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From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

So my back story here is that I will be booking Extreme Rising from the first event and beyond. I plan on using a lot of the same guys that they currently use, albeit with a few new faces thrown in, as well as putting my own spin on things.


1. Blk Out vs. The Dramatics

*Luke Hawx comes out and cuts a promo on Shane Douglas.*

Main Show

2. B.W.O. w/ Thomas Rodman vs. The FBI

*The FBI wins when Luke Hawx comes down to the ring and grabs Stevie Richards’ leg. Following the match, Stevie nails Thomas Rodman with the Steviekick.*

3. Al Snow w/ Head vs. CW Anderson
4. Axl Rotten vs. Balls Mahoney


*Following intermission, Angel of The Baldies comes out and cuts a promo, calling out anyone who wants to come out and prove that they’re the baddest. The Gangstas music hits and New Jack and Mustafa then proceed to enter the ring and beat the hell out of Angel. Just as they are about to put Angel through a table, Blk Out hits the ring and attacks The Gangstas. Angel then joins in and the three continue beating on The Gangstas. When they are finished, they all walk to the back together.*

5. Pitbull Gary Wolfe w/ Christina Vicious vs. Raven w/ The New Flock

*A disaster of a “match.” Raven did not even wrestle, opting instead to cut a promo on Extreme Reunion, saying that these reunions are just for fags and morons. Raven’s Flock then attacks Gary Wolfe who is “saved” by The Sandman when he makes his grand entrance. The Sandman enters the ring and canes each member of The Flock, allowing Gary Wolfe to cover one of them and get the victory.*

6. Devon Storm vs. Jerry Lynn

*Changed to Devon Storm vs. Jerry Lynn at the last minute when Justin Credible was unable to perform. During the match, Jerry Lynn gets in to an altercation with Homicide who is sitting at ringside. Following the match, Jerry Lynn announced that he would be retiring sometime early next year.*

7. Shane Douglas vs. Too Cold Scorpio w/ Bill Alfonso

*Another match that had to be changed due to Sabu also not being in any condition to perform. During the match both Kevin Sullivan and Tod Gordon interfered.*
Timeline of Events

4/30/2012 - Via a video post on Extreme Reunion's official YouTube/Facebook page, Shane Douglas apologizes to the fans for the disaster that was Extreme Reunion. Shane announces that as of today, all future plans for Extreme Reunion are put on hold as he and his business partners re-assess everything. No details are revealed but Shane does assure everyone that this is not the end.

5/7/2012 - Once again, via a video post on Extreme Reunion's official YouTube/Facebook page, Shane Douglas announces a major re-shifting of the strategy of Extreme Reunion. First off, gone is the name Extreme Reunion and in its place will be Extreme Rising. Second, due to their actions at and before the Extreme Reunion event, going forward Extreme Rising will no longer be working with Justin Credible, Sabu, or Raven. Shane thanks them for their contributions to the legacy of extreme but says that they can no longer work together. In addition to that, it will be the policy of Extreme Rising that anyone who shows up to a show unfit to perform will immediately be black-listed and will no longer receive bookings from Extreme Rising. Third, Shane announces that he is removing himself from the active wrestling roster for Extreme Rising effective immediately to focus solely on booking the shows. Assisting Shane will be Kevin Sullivan who has volunteered his time. Forth, Shane announces that Tod Gordon will be joining Shane and his partners with Five Guys Wrestling where he will take over talent relations and some of the business side of the company. Last but not least, Shane announces a return event, called "Redemption" which will take place at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory Friday June 29th. The event will also be live on iPPV.
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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Interesting and very original on this forum. It'll be interesting to see how you shape this new company's identity and who you push as the faces of the company. Good luck

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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

So this is how I will be doing things going forward. Since, at this time, Extreme Rising does not have a T.V. deal, I will be doing most of the promo work via outside means such as what I have posted below. As a result my shows may not be as long as others. Also, I won't be posting a roster since a lot of the guys will be coming and going from show to show. You'll figure out who my core guys are pretty quickly anyway.

