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WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."


Stone Cold, the man that saved the WWF from bankruptcy, retired from being an active wrestler. The Rock, the man who electrifyed the the wrestling world, choose a path to find more success as a movie actor in Hollywood. Brock Lesnar, an ass-kicking machine who brought the PAIN, left the wrestling business to persue a Football career. This left WWE no choice but to build new stars.

John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton. All three of these Superstars got called up to the main roster from OVW right around the same time. A time where the Attitude Era was over and it was now known as the Ruthless Agression Era. John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton were deemed the future of the WWE but it was all on them to live up to the hype and deliver. Each Superstar would evolve into something much greater as years pass but 2004 were their chance to grab the brass rings. Will they do it? Well, that question will be answered.

Vince McMahon gives his thoughts on the new direction of the company after Austin reitiring, The Rock leaving, and Brock Lesnar leaving:

"Well y'know, it's kind of a hard situation when you have three of the biggest Superstars the wrestling world has ever seen leave whether it's retiring or it's to persue other things like an acting career or a Football career. Stone Cold, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar are all big in their own right and I will have no problem weloming them back for any appearences on WWE television but in the pool of talent in the WWE today, you are looking at the present and the future of the WWE. We have a lot of great Superstars who are going to help usher in a NEW era in the WWE. It's going to be a great year for the WWE. Like the old saying goes, out with the old and in with the new."

WWE programming: Raw and Smackdown

Raw GM: Eric Bischoff

Smackdown GM: Paul Heyman

Raw Roster:


Smackdown Roster:



Evolution (Raw)
The Dudleys (Smackdown)
The Bashams (Smackdown)
Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty (Smackdown)
The Hurricane and Rosey (Raw)
Mark Henry and Rodney Mack (Raw)
Rhyno and Tajiri (Raw)
Charlie Haas and Rico (Smackdown)
La Resistance (Raw)
Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak (Smackdown)
Al Snow and Maven (Raw)

WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
Untied States champion: John Cena
WWE tag team champions: Too Cool
Cruiserweight champion: Rey Mysterio

World Heavyweight champion: Shawn Michaels
Intercontinental champion: Randy Orton
World tag team champions: Batista and Ric Flair

Womens champion: Victoria

PPV schedule:

Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgement Day
No Mercy
Survivor Series

Recap: Backlash 2004 results

Shawn Michaels (c) def Triple H and Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight title

Eddie Guerrero (c) def Kurt Angle in a ladder match to retain his WWE title

Randy Orton def Mic Foley in a No Holds Barred match

Kane def The Undertaker due to interferences by Mordecai

Batista & Ric Flair def RVD and Booker T in a tag team leaves brand match and becomes the NEW World tag team champions

John Cena (c) def The Big Show to retain his United States title

Edge def Christian in his return match

Rey Mysterio def Nunzio to retain his Cruiserweight title

Sunday Night Heat pre-show: Victoria (c) def Gail Kim to retain her Womens title

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Re: WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

This was a time period that I absolutely adored, one that I've contemplated booking once or twice so I'm extremely interested in what you'll do with this.

Best of luck with it, will be reading.
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Re: WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

Date: April 19, 2004
Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
Location: Richmond, Virginia

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Live here in Richmond, Virginia! What an amazing show we have for you tonight!

Jerry Lawler: We sure do Ross! Last night Backlash was amazing and tonight will be no different!

Jim Ross: Speaking of Backlash, that No Holds Barred match between Randy Orton and Mic Foley has got to be one of the most brutal and intense matches that I have ever had the chance to call. To call that match a slobberknocker is an understatement. Randy Orton and Mic Foley both beat each other to a bloody pulp. It was a very hard match to watch.

Jerry Lawler: Well you're not kidding Ross. That match will definitely be one to remember! Mic Foley isn't here tonight due to the injuries he suffered in that match but luckily Randy Orton is going to be here tonight so we'll be sure to ask him about that match and what's next for him after beating Mic Foley. As for the rest of the Backlash PPV, we will keep you posted on that later in the show but right now, let's welcome Shawn Michaels who is STILL the World Heavyweight champion!

Shawn Michaels' theme hits

Shawn Michaels: Richmond, Virginia, the Heart Break Kid is still the champ and hes still looking pretty darn good with it! In all seriousness though, I'm extremely happy to still be the World Heavyweight champion after defeating Chris Jericho and Triple H at Backlash last nght. Beating those two is no easy task but I was able to fight, claw, and do whatever it takes to keep the World Heavyweight title around my waist. I have yet to lose this bad boy yet and I don't plan on losing it now. There is going to be plenty more obstacles I have to overcome but rest assure, the Heart Break Kid always find ways to win! Now, for....

