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WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression


WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle ©

The Rock def. Stone Cold

Street Fight
Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H © def. Booker T

Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle def. Los Guerreros and Chris Benoit and Rhyno

Womens Championship
Trish Stratus def. Victoria © and Jazz

The Undertaker def. A-Train and Big Show

Cruiserweight Championship
Matt Hardy © def. Rey Mysterio



General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentary Team: Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Backstage Interviewer: Jonathan Coachman and Terri Runnels
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

Al Snow
Batista [Inactive; injury]
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chief Morley
Chris Jericho
Chris Nowinski
D-Von Dudley
Jeff Hardy
Lance Storm
Lita [Inactive; injury]
Molly Holly
Randy Orton [Inactive; injury]
Ric Flair [Also manager to Triple H]
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stacy Kiebler [Also valet to Test]
Steven Richards
The Hurricane
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Trish Stratus
William Regal [Inactive; injury]

Tag Teams, Stables and Alliances

3 Minute Warning [Rosey and Jamal]
Evolution [Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista]
Kane and Rob Van Dam
The Dudley Boyz [Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley]

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H
World Tag Team Championships: Chief Morley and Lance Storm
Womens Championship: Trish Stratus


General Manager: Stephanie McMahon
Commentary Team: Michael Cole and Tazz
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel

Big Show
Bill Demott
Billy Gunn [Inactive; injury]
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chuck Palumbo
Crash Holly
Dawn Marie
Edge [Inactive; injury]
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly [Inactive; injury]
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle [Inactive; injury]
Matt Hardy
Nathan Jones
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty [Inactive; injury]
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
The Undertaker
Torrie Wilson

Tag Teams, Stables and Alliances

Chris Benoit and Rhyno
Los Guerreros [Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero]
Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore
Team Angle [Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas]
The World's Greatest Tag Team [Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli]

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar
WWE Tag Team Championship: The World's Greatest Tag Team
Cruiserweight Championship: Matt Hardy



World Wrestling Entertainment Presents...
Live! Sunday, April 27th, 2003.
The Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Theme Song:
"Remedy" by Cold.

World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match

Triple H (c) vs. Booker T

WWE Championship
Singles Match

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Chris Benoit

The Rematch: Jericho vs. Michaels II
Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels


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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Great starting point for a rather disappointing year in the WWE, at least on the Raw side of things. Hope you can take this one to the full throttle. Interesting to see if you bring in DA MAN or if you decide not to bother, also be pretty cool to see where you go with Lesnar.

I'll do my best to keep up.
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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

This is a great place to start from, coming off the heels of IMO the best WrestleMania in history. Rosters looks good, I wish you the best with this mate
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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Monday Night Raw Results
March 31st, 2003
Seattle, WA.

“The Rock doesn’t need this! The Rock has had a Hollywood career, The Rock has done it all, and now…you people can kiss The Rock’s ass!” – The Rock.

‘Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye!’ was the chant that rang out around the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington just 24 hours removed from an epic Wrestlemania event, as The Rock informed the fans in attendance that he was leaving the WWE through a lack of respect from ‘the people’. Having stated he has done it all in the WWE, finally kicking Stone Cold’s ‘candy ass’ at the grand-daddy of ‘em all, The Rock declared he is done with the disrespect from ‘the people’ and walked out of the building, closing the show with the final image of ‘The Great One’ disappearing through the curtain.

The Rock announcing that he quit the WWE, however, did not overshadow other huge events on the show. This episode of Monday Night Raw opened with Triple H gloating in the spotlight following his win over Booker T the previous night, only for Booker to come down to the ring and say that he ‘ain’t no excuse maker’ but Ric Flair injuring Booker’s leg robbed him of a chance to realise his dream, and that he wants another shot at Triple H at Backlash. Triple H was defiant and told Booker to face that fact that he just wasn’t good enough, whilst Triple H is ‘that damn good’ and Booker is now at the back of the line for a title shot. The fans were hot for Booker T and started a ‘one more match’ chant, but Triple H laughed it off and told Booker that he is pathetic and not the right material to be a World champion – at which point, Booker slapped Triple H in the face! Triple H hammered back at Booker T with a flurry of punches, only for Booker to nail Triple H with a big right hand and send him staggering backwards. However, Ric Flair intervened on behalf of Triple H and attacked Booker’s injured leg with a chop block, grounding Booker who rolled around in agony. The segment came to a close with Triple H accepting Booker’s challenge – only if he could defeat Ric Flair in the main event!

