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Re: WWE 2013

Awesome clap kepp it up
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Re: WWE 2013

u can do lot better its just a suggestion bring back blood and other props and make storylines little bit different then wwe
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Raw- 21 January 2013

***Opening Pyro***

Intro: We are just six days away from what is shaping up to be a massive Royal Rumble Pay Per view. But tonight, all the superstars of the WWE will try to gain momentum going into that massive event. Sheamus, John Cena and Randy Orton have formed an unlikely alliance to take on The Shield, whose attacks have devastated the WWE, in an anything goes tornado match! Also tonight, CM Punk and The rock will face off, ahead of their historic title match at the royal Rumble. All this and more, live here on Monday Night Raw!

John Cena’s music hits and the Cenation leader walks out to the ring

In The Ring: John Cena

Cena: Now, as I’m sure most of you already know, I’m going to be in action tonight. I’ve had a talk with Randy Orton and with Sheamus, and for one night only, we’re going to put aside our differences for one night only and work together, to get rid of this group that calls themselves The Shield. You see, Shield, tonight you’re going to learn a very valuable lesson. That lesson is, here in the WWE, if you attack people without provocation, there will be consequences. And you will see those consequences tonight, when me, Sheamus, and Randy Orton kicks all three of your “justice shielding” asses!

**Huge cheers from the crowd at this**

Cena: But I also came out here to talk about this Sunday, and the Royal Rumble match. As I’m sure most of you know... 2012 wasn’t the best of years for me. I didn’t win a title, I lost to The Rock at Wrestlemania, and I got screwed out of the WWE title again and again by CM Punk and The Shield. But this Sunday, I promise to all of you that I will put last year behind me. This Sunday I will put 2012 behind me and do everything in my power to win the Royal Rumble match, and go to Wrestlemania!

**I hear Voices in My Head**

Randy Orton’s music hits and the Viper joins Cena in the ring...

Orton: John John John... We may be partners tonight, but that isn’t gonna stop me from telling you how completely wrong you are. You see, I had just as bad of a 2012 as you did. I wasn’t able to taste gold that year either. And now the critics and the doubters say the Viper doesn’t have what it takes any more. Well... they will all be proved wrong this Sunday. You see John, I’m afraid you can’t win the Rumble, because the rumble already has a winner and that’s me. I will win the Royal Rumble, go to Wrestlemania and regain MY world title. And then The Age of Orton will return to the WWE.

**I’ve Had Enough!**

Wade Barrett’s music hits and the Intercontinental Champion makes his way down to the ring...

Barrett: You two really haven’t changed have you? You’re both just the same delusional men, desperate to relive their glory days. Well, you need to stop living in the past. Neither of you will win that Rumble this Sunday, because neither of you has what it takes any more. You’re no longer on top of the company. There are others on top now, and one of them is standing before you right now. You see this? Do you both see this? This is a championship title. Something that neither of you has touched for nearly eighteen months. This Sunday you two can throw everything you have into the royal Rumble match, but no matter how hard you try, the Barrett Barrage will prevail!

Randy Orton has clearly had enough, and lunges at Barrett, attempting an RKO. Barrett counters and pushes Orton into Cena, knocking the two of them over. Barrett then slides out of the leaves the ring, and exits through the crowd. Seconds later, The Shield hit the ring and attack Cena and Orton. Orton and Cena are able to hold their own but are quickly becoming overpowered. Suddenly, Sheamus’ music hits and the Celtic warrior charges down to ringside. With the added man, the numbers are even, and The Shield soon retreat, due to their lack of an advantage. Cena Orton and Sheamus taunt the Shield from the ring as we go to commercial.

Match 1: Team Hell No! (Daniel Bryan and Kane) vs Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro w/ AJ & Big E Langston
• Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler start the match off by locking up...
• Bryan hits an array of suplexs on Ziggler before tagging in Kane
• Kane immediately delivers a powerslam on Mr MITB...
• The Big Red Machine covers but only gets a two count
• Dolph Ziggler is able to fight back and get a few shots in on Kane...
• But the Tag Team Champion quickly flaws him with a powerful clothesline...
• The Devil’s favourite demon has clearly had enough of Ziggler and sets up a chokeslam!
• But The Show off counters with a kick to the gut followed by a DDT!
• Ziggler crawls to his corner and tags in Cesaro
• Cesaro charges in and goes toe-to-toe with the Big Red Machine!
• The two brawl back and forth, exchanging multiple blows
• Cesaro finally gains the upper hand, flattening Kane with a clothesline.
• Cesaro hits a German Suplex but only gets two...
• Cesaro follows up with a fisherman’s suplex, but once again only gets a two
• The Swiss Sensation continues his assault on the Tag Team Champion, with a flurry of stomps
• The United States Champion sets up for the neutralizer, but Kane counters with a powerful uppercut
• Kane crawls his way to his corner...
• But before he can make the tag Cesaro interrupts, and pulls The Big Red Machine back towards the centre of the ring
• Kane pushes Cesaro away with both feet and dives forward to make the tag to Daniel Bryan!
• Once tagged in, Bryan goes to the top rope, and hits Cesaro with a missile dropkick.
• Bryan covers, but his pin is broken up by Ziggler
• Bryan retaliates by clotheslining Ziggler out of the ring
• He turns back to Cesaro, only to be met by a kick to the gut
• Cesaro picks up Bryan to deliver the Neutralizer...
• ... But Bryan escapes and rolls up Antonio Cesaro!
• 1...
• 2...
• The US Champion kicks out!
• Bryan follows up quickly, and hits Cesaro with a belly to belly suplex
• The Tag Team champion attempts to lock Cesaro in the Yes! Lock...
• But Cesaro escapes and makes it to his corner to tag in Dolph Ziggler!
• Ziggler and Cesaro double team Daniel Bryan stomping away on him...
• Kane charges across the rings to come to his partner’s aid!
• The Big Red Machine throws Dolph Ziggler into the ringpost and clotheslines himself and Antonio Cesaro to the outside of the ring
• The two big men continue to brawl at ringside...
• Daniel Bryan uses the ropes to start climbing back to his feet
• While the referee is distracted by the brawl outside, Big E Langston hits Daniel Bryan with the MITB briefcase!
• Ziggler gets to his feet and delivers a Zig Zag to the Tag Team Champion!]
• The show off makes the cover...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
• Winners via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro!
• Aftermath: Dolph, Big E and Anotnio Cesaro celebrate in the ring, while Kane pulls his partner to safety.