Chris Jericho's theme hits

Chris Jericho: Shawn, sorry to interrupt your little celebration but I came out here for one reason and that reason is to get another shot against you for the World Heavyweight title. I want to face you one on one in a match for that big shiny gold around your waist. You see, last night at Backlash, you technically didn't beat me since you pinned Triple H to retain your World Heavyweight title.

Shawn Michaels: ~Shawn Michaels smirks~ Come on Jericho, a win is a win.

Chris Jericho: I get that, I really do but I see no reason for you not to put your World Heavyweight title against the man you didn't pin to retain your title. So tonight, how about we give the fans what they want and that's seeing two of the very best on Raw going at it for the World Heavyweight title! The Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla vs the Showstopper right here tonight with the World Heavyweight title being on the line! What do you think Richmond Virginia? ~Crowd pops~

Shawn Michaels: Well I'm not one to back down from a challenge. So Jericho, YOU'RE ON!

Evolution's theme hits

~An irrate Triple along with Evolution (minus Randy Orton) walks onto the Raw stage area and speaks~

Triple H: Chris Jericho, there is no way in hell that you are going to face Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight title here tonight! *Crowd boos* I don't give a damn if it was you that didn't get pinned in the Triple Threat match on Backlash. I certainly don't give a damn if these fans want to see you two face off for the World Heavyweight title here tonight. That doesn't warrent a shot at the World Heavyweight title. The next challenger for the World Heavyweight title will be ME! Not you, jackass! ~Crowd chants 'Assclown to Triple H~

Chris Jericho: ~Jericho hears the fans chanting Assclown to Triple H and smirks~ Well, uh, I may be a jackass but these fans here in Richmond think you're a bit of an assclown. ~Crowd laughs~

Triple H: These fans can chant whatever they want but they are irrelevant. ~Crowd boos~ What's relevant is me and the fact that I will face Shawn Michaels one more time for the World Heavyweight title right here tonight, leaving him in a pool of his own blood and getting back MY World Heavyweight title! Unless Shawn Michaels is scared that I will beat him for it.

Shawn Michaels: Hunter, I'm not scared of anything. Whether it's Jericho, or it's you, I will have no problem putting my World Heavyweight title on the line against either one of you. I have already beaten the both of you last night at Backlash and tonight, I'll do it again!

~Eric Bischoff pops up on the titantron to deliver a message to Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho~

Eric Bischoff: First off, Jericho and Triple H, you guys WILL NOT face Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight title here tonight. ~Crowd boos~ However, you two will face off in a singles match and the winner of that match will become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title at the upcoming PPV Judgement Day! But hold on, that's not all. Chris Jericho vs Triple H isn't going to be a standard match. It's going to be in a STEEL CAGE MATCH! ~Crowd pops~ Good luck Jericho and Triple H. Best of luck! By the way Shawn Michaels, you are also going to becoming a in a match. You will be competing against WWE's next rising star, Shelton Benjamin! Take care!

~Triple H starts to complain to Evoulation about how unfair Eric Bischoff' is being as Raw heads to commercial break!

Commercial break

~Evolution are backstage talking about their upcoming matches on Raw tonight~

Triple H: Do you believe Eric Bischoff? He has the nerve to put me in a steel cage match with Chris Jericho to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title when I should already be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title.

Ric Flair: Yeah. I don't know what's Eric Bischoff's deal.

Triple H: I'm going to destroy Jericho inside that steel cage so I'm not too pissed.

Ric Flair: So what's the plan after tonight Hunter? Becuase I'm in the mood to for a party! WOO!

Triple H: We will party all night AFTER I defeat Chris Jericho in a steel cage and become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship.

Ric Flair: Sounds like a good plan to me. Me and Batista are going to win our tag team match to show why we are that damn great. Right Batista?

Batista: Yup. I can't wait to destory Al Snow and Maven. Another team falling into the hands of us.

Ric Flair: Now that's what I like to here my friend!

Triple H: By the way, have you guys seen Randy Orton? When is he arriving?

Ric Flair: Nope, I haven't heard from him.

Triple H: Well I hope he gets here. Well anyways, I'll catch up with you guys later. Good luck in your tag team match.

1st match of the night: Matt Hardy vs Val Venis

Winner of the match: Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy wins using the Twist of Fate and scoring the pinfall. This match lasted 7:36 min.

