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WWE 2012: Revolution


Smackdown Money in The Bank Match: Cody Rhodes D. Tensai, Dolph Ziggler, Santino Marella, Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Christian and Justin Gabriel
Sheamus D. Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Title, after the match. Rhodes tried to cash in his briefcase but Sheamus cut him off with a brogue kick on the outside
Ryback D. Heath Slater in under 2 minutes
Brock Lesnar appeared with Paul Heyman and accepted Triple H's challenge at Summerslam
Layla D. Eve and Beth Phoenix in a Triple Threat Match to Retain The Divas Title
The Prime Time Players D. Primo and Epico
Kane D. John Cena, Chris Jericho, Big Show, The Miz and a returning Rey Mysterio in a Money in The Bank Match
CM Punk D. Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Title,

The aftermath of Punk/Bryan
after the match. AJ checked on Bryan, then AJ turned around and gave Punk a low blow and then she helped up and he got a low blow, Kane's music then played in the arena as he came out with the briefcase, AJ then demanded that the rign announcer announce Kane's cash in, Kane cashed in and AJ rang the bell, Kane then grabbed Bryan and tossed him out of the ring, then turned his attention to CM Punk chokeslamming him, Kane then picked up Punk once more delivering a violent tombstone piledriver to the mat and Kane for the second time became the WWE Champion and also his fourth World Title win, AJ and Kane smiled at each other, they were in cahoots all along, Kane carried AJ to the back where the last image of Money in The Bank of the two celebrating a passionate kiss together and Kane raising the WWE Title up on his shoulder,

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

i'm going to do my first show Saturday or Sunday

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution



AJ Lee
Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Alicia Fox
Antonio Cesaro
Big Show
Beth Phoenix
Bo Dallas
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew Mcintyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jerry Lawler
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Matt Striker
Mason Ryan
Michael Cole
Michael Mcgillicutty
The Miz
Paul Heyman
Randy Orton
Renee Young
Rey Mysterio
Ricardo Rodriguez
The Rock
Roman Reigns
Rosa Mendes
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Summer Rae
Ted Dibiase
Theodore Long
Titus O' Neil
Triple H
Tyler Reks
Tyson Kidd
Vickie Guerrero
Vince Mcmahon
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Mick Foley
The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Ron Simmons
Dusty Rhodes
Triple H
Brock Lesnar
Jim Ross
Trish Stratus
Bob Backlund
Doink The Clown
Diamond Dallas Page
The New Age Outlaws
Sycho Sid
Kevin Nash
Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Roddy Piper
Mean Gene Okerlund
Ric Flair
Joey Styles
Hacksaw "Jim Duggan"

WWE Championship: Kane
World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Christian
WWE United States Championship: Santino Marella
WWE Tag Team Championship: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston
WWE Divas Championship: Layla

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

I'm going to do some Quick RAW and SMACKDOWN results, before I post the RAW 1000th episode,