When the main event rolled around, Booker T headed to the ring to a huge pop with a heavily bandaged left leg and from the very beginning, ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ attacked Booker’s injury. The 5-time WCW Champion fought valiantly for the whole bout, desperately combating Flair’s offence aimed towards the left leg, eventually catching Flair out of nowhere with a calf kick that looked as though it injured Booker further. However, Booker fought on and perched himself on the top rope, only for Triple H to interfere as Flair distracted the ref, with ‘The Game’ swiping Booker’s leg out from underneath him. This lead to Flair locking in the Figure Four on Booker, who looked extremely close to tapping – only to reverse the hold and put the pressure on Flair! Flair screamed in agony, just about grabbing the ropes, yet enough damage had been done for Booker to recover and hit the Scissors Kick out of nowhere as Flair climbed back to his feet, keeping Flair down for the 1-2-3! Booker celebrated in the ring to wild cheers from the fans, as Triple H looked on, glaring at his Backlash opponent.

One of the highlights of the show saw Chris Jericho taunt Shawn Michaels prior to Y2J’s match with Jeff Hardy, citing that ‘the wrong man won’ at Wrestlemania and Jericho will forever be better than HBK and that he is going to prove it when he kicks Jeff Hardy’s ass. In his match with Hardy, Jericho certainly showcased his talents, putting on a great bout with the high-flying fan-favourite, when Michaels suddenly hit the ring half way through the match as Jericho locked Jeff Hardy in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho released the hold and told Michaels to watch as he forces Jeff to tap out, yet Y2J turned around and walked right in to a Twist of Fate that was followed by a Swanton Bomb, which kept Jericho down for Jeff to cover him and pick up a big win! Post-match, Jericho looked infuriated as Michaels grinned at him from just outside the ring, patting Jeff Hardy on the back as Jericho kicked the bottom rope in anger.

Other matches that took place on Raw included Kane and Bubba Ray, as Kane looked to avenge his and Rob Van Dam’s loss the previous night before Wrestlemania XIX. Once again, however, both of The Dudley Boyz had a part to play in the out-come, as D-Von Dudley snuck in to the ring and they hit Kane with the 3D. This prompted Rob Van Dam to charge to the ring as his partner was handed the win via disqualification, only for him to receive a Bubba Bomb off of Bubba Ray. The Dudley Boyz left through the crowd as the team of RVD and Kane lay in the ring, beaten and bruised off of the attack.

The other matches that took place on Raw saw The Hurricane defeat Stevie Richards, pinning the eccentric lackey to Victoria following the Eye of the Hurricane, whilst Christian defeated Test cleanly in a good match after hitting the big man with the Unprettier. The only other match that took place on Raw saw Trish Stratus give Victoria a rematch for the Womens Championship after winning it off her at Wrestlemania in a Triple Threat match, which Trish won with a Chick Kick. Later on in the show, it was shown that Victoria wasn’t the only one who wanted the Womens Title still, however, as Jazz told Trish that she better watch her back.

With the first match for Backlash announced, as Triple H and Booker T go one-on-one for the World Heavyweight Championship, what will take place on next week’s Raw? Will Booker T continue to try and build momentum heading in to his massive match at Backlash? What does Chris Jericho have to say after he was cost a victory by Shawn Michaels? Find out on the next episode of Monday Night Raw!

Quick Results:
If Booker T wins, he faces Triple H at Backlash: Booker T def. Ric Flair via pinfall.
Jeff Hardy def. Chris Jericho via pinfall.
Kane def. Bubba Ray Dudley via disqualification.
Womens Championship: Trish Stratus def. Victoria via pinfall.
Christian def. Test w/ Stacy Keibler via pinfall.
The Hurricane def. Stevie Richards via pinfall.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results:
Al Snow def. Mark Jindrak (OVW)
Spike Dudley and Goldust def. Chris Nowinski and Rico
Rodney Mack def. Nova (OVW)


Latest News and Notes for the WWE.

- WWE officials were generally happy with how Monday Night Raw went, fresh off of an epic Wrestlemania XIX show that would have been hard to live up to. The primary focus for this show was setting up the Raw main event for Backlash.