~After the match, Matt Hardy picks up a mic and speaks~

Matt Hardy: Now that is what you call a sweet victory! ~Crowd boos~ You are going to be seeing plenty of wins from me from now on because I am on a mission and that mission is being the very best here on Raw and who knows? Maybe this year, I might finally become a World Heavyweight champion. That has been a dream of mine ever since stepping foot here in the WWE because you see folks, the sky is the limit for me. I'm the ultimate underdog here in the WWE. You are all looking at greatness in the making. For my Mattitude Followers or should I say MF'ers, I will not disappoint you all. Watch as I make anyone who ever doubts Matt Hardy Version 1 into believers. Mattitude FTW! ~Matt Hardy leaves the ring to boos~

~Stacy Keibler is backstage with Shelton Benjamin for an interview~

Stacy Keibler: Shelton, tonight, you have a big match ahead of you as you take on the World Heavyweight champion Shawn Michaels in a match here tonight! How do you feel going one on one in a match with the Heart Break Kid?

Shelton Benjamin: It's an honor and a privilege going against Shawn Michaels. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I'm a big fan of Shawn Michaels but tonight, I don't plan on losing to him. He may be the best of all time but I'm the best Raw has to offer right now. I've beaten Triple H in my first match on Raw and I will be Shawn Michaels here tonight, showing everyone that Shelton Benjamin can't be stopped and won't be stopped anytime soon.

~Stevie Richards is backstage with Eric Bischoff~

Eric Bischoff: Stevie Richards, what do you want? I'm busy.

Stevie Richards: I want to know why I'm not booked in a match tonight. I haven't been getting booked on Raw for the past 2 months. I'm getting real sick of being booked as a regular on Heat. I should be booked on one of the main shows dammit! That way, I can win more championships and get more recognition around here. I have an undefeated streak on Heat after all! I demand a match against whoever here tonight!

Eric Bischoff: You know what, if you want a match tonight, you got it kid.

Stevie Richards: Thank you! So whose going to be my opponent for tonight?

Eric Bischoff: Oh, you'll find out once you head to the ring later on tonight. Let's just say, it's going to be a HUGE surprise! He has returned to the WWE and just like you, wants a match here tonight as well.

Stevie Richards: Well he'll get one and sadly, it'll be against me!

Eric Bischoff: Now that's what I like to hear! Now get ready for your match! Go get em kid!

~As Stevie Richards leaves to get ready for his match, Eric Bischoff is seen smirking and saying "What a mark"~

2nd match of the night: Victoria vs Nidia

Winner of the match: Victoria by using the Black Widow to get the pinfall. This match lasted 4: 45 min.

~After the Divas match, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discuss the Backlash PPV but most importantly Randy Orton and Mic Foley's No Holds Barred match~

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, for those that didn't watch the No Holds Barred match between Randy Orton and Mic Foley at Backlash, you certainly missed one of the most hellacious matches that I have ever witnessed in my years in the wrestling business.

Jerry Lawler: That match was very hard to watch. It was brutal, intense, and certainly delievered with both men going through great lengths to hurt one another! I hate to say it but Randy Orton proved he is the best today by beating Mic Foley in his own game in a hardcore environment.

Jim Ross: Well I certainly have to agree King. Randy Orton gained major respect for putting his body on the line just to beat Mic Foley. Well up next, we will hear from the man who won that hellacious match.

Jerry Lawler: That's right JR! Randy Orton has just arrived inside the arena and he will be in that very ring to talk about his No Holds Barred match with Mic Foley UP NEXT!

Randy Orton's theme hits

~Randy Orton makes his way inside the ring, grabbing a microphone and speaks~

Randy Orton: Last night at Backlash will most definitely be the night that I will remember for the rest of my life. That No Holds Barred match between Mic Foley and I will also go down as one of the most brutal matches here in the WWE. Foley and I said that we were going to put our bodies on the line just to defeat one another and we didn't disappoint. However, there was only one disapointment in that match at that was Mic Foley. ~Crowd boos~ Mic Foley disappointed you all by promising that he would be the living hell out of me, leaving me in a pool of my own blood and walking away with the win. However, it was me who left Mic Foley in a pool of his own blood and walking away with the win. There was no way in hell that I was going to let some out-of-shape hasbeen beat me because I am simply the best in the WWE today. I'm the fastest rising star here which is why I picked up the victory. Mic Foley is way past his prime to even compete in a ring with a guy like me, especially in a No Holds Barred match. I proved to you all that I'm not just some pretty boy who runs his mouth. I proved last night at Backlash that I can beat anyone at their own game because I'm just too great. I'm the Legend Killer and at Backlash, I killed Mic Foley's dreams of ever showing his face on WWE television ever again. But, I'm a man of second chances so I'll let Mic Foley show his ugly face just one more time but only to congradulate me on beating him in our No Holds Barred match. Mic Foley, if you're watching, I want you to be here next week on Raw and give me the respect I deserve by shaking my hand and telling these people in your own words that I ended your career at Backlash. I'm sure you are probably going to decline the offer since you don't have the balls to stand face to face with me ever again after the beating I gave you last night at Backlash so I'm not going to be surprised if you don't show up next week but at least show up for your fans. Do it for your peers and most importnatly, do the right thing. Drop your pride and show me respect! ~Randy Orton drops the mic as we head to commercial break~