Breaking News: Matt Hardy announced for "Redemption"

From Extreme Rising's Facebook page...

One of the most controversial free agent wrestlers out there today, a member of one of the most innovative and popular tag teams in wrestling history, Matt Hardy joins the land of extreme, starting June 29th at "Redemption".
Raven responds to being blacklisted by Extreme Rising

In a YouTube video, Raven responds to the news that because of his actions at Extreme Reunion, he will no longer be booked by Extreme Rising. This is some of what he had to say...

"It's just laughable, I'm being made out to be a scapegoat is what's happening here. Shane Douglas you knew very well what I was going to do, hell you even ok'd it and just because it didn't get the reaction you expected, I'm suddenly a bad guy? What's up with that? Look at The Sandman. Once again drunk off his ass but since he got a good reaction from the crowd, that's all forgiven. Believe me, these transgressions will not go unnoticed...

Raven has also started a poll on his website asking fans whether or not Extreme Rising should continue booking him. Surprisingly enough, a massive majority of those who have already voted have voted "yes".
New Jack & Mustafa issue challenge to Blk Out

In a video posted by Extreme Rising, The Gangstas New Jack and Mustafa issue a challenge to Blk Out for the upcoming "Redemption" show...

"You n****s think you bad or somethin'? Just 'cause you jumped us from behind like little bitches? You ain't nothin'!...But, if you're bound and determined to prove yourselves by acting like little tough guys, then step up to the plate mother f***ers and face me and Mustafa June 29th at the National Guard Armory. Be ready for the ass whoopin' of your lives..."

Blk Out simply responded to the Gangstas challenge by posting "You're on." to Extreme Rising's Facebook page.
Main Event Announced for "Redemption"

Via Extreme Rising's Facebook page, the main event for the upcoming "Redemption" show has been announced...

"They saved the first show, now Jerry Lynn and Devon Storm go at it once again, this time in the main event."

In addition to Jerry Lynn vs. Devon Storm II, already announced for "Redemption" is The Gangstas vs. Blk Out. More matches are expected to be announced very shortly.

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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Interview with Matt Hardy: Thoughts on joining Extreme Rising, "Redemption" Opponent Revealed, & More

Matt Hardy recently gave an interview, his first since it was announced that he will be joining Extreme Rising at their upcoming "Redemption" iPPV event. Here are some snippets...

Thoughts on joining Extreme Rising: "Although I wasn't ever in the original company, I watched it very closely as me and Jeff were doing a lot of similar things, tables, ladders, chairs, and the like. Myself and that extreme style seemed like a perfect fit but we were never able to cross paths until now. So yeah, I'm excited about it. I think it's the perfect opportunity for me to invent myself, to try something new and I think it's going to work out great."

On becoming accepted by the extreme fans: "Obviously everyone knows how tough they can be on a wrestler, if you mess up they're going to let you know about it. I just have to make sure that I bring my A game, that I always put on great matches and I think that eventually they'll come to accept me."

Opponent for "Redemption"?: "I'm not 100% sure about this yet so I probably shouldn't be saying anything but the last I heard my first opponent is Too Cold Scorpio which I think is probably the best possible opponent for me because he's an extreme original, an extreme legend and he can still go pretty dang well so we're going to tear it up."

Shane Douglas Interview: Blacklisting talent, new talent announced, & More

Continuing his media rounds promoting Extreme Rising, Shane Douglas sat down for yet another interview where he was asked several questions about Extreme Rising including...

Blacklisting Sabu, Justin Credible, and Raven: "Believe me it wasn't easy. I mean these are guys that have been my friends for a long time, they are incredibly important to the history of extreme but despite all that we needed to do what's best for us going forward and that was to send a clear message to the fans that we will not accept that kind of behavior. We're not anti-party here, we just need to make sure that our talent show up in the best possible condition to perform for those fans who paid their hard earned money to see them."