RAW and SMACKDOWN - July 16-20, 2012

RAW kicked off with the WWE Champion Kane and AJ Lee talking about their setup against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank when both Punk and Bryan interrupted stating their plea for a Championship Match later in the night but Kane blatantly refused and stated that none of the two would get a re-match, then Triple H came down and said he was going to be running things and that later on in the show, he is going to reveal the new General Manager and congratulated both Punk and Bryan on their one-on-one showdown last night and that the WWE Universe would love to see them go at it again one more time, this time for the #1 Contendership and that the winner of the match would face Kane for the WWE Championship on the 1000th RAW Episode, The Game also stated that Kane was going to be in action since he was already in the ring, the challenge that Kane had to take on was the returning John Morrison who hadn't been seen in eight months, Morrison put on a great battle against the new WWE Champion, But Kane stopped Morrison's momentum and put him away with a chokeslam to get the victory, later on in the show we saw Titus O' Neil and Darren Young put away the Usos and The Primetime Players in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match, also we saw the destruction of Ryback once again when he defeated The 350-pound monster Tensai, followed an in-ring segment between The Big Show and John Cena in which Cena challenged him to a match on the RAW 1000 in which The Big Show accepted, also there was a backstage segment with Triple H talking to somebody on the phone saying that RAW 1000 was going to be huge and that everybody like DX was going to be there and that he hoped that person would be there, Triple H said that he'd see this person next week and tonight, also featured a segment with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Dolph arguing with Vickie and saying that he doesn't need her and that she's fired. Dolph then grabbed Vickie and hit the zig-zag on her getting a huge pop from the audience, Heath Slater once again issued another challenge to another Legend, the challenge was answered by The Big Valbowski, Venis made his RAW return by hitting the Money Shot on Slater to get the victory, after the match. Also Chris Jericho got back on his winning ways by defeating Jinder Mahal and speaking of winning ways, The Miz announced that he's finally going to end his losing streak when he beats Christian for the Intercontinental Title this Friday Night on Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio got a huge dominant victory over Alex Riley after he lost the World Title Bout to Sheamus, then the main event wrapped up with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, it was a back and forth match similar to Money in The Bank, but it was Punk that got the win by hitting the GTS, After the Match. John Laurinatis came down and said that he was once again, the RAW General Manager, then suddenly old music blared in the arena and the fans recognized the music, it was none other than ERIC FUCKING BISCHOFF. The crowd got a huge reaction when Bischoff came down, Bischoff then picked up the mic and said that Laurinatis was not the RAW GM. He was and that his first order of business was to remove Laurinatis out of the ring or he could take two options, first leave the ring or second take the GTS, Punk didn't waste no time and nailed Laurinatis with the GTS, Then both Punk and Bischoff shoved him out of the ring, then suddenly Kane and AJ appeared on the video screen with both of them laughing at CM Punk as RAW went off the air,

Mr. Mcmahon kicked off SMACKDOWN and said RAW had a big bombshell with Eric Bischoff as the new RAW GM and that he would deliver a bombshell of his own and that was to announce the SMACKDOWN GM. Mcmahon announced that it was going to be John "Bradshaw" Layfield. JBL got a positive reaction and announced that he was going to make SMACKDOWN his show and that he was going to be a fair and impartial general manager, JBL announced that at SummerSlam, Sheamus would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match. JBL also announced that he was going to bring some superstars back to the WWE and boy did JBL didn't disappoint, JBL brought back MVP. MVP made his return by getting a big victory over Drew Mcintyre. The WWE Champion Kane showed up on Monday Night RAW alongside his girlfriend, AJ Lee, Kane decided to issue an open challenge to anyone and the challenge was accepted by Zack Ryder, Ryder eventually tried to get some offense against the Champion but he was completely dominated by Kane, speaking of dominance, Ryback continued his dominant ways by defeating the returning Shelton Benjamin hitting a shell-shock after Benjamin had bad mouthed the new WWE stars, Included a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero ordering any WWE Superstar to take out Dolph Ziggler and after, Vickie would give them a $10,000 also a managerial spot, Ziggler wasn't even concerned as he defeated Tensai hitting the zig-zag, in the first half of SMACKDOWN. Alberto Del Rio got a win over the man who almost injured him, The Great Khali in a No Disqualifaction Match. Del Rio's opponent at Summerslam. Sheamus also got a big win by defeating the undefeated Damien Sandow in a Non-Title Match. There was also great divas action with Layla getting a win over Natalya, and in the main-event featured Chris Jericho battling CM Punk in a WrestleMania re-match. This was a back and forth contest until Kane came down and ruined the match by chokeslamming both men until Daniel Bryan ran down with a steel chair and hit Kane in the back with it, but the champ didn't go down, but after 2 chair shots. Daniel finally leveled Kane in the head with it. Daniel stood tall over Kane and as Punk got up, Daniel handed Punk the WWE Championship Belt and Punk raised it all over Kane's body.

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

Bischoff returning to the WWE.....

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

I like the idea but try to make things longer and use more readable formatting that was my mistake in my early BTBs which were worse than yours

EDIT: Oh those were quick results sorry

You're Welcome !
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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

So,Daniel Bryan turns face and loses his aspirations to become WWE Champion? Or is he just friends with Punk, who he just got out of an intense feud with? Is Damien Sandow going to look strong in the future (I understand you want to get to Raw 1000, bu the writing of the match is important in that sense)? Dolph hits a woman and gets a pop? I mean it's Vickie, but it is still a heel move. Only guys like the Undertaker, whose morals are more in a gray area, can get away with that. JBL AND BISCHOFF as GMs! I am looking foward to Raw 1000, however. Your midcard looks a little flimsy right now, but that may change wih time.

