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zidane2000 01-19-2013 05:10 PM

World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start

WCW has entered the year 2000 in a bad way. The promotion isn't quite dead yet but seems to be on its last legs. The company has reportedly lost $15 million in 1999 alone. After struggling to maintain buy rates of yesteryear along with T.V ratings that have continued to slide, people associated with World Championship Wrestling are very worried. The continuing growth of their main rival the World Wrestling Federation has seen WCW fall further and further behind. With fans being offered a must see show with the WWF currently, WCW is reported to continue to under perform as we move into the new millennium.

But could the year 2000 bring a change in WCW and its fortunes? Vince Russo the man who arguably helped take the WWF to the top of the mountain has been the head of creative within WCW for the past few months. Along with his friend Ed Ferrara, the two men have seemingly booked WCW into oblivion with strange convoluted story lines. These two men were brought in as a last roll of the dice by WCW management due to their involvement in the growth of the WWF. But that has back fired on management as the Russo/Ferrara experiment has some what failed.

Just days before Souled Out it was reported that WCW U.S Champion Jeff Jarrett and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart had both suffered serious injuries that would take them out of their respective matches at the pay per view. Vince Russo the (not so) insane genius decided he wanted to put the WCW World Championship on Tank Abbott. A former shoot fighter who had signed the year before who had not caught on with the fans whatsoever. Bill Busch the current Senior Vice President of WCW has decided to send both Russo and Ferrara home as he wants the company to move in another creative direction.

WCW is in turmoil in and outside the ring with both WCW World Champion and WCW U.S Champion on the shelf. With no real creative direction in the company due to Russo and Ferrara being sent home, World Championship Wrestling really is in free fall. What is next for this once great wrestling company?

The results for the first Pay Per View of the new millennium

World Championship Wrestling Souled Out 2000

Billy Kidman defeated Dean Malenko in a catch as catch can match at 2.36.

Vampiro defeated David Flair and Crowbar in a three way dance at 10.32

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull bested the Harris Boys 9.33

Oklahoma went over Madusa to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at 2.56

Brian Knobbs bested Fit Finlay, Meng and Norman Smiley in a four corners match for the WCW Hardcore Title at 6.11

Billy Kidman defeated Perry Saturn in a Bunkhouse brawl at 10.05

Booker T pinned Stevie Ray at 6.30

Tank Abbot knocked out Jerry Flynn at 1.39

Buff Bagwell bested Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing match at 11.19

The Wall bested Billy Kidman in a Caged Heat match at 5.03

Kevin Nash went over Terry Funk in a Hardcore match to become WCW Commissioner at 7.59

Chris Benoit made Sid Vicious submit to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title at 14.53

WCW Corporate
WCW Commissioner: Big Sexy Kevin Nash
WCW announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Hennan
Ring announcer: David Penzer
Interviewer: Mean Gene Okerlund

WCW Champion: The Crippler Chris Benoit
WCW United States Champion: Vacant
WCW Tag Team Champions: David Flair and Crowbar
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Oklahoma
WCW Hardcore Champion: Brian Knobbs

Bam Bam Bigelow
Big T
Big Vito
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brian Adams – Inactive
Brian Knobbs
Bryan Clarke – Inactive
Buff Bagwell
Chavo Guerrero Jr
The Crippler Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Curt Hennig – Inactive
David Flair
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
Don Harris
Dustin Rhodes – Inactive
Eddie Guerrero
El Dandy
Evan Karagias
Fit Finlay
Da Man Goldberg – Inactive
Hugh Morrus – Inactive
Hulk Hogan – Inactive
Jamie Dundee
The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett – Injured
Jerry Flynn
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Johnny The Bull
Juventud Guerrera
Kaz Hayashi
Big Sexy Kevin Nash
La Parka
Lash Leroux
The Total Package Lex Luger
Mike Rotunda
Screamin Norman Smiley
Perry Saturn
Macho Man Randy Savage – Inactive
Rey Mysterio Jr
The Nature Boy Ric Flair – Inactive
The Dog Faced Gremlin Rick Steiner
Ron Harris
The Outsider Scott Hall – Inactive
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
The Franchise Shane Douglas
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Sid Vicious
Silver King
Steven Regal
Stevie Ray
Sting – Injured
TAFKA Prince Iakeau
Tank Abbott
The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk
The Barbarian
The Cat
The KISS Demon
The Maestro
The Wall
The Dark Angel Vampiro
Villano IV
Villano V
Wolfie D

The Teams
David Flair and Crowbar
Harlem Heat 2000 (Big T and Stevie Ray)
The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don)
Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis
Los Fabulousos (El Dandy and Silver King)
The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr, Konnan and Torrie Wilson)
The Mamalukes (Big Vito, Johnny The Bull and Disco Inferno)
New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett)
PG-13 (Jamie Dundee and Wolfie D)
The Revolution (Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Asya)
Standards and Practices (Idol and Lane)
Three Count (Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and Evan Karagias)
The Varsity Club (Mike Rotunda, Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan)
The Villanos (Villano IV and Villano V)

