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TNA 2013: To the Alamo Dome and Beyon

Hey, Haven't been on here in a while, but figured I'm going to start back with a BTB based off of current TNA events. The Impact Wrestling Roster is currently in place and all the history in real life is included. This thread will take place the Impact Wrestling immediately following Genesis (1/17/13) and will go from there to Lock Down. There will be some changes to the roster as the show progresses further.

Here's a refresher for those who may not normally follow TNA.

Hulk Hogan - General Manager

Abyss (inactive)
AJ Styles (inactive)
Alex Silva (OVW)
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chavo Guerrero - Tag Team Champion
Chris Sabin (inactive)
Christian York
Christopher Daniels
Devon - TV Champion
Douglas Williams
Eric Young (injured - storyline)
Garrett Bischoff
Hernandez - Tag Team Champion
James Storm
Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Jesse Sorensen (injured)
Jessie Godderz
Joey Ryan
Kenny King
King Mo (OVW)
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Mr. Anderson
Rob Terry
Rob Van Dam - X Division Champion
Robbie E
Rockstar Spud (OVW)
Sam Shaw (OVW)
Samoa Joe
Wes Briscoe
Zema Ion

Brooke Hogan - Knockouts Executive
Christy Hemme
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
Miss Tessmacher
ODB - Knockouts Tag Team Champion
Rosita (inactive)
Socal Val
Taeler Hendrix (OVW)
Tara - Knockouts Champion
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky

Broadcast Team
Hector Guerrero
Jeremy Borash
Mike Tenay
Todd Keneley
Willie Urbina

Genesis 2013 Results
WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez def. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan
Mr. Anderson def. Samoa Joe
FINALS OF THE X TOURNAMENT: Kenny King vs. Christian York
X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Rob Van Dam def. Christian York
Television Champion Devon Def. Joseph Park
Knockouts Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contender: Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James
Christopher Daniels def. James Storm
Ė Daniels earns World Title match on the January 24 IMPACT
"The Icon" Sting def. D.O.C. from Aces and Eights
World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode to retain
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Re: TNA 2013: To the Alamo Dome and Beyon

Impact Wrestling
Live from Impact Zone

Video Package:
History of Bully Ray, Brook Hogan, and Hulk Hogan leading up to their wedding taking place tonight in the Impact Zone; will Hulk Hogan be on hand to give his daughter away?

The pyro goes off in the Impact Zone as Todd Keneley and the Professor Mike Tenay welcome fans to an all-new edition of Impact Wrestling. The two of them question where Taz is and builds up the hype for the big wedding tonight between Bully Ray and Brook Hogan.

Bad Influence makes their way down to the ring in the Impact Zone. Daniels and Kazarian both grab microphones and address the crowd.

Kaz: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; please help me in welcoming one half of the greatest tag team in the world, and the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion of the World... The One, and Only...CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!! Give it up for the man.

(Fans in the Impact Zone boo then start chanting ďHardyĒ)

Daniels: Thank you all very much and remember that I love each and every single one of you too! I have been on top of TNA; The FACE of TNA since the two of us have dominated the tag team division last year. I am the man who single handily defeated and humiliated AJ Styles, forcing him to pack his bags and leave Impact Wrestling forever, and next week I am going to be the man to walk out of Impact the NEW World Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Kaz: The fact of the matter is that Jeff Hardy has been one top by the good graces of the powers that be. Heís riding high based on the fact that heís the poster child for TNA and professional wrestling. The truth about Hardy though is that heís a one hit wonder; a fallen idol who attempts to live in the glory of olden days when it was cool to dive off ladders and throw yourself into tables. Hardy is nothing more than a stunt double.

Daniels: Thatís why next week I, your real World Heavyweight Champion of the World is going to take my spot at the top of the company as the poster boy for TNA.

Bad Influence is interrupted by the World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy walks down to the ring with a microphone and climbs through the ropes.

Hardy: In case you havenít had the opportunity to Chris, maybe you should go back and review the tape from Genesis; you know that pay-per-view where I defeated two of arguably the greatest wrestlers in this company.

(Fans start a ďYou Still Got ItĒ chant)

Hardy: To have the odds stacked against me, and still come out on top as the World Heavyweight Champion is unbelievable. That couldnít have been done without all the creatures. That being said Chris, if I can beat Roode and Aries in the same night; I think I can defeat the Fallen Angel. So all I have Chris is why wait until next week? Letís do it now.

Hardy starts brawling with Christopher Daniels, but Kazarian gets involved and soon Bad Influence are double teaming the World Heavyweight Champion in the middle of the ring. As Daniels and Kaz kick and beat down the Champion, the Cowboy James Storm races down to save the day. Storm clotheslines Kaz over the top rope then hits Daniels with a spine buster. Daniels and Kaz retreat for the back when Storm gets on the microphone.

Storm: I just had a conversation with Hulk so weíre going to have ourselves a good olí fashion tag team match later on tonight. Sorry About Your Damn Luck!

ďBottlenecks and RednecksĒ plays as the Cowboy drops the microphone and helps Hardy to his feet.

Bully Ray is joined by Spike and Tommy Dreamer backstage as they prepare for the wedding. Ray comments on the whereabouts of Taz thinking that he may be delayed. Spike tells Bully that Taz mentioned having to take care of some business early on this evening which is why he hasnít arrived to work yet. Bully hopes that Taz gets here soon. Dreamer questions whether Hulk will give his daughter away tonight, but Ray is doubtful that Hogan will participate in the wedding.

