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Jeff Hardy Hater 02-08-2013 10:40 PM

Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.
Monday, February 4th, 2013


Originally Posted by f4wonline
A new wrestling promotion known as "Fortox Wrestling" is rumored to be opening up soon. Man named Clayton Knox has talked about the promotion as being "real wrestling and stories that any fan can get behind. Already a seemingly large promotion, Knox has stated that he has at least 7 other people who will invest in, and work on the promotion with him. The rumored budget for the promotion will be $35 million, making them more than a small company. The company is head-quartered in San Francisco, California.


Originally Posted by PWTorch
"Fortox Wrestling", a new promotion for professional wrestling, is opening up soon, head-quartered in San Francisco, California Rumor is they are said to have a very wealthy owner who is willing to spend a lot of it, along with many other staff members who will help him out. Rumor is that the current budget is $428 million, making them one of the most wealthy promotions in the world.


Originally Posted by WrestleZone
A man named Clayton Knox has started up a new promotion that he hopes to quickly make something out of. Head-quartered in San Francisco, California, and known as Fortox Wrestling, the uniquely-named promotion is said to be a very wealthy company with about 24 million dollars in their budget.


Originally Posted by PWInsider
We interviewed the man who is starting up a new wrestling promotion, which is already rumored to be pretty large.

Interviewer: Hello Clayton; great to have you today.

Clayton: Yeah, cool to be here, I suppose.

Interviewer: Clayton, I'd like to start with one of the first questions that I'm sure everybody's been asking; what caused you to choose such a crazy name as Fortox? Does the word mean something or what?

Clayton: I thought of a cool name so I jumbled the 26 letters of the alphabet from Scrabble and accidentally left a second O in there. Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay then. This takes us to our next question; what differentiates you from other wrestling promotions, both independent, and global?

Clayton: I think what you can expect from us is a product that is in touch with the fan base. By that I don't mean hiring Russo so he can have 5 swerves per week, and wrestlers can turn dispositions once a month, and I don't mean spending half of the show talking about my stupid glithy app with constant crashing that I've created and not tested at all, or showing off that one of my wrestlers is trending on Twitter; I mean actually showing what the crowd wants. If my top face is universally booed by the crowd that's older than twelve, he's not gonna go over the heel that consistently outpops him every night. That's what the ICW - Internet Community Wrestling wants, after all.

Interviewer: What experience do you have, if any? Why do you feel that you can be the owner of such a huge company?

Clayton: I watch wrestling a lot, and I read on the internet who the fans think draw. I made my own promotion in EWR and took over and eventually bought out WWE on

Interviewer: Impressive. I could only do it on Easy. Now, next question, that's very important; where and how will you showcase your product? Will it be on TV, independe-

Clayton: I've already got a Television deal with Spike TV!.

Interviewer: Really? That doesn't make sense, I though-

Clayton: Of course not fucktwit. I do have a legitimate deal with ESPN 2, however.

Interviewer: Wow, great news! When will it air?

Clayton: We haven't worked that out yet, but you should see it some time in the next few weeks, and we will have one show that runs for one-hour. That's all that I've guaranteed.

Interviewer: That is good news. Fast progress. Do you have anybody confirmed onto your roster yet?

Clayton: Yes; Scott Steiner. We will have him do 1-hour long promos every show. Not sure about who else we'll have on our roster, but I'll need to sign somebody he can shoot on.

Interviewer: One final question, because the various insiders seem to be unsure on this one; what is your company's budget?

Clayton: We currently have an undisclosed number of dollars to spend.

Interviewer: Alright then, well thank you very much Clayton, and we hope to see your product soon!

Clayton: Adios.

Big Poppa Pump @ScottSteiner the rumurs of me sining in that fourtox crap place r false! nobody evr talked to me about it! the big booty daddy goes where he wants!

Don West @DonWestDeals I can confirm that I have been signed by Fortox Wrestling as a marketer and color commentator! Excited to get started!

