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CNew2 01-22-2013 02:04 AM

WWE 2013 - A New Path

WWE Board Members
Vince McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Paul Levesque

Television Shows
Monday Night Raw
Friday Night SmackDown

Pay Per Views
Royal Rumble
January 27 - Phoenix, AZ
Elimination Chamber
February 17 - New Orleans, LA
WrestleMania 29
April 7 - East Rutherford, NJ
Extreme Rules
May 19 - St. Louis, MO

June 16 - Chicago, IL
King of the Ring
July 14 - Philadelphia, PA
August 18 - Los Angeles, CA
Night of Champions
September 15 - Detroit, MI
Over The Limit
October 6 - Buffalo, NY
Hell In A Cell
October 27 - Miami, FL
Survivor Series
November 24 - Boston, MA
December 15 - Houston, TX


Monday Night Raw Information

Management & Other Personnel

Co-General Manager - Vickie Guerrero
Co-General Manager - Stone Cold Steve Austin
Commentator - Michael Cole
Color Commentator - Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Interviewer - Josh Matthews
Interviewer - Matt Striker
Ring Announcer - Lillian Garcia


WWE Champion
- The Rock -
January 27 (Royal Rumble)

United States Champion
- Xavier Woods -
February 4 (Raw)

Divas Champion
- Mickie James -
April 7 (WrestleMania XXIX)

WWE Tag Team Champions
- The Shield -
May 19 (Extreme Rules)

face superstar
heel superstar
face diva
heel diva

Antonio Cesaro
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Ezekiel Jackson
John Cena

Kassius Ohno
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
Rey Mysterio
The Rock

Roman Reigns
Santino Marella (injured)
Seth Rollins
Shelton Benjamin
Sin Cara

Ted DiBiase
William Regal
Xavier Woods
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Mickie James

Rosa Mendes


Friday Night SmackDown Information

Management & Other Personnel

General Manager - Booker T (injured)
Interim General Manager - Teddy Long
Commentator - Josh Matthews
Color Commentator - John Bradshaw Layfield
Interviewer - Matt Striker
Ring Announcer - Justin Roberts


World Heavyweight Champion
- Dolph Ziggler -
February 17 (Elimination Chamber)

Intercontinental Champion
- Wade Barrett -
December 29 (Raw)

Divas Champion
- Mickie James -
April 7 (WrestleMania XXIX)

WWE Tag Team Champions
- The Shield -
May 19 (Extreme Rules)

face superstar
heel superstar
face diva
heel diva

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley

Big E Langston
Chris Jericho

Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow
Darren Young
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne

Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel

Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Percy Watson
Randy Orton
Shad Gaspard

Titus O'Neil
Tyson Kidd
Undertaker (injured)

Wade Barrett

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Mickie James

Rosa Mendes


WWE Developemental NXT Information

Management & Other Personnel

NXT Host - Matt Striker
Match Coordinator - William Regal
Commishioner - Dusty Rhodes
Commentator - Jim Ross
Color Commentator - Tony Dawson
Color Commentator - Tom Phillips
Ring Announcer - Byron Saxton


NXT Champion
- Bo Dallas -

NXT Tag Team Champions
- Adam Mercer & Oliver Grey -

NXT Superstars
Adam Mercer
Adrian Neville
Aiden English
Alexander Rusev
Angelo Dawkins
Axl Keegan
Bo Dallas
Brad Maddox
Brandon Traven
Bray Wyatt
Briley Pierce
CJ Parker
Colin Cassady
Corey Graves
Curtis Axel
Dante Dash
Denton Blackwell
Derrick Bateman
Enzo Amore
Erick Rowan
J Bronson
Jason Jordan
Jinder Mahal
Judas Devlin
Knuckles Madsen
Leo Kruger
Luke Harper
Memo Montenegro
Mike Dalton
Oliver Grey
Richie Steamboat
Rick Victor
Scott Dawson
Sylvester Lefort

NXT Divas
Sasha Banks
Summer Rae
Velvet Sky


Tag Teams & Stables
3MB (Slater/McIntyre/Mahal)
American Wolves (Edwards/Richards)
Cryme Tyme (Gaspard/JTG)
Epico & Primo
Primetime Players (O'Neil/Young)
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
Ring of Honor Stable (Punk/Benjamin/Edwards/Generico/Haas/McGuinness/Rhino/Richards/Steen)
Team Road Scholars (Rhodes/Sandow)
The Shield (Ambrose/Reigns/Rollins)
World's Greatest Tag Team (Benjamin/Haas)

