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WWE: 2008 by Niallf

Hey guys, this is my first thread here, and this is a thread that I have just started on another site (with the same username) so hopefully you guys enjoy

Monday Night RAW!
Monday Night's 9-11pm
USA Network
TV 14

Raw Roster

Raw Superstars

Brian Kendrick (F)
Carlito (H)
Charlie Haas (H)
Chris Jericho (F)
Cody Rhodes (F)
Hardcore Holly (F)
Jeff Hardy (F) Ė Suspended
John Bradshaw Layfield (H)
John Cena (F)
Mr Kennedy (H)
Paul London (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Robbie McAllister (H)
Rory McAllister (H)
Santino Marella (H)
Shad Gaspard (F)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Snitsky (H)
Super Crazy (F)
Trevor Murdoch (H)
Triple H (F)
Umaga (H)
Val Venis (F)

Raw Divas

Ashley Massaro (F)
Beth Phoenix (H)
Candice Michelle (F)
Jillian Hall (H)
Maria Kanellis (F)
Melina (H)
Mickie James (F)

Raw Champions

WWE Championship

Randy Orton (2)

Defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing match at No Mercy (October 7th 2007)

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Chris Jericho (8)

Defeated Jeff Hardy on Raw (March 10th 2008)

World Tag Team Championships

Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly (1)

Defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch on Raw (December 10th 2007)

WWE Womenís Championship

Beth Phoenix (1)

Defeated Candice Michelle at No Mercy (October 7th 2007)

Raw On Air Personalities

General Manager Ė William Regal
Play by Play Commentator Ė Jim Ross
Colour Commentator Ė Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler
Ring Announcer Ė Lilian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers Ė Todd Grisham and Maria Kanellis

Raw Tag Teams/Stables

Carlito & Santino Marella
Cryme Tyme
Holly & Rhodes
London & Kendrick

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday 8-10pm EST.

Smackdown Roster

Smackdown Superstars

Batista (F)
Big Show (H)
Chavo Guerrero (H)
Chuck Palumbo (H)
Curt Hawkins (H)
Dave Taylor (H)
Deuce (H)
Domino (H)
Edge (H)
Festus (F)
Finlay (F)
Funaki (F)
Gregory Helms (H) Ė Injured
Jamie Noble (F)
Jesse (F)
Jimmy Wang Yang (F)
Kane (F)
Mark Henry (H)
Matt Hardy (F)
Montel Vontavious Porter (H)
Rey Mysterio (F) Ė Injured
Shannon Moore (F)
The Great Khali (H)
Undertaker (F)
Zack Ryder (H)

Smackdown Divas

Cherry (H)
Eve Torres (F)
Michelle McCool (F)
Victoria (H)

Smackdown Champions

World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker (2)
Defeated Edge at Wrestlemania XXIV (March 30th 2008)

WWE United States Championship

Montel Vontavious Porter (1)

Defeated Chris Benoit at Judgment Day (May 20th 2007)

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Miz & John Morrison (1)

Defeated MVP & Matt Hardy on Smackdown (November 16th 2007)

Smackdown On Air Personalities

General Manager Ė Vickie Guerrero
Play by Play Commentator Ė Michael Cole
Colour Commentator Ė Mick Foley
Ring Announcer Ė Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewers Ė Jonathan Coachman & Eve Torres

Smackdown Tag Teams/Stables

Edge Heads
Finlay & Hornswoggle
Jesse & Festus
John Morrison & The Miz
Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang

Free Agents as of 30/3/08


CM Punk (F)- Money In The Bank contract Holder
Elijah Burke (H)
John Morrison (H)
Kofi Kingston (F)
Matt Striker (H)
Shelton Benjamin (H)
The Miz (H)


Kelly Kelly (F)
Layla El (H)

On Air Personalities

Play by Play Commentator Ė Joey Styles
Colour Commentator Ė ???
Ring Announcer Ė Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewers Ė Lena Yada & Josh Matthews

Tag Teams/Stables

John Morrison & The Miz

Wrestlemania 24- Quick Results


Kane won by last eliminating Mark Henry. The other participants were: Elijah Burke, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Duggan, Festus, The Great Khali, Hardcore Holly, Jesse, Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Shannon Moore, Trevor Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, Stevie Richards, Val Venis and Jimmy Wang Yang

24-man interpromotional battle royal, with the winner receiving an ECW Championship match later on in the night.