Any chance of reconciliation?: "We'll see. I just spoke with Raven not too long ago and got a few issues squared up but right now it's hard to tell. I'd have to see a lot of change before I'd even consider it at this point."

Finding the right balance of nostalgia and new blood: "How big we become will depend on how well we mix the original extreme misfits with the new blood that we've been bringing in. But we also can't just bring in any random newcomer and expect them to succeed, no we need to find wrestlers who, if ECW were still around today, would most likely be a part of that. I think we're off to a great start on that with a guy like Luke Hawx and someone as well someone who is as well known as Matt Hardy. I'm also pleased to announced that we're bringing back extreme lucha libre starting at "Redemption" with two newcomers in Pesadilla and Bestia 666. These guys may not be household names but they come from well known blood lines, Pesadilla being the nephew of the "Insane Luchador" Super Crazy and Bestia 666 being the son of the legendary Damian 666. Those two I'm especially excited about, can't wait to unleash them come June 29th."

The future of Extreme Rising: "I would love for it to get as big as the original ECW but I know very well that ECW was one of a kind and nothing can replace or replicate its success. All we can hope for is that we give the fans what they're not getting from TNA or WWE, that is good, logical story lines mixed with great wrestling and that I know we can do."

Balls Mahoney challenges anyone to Hardcore Brawl

Via a Youtube video...

"Extreme Reunion, the chair swinging freaks Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten put on yet another bloody, hardcore brawl, one for the record books. Now, looking forward to June 29th, I'm ready to do it again but this time me and Axl ain't going at it, no this time I want someone new, anyone who dares get in the ring with me and challenges me to a hardcore brawl. It can be an extreme original, it can be one of the new guys, it doesn't matter, all I know is, get ready for blood!"

Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards announced for "Redemption", Luke Hawx responds

Only a few short hours after Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards was announced for "Redemption", Luke Hawx posted a video of himself outside the old ECW arena...

"I think it's fitting. Here I stand outside the former ECW arena, an arena which has housed some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history, an arena, much like the legacy it helped create, which is starting to decay. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-ECW, no I'm the farthest thing from it. What I am opposing is these ECW reunions. How many has there been? 5, 10, 15? And what's the common theme in all of them? Yep that's right, they all failed! Much like the company that they try to recreate, they fail and fail miserably. Yet nobody has yet had the balls to finally put the bullet in the head of the ECW legacy once and for all, until me. That's right, I am going to come to "Redemption" June 29th and starting with you Stevie Richards I am going to kill off the legacy of ECW once and for all!"

Final Card announced for "Redemption"

The final card for "Redemption" was announced just a bit ago on Extreme Rising's Facebook page and it is as follows...

Devon Storm vs. Jerry Lynn
Blk Out vs. The Gangstas
Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards
Bestia 666 vs. Pesadilla
Matt Hardy vs. Too Cold Scorpio
Balls Mahoney vs. ???

Also scheduled: Shane Douglas, Tod Gordon, CW Anderson, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, the F.B.I. The Dramatics, The Sandman, & more
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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Extreme Rising Presents: Redemption
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania National Guard Armory

Extreme Rising opens the show with ring announcer Steven DiAngeles welcoming everyone back. Steven then introduces one half of tonight’s broadcast team for the iPPV, Robbie Mireno. Robbie comes out to the ring to a “who are you?” reaction from the crowd here in Philly. Robbie runs down the card scheduled for tonight, the boos from the crowd getting louder and louder as he goes on. Robbie then turns his focus and tries to get more heat by using the “I’m better than you” approach but he fails miserably at it. He is saved from further embarrassment when Joel Gertner, the other half of the broadcast team, makes his way down the ring. Once in the ring, Joel rhymes for the audience which brings the audience back up from where they were when they were booing Robbie Mireno. Joel finishes his poems and the two broadcasters exit the ring so Steven DiAngeles can announce the first match.

