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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2013: My Way


Vince McMahon

Television Shows
Monday Night Raw
Friday Night Smackdown

Pay Per Views

Royal Rumble
January 27 - Phoenix, AZ
Elimination Chamber
February 17 - New Orleans, LA
WrestleMania 29
April 7 - East Rutherford, NJ
Extreme Rules
May 19 - St. Louis, MO
One Night Stand
June 16 - Chicago, IL
King Of The Ring
July 14 - Philadelphia, PA
August 18 - Los Angeles, CA
Night of Champions
September 15 - Detroit, MI
Over The Limit
October 6 - Buffalo, NY
Hell In A Cell
October 27 - Miami, FL
Survivor Series
November 24 - Boston, MA
December 15 - Houston, TX


(everyone is able to appear on every show)
(Face; Heel)

Alberto Del Rio
Antonio Cesaro
Big E Langston
Brad Maddox
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Davey Richards
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Ezeckiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kassius Ohno
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Matt Morgan
Michael McGuillicutty
Montel Vontavious Porter
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Shelton Benjamin
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
The Big Show
The Miz
The Rock
The Undertaker
Titus O’Neil
Trent Baretta
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Alex Riley
Bo Dallas
Briley Pierce
Conor O’Brian
Corey Graves
David Otunga
Derrick Bateman
Erick Rowan
Jake Carter
Leo Kruger
Luke Harper
Oliver Grey
Richie Steamboat
Rick Victor
Xavier Woods

(will only be used as managers)
AJ Lee – Managing Dolph Ziggler
Alicia Fox
Cameron – Managing Brodus Clay
Eve Torres
Naomi – Managing Brodus Clay
Natalya – Managing Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Rosa Mendes – Managing Primo and Epico
Tamina Snuka

Tag Teams
2MB: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
AirStrike: Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry and MVP
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth
Team Hell NO: Daniel Bryan and Kane
Team Rhodes Scholars: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
The Highflyers: Evan Bourne and Curt Hawkins
The Luchadores: Sin Cara and Rey Misterio
The Shield: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
Prime Time Players: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil
Kassius Ohno and Michael McGuillicutty
Primo and Epico
The Usos: Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso

3MB: Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre
The Shield: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Michael McGuillicutty
Show Off: Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Big E Langston

Paul Heyman (CM Punk, Brock Lesnar)
Ric Flair (None)
William Regal (None)

General Manager: Vickie Guerrero
Announcers: Jim Ross and JBL
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

General Manager: Booker T
Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
Backstage Interviewer: Matt Striker
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

Tag Team Division Manager for both RAW and SmackDown: Theodore Long


WWE Championship
The Rock

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett

WWE United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Hell NO

WWE Money In The Bank Briefcase
Dolph Ziggler

WWE Internet Championship
Zack Ryder

WWE Cruiserweight Championship


Royal Rumble 2013 Results:

United States Championship Match (Pre-Show)
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz
WINNER: Antonio Cesaro

World Heavyveight Championship Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show
WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Team Hell NO (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Royal Rumble Match
Surprise Entrants: Chris Jericho, Matt Morgan, Davey Richards, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Mark Henry
WINNER: Ryback

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs. CM Punk (c)
WINNER: The Rock

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: My Way

WWE News & Raw Preview:

The Rock has one more dream...
With The Rock being crowned the new WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble PPV and fulfilling his dream, it is rumoured that he wants one more thing from the WWE, something that will change the company. But will Vince accept it? Will Rocky's be fulfilled? We will find out on Raw...

Ryback's choice
As the Royal Rumble Match winner, Ryback has a chance to be in the Main Event at WrestleMania. But what championship will he choose to fight for and when will he decide?

The New Generation
Recently, WWE brought to the main roster a few wrestlers from NXT, including Bray Wyatt, Michael McGuillicutty, Kassius Ohno, as well as the ROH star Davey Richards. But will they be pushed? Will they withstand the pressure of perform in front of thousands of people? Stay tuned to find out.