Taz arrives outside the Impact Zone. He is on his cell phone talking to somebody else about how itís getting down to the wire and action needs to be taken soon. Taz hangs up the phone and get in the building.


Back from commercial break, Taz joins his broadcast colleagues at the ring to call the first match. Mike questions where Taz was earlier and who he was talking to on the phone, but Taz tells his colleagues that he had some business to take care of tonight.

Christy Hemme makes the introduction for the upcoming match as a return contest from TNA Genesis. Christian York comes down to the ring with a warm reception from the crowd in the Impact Zone. Kenny King is the second person to head down to the ring. As King is making his intro a video package plays with highlights from their match at Genesis which had King cheap shot York following his loss. King gets in the ring and waits for the bell.

Christian York vs. Kenny King
York gets the early advantage over King as he looks to get some redemption on his Genesis opponent. York clotheslines King to the outside of the ring then dives over the top rope, landing on him. The match continues on the outside with King managing to overpower York. He attempts to whip York into the ring steps, but York counters and sends King shoulder first into the steps. Kenny is rolled into the ring again and Christian continues his assault on King. He slams King to the canvas and drops a leg across the chest before rolling him up for a near fall. The match continues with York in complete control of the contest. King is whipped into the corner and York charges after him. He dives on the middle rope and is about to do a monkey flip on King, but Kenny counters with a powerbomb on York. King rolls York up and puts his foot on the rope for leverage as the referee counts the 1...2...3.
Kenny King (4:01)

King immediately rolls out of the ring and goes back up the ramp as York curses him.

Brooke is shown backstage getting ready with Miss Tessmacher, Mickey James, and Dixie Carter. Dixie asks Brooke if her father will be bringing her down the aisle later on tonight for the wedding. Brooke admits to Dixie that she hasnít been able to get in touch with her father since last Thursday Night. Gail Kim interrupts the bridal party and insists on getting a rematch with Velvet Sky for the Number 1 Contenderís spot. Brooke grants Gail her wish and tells her to get ready for it later tonight.

Bully Ray finds Sting and asks him if he could talk to Hogan. Ray reminds Sting that they have been through a lot over the last number of years, but heís always had Stings back when it came to dealing with the Aces. Sting tells Bully that he sees how happy Bully makes Brooke and if there is one thing that he owes Bully, its talking to Hulk. Sting agrees and leaves Bully to get ready.


Christy Hemme announces the next contest for Impact Wrestling. Gail Kim is the first to come out and receives a lot of heat from the fans as she walks down the aisle. Up next is Velvet Sky to come down the aisle. She received very warmly by the fans in the Impact Zone.

Number 1 Contenderís Match Ė TNA Knockoutís Championship
Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim
The bell sounds and the knockouts lock up in the middle of the ring. The veteran Kim gets the upper hand and drops Velvet to the ground with a head lock. Kim follows through and transitions from a headlock into a head scissors. Velvet eventually gets out of the hold and gets back to her feet. The two exchange chops back and forth, but Velvet gets the upper hand. She knees Gail in the mid section then whips her across the ring. Velvet follows through with a drop kick and Kim falls to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. The match continues when Gail gets a cheapshot on Velvet then kicks her in the back of the head. Kim rolls Sky up and covers her but the number one contender kicks out of the pin. They both get back up and continue to fight with each other in the ring. Kim dominates Velvet and drops her with a facebuster onto the canvas. She argues with a fan long enough for Velvet to get back up and roll her up for a near fall. Velvet hits Gail with a Bulldog and follows up with an ďIn Yo FaceĒ before proceeding to cover her for the 1...2...3.
Velvet Sky (5:11)

Tarryn raises Velvetís hand in victory as Gail rolls out of the ring. The TNA Knockouts Champion, Tara jumps Velvet from behind and nails her with the Knockoutís Championship Belt. Tara poses over her challenger.

Hulk Hogan is shown coming into the building. The camera guy attempts to ask him questions, but Hogan ignores him and just continues to get into the building.


JB Jeremy Borash introduces the contestants from Last Weeksí Gutcheck Challenge; Brian Cage and Jay Bradley. The Gutcheck theme plays as the two competitors come down to the ring. Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow are introduced as well as the judges. They immediately proceed to eliminate Brian Cage from the challenge since he lost the match last week. The judges continue to evaluate Jay Bradley. Tazz votes No, leading to Bradley cutting a promo about trending worldwide last week and going up and down the highway so many times that he probably has some child support payments to make. He wants the opportunity to be the next big star and tells the judges that heís knocking on their door. All they have to do is let him in and he will do the rest. Al Snow and Bruce Prichard both say yes and Bradley is the newest member of the TNA Roster.

Bully Rayís bachelor party in New York City. Footage shows him, Spike, Dreamer, and Al Snow having a good time at a local club. Tonight Bully Ray and Brooke will tie the knot on Impact Wrestling.


Taz heads to the back and meets up with Bully Ray and the boys. He talks about how Bully Ray is going to look sharp as he walks down the aisle and Ray talks about being nervous. Taz questions whether Bully Ray is doing the right thing or not by marrying Brooke. Ray is adamant that this is the right decision, but Taz isnít so sure. Bully and Taz have a disagreement on the matter and Taz tells Bully that heís not going to interfere with the wedding.

Christy Hemme introduces the next Impact Wrestling contest. Devon comes down with the Television Championship and waits for his opponent to come down. The next person to make his way down to the ring is Robbie T.