Coming up Next: Kofi Kingston has to beat a mystery opponent chosen for him by Wade Barrett, if he wants to get a title shot this Friaday Night on Smackdown!

In the Ring: Kofi Kingston

Kofi: Come on wade don’t waste my time. Bring out whoever it is you want me to face.

**I’ve had enough**

The Intercontinental Champion makes his way out onto the stage...

Barrett: Kofi this is your last chance to give up. You don’t need to face this man. You can just give up and not get hurt. You can go and chase after another man’s title. You can just walk away now.

Kofi: No way man. I don’t care who it is you picked. I’m ready to face him.

Barrett: Suit yourself. Prepare to meet the man who 2will destroy you here tonight. Maybe even beat you so badly, you don’t make it to the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Who is he? Well his name... is Tensai!

Tensai’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring to face Kofi Kingston

Match 2: Kofi Kingston vs Tensai w/ Wade Barret
• Kofi tries to use his pace for the advantage early on...
• But a crossbody attempt from the former IC champion is caught by Tensai, and Kingston is powerslammed into the mat!
• Tensai uses his strength to dominate Kingston, much to the glee of Wade Barrett at ringside...
• Tensai hits Kingston with a succession of elbow drops, and follow up with a cover...
• But the Dreadlocked Dynamo kicks out at two.
• Tensai sets the Jamaican up for a powerbomb, but Kingston turns it into a surprise jacknife cover!
• 1...
• 2...
• Tensai barely kicks out!
• However Kofi has the upper hand, and does not relent, heading to the top rope and delivering a missile dropkick!
• Kingston them hits Tensai with a Boom Drop and makes the cover
• However, Tensai kicks out and Kofi once again is forced to settle with two
• Tensai counters Kofi’s next move and sends him into the turnbuckle...
• Tensai charges in for a clothesline, but Kofi ducks out of the way
• As Tensai turns around, he is mead by Trouble in Paradise from the Dreadlocked Dynamo!
• Kofi makes the cover...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
• Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston
• Aftermath: Wade Barrett charges the ring immediately, and clotheslines Kofi, laying him out...
• Barrett then turns his attentions to Tensai who he assaults furiously, for failing him
• Barret sends Tensai shoulder first into the ringpost, and then follows up with a Bullhammer!
• The Intercontinental Champion then picks up the big man and delivers Wasteland!
• But just as Barrett turns around, he is met by a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston!
• Kofi Kingston goes to ringside and grabs a mic, then stands over Wade Barrett.
• Kofi: This Friday, you and me, we’re gonna put an end to this. Because I’ve spoken to Booker T. And out match this Friday... is a LADDER MATCH!
• Kofi celebrates with his fans as we go to commercial...

Match 3: Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes vs Zack Ryder
• Sandow dominates most of the match
• Ryder fights back somewhat with a Broski Boot...
• Sandow hits Terminus for the victory.
• Winner Via Pinfall: Damien Sandow
• Aftermath: Rhodes and Sandow continue to attack Ryder after the match...
• Before they can do much damage, The Uso’s charge down the ramp to break up the attack
• The two teams who will clash at the royal Rumble brawl for a minute in the ring, before Team Rhodes Scholars retreats into the crowd.

Interview: Josh Mathews with CM Punk
• Mathews asks CM Punk about his face off with The Rock tonight.
• Punk just chuckles, shakes his head and walks off

Coming up next: Ryback takes on all three members of 3MB in a gauntlet match!

