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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Smackdown- 1 February 2013

**Video Package**

*Royal Rumble- 27-01-13*

Commentator: It’s The Big Show against Alberto Del Rio for the world title... in a knockout match...

*Shots of big show dominating Del Rio*

Commentator: The Big Show is destroying Del Rio. Surely he can’t take much more punishment.

Commentator: Big Show just missed Del Rio and punched the exposed turnbuckle! Can Del Rio take advantage...? YES HE CAN! Step up Enzuigiri!

Commentator: But Del Rio is down, he needs to get to his feet.

*Shots of Ricardo Rodriguez passing Del Rio an object*

Commentator: Ricardo Rodriguez just passed his boss come sort of object, and Del Rio slipped it into his tights...

Commentator: Del Rio up to his feet... BUT HE’s MET WITH A CHOKESLAM!

Commentator: Big Show leaning in for the knockout blow... But Del Rio hits him! ... With a pair of Brass Knuckles

*Shots of Del Rio pounding on Show with the knuckles*

Ring Announcer: The Big Show has been declared unconscious! Your winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion... ALBERTO Del Rio!!

*Shots of a hurting Del Rio celebrating*

*I’m here to show the world! *

Commentator: It can’t be... it is! Dolph Ziggler is here and he’s cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase!

*Shots of Del Rio getting to his feet to face Ziggler*

Commentator: There it is! The Zig Zag! Dolph covers... AND WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

*Final shots are of Dolph Ziggler celebrating with the world title*

**End of Video Package**

***Opening Pyro***

**I’m here to show the world! **

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and the new World Champion makes his way to the ring, showboating the entire way. Ziggler passes his belt to AJ for her to hold while he picks up a microphone and speaks.

Ziggler: ... Ladies and Gentlemen, your NEW World Heavyweight Champion... Dolph Ziggler!

Huge heat from the crowd at this

Ziggler: At The Royal Rumble, I made history. I saw my opportunity and I ceased it! And now I stand before all of you, World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

Ziggler takes the title belt and holds it above his head.

Ziggler: You people better get used to this, because this title is gonna be mine for a very, very long time.


Alberto Del Rio’s music hits to a big pop, and the former World Champion joins Ziggler in the ring.

Del Rio: At The Royal Rumble, you stole something of mine. That title. And I want it back. I will have my rematch, and take back my World Heavyweight Championship!

**Weeeeeelllllllllllllllll it’s a Big Show**

Before Del Rio can finish, The Big Show’s music hits, and Del Rio’s opponent from Sunday comes out.

Show: Del Rio, you won’t get your rematch, because Dolph Ziggler is gonna defend the title in The Elimination Chamber. And I will-

**Can you dig it? SUCKA? **

Booker T’s music hits and the Smackdown General Manager comes out onto the stage.

Booker: Let me just correct you on something there Show. You see, Alberto Del Rio is entitled to a one on one rematch with Dolph Ziggler, and that match will happen at Elimination Chamber. You, Big Show, will compete in the Elimination Chamber match to find out who’s gonna face the World Champion at Wrestlemania. Your opponents? The United States Champion; Antonio Cesaro. Team Hell No; Kane and Daniel Bryan. The Celtic Warrior; Sheamus.... And The Viper Randy Orton! Now can you dig that, Sucka?

Big Show is furious and demands a world title match.

Booker: But that isn’t all. The way I see it, Big Shoe and Alberto Del Rio still have some unfinished business. So tonight, we are going to have Big Show against Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio and show stare each other down. Meanwhile, Ziggler smirks in the corner of the ring.

Booker: Oh by the way Dolph... I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re going to have a match... right now!

Dolph Ziggler protests but Booker T has none of it.

**Booyaka Booyaka 619**

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and The Masked Warrior comes out for his return to Smackdown, and match with Dolph Ziggler.

Match 1: Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio

Rey opens up with a flurry of high flying offence, but Ziggler eventually catches him mid senton attempt, and delivers a powerbomb. Ziggler slows the pace of the match down and dominates Mysterio. Ziggler hits his trademarked jumping elbow, and cover Mysterio for a two count.

After taking a fair amount of punishment from The World Champion, Mysterio finally manages to fight back. The high flyer counters a fisherman’s suplex and lands behind Ziggler, dropkicking the Showoff out of the ring.

Mysterio heads up to the top rope and hits a flying Suicide Dive onto both Ziggler, and a Big E Langston who was helping him to his feet. Langston gets to his feet, but Mysterio takes him out with an Enzuigiri. But as soon as The Ultimate Underdog turns back around, he is met with a DDT from Dolph Ziggler, driving his skull into the floor.

Ziggler picks up Mysterio and rolls him back into the ring. The New World Champion hooks the leg...



But Mysterio manages a kick out.

Ziggler quickly gets to his feet and waits for Mysterio to rise, ready to pounce with a Zig Zag. As soon as Mysterio gets up he realises this, and clings onto the ropes to send Ziggler flying off. Mysterio then springboards off the ropes into a moonsault onto a standing Dolph Ziggler. Mysterio covers Dolph...



But The World Champion kicks out!

Mysterio waits for Ziggler to rise, before utilizing a drop toe hold to send the champ onto the ropes, in position for the 619. Mysterio hits his trademarked move, and goes up top for the springboard splash. But at the last second, Ziggler rolls out of the way, and Mysterio hits nothing but mat. Ziggler capitalizes immediately, as Mysterio staggers to his feet, he connects with a Zig Zag and covers The Masked Warrior.




Winner via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler!

The World Heavyweight Champion celebrates his victory as we go to commercial.

Coming up tonight: Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show, plus Sheamus takes on the US Champion, Antonio Cesaro. And as if that weren’t enough, Team Hell No! Get their rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles, when they face The Usos tonight.

Match 2: R- Truth vs Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes

Sandow dominates the match from the early going. Late in the match, R-Truth hits a Lie Detector out of nowhere to take control of the match. Truth goes for a What’s Up, but Sandow counters, sending r-Truth shoulder first into the ringpost. Sandow pulls Truth out from in between the turnbuckles, and delivers Terminus. Sandow covers R-Truth for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Damien Sandow

Coming up Next: Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro

Match 3: Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro

Two of the hopefuls for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match in jus5t over two week’s time lock up to open the match.

