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WWE '13: Because I Want To!

WWE '13: Because I Want To!

Wrestlemania 29 Results

Preshow; Brodus Clay and Tensai defeat Prime Time Players

The Miz defeats Antonio Cesaro (c) to become to the NEW United States Champion in a No DQ Match. Cesaro dominates most of the match, but WWE decides that maybe a title win will help Miz overcome this horrbile face run, and Miz is able to get the victory with a small package. After the match, Cesaro attacks Miz. He lifts up the title that was once his, before smirking and spitting on it, and throwing it at the fallen Miz.

Kane defeats Daniel Bryan in a "Friendly Competition" Match. Bryan is irate after the match and Kane laughs, before exclaiming, "I am the tag team champions!", and leaving with BOTH tag team titles.

The Shield defeats Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show, when Big Show walks out on his own team. Show had remained heel throughout this feud, in fact, Booker T basically forced him in this jumble of a match. After Show walks out, Ambrose and Rollins double team Orton, while Reigns covers Sheamus after a Spear.

Wade Barrett wins the Money in the Bank ladder match, defeating Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry,and Ryback. Henry and Ryback basically take each other out of this equation, brawling all over the arena. Before long, the Intercontinental Champion is able to climb the ladder and hopefully, has finally broken the glass ceiling.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Chris Jericho in the match of the night. Big E and AJ get themselves thrown out of this match early on, but Ziggler manages to upset Jericho cleanly.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Close matchup, but Del Rio is able to secure the victory. His celebration does not last long, as Dolph Ziggler comes racing down the ramp and knocks Del Rio out with the briefcase, before cashing it in, to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

The Undertaker defeats CM Punk in a back and forth match with a Tombstone. After the match, CM Punk walks up the ramp, shocked, and disappointed as Heyman tries to console him. The Undertaker does his usual get up.

Brock Lesnar defeats Triple H with two F-5's. After the match, Lesnar throws Triple H out of the ring, before yelling, "This is my house!"

John Cena defeats The Rock to become the NEW WWE Champion after consecutive AA's. After the match, the two embrace. Yawn


Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Antonio Cesaro
Big E Langston
Big Show
Bo Dallas
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
Christian- Currently Inactive
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan- Tag Champion
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler- World Heavyweight Champion
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne- Currently Inactive
Ezekiel Jackson- Currently Inactive
Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena - WWE Champion
Justin Gabriel
Kane- Tag Champion
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty
The Miz- United States Champion
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
The Rock
Titus O'Neil
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett- Intercontinental Champion; Money in the Bank
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zach Ryder

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Kaitlyn- Diva's Champion
Rosa Mendes
Tamina Snuka


Booker T- Smackdown General Manager
Brad Maddox- Assistant Raw General Manager
Paul Heyman
Ricardo Rodriguez
Teddy Long
Vicki Guerrero- Raw General Manager
Zeb Coulter

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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

I can't wait to see the fallout of your WrestleMania 29 with what happens not just on RAW but also on Main Event and on Smackdown also but also building up towards Extreme Rules
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

WWE News and Notes

Officials are said to be very happy with the Wrestlemania results, even with the uproar of John Cena's title win. It was an obvious title switch, but it had to happen. The WWE is excited to go in this new direction and explore exciting feuds for Cena.

Another title switch that disappointed many was Antonio Cesaro dropping his US Title to The Miz. Cesaro has been a dominant champion and brought credibility to the title, but appears to be ready to take the next step towards super-stardom. As for The Miz, he needs a title, and if this title run goes poorly, look for WWE to pull the cord on his face turn.

WWE officials have been trying for weeks to keep Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and The Rock in the plans for Extreme Rules. We are unsure if this will happen, but it would seem The Rock and The Undertaker will be taking their leave.

WWE is ready to build new stars this year, and look for the continued pushes of young talent, such as Cesaro, The Shield, Damien Sandow, and others.

Speaking of The Shield, with the last few programs for the group being very similar, WWE is working on a new idea to keep the group fresh.

As far as any talent changes, WWE officials love the current roster and are more focused on building stars out of the younger talent, than trying to bring in old names. However, in wrestling, plans can always change.

