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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Smackdown Review

Titus O'Neil defeats JTG in a great match, just goes to show you that Prime Time Players are worth millions of dollars, millions of dollars, millions, millions, billions, millions, a team with charisma but the reunited Cryme Tyme they also have charisma too that could match PTP any day of the week but PTP have been on a roll ever since becoming WWE Tag Team Champions but Cryme Tyme have never ever been WWE Tag Team Champions, so something has gotta give when it comes to WrestleMania but I see PTP retaining their titles at Mania

Mickie James with her returning to the WWE, she will actually make the Divas division worth something again, she is a 5-time WWE Women's Champion, a former WWE Divas Champion, Mickie James is a future WWE Hall of Fame diva and makes her return by beating Aksana in dominating fashion all be it with a little bit of offense on Aksana's part but nevertheless Mickie James with her back, she is my pick to win the WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania 29

Cesaro defeats Morrison, I love it because now Cesaro is picking up momentum towards Money in the Bank because ever since losing the WWE United States Championship, he is now setting his sights on being a World Champion and by doing that he becomes an even bigger star while Morrison ever since coming back he has been on a losing streak

Ziggler and Big E. beating both Rey and Cara, I also enjoyed that too because it puts them over heading into WrestleMania 29

Randy Orton beating Ted DiBiase in a battle of former Legacy teammates, this was my favorite match-up of the whole night right here because of the history between these 2 men because Orton was the mentor and DiBiase the student and now they face off against one another in a match where the chemistry was beyond awesome but Orton comes out on top, Orton is my pick to win Money in the Bank

And Ryback defeating Rollins of The Shield, I loved it, Ryback getting some measure of revenge against The Shield all be it DQ
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Monday Night Raw - March 4th

Quick Results - Final Ones

Opening Contest - Non Title Singles Match
Xavier Woods defeats William Regal

-The U.S Champion kicked off the show in a tough battle against the veteren, William Regal. Regal used his brash fighting style to subdue the younger Woods, rough housing with him in the early going. After a back and forth contest, Woods deliered his Culture Shock finishing move, getting the three count.-

Match Two - Singles Match
Daniel Bryan defeats Kane

-After their lengthy reign as Tag Team Champions ended, their partnership soon followed. The two men's partnership and friendship dissolved almost instantly and the result was this, a singles match that was between two men who despised one another. What looked like a promising start quickly turned into Kane letting out all of his frustration and anger out on the smaller Bryan, eventually leading to the referee calling for a disqualification once Kane blasted Bryan with a steel chair!-

Match Three - Crossbrand MITB Showcase - Six Man Tag
Antonio Cesaro, Shelton Benjamin & Ted DiBiase defeats Carlito, John Morrison & Randy Orton

-In a huge showcase of the participants that would be involved in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania, it was the Raw Brand that managed to defeat their SmackDown counterparts in this huge six man tag team match. Each superstar looked great at various points, getting plenty of offense to show off their skillsets to the crowd. But, Shelton Benjamin got the last laugh, delivering the Exploder Suplex onto Carlito and getting the three count.-

Match Four - Singles Match
Kaitlyn defeats Mickie James

-With AJ Lee at ringside, it made for a potentially volatile environment. She was a constant hassle for both women who were competeting, both of them always having to keep their eyes on her. In the end, AJ Lee got involved, nailing Mickie James with the Diva's Title while the referee was checking on Kaitlyn. Once she returned to the ring, she covered Mickie and got the victory. She had her hand raised, but looked a bit displeased when she started to piece everything together.-

Match Five - Singles Match
CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman defeats The Miz

-This match was put together specifically by Vickie Guerrero. The cameras kept cutting to the back, showing Stone Cold watching via flatscreen. It was a match that saw both men battle back and forth, Miz using this platform to potentially position himself back into the title picture and you could see the determination in everything he did. But, CM Punk was just too much in the end and with the help of Paul Heyman, distracting Miz, Punk delivered the GTS and locked in the Anaconda Vice, forcing Miz to tap out.-

Main Event - Tag Team Match
Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle vs John Cena & The Rock

-This blockbuster main event never got started as John Cena and Kurt Angle broke out into a brawl that spread all around the ringside area. Brock Lesnar intervened to drag Cena off, only to see The Rock come sprinting from the back and now all four men were brawling with their respective WrestleMania opponent. Monday Night Raw faded off the air with several officials and security being used to drag the four men apart.-

-Another 'WWE Anonymous' video was aired, this time to kick off Monday Night Raw.