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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution


WWE RAW - July 23, 2012


RAW kicks off with the intro, pyro and logo, your commentators for tonight are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, they talk about for over 1000 episodes and that without Monday Night RAW, They would've never been on every Mondays,


The fans give a cheer as Vince Mcmahon makes his way to the ring to a loud ovation. Cole, Lawler and Ross talk about what Mcmahon has done on Monday Night RAW and facing off against the toughest superstars of the WWE like Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Bret Hart and Triple H here on RAW. Vince enters the ring and grabs a microphone and gives thanks to the St, Louis and says on behalf of the WWE Universe, he thanks them for making RAW what it is today since 1993, Vince says in his old voice "Welcome to Monday Night RAW". He then tells the fans to help him welcome D-Generation X.


the fans go nuts as Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out, DX enter the ring but before they do their crotch-chop pose, Michaels suddenly grabs a mic and says that he's gotta catch his breath and that he's feeling this, but he just feels like there's something missing, Triple H agrees and says that there didn't there use to be any of them and then


X-Pac. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg with that vehicle they used at the WCW Invasion come down to ringside. Lawler says that this reminds him of what they did at the WCW Invasion, both of them enter the ring and embrace Michaels and Triple H. Dogg picks up a mic and says that they are about to take St, Louis back on a boat ride and he does his old spiel with the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Then Gunn takes the mic and gets ready but then HBK sees him, Gunn and HBK then discuss over who will do the "suck it". Then Triple H says to Billy that Shawn will lose his smile if Billy says it and Shawn will pose for playgirl, Shawn says that he was so young and stupid, Triple H tells the both of them to do it together, Just before they get ready to do it,


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring staring down all the five members of DX. Heyman speaks and says that isn't this lovely to see D-Generation X back in the same ring again, it's just like 1997. Heyman says that he could've brought DX to ECW and DX could've been much popular in ECW fighting of all Heyman's stars, but DX was just too stupid to kiss Vince McMahon's ass, Heyman says that DX got away with everything because they were loyal to Vince Mcmahon, they were not loyal to Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, they were loyal to Vince Mcmahon, Heyman tells DX the only reason they were loyal to Mcmahon is because they helped Vince take Bret Hart out of the WWE to WCW, Heyman says that DX are old news, and that Brock Lesnar is the new news and at Summerslam, he is going to do the same thing like he did to Triple H last April and that is break his arm, break his spirit and break his bones because Brock Lesnar is going to be the new King of Kings, because he's beaten The Rock, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, he's crippled John Cena and at Summerslam he is going to cripple Triple H but for now he is going to cripple D-Generation X. Brock and Paul enter the ring as Brock stares down both members of D-Generation X. Then suddenly a green drop of goo hits Brock and Paul before they enter the ring, Brock gets out of the ring but Paul Heyman is not so lucky as Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music on Heyman into a pedigree by Triple H. Brock gets out of the ring and points at Triple H telling him that he's going to beat him at Summerslam, Billy stares down Heyman and says if he's not done with that, then they got two words for him, and X-Pac finishes it off with the "SUCK IT" Chant. DX look at the green paint laughing at Paul's body covered in green, then both of them get on the tank as Triple H takes the wheel driving it out of the arena with DX.

(Commercial Break)

a video clip is shown of the First RAW on January 11, 1993 with stars from Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, then Cole. Ross and Lawler announce that The Undertaker is here tonight to make a major announcement and many have considered that Undertaker could be facing potential retirement,

Match 1:
Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

a great match to kick off Monday Night RAW with Mr. Money in The Bank battling Daniel Bryan, Bryan and Rhodes put on a great sequence and Rhodes has been on a major roll since winning Money In The Bank but Daniel Bryan's been on a rough drought since he found out that both Kane and AJ have worked together in front of Daniel Bryan. Rhodes at one point has the match won by hitting the disaster kick on Bryan but Bryan eventually kicks out, Rhodes attempts to go for the cross-Rhodes but Bryan reverses it into a DDT and then heads to the top rope to go for a flying headbutt but Rhodes gets up and attempts a hurracarana but Bryan knocks him off and gets out of the buckle and nails a running knee on Rhodes to get the victory,
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Backstage, Mean "Gene" Okerlund interviews John Cena and asks him about his match against The Big Show. Cena says that he's glad that Mean Gene is interviewing him tonight and that he's glad that he's on the RAW 1000th episode, Cena says that he feels just like a kid again because he watched all the RAW's and he's lucky to say that he is proud to be on RAW but tonight he's got a big problem to fear and that's the Big Show. Cena says that Big Show has been costing him a chance at the WWE Championship time in and time out, because time and time again all Big Show has been is he's become a whiny big brat begging on his knees for a job, just because he has an iron clad contract John Laurinatis gave him who thank god is no longer here and now that we have an impartial and fair general manager like Eric Bischoff, Cena says that he and Bischoff have not seen eye to eye but he hopes he becomes a fair and impartial general manager and tonight The Big Show is going to get his because he talked to Bischoff and tonight, it's going to be a No Disqualifaction, No Countout Match