Match #1: The Dramatics vs. The F.B.I.

Getting their shot to wrestle on the main show after having wrestled a pre-show match at Extreme Reunion, The Dramatics make their return as they take on ECW originals and fan favorites The F.B.I. From the opening bell, the much bigger and stronger Dramatics dominate. There is a brief window there where Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke manage to mount a little bit of offense but it doesn’t last long. To The F.B.I.’s credit, the veterans do manage to hang in the match for a while but one has to wonder if that was the smart move or not. After several long minutes of getting squashed, The F.B.I.’s fight finally wears out and The Dramatics finish them off, getting their first ever victory here in Extreme Rising.

Winners: The Dramatics

Match #2: CW Anderson vs. Pitbull Gary Wolfe w/ Christina Vicious

Quickly transitioning from the first match to the second match, Redemption moves on to match #2. This match tonight features two ECW originals in “The Enforcer” CW Anderson and “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe. Gary Wolfe, after having been involved in an absolute disaster of a “match” against Raven at Extreme Reunion, looks to get off on a better foot tonight as he takes on a tough opponent in CW Anderson. As you would expect from these two, the match is very physical. The two immediately proceed to beating the living daylights out of each other. Neither one really has any sort of advantage until the end of the match when Gary Wolfe decides to try and use his secret weapon, his valet Christina. Christina gets up on the ring apron to distract the referee which in turn distracts CW Anderson, enough for Gary Wolfe to get an opening that he can take advantage of. Gary Wolfe locks himself in on CW Anderson and after a brief struggle, he hits his finisher and covers CW for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Pitbull Gary Wolfe

Match #3: Balls Mahoney vs. ??? – Anything Goes

Once both Gary Wolfe and CW Anderson get up and make their way to the back, AC/DC’s Big Balls hits and the crowd goes wild as Balls Mahoney steps out of the entrance curtain, steel chair in hand. Recently Balls posted a video on YouTube where he called out anyone, challenging them to an anything goes hardcore match. Once in the ring, Balls grabs a microphone and starts taunting the back locker room, trying to get anyone to come out and face him. Balls doesn’t wait long, as soon as he starts taunting, his challenge is accepted when The Blue Meanie steps out of the curtain. Balls can’t believe it. The Blue Meanie steps in to the ring and extends his hand towards Balls, in a show of good sportsmanship. Balls shakes his hand and the match is on. As one would expect from these two, this was not anywhere near close to being a traditional wrestling match, but rather a bloody, violent fight. Only a minute or so in and the match has already spilled out to the floor outside the ring. Both men begin pulling weapons from under the ring or wherever they can find them and start using them on their opponent. The crowd is loving it, as they are chanting “E-C-DUB, E-C-DUB” at the first sight of blood. After having used nearly every weapon imaginable, no one knows exactly where the violence goes from here, except for Balls Mahoney. Setting up a table in the middle of the ring, with The Blue Meanie struggling to stand up at his feet, Balls pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and sprays it on the table. He then pulls out a lighter and lights the table on fire! He struggles to get The Blue Meanie to his feet but he manages to do it just in time. With an awful looking power bomb, Balls throws the Meanie through the table. The referee then checks on The Blue Meanie and when it’s determined that the Meanie cannot continue, the referee declares Balls Mahoney the winner.