Other On-Air Personalities
Bret Hart
Kevin Nash
Mick Foley
Paul Heyman
Ric Flair
Ricardo Rodriguez
Roddy Piper
Sgt. Slaughter
Shane McMahon
Shawn Michaels
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H
Zeb Coulter

credits - photobucket & wwe.com
I'm rusty with this, so bear with me, hopefully you'll enjoy it

SHUDEYE 01-22-2013 02:38 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
Set out pretty nice. What's the go with the rosters though, is everyone just going to appear on every show or is that just a list of every superstar?

SHUDEYE 01-22-2013 02:45 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
EDIT: Oops.

CNew2 01-22-2013 03:57 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Match One - WWE Tag Team Championship - Normal Tag
Team Hell No(c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
The Royal Rumble kicked off with a solid tag team match as Team Hell No managed to retain their tag team titles against Team Rhodes Scholars. Bryan & Kane kept Rhodes & Sandow at bay early on, getting the crowd behind them, but soon the crowd favorites found themselves on the other end of the attack. Kane sat on the outside as Bryan was pummeled by both members back and forth, before finally managing to tag in his partner, allowing Kane to enter and clean house of both men. The end of the match saw Bryan take out Rhodes with a suicide dive, leaving Sandow to be dealt with by The Big Red Machine, who sent him crashing to the canvas with a Chokeslam before securing the pinfall victory.
Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Team Hell No

Match Two - World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing
Alberto Del Rio(c) vs. The Big Show
The Big Show had been looking forward to this match ever since he lost the World Title to Del Rio and for the first part of the match, the challenger was hardset on punishing the current Champion for taking his title. The Big Show overpowered Del Rio, sending him, several times, into the steel ring steps and the ring post, before getting a chair and laying into the back of Del Rio. However, the Champion kept getting back to his feet, each time chopping Big Show down for a small session of offense before The Big Show would counter and enflict more damage. The turning point for Del Rio was when he managed to get a steel chair himself and smack it several times across the back of The Big Show, before belting him over the head. From there, Del Rio rolled the giant onto the announce table, before heading to the top turnbuckle and delivering a huge elbow drop, sending both men through the table! The referee had started his count, but when the count reached 8 both men were back up to their feet, allbeit wobbling. Neither man seemed like they were going to stay down for an entire ten count, but Del Rio managed to catch a break as The Big Show, while on the outside of the ring, managed to grab ahold of Ricardo Rodriguez, before delivering his Knockout Punch, sending him to the floor in a heap. This distraction allowed Del Rio to head to the outside, before flipping over and bringing the challenger to the ground, locking in the Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio had The Big Show tapping out and then released the hold, before taking the steel ring steps and sending them crashing down ontop of The Big Show. The referee started his count, Del Rio pressing all of his weight on the steps to keep Show from getting up and as the referee reached nine, Alberto stumbled to his feet just before the ten count, retaining his title!
Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion - Alberto Del Rio

Match Three - WWE Diva's Championship - Triple Threat
Kaitlyn(c) vs. Tamina vs. Alicia Fox
The new Diva's Champion was pushed into a huge challenge to defend her Diva's Championship, having to face a former Diva's Title holder and one of the strongest women in the WWE. Tamina was out to show off her strength, over-powering both women in the beginning, looking like the favorite to bring home the title. Alicia Fox soon showed off her skills that made her a Diva's Champion, nearly managing to sneak out with the victory on several different occasions. Then it was the Champion's turn to show what she had, all the grit and determination to hang onto the title and after a couple of near-falls and Tamina planting Alicia Fox into the canvas, Kaitlyn sent Tamina to the outside before covering Fox to get the three count.
Winner & STILL WWE Diva's Champion - Kaitlyn

