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Default Re: The NXT Generation

Here's my late review for your first NXT show. I really liked the card, first and foremost, and, a lot of great matches to look forward too.

I didn't particularly like the Styles & Regal duo, and how they were portrayed, felt very rehearsed and not at all british in Regal's way of speaking.

I liked the beginning, how things were set in motion with Devon Cross and Big E Langston, the Shield getting their word in too. There was just one thing that went missing, a proper introduction of just who Devon Cross is, because we, the readers know, but not the "people" in the Full Sail Studios and especially those watching at home.

That's another thing that was a bit flawed, and that, the new talent brought in had no promo to introduce them to the public watching at home.

All the matches were great, my favortie would have to be Kaval & Steamboat, wow!

I'm not sure about the booking of your Gauntlet match at the end, now the PTP will face Kruger & Ohno in a Heel vs Heel tag match which really doesn't spark my interest. Keeping Neville & Grey as tag champs was a good move, and, having Benjamin and MVP as a team is also a good to great move.

Overall some things were awesome, and, some were not really but, with how the show came to an end, we've got plenty to look forward too.

Keep it on and poppin'!
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Default Re: The NXT Generation


*Rap Sheet*

The show opens up with the Smackdown General Manager Booker T making his way to the ring to the chorus of cheers and applause from the WWE Universe in attendance. He grabs a mic and steps into the ring.

Booker T: As you all know, I’ve announced that Smackdown will have an Elimination Chamber match to determine who will face the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 29.

Crowd cheers at the mention of Wrestlemania

Booker T: So to determine who’s gonna enter the chamber, we’re going to have a 14-man over the top battle royal match tonight!

Crowd pops

Booker T: Now in this match, the last 6 competitors left after the bell rings will be in the chamber match!

Crowd pops again

Booker T: But it ain’t over there. The last 6 will have an elimination match until there’s only one superstar left standing in the middle of this ring. And that man will get to choose when he enters the chamber!

Crowd pops

Booker T: And all that’s gonna happen tonight on Friday Night Smackdown!

*Just Close Your Eyes*

The crowd pops when they see Christian come out! Christian comes to the ring in street clothes, scanning the audience for his peeps. He enters the ring, to Booker’s surprise, and grabs a mic.

Christian: Booker, did I just hear you right? This battle royal tonight will determine who’s going to be in the chamber and the winner of the chamber match will go on to main event Wrestlemania and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Booker T: Yeah that’s right dawg.

Christian: Then I’m sure you and my peeps in the building tonight wouldn’t mind seeing me in that battle royal later tonight right?

Crowd cheers in anticipation

Booker T: What your doctors gotta say about that man?

Christian: They said that my shoulder injury is almost healed. They advised against me competing until it’s 100%, but that I’m cleared to come back anytime.

Crowd cheers again

Booker T: Alright dawg. You want to be in the battle royal tonight? You got it!

Christian: Now I can dig that…


Crowd pops as Booker T and Christian leave the ring and we go to commercial break.

Part of the commercial break features an advertisement for NXT. The ad shows some of the action from this week’s show. It also states that The Primetime Players will compete against the team of Leo Kruger and Kassius Ohno. At the end, it has Kaval, Kenny Omega, Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey repeating in succession “The place to be…” and finishes with Big E Langston saying “…is N…X…T!”

Jack Swagger vs Michael McGuillicuty
Nothing really stands out about this squash match. Swagger makes quick and vicious work of McGuillicuty. He locks in the Patriot Lock and McGuillicuty taps out quickly.

Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger locks the Patriot Lock on again until six or seven referees come down to separate him and McGuillicuty. McGuillicuty is screaming that his ankle is broken as Swagger puts his hand over his heart and screams “We The People!” He and Colter leave as the referees tend to McGuillicuty and we go to another commercial break.

Commerical Break

*Crank It Up*

The Big Show comes out to a slew of boos carrying the World Heavyweight Championship. On his way to the ring, he takes it off his shoulder to let a few people touch it, then snatches it back when they get close to it. He enters the ring a grabs a mic.