Match 4: Gauntlet Match: Ryback vs Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater
• Ryback faces Jinder Mahal first
• Mahal is easily dominated by Ryback and doesn’t last long...
• After just over a minute, Ryback sets up and hits Shellshocked
• Big hungry covers and wins the first part of this gauntlet match
• Eliminated: Jinder Mahal
• Drew McIntyre is the next man for Ryback to face
• The Scotsman jumps Big Hungry from behind, not letting him get any momentum...
• McIntyre sends Ryback into the ring post
• Ryback’s arm is obviously hurting from the collision with the ringpost, and McIntyre capitalises.
• The Scotsman proceeds to work over Big Hungry’s arm for the next few minutes...
• Ryback is finally able to make a comeback, hitting McIntyre with a powerful clothesline, from his uninjured arm
• Ryback unleashes on McIntyre, hitting him repeatedly with stomps, before hitting him with three powerslams in a row
• Ryback finally picks the Scotsman up and delivers Shellshocked for the victory in the second fall
• Eliminated: Drew McIntyre
• Heath Slater is the third and final man to face Ryback...
• The leader of 3MB runs in and immediately DDT’s Ryback
• Slater covers but can only get a two count.
• Slater stomps away on the fallen Ryback, not allowing Big Hungry any momentum...
• Slater tosses Ryback to the outside, and distracts the referee for Mahal McIbtyre to beat on him
• Ryback counter however, sending McIntyre crashing into the steel steps, and Mahal head first into the ringpost!
• Ryback slides into the ring and corners Slater...
• Big Hungry clotherslines the 3MB leader into the turnbuckle then stomps away at the slumped One Man Rock Band
• Ryback collects Slater out of the corner and hits him with Shellshocked!
• Ryback covers...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
• Eliminated: Heath Slater!
• Winner: Ryback!

• Ryback celebrates in the ring over the fallen 3MB!

Match 5: Primo & Epico vs The Usos
• The Uso control the majority of the match, not allowing Primo & Epico the upper hand
• Towards the end of the match, Primo and Epico attempt to double team Jimmy
• Jey runs into the ring to help his partner...
• Jey Uso clotheslines Epico out of the ring
• Jimmy hits Primo with a samoan drop in the ring for the victory!
• Winners via Pinfall: The Usos!
• Aftermath: Before The Usos have a chance to celebrate, Team Rhodes Scholars hits the ring and attacks their opponents for The Royal Rumble!
• Rhodes and Sandow hit their finishers on their Rumble opponents leave the ring
• Shots of the incapacitated Jimmy and Jey Uso are shown as we go to commercial

Smackdown Rebound: The Shield Attack Sheamus and Randy Orton

Match 6: Anything goes tornado Match: John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus vs The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns)
• Cena, Orton and Sheamus meet on the ramp for their entrance then charge the ring and brawl with The Shield to start the match
• Seth Rollins and Randy Orton brawl to outside the ring, while the other four continue their brawl on the inside...
• Roman Reigns sends John Cena into the ringpost, and The Cenation Leader rolls to the outside
• Reigns and Ambrose then turn their attention to Sheamus, double teaming him...
• On the outside of the ring, Orton bangs Rollins’ head on the announce table
• Rollins counter however, and sends Orton head first into the ringpost!
• Rollins then grabs the ringbell and assaults Orton with it, drawing blood
• Rollins slides back into the ring, making it 3 on 1 against Sheamus
• Dean Ambrose holds the fighting Irishman’s hands behind his back, while the other two pound away on him
• The trio then takes turns hitting Sheamus with various moves
• Dean Ambrose hits him with a running Powerslam
• Reigns connects with a clothesline, which Sheamus had been Irish whipped into
• Seth Rollins finishes the sequence with a DDT
• The Shield then pick up their opponent and deliver their trademarked triple Powerbomb
• Rollins cover The Great White, but Cena charges into the ring, double clotheslines Reigns and Ambrose, and breaks up the pin!
• Cena sends Roman Reigns shoulder first into the ringpost, and then hits Ambrose with an attitude adjustment!
• The ring is cleared except for John Cena and Seth Rollins
• Cena and Rollins brawl for a while, before Cena hits Rollins with a fisherman’s suplex...
• Cena then sets up and hits his trademarked five knuckle shuffle!
• Cena prepares to hit an Attitude Adjustment, but is jumped from behind by Roman Reigns
• Rollins joins in and the two stomp away on The Cenation Leader
• However, Randy Orton has managed to recover at ringside, and rushes into the ring to save Cena
• Orton hits Reigns with a vicious RKO!
• Rollins immediately attacks Orton, hitting him with a Skywalker!
• Before he can capitalise, Sheamus slides into the ring and hits Rollins with a Brogue Kick!
• Ambrose charges into the ring to join the fray, and hits sheamus with a steel chair he had found under the ring!
• John Cena gets up and finishes of the succession of finishers by picking up Dean ambrose and delivering an impactful Attitude Adjustment!
• Cena covers Ambrose...

• 1...

• 2...

• The pin is broken up by a figure who has rushed out of the audience!
• The figure is revealed to be Brad Maddox!
• Maddox grabs the steel chair in the ring and hits Cena with it!
• Maddox continues to hit away on Cena, while he lies on the mat!
• Suddenly, Ryback’s music hits and Big Hungry comes rushing down to the ring!
• Maddox turns to face Ryback, holding the steel chair...
• But is speared violently before he has a chance to use it!
• Ryback then picks up Dean Ambrose and marches him around the ring before delivering Shellshocked!
• Ryback then drags a barely conscious John Cena ontop of Ambrose and tell the referee to count!

• 1...

• 2...

• 3!!!
Winners via Pinfall: John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus!
• Aftermath: Cena, Orton, Sheamus and ryback celebrate in the ring, while Maddox and the Shield retreat up the stage
• Suddenly, the four turn on each other!
• Orton turns to Sheamus and hits him with an RKO!
• Only for Cena to pick him up and deliver an Attitude Adjustment to the Viper!
• The Ryback finishes it off by picking Cena up and delivering Shellshocked to John Cena!
• Ryback is left to celebrate in the ring, and the commentators ask if this will be the same sight we see this Sunday...