- It is believed that Stone Cold Steve Austin’s current run is done with the WWE and he will not be around for some time. Word is that Austin was in hospital the night before Wrestlemania, and does not want to risk his health. Officials chose to let Austin leave quietly, as he was clearly off when he returned backstage at Wrestlemania and high-ups in the company wanted to give him the day off and let him rest before he flies home. Some remain uncertain on whether Stone Cold has fought his final match in the WWE.

- The Rock, meanwhile, kayfabe quit to start filming a new film. It is not yet known whether he will feature on WWE television any time soon, but the general consensus is that he is not truly done with the WWE.

- There were loud chants of ‘Goldberg’ on Monday Night Raw, as news has been leaked he was negotiating with the WWE. Nobody knows if the deal has been completed or when, if it has been agreed, Goldberg will make an appearance.

- WWE officials are supposedly high on both Jeff Hardy and Christian at the moment. The WWE wants to address depth issues in the WWE roster and wants to fill out the crews for both shows a little more, perhaps in preperation for the one-branded pay-per-views they are looking to introduce before the end of the year. There is no guarantee of big pushes, but Hardy and Christian could both be utilised in more storylines and higher-profile matches in the coming months.
A quick note: Shows will be written like this because I cannot invest a heap of time in weekly shows. Pay-per-views will be in full detail, but it is easier for to do shows in recap form, like so. It is also a very comfortable writing style for myself. I may try another style with the next's weeks shows to see what feels better for me and appeals more to you guys, also.

"You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it's all kiddie games. You can't leave a mark on the champ's face. Come Royal Rumble, understand, when you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God."

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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Great Raw man i enjoyed this writing style and simple to the point stuff. Glad The Rock will be able to take a little break hopefully he could be back by SummerSlam! Booker T vs Triple H again will be fun, Christian and Jeff Hardy getting pushes is going to be cool i think. I don't think Christian is ready for a World Title yet but at least he will be pushed same with Jeff Hardy. Lastly i hope we do get to see Goldberg in your WWE timeframe it would be really awesome to see a different interpretation of the Goldberg character in the WWE
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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

I guess it's time I delved into this feedbacking stuff.

First off, I do like the style, very simple though. I'd maybe like a little more detail but that's just me, other than that, what you had was good.

In a way surprised you got rid of Rocky as there was still a good load of shit he could have done. I'm hoping that with you keeping Booker T & Triple H in a feud means that Booker will remain as a main eventer for the red brand, he certainly deserved it in real life, honestly he should have won the belt. His match with Flair was well described for what you had, glad to see you continued to play on the injured leg from Mania.

Was nice to see Jeff get the rub too, didn't expect it when I began reading it. It makes sense in a way to continue the HBK/Y2J feud since Jericho kicked Shawn in the balls following their match so will be interesting to see where and how far you go with it.

There's not a whole lot more I can add to be honest since the raw was so short. I do like the style though, just hope you can expand on it, even if it's just a little bit. Was a good enough show, maybe not a WrestleMania fallout stature but good enough to progress some storylines. I do however hope that not every result at WrestleMania gets continued, would like to see some new feuds begin on Smackdown.

I'll keep on reading.
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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Smackdown! Results
April 3rd, 2003

Spokane, WA

Face to face in the middle of the ring with his newly confirmed Backlash opponent, ‘The Next Big Thing’ and new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar extended his hand to Chris Benoit to a rousing ovation from the fans in attendance. Lesnar, having not competed on the show due to injury following Wrestlemania main event match with Kurt Angle, nodded his head in approval of his challenger as Benoit exited the ring and headed up the ramp towards the curtain, when Rhyno re-appeared. ‘The Man Beast’ stood behind Benoit as Benoit turned and looked back at Lesnar, motioning with his hands and waist that he is going for the title, glaring a whole through his tag team partner and friend. Benoit turned around and locked eyes with Rhyno, yet no words were said as Smackdown went off the air, Rhyno clearly angered by what had happened only minutes before…