-- Haven't booked in a long, long time. Sure most people don't know of my work, not that it was very good anyways, but I am excited to be back booking. I will try and read up on other BTB's and get in the swing of things. Thanks!
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

Cena as the WWE Champion, do we honestly need to endure another Cena title reign? Honestly? The man is a 12-time WWE Champion and now he is a 13-time WWE Champion tying Triple H's record but whenever Cena is champion, his title matches are always the same with Super Cena walking out of the match still champion each and every single time like please I have seen it all before

Cesaro being a main eventer, please, hopefully but Miz's face turn I don't see it lasting too much longer to be honest

Rock I fully expect him to be back by SummerSlam 2013 if not at Survivor Series 2013 maybe even the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble but as for Undertaker I expect him to be back at WrestleMania 30 taking a whole year off

Glad to see you are pushing the stars of tomorrow, pushing the stars of the future making them into future main eventers
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

Tune into Monday Night Raw!

24 hours removed from one of the biggest nights in sports entertainment history, Monday Night Raw comes to you live from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It will be an unreal atmosphere, as the new WWE Champion John Cena showcases how he came full circle and got his redemption. John Cena is champion again, but the burning question is... who is next in line?

Speaking of new champions, Dolph Ziggler has finally cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Twitter has blown up with Big E Langston and AJ Lee proclaiming that it will be a celebration of a lifetime for Dolph. What can these two boneheads have in store for The Showoff?

CM Punk was a man possessed heading into Wrestlemania, obsessed with ending the streak of The Undertaker. Now that Punk has failed, what is next for 'The Best in the World'? Has CM Punk finally lost his confidence?

Brock Lesnar got the last laugh over Triple H, once again defeating 'The Game'. Is this the end of this bitter rivalry? After the match, Brock declared that "This is his house". Does this mean Brock Lesnar has his sights set on more in the WWE?

How will Kane and Daniel Bryan, the Tag Team Champions, coexist after their match at Wrestlemania? How will the new 'Mr. Money In The Bank' Wade Barrett make his presence known? Plus, Chris Jericho, Ryback, Randy Orton, The Shield, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry, and more will all be in the house!

Don't miss Monday Night Raw!

--Thank you for the comment. Much appreciated.
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

It is almost obvious CM Punk will be next in line to face John Cena because The Undertaker is going to take his year-long sabbatical again, so with Undertaker taking a break, The Rock is most likely going to take a break because he's an A-list Hollywood movie actor so he can't be there and probably won't be back until SummerSlam 2013, Survivor Series 2013 and or even Royal Rumble 2014, so who does that leave other than CM Punk to challenge Cena? There is Randy Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Kane, Daniel Bryan, etc.

Dolph having a World Heavyweight Championship celebration, I can live with that but I can look to Swagger and Del Rio to crash the festivities or even Mark Henry or even Chris Jericho or Randy Orton or Big Show or Sheamus

Punk will set his sights on the WWE Championship, hell even I know that because he feels that that title is his title

I see Triple H and Lesnar's rivalry being far from over with it all ending at Extreme Rules with Triple H coming back for more but if Triple H doesn't come back for now, then I would love to see Brock turn his attention to the WWE Championship

With Kane and Daniel Bryan, I smell a heel turn for either one of them

Barrett with the Money in the Bank briefcase he can cash it in on either the World Heavyweight Champion Ziggler or cash it in on the WWE Champion Cena
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

Most of my shows will feature fully written out promos, but I decided to do a form of recap with this show, because I haven't written in years, and man am I rusty. Apologies for this show probably seeming like it is bouncing all over the place, trying to get use to the three hour supershow b.s. I think starting next week, when my own storylines really get set in place, this thread will be a lot more enjoyable. But anyways, here is week one. Any reviews will be returned in full.

After Raw’s opening video, we see a recap of Wrestlemania. The final image is that of The Rock and John Cena embracing. As soon as the video ends, before we can even be welcomed to the show, “My Time is Now” begins to play and we get a very mixed reaction for our new WWE Champion. Cena emerges from behind the curtain with a giant smile on his face. The title is wrapped around his waist, and he points to it and smirks at the crowd, before running to the ring. Cena takes a minute to soak it all in, before grabbing a microphone, and waiting for the crowd to calm down.