John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated Finlay (with Hornswoggle)

Belfast Brawl



CM Punk defeated Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Carlito, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mr. Kennedy, and John Morrison

Money in the Bank ladder match



Batista (representing Smackdown) defeated Umaga (representing Raw)

Battle for Brand Supremacy



Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero (c)

Singles match for the ECW Championship



Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair

Career Threatening Match



Beth Phoenix and Melina (with Santino Marella) defeated Maria and Ashley
Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjill match



Randy Orton (c) defeated John Cena and Triple H

Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship



Floyd Mayweather defeated The Big Show by knockout

No Disqualification match; decided by either knockout or submission



The Undertaker defeated Edge (c) (with Vickie Guerrero, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder) by submission

Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship


(c) Ė refers to the champion heading into the match

As the fallout of Wrestlemania 24 begins tonight live on Raw, the WWE have lot of changes on their hands. The announcement that ECW was disbanded late last night came as no surprise to many, but it leaves many in a difficult position. The most notable Free Agent on the list is CM Punk, and both Raw and Smackdown will surely be fighting tooth and nail to secure his signature. Other notable freebies include the Tag Team of John Morrison and The Miz, each of whom challenged for the ECW Championship against Punk late last year. However others will not even get that far. Some have been future endevoured, and that list includes John Curtis, The Boogeyman, Colin Delaney, Stevie Richards, Balls Maloney, and Tommy dreamer, whose contract expired last night with the company. WWE has wished them the best in their future endevours. Nunzio and Big Daddy V's contracts also expired. Mike Knox has been sent to WWE development, with the hope of a repackaging taking place. With the sure to be influx of superstars onto the red and blue brnads over the coming weeks, Smackdown and Raw have inevitably cut some of the roster. Duece n' Domino have been future endevoured on the Smackdown side of things, also with Jesse, and festus has been sent to Development for repackaging also. On the Raw side, Val Venis and Super Crazy have been released by the company. There are also rumors of talent arriving from developmental, namely Sheamus O'Slaughessy, Stu Sanders, Nick Nemeth and Ted DiBiase Jr. all being on the verge of making it to the Main Roster. Either way, it should be an epic week of WWE Television.
Upcoming PPV and card

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Re: WWE: 2008 by Niallf

Monday Night Raw- Preview

Goodbye to a legend

Last night, Ric Flair bowed out in characteristically dramatic fashion, in a 5 Star match against The Heartbreak Kid. Tonight, we will have an address from 'Naitch' and a tribute to the man!

Legend Killer Retains

Randy Orton, a man with perhaps one of the most fearsome WWE Title reigns in histroy, again defended his pride and joy against two of the biggest names in WWE, after he pinned John Cena to retain his Title. We expect to hear from Randy tonight, and possibly John and HHH. Will they ask for one more chance, or will a new contender step up.

Free Agenst Galore

With multiple Free Agents now available after the demis of ECW, who will pick up the first superstar, and who will strike the first blow, in what will be a battle for signatures. Perhaps the most important question is, which brand will CM Punk join? Raw or Smackdown?

ECW Tribute

Speaking of ECW, there will be a 45 minute tribute tonight before Raw, celebrating the long and successful run the company had in the 90's, and for the last few years. Will we see any recognizable faces LIVE! from the Hammerstein Ball Room!
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Re: WWE: 2008 by Niallf

The 2008 year following WM 24 is as great as any a place to start.

Good luck with this, your preview and the changes you've made to spice things up is something we can look forward too.


WWWF is Coming...
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Re: WWE: 2008 by Niallf

We get a recap of last nightís epic Wrestlemania show, and the video package focuses on the Raw side of things. It focuses on the Ric Flair retirement match, and Shawn uttering those famous words ĎIím Sorryí to Ric before ending a 36 year career with a Sweet Chin Music. We see the standing ovation for Ric and the video package ends with a picture of Ric crying after last nightís match.

The Raw pyro hits, and we are welcomed by the news that Flair will give an address at the end of the night to thank the fans. JR welcomes us all to Monday Night Raw, and hypes up Ric Flairís retirement speech at the end of the night. But now onto the action!


Randy Ortonís music hits, and there is intense heat for the WWE Champion as he arrives out with his Title on his shoulder, dressed in a cream shirt and jeans. He gets in the ring, after doing his signature pose on the turnbuckle. He grabs a mic, and waits for the buzz to die down


Well, well, well. Look what we have here. After all the talk, all the non-believers who doubted that I could defeat the two biggest faces of this company in the same night, with no outside interference, can now Shut the hell up!