Big Show: Get a good look people! Get a good, loooonnnngggg look at this sight! Because this *lifts the championship high* is the proof that I was right the whole time! I told everyone, including that Mexican piñata Alberto Del Rio, that him winning the World Heavyweight Championship was a FLUUUKEE!

Crowd boos and Big Show eggs them on

Big Show: You can boo me all you want! It doesn’t change the fact that at the Royal Rumble, I almost put Del Rio’s head through the ring to get back what’s mine. And as far as the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View goes, it doesn’t matter who the next #1 contender for my title is going to be. Because I’m just going to knock out whoever it is just like I knocked out Alberto Del Rio. So get used to booing at the sight of me with the World Heavyweight Championship, because you’ll be booing for a long tim….


Big Show looks frustrated as Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out to interrupt him. Del Rio and Rodriguez stop at the top of the stage and take in the cheers from the audience before Del Rio lifts his mic to speak.

Del Rio: Hey Show! Aren’t you forgetting something cabron? I’ll admit that you won at the Royal Rumble. But that doesn’t give you the right to overlook me. Because every perro has his day Show. And the Rumble just happened to be yours.

Crowd pops and Big Show laughs

Del Rio: I just spoke to Booker T. Next week, we’re going to go one-on-one in the middle of the ring. The winner will get to choose the stipulation for our match at Elimination Chamber.

Crowd pops and Big Show is still laughing

Big Show: Rio, *mockingly* Amigo, it doesn’t matter when we fight. Because the same thing’s gonna happen every time. I’m gonna leave you staring up at the lights after I knock you out and nothing and no one can change that.

Crowd boos and Del Rio laughs

Del Rio: I thought you might say that Show. But I forgot to mention the best part of our match next week! It’s going to be No Disqualification!

Crowd cheers and Big Show looks slightly worried

Del Rio: And after the Elimination Chamber, the only thing you’re going to hear is this…


Del Rio and Rodriguez begin to leave and Del Rio gives Big Show his trademark wink. Big Show is furious and is stirring in the ring.

Teddy Long and Booker T are in their office discussing business when there’s a knock at the door. In walks Devon Cross who stands next to Teddy Long.

Devon: Gentlemen, my name is Devon Cross and I’m the General Manager of NXT. It’s nice to meet you.

He shakes their hands

Booker T: What’s up man? What you wanna talk about?

Devon: Before I was the GM of NXT, I’ve been everywhere that has wrestling. I’ve been involved with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor to name a few. I’ve scouted the world and found 6 competitors that have some of the best talent that I’ve ever seen. And as much as it pains me to do this, they deserve a shot at one of the…main rosters. So I’m offering you the chance to sign these 6 exclusively to Smackdown. What do you say Booker?

Booker T: I’m a little busy right now man. I’ll give your guys a tryout next week.

Devon: *Scratches Head* A tryout? A try…Booker, I know talent when I see it and I’m telling you they don’t need a tryout. I’m just trying to give you a chance to get the best of the best onto your roster to make your show a little better than what it is now.

Booker T snaps his head at Devon and widens his eyes. He takes off his glasses and gets in Devon’s face.

Booker T: What you tryin to say man?! Tryin to say I don’t know how to do my job?! Dig this dawg. This right here is Smackdown! This is my show! I run this, not you! I say who gets on and who doesn’t. And right now, you better get on out my face and go back to your little show. YOU DIG?!

Devon returns Booker’s stare, then shakes his head and walks off. Booker turns around to talk to Teddy Long, turns back, and he's staring at Big E Langston who has his arms crossed and his NXT Championship around his waist. Behind him is AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, who moves in front of Langston.

Booker T: What you want man?!

Ziggler: Did you see what Chris Jericho did to me earlier this week on Raw?! What do you think I want?! I want a chance to show off on Chris Jericho and I want it TONIGHT!