After several minutes of back and forth action, The United States Campion ceases control with a Swissblade on the Celtic Warrior. The Swiss sensation sees his opportunity to dominate, and takes it. Cesaro works over Sheamus, beating on the Irishman with a mixture of punches, stomps and holds.

After taking a relatively lengthy beating, Sheamus digs deep and starts fighting back against Cesaro, hitting The US Champ with a collection of punches. Sheamus follows up with a powerful clothesline that sends both him and The Swiss Sensation to the outside.

On at ringside, the pair continues to brawl. Cesaro bangs Sheamus’ head off the announce table and looks to throw him into the steel ring steps. But Sheamus reverses the Irish whip and sends Cesaro crashing into the steel instead. Sheamus throws his opponent back into the ring and looks to continue his momentum.

In the ring, Sheamus hits Cesaro with the Irish Curse backbreaker. The Irishman covers the Swiss Superstar, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus has the momentum now however, hitting Cesaro with The Beats of the Bodhran. After this, Sheamus pulls Cesaro back into the ring and picks him up for the High Cross.

Cesaro weasels out of Sheamus’ finisher and takes out The Celtic Warrior with a German suplex. Having done this, The United States Champion heads up top, and waits for The Great White to rise. Once he has, Cesaro dives off the turnbuckle and hits Sheamus with a European Uppercut!

Cesaro covers The Irishman...



But Sheamus kicks out!

Cesaro stomps away on Sheamus, before picking him up to deliver further punishment. Cesaro looks for a fisherman’s suplex, but Sheamus counters and hits a fisherman’s suplex of his own. Sheamus picks the fallen Cesaro up and deliver an emphatic White Noise. The Celtic Warrior makes the cover...



But Cesaro gets the shoulder up!

Sheamus goes to the corner and sets up the Brogue Kick... Cesaro gets to his feet, but instantly realises his peril and meet Sheamus with a vicious clothesline! Cesaro looks to pick Sheamus up for The Neutralizer, but Sheamus escapes with a forearm to the face. Cesaro backs off allowing Sheamus enough room to deliver the Brogue Kick!

Sheamus makes the cover...




Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus

Sheamus reigns supreme over Cesaro after an exhausting match. Will the result be the same in just over two weeks time, when these two, along with four other men, meet inside The Elimination Chamber?

Coming up Next: Team Hell No get their chance at redemption, when they have their rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Its The Usos vs Team Hell No! And it’s next!

Match 4: WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos (c) vs Team Hell No!

The Usos have obviously received a massive confidence boost from their victory on Monday, and so the opening of the match is much less one sided than their encounter four nights ago. Tonight, Team Hell No find themselves enjoy much less domination throughout.

Towards the end of the match, Kane hits a sidewalk slam on the other legal man, Jey Uso. Kane covers but is only able to get a two count. Kane heads up to the top rope, and waits for Jey to rise. When The Samoan does, Kane clobbers him with a flying clothesline from the top rope!

Kane covers the fallen half of the Tam Team Champions... but Jey manages a kickout. Kane is obviously growing frustrated, and picks Jey up for the chokeslam. Before The Big Red Machine can deliver his finishing manoeuvre Jey counters with a frantic set of blows to the head of the monster. Kane is forced to abandon the attempts at a chokeslam, but he follows up with a powerful uppercut to Jey, sending The Champion reeling back. Kane goes after him, but Jey falls back to his own corner, where Jimmy tags himself in on the back of Jey.

Kane is oblivious to the tag being made, and continues to go after Jey. Kane grabs Jey by the throat and prepares for the chokeslam, but Jey counters with a kick to the gut and a DDT. Kane rolls onto his back, while Jey rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile, Jimmy Uso heads to the top turnbuckle and delivers a spectacular Samoan splash onto the Big Red Machine!

Jimmy makes the cover on Kane...




Winners via Pinfall and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos!

The Usos celebrate while a distraught Team Hell No looks on.

Raw Recap: A recap of Wade Barrett’s announcement on Raw is shown, and the commentator’s speculate as to whether The Undertakes will show up in a month’s time.

Match 5: Kofi Kingston vs Primo w/ Epico & Rosa Mendes

Kingston dominates this short match, The Intercontinental Champion finishing Primo off with a Boom Drop followed up with Trouble in Paradise.

Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Main Event: Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show

Big Show starts the match off angry at his loss last night, man handling Del Rio. After a lengthy spell of dominance from The Big Show, Del Rio finally makes a comeback into the match with a DDT to the big man. Del Rio covers The Giant but only gets two. Del Rio stomps on show several times, before heading up to the top turnbuckle...

Del Rio delivers a picture perfect moonsault onto The Giant, and once again The Mexican makes the cover...

But once again Big Show manages to kick out. Del Rio then attempts to lock in an Armbreaker on Show, but The Giant fights him off. Big Show gets to his feet and back Del Rio into a corner, pounding away on him with his 16 inch fists.

Show lines up Del Rio for the knockout punch, but The Mexican Aristocrat dodges the blow. Del Rio capitalizes, attacking Show with a kick to the back of the leg, bringing the big man down to his knees. Del Rio goes to the top rope and nails the kneeling Big Show with a missile dropkick. Del Rio makes the cover but again, The Giant manages a kickout.

Del Rio hits Show with a succession of knee drops before Big Show grabs him by the throat!

The Giant slowly gets to his feet, keeping Del Rio’s throat in his grasp, preparing for the chokeslam...

Del Rio desperately tries to fight out of it, nailing Show with a collection of kicks to the torso. But before Del Rio can completely escape, Show smashes him across the chest with a devastating chop. Del Rio falls to the mat...

Big Show drags Del Rio to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Show delivers a devastating corner splash to The Mexican!

Big Show makes the cover on Del Rio...



But Del Rio digs deep and manages a kickout!

Show is frustrated and pulls Del Rio up for a chokeslam! But Del Rio counters with a thumb to the eye, which the referee is blocked from seeing by the body of The Big Show. Show backs away from Del Rio, clutching his eye. Del Rio ceases the moment and hits Show with a step up Enzuigiri!

Show goes crashing backwards and onto the mat! Del Rio is about to pin him when Dolph Ziggler rushes down the ramp and attacks Del Rio from behind, hitting with the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Winner via DQ: Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler continues to assault Del Rio after the referee rings the bell. Ziggler picks up Del Rio and throws him to the outside, where Big E Langston is waiting...

