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Re: WWE 2003: Civil War

Raw Feedback

Hey man, just returning the feedback you gave me in my thread, during this little 2003 war we've got going on

I must say, overall, I was very impressed with your show. The ending segment in particular was very well written, and damn it, great minds must think alike because I must admit originally I had planned to have Triple H vs. Goldust on my next Raw! Got something else planned now, however, so I'm glad you went through and wrote this match because it was something I was interested in seeing, be it at my own hands or somebody elses. It was well written and the ending to the show was quite frankly spot-on, as Booker coming out to even the odds and run Triple H off furthers the feud just that little bit more and him doing a number on Flair sets the tone for a response from Triple H. Good job on that one

The Rock quitting was really well written. I went for a similar thing in my thread but obviously, you included Bischoff, and no doubt that will lead to him having something to see. I doubt we have the last of 'The Great One' in your thread and look forward to seeing what you have planned for him!

I'm glad to see you've gone for a Jericho vs. Michaels rematch at Backlash, too! It's one feud that I think anybody writing for this time period should look at pushing on with, because they are capable of some excellent matches and writing for the two of them is fun. That is one match from you that I will be amped up to read! Michael's costing Y2J the victory was pretty much the standard way to go to continue that feud, at first. Heck, I've even done the same, so I'm super fine with it. It gives Jericho grounds for a response further down the line, perhaps by doing the same, and you can visualise the scene with Maven rolling Jericho up really well. That is one thing I find your writing is really good for: creating a picture. I like that, as I think it is nice for people to be able to colour in the lines for themselves using a canvas you have created, allowing you to portray the story to them and for them to really picture it in their minds.

Good job, mate! I was impressed.

Smackdown Predictions

Nathan Jones versus The Big Show

- I just don't think that Nathan Jones is a big enough star to beat Show cleanly, yet. However, after being incapacitated before the match at Wrestlemania, I wouldn't be surprised if he got the win, but I just think you will go with the more sensible option of having Big Show go over.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle defend against Chris Benoit and Rhyno

- Team Angle will not drop the belts immediately after Wrestlemania, on a Smackdown, no doubt. I have a feeling you'll go down the route of having them feud with Los Guerreros, which I am perfectly fine with!

Tag Team Match
Team Mattitude versus Los Guerrero's

- With Hardy dominating the cruiserweight scene and having something to go back to there, it makes no sense for him to go over the most over tag team on Smackdown who I feel you are going to utilise in a feud with Team Angle. Los Guerreros every day.

Jamie Noble w/Nidia versus Billy Kidman

- This could go either way, to be honest, so I'm just going to go with a random prediction, here!

John Cena versus Rikishi

- I would imagine you are looking to build John Cena up, so I think you will give him the nod over Rikishi, here.

"You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it's all kiddie games. You can't leave a mark on the champ's face. Come Royal Rumble, understand, when you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God."

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Re: WWE 2003: Civil War

Spokane, Washington - Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Norfolk Spoke

Blue Aftermath

Much like RAW Monday Night, our broadcast opens up with a WrestleMania recap, with this particular package only showing us the SmackDown! side of things. It starts off with Matt Hardy retaining the Cruserweight Championship against Rey Mysterio; The Undertaker overcome The Big Show & A-Train, with an assist going to Nathan Jones; Team Angle survive a Triple Threat tag Team match, capitalising on a gore from Rhyno to Eddie Guerrero, getting the pinfall and retaning the WWE Tag Team Titles; Hulk Hogan defeat Mr. McMahon in a Street Fight, 20 Years in the Making; And finally, the Main Event of 'Mania itself, which saw Brock Lesnar, defeat Kurt Angle, in a 25/30 minute war, capturing the WWE Championship for a second time...

We get a brand spanking NEW SmackDown! intro, along with a new theme to go along with it (***Jim Johnson - I Want It All***) before a massive pyro display takes us into the SVM Arena, where we are greeted, by Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Hot off the heels, of one of the most spectacular - and incredible WrestleMania's in history, SmackDown! comes to you, from Spokane Washington, and Tazz - what a night, WrestleMania Nineteen was!

Tazz: You're damn skippy Cole. It was an absolute privilege, to sit at ringside, and call the SmackDown! side of WrestleMania. It's somethin' that I'll never forget, for as long as I live.

Cole: Just under Fifty-five thousand fans packed into Safeco Field, to witness a historic night - topped of with a war, for the WWE Championship.

Tazz: And what a match it was Cole. When Brock missed that shooting star, I thought it was all over. But credit to 'im, he proved me, and everybody else wrong, defeating Kurt Angle, for the gold!



And as promised, out comes the General Manager of the Blue Brand, Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a formal business suit, to open the show.

Cole: And here comes the SmackDown! General Manager, who is bound to be proud of ALL her superstars performances, from Sunday night.

Tazz: No doubt, no doubt. Despite what Bischoff said on RAW, SmackDown! was BY FAR the superior brand at WrestleMania.

Cole: No argument here Tazz. I wonder what Stephanie has to say to the SmackDown! superstars?

Well maybe if you'd shut up, we'd find out cole . Stephanie chooses to just stay at the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand.

Stephanie: WrestleMania Nineteen, will go down, as one of the best of all time. And I'm sure it goes without saying, that - yet again - SmackDown! stole the show!