The Rest
The Enforcer Arn Anderson
The Hitman Bret Hart – Injured
Daffney – Valet of David Flair and Crowbar
Disco Inferno – Manager of the Mamalukes
Eric Bischoff – Inactive
Jimmy Hart – Inactive
Kevin Sullivan
Larry Zybsko
Miss Elizabeth – Valet of Lex Luger
Miss Hancock – Manager of Standards and Practices
Mr Biggs – Manager and Legal Advisor to Harlem Heat 2000
Paisley – Valet for the TAFKA Prince Iakeau
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Spice – Valet to Madusa
Symphony – Valet to the Maestro
Torrie Wilson – Valet of Billy Kidman

Mike Sanders
Rick Cornell
Shawn Stasiak
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O'Haire
Mark Jindrak
Kid Romeo
Allan Funk
AJ Styles
Elix Skipper
Bob Sapp
James Yun
Jamie Knoble
James Storm

Weekly shows

Pay-Per-View Schedule
Souled Out
Spring Stampede
The Great American Bash
Bash At The Beach
Fall Brawl
Halloween Havoc
World War 3

This is one of my favourite times in wrestling, not just for WCW but WWF and ECW as well. WCW is in a bad way at this point and I am going to enjoy seeing what I can do with the massive roster there is. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have had writing it so far.

Quasi Juice 01-20-2013 01:26 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
Good luck dude, WCW was in a very bad state at this moment. Hope you manage to realistically build new stars and the company itself.

Baldwin. 01-20-2013 01:42 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
Potential. WCW. Win, Win.

I see your older threads didn't really go the distance for whatever reason so, I hope this sticks around. WCW in 2000 was a massive clusterfuck and will be pretty hard to try and improve (if you even want to try to improve it at all) I know when I took this on (and it didn't get to even the first show being posted) my take was to 'make the best on what I had' as opposed to a release here and a release there and a hiring of several big 'fixer uppers'

Best of luck. Hope it remains here for a good while! :)

Kintaro 01-25-2013 09:37 AM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
I agree with T-Bag. I really enjoy reading WCW threads, 2000/01 threads are fun to read. Horrible year but it's great to see guys working on this time period by improving it. Best of luck with this. Hope you build new stars and save WCW. (Y)

CNew2 01-25-2013 10:29 AM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
Interesting time period. Trying to resurrect wCw during this time period, it should be an interesting read. Not my favorite time period of wCw, but that's just because they began to go into the tank and just did such ridiculous angles and matches...it was laughable at times. I look forward to seeing how you switch things up, but then again anything could be better than what actually transpired during this time period, I feel. Best of luck, though.

WE-NEED-WCW 01-29-2013 12:24 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
looking forward to reading your first show.

zidane2000 01-29-2013 06:29 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start

WCW Monday Nitro preview - 17/01/2000

Nitro is heading to Columbus Ohio just 24 hours after the first Pay Per View of 2000, Souled Out. World Championship Wrestling will be building towards their next event in just five weeks, Superbrawl. Souled Out had a jammed packed card with plenty of explosive action as we saw a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion crowned in the Crippler Chris Benoit.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit will be at Nitro on Monday as he kick starts his first ever reign atop WCW. Will we see see the Crippler in action or will he just talk about his delight at being the new WCW Champion?

Last night we saw the New World Order reclaim power once again within World Championship Wrestling when Big Sexy Kevin Nash became the Commissioner after he defeated the Hardcore Legend Terry Funk. After several gruelling minutes of hardcore action, Nash dropped Funk with the Jacknife Powerbomb to take control of WCW. The nWo are now running the show with Kevin Nash at the helm of World Championship Wrestling. But what does the booker man have to say on Nitro? Well Nash has announced privately that he will address a few things to kick off Nitro with the first ever New World Order wrestling address.

Billy Kidman last night took on the triple threat theatre as he took on members of the Revolution. His Filthy Animal team mates Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr had been taken out in the weeks leading up to Souled Out, so Kidman was left to stand alone. After defeating Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, Kidman came up against the newest member of the Revolution, The Wall. Inside Caged Heat, the Wall came out on top much to the delight of the Franchise Shane Douglas. Will we see the Revolution marching forward or will we see their feud with the Filthy Animals continue?

Last night Brian Knobbs retained his WCW Hardcore Championship in a four the hard way match up. Tonight he takes on one of the men he faced last night at Souled Out, the Monster Meng. Who will come out on top in this hardcore contest?

Also in action on Nitro:

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner of the nWo will be taking on Konnan of the Filthy Animals in one on one action.

The former Alex Wright, Berlyn will be taking on the Dark Angel Vampiro in a singles contest.

Thank you to everyone who has read and made a comment so far. Hopefully I will get the show up in the next few days and you will enjoy it as much as I have had writing it.

Flux 01-30-2013 08:16 AM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
I was pretty young during this time so I can't remember a great deal, but just by going back and researching on the internet I realise that your roster is stacked full of talent, new and old, and hopefully you can harness all of the young, fresh talent whilst making the most out of the star power you have left. It's rare that we see a WCW thread work out around here, other than Szumi's, so hopefully you can keep this up and produce good shows and improve as a booker and as a writer along the way. The formatting of the opening post and the preview shows that you know what you're doing, so all that is left is for you to consistently produce good shows and improve.

Good look, my friend. I'll definitely be reading!

zidane2000 02-07-2013 07:02 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
WCW Monday Nitro 17/01/00

A New Chapter for WCW?