Match Four - WWE Championship - Singles Match
CM Punk(c) vs. The Rock
In, probably, the most anticipated match of the evening, CM Punk put his WWE Title on the line against The Great One, who was making his first trip back into the squared circle as a competitor since WrestleMania. The two men started the contest off slow, testing and feeling the other one out, The Rock showing off his strength and size, over-powering the champion. Meanwhile, Punk used his overall ability, his quick kicks to try and chop the bigger Rock down and slow him down. Eventually the match picked up, each man trading offense with the other for extended periods of time, gaining nearfalls along the way. The match spilled out to the outside floor a couple of times, each man taking their turn to enflict serious punishment to the other, whether it was from the barricade, the announce table, the steel steps or the steel ring post. Once the action returned to the squared circle, CM Punk began to wear down the challenger, locking in several submission attempts, keeping The Rock, and the crowd, at bay. The match went on, The Rock battling back, getting the crowd amped up as he took the fight to the champion, getting his own spurt of offense in. Then began the back and forth from both men, each managing to counter the others attempts at the GTS and Rock Bottom respectively. Finally, it was The Rock who managed to land the Spinebuster, but when going for The People's Elbow, Punk spring to his feet, lifting The Rock onto his shoulders and connecting with the GTS! The Champion rolled on top of The Rock, only to have The Brahma Bull somehow kick out just before the referee's hand hit the mat for three! The frustration was clear on Punk's face and as he lifted The Rock back onto his shoulders for a second GTS, The Rock countered and hit The Rock Bottom, making the cover and getting the three count!
Winner & NEW WWE Champion - The Rock

Main Event - The Royal Rumble Match
Thirty WWE Superstars
-The Shield looked very dominent throughout the Rumble Match, even eliminating several smaller superstars, as well as a few key names like Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston.
-Surprise entrants included: Brock Lesnar, who eliminated six superstars, before being eliminated by Triple H, who was not a participant in this years Rumble; Carlito, getting a rather loud pop from the crowd and lasting quite a while before finally being eliminated by Roman Reigns; Shelton Benjamin, wowing the crowd with his athleticism, Benjamin took out a couple of superstars before getting thrown out by Antonio Cesaro.
-The final eight men were: All three members of The Shield, John Cena, Ryback, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler & Antonio Cesaro.
-Brad Maddox tried to leave his mark on the Rumble, jumping the barricade and entering the ring when it was down to eight, but was ultimately sent flying over the top rope by John Cena.
-An unidentified man, soon after Maddox was disposed of, entered the squared circle and proceeded to dump John Cena over the top rope, costing him his potential shot. Cena sat in shock and confusement as the man sprinted into the backstage area, Cena soon giving chase.
-When it was all said and done, after Cesaro eliminated Ambrose and Ryback sent the other two members of The Shield out of the Rumble, it was Ziggler who eliminated the US Champion, leaving us with Ziggler & Ryback. In the end, it was Ryback who clotheslined Mr. Money In The Bank over the top rope, securing his title shot at WrestleMania!

Winner - Ryback

I decided to just do some quick results for the Rumble and start my BTB from there, gives me a fresh slate to work with and not just trying to add onto WWE-built storylines for another week and then do results. Hope you guys enjoy.

CNew2 01-22-2013 03:58 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
Just a list of every superstar basically, most will appear on every show, but others will be mostly on one specific one. If that makes any kind of sense whatsoever lol.

CNew2 01-22-2013 06:20 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
Royal Rumble News & Notes Plus Raw Preview

Contenders Match...Or Chamber Defense
-With The Rock being crowned the new WWE Champion, WWE officials are now determining whether or not they want to give CM Punk his rematch One on One at the Elimination Chamber, leaving one chamber match open to determine the Number One Contender, or to have The Rock defend his WWE Title inside the Elimination Chamber, with Punk guaranteed one of the spots.

The Mysery Man Stays A Mystery...For Now
-Everyone's keeping a pretty tight-lip on the identity of the man who eliminated John Cena from the Royal Rumble. While there isn't a clear understanding of who this person is, look for this to stretch out past the Elimination Chamber, possibly even past WrestleMania. People have already began to speculate on who this mystery man could be, everyone from Chris Jericho to Stone Cold Steve Austin has been rumored, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Time For A Change?
-With Ryback winning the Royal Rumble and The Rock being crowned the new WWE Champion, it seems as though Del Rio's time as World Champion may be coming to an end. Officials won't want a Face vs. Face title match to headline WrestleMania, so look for Del Rio to drop the WHC at the Elimination Chamber. Unless creative is planning on adding someone into the mix for a potential triple threat match at WrestleMania.

