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Before the opening pyrotechnics members of the United States Army, Navy, National Guard and Air Force stood on the WrestleMania stage, each one holding a US Flag to a loud ovation from the sold out crowd at MetLife Stadium. The camera pans across showing each little section as Michael Cole can be heard over the broadcast.

Michael ColeA capacity crowd here in MetLife Stadium showing their support to the men and women of our Armed Forces as we salute them for everything they have done, especially with the tragedy that engulfed this city several months ago.

After the video package ended, a beautiful display of multicolor pyrotechnics erupted all across the staging area, the very top of MetLife Stadium and the display hanging above the squared circle, officially kicking off the biggest spectacle, WrestleMania XXIX! ‘I’m Coming Home’ blasted across the P.A System as the cameras panned the sold out venue, the crowd on its feet cheering loudly for the start of WrestleMania. The cameras then switched over to the broadcast team of Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Michael ColeHello everyone and welcome to the biggest spectacle in all of sports entertainment! Welcome to WrestleMania Twenty Nine! I’m Michael Cole alongside me as always, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and John Bradshaw Layfield and guys we have a sold out capacity crowd here at MetLife Stadium.

Jerry LawlerThat’s right Michael, every year after WrestleMania I think that they can’t possibly top it and sure enough, every year I am proven wrong. Look at this place, it looks great!

John Bradshaw LayfieldThat’s because this is New York, New Jersey, King, the stage does not get any bigger and the lights don’t get any brighter than right here.

Michael ColeWell we have a tremendous night of action ahead of us so let’s send it up to the ring announcer to kick things off here at WrestleMania.

Justin RobertsLadies and gentlemen the following contest is set for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship!

A loud pop is heard for the announcement of who will be kicking off the show.

Opening Contest - Intercontinental Championship - Singles Match

Wade Barrett(c) vs. Chris Jericho
-The opening contest to WrestleMania XXIX kicked off with the two men standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring jawing back and forth to one another. Barrett had a smug, arrogant smirk on his face the entire time they talked, which eventually led to Barrett pushing Jericho several times before receiving a harsh slap to his face causing him to stumble back a bit. From there the action picked up as Jericho took the upper hand apparently throwing Barrett off his game with that slap just long enough to get such an advantage. He showed off his overall skills with a variety of arm drags and hip tosses before finishing things off with a stiff dropkick forcing Wade to the outside floor. While the champion thought he’d be getting a breather he instead got nailed with a risky suicide dive by Y2J, the challenger pulling out all the stops to capture the Intercontinental Title. Once they returned to the ring the champion got the upper hand after raking the eyes of Jericho then dropping him with a hard clothesline and from there, Barrett began to methodically wear down his opponent, using bruiser-like tactics, his days as a street brawler helping him as he beat down Jericho with body shots before hooking him into waist locks and bear hugs to inflict maximum damage, getting a couple of near falls during his lengthy offensive spell. Y2J, however, refuses to give up without a fight, battling back with right hands which rocks Barrett before bouncing off the ropes and dropkicking Barrett’s knee, forcing him to the ground. It was the challenger’s turn on the offensive, using his variety of technical prowess and aerial moves to keep the champion at bay, he himself coming close to winning the Intercontinental Title on several occasions.-

-Then came the short bursts of offense from both superstars as they only managed to get some small moves in before being countered by their opponent. First it was Barrett who drove several knees into the midsection of Y2J before lifting him into a seated position on the turnbuckle, only to see him battle and kick Wade backward before scaling the top rope and landing a huge missile dropkick! The challenger went for the pin attempt but again only got a near fall. Jericho was looking to put things away, but when he attempted the Lionsault he was caught by the knees of Wade Barrett, stopping him in his tracks and allowing Wade to pick him up and slam him down with Wasteland! The Champion slowly covered Y2J, hooking the leg; One…Two…but Y2J rolled his shoulder up! Barrett seemed shocked at this and slowly climbed back to his feet, yanking his forearm/elbow sleeve down, signaling it was time for Bull Hammer. As he charged forward, Jericho ducked down and then tripped Barrett before locking in the…Walls of Jericho! The Champion is locked in writhing in pain as he desperately tries to reach for the ropes. Slowly but surely Barrett manages to reach the ropes, forcing the hold to be broken. However, Y2J grabbed Barrett and dragged him back into the middle of the ring trying to once again lock in the Walls of Jericho, but instead seeing Barrett counter, flipping Jericho off and onto the canvas. Both men got back to their feet at the same time, Jericho once again managing to duck a Bull Hammer attempt, this time countering it into a Codebreaker! He slowly rolled over and covered the champion, hooking the leg; One…Two…Thre-KICKOUT! To the crowds dismay Barrett managed to get his shoulder up, forcing this match to continue on. While the crowd was in shock and booing heavily, Y2J treaded on, not wasting anytime and ran to the ropes before connecting with a huge Lionsault onto Barrett! Jericho stumbled up to his feet yelling down at the champion to get up, even mockingly slapping across his head to the delight of the crowd. Barrett obliged and slowly got back up, Jericho then bouncing off the ropes and delivering another Codebreak…NO Barret Counters! Wade manages to send Jericho down onto the mat, quickly hooking his legs and a handful of tights without the referee seeing; One…Two…Three!-
Winner & STILL Intercontinental Champion – Wade Barrett @ 17:31

As the referee signaled for the bell Barrett quickly scurried from the squared circle, Jericho popped up onto his knees, looking around in shock as watches the official hand the Intercontinental Championship to Wade Barrett on the outside; Barrett looking on with a smug grin of satisfaction. The crowd boo’s heavily as the replays clearly show a handful of tights, Y2J standing there and shaking his head as the cameras switched over.

In the backstage area we have JTG and Shad Gaspard standing by with Josh Matthews. As Matthews introduces himself and who he is standing by with the camera catches Cryme Tyme dusting off the jacket of his suite, almost admiring the threads that Matthews has on. When he asks them about their tag team title match coming up shortly JTG pops in to let Josh know that this team was brought back together to accomplish one thing, something that was going to be accomplished tonight, bringing home the gold which then brings that Money, Money…Yeah Yeah. The MetLife crowd shouted out with them before they were interrupted by the tag team champions, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. They shake their heads and chuckle at the antics of their opponents for tonight, before letting them know that tonight is primetime, which ironically enough is everything that they’re about. Each team went their separate ways as Josh Matthews just stood there before fumbling around his pockets, the crowd laughing as Matthews looks around, seemingly not having his wallet on him anymore. That’s when JTG stepped back into the picture, wallet in hand, giving it back to Josh and smiling telling Josh that he wasn’t really going to take it.

—Video Package Highlighting the WWE Teaming Up with the Special Olympics –

Match Two – WWE Tag Team Championships – Normal Tag

The PrimeTime Playersİ vs. Cryme Tyme

-Shad Gaspard and Darren Young started the contest off for the tag team titles, locking up in the middle of the ring before seeing Shad drive Young back into the ropes and begin to slam rights and lefts into his head and midsection to a loud pop from the crowd. The referee dragged him away but still Gaspard maintained the offensive advantage on Young for several minutes as he tagged in his partner JTG to continue to build on their momentum. While JTG continued the offensive for a bit it was Darren Young who managed to turn the tide on him, countering a splash attempt into the corner as he followed the miss up by giving JTG a backbreaker. From there, Titus O’Neil was tagged in and proceeded to show off his athleticism and strength lifting JTG up and slamming him down hard with a variety of press slams and unique holds to the dismay of the crowd. Cryme Tyme, who is billed from Brooklyn, had the crowd behind them as JTG was urged on to tag in his partner. While O’Neil managed to keep JTG away from Gaspard it was only a matter of time before JTG battled back and managed to make the tag, Shad coming into the squared circle and cleaning house of both men, before delivering a huge fall-away slam to Titus, making the quick cover. One…Two…but O’Neil kicked out. It was the two powerhouses turn to square off against one another, the crowd very much looking forward to this encounter as they traded the offense back and forth for the better part of five minutes. Neither man could keep their team in control for too long and eventually had to tag their respective partners in. After a back and forth display where both men tried but failed to deliver their finishing maneuvers, JTG tagging in Shad who comes in and delivers a thunderous Bicycle Kick! He covers Darren Young, quickly hooking the leg; One…Two…Thr-O’Neil breaks up the count! JTG then enters the ring as he is quickly nailed with the Clash of the Titus! He rolled out of the ring, Titus standing to his feet and taunting JTG before turning around straight into the waiting arms of Shad who lifts him up and slams him back down with a huge Spinebuster, leaving only he and Darren Young left. Gaspard stood back up, Young quickly sliding behind and rolling him up, hooking a handful of tights in the process; One…Two…Thre-KICK OUT! Both men scrambled back to their feet and when Darren Young tried for a clothesline Shad ducked under and hooked Young before delivering Thugnificent! The crowd roared loudly as Gaspard quickly covered Young, hooking both legs with the crowd counting along; One…Two…THREE! We have a new Tag Team Champions!-
Winner & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions – Cryme Tyme @ 8:58

JTG slowly got back inside the squared circle celebrating with his teammate as they were awarded their titles, getting to celebrate, essentially, right in their own backyard. They raised the tag titles high over their heads as they climbed each and every turnbuckle, the crowd seemingly getting louder each time they went up to celebrate. The commentary team plugs the momentous occasion with both men being billed from Brooklyn and what a homecoming it is for Cryme Tyme.