**Look in my eyes... what do you see?**

CM Punk’s music hits, and the WWE Champion makes his way out to the ring with Paul Heyman...

In the ring: CM Punk and Paul Heyman

Punk: So here we are... six nights away from perhaps the biggest match of this century. CM Punk vs The Rock for the WWE Title. A match that will surely go down throughout the history of professional wrestling. But before then, I have something I want to say to you Dwayne. I know you’re in the back there, so come on out. Meet me in this ring. Right now.

**If ya smell!**
The Rock’s music blares over the speakers, and The People’s Champion joins CM Punk in the ring.

CM Punk opens his mouth to say something...

Rock: Uh-uh-uh. You don’t talk yet. The Rock has something he wants to do.... FINALLY The Rock has come back to San Jose, California. Now, The rock has to turn his attention to this Sunday, where The Rock will go one on one with The man standing across from him in this ring right now. Now I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t sound like much of a fight. There’s no way the Oompa Loompa Paul Heyman could possibly last ten seconds against The Rock. Well The Rock says that it’s the other one standing across the ring from The Rock, CM Punk, who is gonna get an ass whooping this Sunday. So Punk, how do you feel about that?

Punk: Well I-


Punk smiles and gives Rock a few sarcastic claps.

Rock: This Sunday Punk you’re gonna get a beating of a lifetime. And if your little oompa loompa fried tries to get involved, or if any of your little Shield friends try to get involved, then I’m gonna grab that nice WWE Championship belt of your. I’m gonna shine it up reeeaaalll nice. And then, I’m gonna stick it straight up their candy ass! Cause you see Punk, at The Rumble, this reign of terror of yours, it’s coming to an end. You’ve done well enough to hold the title this long, and I respect that, but you’ve held on to that title for far too long. And this Sunday The rock will give his millions-


Rock: -of Rock’s fans something to finally cheer about. When The Rock takes that title from you. Why? Because The Rock is sick and The Rock is tired of the way you disrespect this company, and the way you disrespect these people, The Rock’s people. So this Sunday, The Rock is finally gonna show you why, in this company, in this business, you need to respect the people who pay to see you!

After a long pause, Punk finally speaks...

Punk: Dwayne, let me ask you something? How did you get this match, with me at The Royal Rumble? I didn’t see you win any no1 contenders match, in fact you’ve only won two matches in the past ten years. No you got this match my going to Vince McMahon, and asking for a title match. And of course. Vince McMahon was all too happy to oblige. Because Vince McMahon loves his money making pet Rocky, almost as much as he loves his other money making pet, John Cena. But you know what... Tyson Kidd has won more matches in the past month than you have in nine years, but you know what would happen if Tyson Kidd went up to your friend Vinnie Mac to ask for a title match? Vince would laugh in his face!

Punk: You see Rock, my biggest problem isn’t with you, it isn’t with the fans, it isn’t even with John Cena. My biggest problem is with Vince McMahon and the way he runs this company. With Vince it has nothing to do with how good a wrestler really is, how hard they work, how much they deserve to be at the top. With Vince, it’s all about how much money they’ll make him. And that’s what happened with you Rock. You were a good wrestler Dwayne, but not the best at the time. But you rode your charisma and your marketability all the way to the top of the company. And that’s the same reason why last year, even though I held this WWE championship, month after month after month, even though I constantly gave you match of the year candidates, week in week out, whomever I was facing, John Cena would still main event Pay per View after Pay per View. Cena had arguably the worst year of his career last year, yet is still considered by Vince McMahon to be better than me. And yes Rock, it’s the same reason, that last Wrestlemania, it was you and Cena who ended the show. Not me and Chris Jericho, even though Chris is twice the wrestler either of you will ever be.

Punk: In this company, no matter how hard you work, if Vince doesn’t like you, you will never get to the top. Just ask Vince’s son in law, Triple H, who got on Vince’s wrong side for years, and was forced to wrestle hog pen matches with Henry Godwin. Just ask all the staff and wrestlers Vince McMahon has fired over the years without any good reason.

Punk: And that, Dwayne, is why when you say you are fighting for the people, you are spitting in the face of this business and you are spitting in the face of the likes of Tyson Kidd, who work their ass off but never get anywhere because of Vince McMahon.

Punk drops the Microphone, leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, Paul Heyman following him. Rock watches him leave as we fade to black...

Quick Results:
Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro def Team Hell No!
Kofi Kingston def Tensai
Damien Sandow def Zack Ryder
Ryback def Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater in a gauntlet match
The Usos def Primo & Epico
John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus def The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns) in an anything goes tornado tag match.

The Royal Rumble Card:

The 2013 Royal Rumble match
CM Punk vs The Rock, for the WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show, for the World Heavyweight Championship in a knockout match
Eve vs Kaitlyn, for the Divas title
The Usos vs Team Rhodes Scholars, to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles

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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Main Event- 23 January 2013

Intro: We are just four days away from the Royal Rumble and two dark horses in the Royal Rumble match face off tonight, as Cody Rhodes takes on R-Truth! Plus, the pair who will battle it out for the Divas title this Sunday meet in the ring as well, when Eve and Rosa Mendes face Natalya and Kaitlyn!