The crowd boo like crazy towards Orton


Because last night, whether you want to belive it or not, whether you can accept it or not, you canít deny cold hard results. And what will go down as the result of the Triple Threat Match between Randy Orton, John Cena and Triple H is that Randy Orton retained his pride and glory, by pinning John Cena, after punting the Game right in the temple. At Wrestlemania, I proved to the world that no-one can defeat me. I...AM....INVINC....


The crowd go wild for Triple H. Randy twists his neck round in that sadistic way, and looks furious as The Game interrupts his victory speech. Triple H has a microphone in his hand, and is staring at Randy Orton.


Fine speech Orton. Yeah, last night Iíll admit it, you caught me off guard and you retained your Championship. But you did so in a cowardly fashion, and you proved to the world that you are nothing more than a Paper Champion!
The crowd explode with cheers at this last sentence


Paper Champion?! How dare you Triple H, how dare you come out here, ruin what this night is all about! This night shouldnít be about your grievances, about Ric Flair, this night should be about me!

The crowd boo Orton intensely, as The Game stares him down from the ramp, before advancing down and into the ring, to loud cheers


You can talk about disrespect all you want Randy, but the fact is to me, youíll be a paper champion until the day you step foot in the ring with me. So hereís a deal Iíll make with you. Backlash, April 27th, me against you for the WWE Championship!
The crowd roar in anticipation, as Triple H lowers the microphone and gestures for Orton to respond. A sly smirk spreads across the face of The Legend Killer


Hereís the thing Cerebral Assassin, I would but....well, Iíll just let William Regal, the General Manager inform you.

Regal arrives out to boos from the capacity crowd.


May I beg your indulgence for one moment please! According to Mr. Ortonís doctor, Mr. Orton is suffering from a build up of injuries over the past few months, and his doctor recommended that Randy take the month off from competing. As I am a reasonable gentleman, I accepted his request. As of now, Randy Orton is out of action for 30 Days whilst he recovers from his pains. Unfortunately, this means there will be no WWE Championship match at Backlash. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the show!

The crowd boo intensely, and Triple H is enraged, turning to roar at Regal, telling him that this is bulls***! As Regal shrugs and is about to leave, an all too familiar tune hits the PA system.


Vince McMahon arrives out to a massive pop from the capacity crowd, and he waves to the fans, before pulling Regal back onto the stage.


Before I begin here, lemme just address you Mr. Regal. Over the past months, you have yet agin proved yourself to be inadequate for the position you are in, and tonight is a shining example f why Iím about to do this. William Regal..YOURRRRREEEEE....FIRRRRRRREDDDDDDD!!!!

The crowd pops massively as Regal looks on in shock. Orton is in the ring, utterly shocked.


As for you, Orton, I donít buy the bullcrap that youíre hurt, if Stone Cold can wrestle a Main Event style match with a broken neck, it certainly wonít hurt you to wrestle a few matches with a bit of Ďfatigueí, donít you agree?

The crowd pops for this, and Orton shakes his head vigorously.

So, as my first official announcement as leader of this brand once again is that at Backlash, Randy Orton will defend the Title against Triple H....for the WWE Championship!
Good luck gentlemen!

The crowd go wild for this announcement, and Triple H smirks in the ring. He goes to leave, and Randy goes to clock him with the Title belt, HHH ducks and hits a huge Spinebuster! He lifts Orton up, and hits a Pedigree to The Legend Killer! The Game stands tall as we go to commercial break

Commercial Break

We are backstage, with Randy Orton looking for Vince. He knocks on his door and enters without a reply

Vince stares at him angrily


What the hell do you want!?


How the hell is this fair Vince? I defended my title in a brutal Triple Threat match 24
hours ago, and yet you donít have the common decency to give me a 30 day rest!


Gimme a break Orton. The only thing wrong with you is the fact youíre a coward, and I donít want my Champion to be a coward. Youíve crossed the line now Randy, youíve pissed off the boss. Therefore tonight LIVE! On Raw, you will take on the man you punted out of action all those months ago....Matt Hardy!

Orton stares at Vince, and looks as if he is going to protest


Orton slumps his shoulders and walks out, dejected.

We arrive back into the arena, and welcomed back by JR and Jerry Lawler, who comment on the nightís actions so far, and the fact that in just 27 days time, Randy Orton and Triple H will face off one on one for the WWE Championship at Backlash under the ruling of NEW Raw General Manager, Vince McMahon! Lawler questions whether Cena has anything to say to this. JR says that Cena should do his talking in the ring, and that could be what happens next, as John Cena goes one on one with Mr. Kennedy!