TNA Television Championship
Devon (c) w. Ken Anderson vs. Robbie T w. Robbie E
Big Rob jumps Devon in the middle of the ring before the bell even sounds. Robbie T picks Devon up and slams him to the canvas before dropping and elbow across the chest of Devon. Robbie T covers Devon, but only gets a 1 count. Devon fights back to his feet and slams Robbie T face first into the turnbuckle. Devon whips T across the ring and charges after him with a clothesline, taking Robbie T to the ground. Anderson coaches Devon from the outside while Robbie E does the same. Devon slams Robbie T with a DDT and covers him, but Robbie T manages to get a kick out. Devon drives a knee into the back of Robbie Tís shoulder blades then pulls his head back. Robbie T manages to get to his feet and battle back, but soon Devon slams him to the canvas with a gorillaplex. Devon tells Anderson to pass him a chain, but Anderson refuses to leading to the two of them feuding in the corner. Anderson gives Devon the finger the cracks him across the face with the steal chain and immediately walks to the back while the referee calls for the bell.
Robbie T is disqualified (4:08)

Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay talk about Mr. Anderson screwing Devon and what repercussion there may be when the Aces get a hold of Anderson.

Sting is shown coming out to the ring.


The crowd roars as the Iconís music hits and TNAís first Hall of Famer makes his way down to the ring. He gives a ďWOOOOĒ to the crowd from the top of the entrance ramp and climbs through the ropes. Sting poses for the crowd before grabbing a microphone.

Sting: Thereís a certain energy thatís in the Impact Zone tonight; an energy that has never been seen before. I can tell thatís because tonight is a very special night for Impact Wrestling fans as the first family of professional wrestling; the Hoganís celebrate Brookeís wedding. That being said, there is one person who isnít so happy about this.

(Fans start a ďHoganĒ chant)

Sting: Thatís right, so weíre going to call Hogan out now and ask him whatís going on brother. Come on out Hulk!

Hoganís music plays and Hulk comes out dressed all in black. The pyro goes off, but Hogan doesnít stop for it since heís clearly on a mission. Hogan gets in the ring and is handed a microphone from Socal Val.

Hulk: What do you want Stinger? Lay it all out for me brother, and youíve got one shot to do it.

Sting: You know just as much as I do Hulk that Bully Ray is a changed man. For countless times over the last several months heís come to your aid, my aid, and Brookeís aid. Heís been here for TNA even when we all turned our backs on him. Bully has earned my trust and has shared with you the love of your daughter Brooke. Itís time for you to do the same Hulk; itís time to trust Bully and allow him the chance to prove to you just how good of a man he is.

Hulk: Donít get me wrong brother; the Bully has had our backs for the last couple of months jack. Heís proven that he can be trusted when dealing with the Aces and 8s brother. The problem lies in the fact that heís been a target as well, and has put a target on my daughterís back brother. When it comes down to it Sting, I donít think Bully has what it takes to protect Brooke and keep her away from the problems of Impact Wrestling.

Sting: You need to accept the fact that Brooke is moving on. Sheís made a decision to move forward with marrying Bully Ray. At some point you need to let go of your daughter and allow another man to come into her life. Hulk, Bully is a good guy and you could do worse by not giving into Brookeís wishes. You could do worse than Bully. I beg you Hulk, do the right thing... Walk Brooke down the aisle tonight.

The two of them are stopped when the sound of bagpipes blare over the loudspeaker. Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out to a roaring crowd in the Impact Zone. Todd and Mike comment on how deafening the Piper chants are in the Impact Zone as the Hot Rod enters the ring.

Hulk: What brings you to Impact Wrestling Piper?

Piper: Well, Hulk, I heard weíre having ourselves a party tonight. Things are going to be getting Rowdy so when I received my invitation to your daughterís wedding I couldnít pass up the offer.

Hulk: So Brooke sent you here?

Piper: Youíre right Hulk. Brooke invited me and now the Hot Rod is in the building. Let me tell you Hulk that I think youíre making a bad mistake by not giving Brooke away.

Hulk: What business is it of yours Piper?

Piper: Well Hulk. Itís none of my business, but Iíve been watching Impact over the last few months, and Iíve been seeing Brooke and Bully getting close. They have something special about them and I think if youíre going to want to beat around a son-in-law then who better to beat around then Bully Ray. Heís one tough SOB.

Hulk: Well Rowdy, Sting... Youíre just going to have to wait jack because Hulk Hogan has always done whatís best brother; and tonight just like every other night Iím going to do whatís best.

Hoganís music plays and he leaves Sting and Piper in the middle of the ring.

Split Screen shows Bad Influence and the team of Hardy/Storm coming out for tonightís match.


