blow off match for some of the early feuds, with the two matches discussed to definitely take place on that show being Bryan Danielson vs Wade Barrett, and Justin Gabriel vs Michael Tarver; the latter possibly a gimmick match of some sort.


Spoiler for An Awesome Challenge:
The video slowly fades from black to a dark room with a solitary light illuminating the centre of the frame. However, a figure begins to emerge from the darkness... and as the man gets closer, we see a glisten appear on his shoulder from the light, and as he gets closer the glimmering is revealed to have came from the United States Championship! The man's face now comes into view, and it is revealed to be THE MIZ. As usual, the US Champ is smirking from ear to ear, as he begins to speak to the camera.

The Miz: This past Sunday, at the Royal Rumble, I may not have booked my place in the main event of Wrestlemania by winning the Royal Rumble Match, but I did manage to retain MY United States Championship.

Miz motions towards the gold resting on his shoulder.

The Miz: And, this Tuesday night, I'm going to be the "Special Guest" on N...X...T.

Surprisingly, Miz doesn't seem very excited about this.

The Miz: I'm going to bring my prestigious championship and my starpower to NXT, and all I can be branded as is the "Special Guest"? Really? Really?

His demeanor improves a little now.

The Miz: The NXT Superstars are competing to see who can become the first NXT Champion, huh? Well, when I appear on NXT this week it is going to dawn on them that they can earn all of the Champion Points they want but they'll never be as good a champion as I am.

Another smirk from 'The Awesome One'.

The Miz: Who's leading your little Champion Points Table at the moment? Yeah, Bryan Danielson. I'll admit it, I've heard of your work before, Bryan, but I watched your match last week... and all I can say is that I was unimpressed to say the least.

A look of intensity comes across Miz' face.

The Miz: But I'm willing to give you another chance to impress me, Danielson; I am challenging you to a match this week on NXT. I'm giving you the chance to step into the ring with a true champion, something which you will only ever hope to become yourself.

The camera now cuts to a close-up of the United States Champion.

The Miz: I am going to singlehandedly revolutionize NXT as you all know it... because I'm The Miz... and I'm awesome.

Miz gives the camera one more cocky smirk before we fade away and the video package ends.

Episode Three has been started, will stick a preview up when it is done. Any comments for Episode Two would be greatly appreciated as always!
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Episode Three Preview
2nd February 2010

We're only two weeks into NXT, and already tensions are running high not just between the NXT Superstars, but there are some WWE Superstars that have made it clear that they wish to be known to the NXT audience. One of these Superstars is the United States Champion The Miz, who successfully defeated MVP this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but he has singled out one NXT Superstar in particular for his appearance on NXT tonight; the man currently leading the Champion Points Table, Bryan Danielson. Danielson leads the way to Wrestlemania out of all the NXT Superstars following two convincing submission victories over David Otunga and Heath Slater. We've yet to receive word whether Danielson has accepted the challenge laid down by The Miz, but it is hard to imagine Danielson turning down something as huge as this.

Of course Matt Hardy was the very first WWE Superstar to compete on NXT last week in the main event, where he was able to overcome a very game Wade Barrett. Interestingly, after he had almost taken the veteran to the limit, Barrett refused the offered handshake from Hardy after the match to the disappointment of the Smackdown Superstar as well as the NXT fans. Wade has been quiet all week regarding his defeat last week, and the reasons for his disrespectful actions, but he might break his silence tonight. Barrett has a chance to redeem himself however as he and his dangerous Bull Hammer are going to take on the vicious Michael Tarver tonight.

Ryback is the only other competitor in NXT to still have a 100% record after the first two weeks, defeating Slater and then Darren Young last week. David Otunga vowed to Young that he would be the one to stop 'The Beast from Sin City' tonight, but it isn't going to be an easy task for either man as these two powerhouses prepare to lock horns.

Justin Gabriel avenged his opening week loss to Michael Tarver last week, but Tarver didn't take it too well to say the least; attacking Gabriel backstage during his interview from Naomi. The South African has the chance to make it two wins in a row as he is taking on 'The One Man Band' (BAYBAYY) Heath Slater.

Confirmed for NXT:

Non-Title Match:
United States Champion The Miz vs Bryan Danielson

Wade Barrett vs Michael Tarver

David Otunga vs Ryback

Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Episode Three
2nd February 2010

We cut straight into the arena with 'Wild and Young' playing over the sound systems and we're treated to some pyrotechnics around the stage and sweeping shots of the excited crowd. In a change to the first two episodes of NXT, the eight NXT Superstars aren't standing in the ring at the start of the show, as the ring is empty. We immediately cut to a shot of the announce table, where MICHAEL COLE and MATT STRIKER are ready and waiting to get the show started.

Michael Cole: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to WWE NXT! I'm Michael Cole, alongside my broadcast partner, Matt Striker, and we have a night full of action for you!

Matt Striker: Media anticipation for NXT tonight has been on an all time high, as the United States Champion, the reality television superstar, The Miz is in the house for NXT tonight!

Michael Cole: Not only that, but we've got some great in-ring action in store for you all tonight, as not only will The Miz be in action but the dominant Ryback will take on David Otunga, and the man that we saw defeated by Matt Hardy last week, Wade Barrett, will be looking to redeem himself.

Matt Striker: Wade missed out on a great opportunity last week against Matt Hardy, but he does have the chance to earn himself some more Champion Points tonight and get right back into the race.


The arena instantly fills with heat for the recognizable sound bit and theme song, and sure enough, Raw's United States Champion THE MIZ walks out onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the fans. Dressed in a full three-piece suit, he raises his championship up high into the air after proudly defending it at the Royal Rumble event this past Sunday. After soaking in the reception from the fans, he props his title back over his shoulder and starts making his way down the ramp.

Matt Striker: Here he is! The Miz is coming into NXT tonight fresh off of defending the United States Championship against MVP at the Royal Rumble, but I think it is certain that there is still no love lost between those two.

Michael Cole: Well, Miz posted a video on wwe.com yesterday morning announcing that he was going to be here tonight, and it appeared that he made a challenge to the current Champion Points leader Bryan Danielson; as of this moment we've not had any word from Danielson as to whether he is going to accept The Miz' challenge.

Matt Striker: I think The Miz' own ego caused him to challenge Danielson to a match tonight. He wants to prove that he is the best, and Bryan Danielson is statistically the best NXT has to offer at this current moment by looking at the Champion Points table. Miz wants to prove to himself that he is better than Bryan Danielson.

Michael Cole: Well, there may be some truth in that; as Matt Hardy proved last week, these NXT Superstars shouldn't be going into any of these matches against WWE Superstars and expect an easy ride, the WWE Superstars have as much to lose as the NXT guys have to gain.

Matt Striker: No one wants to have the stigma of losing to an NXT Superstar attached to them, and I don't think The Miz' ego will allow that to happen to him.

Mizanin grabs a microphone as he walks up the steps and he gets into the ring, removing the championship from his shoulder but returning it there once he's steadied himself in the ring. Pacing around the ring a couple of times to get a look at the crowd that he is working with, Miz wears an indifferent face as he scans the people. He stops in the centre of the ring and his music slowly fades out, revealing the showers of boos that the music was hiding. He slowly brings the microphone up to his mouth, but the crowd haven't properly settled.

The Miz: This past Sund-

The United States Champion is cut off by loud booing from the fans, but he carries on.

The Miz: This pas-

Once again, the heat becomes too loud for him to speak, and Miz now looks a little annoyed.

The Miz: Th-

“BOOOO!” - The Miz' calm demeanour vanishes in an instant as he stomps around the ring and shouts at the fans.


That only earns 'The Awesome One' some more boos, but eventually they subside after he pulls an unimpressed face.

The Miz: This past Sunday, I walked into the Royal Rumble as the United States Champion, and I proved that I am infinitely better than MVP as I was able to defend the United States Championship.


The Miz: Oh, I suck? I suck? Really? REALLY?!

The heat is almost unbearable, and Miz is forced to stop speaking again.

The Miz: If I suck, I'd hate to know how you feel about the NXT Superstars! Do you all think Ryback sucks, huh? What about Bryan Danielson? Does he suck too?

The fans popped slightly for the mention of Ryback, but the cheers are much more prevalent for Danielson.

The Miz: Right, you all think Bryan Danielson doesn't suck... well I do! I can't respect a man that doesn't answer the challenge of another man; I offered Bryan Danielson the biggest match of his career and he doesn't even show me the respect to give me an answer.

Miz lightens up a little, his face developing back into that cocky smirk.

The Miz: It might not even be a matter of disrespect; I wouldn't blame Bryan if he was scared to face me tonight, as I've done some homework... and I know that Bryan deep down thinks that he can't cut it against a real WWE Superstar.

The fans remain silent as it appears that they are unsure of what The Miz is talking about, which makes 'The Awesome One' grin.

The Miz: I'll tell you all what I found out, and maybe it might change your opinion on the almight Bryan Danielson... Nine years ago, Bryan Danielson tried out to become a WWE Superstar.

There's an air of surprise from the fans for that, and The Miz has a shit-eating grin on his face.

The Miz: I know what you're all thinking, “How come he's on NXT, Miz? Why isn't Bryan already a real WWE Superstar?” I'll tell ya why, kids. Nine years ago, Bryan Danielson was told that he wasn't good enough.


Before the fans even get a chance to react to that piece of shocking news, BRYAN DANIELSON himself has marched out onto the stage and he is making a beeline for the ring! The Miz has a shit-eating grin on his face as he knows that he has gotten Danielson's attention after revealing that. The fans pop loudly for Danielson, but there isn't any singing along to the music tonight, as Danielson means business.

Michael Cole: I think Bryan Danielson has heard enough here, Matt.

Matt Striker: I don't know how The Miz would have came about this information; I know that Bryan used to be associated with the WWE, but I didn't know THAT was why he left... I think judging by how much it appears to have drawn the ire of Bryan Danielson that there must be some truth in this.

Danielson also grabs a microphone and he storms up the ropes and gets into the ring, eyeing Miz up and down as the music fades out. Miz has a massive grin on his face as he can tell by the look on Danielson's face that he has gotten under his skin.

Bryan Danielson: Miz, I'm not going to make any excuses. Yeah, I did try out for the WWE nine years ago and I was told that I wasn't good enough...then.

The fans are still buzzing to see this more intense side of Danielson.

Bryan Danielson: But we're talking about NOW, Miz. Now, I've had the opportunity to travel the world and hone my craft in Japan and Europe, and now I am one-hundred percent confident that I am more than good enough. I've been given the blessing of NXT and I'm not going to blow this chance.

Miz doesn't look too impressed by Danielson's claims, as he scoffs at the suggestion of that.

The Miz: See, that is where you are wrong, Bryan! You are going to blow it! Before, you were just the biggest fish in a small pond, but that isn't how it is now.

Danielson looks on intently as he seems to want to know what Miz is getting at.

The Miz: You want to talk about now? Well, now, the fish has been taken out of the pond and it has been placed in the ocean. The ocean where I am the Great White Shark ready to chew you up and spit you out, back into your tiny pond.

Bryan Danielson: That's real cute, Miz, real cute.

Bryan starts to laugh to himself, but the United States Champion looks bemused.

Bryan Danielson: I understand what this is all about now, it has become clear to me. Like everyone else on this show, you are threatened by me! That's why you are so desperate to have this match with me! I really thought you were better than that, Miz.

Miz scowls at Bryan, disagreeing with what he is hearing.

Bryan Danielson: You are that insecure and threatened by me, that you got that desperate that you actually dug up something from nine years ago that you thought would embarrass me? I thought this was the WWE, not Mean Girls.

A nice pop for that comment, with a few laughs sprinkled out there.

The Miz: You think you're funny now, huh? I'm not threatened by anyone, especially you. I think you're forgetting who is the one that is standing here as the WWE United States Champion!

Miz holds his title into the air again and the fans react with heat.

The Miz: I think it is best that you haven't accepted my challenge... because you know that you know that you're NOTHING compared to me. I am ten times the wrestler that you'll ever be, because I'M THE MIZ... AND I'M AWE-


The fans go mental as Bryan connects with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK to the side of Miz's head!!! Miz drops to the mat and grabs his title as he slides under the bottom rope and backs up holding his head. Danielson still has his mic in his hand and he glares at Miz whilst breathing heavily.

Bryan Danielson: Well Miz... why don't you prove it tonight? Because YOU'RE ON!


Danielson slams his microphone down to the mat and stares right at The Miz, who is backing his way up the ramp, pointing back at the man that he is going to face later tonight, warning him “You're going to regret that”, but Danielson doesn't care as he mounts the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms up into the air and roars out to the fans who cheer him in approval.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What an explosive start to the show! It was getting very personal there between these two, and we're going to get to see them go at it later tonight!

Matt Striker: I can't say that I agree with some of The Miz' claims... but there is no denying that he is the United States Champion for a reason.

Michael Cole: Bryan Danielson has been a champion all around the world... but tonight is the biggest match of his life by a long way.

Commercial Break

We come back to NXT, and go to a shot of the commentary team once again, Striker looking excited, but Cole looks like there is something troubling him...