Match 1: Eve and Rosa Mendes vs Natalya and Kaitlyn
• Late in the match, Kaitlyn hits Eve with an Atomic Wedgie Bomb
• Kaitlyn covers the Divas Champion for the victory!
• Winners: Kaitlyn and Natalya!
• Kaitlyn pins Eve for the second time in two week leading up to their match at The Royal Rumble!

Match 2: Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow vs R-Truth
• Truth starts that match out with superb energy, and Rhodes looks desperately for a counter.
• R-Truth hits a truth or Consequences on Rhodes, but only gets two...
• After taking something of a beating, Cody finally counters Truth’s momentum with a DDT!
• Rhodes takes the pace of the match down significantly
• Rhodes methodically works over R-Truth, using stomps regularly...
• Rhodes hits Truth with a vertical suplex for a two count...
• Truth periodically fights back with a few kicks and punches...
• But Rhodes hits a disaster kicks to end the comeback
• Cody covers Truth...
• 1...
• 2...
• But Truth kicks out!
• Cody Rhodes goes to the top rope this time, and connects with a moonsault!
• The second generation star covers R-Truth...
• 1...
• 2...
• But The Truth kicks out once again!
• Cody picks up R-Truth and prepares to deliver a Cross Thodes...
• But Truth counters and sends Rhodes into the ringpost!
• R-Truth immediately rolls up Cody!
• 1...
• 2...
• Rhodes manages to dig deep and kick out!
• R-Truth has the control now as he downs Cody with a clothesline
• As Cody Staggers to his feet, he is met with a scissor kick from Truth!
• R-Truth covers his opponent...
• 1...
• 2...
• But Cody kicks out again!
• R-Truth sets up for the corkscrew elbow...
• But Cody dodges it, and counters into a Cross-Rhodes!
• Rhodes pins R-Truth...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
Winner via Pinfall: Cody Rhodes!
• Rhodes celebrates some crucial momentum going into the Royal Rumble!

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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Superstars- 24 January 2013

Intro: We are just three days away from the Royal Rumble, and tonight 15 men will face each other in a battle royale, with the winner earning a place in the 2013 Royale rumble match!

In the ring: Curt Hawkins

Hawkins: Once again, standing before you is your hero, your idol, Curt Hawkins. And once again tonight, Vince McMahon has entrusted in me, the fate of the next possible WWE superstar. But, tonight, will be a night all of you will tell your children and your children’s children of. Because tonight, I will be in two matches. Not only will I, your hero defeat my latest local opponent, but I shall also win the battle royal tonight, and enter the Royal Rumble match this Sunday! And once I win that, your hero shall go to Wrestlemania and stand before you as world champion. And that all starts tonight my friends. Tonight, we make history!

Match 1: Curt Hawkins vs Thomas Kaye
• Hawkins dominates Kaye easily
• Within a few minutes, our idol finishes the jobber off with a heat seeking elbow for the win
• Winner: Curt Hawkins

Match 2: Battle Royale for Royal Rumble place: Alex Riley vs Curt Hawkins vs Darren Young vs David Otunga vs El Local vs Epico vs JTG vs Justin Gabriel vs Primo vs Santino Marrella vs Titus O’Neil, Trent Barreta vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder
• The Superstars begin the match by Brawling with each other in the ring...
• Titus O’Neil starts off strong, eliminating Trent Barreta...
• Santino Marrella and Yoshi Tatsu team up and eliminate Primo & Epico
• Zack Ryder throws out David Otunga
• William Regal almost throws out JTG but the gangster stays in
• Titus O’Neil sends out Yoshi Tatsu, and then sets his sights on Santino Marrella...
• Curt Hawkins eliminates Alex riley
• El Local sends Darren Young out
• Titus O’Neil eliminates Santino Marrella, then turns to El Local to avenge his tag team partner
• William Regal eliminates Justin Gabriel...
• Titus O’Neil is on the verge of eliminating el Local, but the masked Mexican turns it around and eliminates the Primetime Player
• JTG clotheslines William Regal out of the ring
• Final four are JTG, El Local, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder...
• Ryder brawls with JTG, while Hawkins and El Local battle each other...
• Hawkins eliminates The Masked Mexican at the same times as Zack Ryder throws JTG over the top Rope!
• It comes down to the final two, former tag team champions Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder...
• The pair charge at each other, and connect with double clotheslines...
• After they both get up, Hawkins is the first to capitalise, hitting a fisherman’s suplex
• Hawkins then connects with a series of stomps and elbow drops...
• When he finally picks Ryder up, The Long Island Iced Z, counters, sending Hawkins into the turnbuckle
• Ryder then connects with a powerful Broski Boot!
• Ryder picks up Hawkins and sets up a Zack attack...
• Hawkins counters and hits a DDT!
• Hawkins picks up Ryder and takes him to the ropes
• Hawkins prepares to send Ryder over the ropes, but Ryder hangs on
• At the last second Zack grabs Curt and sends him tumbling over the top rope!
• Winner: Zack Ryder!
• Zack celebrates in the ring, while Hawkins looks shocked on the outside.
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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Smackdown- 25 January 2013

***Opening Pyro***

Intro: We are just two nights away from a massive WWE Royal Rumble, and tonight, both the men who will be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble, will be in action here tonight! And, as if that weren’t enough, the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line, when Kofi Kingston has one last chance to win it back from Wade Barrett... in a ladder match!

**Weeeeeeellllllllll It’s a Big Show**

The world’s largest athlete and number one contender for the World Heavyweight title makes his way out to the ring...