Mr. Kennedy arrives out to pretty decent heat, and he arrives in the ring, and the arena goes dark, except for the spotlight on him. He pulls the classic microphone down, and clears his throat


Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to remind you, that the man who is singlehandedly
dominating Monday Nights weighs in at 246 pounds.... He hails from GREENBAY,

The crowd boos loudly as he pauses dramatically.




The crowd go nuts for Cena as he arrives out, interrupting a now furious Kennedy during his shtick. He salutes the crowd and runs down to the ring, throwing his shirt into the crowd when he gets there. The two men go to their respective corners, and the referee calls for the bell.

Match 1: Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

The match kicks off and these two men are equally matched in the opening part of this match. At this point and time, Kennedy has just got the upper hand after blocking a Cena shoulder tackle with a dropkick to the skull of Cena. John is dazed, and Kennedy seeks to take advantage by gaining a surprise victory, but Cena powers out at 1. Both men are up on their feet at the same time, and begin trading blows. Cena is clearly the more powerful of the two, so Kennedy doesnít take any chances and slides out of the ring to loud boos from the crowd. He smirks and taunts them, not realising Cena climbing the turnbuckle. He turns round, into a HUGE top rope Shoulder tackle from Cena. Both men are groggily lying on the outside, and the referee begins his count. 1!...2!...3!...4!...5!...6!...Cena gets to his feet, and drags Kennedy up...7!...He pushes Kennedy into the ring, and stumbles backwards, feeling the shoulder he tackled Kenndy with...8!...9!...Cena just makes it back into the ring before the ten count! But this time, Kennedy is up on his two feet first, as Cena struggles with his now injured shoulder, and Kennedy goes to work on it, stomping away at Cena in the centre of the ring. He pulls The Cenation Leader up, and kicks him in the gut, hitting a snap DDT. He goes for the cover...1!...2!...Cena kicks out at two and a half, much to the surprise of Kennedy. Kennedy picks Cena up, and climbs the turnbuckle, with Cena on his shoulders. He is going for the Green Bay Plunge, but Cena wriggles out and pushes Kennedy to the mat below. Cena stands upright, and hits a Diving Leg Drop to the back of Kennedyís head and races to the cover...1!...2!...kick out by Kennedy! Cena is shocked and picks Kennedy up, and throws a right hand at him, but Cena ducks, rebounds off the ropes and hits two shoulder blocks in a row. He sets up the five knuckle shuffle and does the ĎYou Canít See Meí taunt before rebounding off the ropes into a massive clothesline from CARLITO! The ref calls for the bell, as Carlito drags Cena up to his feet, and Kennedy rolls out of the ring.

Winner: John Cena via DQ at 6:34

Carlito hits Cena with a Backstabber, before leaving to mega heat, and the commentators question his motives for his vicious attack on Cena. Cena is still out as we go to Todd Grisham, standing by with a mic in his hand.

Todd Grisham

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Matt Hardy!

The crowd cheer and chant Hardyís name as he appears on our screen


Thanks for joining me Matt. Firstly, arenít you supposed to be a Smackdown Superstar?


Yeah, actually that is true. But I came here tonight, like a lot of other guys, to pay homage to the great Ric Flair. It just so happens Vince put faith in me to kick Randy Ortonís ass, which I will gladly do tonight!

The crowd cheer loudly for this


Arenít you worried that you arenít at 100%. Although it was a few months back, you canít deny that that was a vicious punt to the head you took from Orton, and could have easily ended your career.


Well, I just wanna say that I know Iím 100%, but if you donít believe me...thatís fine, Iíll do my talking in the ring tonight, and trust me, Randy Ortonís is gonna regret the day he messed with The Sensai Of Mattitude!

Hardy storms off to get prepared, as we go back into the ring, where we see JBL making his way down to the ring, with a microphone in hand, and the crowd is loudly booing him. The commentators comment on his huge win last night over Finlay in a Belfast Brawl, and wonder whether this will elevate him back into the hunt for gold?


Last night, I physically destroyed perhaps one of the toughest men going in the WWE today at his own ball game. I went into Wrestlemania, with you people as usual doubting me, thinking I could lose. But what you idiots donít seem to realize is that I feed off your hate. It is what helped me become one of the longest reigning WWE Championís of all time, what helped me win, the WWE, Intercontinental and US Championships! I am a Wrestling God!

The fans boo and jeer JBL loudly.


