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Sykova Presents: TNA Revolution


Spoiler for ROSTER:

AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Daniels
Doug Williams
Eric Young
Garrett Bischoff
James Storm
Jeff Hardy *Injured*
Jesse Sorensen
Joey Ryan
Kenny King
Kid Kash
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Wes Brisco
Zema Ion

World Champion: Austin Aries
Number 1 Contender: N/A

X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam
Number 1 Contender: N/A

Television Champion: Samoa Joe
Number 1 Contender: N/A

Tag Team Champions: Chavo and Hernandez
Number 1 Contenders: N/A

Bound for Glory 2012 - Results

The show opened with exciting pyro and a rundown of the card. After that, the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame, Sting, made an appearance and thanked the fans. Towards the end of his speech, Bully Ray came out to pump up the "home team", so to say, for their match against the invaders known as Aces and Eights. He assured Sting that he had his back and there was no way in hell that A&E were getting full entry to TNA.

Cut to Samoa Joe preparing for his match tonight against Magnus, his former partner. Magnus entered the shot and Joe stood up, the two had an intense stare down for a good minute. It ended with Magnus looking at Joe's Television Championship and then back at Joe. He then left the room, leaving Joe with an arrogant smirk.

Match 1 - Rob Van Dam v. Zema Ion - X Division Title
- RVD put up a great showing and proved to everyone that he is right at home in the X Divison. Zema didn't go down easy, however, keeping Rob on his toes. The two went back and forth putting together some amazing moments. Zema almost had the win when he shoved RVD off the top turnbuckle, making his face collide with the guard rail. Zema hit the moonsault off the same turnbuckle. He took his time taking off one of the turnbuckle pads, only for the ref to put it back on. While the ref had his back to the action, a returning Jesse Sorrensen slid into the ring and hit a devistating closeline on Zema. As he left the ring the ref turned around, and RVD climbed onto the apronto regain his composure. He saw that Zema was down and looked around at the crowd. After calling for the 5 Star Frog Splash he hits it for the 3 count.

James Storm made his way to the ring to cut a promo. The crowd, to everyones surprise, had mixed reactions to the wrestler. He wanted to let everyone know that he has had one hell of a time in TNA wrestling in front of the greatest fans in the world. No matter what happens tonight, Storm said, he will be back afterwards to deliver even more ass kickings. What is going on between him and Roode ends tonight, and it ends the right way. With Storm standing over the fallen Roode with his hand held high in the sky.

Match 2 - Samoa Joe v. Magnus - TV Title
- This was set to be another classic match between the two former partners. Joe used up most of his energy at the start, never letting Magnus get an advantage. It was a beat down from the relentless champion, but Magnus began to get shots in as Joe slowed down. Samoa Joe got rocked by a few closelines but was able to duck a right and lock in the rear naked choke from out of no where. Magnus was able to roll to the ropes for the break. Joe kept the offense, but couldn't keep it going as Magnus ducked and enziguri and took control. He laid in hard offensive moves until Doug Williams was seen on the stage watching the match. This led to Magnus being distracted and Joe regaining his composure and locking in the submission again. They were in the middle of the ring, with no where for Magnus to go. He tapped to the lock and Joe retained the Television Championship.

After the match, a masked man entered the ring and grabbed the title. Before anyone can get a hold of him he escaped quickly out of the ring and through the crowd. A furious Samoa Joe chased after him as the screen cut to video packages for the rest of the matches.

Match 3 - Joey Ryan v. Al Snow - Contract on the line
- The return of Al Snow, one night only. It was a short match with Snow pumping up the crowd and getting them into it. He kept the advantage most of the match with Ryan getting in a few rights and a could moves. The end came when Snow went for Head. He was destroyed by a returning Matt Morgan, who hit the Carbon Footprint. After sliding him back into the ring, Joey Ryan pinned him for the win.

Christy Hemme caught up with Joe backstage to ask him what happened earlier as his championship was stolen. He bets that Magnus had something to do with it and whoever did it is going to have serious regrets. Magnus pops into the shot with an ice pack on his neck. Magnus boldly states that he isn't behind it and once he finds the culprit he will claim the title his. Samoa Joe didn't like that one bit, and tackled Magnus. The two continued the fight backstage until security split them up.

Match 4 - Bobby Roode v. James Storm - Street fight
- Easily the match of the night. The crowd was into it from the beginning to end. Storm and Roode took their bodies to the limits in this one. There was top-rope action. There were nearfalls. There were garbage cans. There were chairs. There were candlesticks. There was a beer bottle. There were tacks. And blood. Lots of blood. The Cowboy could barely see because of a bloodied face, but after a seemingly endless amount of action, he laid a huge Last Call on Roode, who didn't appear to know where he was at the time, to score the pinfall. This one was full of "wow" moments and had the crowd in Phoenix off its feet the entire time.

"Match of the Year" and "Thank You" chants were heard as the two found a way to their feet. Roode actually extended his hand out for Storm and after a moment of hesitation, they shook hands. The crowd in Phoenix was on their feet, appluading, as Roode ripped his hand away and left the ring. Storm was shocked as he fell to the mat as a bloody mess.