The Smackdown General Manager also informed everybody in attendance and watching at home that Kurt Angle is going to be out of action until the summer following a neck and hamstring injury. In the biggest news of the night, however, an 8 Man Battle Royal had been scheduled by Stephanie McMahon in the opening segment to determine Brock Lesnar’s opponent at Backlash, in to which some of Smackdown’s top talent was entered. Moving on, Benoit, Rhyno, John Cena, The Undertaker, A-Train, Big Show, Nathan Jones and Rikishi were entered in to the match to battle for a shot at Lesnar’s WWE Championship. Attempting to go the distance, Rhyno held on tight to the top rope as John Cena, who had just been eliminated by Undertaker, yanked ‘The Deadman’ on to the floor and out of the match as he did battle with Rhyno on the apron, before blasting ‘The Phenom’ in the kidneys with his steel chain. Cena left The Undertaker in agony on the floor, clearly enraged at Taker eliminating him, when suddenly, Benoit clotheslined Rhyno out to the floor. Rhyno stared up at Benoit with a look of frustration, but only received a fleeting glance back from Benoit as he went after the last man left in the match with him: Big Show. Only a couple of minutes later, Benoit ducked a charging attack from Show and pulled down the top rope, sending the 500 pounder crashing out to the floor and earning himself the victory, thus booking himself a shot at Lesnar’s WWE Title at Backlash!

Eddie Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin was the final singles match to go on, in the show, and it certainly left the main event with a lot to live up to. Prior to the match, the WWE Tag Team Champions – Benjamin and Charlie Haas – got on the microphone and spoke of how Kurt Angle would not be able to join them for a while now that he is side-lined with a neck injury. They informed everybody that Kurt had been a fantastic mentor for them, and they now feel, after disposing Los Guerreros and Rhyno and Chris Benoit with ease, they are worthy of the title ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’. Eddie Guerrero, however, was not ready to sit and listen to the champions rebrand their selves with a new self-proclaimed name, and he made his way to the ring to gain some redemption on Benjamin for the loss the night before. Both men put on a brilliant 15 minute match, and it looked as though Shelton Benjamin may have had it wrapped up as Benjamin hit Eddie with a Dragon Whip, yet Chavo Guerrero distracted Benjamin, much to the adulation of the fans in attendance. This gave Eddie the opportunity to recover and hit Benjamin with a low blow, rousing an even bigger pop for the fans, before climbing up to the top rope and hitting Benjamin with the Frog Splash. The referee turned around to see Eddie covering Shelton, and counted the pin as Charlie Haas went after Chavo Guerrero on the outside. Chavo and Eddie bailed, laughing and celebrating the win with fans along the ramp, whilst Charlie Haas tried to explain to the referee what had gone on as he knelt over his fallen, winded partner.

One more bout that took place on Smackdown, saw Rey Mysterio, fresh off of a loss to Matt Hardy at Wrestlemania, team with Billy Kidman to take on the Cruiserweight Champion, ‘The Sensei of Mattitude’ himself and Jamie Noble. Putting on a stellar tag team clash, the two teams went back and forth in a match including an excellent spot where Billy Kidman pulled down the ropes for Rey Mysterio to propel himself out onto both Hardy and Noble, nearly resulting in a 3 count against the Cruiserweight Champion upon Mysterio pinning him in the ring. However, Rey and Kidman just couldn’t dispose the Champion and his partner for the night, as Noble evaded a 619 from Mysterio and nailed him with a Tiger Driver. Suddenly, before Noble could even think about pinning the Mexican high-flying fan favourite, however, Matt Hardy tagged himself in and dragged Mysterio up to his feet: Twist of Fate! Hardy drove Rey in to the canvas and hooked the leg, keeping Mysterio down for the three count and pinning him twice in the space of a few days. Post-match, Shannon Moore - Hardy’s loyal ‘mattitude follower’, handed Matt his Cruiserweight Title and Hardy celebrated on the ramp, as Noble looked rather annoyed at what had just happened. As Noble watched on, looking wound up Hardy pinning Rey, Mysterio dropkicked him in to the second rope and nailed the 619, leaving the fans with something to cheer for as Hardy watched on with a cocky grin on his face. Later in the night, Hardy claimed in the a backstage interview that he’s pinned ‘that little Mexican jumping bean’ in the middle of the ring two times in the last week, and that now, nobody is good enough to face him for his Cruiserweight Championship and that ‘VEEE ONEEEAAAA’ is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in the history of professional wrestling.