Booker T: That ain't gonna happen man. He's already booked tonight in the Battle Royal. But I thought you might want a piece of him so I called Vickie Guerrero. She made it official that this Monday, it'll be Chris Jericho going one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler.

Crowd cheers as Dolph smiles

Ziggler: Monday, Jericho's gonna find out that I'm just too damn good at this!

Ziggler and crew leave while Booker and Teddy talk about what just happened as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

The Usos vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs JTG and R-Truth

The only points worth mentioning in this match are:

  • For their entrance, JTG is wearing his Crime Tyme gear again and R-Truth isn’t really happy anymore. R-Truth comes down to the ring and starts talking about how conspiracies in the WWE have held he and JTG down because “they” don’t like something about them. He points to their arms and says, “Wonder what that could be?!”

During the match, everyone was out on the floor at one point. Rey Mysterio and JTG are the only ones in the ring while everyone else is fighting out on the floor. JTG is laid out as Mysterio climbs the top rope. While the referee’s dealing with the chaos outside, R-Truth slides JTG’s necklace to him. JTG wraps it around his fist while R-Truth climbs the top to try to stop Mysterio. Rey kicks him off to the floor near The Usos and Sin Cara comes around from the other side to jump off the ring apron and onto all 3 of them! Mysterio jumps off the top rope at JTG only to get hit in the head with the chain JTG had around his fist. JTG takes advantage and grabs a handful of Mysterio’s tights as the referee counts 1,2,3 for the win.

Winners: JTG and R-Truth

R-Truth and JTG leave and celebrate as the crowd boos them. Sin Cara checks on his partner, then points at the two of them. We head to the back where Matt Striker is standing by with Wade Barrett.

Striker: I’m joined by Wade Barrett who just days after the Royal Rumble is…

Barrett: Shut up Striker!

Crowd boos as Barrett continues

Barrett: You would bring up that stroke of luck wouldn’t you? That’s all it was. Pure luck on the part of that flash-in-the-pan rookie Bo Dallas. But tonight, Dallas will be lucky if I let him walk out of here tonight. You see, all rookies need to learn their place. And Dallas is going to learn that his is flat on his back looking up at me, courtesy of the Bull Hammer and the Barrett Barrage.

Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas

The match goes mostly Wade Barrett’s way. At the very end, Wade sets up Dallas for the Bull Hammer elbow. Wade measures Dallas and goes for it. Dallas sees it coming and ducks under it. Dallas rolls up Barrett for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Barrett and Dallas both looked shocked at Dallas’s win. Barrett keeps asking the referee if that was really three as Dallas goes up the ramp celebrating like he just won the WWE Championship!

Battle Royal: Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Mark Henry vs Ryback vs Ted Dibiase vs Drew McIntyre vs Heath Slater vs Jinder Mahal vs Alex Riley vs Kofi Kingston vs Christian vs The Great Khali vs Santino Marella

Notable moments during this match:

  • At the start, Santino Marella made everyone in the ring back away from The Great Khali, saying he’d take care of him. He signaled for The Cobra, set it up and delivered it to his chest. The Great Khali no-sold it as Marella looked at The Cobra in amazement. He tried again to the same effect. When he attempted a third, Khali gave him a Brain Chop and threw him over the top rope with little effort to eliminate him. While he was at the ropes, everyone else grabbed some part of Khali and tossed him over to make the first two eliminations of the match!
  • When the final 9 were 3MB, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Christian and Kofi Kingston, 3MB was focusing all their efforts on trying to eliminate Kofi Kingston from the match. Kofi skinned the cat 3 times consecutively before all of 3MB rushed him on the apron and knocked him off. When Heath and Jinder got on the ropes to taunt Kingston, Drew pushed them both over the top rope and out of the match, locking in the final 6!

Final Six: Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Mark Henry vs Ryback vs Drew McIntyre vs Christian

  • Drew was eliminated right after he took out Mahal and Slater.
  • Ryback clotheslined Mark Henry over and eliminated himself at the same time.
  • Jericho eliminated Orton with a Triangle Dropkick.