Winner: Balls Mahoney

Match #4: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards

Once all the mess has been cleaned up from the previous match, the next match can begin. Before Steven DiAngeles can even begin to introduce it, Luke Hawx interrupts. Walking down the entrance way, Luke Hawx continues his crusade against the extreme legacy by burying the previous match and all others like it, calling it a disgrace to wrestling. He then says that he is going to take out each and every one of the extreme originals, one by one starting with his opponent tonight, Stevie Richards. On cue, Stevie Richards’ music hits and he wastes no time getting to the ring, dashing from the entrance curtain to the ring area where Luke Hawx awaits. Stevie takes Luke down and starts beating on him right away but eventually Luke gets away. This is a pattern that continues throughout the whole match, Stevie catches Luke and beats on him, and then Luke manages to slither out. Luke just does not seem very focused on Stevie Richards, rather he seems more interested in arguing with the fans that trying to take out his opponent. It is this focus on the fans instead of Stevie that ends up costing Luke the match. Back in the ring, a group of fans gets Luke’s attention. With his back turned to Stevie so he can argue with the fans, this allows Stevie to lock in and wait. Once Luke turns around, Stevie nails him with the Stevie kick, following it up with the cover and the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Stevie Richards

Stevie gets a well-deserved victory and Luke Hawx gets put in his place at the same time. As the referee raises Stevie’s hand, Luke Hawx collects himself, gets up to his feet, and blindsides Stevie from behind. Luke starts beating on him but it doesn’t last long. “Enter Sandman” starts playing and the crowd erupts as The Sandman makes his appearance tonight. Rather than come through the crowd, The Sandman makes his way to the ring via the entrance way and unlike Extreme Reunion, he does it fast. Luke notices The Sandman running towards him and quickly ducks out of the ring, exiting through an opening in the crowd. The Sandman enters the ring and points his kendo stick at Luke as the fans sing along to “Enter Sandman.” Someone from the outside hands The Sandman a beer and you know what happens after that. The Sandman then offers a beer to Stevie Richards and the two celebrate in the ring together as Luke Hawx backs his way out of the arena.


Match #5: Bestia 666 vs. Pesadilla

Back from intermission, and before match #5 can begin, the music of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas hits. The crowd goes wild as Shane, dressed in nice management style clothes, makes his way down to the ring. Shane thanks the fans in attendance and the fans watching on iPPV for supporting them even though they got off to a rough start. Shane then transitions in to talking about one of the things that made the original ECW so great, that being all the luchadors that Paul Heyman brought in from Mexico. Guys such as Psychosis, Rey Misterio Jr., and of course the late great Eddie Guerrero. Shane then introduces two guys that he says will be leading the new charge of extreme Lucha Libre, them two being Bestia 666 and Pesadilla.

Once the two luchadors are finally in the ring together, the match can begin. The crowd is a little unsure of what to make of these two, since although they come from well-known extreme bloodlines, they themselves aren’t that well known yet. But as the pace and the action of the match picks up, the crowd gets more and more in to it. As you would expect from a Lucha Libre match, there is a lot of high risk, high flying, quick moves put on display by these two. However, neither seem to be getting much of an advantage. It is very 50/50 until a slip up by Pesadilla causes Bestia 666 to take permanent control. After a couple minutes of wearing down his opponent, Bestia 666 gets Pesadilla in position for his finisher, La Valagueza. Bestia hits it and quickly covers Pesadilla, getting the win.

Winner: Bestia 666

Match #6: Blk Out vs. The Gangstas

Switching gears, and styles, Redemption rolls on with match #6 tonight, a match that The Gangstas initiated when they posted a video on YouTube calling out Blk Out for jumping them from behind at Extreme Reunion. Blk Out are first to the ring, taking the same route as Luke Hawx did, trashing the fans and trashing their opponents. They are quickly shut up when “Natural Born Killers” starts blaring throughout the armory. The Gangstas, New Jack and Mustafa, begin making their way to the ring, with a shopping cart full of weapons in tow. The Gangstas enter the ring and all hell breaks loose. Instead of trying to take control, the referee simply decides to let them go, throwing the rule book out the window. The Gangstas start empting their shopping cart, using all the weapons inside one by one on Blk Out, weapons from baseball bats to kendo sticks to hockey sticks, even using the shopping cart itself on occasion. Blk Out doesn’t get much offense at all, if any, in on The Gangstas, rather it seems that they are just simply trying to survive this beating. The brawl soon spills out in to the crowd. New Jack is battling Blk Jeez and Mustafa is battling Ruckus. Mustafa and Ruckus stay closer to the ring while New Jack and Blk Jeez move towards the back. New Jack then spots a table that has merchandise on it sitting right next to the back bleachers. He hatches an idea. Tossing all the merchandise off the table, New Jack puts Blk Jeez on the table and then proceeds to climb on to the bleachers. Once New Jack reaches the top, he jumps off, landing right on top of Blk Jeez, driving him through the table. The referee, having seen enough, declares The Gangstas the winners.