A Fresh Batch
-Monday Night Raw will feature some fresh faces that the WWE Audience either hasn't seen in quite some time, or hasn't seen really at all. But with Ryback choosing the Championship he wishes to pursue, John Cena wanting answers, Raw should be a hotbed of activity and drama. Expect to see some NXT or even some FCW stars.

Cesaro Moving Up?
-Also, with the recent success of Antonio Cesaro, WWE Officials are extremely high on him and seem to think that the United States Title isn't good enough for him. While this isn't finalized, I would not expect Cesaro to be US Champion for very much longer and there has even been talk of him being a potential Chamber participant.

ThatWeirdGuy 01-22-2013 07:15 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
Your Rumble results were very interesting, and I was surprised that you went with Ryback to win the Rumble, I was thinking it would be Cena. I have no clue who this mystery man could be either, so I'll be checking up on this to see where you are going with that one.

Good to make your mark on the thread by planning on bringing in some new faces, but I wouldn't waste all of your debuts on one show, just because the more debuts you have at once, the less significant they all become in my eyes. Especially as you are in the RTWM; just something you need to be careful of.

Also, push Cesaro to the moon plz.

Will you be writing the shows in full? I'll be reading (Y)

Terry Gyimah 01-22-2013 11:34 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
I loved your Royal Rumble results and definitely love the fact of Ryback winning the Royal Rumble and a mystery man eliminating Cena, definitely love that initiative but I have my theories as to who the mystery man is, but love that Carlito and Shelton Benjamin made their returns but I really hope they stick around

CNew2 01-23-2013 07:44 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
January 28th, 2013
Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, Nevada


Screencaps and highlights are shown from last nights Royal Rumble pay per view, showing the various winners of each contest and a brief commentary on their victory. The screen cuts from Team Hell No defending their tag titles to Kaitlyn defending her Diva's Championship, all the way to The Rock ending CM Punk's 400+-day reign to become the new WWE Champion. Finally, several screenshots are shown of the Royal Rumble match itself, settling in on a Mystery Man coming into the ring and eliminating John Cena, to his, and the fans, disbelief.

Michael Cole "John Cena has just been eliminated from the Royal Rumble!"

Jerry Lawler "But by who? Who was that guy?!"

The screenshots end with Dolph Ziggler and Ryback being shown as the final two men left in the Rumble, battling back and forth as Ryback is crowned the Royal Rumble winner, clotheslining Ziggler over the top rope!


The video package ends showing Ryback with his arms raised high in the air, victorious, a chorus of "FEED ME MORE" coming from the Sold-Out crowd as the Royal Rumble comes to a close.
The fallout from the Royal Rumble has arrived as Michael Cole, along with Jerry 'The King' Lawler, welcome the television audience to Monday Night Raw. The crowd in attendance are on their feet, cheering loudly as cameras pan all around the arena. My Time Is Now blasts over the P.A System as John Cena slowly makes his way out onto the staging area, the crowd gives their usual mixed reaction of cheers and boo's towards him as he gives a salute, before sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the squared circle. Once the crowd quieted down, John Cena began to address last nights pay per view, specifically the mystery man who eliminated him from the Royal Rumble. Cena dared the unknown superstar to make another appearance, staring toward the entrance way and all around the arena as he waited.


The arrival of Vickie Guerrero was not what Cena was expecting and as she walked out from the behind the curtain the crowd let her know just how they felt about her. She stood on the stage, telling Cena that she felt really bad for what happened to him last night, a sarcastic smirk on her face. Before Cena was allowed to speak, Vickie announced that the reason she was out here was to get to the bottom of this, as well. She did not want some mystery man reeking havoc on her show. Also, Vickie announced that tonight, qualifying matches would take place for the Elimination Chamber and that since John Cena was unjustly eliminated at the Royal Rumble, that he would get a Qualifying Match tonight. The crowd seemed rather shocked at how Vickie was acting towards Cena, until they found out that John Cena's opponent would be All Three Members of The Shield! Vickie laughed hysterically as John Cena looked on in anger, Raw cutting to a commercial.

