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WWF 2000- Radcial Change!

WWF 2000- Radical Change!

The Game Continues
April 2, 2000 was a big day for the WWF. The Wrestlemania main event, with four participants, each one representing a McMahon, started. After Big Show (Shane's representative) was eliminated in 5 minutes, and Mick Foley (Linda's representative) finally had his swan song in a Wrestlemania main event, The match came down to two of the best Wrestlers in WWF- The Rock, who represented Vince McMahon, and Triple H, who was accompanied by his wife, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. The two fought in a match for the ages, however, Vince McMahon decided that he had enough. The chairman has entered the ring, and grabbed a steel chair. Suddenly, out of nowhere, The chairman hit his own representative to everyone's shock. As the crowd booed, Triple H pinned The Rock to retain his title, celebrating after the match with his Father in Law and his Brother in Law who joined the party. In the post-Wrestlemania RAW, The Rock swore to get his revenge, as Vince will explain why did he turn on the Rock.

Y-2-Double champion
Also at Wrestlemania, it was decided that Kurt Angle won't be able to keep holding his two belts- The European and the Intercontinental Championships, which he dubbed the "Euro-Continental" championship. In a Triple Threat match that included Chris Benoit as well, Jericho has managed to pin the champ and to win both titles, winning his third IC title. It was also decided that the European title will be retired.

On Top of the World
Wrestlemania 2000 was a big night for some of the Wrestlers. But it was really big for Edge and Christian. The two brothers from Toronto finally reached their goal and became the Tag Team champions, after defeating former champs the Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boys. What does their first night as champions hold for them? We'll wait and see.

WWF Champion: Triple H | Since 3/1/00
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho | Since 2/4/00
WWF Tag Team Champions: Edge and Christian | Since 2/4/00

Al Snow | Big Bossman | Big Show | Bradshaw | British Bulldog | Bubba Ray Dudley | Bull Buchanan | Chris Benoit | Chris Jericho | Christian | Chyna | Crash Holly | Dean Malenko | D-Lo Brown | D-Von Dudley | Eddie Guerrero| Edge| Essa Rios| Faarooq | Godfather | Grandmaster Sexay | Hardcore Holly |Headbanger Mosh| Headbanger Thrasher | Jeff Hardy | Kane | Kurt Angle | Matt Hardy | Perry Saturn | Prince Albert | Rikishi | Road Dogg | Scotty 2 Hotty | Shane McMahon | Sho Funaki | Steve Blackman | Taka Michinoku | Tazz | Test | The Rock | Triple H | Val Venis | X Pac

Injured list:

The Undertaker (Torn Groin muscle, will be back at May)
Steve Austin (Recovering from Neck Surgery, will be back at September)
Billy Gunn (Arm injury, will be back at October)

Current PPV Schedule
Backlash | April 30 2000 | Washington, D.C
Judgment Day | May 21 2000 | Louisville, Kentucky
King of the Ring | June 25 2000 | Boston, Massachusetts
Fully Loaded | July 23 2000 | Dallas, Texas

Upcoming PPV Event

April 30 2000, Washington, D.C

TV Shows
I'll only have RAW and Smackdown in details. Heat will be posted as quick results and if needed I will mention the important notes from the shows. PPVs will be in full detail.

Okay, I'm going to do this. This is my first so have mercy. Now, I'll run the WWF from after Wrestlemania 2000. In my WWF, I'll have a lot of fun storylines for you. As you've seen, I've scrapped the European and the Light-Heavyweight title because they had no purpose. The Women's division has been scrapped as well. I hope you'll have fun, the first show will be up soon.

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Re: WWF 2000- Radcial Change!

2000 was basically the Hunter show, for Rocky not to win the title at Mania clean is the biggest travesty of the year by far. Its obvious nobody benefited more from Steve absence then Hunter the rest of the show was pretty good. By then Rocky already cemented himself as being the biggest star alive
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Re: WWF 2000- Radcial Change!

It's fiction, so you should bring back Austin and Taker asap! You'll have more fun playing with more toys in your sandbox.
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Re: WWF 2000- Radcial Change!

Originally Posted by Lariatoh! View Post
It's fiction, so you should bring back Austin and Taker asap! You'll have more fun playing with more toys in your sandbox.
No. I prefer to be restricted to real-life roster.