Commercial break

3rd match of the night: Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin

Winner of the match: Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels gives Shelton Benjamin a Sweet Chin Music as Benjamin leaped off the ropes and right into the Sweet Chin Music. This match lasted 15:56 min.

~Post-match, Shawn Michaels picks Shelton Benjamin up and shakes his hand as the crowd gives them both a standing ovation~

Jim Ross: Man, that was one hell of a match that these two put on! That was one for the ages!

Jerry Lawler: Did you see the Sweet Chin Music Ross! That was amazing! I'm surprised Shelton Benjamin is able to get up after that!

Jim Ross: That Sween Chin Music will be talked about for weeks, that's for sure.

~Johnathan Coachman is backstage with Chris Jericho as he interviews him~

Coachman: Jericho, tonight, you will face Triple H inside a steel cage to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title! Do you think you even stand a chance against The Game?

Chris Jericho: What kind of question is that?

Coachman: A reasonable one.

Chris Jericho: No, it's an idiotic question only an assclown such as yourself would ask. Triple H is great, I'll give him that but hes not beating me tonight. I've been fighting so hard to get a World Heavyweight title shot. I'm not going to let Triple H get another shot at the World Heavyweight title because to be quite honest, I'm getting real tired of seeing him constantly involved in the World Heavyweight title picture. I'm going to put an end to it. It's Y2J's time to get the World Heavyweight title around my waist. Tonight, I'm going to defeat Triple H inside a steel cage and will then have a World Heavyweight title shot against Shawn Michaels waiting for me at the Judgement Day PPV!

4th match of the night: Al Snow & Maven vs Batista & Ric Flair

Winners of the match: Batista and Ric Flair. Batista gave Al Snow a Batista bomb and got the 123 count. This match lasted 8:20 min.

~Backstage, camera shows Triple H getting ready for his upcoming steel cage match with Chris Jericho as we head to commercial break~

Commercial break

5th match of the night: Edge vs A-Train

Winner of the match: Edge. Edge gave A-Train a spear which got him the win. This match lasted 10:13 min.

Christian's theme hits

~After Edge's match against A-Train, Christian, Trish Stratus, and Tomko appear on the stage area. Christian with a microphone in his hand speaks~

Christian: Congrats on yet another win Edge! Man, you are really on fire ever since returning here on Raw! You beat me last night at Backlash but eh, we'll put that behind us. Y'know, we used to be great pals. It's been forever since we hung out. I say you, me, my lovley lady Trish, and my buddy Tomko here hang and grab a few drinks after the show eh?

Edge: Christian, thanks but no thanks. I don't want to hang out with you, your trash-bag girlfriend, or your little buddy with the bald head and the ridiculous tattoos. I came back on Raw for one thing and won thing only and that's gold around my waist. I beat you at Backlash last Sunday and I'll do it again if you get in my way!

Christian: Edge, I tried to be nice but now you want to insult me? You have just done something you're totally going to regret! Get him Tomko!

~Tomko runs into the ring and Tomko and Edge hammer away at each other with punches. Christian then interferes in the mix, attacking Edge and giving him a Killswitch to take him down. Christian, Trish Stratus, and Tomko leave the ring laughing at Edge down on the canvas~

6th match of the night: Stevie Richards vs ???

~Stevie Richards gets inside the ring and is anxious for his match. His opponent is revealed to be...~

Viscera's theme hits

Jerry Lawler: Oh no! It can't be!

Jim Ross: Well it is King! Viscera is back and hes looking more scarier than ever!

Jerry Lawler: Stevie Richards such run out of the ring quick!

~As soon as Viscera gets inisde the ring, the bell rings and Stevie Richards hits him with punches and kicks but that isn't enough to keep Viscera down. Viscera grabs Stevie Richards and throws him around like a rag-doll. Viscera picks Stevie Richards back up, giving him a Spinning side slam. Viscera ends it off by hitting Stevie Richards with a Vertical splash off the top rope and pins him. The match is over~

Winner of the match: Viscera. The match lasted 1:23 min.

