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Re: Global Wrestling Federation


Tazz: Hello guys and wecome to the second episode of Global Wrestling Federation remember me Tazz I am the new commentator and I am meant to be joined with Paul Heyman but he is not here. Well anyway tonight we have the last quarter final matches and they have already been announced on twitter in the WHC tournament we will have Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Bully Ray and in the GWF Championship Tournament we have Bobby Roode vs Sting and Abbys vs Kevin Steen. If you guys also saw on twitter and on our wesite GWF struck with massive deals you can now see all your favourite wrestlers such as the MCMG and Gen Me. But Right now it's time for Jericho vs Orton

Match 1: Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton WHC Tournament
The match starts with a grapple Jericho struggling to grip Orton well. Orton throws Jericho on the rope and Jericho gets clothesline. Orton chucks Jericho to the turnbuckle and starts punching him but Jericho chuck him over to the other side and hits Orton with an overhead kick he goes for a pin 1...2... and Orton kicks out. Jericho tries to put Randy in the Walls Of Jericho but Orton reverses and makes Jericho hanging on the rope he gives him a DDT he goes for an RKO but Jericho reverses and gives Orton a codebreaker. Jericho knows he's not finished he goes for a lionsault but Orton gives a mid-air RKO. Jericho looks paralysed Orton goes for the pin 1....2.....3

Match 2: Bobby Roode vs Stinng GWF Championship Tournament Falls Count Anywhere

The match begins with Sting beating up Roode in the ring by punching him, grinding his face on the turnbuckle and throwing him on the exposed turnbuckle. He body slams Roode and takes him out of the ring but Roode low blows Sting with Sting landing on the steel step and giving him a superkicks he goes for the pin 1 and Sting kicks out. Roode gets on top of the turnbuckle and jumped of but Sting caught him and Chokeslammed him,on the steel step. Causing major pain to Roode, Stong takes out a chair and smashes him from neck down he grabs him down the entrance ramp he superkicks him and goes for a pin but Roode kicks out on 2. Austin Aries runs out from the entrance and smashes a beer bottle on Stings head. Austin Aries grabs a ladder and gives Sting a brain buster on it he grabs Roode and chucks him on
Sting he goes for the pin 1...2... and Sting kicks out. A Double looks amazed he grabs a chair and smacks Sting with it and then smacks Roode as well and gives Roode a brain buster. He leaves the ring. Roode gets up and sets up the ladder,he goes on top of it looking to jump but Sting pushes the ladder and Roode lands in the electrics there are sparks and explosions. Sting is ready to go for a pin but the ref stops him due to the un safety he rings the bell and gives,Sting the win.

Christy Hemme: Your Winner by KO Sting

Sting leaves the ring and goes up the ramp but Kurt Angle grabs him back. angle hits a steel chair on him and Angle S
Slammed Sting into the electrics!. He looks and grins at what he has caused.

Match 3: Bully Ray vs Sheamus WHC Tournament Table Match
Sheamus starts o f strong getting a couple of uppercuts on the face. But Bully counters well and delivers a spinebuster. He goes outside and smashes Sheamus on the head with the bell he smashes Sheamus's face on the table and puts him in a powerbomb position he is ready to put him through the table but Sheamus reverses with a DDT he hits Ray with a Brouge Kick and grabs Ray and gets him in crucifix powerbomb on top of the turnbuckle and delivers in Ray smashes through the announcers table

Christy Hemme: Your winner Sheamus!

Sheamus leaves through the crowd with a smile on his face!

Christy Hemme: Your winner Randy Orton
Orton goes to shake Jericho's hand but Jericho hits him with a codebreaker!

Abbys is backstage and is seen walking but he gets attacked by a masked man. he is getting chucked around. He is thrown through the glass. The masked man grabs Abbys and puts him in a Chokeslam putting Abbys through a table. he grabs his knee and smashes it with a hammer. The masked man grabs a piece of barbed wire and powerbombs Abbys through it. Abbys bleading heavily the paramedics come.

Back In The Ring

Kevin Steen is standing there waiting.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen I have just received news that Abbys can not compete tonight so your winner by Forfeit Kevin Steen!

Kevin Steen just stands there he doesn't really care

Steen: Thank You

End Of Show
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Global Wrestling Federation


The Miz has tweeted and agreed with GWF that he is moving to NXT for a bit he said his awesomeness will improve and he will come back stronger

After The Life On Line PPV GWF will host a draft due to the large number of the roster. There will be matches for the important players/key players and a supplemental draft for the others.