Pop from the loyal SD! fans

Stephanie: From Cruserweight action, to the best Tag Teams in the world, to the WWE Championship match, we had everything. And believe me, every single superstar who came out to the ring, and competed at WrestleMania - they gave you everything they had!

Another pop from the crowd, respecting the superstars efforts at 'Mania

Stephanie: And there is not a better example of that, than the Main Event, between Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar, for the WWE Championship!


Stephanie: Kurt Angle--

Mixed reaction, but mostly a positive one

Stephanie: --Kurt Angle went into WrestleMania, knowing that he needed serious neck surgery. But, being the valiant champion he is - and with his determination to give YOU fans the match you paid to see - Kurt defended his Title.

A BIG ovation for Angle, with a small "THANK-YOU-KURT" chant heard throughout the arena

Stephanie: Thankfully, Kurt's neck wasn't injured any further last night, and as we speak, he is on his way to see Doctor James Andrews about his surgery. Unfortunately, this does mean Kurt will be out of action for unto three months, but let me be the first to wish him, a speedy recovery.

The crowd applaud, showing their respect to Angle

Stephanie: And in that very same contest, the NEW WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar--

MASSIVE pop for the new WWE Champ

Stephanie: --Brock Lesnar attempted to do a "Shooting Star Press", only for Kurt to move out of the way, and for Brock to land, straight on his head... But, despite giving himself a grade A Concussion, Brock was still able to win the WWE Championship - and not only that - but Brock is right here, in Spokane, tonight!

Somewhat of a cheap pop for the GM

Stephanie: And tonight ... not only, will Brock Lesnar give his Championship address... but he will also be confronted, by his next challenger, come Backlash!


Stephanie: Now I've gotten that out of the way, I don't want to waste anymore time. Time which could be used, to showcase the talent of the SmackDown! roster. So let's just get our first match, underway... right now!



The crowd pops big time, for the appearance of one - Chris Benoit. 'The Rabid Wolverine' saunders out from behind the curtain, in a pair of blue tights, shaking the hand of his general manager who goes in the opposite direction, before he heads on down to the ring.

Cole: And what a way to kick off SmackDown! Chris Benoit and Rhyno, challenge Team Angle, for the Tag Team Titles!

Benoit only gets half way down the ramp before...


The music of Benoit's partner hits, and out comes Rhyno, to a decent pop.

Cole: You have to think that Rhyno and Chris Benoit might feel a little bit frustrated after Sunday night. I mean, neither of these two men were pinned, and Team Angle actually pinned Eddie Guerrero, after a Gore from that man Rhyno!

Tazz: One would think that may be the reason that Benoit and Rhyno are getting a shot at Team Angle ta'night.

Cole: You could be right there partner--


The cheers turn to jeers, as out steps Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, otherwise known as Team Angle. Both men have their Titles wrapped around their waists, as they head on down to the ring.

Cole: --But you've got to think that these two aren't too pleased about having to defend their Titles tonight, just four nights removed from the biggest nights of their careers so far!

Tazz: I'm sure this wasn't what Haas and Benjamin had planned for ta'night, but if they wanna' become big players here in the WWE, then this is what it takes.

Cole: Not to mention that their leader - Kurt Angle, as we just heard - is out for up to three months!

Tazz: Well, as sad as it is ta' hear about Kurt, these two guys have got ta' keep focused on the task at hand. If they don't, then we might be lookin' at new Tag Team Champions in Benoit and Rhyno.

All four men are geared up and ready, as the referee hands over the Championship gold to the timekeeper, as we get underway...

1 - WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle
defend against Chris Benoit and Rhyno

It's the man known as The 'Rabid Wolverine' who kicks the contest off, with the man who was once college roommates with the WWE Champion - Shelton Benjamin. Shelton gets in the face of Benoit, telling him how he couldn't win last night, and that tonight is no different.

Benoit simply nods, before proceeding to PUNCHING SHELTON IN THE TEETH!!

Benoit doesn't let Benjamin have a chance to get back up, before he's on the assault again, lifting the man from Minnesota up, and giving him a traditional irish whip, into his and Rhyno's corner. Yet again, on the assault Benoit starts to deliver some wicked knife-edge chops which would rival the master, Ric Flair. Benoit delivers about four or five chops, before slapping the hand of Rhyno, tagging him into the match.

The 'Man Beast' keeps his teams intense start to the match going, keeping Benj' in the corner, all the while unloading on him with vicous right hands. Shelton stumbles away from the turnbuckle, trying to catch a breath, but Rhyno keeps on him, clubbing him in the back, before whipping Shelton into the ropes, and delivering a massive clothesline!!

Rhyno and Benoit attempt to keep Benjamin isolated over the next few minutes, but it's hard to keep someone with the wrestling background which Benjamin has down, and this shines through, when he starts to get back into the contest. After exchanging quick tags, it's Benoit who Benjamin is able to capitalise on.

After bouncing Shelton off the ropes, Benoit sticks his head down, to which Shelton tries to boot him in the face - BUT BENOIT CATCHES THE FOOT!! Shelton pleads for Benoit to let go, but he just shakes his head. Benoit tries to spin Shelton around, but Shelt' uses that momentum, and swivels right around, connecting with a massive enziguiri like maneuver!! ~ (Dragon whip for anyone who didn't understand the description).