News about WWE's future
WWE's owner, Vince McMahon is expected kick-off Raw to make some announcements about the future. There has been much speculation on what the WWE boss will say, but nothing official yet. It remains to be seen on Raw...
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: My Way

WWE Monday Night RAW
January 28th, 2013
Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, Nevada

Raw kicks out with opening pyrotechnics, as JBL and Jim Ross are welcoming everyone to Las Vegas, Nevada for a very exciting edition of Monday Night RAW. This is the first RAW after Royal Rumble and we are officialy on the Road To WrestleMania.

*No chance in hell*

~Vince McMahon’s theme song hits the PA System and the WWE boss is making his way to the ring to a huge pop. Vince grabs a microphone
Vince McMahon: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Well, last night we had the Royal Rumble PPV, so now we officialy entered the WrestleMania Season. So I thought it would be a good time to make some announcements about the company's future. As you know, since RAW 1000, the longest weekly show ever lasted 3 hours every week. However, it seems like this decision was not right for business, so from now on, RAW will last only 2 hours.
~Some booing can be heard from the crowd
Vince McMahon: Another thing I want to tell you about is the Money in the Bank match. Those of you who checked our new PPV list saw that the Money In The Bank PPV is gone. That means that the Money in the Bank Ladder Match returns where it belongs, on the Grandest Stage of them all, WrestleMania.
~The crowd cheers
Vince McMahon: Also, our new PPV list include two PPVs that are very familiar to our old fans, PPVs where history was made: One Night Stand and King Of The Ring
~The crow cheers louder
Vince McMahon: Last but not least, we decided to revive the cruiserweight division a little bit. That’s why the WWE Cruiserweigt Championship is back. We have a lot of young talented wrestlers in the main roster as well as in development and our scouts are looking for talent from the independent federations. So in several months the WWE will have the strongest and most spectacular cruiserweight division in the world. Well, that’s all I have to say for now… Enjoy the show!

~Backstage, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are in Vickie’s office
Damien Sandow: Allow us to beg your indulgence for one moment.
Vickie Guerrero: What do you want? I have a lot of things to do, so tell me quickly what do you want!
Cody Rhodes: You see Vickie, as you probably know, last night at Royal Rumble, Damien and I lost our match against Team Hell NO. But we know that their victory was a fluke, so all we ask you for is another chance at the WWE Tag Team Titles.
Vickie Guerrero: You know something? If you can beat Team Hell NO tonight, you will get one more title shot at Elimination Chamber PPV. Now get out of my office, because your match is up next!


~Back from commercials, Team Rhodes Scholars are in the ring, waiting for their opponents.

*Veil Of Fire*

~Kane and Daniel Bryan ar making their way to the ring, looking very determined to finish once and for all their business with Sandow and Rhodes
Team Hell NO def. Team Rhodes Scholars via submission
~Team Hell NO win the match after Bryan made Rhodes tap-out with the No-Lock and they celebrate with the fans after match.



~Zack Ryder comes into the ring with the Internet Championship around his waist.
Zack Ryder: So as you can see, finally, the Internet Title is an official WWE Title, and as your first EVER Internet Champion, I would like to…


Brad Maddox: Hey hey hey! Are you serious Zack? You are the Internet Champion? In the best case, you WERE the Internet Champion. Now, that title belongs to me and to my show: “The Brad Maddox Experience”. Now, please, give me my title, leave the ring and leave the Internet, because nobody wants to hear you!
Zack Ryder: Are you serious bro? If you really want this title, why don’t you come and take it?


Vickie Guerrero: Stop it right now! You two behave like two spoiled children. I’m gonna make it very simple. At the Elimination Chamber PPV, in the exclusive YouTube Pre-Show, Zack Ryder will defend his title against Brad Maddox. Now leave the ring because the Royal Rumble Match winner, Ryback, will be in action, up next!