Match 5 - Bad Influence v. Angle/Styles v. Chavo/Hernandez - Tag Team Titles
- It can sometimes be hard for a match with six men to keep an effective balance, but this one was terrific. The action really heated up when Hernandez Power Bombed Kaz off the top rope onto the floor below, only for Styles to come back moments later with a Springboard Flip onto Hernandez, Kaz and Angle all below. All four men sprawled on the floor in carnage while even more action went on inside the ring. Chavo eventually landed an absolutely huge Frog Splash, and Hernandez scored the pin. Just like that, we had new Tag Team Champs.

Match 6 - Tara v. Tessmacher - Knockouts Title
- It was announced, sadly, that this would be the last Knockouts match in TNA. All of the Knockouts were out by ringside to watch. The last two women wrestling for the division surely put on a great match for the fans to remember them. Tessmacher put up a great fight, but at most times Tara easily overpowered her ex-BFF. Tara even hit the Widows Peak. She began arguing with Mickie James, who made her return to support the division in its last showing. This gave time for Tessmacher to heal and kick out of the finisher. Tara was shocked and went for another one but Brooke rolled down out of it and got the roll up, but Tara kicked out. They both got to their feet and connected with a double closeline. It was almost a draw until both got up again and traded blows. Tara regained control for a minute until Tessmacher ducked a closeline and hit her finisher out of nowhere! She pinned Tara for the upset! All the face knockouts entered the ring and congratulated her as pyro went off on the stage.

Match 7 - Aces and Eights def. Sting/Bully Ray
- This was a decent tag match, going back and forth from both teams. Sting kept the crowd pumped and Bully actually helped him with a few moves. Bully even locked in the sharpshooter in honor of the new Hall of Famer. The match went on as normal and then the end came. A table was set in the middle of the ring. Sting and Bully on one side and a member of Aces and Eights on the other. The other A&E member was on the outside. The crowd was witnessing the end of gang. Bully was pumping up the crowd until he turned and put himself inbetween the table and Sting. He stood there with a blank face, looked at a beat up Sting. The crowd was on their feet, wondering what was going on. Bully can be heard saying "You did this to yourself." He grabbed Stings hand and pulled him in with a flapjack. The Aces and Eights member in the ring hit a cutter, the infamous 3D was hit on Sting through the table. (The roles were switched, but either of them can do it, really).

The gang member pinned Sting for the win as he stood with Bully and the other members. He took his mask off to reveal that he was Devon all along. Team 3D stood in the middle of the ring surrounded by members of Aces and Eights, and over a fallen Sting. The moment seemed like it lasted forever as the crowd was in shock. Hulk Hogan is seen coming out to the ring, with AJ Styles, Angle, Garrett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco. The gang rushed out of the ring and into the audience. Bully and Devon stood there for a minute, smiling, proud of their work. Hulk has never looked this pissed in his life as the screen cuts to a promo video package for the main event.

Main Event - Austin Aries def. Jeff Hardy - World Title
- Match of the Year? Most believe so. Both men put their best effort forward and put on one hell of a match. It was back and forth the whole way, keeping the crowd on their feet and cheering their favorite wrestler. The end came when Austin attempted to cheat his way out of the match by bringing in a steel chair to distract the ref. As the ref put the chair back outside, Austin tried to low blow Jeff, but he caught his leg. Jeff pulled it up and flipped him on his back, followed with the double leg drop to the groin. He pulled his shirt off and went to the top. Aries moved out of the way as Jeff crashed to the mat from the Swanton. He picked him up and went for the brain buster, but was countered. Jeff twisted in air and landed behind Aries. They bounced off the ropes but Aries held on, having Jeff roll backwards. The champion turned around and ran toward Jeff with a closeine, but he ducked it. Both turned around only for the challenger to hit a sick Twist of Fate. He took his time getting ot the top turnbuckle, which helped Aries, who was up and on the top with Jeff instantly. The threw punches for a good minute, almost falling off. Aries ducked a hard right from Jeff and poked him in the eyes. The crowd was on their feet as Austin hit the brainbuster off the second buckle! He pinned Hardy for the win!

Medics rushed to the ring to help Hardy, who wasn't moving. Austin laid there, hugging his belt tight. The crowd was on their feet as they knew they just witnessed the greatest PPV in TNA history. What lies next.... is the Revolution.

I'm back...

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Re: Sykova Presents: TNA Revolution

Impact Preview
January 3, 2013(I'm going to use the current date, just to keep things easier on myself)[/I]

After a ground shaking Bound for Glory event, what will happen next in this revolution? 2013 is promised to be the best year in TNA history.

In the first Impact of the year we will see Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy face off to determine the number one contender for the World Championship. After taking that hellacious brainbuster off the top turnbuckle from Austin Aries, will Hardy be able to compete?

TNA have announced the start of a contract tournament opened up to anyone in the wrestling business. There will be 8 men from around the country, the winner will receive a contract with TNA Wreslting!

What will Bully Ray and Devon say to the TNA nation after what they pulled of at Bound for Glory. Is Team 3D reunited as a tag team? What else will come from Aces and Eights?

Samoa Joe will try to get answers as to who stole his TV Championship at the PPV. Was it someone close? Or a hired man? Find out all this and more this Thursday on Spike TV!

I'm back...

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