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The Cowboy!! 01-29-2013 01:13 PM

WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
This is my BtB and it is an interesting concept I thought up myself so here goes!

On the last Raw of 2013 the Chairman of the WWE Mr.Mcmahon announces the new way the WWE will work from 2014 onwards what will happen is this. Vince has hired alot of new wrestlers Ex WWE & from the Indy's and with them plus the current roster they will get put into 5 different Major brands each with there own title's, arena's, announcers & most importantly each brand will get a GM.

(Hope you like my idea I will be starting it soon this is just the opening post I will Take you through the roster's & title's etc now! :D:! )
Aj Lee - Face
Antonio Cesaro - Heel
Beth Phoenix - Heel
Brie Bella - Heel
Chris Jericho - Face
Cm Punk - Face
Damien Sandow - Heel
David Otunga - Heel
Jack Swagger - Face
Jey Uso - Face
Jimmy Uso - Face
Jey Uso - Face
John Morrison - Heel
Kassius Ohno - Heel
Kharma - Face
Kofi Kingston - Face
Michael Mcgillicutty - Heel
The Miz - Heel
Mr.Kennedy - Face
Nikki Bella - Heel
R-Truth - Heel
Roman Reigns - Heel
Tensai - Heel
Tyson Kidd - Face

Tag Teams:
Antonio Cesaro & Damien Sandow
Kofi Kingston & R - Truth
Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso
Roman Reigns & David Otunga

WWE Championship - Tyson Kidd (Won on Raw 1/4/14)
United States Championship - Mr Kennedy (Won on Raw 1/4/14)
Raw World Tag Team Championships - The Uso's (Won on Raw 1/4/14)
Women's Championship - Kharma (Won on Raw 1/4/14)
Women's Tag Team Championships - Vacant (All Brands)

Adam Pearce - Heel
Alex Riley - Heel
Alex Shelley - Heel
Brad Maddox - Face
Brent Albright - Heel
Brodus Clay - Heel
Chavo Guerrero - Face
Curt Hawkins - Face
Darren Young - Face
Donny Marlow (Camacho) - Heel
Drew Mcyintyre - Heel
Evan Bourne - Face
Heath Slater - Heel
Jesse Neal - Face
Rey Mysterio - Face
Santino - Face
Sin Cara - Face
Shannon Moore - Face
Titus O'Neil - Face
Trent Barreta - Face
Tyler Reks - Heel
Yoshi Tatsu - Heel
Zack Ryder - Face

Tag Teams:
Zack Ryder & Santino
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks
Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
Donny Marlow (Camacho) & Brodus Clay
Drew Mcyintyre & Heath Slater

Internet Championship - Curt Hawkins (Won on Superstars 1/7/14)
Superstars Intercontinental Championship - Brad Maddox (Won on Superstars 1/7/14)
Cruiserweight Championship - Vacant
Superstars Tag Team Championships - Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore - Won on Superstars 1/7/14)

Alicia Fox - Face
Big E Langston - Face
Bo Dallas - Face
Bray Wyatt - Heel
Brian Cage- Face
Conor O'Brien - Face
David Hart Smith - Face
Dean Ambrose - Heel
Dereck Batemen - Heel
Eve - Heel
Jack Evans - Face
Johnny Curtis - Heel
Luke Harper - Heel
Oliver Grey - Face
Adrien Neville (Pac) - Face
Jay Bradley - Heel
Johnny Gargano - Heel
Kenneth Cameron - Face
Leo Kruger - Heel
Natalya - Heel
Petey Williams - Face
Roderick Strong - Face
Sami Callihan - Face
Seth Rollins - Heel
Sonjay Dutt - Heel
Xavier Woods - Face

Nxt Championship - Dean Ambrose (Won on Nxt 1/5/14)
Nxt Television Championship - Roderick Strong (Won on Nxt 1/5/14)
Nxt Cruiserweight Championship - Xavier Woods (Won on Nxt 1/5/14)
Nxt Tag Team Championships - Vacant