Thatís why it disgusts me that this company is being headed by a mentally unstable champion, a deadman as WHC, a wannabe pimp as US Champion, a catchphrase robot as Intercontinental Champion, and worst of all...We have a slimy little grease ball named CM Punk as our Money In The Bank contract holder. That means he is almost guaranteed a World Title! Do the WWE really want that greasy little man to be the face of their company? NO! It should be a corporate genius like me, it should be a Wrestling God like me, it should be J...B...L!

The crowd boo loudly at JBL, who raises his arms aloft, before...


The crowd cheer loudly for the new MITB briefcase holder, who arrives out, pumped up and slapping the briefcase he has in his hands. JBL looks disgusted in the ring, and the commentators talk about last nightís MITB Ladder match, before we get a graphic of Punk atop the ladder, briefcase in hand. JR comments on Punkís wherewithal and his heart to keep going in that match and climb the ladder to get essentially one hand on a World Title of his choice. Punk is in the ring by this point, and is staring down Bradshaw.

CM Punk

Before I talk to you JBL, I would like to announce that CM Punk has officially agreed terms with Monday Night Raw!!! Now back to you, JBL.....Just who in the hell do you think you are!?

The crowd explode with cheers for Punk, and JBL is outraged

CM Punk

Listen pal, Iíve worked my ass off for the bulk of 8 years to get in the position Iím in
right now, and I sure as hell am not gonna stand by and listen as you run me down as if Iíve done nothing to deserve the spot Iím in right now!

The crowd begin to chant Punkís name as he pauses

CM Punk

See? These fans believe in me...so really I donít give a crap if you do or donít Layfield! Look, Iím not saying you didnít have a great career. Hell, you used to be great! The key words here being ĎUSED TOí be great. JBL, youíre past it! You have nothing left in the tank, and you just want to moan about the fact that this New Era of Superstars coming through doesnít involve you. JBL, you need to move on. Itís over! This year, is the year of Punk!

The crowd cheer loudly as JBL stares at Punk, furious.


Donít even think about talking down to me boy! I am a Wrestling God, I am better than you at everything you do! People like to think youíre great...well theyíre wrong...youíre average, mediocre. Guys like me...Iím great! Nobody can touch me.

Punk laughs before retorting

CM Punk

Really? Are you frigging kidding me?! You were and still are perhaps the most cowardly man Iíve ever known? But hey, I donít wanna talk...I wanna fight! More specifically I wanna fight you, JBL! So howís this... at Backlash CM Punk faces JBL one on one, and weíll see who the better man is! And Iíll even give you a little incentive...if you pick an opponent for me for later tonight, and I lose...you can fight me for THIS!

Points to the Money In The Bank Briefcase, and JBL nods.


Youíre on...Punk!

CM Punk

Wait, wait, wait...But if I win, I pick the stipulation!

JBL doesnít lose the smirk off his face


Trust me, you wonít win!

The two men stare each other down as we go to our second commercial of the night.


We arrive back from commercial, and JR and Lawler talk about the confrontation that took place before the Commercial between CM Punk and JBL. JR states that strong words came from both men, and that wonít be the last of it! King says although he likes Punk, he sees where JBL is coming from when he says that Punk shouldnít represent WWE. JR is outraged and asks why the hell not? Jerry simply says that Punk doesnít fit the mould of a Champion. JR just tuts and moves on.


Lillian Garcia

Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Tag Team Match! Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Canada...Y2J...CHRIS JERICHO!

As Jericho makes his way to the ring, JR and King discuss how Jericho was inches from winning the Money In The Bank last night, but was just pipped by CM Punk at the last moments of the match. Jericho is now in the ring and has taken the mic off of Lillian...


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to...RAW...IS...JERICHOOO!!! And I just wanted to take the time to introduce my partner tonight. He is the second new acquisition to the Monday Night Raw roster from ECW...KOFI KINGSTON!


The crowd are on their feet for the brand new Raw superstar, and JR is loving it. Kofi
does his trademark boom pose, along with the crowd, as the fireworks explode behind him. He climbs into the ring, and shakes Jerichoís hand, before turning to face his opponents.


Robbie and Rory McAllister arrive out to a pretty much muted response, and make their way down to the ring.


And their opponents, at a combined weight of 488 pounds, The Highlanders!