A promotional video for the next WWE pay per view, Extreme Rules, plays. Several quick clips of past Extreme Rules pay per views, highlighting the dangerous moves that can occur during the event are shown in black and white footage. Superstars being blasted with chairs, slammed through tables, looks of pain and anguish on their faces.

NarratorDo you know…Extreme?

More clips are shown this time mixing in different superstars than the ones before, the brutal carnage of Chair Matches, Table Matches and Ladder Matches all being shown, including several superstars busted open and bleeding as the narrator continues.

NarratorFor one night each and every superstar digs down deep and puts their bodies and careers on the line to be victorious.

This time the clips focus more on superstars having their arms raised, celebrating victories or Championships gained, but still showing the effects of the hellacious match they just endured, no doubt. Every superstar from John Cena to Randy Orton all the way down to the smaller stars is shown, the picture switching from black and white to full color.

NarratorSome will be victorious, others will be defeated but one thing will be for certain…

A few more clips are shown this time mixing in the victories with defeats, superstars being shown at the highest of highs and then being at the lowest of lows. When the narrator is finished speaking this final time the video quickly flips to a grainy video showing The Shield and all of the destruction they have caused over recent months before settling down on the three men standing shoulder to shoulder, staring towards the camera.

The Shield “Justice…Is Coming.”

NarratorWWE Extreme Rules LIVE on Sunday May Nineteenth, call your local cable providers to experience all the action.

The Extreme Rules logo flashes at the end showing the date and time of the event, tickets on sale now.

Dozens of ladders are shown scattered around the ringside area, some of them folded up and leaning against the barricades, others set up and standing tall as the camera switches over to show the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging high above the ring. One by one each superstar makes their entrance, the commentary team making a small note about each one and when the seventh man entered the ring, all that remained was the mystery entrant. The crowd was buzzing, not quite sure who it would be, but they would all soon find out.


A loud ovation of cheers erupted from the MetLife Stadium crowd as Captain Charisma came strolling out through the curtains, making his return from injury back into the WWE ring.

Match Three – Eight Man Money In The Bank – Ladder Match

Antonio Cesaro vs. Carlito vs. Christian vs. John Morrison vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Ted DiBiase

-As soon as the bell sounded six of the eight superstars quickly exited the squared circle leaving Antonio Cesaro and Randy Orton one on one inside the ring, everyone else in a chaotic fight to retrieve a ladder. As the fighting ensued on the outside Cesaro and Orton started a shoving match which escalated into Cesaro slapping Orton across the mouth before being pummeled with right hands. The Viper took the fight to the former U.S Champion before turning his attention towards Kane once he returned into the ring. However, it was Kane who gained the upper-hand in that exchange delivering several huge throat thrusts before smacking one of the ladders into Orton’s midsection before smashing it down onto his spine. On the outside DiBiase and Morrison traded rights and lefts, the crowd suddenly cheering as they saw Shelton Benjamin balancing himself on the barricade and gliding along the top of it before leaping off with a huge flying lariat onto Ted as Morrison ducked out of the way. While Christian, Morrison, Shelton and DiBiase were all occupied outside and Kane was still fighting with Orton, that left Cesaro with the first opportunity to set up a ladder and begin to scale towards the top. Just as he got about halfway up that’s when Kane turned and quickly stormed up after him, prompting Carlito to enter the ring and set up a second ladder right beside the first. As he began to climb it was Shelton who springboarded off the top rope managing to land swiftly on one of the middle rungs of the second ladder and soon enough all four men are at the top of two ladders trading shots back and forth and reaching for the briefcase. Almost as if it was planned, DiBiase and Christian introduced two more ladders, sliding them horizontally and locking them into place before using them as bridges to head into the action. One by one the bodies began to fall, first it was DiBiase who was yanked around and powerslammed off onto the canvas by Orton, both men rolling around in pain, then came Shelton and Morrison as Benjamin took himself out of the picture by leaping off the ladder with a huge plancha onto Morrison! Kane then wrapped his hand around the throat of Christian showing his strength by lifting him up and sending him crashing down with a Chokeslam onto one of the makeshift bridges and at the same time Cesaro was kicked solidly in his temple by Carlito, causing him to fall to the mat! That left Carlito and Kane, both men trading right hands, left hands, elbows, hell anything they could throw at one another. Just when it looked like Carlito was about to get knocked off he quickly reached over and hooked Kane from behind, dragging him backward off the ladder for a monumental Backstabber!

-The ‘Holy Shit’ chants rang out across the stadium as all eight superstars were seemingly laid out for a couple of moments. The first ones to begin to stir were Orton and Shelton, Benjamin being caught with a huge uppercut when he stepped towards Orton only to stumble back and then deliver a Superkick as a response! The Viper collapsed to the canvas as Shelton began to dismantle the ladder design the eight superstars had managed to build, leaving just one ladder standing. After putting it in place he slowly began to climb only to have his legs grabbed by Morrison who was trying to yank him down. Shelton struggled but ultimately was pulled down before going for an Enziguri which was ducked by John who then swept his leg out from under him before landing a corkscrew elbow from the canvas himself. Now it was Morrison who looked in control but once he got up and turned he was met with the top of a ladder being driven right into his skull by DiBiase! Ted threw the ladder down only to turn right into the waiting arms of Cesaro who landed several stiff European Uppercuts, before wrapping his arms around DiBiase, his back to the ropes and showing off his tremendous strength by Belly to Belly Overhead Suplexing Ted over the top rope! Carlito came back into the picture, but he too was bombarded by the strength of Cesaro who drove him into the canvas with multiple slams, the crowd booing as he yelled out, taunting in their direction. Christian managed to gain the upperhand on him, pushing him back with right hands before irish-whipping him straight into a Big Boot by the Big Red Machine. Christian and Kane then began to battle inside the ring as Orton yanked DiBiase up on the outside, slamming him head first into the barricade before positioning a ladder bridging over the apron and barricade. He pulled DiBiase into his arms and positioned himself so that Orton’s back was to the ladder, setting up for a suplex, only to have DiBiase counter with a suplex of his own onto the hard black mats outside. Meanwhile Morrison and Cesaro had now locked up and were battling back and forth as were Christian and Kane until Shelton intervened and the two began to double team the Big Red Machine. But, Kane soon managed to fight them off before dumping Christian to the outside and grabbing Shelton by the throat. Carlito then charged in only to be grabbed as well, Kane then delivering a huge Double Chokeslam! Cesaro and Morrison were still fighting, now on the apron, Cesaro immediately booting him in the gut and shoving him in between his legs. He was set up over the ladder that was positioned earlier by Orton, Cesaro lifting Morrison up and locking him in place before delivering The Neutralizer through the ladder!-