Christy Hemme announces the final contest for Impact Wrestling. Bad Influence comes down to the ring first followed by James Storm and finally the TNA World Champion, Jeff Hardy.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. James Storm and Jeff Hardy
A brawl breaks out in the middle of the ring as all four men get into a donnybrook. Storm and Daniels fight outside while Kaz and Hardy square off inside the ring. Kaz drops Hardy with a back body drop. He drops an elbow on Hardy and follows up with a pin attempt. Hardy kicks out and Kaz pulls him to his feet. A number of uppercuts backs Hardy into the corner and Kaz whips him across the ring, following up with a drop kick on the champion. Meanwhile Storm is scoop slammed onto the ramp and Daniels heads back to the ring. He is tagged in and Bad Influence takes the time to double team Hardy with a whip into the ropes and a double elbow to the face the champion. Daniels taunts Hardy before sitting him up and kicking him in the back of the head. Daniels and Kaz continue to double team the world champion as Storm struggles to get back to the ring. Daniels backs Hardy into the corner and chokes him out as the referee attempts to break it up. Daniels hits a swinging neck breaker on Hardy and tags Kaz into the ring. Kaz mocks the champion by diving off the top rope with a Swanton, but Hardy rolls out of the way and Kaz lands on the canvas. Hardy tags Storm in and the Cowboy cleans house with Bad Influence. Storm hits a spine buster on Kaz before nailing Daniels with an atomic drop. The Cowboy clotheslines Daniels over the top rope then drops Kaz with a DDT. Storm is in control as he goes for the cover, but Daniels gets back in the ring and breaks the pin attempt. The match continues to move in favour of Storm and Hardy as they make quick tags in and keep Kaz isolated from Daniels. Daniels attempts to get a ďLetís go KazĒ chant going, but the fans turn it into a ďLetís go Hardy/Letís go StormĒ chant. Storm goes for a suplex, but Kaz reverses it into a small package. The Cowboy kicks out and goes after Kaz again. This time Kaz nails him with a low blow then gets to the corner. Daniels is brought back in and kicks Storm in the head. He follows up with the Angel Wings and covers him but Storm gets a shoulder up. The match continues with the Cowboy tagging Hardy back into the ring. Daniels and Hardy square off in the middle of the ring. The Charismatic Enigma slams Daniels to the canvas pulls his legs apart and nails a leg drop across the thighs of the challenger. Daniels attempts to get up, but Hardy slams his face right into the ring canvas. Kaz attempts to get in, but Hardy hits a baseball slide and Kaz is sent to the floor. Hardy nails Daniels with the Twist Of Fate then follows up with a Swanton. Before Hardy could dive off the top rope the lights go off in the Impact Zone. A cryptic message indicating the end is near shows up on the screens. When the lights come back on Hardy and Storm are both knocked down. Daniels is still down but has an arm on Hardy. The referee makes the count and the match is over.
Bad Influence (8:35)

Still knocked out, Daniels is unaware that heís won the match. Kaz gets in the ring and helps his partner up before the two of them leave the ring together. Hardy and Storm are still left knocked out.

Ken Anderson is shown leaving the Impact Zone. The cameraman asks him what was going on with him and Aces and he tells the camerguy that even the Aces should know never to trust an Asshole. Anderson says it was fun to play around with their heads, but Anderson is about one person... himself and nobody will change that. Anderson warns Devon to watch his back because heís coming for the TNA Television Championship. Anderson continues to his car and drives off.


Footage of some of the guests attending the wedding are shown coming into the building; among them are Jimmy Hart, Eric Bischoff, Nasty Boys, Nick Hogan, Sabu, and Todd Gordon. They are ushered into the building by the TNA Knockouts.

Bully is shown in his tux with Dreamer, Taz, and Spike as they talk about the last minute details. As they finish getting dressed they talk about how Paul E couldnít be there tonight. Rowdy Piper steps in and tells Bully that he tried to talk to Hulk, but doesnít know what the Hulksterís going to do. Piper wishes Bully Ray all the best and heads out of the locker room.

Lockdown is coming to the Alamo Dome.

Back inside the Impact Zone the ring has been transformed into the altar for the service. It is decorated with flowers and an arch. The wedding cake is out and gifts are put around it. The knockouts finish bringing out some of the guests sitting at ringside. Members of the TNA locker room including Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle sit in the chairs surrounding the ring and up the aisle.

The music starts playing and the first person out of the gate is...BROTHER LOVE? Brother Love gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he walks down the aisle with his hair slicked back and his beet red face shining. Brother Love gets on the microphone in the ring.

Love: THANK YOU ALL Very much for coming to this very special night as we prepare for the ceremony of love between Brother Bully and Sister HOGAN!

The music continues as Brother Love smiles and mocks the fans at ringside. Tommy Dreamer leads the charge followed by Spike, Taz, and finally Bully Ray.

Next out is the bridal party. Mickey James leads followed by Miss Tessmacher and finally Dixie Carter. The anticipation builds in the Impact Zone as fans wait for Brooke to come out and whether Hulk Hogan will be with her.

The wedding march plays and everyone waits, but Brooke doesnít come out and neither does Hulk. After a few minutes the music stops and starts up again. Neither Brooke or Hulk come out again and a look of concern comes over the faces of everyone in the Impact Zone.

Love: Well my Brothers and Sisters, it seems as though the bride has some pre marital butterflies. Letís try this one more time.

The wedding march plays for a third time and Hulk Hogan comes out in his tux and heís on a mission as he marches down to the ring. Hogan grabs Bullyís collar and pulls him in.


Bully: I donít know what youíre talking about Hulk.


Love: Well Brother Hulk, letís just calm down for a moment, let go of Brother Bully and letís talk about this together.

Hogan reluctantly lets go of Bully and continues staring him down.

Bully: Listen Hulk, all I know is that your daughter and I were planning on getting married tonight. I love Brooke and I think that there probably just some pre wedding jitters.

Hulk: I donít think you understand Bully. Brooke is nowhere backstage. Sheís not in her locker room or even in the parking lot. Brooke is gone.

Taz: Maybe Bully itís not a matter of Brooke having pre-wedding jitters, maybe it has to do with the fact that she doesnít love you?