Cena starts off by claiming that although it may not make a lot of the WWE Universe happy, it sure feels great to be able to say, once more, that THE CHAMP IS HERE. Cena gets a negative reaction, but speaks on all of his troubles over the past year, both professionally and on a personal level. He says that his spiral downward all started with the loss to The Rock. He says that it is great to be WWE Champion again, but it is even better that he did it by getting redemption on ‘The Great One’. Almost right on cue, “If Ya’ Smell” hits and the crowd erupts as The Rock makes his way to the ring, not looking too amused. Rock walks right up to Cena and snatches the microphone right out of his hand, which gets a smirk from Cena. Rock says he is sure that Cena and all of the people expected that after The Rock’s show of respect last night, that The Rock would come out here, give his congratulations and go right back to Hollywood… but no, no, no, you thought wrong, jack! The Rock says last time he checked, the score was tied, and that The Rock wasn’t going out like that. Rock says that Cena has two choices, he can get his candy ass whooped tonight, or he can get his candy ass whooped at Extreme Rules. Cena, seeming very out of character, has just smirked the whole time, even shaking his head at The Rock. Cena motions for the microphone and asks if The Rock minds if the champ speaks. Cena says he has never backed down from a fight, and never will… but… the answer is NO. The crowd, The King, Michael Cole and The Rock are all shocked at Cena’s answer. Cena said that he got what he wanted, that he is the champion again, and he got his redemption… he has nothing left to prove to The Rock, or the WWE Universe. He says that last time I checked, you had no rematch clause in your contract, and as far as he was concerned, he was tired of being the company’s ‘yes man’. The champion says the thing that pisses him off most is that the whole locker room, including The Rock, knew that The Rock would ride off into the sunset after Wrestlemania, win or lose, but The Rock’s ego is just too big to walk away. Cena says he could care less if Rock stays or goes, but he can get in the back of the line… if ya’ smell… what THE CHAMP is cookin’! Cena then rolls out of the ring and holds the title high, while we are all left wondering… is this a ****ing Cena heel turn?!

Back from break and we see AJ Lee and Big E Langston in the back. AJ tells Big E that everything has to go right tonight and this is the biggest night of Ziggy’s life! She says she is so proud of her man, etc. etc. etc. blah.

In the ring, the its time for a Tag Team Championship match with the dysfunctional champions, Team Hell No taking on an unknown team. The champions come out separately, with Kane carrying both belts. They argue in the ring, before “OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!!!” hits and the New Age Outlaws come out to a huge pop. They do their usual introduction as Michael Cole points out that this is the first title opportunity for the Outlaws in over a decade!

Match 1- TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP- Team Hell No © vs New Age Outlaws

This match isn’t going to win any match of the year contests, and may not have been technically sound, but it was entertaining and funny. Team Hell No argued throughout the whole match, with the Outlaws mostly getting the champions even more heated. The finish came when Kane and Daniel Bryan got in a shoving contest, which allowed Billy Gunn to sneak behind Bryan and surprise him with a Fameasser. Gunn covered, while Road Dogg knocked Kane off the apron, and holy cow, we have new tag team champions!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions- New Age Outlaws

Kane looks on discouraged, before just shaking his head and walking away. The Outlaws are having a party in the ring, as the announcers hype up the shock value of this title change. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn hug, before their music cuts out. Almost instantly, the music of The Shield begins to play, and the cheers instantly turn to boos as the group make their way to the ring from the crowd. Gunn and Road Dogg look at each other and shrug, as if to say, let’s give it a shot. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns are all licking their chops, and finally swarm into the ring, almost instantly taking down the new tag champions. Billy Gunn brings the fight back to Rollins, before being taking down with a spear from Roman Reigns. Ambrose hammers away at Road Dogg, who soon becomes prey for the triple powerbomb. The Shield all raise their arms, while we are left wondering, why?