~After the match, Viscera hits yet another Vertical splash on Stevie Richards in which Stevie Richards starts to cough up blood. Viscera leaves the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans as the WWE staff and paramedics check on Stevie Richards~

~The steel cage lowers~

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy! I can't wait for this!

Jim Ross: Me either King. This steel cage match will be brutal. Both Chris Jericho and Triple H will look to destroy one another inside that steel cage to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title at the upcoming Judgement Day PPV.

Main event of the night: Triple H vs Chris Jericho inside a steel cage to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title

Winner of the match: Triple H. Randy Orton interfered in the match, slamming the cage door right on Jericho's head as he almost escaped the cage door. Triple H climbed the cage, thus giving him the victory and making him the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title. This match lasted 16:46 min.

~After the match, Triple H and the rest of Evolution celebrate to end the show~

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Re: WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

Great stuff, keep it up.

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Re: WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

No Benoit?

Check out the pilot for my webshow WISHFUL THINKING. It is a show about a college student who fucks up his day and a Genie grants him the opportunity to do it all over again and he finds new and creative ways to fuck it up even more.


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Re: WWE 2004: "Re-building is over. It's time for a NEW era."

Date: April 24, 2004
Commentators: Michael Cole and Taz
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Michael Cole: Welcome to Thursday Night Smackdown! Live here in Salt Lake City, Utah! What a rowdy crowd we have tonight!

Taz: You're not kidding Cole! The fans cannot wait for tonight's Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Last Sunday was was Backlash and to call that PPV great was an understatement!

Taz: Backlash was simply awesome! A lot of twists and turns and also a very controversial ending to the ladder match between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero for the WWE championship!

Michael Cole: That's right. Kurt Angle unhooked the WWE title from off the ladder but the WWE title slipped from Kurt Angle's hands and onto the hands of Eddie Guerrero. The WWE Smackdown official Nick Patrick would give the win to Eddie Guerrero with and irate Kurt Angle attacking Nick Patrick and also attacking Eddie Guerrero. Kurt Angle would then go to Paul Heyman's office telling him to overturn the decision of Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE title or there would be hell to pay.

Taz: Right now, we will see how Paul Heyman handles this controversial situation!

Paul Heyman's theme hits

~Paul Heyman walks down to the ring with a microphone in his hands. As he get into the ring, Paul Heyman speaks~

Paul Heyman: Now before I make my decision on the controversy surrounding the ladder match between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero for the WWE championship, I would like to call out the WWE champion Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero's theme hits

~Eddie Guerrero walks down to the ring with the crowd giving him a nice solid pop. Eddie grabs and microphone and speaks~

Eddie Guerrero: Wow, really Paul? Controversy surrounding my WWE title retain? Come on esay! I retained my WWE championship fair and square! It's not my fault that Kurt Angle put too much baby oil on causing the belt to slip out of his hands! ~Crowd laughs~ There isn't any controversy in the fact that I retained my WWE championship but hey, if you want to strip me out of my WWE title just to make Kurt Angle happy, then it's your call esay but it won't matter because I'm the real WWE champion! ~Crowd cheers~

Kurt Angle's theme hits

~Kurt Angle storms down the ramp angrily with a microphone in his hands and speaks~

Kurt Angle: Do it Heyman! Strip his ass of being the WWE champion!! I grabbed that WWE title from off the ladder which makes me the winner of the match and the NEW WWE champion! Whether it fell from my hands is irrelevant because I still unhooked the WWE title! I swear Heyman, you better...

Paul Heyman: Kurt, calm down! Please! I'm going to my decision...

Kurt Angle: NO! I won't calm down until you force Eddie Guerrero to hand that WWE championship over to the real winner!

Eddie Guerrero: Well Kurt, why don't you you do it youself? Make me hand this WWE championship to you esay!

~Kurt Angle and Eddie get ready to fight but Paul Heyman steps in the middle of it~

Paul Heyman: That's enough you two! I will not have you two fighting as I have a show to run! Now, my decision is this... I am going to strip the WWE title off from Eddie Guerrero!

~Kurt Angle celebrates as Eddie Guerrero looks pissed~

Kurt Angle: YES!!! HAHA! I'm the REAL WWE champion!!

Paul Heyman: Hold on Kurt, I'm not finished. I'm going to strip the WWE title from Eddie Guerrero AND leave the WWE title as vacant.

Kurt Angle: What the hell are talking about Heyman?!