Benjamin is able to quickly tag the outstretched hand of his partner, Charlie Haas, who is finally into the contest for the first time. Haas makes a point to keep Benoit away from his own corner, employing the tactics used by his opposite team, by using frequent quick tags. This allows both Haas and Benjamin to keep themselves fresh, all the while isolating The 'Crippler'.

The "heels" torture the previously broken neck of Benoit, making him squeal in pain by clubbing his neck, and making full use of damaging suplexes, taught to them by their leader, Kurt Angle. Around the 9 minute mark, Benjamin hops onto the top rope, but IS MET BY BENOIT - WHO KNOCKS HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE, AND TUMBLING FORWARD ONTO THE MAT!!

The 'Rabid Wolverine', who has the crowd FULLY behind him, is crawling, and crawling, to try and reach his partner. Benoit is mere inches away - Before Charlie Haas, illegally gets into the ring, and launches Benoit - SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE CHAMPS TURNBUCKLE!!

The referee immediately gets Haas out of the ring, but with Benoit in the Champs corner, and Shelton now shaking off the cob-webs, the damage has well and truly, been done. And it's at this point, SmackDown! takes it's first commercial break of the evening...


We return to SmackDown! on UPN, with Charlie Haas wrenching the neck of Chris Benoit, in the middle of the ring, as Haas has the man from Canada in a sleeper hold. Benoit looks like he's starting to fade away, as Haas continues to apply the pressure.

The referee feels the need to check on Benoit, but it isn't looking good for the challengers. The referee raises Benoit's hand for the first time, and it drops with no response - "1". The referee raises the hand for the second time, but yet again, there is no response - "2". Just as it looks like the challengers golden opportunity is falling away, the referee raises The 'Rabid Wolverines' hand for a third time - but this time, BENOIT KEEPS IT UP!!

The crowd pop, as Benoit starts pumping his fists. Haas' face is a picture worth a thousand words, as the adrenaline has obviously kicked in for The 'Crippler'. Rhyno is cheering his partner on, as Benoit is now back onto his feet. He starts elbowing Haas in the mid-section, causing the Tag Champ to lose his grip, before the grip is completely lost.

Haas and Benoit start to exchange knife-edge chops, much to the "Woooo's" to the crowd. The two continue to chop each other in the chest, until Benoit is able to catch Haas' left arm - and drag him down into the mat, before... BENOIT HAS THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE LOCKED IN!! The crowd go crazy, as Chris has his opponent near enough crying in the middle of the ring - before SHELTON BREAKS IT UP!!

However, Benjamin is quickly dealt with, as the referee quickly intervenes, trying to get him out of the ring - a task which is easier said than done... Haas stands up in the middle of the ring, with Benoit just behind him, when Rhyno comes out of nowhere, trying to hit Haas with a Gore - BUT MISSES HAAS, AND HITS BENOIT!! RHYNO JUST INADVERTENTLY HIT HIS OWN PARTNER WITH A GORE!!

Benjamin now comes flying out of nowhere, knocking the surprised Rhyno out of the ring, as Haas drapes an arm over Benoit!!


Winner(s) - STILL WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Angle, @18:01

The duo are quick to flee back up the ramp with their Titles in hand, as Rhyno checks on his partner in the middle of the ring.

Cole: What a back and forward match, and what a way to kick off SmackDown!!

Tazz: Team Angle may be the luckiest guys in Spokane Cole! That match coulda' went either way, but a major mistake by Rhyno cost his team the match!

*Backstage - Locker Room*

Instead of seeing any fall-out between Rhyno and Benoit, we cut to the back where we see Nathan Jones, doing press ups in a similar attire to the one he had just 4 nights previous. As Jones pushes up for a third time, we see a pair of boots appear next to his face. Jones stands up, and The Undertaker comes into our picture!

Undertaker: You alright man?

Jones nods

Undertaker: T'night... it's you, and Big Show, one-on-one.


Undertaker: T'night, is your chance. Your opportunity. Last Sunday night, Big Show and A-train, they took away, your WrestleMania moment. They took away your chance, to shine on the big stage. They took away, your chance, to compete at the Grandest Stage of 'em all. But t'night. T'night, you get your revenge.

Jones continues to nod

Undertaker: T'night... t'night is your WrestleMania... so go out there, and make the most of it.

The crowd are heard cheering in the background, as 'Taker lightly punches Jones in the chest

Undertaker: Good luck, kid.

'Taker walks off screen, with Jones looking ready for the fight of his life...



*Backstage - Interview Area*

We come back from commercials, and to the gorilla position, to the sight of SmackDown's self-proclaimed "No.1 Announcer" Funaki!

Funaki: I am Funaki ... SmackDown! NUMBA' ONE ... announcer!! ... Please welcome my guest at this time ... he is Cruserweight Champion Matt Hardy!!

The camera zooms out, and we see Matt Hardy Version 1.0 with the Cruserweight Title over his shoulder, and his "M'Fer" Shannon Moore behind him...

Hardy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT a minute Funaki. What kind of interviewer can't say his guest's name right, huh? It's, MATT HARDY, VERSION ONEEEE-AHHHH!!