Besides, Undertaker is coming back soon!
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Re: WWF 2000- Radcial Change!

WWF RAW is WAR | April 3 2000- Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center

WWF Attitude…

"Thorn in your Eye" by slamjam played as the intro to WWF RAW is WAR. The fireworks went off the top of the Titantron as the crowd cheered.

"We're sold out in L.A!" JR said. "I'm Jim Ross and by my side it's Jerry Lawler, and King, tonight we'll find out why did Mr. McMahon screwed the Rock last night at Wrestlemania 2000!"

"I couldn't believe my eyes, what a happy family reunion we've seen last night!" King said.

*No Chance*

The crowd started booing as that song played. Vince and Shane McMahon, the father and the son, came out to the ring. Then Stephanie came out with them. All of them looked like they're in pain after the Rock Bottoms from the Rock after the betrayal at Wrestlemania. The three McMahons look at each other and then pointed to the entrance way.

*My Time*

The heat became louder as Triple H came out. The champ, fresh off his title defense last night, came out in his jacket, showing off the belt. Triple H looked at the booing crowd as he and his family walked down the aisle. The fans started chanting "Asshole" at the McMahons.

"This makes me sick, this stupid family…" JR said.

"I would like to publically apologize to you, father." Shane said. "I thought that you've became weak. I've thought that your time has gone. And that it's the time for me, for Young Simba, to take this from you. But last night was your greatest accomplishment!" Shane said happily as the crowd kept booing. Vince smiled at his son's compliment.

"I am so proud to be your son, to bear the name 'McMahon' after what you did last night!" Shane started. Suddenly, the fans started chanting "Rocky! Rocky!". Shane ignored that. "I love you, dad. Therefore, I would like to continue what you've started last night! Because tonight, father, in this very ring, Shane O'Mac will go…" Shane stopped and then said it. '"One on One with the Great One!"

The crowd cheered at that.

"WHAT!?" King said. "Had Shane lost his mind? The Rock? Tonight?"

"That's IF," Shane said. "The Rock will accept it. And he better not".

Vince patted his son on the shoulder. Stephanie then took the microphone.

"Slut! Slut!" the Crowd chanted.

"Shane, I'll never forgive nor forget the Rock for what he did to me last night," she started. "I'm a Woman! Hundred and thirty five pounds! And while I slapped the Rock, he deserved it, and I didn't deserve the Rock Bottom nor the People's Elbow!" the crowd cheered at that. "My entire body is sore. Any normal woman wouldn't be able to walk right now. Shane, I appreciate your concern, but…"

"No." said Triple H, as he took the microphone. "You need to understand it, Shane. Your sister is my WIFE. And the Rock put his hands on her. Do you think you want the Rock tonight? I want the Rock tonight!" he said as the crowd cheered. "Not for my title, of course, because I've proved that he's not in my league! This is a personal issue. Eye for an eye, Rocky! You put your hands on my wife, and I'll hurt you! If you got the guts, Rock, I want your ass here!"

Vince then stopped Triple H.

"Hunter," Vince said. "It appears that we have a problem here. Both of you want the Rock tonight, but you know, I actually thought about a better match. How about the Rock vs. Vince McMahon?" he asked as the crowd booed. "Before I'll address this, I think that I owe THEM an explanation for my actions last night".

"You damn right!" JR said.

"I don't have to answer." Vince said. "But I will. The Rock is just like each and every one of you here at Los Angeles. He's ego centric. He's a phony. Just like you, people with fake hair, teeth, boobs, face lifts… You're not real human beings!" Vince said as the crowd chanted "Asshole" again. "Look at who's talking." The crowd booed again.

"The Rock won't become a champ again. He has no chance. No chance in hell!" Vince said. "I don't care which one of us will fight tonight. But the man that will fight the Rock will drive the Rock out of here, out of my World Wrestling Federation. Thank you very much".

The McMahons left the ring.

Backstage, you can see a limo parking in the building. The Rock came out of it as the crowd exploded with cheers.

"The Rock is here!" King said.

"Look, just pin!" Crash Holly said. "Pin me so that I can get out of this stupid 24/7 Rule! I beg you, I'll do anything! Anything!"