Tag Teams:
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper
Oliver Gray & Pac
Johnny Curtis & Dereck Batemen
Kenneth Cameron & Conor O'Brien

Alberto Del Rio - Face
Austin Aries - Heel
Billy Gunn - Face
Carlito - Heel
Chuck Taylor - Heel
Cody Rhodes - Heel
Corey Graves - Face
Daniel Bryan - Face
Dolph Ziggler - Face
Ezekiel Jackson - heel
Jinder Mahal - Heel
Justin Gabriel - Face
M.V.P - Heel
Ritchie SteamBoat - Heel
Road Dogg - Face
Ryback - Face
Sheamus - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Heel
Ted Dibiase - Heel
Randy Orton - Heel
Wade Barrett - Face

Tag Teams:
Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (Occasional Wrestlers)
Justin Gabriel & Corey Graves
Shelton Benjamin & M.V.P
Ritchie Steamboat, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes & Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship - Vacant
Classic Intercontinental Championship - Vacant
Smackdown Tag Team Championships - Vacant

Chris Masters - Face
Charlie Haas - Heel
Christian - Heel
DDP - Face
Mick Foley - Face
Epico - Heel
Goldust - Heel
Hunico - Heel
Jay Briscoe - Face
The Sandman - Face
Kane - Face
Kevin Nash - heel
Kevin Steen - Heel
Luke Gallows - Heel
Mark Briscoe - Face
Sabu - Face
Tommy Dreamer - Face
Mike Knox - Heel
Marcus Cor Von (Monty Brown) - Heel
Primo - Heel
El Generico - Face

Tag Teams
Mike Knox & Luke Gallows
DDP & Chris Masters
Epico & Primo
Jay & Mark Briscoe

Ecw Championship - Vacant
Ecw Hardcore Championship - Vacant
Ecw Television Championship - Vacant
Ecw Tag Team Championships - Vacant

(Each title will get a holder on the first night of the respective shows)

Thanks for reading any Roster additions/Ideas?? Which roster excites you the most??

Gm's list, Raw Preview & Raw Results up tommorow!

true rebel 01-29-2013 04:12 PM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
The Hardy Boyz to SD.Mason Ryan and Kyle O Reiley to NXT.

Terry Gyimah 01-29-2013 04:19 PM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
Where's Cena, I don't see him anywhere on your roster at all

The Cowboy!! 01-29-2013 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by Terry Gyimah (Post 13322809)
Where's Cena, I don't see him anywhere on your roster at all

You shall find that out very soon, part of a storyline, Same with many others


Originally Posted by true rebel (Post 13322513)
The Hardy Boyz to SD.Mason Ryan and Kyle O Reiley to NXT.

Thanks good idea, wil do.

WE-NEED-WCW 01-30-2013 11:39 AM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
that is a lot of wrestling to produce with several different stars on each show. I worry that it would be a challenge to keep up with, but it definitely does take WWE to a whole different level with the idea of "territory" wrestling again.
Good Luck with this.

The Cowboy!! 01-30-2013 12:43 PM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.

Originally Posted by WE-NEED-WCW (Post 13357985)
that is a lot of wrestling to produce with several different stars on each show. I worry that it would be a challenge to keep up with, but it definitely does take WWE to a whole different level with the idea of "territory" wrestling again.
Good Luck with this.

Thanks alot! Yes I don't want people to struggle to keep up with it and I have the idea that I won't have massive 3 hour shows every episode as it is very difficult so maybe do like 1 & half hour - 2 hour shows! Thanks for the feedback appreciated!

Quick question to everybody, how shall I set it out shall I do every match in full & every segment or just do the Main events and other interesting match in full with segments and summarise the rest or something else any ideas?

true rebel 02-02-2013 12:56 AM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
Do the Main events of each show full every other match just summarize.Segements do full aswell.PPV matches all full.

The Cowboy!! 02-03-2013 04:52 PM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.
Got Raw, Nxt & part of Superstars all typed out but does anyone know how to post a document on here or will I have to just copy it?

The Cowboy!! 04-02-2013 11:40 AM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.

Raw Review!