Paul Heyman: Will you let me finish?! Now, the WWE title will be vacant for now but after tonight, we will have a WWE champion. In the main event, it will be Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle for the vacant WWE championship. Whoever wins will become the REAL WWE champion. Sounds fair doesn't it?

Kurt Angle: You have got to be kidding me!!

Eddie Guerrero: That's fine by me! I'm going to beat Kurt Angle and I will capture back my WWE title!

~Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero gets into each other faces for a staredown as we head to commerical~

Commercial break

~As we are back from commercial break, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty are standing backstage with Dawn Marie and interviews them~

Dawn Marie: Guys, you two look to put your WWE tag team titles on the line against The Dudleys. The Dudleys have made it clear that they are going to dominate any tag team that stands in their way on Smackdown and they now look to capture your WWE tag team titles.

Rikishi: Hold on just a minute there, the Dudleys aren't going to capture our tag team titles. Scotty 2 Hotty and I will beat those clowns and then it's on to the next challengers. Scotty 2 Hotty and I dominated the tag team scene here on Smackdown ever since we returned as a duo. We aren't going to stop our momentum now.

Scotty 2 Hotty: That's right! Rikishi and I are going to keep dominating the tag team scene on Smackdown and there ain't nothing anyone can do about it!

1st match of the night: Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero

Rey Mysterio's theme hits

~Rey Mysterio sits at ringside next to Taz and Michael Cole to see who the next challenger of his Cruiserweight title will be~

Winner of the match: Chavo Guerrero via pinfall. It was a very fast-paced match which is to be expected when watching a Cruiserweight match. Paul London took Chavo almost took Chavo down for the 3 count, hitting him with a Spinning wheel and a Legsweep DDT but Chavo got the win by hitting him with the Frog Splash. This match lasted 7:07 min.

~After the match, Chavo stares at Rey Mysterio pointing at Rey Mysterio's Cruiserweight title~

~RVD is seen backstage preparing for his match with JBL. Booker T appears and speaks~

RVD: Sup Booker! Hope everything is cool between us man. ~Booker T rolls his eyes~ Look man, I know I cost us the World tag team titles against Ric Flair and Batista at Backlash by missing that Five Star Frog Splash but in a way, leaving Raw wasn't all so bad since he get a fresh start here on Smackdown. Hopefully here on Smackdown, we can team up together and dominate the Smackdown tag team division like we did on Raw. That would be cool right?

Booker T: First of all, there ain't no way in hell that I'm ever going to team with your sorry ass again! Not only did you cost us the World tag team titles but you cost us a chance to break up Evolution by having Ric Flair & Batista leave Raw! I came here to tell you that I will not tag team with you nor will I ever be in a tag team ever again! On Smackdown, Booker T will dominate the competition all by himself as a singles competitor without no sucka like youself holding him back! Speaking of singles competition, it looks like you got a match JBL tonight. Well I hope JBL beats yo punk ass and embarrasses you in that ring tonight! Now can you dig that, SUCKA!

RVD: Fine, suit yourself Booker. Just know that when I beat JBL tonight, I'm going to face you afterwards and beat you too!

Second match of the night: The Dudleys vs Too Cool for the WWE tag team titles

Winner of the match: Too Cool wins via pinfall. Scotty 2 Hotty hit Bubba Ray Dudley with the W.O.R.M and scored the pin for Too Cool. Too Cool are STILL the WWE team champions. This match lasted 9:52 min.

~After the match, Tool Cool celebrates retaining their WWE tag team titles The Dudleys attack Tool Cool from behind. Bubba Ray hits Rikishi with one of the WWE tag team titles causing him fall outside of the ring. Bubba Ray tells Devon to get the tables in which he does. Devon slides the tables in the ring and sets it up. Both the Dudleys grab Scotty 2 Hotty and gives him a 3D Dudley Death Drop onto the table. The Dudleys leave the ring smiling at what they just done~

Commerical break

~Paul Heyman is backstage in his office on the phone. Kurt Angle storms into Paul Heyman's office and speaks~

Kurt Angle: Paul, we need to talk!

Paul Heyman: Kurt, I'm on the phone.

Kurt Angle: I don't give a crap! I wanna know why I have to compete against Eddie to become the WWE champion! I should ALREADY be the WWE champion!

Paul Heyman: Kurt, my decision is final. You will compete against Eddie Guerrero to become the official WWE champion. Don't like it? That's on you. I'm sorry Kurt but I'm trying to be fair as possible in this situation. I already have the WWE Board of Directors breathing down my neck as it is.

Kurt Angle: Fine, I'm going to beat Eddie Guerrero and I will win the WWE championship just like I did at Backlash!