(Commercial Break)

Cole, Lawler and Ross show us a replay of the WWE Title Picture of what happened at Money In The Bank between Kane/CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. A clip is shown of RAW with CM Punk defeating Daniel Bryan the next week, and Kane showing up in Punk's match on SMACKDOWN chokeslamming both men to the mat, then they cut backstage with AJ and Kane in a red lighting room with Kane saying that for years on Monday Night RAW, he's inflicted pain for all these 1000 episodes, he's destined and he thrives on making people feel his pain, because for every RAW, he's been the highlight, setting Jim Ross on fire, putting Jumper Cables on Shane's body and throwing Zack Ryder off a stage, but there is one highlight he is going to do and that is to destroy CM Punk and to hurt him, Kane then tells AJ that together they are going to take over once AJ gets rid of the Divas Division, both of them are going to rule Monday Night RAW together. AJ says that Kane is her man and no one can stop them together, AJ and Kane both share a kiss as Kane breaks the kiss by laughing alongside AJ.

(Commercial Break)

back from break and there's a RAW party featuring stars of the present like RAW GM Eric Bischoff, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, The Usos, The Primetime Players, Michael Mcgillicutty, Ted Dibiase, Shelton Benjamin, Tensai, MVP, The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, Kaitlyn, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Teddy Long, Eve and stars of the past from Scotty 2 Hotty, Val Venis, The New Age Outlaws, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, X-Pac, Trish Stratus, Rikishi, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw "Jim Duggan" and The Acolytes which is also Smackdown GM JBL and there is a card party until Cody Rhodes comes in and says that this party is a joke and nobody doesn't want to see the legends, they want to see Cody Rhodes in this party, until Rhodes spots somebody and it's Goldust. Goldust talks about Cody's briefcase and asks if he can have that briefcase because he hears it's gold and grand, Cody says that if Goldust ever considers putting his hands on that briefcase, he is going to knock him out. Goldust says he just wanted to look at it, then Ron Simmons starts to yell "DAMN" Which causes a laugh causing Cody Rhodes to leave, and the party still continues,

back in the arena, Gillberg is in the ring grabbing a microphone asking that he wants to know who ain't going to be next, he wants to know who's going to be first,


Match 2:
Gillberg vs Ryback

well Gillberg talks about who wants to be first but he's taking on Ryback, Gillberg tries to talk his way out of a handshake but Ryback declines, Ryback completely dominates the match by hitting his signature meat-hook clothesline into the shell-shock on Gillberg to get the victory.
Winner: Ryback

a clip is shown for The Undertaker's promo up next as his major announcement is up next,

A Raw Clip is shown of ECW Invading The Manhattan Center in February of 1997

we cut back to the arena where a gong is heard, the fans cheer in the arena as the lights go out, another gong sounds as fire emerges from the entryway,


Through the Purple Light and the fog walks in The Undertaker. The Phenom hasn't been seen since WrestleMania 28 since that hell in a cell match against Triple H. We thought this was going to be the last of The Undertaker, but it's not as The Phenom walks to the ring and does his signature "bringing up the lights", Taker gets in the ring as he requests a microphone while this sell out crowd still all are on their feet for the Demon of Death Valley, Taker begins to speak and says that Monday Night RAW has always been so special to him and that he's been priviledged to take souls on that show because Monday Night RAW has been his kingdom and his throne, now there are rumours that he's out here making his announcement, well that announcement is this, at the Royal Rumble, whoever becomes the WWE Champion will step into the ring with him on January 26, 2013 and it does not matter if it's his brother Kane or CM Punk, the WWE Championship will be his once again because he will reclaim the holy grail and at WrestleMania he is going to put his streak on the line and keep the WWE Championship, then suddenly