-Kane continued to assault Daniel Bryan post-match with a steel chair, repeatedly bashing him over the head and spine with it, until the steel chair was dented beyond belief. He then dragged the lifeless body of Bryan to the outside, before Chokeslamming him violently onto the concrete aisleway. Medical personnel loaded Daniel Bryan onto a stretcher afterwards and took him to an awaiting ambulance.

-Paul Heyman confronted Stone Cold about a proposition. He informed the Co-General Manager that CM Punk wanted to make this WrestleMania something special and he felt that the best way for that to happen was to have CM Punk go one on one with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Before Austin could respond, they were interuppted by Vickie Guerrero, who informed Paul Heyman that she had placed CM Punk in a match tonight...against The Miz.

-All throughout the Raw telecast, tribute videos and memories of the late William Moody (Paul Bearer) were shown, the WWE deeply saddened by the loss of such an iconic manager. However, during the final one, The Shield's handheld video promo cut it short, as they cut a promo telling The Undertaker that more than just Taker could play mind games.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hyped the Main Event all night long, as well as a special live appearance by Vince McMahon, next week, in which he would address a number of different things, including the feud between John Cena & Kurt Angle as well as The Shield.

-Following the MITB Showcase match, each superstar delivered their finishing move on someone else, trying to make a statement, but the last man left standing was Randy Orton, who nailed Antonio Cesaro with an RKO and stood tall over the other five fallen superstars.

this should be the last bit of quick results I do for this thread, hopefully anyway.

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Wow gotta love RAW, I loved it

Xavier Woods aka Consequences Creed is coming into his own as WWE United States Champion beating a future WWE Hall of Famer William Regal, but I wonder just who Xavier's opponent will be at WrestleMania 29 if he will even be on the card and if he will, then I wonder just who he will defend the WWE United States Championship against in his first WrestleMania

Kane defeats Daniel Bryan brutalizing Bryan to the point where he needed to be carried out of the arena stretchered out, Kane is back to the monster he should have always been, Kane is an evil masked monster just like how he should be but I wonder if Kane will be included in the tribute to Paul Bearer

Cesaro, Benjamin and DiBiase defeat Carlito, Morrison and Orton, gotta love that

But I love Kaitlyn beating Mickie James but love the post match attack AJ the new WWE Divas Champion attacking Mickie

CM Punk beating The Miz, that gives Punk momentum heading into WrestleMania

But loved the main event with Cena and Rock teaming to face Angle and Lesnar
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

March 8, 2013

Quicken Loans Arena; Cleveland, Ohio

To open Friday Night SmackDown, a highlight package is shown recapping the events that have transpired over the past week, starting with last week’s edition of SmackDown. It shows the Money in the Bank Showcase matches, before switching over to The Shield’s debut on the show, calling out The Undertaker. The matchup between Rollins and Ryback is shown next, which ended in a disqualification, before The Undertaker’s infamous GONG sounded, signaling that the Deadman had received the challenge loud and clear. Next up was Monday Night Raw where Daniel Bryan was stretchered out at the hands of Kane, CM Punk called out the Texas Rattlesnake and more matches involving six of the eight Money in the Bank Superstars were shown. Finally a live shot of this week’s edition was shown, the crowd inside Quicken Loans Arena standing on their feet in anticipation.


The arrival of Vince McMahon was certainly a surprise to everyone, but nonetheless garnered cheers from the sold out audience. He strutted his way down to the squared circle and climbed inside, the same smug grin on his face. Once he received a microphone he got right down to the point as to why he was there, claiming that he had been keeping his eyes on both Raw and SmackDown and, much like Raw, the inmates seemed like they wanted to run the asylum. He was speaking, of course, of the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. But, before he could say anything further he was quickly interrupted when the lights flickered and the TitanTron lit up, showing another WWE Anonymous video, this time letters coming across the screen…


The WWE Anonymous video interrupts continues on, this one specifically aimed toward Vince McMahon, as it showed him being wheeled off on a stretcher. As the video ends, Vince just stares at the TitanTron, not too pleased at what he’s just seen. However, he makes little note of it, saying that he does not respond to ‘Anonymous’ things before returning to his original purpose. He then asks for Wade Barrett to make his way down to the ring and after several moments the Intercontinental Champion’s theme music hits and he comes walking out from the back and down to the ring. Barrett leant back against one of the turnbuckles, grinning arrogantly as Vince began to speak with him about his recent actions, namely his assault on SmackDown GM, Booker T. Wade was quick to point out that Booker had booked that contest and that he only did his job, which was to fight and compete. Still, Vince wasn’t buying it and told Barrett that if he wanted to fight and needed competition that badly, then he had just the guy for the job.