Matt Striker: Welcome back to NXT, everyone, and we've already had an explosive start to the show as we have learned that the United States Champion The Miz will take on Bryan Danielson in our main event of the evening. We're almost set for some in-ring action where the competing NXT Superstars will have the chance to earn themselves some Champion Points which could take them to Wrestlemania and possibly become the very first NXT Champion. Here's a quick run down of how Champion Points can be earned;

“Up until the 23/03/10 Episode of NXT, the eight NXT Superstars will be competing in matches to earn themselves 'Champion Points'. The two NXT Superstars that have the most points at the end of that episode will face each other in a match at Wrestlemania XXVI, where the winner will become the inaugural NXT Champion.

Champion Points are earned as followed;

Victory via Disqualification or Count Out – 1 Point
Victory via Pin Fall – 2 Points
Victory via Submission – 3 Points

On occasions where an NXT Superstar is able to defeat an already established Raw Superstar or Smackdown Superstar, the number of points they receive will be double the amount normally won if facing an NXT Superstar, depending on method of victory.”

Michael Cole: So Bryan Danielson, our current Champion Points leader, will have the chance to further extend his lead at the top of the table with a victory over The Miz tonight.

???: Hey! Get the camera off of them and show it over here onto the real star of this show!

There's a lot of heat in the arena from the crowd as we cut to a shot of the ring which of course has HEATH SLATER standing in the centre of it. Cole groans, as the rocker is adorned with his various accessories and Guitar Hero guitar.

Heath Slater: Now, I'm not gonna come out here an' lie to all of you people; I've not done too well so far on NXT... but that is going to change ta-night!

Slater nods his head but the fans don't seem convinced.

Heath Slater: I made a promise that the ONE MAN BAND will be the ONE MAN CHAMPION, BAYBAYY! At Wrestlemania!! So bring out this chump an' let me prove why I am the future of this company!


A very warm reaction emanates from the crowd as JUSTIN GABRIEL walks out onto the stage and he leaps into the air, landing in a crouched position with his arms out to his side. The South African has a very broad smile on his face as he slaps hands with the fans on his way down to the ring and Slater removes his articles so he is just in his ring gear.

Michael Cole: Here comes Justin Gabriel! He was able to earn himself his first two Champion Points last week when he avenged his loss to Michael Tarver two weeks ago.

Matt Striker: But what about that amazing 450 Splash he used to beat him?! I have a feeling that we could have seen that the week before had it not been for Michael Tarver using the referee as a shield to get the win.

Michael Cole: That is a special move, and I don't see anyone on the NXT roster being able to kick out of that!

Matt Striker: It could be the manoeuvre that sends him to Wrestlemania and the NXT Championship.

Gabriel gets into the ring and he mounts a turnbuckle, putting his arms in the air, nodding his head as the fans cheer him. Slater, on the other hand, doesn't seem too impressed as Gabriel is a hit with the fans, and has to be held back by the referee after his actions last week pre-match against Bryan Danielson. Gabriel leaps off of the turnbuckle and paces the ring a little, hopping on the spot with his eyes on Slater as the referee deems it an okay time to begin the first match!

Match One:
Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel

The bell rings, and both men come in for the lock up right away, with Gabriel using his speed to go behind Slater and trip his legs; causing Slater to fall down onto his face which gets a few laughs from the fans as he scrambles into the corner. Gabriel quickly charges in and hits a Corner Cross Body, exiting onto the apron once he's made the connection. Slater stumbles forwards out of the corner as the South African quickly climbs up onto the top rope in the corner. Slater turns around and Gabriel leaps into the air... and flattens Slater with a Diving Cross Body!! Gabriel leaps to his feet and puts his arm in the air to another cheer as Slater holds his chest down on the mat. Justin grabs Slater by the head and brings him back to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Slater comes back and Gabriel drops down, so Slater leaps over the top of him to come back off of the opposite ropes but he's caught with a Dropkick to the face! Some more scintillating offence from Gabriel, and the high-flier quickly covers Slater for the first pin attempt of the match! One...Two...Slater kicks out!!

Gabriel is quick back up to his feet as Slater sits up holding his face after the Dropkick caught him square in the nose, and Gabriel quickly runs off of the ropes and scores with a Low Dropkick to Slater's face to knock him right back down into the mat! Gabriel hooks the leg for another cover! One...Two...No!! Not deterred in the slightest, Gabriel gets up and starts to will Slater back up to his feet, and once the red-haired rocker is back up to one knee, Gabriel begins to run off of the ropes again, and he looks for a clothesline, but Slater ducks it and boots him in the gut; catching Gabriel with a Snap DDT!! Both men lay on the mat; Gabriel from being spiked onto his head and Slater from the offence he's already absorbed. Both men make it up to their knees, and once on their knees... they start swinging for the fences at each other! The crowd applaud for Gabriel and boo for Slater, but once Gabriel starts to get on top Slater rakes his eyes to get the advantage!

Instant heat for the cowardly tactics, but SLATERS GONNA SLATE! Heath gets to his feet and delivers a big boot to the crouching Gabriel that knocks him down to the mat. Slater follows up with a series of rapid-fire boots to the chest, which begins to wear Gabriel down. Slater continues the heelish tactics as he grabs Gabriel by the neck and props it up over the middle rope, and he starts to choke the life out of Justin Gabriel!! The referee isn't in favour of this and he orders for Slater to let up, but it requires the 5 Count and the risk of disqualification to make him relent. Slater scoops Gabriel off of the ropes and places him in position for a Back Drop, but he quickly turns him forwards into a Facebuster!! The fans shout “OOH” for the nasty looking move, and Slater wastes no time in hooking a leg – looking for his first win on NXT! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Great resiliancy from Gabriel, and Slater quickly reverts back to the stomps to the chest and stomach, as Striker hypothesises that if Gabriel has hurt his mid section he will be less willing to go for that 450 Splash.

Slater brings Gabriel up and props him in the corner, and he is able to light Gabriel's chest up with a Knife-Edge Chop! The South African winces in pain as he uses the turnbuckle to prop himself up, and Slater quickly goes to Irish Whip Gabriel across the ring into the opposite corner. Slater charges in, but Gabriel explodes out of the corner to meet him with a clothesline! A nice pop meets that, and once again both men are down, but this time it is Gabriel being the first back to his feet, Slater quickly following. Gabriel scores with a Savate Kick to the mid section, and he goes to follow up with a DDT, but Slater bullrushes him into the corner! Heath follows up with a right hand and he starts to lift Gabriel up onto the top turnbuckle! Slater follows him up there as well, standing on the second rope, and he places his head underneath Gabriel's arm... and gets up onto the top rope... and goes to SUPERPLEX Gabriel – but the South African hangs on... and delivers a strong right hand to Slater; knocking him down to the mat! The cheers start to cheer rapturously as Gabriel is now able to steady himself... and CONNECT WITH THE 450 SPLASH!! Everyone in the arena marks out again for the move, and Gabriel sells the effects on his stomach, before falling onto Slater for the pin! One...Two...Three!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel via Pinfall (4.01)


Some of the fans rise to their feet to applaud the efforts of Gabriel, as well as Slater, in that exciting match. The victorious South African has one arm raised by the referee and the other is draped across his stomach as he continues to sell the 450 as well as Slater's offence.

Michael Cole: What a great win tonight for Justin Gabriel, as he is able to pick up another two Champion Points, and Matt, I think you were right when you- HEY!!

The fans instantly start booing... as MICHAEL TARVER storms the ring... and BLINDSIDES GABRIEL!!! The referee calls for the bell to be rung again to try and stop Tarver, who starts stomping away on Gabriel. Tarver gets off of him to the relief of everyone in the arena, but he quickly grabs Gabriel and hoists him up onto his shoulders... and drops him with the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Gabriel is laid out, and Tarver screams abuse at him, before delivering one final stomp and he finally leaves the ring.

Michael Cole: Oh come on! Was that really needed? That was totally uncalled for; Justin Gabriel beat Michael Tarver fair and square last week and he just couldn't take it like a man! What a coward! We said the exact same thing last week when he attacked Gabriel backstage!

Matt Striker: Well I also assumed that both of these men have moved on from each other after last week's match, but it appears that we were all wrong; Michael Tarver obviously not happy about losing to Justin Gabriel last week.

Michael Cole: Well, whether Michael Tarver likes it or not, Justin Gabriel has now overtaken him in the Champion Points Table, as he was able to beat Heath Slater before Tarver attacked.

Matt Striker: We know that Tarver is in action later tonight against the dangerous Wade Barrett; he has his chance to make amends for last week.

Michael Cole: That is true, but I don't think that this is the end between Michael Tarver and Justin Gabriel.

FEBRUARY 16 2010

Michael Cole: That is right folks, you may have seen on wwe.com this past week that in two weeks' time, we're going to be with you for 90 minutes... and the Champion Points awarded to the NXT Superstars will be doubled!

Matt Striker: That will be a huge night in the history of NXT, and it will also mark the half way stage on our Road to Wrestlemania – we should have a good idea of who will be competing for the NXT Championship on the Grandest Stage of Them All at the end of that show.

Michael Cole: At the moment, it is currently Bryan Danielson and Ryback who occupy our top two positions, and both men have a chance to extend their leads above everyone as both are still yet to compete tonight!


A nice cheer echoes around the arena for DARREN YOUNG, who walks out onto the stage with a grin on his face, dressed in a t-shirt and some shorts, not scheduled to compete here tonight. He slaps hands with the fans and starts walking around the ring towards the commentary desk. Notably, he is no longer wearing the bandage around his head after last week. Young gets to the desk, shakes hands with both Cole and Striker, before taking a seat and donning a spare headset on the table.

Michael Cole: Well here is Darren Young – and it seems that he's going to join us on commentary for our next match! Darren, how are ya?

Darren Young: I'm feelin' good, Michael; I really wanted to be out there competing tonight, but the doctors said it is best that I allow my head to recover properly before getting back in the ring.

Matt Striker: Smart strategy, my friend. So, why exactly are you out here?

Darren Young: A little blunt, huh Matt? To answer your question, I took a break from partying in the back and I came out here because I want to see for myself how full of hot air David Otunga is.

Michael Cole: I take it you are referring to the conversation you two had in the back last week, where he agreed to take on Ryback tonight.


There's a negative reaction from the fans for the man that seems to have a problem with Young, DAVID OTUNGA. He swaggers out onto the stage and shows off his impressive physique to everyone in the arena. After some showboating, he starts making his way down to the ring.

Matt Striker: Love him or hate him, Darren, you have to admit that David Otunga is a physical specimen.

Darren Young: Yeah, he's a big dude for sure; but as competitors such as Bryan Danielson and Justin Gabriel have already shown on NXT; size isn't everything.

Michael Cole: Look at Rey Mysterio!

Matt Striker: I can appreciate that, but I think David Otunga is possibly the only man that has a chance of being as strong as Ryback is; we saw him throw Bryan Danielson around like a rag doll two weeks ago! That could be you, Darren!

Darren Young: Trust me on this; when, not if, when I step into that ring with David Otunga, he aint throwing no one around anywhere!

Otunga gets up onto the apron and looks across and past the ring at Young on the commentary table, and Young returns Otunga's glare with an intense stare of his own. 'The A-Lister' gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as the fans boo his cockiness. He frowns as his music fades out, but he jumps off of the turnbuckle and taunts to Young by flexing his arms again. However, his attention quickly turns back to the stage...


The fans rise to their feet and cheer loudly in unison as RYBACK marches out from behind the curtain!! 'The Beast from Sin City' pumps his arms up into the air in unison as he nods his head along to the music, before making his way down to the ramp; not taking his eyes off of Otunga.

Michael Cole: This man is a monster! We've seen nothing but total domination from Ryback ever since he arrived on NXT; and Darren, you can vouch for that surely?

Darren Young: I've never been in the ring with anyone else like Ryback; everything he does hurts, but he's not unbeatable. I know that I can beat him if I ever get another chance in the ring with him.

Matt Striker: Can you really be sure of that, Darren?

Darren Young: Matt, I'll happily step into that ring with you if you don't believe me.

Matt Striker: Okay, big guy; I believe ya! We don't have to go to those kind of measures!

The three men at the desk share a laugh, as Ryback stomps up the steps and into the ring, and he makes sure he keeps his eyes on Otunga. 'The A-Lister' has a nervous gulp as he sizes up his behemoth of an opponent, which causes Ryback to crack a small smile. Young rubs his hands together on commentary with a grin.

Darren Young: This should be good.

Match Two:
Ryback vs David Otunga

The bell rings, and it seems Otunga's balls have grown back as he immediately strides to the centre of the ring and demands that Ryback come and meet him. Obviously, Ryback takes the invitation whilst almost foaming at the mouth, and both men then quickly initiate a lock up. Ryback initially starts to overpower Otunga, but before he can get pushed back into the corner, Otunga starts forcing Ryback back! There is shock from everyone as now Otunga has almost pushed Ryback across the ring, but now the unbeaten monster grits his teeth... and runs Otunga into the corner!! Ryback immediately backs off and roars right in David's face, and Otunga storms right over to Ryback and gets into his face! Ryback's veins almost blow out... but Otunga socks him around the face! Ryback staggers back, and Otunga quickly rebounds off of the ropes and follows up with a Flying Shoulder Tackle!! Otunga gets right back up, and he delivers a few heavy stomps onto Ryback's head and chest, before taking a couple of steps back and waiting for Ryback to get back up to a knee... and he goes to boot Ryback in the head; but Ryback catches his foot, and levels him with a Clothesline!!