We open with a montage of last nights Souled Out Pay Per View. We see Billy Kidman going through the Triple Threat Theatre against members of the Revolution. Oklahoma winning the WCW Cruiserweight championship from Madusa and his subsequent barbecue sauce bath at the hands of Spice, Asya and Madusa. Booker T is shown defeating Stevie Ray as well as the the debut of the former Ahmed Johnson under his new guise, Big T. He came out and attacked Booker after the bell. We then see Kevin Nash with his hand raised after defeating Terry Funk for the WCW Commissionership. Finally we finish with the crowning of the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. We see the Crippler getting handed his first WCW World Title after his hard fought win over Sid Vicious in the Main Event.

~ Commissioner Nash ~

The camera cuts backstage straight after the end of the video package to the office of the new WCW Commissioner Big Sexy Kevin Nash. Big Sexy is sitting behind a large desk in a very sharp grey suit. Fellow New World Order members Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett join Nash in the office.

Kevin Nash: Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you all to the new WCW Commissioner, me!!! So as I am running this ship, I am going to be making a few announcements and changes right here tonight. So later on I would like to ask all the under achievers and so called talent in this company to come to the ring to hear the first ever New World Order wrestling address. Please enjoy the show, because as of right now, the nWo is running World Championship Wrestling!

Nash leans back in his chair with a large grin on his face with the rest of the nWo members smiling alongside him.

We go to the usual pyro and fireworks as the cameras pan the arena. The camera then finishes at the ringside area where Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone and Bobby The Brain Hennan are standing by.

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to WCW Monday Nitro everyone. We are coming off the back of WCW Souled Out which was the first Pay Per View of the new millennium. Last night we saw a jam packed show and saw the crowning of a new WCW World Champion, Chris Benoit.

Mike Tenay: And what a night it was Tony, not only did we see the appointment of a new WCW Commissioner in Kevin Nash but like you said we also the crowning of a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion in the Crippler.

Bobby Hennan: A truly great night for World Championship Wrestling. I cannot wait for tonight and what we have in store guys.

Mike Tenay: What about Kevin Nash's opening statement?

Tony Schiavone: I am sure we will some changes to WCW over the coming weeks with the New World Order in charge. But looking at what we already have planned for tonight, we have plenty in store for all of you fans. Brian Knobbs will be defending the WCW Hardcore Title against the Monster Meng. We will also see the Revolution members, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko taking on the duo of Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda of the Varsity Club. As well as one half of the WCW World Tag Team Champions David Flair will be going one on one with Big Vito of the Mamalukes.

Bobby Hennan: What a night guys. Lets head to the ring.

The camera pans to David Penzer who is standing by.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman this is the opening contest for Monday Nitro tonight. And it is for the WCW Hardcore Championship. Introducing first accompanied to the ring by Fit Finlay, he is the WCW Hardcore Champion, Brian Knobbs.

Hardcore Child hits as Knobbs comes out with his advisor/sidekick/friend, Fit Finlay.

David Penzer: And his opponent, from the isle of Tonga, he is the monster, Meng!!

Meng strides out to the ring as he looks pumped up for this upcoming hardcore title match.

Match one

WCW Hardcore Title: Brian Knobbs with Fit Finlay Vs Meng.

Knobbs and Meng have the standard uninspired match up with Meng dominating large parts by using his size and strength. Finlay tries to interject as much as he can in the match up to try and swing the momentum in the way of Knobbs. Meng has Knobbs locked in the Tongan Death Grip which leads Finlay to slide into the ring and waffle Meng in the back with a steel chair. Meng stops the hold and turns to look at Finlay as he backs away. Meanwhile Knobbs picks up a fire extinguisher and nails Meng in the head which knocks the Monster down. Knobbs covers for the three count and the victory.

Winner: WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs
Match Time: 4.19.

We head backstage where we see Mean Gene Okerlund who is standing by with Booker T and Midnight.

Gene Okerlund: Last night Booker, you went one on one with your brother Stevie Ray. You won that match but after the contest had finished Big T came out from the back and attacked you, what are your thoughts?

Booker T: Gene, Big T is a guy who I thought was still locked up and inside. He was someone me and ma brother relied on to watch our back when we was younger. And last night he came out from nowhere and took me out. You see Stevie, I never wanted to fight my own flesh and blood but you seem hell bent on tearin' this family apart. So next week I want you and Big T to bring your asses to the ring and face me and Midnight in the middle of that ring. And I will show you how personal I am going to make it. Now can you dig that?

Booker and Midnight leave the interview area as Gene looks on. The cameras head back to the ring for our next contest.

David Penzer: This is our next contest tonight, introducing first we have one half of the WCW Tag Team Champions David Flair, and he is accompanied to the ring by Crowbar and Daffney.

Generic rock music hits and here comes the 'Loonies' aka the WCW World Tag Team Champions.

David Penzer: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring at this time by Disco Inferno and Johnny The Bull, here is Big Vito.

'Speak softly love' hits as the Godfather theme rings out from the speakers as the Mamalukes come out to the ring.

Match two

David Flair with Crowbar and Daffney Vs Big Vito with Disco Inferno and Johnny the Bull.