Back from break, Ryback makes his way to the ring. We see highlights of the brawl between he and Mark Henry during the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania, which essentially knocked both men out of the match. Ryback does not look in the best mood, but he probably is not as mad as his opponent, who turns out to be Jack Swagger. Swagger and Zeb Coulter make their way to the ring, looking furious over the biggest loss of Swagger’s career. Now he has to face Ryback? And they said he had no punishment for his arrest…

Match Two- Ryback versus Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter

This match is a show of brute force, with the two men going back and forth. This could be a decent feud one day, but appears to just be a spot filler, as not too far into the match, the music of Mark Henry begins to play, and The World’s Strongest Man walks out onto the ramp, looking ready to fight. Ryback almost instantly abandons the ring and walks to the bottom of the ramp, motioning for Henry to come on. Henry just smirks as Ryback is counted out.

Winner by Countout- Jack Swagger

Ryback realizes what has happened and starts to head towards Henry, before Henry exclaims, I’ll see you real soon! Inside the ring, Swagger realizes he has won, but still looks in a foul mood from the night before. We then head backstage where we see Triple H walking around frantically, before he finally finds Road Dogg and Billy Gunn getting looked at by some trainers. Triple H is irate, and apologizes to his friends, who say they are fine. Triple H tells them that he isn’t, before storming off.

After another commercial, we see the face of The Rock. The Rock is not being interviewed; he apparently just has something to say. The Rock says he doesn’t give a damn about John Cena’s answer to his challenge, because he always knew Cena was a bitch. He says that regardless of what Cena thinks, this is far from over, and he will go back out to the ring at the end of the night and call out Cena again… he slowly and angrily says, if ya’ smell what The Rock is cookin’ , before shoving the cameraman and walking away.

In the ring, 3MB are already prancing around and making fools of themselves. Soon enough, “I Came to Play” hits and the new United States Champion, The Miz comes to the ring for a matchup with Heath Slater. The Miz gets little reaction but seems awful proud of being the US Champion, once again. Before the match begins, the commentators show a pre-recorded message from the former United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro says he will not be invoking his rematch clause, because of the injustice that happened at Wrestlemania. He made the US title what it is, and he will now move on to bigger and better things. Cesaro says to expect big things, before the video ends. We see Miz watching with a huge smirk, before he is jumped from behind by Slater.

Match Three- Heath Slater versus The Miz- Non Title

Pretty much just another match to build this Miz face turn. Despite interference from the rest of 3MB, Miz picks up the win pretty easily here. Miz celebrates a little too much here, but hey, at least he is a champion.

Winner- The Miz

Returning from commercial, we instantly here “EXCUSE ME!” over and over and over as Vicki Guerrero makes her way out on to the stage. Vicki finally begins to speak, saying that she was impressed with the performances of all her superstars at Wrestlemania, and she feels that she put on one of the best shows of all time. She goes on to announce that tonight’s main event will be Randy Orton taking on the Big Show, and that it will be a no disqualification match! She then says now continuing on with the greatest show on television; let me introduce to you the NEW Mr. Money in the Bank, Wade Barrett! Wade Barrett walks out on stage and takes the microphone, thanking Vicki, who walks backstage. Wade says he will no longer be held back by anybody and that it is now truly the time of the Barrett Barrage. Barrett then makes his way to the ring for a nontitle match with his old rival, Kofi Kingston.

Match Four- Wade Barrett verus Kofi Kingston- Nontitle

Exciting back and forth match, with the two going toe to toe. Kofi gets in a lot of high octane offense, and looks like he may be finally ready to break this cold streak he has been on. That is not the case, however, as Wade fights back, before getting the clean victory with one hell of an Bull Hammer.

Winner- Wade Barrett

Barrett holds his title and briefcase up high, as we go backstage as Triple H is walking around again. He then spots Paul Heyman, who surprisingly is walking down the hall by himself. Triple H stops Heyman, but Heyman very coldy tells Triple H that he is busy. He says, with all due respect, Brock Lesnar said all he needed to say in the ring last night, and that Heyman has a very unhappy CM Punk to go talk to, and he does not need this right now. Triple H grabs Heyman by his suit jacket, and says that he is still standing, which means that he and Brock Lesnar are not finished… BUT they will finish it another day. He says he isn’t looking for Lesnar, or Punk… he wants The Shield. Heyman backpedals, asking Triple H why he would think that he would have any idea where The Shield was. Triple H tells Heyman that he is no idiot, before Heyman quips that he may be an idiot, because you don’t go looking for The Shield… you just hope they don’t come looking for you. Triple H then smirks, and says, I know you know how to get in touch with The Shield, so you let them know that next week… it’s time to play the game! Triple H, frustrated, walks off as we go to commercial.