Winners: The Gangstas

Match #7: Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky vs. Too Cold Scorpio w/ Bill Alfonso

After The Gangstas and Blk Out have been led to the back and all their mess has been cleaned up, the show can move on. Match #7 features a newcomer to Extreme Rising but certainly not a newcomer to the world of wrestling, that man being Matt Hardy. Matt, accompanied to the ring by his girlfriend Reby Sky, as expected gets a very bad reaction from the crowd in Philly. Matt is very aware of this and knows that he must put on a good showing here tonight if he is to be accepted by the extreme audience. His opponent, someone who is very accepted by the extreme audience, that man being Too Cold Scorpio, also begins making his way to the ring, followed closely behind by his manager Bill Alfonso.

Once in the ring, both Too Cold and Matt Hardy lock up. Looking like he is trying very hard not to screw up, Matt Hardy has a hard time in the early goings with regards to getting any sort of offense in. Too Cold, with the audience on his side, dominates. Too Cold continues to dominate until an argument on the outside takes his focus away. Bill Alfonso, who has been yelling at and taunting Reby Sky all match, finally gets in her face. We can’t tell exactly what they’re saying but it appears that Bill is telling her that she has no business here. The two then get in to a brief psychical altercation which only ends when Atlas Security breaks the two up. Seeing his opponent distracted and seeing his girlfriend hold her own, Matt Hardy gets a second wind which he uses to take control of the match. Too Cold stays in the match for quite some time after that but he is unable to regain the success that he had previously. Slowly but surely the crowd starts turning towards Matt Hardy which empowers him even further. Once the crowd gets as much behind him as possible, Matt decides it’s time to end it. Seeing the opportunity, Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Too Cold which he follows up with a pin attempt and the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Following their match, Matt Hardy attempts to help Too Cold up, in a show of respect for the extreme original but Too Cold will have nothing of it. Deciding instead to blow Hardy off, Too Cold gets up by himself and heads to the back by himself. There is nothing Hardy can do but shrug his shoulders and start heading to the back as well. Once in the back, the main event can begin.

Match #8: Devon Storm vs. Jerry Lynn

In a rematch from Extreme Reunion which many people agree was the match that saved the event from being a complete disaster, Devon Storm takes on Jerry Lynn. Both men get amazing reactions from the crowd as they make their way to the ring, the crowd showing each man how much they appreciated their efforts at Extreme Reunion. Once both men enter the ring the match can begin. Early on the match is very back and forth, taking on the look of a more traditional ground and pound wrestling match with each man trading submission holds back and forth. Once they get sick of that, the action starts to pick up, eventually spilling out to the floor below. Now on the outside, the action starts to favor Jerry Lynn that is until he notices Homicide once again sitting at ringside. The two get in to an argument where Homicide attempts to try and punch Jerry but is stopped when Atlas Security intervene. This turns the tide in the match back towards Devon Storm. Devon has control until the crowd, who has been more behind Jerry Lynn, starts cheering for him even more which boosts him up enough to fight his way back in to the match. It now becomes a case of who will give first. Each man trades moves back and forth, neither giving up any ground. The match looks like it could go on forever until out of nowhere Devon Storm surges ahead and takes control, never letting it go. He struggles for about a minute to get Jerry Lynn in to the right place but once he does he hits the Eye of the Storm, following it up with a cover and the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Devon Storm

Following the end of the match, Devon Storm gets his hand raised by the referee and then once that’s over, he proceeds to go directly towards the back. Once Jerry Lynn manages to get to his feet, the crowd cheers him as he heads to the back. The show ends with Steven DiAngeles thanking everyone.
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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Backstage Notes From "Redemption"

- The crowd was much smaller than it was for Extreme Reunion, the final total coming in around 800 which still can be viewed as a success considering all the bad publicity surrounding Extreme Reunion.