The fans cheer loudly for that, and Ryback screams for Otunga to “GET UP!”, and 'The A-Lister' backs himself up into the corner, and Ryback charges in, looking for a Shoulder Thrust; but Otunga moves... and Ryback's shoulder connects with the steel ring post! Otunga looks extremely pleased with himself, and he scoops Ryback out of the corner, and places his arm into a Hammerlock position, and takes him over with a Hammerlock Back Drop! Ryback holds his shoulder in pain, as Otunga now delivers some targeted stomps right to the shoulder area, before rebounding off of the the ropes and dropping an elbow down across the shoulder and chest of Ryback! Otunga gets down to make the first pin attempt on Ryback in NXT history! One...Kickout! Otunga forced Ryback to have to use that injured shoulder to kick out of the pin, and Otunga backs up a little, waiting for Ryback to pick himself up again, and he connects with a Big Boot to the shoulder!! Ryback drops down again, clutching his shoulder in agony, and Otunga nods his head and smirks to Young on commentary.

Ryback seems to be in some serious pain on the mat, selling the injury to the shoulder by gritting his teeth and trying to get up slowly. Otunga claps his hands together, and he grabs Ryback, and tries to hook him up for a Rock Bottom-like move, but Ryback elbows him in the side of the head to break it! Otunga turns around and Ryback lifts him up over his head into the Military Press! The fans cheer loudly; but Ryback's shoulder goes, allowing Otunga to drop back down onto his feet! 'Tung pushes Ryback into the ropes and catching him with a SPINEBUSTER on his way back!! David hooks the leg; One...Two...Thr-NO!! Ryback stays alive to the surprise of Otunga, who has a look of pure shock on his face as he honestly thought he had beaten the beast there. David puts his head in his hands, and Young is forced to admit on commentary that he thought Otunga had beaten Ryback there. Otunga gets back to his feet once again, and he measures Ryback for something, and once again, he tries to get his head under Ryback's arm... but Ryback suddenly springs to life and rams Otunga into the corner!!!

Using his good shoulder, Ryback begins to crush Otunga's ribs with a few Shoulder Thrusts, and after three of them he marches around the ring. Otunga recovers and charges at Ryback for a clothesline, but Ryback wipes him out with a Shoulder Block! Otunga scrambles back up and goes right back into Ryback, but he's met with a boot to the chest that sends him flying all the way back! Ryback stands in the corner opposite to Otunga and he starts to windmill that arm; and we know what that means! Ryback roars for Otunga to get up... and once he does, Otunga is turned inside out by that MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE!!! Otunga's head could have came off of his shoulders from the power of that move! Ryback now turns to the hard camera side, and shouts out “FINISH HIM!” and he plucks Otunga off of the mat and uses all of his might to get him up... and he spares the marching around tonight and instead drops Otunga with SHELLSHOCKED!! Ryback hooks the leg!! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Ryback via Pinfall (4.21)


The fans get on their feet and applaud Ryback as he rises up to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee. He holds his shoulder to sell the effects of Otunga's offence, before leaving the ring and making his way back up the ramp, not making any fuss as usual. Young seems impressed and he removes his headset to applaud the performance of Ryback, before making his way back around the ring and to the base of the ramp. Otunga looks up in the ring at Young leaving, and he pounds his fist against the mat.

Michael Cole: Another win for Ryback tonight; and he is now joint top of the Champion Points Table with Bryan Danielson!

Matt Striker: But I think you re being very quick to disregard David Otunga there we've not seen Ryback manhandled like Otunga did for periods in that match.

Michael Cole: I will give credit where credit is due; Otunga looked impressive tonight. I think he even convinced Darren Young, too.

Matt Striker: I have some advice for Young AND Otunga though, Michael, neither of these men have been able to win any Champion Points yet here on NXT.

Michael Cole: Well, the man who has the most Champion Points, Bryan Danielson, has the chance to extend his lead by another SIX points tonight when he goes one-on-one with the United States Champion; The Miz! Don't miss it!

Commercial Break

Returning to NXT, and it is time for our weekly visit to the Interview Area, where the beautiful NAOMI is standing by with her trusty microphone.

Naomi: Hey everyone, I'm standing by here with the man that came so close to defeating Smackdown Superstar Matt Hardy last week... Wade Barrett!

To a cacophony of booing from the fans, WADE BARRETT walks into the shot to the right of Naomi. He has a scowl plastered across his face, as he waits on the questions.

Naomi: Wade, tonight you take on Michael Tarver, but I have to ask you about last week. Why didn't you shake Matt Hardy's hand after your match with him last week?

Wade Barrett: Naomi, shaking someone's hand after they have beaten you fair and square in the middle of the ring is known as a show of respect in this business.

Naomi nods as if she understands.

Wade Barrett: So to put it quite simply; I didn't shake Matt Hardy's hand last week because I have no respect for him.

The fans give a lot of heat for that comment.

Wade Barrett: What is there to respect about a man that comes on a show designed to help the WWE Superstars of tomorrow and uses it to further his own career. I saw Matt Hardy's performance in the Royal Rumble Match on Sunday and to say he did terrible would be an insult to Santino Marella.

A couple of laughs for that, but Barrett presses on.

Wade Barrett: Don't get me wrong, I'm not just saying that this only applies to Matt Hardy; I share the same feelings towards The Miz... and Bryan Danielson.

The initial pop for Barrett disliking Miz evolves into some fierce heat.

Wade Barrett: Danielson has already had his chance in the WWE, and he blew it. Why should he be allowed to have another go, when there have been so many others that haven't been offered the same opportunity?

A fair point.

Wade Barrett: I don't think that is fair to be quite honest. I'll tell you what else isn't fair; the fact that I had to go through an entire Battle Royal last week to get my chance against Matt Hardy, but Danielson is just handed a match with The Miz tonight.

And another one.

Wade Barrett: He might not see it like this; but I'm sick and tired of all the special treatment Danielson has been getting since we've all arrived here... and I want to put a stop to it.

A small buzz develops inside the arena as some can see where Barrett is going with this.

Wade Barrett: I want to show Danielson for what he really is on the next biggest stage available, and as you will all know, we have an NXT Supershow coming up... and that is where I want you, Danielson. I'm going to knock you out and pick up twice as many points than I usually would in doing so.


Wade Barrett: I'll be expecting your answer by next week, Danielson. Now if you would excuse me, I have a match to win.

Barrett leaves the set with a smirk on his face, and Naomi is left looking in the direction that Barrett left in, and she even looks a little excited for the prospect of Barrett vs Danielson....

We fade into a corridor backstage, where DAVID OTUNGA is walking down it; looking stressed out after his loss to Ryback earlier on. He drinks from a bottle of water, and he is about to enter a locker room area, but suddenly another voice enters the scene.

???: Hey, David! Wait up!

Otunga turns around and he isn't very impressed to see that DARREN YOUNG is the man that is jogging to come and speak to him.

David Otunga: What do you want?

Darren Young: Hey man, I don't want no trouble. I just came over here to say that you did good out there.

Instead of being happy about the compliment, Otunga's eyes bulge and he gets into Young's face.

David Otunga: No, I didn't “do good” out there, because I didn't win. If you actually knew anything about this business, then you would know that winning is everything in the WWE.

Young doesn't speak, as Otunga advances some more.

David Otunga: I lost... which makes me no better than someone as pathetic as you are.

Darren Young: Yo, I came to speak to you to make peace, not get insulted.

David Otunga: What? Make peace? You mean like become best friends or somethin'? I don't want to be friends with you; I have enough friends as it is... and they're miles better than you ever will be.

Young looks a little hurt.

David Otunga: Now, I'm gonna get dressed and find Ryback so I can ask him for another match next week.

Otunga turns around to open the door, but it is already open, as both men can now see HEATH SLATER standing there with a grin on his face. Slater moves in between Young and Otunga; neither man too pleased with him touching them.

Heath Slater: Did I hear you say that you want the next match with Ryback? 'Cause if so, you're outta luck!

Slater laughs, as Otunga scowls at him.

Heath Slater: You're outta luck, because the ONE MAN BAAAND, BAYBAYY (~!) is gonna be the one who is facing Ryback next week, and I have something very special in store for him!

Slater nods his head and laughs before he turns around and leaves Young and Otunga looking back at him, before they turn and face each other again... before we fade back out into the arena.


There's a lot of booing from the fans as the man who only challenged Bryan Danielson to a match at the Supershow a matter of minutes ago, WADE BARRETT, walks out onto the stage and shoots his arms up into the air, not wasting any time as he comes down the ramp.

Michael Cole: We've just heard what Wade Barrett thinks about the WWE Superstars and Bryan Danielson... and we could have our first match for our NXT Supershow!

Matt Striker: We saw a small glimpse in the Battle Royal of the animosity between Barrett and Danielson... and I do have to say that I agree with some of what Barrett had to say. He did have to go through seven men last week for a chance against Matt Hardy, but all Danielson had to do was accept a match.

Michael Cole: That isn't Danielson's fault! The Miz challenged him! Are you saying that Barrett wouldn't have just accepted a match against Matt Hardy if Hardy challenged him to one?

Matt Striker: I can't speak on Wade Barrett's behalf, but I know that this man fights with honour and dignity.

Michael Cole: This is the man who refused to shake his opponent's hand last week after he was beaten fair and square!

Barrett pulls himself up onto the apron, and then marches into the centre of the ring and pounds his fist into his other hand with a defiant roar. The fans aren't happy, and he profusely tells them to “SHUT UP!”. He looks to the hard camera with a glare as his music fades out, and it is replaced by...


It is another negative reaction for Barrett's opponent in this heel vs heel affair, and MICHAEL TARVER walks out onto the stage with a smirk on his face, presumably happy about what he was able to do to Justin Gabriel earlier on. Barrett pays little attention to Tarver, instead opting to shake his elbow out, as he is hoping to get to use it again tonight.

Michael Cole: I don't know how Michael Tarver can come out here after what he did to Justin Gabriel out of pure jealousy earlier on tonight!

Matt Striker: I'm not going to condone his actions, but I can see why Michael Tarver has targeted Justin Gabriel like this.

Michael Cole: What, are you crazy too? This is madness! He lost to a man that he had already cheated to defeat the week before; and he attacks him backstage last week as well as taking advantage of the man right after his match tonight!

Tarver doesn't care what Cole or the crowd have to say, as he steps into the ring with a scowl on his face. As his music cuts out, the crowd are unsure of how to react or who to cheer for, resorting to a “YOU BOTH SUCK!” chant, which draws the ire of Barrett, but Tarver remains undeterred. The referee checks with both men that they are ready to go, and he calls for the bell!

Match Three:
Michael Tarver vs Wade Barrett

Both men approach the centre of the ring, and eye each other up as they prepare to lock up to start things off. Barrett is able to get the better of Tarver, but some smart positioning allows Michael to work his way behind Barrett and hoist him up for a very quick Back Drop! Tarver springs back up and nods his head as the fans boo, Barrett seems to be favouring the back of his head after that. Tarver stands with his back to the ramp as he eyes Barrett up...


WHAT?! The fans EXPLODE as JUSTIN GABRIEL walks out onto the stage!! Holding the back of his head with a very big scowl on his face, Gabriel begins to march down to the ramp and Tarver is livid! Gabriel shakes his head as Tarver shouts his head off, and Cole quickly reminds us of what happened earlier tonight to make Gabriel want to come out here! The music fades out, and Gabriel stands at the bottom of the ramp looking up at Tarver, who turns around... right into the BULL HAMMER FROM BARRETT!! Wade shoots the half and hooks the leg! One...Two...Three!!! Gabriel costs Tarver the win!!

Winner: Wade Barrett via Pinfall (1.01)

Barrett's music doesn't play, as he gets to his feet and steps over the downed body of Michael Tarver, who hasn't moved since having his bell rung. Barrett leaves the ring with his message sent... just as Justin Gabriel pulls himself up onto the apron...

Matt Striker: I can't say that I like this; well done to Wade Barrett for taking advantage of this situation, but I don't know if he'll be proud with his method of victory.

Michael Cole: I'm just glad that Justin Gabriel was able to get his own back on Michael Tarver; it is about time this guy got what is coming to him!

Instead of getting into the ring however, Gabriel walks across the apron, and without any real fanfare... he starts to scale the turnbuckle! The fans respond as Gabriel's facial expression shows that he is doing this for himself, not because the fans and Michael Cole want to see it.

Michael Cole: C'mon Justin! Make him pay! YEAH!

Gabriel steadies himself on the top rope; his eyes focused on Tarver with a look of hatred... and he leaps off of the top rope; and lands on the knocked out Tarver with a 450 SPLASH!!! The fans cheer loudly for the second one of the night, as Gabriel gets back up to one knee whilst clutching his stomach, as Tarver grits his teeth and helplessly looks up at Gabriel as both men feel the effects of the damage they have caused each other. After a few seconds, Gabriel lifts himself back to his feet and stands in the centre of the ring; finally being able to celebrate his victory earlier tonight.

