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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way

I've have started this diary up on another website so I'm going to post all of my shows about a little over months worth first. This started on 11/28/12 in my game with WWE Main Event followed in order. It was current storylines, that are starting to turn into my own things. Criticism and remarks are always welcome, I put a lot of thought and my hard work into this so please respect that. I am going to try and make matches shorter as well! Hope you enjoy! I am using the game EWR 4.2 to book and organize all of this information, I will also let people know of suspension, injurys, signings, and releases based on what happens in the game.


International Airstrike vs. Epico and Primo

A great Tag Team match that was high flying and action packed from the get go in this one. Both teams have tremendous chemistry in the ring and it really showed off in this match. In the end though, Justin Gabriel of International Airstrike after a bulldog from his teammate Tyson Kidd, Gabriel would get the tag and go high flying hitting his 450 splash for the 1....2...3 victory!

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

Up next on Main Event was a match between two of the sexiest diva's on the roster Kaitlyn and Aksana. Kaitlyn has been on a incredible role lately and it showed again here. Hitting Aksana with her finisher and picking up the 1...2...3 victory!

Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

Up next the WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro would face off with a young up and coming star in young Zack Ryder. Ryder got a huge reaction from the crowd as he is really over with them , but Cesaro proved to be way to much. Cesaro is quicker, and more athletic and always one step ahead of Ryder. In the end Cesaro would nail the Neutralizer on Ryder and pick up the 1.....2.....3 pinfall victory.

You're Welcome!

Out came Damien Sandow next to a chrous of boo's with a microphone in hand enlightening the masses before his match with John Cena. Sandow mentioned John Cena's little love mess right now with AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero, and Dolph Ziggler.

John Cena vs. Damien Sandow

For tonight's Main Event we have Cenation colliding with Damien Sandow and to no surprise Cena got a huge reaction from the crowd. This was a decent back and forth match with Sandow really holding his own against John Cena in this one. In the end though, Cena really picked up momentum hitting a Killswitch slam and into the 5 knuckle shuffle which sends the crowd into a frenzy, from there Cena would await Sandow getting to his feet and once he does right into the Attitude Adjustment! 1....2....3! Cena wins and ends the night here at Main Event!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


CenaNation on Smackdown!

We start off this Friday's Smackdown with the entrance of John Cena which has the crowd extremely hyped up. John said it was great to be back on Smackdown where his career really started to blossom. Cena then begin to address the rumors of him and AJ Lee again stating that things are great between him and AJ and he won't let Dolph Ziggler or Vickie Guerrero ruin that....

Then from the back came Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez ADR had a mic in hand and asked John why he was here? Why are you on my show Smackdown? Why don't you get out of here John and no one wants to hear your lovey dovey crap and AJ. Cena would get a little fed up with ADR and told him if you want me off your show come take me off of it yourself! With that Cena threw his shirt off and Del Rio walked to the ring.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio who was already dressed up came down to the ring and a referee ran down from the back and it looks like we got a official match! This match was really back and forth with a very aggressive Alberto Del Rio taking it to Cena in the early going. ADR would try for his Cross Arm Breaker a few times in this one but only to countered by Cena. Ricardo Rodrgiuez tried to get involved as well and tried to distract Cena but Cena would give him a stiff right hand to the jaw and send him to the outside. ADR would try for a clothesline but Cena would duck it and right into a Attitude Adjustment! 1....2....3! Cena wins!

Cena would get out and celebrate walking up the ramp, and at top of the ramp.... out ran Dolph Ziggler! Money in the Bank brief case shot to the back of the head! Cena is out cold! Dolph would then pose over top a fallen John Cena just like the showed ended last week!

Primetime Players vs. The Usos

After a commercial break we headed back to the ring for a Tag Team contest between Darren Young and Titus O'Neil and Jimmy and Jey The Usos! The Uso's got a pretty decent ovation in this one, and also with one of the coolest entrances in wrestling today got a big pop for that. This was really a one sided match from the beginning as Titus O'Neil and Darren Young double teamed Jimmy Uso in the corner cutting the ring half, tagging in and out and really taking it to Jimmy Uso in the corner. Keeping him there in the corner delivering numerous boots to the mid-section and punches. Titus would make a big mistake though and showed off to much which allowed Jimmy Uso to fight his way over to Jey! Jey got the hot tag and started cleaning house knocking Darren off the ring apron, Jey would go for a quick cover 1...2.. kick out by Titus! In the end all four men would be in the ring which allowed Titus and Jimmy to the outside to battle while Darren and Jey were left as the legal men. Darren would do a quick roll up pin but use the ropes for leverge! 1....2....3! Primetime Players steal one. After the match Primetime Players would celebrate in the ring and the Uso's didn't take kindly to it. Jimmy would take Titus and toss him to the outside and from there The Uso's would take out frustrations on Darren Young which led to a Alley Us , the Uso's finisher on Darren Young! Uso's looking to make a name for themselves!

Are You Ok?