GWF has confirmed the Bobby Roode won't be able to wrestle for a whole due to his incident in his match against Sting but he will still make appearances and will be able in the draft

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Re: Global Wrestling Federation



Tazz: Hello guys and welcome to Global Wrestling Federation episode three

Heyman: Tonight we have the semi finals of each tournament the following matches will be aired tonight Kevin Steen vs Jeff Hard in the GWF Championship tournament followed by Sting vs The Best Ever Kurt Angle and in the WHC Tournament we will have Sheamus vs Show and James Storm vs Randy Orton

Tazz: And as you know this is the last stop before our first PPV! So enjoy!

Dixie Carter and Gabe Sapolsky come out.

Dixie: Ladies and gentlemen you may be thinking why are me and Gabe are here well this is important news for you guys we still have 3 vacant titles which are The TV Championship, X Hardcore Championship and Tag Team Championships..

Gabe: We for the first time give you guys a chance to vote for your choice we gave you the chance to vote 10 men for a Battle Royal for The TV Championship and out of four men CM Punk, RVD, Rhino and Matt Hardy we give you a chance for you to pick two men who will face each ether for the title at Life On The Line in a Monsters Ball Match. As for The Tag Titles we have pick four teams who will face each other in a fatal 4 way tag team elimination match. The Teams will be Gen Me, Bad Influence, Motor City Machine Guns and The Briscoe Brothers so that is all from us we will see you then.

They leave

Match 1: Sheamus vs Big Show WHC Tournament Semi Finals

Sheamus wasn't afraid of Big Show and was ready to fight but somehow Big Show didn't dissapoint he kept up with Sheamus giving him a couple of bodyslams. Both men were wrestling the same Sheamus went for an early Brouge Kick but was countered and given an overhead belly to belly causing Sheamus land on the turnbuckle. Big Show grabs Sheamus from the turnbuckle he puts him in a Chokeslam position but Sheamu's reverses and delivers a Brouge Kick to Show making land on his knees he goes and delivers another one and then another one Big Show starts to bleed. Sheamus goes for the pin 1.....2....3

Christy Hemme: Your winner by pinfall Sheamus

Tazz: Sheamus is going to Life On The Line wow!

Match 2: Jeff Hardy vs Kevin Steen NO DQ GWF Championship Tournament Semi Finals
Kevin Steen wanted a fight both did they wanted to fight till death. Steen suplexed Hardy on outside ground and gave him an uppercut. He grabbed him and got sledgehammer and started rubbing it on his face. He went for a shot in his belly but Hardy reverses it and delivers it on his face. He goes on top of the barricade gets his balance and delivers a Whisper In The Wind on Steen. He puts him back in the ring going for a twist of fate but Steen reverses and puts Hardy in a crippler crossface. Hardy is determined to not tap out he looks like he will pass out but Hardy manages to get to the rope. Steen gets on the rope and delivers a 450 but leaves the ring and gets a table he puts Hardy on the top rope going to suplexed him through the table. He goes for it but Hardy reverses the suplex and Steen goes through the table. hardy goes on the top rope and goes for a pin 1....2.....3

Christy Hemme: Your winner by pinfall Jeff Hardy

Tazz: Hardy is going to Life On The Line

Heyman: But he is going to lose to the hands from Angle

Hardy gets on the top rope and gets a mic

Hardy: Look you guys at Life On The Line I will be crowned your first GWF Champion and I don't care if I face Sting or Angle but here's one thing Dixie told me something that I can choose the stipulation and that will be a ladder match so see you there.

He goes and chucks the mic at Heyman which hits him

Tazz: Man he has got guts well here is some new Sheamus and the person who he going to face for the WHC stipulation will be tables match. So next up we are going to find out who will face him.