Chris Jericho looked at Crash.

"Look, I know that I'm the best wrestler in here, and even the Game himself should give up on his title for Chris Jericho, but I won't do this!" Jericho said. "I won't pin you. I need to sleep, thank you very much".

Chris Jericho left Crash.

"No, Chris, don't…" Crash started. Crash then moved as Hardcore Holly tried to whack him with a steel chair.

"NO! Hardcore, no!" Crash screamed as he ran away, with his cousin after him.

Match 1: Big Bossman vs Chris Jericho © for the WWF Intercontinental championship

*Cell Block*

Big Bossman and Buchanan came out as the crowd booed. They walked to the ring as Bossman spun his nightclub.

*Break the Walls down*

Chris Jericho came out to a big ovation. He turned around to face the ring. He looked at his challenger.

"Welcome to… RAW IS JERICHO!" he said as the crowd cheered. "And you've came just in time, because tonight I'm entering here as the… Not one, not two, but the three times World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental champion!" Jericho said. "And being the great champ that I am, I'm going to destroy that fat piece of crap in the ring!" Bossman started to get angry. "Bosswoman, I'm going to kick your fat ass tonight just as I did to Mr. Roboto and to the Olympic Jackass last night! And after I'm done with you, you'll beg to eat that dog you've cooked!"

The match was pretty quick. Jericho took the early lead, hitting Bossman with some big kicks. Buchanan's distraction helped Bossman to get some offense in, but in the end, Jericho was able to use the dropkick on both of them, to hit his Lionsault on Bossman and to get the win.

Winner and still intercontinental champion: Chris Jericho

Post match, Crash Holly came down. He's running away from Hardcore Holly, Kaientai and Prince Albert.

"Whoa! Crash is running for his life here!" JR said.

"Poor guy just wants to lose his title!" Lawler screamed.

Crash entered the ring and pulled Jericho on him, as Earl Hebner started counting. 1… 2… Hardcore Holly broke the pin!

"Crash wanted to get rid of this title as if it was cursed!" said JR.

"And he's right!" said King.

Jericho then got up, yelled "I don't want this stupid title!" and left. Crash, meanwhile, ran away through the crowd as Bossman and Buchanan got up. They chased after Crash to the crowd as well.

Backstage, the Rock is walking back and forth, very angry.

The cameras switch to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their locker room. Triple H is angry a little bit.

"Look, Steph, you'll just tell him that I'll be the one taking Rock tonight!" Triple H said.

"Hunter, Hunter look, you know that it's very hard to make my dad change his mind…" Stephanie started.

"I don't care!" Triple H said. "Tell him that I'll be the one facing Rock tonight, no one attacks you and gets away with that, and he can go to hell if he doesn't like it!"

Match 2: The Radicals vs Too Cool and D-Lo Brown


The four Radicals came down to the ring. Eddie Guerrero winked at the camera, as the other three walked to the ring quietly without doing much.

*You Look Fly Today*

The crowd started clapping. Scotty and Grandmaster came to the ring ramp, dancing. Then they pointed to the back, as Rikishi walked to the ring ramp, looking scary. They walked to the ring, dancing.

*Danger at the Door*

D-Lo Brown walked to the ring, dancing himself, as the crowd went wild. The Radicals, especially Benoit, looked at their dancing opponents in disgust.

The match was a pretty technical one, with the Radicals managing to work on their opponents and to wear them down. Towards the end, the match started to turn into an all-out brawl. Benoit stayed in the ring with D-Lo. D-Lo tried to use the Sky-High on Benoit, but Saturn then distracted the referee. D-Lo yelled for the ref. As he turned around, Benoit locked him in a Crippler Crossface. D-Lo tapped out to the hold eventually.

Winners: The Radicals

The Radicals celebrated in the ring. They patted each other on the shoulders, until…

*Don't treat me like a woman*

The crowd cheered wildly. Chyna came out with her bazooka and shoot green fireworks to the ceiling. Eddie looked at her happily.

"It's CHYNA!" JR said. "She's hot on the heels of a victory last night!"

"Come on, JR!" Lawler said. "You know that Eddie was a gentleman and allowed her pin him".

"This match is scheduled for one fall!" Lillian Garcia announced. "Introducing first, she is the Ninth wonder of the world, Chyna!"