-Kane was left all alone in the middle of the ring, DiBiase, Orton, Shelton, Christian, Morrison and Cesaro were all down. He slowly positioned a ladder in the middle of the ring and began to slowly climb toward the briefcase and the WWE or World Title contract. Just as he was about to reach the top a loud eruption of cheers could be heard as Daniel Bryan came sprinting from the backstage area and quickly climbed up to the top turnbuckle. The two former partners made eye contact, Kane shaking his head as Bryan looked around before nodding his head and leaping off, nailing Kane with a missile dropkick which sent him falling off the ladder. The two men then proceeded to brawl all the way up the rampway and into the backstage area, effectively taking Kane out of the contest. This time it was DiBiase who was the first man up and he rolled into the ring. He looked around at everyone still down and out before an arrogant, smug smirk came across his face. However, just before he began to climb he noticed Christian slowly roll back into the ring and quickly yanked him up to his feet only to have Captain Charisma spring to life but as he went for the Unprettier DiBiase reversed it and quickly locked him into the Million Dollar Dream, before slamming him violently down with Dream Street! The Fortunate Son then began to head up the ladder but just like everyone before him he would not reach the top alone as The Viper also entered the ring and made the climb. The two former partners began to trade right hands but ultimately it was Orton who gained the advantage and hooked Ted around his head before leaping off with an RKO Off The Ladder! Both men lay in a heap, replays being shown of the huge RKO by Orton as now Carlito and Shelton were inside the ring fighting back and forth. Carlito tried to set Benjamin up for the Backstabber, but Shelton fought out of it and quickly spun around, hooked Carlito and delivered an Exploder Suplex! As Shelton climbed back to his feet, however, he was met with a running Big Boot by Cesaro, the force causing Benjamin to topple through the ropes and out to the floor. Now it was Cesaro’s turn to scale the ladder, but Orton slowly began to get to his feet, now both men climbing towards the top. Antonio Cesaro got their first reaching up desperately to try and grab the briefcase but Orton halted him with a rib shot, which led to the two men trading stiff right hands each one seemingly causing the other to nearly collapse off the ladder until finally Orton made one last huge forearm forcing Cesaro back slightly, only to have him fall forward onto the top rung. The Viper slowly reached up and began to unhook the briefcase but then Cesaro reached up and grabbed the briefcase as well as it came unhooked. The two men wrestled for it Orton then shooting forward with a huge uppercut that caused the briefcase to go flying out of both men’s hand and Cesaro collapsing to the canvas! Orton nearly fell over as well but he watched the briefcase fall right beside DiBiase who had just sat up to see the Money in the Bank briefcase, essentially, fall into his lap. He quickly dove on top of it, clutching it into his arms as the bell sounded, Orton looking on in total shock and frustration.-
Winner – Ted DiBiase @ 23:44

The crowd boo’s heavily as DiBiase wraps his arms around the briefcase firmly before rolling out of the squared circle underneath the bottom rope. Randy Orton stares angrily towards DiBiase as he scurries away, celebrating his victory, realizing just what this means for his career. The commentary team is still in shock over the events, several replays being shown as Lawler can’t quite understand what transpired, needing the amazing color commentary skills of JBL to assist him along the way.

Before the next contest a video package airs starting at the Royal Rumble showing the Royal Rumble match with Michael Cole announcing that the winner would be going onto WrestleMania to challenge for either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Several eliminations were shown before ultimately ending with Ryback tossing out Dolph Ziggler to be crowned the winner. The video then switched to the following pay per view, Elimination Chamber, where Dolph Ziggler successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Then came the addition of the former Champion, Alberto Del Rio, when he was screwed over in his rematch. The clips ended showing the three men battling over recent weeks before fading back to the live feed.

Match Four - World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match

Dolph Ziggler(c) w/ Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback
-Once the bell sounds Dolph Ziggler still has a huge grin on his face, the smile seemingly being stuck there since he won the World Title. However, the smile quickly faded when both of his challengers turned their attention towards him and proceeded to double team him right from the start. Ryback and Del Rio traded right hands, each one trying to top the other in terms of placement and power, Ziggler bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball. It was Del Rio who finished him off with a vicious kick to his temple before quickly going for the pin attempt; One…but Ryback drags him off. Both challengers jawed back and forth when Alberto climbed back to his feet before getting into a brawl themselves. Del Rio seemed like he was gaining the advantage until he was decked with a quick burst clothesline by Ryback, before being picked up and dumped on the outside floor. This allowed Ryback to turn his attention towards the Champion drilling him with shoulder thrusts in the corner. But, the Champion soon gained the advantage when Ryback came charging in and Ziggler moved, forcing Ryback to land shoulder first into the ring post. Dolph quickly went for a school boy roll up; One…Two…Kick Out. Dolph continues his attack, getting some assistance from Langston on the outside who manages to sneak attack Del Rio and keep him down for several minutes, allowing Ziggler to focus all of his efforts on keeping the monster down. Eventually Del Rio puts Langston in his place, sending him crashing into the ring post before climbing the turnbuckle and landing a huge missile dropkick onto Ziggler, quickly going for the cover; One…Two…Kick Out. It was Alberto’s turn to take the offensive, delivering various kicks to Dolph, even a few to Ryback when he tried to get back into the contest. Neither man could stop Alberto who was building all of the momentum, gaining a couple of near falls on both men before ultimately having Ziggler counter his attempt at a cross arm bar and connecting with the Zig Zag! Ziggler stumbled up to his feet turning straight into the arms of Ryback who lifted him up and planted him with a Spinebuster, quickly making the cover; One…Two…Th-Kick Out!-

-Ryback slowly dragged Dolph back to his feet as Del Rio rolled into one of the corners Ryback then booted the Champion in the midsection before lifting him up for the Shellshock. As he began to stomp around the ring Big E Langston climbed onto the ring apron, the two big men making eye contact which made Ryback drop Dolph onto the canvas and charge at Langston. He swung a forearm and just barely missed Langston, staring down angrily at him. This distraction allowed Dolph to get back to his feet and leap up, gripping Ryback for a…Zig-Za-NO Ryback holds onto the ropes! Ryback turned back around and when Dolph got back up he lifted him back up into his arms and this time connected with Powerbomb! He slowly covered Dolph, hooking the leg; One…Two…Thre-Langston pulls the official out of the ring! The referee almost called for the bell but stopped himself before quickly ejecting Langston from the ringside area! Big E vehemently argues with the official as does Ziggler, who has gotten back to his feet and realized what has happened. Dolph climbs out onto the apron as the official continues to usher Big E to the back, Del Rio then coming into the picture leaping onto the turnbuckle before delivering a Step-up Enziguri to Ziggler’s temple, causing him to collapse to the outside floor. This left Del Rio and Ryback one on one both men getting up at the same time, trading right hands only to see Ryback stumble back before charging forward and clotheslining Alberto to the mat. After some more trading offenses it was Ryback who planted Del Rio before signaling for the finish. Alberto didn’t go down without a fight and managed to counter Ryback and lock in the Cross Armbar! He seemed like he was on the verge of recapturing his World Heavyweight Title but Ryback showed off his tremendous strength managing to roll onto his feet and pick Del Rio up forcing him to break the hold before getting him up onto his shoulders and landing Shell Shock! As soon as Del Rio crashed onto the canvas Dolph hit the ring and quickly pushed Ryback out of the ring before dropping down on top of Del Rio, hooking both legs; One…Two…Three!-
Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion – Dolph Ziggler @ 18:30

Ryback was halfway back into the ring when the referee counted the three and he looked on in absolute shock as Ziggler rolled over onto his knees and screamed out in celebration. He once again had that huge, arrogant smile on his face as he received his World Title before quickly exiting the ring as Ryback still looks on, his shock turning to anger. The cameras switched over to a video package as Dolph continued to celebrate with his title, Ryback seething in anger as he watched on.

—Video Package Highlighting The Rock’s Return to the WWE—

Following the video we head backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with John Cena.

Josh MatthewsLadies and gentlemen my guest at this time…John Cena.

The camera pans out to show John Cena standing right beside Josh Matthews, the crowd giving off a mixed reaction of cheers and boo’s at the sight of Cena. A look of determination was etched on his face as he nodded his head, his eyes shifting around before returning to Matthews as he awaits his questions.

Josh MatthewsJohn tonight you face Kurt Angle. Everyone knows the history you two have and everyone has witnessed all that has transpired between the two of you over recent months, so tell us what’s your mindset going into tonight’s contest?