Langston hurls Del Rio into the steel ringsteps, then picks him back up to his feet...

Del Rio staggers around for a few moments before he is met with an emphatic Zig Zag from Dolph Ziggler, onto the thinly padded concrete at ringside.

Ziggler goes up close to Del Rio’s face with the World Title Belt, and tells him that if he wants this, he’s going to have to come and take it from him.

Ziggler and AJ kiss over the unconscious body of Alberto Del Rio as we go off the air.

Quick Results:

Dolph Ziggler def Rey Mysterio
Damien Sandow def R-Truth
Sheamus def Antonio Cesaro
The Usos def Team Hell No to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
Kofi Kingston def Primo
Alberto Del Rio def The Big Show via DQ

Elimination Chamber card so far:

WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match: CM Punk (c) vs John Cena vs Ryback vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Title shot Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton vs Big Show vs Antonio Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Kane

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 04 February 2013
Episode #1028

Just thirteen nights away from what is shaping up to be a massive WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, we have an episode of Monday Night Raw which could change the landscape of the WWE .

In a shocking announcement last Monday, The Rock told the WWE Universe he is the new General Manager of Raw. And his first act as GM was to force CM Punk to defend his WWE Title, against Ryback, inside a steel cage... tonight!

Can the Champ find a way to keep his record breaking title run going? Or will Big Hungry finally take what has been stolen from him time and time again.

At the Royal Rumble Triple H made a shocking return to attack Brock Lesnar, which resulted in a Pedigree onto the Stage. Tonight, The Game makes his return to Raw, to address both Brock Lesnar, and the WWE Universe. What will the game have to say? And how will The Perfect Storm react?

After stunning the world last Monday when he announced his desires to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, The Royal Rumble winner Wade Barrett has more words for the WWE Universe, tonight.

Two of the hopefuls for the chamber match in two weeks time, John Cena and Rey Mysterio, will square off on Monday Night Raw. Which one of these fan favourites will get a huge momentum boost heading into Elimination Chamber?

After being on the receiving end of a vicious attack from Elimination Chamber opponent Dolph Ziggler this past Friday Night, former World Champion Alberto Del Rio will be in action, when he faces The Miz. Miz, having turned his attack on the fans by assaulting Kofi Kingston last week, will be looking to boost his momentum as he competes in the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match.

The new Tag Team Champions will be in action this Monday, as they face the team of Primo & Epico. Will the Tag Champs continue their run of stellar form? Or will Rosa Mendes’ boys be able to grab a win and catapult themselves into the Tag Title picture?

Having lost the Tag Team Titles to the Usos this past Monday, and failing to regain them in a rematch this past Friday, will Team Hell No be able to regain some momentum as they look to earn a World title Match at Wrestlemania, by winning the Elimination Chamber. The Dysfunctional Duo face The Primetime Players on Raw.

Plus: The new Divas Champion Kaitlyn looks to continue her hot streak of form, when she faces Layla tonight!

Announced Matches:

Kaitlyn vs Layla
Heath Slater vs R-Truth
Team Hell No vs The Primetime Players
The Usos vs Primo & Epico
The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio vs John Cena
Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Ryback
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Re: WWE 2013

If the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber is for the #1 Contender's spot at WrestleMania, then how is that fair that CM Punk the WWE Champion of RAW has to defend his title inside the Elimination Chamber against 5 other guys while Dolph gets the easier end of the stick having a one on one match with Del Rio over the World Heavyweight Championship, like I don't see how that's fair to Punk at all when Ziggler should be the one to defend his World Heavyweight Championship inside the Elimination Chamber because we all know Big E. and AJ are going to help Ziggler against Del Rio which is going to be so predictable unless they are banned from ringside and if they are, then it at least makes things fair

But my pick to win the Smackdown Chamber, to go on to WrestleMania as the #1 Contender, is Randy Orton and why I say that, is because Orton in my opinion hasn't even had a World Heavyweight Championship match in over a year, the last one he has ever had was at Hell in a Cell 2011 when he faced Mark Henry, and Orton hasn't been champion in over a year, but also the last time Orton was ever in a WrestleMania main event was WrestleMania 25 when he faced Triple H for the WWE Championship in the main event and he hasn't had a Mania main event since then, so that is why I am picking Orton to win the Smackdown Chamber because he needs it the most

As for the WWE Championship, Punk against Miz, Kofi, Mysterio, Cena and Ryback inside the Chamber, Punk is my pick to walk into WrestleMania 29 as WWE Champion but I think Punk's reign will end at WrestleMania 29 but as for who ends his reign, who knows
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013

Think of it this way, both champions were meant to defend their titles in one on one matches, but due To The Rock's dislike for CM Punk, he forced Punk to defend the title inside the chamber. Dolph on the other hand, does not share the same dislike from Booker T, that Cm Punk does from The Rock and Vince Mc Mahon, therefore, he wasn't forced to defend it inside The Elimination Chamber.

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Re: WWE 2013

I see either Kane turning heel on Daniel Bryan completely brutalizing his tag team partner after they come up short again in their re-match for the WWE Tag Team Championship, with Kane making that transition into becoming the monster he should be, the monster he always should have been, and Kane is just better as a heel as a monster heel when he was first resurrected back at the Slammy Awards in 2011 when he returned as Masked Kane, he should just go on the warpath and you can have Daniel Bryan as a face in their potential feud if you decide to go down that route

Mysterio vs Cena this is going to be the best match on RAW because this is like the 2nd or 3rd time in their careers that they are ever going to face off, this screams a WrestleMania worthy type match with these 2

I can't wait for HHH and Lesnar to come face to face to set up their rematch for Mania
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw- 04 February 2013
Episode #1028

**Video Package**

Ring Announcer: Your winner and Still WWE Champion; CM Punk

Punk: In two weeks time the Elimination Chamber match will be for the right to face me at Wrestlemania.

*If Ya Smeeeellllllllll*

Punk: What are you doing here? Perhaps you don’t recall. You lost. I. Beat. You. Can you remember that Rocky? Or did my GTS give you memory loss?