Back from break we see Sheamus and Randy Orton talking. They are both angered by Big Show walking out on them at Wrestlemania, and Orton tells Sheamus that he will take care of it tonight. Wade Barrett, fresh off his victory, then approaches the two. He says Sheamus might have had his laughs a few weeks ago at Barrett’s expense, but tha he guesses he had the last laugh. Sheamus got pinned at Wrestlemania, while he became Mr. Money in the Bank. Sheamus is visibly angry, but Barrett laughs and walks away while Orton tries to calm down Sheamus.

In the ring, there are all kinds of obnoxious decorations and a giant framed picture of Dolph Ziggler holding the World Heavyweight Championship. The music hits and out come AJ Lee and Big E Langston, who then motion for Dolph Ziggler. Dolph comes out in his Miami Vice get up, with the title strapped around his waist. He smiles at the booing crowd, as AJ and Big E applaud the new champion. He makes his way to the ring, and enters, before holding up his title high. AJ grabs a mic and says that she is so proud of Dolph, and knew that he could do it. They show a montage of Dolph, which mostly focuses on him winning the Money in the Bank and making out with AJ. AJ goes on and on, before Dolph finally takes the mic. Dolph says that he is finally getting his due after stealing the show night after night. He says that he beat two former champions in the same night, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio. He then changes his tune and says that is time for some change. Ziggler says that prior to last night, he had been on a bit of a losing streak. He said it’s funny, AJ helped him beat John Cena, but after that things were going downhill. Until last night, that is, when AJ and Big E got sent to the back, and Ziggler beat Jericho by himself. He then points out that he beat Del Rio by himself too. AJ and Big E look confused, and Ziggler says that he steals the show, not them, and it is time to hit the bricks. AJ, panicked, tries to figure out what she did wrong, but Ziggler, (still in heel mode), says that it is the era of Dolph Ziggler… not the era of Dolph Ziggler and friends. Big E finally convinces AJ to leave the ring with him, as Ziggler looks on, proud of himself. All of the sudden, however, Ziggler is struck from behind by Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio is a mad man, hitting Ziggler over and over! Big E and AJ watch from the ramp, before shrugging, and walking off. Del Rio, finally knocks Ziggler out of the ring with a huge kick, before Ziggler retreats, and Del Rio is left yelling after him.

After the break, Scott Stanford tries to get a word in with John Cena, asking about Cena’s new attitude, and his thoughts on The Rock calling him out, but Cena has no answer, and simply walks off.

Finally, with the show already almost over, “Cult of Personality” begins playing, and the crowd erupts (mostly boos) for CM Punk, who makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Punk looks furious, and a bit dejected, before grabbing a mic. Punk starts off talking about how he was screwed out of the most impressive title reign in WWE history. He then talks about how close he was to defeating The Undertaker and ending the streak… and that he would have done it… if not for Paul Heyman. Heyman shouts WHATTT?! As Punk nods his head. He says if Heyman would have been doing his job and worrying about CM Punk, instead of worrying about Brock Lesnar, than it would have been Punk who would have had the Wrestlemania victory. Heyman tries to plead with Punk, who says Heyman is just like all these idiotic people, and that Punk was wrong about him. Heyman begs and pleads with CM Punk, before Punk tells him that he is fired. “Here Comes The Pain” blares over the PA System, and Brock Lesnar walks out on stage. Brock and Punk have a staredown from the ramp to the ring, before Brock motions for Heyman. Heyman looks as if he doesn’t know what to do, but then exits the ring and walks towards Lesnar. Lesnar continues to stare at Punk, before he and Heyman both walk backstage, leaving Punk fuming in the ring.

Back from commercial, we are set up for are main event. Randy Orton comes out to a huge pop, followed by Big Show, who gets major heat. A pissed off Orton, does not wait for Show to get in the ring, instead heading up the ramp after him. The two brawl before finally making it to the ring.