John CenaJosh I could stand here and tell you that my mindset is the same for tonight as it is for every other night, but then I’d be lying. Not only is tonight different because it’s WrestleMania, the grandest stage of them all, but tonight is different because I am looking for something. I’m looking for something that I have been looking for ever since I was eliminated from the Royal Rumble and that’s revenge. Kurt Angle stole my opportunity to potentially become the next WWE or World Heavyweight Champion and I plan on taking something from him tonight. I’m going to take away his WrestleMania moment and if I have to, his career.

Before Matthews could ask another question John Cena stormed off screen, Josh looking in his general direction before turning back to face the camera, speechless. The cameras faded back to the ringside area, the WWE Universe seeing a different, more determined, side to John Cena as he headed into this match with Kurt Angle.

Match Five - Grudge Match - Singles Match

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
-The bell sounded and John Cena immediately charged forward, forcing Angle back into the corner. Kurt ducked under the top rope ordering the referee to get Cena back, which he did, or so he thought. Cena took a couple of steps back before snapping forward and belting Kurt with right and left hands, causing him to stumble out of the corner. John then capped off his furious start by clotheslining Angle over the top rope, forcing him to crash down to the outside floor. Once on the outside Cena pulled Angle up and proceeded to assault him all the way around the ring. If he wasn’t nailing him with kidney shots or right hands to the forehead he was slamming Angle into the ringpost, the ring apron, the barricade and finally irish-whipping him into the steel steps. Just when it seemed liked Cena had all the momentum he pulled Angle up only to be slammed into the ringpost himself. Angle then took a part the Spanish Announce Table before quickly sending Cena head first into it multiple times, getting in his own brutal assault. He capped it all off with a quick Angle Slam which sent Cena crashing through the table! The Olympic Gold Medalist dragged Cena up and rolled him back into the ring, but instead of going for the pinfall attempt he instead wanted to punish Cena as he began to work on the leg and, mainly, the right ankle of Cena. No matter what Cena did Angle always managed to pull the offense back to him, immediately chop blocking at the leg of Cena before locking in more submissions to wear him down. The crowd favorite continued to be Angle, but the Cena fans made their voices heard and tried to urge him back into the contest, with success as he stood back up and landed an unexpected enziguri out of nowhere, catching everyone by surprise. Both men climbed back to their feet at the same time and began to trade right hands, the crowd cheering and booing as the punches were landed back and forth. Angle went for another right hand by Cena ducked and lifted Angle up into the Firemen’s Carry, but quickly dropped Angle as he clutched at his ankle, Kurt quickly shooting in and delivering a huge Angle Slam! He slowly crawled on top of Cena and made the pin attempt; One…Two…Th, Kick Out!-

-The action continued on, each man battling back and forth and gaining near fall after near fall to the delight and dismay of the fans, depending on their rooting interest. Cena was clearly hobbled by his ankle and it didn’t help with Angle managed to counter another Cena maneuver and lock in the Ankle Lock! Cena screamed and writhed in pain on the canvas, Angle yelling out demanding that John Cena submit. Each time Cena got near the ropes Angle would drag him back and continue to torque his ankle, Cena looking closer and closer to submitting by each passing second. John Cena, however, did not give up he instead rolled over and slung Angle off of him, buying himself some time. Kurt quickly got back to his feet and headed back towards Cena who quickly popped up and lifted Angle onto his shoulders before delivering a quick-fire Attitude Adjustment! Another mixed reaction came from the sold out MetLife crowd, Cena crawling on top of Angle and hooking the leg; One…Two…Thre-KICK OUT! Without any hesitation John Cena quickly rolled Angle over and locked in the STF, yanking back on the hold and yelling out! Angle frantically waved his arm about, reaching out for the ropes which were nowhere in sight. The seconds dragged on as now it seemed as though Angle was on the verge of tapping out as he tried to desperately drag himself toward the ropes. Ultimately he got to the bottom rope forcing the hold to be broken, both men now lying on the canvas, exhausted and in pain from the brutal battle they had given one another. It was Cena who found himself on a vertical base first, still hobbling around but he pulled Angle up only to see Angle once again shoot under and deliver his patented Triple German Suplex before climbing back to his feet and tugging the straps of his singlet down. He stalked Cena as he began to stir and once he got back to his feet Angle hooked him once more and connected with his third Angle Slam! He climbed on top of Cena and hooked the leg; One…Two…Thre-CENA KICKS OUT! Kurt Angle falls off of Cena, almost on the brink of tears that that didn’t finally finish Cena off. After several stiff, frustrated right hands from Angle we saw him pull Cena back up to his feet but this time it was Cena who began to battle back with rights and lefts. He pulled Angle up into the Firemen’s Carry once more only to have Kurt slide down his back and stomp on his weakened ankle, forcing him to the canvas where Kurt then locked into the Ankle Lock! As Cena tried to crawl that’s when Kurt dropped down and locked in the grapevine, John seemingly having nowhere to go now as he screamed out, raising his hand up off the canvas, on the brink of tapping out. Angle continued to yank and twist on Cena’s ankle, belting out himself as John Cena finally gave up, hitting his hand against the mat causing the referee to signal for the bell.-
Winner – Kurt Angle @ 17:03

Both men stayed down on the canvas the crowd standing on its feet and clapping at the hard fought match between both men. Kurt slowly rolls over and onto his knees, raising his arms high into the air in victory as the official checks on John Cena who continues to lie face down on the canvas, clutching at his leg. As Angle exits the ring the cameras switch back to show Cena in a seated position, looking dejected as he stares down at the canvas before finally exiting the squared circle and limping back towards the backstage area.

In the backstage area the crowd quickly roars with cheers as Stone Cold Steve Austin is shown on the screen staring off into the distance. As the cameras pans out we see he is standing there with Matt Striker and Austin slowly turns his head to stare toward Striker before slowly showing a grin on his face. But, just before Matt could start the interview Stone Cold is blindsided by CM Punk who delivers several stiff right hands and stomps to Austin as Paul Heyman can be heard in the background barking out orders and laughing at the beat down. WWE Officials and Security finally hit the scene and separated Punk from Austin but not before he sent the Texas Rattlesnake head first into a production crate. CM Punk slowly backed away as medical personnel checked on Austin, Punk laughing and mouthing off toward him as the cameras headed back to the ringside area.

Michael ColeWell ladies and gentlemen what you just witnessed is…well, it’s…

Jerry LawlerIt’s cowardly, Michael. I’ll come out and say it…it’s the cowardly act by CM Punk.

John Bradshaw LayfieldBut now it begs the question, what kind of condition will Stone Cold Steve Austin be in later tonight? Will he even be able to compete against CM Punk?

Michael ColeThose questions remain to be answered but ladies and gentlemen on a much lighter note…we are coming live from MetLife Stadium here in New Jersey, the home of this year’s WrestleMania. But, next year’s WrestleMania will mark the thirtieth anniversary of WWE’s signature pay per view extravaganza and we could only think of one place that would be the perfect spot for that celebration.

—Video Package Showing WrestleMania XXX Will Be Held In New Orleans—

Michael ColeThat’s right everyone WrestleMania Thirty will come to you LIVE from the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans!

—Angels & Airwaves Live Performance—

Match Six - WWE Divas Championship - Triple Threat Match

AJ Lee(c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Mickie James
-AJ Lee quickly exited the ring when the bell sounded as both Kaitlyn and Mickie headed in her direction. Instead they turned to face one another and quickly locked up in the middle of the ring. Mickie gained the upper-hand as she pulled Kaitlyn into a headlock before quickly running forward and landing a running bulldog! She went for the quick cover; One…Two…AJ breaks up the pin attempt. Before Mickie could get her hands on AJ she had scurried away again leaving Kaitlyn and Mickie to continue to battle it out back and forth. Anytime one of them seemed to be getting close to a finish, AJ Lee would sneakily enter the squared circle and nail one of them from behind, effectively killing off any advantage they might have had. Finally the two women got their hands on AJ when they both nailed each other with right hands, sending them stumbling backward and onto the canvas. The Diva’s Champion slowly entered the ring and headed for Mickie who quickly popped to her feet and when AJ tried to run the other way Kaitlyn was standing in her way. They then used AJ like a ping pong ball, bouncing her back and forth between one another before finally having Kaitlyn boot her in the gut and plant her with a DDT. Kaitlyn went for the cover but was immediately dragged off by James, the two women once more doing battle. Neither woman seemed to be able to get a clear cut advantage while AJ was lying motionless in the corner. Each woman just traded offense for a few moments before being countered and then going on the defensive. Finally Mickie managed to hook Kaitlyn by the head and leap into the air delivering a huge Tornado DDT! Just as she got back up to her feet AJ sprung into action and quickly rolled her up; One…Two…Thr-Kick Out! With Kaitlyn down and out AJ Lee was dragging Mickie James up to her feet only to be shoved backward and nailed with the Mick Kick! James fell on top of Lee and covered her; One…Two…THREE!-
Winner & NEW WWE Diva’s Champion – Mickie James @ 6:13

The crowd roars loudly as Mickie stumbles up to her feet and is handed her newly won WWE Diva’s Title. She has a smile from ear to ear as she climbs each individual turnbuckle and raises the title above her head to the delight of the sold out audience. As she continues to celebrate we head to yet another video package.