Rock: No you’re right Punk. You did beat me last night. The Rock lost last night. But The Rock didn’t just pack his bags and leave. Oh no. The Rock realized that if he leaves, the WWE will be stuck with The Shield running rampant all over the company, attacking everyone in sight. And if The Rock leaves the WWE would be stuck with CM Punk as Champion. And The Rock can’t just abandon his People like that. So The Rock goes to Vince McMahon. And The Rock pitches Vince McMahon and idea.

Rock: And because of that CM Punk... You are looking at the new... General Manager of Monday Night Raw!

Punk: You can’t do that-

Rock: -CM Punk... know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You will be in action at the Elimination Chamber. And you will be defending that title around your waist. And it will be inside The Elimination Chamber itself! Against these five men... The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Ryback and JOHN CENA!!!

Rock: But that is... if you make it to Elimination Chamber. Because you see CM Punk, next week on Raw, to mark The Rock’s first full night in charge... you will compete against Ryback, inside a steel cage... for the WWE Title!

Rock: Oh and one more thing Punk, I have something for you, a gift, for our future business relationship...

*Shots of The Rock hitting CM Punk with a Rock Bottom*

*Final shot of Rock performing his signature pose over a fallen CM Punk*

**End of Video Package**

***Opening Pyro***

Commentators: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! What a show we have for you tonight! CM Punk has been WWE Champion for four hundred and forty two days, but is in serious danger of losing that title, when he faces Ryback within the confines of a steel cage, which you can see hanging above the ring!

Commentators: But that is not all! Tonight, Triple H addresses the WWE Universe in regard to Brock Lesnar! What will the game say about the man he brawled with at the Royal Rumble?

**My Time is now! **

John Cena’s music hits and the Cenation leader comes out to the ring for his show opening match.

Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs John Cena

Two of the challengers for the WWE Championship in thirteen days time square off here to open the show.

Cena takes control of the match early, hitting Mysterio with a series of shoulder blocks, and following up with a bulldog. Cena continues his dominance, picking up Mysterio to deliver a fisherman’s suplex. Cena goes for an early pin but Mysterio kicks out relatively easily.

However, Cena still has control of the match, and hits Mysterio with a couple of leg drops. The Cenation Leader looks to lock in the STF, but Rey kicks him away. Mysterio leaps to his feet to try and fight back against Cena. Mysterio lays Cena out with an Enzuigiri, then heads up to the top rope. Mysterio flies at Cena hitting a seated senton, followed up immediately by a pin, but Cena manages a kick out.

Mysterio’s momentum doesn’t stop there however, The Ultimate Underdog hitting Cena with three consecutive dropkicks. Mysterio then heads towards the ropes, and hits Cena with a springboard crossbody, which ends in a pin attempt for Rey...



But Cena kicks out.

Rey uses a head scissors to line Cena up for the 629... But as Mysterio is running in to deliver his finisher, Cena turns and clobbers him with a powerful clothesline.

Cena ceases the momentum of the match, hitting Mysterio with a pair of shoulder blocks, before picking The Masked Warrior up and delivering a protoplex...

Cena taunts Mysterio with his signature “You Can’t See Me”, before hitting him with the five knuckle shuffle. Having delivered his signature move, Cena picks up Mysterio for an Attitude Adjustment. Before he can execute it however, Mysterio counters into a huricanrana DDT. Mysterio quickly hooks Cena’s leg but The Cenation Leader kicks out at two.

Mysterio heads up to the top rope once again, and flies at Cena to deliver a moonsault to the standing 10 time WWE Champion. Cena catches The Ultimate Underdog out of nowhere and hits a belly to belly suplex. Cena gets to his feet and surprisingly heads to the top rope. Cena waits for Mysterio to crawl to his knees, before diving off the turnbuckle and hitting a jumping legdrop bulldog on Mysterio!

Cena covers Rey...



But Mysterio digs deep and kicks out.

Cena reacts quickly, picking up Rey Mysterio for the Attitude Adjustment. But Mysterio wriggles out of it and lands behind Cena. Before John has a chance to turn back around, Mysterio dropkicks him in the back, sending The Cenation Leader flying forward, where he lands in the position for the 619.

Mysterio rushes in and delivers his trademarked manoeuvre, and Cena goes reeling back. Mysterio leaps to the top rope and springboards at Cena, looking for a seated senton. But Cena catches Mysterio in mid air, and puts him in position for the Attitude Adjustment. Mysterio tries to wriggle free, but to no avail, as Cena hits his Finisher on The Masked Warrior.

Cena covers the 3 time World Champion




Winner via Pinfall: John Cena

Cena helps Mysterio to his feet, and the pair shakes hands after an exhausting match to open Monday Night Raw. But in the end, John Cena is victorious, and the commentators ask if this will be the same result in 13 days time.

Interview: Josh Mathews with CM Punk

Mathews: CM Punk, we are less than two hours away from your WWE Title defence against, Ryback, inside a steel cage. How are you feeling right now?

Punk: How am I feeling Josh? You couldn’t understand. You’re just like all those people out there. You’ll never know what it’s like to amount to anything; never know what it’s like to be a champion. And for that matter, neither does Ryback. You see, Big Hungry has tried time and time again to take this away from me, and time and time again I have beaten him. Whether it’s a Hell in a Cell, a Triple Threat, or a TLC Match, I have always beaten Ryback, and tonight, will be no different. Of course I recognize the strength and power of Ryback, and I recognize that he would be an almost unbeatable opponent for any normal man. But I am not a “normal man”, Josh. I am The Best In The World. And tonight, I will prove it yet again.

Match 2: Kaitlyn vs Layla

After a few minutes of back and forth action between this pair, the competitors are attacked by Tamina Snuka. Tamina comes out of the crowd and starts brawling with both Kaitlyn and Layla, before she has a chance to inflict much damage on either of them, Natalya runs from the backstage area and down the ramp to join the fray.

Winner: No Contest

The divas Champion, Kaitlyn rolls out of the ring and gets a microphone.

Kaitlyn says that if all three of them want a shot at her title, then they should all have a chance to earn it. The Champion says that this Friday on Smackdown there should be a triple threat match between Layla, Tamina and Natalya, with the winner getting a title shot at Elimination Chamber.

The divas stare each other down as we go to commercial.