Chyna entered the ring. Eddie took the microphone.

"Hey, hey, hey! Mamacita!" Eddie said. "After last night, when you were on the top of me, I now KNOW that you want some Latino HEAT!"

The crowd booed at this.

"She was on top of him last night?" Lawler asked, surprisingly.

"She pinned him in a match last night…" said JR, shaking his head.

"Let's face it, you and I got some chemistry!" Eddie said. "You got a match tonight? Well, Amigos, how about I'll just watch it?" he asked his friends.

"Eddie," Benoit said. "Cut the crap".

"Yeah!" Saturn said. "You don't need her! You can get much better girls then this… Can I call you a Woman?" he asked Chyna.

"Okay, you know what?" Chyna said. "This is starting to get on my nerves. Guerrero, get out of here. I have a match!"

"What's the problem, Mamacita?" Eddie asked. "Why you're always about business? How about some pleasure?"


The crowd then booed as Kurt Angle came down the ramp.

"This is, without a doubt, one of the darkest days in the WWF's history, if not, US history. It's True!" Angle said. "To lose is one thing. But I lost only because that no tooth freak standing in the ring distracted me. I've received calls from parents, telling me that their children were too depressed to go to school today! I don't blame them, quite frankly. I'm not sure that the WWF will survive without your Olympic Hero holding two titles. It's True!"

Chyna rolled her eyes.

"But now, in less than 24 hours, I've gone from being an honorable champion, to wrestle… A hermaphrodite." The crowd laughed. "Not that this is a bad thing. Some of my biggest fans are hermaphrodites. Some of them actually want to turn full female, just to be able to kiss your Olympic Hero. But I'm happily married. Anyway, because I don't want to taint my body, I think it's only fair from me to wear… Sanitarian gloves." Angle took out a pair of gloves. The Radicals left the ring, with Eddie looking at Chyna.

Match 3: Chyna vs Kurt Angle

The match was pretty even, with Kurt trying to hurt Chyna as less as he can. However, Chyna tried to hurt him as much as she could… Chyna didn't care to even hit Kurt in his sacred area. However, Angle burst into anger, attacking Chyna and hitting her with an Olympic Slam. 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kurt Angle

"Wait! Stop him!" Jim Ross yelled.

Angle locked Chyna in the Ankle Lock.

"You can't do that to a woman, but it's not a woman, it's Chyna!" said Lawler.

Eddie ran down again and chased Angle away. Then he checked on Chyna. Chyna looked at Eddie, surprised. She refused help leaving the ring.

The three McMahons are talking in their room.

"He wants the Rock tonight, and wouldn't hear no." Stephanie said.

"Dad, its business." Shane said. "I deserve to fight the Rock tonight. It WILL happen, right?"

"I'll work it out." Vince said.

"You'll work it out? What the hell that means?" Shane asked. "I can take him out, dad. I know it!"

"But Hunter is the WWF champion. And he proved that he can take the Rock out!" Stephanie said.

"Look, I'll solve it. You just tell Hunter that everything will be alright, okay?" Vince asked. Stephanie nodded and left.

"I want to take him out." Shane reminded him.

"Who will take on the Rock tonight?" asked JR.

Match 4: Tazz vs the Big Show

*If you dare*
The crowd cheered wildly as Tazz walked to the ring, covered in his towel. Tazz then took the towel off and posed for the crowd. He nodded.

*Well, It's the Big Show!*

The crowd booed as a very angry Big Show came out. They mocked him and chanted "Five minutes!" as he walked to the ring.

The match was a typical big men match. Tazz and Big Show both tried to stay tough and to take each other's best shots. Show then tried to hit Tazz with the Chokeslam, but Tazz reversed it. Tazz locked the Tazzmission! The crowd went nuts as Tazz kept choking Big Show out. Referee Tim White then ordered to ring the bell, as Show passed out.

Winner: Tazz

"I can't believe it!" JR said. "Tazz choked Show with ease!"

"This man is really dangerous, he is a street thug!" said Lawler.

"You don't want him to hear you…" JR said.

Michael Cole is standing backstage with the Rock.

"Rock, you've wanted to get some air time tonight," Cole started. "After what happened at Wrestlemania last night."