The Intercontinental Champion stormed around the ring in protest, the lights dimming down and when they came back on there stood Y2J, Chris Jericho! He spun around and pumped his fist to a loud ovation, soaking in every moment of his return as he made his way down to the squared circle. Once he climbed inside he shook hands with Vince McMahon, before turning his attention towards Wade Barrett. He informed Barrett that Vince had offered him a deal he could not pass up, the chance to make Barrett Shut…the Hell…Up, as well as further cement his legacy as the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever! Wade was still fuming at what was going on, Vince McMahon then making the announcement that at WrestleMania, Chris Jericho would be going one on one with Wade Barrett…but he was quickly interrupted. Wade wanted to know why he could just come in and be granted a title shot, before telling Vince that he should have to earn his right to face Barrett. Neither Vince nor Jericho seemed to mind this, but Barrett took it a step further, saying that he should have to prove himself tonight as well as next week, against the opponents of Barrett’s choosing. While Vince seemed reluctant, Jericho quickly assured Mr. McMahon that nobody that this generic assclown put in front of him would stand in his way and so the matches were on!

—Commercial Break—

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Darren Young vs. Shad Gaspard

-With JTG and Titus O’Neil having duked it out a couple of weeks ago, it was their respective tag team partners turns to do the same. This time, however, but O’Neil and JTG were banned from ringside leaving this contest truly a one on one encounter. The stronger, taller Gaspard took advantage early, taking it too Young with various clotheslines, hip tosses and back body drops which brought out tons of cheers from the crowd. Darren settled down and got Shad off his feet, taking the bigger man down to the canvas and smothering him with an assortment of submission holds, trying to work over Gaspard’s head and back region. While the PrimeTime Players got the win in the first one on one encounter, it was Cryme Tyme’s time to even the score with Shad delvering a thunderous Bicycle Kick that nearly took Young’s head off and getting the pinfall victory.-
Winner – Shad Gaspard

As Shad had his hand raised in victory the cameras headed to the backstage area as Matt Striker stood by with Vince McMahon. First he brought up the shocking return of Chris Jericho, Vince saying he had full confidence in Chris to come out of these little ‘tests’ and head to WrestleMania to face Wade Barrett. Then, the topic shifted to The Shield calling out The Undertaker, Matt saying that there couldn’t be a chance of all three men facing The Deadman for his illustrious streak. Vince then made it perfectly clear that The Undertaker would not be competing in a Handicap Match come WrestleMania, because, quite frankly, that just wasn’t very fair. Instead, The Shield would have to pick one member of their team to step foot inside the ring with The Phenom.

—Commercial Break—

Back from the commercial break and Randy Orton is standing by with Matt Striker. He discusses all of his opponents in a couple of weeks at WrestleMania, stating the obvious that every single superstar had the odds stacked against them, but that wasn’t going to stop The Viper from being the guy to become Mr. Money in the Bank and ultimately get to his ultimate goal, recapturing the World Heavyweight Championship.

After Striker’s short interview with Randy Orton, the cameras switched over as another handheld camera promo from The Shield started. The three men introduced themselves as always, before getting down to the point of this promo, their response to Vince McMahon in regards to a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The Shield each told Vince McMahon that throughout their time in the WWE, they have abided by their own standards and their own rules, not by the WWE’s and certainly not Vince McMahon’s. Instead, they proposed a different solution on Raw they would allow Vince McMahon to choose an opponent for one of them to face and if The Shield were unsuccessful, then they would play by Vince’s rules, they would even keep the other two members away from ringside. But, if The Shield won, then The Undertaker would be at the mercy of The Shield. They ended it by telling Vince that if they weren’t given what they wanted, then Vince’s monumental pay per view would be train-wrecked, courtesy of Vince’s injustice and The Shield.