Vito and Flair square off in a one sided match up as Vito pummels David throughout the match with Flair only getting very minimal offence in. Flair imitates his dad throughout the match up with his typical moves and mannerisms. After several moments of Flair having a small amount of the advantage in the match up, Vito begins to come back and begins to dominate David. Eventually Vito picks up the victory with the Paisan Plant (Swinging DDT).

Winner: Big Vito
Match time: 2.49

The Mamalukes celebrate the victory as they leave the ringisde area while Daffney and Crowbar tend to the beaten David Flair.

Commercial Break

We come back from the break and the nWo are walking. Jeff Jarrett with his guitar, Scott Steiner with his led pipe and Kevin Nash in his sharp grey suit. They seem to be making there way to the ringside area. We see the cameras pan to the catering area.

~ Cat Fight? ~

We see the lovely Elizabeth taking a bottled water from the table and as she turns around she bumps into Kimberley Page who was also going for something from the catering table.

Elizabeth: What are you doing Kimberley? Do you not watch where you are going?

Kimberley: Excuse me? You think I meant to do that. Your nearly as stupid as you look Liz.

Kimberley goes to walk away but Elizabeth grabs her by the hair and drags her back.

Elizabeth: Don’t you dare speak to me like that you stupid tramp.

A cat fight breaks out in the catering area for several moments before several agents and wrestlers break it up. Kimberley and Elizabeth shout insults at each other as they are dragged away from each other.

The cameras pan away back to the ringside area as we hear some generic music as the WCW locker room empties out and all of the talent come out from the backstage area. They fill the ring as well as the arena floor.

~ New new new new World Order!!! ~

'Rockhouse' plays over the sound system as the nWo make their way out onto the stage. Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett lead out the new WCW Commissioner, Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash: Ladies and not so gentlemen of World Championship Wrestling. Welcome to the first ever New World Order wrestling address. I have a few things that need to be sorted so bare with me folks. First and foremost last night I destroyed the supposed Hardcore Legend of wrestling, Terry Funk. Terry if your watching at home in Texas then I hope you stay there you crippled old man.

Kevin Nash smiles into the camera as he receives boos from the crowd.

Kevin Nash: Now onto the second point of business. The current WCW Cruiserweight champion Oklahoma, firstly you are not a Cruiserweight, and second of all you no longer work for the company. You are fired. Your a joke Okey and you do not deserve your spot.

The fans cheer Oklahoma getting fired here tonight on Nitro.

As I was saying. Last night Oklahoma defeated Madusa for the championship and frankly that disgusts me. So therefore as the WCW Commissioner and the man with unlimited and immense power, I am hereby stripping you of that title.

The fans pop for that decision.

Kevin Nash: And as of tonight there will be an eight man, single elimination tournament to crown a new champion at Superbrawl in a few weeks time.

The fans cheer for the tournament being announced.

Kevin Nash: You see its not all bad when the nWo runs the show. Next we have the situation of the WCW U.S Heavyweight title. Jeff I know you were unfairly stripped by the drunken and confused Terry Funk when you received that unfortunate bang to the head. But you wont be getting this title back. I have got better things on the horizon for you my friend.

Jarrett looks perplexed at not being awarded the U.S title.

Kevin Nash: So I would look to announce the brand new WCW U.S Heavyweight Champion. I am sure you guys know who he is...

'Wolfpac' hits and out strolls Scott Hall to a pop from the crowd. Scott Hall has not been seen for several weeks. Scott walks towards Nash and puts up the Wolfpac signal as Nash obliges. Nash hugs Hall before he hands him the microphone.

Scott Hall: Hey Yo.

The fans pop for Scott Hall.

Scott Hall: Ya know that being back in Columbus Ohio with some old friends on Monday Nitro, as well as being the new WCW U.S Heavyweight Champion is just too sweeeeeeeet!!!

Fans cheer Hall and his catchphrase.

Scott Hall: When Big Kev here gave me the call saying he was the new WCW Commissioner and that he wanted to bring me back, I thought to myself, there is no way I am missing out on that chico.

The fans pop for Hall as he begins to strap the U.S title around his waist. He slaps hands with Steiner and Jarrett as he takes his position in the nWo once again.

Kevin Nash: I would like to say welcome back to my best friend and thank you for those kind words Scotty. Now we move onto further business, Jeff Jarrett you missed out on facing Chris Benoit last night at Souled Out due to a concussion that you suffered. So due to this unfortunate event, and the fact that you got unfairly stripped of the WCW U.S Heavyweight Championship. I have made the executive decision to make you the brand new number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. And Jeff, you will be getting the first shot at Benoit in the Main Event at Superbrawl.

Jarrett looks elated as he gets himself a world title shot. Jarrett taunts the crowd as they boo him, he turns and shakes Kevin Nash's hand.

Kevin Nash: So Benoit you will be taking on Jarrett at Superbrawl one on one after you managed to side step the Chosen One last night at Souled Out.

The new WCW World Champion Chris Benoit has a microphone in the ring and walks forward to the head of the crowd. He gets a nice pop from the crowd in attendance as he begins to speak.