Rock stopped Cole. He stared at the camera. The crowd chanted "Rocky! Rocky!"

"It is amazing. With all the great decisions Vince McMahon has made… To expand the WWF at 1983, to start Wrestlemania at 1985, to implant a new penis at 1991…" the crowd cheered. "After last night, all of them mean… Nothing. Last night, when you hit the Rock with a steel chair, that was your single worse decision. The Rock doesn't care if tonight it's you, Triple H, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Linda McMahon, Uncle Joe McMahon, or Aunt Jeanie McMahon that comes at holiday to give some present! The Great One will give anyone the Rock Bottom, and will become the WWF champ once again. If ya smell… What the Rock… Is cooking."

"Folks, one last commercial break!" JR said. "And we'll see the Rock in action. Against whom he'll fight?"

Match 5: The Rock vs ?

*No Chance*

The crowd waited. Vince McMahon walked to the ring ramp. He shook his head and pointed to the back. Shane McMahon walked down. The crowd booed.

"It's Shane!" King said.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall!" announced Lillian Garcia. "Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in a 230 pounds… Shane McMahon!"

"Then it's the wonder kid of Vince McMahon against the Rock!" JR said.

Shane climbed on the turnbuckle and imitated the Rock.

"Yeah, I smell what you're cooking!" Lawler said.


"And his opponent!" Lillian Garcia announced, as the crowd exploded. The Rock ran down quickly, starting to attack Vince.

"It's on!" JR said.

Rock threw Vince out of the ring. Rock then chased Shane around the ring. He caught him at the ring ramp, and then punched him… Triple H came from the back and attacked Rock!

"Oh, son of a bitch!" JR yelled.

Triple H kept attacking Rocky. Then he threw him at the steel steps! Stephanie then came down as well as Triple H threw Rocky back to the ring. The bell rang. Shane clotheslined the Rock. Then he climbed on the second rope and hit the elbow drop to the Rock's throat. He covered. 1… 2… Rock kicked out. Rock then started punching Shane and pushed him to the ropes. He tried to whip Shane but Shane reversed it and Triple H pulled the ropes. Rock is out of the ring.

"Come on, ref!" JR said.

"Watch it!" Lawler yelled.

Triple H tried to attack Rock. Earl Hebner prevented that, but as Heber was distracted, Vince clothelined the Rock to the announcers table! Vince threw Rock to the ring. Shane punched Rock. Shane whipped the Rock to the ropes and hit the spinning heel kick! Shane then ran around in his typical fashion. Vince climbed on the apron. As Hebner is distracted, Shane and Hunter attack Rock together! Shane then punched Rock in his head. Then he did it the second time. The crowd booed. Shane did it the third time. Shane ran to the ropes… The Rock hit him with a spinebuster! The crowd went nuts!

"Rocky is back in the business!" said JR.

Rock signals for his People's Elbow… Vince climbed on the apron. Rock hit him but accidentally hit Hebner as well! Triple H entered the ring and hit the Pedigree on Rock, as the crowd booed. He put Shane on Rock and tried to wake Hebner up. 1… 2… Rock kicks out! Triple H argued with the Hebner as Shane held the Rock. Vince entered the ring with the WWF title belt! He runs… Rock kicks him! Rock then started punching Vince and Shane. He took the belt and tried to hit Shane, who rolled to the outside. Rock turns around… Triple H clotheslined him! That's enough for Hebner.

Winner: Rock by DQ

Triple H kept kicking Rock. He pushed Hebner down and kicked Rock again. Triple H then punched Rock. He tried to whip him to the ropes… Rock reversed it… ROCK BOTTOM! Rock then pinned Triple H and counted the pinfall by himself! The three McMahons are yelling at the ring ramp. The Rock celebrated with the WWF title.

"The McMahons can't believe it, but Rock has pinned the champ!" JR said.

"No he didn't! It wasn't a match! He fought Shane!" Lawler yelled.

"I don't care, Rocky is back in the Game!" JR said as the show ended.

Quick Results:
WWF IC championship: Chris Jericho © def. Big Bossman
Eight men tag team match: The Radicals def. Too Cool and D-Lo Brown
Kurt Angle def. Chyna
Tazz def. Big Show
The Rock def. Shane McMahon by DQ

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