Clayton Knox @KnoxTheBoss First show made official for Saturday, February 9th. Live on ESPN2 at 10:00 Eastern Time and 7:00 Pacific. It will be taped this way for a while now.

Jeff Hardy Hater 02-09-2013 01:11 AM

Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.
Spoiler for Fortox Roster:


Current Wrestler Profiles!


Clayton Knox

Look - 6 feet, 4 inches. Short black hair, and brown eyes. brown eyes Deep manly voice, very muscular frame. Often wears a business suit with a black tuxedo, black pants, a red tie, and a white undershirt, but occasionally just wears a flannel. Always wears sunglasses.

Working style - Rarely wrestles. A slightly less horrible version of Kevin Nash in the ring. Sometimes hits horrible spots, and botches all of the time in the ring. EPIC mic worker however. Finisher = Jacknife powerbomb

Character - A heel boss who bullies most of his workers, and often makes ridiculous decisions, pushing workers randomly.

Theme -


Bret Norris

Look - 5 Feet, 9 Inches. Has spiky brown hair, and brown eyes. Very muscular with one small tattoo on his back of his mother's name; Susan. Wrestles in MMA gear, with sneakers.

Working style - High flyer, very good worker. Real life comparison = Austin Aries. Finisher = An odd BrainBuster variant where the suplex position is held, and then Norris grabs the attire of the opponent, and spins them 90 degrees on impact, sitting them out, and dropping them on their head, leaving them in a pinfall cradle.

Character - A straight up badass who has been bullied his whole life, and wants to stick up for himself and make up for all of the times he didn't stick up for himself. Despite being a face, he is sometimes seen pushing around babyfaces and heels, regardless of their disposition. He is poor and wrestles to make a living.

Theme -


Thomas Davis

Look - Friendly looking faux hawk, very similar to Chris Jericho. Brown eyes, a very child-like looking face. 6 foot 8. Ripped as hell. Wears black tights with "Friendly Tommy" written on the back in blue, or vice versa.

Wrestling style - A demented big man. Completely insane, and often uses moves that require large statures, such as big boots, clotheslines, and powerslams, but all of his moves look like he has no effort in them, because his character is stronger than to need effort.

Character – A crazy, demented man who hates the friendly good guys. He has always been friendly to everybody since his childhood, but he had a friend who betrayed him when he was 17. He destroys wrestlers constantly, and is sadistic, often enjoying it. Finisher – Darce Choke

Theme –


Reggie Kai

Look - 6 foot 1. Skinny guy. Always has his eyes glazed and a little red. Wears a Jamaican colored Rasta hat and a baggy pair of cargo pants while wrestling, and a shirt that says "luck faws" Black dreadlocks, and light brown skin. Looks like a legitimate Jamaican, and outside of kayfabe he actually is.

Working style - Also a high flyer, uses scissor kicks a lot. Real life comparison = R-Truth. Finisher - Shooting Star Press. Above average worker; 7/10 on a scale when comparing pros in ROH, TNA, and WWE.

Character - An always high Jamaican guy who has a lot of fun wrestling, and is a natural good guy babyface. Plays the traditional friendly helpful character and often high-fives fans and such. Very similar to Kofi, but more natural. Finisher – Canadian Destroyer.

Theme -


Hired Fun

Look - 6 foot 4. Very skinny. Wears the same attire as a hitman.

Working style - Very calm and collected, always seems calculating of his moves. Brutally powerful strikes. Finisher - Starts in pedigree position, lifts the opponent up piledriver style, and piledriver sit out impact. Secondary finisher - Rear naked choke.

Character - A wrestling hit man; heel wrestlers pay him to "do a job" and injure other wrestlers, or interfere in matches. He always has a straight face, literally never loses it unless selling a move. Real life comparison = Very unique style, but closest is most likely Kevin Nash, but far quicker.

Theme -


Scott Steiner

You know this guy.