—A Highlight of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak Is Shown—

Justin RobertsLadies and gentlemen MetLife Stadium has set an all new attendance record…Eighty Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Six!

Match Seven - WrestleMania Streak - Lumberjack Match - Singles Match

The Shield as Lumberjacks
Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker
-Dean Ambrose and The Undertaker slowly circled one another, Taker every so often glancing to the outside as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns kept him on his heels. Ambrose and Taker then locked up in the center of the ring, Taker pushing Dean back into the corner before quickly turning and tossing him over the top rope and to the outside floor. Neither of the two lumberjacks moved in his direction instead they just stood there and stared toward Taker, the WWE Universe getting to see first-hand just how big of a disadvantage the Undertaker was in tonight. Once back inside the ring it was Ambrose who took control with multiple boots to the midsection of Taker followed by harsh forearms to his spine to get him onto the canvas. From there, Ambrose began to ground Taker and wear him down with multiple submission attempts, focusing primarily on Taker’s spine. Anytime it seemed like Taker was beginning to fight his way out Ambrose would manage to knee the midsection of Taker and stop him in his tracks. While The Undertaker managed to remain inside the ring in the early going Dean finally got Taker out of the ring by clotheslining him over the top rope which brought on Rollins and Reigns. The two men began to stomp repeatedly on the Deadman, attacking him like a pack of wolves as Ambrose looked on. While the referee kept yelling at the two lumberjacks to get him back into the ring they just kept assaulting The Undertaker and finished it off by sending him shoulder first into the steel ring steps! Taker was rolled slowly back inside the ring where Ambrose was waiting to make the quick pin attempt; One…Two…Kick out.-

-Now it was The Undertaker’s turn on the offensive as he drilled Ambrose with multiple body punches when he was pulled up to a vertical base, before switching to right hands and elbows to Ambrose’s head which backed him up into the corner. Taker began to tee off with multiple strikes before finishing it off with a huge splash in the corner. After a couple more minutes of offense The Undertaker once again dumped Ambrose onto the outside and looked on as the other members of The Shield headed over to help him to his feet. Just as they did The Undertaker bounced off the far ropes before leaping HIGH over the top rope and landing a Suicide Dive onto all three members of The Shield! The crowd roared loudly at the impressive move by The Undertaker as he climbed back to his feet and rolled Ambrose back inside the squared circle. Once inside Taker dragged Dean to his feet before heading over to the corner and scaling the top rope before landing Old School! He motioned to the sold out crowd that it was time to end things and he picked Ambrose up and lifted him up onto his shoulder only to see Dean slide down his back and shove him forward into the official, both men slamming into the turnbuckle. With the official laid out The Shield hit the ring and began their three on one assault of The Undertaker. The booing rang down from the MetLife Stadium crowd as they beat the living daylights out of Taker, dragging him back up only to see him begin to fight off all three men. He head butts Reigns before landing right hands to Rollins and Ambrose one by one before big booting Ambrose in the face leaving only Rollins left. Taker immediately set him up for the Last Ride only to have Roman Reigns charge forward and land a violent Spear! All three men return to their feet inside the squared circle before pulling Taker to his feet and lifting him up into the waiting arms of Reigns delivering the Triple Powerbomb! Rollins quickly left the ring as Reigns woke up the official and Ambrose dropped down on top of Taker, hooking the leg. Slowly but surely the referee crawled over and made the count, the crowd booing heavily; One…Two…THRE-KICK OUT!-

-Ambrose rolled over and pounded the canvas in utter frustration, a loud pop coming from the crowd as The Undertaker’s streak was still alive. Dean quickly got up to his feet and yanked The Undertaker up only to see Taker snap up and lift him up into position before spiking him down with a quick Tombstone Piledriver! The Deadman crossed Ambrose’s arms over and made the pin attempt; One…Two…THRE-KICK OUT! The crowd was going absolutely crazy at all the action they were witnessing as now it was Taker’s turn to look on in disbelief. He yanks Ambrose back to his feet only to see Rollins climb up onto the ring apron forcing him to leave Ambrose and deliver a huge boot to the face of Seth Rollins! The referee stares outside the ring at Rollins and Taker stumbles back around and turns to see Reigns charging forward once again, but this time Taker manages to move and Reigns slams right into Dean Ambrose! The Undertaker quickly disposed of Roman before picking Dean Ambrose back up into his arms and connecting with a much more violent-looking Tombstone Piledriver! Once again he crosses the arms of Ambrose for his ‘Rest In Peace’ pin as the referee counts; One…Two…THREE! Undertaker’s Streak reaches Twenty One and Zero!-
Winner – The Undertaker @ 25:27

The lights inside the arena dim down as a huge ’21-0’ display spreads out on all the LED screens on the staging platform, the crowd on their feet giving both men a standing ovation for that tremendous contest. Taker stumbles up to his feet glancing around MetLife Stadium as he once again defies the odds and keeps his WrestleMania Streak alive.

John Bradshaw LayfieldBefore this match I thought that the deck was stacked against The Phenom but once again…there is something about this place, something about this stage that brings the absolute best out of him. Nobody…I repeat, nobody can solve the mystery of The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Michael ColeTwenty One trips to WrestleMania…Twenty One victories. The definition of perfection, The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

The Phenom slowly exited the squared circle and headed up the ramp way and onto the staging area, his back turned toward the fans before turning around to stare back at the New Jersey crowd once more. He pulled the straps of his wrestling attire down before turning back around and lifting one arm high into the air as suddenly the lights went out and an eerie melody played over the P.A System. A quick snapshot flashes across the screen as a female voice laughs over the P.A System.

It was the arrival of WWE Anonymous, the vignettes had been airing for weeks and now here it was. The music quickly stopped and the lights came back on as The Undertaker was shown still standing there but now stood the hooded figure, the same mask on as the picture indicated as he tilted his head to the side. They stared at one another for several moments until finally the masked Anonymous charged forward and landed a vicious Bicycle Kick to Taker’s face! He slowly pulled The Undertaker up to his feet and dragged him over to the edge of the staging area before gripping him by the throat with both hands and yanking him up into the air. The Anonymous superstar sends Taker plummeting off the staging area the crowd gasping in horror as he just stands there looking down at where Taker was thrown too. Seemingly the entire audience was speechless after this moment the eerie melody returning and the lights fading off, Anonymous disappearing once they came back on.


The self-proclaimed ‘Best in the World’ struts out from the backstage area, Paul Heyman following closely behind as the two men make eye contact and share a laugh as the booing rains down from the New Jersey crowd after CM Punk’s actions earlier in the evening. Both men head down towards the squared circle looking rather proud of themselves as they enter the ring, Paul Heyman grabbing a microphone as CM Punk takes a seat right in the middle of the ring.

Paul Heyman “Ladies and gentlemen due to unforeseen events it would appear as though Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be able to compete here tonight against my client. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish Stone Cold Steve Austin a speedy recovery because…this company just isn’t the same without him.”

Paul Heyman looks around with a straight face, the crowd continuing to boo him heavily.

Paul Heyman “With that being said my client felt that you people who spent your hard earned money to buy these tickets and come out and enjoy WrestleMania deserved to get your money’s worth. So, without further ado I give to you my client, the greatest WWE Champion this company has ever seen, the Straight Edge Messiah and last, but certainly not least…the Best in the World, ladies and gentlemen I give to you C…M…Punk.”