Bully: What are you talking about Taz?

Taz: I mean come on Bully, look around here and tell me besides Brooke, who else is missing? Maybe the guy youíve depended on for years as your tag team partner. Your Brother Devon. Heís not here either.

Hulk: What are you getting at Taz?

Taz: Now donít get me wrong. I know Brooke and I know that she cares a lot for you Brother. Maybe she left because Devon, your brother isnít out here. Or maybe sheís not here because she may be in love, but with another man.

Bully: I donít like what youíre saying Taz?

Taz: Listen, I tried to tell you that this was a bad mistake, I tried to put you out of your misery and prevent further embarrassment, but you didnít want to listen. Brooke is in love, but not with you Bully.

Hulk: Get to the point Taz. Whatís going on with my daughter?

Taz: Brooke isnít here because sheís in love with my boss.

Bully: Of course she is; Hulk is her father.

Taz: I donít think you get it. Hulkís not my boss.

Taz takes off his jacket and reveals an Aces and 8s vest. In the shock of the TNA world, Aces and 8s members storm the arena and take out everyone in the ring including Hulk. The Aces ambush Bully and the others in the ring. Two of the Aces members take Dixie hostage as she watches the carnage happening in the ring. Pipes, chains, and chairs are all used as the Aces destroy everyone associated with TNA. The TNA locker room empties and the Aces leave the ring.

Matches To Be Announced Soon!

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review
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Re: TNA 2013: To the Alamo Dome and Beyon

Impact Wrestling Preview:

Business is about to pick up following the most explosive wedding in TNA History. What was supposed to be the wedding of the century for wrestling fans turned into a nightmare for Hulk Hogan and the groom Bully Ray thanks to Aces and 8s and the defection of Taz to the gang. One knows that hell will be paid once Hogan and Bully get their hands on Aces and 8s as they look for answers concerning Brookes disappearance and her apparent involvement with the gang.

Plus, Ken Anderson is now a marked man after turning his back on Devon and Aces and 8s. Will Anderson be welcomed back to Impact Wrestling with open arms from the locker room or will be have a target on his back from everyone?

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Jeff Hardy defends against The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels in the Impact Wrestling Main Event. Who is responsible for last week's cryptic message that distracted Hardy from getting the win in the tag team match? Will Hardy's focus be on Daniels or will the cryptic messages prove to be the end of his World Title Reign?

Impact Wrestling returns this Thursday on Spike with all new action. 9:00 pm EST

WCW 2001: The Take Over
Review 4 Review
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Re: TNA 2013: To the Alamo Dome and Beyon

Hey, I really like your first episode of Impact Wrestling. I feel that you did a lot of things well and are working similarly to what has happened in real life in TNA. I am curious to know what's going on with Jeff Hardy though. It was great to see you bring in some of wrestling's more noticable figures from the Hogan days (Piper, Hart, Love). I wonder if you'll plan on using any of them again or not later. Overall quite impressed and hope you continue with these shows.
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Re: TNA 2013: To the Alamo Dome and Beyon

Impact Wrestling
TAPED From Impact Zone

Last Week, the world was shocked when Taz dropped the bombshell; rocking the world of Impact Wrestling; joining Aces and 8s and alleging that Brooke Hogan is in love with a member of the Aces. To add insult to injury the Aces and 8s ambushed the Impact Wrestling superstars; taking out everyone in their path of violence and destruction. The shocking revelation will have dire consequences as both Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray look for answers tonight. Meanwhile, with the Number 1 Contender Christopher Daniels egging Jeff Hardy on; the World Champion and the Cowboy teamed up to take on Bad Influence. Although Hardy and Stormed worked well together; the night didnít end the right way after a cryptic message indicated to the world that the end is near. What will be on the minds of both Jeff Hardy and Christopher Daniels as they prepare for their huge Main Event contest later tonight? Impact Wrestling starts now!

The pyro goes off in the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley welcome fans to another edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. They discuss the actions of their broadcast colleague Taz and his absence from their announce table tonight, then hype up the huge Main Event schedule for later in the show; Jeff Hardy defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Christopher Daniels.

Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring and is met with a mixed reaction from the fans in the Impact Zone. Anderson climbs through the ropes and prepares to speak to the fans.

Ken: Well, as if you would think for one moment that I would actually stoop so low that I would join the Aces and 8s. I know I may be an ASSHOLE, but come on but a guy a little slack why donít ya? Iíve been around this company too long to worry about pleasing anyone except for myself so who matters to me? No one, thatís who, because I worry about myself and nobody else.

Anderson is interrupted by Hulk Hogan. The General Manager comes out to the ring in a fury of rage as the Impact Zone cheers him on. Hogan gets in the ring and takes Andersonís microphone away.

Hulk: Listen here punk. Donít think for one minute youíre going to walk into this joint and pretend that everything is cool with you brother. Iím sick and tired of people walking over TNA and thinking they can get away with it brother. The fact is that youíve led the Aces to believe youíre part of them, and consequently put Impact Wrestling in danger and really pissed me off brother. So since Iím such a great General Manager; Iím going to stick you in the shark tank dude. Right here tonight Iím going to hand you on a silver platter to Devon; TNA Television Title on the line. After Devon gets through with you then Iím going to personally kick his teeth down his throat, now get the hell out of my ring.

Hogan throws the microphone at Anderson and proceeds to walk back to the locker room as Mike and Todd comment on Hoganís foul mood this evening.

