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World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Everyone knows, or at least every wrestling fan should know that March 2001, specifically March 26th, 2001 was the worst day in professional wrestling history. If you don't know why, I'll give you a recap. The bitter rival of the World Wrestling Federation; World Championship Wrestling ceased to exist - that's right, after the glorious period of the dubbed "Monday Night Wars", the WWF was on it's knees, on the brink of collapse as WCW's hot topics in the nWo & Sting raged on, gaining more and more interest as the weeks had gone by. What happened? Was it the Attitude Era? Was it WCW's bad choice in it's booking? Well, it was both.

In real life, everyone knows what fate lay ahead for the WCW name, Vince McMahon purchased the company from AOL-Time Warner and began what was a dull, anti-climatic invasion angle which seen WWF stars who hated WCW join forces with them, such as Steve Austin, Paul Heyman and others, it made little to no sense. Fans yearned for the big stars of the glory days from WCW to eventually show their faces on WWF Television but, it came to nothing. The biggest stars they had were Diamond Dallas Page who was jobbed out and made to look like a complete fool to the Brothers of Destruction and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T was made to be The Rock's bitch.

So, what do I do in this alternate reality to make what was bad into some good? For now, nothing. World Championship Wrestling has indeed been purchased and that was by Vince McMahon but, there was no announcement on March 26th, 2001 about the purchase, there was no simulcast with Shane McMahon claiming to now own the company the only press that WCW's purchase got was from the WWF Corporate website. Why was there no announcement made for WCW's purchase? We'll just have to wait to find that out, for now the WWF has continued with it's own story and own feuds for 2001, everything that happened at WrestleMania did happen and we join the promotion following Judgment Day 2001 where the Power Trip are in full force in taking over the company.

Judgment Day 2001 Results

William Regal def. Rikishi

Two Out Of Three Falls | Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit

WWF Hardcore Championship | Triple Threat Match | Rhyno © def. Test & The Big Show

WWF Womens Championship | Chyna © def. Lita

WWF Intercontinental Championship | Chain Match | Kane def. Triple H ©

WWF Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders | Tag Team Turmoil | Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit become #1 Contenders

WWF Championship | No Holds Barred | Stone Cold Steve Austin © def. The Undertaker
The Championships & Champions

WWF Championship - Steve Austin
WWF Intercontinental Championship - Kane
WWF Tag Team Championship - Two Man Power Trip
WWF European Championship - Matt Hardy
WWF Hardcore Championship - Rhyno
WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship - Jeff Hardy
WWF Women’s Championship - Chyna


The World Wrestling Federation Roster

Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Bubba Ray Dudley
Bull Buchanan
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Crash Holly
D-Lo Brown
D-Von Dudley
Dean Malenko
Eddie Guerrero
Grandmaster Sexay
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Jerry Lynn
Justin Credible
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Perry Saturn
Rikishi (Injured | Return Date November/December)
Scotty 2 Hotty
Spike Dudley
Steve Blackman
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
TAKA Michinoku
The Goodfather
The Rock (Filming & Promotiing “The Mummy Returns” | Return Date Unspecified)
Triple H
Val Venis
William Regal

The Divas

Molly Holly
Trish Stratus

The Stables

“The Dudleyz” - Bubba-Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley
“ECK” - Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle
“The X-Factor” - X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert
“The Radicalz” - Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
“The Hollys” - Crash, Hardcore and Molly Holly

The Tag Teams

“The Brothers of Destruction” - The Undertaker and Kane
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho
Edge and Christian
“The Dudleyz” - Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley
“The Hardyz” - Matt and Jeff Hardy
“The A.P.A.” - Bradshaw and Faarooq
“Too Cool” - Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty
“Kaientai” - TAKA Michinoku and Funaki

Other On-Air Personalities

WWF Chairman - Vince McMahon
WWF CEO - Linda McMahon
WWF Commissioner - William Regal
RAW is WAR Announce Team - Jim Ross & Paul Heyman
Smackdown! Announce Team - Michael Cole & Tazz
RAW is WAR Ring Announcer - Howard Finkel
Smackdown! Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel
RAW is WAR Backstage Interviewer - Jonathan Coachman
Smackdown! Backstage Interviewer - Lillian Garcia

Television Programming

RAW is WAR | Monday Nights | 120 mins. | TNN
Smackdown! | Thursday Nights | 120 mins. | UPN
Heat | Sunday Nights | 60 mins. | MTV