--Commercial Break--

Back from commercial break World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio and WWE Champion, The Rock, stand facing one another, eyeing the other one with great intent. Before either one of them could say a word to one another Vince McMahon enters the picture with the Royal Rumble winner, Ryback! The crowd cheers loudly as Ryback stares both men up and down, Vince wanting to know right now which Champion Ryback wants to face come WrestleMania. After several seconds of weighing his options, Ryback turns his attention squarely towards The Brahma Bull, getting a huge ovation for the potential Rock vs. Ryback Main Event! Then, however, Ryback simply shakes his head and turns back to face the World Heavyweight Champion, before glancing towards Vince and nodding his head. Vince McMahon smirks before announcing that Ryback has chosen to go after the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio! Unless of course, he manages to lose his Championship from now until then, inside the Elimination Chamber.

Vickie Guerrero was shown walking backstage, before being halted by the former WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk looked very displeased, telling Vickie that since he was the former WWE Champion, he was entitled to a rematch to reclaim it. The GM of Raw stopped him right there, telling him that he was entitled to a rematch, which was why the qualifying matches were for the Number One Contenders Elimination Chamber. This brought a sinister grin to Punk's face as Vickie left him there, cameras cutting back to the squared circle.

The United States Champion Antonio Cesaro stood inside the ring, microphone in hand, as he announced that he was the greatest US Champion in the history of the WWE. When the crowd boo'd him heavily, he looked around and told them that he would have no problems proving it too them, which was why he was issuing an open-challenge to ANY American to come down to the ring and face him for the US Title. A few seconds past before suddenly Ain't No Stoppin' Me! hit the P.A System, Shelton Benjamin making his return to Monday Night Raw! Cesaro looked on, somewhat nervous, not expecting to see Benjamin.

Opening Contest - United States Championship - Singles Match
Antonio Cesaro(c) vs. Shelton Benjamin
-Cesaro and Benjamin locked up in the middle of the ring, Shelton took the upperhand early, showing off his technical wrestling ability, causing Cesaro to exit the ring and regroup a couple of different times. The Champion then got on the offensive, booting Benjamin in the gut, before sending several forearms into his ribcage and showing off his strength. The crowd rallied behind Shelton as Cesaro continued to wear him down, gaining a couple of near falls along the way. Shelton battled back, taking the fight to the US Champion, now showing off his versatility and athleticism...which was short-lived before the Champion capitalized on Shelton going to the air one-too many times. Again Shelton was worn down, grounded and continuously mauled by the Champion, but when Shelton began to fight back the crowd roared him on which saw him take control. Several quick-hit moves by Benjamin had Cesaro reeling and when Shelton landed the Exploder Suplex, it seemed like there would be a new Champion, but he managed to place his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Shelton pulled the Champion up to his feet, only to be grabbed by his trunks and pulled him chest and face first into the turnbuckle. Antonio then set Benjamin up, connecting with The Neutralizer, covering Benjamin and getting the three count!-
Winner and STILL US Champion - Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro quickly rolled out of the ring, clutching his US Championship once the referee handed it to him, staring toward Shelton who still was lying inside the squared circle. He then smirked, raising the title above his head, making a statement against the returning Benjamin.

--Commercial Break--

Match Two - Elimination Chamber Qualifier - Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal
-The qualifying match saw polar opposites when it comes to in-ring styles going against one another. The high-flying Kofi Kingston took on the vicious, ground-oriented William Regal. Kofi did not get off to the start he was hoping for as Regal mauled the young high-flyer, driving repated knees and elbows into his ribs and knee. Anytime Kingston started to go on the offensive, Regal managed to chop-block him down, continuing to assault the knee. However, Regal couldn't keep Kofi down forever as he finally managed a lengthy spurt on offense...doing as much damage as he could on a hobbled leg. The end of the contest saw Regal once again try to chop the knee out from under Kingston, but Kofi leaped over him before connecting with the Trouble In Paradise and getting the victory!-
Winner - Kofi Kingston

As Kofi celebrates his victory the cameras head backstage as Brock Lesnar is shown standing by with Josh Matthews. Josh asks Lesnar about the Royal Rumble last night and if he feels his elimination was fair, given what transpired. Brock tells him that of course his elimination wasn't fair, because he was eliminated by a man who wasn't even in the Royal Rumble. Before Lesnar could speak any further on the matter, Triple H came storming forward, tackling Brock onto the ground, both men rolling around throwing wild punches towards one another. Backstage officials and referees intervened to break them up and seperate them, which broguth in Vickie Guerrero who yelled at both men. Vickie said it was time for them to settle this feud once and for all, tonight, inside a steel cage! But, before she left, she added that the winner would qualify for the Elimination Chamber! Both men continued to try and break free to get to the other as the cameras cut away.