~Kurt Angle storms out of Paul Heyman's office. Heyman rolls his eyes and continues his conversation on the phone~

3rd match of the night: Mark Jindrak vs Billy Gunn

Winner of the match: Mark Jindrak via pinfall. Jindrak hit Billy Gunn with the Mark of Excellence to score the win.

~Rene Depree is seen backstage with his puppie Fee Fee. He then spots Torie Wilson and speaks to her~

Rene Dupree: So Torie, I was thinking you and me should go out on a date to a nice French restaurant.

Torie Wilson: Sorry Depree but I'm already taken.

Rene Dupree: By who?

Torie Wilson: By Billy Kidman.

Rene Dupree: That loser? Pfft. Please. You shouldn't waste your time with him. Why don't you go out with a REAL man such as myself.

Torie Wilson: Sorry Rene, I'm not interested.

Rene Dupree: Oh come one! Seriously?

~Billy Kidman appears and gets into Rene Depree'a face~

Billy Kidman: Did you not hear her? She clearly said that she is already taken. And you wanna call someone a loser? Well how about this. I'm going to face you later tonight in a match. Let's see who the real loser is.

Rene Dupree: You're on bud! I'm going to show Torie here what she is missing out on. Come on Fee Fee!

The Undertaker's theme hits

~The Undertaker and Paul Bearer walk down to the ring. The Undertaker grabs a microphone and speaks~

The Undertaker: Kane, you are really starting to irritate me! I had you beat last Sunday at Backlash but you needed help from one of your henchemen that goes by the name of Mordecai to do something you couldn't do by yourself! You are trying to play mind-games with a man that thrives on it! Not only am I going to send you back to Hell but I'm going to send your friend Mordecai to hell right along with you! ~Crowd cheers~ Kane, you drew first blood when you tried to bruy me alive at Survivor Series last year but little did you know, you turned me back into the Phenom! Just like WrestleMania 14 and WrestleMania 20, I always find a way to emasculate you and once I get my hands on you, it'll be no different! REST! IN! PEACE!

~Kane pops up on the Smackdown titantron, laughing as he speaks~

Kane: Undertaker, you always find ways to make me laugh! The fact that you think that you will find a way to defeat me is amusing in it's own right. I have news for you Deadman, we aren't children anymore. You will never be able to emasculate me because I have become much more poweful for you to handle! Face it, you will never get rid of me. I have survived many beatings from you to be ended now! For you however, you can be ended. I know finally know what your weakness is and so does Paul Bearer! I'll expose your weakness to the world if I have to but I wouldn't do so only if you give up yor power to me and leave the WWE before things start to turn bad for you!

The Undertaker: Kane, I have no weakness! My only weakness is not putting you out of your msiery!

Kane: Come on Undertaker, you're not fooling anyone but yourself! Mordecai and I will expose your weakness in front of the world but it's up to you to leave while you still can! Speaking of Mordecai, I find it amusing that you call him my little "henchmen". Mordecai is far from being my henchmen, in fact, Mordecai is my savior. He has shown me the light and the path I must take in order to defeat you! Ever since losing to you at WrestleMania 20, I needed to find a way to get my revenge on you. So I decided to go against my pride and find the "light" by giving Mordecai my soul and showing me how to get rid of the darkness that is you! Beating you at Backlash was great but it was only the beginning of your downfall Undertaker! Mordecai and I will tear you apart until you finally turn human again and lose very power you possess! Beaware Deadman. Don't say I didn't warn you! Oh yeah, and by the way, turn around!

~The Undertaker turns around only to get hit in a face with the ern by Paul Bearer. Kane is seen laughing on the titantron as Mordecai appears on the titantron as well~

Mordecai: Undertaker, The WWE have seen your darkness for far too long. It is time that you are shown the light!

~The Undertaker is laying on the canvas trying to get up as we head to commerical break~

Commerical break

4th match of the night: Rob Van Damn vs JBL

Winner of the match: JBL by pinfall. JBL hit RVD with the Clothesline from Hell to get the win. This match lasted 13:39 min.

~After the match, JBL looks at RVD for a second and smiles, telling everyone that 'he isn't done yet'. JBL grabs a chair from under the ring and slides it into the ring. JBL then picks up the chair and as he is about to hit RVD with the chair, Booker T's comes out~

Booker T's theme hits

~Booker T runs to the ring as JBL drops the chair and escapes the ring. RVD gets up on his feet but all of a sudden, Booker T strikes RVD with a chair~

Michael Cole: That was just uncalled for by Booker T!