We cut backstage to the trainers room as the trainer is looking over the back of John Cena's head as well as his knee that has a torn meniscus. AJ Lee would walk into the room and come and check on John making sure he was ok. John said he was fine, and also said he was glad AJ was here. AJ would give him a little smile which would eventually lead to another AJ and John Cena kiss!

Big Show vs. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder (Chairs Match)

In what turned out to be a quick squash match, Big Show the World Heavyweight Champion would go up against Team Co-Bro Santino and Zack Ryder! Big Show really dominated this whole match with both Santino and Zack striking at each time, only angering the Big Show as he pushed both men down. Show would climb out of the ring and grab a steel chair and head back into the ring. Show would swing at Ryder but Ryder would duck and a hit a drop kick into the knee Show causing Show to stumble. Santino jumped onto Show's back for a sleeper hold but Show would just shrug him off, and Show would deliver a vicious WMD Knockout punch to Ryder! From there Big Show would just drill Ryder unconsious body with chair shot after chair shot, Meanwhile, the Cobra came out! Santino went for the Cobra Strike but Big Show drilled Santino's hand which is the cobra with a chair shot! Santino was down holding his hand and Big Show kept delivering shot after shot into Santino's wrist. Santino was down in pain as Big Show would pick up Santino and grab him by the throat and choke slammed Santino right onto Ryder! 1....2....3! Show with an impressive win.

Miz TV with The Miz and Special Guest: Antonio Cesaro

After another break already in the ring was The Miz who got a great pop from the crowd. Miz would talk about his special guest tonight stating he was one of the best young international superstars in the WWE today , Antonio Cesaro! Cesaro would walk out with his WWE United States title around his waist and get into the ring. Miz would then welcome Cesaro to the most must see WWE Show , Miz TV! Cesaro just stood by and didn't say anything as Miz would then begin to question Cesaro why does he think no American born superstar can beat him? Cesaro would chuckle and simply state that he is purely better than every single one of them. Not one of them has ever beat me one on one here in the WWE, and that includes R-Truth and countless others. Cesaro would laugh and state not even The Miz could defeat him. This peaked Miz's interest and begin his Really??.... Reeeeaalllllyy? bit. Cesaro would get tired of it and the end though and cheap shotted Miz with a punch to the face and a few stomps before Cesaro hightailed it. Miz would get up holding his jaw and yelling back at Cesaro as he went up the ramp. I don't think this is the last time we will see these two going at it.

Kaitlyn vs. Layla El : #1 Contenders Match for WWE Diva's Title

Another match between two of the best divas in the WWE today as friends Katilyn and Layla would do battle to see who would fight Eve Torres at TLC. This was back and forth match really as both women put up a great fight. Eve was at ringside doing commentary for this one scouting her opponents. After numerous near falls, and counter moves, Kaitlyn would get the upper hand on Layla in the end and hit the Side Effect on Layla into a pin! 1....2....3! Kaitlyn wins! Kaitlyn would then stare down Eve at ringside after the match and tell her she is going to be Diva's Champ!

Preview of TLC

We come back from and backstage we see Matt Striker standing by with The Big Show. Striker would ask what message was he trying to send tonight? Big Show said he hopes Sheamus was watching tonight what he did to two men with a steel chair. He said Sheamus has no idea what a giant can do when he has a steel chair in his hand. He said he is going to deliver so many chair shots to Sheamus legs that he won't be able to preform his precious little Brogue Kick at TLC. Big Show then went on to tell Sheamus that at TLC Sheamus wants to talk about ending his career, Show said he can easily do the same the Sheamus and plans on ending the Great White for good!

Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

A huge ovation for Randy Orton as he came down to the ring to face David Otunga in this one on one match-up. These two men faced off on different teams in the Team Foley vs Team Ziggler match at Survivor Series and this match seems to have brewed over from there. Otunga using his raw power and strength early on backing the Viper up into the corner with some boots to the stomach. It would only be a matter of time before Randy Orton took over and he did. Orton would deliver a vicious clothesline into the corner that knocked Otunga down. Orton booted him to the outside as these two brawled on the outside for a few minutes with Orton tossing Otunga into the steel steps. Orton would push Otunga up onto the apron and slid in, Otunga still on the outside ropes as Orton would make his move, moving Otunga in position for his DDT and Otunga's feet were on the ropes.... BOOM! DDT by Orton, from there the Viper would get ready to strike down in position for his RKO... Otunga stood up, RKO! 1....2....3! Orton wins! At the end of this match though Orton wouldn't stop though... Orton would get that sick sadistic look on his face again and just wait for Otunga to even more, Otunga would get to his knees still down on the mat... Orton would run and hit Otunga with the Punt Kick to the head! Otunga is out! Referees and medical staff rushed to the ring to take care of Otunga as Orton left.

It's His Birth Right

After a break we would come back to hear the music of Jinder Mahal as Jinder would come down to the ring getting booed by the fans. Once in the ring and with a mic Jinder would begin to question these fans and ask them "Why do you boo me? Because I'm not like you people? Because I wear this turban on my head and respect my heritage and where I grew up and came from? You wonder why the rest of the world doesn't like you Americans!" this would draw some big heel heat and a USA chant as well. Mahal would continue on stating that ever since he was born, it was his birth right to become champion here in the WWE. He says in his native India though theres only one man the people care about..... The Great Khali! He said he is sick of tired of hearing about The Great Khali being the greatest wrestler in India history....