Michael Cole: What a sight to see that 450 Splash again tonight; and it was even sweeter that it helped Justin Gabriel earn himself a measure of revenge against Michael Tarver! But that isn't all we have for you tonight; after the break we've got our main event; 'The American Dragon' takes on the United States Champion!

Commercial Break

There's a buzz in the arena as we return from the third and final commercial break of the night, but the anticipation is quickly replaced by some loud jeering from the fans...


For the second time tonight, the United States Champion, THE MIZ, walks out onto the NXT Stage to the biggest heat we've heard in the three week history of this show. He's ditched the expensive suit and replaced it with a long black trench coat, with his red wrestling trunks underneath and matching boots, and of course the United States Championship draped across his shoulder as he swaggers down to the ring, ignoring what the fans think about him.

Michael Cole: Well this man was able to defeat MVP at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, and from what we saw last night on Raw, the issues between those two are far from over; but tonight The Miz faces an all new challenge that he has never experienced before.

Matt Striker: The Miz has faced and beaten some of the best in the WWE at the moment, and I'm sure is destined for great things in this company, but he can't get too ahead of himself here.

Michael Cole: I understand how some of these WWE Superstars might find themselves underestimating the NXT Superstars, and when that NXT guy is Bryan Danielson, you are going to have to be extra careful.

Matt Striker: But we've heard what The Miz has had to say; he believes himself to be better than this; he felt insulted that he was our Special Guest tonight.

Michael Cole: I know that the guy is the United States Champion, but I don't think he should see that as an excuse to behave like that.

Miz leaps onto the apron and slides across it on one knee, smirking out to the fans as he turns back around to get another look at them all. He pulls himself into the ring and struts around the squared circle a couple of times, before positioning himself in the centre of the ring and raising the United States Championship into the air with both arms, looking extremely pleased with himself. His smile vanishes however as his music cuts out and is quickly replaced by a very familiar tune...


The fans rise to their feet for an extremely loud pop, and BRYAN DANIELSON walks out onto the stage in his maroon robe with matching ring gear. He has his eyes firmly locked on The Miz as he strides down the ramp, not acknowledging his music tonight. The Miz stares back at him with an unimpressed look, with his US Title over his shoulder.

Michael Cole: We've seen a lot more serious side of Bryan Danielson tonight, an' I don't blame him; The Miz has made this personal.

Matt Striker: This isn't just about Champion Points any more, Cole, Danielson is out to make a point. I've admired Bryan Danielson's work for years, and let me tell you, he can beat anyone when he's in a mood like this.

Michael Cole: So are you saying that Bryan Danielson is the favourite in this match?

Matt Striker: That isn't what I said. Bryan Danielson has been wrestling longer than The Miz, he's got experience from around the world... but The Miz is the United States Champion. There's a reason he's holding that title. He knows how to handle himself in the ring.

Danielson gets up onto the turnbuckle from the apron like he usually does, but instead just raises his arm into the air whilst the crowd bellows 'The Final Countdown'. 'The American Dragon' drops into the ring and casts The Miz a look that could kill before he walks across the ring and mounts the opposite turnbuckle, chucking his robe down to ringside whilst he is up there. He gets down and walks back across the ring to face his opponent; his eyes filled with hatred as he tries to compose himself.

Main Event:
Non-Title Match
United States Champion The Miz vs Bryan Danielson

The bell rings, and the fans quickly whip up a “LET'S GO BRYAN!” chant, which annoys The Miz a little, as the United States Champion turns around and screams for them to stop it, before he turns back to Danielson and says “Deep down, they all know that I am better than you... and so do you.” with a broad smirk on his face as Danielson stands there watching him. Miz smugly grins out to everyone again, relishing the hate being unleashed on him. He turns back around right into a Knife-Edge Chop from Danielson!! “WOOO!” is the cry from the fans as Miz clutches his chest in agony. Danielson follows up with another stiff chop that sends Miz reeling, and then a kick to the ribs! Miz, fully taken by surprise, tries to back into the corner, but Danielson grabs his arm and lines him up against the ropes for another Knife-Edge!! The camera catches a glimpse of Mike's chest which is now bright red, as Miz holds onto his chest and Bryan quickly runs off of the ropes, coming back and clotheslining The Miz over the top rope and down to the floor in front of the announce table!!

The fans cheer loudly as Miz rolls around on the floor trying to get himself together after Bryan has caught him by surprise in the early going. Bryan peers through the ropes and waits for Miz to almost be up to his feet before he begins to run the ropes again... and wipes The Miz out with a perfect SUICIDE DIVE!!! Miz goes flying back and smashes the back of his head off of the announce table, whilst Bryan is right back up to his feet, and he looks around the arena with approval as the fans go nuts for him. 'The American Dragon' turns his attention back to The Miz, and lifts him up off of the floor, and tries to lug the almost deadweight of Miz back onto the apron, but Miz gets his senses back a little and he elbows Bryan in the face... before using his boot to push Bryan back... and the back of Bryan's head bounces off of the steel steps!! Bryan holds his head immediately whilst Miz takes a quick breather. The US Champ now lifts Danielson back to his feet and to stop him from countering he bounces Bryan's head off of the ring apron! With his opponent adequately dazed, Miz rolls Bryan back into the ring.

Once he's back into the ring himself, Miz delivers a stomp the back of Bryan's head as he is using the ropes to bring himself back up to his feet. Miz grabs Bryan by the back of his head... and he takes him all of the way over; slamming him back down on it! Bryan rolls back onto his front so he isn't exposing his face, but Miz takes advantage of this and rebounds off of the ropes and he drops a knee right across the back of Danielson's head! Bryan holds his neck and head, as Miz rolls him back over for the first cover! One...Tw-Shoulder up! Miz is undeterred, as he gets right back up and connects with another forceful stomp onto Bryan's chest, followed by a couple of right hands to the head, before he brings Bryan back up. Miz gets the quick go-behind and tucks Bryan's head underneath his arm.... and he drops Bryan's back onto his knee, before dropping him with a Neckbreaker to complete the combo! Miz goes right in for another cover on Danielson! One...Two-Kick out! Miz's face shows a slight grimace now, but he is able to quickly slap on a Side Headlock to stop any possible momentum building for Danielson.

The “LET'S GO BRYAN' chant return as Danielson tries to break the hold by attempting to prise Miz's fingers apart, but that yields no good, as Miz instead cranks further on the hold; keeping Danielson's neck pressured and grounded. Bryan connects with a right hand to the ribs, and he tries to manoeuvre himself back to his feet, and once he is able to power both men back to a vertical base, he backs The Miz up against the ropes and sends him across the ring to break up the submission, and Bryan waits in the centre of the ring, but Miz comes back with a Knee Lift to the face which sends Danielson reeling, but Miz follows it up with another Neckbreaker – THE REALITY CHECK! The fans boo as Miz is looking good in this match, and the US Champion dives on top of Danielson for another pin – One...Two...NO! Miz pounds the mat in frustration as Bryan kicks out of one of his big moves, and he resorts to mounting over Danielson and pounding the top of his head with rapid fire right hands, but the referee pulls him away and tells him to wrestle the match properly.

Miz argues his case, but eventually shrugs the referee out of the way, and boots Bryan in the ribs to send him into the ropes. Mizanin Irish Whips Danielson across the ring and bends down to go for the Back Body Drop, but Danielson rolls over the top and lands on his feet behind Miz! Miz turns around and Bryan runs at him, ducking Miz's clothesline attempt, and he comes back off of the ropes and connects with a Flying Clothesline!! Both men get up to their feet quickly, and Miz goes to grab Danielson, but the NXT Superstar grabs him around the waise and takes him over with a Northern Lights Suplex! Danielson stays there for the bridge – One...Two...Miz kicks out!! Danielson gets right back up to his feet as Miz rolls towards the ropes, and brings himself up using them. Danielson signals for everyone to be quiet.... and he stings Miz's chest with another Knife-Edge Chop!! Miz's chest goes back to that bright shade of crimson and the United States Champion stumbles across the ropes into the turnbuckle.

Danielson backs up so he is facing The Miz across the ring, and he steadies himself, before charging in... and planting his feet right into Miz's chest with a Corner Dropkick! The fans pop initially, but then they realise that it took a lot out of Danielson too, as he landed back on the back of his head. 'The American Dragon' pulls himself back up to his feet as Miz does the same in the corner, and Miz stumbles back in front of Bryan holding his chest... and Bryan quickly grabs him; applying that Crossface Chickenwing we saw against David Otunga!! Danielson has Miz grounded, and 'The Awesome One's' face is one of desperation as he frantically waves his arm about with his eyes wide open as he's trapped in the lethal hold. Danielson roars as he knows six Champion Points would be huge if he is able to make Miz tap out here. Miz's eyes are focused on the middle rope that is near to both men, and he begins to shuffle himself over, placing a boot onto the ropes, but Danielson quickly shifts his wait, and removes the Crossface... putting Miz into a Chickenwing Pin! One...Two...Thr-NO!

Brilliant work from Danielson, as both men are now separated. Miz leaps back into the corner and holds onto the ropes, as Danielson goes to follow up, but the official puts himself in between the two men, looking to reset the match; but The Miz pokes Danielson in the eyes over the referee's back!! Instant heat bellows around the arena as Danielson turns around holding his face. Miz slides past the referee and he tries to hook Danielson in with the Full Nelson – SKULL CRUSHING FINALE – NO! Danielson elbows his way out of it and quickly runs against the ropes. He comes back at Miz – only to be met by a Big Boot to the face!! Danielson drops down to the mat, and replays show that the back of his head bounced off of the mat after that move, and Miz is quick to hook both legs into a cover! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Miz gets up to his feet, the frustration becoming apparent now, and he demands that the referee count faster. Whilst Miz is having his temper tantrum, Danielson brings himself up into the corner, but he looks groggied after the repeated strikes to the head.

The United States Champion turns around from his referee abusing, and he charges at Danielson and crushes him in the corner with his trademark Corner Clothesline! Miz stays in his seated position and shouts out to the fans “Ya like that, huh?” which gets him more abuse than usual, but he no sells it and steps back into the ring. Danielson staggers out of the corner, right into Miz's clutches... and Miz lifts him up into the air... and drops him back down with a BRAINBUSTER!!!! Danielson folds up like an accordion as Miz brings out that move from his ever-growing playbook, the fans actually popping for a move like that in a WWE ring. Miz opts against the cover, instead laying into Danielson with a couple more stomps as he begins to show his frustration at not being able to put Danielson away. The ref gets involved once again, telling The Miz to lay off, with Miz retorting “Can you do your job and shut up?” before he delivers one more decisive boot to Danielson's head. Bryan rolls towards the ropes, instantly grabbing them to begin pulling himself back up.

Miz charges at Danielson and tries to clothesline him over the top rope, but he is stopped by an elbow to the side of the head which causes the US Champ to stumble backwards. Danielson cracks Miz with a sharp kick to the back of the knee, which knocks Miz down to one knee. He now targets the other knee, and Miz is down on his knees; totally defenceless! Bryan walks over in front of Miz and ROARS out... before he starts kicking the shit out of The Miz's chest!! There is literally no defence as Miz tries to block but the kicks are just too damn powerful! Bryan stops after seven or so kicks, and Miz is left on his knees clutching his bright red chest.... and Bryan finishes off by clocking him in the side of the head with a Roundhouse Kick!! Miz drops like a sack of potatoes and is almost out on his back, and Bryan quickly shakes his neck out... and he starts to make his way to the corner! Pulling himself up onto the top rope, Danielson brings himself to his feet and takes a deep breath... before he leaps... DIVING HEADBUTT – NOBODY HOME!!!

Face meets canvas as Bryan squirms around on the mat and Miz looks up to the lights still with a slightly dazed look in his eyes as he tries to get himself together. Both men begin to get back to their feet after they start to hear the referee's count of ten begin. By four, both men are up to a knee, and at the same time, they heave themselves back up to their feet; the wear and tear a little more obvious now. Miz goes for the first shot, but Bryan blocks it and drills Miz with a forearm to the face. Miz though quickly fires back with a boot to the midsection, and he turns Bryan around again, and tries to hook him in for the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE again, but Bryan rolls through, sending Miz tumbling over his head. Miz gets back to his feet, and he charges at Bryan.... and Danielson tries to hook him in for the LEBELL LOCK we saw last week... but Miz is able to scramble away from it – but he almost takes out the referee!! The official cowers but Miz was able to prevent himself from knocking him down. Miz breathes a sigh of relief, but Danielson from behind with the Schoolboy! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! IT IS OVER!!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson via Pinfall (12.28)


BRYAN DANIELSON HAS JUST PINNED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!! The fans go absolutely mental and Danielson jumps for joy in the ring as The Miz is on his knees with a look of pure SHOCK on his face!! Danielson slides out of the ring and celebrates at the bottom of the ramp where the referee raises his hand... and The Miz's face turns from shock to pure anger as it finally sinks in.

Michael Cole: OH MY GOD! HE DID IT! HE DID IT! DANIELSON BEATS MIZ! I can't believe it, Matt!

Matt Striker: This is the biggest win in the whole of Bryan Danielson's career; he has just pinned the United States Champion!

Michael Cole: Not only that, but he picks up FOUR Champion Points in doing so! This is a huge milestone for NXT; an NXT Superstar has just pinned a WWE Superstar – and not just any Superstar; a champion!