Match 3: James Storm vs Randy Orton WHC Tournament Semi Finals

Orton knew this would be a hard match and it sure turned out to be. At first Orton dominated managing to keep Storm down most of the time he delivered quite a few punches. He grabbed him Storm in a headlock but Storm managed to get the rope and swing Orton the other way and deliver a clothesline. He went and delivered another one getting momentum and then finishing it off with a powerbomb. He gets ready for the Superkick but Orton turns him over to the other side of the rope and delivers a DDT he goes into that snake mode ready for Storm he goes for the RKO storm throws him on the rope and delivers a huge Superkick he goes for the pin 1.....2....3

Christy Hemme: Your winner by pinfall James Storm

Tazz: So it's decided Sheamus will face James Storm at Life On The Line for the WHC

Storm: Sheamus get ready you will remember when I put you through a table. Sorry for your damn luck!

Match 4: Sting vs Kurt Angle GWF Tournament Semi Finals
Sting comes out with a fully bandaged body. So Angle targets that all the time he goes for a couple of quick but all fail. angle tries to go for an Angle Slam but that is reversed and Sting slams Angle. He then goes for a bodyslam and it works.Sting can't do much more so he gets on the top rope looking to connect with Angle but Angle chucks him into the ref who Sting accidentally spears out of the ring as Sting turns around Angle hits his thumb in Sting's eye and delivers a low blow which he is not allowed. Heyman chucks a mic and Angle catches it smashing Sting with it he chucks it out and puts Sting in a Angle Lock. Heyman goes to get the ref up the ref gets back in the ring and rings the bell as he sees Sting tapping out

Christy Hemme: Your winner by submission Kurt Angle

Heyman goes to congratulate him clapping and pointing at him. Hardy comes out and stares at him ready for Life On The

Tazz: So it's decided Storm will face Sheamus for he the WHC in a tables match and Angle will face Hardy for The GWF Championship. Tune in for Sundays first PPV Life On The Line and make sure you watch the pre show where you will find out about the competitors for the other matches!

End Of Show
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Re: Global Wrestling Federation

Guys don't worry the First PPV will be posted eitherr today or tomorrow.

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Re: Global Wrestling Federation


Tazz: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to GWF first ever PPV Life On The Line we have a great night tonight and promise to make this the best it could be!

Heyman: Tonight you will see the first champions of each belt be crowned two matches are still undecided of who will participate and as you know this will be announced right now by Mr McMahon and Gabe Sapolsky other then that enjoy your night watching not only this PPV but watching the best there is Kurt Angle win the GWF Championship

Tazz: Will you just shut up honestly Paul little coward

Heyman: Sorry you said what?

Out come Vince and Gabe.

Vince: Hello guys and welcome to the first ever PPV Life On The Line this night will damn right impress you and we will make sure

Gabe: Right now we are here to announce the competitors of The 10 Man Battle Royal for the TV Title and the two competitors for The Monster's Ball Match for the X Hardcore Championship so the voting has been closed and the 10 men for the Battle Royal are

Vince: Alberto Del Rio, Mr Anderson, Pope D'Angelo Dinero, Cody Rhodes, El Generico, Devon, Magnus, Black Machismo, Kassius Ohno and Seth Rollins


Gabe: Then finally for The X Hardcore Monster Ball Match it wil be RVD vs Rhino


Gabe and Vince: From us and Dixie have a good time!

Tazz: Wow what a line up announced for the first PPV don't leave us as next up is the 10 Man Battle Royal

The men come out one by one looking each other with hate no one is friends here. All men go around the ring ready to battle

Match 10 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the TV Title:
All men go in action against each other each going for grapples some failing and others succeeding. Kassius Ohno goes top rope and takes out at least 4 men. Devon tries to chuck Ohno out but Ohno reverses and delivers a scissor kick to Devon who falls back Pope goes on to Anderson grabbing him to the corner trying to chuck him over. Anderson goes to the other side of the rope and just jumps in and jumps on Pope. Del Rio grabs Pope looking to chuck him out bit Machismo stops him and delivers a DDT to he goes for The Diving Dynamite but Pope kicks him causing Machismo to fall back and get eliminated
Cody Rhodes try's to go to spear The Pope but he reverses him and chucks him out of the ring
Devon tries to eliminate Pope but fails but before Pope throws him out Del Rio stops it and slaps Devon on the chest several times he puts Devon to the top rope ready to suplex him but Magnus sneak pushes Del Rio causing Devon to fall down and go on the floor
Magnus grabs Del Rio from the back and chucks him out
Only 6 remain Magnus, Ohno, Rollins, Pope and Anderson and Generico. Pope and Anderson go for each other they brawl until somehow Anderson clothesline Pope and himself out of the ring
It's the last 4 Ohno goes for Generico when Rollins goes for Magnus. Generico gets hit by a Superkick by Ohno and Rollins and Magnus together clothesline him out.
Rollins and Ohno chuck out Magnus from Behind
Ohno goes to attempt to eliminate Rollins but Rollins reverses with a suplex and Ohno goes flying through the announcers table.