The only other match to take place on Smackdown saw Scotty 2 Hotty make his in-ring return to take on Nunzio. The fans popped for Scotty as he danced his way down to the ring, a beaming grin on his face as he was clearly over-joyed to be back following a long lay-off with a neck injury. In a short match, Scotty combatted Nunzio’s tenacious style and attempts to work over Scotty’s neck, eventually ducking a Missile Dropkick and hitting the former ECW wrestler with a Facebuster before setting up for his finisher: The Worm. Scotty bounced around the right and crashed down across the throat of Nunzio, keeping him down long enough to get in a successful pin attempt and thus pick up the victory.

Quick Results:
Battle Royal: Winner faces Brock Lesnar at Backlash: Chris Benoit def. Big Show, Rhyno, Undertaker, John Cena, A-Train, Rikishi, Nathan Jones.
Eddie Guerrero def. Shelton Benjamin.
Scotty 2 Hotty def. Nunzio.
Matt Hardy and Jamie Noble def. Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman.

Velocity Taping Results:
The F.B.I (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli) def. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier (OVW).
Bill Demott def. Lance Cade (OVW).
Shannon Moore def. Frankie Kazarian (Tryout match).


Latest News and Notes for the WWE.

- Kurt Angle is ruled out from a return to the ring until July at the very least. Depending on how his recovery goes following a 'clean-up operation' on his neck, Kurt could return to the ring for Summerslam, but it is all relative to his recovery as things stand.

- WWE officials were very impressed with Frankie Kazarian during his tryout match that took place during the Velocity tapings. WWE wants to bolster the OVW roster with more talent to bring up to the main roster in the future, and it is believed that they are looking at several more talents who may get tryouts in the coming weeks. Names include: Bryan Danielson, Bobby Roode, Chris Mordetzky and Nigel McGuiness. WWE seems keen on Kazarian as things stand, but the general feeling within the company is that only two or three of the talents will be offered contracts during their tryouts.

- WWE are also keen on bringing back Tough Enough but with a slightly different format. One idea that has been reportedly suggested is using developmental talent, having a couple of WWE legends and current superstars train them and have the finalists compete in a televised 'final match' to determine who gets the contract for a main roster spot. This will be a slight change from past seasons of Tough Enough, where talent not on WWE's books has entered to prove they are 'tough enough' and deserve a developmental contract.

"You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it's all kiddie games. You can't leave a mark on the champ's face. Come Royal Rumble, understand, when you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God."

Once got negged for criticising the song Cameron released.
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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Oh crap... I think there's a WWE 2003 rivalry brewing

All jokes aside, I want to wish you the best of luck

Thoughts on RAW

Rocky leaving wasn't that much of a surprise, mainly since I went the same route and have him quit (Or so they think ).

Trips opening the show is probably the best way to go, since he is your Champ. Booker making excuses? Well, he does kinda have a point. Man, Triple H in '03 was a dick. He either played his character well, or he was an actual dick. Booker slapping Trips - man he's got balls. THE FIGHT IS ON~! Naitch' interfering on behalf of Trips was expected, but the last bit seemed a bit odd. I don't get why Triple H, would give Booker a chance of a re-match? Maybe something Bischoff should be doing, but I guess The Attitude Era's logic/booking did exist back then, so I suppose it doesn't really matter. I smell a Booker/Trips two at Backlash.

And I was right, of course I was Flair working Bookers leg linked well to the start of the show, and gave a story to the match. Smart booking. I always loved the reversal to the Figure 4. Booker and Trips is a smart decision for Backlash, and is the match you tend to see in most 2003 threads.

Jericho/Michaels continuing is good news, as I'm fully confident in your abilities to give us something different from other threads. Hardy wins, possible push? I wouldn't mind seeing a Hardy push, he tends to get booked rather weak in these parts, but I like him.

Dudleyz laying out Kane & RVD again, but one does wonder their motivation? Is it still Morley & co? Or is it a personal vendetta?

Christian, Trish and Hurricane getting wins is all fine by me. Christian push would be nice, and it looks like Jazz and Trish at Backlash... maybe?

All in all, for a recap/results, I actually enjoyed it Although, I'd loved to see some full shows from you. You seem to have potential, and I know that this is a good time period. Best of luck :

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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

Monday Night Raw Results
April 7th, 2003

Milwaukee, WI.