The microphone is directly handed over to the seated Punk who twirls it around in his hand while he waits for the chorus of boos to quiet down. A very small ‘We Want Austin’ chant begins and eventually grows louder until practically everyone in the stadium is chanting it, CM Punk merely smirking as he lifts the microphone to his lips.

CM PunkI know how you feel, believe me I do. Nothing would please me more than to face Stone Cold Steve Austin in the middle of this ring, in front of all you naysayers and beat him just to further prove that I am who I say I am; that I am the Best in the World. I get it, you’re upset over what happen earlier tonight and I don’t blame you. But you see what you saw earlier was just a small sample, an appetizer if you will, of what I was going to do to Stone Cold here in this ring, so if he can’t even handle that then he shouldn’t be stepping inside the ring with the likes of CM Punk. Bec…


Both CM Punk and Paul Heyman snap their heads toward the staging area, Punk quickly getting to a vertical base as Stone Cold came buzzing out from the backstage area in a camouflaged colored four wheeler, speeding down toward the squared circle. He parked the four-wheeler and climbed off of it, CM Punk leaning over the top rope and screaming at Austin in outrage as he headed toward the squared circle. Austin was showing small signs of the attack from earlier but nonetheless he was ready to go.

Match Eight - Once In A Lifetime - Singles Match

CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
-Both men stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring staring at each other. CM Punk was jawing towards Austin while Austin just stood there with a slight smirk on his face, which seemed to only anger Punk more. The fireworks began when Punk open-hand slapped Austin across the face, demanding respect, but instead receiving multiple right hands which backed him into the ropes. When Austin went for the irish whip Punk countered only to have Austin land the Lou Thez Press and pummel Punk with more right hands to the delight of the crowd. Punk took a quick breather on the outside but when he returned to the squared circle who received more of the same bruising treatment from Austin who started working on the head and neck region of Punk. Eventually CM Punk managed to counter an attempted move by Austin quickly locking his arm around Austin’s head and delivering a snap suplex to the Texas Rattlesnake. Now it was Punk’s turn to go on the offensive as he too worked the head and neck region of Stone Cold, knowing full well the injury that Austin had back in the prime of his career. Each time CM Punk landed a maneuver he would turn around and mouth off a little to the downed Stone Cold before turning his attention to the sold out MetLife Stadium crowd and proclaim himself to be the Best in the World, which garnered more booing to be aimed his way. While Austin had brief moments of looking at a comeback they would always be stopped just before he could make any real progress and CM Punk would go right back to wearing him down before showing his pure arrogance for some cheap heat. After several near falls CM Punk quickly took Austin and tossed him to the arena floor before distracting the official and allowing Paul Heyman to sneak around and deliver a couple of cheap shots in on the Texas Rattlesnake.-

-Heyman rolled Austin back inside the squared circle and CM Punk slowly lifted him up to his feet before picking him up into the Firemen’s Carry. Punk stood in the middle of the ring and stared angrily forward before delivering the Go To Sleep! Stone Cold fell to the canvas in a heap, but Punk did not cover him, instead he just stood over Austin and stared down at him before tilting his head up with a sick grin on his face. From there CM Punk set up and connected with a Second Go To Sleep before finally dropping down and making the pinfall attempt; One…Two…Punk picks Austin up! The Straight Edge Superstar shook his head, Heyman yelling at him, not liking this at all. CM Punk then stood to his feet and looked around at the sold out crowd before shouting out ’I’m ending his career, once and for all.’! He then proceeded to grab a steel chair and return to the squared circle where he opened it and placed Austin head inside before scaling to the middle turnbuckle. The crowd was on its feet in horror, but looked on in utter disgust when Punk then decided to head to the top rope before leaping off…only to have Austin roll out of the way! Punk missed his flying elbow drop and when he climbed back up there was Austin blasting him with rights and lefts before decking him with a clothesline. Stone Cold was on a roll now delivering multiple slams and suplexes to Punk, before finishing it off with an elbow drop from the middle rope. Just when it looked like Austin was going to finish things off Punk grabbed the attempted boot to his midsection before whipping his own boot up and smacking it off the temple of Stone Cold! Punk quickly rolled Austin over and went for the cover; One…Two…Th-Kick Out! Punk was now growing in frustration and slowly dragged Austin back to his feet before once again lifting him up into the Firemen’s Carry position. However, this time Austin slid down but had his Stunner attempt blocked when Punk pushed him into the ropes. Stone Cold bounced back and landed yet another Lou Thez press pelting Punk with even more right hands before bouncing up to his feet and yanking Paul Heyman into the ring once he climbed onto the apron.-

-Heyman begged and pleaded with Austin but the Texas Rattlesnake was having none of it and abruptly booted Heyman in the gut and delivered the Stone Cold Stunner! He shot Heyman the bird as he rolled out of the ring, Austin turning around where CM Punk was waiting, but he managed to duck an attempted head kick by Punk before booting him in the midsection and finally delivering to CM Punk his very own Stone Cold Stunner! Austin quickly climbed on top of Punk and hooked the leg; One…Two…THREE!-
Winner – Stone Cold Steve Austin @ 17:00

’Disturb’ re-hit the P.A System as Stone Cold was victorious in his return to the WWE squared circle and would be celebrating the only way Stone Cold knew how too, with several beers. He scaled every single turnbuckle and toasted that section of the crowd, bashing two beers together before downing them. Stone Cold left the ringside area still celebrating as the cameras faded away.

—Video Package Hyping the Upcoming WWE Championship Match—

Main Event - WWE Championship - Singles Match

The Rock(c) vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
-Brock Lesnar came out from the opening bell ready to bring the pain as he drove multiple knees deep into the midsection of the WWE Champion, forcing him to the canvas. From there Lesnar delivered several stiff knees to Rock’s ribcage while he was on the ground which sent him fully to the canvas. The Beast, from there, began to work over the ribs and spine of The Rock with multiple bear hug-type submissions, trying to seemingly squeeze the life out of him. The WWE Champion got back into the contest with right hands as he got back to his feet before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a flying lariat to his opponent. The Rock tried to end the contest right there, but only gained a one count before Lesnar powered out. Rock pressed on trying to not allow Lesnar any space to operate, keeping his attacks short and compact, but that ultimately came back to bite him as Lesnar caught him when he bounced off the ropes and quickly belly to belly overhead suplexed him over the top rope and out to the arena floor. Heyman, still feeling the effects from the Stunner he received earlier by Austin still couldn’t help but get involved, landing several hard boots to Rock’s midsection. Just before Brock made his way to the outside, however, Rock got his hands on Heyman and blasted him with a huge right hand before being blindsided by the challenger and sent crashing into the steel ring post. Lesnar began to dismantle the announce table and slowly dragged The Rock up onto it with him only to have Rock burst out and deliver a thunderous Rock Bottom through the announce table! Both men laid out of it in the broken table, Rock slowly rolling off the debris and eventually managing to drag Lesnar back inside the squared circle where he went for the cover; One…Two…Kick Out!-