Christy Hemme: Your winner and the first Television Champion Seth Rollins

Rollins is going mental in the ring with joy he celebrates on the top rope on the broken announcer table lays Ohno who is full of pain and distraught

Tazz: Seth Rollins is GWF first ever TV Champion and in what fashion he done by suplexing Ohno through the announcers table wow!. But next up we have the tag team championship fatal 4 way elimination match stay tuned.

Match 2: Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tag Match for The Tag Team Championships
The teams participating are Gen Me, Bad Influence, Briscoe Brothers and Motor City Machine Guns. The guys go for Bad Influence as they know they are weak. They get hit a couple of times by everyone one by one. Daniels slips away and grabs a steel chair he threatens anyone who comes will get knocked out. Kazarian gets beaten up continuously The Briscoe Brohers hit The Brisoce Slam Mark hits a diving leg drop on Kazarian but instead of Jay hitting The Spike-Jay-Driller MCMG hit the ACSC Rush on Kazarian. Shelly goes for a pin 1.....2.....3
Daniels looks on as his partner leaves looking at him in disgust. Gen Me go for Daniels but The Briscoe Brothers hold them back both double gut wrench powerbomb them on the ground. Jay hits the diving leg drop on Max before Jeremy could interfere MCMG take care of him taking him out. Mark hits the Shooting Star Press but again Shelly grabs him up and hits a Superkick he goes for the pin on Max 1.....2......3
Jeremy Buck gets dragged in by Sabin, Sabin hits the enziguri with Shelly hits the Superkick completing the ACSC Rush
Shelly goes for the pin 1....2....3
MCMG attack The Briscoe Brothers. Giving punches and boots they stare at them both go on the top rope looking for 450 Splash on each hitting it successfully. Daniels quickly slips in and from behin rolls up Chris Sabin 1....2....3
Daniels hits a chop block on Shelly but is stopped by The Briscoe Brothers they hit a double slam Jay drops the diving leg drop and Mark hits the Shooting Star Press on Daniels he goes for the pin 1....2....3
They wait for Shelly to get up awaiting but Bad Influence come out with chairs Kazarian hits one on Mark and Daniels hits Shelly at the same time making the match carry on instead of ending on a DQ then he hits Shelly again and this time Jay at the same time. They wait for another chance but Sabin comes out taking them out both with enziguri's taking both out of the ring. Shelly goes to pin Mark 1....2...3
Jay Briscoe goes for a roll up pin 1...2.. And Shelly kicks out he goes for a powerbomb but Shelly counters with a Superkick he goes for a pin 1...2....3

Christy Hemme: Your winners and the first Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns

They celebrate in the ring with there titles the camera goes on the disappointed Brisoce Brothers and the knocked out Bad Influence

Tazz: MCMG with a victory winning the Tag Team Championships huge feuds coming out of this match! Well next up its the Monsters Ball Match for The X Hardcore Championship between Rhino and RVD

Match 3: Monsters Ball Match for The X Hardcore Championship RVD vs Rhino
These guys are over extreme. Rhino starts on RVD hitting him with a couple of punches, he takes RVD out of the ring checking him on the barricade and dropping him on it face first he gets on the rope going for a jump on him but RVD catches him in the air with in a powerbomb position and lands him on the steel steps. RVD grabs the bell from the ring announcers table and gives a low blow with it. He grabs it and grinds Rhino's face on it he chucks it away. He goes on top of The Announcers Table looking for The Five Star Frog Splash but Rhino counters with a Mid Air Gore sending RVD through the barricade he gets up looking for a powerbomb to RVD through a table first he grabs a chair but RVD instead hits The Van Daminator causing Rhino to fly back. He throws him in the ring he gets up on the top and hits a Five Star Frog Splash he goes for the pin 1....2... And Rhino just kicks out. RVD grabs a table he lays him on top of it RVD then grabs a barbed wired piece of wood he lays it on Rhino with the wires face down he grabs another table and sets it up on top and grabs a ladder he goes on top of it for an epic Frog Splash but Rhino throws the ladder and sends RVD flying on to the announcers table RVD is out cold. Rhino gets up both men are bleeding Rhino hits RVD with a Gore he throws him in the ring he goes for the pin 1...2... And RVD kicks out. Rhino grabs RVD looking to powerbomb him through the double barbed wire table. But RVD reverses with a DDT causing Rhino to smash his face on the fallen ladder. Rhino's face is exposed RVD sets him up,on the table again. He goes on the ladder he is groggy he may fall any second he gets on the ladder top and does his taunt the crowd chant his name he delivers The Five Star Frog Splash he goes flying through the table sending Rhino down with it he is bleeding but Rhino is bleeding everywhere he goes for the pin 1...2...3