From there The Great Khali's music hit as out walked this big giant of a man. Khali would get into the ring and towered over Jinder Mahal. Jinder wouldn't back down though and looked Khali straight in the eyes.... and spoke some words from his native tonuge before saying in English..... "You aren't the biggest star from India, I am Khali! And I will prove it, and I will take my rightful birth right as WWE Champion there after!" And from there Jinder cheap shotted Khali with a few punches to the face. Khali would go for a Brain chop but Jinder ducked it and hit Khali with a leg drop to the knee knocking the big monster down. From there Jinder would then lock on the Camel Clutch onto Khali and keep it held on until officials could come out from the back to break it up. Jinder would then pose for the fans before leaving, sending a message to the giant!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

The Main Event tonight would be between two of the biggest and brightest young stars in the industry today in Dolph and Sheamus. Both men would get good reactions coming down as we started this one off. A really back and forth match in the beginning with Dolph's speed and quickness really taking over as he tried to work on the bigger Sheamus to wear him down. Ziggler would have Sheamus into the corner and move back and hit a couple running splashes into Sheamus but then the last one Sheamus would catch Ziggler in mid air and deliver a massive spine buster right to Ziggler. 1....2.. kicked out by Sheamus. This match continued on through the commercial break as Sheamus charged Ziggler but Ziggler would duck and pull the ropes down sending Sheamus to the outside. From there Ziggler would spring board to the outside landing ontop of Sheamus. These two battled on the outside for a few moments with Ziggler trying to toss Sheamus into the steps but it got reversed and Sheamus threw Ziggler head first into the steel steps. Sheamus would then pick up Dolph's limp body and toss him back into the ring. Once back in, Sheamus waited for Ziggler to get up as Ziggler would swing wildly and miss and right into White Noise! Sheamus would then feel the energy from the crowd and start pounding his chest looking for the Brogue Kick....BUT OUT COMES BIG SHOW! Big Show runs down to the ring and gets on the apron he grabs Sheamus's arm turning Sheamus who didn't know Show was there, WMD KNOCKOUT PUNCH! The referee calls for the bell as Sheamus is out. Big Show would then jump down and under the ring grab a steel chair and enter into the ring again. Show went to swing the chair at a downed Sheamus but then....... John Cena's music is heard as out runs Cena from the back! This stops Show in his tracks as he awaits Cena to get into the ring, Show swings the chair but Cena ducks it, Cena runs into the ropes and hits a flying forearm right into the Show knocking him back! Show stumbles towards Cena, INTO THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! NAILED IT ON BIG SHOW! Cena poses for the fans but WAIT HERE COMES DOLPH!!! ZIG ZAG!!!! But Cena gets out of it, Dolph lands and turns , INTO A ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! CENA DRILLS DOLPH WITH THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena the helps Sheamus up off the mat as the show ends, as Show and Ziggler are both laid out!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Feed Him Three?

After a quick highlight package running down last weeks WWE RAW events and the pyro show starts off the show, then the music of hot young superstar Ryback hits as the fans go nuts! Beginning a big "Feed Me More!" chant as he walks down to the ring very serious after last Monday's RAW. Ryback would then grab a microphone and address everyone.

Ryback mentioned that last week this new punk group "The Shield" has finally pissed him off. He asks for Vickie Guerrero to come out because tonight he is going to make her "Feed Me Three!" With that Vickie Guerrero came out onto the stage a little scared of Ryback just like she was last week as Ryback would address telling her "Vickie, it's time to put a dent in the shield, they have attacked me for the last time and I want all three of them here TONIGHT!" the fans erupt in applause as Vickie shakes her head stating that she is the acting GM of Monday Night RAW and it makes no sense to put her best superstar in a 3 on 1 Handicap match. Vickie says she can put Ryback in a singles match tonight against the leader of the Shield, Dean Ambrose! Ryback would grin a little before stating that if any of the other two clowns want to come out and interfere there more than welcome to get shell shocked! Ryback would drop the mic and begin a "Feed Me More!" chant with the crowd as the segment ends.

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth : Miz Special Guest on Commentary

Out first came the Miz who joined Cole and Lawler at ringside for this one. Cesaro and Truth have had a bit of a rivalry lately including a match at Survivor Series. R-Truth did get the best of Cesaro not to long ago though so this was a pretty even match-up between these two. Truth would be the aggressor early on hitting some stiff rights to the face of Cesaro before tossing him into the ropes and hitting a nice back body drop on Cesaro. Cesaro would battle his way back into this one and starting to show his athleticism hitting a really nice standing drop kick that knocked Truth to the outside. While on the outside Miz and Cesaro would exchange words. In the end of this one though Cesaro would hit a blatant low blow on R-Truth but the referee was out of position and didn't see it. The Miz went crazy at ringside and led Truth to get his with the Neutralizer from Cesaro into a 1....2.....3 pin fall victory! Cesaro would pose in the ring with the belt but Miz would slide in from behind into the ring and hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Cesaro! Cesaro is out as Miz takes the belt and poses with it as the fans go wild for that!

