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Learning to break kayfabe
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iMPACT Wrestling 2013 and beyond

I’ll start from LOCKDOWN 2013

There’s no real point in me posting the roster as most people will be familiar with it anyway.

Comments / Critiscm would be good.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: iMPACT Wrestling 2013 and beyond

TNA Lockdown 2013

Match Number 1:

Knockouts Battle Royal for The Knockouts Chamionship

Out first is Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky, who poses on the turnbuckle with the knockouts championship.
Next out is Gail Kim, closely followed by ODB, Taeler Hendrix and Miss Tessmacher.
All the knockouts lock eyes before the stage lights up once more for BETH PHOENIX!
Wrestling under the name Beth Taylor.

The match goes back and forth with each knockout scoring some offence on each other before Gail Kim hits ‘Eat Defeat’ on Taeler Hendrix for a 3 Count.

(Taeler Hendrix eliminated via pinfall 2:24)

As Gail gets up from pinning Hendrix, she walks right into an ‘In Yo Face’ from Velvet Sky which is good for a 3 count.

(Gail Kim Eliminated via pinfall 2:59)

More Back and forth between the remaining 4 knockouts as we go to commercial.

Return from Commercial with Taylor being thrown to the outside by Miss Tessmacher who turns aroud into a big boot from ODB.
ODB picks Tessmacher up and she lifts her up onto her shoulders for her finisher when suddenly out of nowhere Velvet Sky hits a dropkick on ODB and ODB walks into a Glam Slam from Beth Taylor who holds onto ODB and holds her in a submission hold.
ODB taps out after about 20 seconds

(ODB eliminated via Submission 5:09)

Both Tessmacher and Velvet Sky team up on Beth Taylor who looks hurt from the barrage of offence from the duo.
After a prolonged period of offence Velvet sets Taylor up for the ‘In Yo Face’ and connects and is good fo a 3 count

(Beth Taylor eliminated via Pinfall 8:12)

After eliminating Taylor, Velvet Sky gets to her feet and Miss Tessmacher reaches out her arms and hugs Velvet Sky, lays down and tells Velvet to cover her for the win.

Velvet Covers for the 3 count

(Miss Tessmacher eliminated via Pinfall 9:00)
Velvet Sky Retains

Video Segment showing Robbie E and Robbie T’s split a few weeks back

Match Number 2

Robbie E vs Rob Terry w/ Rockstar Spud & Marty Scurll

Both men make their way to the ring and straight away Robbie E tries to shake hands with Rob Terry but he refuses.

The referee calls for the bell and straight away Rob Terry pick up Robbie E and powerbombs him straight away. He covers the smaller man and it’s good for the 3 count.

(Rob Terry via pinfall 0:15)

After the pinfall both Rockstar Spud and Marty Scurll enter the ring and hit Robbie E with their signature finishers.

Commercial Break

Video Segment plays showing ace’s & 8‘s ruining Bully Ray’s wedding to Brooke Hogan

Match Number 3

Kurt Angle vs Wes Briscoe steel cage match

Both wrestlers make their entrances and stare each other down as the cage is locked.

Briscoe hits the offence early and has Kurt on the back foot for the early going of the match but is stopped in his tracks by a reversal DDT from the former World Heavyweight Champion. As Angle sets up Briscoe for his trademark 3 german suplex combination he is distracted before number 3 by Garrett Bischoff appearing at ringside and lets go of Wes who attempts to roll up Angle but fails in doing so when Angle kicks out at 2.
Wes gets angry and unloads with a stream of kicks to Angle who seems worn down by the rookie Ace member.
However Wes loses concentration for a brief second allowing Kurt to connect with a huge Angle Slam and locks in the Angle Lock and Wes taps.