The Higlanders are in the ring now, and the match begins with Jericho and Rory in the ring

Match 2: Tag Match- The Highlanders vs. Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho

Jericho and Rory spend about 3 minutes in the ring going back and forth, and Jericho has the upper hand, and hit an Irish Whip into the corner, but didnít notice a blind tag made by Robbie to Rory. He goes for a Lionsault, and executes it perfectly on Rory, but the ref wonít count it, and Jericho turns into a massive clothesline from Robbie, who then proceeds to take out Kofi with a Big Boot. The Higlanders then take control of the match, frequently tagging in, and not allowing Jericho any chance to let the crowd see the new Raw talent in action. After a couple of minutes of this, Robbie gets complacent, and taunts the crowd. He goes for a head butt, but Jericho ducks and begins to hammer away at Robbie, and then executes a missile dropkick to the head of Highlander Robbie. Both men crawl to their corners, and Jericho makes the hot tag to Kofi, who has recovered by now and is pumped up. He hits dropkicks to both McAllisterís, before dropping the legal man (Rory) with a hurracanrana into a pin for a near fall. It is clear Kofi brings fast paced action to the ring, and he shows this with another big move, a diving crossbody from the top rope. He sets up the Boom Drop, and connects perfectly. Kingston is pumped, and looks to finish Rory off with Trouble in Parardise. Robbie attempts to interfere, but Y2J takes him out with a Codbreaker! Kofi then connects with the Trouble In Paradise...1!...2!...3! Kofi and Jericho pick up the win!

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho via Pinfall at 7:32

Kofi and Jericho get up and celebrate, before Kofi looks at Jericho and says something like, ĎI want my shot at thatí whilst pointing to the Intercontinental Championship on Jerichoís shoulder. Jericho nods and the two shake hands, before climbing opposing turnbuckles and celebrating with the fans, who are cheering loudly for the veteran and the debutant.

We go backstage, where we see Vince McMahon in his office, talking to Maria, Melina and Layla, who has apparently signed with Raw.


Look, ladies...you canít all have the #1 Contendership to Beth Phoenixí Womenís Title, so how about this....next week on Monday Night Raw, all three of you get the opportunity to become the #1 Contender to the WWE Womenís Title, when Melina takes on Maria...and Layla in a Triple Threat Match!

All three women nod as the camera fades to black, and we see a tribute to Ric Flair in the shape of highlights of his Classic Steel Cage match against Harley Race from November 24, 1983, where Flair defeated Race to win the NWA Heavyweight Championship. We go to commercial with the parting shot of Flair holding the Title high.


We return back to Raw, where CM Punkís music hits and he arrives out. We get a recap of what happened earlier in the night, where Punk said if he loses to JBLís choice tonight, they fight for the MITB briefcase at Backlash.

Punk gets in the ring and motions for JBL to bring it on. JBL appears on the tron.


Hey, ya greasy little punk, up here! Yes, itís me, and I have indeed found your opponent. It is....UMAGA!

Umagaís music hits and The Samoan Bulldozer makes his way to the ring, and Punk stands defiant in the ring.

Match 3: CM Punk vs. Umaga

After a good back and forth match for 5 or so minutes, where Punk took the upper hand early on with his quicker frame, before Umaga finally caught him and took control of the match, Umaga is stomping away on Punk in the corner of the ring, and takes until the four count at the turnbuckle. Umaga sets Punk up in the corner, and sprints across the ring, looking for a Samoan Wrecking Ball. Punk escapes it at the last minute, and Umaga crashes ribs first into the turnbuckle. He stumbles out, clutching his ribs, before Punk seeks to take advantage with kicks to the ribs of Umaga, and takes Umaga to his knees. Punk bounces off the ropes, and hits the now kneeling Samoan Bulldozer with a knee to the skull. The Straight Edge Saviour goes for a quick cover, but Umaga powers out at two. Punk bounces off the ropes, and goes for a running clothesline, but Umaga lifts him up and hits a huge Samoan Drop! He grabs Punk to his feet, and sets up the Samoan Spike, but Punk pulls the ref in front of him and Umaga hits the ref. Umaga stares down at the unconscious man, before Punk hits him with an Enziguiri. He goes to drag the ref over but sees he is out, and gives up. He climbs to the top, and hits a diving crossbody from there to knock Umaga down. Another ref comes sprinting down to the ring, as Punk lifts up Umaga for the GTS, then JBL arrives out. Punk drops Umaga and gets out of the ring, and begs JBL to hit him. JBL is about to, when he decides against it, and Punk gets back in the ring, running right into a Samoan Spike! 1!...2!...3! Umaga wins, in part thanks to JBL!

Winner: Umaga by pinfall at 9:43

Umaga leaves the ring afterwards, and JBL makes his way down to the ring, where he takes off his jacket, before bouncing off the ropes, and hitting Punk with a Clothesline from Hell! Punk is out, and JBL stands tall.