Hardy looks into the distance, with his hand raised in the "Mattitude" sign, while Funaki looks perplexed. Hardy looks at Funaki once more...

Hardy: Go for it ... ... GO!!

Funaki: Please welcome... Cruserweight Champion, Matt Hardy Ver-shon waaaahn!!

Funaki raises his hand in front of Hardy, showing him the "Mattitude" sign, much to the amusement of the crowd. Hardy and Moore on the other hand, don't look amused whatsoever.

Hardy: You know what... just stick to what you were doing before.

Poor Funaki...

Funaki: Tonight, you and Shannon face Los Guerrero's!! What are your thoughts?

Hardy screws his face up...

Hardy: What are my thoughts? What kind of stupid question, is that? Huh? No, no. I'll tell you my thoughts Funaki... I think, that it's a joke that people like you, can get a job here on SmackDown!


Hardy: I think, that it's a joke, that me and my follower have to compete tonight against those lying, cheating, and stealing Guerrero's.

More heat...

Hardy: And I think...

Hardy looks over the shoulder of Funaki, and the camera zooms out, to reveal Rey Mysterio!!

Hardy: I think it's a joke that I - 'the Sensai of Mattitude' and the reigning Cruserweight Champion of the world - have ZERO competition left, here on SmackDown!

Rey and Matt are now face-to-face, with Funaki holding the mic inbetween the two...

Anoche Domingo en WrestleMania... tenías para engañar, golpeándome.


Mysterio: Last Sunday Night at WrestleMania... you had to cheat, to beat me Matt.


Matt: Excuse me?? EXCUSE ME?? Just because you couldn't overcome the power and brilliance, of Mattitude... don't try and make excuses Rey.

Moore stands and nods behind his leader, while Rey smirks and strokes his chin...

Mysterio: You know what Matt?? If you think you're so good... then how 'bout next week, me and you, for the Cruserweight Title... ONE. MORE. TIME.

BIG POP from the live crowd, while Hardy just burst out laughing, to the dismay of ... well, everybody...

Matt: Oh... oh, wait... you were serious?? Y'know what Rey, if anything... Matt Hardy is a fair guy. So I'll tell you what, next week. YOU'RE ON!!

WHAT!?!? ANOTHER outrageous pop from the crowd, as Matt Hardy has for some reason, accepted the challenge!!

Matt: BUT... if you lose next week... then you get NO MORE Title shots, as long as I'M the Champ!!

Heat now from the crowd, as Mysterio doesn't take long to mull over his response...

Mysterio: DEAL!!

Hardy and Moore walk off, as Rey is left next to Funaki, with a BIG smile, across his face!!



We return to ringside, with the cocky youngster: John Cena!! 'The Doctor of Thuganomics' steps through the curtain, wearing the usual blue jean shorts, and black Reebok pumps - along with a white Dallas Cowboys jersey on - which is probably why he's getting heat like hell...

First things first Tazz - next week here on SmackDown, Matt Hardy defends the Cruserweight Championship, against the man who he controversially defeated just four nights ago - Rey Mysterio!!

Tazz: It's put up or shut up time for Mysterio, it really is his last shot at Matt Hardy, and the Cruserweight Title.

Cena strolls down the ramp at his own leisure, taking his time verbally assault some fans on the way, before sliding into the ring...

Cole: Speaking of put up or shut up time - for weeks now John Cena has been complaning about being left off Pay-Per-View's, and how he deserves his shot. Well, Cena has his chance to impress, right here, right now.

Cena has a mic in his hand, but before he can say anything...


Tazz: Easier said than done Cole!!

You're damn right Tazz. Out steps Cena's opponent, The 400+ pounder, Rikishi!! I Dressed in his usual schtick, The 'Kish makes his way to the ring, having a bit of banter with the crowd on the way...

Cole: Tonight, Rikishi has the chance to do what SO many other SmackDown! superstars want to do. And that is shut John Cena up, once and for all!!

Rikishi walks up the steps, but is attacked as he is midway through the ropes...

Match 2 - John Cena versus Rikishi

The battle of two former arch-rivals, Rikishi and John Cena, didn't take up too much of SmackDown!'s fans time, but it certainly proved to be an effective match, and for the career of John Cena, it looked like a turning point for The 'Docta of Thuganomics'.

Cena didn't allow 'Kish to take off his entrance gear, before he was on him like a rash, trying to wear the man down. The 400+lbs Rikishi tried to roll to the outside to catch a breath or two, but the youngster continued the pressure, giving the Samoan no time whatsoever.

Cena picked apart the left leg of the Native Samoan, which meant that every time 'Kish tried to turn the tide of the match, he never had a chance to capitalise, due to the fact that he could barely stand on his own too gargantuan feet.

Around the 5/6 minute mark, the youngster from West Newburry would impressively pick Rikishi up, load him up onto his shoulders, and hit AN FU!! Cena hooked the leg... AND GOT THE 3!!

Winner - John Cena, via pinfall, @5:32.

Cena takes little time to soak in the glory of his victory, before he scatters up the ramp...

Tazz: Very, very impressive performance by John Cena, here ta'night!!