TNA Knockoutís Champion Tara is shown preparing for her match against Velvet Sky later tonight. Jessie comes into her locker room and she talks about taking the Number 1 Contender out tonight before she even gets to wrestling for the belt.


Back in the Impact Zone, Christy Hemme announces the following as a non-title match. Velvet Sky comes down to the ring first and gets an electric reaction from the fans in the Impact Zone. Tara and Jessie are next to come down. Jessie poses with Tara in the ring before kissing her and taking the Knockoutís Championship with him.

Non-Title Match
Velvet Sky vs. Tara w. Jessie Godderz
Velvet and Tara exchange rights back and forth as they grapple over control of the match. A knee to the midsection sends Velvet to the ropes and Tara is able to start a fierce attack on the Number 1 contender. Velvet counters a Swinging Neck Breaker with a baseball slide into a pin, but Tara kicks out before three. The match continues with Velvet getting up and drop kicking Tara to the canvas. Velvet runs into the ropes, but Jessie grabs her boot and she is held up long enough for Tara to hit her with a knee to the mid section. Tara remains in control of the match while Velvet is left helpless. The champion gets close to finishing Velvet off twice, but the challenger manages to save herself from a loss. Tara attempts a Widowís Peak, but Velvet manages to block it and nail the champion with a boot to the face. The fans in the Impact Zone get behind Velvet as she clotheslines Tara to the canvas a couple of times and follows up with a scoop slam. Jessie gets on the apron as a distraction for Velvet, but the former Knockout Champion plants a kiss on his lips, leaving Mr. Pec speechless as she nails him off the apron. Tara gets back to her feet and is nailed with the In Yo Face and Velvet picks up the win.
Velvet Sky (5:29)

The number 1 contender celebrates as Jessie remains in shock on the outside of the ring. Tara rolls out and the two of them retreat to the back while Velvet Sky poses on the turn buckle.

Brooke Hogan is shown coming into the building as she is bombarded by questions concerning her disappearance last week. She tells the cameraman that she doesnít want to talk about it and enters the building.

Eric Bischoff has returned to Impact Wrestling; joining Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter in his office.

Eric: Listen Hulk. I understand youíre under a lot of stress right now with everything going on in your personal life. Itís tough to be put in charge of a wrestling company when you have personal issues to deal with.

Hulk: What are you getting at Eric?

Eric: Right now, Impact Wrestling doesnít need Hulk Hogan General Manager; it needs Hollywood Hulk Hogan the once king of certain band of misfits that took over my company.

Hulk: You know I canít step back in the ring Eric, and whoís going to watch over the company?

Eric: Yes you canít step in the ring and wrestle, but you can still kick asses and take names Hulk. And I know that Iím technically not supposed to be in Impact Wrestling again, but Iíve changed and we both know that we work better together than against each other. So Hollywood, take time out and kick the Aces and 8s asses while I take care of TNA.

Dixie: I donít think so Eric. The last time that happened you ended up removing me from my company.

Eric: I guarantee you Dixie that I am not going to do that. I also guarantee that Iím not involved with the Aces in case thatís what youíre thinking.

Hulk: Iím not too sure Eric.

Eric: Alright then, let me put it to you this way. I am willing to sign a contract that puts me in charge of the company as intern General Manager until Lockdown. After Lockdown Hulk you come back, take control and I will back off again unless you need me to stay on.

Dixie: I donít trust him Hulk.

Hulk: Listen Dixie, you and I both know that I need time to focus on the Aces. We can trust Joseph to come up with a legal binding contract that will protect us if we need to.

Dixie: Alright Hulk, if you think you can trust Eric than letís move forward, but if he messes up or tries to screw me over again; youíre both going to be out.

Dixie leaves the office as Hogan stares down Bischoff.

Hulk: Welcome back, but donít mess up!


The Greatest Man that ever lived comes out to the Impact Zone dressed to the nines as fans boo Austin Aries.

Austin: 2012 was the year for the greatest wrestler of all time, thatís right Iím talking about myself. I climb the mountain and reached the top of success in TNA as the longest reigning X Division Champion and the first X Division Champion to cash in his title for the World Championship. Needless to say, 2013 hasnít started off the way A double has intended it to be.

Aries is interrupted by Bobby Roode who comes out to the Impact Zone. Roode grabs a microphone from Val as he enters the ring.

Bobby: You donít think 2013 started off right for you? Iím the man who was supposed to walk out the New Heavyweight Champion at Genesis.

Austin: No, I was.

Bobby: No, I was.

Austin: No, I was.

Bobby: No, I was.
Austin: No, I was.

Bobby: Just stop it right now, I canít take this anymore. The bottom line is that you and I are the two best wrestlers in the world today. Thereís no denying that. Thereís also no denying that we are the two most dominant champions in this companyís history.

Austin: Thatís true. In fact when you think of it, every great match, every great interview, every great TV moment for this company in 2012 belongs to Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.

Bobby: Youíre welcome for that by the way.

Austin: No, youíre welcome.

Bobby: Weíre going to do that again?

Austin: I donít think so... You see Bobby, you and I are a lot alike. We both come out here every week hoping to entertain the fans and put on the most exciting moments of TV on, but every time weíre out here we get no appreciation.

Bobby: Youíre right A Double. Truth be told. The whole damn company doesnít appreciate us. Theyíre too busy bending over for Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and the other washed up has beens who are only looking for their final lap at fame before they go off the wagon again.

Austin: I believe itís time to show this company what Impact Wrestling would be with A Double and the It Factor.