Theme - Holla if Ya' Hear Me.


True Swag

Look – 5 foot 8, super skinny. A white guy who wears white Jordan Bulls jerseys every match with a chain hanging out, cargo shorts, and Bathin’ Apes shoes every week.

Working Style – Actually very good technically, and shows a decent high-flying premise. Very good cardio. Finisher – Jumping DDT.

Character – Friendly babyface that thinks he is cool because of his swag.

Theme Song –

Jeff Hardy Hater 02-09-2013 02:24 AM

Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.

Originally Posted by Fortox Wrestling.com
News for tomorrow night!

Big night tomorrow night, our first episode of Fortox - Saturday Night Slaughter is going to be aired live on ESPN2, 7:00 Pacific and 10:00 Eastern Time.

Scheduled for our card, we're going to be hosting a tournament with 3 matches tomorrow night. The 3 winners will advance to a Fortox Championship Triple Threat match, to determine the champion on the second episode of Saturday Night Slaughter. Here is the current card:


Card for Saturday Night Slaughter

Match 1: Scott Steiner Vs. Reggie Kai

Match 2: Thomas Davis Vs. True Swag

Main Event: Bret Norris Vs. Hired Fun

Jeff Hardy Hater 02-09-2013 04:29 AM

Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.

Originally Posted by FortoxWrestling.com
Manager Clayton Knox has made a big announcement regarding show locations!

San Francisco Bulls hockey team manager Pat Curcio, and Fortox manager Clayton Knox have cut a deal. The Event Center Arena, located in San Jose, will be used for live Fortox Events from here on out to broadcast Saturday Night Slaughter!


Our beautiful arena, where tapings will be held.

Big Poppa Pump @ScottSteiner i retract all of my previous comments. i didnt know klaytin was so loaded. EXPECT TO SEE THE BIG BOOTY DADDY SOON!

Jeff Hardy Hater 02-09-2013 07:37 PM

Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.
Fortox Saturday Night Slaughter is shown tonight for free from the Event Center Arena, live in San Jose, California!

A small stage with “FORTOX WRESTLING” at the top of it is standing in the arena, with an entrance ramp headed down to the ring, and two commentators to the right of the ramp. The attendance is roughly 2,000 people. General manager, Clayton Knox, comes out to his theme song. The crowd cheers a bit, but most of them don’t know who he is; half the crowd is cheering just for his hip music. He struts out to the ring. He asks for a microphone. “Make some noise, San Jose California!” The crowd makes some noise. “Now, unfortunately, that’s only one tenth of what a real wrestling city would say, but it’s an improvement for San Jose. I got more of a reaction than John Cena did here anyway, so that’ll look good on my resume. Anyway, down to business, so all you bafoonic marks can understand how Fortox is gonna work. We’ve signed some big time players, but since we’ve only got one hour so far to showcase them to you ghetto idiots” The crowd boos. “This guy is horrible. Get him outta there!” Don West screams. “We’re gonna do a tournament with 6 of these guys I picked up off the street, which is probably why you’re gonna cheer so hard for them; you can relate to them! Oh, but not Scott Steiner by the way. 3 matches will go on tonight, and the winner of each match moves on to next week’s Triple Threat match for the Fortox Heavyweight Championship. Other titles will be used as time goes on; so here, I’m gonna unveil 3 championships to you, and they will be showcased by 3 of your favorite unemployed bimbos! You guys might remember this girl for her splits!” A portion of the crowd gets excited. “That’s what I would say if I wanted to get you excited for Melina, but I can’t get myself to sign a horse, so I got Torrie Wilson instead!” Torrie walks out to the ring and holds up the Fortox Telvision Title in her hands, and smiles. The crowd applauses. “Next, I’m gonna introduce to you the tag team championships! Check them out!” Maria Kanellis and Stacy Keibler come out to the ring, holding two tag team titles in their hands up, smiling. “What’s up next, the World Title? Nope, not tonight. Next week, after the best member of the roster wins it, we will see how the world title looks. But anyway folks, we are going to a commercial break, sorry ESPN2, by the way; the ratings of the night just peaked, the mega-draw is off the air. Bye.