Match Two – Singles Match
Alex Riley vs. Mark Henry

-Returning from another brief injury scare, Mark Henry looked dominant against an overmatched Alex Riley. While Riley managed to land a couple of strikes here and there, it was Mark Henry who showed off his massive power and strength, almost toying with Riley at times. Finally, some would say mercifully, Henry picked Riley up and delivered the World’s Strongest Slam and getting the pinfall victory.-
Winner – Mark Henry

Mark stands triumphant inside the squared circle, pressing his boot into the chest of the down and out Alex Riley as his hand is raised. The cameras headed to the backstage area showing Chris Jericho getting ready for his in-ring return, strolling down the hallway. The commentators plugging how Y2J would be making that return…NEXT.

—Commercial Break—

Match Three – Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes

-The first obstacle Jericho had to get past was a former Intercontinental Champion, the very dangerous and gifted Cody Rhodes. The two men locked horns for several minutes, the WWE Universe getting to see the broad variety of skillsets these two superstars possessed. Several quick shots were shown of Wade Barrett standing backstage, eyeing a flat screen monitor. He watched on as Cody Rhodes took the fight right to Jericho, gaining several near falls in the process, which then led to Y2J fighting back and gaining near falls of his own. Back and forth they battled, each man understanding the importance of the moment and the crowd backing them as they put on a show, but Jericho came through in his in-ring return managing to deliver the Codebreaker to Cody Rhodes and gain the victory!-
Winner – Chris Jericho

Josh Matthews and JBL both discuss how Wade Barrett’s days as Intercontinental Champion may be numbered, but Jericho still had one final hurdle before getting his shot as he stood inside the ring celebrating his victory. The World Heavyweight Champion was the next superstar to appear on the SmackDown broadcast as he talked with Matt Striker about his very first World Title defense. Striker claimed that many people felt that Ziggler barely scathed having his World Title reign last only one week, when Del Rio won by disqualification. Dolph was quick to jump in, telling Striker that throughout the history of this business people have had off nights and that’s all that was, an off night. But, Striker need not worry, because Dolph Ziggler, at WrestleMania, was going to show the world why he deserved to be the new Showstopper, the Main Event. Because he would put on a display that would steal the show.

Following Dolph Ziggler’s interview, Cryme Tyme and the PrimeTime Player’s were shown backstage having to be separated by security and WWE officials. The chaotic scene was quickly getting out of hand as it seemed like neither the security or the officials could hold someone back long enough to get them separated, several brawls breaking out because of it. This feud seemed to be escalating quickly, neither team caring too much for the other.

Match Four – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Carlito & John Morrison vs. Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal

-The other two known SmackDown participants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania were paired together to take on two of the three members of 3MB. While the chemistry wasn’t there between Morrison and Carlito, the technical abilities were as they wanted to put on a show whenever they were the legal man. Mahal and Slater were mainly there for comical relief and cheap heat, which they did a good job doing but that was all as Mahal was given the Backstabber by Carlito, Slater being hit by Starship Pain, both men getting pinned.-
Winners – Carlito & John Morrison

—Commercial Break—

Wade Barrett is shown storming down the hallway, seething in anger as SmackDown returns from another commercial break. Matt Striker managed to catch up with the Intercontinental Champion, wanting to get his thoughts on Chris Jericho’s return victory earlier in the evening. Barrett looked at Striker as if he was stupid for even asking about such a thing. He told Matt that Chris Jericho may have passed the first test, but next week Wade Barrett knows just the man for the job and will show everyone that Chris Jericho doesn’t even deserve the chance to step inside the squared circle with the likes of Wade Barrett.

A split screen shot of Randy Orton and the World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler are shown as the Main Event of the evening is coming up after the commercial break. Josh Matthews and JBL talking about how these two men will go one on one with their WrestleMania opponents surrounding the ringside area as Lumberjacks.