- The iPPV went off fairly well. Only a few technical issues were reported which were resolved quickly.

- No issues regarding wrestlers, everyone showed up on time and ready to go.

Fallout w/ Robbie Mireno - Episode #1

Following the end of "Redemption", Robbie Mireno caught up with Matt Hardy, Devon Storm, and Luke Hawx as they were exiting the building...

Matt Hardy

Robbie Mireno: So Matt, first time wrestling in front of an extreme crowd here in Philly and you managed to pick up a win even, what's that feeling like?

Matt Hardy: Can't lie, it's a good feeling. I set out to show the fans that I can hang in these "extreme" environments, against anybody and I think I took a pretty big first step tonight.

Robbie Mireno: Are you worried at all that the fans of Extreme Rising may not accept you, ever?

Matt Hardy: I think they will. Like I've said before, I believe as long as I can put on good matches and as long as I bring my A-game every time, I'm sure they'll come to accept me.

Robbie Mireno: Is it safe to say then that your goal here is just to gain acceptance?

Matt Hardy: Of course I want to be the champion, it's foolish of any wrestler not to set their goals as high as possible but I also can't be the champion without the fans so yeah, you could say that my first goal at least is to get accepted.

Robbie Mireno: One final question, during the match your girlfriend got in to quite an argument with Bill Alfonso, care to shed any light on what that was about?

Matt Hardy: I wish I knew. I better go try and find out, talk to you later man.

Devon Storm

Robbie Mireno: Devon, congratulations on the win.

Devon Storm: ....

Robbie Mireno: Ok, umm, now that you've beaten Jerry Lynn, where do you go from here?

Devon Storm: ....It's not really a true win when stupid punks in the audience can just interfere whenever they want.

Robbie Mireno: But you won, why should that matter?

Devon Storm: It matters to me!

Devon then walks off camera.

Luke Hawx

Robbie Mireno: Lu...

Luke Hawx: Shut up Robbie and let me talk...Sandman, Stevie, you two has-beens may have gotten the win and pulled one over on me, congratulations but this is not over. You may have your moments, you may win the little battles here and there but the war has just begun. I'll take on any of you fat drugged out losers, it doesn't matter, hell I'd even take on "The Franchise" himself, it doesn't matter. None of you scare me because extreme is dead and I'm the one who's going to piss on its grave.
Breaking News: Extreme Rising announces "Extreme Roadtrip"

Via Extreme Rising's Facebook page...

"Thanks to the great response from you fans regarding our "Redemption" event, we here at Extreme Rising are proud to announce an "Extreme Roadtrip". That's right, Extreme Rising is taking it on the road for three nights only, visiting cities and venues that played a huge part in building the legacy of extreme. Exact dates and locations to be announced very shortly."

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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Breaking News: Dates & Locations for "The Extreme Roadtrip" Announced/ Two New ECW Originals Announced

Via Extreme Rising's Facebook page and official website...

"We here at Extreme Rising are proud to announce that we are stepping away from Philly and the National Guard Armory for three straight nights to bring our new brand of extreme to cities and venues that were a huge part of the original extreme legacy. On Friday October 12th, we are headed to Monaca, Pennsylvania and the CCBC Golden Dome, the site of the groundbreaking ECW pay per view November to Remember 1997. Then on Saturday October 13th we head to Poughkeepsie, New York and the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, finishing up the roadtrip in Corona, New York at the Elmcor Youth And Adult Activities Center. And we are also proud to announce that we will be joined on The Extreme Roadtrip by ECW originals Perry Saturn and "The Man Beast" Rhino. Join us as we take extreme on the road!"