Bobby: Youíve got a point.

The two of them drop their microphones and leave the ring together.


Montage of Kaz training Christopher Daniels for his World Heavyweight Championship Match later on tonight shows the two of them struggle to overcome silly obstacles. The end of the video has Daniels climbing a ton of stairs before posing on them.

Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley hype the main event still to come tonight, and also discuss the Television Championship Match between Ken Anderson and Devon happening later on the program.

Christy Hemme introduces the next contest for Impact Wrestling. Kurt Angle comes down to the ring with Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff. The Blueprint Matt Morgan is next to come down to the ring with Joey Ryan in his corner.

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan
The Olympic Gold Medalist gets the early lead over the Blueprint in the early moments of the contest. Angle slams him to the canvas with a German Suplex and keeps him down on the canvas momentarily. The Blueprint does manage to get back to his feet and boots Angle in the side of the head. Angle it taken out from the boot and Morgan takes control. Morgan whips Angle across the ring and sends him to the canvas with a huge clothesline. Kurt gets up to a knee, but Morgan is relentless with his punishment; keeping Angle to the ground with another boot to the face. Morgan sits on top of the Olympic Gold Medalist and punches him repeatedly in the side of the head. With fans watching on in concern of Angle, the Blueprint picks him up and slams him into the corner. Angle is nailed with several elbows then sent across the ring with an Irish whip into the corner. The Blueprint goes after and clotheslines Angle. Kurt falls to the ground and is still lifeless. Joey Ryan cheers Morgan on as he walks all over Kurt. A pin attempt falls short as Kurt gets his foot on the ropes. Matt Morgan pulls Angle back up and is about to hit him with an uppercut when out of the blue Angle drops him with the Angle slam. The Impact Zone is in shock when Angle comes to life again. Morgan gets to a knee, but Kurt grabs him by the head and delivers a sickening head butt, knocking Morgan down and cutting his forehead up a bit. Joey Ryan attempts to get involved, but Garrett and Wes take him out on the ground and brutally beat down Ryan. Angle notices and heads to the outside to stop them from the viscous beat down. Angle is inadvertently knocked down as well by Wes as the two of them destroy Joey Ryan. Matt Morgan gets to the outside and clotheslines both men to the ground, then pulls Angle up and rolls him back into the ring. Morgan prepares for the Carbon Footprint, but Angle counters with an Ankle Lock and Morgan taps out.
Kurt Angle (6:58)

Angle heads to the back while Wes and Garrett follow after him. Itís clear that Angle is confused by their actions and doesnít want anything to do with them.


Bully Ray is shown sitting in his locker room. Heís questioned about Brooke and the allegations made by Taz last week. Bully says right now heís not concentrating on Brooke, heís focused on getting to the bottom of Tazís allegiance to Aces and kicking his teeth down his throat. Bully storms out of his locker room.

Christy Hemme introduces the next contest for Impact Wrestling as the TNA Television Championship Match. Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring first and does his typical entrance. Second is the TV Champ Devon.

TNA Television Championship
Devon (c) vs. Mr. Anderson
The Seargent At Arms takes Anderson out in great fury as the match kicks off. Devon drives Anderson to the corner with stiff chops and follows up with a brutal choke hold. The referee urges Devon to let go and the champion proceeds to whipping Anderson across the ring. He follows up with a clothesline that sends Anderson to the canvas. Devon remains dominant over the challenger during the match as Anderson is constantly unable to build any momentum. Anderson finally rolls out of the ring to regroup, but Devon follows up and slams him into the ring steps. Devon charges after Anderson, but the Asshole moves out of the way and Devon slams into the ring post. Anderson drops him to the floor with a DDT and rolls into the ring. The match starts to change in Andersonís favour as he rolls back out to the floor and nails several stiff chops on the champion. Devon is rolled into the ring and Anderson slams down from the top rope. The champion is covered for a near fall when he manages to kick out. The match continues with a more even playing field now between both stars as Anderson slaps a sleeperhold on Devon. Devon escapes and hits a side slam on Ken then rolls him up for a near fall. All hell breaks loose when Taz comes down to the ring. He attempts to get involved, but Bully Ray isnít too far behind. Bully chases Taz off, allowing Devon to be distracted long enough for Anderson to nail him with the Mic Check. Anderson covers him for the win.
Ken Anderson (6:01)

The new Television Champion has his hand rising following his victory over Devon, but the celebration soon ends with Knox, DOC, Taz, and the other masked men coming down to the ring. They decimate the new champion until Bully comes back down to the ring. Bully takes out some of the Aces, but is knocked down by Devon. Brooke Hogan races down to the ring in a panic as the Aces start bloodying Bully Ray.

Brooke: Stop it. I beg you please; stop beating down on Mark.

The Aces grab Brooke and make her watch as they all take turns with punching him with a steel chain. Taz picks up the microphone and addresses the Impact Zone.

Taz: Listen, all of you think Iím such an ass because I chose to side with the Aces. I also had to be the man to tell Bully about his loverís little secret, isnít that right Brooke.

Brooke tries to break free while a ďHoganĒ chant breaks out.

Taz: Let her go boys, she needs to be with Bully for this.

Brooke tends to Bully Ray while Taz continues on.

Taz: For those of you who donít believe my allegations from last week, you are in for a real treat. The Aces and 8s have put together a little wedding present for you Bully. Roll it.