The Rock's music plays in the arena as he comes out to a loud ovation, this is a moment here on RAW 1000, The Rock is about to step in the ring with The Undertaker, Rock enters the ring and does his right hand pose staring down at The Undertaker as he has a mic in his hand, Rock gets ready to put the mic to his lips and speaks "Finally The Rock has come back to St, Louis. The Rock then stares at The Undertaker and says who would've thought we would see this, The Rock and The Undertaker in the same ring after years of beating the hell out of each other, they are still here. Rock says that Undertaker's surely had an impressive WrestleMania but The Rock hasn't faced The Undertaker one-on-one at WrestleMania, but if Undertaker wants to come here and state his announcement about winning the WWE Championship, Then The Rock has announced this, he will be in the 2013 Royal Rumble Match so what The Rock is going to do after Undertaker wins the title, is The Rock tossing out 29 jabronies and whipping their candy asses over the top rope and headlining WrestleMania so he can break The Undertaker's streak. Undertaker then speaks and tells Rock that it's good to see that The Rock hasn't changed a bit, because he is still the Same Rock he saw 16 years ago when he broke into the business, Taker says that they've had their battles, he's got one over him and The Rock's got one over The Undertaker, so he would love to fight The Rock at WrestleMania but only if he wins the Royal Rumble and once he wins the WWE Championship, the only thing he will be taking at WrestleMania is The Rock's soul, because The Rock has done it all in movies, becoming a 7-time WWE Champion, well hell The Undertaker's a 7-time champion himself and tells The Rock that he's seen 20 men say that they are going to break the streak, what makes The Rock want to break his streak, Rock then speaks and tells Undertaker that he's been undefeated at WrestleMania and nothing has stopped him from being immortal because he's the best and a legend, because they both deserve to be in the Hall of Fame someday, Rock tells Undertaker that if somehow they make it to WrestleMania, The WWE Universe will be talking about this match, Undertaker speaks and says that he agrees with what The Rock says, but there is nothing he would like more to face The Rock at WrestleMania,


The Commentators sell disgust as Heath Slater makes his way to the ring disrupting these two legends, Slater enters the ring and tells Undertaker and Rock that both of them are washed up and that tonight he's going to make an impact because of everything in the past that's happened to him is over, and he's going to end it that by whipping both of their asses because he is the one man band then Rock speaks and says what is his name, Slater begins to say his name but The Rock says it doesn't matter what his name is, The Rock says that Heath Slater looks like a circus clown that just went into a crackhouse binge with Axl Rose, Slater tells The Rock that he is not to be disrespected because he is the real one-man band and he is the real legend around here, Slater says that Undertaker would be doing good in a retirement home and The Rock would be in Hollywood making movies, Slater continues to run his mouth until The Rock drops him with a right hand and Undertaker does the same to Slater, Undertaker then grabs Slater and chokeslams him to the mat, Undertaker stares at The Rock and Undertaker takes Slater into The Rock who delivers a Rock Bottom to him, Rock picks up the mic and stares down at Undertaker and tells him that he will see him at WrestleMania and he tells Undertaker to be ready, if you smell what the Rock is Cooking,

(Commercial Break)

Match 3:
Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio, The Prime-Time Players, Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler

what a big sized matchup between these twelve men, a twelve-man tag team match to get a big view on RAW 1000, The Heels get the advantage by working on Mysterio, Mysterio finally makes the hot tag to Sheamus, Sheamus clears the ring of everyone by regaining momentum in this match, and there are a lot of signature moves first with Sheamus nailing Swagger with the irish curse, and Del Rio coming from behind hitting Sheamus with the enziguri and then Morrison coming in hitting his signature chuck-kick on Del Rio followed by Ziggler hitting the zig-zag on Morrison and R-Truth coming in hitting the what's up on Ziggler, then Sandow hits Truth with the you're welcome and Jericho comes in to hit the code-breaker on Sandow, Titus then hits Jericho with the Clash of the Titus and then Kofi jumps in hitting a cross body on Titus, Young then comes in to hit the heatwave on Kingston followed by Rey doing the drop of the dime 619 on Young and Swagger comes in and hits a belly to belly on Mysterio followed by Sheamus hitting the kick on Swagger to get the win, what an epic 12-man tag team match this was,
Winners: Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Chris Jericho

Meanwhile, Sean Mooney interviews CM Punk as he talks about his title match with Kane, Punk says that he knew that AJ was a little crazy that she snuck her way into Kane something we could give her all credit, but what that matters is is Kane is a sick and demented man and with a sweet and innocent girl by her side could cause much trouble because all he's concerned about is winning the WWE Championsship once again, Punk says that after that, he's heard The Undertaker's challenge for the Royal Rumble and he wants Undertaker to know that once he is the WWE Champion, he will be there at the Royal Rumble.