Matt Striker: At this rate, Bryan Danielson could only be a handful of weeks away from booking his place at Wrestlemania! Next stop though, in two weeks, Wade Barrett will be standing across the ring from 'The American Dragon', and I don't know how Barrett must be feeling after seeing this.

Michael Cole: That can wait! Bryan Danielson is going to be celebrating this win all week... but what does this mean for The Miz?

Matt Striker: Well I'm sure MVP will have something good to say about this on Monday Night! Haha!

Michael Cole: We'll have to tune in then to find out... but make sure you catch NXT next Tuesday night; goodnight everyone!

Colegasm over now, and Miz is still coming to terms with the result of the match, and Danielson has just completed his second lap of going around the ring to touch hands with the fans, and the Champion Points leader starts backing up the ramp and smiling back at The Miz as NXT fades...to...black.



1 - Bryan Danielson - 10 Points
2 - Ryback - 6 Points
=3 - Justin Gabriel - 4 Points
=3 - Wade Barrett - 4 Points
5 - Michael Tarver - 2 Points
=6 - Darren Young - 0 Points
=6 - David Otunga - 0 Points
=6 - Heath Slater - 0 Points


16th February 2010
Sprint Center - Kansas City, Missouri


Bryan Danielson vs Wade Barrett

Thought 'd just get this up now whilst I have time. Quite pleased with this show even though it took AGES to write haha. Would like to know what people think about the Supershow, I'm thinking of running a predo contest on it if the interest is there. Can imagine that the winner can pick a WWE Superstar to appear on NXT or something like that.
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

JAM’s Review

I really like the use of Cole and Striker. I never usually read commentary but I feel like these two add something to the show. So kudos to you for making even commentary not boring. Anyway, having the Miz open the show was nice as it should definitely get the crowd going to see someone from the main roster, even if it is the Miz. Miz has always been a good talker and a person that the crowd just loves to boo so I can totally imagine him getting the amount of heat that you wrote. I think more could’ve been said about Bryan trying out for WWE 9 years ago. You could’ve said more about it, maybe you could’ve even written how the match went or something. Seemed like a missed opportunity there. But Bryan came back with a decent promo of his own. Typical face rebuttal and it was enough to make me look forward to their match later on.

Everyone else on the show who isn’t named Barrett or Danielson just seems like filler but I can’t really blame you. It’s probably because of how they are in the WWE today. I do like these mini-feuds that you’ve created in the bunch. As for the 90-minute special of NXT, it seems like it’ll be a good one even though no matches are announced for it. No idea what you have in store for it but special episodes always end up delivering, will be watching out for that one!

Scratch that, looks like we’ll get Barrett/Danielson for a match, which should be good. Barrett’s promo was really good. What he had to say rings true and is a very good way for a heel to go over. Barrett’s definitely the best promo man of the group and it just showed in this promo. JOBBERS BE TALKING BACKSTAGE~! Maybe they could become sort of an alliance if ever you decide to go that route. Oh seems like Tarver’s another candidate for the job squad with that match going only for a minute. Like I said, these mini-feuds you have going are alright and are to be expected.

Was quite shocked to see Bryan beat the Miz actually. But with the way the storyline was going, the Bryan win was a feel good moment. It still feels like the Bryan Danielson, but I think you know what you’re doing. I feel like you’ll let us know that Bryan will obviously be in the title match at ‘Mania only for you to somehow take it away from him. Either way, you’ve got me intrigued.

Overall, the show was pretty good. Commentary team was good, match writing is always good and it didn’t change here. This NXT project is really becoming a great project and I hope more people come to see that. I think the only gripe I have right now is that it seems like the Bryan Danielson show but then you have Wade Barrett who could hand Danielson a lost at the supershow. The Danielson/Miz match was a joy to read and I bet you had fun writing it because it shows in the way you write. As for the predictions, go ahead! Would love to be able to choose a superstar to appear on NXT. Onto the next one!

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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Monday Night Raw
8th February 2010

Backstage, we get a shot of the United States Champion, THE MIZ, who walks with his title slung across his shoulder and dressed in a fine suit as usual, but there isn't something right about him this week. There's no cocky swagger, or smug grin... it is replaced by a cold stare as he walks forwards towards the doors to the stage. As he walks down the aisle, various members of the staff look at him and stifle their laughs, as well as some of the talent. He walks past YOSHI TATSU and GOLDUST on his left and overhears them quietly laughing. Miz stops in his tracks and turns to face the oddballs.

The Miz: I suppose you are going to tell me what you are laughing at, huh? Am I some sort of joke to you?

Goldust: Well, last week you lost to 'The American Dra-aa-aa-a-aa - DRACULA - RICKY 'THE DRAGON' STEAMBOAT - Dragon, Bryan Danielson on NXT.

Tatsu laughs at his partner's antics, but The Miz is not impressed in the slightest.

The Miz: Oh, so you're a joker, huh? Why don't I just wipe that stupid smile off of your face? I am the UNITED STATES CHAMPION! You will respect me!

Miz gets right into Goldust's face, the weird Rhodes Brother looking a bit uncomfortable.

The Miz: What happened last week on NXT was nothing but a minor speedbump on my rise to glory, and I can assure you right now, if I ever step into a ring with Bryan Danielson again... I am going to end him.

After a few more moments of eyeballing Goldust, The Miz carries on down the corridor, hanging his head a little higher now as he prepares to go to the ring and address the WWE Universe.

Michael Cole: The Miz has promised us that he has a message for MVP tonight, but to me it seems obvious that the events of NXT last week have knocked the confidence of the United States Champion. Stay tuned to see what 'The Awesome One' has to say!

Commercial Break


There is a lot of heat in the arena now for the arrival of THE MIZ, the United States Champion, who seems to have finally made his way out into the arena. Miz doesn't play to the crowd at all, his eyes focused on the ring.

Michael Cole: Jerry, we're used to seeing The Miz come out here every week full of confidence; but after the events of last week, I don't think The Miz will ever be the same.

Jerry Lawler: After what happened at the Royal Rumble, and then on Raw the night after that, and then the night after that on NXT... I don't think I've ever seen a worse week for a WWE Superstar!

Michael Cole: If you don't know what we're talking about folks... lets take a look.


Video Recap - A Mizerable Week





Michael Cole: The Miz was able to defend the United States Championship against MVP earlier tonight, can he make it another achievement for the night by booking his place at Wrestlemania?

Jerry Lawler: He's got a good number, and there's only on man standing in the ring right now! MVP!

MVP turns around in the ring, being the lone man standing, and the man that cheated him out of the United States Championship, The Miz, comes sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

To the crowd's delight, MVP gets right on top of The Miz, taking out all of his frustrations from earlier on with clubbing forearms and boots to the back. MVP brings Miz up and Irish Whips him across the ring, and takes him out with a clothesline when he comes back! Miz scrambles against the ropes and uses them to get back to his feet, turning around to face MVP. Porter comes charging in and Miz sidesteps him... and MVp goes flying over the top rope... but sticks the landing on the apron! Miz doesn't realise this, smirking out to everyone as he believes to have gotten another one over on MVP tonight. MVP calls out to Miz from the apron, "Hey, jackass!" and Miz turns around, charging at MVP with a face of thunder; but MVP drops the rope - and THE MIZ GOES TUMBLING OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!! THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION IS OUT... AND HE BARELY LASTED A MINUTE!!!


Miz sits on the floor with his head in his hands and MVP celebrates his revenge in the ring as we fade to the next scene...


Tag Team Match:
MVP & Mark Henry vs
United States Champion The Miz & Carlito


Henry gets the tag to MVP, just as Carlito is able to crawl in and tag the United States Champion! Both of the men feuding over the gold charge in and meet in the centre of the ring and fists are flying straight away, and MVP starts to get the better of them, and a massive right hand knocks The Miz into the corner of the ring! Just as MVP is going to follow up, Carlito clubs him from behind and starts to hammer away at him, but Mark Henry is back too... and he flattens Carlito with a clothesline! Carlito stumbles back up straight away and falls back into the corner, landing in front of The Miz. Henry gets a good cheer from the fans... and he runs in and crushes both men against the turnbuckle! Carlito drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, whilst The Miz falls forwards and down onto one knee.... leaving him in the perfect position for the DRIVE BY KICK FROM MVP!! HE GOT ALL OF IT!! PORTER WITH THE COVER!! One...Two...Three!!! MVP has pinned the United States Champion!

Winners: MVP & Mark Henry

We get a shot of a few moments later with The Miz sitting at the base of the ramp holding his head, the only difference this time is that MVP is posing with the United States Championship in the ring; signifying that he is not done chasing the gold. Miz shakes his head profusely as we fast forward to one night later...


Main Event:
Non-Title Match
United States Champion The Miz vs Bryan Danielson


Face meets canvas as Bryan squirms around on the mat and Miz looks up to the lights still with a slightly dazed look in his eyes as he tries to get himself together. Both men begin to get back to their feet after they start to hear the referee's count of ten begin. By four, both men are up to a knee, and at the same time, they heave themselves back up to their feet; the wear and tear a little more obvious now. Miz goes for the first shot, but Bryan blocks it and drills Miz with a forearm to the face. Miz though quickly fires back with a boot to the midsection, and he turns Bryan around again, and tries to hook him in for the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE again, but Bryan rolls through, sending Miz tumbling over his head. Miz gets back to his feet, and he charges at Bryan.... and Danielson tries to hook him in for the LEBELL LOCK we saw last week... but Miz is able to scramble away from it – but he almost takes out the referee!! The official cowers but Miz was able to prevent himself from knocking him down. Miz breathes a sigh of relief, but Danielson from behind with the Schoolboy! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! IT IS OVER!!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson via Pinfall (12.28)


BRYAN DANIELSON HAS JUST PINNED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!! The fans go absolutely mental and Danielson jumps for joy in the ring as The Miz is on his knees with a look of pure SHOCK on his face!! Danielson slides out of the ring and celebrates at the bottom of the ramp where the referee raises his hand... and The Miz's face turns from shock to pure anger as it finally sinks in.

After that, we cut back to the ring where we can see that The Miz has now entered it and was able to watch that video package with us all. The fans are actually cheering, which visibly shakes the United States Champion, as he scans the arena for some support and slowly raises the microphone up to his lips.

The Miz: Every great in this industry has ups and downs in his career. Bret Hart had the Montreal Screwjob, Shawn Michaels lost his smile... and last week I had the worst week I've ever had in my life.

Miz speaks in a monotone voice, barely putting any emotion into his words.

The Miz: The Royal Rumble Match was supposed to be my moment... my chance to prove to the world that I am a future WWE Champion, and my time was going to come at Wrestlemania Twenty-Six.

The camera cuts to another shot showing the Wrestlemania logo behind The Miz, the United States Championship glistening under the lights.

The Miz: MVP embarrassed me in the Royal Rumble... and then he pinned me last week on Raw. But I'll tell you what hurt the most last week, the fact that I couldn't beat some punk from NXT!

A loud cheer goes up into the air for this.

The Miz: What makes it worse... is that you people sit there in your seats and cheer? You applaud the fact that I was supposed to be a guest to that show and I was treated like that? Really? Really? Really?

The emotions start to come back into his voice... this one being anger.

The Miz: Bryan Danielson kicked me in the head at the top of the show; he damn cheap-shotted me! The doctors told me that I shouldn't have even wrestled! You didn't include that in your video package, did you? Danielson might have won his precious Champion Points, but he cannot take any pride from what happened last week. I guarantee all of you... if I ever step inside this ring with Bryan Danielson again... I will crush him.


The initial booing for Miz'z comments quickly transform into cheers as the man responsible for two out of three of humiliations last week, MVP, walks out onto the stage, dressed in his red ring gear, and it is safe to say that he is in a good mood. In the ring, all of the bravado and confidence shown from Miz has vanished, and he is back to his 'quiet mode'. MVP grabs a mic from on top of the steps and jogs into the ring, eyeing the US Champ up as he does, and he sizes Miz up with a smirk on his face. The music fades out, and the fans are buzzing to hear what MVP has to say.

MVP: Y'know, Miz, even though you are going to go down in HISTORY as the first ever WWE Superstar to appear on NXT and lose...

Porter pauses to allow the fans to loudly cheer.

MVP: Despite that, you have something a lot more important to be worryin' about than Bryan Danielson; me, comin' after the United States Championship.

The Miz: Do you have a memory that goes back further than a week ago? At the Royal Rumble event I defended my United States Championship against you and I beat you again. What makes you think that I should give you another chance, huh?

MVP: Well... I wasn't rememberin' correctly, but luckily we had that video package to remind me. Let's see, well, first of all you couldn't beat me fairly at the Royal Rumble, then I eliminated you from the Royal Rumble Match in under a minute... AND I pinned you in the centre of this ring last week.

Porter holds his hand up.

MVP: If that isn't grounds for a title shot, I don't know what the hell is... and actually, whilst you're at it, you might as well give it to me at Elimination Chamber in two weeks... I don't want you gettin' too comfortable with it.

Another strong pop goes around the arena, and Miz looks around looking a little desperate now.