Cole: Have you seen anything like that before? John Cena, just HOISTED the four hundred pound Rikishi onto his shoulders, and dropped him with an FU!!

Tazz: Like I said Cole, a very impressive performance, which will only increase his stock, here on SmackDown!


*Backstage - Hallway*

We cut to the back, where an outrageous pop emerges from inside the arena - as we see Hulk Hogan, despite looking battered and bruised, sporting a smile, as he walks down the corridor...

Cole: Folks, don't you think about going anywhere, as up next Hulk Hogan is gonna' address, ALL of his Hulkamaniacs - and Mister McMahon!!

Before we head to the commercial break, we quickly switch to the parking lot for a second, as we see a loooooong black limousine arrive...









The crowd ABSOLUTELY ERUPTS, for the arrival of 'The Immortal' - HULK HOGAN!! Sporting the traditional red and yellow outfit which made him famous, Hogan takes his time heading to the ring, playing a little air guitar on his way...



The crowd are indeed going NUTS, as even though Hogan has entered the ring, ready to talk - he isn't getting a chance to! The crowd, after a literal couple of minutes, finally die-down - a little - as Hogan gets rady to talk...




This sends the crowd crazy - yet again!

Hogan: Last night... infront of FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND, SCREAMIN' HULKAMANIACS... I finally defeated the biggest EGOMANIAC on the face of God's green earth... Vince McMahon...

A pop for the win/heat for McMahon...

Hogan: ...In a match - infact, it wasn't even a match brother... it was a FIGHT!!

Some cheers...

Hogan: That's right, after all these years, TWENTY YEARS IN THE MAKING, I finally got ta' kick Vince McMahon's ass!!

Massive pop...

Hogan: But ya' see Hulkamaniacs... something unexpected happened last night...

Confusion amongst the fans...

Hogan: And that's the real reason, why I'm out here... Last night, I was hit over the head, with a steel pipe...

A mixed reaction, as the fans know what Hogan's talking about...

Hogan: PIPER!! Get your ass out here right now, and explain to me and all the Hulkamaniacs, why you got involved, last Sunday!!

The crowd are amped up like Hogan, and are patiently waiting for Piper...






Hogan: Come on Roddy!!



I'll wait here all--



Cole: WHAAAT!?!?

Tazz: Ohh man... business is about to pick up bay-bah!!

THE CROWD - YET AGAIN - GO FREAKIN' NUTS, as SHANE MCMAHON comes marching down the ramp in a grey business suit, refusing to exchange pleasantries with any members of the crowd. Shane looks directly at Hogan, who is surprised to say the least...

Cole: Tazz... The Prodigal Son, has returned!!

Tazz: Oh man, and he's starin' a hole, straight through Hogan...

Shane enters the ring, and stands directly opposite the shocked Hogan...


Shane: Surprised Hulk?

Hogan nods, as the crowd respond showing they're shocked themselves!!

Shane: I know you weren't expecting me of all people here ta'night... but after what you did to my father just four nights ago... I just couldn't resist.

'The Immortal One' seems confused...

Shane: I just couldn't resist, to come here to SmackDown! ... and KICK YOUR ASS MYSELF!!

MASSIVE HEAT for Shane O' Mac...

Shane: Y'see... many of you may remember, that a year and a half ago... me and my sister, came within seconds, of driving our father - the man you defeated at WrestleMania, Hulk - out of business...


Shane: But, it wasn't to be. We were defeated - and OUTSMARTED - by the better man. Y'see Hulk, my father is one of the smartest... craftiest... and most determined men, on this planet. When he sets his mind to something, he will accomplish it.

Shane almost says this with a sense of pride; before he screws his face up...

Shane: You just don't get that, do you? My father has defeated me... my sister... Ted Turner - hell, he's defeated the United States Government... and sooner or later... he'll defeat you. But right now... thanks to you, he's in no fit state, to even be here tonight...


Shane: So... he's sent someone, to beat you for 'im...

Shane takes off his jacket, and throws it behind him, before undoing his cuffs. Hogan is egging him on, telling him to bring it!! Shane strolls forward, as Hogan has the fists up, before... WHAM~!

Heat resounds throughout the arena, as Hogan has been cracked in the back off the head with a steel chain by... ...


Cena has just stormed through the crowd, snuck in behind Hogan, and nailed him in the back of the head with a steel chain!!

Cena just stands over Hogan, as Shane crouches down beside Hogan...

Shane: Beating you up myself, would be too easy. Besides, "McMahon" is a name that will live on throughout time, when people think about this business... and that's why, me and my father, are giving this man--

Shane points to Cena...

Shane: --The chance to etch his name, in the history books, as the guy who ENDED the career of Hulk Hogan... That's right Hulk, in three weeks time at Backlash... you, will take on the FUTURE of this business... JOHNN CENNNA!!

The arena is mostly silent, as this has obviously caught them waaaay off guard. Hogan is left lying in the ring, cut open on the top of his head, as Shane O' Mac walks with Cena to the stage - before turning, and raising his hand - before the duo leave together...






SmackDown! returns to an eerie silence within the Norfolk Spoke, as Cole and Tazz go over what they have just witnessed, billing it as one of the biggest shocks in SmackDown! history...