Ryback def. Drew McIntyre via pinfall
~After his short match, Ryback asks for a microphone
Ryback: Probably everyone is wondering what is my choice for WrestleMania. I’m not the type of guy who talks a lot so I’ll be very brief. At WrestleMania 29, whoever the World Heavyweight Champion will be, he will face me for his title. So Alberto Del Rio or whoever will enter WrestleMania 29 as the World Champion, enjoy your days as champion, because on April 7th you will become my food. FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE!
~The crowd continues to chant “Feed Me Mode” as Ryback leaves the ring and goes backstage.


~As we come back from commercials, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are shown backstage, arguing
Damien Sandow: It was your fault that we lost our match earlier tonight. How could you tap out? You are an incapable and an ignoramus. But you know something? I don’t need you… I’m better than you… I’m better than everybody! It’s over, Cody! Team Rhodes Scholars no longer exists!
Cody Rhodes: What? Come on, man… That’s the thanks that I receive? I was your only friend in the whole locker room! What are you going to do? Where will you go?
Damien Sandow: We’re over, Cody! Deal with it!

~Back in the ring, Booker T is standing with a microphone in his hand, prepared to make an announcement
Booker T: First of all, I know that I am the General Manager of SmackDown and Raw is not my business, but the World Heavyweight Championship is. Last night we had the Royal Rumble PPV, where Alberto del Rio managed to retain his championship against the Big Show and our next stop is the Elimination Chamber PPV. I am here to announce that Alberto del Rio is going to defend his title inside the most demonic structure the world has ever seen, the Elimination Chamber against five opponents. Those opponents will be determined after some qualification matches that will took place at Raw and Smackdown. The first qualification match will take place right here, on Monday Night Raw, tonight, and it will be between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho. Now can you dig that… SUCKAAAAAA?

Davey Richards def. Jinder Mahal via submission
~After his match, Richards grabs a microphone
Davey Richards: I would like to introduce you to my new manager, and a man who inspired me along my career, William Regal.


~William Regal comes to the ring, hugs Davey Richards and then takes the microphone
William Regal: Thanks, Davey, for your introduction and trust me, it is a honor and a pleasure for me to work with such a talented wrestler like you.
~Regal then turns to the camera
William Regal: This kid right here is the most talented wrestler I have seen in a long time. He is a real wrestling machine and I know that he has the potential to become WWE Champion one day. What I ask you, the WWE Universe, to do is to be patient with him and to give him credit, because I know that nothing can be done without your support. I give you my word that he will not let you down.


~We are back live, just in time for some tag team action with AirStrike and Epico and Primo
Airstrike def. Epico and Primo via pinfall
~After the match, the Prime Time Players run into the ring and attack Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Titus O’Neil then grabs a microphone, looking very angry…
Titus O’Neil: That’s what you want? Huh? That’s what you want? You want us to destroy every tag team in the WWE? Fine! If that’s the only way to get the Tag Team Titles, that’s what we gonna’ do!

~Backstage, Josh Mathews is ready to take an interview
Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph, Booker T just announced that tonight, you are going to compete against Chris Jericho for a chance to enter the World Heavyweight Title Match at Elimination Chamber. What do you think about that?
Dolph Ziggler: Josh, I already have a guaranteed chance at the World Heavyweight title whenever I want. But I am going to beat Chris Jericho tonight, I am going to become World Champion at Elimination Chamber, and then at WrestleMania I’m going to cash-in on the WWE Champion, and do what I do best: steal the show and become WWE Undisputed Champion. Show… OFF!

~Back in the ring, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston are waiting for the referee to ring the bell
Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston via submission
Jack Swagger: Several months ago I took a break from wrestling because I wadted to stay home , to rest and to gather my thoughts. But I couldn’t really do that, because what I really saw outside the WWE was a country infested with non-americans who are degrading this country every day, without caring about the real Americans like me. These creatures have to be stopped until it is too late. I am here to start a war against them and I’m starting with the ones in the WWE locker room. We, the real patriots, the real Americans remained a few… But we have to fight to make this county what it once was. We have to fight for the good our successors. We, the people!