--Commercial Break--

Main Event – Singles Match – Lumberjack Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

-In what could possibly be a World Heavyweight Title match somewhere down the line, the current World Champion went one on one with The Viper, Randy Orton. Outside the ring stood every currently known member set for the Money in the Bank match, Big E Langston, Alberto Del Rio and Ryback. The match started without a hitch, both men doing battle as they looked to build momentum heading towards WrestleMania. Each time one of them was thrown to the outside, they were quickly mauled by their opponents at WrestleMania, or in Orton’s case, Ziggler’s bodyguard. However, like most Lumberjack Matches go, the powder keg on the outside eventually exploded, spilling into the squared circle where the referee had no choice but to call for the bell.-
No Contest

Ziggler and Langston did battle with Ryback and Del Rio while the other six superstars continued to brawl all around and inside the ring. The commentators plugged all the chaos that was happening around them, before telling the television audience that they were all out of time as Friday Night SmackDown faded off the air, WWE officials trying their best to separate all of the superstars from one another.

—End of Show—

sorry this took so long, been really busy…hopefully you all enjoy. I've gotten to the point where I just want WM here and done with so I can move onto other storylines that I have planned and fully emerse myself into it, so there may be quick results all the way to WM.

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

I really loved Smackdown especially Wade Barrett's confrontation with Vince McMahon because I honestly thought Wade was going to put his hands on the Chairman of this company and if he had, then that prestigious title that Barrett holds oh so near and dear to him would have been stripped from him but I am glad that Vince made the announcement for WrestleMania 29 that Wade Barrett will be facing Chris Jericho but will the Intercontinental Championship be on the line at WrestleMania 29? More importantly will Jericho win his 10th Intercontinental Championship since Jericho is a 9-time Intercontinental Champion the most in WWE history

The Shield basically if they win their match, Undertaker has to face all 3 of them at WrestleMania in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match but that if they lose, Undertaker only has to face one of them at WrestleMania with the other 2 being banned from ringside, that's a good deal, but at the same time I wonder if The Shield were going to deliver their own shred of justice to Vince by putting their hands on Vince

Randy Orton's promo, definitely loved it, since I am a huge Orton fan, I am a huge Orton mark and he is my pick for winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 29 because Orton hasn't been World Heavyweight Champion in over a year and a half, so it is about time The Viper is back on top where he belongs and the way of going about that is by having him win Money in the Bank and then cashing it in on whoever the World Heavyweight or WWE Champion is, since the briefcase is an interpromotional briefcase meaning you could cash it in on either champion

But I loved the main event of Ziggler vs Orton in the Lumberjack Match especially because Ziggler's opponents at WrestleMania 29 for the World Heavyweight Championship, Ryback the 2013 Royal Rumble Match winner and Del Rio the former champion were there also
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Monday Night Raw - March 11, 2013

Opening Contest - Singles Match
Kane defeats Zack Ryder

-After last week's vicious assault on Daniel Bryan, the Big Red Monster continued on his path of destruction with this week's victim being Zack Ryder. The superstar billed from Long Island could mount little offense as Kane just smothered Ryder from the opening bell. He finally put an end to Ryder's beating by planting him with a Chokeslam not once, but twice, before making the cover and getting the three.-

Match Two - Tag Team Match
Antonio Cesaro & Ted DiBiase w/ Ted DiBiase Sr. defeats Shelton Benjamin & Xavier Woods

-For the second consecutive week, DiBiase and Cesaro were teamed together and would ultimately come out victorious. This time, they did so against another Money in the Bank Qualifier, Shelton Benjamin and the current US Champion, Xavier Woods. It was a back and forth affair between the two teams as they all managed to mount decent attacks on one another. Benjamin and Woods showing off their athletic, high risk styles to dazzle the crowd, while Cesaro and DiBiase both went for the brute force/ground-wear down approach. It was that high risk that led to the demise of Benjamin/Woods as Xavier leapt off the top rope, Ted moved out of the way and allowed him to crash and burn to the canvas, before lifting him up and connecting with Dream Street to get the victory!-

Match Three - Singles Match
Ezekial Jackson defeats Michael McGillicutty

-The in-ring return of Ezekial Jackson was an impressive one as he picked up the victory over McGillicutty. While Jackson showed some ring rust in the early stages, he ultimately got back into the swing of things and showed off his tremendously impressive strength and technical abilities, before finishing off Michael in a new Torture Rack submission hold, forcing him to tap out. Pretty cut and dry performance from both men, McGillicutty looking good at putting Jackson over.-

Match Four - Eight-Diva Tag Team Match - Normal Tag
Kaitlyn, Layla, Mickie James & Natalya defeats Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina

-Next up it was a chance for the Diva's to showcase their skills on Monday Night Raw in a huge Eight-Diva tag team match. The action was rough at times, but that comes with the territory, but this match still got a few solid performances and moves here and there. Tamina looked powerful as always, tossing the other women around. Natalya and Kaitlyn showed off some pretty impressive technical moves, while Mickie and Layla provided the aerial and fast paced moves. Rosa, Alicia and Aksana all got their cheap heat in when they could, but this was the match for Mickie and Kaitlyn to shine and it was Mickie who delivered a Tornado DDT to Rosa before covering her for the three.-

Match Five - Singles Match
John Cena & Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar & The Rock Ends in a No Contest

-This was surely the most anticipated match of the evening as these two teams were forced together, when they would be facing each other come WrestleMania. They managed to co-exist, as best they could, for a majority of the match, giving their respective partner the occasional hard tag. But, these superstars and their egos could only handle that for so long and finally John Cena had had enough of Kurt Angle. The two men getting into a heated discussion, which was followed by shoves and ultimately a brawl ensued. Cena took it to Angle, sending him all around the ringside area, before Angle was able to scurry away. Meanwhile, The Rock watched all of this transpire, Lesnar entered the squared circle and stalked the WWE Champion, before nailing him with a huge F-5! At this point, the referee had no choice but to call for the bell.-

Main Event - Singles Match - Special Stipulations
Roman Reigns defeats Ryback
If Reigns wins, The Shield name their match at WM
If Ryback wins, Taker chooses his opponent and the remaining members are banned

-With The Shield banned from ringside for this contest, Roman Reigns was left all alone to take on the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns, along with the rest of The Shield, had been a pain in Ryback's backside, so this was chance to get some revenge, which was what he did in the beginning. Ryback took it too Reigns nailing him with various clotheslines and forearms, before planting him with a variety of Spinebusters and Slams. Eventually Roman got back into the action, using any way he could to get the Monster down to the ground. For several minutes, Ryback could not mount any sort of attack, Reigns doing a great job of grounding him to the dismay of the sold out crowd. However, Ryback would not stay down for long, feeding off the crowd and building momentum to get himself back into the contest and just when it seemed like Ryback was on the verge of victory, Big E Langston made an appearance, hoping up onto the ring apron to distract the referee and Ryback. Dolph Ziggler then appeared, coming from the crowd, blasting Ryback with the World Heavyweight Title before quickly exiting the ring. The shot sent Ryback stumbling straight into a hellacious SPEAR by Roman Reigns, who covered him and got the victory.-

-The Shield kicked off the show cutting a promo, wanting an answer from Vince McMahon about their proposal from SmackDown this past Friday. The Chairman obliged them with his presence and subsequently agreed to their demands, but, adding a few things too it. One being that whoever would face off in this contest, the other two members were banned from ringside. And Two, Vince got to choose to the opponent. After some bickering back and forth, The Shield finally agreed and chose Roman Reigns as the man who would fight, before demanding to know who his opponent would be. That’s when they got the bad news as ’Feed Me More’ erupted over the speakers, Vince grinning devilishly as Ryback stormed out onto the stage with his own sick grin, The Shield going ballistic in the center of the ring.

-Ted DiBiase and his father cut a short promo talking about the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania. DiBiase told everyone watching that this was his destiny, to one day become a World Champion. At WrestleMania, he would take one step closer to achieving that goal and bring the DiBiase Legacy to a place that it should be, at the top of the wrestling world. That’s when he was cut off by Cesaro who told him that it was admirable what he was doing and saying, but the only person who was getting a step closer to becoming a future World Champion would be him, Antonio Cesaro.

-Following his vicious assault and victory on Zack Ryder, Kane was briefly interviewed by Josh Matthews, Kane informing Josh and everyone watching that for too long he has been looked at as a joke. Well, with putting Daniel Bryan in the hospital last week and the beating he gave Zack Ryder this week that will soon change. Now, it was time that everyone feared the Big Red Machine and if tonight wasn’t enough, then Kane was going to continue to wreak havoc and destruction until he got what he wanted and what he deserved.