The Miz: No! No! No! You do not deserve another chance, Bryan Danielson doesn't deserve another chance, no one in that locker room deserves to face ME! I have worked too hard in the past seven years to be disrespected like this! I am a future WWE Champion, I-


IT'S THE BOSS!!! VINCE MCMAHON walks out onto the stage to an EXPLOSIVE POP from the crowd! 'The Boss' stands at the top of the ramp... but he doesn't look particularly happy at all. He gives the fans a small wave, and he allows his music to quickly cut.

Vince McMahon: I've had quite enough of hearing from you two... and I think these people have had enough of hearing from The Miz for a lifetime.

A nice pop for Vinny Mac.

Vince McMahon: Miz, four weeks ago when I opened the very first edition of NXT, I informed the NXT Superstars that occasionally, the Raw and Smackdown Superstars will be appearing on their show to give them a 'big game' experience, to help them for when they appear on Raw or Smackdown themselves.

Everyone in the arena listens intently.

Vince McMahon: I didn't actually expect any of them to BEAT the WWE Superstars... and my God-damn United States Champion is the one that lets me down!

Vince's eyes bulge and Miz looks back up at Vince, raising his mic to plead his case.

The Miz: Mr McMahon, I-

Vince McMahon: SHAAADDAPPP!! I don't want to hear it! You made me look like an idiot last week on NXT! And as you are about to find out... You NEVER cross The Boss!

There's a building atmosphere in the arena, as MVP leans back against the turnbuckle with a grin, waiting to see what Mr McMahon has in store.

Vince McMahon: I heard what MVP said... and I have to agree, he made some valid points... he does deserve another chance at the United States Championship... so that is exactly what he's going to get dammit! At Elimination Chamber in two weeks... it is going to be The Miz defending the United States Championship... against Montel Vontavious Porter... MVP!


The fans pop extremely loud, as McMahon casts one more disapproving look towards The Miz before turning around and leaving the stage. Back in the ring, The Miz is distraught, as it is now official from Vince himself! MVP leaps into the air and pumps his fist with a HUGE grin on his face, and he does the Ballin' strut right towards Miz before patting the United States Title that rests on Mike's shoulder and leaving the ring through the ropes. MVP backs up the ramp with a satisfied look on his face and Miz is left alone in the ring with a desperate look on his face as we fade away.

Now, to clear up any confusion this might cause, this is still an NXT BTB, BUT this segment from Raw in this week is relevant. This is something I think I'll do more, as I really enjoyed writing these little segments, and from now on, if there is a segment from Raw, Smackdown or even a PPV, I'll write it if it has some relevance to NXT. Watch this space, we'll be seeing a lot more of The Miz in the future.

As for Episode Four, it is all finished up, yet to be formatted though but I'll aim to get it up before I go away on holiday next week, so possibly the end of the week/weekend. Preview in the next couple of days, and I'm going to start writing the Supershow this week and finish it once I'm back. Big thanks to Jam also for his comments as usual, also to anyone else reading
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Re: NXT: The World is Watching

Episode Four
9th February 2010

Surpsingly, there isn't any pyrotechnics this week for the start of NXT... and we are straight into a camera focused on the centre of the ring; where MICHAEL TARVER stands in the centre of it with a microphone. The crowd are unsure of how to react, but there are a few boos mixed in there because Tarver is a heel at the end of the day. Waiting for a small gap in the noise, he slowly raises the microphone up to his mouth.

Michael Tarver: So far in NXT, I have been a man of few words; but after what happened last week... now is the time for my voice to be heard.

Everyone is slightly confused, but those with a good knowledge will know that he is most likely referring to when Justin Gabriel cost him his match last week.

Michael Tarver: I am sure that most of you will be assuming that what I'm talkin' about is Justin...Gabriel... costing me my match last week and making my dream of competing at Wrestlemania an even bigger task; but that isn't why I'm out here. I have been knocked much further back than that before and I am still standing in front of all of you here today as the best athlete on this show.

Some heat for the cockiness.

Michael Tarver: I may come across as... someone who only looks out for himself; I've even been referred to as “The Lone Wolf” before. But as anyone with half a brain knows that wolves travel in packs.

“Where is he going with this?” quips Cole on commentary. He also makes sure to welcome us to the show.

Michael Tarver: An' last Wednesday I sat at home with my pack; my family and watched last week's episode of NXT. I watched the show with my sons and they love seein' Daddy on TV; they were proud of me.

Tarver looks down at the floor with a wry smile, but something is not right.

Michael Tarver: My sons understand that I would do ANYTHING in, or out of this ring, that will benefit my family; I have taught them to remember that everything Daddy does, he does it for them.

Michael Tarver's Guide to Parenting – In stores soon!

Michael Tarver: But last week whilst watching NXT, my youngest son learnt a new word! He heard the man talking call Daddy a word he'd never heard before. My son heard Michael Cole call Daddy a “coward”.

The fans are a little shocked as Tarver spat that last word out, and he snaps his head towards the announce table. The camera cuts to Cole who has a look of shock on his face, and he holds his hands up straight away. Cole's fear grows as Tarver now starts to walk towards the ropes to address him personally.

Michael Tarver: Cole, why don't you come into the ring so I can make you understand just how it feels to have your son think that everything you've spent his all life doing for him is wrong?

Cole keeps his hands up and shakes his head, but Tarver smiles before shouting.

Michael Tarver: See Michael, that was a rhetorical question... GET YO PUNK ASS IN THE RING BEFORE I DRAG YOU IN HERE MA-SELF, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH!!

The fans are shocked and Tarver breathes heavily as Cole slowly removes his headset and slowly starts to walk towards the ring. Cole looks up at Tarver from the base of the steps, but Tarver stands firm and demands he gets into the ring. There are some obvious signs of worry from the fans. Tarver's demeanour quickly changes back to normal and he drops the front, speaking in a much calmer tone.

Michael Tarver: Cole, calm down; I didn't mean to get angry at you. It is just... this is very important to me, and I'm kinda passionate about my sons and how they view me; I just want to explain my actions to you man-to-man.

Tarver beckons for Cole to come out of the corner, which the petrified announcer does, but he is still very cautious.

Michael Tarver: I'm going to be honest with ya here, Michael; I attacked Justin Gabriel last week because I was angry. I was angry that he beat me two weeks ago; I don't like losing that much.

Michael approaches Cole slowly, and he motions to Cole that everything is okay.

Michael Tarver: Cole, its okay; I just want you to answer one question for me.

Cole gulps visibly as Tarver remains calm.

Michael Tarver: Why do you think Justin Gabriel cost me my match last week?

Tarver shoves the microphone into Cole's face.

Michael Cole: I...I... Maybe he was angry j-just like you were? Look, I'm really sorr-

Michael Tarver: Shut up! I said answer the damn question, I don't care about yo damn apologies! But I getcha, he mighta been angry too, that makes sense. Then why is it, when Justin Gabriel and I have the same motive for attacking each other, I am branded, by you, as a coward... but you actively cheered when Justin Gabriel attacked me? Is that not just blatant hypocrisy?

The microphone is again almost shoved down Cole's throat, but this time there is no answer. Cole doesn't know what to say. Tarver smiles and returns the microphone back to his own face.

Michael Tarver: Just as I thought... so it is confirmed; Michael Cole is the biggest hypocritical waste of space to ever have walked God's green earth! I had to spend an hour last Wednesday night explainin' to my youngest son that Daddy isn't a bad man, and despite that he still hasn't looked at me in the same way since... and it is all YOUR FAULT!!

Tarver is furious now, and he walks right up to Cole, advancing on him. Cole backs up into the corner and puts his hands up again.

Michael Tarver: And I swear to the Mighty One right now... you are going to pay for it!

Tarver slams the microphone down on the mat and he grabs Cole and props him onto the top turnbuckle... and scoops him onto his shoulders!! The fans are shocked as Cole flails his arms and legs around desperately. Suddenly, Matt Striker's voice pops up on commentary.

Matt Striker: No! This is going to be it; Tarver is getting ready for that Death Valley Driver; someone please come and help out here!

Tarver looks at the camera with Cole propped onto his shoulders and he mouths “Daddy Loves You” and he prepares to drop Cole on the back of his head, but the fans start to cheer... because JUSTIN GABRIEL IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!!! Tarver drops Cole as Gabriel slides in... and he starts taking it to Tarver! Gabriel connects with a forearm to the face which is followed by another right hand! Tarver backs into the ropes but Gabriel sends him over with a Back Body Drop!!! Tarver gets back up again using the ropes as support... and Gabriel charges in, and Clotheslines him over the top rope! The fans ROAR as Tarver lands on the floor, and Gabriel quickly checks on the shaken Cole and he picks up the discarded microphone.

Justin Gabriel: Tarver! I've had enough of this! This has to end, and it will next week on the Supershow; because I want you in a No Disqualifications Match!!

The fans explode again, and Tarver stands at the base of the ramp mouthing “YOU GOT IT!” - THE MATCH IS ON!!


Gabriel stares at Tarver intensely and nods his head before he goes back to the corner and checks on the distraught Cole properly, asking him if he needs some medical support. Tarver starts to back up the ramp, happy with the chance to get his hands on Gabriel properly next week.

Matt Striker: Wow! Welcome to NXT ladies and gentlemen! What an announcement for our Supershow next week! We're going to see the first ever No Disqualifications Match on NXT! We're going to take a break now whilst we get Michael Cole sorted out, but stay tuned because the beast that is Ryback is in action... next!

Commercial Break

Returning to NXT and we get a shot of the announce tables, and Cole still looks quite shook up after what just happened before the break; we're shown a quick replay.

Matt Striker: Welcome back to NXT, everyone; I'm Matt Striker here with Michael Cole – it is great to see you back where you belong. But that was some really haunting words from Michael Tarver before the break.

Michael Cole: I'd rather not talk about it if it is all the same to you, can we just... move on with the show? We've got a lot to get through.


There's a pretty large pop from the fans as the extremely catchy tune pumps through the sound system, and RYBACK walks out onto the stage in his singlet as per usual. He nods his head along to the music as he bounds down the ramp; not making much of an effort to acknowledge the fans.

Matt Striker: Ryback is one of the two men that is still undefeated here on NXT, along with Bryan Danielson; and I've got to say; this man seems invincible in that ring, he is a pure machine.

Michael Cole: He is very strong, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he is able to do tonight.

Matt Striker: His NXT career so far reads dominating victories over Heath Slater, Darren Young and David Otunga.

Michael Cole: We've seen a small issue develop between those three; all of them want to be the man who is able to knock Ryback off.

Matt Striker: If someone is able to do that, I'm sure everyone will be looking at them as a possible Wrestlemania candidate.

Ryback gets into the ring and he stomps around it a little and pounds his fist against the top turnbuckle in one of the corners as he patiently waits for his opponent.


It is actually the first time that HEATH SLATER's entrance music has been heard on NXT, and the 'One Man Band' walks out onto the stage without a microphone, with a much more serious look on his face that what we have previously seen. He is still clad in his usual get up, with Guitar Hero guitar and everything. Ryback doesn't look intimidated one bit, knowing he is facing a man he has already beaten.

Michael Cole: In our premiere episode of NXT, Ryback dominated Heath Slater and since then Ryback has not lost a match, but Heath Slater has not won a match so far here on NXT.

Matt Striker: We saw last week though that Heath Slater claims he has 'something special' for Ryback tonight; could it be this apparent change in attitude? A more serious side to Heath Slater tonight?

Michael Cole: Each week Slater has came out here and talked the talk, but never been able to back it up in the ring. I think a change in attitude is exactly what this young man needs.

Matt Striker: If I was Heath Slater, I'd use my speed here against Ryback; don't let him get the chance to build up any momentum. As we've already seen, it takes a lot to stop Ryback once he gets started.

Slater gets to the bottom of the ramp and he keeps his eyes locked on his gargantuan opponent as he jumps up onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring. He immediately passes his accessories over to ringside, but he make sure he leaves his guitar on the apron by under the bottom turnbuckle. The referee checks with Slater that he is ready to go as his music fades out, and the official does the same with Ryback, and 'The Best from Sin City' merely nods at him to signal he is ready. As both men are raring to go, the referee calls for the bell so tonight's action can get started!

Match One:
Ryback vs Heath Slater

The bell rings, and there is a somewhat awkward staredown between both men as Ryback keeps his eyes lock on Slater with a grin, as Slater cautiously waits for Ryback to make his move. 'Back lunges forwards to grab Slater, but the 'One Man Band' gets out of the way and sidesteps aroudn the ring, Ryback angrily turning around and measuring Slater again. Ryback moves to grab Slater again, but Heath grabs the ropes and demands that the referee keep Ryback away, much to the annoyance of Ryback and the crowd. Slater continually demands that Ryback is sent right to the other corner of the ring before he comes out, but after a few moments Ryback loses his concentration and he barges past the referee; and Slater is trapped in the corner! Ryback take advantage with some heavy Shoulder Thrusts into Slater's ribs, before he whips Slater across the ring with so much force into the opposite turnbuckle, that Slater comes stumbling back into the centre of the ring; only for Ryback to flatten him with a Shoulder Block! Slater arches his back on the mat as Ryback marches around the ring once nodding his head as he looks to build some momentum.