Three weeks away from what is shaping up to be an epic Backlash pay-per-view, Booker T and Triple H set the tone for what is sure to be their most hellacious confrontation yet, on Monday Night Raw. The show had begun with Booker T speaking before the fans, stating that he might not have lived the life as a saint and that he might not be the most talented superstar ever to step in to a WWE ring, but the fact that Triple H continues to question his ability and paint him as ‘the kind not good enough to hold a World championship’ has ignited a fire within him that makes him want to kick Triple H’s ass all over the arena and win the World Heavyweight Championship. The fans cheered Booker and applauded him as he told everybody that in three weeks, at Backlash, he will do everything in his power to defeat Triple H, but Booker was soon interrupted by ‘The Game’ himself and his good friend, Ric Flair. Triple H stood on the stage and told Booker T that he has heard it all before and that nothing has changed: ‘I am the real deal, I am the game, I am the World Heavyweight Champion for a reason…I am that damn good! And Booker…the fact of the matter is, you’re the type of person that just isn’t cut out to carry this title!’ claimed HHH, goading Booker T. Booker T looked increasingly angry as he stood in the ring, and eventually snapped, shouting at Triple H ‘Let’s not wait til Backlash, sucka! Let’s do this right now!’. The champion had other plans, however, as he told Booker that he proposes a tag team match for the main event of Raw, where he will team with Ric Flair against Booker T and a partner of his choice! Booker accepted the proposal and thus the main event for the show was booked.

When the main event rolled around, a lot of questions were raised as to who Booker’s partner would be for the match. As Triple H and Ric Flair stood in the ring eyeing their one 0pponent, Booker T got on the mic and stated that for one night only, there would be a reunion of Booker T and Goldust! Goldust, not long returned after being electrocuted at the hands of Triple H’s now-injured stable-mates Batista and Randy Orton, walked out on to the stage and stood alongside his partner as the fans started an impromptu ‘Bookdust! chant. Initially, ‘The Game’ and ‘The Nature Boy’ found the idea of Goldust posing a threat to them rather bemusing, but Goldust clearly saw nothing funny about the dispute and brought the fight to the Evolution pair! It wasn’t long before Triple H and Flair isolated Goldust from his partner, however, and the hate for Triple H in the sold-out US Cellular Arena reached fever pitch as ‘The Game’ knelt over Goldust in front of his partner and proceeded to brutally hammer away on the former Intercontinental champion’s skull. With Goldust having been brutally picked apart by Triple H and Flair, the match seemed all but done, yet Goldust managed to rake the eyes of Ric Flair as he was tagged in by Triple and made the hot tag to Triple H’s Backlash challenger. The fans went crazy as Booker steamed in to the ring, dropping Flair repeatedly with back-to-back clotheslines, before knocking Triple H flying off of the apron and in to the barricade. Booker then proceeded to build more and more momentum against ‘The Nature Boy’, even ducking a desperate knife edge chop attempt from Flair and kicking him the gut, signalling for the Scissor’s Kick…only for Triple H to nail Booker in the back of his injured leg with the sledgehammer as he bounced off the ropes! The fans in the arena booed wildly as Booker crumpled to the mat, holding his knee, whilst Earl Hebner ruled Booker T and Goldust as the winners via disqualification. The angered crowd were incensed as Triple H clambered in to the ring with his sledgehammer and World Heavyweight Championship, standing tall over Booker T as he clutched at his left leg in agony. Ric Flair patted the champion on the back with an arrogant grin on his face, drawing even more blood-thirsty heat from the fans, when suddenly, Goldust hit Triple H with a low blow! ‘The Game’ staggered backwards in to the corner of the ring, dazed and winded from the shot, as Goldust unleashed punch after punch after punch on Ric Flair. Flair desperately tried to get a shot in himself, yet Goldust evaded the strike and went for the Curtain Call! As he held Flair in position for the move, however, Triple H quickly jumped in and drove his sledgehammer right in to the midsection of Goldust. Having floored both Booker T and his partner, Triple H rolled out of the ring alongside Flair, content with the damage done, where he stood at the top of the ramp with his World Heavyweight Championship held high above his head as Monday Night Raw went off the air.