*Backstage - Parking Lot*

We then head to the parking lot, where we hear MAMMOTH HEAT for Shane McMahon and John Cena, who are about to get into the same limo we seen arrive just 10 minutes ago - before we hear the screams of "SHANE!!" ... and into view comes SmackDown! GM, Stephanie McMahon!!

Stephanie: Shane... Shane, what the hell is this!?!?

Shane just looks straight into the eyes of his sister ... before stepping into the limousine, without a response. Stephanie then looks at Cena, who has a smirk across his face...

Cena: Yo' Steph', you weren't willing to give me a shot ... so I had ta' take matters, into my own hands...

Cena steps into the limo, before it speeds off - leaving a very disgruntled Stephanie McMahon in it's wake...





A surprisingly large pop is granted to the arrival of popular cruserweight, Billy Kidman, who comes down the ramp in his ring-gear, and a determined look on his face...

Cole: Well Tazz, despite what we've eh, what we've just witnessed. We've gotta' move on. An this should be a good way to do it, Billy Kidman one-on-one with Jamie Noble!!

Tazz: Shocking ta' say the least man, but as you said - this should be a rocketbusta'!!

Cole: A WHAT!?!?

***2 Z TOP***

Kidmans opponent, Jamie Noble strolls on out, with his buxom girlfriend, Nidia by his side.

Tazz: You know... a rocketbusta'. Anyway, like you said, this should be a great Cruserweight match-up.

Cole: Key word there Tazz - Cruserweight. The only place to see the greatest risk-takers, or highly skilled mat wrestlers, such as Billy Kidman or Jamie Noble - is right here on Thursday Nights!!

Tazz: And I wouldn't have it any other way bay-bah!!


3 - Billy Kidman versus Jamie Noble w/ Nidia

Yes indeed, SmackDown! is the only place you can watch impressive cruserweight action. And this contest was no exception.

Kidman used his impressive arsenal of high risk, high reward offense in the opening stages, keeping Noble second guessing what the former Cruserweight champ was going to do next. Unfortunately for Kidman, his repetoir is a very risky one, and this was where Noble was able to catch Kidman off guard.

After being in TOTAL DOMINATION for the first few minutes of the match, Kidman had set Noble up for the impressive Shooting Star Press, but Nidia on the outside was able to grab Billy's leg before he could get to the top rope, and Noble was able to spring up, AND KNOCK KIDMAN TO THE OUTSIDE!!

The man from Georgia crashed and burned on the outside, with his head BOUNCING off the concrete!! Noble continues to keep the referee distracted, while Nidia attacks Billy on the outside, with stiff kicks to the already damaged head/neck.

This was the turning point in the tie, as Noble used the moves in his arsenal, to keep Kidman where he hates to be - and that is flat on his back, in the middle of the ring. Using various holds, not only was Noble only able to keep the high-flying Kidman grounded, but he was also able to keep working on Billy's head and neck.

The pendulum would eventually swing Kidman's way again, as the woman causing a lot of Billy's problems - Nidia - would be neutralised, as Kidman's girlfriend, TORRIE WILSON, would appear from the back, to a big pop by the way, and SPEAR NIDIA ON THE OUTSIDE!!

The cat-fight was on outside, and as Noble took a second to lean over the ropes and check what was going on, Kidman was able to get up, and hit a crucial, REVERSE DDT!!

Instead of going for the pinfall, Kidman would once again head to the top turnbuckle, steady himself... ... ... AND HIT THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Kidman lands on Noble, and the referee starts to count - 1...2...3!!

Winner - Billy Kidman, via pinfall, @7:39

Nidia, who is looking a bit flustered herself, grabs Noble's hand, and pulls his lifeless body out of the ring. In the mean time, Kidman and Torrie celebrate in the ring...

Cole: Just like we predicted, partner that was an amazing contest!!

Tazz: Man, Kidman and Noble put it all out there!!

Cole: And what about Torrie, partner?

Tazz: Well, all I know, is that it was hard to concentrate on the action in the ring, with two SMOKIN' HOT DAMES, goin' at it on the outside!!

Cole chuckles at Tazz's perverted comments, as we head to...






The mood in the arena takes a positive turn, as out comes the... resourceful Los Guerrero's to a big pop. Both men in similar blue tights bounce on down to the ring, ready for their match...

Cole: This should be a good one folks. Eddie and Chavo take on "Team Mattitude" in what should be an interesting contest, to say the least.

Tazz: Talk about opposite mindsets. Last night, Hardy and Moore were successful; whereas not only did The Guerrero's didn't win their match; they were also the team on the end of the pinfall, in their match.




The once pleasant atmosphere takes a turn on the negative side, as the crowd give heat for the arrival of the Cruserweight Champion, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore.

Cole: Well Tazz, do you think that makes these two the favourites then?

Tazz: Nine times out of ten, I woulda' said yes... but nothing is closer than Family Cole, and the Guerrero's are the closest of the close.

Cole: {S......s} "Closest of the close"?

Tazz: Shut up Cole.


4 - Tag Team Match
Los Guerrero's
versus Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore

Yet again, the Tag Teams of SmackDown! didn't let anyone down, as we were treated to another magnificent Tag Team match-up. It was the inexperienced Moore who was isolated by the lyin', cheatin' and stealin' nephew/uncle combination - before a rake of the eyes, a cheap shot and a tag later, allows "Team Mattitude" to have their go of beating down Chavo. Eventually, the younger of the two Guerrero's builds momentum, tagging in Uncle Eddie!!