The video shows Brooke Hogan in her wedding dress getting in a car last week and chatting with a man about how sheís using Bully as a pawn in the bigger picture. She reveals that sheís using him just the same as sheís used her father, the knockouts, and Dixie Carter. Brooke tells the person that itís time for Impact Wrestling to know who truly is behind the Aces and 8s, and the guy refers to Brooke as the VP. The man pulls off his mask to reveal himself as Devon and the two of them make out in her car then drive off.

Back in the Impact Zone; Brookeís tears turn to laughter as she turns to Bully and kicks him in the breadbasket. Brooke orders the rest of the Aces to continue their beat down on Bully Ray and Ken Anderson as she grabs the microphone from Taz.

Brooke: By God, this should have been obvious to everyone. The Aces didnít start showing up until Hollywoodís daughter came into the picture. Who knows better about sticking it to authority better than a Hogan? Up until now, the Aces have been kept secret, but the time is coming for everyone to feel the full wrath of this elite group. As far as Impact Wrestling and Hulkamania goes, you guys can stick it.

The Aces leave the ring with Brooke Hogan as Hollywood Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring area. Hogan looks positively confused and concerned over the actions of her daughter as he checks on Bully Ray and Ken Anderson.

Back from break, Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley discuss what just happened prior to commercial break when Brooke Hogan was revealed as the mastermind behind the Aces and 8s. They question whether or not Impact Wrestling is in for a huge fight as medics tend to Bully and Anderson in the back.

Hulk Hogan sits in his office with Eric Bischoff and Sting.

Eric: I canít imagine how awful this must be for you Hulk.

Hulk: Well Eric, I should have figured it out brother. Sheís just like her father. She was always concerned about being a huge star that it never occurred to her how her actions would affect everyone else. I just canít believe that Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson are both taken out.

Sting: You know what needs to happen now Hulk. Bully Ray needs to be reinstated to the roster, and you need to focus on getting the Aces under control.

Hulk: I need help guys. This has been blown way out of proportion now guys and it needs to be brought back down. Eric, you want to take control of Impact Wrestling; well nowís your chance for redemption brother. Iíll sign the contract with Joseph Park and youíll be the new sheriff until Lockdown Brother.

Eric: Thank you Hulk, I promise that together we can get these guys out. We can take back control of Impact Wrestling and really mess them up Hulk.

Hulk: Iím counting on you Eric, donít mess this up brother. I need to go and find someone who can help out at Lockdown.

Sting: Who are you thinking about?

Hulk: I think you know brother. If thereís one person who I know is a force to be wrecked with; itís him. Iím going to be looking for him next week brother, so while youíre in the UK Iím going to be searching for help brother. Things are going down at Lockdown Brother.


JB Jeremy Borash stands in the middle of the ring for the official introductions of the Main Event. Christopher Daniels is the first to come down to the ring, followed by the TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Jeff Hardy.

TNA Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Christopher Daniels
The Fallen Angel and the Charismatic Enigma stare each other down in the middle of the ring for several moments before starting to exchange rights back and forth. Hardy gets the early advantage and takes Daniels down with a hip toss, but Daniels gets back up and brings the fight to Hardy. The two of them end up locking up with Daniels slapping a wrist lock on the champion. Hardy reverses the wrist lock and Daniels gets to the ropes. The challenger pokes the champion in the eyes before taking him out with a side Russian Leg Sweep. The Champion is catapulted into the corner. Hardy overshoots and ends up getting busted open after hitting the ring post. Hardy falls to the outside of the ring and Daniels waits a moment before diving over with a moonsault right on Hardy on the Impact floor. Daniels dominates Hardy for most of the match following the championís injury, but Hardy is able to kick out of a number of pinning attempts by the Fallen Angel. Christopher Daniels perches Hardy on the top rope and climbs up after him. He hits a frankenstiener and Hardy is sent to the canvas. Daniels continues to control the match, slapping Hardy in a Boston Crab. The Charismatic Enigma crawls to the ropes, but before he can grab on Daniels pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Hardy screams in pain as blood pours down his face. Finally the World Champion starts to get momentum and powers out of the Boston Crab. Daniels is astounded and attempts to go back to work on Hardy, but the Champion battles back and takes Daniels out with a couple of rights before whipping him into the ropes. Hardy clotheslines Daniels to the canvas and now has some offense in the match. Hardy whips Daniels into the ropes and follows through with a huge Clothesline; knocking the challenger out of the ring. Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope and dives off with a Swanton outside on Daniels. Fans do the ďThis is AwesomeĒ chant as Hardy and Daniels clash on the outside of the ring. Hardy rolls Daniels into the ring again and climbs in again. The Champion nails Daniels with a Twist of Fate and climbs back to the top rope again for the Swanton. As Hardy covers Daniels the lights in the Impact Zone go off again. For the second week in a row a cryptic message comes up saying ďYour end is near Jeff, he is coming for you. 13-1-31. The lights come back on and Hardy is left puzzled in the ring he turns back to find Daniels right behind him. Jeff is nailed with an Enzu Guiri and Daniels capitalizes with the Angel Wings. The Fallen Angel is about to cover Hardy when he decides to go for a second Angel Wings. Daniels finally makes the pin and Brian Hebner counts 1...2...3.
Christopher Daniels (9:56)

Christopher Daniels is in shock as he realizes he is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Kazarian comes down to the ring and they celebrate their victory as Hardy rolls out of the ring. Bad Influence is on top of the company now as Impact Wrestling goes off the air.

Matches to be announced soon

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