Full Segment Time = (8:32)

Commercial Break = (4:00)

“We are back on the air with Fortox Wrestling live on ESPN2!” Jesse Ventura says. “My god, this is so exciting, just to even be part of such an awesome company, I can’t remember the last time I marked out this hard.” Don West says. Scott Steiner’s music hits! “So he is here!” West screams. Crowd pops loud, and Steiner walks out and flexes his muscles to the crowd. He rips up a sign that says “FOR TOCKS ROCKS” and gets in the ring, and flexes on the top rope. Some Jamaican music plays. The crowd is confused; few of them have heard of this guy yet. “This is that young guy Reggie Kai. He’s young, speedy, talented, and has a lot of potential.” Ventura says. “I’ve never been this excited for a match in my life! Can’t wait to see what goes on here, but I just know it’s gonna be great, like every other thing that happens here in Fortox Wrestling!” Reggie Kai comes out super stoned; he makes RVD look straightedge. He high fives some fans and gets into the ring. Steiner pushes him, but Reggie laughs at Steiner. Steiner starts yelling, and then punches him. “Blatant disrespect there, wonder how Kai’ll take that.” Ventura says. Steiner continues on the punches, bullying Kai, and pushes him into the turnbuckle until the referee makes Steiner stop. Steiner puts his hands up and backs off, but Kai quickly pulls off an awesome athletic move! He pushes himself up to the second rope, his back still to the turnbuckle, and then he hits a flying forearm, which knocks Steiner back a little “EPIC MOVE THERE BY KAI, VERY GOOD ATHLETIC SHOWING!!!” Don West yells. Kai, back up from the momentum of the move, runs at Steiner again and attempts a clothesline which take out Steiner, but Steiner gets himself up quickly, and starts yelling at Kai. “You think you can push around Big Poppa Pump like that!?” Steiner pushes Kai. Kai pushes back. “Calm ya’self down mon” Kai says, and the two lock up. Steiner plays possum and gets pushed a bit by Kai, before suckering him into a hard knee to the gut. In position, Steiner lifts Kai up for a delayed elevated suplex. He throws Kai off of his face, and looks around to the crowd. “Let’s go Steiner!” “Steiner sucks!” The crowd chants. Steiner tells them all to shut up. He turns his back to Kai, and points to a fat fan with Cheeto stains all over his face, who happens to be chanting positively toward Steiner. “SHUT THE HELL UP, FATASS!” Steiner screams. Kai watches Steiner as he gets back up. Steiner, leaning on the ropes, turns around, to get hit by a stiff running dropkick by Kai, which knocks Steiner over the rope, and out of the ring! “Very nice move there by Kai. Lot of promise in that kid.” Ventura says. Kai motions for the fans to get on their feet, and they make some noise for him. He runs off of the ropes, and misses a suicide dive, his head crashing into the barricade! The crowd makes a very sad sound. The referee’s count is at 2 now. Steiner grabs him from behind, and locks in a Camel Clutch! Kai squirms but to no use; he’s locked in now! Count heads up to 4. “My god, Steiner is vicious! This guy needs to calm down!” Count is now at 6, and Steiner starts yelling at the Cheeto-faced fan who was cheering for him. “You wanna feel this pain next fatass!? Shut the hell up!” Count at 8, Steiner pulls him up once more, and gives him a stiff pulled elbow to the back of the head. Steiner gets back into the ring at 9, and the referee counts to ten! Steiner wins the match, and his music hits! The crowd boos him relentlessly. He flexes on the top rope as we go into commercial break.