-The two icons of the business continue to battle it out on the grandest stage, the main event of WrestleMania and The Rock continued to go right after Lesnar with stiff right hands only to have Brock lift him high into the air and charge forward slamming him harshly into the corner, before sending stiff shoulders into his midsection. Another back and forth, high pressure battle for the WWE Championship ensued, neither man wanting to make the crucial mistake that could cost them the WWE Title. They traded lengthy offenses, The Rock continuing to have his ribs targeted by The Beast, while he consistently battered Lesnar’s spine with multiple slams. Brock had the upper hand now and went for his F-5, but Rock managed to slip off and deliver a quick Samoan Drop before going for another pin attempt; One…Two…Th-Kick Out! Now The Rock had all the momentum heading his way and things looked like they were heading towards the finish, but in the blink of an eye we see Paul Heyman once again get involved, this time tripping up The Rock straight into the waiting arms of Lesnar who lifts him up and nails the F-5! He quickly covered The Rock; One…Two…THR-KICK OUT! Brock pounded the mat in frustration but continued to press the fight onto the Champion only to see his resiliency as he battled back and ultimately landed the Rock Bottom! He draped his arm over Lesnar; One…Two…Heyman puts Brock’s foot on the bottom rope! The count was forced to be broken, Rock slowly rolling out of the ring and heading after Paul. Heyman didn’t even see it coming until it was too late and he was decked with a lariat by the WWE Champion, who then returned back to the action. But that distraction allowed Brock some time to recover and when Rock lifted him up, Lesnar shot into action and picked him up into the Firemen’s Carry, quickly spinning him off for an F-NO! Rock Counters Into an DDT! Both men dragged on and The Rock lifted Lesnar up and proceeded to land right hand after right hand, dropped back and spat on his hand before stepping forward and being picked up by Lesnar who connected with another F-5! A loud chorus of boos rang out as Brock made the pin attempt; One…Two…THRE-KICK OUT! Brock couldn’t believe it, the commentators couldn’t believe it, hell nobody in the audience could believe that The Rock kicked out. Brock slowly dragged himself up to his feet and after a few moments demanded Rock does the same, which The Rock obliged and slowly spun around into the waiting arms of the challenger. But the Champion battled out and quickly reversed his position before delivering his second Rock Bottom! Instead of going for the pin fall The Rock sprung up to his feet and set up over Lesnar, slid his elbow off and then bounced off the ring ropes before landing The People’s Elbow! The Brahma Bull made the cover, the official and crowd counting; One…Two…THREE!-
Winner & STILL WWE Champion – The Rock @ 22:25

The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment would be walking out of WrestleMania still the WWE Champion. He stumbled up to a vertical base, clearly showing the signs of the hard fought battle he was just in. He was handed his WWE Championship and he quickly scaled the nearest turnbuckle and raised it up high as the huge display of pyrotechnics went off all around MetLife Stadium. The massive fireworks display signaled the end of the pay per view, The Rock successfully defending his title in the Main Event of WrestleMania as the cameras faded off the air.

—End of Show--

sorry it took so long for this, my computer crashed and lost most of it beforehand. hope you enjoy and don’t be too harsh on the criticism lol

credit to jam for the banners, thanks again.


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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

WrestleMania 29 Review

- Barrett retaining his WWE Intercontinental Championship against a future Hall of Famer in Chris Jericho, just goes to show us that Wade Barrett is going to stay WWE Intercontinental Champion for a long long time, perhaps Barrett could be on pace to break The Honky Tonk Man's record of being the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time and if anyone deserves to break Honky Tonk Man's record it is Barrett but this win puts Barrett over even more especially on the grandest stage of them all, so I am happy, better luck next time Jericho

- Cryme Tyme beating the PTP to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions, let me just start off by saying they got lucky, PTP had them beat but it doesn't really matter what I believe but at the same time I know Cryme Tyme they won't last long as WWE Tag Team Champions because PTP have their rematch clause and if and when they use it, they will won those titles back so Cryme Tyme should enjoy being champions now while they can

- Ted DiBiase Jr. winning Money in the Bank, I love it, Ted's push is continuing and might I just say everyone everyone has a price for The Million Dollar Man HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and that everyone will have a price for his son Ted Jr. because now that Ted is Mr. Money in the Bank he can cash in his briefcase on either champion, he can cash in his briefcase on either the World Heavyweight Champion becoming a Smackdown guy in the process or Ted could cash in his briefcase on the WWE Champion, either way Ted is destined for gold, so The Rock or even Dolph Ziggler should have eyes in the back of their heads because they never know just when Ted DiBiase can cash in his briefcase making a huge name for himself

- Dolph Ziggler is the smartest man in wrestling, as soon as he saw an opportunity to retain his title in the Triple-Threat Match he took it and took advantage of Ryback Shell Shocking Del Rio and throws Ryback out of the ring with Ziggler pinning Del Rio 1..2..3 to retain his title, how smart was that of the champion, that's Dolph using his brain right there but at the same time it shows Ziggler will do whatever it takes to retain that World Heavyweight Championship, but Dolph escapes with the title but at the same time I wonder if by doing that if Dolph Ziggler just set himself up to face Ryback at Extreme Rules for that World Heavyweight Championship? And if so, then Ziggler is in trouble but at the same time if he could beat both Ryback and Del Rio in the same match, he can definitely beat Ryback again this time by doing it one on one because he is The Show Off and he is just that damn good

- Kurt Angle in his first WrestleMania back, Kurt Angle beats John Cena by making Cena tap out to the Ankle Lock, I loved it, Angle making Cena tap like a little girl, it was a thing of beauty that literally I jumped for joy because Cena is all about never quitting or never giving up but he did give up when he tapped out HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and it just goes to show you that Angle was always better than Cena and he still is and always will be better than Cena but I wonder what is next for Kurt Angle? Will Angle set his sights on the WWE Championship and if he does, then I would love nothing more than to see an Angle/Rock feud all these years later but as for Cena if he is injured, I say good, good

- CM Punk attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin was great, that's mind games being taken to the next level

- Mickie James becoming the new WWE Divas Champion beating both Kaitlyn and AJ in order to become champion once again, just goes to show you that Mickie James is one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time, because Mickie James is a 5 time champion, 2 more off the mark of tying Trish, so Mickie James if anything is a future Hall of Famer so to see her back on top where she belongs, is great but I don't see it lasting long because AJ has her rematch and I can see her using it at Extreme Rules which is the smart thing to do

- Undertaker becoming 21-0 at WrestleMania 29 beating Dean Ambrose of The Shield in what is probably one of Taker's greatest WrestleMania matches, because Undertaker pretty much had the odds stacked against him here in this match-up pretty much this was like a Handicap Match with Taker facing Rollins and Reigns too pretty much and not even The Shield could keep Taker down and out but after the match, an Anonymous promo comes after the match, I was shocked at that, really shocked actually

- Whoever this mystery guy is, the eerie melody starts playing and out of nowhere this masked man comes out attacks a legend in The Undertaker pretty much taking Taker out on the grandest stage of them all making a huge name for himself whoever this person is, they made an immediate impact right away especially with that attack on Taker, I wonder if that is the last time we will ever see The Dead Man especially after that but whoever this mystery man is, I wonder if he is a superstar who will be of the supernatural much like how The Undertaker and Kane are, and whoever Anonymous is, he is the "new generation Undertaker" when you think about it, the lights can go out, Anonymous can do supernatural things great things even, well whoever he is, I can't wait to see him on RAW tomorrow night and make himself known to the WWE Universe once again

- And Anonymous if he wants to make an even bigger name for himself he needs to target everybody in the WWE, especially if he ends up going after John Cena or even The Rock he will then have my respect that's for sure or Anonymous going after Kane The Undertaker's brother, makes it even more personal but Anonymous whoever he is, he is destined for the main event and here is hoping whoever he is, he is a future main eventer getting a huge push

- Stone Cold Steve Austin in his first match back, Stone Cold's first match-up in over 10 years, because the last time he was ever on a WrestleMania card in a match was WrestleMania 19 when he faced The Rock for the last time and lost, Stone Cold facing Punk in Once in a Lifetime and Stone Cold beating Punk in what has to be Match of the Year at least for me, because this was great, a thing of beauty and it all ending with Punk getting what he deserves but at the same time I wonder if people will start respecting CM Punk now especially since he took Austin to the limit, hell he had Austin beat and he could have beaten him but I wonder if because of this loss if CM Punk will end up walking out of the WWE, a bad night to be a "Paul Heyman guy" but Punk I am sure he will end up taking time off and then returning like in the summer or even in the fall

- And in the main event to close out the show, The Rock retaining his WWE Championship beating another "Paul Heyman guy" in Brock Lesnar, Rock finally managing to beat Brock since the last time these 2 ever faced each other on a grand-scale pay per view was SummerSlam 2002 when Brock's rise to the top began, fast forward 11 years later 2013 both these men being mega-stars with Brock being a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Rock being an A-list movie star as well as WWE Champion at the same time, this match was a pure classic but I wonder if Rock by retaining, if he just ended up putting an even bigger neon sign on his back becoming even more of a target for guys who are just itching to become WWE Champion and I can't see Brock just giving up so easily, I see Rock vs Brock II at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship but even then you have DiBiase who can cash in his briefcase

- Great WrestleMania 29 show and I can't wait to see your RAW episode, here is hoping we get a return from someone on RAW!!!!!!!!
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