-Stone Cold Steve Austin announced that tonight, he would force four superstars to co-exist together in a tag team match to add some much needed excitement into tonight’s events. That’s when the Kurt Angle/John Cena vs. Rock/Brock Lesnar match was announced, Austin saying that he knew this would not be a decision that was liked by those four men, but they would get over it, plain and simple. He was then interrupted by Paul Heyman who continued his taunting of the Texas Rattlesnake, telling Austin that his client was the Best in the World for a reason, because he took on any and all challengers. Unlike Stone Cold, who seemed to be dodging CM Punk at all cost. He issued yet another challenge to Austin, from Punk and when Austin told Heyman that he wasn’t going to break to his will because he had nothing to prove, that’s when CM Punk hit the ring, arriving from the crowd and proceeded to pummel Austin to the canvas. While Stone Cold tried to fight back, CM Punk stopped him at every turn before connecting with a GTS which sent the crowd into a frenzy of boo’s. Punk stood tall over Austin, before once again proclaiming himself ‘Best in the World’.

-Two different promos occurred with John Cena & Kurt Angle in one, Rock and Lesnar in the other, neither team liking this idea but trying to do whatever they could to co-exist on the night. Cena told Angle that he was not going to co-exist with him, but he would never leave a partner hanging, so he would do what needed to be done. On the other side, Lesnar had little to say towards The Rock, who understood the situation. Neither one of them liked this situation and Brock Lesnar’s ultimate goal was to take the strap from The People’s Champ, but Rock warned Lesnar that if he tried anything, then The Rock would personally lay the SmackDown on his candyass just like he will at the Grandest Stage of Them All.


Friday Night SmackDown - March 15, 2013

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Mark Henry defeats Primo

-Another week, another dominating performance from Mark Henry. The World’s Strongest Man was all business against the smaller, over-matched Primo. He barely got any kind of offense in before Henry caught him in mid-flight and planted him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Instead of covering Primo he got back to his feet and dragged Primo over to a nearby corner, before ascending to the middle rope and delivering a huge Bonzai Splash and finally covering Primo to get the victory.-

Match Two – Singles Match
John Morrison defeats David Otunga

-John Morrison looked to build some momentum heading towards WrestleMania and he got off to a good start with his victory over David Otunga. While the Harvard Law Grad looked strong and powerful in spots, there was just too much Morrison in this contest. John looked impressive showing off his athletic abilities throughout, keeping Otunga at bay. While there were a few bumps along the way for Morrison, in the end, he landed Starship Pain and covered David Otunga to get the win.-

Match Three – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Alberto Del Rio & Ryback defeat Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater

-The two contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship were paired together to take on the 3MB, or at least two of them. While they weren’t entirely thrilled with the situation that they were presented with, they took it upon themselves to try and show the other one up and 3MB just so happened to be the victims. Back and forth, Del Rio and Ryback tagged one another in and took it too either Slater or McIntyre, sometimes even both. Finally, it was Del Rio who locked in the Cross Armbreaker on Slater, forcing him to tap out.-

Match Four – Singles Match
Chris Jericho defeats The Big Show

-Wade Barrett sent the biggest superstar he could find into the ring against Chris Jericho for his final test and the Big Show gave him everything he could handle and then some. Jericho threw everything at him in the beginning, but The Big Show used his massive size to fend off Y2J and wear him down. The Intercontinental Champion watched on from the commentary table as Y2J fought his way back into the contest, taking The Big Show down on several occasions to his dismay, but the crowds delight. From there, it was a back and forth affair, as it should be with two superstars, both men gaining near falls on the other, but Jericho managed to outlast the giant and deliver a huge Codebreaker off the middle rope to keep The Big Show down for the three count!-

Main Event – Handicap Match – Two on One
Randy Orton & Sheamus defeat Seth Rollins

-After Roman Reigns successfully defeated Ryback on Raw to give The Shield the upper hand in determining their match with The Undertaker, Teddy Long decided to place Seth Rollins in a Two-on-One Handicap Match against The Viper and The Celtic Warrior. The crowd eagerly anticipated this and Seth Rollins was at the mercy of both men from the start of the contest as both Sheamus and Orton took the precious time in picking him apart. While Rollins mounted some impressive strings of attacks, he finally understood what it was like to be on the opposite side of the numbers game and ultimately fled the ringside area, getting himself counted out.-

-The Shield perched themselves at the top of the arena to cut a promo about Roman Reigns’ victory over Ryback on Raw. They talked about how the ball was in their court now and that everyone expects them to force The Undertaker to beat all three men at WrestleMania, but that’s just not the case. Instead, The Undertaker will go one on one with a member of their choice, with the other two men surrounding the rings as Lumberjacks! So the match was set, The Undertaker clearly behind the eight ball, with the odds stacked against him.