Match = (4: 32)

Full Segment = (7:43)

Commercial Break – (3:30)

“We are back live on E-S-P-N two with Fortox Wrestling from San Jose! Let’s check this out folks, previously tonight, owner Clayton Knox spoke with the fans about the show, and introduced our championships, and introduced a 6 man tournament for the World title. First off we had Reggie Kai Vs. Scott Steiner, which was won by Steiner by countout after Kai hit his head on the barricade, and Steiner locked in a vicious Camel Clutch.” Jesse Ventura says. “Up next; we’ve got True Swag to go one-on-one against Thomas Davis!” Turn my Swag on hits! The ghetto San Jose crowd cheers! True swag comes out, wearing a Jordan Bulls jersey, a chain, cargo shorts, and B’Apes red and white shoes. He starts doing some odd sort of dance, and high fives a few fans, with a smile on his face. He hops up onto the apron, and gets in the ring. He starts the “Crank that” dance in the ring. Suddenly, Ready for war hits, and the crowd goes silent. Thomas Davis walks into the ring slowly, with a very angry look on his face, looking similar to Rndy Orton. The man is a giant. He walks into the ring, and gets in. True Swag holds his hand out for a handshake, and Davis hits a stiff clothesline on him, turning him inside out! “My god! Look at that impact!” Don West yells. Davis lifts him back up and runs him shoulder first into the turnbuckle, so hard that Swag actually goes flying outside of the ring and sits leaning on the barricade. Davis gets out of the ring; the bell has yet to ring. Davis lifts him up, and throws him into the steel steps, and Swag falls over the steel steps from such strong impact. Davis lifts up the steps and throws them recklessly at True Swag. He grabs a steel chair, and hits True Swag multiple times in the head. He lifts him by his jersey and throws him into the turnbuckle, ragdolling him. Davis throws True Swag into the ring. “The match hasn’t even started yet; this is ridiculous! Ventura yells. “I cannot belive the strength of Thomas Davis. Sueperhuman.” Says West. Davis grabs the chair, and gets back into the ring with the chair. Swag, back on his knees, turns back to Davis, very groggy. Davis BLASTS him with the chair, right in the face. Fans are booing Davis like crazy. Swag is down and out, and Davis hits him viciously in the back of the head. Davis opens up the chair to a seated position. “The hell is he doing now!?” Ventura yells. Davis locks his neck up with in the chair, and steps on Swag’s back. “NO! NO! NO! STOP IT, COME ON THOMAS, STOP!” Don West yells. He starts pulling on the chair, suffocating Swag, who is still unconscious, the camera changes angles to show the front of the two instead of the back, and Swag’s entire face is completely busted open, and blood is rushing from his mouth AND his nose! Davis takes the chair off of True Swag’s neck, throws it out the ring, and yells at the referee to ring the bell and get the match started up. The bell rings, and Davis locks him up in a Darce Choke. Swag isn’t even conscious, so he has no way to get out of the move or tap. The referee quickly rings the bell again, ending the match. The ring announcer says “as a result of an inability to compete from True Swag, the referee has rung the bell as a safety caut-“ but Davis grabs the mic. “Shut the hell up. The fans know what happened, they’re not a bunch of idiots, they saw me dominate this little girl. Now, I know my tights say friendly Tommy. I know I look like a nice guy. But I am far from it. I am a bully, and I will take out anybody that I can to win. I’m the best wrestler in Fortox Wrestling, so, Big Booty to Needle Scott Steiner, and whoever wins the next match, keep in mind I’m gonna beat the hell out of all of you to win my championship title, and I don’t care what I have to do. Look at this punk bitch, True Swag. He’s a bloody mess, and I doubt he ever wrestles again after the beating I gave him. Now, I know it’s early on, but I get that he was friendly to you guys, and that you all liked him because he was a poor idiot from a wealthy town that thought he was a gangster.” He pauses for a minute, and looks around. “You maggots can relate to that. No shocker. I don’t care if I have a nice guy name, I don’t care if I look friendly, I’m gonna beat the hell out of anybody and everybody that I can, because I’m not normal. I enjoy seeing others in pain. And you will see many more bitches like True Fag in pain.” The camera cuts to the back, where Scott Steiner is panting heavily. He runs into Clayton Knox. “Very nice showing Scott.” Scott looks him down from foot to face. “Who the hell are you!?”
“I’m Clayton Knox, you know, we talked yesterday? I’m the one who signed you!”
“Oh damn, I thought you were like, one of those, short, lazy, fat, cheeto breathed rich punks who got money from their mommies to do something like this, I didn’t know that you were actually in shape man, we gotta go to the gym some time Knoxy.”
“Yep, maybe next week, for ratings, we could go out to the ring, lift weights, and the crowd would tune in to see us man!?”
“Aww yeah. Well, we know my next week match I’ll get big ratings man, I’ll be the champion, everybody will wanna see Big Poppa Pump, they’ll wanna see the Big Booty Daddy become the first Fortox Champion of all time.” Bret Norris walks by the two, and Steiner trips Norris. Norris looks Steiner straight in the eye, and Steiner looks down on him. “What’s your problem prissy boy!?” Norris keeps a straight face for about ten seconds. Steiner shoves him into the wall, and Norris shoves back, hitting Steiner hard. Steiner punches him, and Norris punches him back, getting him into the jaw and shoving Steiner into the wall on his ass, and Knox pretends to trip, knocking down Bret Norris, and Steiner attacks him, and the two brawl to end off the scene. “Up next, we will have Bret Norris shown there to face off against Hired Gun!” Jesse Ventura yells.