News & Notes From WrestleMania XXIX

-WWE Creative were said to be going back and forth with a decision on whom they wanted to walk out of 'Mania with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Right up until the end, apparently, it was going to be Antonio Cesaro who got the victory but at the last minute they changed the outcome. While it is unclear why they changed the plan, you shouldn't expect to see DiBiase cash in his contract anytime soon as the WWE look to make him into a viable Championship contender.-

-Two new Champions were crowned at the event but don't look for Cryme Tyme to hold the straps for long, WWE are planning on having The Shield become the next Champions and there is talk of this plan going into effect as early as Extreme Rules. As for Mickie James, look for a feud with AJ Lee to continue into Extreme Rules.-

-Everyone is buzzing over the appearance of the 'WWE Anonymous' character and while WWE is keeping a pretty tight seal on who the superstar is, it's obvious they have big plans for him. Officials felt that this was an easy way for them to put over and introduce the new Superstar and at the same time write The Undertaker off television so he can recover from his nagging injuries.-

-The fallout from WrestleMania should be an exciting night as Monday Night Raw comes live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. John Cena and CM Punk will be in attendance to address their defeats at WrestleMania and while the WWE Champion will not be present a new Number One Contender will be crowned.-

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Wow just finished reading Mania didn't realize you had posted it, was very awsome!

Good that Barrett went over it opens up more options for Jericho rather than being stuck in a Ic title feud. Shame you dropped PTP but if its to make way for the shield I'm happy, Good for Ziggler to go over aswell we need to see a long title run from him with great feuds all the way.

The money in the bank match was pretty awsome I would have prefered Cesaro but you have to credit Ted, who has taken his push well. Kurt & Cena was well done I am shocked Cena lost, I now wonder with an Angle win will the feud continue? Good stuff. This anonymous thing is very cool It'll be interesting to see who is under the mask.. Kevin Thorn?? Bray Wyatt?? awsome. Very cool the way you did Punk-Austin too, good Austin got the win but I had a crazy idea what if on Raw The Shield attack Austin which is meant to be a way of writing him off but a couple of Raw's before Extreme Rules have him come back and challenge one member setting up a Austin - Ambrose & Rollins/Reigns vs Crime Time match.

Rock vs Lesnar, knew Rock would win this one I don't know why but it seems weird having Lesnar as champ, anyway I wonder who the No1 contender will be for The title.. Bryan? Punk? Orton? even a Nxt guy? also be very cool to see what happens to Lesnar now.

Great Mania!
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

- A new #1 Contender is going to be crowned well in that case why not have yourself a 20-man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to determine just who will face the WWE Champion The Rock at Extreme Rules, that way on RAW you have everyone on the card in a Battle Royal, what can I say, I love battle royals especially when it is to determine a #1 Contender

- Or how about having a Beat The Clock challenge to determine just who will face The Rock at Extreme Rules instead, an 8-man Beat The Clock challenge with 4 matches whoever beats their opponent in the fastest time goes on to Extreme Rules to face Rock

- As for DiBiase not cashing in his briefcase anytime soon, I could see why you are doing that as a way to build up The Million Dollar Man's son as a credible main eventer so for him having that briefcase and not cashing it in right away, you build him up by having feuds with main eventers but at the same time teasing the "cash-in" but never really going through it pretty much playing mind games with the WWE or World Heavyweight Champions

- Cryme Tyme vs The Shield, I love it, The Shield they could use the Freebird Rule when it comes to the WWE Tag Team Championships meaning Cryme Tyme would have no idea if they are facing Rollins & Ambrose or Ambrose & Reigns or even Rollins & Reigns making it unpredictable making it harder for Cryme Tyme to prepare

- The Anonymous character should be given a huge push, especially now after he took out The Undertaker, he took out The Dead Man on his first night in the WWE especially at WrestleMania 29 making his debut there taking Taker out on the grandest stage of them all where Taker is undefeated, Anonymous making a huge name for himself right away, after that how could he not be given a huge push? Anonymous should be given a supernatural gimmick similar to that of Kane and Undertaker but better striking fear into the hearts of many WWE superstars

- I can't wait to see just what Cena has to say for himself after tapping out like a little bitch to Kurt Angle but I am much more interested to hear what Punk has to say for himself after losing to Austin
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

As for when I see DiBiase cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase I could see him cashing it in at either SummerSlam or even at Hell in a Cell or even at Survivor Series Royal Rumble being the latest for when he cashes it in but DiBiase with his briefcase since it was an inter-promotional Money In The Bank, that means DiBiase could cash it in on the WWE Champion whoever it may be therefore staying a RAW superstar or DiBiase could choose to cash it in on the World Heavyweight Champion and in the process become a Smackdown superstar, either way DiBiase is destined for gold and he will do it with his old man his father The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Sr. by his side because everyone everyone has gotta a price for The Million Dollar Man HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and everyone has a price for his son Ted Jr.
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

- As for the Anonymous character he should be given a huge push, especially now after he took out The Undertaker, he took out The Dead Man on his first night in the WWE especially at WrestleMania 29 making his debut there taking Taker out on the grandest stage of them all where Taker is undefeated, Anonymous making a huge name for himself right away, after that how could he not be given a huge push? Anonymous should be given a supernatural gimmick similar to that of Kane and Undertaker but better striking fear into the hearts of many WWE superstars and by supernatural gimmick, you could give Anonymous supernatural powers also but also playing mind games with his opponents too or even having the lights go out in his matches or better yet Anonymous should come down from the rafters but also making him indestructible but at the same time Anonymous should have himself a manager, a manager who will accompany him to ringside for his matches much like how Paul Bearer did for Taker when Taker first started out
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Monday Night Raw Preview

-Monday Night Raw rolls into the Barclays Center for the fallout of WrestleMania XXIX. Two new Champions were crowned in the form of new Diva's Champion, Mickie James and new Tag Team Champions, Cryme Tyme and both will look to continue their winning forms. As will the new Mr. Money In The Bank, Ted DiBiase, who will be in the arena along with his father, the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase Sr. However, the two men who are both angered at the end result of that contest, Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro will also be present, which should make for a powder keg of action.-

-The arrival of WWE Anonymous has sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe, especially the way he dismantled and took out The Undertaker at WrestleMania and Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero has demanded WWE Anonymous be present on Raw. Will he reveal himself? Or will he even show up?-

-Following their gut-wrenching losses both CM Punk and John Cena will be in attendance to address the crowd, but we have learned that CM Punk has specifically requested that Vince McMahon be present when he speaks. Given their history, one can only assume that this will escalate into something you don't want to miss.-

Rumoured Matches

Beat The Clock Challenge - #1 Contendership - Singles Match
Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

Beat The Clock Challenge - #1 Contendership - Singles Match
Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin

Beat The Clock Challenge - #1 Contendership - Singles Match
Brodus Clay vs. John Cena

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

In regards to my WWE Anonymous character that I have introduced, I have been going back and forth with potential ideas on whom it's going to be, but I have pretty much figured that out, barring some drastic change. I didn't quite know, nor could I find, which theme I felt suited this character best. This will be the theme song that will go with the Anonymous superstar, just so everyone has an idea when they're reading, because I am terrible at detailing music lol. Bear in mind, the theme is not a reflection on who WWE Anonymous is.

I like the eerie feel at the beginning, with the beat coming in later...it just sounds amazing. I'm not sure why it's under Rellik, because I remember this being Vampiro's OLD theme song, but yeah, that's it.

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

- I hope Anonymous he shows up on RAW and if he does, then I wonder just what repercussions he will face for doing what he did to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 and if he does show up here is hoping Anonymous has his very first match here in the WWE and if he does, who should he face in his debut match?

- I wonder what CM Punk has to say especially if he wants Vince at RAW but as for Cena I wonder what he has to say after tapping out like a little bitch to Angle

- But as for the Beat The Clock matches, I can't wait to see Brodus Clay take on John Cena for the first time ever or Kurt Angle taking on his former protege Shelton Benjamin considering their history in Team Angle from way back in the day or even Antonio Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan which is like a dream match in itself

- Either way I can't wait until RAW especially to determine the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship but also to see the debut of Anonymous on RAW and maybe we get to see Lesnar make an appearance or even The Rock
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