**End of Days**

Wade Barrett’s theme hits and the 2013 Royal Rumble winner makes his way out to the ring to address the WWE Universe.

In the ring: Wade Barrett

Barrett: Three weeks. You have three weeks to answer my challenge Undertaker. Now, I’ve heard all the headlines, this past week. Apparently, I’m insane for using my shot from The Royal Rumble to end the Streak. But you will all see just how wrong you are. You see, I am not afraid of The Undertaker. Quite the contrary really. The Undertaker is afraid of me. Because The Undertaker is a smart man. And he realized why, more than two years ago, The Nexus and I attacked The Undertaker, and we buried him alive. Because, two years ago, when I had The Nexus bury him, I showed The Undertaker that I was ready to face him at Wrestlemania. Ready to face him for The Streak. But instead of facing me, The Undertaker went straight for Triple H. And don’t get me wrong, he and Triple H had two classic matches. But it was all an attempt by The Undertaker to buy time, and to get his streak as high as possible, before he had to face his destiny. Before he had to face me. But now, Undertaker, your time is up. You will face me at Wrestlemania. And at Wrestlemania, I will finally prove that the Deadman... is mortal.

Barrett drops the mic and walks off up the ramp while his music plays.

Coming up next: Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs The Miz

Del Rio starts the match off aggressively, obviously angry about being on the receiving end of the beating from Dolph Ziggler last Friday Night.

After a length back and forth matchup between these two former WWE Champions, The Miz starts to take control by hitting an Awesome Clothesline. The Miz toys with Del Rio, using numerous stomps to grind away at the Mexican. The Miz finally picks Del Rio up and prepares him for The Skull Crushing Finale.

But Del Rio shows fight! The Mexican Aristocrat escapes from the Skull Crushing Finale, and hits Miz with a German Suplex. Del Rio goes for a bridge pin, but Miz kicks out at two. But Del Rio looks to cease his opportunity, and hammers away on Miz with a combination of punches and kicks.

Del Rio picks up The Awesome One and delivers a fireman’s carry gutbuster. Miz writhes away clutching his stomach. Del Rio makes the cover but Miz kicks out.

Alberto heads to the top turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault on The Awesome One. Buy at the last second, Miz is able to roll out of the way and Del Rio hits nothing but mat.

The Miz rolls over to the ropes and starts to pull himself to his feet. Before he has a chance to, Kofi Kingston charges down the ramp and hits The Miz over the skull with the Intercontinental Championship belt! The referee is checking on Del Rio and misses the entire thing.

Miz reels backwards... straight into a step up Enzuigiri from a recovered Del Rio!

Del Rio pins The Awesome One...




Winner via Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio!

Kofi Kingston joins Del Rio in the ring to celebrate as we go to commercial.


It is the most evil structure in the WWE.



Many men will do battle in it.

Putting their bodies, their careers on the line

But only a few will survive...

...The Elimination Chamber

WWE Elimination Chamber- 17/02/1

**End of Promo**

Match 4: Team Hell No vs The Primetime Players

Kane and Daniel Bryan show no signs of problems following their loss of the WWE Tag Team Titles, as they dominate The Primetime Players in a relatively short match. The match ends when Kane Chokeslams Titus O’Neil and Daniel Bryan locks Darren Young in the Yes Lock, forcing him to tap out after only a few seconds resistance.

Winners via Submission: Team Hell No!

Kane and Bryan have very little time to celebrate their victory, as the lights are immediately cut out. When they come back on, The Shield hits the ring, assaulting both the former Tag Team Champions.

**If Ya Smeeelllllll**

The Rock’s music hits to a huge pop, and The People’s Champion/ New General Manager of Raw comes down to make the save. The Rock and Team Hell No send The Shield retreating into the crowd after a brief brawl. The Rock then gets on the mic...

Rock: Shield, week in week out you come out here and you attack superstars. You attack Team Hell No. You attack Randy Orton. You attack Ryback. And you attack The Rock. But The Rock is in charge of Monday Night Raw now. And The Rock is sick and tired of you Shield. So here’s what The Rock is gonna do about it. At The Elimination Chamber, The Rock is gonna face one of you, three. You can chose amongst yourselves who. And then The Rock is gonna surround this ring with security. And then, The Rock is gonna whoop your ass so badly you’ll hear it from here to Wrestlemania! If ya Smeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cookin’!

The Rock performs his signature pose in the ring as we go off the air.

In the Ring: Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

Slater: Over the past few months, Three Man Band has been ridiculed, made fun of and humiliated by all you people. But no longer. No more will Three Man Band be about music or entertaining you people. No, you people don’t appreciate that. You see, we’ve had an epiphany. What we have in Three Man Band is an alliance. An alliance that we can use to rise to prominence in the WWE. And when I beat my opponent tonight it will just be the beginning. The beginning of dominance by the Three Man Band.

Match 5: R-Truth vs Heath Slater

R-Truth starts the match off strongly, hitting a Scissor Kick just over a minute in. But Slater manages to kick out at two. After a few more minutes of dominance, R-Truth heads to the top turnbuckle for a high flying move. Before he can execute it however, Jinder Mahal gets up on the ring apron and looks to interfere. The referee rushes over to stop Mahal from entering the ring.

While the official does this, Drew McIntyre hits R-Truth with a lead pipe, knocking him off the turnbuckle and onto the mat.

Slater immediately capitalizes, picking Truth up, only to deliver his signature neckbreaker. Slater covers the fallen R-Truth and the referee counts the three.

Winner via Pinfall: Heath Slater!

Slater celebrates, along with the other members of The New Three Man Band. R-Truth begins to stir, and 3MB realise this. Three Man Band brutally attack R-Truth, Mahal hitting the Full Nelson Slam on the fallen competitor. Drew McIntyre finishes off the brutal assault with a Double Arm DDT. As 3MB leave the ring, Slater yells “Now do you take us seriously?” down the barrel of a camera.

Coming up next: Triple H will be on Raw for the first time in months to address the WWE Universe, and Brock Lesnar...

**Time to play the Game**

Triple H’s music hits and The Game comes out to a huge ovation. The Cerebral Assassin performs his trademarked ring entrance, before taking a microphone to address the WWE Universe.