(Commercial Break)

a clip is shown of Mick Foley and The Rock with The Rock's this is your life segment,

and speaking of Mick Foley, he is talking to Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Foley and Hart talk about their history on RAW until Shawn Michaels walks in telling Foley and Hart that it's nice to see them, DX then come out and say that this is a very heartwarming reunion, well weird segment.

backstage, Big Show walks to the ring getting ready for his match,

a clip is shown of Eric Bischoff becoming the RAW GM In July of 2002,

Match 4:
No Disqualifaction Match
John Cena vs Big Show

this might be the last encounter between these two, Cena and Show have a back and forth contest, they use everything but the kitchen sink including a leg drop by Cena through the table and a jumping spear by Big Show on the steps, Show almost has the match won by hitting a chokeslam but Cena is able to kick out, Cena then fights back and folds the chair so he can lift him up for the AA and surprisingly he does on the steel chair and that may have broken Big Show's back, Cena wins this grueling 20-minute match, just as Cena is about to celebrate, familiar music plays in the arena as KURT ANGLE arrives, ohhh my god, he's back, Angle gets in the ring to stare down Cena and what a moment this is, Angle and Cena are face-to-face as The Big Show tries to get up, Angle then grabs him and hits the Angle Slam on Show, Angle and Cena continue to stare each other down as RAW takes another break,

A clip is shown of The Rock's return in February of 2011,

Lawler, Ross and Cole give us a recap of what happened moments ago with Kurt Angle making his return to confront John Cena and also on what happened earlier tonight with The Rock and The Undertaker

Match 5:
30-Man Battle Royal:
WWE Present: Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, The Usos, Santino Marella, Tensai, Alex Riley, Jinder Mahal, Drew Mcintyre, Curt Hawkins, MVP, Tyler Reks, David Otunga, The Miz and Christian
WWE Past: Jim Duggan, Eugene, Goldust, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Val Venis, Bob Backlund, Sycho Sid, Vader, The Godfather, Doink, Irwin R' Shyster, Sgt' Slaughter, Road Warrior Animal and Duke "The Dumpster" Droese,
this was fast and furious action from the get go, probably a great battle royal, it looked like Christian had won the match by eliminating TENSAI but The Miz snuck up from behind him and eliminated Christian to win the battle royal,
Winner: The Miz

backstage, Kane and AJ are walking until The Undertaker comes his brother in which Kane laughs and says see you at the Royal Rumble

Match 6:
WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs Kane w/AJ

CM Punk has wanted to get his hands on Kane, he's been waiting eight days for this, this is such a total back and forth matchup between the two with AJ being the difference maker, but Punk continues to fight hard in this match, later on. The Ref gets knocked down from an accidental kick by Kane, Punk attempts to hit the GTS but AJ is up on the apron and grabs Kane's leg and that allows Kane to hit a chokeslam on Punk, Kane then motions AJ to give him the WWE Title so he can blast punk with it, but just as Kane's ready, Daniel Bryan comes in and attacks Kane. Bryan then runs off the ropes and hits the running knee on Kane, AJ sees what is going on and pummels Kane in the back, but Bryan sees her and AJ tries to beg so Bryan chases her through the arena, Punk then hits the GTS as the ref gets back up, Punk covers him to get thte win, and become the three-time WWE Champion, after the contest, a gong sounds as the lights go out and the lights come back on to reveal The Phenom in the ring, Punk and Taker stare each other down, Punk goes to leave but wait a minute, Punk hits him with the WWE Title Belt, Punk lifts him up and hits the GTS To Undertaker, Punk stares Taker down and Lawler talks about if CM Punk has turned his back on the WWE Universe as RAW goes off the air,
Winner: CM Punk

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2012: Revolution

enjoying this so far, look forward to seeing more
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