Chris Benoit: Nash you can book me in any kind of match you know I am not going to back down from a fight. Last night I fulfilled my destiny and won my first world title, and I am not letting that go any time soon. Now Jarrett, I crippled your ass a few weeks ago with my diving head butt off the top of that steel cage. And I am fixing to do that once again in a few weeks time. That’s if you even make it to Superbrawl

The fans cheer for the WCW Champion Benoit. Benoit hands the microphone to Sid Vicious who looks irate.

Sid Vicious: Kevin, as far as I am concerned I should have the next shot at Chris Benoit and his title belt at Superbrawl. Last night at Souled Out it was clear to see that my foot was under the ropes when Benoit made me submit to the crippler cross face. So Nash you give me what I deserve.

Benoit shoots a look of disgust at Sid's words.

Kevin Nash: Or what Sid huh? What are you going to do? You think you deserve a shot? I will give you something. The blind old man Arn Anderson did miss that last night and I do believe your foot was under the ropes when you gave up. But do you really deserve a title shot? I don’t think so Sid.

Sid Vicious: That’s what I deserve Kevin and you know it. How about I come up there and take it?

The fans pop for this.

Kevin Nash: Woah woah woah big guy lets just count to ten and calm it down. You come out here demanding title shots and thinking that you deserve an opportunity, you see thats not what the new WCW is about. The WCW with the nWo is far company where everyone gets the rightful opportunity they deserve.

Nash raises an eyebrow as to indicate he doesnt even believe what he is saying.

Kevin Nash: But seeing as you seem so determined to get yourself hurt tonight Sid, how about we have ourselves a little match up. Hmm how about you go up against both the Harris Boys in a handicap match. If you get yourself through that tonight then how about we make Superbrawl a three way dance for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. But if you lose, which you will, then you wont receive a title shot for the next calendar year.

Sid Vicious: I still like my chances Nash. Both the Harris Boys tonight are going to find out why they call me the master and the ruler of the world.

The fans cheer Sid as he gets himself a match tonight.

Kevin Nash:See you in hell Sid. Now one last thing, everyone in this stinking arena needs to realise that the New World Order are running the show!!!

The fans boo Nash and his band of merry men as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break

We come back from the break and we see Elizabeth and Lex Luger in the backstage area. Liz is tending to her hair and looks very upset with something.

Elizabeth: Lex, did you see what Kimberley just did to me in the catering area. Out of nowhere she blind sided me and started pulling my hair.

Lex Luger: She did what? She assaulted you? Tell me everything.

Elizabeth: Yeah like a mad woman. I think she’s damaged my neck in the process.

Luger examines Elizabeth’s neck as he gets increasingly more angry.

Lex Luger: I will speak to Page about this, I am sure we can sort this.

The camera pans away to the ring as Luger tends to Elizabeth who is clearly not that hurt.

~ There's a Revolution coming ~

'Revolution' hits as the Franchise Shane Douglas leads out his troops to the ring. Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn follow close behind him in there wrestling gear. They climb into the ring as Douglas has a mic.

Shane Douglas: Cut our music. Now all you pukes better sit down shut up and listen to the Franchise.

Cheap heat for Douglas.

Shane Douglas: Last night we took care of the Filthy Animals once and for good with the addition of the newest member of the Revolution. I would like to introduce him to all of you cockroaches right now. He was the man who took out little Billy Kidman with a devastating chokeslam. Here is, the Wall!!!

'Revolution' hits as The Wall strides out to the ring with his suit on and gets booed by the crowd.

Shane Douglas: The newest member of Revolution is pumped and ready to go tonight but me and the big man here are going to sit at ringside and take a night off, and watch Malenko and Saturn take apart the Varsity Club.

Douglas laughs maniacally as him and the Wall leave the ring.

David Penzer: Introducing their opponents, representing the Varsity Club, Mike Rotunda and the Dog Faced Gremlin, Rick Steiner.

The Varsity Club make their way to the ring for this tag match up.

Match three

The Revolution (Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko) with Shane Douglas and The Wall Vs The Varsity Club (Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner).

The two teams have a very stiff contest with all four men going back and forth. The finish sees The Wall battling with Rick Steiner on the arena floor as Dean Malenko and Saturn double team Rotunda. Malenko slaps on the Texas Cloverleaf for the submission victory after a hard fought match up.

Winner: The Revolution (Perry Satun and Dean Malenko)
Match time: 5.31

All four members of the Revolution put the boots to the two members of the Varsity members before clearing them of the ring. The four men stand tall as the fans boo the Revolution once again.

The camera pans backstage to where Vampito is walking and heading towards the ringside area. The camera then head to the New World Order Locker Room. All four men seemed relaxed as they lounge in chairs and sofas.

Kevin Nash: So no Terry Funk tonight then huh guys?

Nash laughs as the nWo boys smile.

Scott Hall: I guess not big guy. You did do a number on him last night Kev. That Jacknife through the chairs, amazing chico.

Hall sucks up to Nash as he pats him on the shoulder.

Kevin Nash: Why thank you Scott. I am glad that old man is done and finished with WCW. Steiner you want to go out there and take someone out tonight?

Scott Steiner: I don’t mind who I face but whoever it is will be taken apart limb from limb. I might just go out there and issue an open challenge to any of these bitches in the back. How about that?