The wiley veteran, 'Latino Heat', takes down Matt Hardy, who has just been tagged in himself, and Eddie just unloads on Hardy, knocking him down with another every time he gets up. Moore tries to attack Eddie, but Chavo manages to muster up enough energy to intercept the "M'Fer" before he can do anything! All four men are brawling inside the ring, before --


Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have just attacked The Guerrero's!!

Winners - Los Guerrero's, via Disqualification, @7:23

The WWE Tag Team Champions are assaulting the former Champions, and to the surprise of many - considering they cost them their match - "Team Mattitude" are joining in?!

The four men are absolutely kicking, stomping and all out beating the day lights out of the Uncle & Nephew tandem, before CHRIS BENOIT, REY MYSTERIO and RHYNO come out of nowhere, and stampede the ring!! Hardy & Moore are quick to exit from the right, and the same can be said about the Champs who slip out to the right, as both teams retreat!!

Mysterio is quick to check on his "Amigo's", but the same can't be said about Benoit & Rhyno, who stare down at their fellow rivals. All four men lock eyes, and to a roaring ovation; Benoit helps Eddie up; as does Rhyno, who helps Chavo!!

Cole: Can somebody tell me what business Team Angle had being out here in the first place??

Tazz: They're the Champs ma' man, and any chance you have ta' take out one of your main rivals; you gotta' take it.

Cole: Well, it looks like their plan has severely backfired here tonight, as it has actually aligned Benoit, Rhyno & The Guerrero's!!


--BACKLASH 2003--

...Who's Next?


*Backstage - Locker Room*

We return to the best TV show Thursday nights have to offer, with a pretty disturbing scene - with several paramedics seeing to an unconscious Nathan Jones, who is lying in a heap on the floor. The crowd pop, when The Undertaker walks into view. 'Taker takes a look at the scene which is unfolding infront of him...

Undertaker: ... ... ... Son of a bitch!!

A Huge pop echoes throughout the scope, before 'Taker heads on out of the room, and we head to...







MASSIVE heat is targeted, at not just The Big Show, but also for the man who accompanies him - known as A-Train. The towering duo head down to the ring, with smiles on their faces, and it's obvious why...

Cole: Well folks... eh, I don't -- don't quite know what to say.

Tazz: Man, it don't take a genius ta' work out who did that ta' Nathan Jones - as far as I'm concerned - we're lookin' at 'em.

Cole: Obviously, we can't confirm anything - but the smirks on A-Train, and The Big Show's faces, are all the confirmation we need.

Cole speaks 'dat truth y'all~! Show & Train enter the ring, still smirking, as Show grabs a mic, and looks at the ref...

Show: Well... due to this ... inconvenience... I think, you should just raise my hand, and grant me the win.

The referee looks reluctant, but one frown from Show changes his mind, as he approaches Chimel on the outside...


Chimel: Ladies and gentleman, due to the absence of Nathan Jones, the winner of the match by forfeit: The Big Show!!

Main Event - Big Show w/ A-Train versus Nathan Jones


Winner, via forfeit, The Big Show, @0:00

The referee raises Show's hand, before...






Uh-oh. The referee exits the ring; 'Train & Show assume their positions; and the crowd go absolutely nuts, when out storms The Undertaker!! 'Taker throws his shirt away, along with his bandana, as Show sends 'Train out to meet him on the ramp!! The two begin trading blows, and continue to do so, until 'The Deadman' ducks a right, and delivers his massive boot, straight into 'Train's face!!

'Taker then sets his sights on Show, but before 'The Deadman' can even get close to the ring, dozens and dozens of security, flood the arena!! Literally about thirty security guards flood around 'Taker, Show and A-Train. The three do their best to fight off the security, but the numbers are too much for the three, and are split up by the security...










Tazz: WOW!!

Cole: What a reception!! What a reception, for the NEW WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar!!

Lesnar comes down to the ring, with his own "HERE COMES THE PAIN" T-Shirt, and tracksuit bottoms, with his newly won gold over his shoulder...

Cole: What a match it was last night, and what an ending too!!

Tazz: Like I said earlier, afta' Brock missed that Shooting Star, I thought there was no return for 'im. It's a miracle that he's even here ta'night.

Brock jumps up onto the apron, setting off his pyro, before soaking in his reception...



Brock: You're gonna' have to bare with me here - and I am gonna' try to keep it short, and sweet - since I am still suffering, from a concussion...

Brock scratches his head...

Brock: Y'know, it was always a way of life for me, growing up in South Dakota... to be the very best in everything that I did.

Brock smirks...

Brock: From amateur wrestling... to pee-wee football... hell, even little things like picking Christmas presents for my family, mine had to be the best... And even now, nothing has changed.

Lesnar raises jerks his shoulder, pressing up the Title belt...

Brock: This, right here on my shoulder, proves that today, there is nobody better than me, in this business. Having the WWE Championship, means that you are the very best in the company. BAR-NONE.

A small round of applause for the Champ...

Brock: And now, Kurt Angle...