In the ring: Triple H

Triple H: More than five months ago, at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar beat me. He broke my arm, again. And to be honest with all of you, I was ready to accept defeat. I was ready to call it quits. I was ready to retire. But then, I found out Brock Lesnar would be in the Royal Rumble. And I realised something. I realised that if I gave in, that if I called it quits, then there would be no one standing between Brock Lesnar and the WWE. If I retire I would be allowing Brock Lesnar to rule the WWE. But I can’t let that happen. I will not give up on the business I have given everything for my entire life. So Brock Lesnar, you want to return to the WWE? Well I promise you this. I will not make it easy for you. You will see the same thing that happened at The Royal Rumble happen every week you show your face here. Unless, you face me one more time.

Triple H: What I hold in my hand here Brock, is a contract. A contract for one more match between you and me... at Wrestlemania. And Brock, if you win everything you want, is yours. The Millions of dollars more. The private jet. The Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar. All yours. But most of all, I will be gone. I will retire, and there will be no one standing in your way. Brock Lesnar will rule the WWE. No one will stand in your way Brock. That is... if you win.

Triple H: There are two parts to my challenge for Wrestlemania. You know what happens if you win. But if you lose? You are gone from the WWE. No more Brock Lesnar. If I beat you at Wrestlemania, your career in Professional Wrestling is over. So Brock, what do you say? You and me. All or nothing. The very fate of this company on the line. At Wrestlemania!

Triple H’s music hits and The Game leaves the ring, with a purposeful gait. We are left to wonder if Brock Lesnar will accept Triple H’s challenge for Wrestlemania as we go to commercials.

Interview: Josh Mathews with Paul Heyman

Mathews: Paul, we all just saw Triple H’s challenge laid out for Wrestlemania, and now the question on everyone’s minds is will your client Brock Lesnar accept?

Heyman: Listen, I don’t have time for this. My other client CM Punk is about to defend the WWE Title inside a Steel Cage. But in thirteen days time, at Elimination Chamber, I assure you, the entire World will know Brock Lesnar’s response.

**The steel cage is lowered around the ring to ominous music.

Main Event: Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Ryback

Ryback enters the cage first, seemingly undaunted by its intimidating nature. Next, CM Punks music hits and the WWE Champion comes out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. Punk slowly walks up the steel steps and joins Ryback in the ring.

As soon as Punk enters the ring, Ryback goes after him. Bug Hungry backs The Voice of the Voiceless into a corner and pounds away on The Champ. Ryback throws CM Punk into the wall of the cage, but the Champion, holds on to the steel and begins to climb...

Ryback reacts quickly pounding on the back of CM Punk, before pulling him off the wall of the cage and delivering an eclectic chair.

Ryback covers Punk, but The Champion kicks out. Ryback immediately resumes the beating he was giving Punk, stomping away on the WWE Champion. Ryback picks up his opponent and delivers a scoop powerslam, before picking him up again and ramming the Champion into the walls of the cage. CM Punk falls to the mat.

Ryback waits for him to rise, before clobbering Punk with a powerful clothesline. Ryback gets the crowd pumped up with chants of “Feed me more!” as he waits for the champion to get to his feet.

When Punk finally does so, Ryback sets him up for Shellshocked. But Punk manages to wriggle out and he lays Ryback out with a powerful roundhouse kick to the head. Punk falls to the mat but pulls himself to his feet using the ring ropes.

By the time he has done this, Ryback is getting to his feet as well. Punk grabs him by the neck and slams Big Hungry face first into the wall of the steel cage. Punk holds the challenger there for several seconds, grinding his face along the steel.

After a few seconds of pain from the steel, Ryback fights out of his predicament with several elbows to the stomach of Punk. Ryback goes for a clothesline on Punk but the champion ducks, and follows up with a series of kicks to either flank of Ryback. Punk lays the big man out with a dropkick and heads for the ropes.

Punk begins to climb out of the cage, but Ryback soon gets to his feet in the middle of the ring. Ryback chases after Punk, and pulls him partially down from the cage wall. CM Punk wriggles over to the turnbuckle, but Ryback goes after him there. Champion and Challenger exchange several blows on the turnbuckle, before CM Punk knees Ryback in the groin, which sends the big man toppling down from the turnbuckle.

Instead of attempting another climb over the top of the cage, CM Punk signals the Randy Savage Elbow, and dives off the turnbuckle onto the challenger, delivering an emphatic diving elbow! Punk immediately covers Ryback...



But Ryback kicks out.

CM Punk starts crawling towards the door, and Heyman tells the referee to open it. The door opens and CM Punk starts to crawl out. But before he has a chance to escape, Ryback gets up and comes after The Champion. Ryback tries to pull Punk away from the door, but Paul Heyman grabs onto his client.

Ryback outmatches Heyman in strength, and pulls Punk away from the door. But before he does, Heyman slips CM Punk an object, which the champion hides in his tights.

Ryback pulls Punk to the middle of the ring, and picks him up to deliver a fallaway slam to the Champion. Ryback covers the fallen Punk...



But the Champion kicks out.

But Ryback is not done there. He quickly gets to his feet, spurred on by chants of “Feed me More!” emanating from the crowd. Ryback scoops CM Punk up and sets him up for Shellshocked!

But Punk fights back, elbowing Ryback in the face a number of times, sending Big Hungry sideways into the wall of the cage. Then Punk springs into action. The WWE Champion reaches into his tights and pulls out the object that Heyman had given him earlier... a pair of handcuffs! Punk dazes Ryback with a kick to the forehead, before grabbing his arm, and chaining the challenger’s wrist to the wall of the steel cage!

Punk leaps back from Ryback, leaving Big Hungry locked to the cage wall. Ryback tries desperately to break the handcuff, but to no avail. CM Punk tells the referee’s to open the door, and strolls out to the floor!

Winner via Escaping the Cage and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk!!!