- Tonight's Raw is the start of a new era, WWE chairman Vince McMahon will address the WWE universe Tonight!
- Every Raw title will be on the Line aswell as a 20 man over the top battle royale for the opportunity to earn a WWE contract.
- The new Raw General manager will be announced!

All that and more on this episode of Monday Night Raw!

(Sorry it's taken so long, first my computer broke, I got it back wrote up all 5 shows and lost the files, but barring anymore difficulties I will start this, Raw will be up tonight!)

The Cowboy!! 04-02-2013 07:39 PM

Re: WWE 2014 - A new form of life.

Monday Night Raw

4th January 2013 - Live From the Sears Centre, Chicago

“No chance in hell” hits around the Sears centre in Chicago Mr.Mcmahon makes his way down to the ring. “Welcome to the brand new MONDAY NIGHT RAWWW, Tonight will signal change In the WWE we have expanded our product say goodbye to the PG Era we are now in the era of change! Tonight every single Monday night raw title will be on the line aswell as the reveal of our brand new GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW! Anyway we will kick of the action next with a match for the United States Championship so ladies & gentleman please welcome back to the wwe MR.KENNEDY!”

“Turn up the trouble” blasts out on the speakers Mr.Kennedy makes his way down to the ring his opponent will be The Miz!

Match #1 – United States Championship Match – The Miz vs Mr.Kennedy
Kennedy was very impressive on his return match in the WWE he controlled most of the match, The Miz was also impressive in the short time he was in control of the match but in the end Kennedy was too much for The Miz and the match ended when Kennedy hit a top rope Mic-check to Miz for the pin. After the match Mr.Mcmahon who was sat at ringside presented the United States title to Kennedy who went to celebrate in the crowd (12:15)

Winner: New United States Champion - Mr.Kennedy

-Commercial Break-
Backstage Segment: Mr.Kennedy was backstage celebrating with his title and he walked past Jack Swagger who looked confused and dark looking forward with a fixed glare, Kennedy stared at him Swagger told Kennedy to go away, Kennedy walked away and then out of nowhere Swagger attacked Kennedy from behind stealing his belt in the process before running away.

Match #2 – 20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royale For A WWE Contract
There was a lot of talent on display in this match with the likes of Ricochet, Amazing Red & Rhett Titus. Mr.Mcmahon was at ringside again as he said he was looking to improve the talent in the WWE! The final two participants were Ring of Honor’s Adam Cole & Jimmy Jacobs. Adam Cole got the win after Jacobs went for a clothesline which Cole ducked thus eliminating Jacobs! (24:54)

Winner - Adam Cole

Backstage segment: We see a man in Mr.Mcmahon’s office, we hear them negotiating a contract and then Mr.Mcmahon shakes the man’s hand and asks him when he wants to debut then we hear “Why wait” Mcmahon then responds with Come with me.

In Ring segment: Mr.Mcmahon grabs a mic, “Ladies & Gentleman I would like to introduce you to the new member of Monday Night Raw Sir Willie Mack, and my investment will be in action next Jack Swagger as a punishment for stealing GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW”
Swagger comes down to the ring United States championship on his shoulder “Kennedy is not a real American he dosen’t deserve this title, I do!”

Match #3 - Normal Match - Willie Mack vs Jack Swagger

Both men very impressive in this bout, Swagger got the early advantage controlling the pace of the match with a variety of rest holds it looked like he was about to put Mack in the patriot lock but Kennedy came out and stood on the entrance ramp staring at Swagger, this led to Mack getting the roll up for the pin. After the match Kennedy came down to the ring and got his title back before stomping on Swagger a bit he held his title up to the crowd, then Mack attacked Kennedy from Behind before signalling he wanted the belt Mcmahon was furious at Mack. (6:23)

Winner - Willie Mack

“Cryptic Promo Airs” The words Dishounor, Integrity & Death come onto the titantron the words a are covered by some Arabic sounding music.

Match #4 – Divas Championship Match – Kharma vs Beth Phoenix
This was a great match between arguably the two best women’s wrestlers in the world. Kharma controlled the match as expected with Beth getting spurts of momentum but Kharma landed Beth with an implant buster for the win. (5:54)

Winner: New Divas Champion – Kharma!