It is a BIG pop for The 'Olympic Gold Medalist'...

Brock: Even after everything we've been through the past few months... I just wanna' give you, my best wishes - and without trying to sound too soppy - the sooner you're back on SmackDown! and being the second best ass-kicker on the show - the better.

Another respectful applause...

Brock: I know this is supposed to be my big "Championship Address"... but I ain't one for talking; I'm an ASS KICKER.

Big pop...

Brock: And according to Stephanie McMahon, the new Number One Contender, is going to confront me, right here tonight. Well, I'm here, so what the hell are we waiting for??

Lesnar drops the mic to a roar from the crowd, as you can feel the excitement in the air, as we
anticipate the first challenger to The "Next Big Thing"...









We're waiting ...







Nobody can believe their eyes, as dressed in a leather waistcoat and his usual black pants (not to mention the Brahma Bull belt), THE ROCK HAS JUST DROPPED BROCK LESNAR WITH A ROCK BOTTOM!!

Michael Cole and Tazz are absolutely speechless, unlike the crowd, who are absolutely buzzing!! Rocky lifts up the WWE Title--








Quick Results
Team Angle dft/ Chris Benoit & Rhyno, for the WWE Tag Team Championships
John Cena dft/ Rikishi
Billy Kidman dft/ Jamie Noble
Los Guerrero's dft/ Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore, via Disqualification
The Big Show dft/ Nathan Jones, via forfeit


Confirmed for WWE Backlash:

Date: April 27th, 2003
Location: Worcester Centrum; Worcester, Massachusetts
Theme Music:"Remedy" by Cold

Confirmed Match

McMahon's Revenge
'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan vs. 'The Doctor of Thuganomics' John Cena w/ Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon

Unconfirmed Match(es)

WWE Championship
'The Next Big Thing' Brock Lesnar (c) vs. 'The Great One' The Rock

WrestleMania Re-Match
'The Heart-Break Kid' Shawn Michaels vs.'Y2J' Chris Jericho

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Re: WWE 2003: Civil War

Loved The Rock coming back to attack Lesnar. Whenever I think of an 05 scenario for myself, I always have The Rock come back to Smackdown to get his redemption from Lesnar.

2003 is always an interesting time, as both rosters are awesome, when at full capacity. Smackdown is really hurting with no Kurt Angle and you got The Undertaker associating himself with that idiot Nathan Jones. I am looking forward to Raw with the continuation of Booker T and Triple H.
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Re: WWE 2003: Civil War

I'll just offer a few words, nothing tremendous but just a little something to let you know I am reading and following.

I like the contrast of how you started both shows: Raw is naturaly the more storyline-driven brand and Smackdown is the more competitive, athleticism-based brand, so starting with such a huge character in The Rock and the businesslike GM in Stephanie for Raw and SD respectively definitely plays off that. Making the brands as different as possible is the best way to go if you're booking the brand extension.

The opening match was solid, and the simple southern style formula of the match worked well, with the hot babyface start, to the control segment, the hot tag and then the ending. A long match between four men of this caliber also adds to the competitive nature of Smackdown that I was on about previously. I presume a Rhyno/Benoit split and subsequent feud is on the horizon, which despite being predictable, certainly can be interesting - It just needs something more than "someone turns heel on their partner, they feud". The match, however, definitely did not feel like 18 minutes. I understand that you probably didn;t want to write an 18 minute match, and you did say "over the next few minutes" and whatever, but 18 minutes does seem a bit too much. But that's nothing to worry about, just something I picked up.

I'll talk about Cena now. We all know Cena is the biggest star since The Rock and Austin, that's a fact, and it was about this time that he started to become more and more popular, hence his face turn in late 2003. However, pairing him up with Hulk Hogan for a match may seem like a bit too much, too quickly. Cena hasn't won a title yet, he's barely had a proper feud at this point and he's still in his rookie year. Although the ties with Shane'O and Vinman definitely adds a lot of legitimacy to Cena in terms of being a threat to Hogan. I'm by no means saying it's a bad move, because it has the POTENTIAL to pay off in a huge way, to the point where after Backlash, Cena COULD be your number one heel on Smackdown!, it's just going to be a test for you to do that. I do like the fact that Stephanie has no part in the plan, however, which definitely leaves room for a McMahon power struggle on the blue brand, which can always be fun. You have a lot of avenues to go down with this, it's just taking the right one.

Maybe I was wrong about Rhyno/Benoit splitting up. Fooled me The tag division is stacked, tbh, make the most of it.

Brock/ROCK II has great potential, especially with Brock as the face. It's interesting to see all of this star power on Smackdown now, with Shane and Vince presumably focussing on SD as well as The Rock.

It was a solid show, things moved along nicely and you've planted the seeds for an interesting couple of months. In terms of criticism, there isn't a great deal other than making the shows bigger - which I think you probably already know - and making the promos more... Characterized? A lot of people sounded the same, to the point where if you hadn't put their names on the side I wouldn't be able to tell who it was, other than Matt Hardy. I think the word is generic. By no means were they bad, and by no means were they poorly written... You get what I mean, right? However, I'm, sure that'll improve and pick up with practice and as you begin to develop your characters the way YOU want to, which is vital as you move forward. Keep it up.

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