A lot of questions had been asked in the build-up to Raw regarding how Chris Jericho would respond to Shawn Michaels costing him a match against Jeff Hardy the previous week. Jericho showed up at Raw in a livid state, demanding to Eric Bischoff that he wants Michaels one-on-one later in the night. However, Bischoff informed Jericho that Michaels was already booked in a match for tonight, so instead he is going to book Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels one-on-one for Backlash! When HBK’s match with Christian rolled around, Jericho strolled out on to the stage and took a seat alongside Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at the announcers desk, citing that he is ‘only out there to watch his Backlash opponent and support a good buddy’. However, when Michaels evaded a flying crossbody from Christian and headed up to the top rope himself, presumably looking for his classic flying elbow drop, Jericho dropped his headset and sprinted down to ringside, jumping up on to the ring apron and distracting ‘The Heartbreak Kid’. The distraction gave Christian just enough time to recover and thumb Michaels in the eye, sending Michaels tumbling down to the canvas, and once Michaels was up, Christian planted him with the Unprettier in order to make the cover and pick up the victory.

After the Michaels/Christian match, Jericho stepped in to the ring and applauded Christian on his victory, before grabbing a microphone and a steel chair. Jericho placed the chair down alongside Michaels’ prone body and proceeded to cut a promo stating that he is better than Shawn Michaels and that Michaels’ Wrestlemania victory ‘was the biggest fluke in professional wrestling history’. Jericho stated that he will not only prove that he is better than Shawn Michaels at Backlash, but he will end Shawn Michaels’ career because he wants HBK’s final act to be ‘the night that Shawn Michaels was stretchered out of the arena with the real showstopper basking in his deserved spotlight’. With that, Jericho rose from the steel chair and folded it up, waiting for Michaels to get to all fours before hammering it across HBK’s back…time and time again. Michaels rolled around in agony, wincing in obvious pain as Jericho grinned at the dented chair, waiting for Michaels to get up. Michaels pulled himself up using the ropes, staggering across the ring, only for Y2J to blast him in the head with it! Michaels was sent tumbling through the ropes and out on to the floor, as Jericho smirked at the damage he had done, leaving half a dozen referees and EMT’s to rush to Michaels’ aid.

In other events from the night, Kane and Rob Van Dam seemed out for revenge following the attack by D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley the previous week, as the two teams faced off in a Number One Contenders match to determine who would be the next to challenge Chief Morley and Lance Storm for their World Tag Team Championships. The match could hardly be considered much of a contest though, as right from the beginning, the teams made it an all-out brawl, only going a few minutes before Rob Van Dam propelled himself on to both of The Dudley Boyz on the outside. Kane joined his partner out on the floor and the pair duelled with The Dudley Boyz all the way up the ramp, only for the referee to count both teams out. With the match ruled as a no contest, the brawling dissipated and the two teams looked around, clueless as to who are the new number one contenders to are. The cameras cut to Chief Morley and Lance Storm holding their World Tag Team Championships in the locker room in the back, watching the events happened at ringside with massive grins on their face, leaving questions as to the fate of the champions and who their next challengers are.

There were two more matches to take place on Monday Night Raw. The first kicked off the show as Jeff Hardy faced off against Christopher Nowinski in the opening match of the night. The fans were hot for the high-flier out of Cameron, North Carolina, trying to rile their favourite up for a victory, and were duly rewarded when Hardy evaded a clothesline from Nowinski and planted him into the canvas with a Twist of Fate, followed by heading up to the top rope and crashing down onto his arrogant opponent with a breath-taking Swanton Bomb, covering the Harvard graduate for the victory. The other match saw Jazz take on Jacqueline in a solid Divas bout. Going back-and-forth, the two Divas gave it their all until Jazz caught Jacqueline out with a stiff series of power moves rarely seen in the Divas division, finishing her off with the Bitch Clamp and motioning that she is going after Trish Stratus’ Womens Championship, using her hands in a motion around her waist to signify that she wants the gold.

As things heat up en route to the first pay-per-view following Wrestlemania, surely Booker T will be seeking revenge on Triple H next week, following Triple H’s cheap shot to Booker’s injured leg? What is the current condition of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ after Jericho’s grim assault following Michaels’ match with Christian? Just who are the number one contenders to Morley and Storm’s World Tag Team Championships? Find out more next week on Monday Night Raw!