Big Show: Two weeks ago, on this very show, Alberto Del Rio took something very important to me. The world Heavyweight Championship. And this Sunday... I’ll take it back. You see Alberto, any other match you might have stood a chance against me. But not this one. Because, Alberto this Sunday you’re gonna have to find some way to knock me out. And what you’ll find out is that there’s a reason I have never lost a knockout match before. And that’s because it’s pretty hard to knock the largest athlete in the world out, especially when he can send a 16 inch fist crashing into your skull at any moment. And just to prove to you just how powerful I can be, tonight I will be in a knockout match. And it will be against the most powerful man I can find in the WWE. The Great Khali! And I promise all of you, they better find a very large stretcher back there, because once I’m done with Khali tonight, he won’t be walking out of here.

Match 1: Knockout Match: The Big Show vs The Great Khali
• The two giants start off the match by trading blows with theirs enormous fists...
• The match moves slowly as neither competitor is known for his speed
• Big Show gradually backs Khali into a corner, and proceeds to pound on him
• Khali fights back, hitting Show with a Khali chop!
• The Punjabi Nightmare uses his weight to step on the World’s Largest Athlete...
• Khali steps over the top rope, and leaves the ring, then heads to ringside to grab a steel chair...
• Khali brings the chair into the ring, but has it punched out of his hand by Big Show
• Big Show then uses all of his strength to pick up Khali and deliver a resounding chokeslam!
• Show then collects the steel chair, and stands over Khali, who has rolled onto his stomach
• Show beats away on The Punjabi nightmare, repeatedly striking him in the back with the chair
• The world’s Largest Athlete then rolls Khali onto his back
• Show pulls Khali’s head up... only to deliver a vicious knockout punch!
• Before the referee has a chance to check if Khali is out, Big Show stops him...
• Show places the steel chair which he used to beat Khali with, on the Punjabi’s face...
• Show the hits a savage Knockout Punch into the chair and into Khali’s face!
• Big Show finally lets the Referee check the damage...
• The ref declares Khali unconscious and therefore, Big show the winner
• Winner via Knockout: The Big Show!
• Aftermath: Show is not done with Khali yet
• The Giant puts the steel chair around Khali’s leg, and then climbs up to the top rope!
• Big Show jumps from the top rope, his feet crashing into the chair around Khali’s leg!
• But Show is still not done!
• Once against The No1 contender for the world title puts the chair around Khali’s leg
• And once again he jumps from the top rope to crash into the chair!
• Big Show picks up the chair which has been bent completely out of shape
• The World’s largest athlete beats away on Khali’s leg with the broken chair!
• After at least a dozen shots, show finally drops it and leaves the ring
• Paramedics tend to the injured Khali, eventually taking him out on a stretcher... just as Big Show had promised would happen.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler w/ Big E Langston and AJ vs Justin Gabriel
• The match starts out as a fast paced affair, with neither wrestler able to get the upper hand
• Ziggler gains control with a fisherman’s suplex...
• After hitting the South African with several stomps and elbow drops, Ziggler turns to the sleeperhold to wear his opponent down
• Gabriel struggles in the sleeperhold and comes close to passing out...
• However, the south African Sensation digs deep and forces his way to the ropes
• Ziggler is forced to break the hold on a weakened Gabriel...
• Ziggler moves in to attack Gabriel further, but is met by a spinning heel kick!
• Gabriel capitalizes by running up the turnbuckle and delivering a crossbody moonsault!
• The South African covers MR MITB...
• 1...
• 2...
• But Ziggler kicks out
• Gabriel looks to follow up with a springboard crossbody, but Ziggler dodges
• Ziggler takes advantage immediately with a belly to belly suplex
• Dolph covers Justin but only gets two...
• Dolph picks up The South African, but Gabriel fights back with several punches...
• Ziggler immediately silences the comeback with a DDT
• Ziggler covers Gabriel...
• 1...
• 2...
• The South African kicks out
• Ziggler sets Gabriel up for the Zig-Zag, but The south African counters quickly
• Gabriel knocks Ziggler into the turnbuckle, and hits an enzeguri, laying out MR MITB
• The South African Sensation heads to the top rope for a 450 splash...
• But Ziggler moves at the last second, and Gabriel crashes into the mat!
• The Showoff capitalizes immediately and hits Gabriel with a Zig-Zag!
• Dolph makes the cover...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
• Winner via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Raw Recap: CM Punk’s face off with The Rock

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio vs Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes
• Del Rio shows no signs of fear from what he saw Thr Big Show do earlier tonight’
• The World Champion starts off with a vicious clothesline to Sandow...
• Del Rio stomps away on The Lord of Literature
• The Mexican connects with a German suplex, but only gets a two count
• Del Rio continues to work over Sandow, hitting him with a back suplex
• The Mexican Irish whips Sandow into the corner, and goes for a step up enzeguri
• Sandow counters with a big boot which floors Del Rio
• Sandow takes control of the match and proceeds to hit a series of knee and elbow drops on The Champ
• The Duke of Decency picks up The Mexican Aristocrat and delivers a vertical suplex
• Sandow covers but only gets two...
• Sandow picks Del Rio up and hits a Russian legsweep
• But once again Del Rio kicks out at two...
• Sandow has had enough and sets the champion up for Terminus...
• Del Rio counts and hits a DDT!
• The World Champion throws his opponent into the turnbuckle...
• And hits a step-up enzeguri!
• Del Rio covers Sandow...
• 1...
• 2...
• 3!!!
• Winner via Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio
• Aftermath: The Mexican has very little time to celebrate, because Big Show’s music hits immediately afterwards...
• The No1 contender makes his way out and walks down the ramp...
• However, just as the Giant is about to enter the ring, Del Rio springs into action!
• The Champion hits Show with a step up Enzeguri on the ring apron, which sends Big Sow flying to the concrete floor below!
• Ricardo Rodriguez passes Del Rio a mic...
• The Champion tell Big Show that he isn’t afraid of him, and that he’s proven he can hold his own against him this Sunday!
• We go to commercial with Del Rio celebrating in the ring and Big Show barely conscious on the floor below