We go to the commentators desk, where JR bemoans JBLís despicable actions, and says that he cost Punk the match here tonight, and that it ainít fair on PunK! King argues that, if anything, Punk cost Punk this match! First off, he pulled the ref in front of him to take the Samoan Spike, when he could have just ducked or taken it like a man! Also, he shouldíve focused on the match, instead of trying to win it by DQ! JR moves on and says that this night is about Ric Flair, an all time legend in the ring, and his final farewell. We see the graphic with ĎFlairís Farewellí written on it, and King states that Ric will address the WWE at the end of the night.


We arrive back to highlights of the NWA World Title match from May 7, 1989, where Ric faced Steamboat for the NWA Title, in a classic match, when Flair won his 6th World Championship.

We come back into the ring, where Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are in the ring, awaiting their opponents. We are told that this is a #1 Contenderís match for the Tag Team Championships. Pual London and Brian Kendrick arrive out to a good cheer from the crowd. JR hypes up the fact that these are two former World Tag Champions, and that this should be an exciting mach up! As the match is about to begin, the World Tag Team Champions arrive out to perhaps check out the competition.

Match 4: #1 Contenderís Match for the World Tag Team Championships- London and Kendrick vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

This tag match is an exciting one, with Paul London and Cade in the ring, battling it out. London reverses a move from cade with an Elbow Smash, and he follows it up with Hurracanrana DDT! He goes for the cover, but Cade kicks out at two. London canít believe it, and he Tags in Kendrick, who seeks to take advantage with a Tornado DDT of his own. Cade reverses it and hits a big Bodyslam onto the mat. He tags in Murdoch, who continues to dominate Kendrick with big clubbing blows coming down on his back. Murdock raises him up, and looks for the Ace of Spades, but Kendrick reverses it into a Hurracanrana come pin, and gets the win for his team!

Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick at 5:23

After the match, Cody and Hardcore Holly climb into the ring, and the two teams stare each other down, before Cade and Murdoch come from behind and attack them, standing tall over the Champs and the #1 Contenderís

(Wrestlemanai 24 recap)


We arrive back to Monday Night Raw, and we get a quick plug for Smackdown, and JR questions the fall out of Undertaker winning the World Heavyweight Championship back off Edge. King hints that this feud is far from over, and Vickie will have something to say
on this!


Orton comes out to the ring, to loud boos from the capacity crowd. He raises his Title at the turnbuckle to even louder boos from the crowd. He hops to the crowd, as JR and King discuss his biggest win of his career so far last night.


Matt Hardy arrives out to a big pop from the crowd, and Hardy comes out, rips off his shirt and sprints into the ring, and lays into Orton to begin this match.

Match 5: Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy (Non-Title)

The match is underway, and we are a few minutes into it when Hardy reverses an Irish Whip by Orton, and hits a big back body drop onto the mat. Hardy follows it up with a two footed kick to the kneeling Ortonís face, and Orton rolls out of the ring. Hardy wastes no time, and you can see his hatred for Orton, as he follows him out of the ring and begins to lay into The Legend Killer. He rips off the top of the announce table, and pulls out all the electric wiring. Y this time, Orton has found his feet, and Irish Whipís Hardy into the steel post. Hardy falls to the ground, holding his shoulder which rammed off the cold hard steel, as Orton gets back in the ring at a count of 5...6...7...8...9...Hardy rolls back into the ring, and Orton seeks to take advantage of a wounded animal, by targeting the injured shoulder of the valiant Hardy. He continues to work away at the shoulder, even directing the infamous Orton dropkick to the injured left shoulder of Matt, for a two count. JR notes how Matt used his right shoulder to kick out, and suggests that he could be struggling with the left. King praises Ortonís tactical side of his style. Orton continues to dominate, and swings with a right hand. Hand reverses and goes for a Twist of Fate, but Orton pushes him off into the ropes, and goes for an RKO. Hardy lifts him up and slams him on the ground. Hardy climbs to the top rope, and hits a big Diving Leg Drop, but Orton somehow kicks out at two! No-one can believe it! Hardy motions for Orton to get up, and he dives at him, hitting a flying Clothesline, but Orton ducks and Hardy rolls to the outside, where Orton grabs him by the neck, and hits a Rope Hung DDT! He goes for the cover...1!...2!...KICK OUT from Matt. Orton pounds the ground in frustration, and goes for the same move again. Hardy, however, wriggles out, and hits Orton with a right hand. He jumps from the outside, over the tope rope and lands on Orton with a Crossbody...1!...2!...KICK OUT from Orton! Matt canít believe it, but picks Orton up, and hits a big Running Bulldog! Orton is out, and Matt leaps to the top rope. He sets himself up for the Moonsault, and leaps off the top rope,...straight into an RKO! 1!...2!!!...3!!! This match is over.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall at 10:12

Orton leaps to the top rope, and demands his Title. He is posing there as we go to our final Commercial


We return back with a graphic for Smackdown on Friday Night.