Brodus Clay is seen backstage laughing and joking with an official. The laughing quickly stopped as CM Punk stepped into the picture, both men staring the other dead in their eyes. Punk asked Brodus why he goes out every single week and humiliates himself infront of the entire world, acting all corny and dancing, when he could be one of the most dominent monsters this company has ever seen. Brodus doesn't say a word, he just glares down CM Punk as he continues to tell Brodus that if he doesn't get his act together soon, then he'll become just another passer-by that's a laughing-stock to the entire company. CM Punk gives a quick smirk before walking off, Clay continuing to glare angrily in his direction.

The commentators promote that the new WWE Champion will address the WWE Universe later tonight LIVE on Monday Night Raw.

--Commercial Break--

Matt Striker catches up with John Cena backstage and asks him about the Mystery Man who, potentially, cost him the Royal Rumble. Cena says there's not much to say, whenever he finds out who did it, then they will have to deal with the wrath and fury that John Cena brings on them. As for tonight, Striker wonders how Cena will be able to go against all three members of The Shield. John Cena gives The Shield their credit, saying they've made a tremendous impact in the WWE up until this point, but tonight he has a shot to qualify for the Elimination Chamber and ultimately regain the WWE Championship...and he will not be denied that chance.

Match Three - Elimination Chamber Qualifier - Tag Team Match
Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The Miz & Rey Mysterio
-This wasn't the first time The Miz & Mysterio had teamed up together, but certainly they did not have the chemistry of Rhodes Scholars. However, it was Mysterio who came out firing, sending Sandown reeling to the outside, before performing a huge springboard plancha onto him! Mysterio continued to take the fight to Sandow and when both men tagged their partner in, it was more of the same from the crowd favorites as The Miz sent Cody Rhodes into the corner and pounded away at him. Rhodes Scholars managed to gain the upper-hand when Sandow clocked The Miz when the referee wasn't looking, allowing Cody to plant him with a DDT. From there, Rhodes & Sandow took turns tagging one another in to keep themselves fresh as they looked to take apart The Miz. Once Mysterio was tagged in he brought the crowd back to life, using several high-flying moves against both members of Rhodes Scholars. Back and forth the match went from there, both teams nearly scoring pinfalls for their teams...and Rhodes almost managed to steal one for his team, hooking the tights of The Miz, but he kicked out after two. The finish saw Mysterio and Rhodes get dumped to the outside by their respective opponents and eventually The Miz connected with the Skull Crushing Finale and gaining the pinfall!-
Winners - The Miz & Rey Mysterio

Another grainy hand-held video camera shot comes onto the screen as The Shield are shown standing side by side, staring into the camera. Ambrose starts by claiming they have taken the WWE by storm, taking on injustice at every single turn and tonight will be no different. Then each man takes their turn saying that it's their time within this company now and what better place to announce that, than tonight, when they take out John Cena. The video ends with each man telling the world what their name is, the camera being placed back on the floor and cutting off.

Match Four - Elimination Chamber Qualifier - Singles Match
Brodus Clay vs. Santino Marella
-Brodus Clay seemed to take the words of CM Punk to heart, because he came out on a mission against Santino, dominating him throughout. Several times the referee was on the verge of disqualifying Clay, who continued to beat down and punish an almost lifeless Santino. Finally, Brodus Clay ended things, introducing his finisher from FCW, a Tongan Death Grip into a Chokeslam, which he calls G-Grip! Clay covered the unconcious Santino and got the three count.-
Winner - Brodus Clay

The referee checked on Santino, Brodus Clay staring angrily down towards him as CM Punk once again made an appearance, this time in the backstage staring at a monitor, clapping at the carnage Brodus had produced. Brodus wasn't done just yet, as he picked Santino back up off the canvas and delivered another G-Grip! Punk just stood there with a sly smirk on his face.