Match 4: Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro
• These two powerful men lock up in a battle of strength to start the match...
• They exchange powerful blows before Ryback brings down Cesaro with a clothesline
• Big hungry picks up his opponent and delivers a powerslam...
• Cesaro fights back into the match however, delivering a belly to belly suplex
• Cesaro connects with the Very European uppercut for a two count...
• The US Champion picks up Ryback to deliver more punishment, but Big hungry counters
• Ryback sends Cesaro into the turnbuckle and shoulder charges him
• Cesaro pushes him away, and the pair hit each other with a double clothesline!
• Ryback is the first to capitalize, hitting Ceasro with a clothesline that sends both himself and the US champ out of the ring
• The duo continue to brawl at ringside, taking turns to bang each other’s heads off the announce table and steel steps...
• Ryback hits Cesaro with a powerful spear which sends them both into the barricade!
• The referee’s count reaches ten and the match is ruled a draw
• Winner: Draw via Double countout

Main Event: Ladder Match for Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston
• If Kofi Kingston loses this, he will be unable to challenge for the title as long as Wade Barret is champion...
• Wade Barrett opens the match with a big boot to the Jamaican
• The champion sits on the challenger’s torso and pounds away on him
• Barret then picks up Kofi and delivers a vertical suplex
• The Englishman slides out of the ring and picks up one of the ladders
• Barret slides it into the ring...
• ...Only to have it kicked into his face by a sliding Kofi Kingston!
• Kingston then springboard from the top rope, hitting Barrett with a crossbody on the outside
• Kofi is the first to his feet, and The Jamaican slides the ladder back into the ring...
• Kingston enters the ring himself, and sets up the ladder
• Kofi begins to climb, but Barrett gets to his feet outside the ring, and rushes in
• Barret knocks the ladder over, sending Kingston into the ropes
• Barret picks up the Jamaican, and delivers the Winds of Change to his opponent
• The Englishman sets up the ladder in the centre of the ring, and begins to climb
• Barret nears the top, before Kofi Gets to his feet and sprint up the ladder to join him
• The two exchange blows atop the ladder, battling over the belt...
• Barret bangs Kofi’s head off the ladder, and sets him up for a superplex...
• Kingston desperately hits at Barrett, and manages to escape the superplex
• Kofi continues to pound away on Barrett, and eventually goes for a move of his own...
• Kingston sets Barrett up for the S.O.S.
• Barrett hits at Kofi, trying to escape...
• But to no avail, Kingston delivers the S.O.S. from atop the ladder, sending both men crashing into the mat!
• Both competitors spend over a minute on the mat before they recover...
• Kingston is first up, and summons all his strength to deliver a Boom Drop to Barret!
• Kingston makes his way to the ladder, and begins to climb...
• Kingston almost reaches the top by the times Barrett gets up
• Barret goes after Kofi
• The Champion picks his challenger up off the ladder and delivers a powerbomb
• Instead of climbing the ladder, Barrett chooses to pick it up instead
• Barret hits the challenger with the ladder several times!
• Barret then places it between the turnbuckles...
• The Englishman places his opponent under the ladder and slingshots him into it!
• Barret picks the ladder back up, and sets it up in the centre of the ring
• Before he starts to climb he notices Kofi still moving, and hits him with Wasteland!
• Barrett, climb the ladder slowly, hurting from his injuries
• Barrett makes it to the top of the ladder and begins to undo the belt...
• Kofi Kingston finally stirs, and sees how close Barret is to victory
• Kingston springboard off the top rope, and land on the ladder, adjacent to Barrett!
• Kofi punches away at Barrett, not allowing him to take the title
• Barret strikes Kofi with a powerful backhand, and sets him up for the superplex once again!
• This time Barrett connects with the superplex, and both superstars go crashing into the mat!
• Barret finally manages to get to his feet and staggers towards the ladder
• Kofi also staggers to his feet and moves towards Barret
• Barret turns to face Kofi...
• And gets me with Trouble in Paridise!!
• It takes Kofi several seconds to get up, but he finally does
• The challenger slowly makes his away to the top of the ladder...
• Kingston reaches the belt and begins to undo it...
• Suddenly, The Shield come racing out of the crowd and into the ring!
• The trio knock the ladder over, sending Kingston crashing into the mat
• The Shield start stomping and kicking away at the challenger for the Intercontinental title...
• However, before The Shield can do further damage, Ryback, Sheamus and randy Orton charge out to the ring!
• A brawl ensues between the Shield, and Orton, Ryback and Sheamus!
• Wade Barret staggers to his feet
• Ryback, Orton and Sheamus chase off The Shield
• Before Orton leaves the ring, angry Barrett attacks him!
• Orton responds by unleashing on Barret, hitting an RKO!
• Orton throws Barret to the outside of the ring and continue the beating
• Randy pulls the equipment of the announce table, and drags Barrett on top of it...
• Orton pulls Barret up to a standing position... then delivers an RKO through the announce table!
• With Barrett completely laid out at ringside, Kofi Kingston uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet
• Kingston begins to climb the ladder...
• Kofi is hurting from the brutal match, so his climbing is very slow...
• But step by step, Kofi gets closer to the title
• Wade Barrett begins to stir at ringside...
• Kofi reaches the top of the ladder and begins undoing the title...
• Barret pulls himself up on the barricade...
• But it’s too late!
• Kofi removes the title and wins the match!
• Winner: Kofi Kingston!
• Kofi Kingston celebrates winning his fifth IC title atop the ladder!
• Barrett looks distraught at ringside, as we fade to black.