Jeff Jarrett: I think that’s a great idea Scotty. Give the people what they want. Kevin, I have a little proposition for you. We all know Sid wont get through the Harris Boys tonight, so my attention is all about Chris Benoit. Do you mind if I pick him an opponent for next week live on Nitro?

Kevin Nash: That sounds like a brilliant idea Jeff. You make that announcement next week and we can put Benoit in one hell of a match. He might even have to forfeit the title next week.

The nWo continue to keep rubbing each others egos as the camera pans to a break.

Commercial break

We come back from the break to the ringside area.

David Penzer: This is the next contest tonight, introducing first from Munich Germany, Berlyn.

Berlyn makes his way to the ring and grabs the microphone.

Berlyn: You know what? I am sick and ze tired of being zis character Berlyn. You people givez me no respect. I always have been and always will be Alex Wright the greatest wrestler to ever come out of my native country of Germany.

The fans boo Berlyn as he begins to take off his Berlyn ring gear and fake sideburns. Berlyn has transformed back into his former guise as Alex Wright right in front of our eyes.

Alex Wright: So Vampiro get down here rightz now!!

David Penzer: And his opponent, from the depths of hell, he is the Dark Angel Vampiro.

Match four

Alex Wright Vs 'The Dark Angel' Vampiro

These two young stars put on a brilliant back and forth match up. Alex Wright hits a top rope missile drop kick which gets a long two count. Wright goes for his finisher the German Suplex but Vampiro blocks it and hits the Nail in the Coffin for the three count. The fans show there appreciation for the match up by cheering both men.

Winner: The Dark Angel Vampiro.
Match time: 6.32

Vampiro celebrates on the ramp way as we head backstage to Gene Okerlund who is standing by with the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

~ New WCW World Champion, the Canadian Crippler ~

Gene Okerlund: I would like to give my congratulations to my guest at this time. The new WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit: Thank you Gene it means a lot.

Gene Okerlund: Last night Chris you defeated Sid Vicious in the middle of the ring to win your first WCW World Title. What are your feelings on this?

Chris Benoit: You know Gene, all my career I have been working towards becoming the best in the world and last night I achieved that goal. I reached the top of this sport and finally got the acclaim from my peers as the best in ring wrestler on this planet.

Gene Okerlund: You must feel on top of the world right now Chris?

Chris Benoit: I do Gene I really do. But you know what? I cant sit here and take a break because the rest of the guys in the locker room aren’t going to let up. I already have my first opponent for my title in Jeff Jarrett. The New World Order are not going to rest until they have this championship back. And I am not going to give it up any time soon.

Gene Okerlund: Sid Vicious has a chance to be involved in the title match at Superbrawl. He has to face the Harris Brothers tonight in the main event. How do you feel about Sid getting another chance at the belt?

Chris Benoit: Sid is a worthy challenger and is one of the better big men in the company. Last night I made him submit but there’s a lot of talk that his foot was under the bottom rope at the time. I haven’t seen the replay personally but I know I would happily step into the ring with him and go toe to toe with him for this belt in the future.

Benoit shakes Genes hand as he walks off.

Commercial break

We come back from the break and the Cat Ernest Miller is in the ring ready for the next match up. Billy Kidman makes his way out from the backstage area for this next match.

We have a quick video package of last nights matches that Kidman went through. Defeating Saturn and Malenko but ultimately losing his third match of the night against the Wall. Kidman has been on some what of a roll of late as he has another one on one match up now.

David Penzer: And his opponent, the Cat Ernest Miller.

I'm the greatest hits as the The Cat dances his way out to the ring.

Match five

The Cat Ernest Miller Vs Billy Kidman.

Kidman and the Cat begin exchanging right hands to start the match up. The Cat uses his striking abilities to gain the upper hand but Kidman comes back with his high flying repertoire of moves. Kidman hits his new finisher the Kid Krusher (Inverted face buster) for the win.

Winner: Billy Kidman
Match time: 3.28

Billy Kidman picks up another impressive victory tonight on Nitro and he really is on a roll as of late. We go back to the locker room of Sid Vicious who has something to say ahead of tonight’s Main Event against the Harris Boys.

~ Master and Ruler ~

Sid Vicious: Tonight I have to face both Ron and Don, the Harris Brothers. You see I don’t think I should be facing these two tonight in the Main Event due to what happened last night at Souled Out. But as the master and ruler of the world, I will quite happily run right through both men. Then I will move on to Superbrawl where I will take care of Jeff Jarrett, and then take the WCW World Title from Chris Benoit.

Sid stares into the camera with pure intensity on his face.

Sid Vicious: Tonight Ron and Don you will be met with ruthless aggression and pain like you have never felt before. I am fixing to powerbomb you both, straight, to hell!!!!

Sid begins to laugh as both his hands grab his head. The cameras pan back to ringside.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman this is the opening contest of the eight man single elimination tournament to crown a new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. This will culminate at Superbrawl with the crowning of the new champion. Introducing first accompanied to the ring by Shane Helms and Evan Karagias, here is Shannon Moore.

3 Count hits as the three boy band wannabes make their way to the ring to boos from the crowd.

David Penzer: And his opponent is Chavo Guererro Junior.

Chavo's music hits as he makes his way to the ringside area.