Winner = Thomas Davis

Total Segment time = (15: 52)

Actual Match = (0:41)

Commercial Break Time = (4:30)

Hired Gun’s music, 300 violin orchestra hits. He walks out to the ring in his suit, with a blank expression on his face. He walks into the ring then, and looks on toward the entrance ramp. I’m not Afraid hits! Fans go wild for easily the loudest pop of the night! Bret Norris walks out, and looks around the crowd. He bends down looking at the ground, and then throws up his arms and a few roman candles go off! Fans go wild! He walks to the ring and climbs the steps and looks out to the crowd. He looks at Hired Gun and starts talking trash. Gun looks him on straight-faced. Norris steps into the ring, and with 1 leg in, Hired Gun attacks him with a hard run, and Norris falls out of the ring. Hired Gun walks slowly outside of the ring, but Norris gets back up, grabs Hired Gun by the legs, and throws him into the barricade! Norris goes for an elbow to the head, but Gun catches it punches him in the face, and throws him back into the ring. Gun gets back in, and lifts Norris back up, but Norris runs him into the turnbuckle, and starts spearing him in the turnbuckle, and the referee makes Norris stop. Gun stares him in the eye. Gun quickly pulls out of the turnbuckle, and looks at Norris, a blank look. Norris spits in his face, and Gun’s facial expression does not change. Norris and Gun lock up, and Gun executes a headlock Judo style takedown, and gets Norris in a chinlock, but Norris breaks out of it with a kip-up, and chains it into his own headlock, but Gun lifts him up and throws him onto the canvas. As Norris gets back up, Gun Irish Whips him at the ropes, and Norris hops over Gun, goes off the other rope, but instead of turning around, Gun just elbows him in the head, hitting Norris hard! Gun kicks Norris in the gut, and lifts him up for a suplex, but Norris spins over around him countering the suplex, and then gets Hired Gun in a choke hold! He tries to pull him down, but Gun counters with a low blow, and Norris goes down to one knee. He pushes himself back up a bit, but Hired Gun runs at him and hits a running DDT, spiking Norris on his head! “MY GOD, WHAT AN EPIC DDT!” Don West yells. Pinfall attempt, 1…2, quick kick out by Norris. Gun picks him back up and punches him in the face, knocking him back down. He grabs Norris’ left leg and spreads it from the rest of his body, and starts stomping viciously on it. Norris winces in pain from the shots. Gun turns him over and tries to go for an ankle lock but Norris quickly rolls out of it, and hits a jumping one-legged kick. Still down on the mat, he hangs onto his left leg, and grabs the turnbuckle to get himself back up. Fun holds onto his head though, and they both get back up at about the same time. The two look each other in the eyes again. Norris points at Gun and starts yelling at him. Gun looks on at him with a straight face, making his previous injuries look like nothing. The two get closer, and Norris hits a quick dropkick out of nowhere, pushing Gun into the turnbuckle. Norris runs at Gun and hits a STIFF running dropkick! Gun slips down to one knee, and Norris lifts him back up, and gets him into a suplex position. He goes for the Brainbuster, but Gun wiggles out, and gets Norris from behind! He pulls on Norris’ hair and hits him with a stiff elbow shot to the back of the head! “My god, that was horrible! Norris must be out cold!” Don West yells. Hired Gun gets Norris’ head in between his legs, and lifts him up in piledriver position, and SMASHES HIS HEAD INTO THE GROUND! Norris spikes up and falls out to Gun’s side! Gun pins Norris. 