Quick Results:

Big Show def The Great Khali in a knockout match
Dolph Ziggler def Justin Gabriel
Alberto Del Rio def Damien Sandow
Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro ended in a double countout
Kofi Kingston def Wade Barret in a ladder match to win the IC Title

The Final Royal Rumble Card:

The 2013 Royal Rumble match
CM Punk vs The Rock, for the WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show, for the World Heavyweight Championship in a knockout match
Eve vs Kaitlyn, for the Divas title
The Usos vs Team Rhodes Scholars, to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles

Royal Rumble Predictions Anyone?

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Re: WWE 2013

As for Royal Rumble, in terms of predictions, my pick to win the Rumble is my man Randy Orton, but if Orton doesn't win, I can see Orton turning heel during the Royal Rumble Match because I can see Sheamus eliminating Orton only for Orton to snap and come back into the ring RKOing superstars left and right and then attacking Sheamus by kicking him right below the belt low-blowing Sheamus and then clotheslining him over the top rope eliminating him and then Orton attacks him on the outside laying Sheamus out with a punt kick right to the skull taking him out putting him on the shelf for a while

But my secondary pick to win the Royal Rumble, is Ryback, FEED ME MORE!!!!!!! But as for who I think will be in the Royal Rumble match the longest, I say it will be Antonio Cesaro and for the shortest amount of time I will say Brad Maddox

As for surprise entrants in your Rumble, I hope we see faces like Mark Henry, Christian, Jack Swagger to set up him vs Cesaro at some point, but if not then real surprises like New Age Outlaws, or X-Pac or even Kevin Nash or The Undertaker even
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Re: WWE 2013

Lets start out with Smackdown. You captured the character of Big Show to me. Especially since the storyline is happening in real life, it isn't much of a stretch. The Knockout match made Khali come out realistic and the match outline isn't neccesarily bad. It gets the key points, but reading the Royal Rumble like this would seem tedious. It's your call. Nonetheless, Big Show, came out dominant in this match, pre-match, during the match and post-match.

You cut to another match? I don't know. A great match in terms of talent, two talent-filled wrestlers so you can't go wrong if you write this decent which you did better than.

To me, seeing how Del Rio and Big Show are having a rivalry, the match in my eyes would be seen longer but its only my opinion, plus its with Sandow and he is a legitimate wrestler. It didn't really set the mood for anything, it'd be better for a divas bout as it doesn't take much time to tell a story with a women's encounter in WWE.

That Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro match was actually pretty good. Nothing really to say as you are using the television characters.

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett was obviously match of the night. The SOS and superplex off the ladder set the mood for this high-impact match. To be honest, this show was great. The only criticism I have is the ordering of the matches but me and my details....

Good Smackdown, setting up the Rumble nice and slowly, will be reading. 89 B+

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________
The 2013 Royal Rumble match, Ryback
CM Punk vs The Rock, for the WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show, for the World Heavyweight Championship in a knockout match
Eve vs Kaitlyn, for the Divas title
The Usos vs Team Rhodes Scholars, to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles

Royal Rumble Predictions Anyone? Mark Henry, Christian, Jim Duggan

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Thanks to this post, I laughed my ass off twice in this thread. Thanks for that.
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Re: WWE 2013

@ Dustinhart, thanks for the review.

I definitely won't be using the same writing style for The Royal Rumble. I'm actually quite enjoying writing out full matches so it's quite likely we'll see them more n the future, after The Royal Rumble.
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Re: WWE 2013

I personally cannot wait until your Royal Rumble pay per view, that's for sure because I have my picks for the Royal Rumble which are Randy Orton or Ryback to come out with the win but as for the title matches themselves, for the WWE Championship Punk will somehow retain the WWE Championship beating Rock all be it under controversial circumstances and why I say that? Because I think The Shield will somehow get involved but if they don't, then I say Brock Lesnar will make a shocking return at the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble costing The Rock the WWE Championship with CM Punk walking out still the WWE Champion and his lengthy title reign still in tact

But as for the World Heavyweight Championship, Alberto Del Rio defending against Big Show, I see Del Rio retaining by making Big Show pass out knocking him out somehow

As for who will be #1 Contender's for the WWE Tag Team Championship, either Usos or Rhodes Scholars, I have The Usos finally getting their shot at the titles in a face vs face tag team bout

For the WWE Divas Championship, I see Kaitlyn winning the big one finally beating Eve for the title and becoming champion like how she is right now in real life with Eve quitting WWE
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