Quick Results:
Booker T and Goldust def. Triple H and Ric Flair via disqualification.
Christian def. Shawn Michaels via pinfall.
Number One Contenders Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Kane and Rob Van Dam ended as a double count-out.
Jeff Hardy def. Christopher Nowinski via pinfall.
Jazz def. Jacqueline via pinfall.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results:
Rodney Mack def. Scott Steiner.
Al Snow def. Bryan Danielson (Tryout match).
Three Minute Warning def. Maven and Bobby Roode (Tryout match).


Latest News and Notes for the WWE.

- The WWE reportedly has big plans for the Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho feud, knowing exactly where they want it to go. Originally, it seemed there was no intentions of continuing feud but the low blow by Y2J following their Mania match left them with the option of carrying on where things left off. Officials feel that Jericho and Michaels have fantastic chemistry in the ring and want their now confirmed return match for the Backlash pay-per-view to be equally as good as the Wrestlemania match, if not better. The Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels match is being billed as 'Jericho vs. Michaels II' and has been added to the confirmed Backlash card.

- Speaking of Jericho, the WWE are really high on him currently. Jericho is a noted hard-worker who is capable of putting on a good match with most superstars, and the WWE wants to cash in on this and utilise Jericho in his full capacity. The WWE reportedly have started planning for a potential feud between Jericho and another superstar that they regard to be in the same mould as Jericho, work rate and talent wise. Jericho is reportedly in on the planning for this feud, and in a recent out-of-character interview he stated that he was really looking forward to what the future holds for him, suggesting that the WWE may be wanting to deliver big-time with whatever they have planned. However, it is in it's early stages and supposedly very subject to certain happenings, which obviously is a massive variable in any planning for a feud.

- Two more tryout matches took place during the Sunday Night Heat tapings. Both Bryan Danielson and Bobby Roode were in competition and reportedly impressed greatly, particularly Danielson from an in-ring standpoint. Nigel McGuiness and Chris Mordetzky were both reportedly booked in for tryout matches on televised Velocity tapings, but it is believed that now they will get the matches in live events during the coming days. It is believed WWE wants to draw in as much talented independent wrestlers as possible right now to diversify their roster.

- World Wrestling Entertainment is looking at producing a pay-per-view overseas, that isn't in the same mould as the UK-only Rebellion and Insurrexion pay-per-views but rather a pay-per-view such as the upcoming Backlash event that will be broadcast worldwide. WWE has reportedly looked at venues in both England and Mexico.

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Re: WWE 2003; Rising With Ruthless Aggression

JAM’s Review

First of all, thanks for the comments on my thread. Throwing you back some feedback for this episode of Raw.

I feel like the feud between HHH/Booker T should be more about action instead of talking. From the first shows til now, we’ve heard a lot of talking from the two which I think is the wrong way to go about it. Having these two physically brutalize each other seems to be the perfect theme for this feud to go. A tag match in the main event for this episode is certainly interesting. No idea who Booker T will choose but it’ll definitely be someone formidable. And well, Goldust wasn’t a bad choice. The aftermath of this was perfect will all the brutality. HHH was a major heel in this time period and I can just imagine all the heat raining down on Flair and HHH after their actions here. Looking forward to Booker T getting some revenge on the next episode and really sticking it to Triple H. This is a good feud, definitely worth fighting over the World Title.

Now this is the stuff I like to see. Jericho/Christian/HBK all of them are my favorites so seeing them together in one segment was great. Seeing this kind of hardcore nature from Jericho was refreshing to see for some reason. With Bischoff confirming that they’ll have a match at Backlash can only mean good things. Hoping to see this get turned up a notch on the next episode.

Everything else was pretty much filler but that wasn’t a bad thing. Oooh Bobby Roode getting a tryout match huh? I missed the time when he was on WWE Television for a short while but then I hope you capitalize on this and mold him into a character that can be used greatly. The news reports were pretty interesting since It seems like Jericho is in for a big push which I’m all in for. Jericho’s great and can make any feud interesting.

Overall, I’m really liking this format that you have. Even if it doesn’t go into much details about anything other than the world title feud and a secondary major feud. However, this could get old and you’d have to start posting more detailed recap shows, but for now, this is fine. You seem to know what you’re doing so I’ll just keep reading and continue to feedback because this thread has been good so far. Onto the next show

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