Christy Hemme: Your winner and the first X Hardcore Championd Rob Van Dam

Tazz: Here you have the Hardcore King RVD what a legend. Get ready for The WHC Final match between Storm and Sheamus in a table match

RVD falls out of the ring with his title jumping over the barricade he celebrates with the fans. Rhino is taken by the paramedics.

Match 4: Tables Match For The World Heavyweight Championship James Storm vs Sheamus
The match gets the crowd mad, Both men brawl full out, in and out of the ring. Storm hits a slap on Sheamus's body causing Sheamus to fall on the barricade. Storm goes for the Last Call but Sheamus dodges hits a Brouge Kick causing Storm to fall over the barricade with a thud. Sheamus grabs two tables and chucks it over the barricade. He jumps over but is hit with a sudden Last Call by Storm, Sheamus fall's back, Storm puts him in a powerbomb position but Sheamus reverses with a DDT by the crowd. Sheamus grabs a crowd chair and smashes it on Storm's face he hits another one and Storm's face starts bleeding. Sheamus hits another Brouge Kick. He goes for a crucifix powerbomb to put him through him a table but Storm reverses and throws Sheamus on a barricade and hits a quick Ladt Call. He jumps over the barricade but he his hit by Sheamus's elbow he falls on the steel steps he puts Storm in a powerbomb position looking to do to Storm to what he done to Ray he goes for it but Storm hurricanrana's him and hits a Last Call causing Sheamus to fall on the announcers table he grabs Sheamus on top and lands a massive powerbomb thought the table

Christy Hemme: Your winner and the first WHC Champion The Cowboy James Storm

Storm falls back with his bleeding face he puts Sheamus up and shakes his hand. Sheamus lifts Storm arm up and points at him.

Tazz: Storm wins in a great way and what sportsmanship here well next up is the last match you have been waiting Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle for The GWF Chmapionship!

Match 5: Ladder Match for The GWF Championship Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs Jeff Hardy
Both men hit each other a full on brawl between the two, throwing each other on the turnbuckle hitting striking all that. Angle quickly leaves he grabs a Kendo Stick and hits Hardy with it taking him out he hits it on his neck and then straggles him with it the official tries to stop it but Heyman delivers a low blow from behind he takes out the official out of the ring. Angle grabs a necklace and starters choking Hardy, he is getting destroyed. Angle grabs a table and puts Jardy through with an Angle Slam. He clothsline's him taking Hardy out causing him to bleed. This beating carries on for most of the match. Angle punts Angle on the face and puts him in an Angle Lock with a chiar stuck on his leg. Angle doesn't see Punk come out from the back, Punk kicks Heyman out and Angle watches as Punk slams him through the announcers table. Punk and Angle brawl,but Punk gets the upper hand and hits a GTS on Angle he opens up a ladder and places it in the middle. He grabs Hardy and tells him to go top rope, Hardy follows and hits A Swanton Bomb, Hardy goes on the ladder and Punk watches on but Heyman strikes behind with a Kendo Stick throwing Punk out, Hardy gives Heyman a Twist Of Fate and goes up the ladder but Angle follows the two strike each other on the top but somehow Hardy hits a Twist Of Fate of the ladder, Hardy gets up. BROCK LESNAR'S MUSIC HITS, Hardy looks around and Lesnar hits an F5 he takes Hardy out of the ring and beats him up he suplexed him through the barricade causing it to break. Angle climbs up the ladder and takes the title

Christy Hemme: Your Winner and The First GWF Champion Kurt Angle!

Hardy is down on the floor with Lesnar staring at him. Angle and Heyman are celebrating in the ring crazy.



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