Pay-Per-View Schedule

King of the Ring | June 24, 2001 | Continental Airlines Arena | East Rutherford, New Jersey
Fully Loaded | July 22, 2001 | Gund Arena | Cleveland, Ohio
SummerSlam | August 19, 2001 | Compaq Center | San Jose, California
Unforgiven | September 23, 2001 | Mellon Arena | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
No Mercy | October 21, 2001 | Savvis Center | St. Louis, Missouri
Survivor Series | November 18, 2001 | Greensboro Coliseum | Greensboro, North Carolina
Vengeance | December 9, 2001 | San Diego Sports Arena | San Diego, California

Ohio Valley Wrestling

BJ Payne
Brock Lesnar
Nick Dinsmore
Randy Orton
Rico Constantino
Rob Conway
Shelton Benjamin
The Damaja
The Machine
The Prototype

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

This is definitely an interesting time period to start with, no competition for the WWF really did affect the product no end. I wasn't a huge fan of the two man power trip to be honest but I suppose I will have to wait and see how you book that situation. The roster is pretty packed without the addition of any WCW or ECW guys. But that doesn't mean to say I wouldn't like to see a few more stars added to see how you push them.

I think you may have got the list of champions slightly wrong, as you have Rock listed as the champion but Austin just defeated Undertaker at the last Pay Per View. As well as a few others. Other than that it looks like a solid start and I will be reading and reviewing.
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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Really enjoyed your last thread, was gutted when you ended it. However this is a fantastic period to book, so many avenues you can go down. Will definitely be reading, good luck mate
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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Everything looks really solid. The backstory you gave us was good as well. Very interested in reading this because I know you got dem booking skills. I hope this is the one you stick with, goodluck!

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was


Earlier tonight, we saw Stone Cold Steve Austin successfully retain the World Wrestling Federation Championship against bitter rival, The Undertaker in what was a hellacious but controversial No Holds Barred match. Thanks to the help of the othe rhalf of the WWF Tag Team Champions, Triple H, The Undertaker was royally screwed out of the most prestigious prize in the history of professional wrestling. The Undertaker had the match won, finding his second wind after having his brains scrambled following a hard Steel Chair shot. With Undertaker somehow back in control and coming close to ending the reign of Steve Austin, the fans were on their feet but, this soon turned to disgust and disappointment as The Game would nail The Deadman with his coveted Sledgehammer and even though Kane tried to make the save, he was all but too late and Stone Cold Steve Austin was handed the win. Following the match after the event had come to a close, the World Wrestling Federation Champion let know that The Undertaker will not be in line for another shot as all his chances at the World Wrestling Federation Championship are over. With The Undertaker now apparently out of the title picture, the door is open to many other WWF superstars who think they have what it takes to take down the man who claims he 'cannot be stopped'.

However, even with the albeit successful victory for Steve Austin, the grass wasn't so green on the other sides of things when it came to the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Triple H's match who battled and lost his championship to The Big Red Machine in a chain match. With Kane's victory over Triple H, he can now ink his name in the illustrious title history of the Intercontinental Championships, putting his name next to the likes of Pat Patterson, Tito Santana, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and many others.

In other somewhat shocking news, Chris Jericho had been teasing a new tag team partner for the Tag Team Turmoil match which would grant the winners a #1 Contenders shot at the WWF Tag Team Championships, his partner shockingly turned out to be the man who had lost to Kurt Angle in a 2 out of 3 Falls match earlier in the night, that being Chris Benoit. The match came down to the veteran tag team of Edge & Christian and obviously Jericho & Benoit and in the end, Jericho & Benoit were able to topple Edge & Christian and gain that shot at the WWF Tag Team Championships. With Jericho & Benoit in line for the first shot at the tag team championships, that means they are going to face the duo of the Two Man Power-Trip, the question is, when will it happen?

As mentioned above, Kurt Angle was successful in recapturing his 1996 Olympic Gold Medals from Chris Benoit in what was a classic 2 out of 3 falls match. Angle was quick to lose fall 1 to Benoit following Angle's own Angle Slam but, Kurt Angle was able to capture the second fall, forcing Benoit to submit to the ankle lock and from here, the Ladder Match rules came into play as the Gold Medals dangled high above the ring. After back and forth action throughout, Kurt was the one to climb the rungs and retrieve what was rightfully his and walk out the victor. This isn't one Kurt is going to let go down quickly and will be sure to brag about it to Mr. McMahon & Stone Cold Steve Austin tomorrow night on RAW is WAR whenever he gets the chance.

One man who somehow managed to dodge the curse of the 24/7 Rule in regards to the Hardcore Championship was Rhyno who successfully defeated Test & The Big Show in a Triple Threat Match. With multiple superstars after the WWF Hardcore Championship, one would bet that Rhyno's days as champion are numbered. There's no telling who will sneak up on him to try and get that championship.