--Commercial Break--

Back from commercial break and the crowd erupted onto their feet as IF YA SMELL... hit the P.A System, the newly crowned WWE Champion storming through the backstage curtains and out into view. He stared around the sold-out Thomas & Mack Center before heading toward the squared circle and entering. Once on the microphone, The Rock went into his usual thing, entertaining the crowd with his jokes and usual catchphrases. When he talked about becoming the new WWE Champion, that's when he was interrupted as Cult of Personality hit and out came CM Punk. The former champion wanted everyone to amek sure they didn't get too excited for The Rock as their WWE Champion, because he was merely the transition between both of CM Punk's legendary reigns. Punk said that there was a conspiracy going on throughout this company and that they did not want a guy like CM Punk to be mentioned with the likes of Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino, which is why they brought back The Rock. That's where The Rock stopped him, telling CM Punk, the WWE Universe and the entire WWE that he was here to stay, which caused a huge uproar from the sold out crowd. CM Punk just shook his head, saying that The Rock has made plenty of promises he couldn't keep and that this would just be another one because at the Elimination Chamber, CM Punk was going to take back what was rightfully his and there was nothing anyone, not even The Great One, could do about it. His theme music re-hit the P.A System and CM Punk headed back into the backstage leaving The Rock to stand inside the ring, clutching the WWE Title.

Josh Matthews stood backstage with Ryback and asked him how and why he chose to go after the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Ryback went to answer, but suddenly in stepped Mr. Money In The Bank, Dolph Ziggler, who reminded Ryback of his briefcase and claimed that if Ryback was going to go after the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania, then he would be facing none other than Dolph Ziggler. Just as Dolph went to leave he was grabbed by the arm, Ryback telling him that no matter who was the Champion, at the end of WrestleMania, they would be lying on their backs as he was proclaimed the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Match Five - Elimination Chamber Qualifier - Handicap Match
John Cena vs. The Sheild
-As the match got underway, Michael Cole explains the rules behind this, that whomever pins John Cena will be the one representing The Shield inside the Elimination Chamber, if they are victorious. Early on The Shield used their numbers to their advantage, one man distracting the referee as the other two would beat down Cena and slam him against the steps outside. Each man keeping Cena at bay, not allowing him to gain any sort of an advantage. Obviously, that strategy didn't last for long as Cena came roaring back, shoulder blocking Rollins before clotheslining the other two men out of the ring. John Cena kept Seth Rollins away from his corner for several minutes, wearing down the newcomer and continuing to dump Ambrose and Reigns outside. Eventually the numbers game reared its ugly head, the referee not being able to keep up with all three men, which allowed Ambrose to drag Cena out of the ring and send him violently into the steel steps. As he rolled back in the ring he was met by Roman Reigns who showed his brute strength, tossing Cena around the ring and sending stiff right hands into his head. John Cena continued to scratch and claw his way back into the contest, ducking an attempted clothesline by Reigns, who ended up hitting the referee, and delivering a back suplex. Rollins came sprinting into the ring only to be picked up and sent crashing down with an Attitude Adjustment! Then it was Ambrose's turn as he too was hit with an AA which was over the top rope and then Roman Reigns completed the trifecta of Attitude Adjustments! Just as he delivered that to Reigns the lights went out, the commentators wondering what was happening. As the lights came back on John Cena was lying flat on his back, both Reigns and Rollins laid ontop of him. The referee slowly came to his senses, crawling over and counting the very slow three count!-
Winners - The Shield

Ambrose slowly climbed back into the ring, helping his fellow Shield members to their feet, raising their arms in victory as a chorus os boo's rang out from the crowd. The commentators were just as confused as the crowd was about what happened to Cena, but the bigger question was, who would represent The Shield at the Elimination Chamber? The Shield slowly climbed out of the ring still celebrating, John Cena slowly sitting up and looking around in confusement, shocked that he's been screwed over once again, it seems.

The cameras split screened showing Brock Lesnar and Triple H heading towards the entrance way, the commentators announcing that the Steel Cage match was coming up...NEXT!