Match six

WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament Round one: Shannon Moore with 3 Count (Shane Helms and Evan Karagias) Vs Chavo Guererro Jr.

Chavo and Shannon square off in this opening round match up. They lock up with Chavo taking the early advantage with his superior mat wrestling skills. Shannon Moore gets the upper hand throughout the middle of the match after his 3 Count team mates get involved. Shannon goes up top and goes for a moonsault but Chavo rolls out of the way. Chavo kicks him in the gut and lifts him into the air and drops him on his head with a Brainbuster. Chavo covers for the three count as he advances in the title tournament.

Winner: Chavo Guererro Jr
Match time: 4.20

Chavo has his hand raised as 3 Count begin to set up for their post match song and dance.

Commercial break

We come back from the commercial break to the announcers at ringside.

Tony Schiavone: What a Nitro we have had so far gentleman.

Mike Tenay: Off the back of Souled Out we are already moving towards our next pay per view at Superbrawl in impressive style.

Bobby Hennan: The New World Order are well and truly running the show guys. Kevin Nash and his boys are running rough shot over this great company once more. Nash did some make some interesting points in the nWo wrestling address I may add.

Tony Schiavone: He certainly did Brain. Oklahoma is stripped of the WCW Cruiserweight title and we have a tournament to crown a new champion. Chavo has already advanced in that. We have a new U.S Champion in the returning Scott Hall as well as Sid Vicious taking on both the Harris Boys in a handicap match in our main event tonight.

Mike Tenay: Lets not forget guys about Jeff Jarrett being named as the number one contender for WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit's title at Superbrawl.

Tony Schiavone: What a night guys. But up next, I hear the psychotic and the aggressive Scott Steiner is on his way to the ring.

'Rockhouse' hits as Scott Steiner comes out to the ring in street clothes with a led pipe. He snatches a microphone from ringside as he begins to speak. Before Steiner can open his mouth he gets booed and screamed at by the fans in the arena tonight.

Scott Steiner: You fans better shut the hell up right now as I have a few things I have to say.

More boos for Steiner. Steiner loses his temper already and goes down to the arena floor and gets in the face of several fans in the front row at ringside. Steiner eventually backs away and gets back into the ring.

Scott Steiner: I would kick your ass boy then I would take your woman just like that.

More boos as Steiner signals out a fan in the crowd.

Scott Steiner: Enough of you stupid red necks. I am out here because I am pissed off with the fact that I have got a reputation as a loose cannon who cannot control his anger. You see all you pussies and bitches in the back know that I am the genetic freak and I am the most dominant man in World Championship Wrestling right now. So I am out here to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back to come out here and face me one on one.

'Filthy Dirty' hits as Konnan of the Filthy Animals makes his way down to the ring.

Match seven

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Vs Konnan

Steiner charges at Konnan as soon as the bell rings and jumps Konnan. He begins to dominate the match and nearly clotheslines K-Dawg out of his boots. Steiner throws Konnan throw the ropes and to the arena floor. He follows him out to the floor and begins to pummel Konnan repeatedly with right hands. Steiner rolls Konnan back in and drills him with several suplexes. Steiner finishes with a big t-bone suplex which seems to stun Konnan. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and Konnan passes out from the pain.

Winner: Scott Steiner
Match time: 2.35

Scott Steiner gets his hand raised as the fans boo the nWo member. He has shown Konnan right here tonight what he is all about. Steiner grabs his led pipe from ringside and nails Konnan a couple of times before heading to the locker rooms.

We head backstage and just before the main event we see the Harris Boys walking backstage, as well as their opponent in the Main Event Sid Vicious.

Commercial break

Coming back from the break and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit comes down to ringside to join the announcing team at ringside for this upcoming match up.

David Penzer: This is your main event here tonight on Monday Nitro. If Sid Vicious wins he joins Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett in a three way dance for the WCW Title at Superbrawl. If Sid loses he will not receive a WCW World Title shot for a calendar year. Introducing first, Heavy D and Big Ron, the Harris Boys.

The Harris Boys make their out to the ring as they get a poor reaction from the crowd.

David Penzer: And their opponents in this handicap match, here is Sid Vicious.

'Master and Ruler' hits as Big Sid makes his way to the ring.

Main Event

Harris Brothers (Ron and Don) Vs Sid Vicious.

Sid starts it off with Ron Harris as these two big men slug it out. Sid takes the early advantage in this handicap match up. Ron and Don perform the old switcheroo half way through the match and the Harris Boys begin to dominate Sid. Sid battles back and knocks Ron through the ropes with a big boot. He then turns his attention to Don who he begins to dominate. Don tries in vain to get some offence in but Sid is too big and strong.

Sid nails Don with a chokeslam and gets a two count. Ron climbs onto the apron and tries to distract Sid but gets drilled with a stiff forearm shot to the face which knocks him back down to the arena floor. Sid turns around and begins to work over Don once more. He lifts Don up to his feet and then drops Big Don with a Powerbomb which gives him the victory.