When the final two were Jericho and Christian, Christian tried for a Spear and Jericho moved out of the way. When Christian bounced off the ropes, Jericho grabbed him by the back of the head and hit a bulldog! He motioned to the crowd to get them into the action. He jumped up on the middle rope for the Lionsault and Christian got up and pushed him over the top rope and to the floor to win the match!

Winner: Christian

Christian celebrates his victory, knowing that he can now choose when he wants to enter the Chamber match. The crowd starts a “One More Match!” chant as Christian hypes the chant himself until…

*Special Op*

Christian stops celebrating as The Shield enter the arena through the crowd. The Shield quickly surrounds the ring and Christian’s trapped. Christian tries his best to fend them off, but The Shield is relentless. They roll Christian to the outside and to the announcer’s table. Christian has a last effort and manages to get a chair. He starts swinging it at Rollins and Reigns. Ambrose grabs a chair and hits Christian’s injured shoulder, forcing him to drop the chair. Ambrose gives instructions to Rollins and Reigns. Rollins grabs two chairs and Reigns gets the announcer’s table ready. Reigns signals for the Triple Powerbomb and they deliver it to Christian, driving him through the announce table! Rollins and Ambrose both wrap the chair around the injured shoulder of Christian and leave him lying on the ground, the chair as flat as possible. Rollins and Ambrose both pick up their chairs and simultaneously hit the chair around Christian’s shoulder! Christian screams in agony and The Shield throws down their chairs and leave through the audience. Several referees, trainers and Booker T come rushing out of the back to tend to Christian, who’s still screaming in pain and holding his shoulder. Booker T looks out into the crowd in the direction The Shield left in, but they’re already gone.

Sorry the format's kind of all over the place, but I just finished it and couldn't wait to get it out to you guys.
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Default Re: The NXT Generation

I like the way The Shield are dominating both Smackdown and NXT. I think Christian will not make it to EC but I'm happy about Drew and the break up of 3MB and how you've put him in the WHC EC Match

CM Punk: I am the best wrestler in the world. I’ve been the best ever since day one when I walked into this company, and I’ve been vilified and hated since that day because Paul Heyman saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy. You know who else was a Paul Heyman guy? Brock Lesnar, and he split just like I’m splitting, but the biggest difference between me and Brock is I’m going to leave with the WWE Championship
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Default Re: The NXT Generation


After The Shield attacked Christian on Friday Night Smackdown, questions are flying as to whether Christian will be able to participate in the match. There will be an update on this edition of Raw as to the status of Captain Charisma.

Following R-Truth's controversial comments on Smackdown, he's promised to elaborate on the "conspiracies" he was talking about. Is there really a conspiracy against him or is Little Jimmy messing with his head again?

The fatal four way for the last spot in the WWE Championship match is tonight. Who will be the last man locked inside the lexan pod for a chance at the WWE title?

Vince McMahon has said he will be on Monday Night Raw and he has something to say to both CM Punk and Paul Heyman. What could he have in store for the WWE Champion?

Confirmed Matches

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

Fatal Four Way To Determine The Final Entrant In The WWE Championship Match
Damien Sandow vs The Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Kane

Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View Card

Elimination Chamber Match For The WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs The Rock vs John Cena vs Antonio Cesaro vs ???

Elimination Chamber Match For The #1 Contender To The World Heavyweight Championship
Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ryback vs Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho vs Christian (TBD)

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

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Default Re: The NXT Generation

this is awesome! i like how joey styles is on NXT!

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Default Re: The NXT Generation

I certainly like the way you've incorporated NXT along with Raw and SmackDown as I feel it sets this thread apart from other WWE threads. It's still in the early stages but the Elimination Chamber PPV is shaping up to be something quite interesting. I'm personally hoping for a Cesaro push and run at some point here, but we will see where you take this and go from there.

It looks very promising.

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