Taz: I'm not sure why Booker T did that either but it looks to me like he sent RVD a very painful message.

Michael: Well I hope Booker T is proud of himself!

~Dawn Marie is standing backstage with a pissed off Rikishi~

Dawn Marie: Rikishi, you and Scotty 2 Hotty retained your WWE tag team titles but the Dudleys attacked you two after the match and also putting Scotty 2 Hotty through a table. How is Scotty 2 Hotty's condition?

Rikishi: Scotty 2 Hotty is okay. He'll be fine but I know who won't be fine and that's the Dudleys! Next week on Smackdown, I'm challenging one of them to a match! It doesn't matter if it's Bubba Ray or Devon, one of them will get their asses kicked!

5th match of the night: Rene Dupree vs Billy Kidman

Winner of the match: Billy Kidman. Billy Kidman won with the Shooting Star Press. This match lasted 6:13 min.

~Josh Matthews is standing by with Eddie Guerrero~

Josh Matthews: Eddie Guerrero, tonight you will wrestle against Kurt Angle to become the OFFICIAL WWE champion. My question to you is, do you think Paul Heyman vacating the WWE title was a reasonable idea or do you think it was fair?

Eddie Guerrero: To me, it doesn't matter. Kurt Angle whined and complained to Paul Heyman about him dropping the WWE title from off the ladder which fell into my hands in which I won but if Kurt feels that hes the real WWE champion, well hes going to have to prove it tonight but it sucks for him that I'm going to get back my WWE championsip!

John Cena's theme hits

~John Cena walks down to the ring and the fans give him a solid pop. John Cena with a microphone in his hand slides to the ring and speaks~

John Cena: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! Salt Lake City makes some noise!!! ~Crowd cheers~ Last night at Backlash, I beat The Big Show again to keep my United States championship around my waist! I proved that the kid pumping up his shoes can talk smack and still back it up in this ring! I'm not gonna lie, Big Show gave me a good fight, but in the end, I put the giant to sleep! Now that I'm done with that big King Kong gorrilla, it's time for some new challengers to step up to the plate and challenge me for the my United States title. To me, I can care less who becomes the #1 contender to my United States title because I'm keeping my United States title around my waist and I ain't plan on losing it! So for...

Hardcore Holly's theme hits

~Hardcore Holly gets inside the ring and speaks~

John Cena: Uh, I was in the middle of talking to these fans. What do you want?

Hardcore Holly: What do I want? Hmm, that's a good question. What I want is a shot at your United States title. Now you may have proven yourself to be but I wouldn't be getting too comfortable being the United States champion if I were you. Ever since you became the United States champion, you've been getting a lot of people's attention. Now, you've gotten mine. You have something that I want right now and that's the United States championship and since you are the United States champion, you are gonna have to deal with me. Right now, I am going to prove to these people why I am going to be the next man to become the new United Stages champion when I beat you in this very ring right now!

John Cena: Well Hardcore Holly, I ain't scared of a fight so you best believe that I ain't backing down from your challenge! Let's do it!

~John Cena drops the microphone and gets ready for his match with Hardcore Holly~

6th match of the ngith: John Cena vs Hardcore Holly

Winner of the match: Hardcore Holly wins due to Big Show interfering. While the ref was down, The Big Show came to the ring, hitting John Cena with a chokeslam. Hardcore Holly pinned John Cena and escaped the ring as quickly as possible. This match lasted 5:26 min.

~Post-match, Big Show grabs a microphone and speaks~

Big Show: Cena, I want one more shot at your United States title! I want to challenge you in a NO DQ match so that way, there will beat no rules when I rip you apart and take back my United States title! You think it's funny that you beat me once again with that steel chain around your neck? Well let's see how funny it is when I beat your ass into a bloody mess and end your United States title reign!

~Big Show leaves the ring as the fans boo him~

Commercial break

Michael Cole: Guys, up next is a WWE championship match between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrerro!

Taz: Smackdown GM Paul Heyman vacated the WWE championship due to the controversy surrounding the ladder match between Kurt Angle and Eddie for the WWE championship at Backlash. After tonight, we will see who become the official WWE champion!

Michael Cole: Will it be Eddie Guerrero or will it be Kurt Angle who becomes the WWE champion? Well will find out NEXT!

Main event: Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle for the WWE championship

Winner of the match: Eddie Guerrero. Eddie hit the Frog Splash on Kurt Angle and pinned him for the 123. This match lasted 14:49 min.

~Eddie Guerrero celebrates with the WWE championship. Kurt Angle looks on and starts to yell. Eddie Guerrero high-fives with the fans to end the show~

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