Back from commercial and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair comes out to a standing ovation. Flair says last night, he wrestled his very last match and that he will never, ever wrestle in this ring again. Flair says he isn't sad about not wrestling and the fans shouldn't be sad either. Flair says you should rejoice that he has had the greatest career in the history of pro wrestling. Flair says he lost to a great, great wrestler and a better man. The crowd boo's. Flair says he has had fun and loved everyone of us everyday of his life. He says he has been tearing up all day with the thought of never being out there but he is off. The crowd breaks out in "thank you Ric" chants. Flair thanks the fans for everything and making him who he is today. Whoooooo! Flair's music hits again as he does his strut in the ring and out comes Triple H.

Triple H and Flair lock eyes as The Game, dressed in street clothes walks to the ring with a mic in his hand. Triple H stops infront of the ring and says the fans aren't the only ones that want to thank Flair. Ric begins to cry.

Triple H and Flair embrace and Triple H tells Flair from the bottom of his heart, he loves him. Triple H thanks Flair and begins to choke up with a tear. Triple H drops to both knees and praises Flair. The two hug and Triple H mentions the Four Horsemen. The music hits and out comes Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon, Barry Windham and Arn Anderson - The Four Horsemen!

The Horsemen applaud Flair and walk to the ring. Each of them hug Flair and the Four Horsemen are back together again! Arn Anderson is the last one in the ring and he hugs a crying Ric Flair for a good minute. Batista's music hits and he comes out next. Batista praises Flair as he makes his way to the ring. The Animal gets in the ring, hugs Flair and lifts him off his feet.

Out next is Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat who also enters the ring and embraces Flair. Flair is really crying at this point. Out next is Harley Race, accompanied by Mickie James and Michelle McCool. Out next is Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Out next is another Horseman, Dean Malenko. The Man of 1,000 Holds embraces Flair and tells him he's the man. Out next is Chris Jericho who also hugs Flair. John Cena's music hits next and he comes to the ring. Cena salutes Flair on his way to the ring and joins the moment.

Ric Flair's family comes out next. His wife, daughter and sons all come to the ring, cheering him on. Ric Flair is very emotional right now and shares the love with his family as they enter the ring. The music hits next and out comes Shawn Michaels.

HBK enters the ring, has a few nice words with Flair and they embrace. Both men are crying as they talk to each other, sharing a laugh and a cry. Triple H gets on the mic and points out Flair and HBK's matching Rolexes. Triple H says if anyone if left who wants to thank Flair, then come on out. The rest of the WWE Superstars start coming out. Edge, Big Show, Kane, JBL, CM Punk, some Divas and the rest of the WWE roster comes down to the ring, cheering on Flair.

The WWE Superstars stand at ringside, applauding Ric Flair and cheering him on. A "Thank you Ric" chant breaks out among everyone in the arena as Flair hugs everyone in the ring with him. The entire WWE entrance ramp is filled with WWE officials and Superstars and the ovation for Ric Flair continues.

The tribute music for Ric Flair plays again as the celebration for his career continues. Big Show gets up on the apron and hugs Flair as he thanks the WWE Stars at ringside. The standing ovation for Ric Flair continues with everyone applauding him as RAW goes off the air.

OOC: I just used the WWE tribute to Flair, as I honestly would not have booked this any differently, I thought it was fantastic, and that it would be an injustice to book it ĎMy Own Wayí Also, I apoligize for the lack f Images and links, I need 10 posts before I can post images/links.
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Re: WWE: 2008 by Niallf

PW Insider report

There are reports coming through from the WWE Headquarters that WWE have signed two recent TNA releasees, Samoa Joe and Christian! These could be huge signings for WWE, with Christian perhaps coming straight in. However, Samoa Joe is expected to earn his stripes for a few months down in FCW. Also new signings that were confirmed recently were Ric Flair on a legend's contract, and the exciting and experienced Tag Team Kings of Wrestling, who will also be in the developmental position.

On this note, there are rumours of Tag Titles unification to try and raise the prestige of the once Top tier titles. We should also expect an influx of real Tag Team Titles, with the Briscoe Brothers perhaps entering the 'E in the near future. PW Insider will keep you updated!
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