(Kurt Angle via Submission 7:12)

After the match Kurt walks back up the ramp as the camera cuts to the ring again where members of Ace’s & 8‘s are in the ring beating on Wes for not picking up the win when in control of the match

Todd Kenely is backstage interviewing Team Sting in preparation for tonight’s match with Team Ace’s & 8‘s

Video Segment Showing Austin Aries & Robert Roode winning tag team gold

Match Number 4

The Greatest Tag Team That Ever Lived (Aries/Roode) vs Bad Influence (Daniels/Kazarian) vs TexMex (Chavo/Hernandez vs TNA MYSTERY TAG TEAM for the Tag Team Championship

As 3 of the tag team’s hit the ring, they are stood waiting for the ‘Mystery Tag Team’ when all the lights go out and then when they come back on stood in the middle of the ring is...ABYSS & Crimson!

All the teams look in shock as the match kicks off with strong offence from all 4 teams. A lot of back and forth between the teams and a lot of broken up near falls.

This goes on for around 10 minutes before Kazarian hits Abyss with a wicked DDT which busts Abyss open who proceeds to destroy everyone in the ring, including his own tag partner.
He calms down just in time for Joseph Park to appear on stage and call out to his brother in the ring, distracting Abyss allowing Bobby Roode to roll Abyss up for the win.

(The Greatest Tag Team That Ever Lived via pinfall 13:46)

Commercial Break

Match Number 5

Team Sting (Sting, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Magnus & Eric Young) vs Team Aces and 8‘s (DOC, Anderson, Mike Knox, Garrett Bischoff and VP) in a Lethal Lockdown Match

Sting enters first against DOC and shows some strong offence.
Each team gains a member and the action is back and forth before Team Aces loses a member to a unexpected Stinger Splash and Deathlock to Garrett.

(Garrett Bischoff eliminated via submission 6:10)

Next to be eliminated is Magnus after he receives a Avalanche Mic Check from Mr Anderson from the top rope.

(Magnus via Pinfall 8:40)

The action hots up when illegal men Samoa Joe, Eric Young , James Storm & Anderson, DOC and Mike Knox are all disqualified for staying in the ring too long as the illegal man after brawling in the ring.

(Samoa Joe, Eric Young , James Storm & Anderson, DOC and Mike Knox eliminated by DQ 16:37)

Leaving Sting and the VP in ring to stare each other down for a considerable amount of time before they lock up and start trading blows mid ring. Sting gets some strong blows before VP picks up Sting and connects with a HUGE sitout powerbomb and a pin for 3.

(Team Aces & 8‘s win via Pinfall 22:22)

Commercial Break

Match 6

Kenny King vs Devon X Division & TV Title Match

Kenny King hits the ring first and grabs a mic calling out Devon and says he wants his Title from him as he doesn’t deserve it.
A minute passes and nothing happens, King is about to leave the ring when Devon’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

The two contenders lock up with a lot of back and forth with Kenny hitting some massive kicks to Devon early on.
Devon counters with his trademark flying headbutt and sets up Kenny for his Spinebuster finisher and connects with it.
He doesn’t go for the counter but instead makes the Dudley Boyz taunt and lifts Kenny up and connects with a giant Bubba Bomb and covers for the win and the title.

(Devon via pinfall 7:22)


Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray in a steel cage match for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Both men enter and shake hands and lock up.
Large amount of back and forth with both men getting near falls.
Bully hits Jeff with the Bully Cutter and is about to set him up for the Bully Bomb when Jeff reverses it into a Twist of Fate.
He picks up Bully and looks like he’s going for another Twist of Fate when he removes Bully’s shirt and reveals a Aces and 8‘s vest before connecting with another Twist of Fate onto the title belt but Bully moves away and connects with a big boot before setting Jeff up for a Bubba Bomb and covers for the win and the title.

(Bully Ray via Pinfall 10:12 - New WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION)

After the match the whole gang come out and congratulate Bully on his win before Hogan’s music hit and him & Brooke appear at the top of the ramp.
Hogan calls Bully a coward and everything else under the sun but Brooke stops him, grabs the microphone, tells Bully well done & removes her jacket to reveal a Aces & 8‘s vest then hits Hulkster with the microphone.

The show ends with aces & 8‘s standing tall with the 3 belts and Brooke laughing.

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