Winner: Sid Vicious
Match time: 5.49

Sid is now in the Main Event at Superbrawl for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Sid gets his hand raised by referee Billy Silverman. Out from the backstage area comes the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett who charges into the ring to attack Sid

It soon turns into a three on one fight as the Harris Boys join Jarrett in beating down Sid. Chris Benoit has seen enough as he joins the fray. He nails Ron with a right hand and chops Don hard in the chest. Sid battles back and takes both Harris Boys over the top rope with a double clothesline. Benoit hits a clothesline on Jarrett and follows it up with a suplex. Jarrett rolls to the arena floor to join the Harris Boys as Benoit and Sid stand tall in the ring.

The fans cheer for Sid and Benoit as they have fought of Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers. Jeff Jarrett grabs a microphone from ringside.

Jeff Jarrett: Chris Benoit listen up slapnuts. You want to get involved in mine and the Harris Boys's business. Then you will have hell to pay. Big Sexy Kevin Nash said I would be able to put you in a match next week on Nitro . Well how about Benoit you go one on one with your new best friend Sid Vicious next week. How about that?

Benoit and Sid suddenly don’t look so friendly as they stare each other down. Jarrett seemingly gets the last laugh as we fade to black.


Quick results:

Brian Knobbs defeated Meng and retained his WCW Hardcore Title at 4.19
Big Vito pinned David Flair at 2.49
The Revolution (Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko) defeated The Varsity Club (Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner) at 5.31
Vampiro pinned Alex Wright at 6.32
Billy Kidman went over the Cat Ernest Miller at 3.28
Chavo Guererro Jr bested Shannon Moore to advance to the semi finals of the WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament at 4.20
Scott Steiner destroyed Konnan at 2.35
Sid Vicious defeated The Harris Boys in a handicap match at 5.49

zidane2000 02-26-2013 05:20 PM

Re: World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start
Thunder Results – January 19th 2000

The nWo arrived to the arena with the Commissioner Kevin Nash wearing a smart suit ahead of tonight’s Thunder. The rest of the 'Band' follow their leader into the arena.

Bam Bam Bigelow goes over The Barbarian in a Hardcore match at 4.31 with the Greetings from Asbury Park. Bigelow dominated this stereotypical hardcore contest with weapon shots. Barbarian got in some stiff offence but ultimately Bigelow came out on top.

The Wall comes out with Shane Douglas and they cut a short promo with The Wall challenging anyone in the back. Jerry Flynn answers the challenge and he makes his way out. The Wall picks up the victory after a chokeslam at 3.14. After the match Shane Douglas hits the Franchiser on Flynn as an exclamation point. The Revolution looked extremely dominant in this Thunder showing.

Backstage and The Total Package storms into the locker room of the nWo. Luger demands DDP in a match tonight. Nash explains that DDP isn't here tonight so Luger will have to take someone else on. Nash books Luger and Kanyon for later tonight.

In a very physical match up The Dark Angel Vampiro goes over Rick Steiner at 6.49 with the Nail In the Coffin. Rick used a lot of Steiner Lines and suplexes to gain the upper hand but Vampiro was the man who came out on top with a big victory.

Harlem Heat 2000 members Stevie Ray and Big T cut an in ring promo where they accept the challenge from Booker T and Midnight for a tag team match on Nitro.

Shane Helms and Shannon Moore of Three Count went over AJ Styles and Jamie Knoble in a high flying Cruiserweight tag team match. Shane Helms pinned Styles after a Superkick at 5.24.

Sid Vicious comes out and cuts a quick promo explaining that he has no problem with teaming with WCW Champion Chris Benoit on Nitro. The Cat Ernest Miller comes out to interrupt him and we have an impromptu match up. Sid pins The Cat after the Powerbomb at 2.15.

In the Main Event The Total Package Lex Luger made Kanyon submit to the Torture Rack Submission move at 5.48. Luger stomped on Kanyon after the match had finished and DDP made his way out to chase off Luger from the ring. DDP tended to his fallen friend Kanyon as we faded to black.

Wrestlezone news and notes

~ There seems to be a bit more optimism backstage as of late in WCW. While sending home both Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara could have been seen as a backwards step, it seems to have been a positive one for the time being. A booking committee took charge of the latest episode of Nitro and the higher ups as well as the fans seemed pleased with there efforts. The committee is consisting of Ric Flair, Tony Schiavone, Terry Taylor and some input from Kevin Nash. With nobody in place to actually make the final decision regarding the future guidance of creative, there is ongoing discussions for a figure head to take over in the coming weeks. ~

~ The WWF continues to dominate in the Monday Night Wars. Raw achieved a 5.95 and Nitro received a 3.0 rating for Monday night. WCW insiders are hoping that bringing some stability to there product along with pushing younger stars could help them reclaim some of the share of the audience. ~

~ The World Wrestling Federation are building up to the Royal Rumble in six days where Triple H will defend his WWF Championship against Cactus Jack as well as the Rumble match itself. Backstage reports suggest that either the Rock or the Big Show will be the final man standing in the match and head into Wrestlemania. ~

~ Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz is set to sign for the WWF in the coming days. People are speculating that he could appear at the Royal Rumble in his debut. ~

~ Paul Heyman has spoken privately regarding the financial state of ECW and there are several rumours that some of the higher paid talents may need to move on to make sure they balance their books in the coming months. Both Taz and the Dudleys are WWF bound and it seems like a lot of the other talent will need to sign for either WCW or the WWF. Watch this space. ~

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