~We are back live, ready for our main event

*Here to show the world*

~Dolph Ziggler is making his way to the ring, accompanied by Big E Langston and AJ Lee
~Suddenly, the lights go out and the crowd goes crazy

*Break the walls down*

~Chris Jericho comes to the ring, looking very determined to beat Ziggler and qualify for the World Title Match at Elimination Chamber

This match has very balanced. Both wrestlers showed great technical skills, but Ziggler was able to get the advantage after Big E Langston interfered. Langston tried to interfere one more time, but the referee caught him and sent him and AJ backstage. The match went on for a couple of more minutes, but finally Jericho was able to hit the Codebreaker, win the match and qualify for the World Title Match at the Elimination Chamber.
Chris Jericho def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall
~Jericho celebrates in the ring as we go to commercials


*If ya’ smell…*

~The crowd goes wild for the most electrifying man in all of entertainment! The Rock appears on the stage with the WWE Championship on his shoulder. Then he goes to the ring and asks for a microphone and waits until the crowd calmed down.
The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Las Veeeegas!!
~The crowd cheers
The Rock: But that’s not all… Tonight, The Rock stands here in front of the millions (AND MILLIONS!) of The Rock’s fans and can proudly say: Finally, The Rock is WWE Champion!
~The crowd cheers louder
The Rock: Tonight is a very special night for The Rock and for the people, because tonight, The People’s Era begins! Last night, The Rock ended 434 days of misery, The Rock ended CM Punk’s title reign. But that’s not why The Rock is here tonight… The Rock is not here to talk about the past. The Rock is here to talk about the future! Because, you see, last night, when The Rock went to his hotel room and fell asleep, he had a dream… a very beautiful one… a dream about WWE… Do you wanna’ know what was The Rock’s dream?
The Rock: Well, The Rock dreamed that WWE will go back to TV-14!!!
~The crowd explodes in cheers!
The Rock: And The Rock will not give up until his dream will be fulfilled!

*No chance in hell*

~Vince McMahon’s music hits the PA System to a mixed reaction. The WWE Chairman comes to the ring with a microphone in his hand
Vince McMahon: I hate to be the baron of bad news, but there’s no chance in hell that this will happen
~The crowd boos
The Rock: Oh trust me Vince, this WILL happen! It’s only a matter of time
Vince McMahon: Rock, you know me… I always take the best decisions for business, and I’m telling you that we don’t go back to TV-14 in the near future.

*Cult of Personality*

~Punk’s theme song hits the PA System as the former WWE Champion comes to the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans
CM Punk: Rocky, two persons couldn’t be more different than we two are, but it looks like finally, there’s something we both agree on. For the past year and a half, I fought against the system. I fought because I wanted this place to be fun again and to get out of this PG crap. But no member of the WWE board of directors wanted to listen to me…
Vince McMahon: Nobody is bigger than this company and you two have to understand that! You are paid to wrestle and to entertain the audience, not to take decisions! I think that you both should…
The Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!!! With all due respect Mr. McMahon, in this business it’s about what the people think!!
~Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!
The Rock: Now here’s what The Rock is proposing: on February 17th, at the Elimination Chamber PPV, The Rock will team up with CM Punk and another partener on who we both agree on to face three wrestlers of your choice, in a Six Man Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match! If your team wins, WWE remains in PG… but if WE win, WWE goes back to TV-14.
Vince McMahon: You know that I never back down from any challenge, Rocky… YOU’RE ON!!!
~Vince then leaves the ring. Punk and Rock remain there, looking at each other. Rocky wants to shake Punk’s hand, but Punk leaves the ring with a smirk on his face.


Elimination Chamber 2013 Card so far:

Team TV-14 (The Rock, CM Punk and ???) vs Team PG (???, ??? and ???)

World Havyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Chris Jericho vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

Pre-Show: Internet Championship Match: Zack Ryder (c) vs Brad Maddox

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