--Commercial Break--

Main Event - Elimination Chamber Qualifier - Steel Cage
Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H
-The steel cage had been lowered, both men were inside and the final spot inside the Number One Contendership Elimination Chamber was on the line. These two bitter rivals locked horns in the center of the ring, Lesnar gaining the upperhand and taking HHH to the ground, using his MMA background, sending various forearms and elbows into the head of Triple H, who did his best to block as many as he could. Brock then soon used the cage to his advantage, dragging HHH up and sending him headfirst and backfirst into the cage wall on several occasions. Just as it seemed like Brock had things well in control, Triple H fired back with several stiff right hands, before sending Lesnar into the cage headfirst. When Brock tried to regain the advantage, he was met with a Running High Knee by The Game, as it was HHH's turn to climb ontop of Lesnar and rain down right hands. Late on into the contest both men had been busted open thanks to the environment they were surrounded by, but neither man was interested in escaping the cage up until that point, both men wanting to enflict as much damage on the other as possible. Finally the escape attempts began, but were foiled with several big moves, especially when either man tried to climb over the top, the biggest being when Brock Lesnar delivered a thunderous belly to belly suplex to Triple H! Sending him crashing to the canvas, the force causing him to fall as well. Brock went for the pin attempt, but HHH managed to get a shoulder up. Back and forth both men fought, Triple H having his Pedigree attempt blocked several times, before finally having enough and delivering a low-blow to Lesnar, to the delight of the crowd, followed by the Pedigree! He rolled Lesnar over for the pin attempt, but this time it was Lesnar who managed to kick out! The crowd was on the edge of their seats, both men giving it their all. It was Triple H who began the climb up the cage, looking to escape and win, but Lesnar met up half-way up and managed to get HHH on his shoulders and flying off delivering a HUGE F-5 off the top rope! Brock slowly rolled over, draping an arm over HHH and finally getting the three count!-
Winner - Brock Lesnar

The cage was slowly lifted up, Lesnar rolling off of The Game, both men battered and bloodied. The commentators ran down the list of Elimination Chamber participants, still questioning which member of The Shield would be the one who enters, but that Brock Lesnar was certainly the most impressive, given what he had to go through. Brock stumbles out of the ring as medics attend to Triple H inside the ring after the grueling battle, Monday Night Raw fading off the air.

--End of Show--

first show in quite awhile, enjoy.

CNew2 01-25-2013 05:20 AM

Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path
Backstage News & Notes From Monday Night Raw

-Following the controversial end to The Shield vs. John Cena, Vickie Guerrero and, quite possibly, Vince McMahon will address the situation next week on Raw. The Shield is pushing for both Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins to be in the Elimination Chamber, but considering everything that has transpired with them, many people don't feel like Vince McMahon is going to allow them to have their way.

-WWE officials were said to be very pleased with the return of Shelton Benjamin on Raw, even in defeat. Look for Benjamin to be getting a push based off his strong showing against Cesaro, whether it be within the coming weeks or sometime after Elimination Chamber, is not yet known.

-Next week on Raw, Antonio Cesaro is set for another one of his US Title Challenges. While the opponent still isn't known, many people feel as though it will be either the debut of a new talent, or a return by a former WWE Superstar to challenge Cesaro. Other matches will include the other participants inside the Elimination Chamber, as well as CM Punk and The Rock.

-While the identity of the Mystery Man who has been attacking John Cena for the past week is still not known, it's been understood that it is not someone on the current roster. Another former WWE Superstar is said to be the man who is the attacker, but that is as much as anyone has been able to find out up until now.

Friday Night SmackDown Preview

-General Manager Booker T is said to be taking a different approach to determining the participants in Elimination Chamber Match for his brand. No qualifying matches will take place, instead Booker T has already announced that World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Mr. Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler will participate in the Elimination Chamber match. The other four spots are up for grabs, with Booker T wanting to be 'impressed'.

-The SmackDown GM has also announced that a Number One Contender for the WWE Tag Team Titles will be determined on SmackDown when Epico & Primo take on The PrimeTime Players. The winner of that match getting their title shot at Elimination Chamber.

-The Royal Rumble winner is being put into action on SmackDown, taking on the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. Also in action is the World Champion, Alberto Del Rio as he takes on Big E Langston.

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