In ring segment: “Cult of personality” Hit on the speakers out came to the ring CM Punk, Punk received a huge pop from the Chicago crowd he grabbed a mic he goes on to say that tonight he deserves a title shot at HIS WWE championship, We then see Mr.Mcmahon is shown on the titantrong he agrees that Punk does deserve a title shot but against Tensai, Tyson Kidd & Chris Jericho, that match is announced as the main event.

Match #5 – Tag Team Championship Match – The Uso’s vs Sandow/Cesaro
Sandow & Cesaro have been on a roll since joining forces they may not always be on the same page but they get the job done and this match was no different for the majority,
Cesaro & Sandow controlled the match but just as Cesaro was getting ready to hit the neautralizer Jey hit him with the superkick before Jimmy got the pin. The Uso’s were in disbelief! (13:07)

Winner – New Tag Team Champions – Jimmy & Jey Uso

In ring segment: Mr McMahon is in the ring he is about to announce the new general manager “So I’m here to announce the muchly anticipated announcement of the new General Manager of Raw, this man will shock you it really will be the start of the new era so without further ado the new General Manager of Raw is…” The lights go out the crowd think it part of the plan but we can hear McMahon shouting what’s happening. The lights come back on standing behind McMahon is a man wearing Police Riot gear with a hockey mask & stick. The Man whacks McMahon across the back with the hockey stick, he then looks down at the weakened McMahon takes of his hockey mask…IT’S VINCE RUSSO! VINCE RUSSO IN THE WWE! Russo grabs the mic “Vince Russo” He is the new general manager of Raw the crowd are in shock he spits on McMahon before leaving.

Match #6 – Normal Match – Roman Reigns vs Aiden English
Reigns has been left with not much to do since the split of the Shield so he decided he is going on a mission and declares that by next wrestlemania he will be WWE champion and he starts with the demolition of young Nxt rookie Aiden English, It was quite simply a squash match but Reigns refused to pin him inflicted more & more damage on English, the crowd was still in awe from the Russo shocker. Eventually Reigns had enough and after 10 minutes of brutality pinned English (10:43)

Winner – Roman Reigns

Backstage segment: We see an paramedics loading Vince McMahon into the ambulance Stephanie by his side, The ambulance doors shut.

Main Event - WWE Championship Match - Cm Punk vs Tensai vs Kidd vs Jericho
Punk Kidd & Jericho all go after Tensai to try and weaken the big man but Tensai comes back with a series of power moves sending Kidd to the outside and double chokeslamming Punk & Jericho he taunts the crowd while the 3 other competitors recover, Punk gets to his feet first he lands a series of kicks to the big man’s legs bringing him down to his knees before landing a kick to the head Tensai is down. Punk realizes its an opportunity so The bell rings. The three faces go after Tensai trying to beat him down but he scampers to the top rope and hits a Macho Man esque elbow drop, Tensai rolls out of the ring.

Jericho stumbles to his feet Punk goes to work on Jericho now and as he stops and taunts to a massive pop from the Chicago town Kidd hits a springboard crossbody to Punk. Chris Jericho hits a backbreaker on Kidd out of nowhere. All men lay on the canvas lifeless. Jericho recovers quickest and takes advantage keeping both men on the canvas. Tensai eventually gets to his feet hits Jericho with a clothesline before going back to Punk stomping on his mid-section. As the turns around he walks into a codebreaker from Jericho, who turns around into an enzuiguiri from Kidd who then gets nailed with a Gts from Punk who then gets a Clawhold STO from Tensai but as Tensai goes to pin Punk Tyson Kidd kicks Tensai out of the ring to steal the pin 1..2..3!! We have a new WWE Champion Tyson Kidd. Kidd is in shock as he clutches his newly won title but his celebrations didn’t last long as Tensai hit him with a chair he also hit Punk and Jericho, he picks up the title and raises it in the air.

Winner: New WWE Champion – Tyson Kidd

End of show.

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