Match 5- Randy Orton versus Big Show

This match is a slugfest, a bit of a borefest throughout, but it begins to pick up towards the end. The end comes when Big Show misses his Knockout punch, before eating an RKO from Orton for the Viper’s victory.

Winner- Randy Orton

Orton celebrates his victory, but we soon realize he isn’t done. After Big Show walked out on his team at Wrestlemania, Orton doesn’t just want a victory. He sizes Show up, before hitting the punt kick! Orton has taken out Big Show! The crowd goes apeshit for the first punt kick in what seems like forever, and Orton looks like he has rejuvenated his career!

Back from the final commercial break, and out comes The Rock. Rock gets a microphone and says he isn’t out here to get anything trending worldwide, or to get the people to chant his name, he is out here for one reason and that is to whoop John Cena’s candy ass! Rock waits and waits and waits, and finally, he is jumped from behind by John Cena! Cena ran through the crowd and hit Rock from behind with the WWE title! What in the hell is going on?! Cena destroys The Rock, throwing him outside the ring, into the ringpost, into the stairs, and capping it off with an AA through the announce table! Cena has sent a message to the entire WWE Universe. Cena looks like a completely different man, a deranged man, before laughing and holding up the title, ending the show with a Cena heel turn, and assumingly The Rock’s last WWE appearance for a while!
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

RAW Review

Great that you didn't make things predictable by having Cena cater to the fans or have him talking about WrestleMania 29 and glad that you had Cena flat out reject The Rock's offer of a re-match for Extreme Rules cue the John Cena heel turn and I for one am so happy that Cena is turning heel, about damn time to be honest, he's been a face for like 8-9 years, so it is definitely time for a change and I love Cena's new attitude walking out on The Rock and walking out on his fans that being the women and little children of the WWE Universe because what has the Universe done for Cena lately? They are the reason why he was on his downward spiral and if anything the fans are the reason why Cena has turned heel and I bet Cena has been wanting to turn heel for so long and now that he has, it just feels so good

Backstage Big E. and AJ are trying to plan something for Ziggler which is great considering the night all 3 of them had last night when Ziggler became the new World Heavyweight Champion cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Del Rio and after AJ became the new WWE Divas Champion, they both have gold which makes it all the more special

Kane and Daniel Bryan having to defend their WWE Tag Team Championship, this is great, I wonder against who?

OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! New Age Outlaws are facing Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championship, I really want Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to become WWE Tag Team Champions once again because they can honestly restore some dignity and prestige back to the WWE Tag Team division making it worth a damn again, and right on schedule they do by becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions defeating Team Hell No, and now Bryan and Kane can go their separate ways finally with them going back to being singles stars and Kane can hopefully turn heel and become the vicious evil monster he was when he first came back in 2011 with his mask at the 2011 Slammy Awards

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn then get attacked right after by The Shield, this is great, The Shield making an even bigger name for themselves by attacking the New Age Outlaws of DX, it makes me wonder if we are in for a DX/Shield feud and if we are, then I say great, in fact I welcome it

Ryback having to face The Real American Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter, and Swagger winning this match by countout because of Henry interfering costing Ryback the match, I love it because in a way this match doesn't hurt Swagger at all especially after losing at WrestleMania 29 to Del Rio but it further advances a feud for Ryback and Mark Henry and if it does, I see Ryback and Henry going at it at Extreme Rules but in what type of a stipulation match where every match is hardcore

Rock is now more fired up than ever to face Cena because we know now Cena's true colors, just the type of man Cena really is, and I hope Rock gets a shot at him again at Extreme Rules but if not, then I wonder when

The new WWE United States Champion The Miz is in the building and I love how Cesaro isn't going to invoke his rematch clause because he has more important things to attend to like focusing his attention to the World Heavyweight Championship, so the US Title would be like a step back, but then Miz having to face Heath Slater and then beating him, I love it, but Miz judging from the reaction he got, I can see his face turn not lasting long now, only a matter of time before Miz turns heel again