CM Punk celebrates with the title held high, as a handcuffed Ryback is forced to look on. But will CM Punk be able to do the same in thirteen days time, at The Elimination Chamber

Quick Results:

John Cena def Rey Mysterio
Kaitlyn and Layla fought to a no contest
Alberto Del Rio def The Miz
Team Hell No def The Primetime Players
Heath Slater def R-Truth
CM Punk def Ryback in a steel cage match to retain the WWE title

Elimination Chamber Card so far:

WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match: CM Punk (c) vs John Cena vs Ryback vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Title shot Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton vs Big Show vs Antonio Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Kane

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

The Rock vs A Member of The Shield
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Re: WWE 2013

RAW Review

- Great back and forth opening contest with Rey Mysterio and John Cena, it was so back and forth and entertaining that I would definitely watch it if it was given out on free TV but it is a pay-per-view worthy match really if you ask me but Cena has to have that Masked Man still on his mind, that Masked Man who cost him the Royal Rumble Match because I would have thought that The Masked Man would be making another appearance during this match as a way to distract Cena or maybe even cost him the match or perhaps even attack both him and Rey but the Masked Man was nowhere in sight, it seems he might make his presence known at the Elimination Chamber since Cena is obviously in the match

- Punk is full of confidence heading into tonight's main event when he faces Ryback inside that 15 foot high steel cage for the WWE Championship, but I see Punk winning again to keep his championship in tact as a way to stick it to the new RAW General Manager, The Rock

- Kaitlyn vs Layla ending in a No Contest because of Tamina, and then Natalya making the save and it ultimately ending with Kaitlyn making an announcement that the winner of a Triple-Threat Match on Smackdown would face her for the WWE Divas Championship at Elimination Chamber, I for one know who I'm picking in that Triple-Threat Match to face Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber but what about AJ, how come you didn't include her in this discussion?

- Barrett I still think he is crazy or at the very least has a death wish for even using his Royal Rumble title shot to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 but then we get background as to why he chose Taker and it all leading back to Nexus, it is all starting to make sense now, but what I don't get is why you would have Barrett change his theme song, isn't his theme song I Just Don't Care Anymore because if anything that theme song is much better, the one he has now really, but also Barrett having respect for Taker's matches at WrestleMania that he has had with Triple H but that Taker is afraid of Barrett, I don't think so, I just think Taker thinks that Barrett is nothing more than a punk and that he isn't even worthy to face The Undertaker if you ask me, like Taker has nothing to prove to Barrett or to anybody else for that matter because the man is already 20-0, he's a legend while Barrett is just like all the other victims of The Undertaker trying to make a name for himself at Taker's expense but he will ultimately end up failing

- Del Rio beating Miz who is fresh off his most recent heel turn in what I thought was a great match between the 2 of them, it definitely gives Del Rio some much needed momentum heading into the Elimination Chamber pay per view when he faces Dolph for the World Heavyweight Championship while Miz is losing momentum heading into the RAW Chamber

- Team Hell No beating the Primetime Players in relative fashion only for The Shield to attack them and then the new GM Rock comes out and makes the announcement that one of the members of the Shield will face him at Elimination Chamber in a match surrounded with security, I for one hope The Rock faces Roman Reigns and I will tell you why? Because The Rock is a 3rd generation superstar and Roman Reigns is a 2nd generation superstar, they both come from the same wrestling family that being the Anoa'i wrestling family because Roman Reigns his father is a WWE Hall of Famer, his father being Sika of the Wild Samoans and The Rock being somewhat related to The Wild Samoans through The Rock's grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia who is a WWE Hall of Famer and Rock's father Rocky Johnson also being a WWE Hall of Famer, these 2 practically grew up together when you really think about it, this pretty much writes itself when you think about it and that is why I would want Reigns to be the one who faces Rock at Elimination Chamber

- Heath Slater beating R-Truth and then all 3 members of 3MB end up attacking R-Truth right after the match is over, but also attacking him during the match while the referee was distracted as they brutalize Truth, it definitely has me saying that 3MB do definitely deserve to be taken seriously and they should be but if they want to make an impact, they definitely need to go about it in better ways by attacking superstars who are higher up on the food chain like main event worthy superstars

- Triple H wants Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 and I for one want that match-up to take place at WrestleMania 29 but to further up the stakes in that match with those stipulations being that if Triple H wins Brock leaves WWE and his career is over but if Brock wins Triple H retires for good and Brock then is left to rule the WWE, then their match shouldn't be a regular match, how about this, Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in an I Quit Match where the only way to win is by making your opponent utter those 2 humiliating words and especially on the grandest stage of them all

- Paul Heyman having more than 1 client, I wonder how he is going to juggle his time between managing Lesnar and Punk, because Heyman in my opinion he should only be with one of them and he should turn on the other one

- I knew CM Punk would do it again and he does it again and again proving just why he is The Best in the World winning match after match by beating Ryback yet again this time in a Steel Cage Match to retain his WWE Championship but Punk's reign could be in danger at Elimination Chamber when he has to defend that title against Cena, Ryback, Miz, Kofi, and Mysterio, so Punk should enjoy this while he still can

- Great RAW episode and I can't wait until your WWE Main Event, Superstars, and Smackdown episodes because they should be looking to be great ones, that's for sure
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Main Event- 06 February 2013
Episode #19

Match 1: Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga

After a somewhat lengthy matchup, Kofi Kingston takes control with a crossbody. The Intercontinental Champion sets up and hits a boom drop on Otunga. Kofi moves to the corner and waits for his opponent to rise, performing his signature theatrics to get the crowd behind him.

As Otunga is gradually pulling himself to his feet, The Miz charges down the ramp and hops up onto the ring apron. The Miz obviously trying to avenge his loss two nights ago, which was caused by Kofi Kingston, enters the ring.

Kofi is quick to react however, hitting The Miz with an emphatic Trouble in paradise which sends The Awesome One tumbling out of the ring!

Kingston then turns his attentions back to Otunga, who is back on his feet. Otunga is quick to capitalize, going for The Verdict on Kingston. But Kingston reverses the move and hits The S.O.S.!

Kingston covers Otunga for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Kingston celebrates while Miz glares at win from ringside.

Match 2: The Usos vs Primo & Epico

The Tag Team Champions control the match for the most part, despite several decent spells of offence by Primo & Epico.

The Usos eventually finish it up with by both hitting The Alley-Us on their opponents, and then both The Samoans heading up to deliver a double Samoan Splash to Epico, with Jimmy Uso getting the pin.

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

While The Usos are celebrating their win, Team Rhodes Scholars’ music hits and the intellectual saviours of the unwashed masses come out.

Rhodes: Usos, you call yourselves fighting champions do you not?

The Usos nod in reply.