-Chris Jericho cut an in-ring promo talking about his return to the WWE and his quest for the WWE Intercontinental Title, before being interrupted by the Champion himself. He told Y2J that he did not deserve to be inside the same ring as Wade Barrett and that he would not be able to get past his final test later tonight, because Wade Barrett’s opponent for Jericho was none other than the Largest Athlete in the World, The Big Show!

-Following The Shield’s announcement of their Lumberjack Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Teddy Long announced that later in the evening, The Shield would get a taste of their own medicine. They would finally understand what it felt like to be on the wrong side of the number’s game, because Teddy Long was putting Seth Rollins in a Handicap Match against Randy Orton and Sheamus.

-Randy Orton, Carlito and John Morrison all cut backstage promos discussing the Money in the Bank match and their individual strategies within the contest. They each had their own different perspective, but they all did think they held a slight advantage because each one of them had been in a Money in the Bank match in years prior, so they knew what to expect.

-During the Alberto Del Rio/Ryback vs. 3MB tag team match, the World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler was sitting at ringside. Alongside him were AJ Lee and Big E Langston. Ziggler was on commentary throughout the match taking cheap shots at both Del Rio and Ryback. His presence caused some distraction for both of his WrestleMania opponents, but once the contest was over, Ryback and Del Rio stared down the World Champion as he left the ringside area with his little entourage, both men also keeping an eye out on one another.

I've decided to do quick results all the way until WM, just to get this over and done with, so I can plan out storylines from there on.

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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

WWE News & Notes From Raw & SmackDown
-With WrestleMania a month away the card has already shaped into form, the only match left to be added on is the expected CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match. Everything else is booked and ready to go as planned, but WWE Creative still isn't sure on the direction on several of the top flight matches for this pay per view. But, there is still plenty of time for them to make final decisions.

-The frequent WWE Anonymous videos that have been appearing almost every week seem to be slowing down now that there is a timetable for the debut. With this mystery character debuting at WrestleMania, many people are still speculating as to who it will turn out to be, but WWE is keeping a very tight lip and seal over the whole thing.

-Chris Jericho's return to the WWE and subsequent feud with Wade Barrett will apparently be lasting. WWE is apparently ready to have this feud head past WrestleMania to AT LEAST Extreme Rules, if not further than that. As for how long Y2J is under contract, that still isn't fully known, but one would assume it's for at least a full year until next years WrestleMania XXX.

-Several big name superstars are left without a match for the Granddaddy of Them All, but that's not to say they won't be included in the festivities. With WWE Axxess as well as other promotional events that are scheduled for WrestleMania Weekend, WWE will be pulling out all the stops and sending all the top stars around to promote this event as best they can.


WrestleMania XXIX Card - April 7, 2013

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, New Jersey

card subject to change

Main Event - WWE Championship - Singles Match
The Rock(c) vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

World Heavyweight Championship - Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback

Eight-Man Money In The Bank - Ladder Match
Antonio Cesaro vs. Carlito vs. John Morrison vs. Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Ted DiBiase vs. ?? vs. ??

Grudge Match - Singles Match
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

WrestleMania Streak - Lumberjack Match - Singles Match
The Shield as Lumberjacks
Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker

Intercontinental Championship - Singles Match
Wade Barrett(c) vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships - Normal Tag
The PrimeTime Players(c) vs. Cryme Tyme

WWE Divas Championship - Fatal Four Way
AJ Lee(c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Mickie James

Rumored Matches
CM Punk vs. Stone Cold


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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Loved RAW and Smackdown, the sooner we can get to WrestleMania 29 the better
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Great Raw + Smackdown looking forward to Wrestlemania, intrigued to see who WWE anonymous is! Great work.
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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

If CM Punk vs Stone Cold is on this pay per view, if this match does in fact happen at WrestleMania 29 there needs to be a special stipulation added to the match like No Holds Barred but that Punk/Austin needs to be the main event and that it needs to go on last meaning this match needs to close out the show seeing as how it is Austin's first match back in a WWE ring since 2003 since WrestleMania 19 when he last faced The Rock but that with Punk/Austin their match is truly Once in a Lifetime and that it will probably be better than Rock/Cena
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