Following Judgment Day, the feud between the Power Trip & the Brothers of Destruction is said to be over, at least for the time being. Undertaker is expected to take a few weeks off to nurse some nagging injuries caused as far back as WrestleMania and Kane is expected to enter into a feud for the Intercontinental Championship with a mid card talent. Austin & Triple H are pretty much confirmed to be entering into a feud with new number one contenders tot heir tag team championships, that being Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho. It is, at present unknown what will happen with the WWF Championship in the mean time. If the expected match between the Power Trip and Benoit & Jericho occurs at King of the Ring, Austin may be forced to defend the WWF Championship too on the same night however, with the King of the Ring PPV likely stacked with several matches related to the King of the Ring tournament, Austin may get off lightly.

The King of the Ring will be going into full force on RAW is WAR tomorrow night, rumoured names to win the tournament have been Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle for the second year running and Matt Hardy. The most likely to take the crown would be Kurt Angle, it had been rumoured that Angle was in line for a push towards the WWF Championship with a face turn as a result of getting tired of the whole Austin/McMahon relationship. The tag teams of Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz are expected to split at some point in 2001 with the former possibly entering a brief feud with each other.

The Light-Heavyweight Championship is expected to be retired in the coming months, the feeling is that with no direct competition from any Wrestling organisation, the WWF are pulling back on some of their divisions to spend more time on others, along with the Light-Heavyweight Championship it has been considered that either the Hardcore Championship or European Championship will also be heading for retirement however, the focus right now is the Light-Heavyweight Championships exit from television.

Finally, there has been discussion on pulling back on the amount of television the WWF produces on a weekly basis. RAW is WAR is not going to be touched in regards to this however, there idea of scaling Smackdown from 2 hours to 1 hour 30 minutes or just 1 hour has been suggested and also, removing heat from TV has also been suggested. Should any changes occur to any of these two products of WWF television, it would be highly expected to see several superstars part ways with the company.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

RAW is WAR Preview

Less than twenty-four hours removed from last nights Judgment Day event, speculation had been buzzing in regards to the health of The Undertaker following the match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and after further examination by top World Wrestling Federation officials and medical personnel it has now been discovered and confirmed that The Undertaker suffered a severe concussion following the sledgehammer shot from Triple H at the conclusion of the match and this is expected to keep the WWF superstar sidelined until at least the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, if not later. Stone Cold Steve Austin has be allocated the opening slot for tonight's RAW is WAR to address the events of Judgment Day and also to address what lays ahead for him and the WWF Championship.

However, Austin may have his hands filled as quick as they became empty as new number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championships were determined last night at Judgment Day with Chris Jericho and a surprising partner, Chris Benoit able to defeat several other teams in tag team turmoil. Will Jericho & Benoit be announcing when their match with the WWF Tag Team Champions be made on RAW is WAR tonight?

The Intercontinental Champion, Kane is slated to defend his newly won gold less than twenty-four hours after capturing it for the first time in his gruelling chain match with Triple H but, shockingly Kane is not defending the championship against Triple H, instead the WWF Commissioner has ruled that Test will be the one to face The Big Red Machine for the prestigious gold. With the Big Red Machine beat up badly, can he possibly fight off the man who is almost equal in size to him and successfully retain the Intercontinental Championship or will Kane repeat history and have his name put in the books as one of the shortest reigns in history?

The WWF owner, Vince McMahon will also be in attendance tonight for RAW is WAR - it has been announced that Mr. McMahon has an announcement to make regarding the upcoming King of the Ring tournament and said tournament is expected to be kicked off as early as tonights RAW is WAR with many WWF Superstars scrambling to earn the prestigious trophy.

Also, Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle will be in attendance tonight and will most certainly have something to say regarding his victory over Chris Benoit at last nights Judgment Day and there will be hardcore action when Rhyno defends his WWF Hardcore Championship against The Big Show.
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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Very interesting. 2001 is a great time period to work on. The backstory was solid, you got a great roster and a lot of potential for this thread. Hope this is the thread that works out for you and you stick with this. Good luck.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

See, this is sort of what I had in mind for my '01 thread but I never really got it off the ground. Hopefully you do more or less the same, and I get why you'd start here at JD. Just directly before HHH's nasty quad injury.

Certainly has potential, and I'm certainly going to be a reader of Raw is War when it'll be posted. Looking forward to it.

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Hope we get to see more WCW stars such as Booker T, or maybe even Sting if we're lucky

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Re: World Wrestling Federation™ 2001 - The Year That Was

Or perhaps we even get to see more WCW stars invade along with ECW superstars as well, and what better time to start the invasion than right now

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