Rhodes: You have no right to call yourselves fighting champions, if you cannot defeat us without outside help.

Sandow: If you two truly are deserving of those Tag team titles, put them on the line against us at The Elimination Chamber.

The Usos (in unison): You’re on.

The two tag team who will face off for the titles in eleven days time stare each other down as Main Event goes off the air.
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Superstars- 07 February 2013
Episode #200

In the Ring: Curt Hawkins

Hawkins: Last week, you saw the return- or at least, the attempted return of Paul London. But no matter how much he threw at me, I did not give in, I did not quit. And that is why I am the perfect hero for all of you. That is why your children should look up to me as their one, true idol. Because, I am brave, relentless and undefeated in the year 2013. No matter what is thrown at me, your hero will never quit. Now, let’s see which unlucky wannabe superstar has to get past me for their WWE contract...


Tyler Reks’ music hits and Curt Hawkins’ former tag team partner comes out onto the stage. Hawkins has a shocked look on his face, which soon changes to fear as Reks charges into the ring and goes right after Hawkins.

Match 1: Tyler Reks vs Curt Hawkins

Reks and Hawkins brawl for a few seconds, before Reks takes the advantage, forcing Hawkins into a corner and pounding away on his former partner. Hawkins sinks down the turnbuckle, until eventually Reks stops punching him and changes to stomping on him. The referee eventually pulls Reks back before he is disqualified, leaving Hawkins in a heap in the corner.

Reks allows Hawkins no rest however, immediately heading back to the turnbuckle. This time, Reks picks up “Our Hero” and carries him towards the middle of the ring, where he delivers an emphatic powerslam to the former WWE Tag team Champion.

Reks goes for the cover, but Hawkins kicks out at two. Reks picks up his former tag team partner and Irish whips him into the ropes. Reks lays Hawkins out with a big boot and goes for the cover again. But again, Hawkins manages a kickout.

Reks hits Hawkins with a succession of elbow drops, before picking up “Our hero” and lifting him onto his shoulders...

Hawkins weasels his way out and pushes Reks face first into the turnbuckle. Reks reels backwards from the impact, and Hawkins is quick to react, hitting Reks with a sit down neckbreaker. Hawkins hooks the leg but Reks kicks out at two. Hawkins stomps on Reks several times, before heading to the top rope for the Heat Seeking Elbow. Reks roles out of the way at the last second, and Hawkins crashes into the mat.

Reks gets to his feet and goes after Hawkins again. Reks clotheslines the former WWE Tag Team Champion out of the ring and the brawl continues at ringside. The two exchange blows at ringside, before Hawkins takes the advantage by banging Reks’ head off the announce table.

Hawkins looks to bangs Reks’ head on the table for a second time, but the wannabe WWE Superstar counters, elbowing Hawkins in the chest. Hawkins stumbles backwards and Reks follows, picking up his former friend and tag team partner and dropping him onto the barricade.

Reks continues to assault Hawkins on the outside of the ring, throwing him into the steel steps. Hawkins crawls away from Reks, but Reks charges at him, clotheslining both men over the barricade and into the crowd.

Both superstars are laid out beyond the barricade, when the referee’s count reaches ten, and both competitors are counted out.

Winner: Double Count Out

Reks throws Hawkins over the barricade and back into the ring. He takes out his frustrations on missing out on a possible WWE contract by picking Hawkins up and delivers a Killjoy to “Our Hero”

Reks’ music plays as the former WWE Superstar stands over a destroyed Curt Hawkins...

Match 2: Brodus Clay vs Tensai

This battle of the giants is a back and forth encounter to begin with, both big men mounting reasonable offence.

Brodus ends up being the more dominant force, hitting The Ah Funk It gain the victory over the other large man.

Winner via Pinfall: Brodus Clay

Match 3: Santino Marrella, Justin Gabriel and Yoshi Tatsu vs Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

Throughout the match, 3MB use superior teamwork to the makeshift team of their opponents. The Three Man Band frequently isolating one of the opposition competitors for minutes on end, and working away on him. This resulted in all three of their opposition being worn out towards the end of the match.

Late in the match, Santino Marella (who is being worked over by 3MB) makes the hot tag to Justin Gabriel, and then rolls out of the ring. Heath Slater is tagged in at the same time and the two former Nexus teammates and tag team champions come face to face in the ring.

Gabriel flattens Slater with a running crossbody and turns his attentions to Slater’s teammates in the corner. Gabriel dropkicks Mahal off the apron, who goes flying into the barricade. McIntyre rushes into the ring and attacks Gabriel, kneeing The South African Sensation in the stomach and setting up for the double arm DDT.

Yoshi Tatsu comes to the rescue for his teammate, taking out McIntyre with a roundhouse kick before The Scotsman has a chance to execute his finisher. McIntyre tumbles out of the ring. Before Tatsu has a chance to celebrate however, Slater attacks him from behind and hits a DDT. The Japanese superstar rolls out of the ring.

Slater turns to face Gabriel and is immediately met with a dropkick from The South African. Gabriel hits a standing moonsault, but Slater manages a kickout at two.

Gabriel heads to the top rope for his finishing move, a 450 splash...

Gabriel jumps, but at the last second Slater moves and Gabriel crashes and burns into the mat. Slater gets to his feet behind Gabriel, picks up The South African, and delivers a jumping neckbreaker!

Slater covers...




Winners via Pinfall: Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre; Three Man Band!

3MB celebrate in the ring above their fallen opponents, as their quest to be taken more seriously continues to be successful.
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Re: WWE 2013

- All that much more closer to your Elimination Chamber pay per view, just 10 days away from the pay per view and I for one cannot wait because I can't wait to see the RAW and Smackdown Chamber matches but also to see if Undertaker makes an appearance at the Elimination Chamber pay per view to answer the challenge of Wade Barrett and whether or not Undertaker says yes or no to Barrett, but also because I want to see if Cena's "Masked Man" makes another appearance costing Cena the WWE Championship because at this point the Masked Man can be anybody, it can be Chris Jericho, Christian even, or it could be a returning WWE superstar from TNA like let's say Kurt Angle, or even Mr. Kennedy, it could be anyone really

- But I will say I loved your Main Event and Superstars episodes, and here is hoping Smackdown is even better and the same goes for RAW also
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