Alberto Has Charm

Coming back from a commercial break we see Rosa Mendes looking into a mirror checking out her hair and make up and making sure she looks good but up from behind her in the mirror comes just a dozen roses. As Rosa and the cameraman turn it's Alberto Del Rio. Alberto tells Rosa in Spanish how beautiful she looks and says these are for you Rosa. Rosa gets a huge smile on her face and smells the roses thanking ADR for them before leaning in and kissing him on his cheek, she giggles and walks away leaving ADR with a big smile on his face.

The Shield Is Strong

We cut backstage to the parking lot as up walks The Shield together as Josh Matthews runs them down asking what there thoughts are about Dean Ambrose facing off against Ryback later tonight. Ambrose smirks before answering saying they fear no one. "We don't care if its Ryback, CM Punk, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin you name it we DONT CARE JOSHUA! Tonight the world is going to see first hand how we take care of injustice. Tonight, it's my turn first and you know what Joshua I'M GOING TO SHOCK THE WORLD! That's right Ryback, I know your watching somewhere look into my eyes and tell me if I seem scared? Because I'm not! Fact is Ryback, I will be the first one to give you a loss here in the WWE because right here you are looking at the future of this company. We are The Shield and we are very strong!... Now Matthews, get the hell out of our way." Roman Reigns would then push Matthews out of the way as the three men enter the building.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Hell No

Up next the dysfunctional WWE Tag Team champions, Team Hell No faces off against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Rey Mysterio got the pin fall victory over Daniel Bryan last week and with a win here could put Rey and Sin Cara in the catbirds seat for #1 contendership. This one would start with Bryan and Kane arguing over who start the match as Kane would eventually win over and start off against Sin Cara. Sin Cara really used his speed early on and some kicks to Kane to try and slow the big man down. Cara would eventually do a springboard flip back into the ring but Kane would catch him into a sidewalk slam. This match went on for quite awhile going back and forth, many tags, great moves with Rey and Sin Cara really taking to the air and try and get the quick win a few times but just miss out with a 2 count. In the end of this one though, after Kane and Daniel Bryan disagreed and were slapping each other in without the other person seeing it. Daniel Bryan finally slapped Kane on the back and tagged himself in, telling Kane to get out of the ring, this angered Kane and he grabbed his partner by the throat and lifted him for a choke slam, but Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara delivered double dropkicks one to each men which sent both men to there knees laying against the ropes in perfect position for a 619! Rey would then run and hit the 619 on both men. Bryan fell back into the ring as Rey ran and pinned him for the 1....2....3 pinfall victory! Huge win for Rey and Sin Cara who celebrated after the match. Kane and Daniel Bryan were left arguing in the ring, this is not good going into TLC!

The Best In The World Is Not Happy With The RAW Active Poll

We cut backstage to Vickie Guerrero's lockeroom as she in standing by and chatting with Tamina Snuka. In walks the WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman and Punk is enraged. He asks Vickie how she can let a WWE RAW Active poll determine his match tonight??? Is she crazy? CM Punk goes so far as to say he is disappointed with the lack of respect that she is showing him. "Look Punk , if I want to be permanent GM of Monday Night RAW I need to be fair and just, with the amount of chaos going on around here it was only fitting to put you in this match-up. The WWE Universe has spoken and tonight, you will team with Dolph Ziggler, to face the team of John Cena and Sheamus! CM Punk gets even more pissed off looking at Paul Heyman and just walking out not saying another word.

Your tearing apart the Band

After another break we cut back to the ring as the music of Jinder Mahal is heard as out walks Jinder Mahal to the boo's from the crowd. Mahal looks at them disgusted and gets into the ring grabbing a microphone. Jinder Mahal would state last Friday on Smackdown he made his intentions known that he is the true greatest athlete from india and that it is his birthright, his destiny to become a WWE Champion. Before Jinder could say anymore the music of Heath Slater hits as out walked Slater to the ring. Slater shook his head at Jinder and says he has changed... He told Jinder he is tearing apart the band and what happened to him? Jinder smirked and said he was tired of him and Drew the two weak links holding him back. His destiny is greatness and it's his time now. He is sick of being disrespected and made a mockery of and it will be no more! Slater took offense to that comment and got into the face of Jinder as the two exchanged words. Jinder would grab the mic and yell "Get me a referee!"

Jinder Mahal vs. Heath Slater

And with that a referee came down as these two were ready to settle there differences. This match really didn't last that long, Jinder Mahal over powered the smaller Slater a lot through out this match-up. Jinder would just put a beating on Slater showing why he was the weak link. Jinder would hit a big suplex on Slater before calling for the end, he turned Slater over on his back and locked on the Camel Clutch! Slater would scream in pain and tap out immediately ending this match and giving Jinder the win. Jinder wouldn't let go of the hold though and locked it on yanking back even more as Slater screamed in pain! Then The Great Khali's music would hit as out came the Big 7 foot giant! Jinder would look up the ramp and finally let go , leaving the ring and going through the crowd as Khali got into the ring saving Heath Slater essentially as referees and agents would come help Slater to the back.