Raven promises to be on The Extreme Roadtrip

Not long after Extreme Rising announced The Extreme Roadtrip, Raven posted a video to his YouTube account where he promises to show up at each of the Extreme Roadtrip events, whether he's invited or not...

"Shane Douglas, I told you that your transgressions would not go unnoticed, I told you not to ignore me but you did anyway. Despite the overwhelming majority of fans who wanted me on the show, you ignored them and me and kept me off the show anyway. I'm done playing games with you. I'm coming to each and every one of your previous "extreme roadtrip" events, I'll buy a ticket and sit in the damn audience if I have to but I am going to be there. There's going to be no ignoring me this time. Quote the Raven, nevermore..."

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Re: From Reunion to Rising: An Extreme Redemption

Homicide to wrestle on "Extreme Roadtrip"/ Devon Storm responds

- Within just a couple hours of the announcement that Homicide will be stepping in to the ring for Extreme Rising on all three of the "Extreme Roadtrip" events, Devon Storm responded by storming in to the office of "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, demanding that he get his hands on "The Notorious 187". Whatever he said must have been really persuasive because following the meeting it was announced that Devon Storm vs. Homicide was booked for the October 13th event in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Luke Hawx to face three different extreme originals on "Extreme Roadtrip"

- In response to Luke Hawx's video posts and his rants at live Extreme Rising events, management has decided to book him against three different extreme originals for each of the three "Extreme Roadtrip" events. On 10/12 Luke Hawx is scheduled to face the debuting Perry Saturn, then on 10/13 Luke goes face to face with "The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn, finishing up the roadtrip on 10/14 against "The Man Beast" Rhino. Shockingly, Luke did not have much to say on the matter, choosing to respond with a short post on his Facebook page...

"Three different extreme original opponents? Ha, that's funny."

Breaking News: Hijo De Rey Misterio Added to "Extreme Roadtrip"

- Via Extreme Rising's Facebook page...

"We are proud to announce that the heir of the Misterio legacy, Hijo De Rey Misterio, will be joining the "Extreme Roadtrip" on October 13th and 14th."
Final Cards Announced for "Extreme Roadtrip"

October 12th - Monaca, Pennslyvania

- In the main event, they've each won a match against each other now they decide once and for all who's the best when Devon Storm takes on Jerry Lynn for the last time. But this time, to ensure that there will be no outside interference, this match will be contested inside a steel cage!

- Also scheduled...Luke Hawx vs. Perry Saturn, Stevie Richards vs. CW Anderson, Homicide vs. Rhino, & Matt Hardy vs. Too Cold Scorpio.

- Other talent scheduled to appear include: Bestia 666, Facade, The F.B.I., The Dramatics, Blk Out, Balls Mahoney, The Blue Meanie, & More!

October 13th - Poughkeepsie, New York

- In the main event, Matt Hardy takes on "The Man Beast" Rhino.

- Two members of two of the most influential tag teams in the original extreme era go head to head as Perry Saturn takes on Pitbull Gary Wolfe.

- The debut of Hijo De Rey Misterio.

- Devon Storm finally gets his hands on Homicide.

- Also scheduled...Jerry Lynn vs. Luke Hawx.

- Other talent appearing include: Stevie Richards, Blk Out, The Dramatics, Balls Mahoney, The Blue Meanie, The F.B.I., Bestia 666, & More!

October 14th - Corona, New York

- A double dose of triple threat action as the two semi-main events see Devon Storm taking on Homicide and Jerry Lynn and in a lucha libre triple threat, Bestia 666 takes on Hijo De Rey Misterio and Pesadilla.

- Also scheduled...The debut of "Lonesome" Jay Bradley as he takes on Stevie Richards....Luke Hawx vs. Rhino.

- Other talent appearing include: Balls Mahoney, The Blue Meanie, The Dramatics, The F.B.I., Matt Hardy, Too Cold Scorpio, Facade, & More!

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