Ryback walks back over to Slater and stands over him with one foot each side of his body, and he reaches down and lifts Slater all of the way back up to his feet by his neck!! Ryback then quickly clasps his arms around Slater's body and throws him over his head with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Slater lands hard on his back again, but he smartly grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself down to the floor in front of the announce tables. Ryback heads to go and follow up out of the ring, but the referee stops him and begins the count on Slater, trying to get the match flowing in the ring. Ryback ignores the official's request and exits the ring through the ropes on the camera side, and he goes to walk around the steps, but Slater quickly reacts – and kicks the steel steps right into Ryback's knee!! Ryback drops down to the floor, holding his knee in some pain, and Slater scrambles back into the ring and demands that the referee begins to count Ryback out!

Holding his knee whilst leaning against the barricade, Ryback realises that he is in danger of being counted out here, but at the count of 7, he is able to slide back in under the bottom rope, and right away Slater is on him like a rash; stomping away on the knee that was struck by the steel steps. Despite Slater furiously pounding away at his leg, Ryback manages to make it up to his feet, and he pushes Slater back against the ropes, but it is clear that Ryback can't plant that left knee. Slater reounds off of the ropes and Ryback goes for a standing clothesline, but Slater ducks and comes back off of the opposite ropes and he takes Ryback down with a Chop Block!! Ryback drops down onto his mat and he holds his knee up in the air. Slater delivers another boot to the knee joint, and then grabs Ryback's boot, and he turns the knee to the side, bending the knee awkwardly, causing Ryback some obvious discomfort. The commentators note hat this different attitude we've seen from Slater in this match has really helped him.

Slater cranks back on Ryback's knee, further contorting it out of place. Ryback grits his teeth and winces as the hold is locked in tight. He reaches out for the ropes but is only a finger tip away. Ryback uses his superior strength to edge himself further towards the ropes, and he is able to grasp his hand around the middle rope!! The referee implements a 5-Count to try and make Slater breaks the hold, and the cocky heel smartly relents after 4, but delivers a definitive stomp to the knee. The offical demands that Slater back off, and he does into the centre of the ring and NOW he takes the chance to taunt everyone and he strums his air guitar as Ryback starts to use the ropes and gingerly gets back up to his feet. Slater charges in at Ryback... and Ryback lifts him up into the air... and slams him into the mat with a Military Press Slam!! Slater flops about on the canvas and Ryback drops down in pain as he favours the knee again, but is quick to use the ropes to get to his feet... and he starts to motion for his Meathook Clothesline! Slater gets to his feet and Ryback attempts to charge in - but he isn't as fast as usual, and Slater cuts him off with a dropkick to the knee!!!

Ryback ROARS in pain on the mat, groaning in agony as Slater gets to his feet with a smug grin on his face. Ryback starts to bring himself back on his feet, and Slater prepares himself to go at Ryback again, and Slater charges at Ryback; and is taken out by a Shoulder Block!! Slater holds the back of his head as Ryback looks around the arena with a pissed-off look on his face, most likely that he's in a match that has almost gone 5 minutes now. Limping on his bad knee, Ryback starts to make his way to the corner, and he uses it to take some pressure off of his knee as well as prepare for his devastating clothesline. Ryback has a look of pure intensity in his eyes as he measures Slater, who is bringing himself up to his feet in the centre of the ring. Ryback once again charges into Slater... and connects with the MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE... TO THE REFEREE!!! SLATER DUCKED!!! Everyone is in shock as the referee is decked and out like a light, and Ryback tries to revive the official by shaking him but to no avail. Slater recovers in the corner and holds the back of his head, but suddenly everyone's attention turns to the stage...

Where a man we've not seen before is walking down the ramp... and he's carrying one of those Guitar Hero controllers that Slater has! Ryback is yet to noticed the man's presence, who is also dressed like a rockstar with a red bandanna around his head and he has a sinister smile on his face as he slowly walks down to the ring. Slater has also not noticed the man coming down the ramp, but Ryback does and he turns around and stares at the rocker with a confused look on his face. The man reaches the base of the ramp and he hops up onto the apron with his eyes locked on Ryback, and 'The Beast from Sin Cityb' walks over to the ropes and stares him in the face... but Slater comes from behind and clubs Ryback in the back! Ryback no-sells the hit and turns around to Slater... but he doesn't see the man get into the ring – and SMASH THE GUITAR OFF OF RYBACK'S SKULL!!! Ryback drops to the mat as shards of plastic scatter the ring, and the mystery man receives a lot of heat for his actions as he and Slater slide the plastic remnants out of the ring and try to get the ref to come around. The unknown man now slides out of the ring and Slater jumps on top of Ryback and hooks the injured leg! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

Winner: Heath Slater via Pin fall (6.34)


SLATER WINS! SLATER WINS! There's a hell of a lot of booing in the arena as this man slides back into the ring and beats the exhausted referee to the punch to raise Slater's hand and both men embrace with broad grins on their faces.

Michael Cole: What the? What?! Oh My! Ryback lost? I want answers now, Striker, who is that guy? You've gotta know; you know everyone there is to know in this business!

Matt Striker: I've seen this guy before, Cole! That's... that's Jimmy Rave! What is he doing here on NXT? He's been a big feature in the independent circuit for a while, is he the something special from Heath Slater?

Michael Cole: Well he dresses like him, he has that video game guitar! This has to have been pre-meditated! I'm in shock, Matt, we've seen someone stop the monster that is Ryback.

Matt Striker: Ryback has been dangerous and dominant without just cause, the mind can only imagine what this powerhouse is capable of now he has a reason and a motive for revenge.

Slater and (the man I can confirm to be) JIMMY RAVE now begin to back up the ramp, jubilant with smiles as Slater has now finally got on the right track to a ticket to Wrestlemania. Ryback is just coming to in the ring and he looks back at Slater & Rave with a look of hatred in his eyes as he silently vows revenge and the camera fades out...

… to DARREN YOUNG who has apparently watched the whole thing on a monitor! He rubs his chin and nods his head to and has a somewhat surprised expression on his face that Slater was able to pull the win out of the bag.

???: Hey, Darren! Can I talk to you?

Young turns around to see that DAVID OTUNGA has walked behind him, and Young turns around to the 'A-Lister' with a disapproving look after the conversations we've heard these two have recently. Otunga though, speaks in an apologetic tone.

David Otunga: Darren, I just want to say that I'm really sorry about what I said last week.

Darren Young: Hey man, don't worry-

David Otunga: Oh, I wasn't finished. I'm sorry... that I've not made myself clear enough yet; no one wants you here.

The fans booing Otunga's comments probably show quite the contrary. Young bites his lips before he calms himself down and looks right into Otunga's smug face.

Darren Young: I'm sick an' tired of you actin' like you are better than everyone else; what makes you better? Nothin'!

Otunga doesn't react.

Darren Young: I'm not going to be told where I do or don't belong, especially by someone like you.

David Otunga: Someone like me? The hell are you talking about?

Darren Young: Oh, I think you know exactly what I'm talkin' about! I'm here because of my skills in that ring and my natural ability. You're here on name value, because you're some red carpet arm candy!

Was that a mini-shoot? The fans pop quite loudly, and Otunga is left speechless.

Darren Young: An' I have no problem proving it to ya either, so I'll see you out there, A-List.

Young now pats Otunga on the shoulder with a sarcastic smile on his face before he leaves the shot, and Otunga is left looking incensed, kicking a small crate as we watch him walking away.

Commercial Break

We return to the interview area, and NAOMI is standing in between HEATH SLATER and the man that we saw for the first time tonight JIMMY RAVE. The rockers are in high spirits after Slater secured his first NXT win, but Naomi looks a little worried for her own safety.

Naomi: I'm here with Heath-

Suddenly, Slater snatches the microphone out of Naomi's hand and looks down at her.

Heath Slater: I'll take it from here, toots, scram!

Naomi doesn't leave the set, she just back away so both men can fill up more of the camera space.

Heath Slater: I told the WORLD last week that I had somethin' special in store for Ryback ta-night; and when the ONE MAN BAND BAYBAYY promises somethin'; he damn sure delivers! And here he is! Introduce yourself to the WORLD!

Slater passes the stick over to his bandanna-wearing friend, Jimmy Rave.

Jimmy Rave: My name is Jimmy Rave, and I am the newest member of the NXT roster. My life consists of three things; Wrestlin', my music and women!

Rave turns around and raises his eyebrows at Naomi, who almost chucks up.

Jimmy Rave: Now I am here to help my friend Heath Slater, 'The One Man Band' is now going to become the One Man Champion!

Heath Slater: That's right! My chances of goin' to Wrestlemania have doubled BAYBAY! What we did to Ryback ta-night is just a little taster of what we can do.

Slater is a little more serious now.

Heath Slater: Ta-night was only our first hit, and soon enough, you'll be hearin' our whole setlist. WOOOO-AHH RUN JIMMY!!

Slater and Rave quickly scarper out of the shot as we hear some loud banging from down the corridor. The microphone flies up into the air and Naomi catches it with both hands... but she goes from being impressed with herself to scared shitless as a seething RYBACK is standing next to her! The fans cheer loudly, but the big man breathes heavily, as it seems he has given up his pursuit of the bandmates. Ryback looks down at Naomi, and the scared interviewer slowly raises the microphone up to Ryback's mouth, and he looks in the direction of where Slater and Rave ran off in.

Ryback: Feed. Me. Two.

Ryback nods his head before marching off in the direction his attackers scampered away in.

FEBRUARY 16 2010

Michael Cole: That's right everyone, next week, live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, NXT will present to you our first ever 90 Minute Special Supershow!

Matt Striker: Not only that, but as you know our NXT Superstars have been competing for Champion Points which will ultimately give two of them a ticket to the Grandest Stage of Them All; well next week, each match will be contested under Double Points.

Michael Cole: One man I know that I am looking forwards to is between two of the hottest prospects in NXT at the moment; Wade Barrett and the Champion Points Leader Bryan Danielson will go one-on-one for the very first time next week in Kansas City.

Matt Striker: Ever since Episode One, Bryan Danielson has topped our Table, and with his shocking victory over the United States Champion, The Miz, last week, he's got a four point lead over Ryback; his nearest challenger, as well as the chance to extend it further tonight in our main event.

Michael Cole: Well Wade Barrett's issue with Danielson is that he feels that he's already had his chance in the WWE, and he blew it nine years ago, according to The Miz as well as Wade Barrett. In my eyes, Bryan Danielson has earned his place on the roster and I think NXT will be in very good hands if he is the one that is able to pull out the victory at Wrestlemania.

Matt Striker: I'd watch what you say, Cole, you know what happened last time you let your thoughts on a particular Superstar be known.

Michael Cole: I know, I remember. But next week it is a match that we are all looking forwards to; Michael Tarver and Justin Gabriel will do battle in a No Disqualifications match next week.

Matt Striker: Ever since this show began these two have been at each other's throats; trading wins, post match and backstage brawls, as well as Gabriel costing Michael Tarver his match last week. It is all going to come to a head next week on the Supershow.

Michael Cole: Speaking of costing matches, we saw earlier tonight Heath Slater defeat Ryback after the man we can now safely identify as Jimmy Rave, helped Slater to victory; handing Ryback his first ever loss on NXT.

Matt Striker: As we just saw before the commercial break, Ryback hasn't exactly taken this defeat well; I fear that we may have no production materials left.

Michael Cole: Anyway, here I have a memo hot off of the press; Ryback will be taking on BOTH Heath Slater AND Jimmy Rave next week LIVE on the NXT Supershow!

Matt Striker: Woahhh!


An initial pop as his arrival means that it is time for the main event, but once WADE BARRETT has walked out onto the stage he receives his usual booing from the NXT fans. Surprisingly, Barrett is without his trademark frown... as it appears he is actually in a good mood ahead of this tag team match – NXT's first. Barrett strides down the ramp with his arms raised, and he actually grabs a microphone before he gets into the ring.

Michael Cole: It is that time again folks; and we have another mouth watering main event lined up for you!

Matt Striker: Wade Barrett is in a good mood. This is a first in NXT, and I think it is because he gets two chances to get his hands on Bryan Danielson; he's got tonight as well as on the Supershow next week.

Michael Cole: A fantastic chance for either one of these two to build some momentum and possibly get into the head of their opponent for next week.

Matt Striker: If Wade Barrett gets his way; he'll be hitting Bryan Danielson's head with that Bull Hammer Elbow. Let's hear what he has to say.

Barrett's music has now faded out and he stands in the centre of the ring in his wrestling trunks; he waits for the fans to die down a little with their boos, but then he begins to talk; retaining the smile on his face.

Wade Barrett: As I am sure you are all aware of, next week, I, Wade Barrett, will be going one-on-one with a Bryan Danielson.

The very mention of Danielson sends the fans into a massive pop which causes his smile to flicker.

Wade Barrett: Cheer all you want you worthless worms, because there is not a thing any of you can do when I knock him out next week! You know? I might just knock him out in our Tag Team Match tonight as well to give all of you a small preview of things to come.


Wade Barrett: Because at the end of the day, that is all tonight is, isn't it? A preview of the pain and torture that Bryan Danielson is going to have to endure the second the bell rings next week.

Barrett is taking some enjoyment just fantasising about what is going to happen.

Wade Barrett: It makes no difference to me that he has travelled the world seven times to hone his craft; because there is not one man, woman or child that can withstand a hit from my Bull Hammer.