Dean Ambrose vs. Ryback

Another commercial break as we came back for this huge match-up that Ryback ordered earlier in the night as out came Ryback first, then Dean Ambrose followed by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Reigns and Rollins circled on the outside as Ryback stared all three men down. Ryback and Ambrose would lock up and Ryback would shove Ambrose down right away. Ambrose would get the early upper hand hiting a drop toe hold on Ryback as Ryback charged. Ambrose would ground the big men with a submission hold trying to keep him down and weaken him. Ambrose couldn't hold it off for long though as Ryback would power up and get out of it. Ryback would start to dominate from here on hitting a huge power slam on Ambrose. Ryback would call for the Meat Hook his big huge clothesline as Roman Reigns tried to get up on the apron Ryback would turn and drill him. Ryback then charged at Ambrose and drilled him with the Meat Hook. Ryback would yell "FINISH HIM!" and go for Shell Shock! As Ryback went to get him up, Rollins came in and dove at the knee of Ryback and the referee would call for the bell. The Shield all got into the ring now and put the boots to Ryback. Beating and pummeling him. Ryback was down and just overpowered again like he had been the past few weeks, from there the The Shield would pull up Ryback for another Spike Power Bomb as they lifted Ryback up for Roman Reigns into the Spike Powerbomb! The Shield posed after Ryback before leaving.

The Intercontinental Title Will Be On The Line At TLC

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Kofi Kingston. Josh would ask Kofi about his match with Wade Barrett at TLC. Kofi would laugh and say "All I've heard from Wade Barrett is that he dominated me at Survivor Series? That he is going to take my Intercontinental Title? Well he's dead wrong. Wade's a good fighter, but I'm a pretty good fighter too!" With that up walked Wade Barrett into the interview telling Kofi he has no idea what a fighter is. He says a fighter doesn't fly around the ring. He then questions whether Kofi has ever been in a real bare knuckle brawl fight? Wade laughs and smirks and says at TLC that title will be around my waist and there is not a thing Kofi can do about it! Kofi would get right up in the face of Barrett not intimadted at all.... "Will see about that at TLC Barrett, don't have any trouble in Paradise before then though." Kofi would slap his hand down on the shoulder of Wade before leaving as Wade looked on.

John Cena and Sheamus vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler

The main event was up next and I'm sure there is going to plenty of chaos in this one. Both teams were in the ring as Dolph and Sheamus started this one off rekindling there match from Friday's Smackdown. Dolph and CM Punk really worked well together cutting the ring in half and keeping Sheamus on there side of the ring, making quick tags in and out to each other letting CM Punk deliver some swift hard kicks to Sheamus's legs and body, while Dolph would get Sheamus into there corner and deliver a few running splashes. Dolph would then drive his shoulder into the mid section of Sheamus grounding Sheamus down as CM Punk would get back in and try and apply a submission hold on Sheamus. He locked it on as the fans got behind Sheamus and Cena was getting the fans hyped up. Sheamus would finally break out of it and get up, throwing CM Punk into the ropes as both men would hit a double clothesline! Sheamus crawled his way to the corner and made the hot tag to Cena who cleaned house then. Cena was on fire and hit a nice Killswitch on CM Punk before lining him up for the 5 knuckle shuffle! Cena would then wait for CM Punk to get up but out from the crowd came The Shield! The Shield surronded the ring on the outside as John Cena just looked around.... Cena then encouraged them come into the ring as they obliged and went after Cena and Sheamus! Then the music of The Big Show hit and Big Show came in to join the party! Big Show got into the ring as Roman Reigns who was beating on Sheamus, just fed Sheamus to Big Show tossing him to Show as Show grabbed Sheamus by the throat.... CHOKESLAM! The beating would continue on both Cena and Sheamus but Cena and Sheamus would fight back knocking down Seth Rollins and Dolph! Then the music of RYBACK HIT AS OUT RAN RYBACK! CM Punk would scatter out of the ring as soon as he seen this as Ryback got into the ring and delieverd a couple vicious meat hook clotheslines to Ambrose, and Rollins before picking Reigns up and delivering a shell shock to Reigns. Big Show was the only one left in the ring now as Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback circle around Big Show, Cena would deliver the first punch, the Ryback would deliver one knocking Big Show back , and before you know it.... BROGUE KICK FROM SHEAMUS!!!! Big Show is out as the fans are going nuts. Ryback would stand looking up the ramp as CM Punk is standing there just watching this.... Ryback would start a big "FEED ME MORE!" chant as he starred down Punk to end the show.

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntrye

A great way to start off WWE Main Event as Brodus Clay came dancing down alongside the lovely Cameron and Naomi entertaining the crowd. Atleast some of the band is still together as Drew McIntyre playing his air guitar would try get a huge victory in this one. Young Drew wouldn't have enough though to beat Brodus in this rather entertaining opening match as Brodus would hit the What The Funk? on Drew for 1....2....3 victory! Brodus and the girls would dance in celebration afterwards.