Wade Barrett the new Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner, Barrett having the briefcase means that he can cash it in at anytime he wants anywhere and he can become either WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion so Cena and Ziggler both better have eyes in the backs of their heads because they should know that just like that, either one of their titles could be gone especially if Barrett cashes in his briefcase but I think Barrett he is going to bide his time and wait for the champion to be at his most vulnerable before picking up the scraps and winning his first WWE or World Heavyweight Championship becoming the first English-born WWE Champion or the first English-born World Heavyweight Champion because no one at this point can stop The Barrett Barrage

Love that Barrett beat Kofi because it gives Barrett even more momentum

Triple H wants him some of The Shield, I love it, because Triple H can team with Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to take on the team of The Shield, a DX reunion, DX vs The Shield at Extreme Rules, I would definitely book that in a second and I for one hope that that match happens

What's up with AJ and Big E. not even helping Dolph when he is getting the hell beat out of him by Del Rio? Where were they? They just walk off to the back but at least Ziggler got out before Del Rio could do some serious lasting damage, so that's a good thing but I can see that you are building up towards a Del Rio/Ziggler feud/match for Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship and if you are, then I wonder just what type of match it will be?

Loving Heel Cena now especially since Scott Stanford tried to get a word in with him but Cena just ignoring him and walking off, loved it

Please tell me that this is a CM Punk face turn because at this point if Cena is going to go heel, you are going to have to turn Punk face for this to work where a heel Cena is concerned and I love Punk firing Paul Heyman and cue Brock Lesnar on schedule coming for Heyman and Heyman walking off with Brock, I love it, because I think we are headed for a Lesnar/Punk feud and if I am right about that, then what better way for them to feud, what better way for them to fight than at Extreme Rules? Because if Lesnar has that Kimura Lock locked in on Punk, he could break Punk's arm and if he does, then Lesnar could put Punk on the shelf for a while

Randy Orton beating Big Show, I love it because now Orton can turn his attention towards the World Heavyweight Championship and my man Randy Orton for the first time in a long time punts someone in the skull, punting Big Show in the head and now that he has done that, Orton is now back to being himself punting guys in the skull and now that he punted Show out of commission, hopefully he put Big Show on the shelf for a while and by doing that, Orton is now as dangerous as he ever has been with the punt kick being back in his arsenal, I wonder who Orton will punt next in the skull

RAW ending with Heel Cena in fine form coming from out of the crowd hit and run style attacking The Rock from behind with his WWE Championship belt and then Cena beating the holy hell out of The Rock destroying The Rock even laying him out with an AA through the announce table, this is not the same Cena that we have seen for years, this is a new Cena and I for one love this new side of Cena, I always knew he had this in him and finally he lets out all of his years of frustration of being booed by the fans of being made fun of, all of that anger, all of that pain, Cena has finally embraced the hate, Kane even said that it would be a matter of time before Cena would embrace it and he finally has taking The Rock out and I wonder by doing that, if Rock will even be at Extreme Rules? If not, then Rock I can see him being out for a few months and then coming back at SummerSlam 2013 to face Cena

Overall a great RAW, an unpredictable RAW, you amazed me man because I had serious doubts that this BTB would appeal to me especially with Cena as champion but you surprised me man
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

Now I wonder if you will have the WWE Universe react to Cena's heel turn much like how back in the day WCW superstars and fans alike reacted to Hulk Hogan's heel turn when he became Hollywood Hulk Hogan joining the New World Order back in 1996? If you will have WWE superstars of the locker room talking about their thoughts on Cena turning his back on the WWE Universe and if so I wonder just which superstars will talk

Because Cena's heel turn literally has impacted the WWE or it will continue to have an effect on WWE

I wonder if Cena will have new ring attire now that he is heel, if Cena will start to wear all black clothing perhaps coming out to new theme music
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Re: WWE '13: Because I Want To!

But I wonder if now Cena will perhaps form his own stable now that he is heel, Cena becoming the Hollywood Hogan of the WWE forming his own nWo style stable but naming his stable The Chain Gang? Or perhaps John Cena joins The Shield by perhaps becoming their leader

Cena can become the Doctor of Thuganomics once again becoming like his rapper gimmick

A good Heel Cena theme song would be this right here that I am about to show you in these links



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