The cocky Englishman holds his right elbow up at shoulder level.

Wade Barrett: I would also like tonight to be known as the night where I declare my full intentions to compete at Wrestlemania... and win the NXT Championship. All of you people here tonight are now part of history; you will be telling your grandchildren about the day where Wade Barrett promised to bring the NXT Title home to Great Britain.


Barrett drops the microphone to the mat and he nods along to his music as we head off for the final commercial.

Commercial Break

Coming off of the last commercial of the evening, and 'One Two Three' is playing through the sound systems as we're cutting back in half way through DARREN YOUNG's entrance, a quick shot of the ring showing that DAVID OTUNGA made his entrance during the break as he is in the ring with Barrett; the two discussing some last minute tactics. Young waits on the bottom of the ramp and he looks up into the ring at his opponents with a very large grin on his face and he motions behind him for...


The arena EXPLODES for the loudest pop of the night by far, as BRYAN DANIELSON walks out onto the stage!! 'The American Dragon' wears his maroon overcoat over the top of his wrestling gear, he walks down the ramp briskly with his eyes locked on Wade Barrett, who is stretching his arm out.

Michael Cole: Bryan Danielson; the only man left on the NXT roster who has yet to have suffered defeat, winning every one of his matches; most notably last week where he was able to PIN the United States Champion!

Matt Striker: Well, we saw last night on Raw what The Miz thought of that, and he actually got goaded into defending his championship against MVP at Elimination Chamber because of his loss to Bryan Danielson.

Michael Cole: Well The Miz is in the past for Bryan Danielson, and he has a shot against his opponent next week tonight, as Wade Barrett said, tonight is a preview for things to come next week.

Matt Striker: What I'd like to see is if they want to get their hands on each other tonight; one of them might not want to risk giving anything away so close to their forst ever one-on-one match.

Michael Cole: That's right. Tonight is a chance for these two to pinpoint any chinks in the armour of their adversary.

Danielson joins Young at the bottom of the ramp and both men now leap onto the apron and climb onto the turnbuckles in unison; Danielson seemingly allowing Young to join in with the singing of the chorus. The face team jump into the ring and then high five as Barrett and Otunga look unimpressed. The referee gets into the middle of things and requests that both teams head over to their corners, and decide who will start the match. Much to the approval of the fans, Bryan Danielson will be starting things off for his team, and Otunga is able to convince Barrett that he should start.

Main Event:
Tag Team Match:
Wade Barrett & David Otunga vs Bryan Danielson & Darren Young

The bell rings and both Danielson and Otunga make their way to the centre of the ring and they look to initiate a lock up, but Otunga stops... and he points past Bryan and indicates that he wants Darren Young! Danielson turns around to his partner, who nods his head rapidly, so Danielson turns to tag Young in, but Otunga clobbers Danielson from behind!! The fans boo, and Young looks furious as Barrett claps and laughs on the apron. Otunga lifts Danielson up by the neck and looks around to the fans before he forcefully drives his knee into Bryan's chest twice before taking him over with a Scoop Slam! Danielson's back arches and Otunga lifts him up off of the mat again and takes him over with a very impressive Snap Suplex! Danielson is again holding his back and Otunga nods his head with a confident smile as he's gotten off to a good start in this match. Otunga backs off of the ropes and he lands with a knee to Danielson's face which does look nasty, before he covers him for a quick pin; One...Tw-Kickout!

Otunga isn't disheartened at all by failing to put his opponent away this early on, and he stays on the offensive in a big way as he gets on top of Danielson and uses his left hand to keep his head in place and he delivers some stiff right hands to the top of Danielson's head! Danielson tries to get up some form of block, but Otunga's blows are too powerful for 'The American Dragon' to do anything about them. Otunga gets off of Danielson but he keeps hold of his arm to pull him back to his feet. Otunga backs both himself and Danielson into the corner, before he Irish Whips Bryan across the ring into the other neutral corner; following in as well. Danielson hears Otunga coming behind him, and he smartly grabs onto the top rope and tries a float over, but Otunga sees it coming and catches Danielson on his shoulder! Otunga walks towards the centre of the ring with Bryan on his shoulder, and he looks to Powerslam him – but Danielson wriggles and flips himself around – DDT!!! Both men are now down in the ring as they both stare up to their partners to hopefully get some rest. Both Danielson and Otunga are able to tag Young and Barrett in respectively at the same time!

Young hops over the top rope as Barrett steps through the ropes into the ring, and Young comes in hot off of the gate, charging at Wade. Barrett goes for a right hand but Young is able to duck it and he carries on to rebound off of the opposite ropes and he takes Barrett down with a Flying Shoulder Tackle! Young slaps his hands together and he quickly heads up to the corner and places himself on the top rope and he waits for Barrett to turn around; catching him with a beautiful Diving Cross Body from the top rope! The fans cheer loudly and Young stays on top of him for the cover! One...Two-Barrett kicks out! Young springs right back up, shouting for Barrett to “COME ON!”, and once the Englishman is back up to his feet, Young lines him up and charges in again, but Barrett sees him coming and catches Young; elevating him up over his head – and Young freefalls all the way back down onto his front!! The fans boo Barrett for countering, but some applaud that impressive counter. Barrett smirks as Young writhes in pain on the canvas.

Grabbing Young by the hair, Barrett picks him up and sends him into his team's corner. Young's back crashes off of the turnbuckle hard, and Barrett gets right in there and starts to lay into the mid section with right and left handed blows, utilizing his experience of Bareknuckle fighting. Barrett holds out his arm and Otunga accepts the tag; relishing the chance to get a piece of Darren Young. Otunga quickly gets in through the ropes as Barrett holds him in place; Otunga taking a shot to the exposed mid section which causes Young to groan out in pain. Otunga grabs a hold of Young's arm and pulls him further towards the centre of the ring and keeps his grip on the arm; pulling him in for a Short Arm Clothesline! Young drops to the mat, but notably, Otunga retains his tight grip on the wrist and yanks Young back up to his feet. Otunga lets out a small roar and flattens Young with another impactful Clothesline! The grip is released now, and Otunga drops down for a cover on Young... One...Two..Shoulder up! Otunga isn't too fussed, just happy get got some hurt on Young, and he pulls the partyboy over towards Barrett, and tags the ruthless Englishman back in to the match.

The ever-efficient Barrett wastes no time in continuing the wearing down process, as he plucks Young off of the mat, and grabs him from behind; showing off his strength by holding Young up for a few seconds – before he drops Young stomach-first across his knee with a perfect Gutbuster! Barrett gets right back up off of his knees, and not giving Young a chance to get back to his feet, he pulls John Cena's long lost brother back up to his feet. Barrett pushes Young back against the ropes and then shoots him across the ring; looking to meet him in the centre of the ring with a clothesline which Young is able to duck! D.Young continues his momentum, but runs right into a Kitchen Sink from Barrett! The perfectly placed knee does the trick, and Young scrambles against the ropes to get some separation from Barrett. This, however, plays right into the Englishman's hands as he puts Young through the ropes and turns him around – to repeatedly drive his knee right into Young's face!! With every strike, Young's arms go limper and limper, until the referee is forced to pull Barrett away from his helpless opponent. Young slumps on the apron and Otunga takes the opportunity to boot him in the face whilst the ref is scolding Barrett!

It is a lot of heat for the heelish move, and Young rolls back into the ring holding his face with his hands. Barrett now stalks Young and delivers a calculated stomp to the exposed midsection, juggling up Young's insides some more. Barrett grabs Young around the neck and pulls him up, and from behind, he places his body under one of Young's arms and then pulls back on his head; locking him in an Abdominal Stretch! Young grits his teeth and groans in pain as Barrett contorts his body using the very same hold he tried to best Young with in Episode One. Young seems annoyed he has found himself in it again, but he uses the past experience to know how to get out of it and he delivers a couple of sharp jabs to Barrett's ribs, which causes Wade to lose his grip on the hold! Young drops to a knee to recover, and Barrett runs off of the ropes and comes back into a Back Body Drop from Young! Great counter! Both men are now down, Young out of pure exhaustion, but he is desperate to crawl towards Danielson, who extends his hand as far as his reach will allow, but it is close enough as Young gets the tag! Here comes Bryan Danielson!

Barrett is able to get to his feet in time to meet Danielson, but he has no defence at all for a stinging Knife Edge Chop! (WOOOO!) Barrett screams in pain and scurries backwards into his corner, allowing Otunga to slap his back to tag himself back in. This gains a lot of heat from the fans as Barrett almost falls through the ropes; wanting no part of Danielson tonight. Otunga gets into the ring, stepping through the ropes, and the fired up Danielson has his guard up. Otunga charges in for a clothesline, but Danielson ducks it; and delivers a kick to the back of the knee as Otunga goes past! David holds his leg, but this leaves the other one open for another shoot kick – Otunga is on his knees! Danielson wastes no time getting in front of Otunga; and he starts laying into him with shoot kicks to the chest!! After the first three kicks, Otunga's guard completely drops, and there is nothing stopping Danielson from caving in his chest with these boots! After around fifteen kicks to the chest, Danielson pauses for a second to let out a defiant scream; and he caves Otunga's head in with a Roundhouse Kick to the head!!

Danielson stands over Otunga whilst breathing heavily, and he turns to Young with a relieved smile on his face, but Young points behind him, and instinctively Danielson turns around; right into the Winds of Change from Wade Barrett! Barrett revels in the heat from the fans, and he increases the booing by charging over and tackling Young off of the apron! The referee berates Barrett as he shepherds him back to his corner, but he has to quickly turn around as Otunga has draped an arm across Danielson's chest! One...Two...Thr-NO! Otunga rolls onto his back with his head in his hands, and he gets back to his feet, bringing Danielson up with him... and he goes for The Verdict – but Bryan counters with the go-behind... German Suplex! The fans roar and Barrett's smirk suddenly drops fro his face as Bryan casts him a determined look and makes his way over to his team's corner, and climbs up it. Bryan gives Barrett a menacing stare from the top and then leaps... Diving Headbutt!!! Bryan sells the impact to his head for a moment, before he crawls over to Otunga and hooks the leg! One...Two...Thr-NO! Barrett breaks the count!

Its some more booing for the Englishman, but he doesn't get a chance to follow up, as Darren Young slides back into the ring, and he grabs Barrett by the trunks and neck, sending him packing over the top rope! Wade crashes to the floor, and Young slides under the bottom rope to follow up. Meanwhile, in the ring, Danielson and Otunga start to make their way back up to their feet, and Otunga goes for a wild right hand, but Danielson grabs the arm, and is able to lock him in that LeBell Lock!!! The same move that made Heath Slater tap out two weeks ago has showed its head again! Otunga scrambles around and he realises that he is slap bang in the middle of the ring! Suddenly, there's a thud from the outside, as Barrett hurls Young into the ring barricade... and then notices what is happening in the ring! Wade makes a beeline and just gets his arms in... but it is too late – Otunga taps!!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Darren Young via Submission (10.44)
(Bryan Danielson receives 3 Champion Points, Darren Young receives 1 Champion Point)


The fans cheer loudly and Danielson breaks the hold as soon as he hears the bell, rising to his feet triumphantly. Not realising what happened to Young, the referee just grabs Danielson's arm and lifts it in victory. There's a slight buzzing from the crowd however, and the people at home are able to peer behind Danielson's shoulder and he turns around... right into the BULLHAMMER FROM BARRETT!!! The music cuts out instantaneously as Barrett looks down at Danielson with a smirk plastered across his face and 'The American Dragon' is 100% out of it.

Michael Cole: Oh, come on! Wade Barrett didn't want any of Bryan Danielson in that match; choosing only to attack him when his back was turned... and now this! That damn Bullhammer Elbow striking again tonight!

Matt Striker: Well you do have to believe that if Wade Barrett is able to connect with that Bullhammer next week, Bryan Danielson's winning streak could well come to an abrupt end.

Michael Cole: The bottom line here is though that Bryan Danielson is now on THIRTEEN Champion Points heading into the Supershow next week... if he can make Barrett tap out he could potentially seal his place at Wrestlemania!

Matt Striker: Be that as it may, but as we've seen from Barrett tonight; he may just be too smart to be out manoeuvred by Danielson.

Michael Cole: Two of the standout NXT Superstars are going to lock horns next week on our first ever Supershow! I've been Michael Cole, alongside Matt Striker, and we'll see you next week for 90 Minutes!

The only sound that can be heard is the verbal disapproval of the fans as Wade Barrett stands over Bryan Danielson with his foot defiantly on his chest, the proud Englishman looking into the camera with a devilish smirk as we fade...to...black.



Champion Points Table

1 – Bryan Danielson – 13 Points
2 – Ryback – 6 Points
=3 – Justin Gabriel – 4 Points
=3 – Wade Barrett – 4 Points
=5 – Heath Slater – 2 Points
=5 – Michael Tarver – 2 Points
7 – Darren Young – 1 Point
8 – David Otunga – 0 Points


16th February 2010
Sprint Center - Kansas City, Missouri


Bryan Danielson vs Wade Barrett

No Disqualifications Match:
Justin Gabriel vs Michael Tarver

Two-on-One Handicap Match:
Ryback vs Heath Slater & Jimmy Rave

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