Your Not So Awesome

After the match the music of The Miz would hit in the arena as out walked Miz to a pretty good pop from the crowd. Miz got into the ring with a microphone in hand and addressed a few things. Miz would first announce that it is now official, at TLC the United States championship was coming back to the US where it belongs as Miz will take on Antonio Cesaro for the championship! The crowd would love this new but Miz would be focused on other things. More importantly his main event match this evening against Alberto Del Rio. Miz would start off by saying tonight he has to face Alberto Del Rio someone that he had the pleasure of beating on at Survivor Series. Claming tonight would be the same fate for Mr. Del Rio... but the music Alberto Del Rio would hit as out he walked.

Alberto got on the mic and asked Miz why he thought he was awesome? In fact your not so awesome, your awwwwwwffffuulllll! ADR would chuckle and say tonight he would prove that! Miz would smirk and give his "Really...... Really?" bit. Miz would go on to tell Alberto he better be ready because if not, he will Alberto and his personal ring announcer Ricardo eat those words and make him announce ADR's new name....... AWWWWWWWWWFFFULLLLLLL DEEEEEELLLLLLLLL RRRRRRIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Miz would laugh and toss the mic down leaving ADR furious on the ramp as we cut to commercial.

Jimmy Uso vs. Darren Young

A continuation match from Smackdown this past week after Darren Young and Titus O'Neil ended up cheating to beat the Uso's this time both teams would come out to support there parter as Jimmy Uso and Darren Young went one on one. A very fast action paced match with Jey and Titus circling each other around ringside as Titus would try and get his dirty hands involved in this match. In the end of this one though, Titus would be up on the ring apron trying to distract the referee, Jey Uso would jump onto the apron with him and deliver a vicious super kick to the jaw knocking Titus off. Darren looked on shocked, but would turn around right into a super kick from Jimmy this time! 1....2....3! Jimmy Uso picks up the win as him and Jey celebrate.

Getting Back On Track

We cut backstage to Matt Striker standing by with A-Ry! Alex Riley is back and ready to go as Matt Striker would ask Alex Riley about his match next with JTG and about A-Ry's future plans. Alex would thank Matt and said it was great to be back on WWE television and he is going to make the most of it. He said back a while ago, I learned some things from The Miz he taught me how to be professional, he taught me to be good, but you know? I'm going to be better than good! He then would go on and talk about his opponent JTG. A-Ry would talk about how he hated punks like JTG in high school, that thought they were all bad ass and "hood". He said that fake tough gets you no where with me and that JTG better be prepared because it's time for a blast in the past when the cool kid in school, beat up a punk like you!

Alex Riley vs. JTG

Returning from break we see the entrance of Alex Riley who got a decent pop from the crowd as JTG was already awaiting him in the ring. As soon as A-Ry got into the ring JTG was all up in his face, talking trash about what Riley said in the back a few minutes ago. JTG would slap A-Ry and A-Ry didn't take to kindly! Riley delivered a vicious punch knocking down JTG and this match was on. It was a back and forth match that even spilled to the outside. On the outside JTG would try and get the upper hand tossing Riley into the steel post but Riley reverses it sending JTG face first into the steel post! In the end of this one though, Riley really proved to much for JTG and Riley would hit his Final Score finishing move for the 1....2....3! Alex Riley gets the big win as he celebrated and slapped hands with the fans and getting a good reaction.

The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio

The Miz and Del Rio would start off this main event with a bang going right at each other as soon as the bell rang. The aggressive Del Rio though would take charge early on really taking it to Miz hitting a nice vertical suplex on Miz. Miz wouldn't go down without a fight, getting out of the Cross Arm Breaker attempt and reverse out of it. Miz continued back on the offensive assault hitting a nice DDT right in the middle of the ring but only got a 2 count on the cover. Back and forth, and back and forth these two went, Ricardo Rodriguez on the outside even tried to stick his nose into it but Miz would have none it, almost cost Miz though as ADR did a quick roll up pin but Miz would kick out. In the end of this one though we would have ADR try for yet another Cross Arm Breaker submission but Miz got out of it again, as ADR would turn right into a clothesline that knocked him down. From there Miz would stalk ADR waiting for him to get up and he finally did, into a Skull Crushing Finale! 1.....2.....3! Miz gets the huge win! As Ricardo Rodriguez slid into the ring to check on ADR. Miz took the opportunity and grabbed the mic and Rodriguez as Miz bullied him for a second and the crowd enjoyed it... "Ricardo... I want you to say it or you will suffer a Skull Crushing Finale too! Tell me Alberto's new name! AAAAAAWWWWFFFFUUULLLLL DELLLLLL RIO! Oh c'mon you do the voice better than me say it!" Ricardo looking scared grabbed the mic as Miz would lock on the Skull Crushing Finale threatening him to do it befure Ricardo yelled it...... "AAAAWWWWWFFFFFFULLLLLL DEEEEELLLLLLL RIIIIIOOOOOOO!!!!" Miz would laugh and hit the Skull Crushing Finale anyways! Miz would stand up and bow and leave as the fans cheered!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Payback's A B*tch Fella!