1…2…Norris kicks out! Gun looks at the referee, almost in disbelief. The referee starts yelling “2!” 2!” 2!” at him, and Gun looks him straight in the face, very angry, showing some of the first expression of the night. “Let’s go Norris!” chants begin. He lifts Norris back up, and Norris throws a shot at Gun’s gut, and hits a nice forearm smash. Norris holds onto the top of his head, and looks at Gun, who is perfectly positioned near the turnbuckle. Norris gets up onto the rope, and goes for a 450 splash, but Hired Gun rolls out of the way and Norris lands on his feet just barely. Gun goes for a clothesline, but Norris ducks and spins Gun’s arm, turns him around, and gets him into a suplex position and lifts him up! “Oh my god, he just lifted up Hired Gun! Gun is 7 inches taller, and probably weighs 80 pounds more!” West screams. Norris spins him around, and drops him straight on his head! Norris pins him! 1…2…Gun’s foot is on the rope! Norris runs his hand through his hair; he can’t believe this! Norris lifts Gun back up, but Gun hits a low blow! Gun throws him into the turnbuckle, Gun rolls out of the ring, and leans on the barricade. Norris runs at him. “What’s Norris doing here? Suicide Di-OH MY GOOODDD!!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” Don West screams. “HE JUST HIT A SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING, AND BROKE THE BARRICADE DOWN TOO! NO FREAKING WAY!!!!” Norris grabs Gun, and gets him back up, and rolls him into the ring, and hooks the leg. 1…2…Gun kicks out! “My god Don, this match just keeps going and going! Truly two of the strongest competitors in the world today, and this match is just amazing. Norris gets back up, and so does Gun a second after. Norris hits a spear into the turnbuckle, and now, he gets him into a suplex cradle on the top. “No, no, don’t do this. This will get bad.” Ventura says. “The Boss” hits! It’s Clayton Knox and Scott Steiner! Norris looks at him. “What the hell’s going on!?” Norris screams. But Hired Gun rakes the eyes of Norris! And, he gets him into a piledriver cradle, and lifts Norris up. “OH MY GOD, PILEDRIVER! PILEDRIVER OFF OF THE TOP ROPE, HE JUST SHATTERED BRET NORRIS’ BRAIN! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME, I CANNOT BELIVE THIS!” Gun hooks the leg. 1…2…3! Hired Gun wins, and Bret Norris is out cold. Knox and Steiner give Hired gun the thumbs up to Gun, who gives it back. That ends the show at 11:02 Eastern. Female Volleyball game highlights are shown.

Winner: Hired Gun

Match Time: (21:34)

Segment Time: (27:03)


Jeff Hardy Hater 02-22-2013 11:10 PM

Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.
Does anybody wanna give me any feed back? I want to keep writing these, but no point if nobody reads.

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