Tonight's WWE Smackdown episode with start off with World Heavyweight Champion Big Show coming down to the ring being booed by the crowd. Once in the ring Show got on the mic and talked about how last week on this show he showed what would happen at TLC when Sheamus met another WMD punch to the jaw. Show then went and talked about though on RAW how he was brutally assaulted and cheap shotted by Sheamus with his Brogue Kick to the head. Which the fans go wild for. Before Show could get in another word the music of Sheamus hit as out walked a smiling and laughing Sheamus who had a mic in hand. "Hey fella??? How does YOUR jaw now feel now after that Brogue Kick on RAW?" Big Show visably upset now as Sheamus would continue moving onto tonight's main event telling Big Show he is going to do it again tonight when him and his partner John Cena face off against him and Dolph Ziggler! The fans go nuts for the main event but Big Show offers the last word telling Sheamus to just be careful tonight, because if not he might not make it to TLC after another WMD tonight! Both men would stare each other down before a commercial break.

Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow : Wade Barrett on commentary

A non title match-up here to start off Smackdown as Wade Barrett joined JBL and Josh Matthews at ringside for this one, Barrett stated he was out here doing a little more scouting for his opponent at TLC Kofi Kingston, as Kofi and Wade shared in a nice stare down before the match-up. A good match-up here to start off Smackdown as Kofi and Sandow went at it. A real back and forth match with Sandow almost getting a pinfall here and there really putting Kofi to the limits. Sandow may be proving to be a legit contender for The IC title here soon. Kofi though has a the heart of a warrior and battled right back after a nice enzugurri kick to the skull of Sandow. It set up Kofi for the Boom Drop right onto Sandow. In the end, Kofi lined up for the Trouble In Paradise and would drill it! Knocking Sandow down and out for the 1....2....3! Kofi would celebrate as Wade and him exchanged another stare down, Kofi holding his title up in the air showing it to Wade.

The closest you will ever get!

We cut backstage to see Kaitlyn warming up and stretching backstage before a pair of legs shows up on the screen distracting Kaitlyn as she looks up to see it's Eve Torres. Kaitlyn smirks and asks Eve what she wants? Eve responds "Oh nothing Kaitlyn just wanted to show you this WWE Diva's title up close and personal seeing it will be the only way you will ever get this close to it. Kaitlyn laughs and says she knows deep down the Eve was behind her attack a few months ago, and that TLC it will be bitter sweet to finally take away that Diva's Title from you! Kaitlyn would then walk off bumping her shoulder into Eve on the way by as these two divas will be in Tag Team action later.... Eve would then say as Kaitlyn would walk off..... "That's ok I got a little surprise for you tonight Kaitlyn." The scene would cut to another break.

Who Is The Tag Team Champions?

We come back from break to find Daniel Bryan and Kane arguing like usual who is the Tag Team champions of the team? Daniel would tell Kane he didn't appreciate getting chokeslammed after there matches against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and wants an apology from Kane. Kane would just shake his head and told Bryan we got bigger things to worry about tonight like our match. Bryan would yell "NO! NO! NO!" a few times and DEMAND the apology now. Kane would then finally say "I'm sorry for choke slamming you because you were being a moron! There happy?" Bryan would shake his head and yell No again! Kane would start getting frustrated and push Bryan back into the wall and grabbed him around his neck and talked very sternly.... "Look Daniel! We got a big match tonight against International Airstrike, you better get your head together or I will chokeslam STRAIGHT TO HELL NEXT TIME!" Kane would then let go and walk away leaving Bryan holding his throat.

Randy Orton vs. Michael McGillicutty

Another match that really turned out to be another quick one as Randy Orton pretty much dominated throughout this whole match-up. McGillicutty would get in a few strikes here and there on Orton and even spilled this match to the outside. Orton would have his way though on the outside and back inside the ring as well, tossing McGillicutty into the side of the announcers table. Orton would then grab McGillicutty and tossed him into the ring. From there Orton would drop to the mat and just stalk his prey waiting for McGillicutty to get up and as he did he got struck with the RKO! 1....2....3! Orton wins! Orton would get his hand raised as the crowd cheered but Randy just looked McGillicutty over just laying there , could it be shades of last week of punting Otunga? Orton gets in the corner and is getting reved up just waiting for McGillicuttty and as he does, a punt to the head of McGillicutty! Orton just punted him and left McGillicutty out as trainers and staff come out to help McGillicutty.

You do it again, your Suspended!

We come back from another break as Booker T is seen walking up to Randy Orton and telling him to hold up and wait a minute. Booker T finally gets Randy to stop as Booker looks him in the eye asking him What the hell is wrong with him lately? Punting everyone in the head? Have you lost it man? Orton would just stare Booker T down not saying a word as Booker was just right up in his face now. Booker T would continue on saying that he has a show to run and he can't have a loose cannon walking around just punting everyone in the head everytime he damn pleases. "You already took Otunga out for a few weeks and now McGillicutty? Man what the hell has gotten into you Randy? I'll tell you what Randy... no more of this... Next time you do this you will be SUSPENDED indefinitely from Smackdown and I will fine you, ya feel me???" Orton just looks over Booker T before walking off.

Eve Torres and Tamina Snuka vs. Kaitlyn and Layla El

A diva's tag team match up next on Smackdown as Eve's surpise for Kaitlyn was her tag team partner Tamina Snuka! Kaitlyn and Layla looked on a little bit intimdated as Eve and Tamina walked down together. Tamina really showed off her strength and pure dominace just taking it Kaitlyn and Layla both. Tamina was just unstoppable tonight. Eve would come in and pick up the scraps here and there as well. Eve Torres would have a beaten down Kaitlyn left in the ring with her and would hit her finishing move the Swinging Neckbreaker. From there though instead of making the pin Eve tagged in Tamina and told her to go up top and she did as Tamina would hit the Superfly Splash off the top rope right onto Kaitlyn 1....2....3! Eve was happy and clapping as Tamina and Eve stood over a laid down and out Kaitlyn after the match.

The Fortunate Son Is Back and For Good

We cut backstage to see Scott Stanford standing by with Ted DiBiase Jr! The fans cheer as Scott welcomes Ted back to Smackdown and asks him how it feels to be back and about his match up next against Hunico. Ted smiles and thanks Scott for the warm welcome back. "You know Scott it has been way too damn long since I've been on Smackdown. From here on and out I promise that is the end of that, I'm here and I'm here to stay. I got my DiBiase Posse that follows me to every show and there here very strong tonight! I got tremendous support, I'm healthy, I'm rich, I'm good lookin, what more could you want Scott?" DiBiase would smirk and continue on and talk about his opponent tonight Hunico stating that Hunico is a tough opponent but he himself is hungry. "Ever since I was a little kid Scott, I roamed the halls of these arenas when my dad was wrestling I grew up in this business. My dad is one of the biggest stars in the WWE's history, but tonight starts my mark. Tonight, I try and break away from that large shadow my dad casts over me and become my own man. I will become my own star and sooner rather than later, you will be seeing me doing something my dad never accomplished... winning the World Heavyweight championship!" With that Ted walked off and went out for his match.

Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Hunico

A very big pop for Ted Jr. as he came down to the ring as he looked legitimately impressed by the reaction he got as Hunico and Camacho waiting in the ring for Ted. This ended up being a quick 5-6 minute match as Ted DiBiase Jr looked fresh, healthy, and really looked impressive. He hit a couple nice standing drop kicks on Hunico knocking him down. Hunico would battle back though and hit a nice suplex on DiBiase Jr. Ted battled back in the end as Hunico would come charge wiht a clothesline but DiBiase ducked it and reversed it into a Dream Street! He drills it! 1....2....3! DiBiase picks up the win as the crowd goes wild for the big DiBiase win as he gets on the top rope and poses very pumped up for this big victory.

Team Hell No vs. International Airstrike

The tag team champs came on down last and looked to determined after the scuffle backstage a little bit ago but Kidd and Gabriel were no easy task. Bryan and Kidd started this one off and Kidd and Gabriel really showed how far they've come lately really showing unity and great chemistry in the ring. Double team moves, cutting the ring off and really impressed throughout this whole match. Bryan couldn't get to the corner to tag in Kane as Gabriel and Kidd kept there assault up. One misstep though by Gabriel led to a vicious running knee to the face of Gabriel the allowed Bryan to tag in Kane as the big red monster cleaned house. Taking down both Kidd and Gabriel, taking Gabriel and tossing him to the outside, Kidd who wasn't the legal man ran right into a Chokeslam from Kane! In the end of this one though, Kidd would go up top, looking for the high risk move and jumped off at a staggering Kane but Kane caught him in mid air and did a body slam down. Kane waited for Kidd to get up and he did walking into a Chokeslam! 1.....2......3! Team Hell No picks up the win as the two actually have a good moment and raise each others hand as the fans cheer.

Dolph Ziggler and Big Show vs. Sheamus and John Cena

Big Show and Ziggler were in the ring first and were talking strategy as out came Sheamus and John Cena who both got the biggest pops of the night. Both men would charge the ring as this one started out as a brawl. Sheamus would end clotheslining Big Show out of the ring as both men would spill out to the floor and Cena and Dolph went at it in the ring. Dolph would be extremely aggressive and take the fight to the stronger and powerful John Cena. Dolph would get Cena down and do a catapult into the corner as Cena slammed face first in the ring corner. From there Ziggler would deliver a few splashes into Cena in the corner. The match continued on both teams trading shots back and forth as Sheamus and Big Show would finally get in there and it would be a fight some trading of punches before Sheamus would boot the Big Show in the gut and into a DDT. In the end of this one though all four men would get into the ring after a failed pin attempt and start battling. AJ Lee would end up making her way to the ringside area. As she cheered on John Cena in his corner as Dolph and Sheamus were in the ring. From there Dolph and Big Show tried to double team on Sheamus but Sheamus would break out of it knocking Dolph to the outside and Sheamus and SHow would battle in the ring. Dolph would end up grabbing the briefcase and try using it in the ring waiting for Sheamus to turn around.... AJ Lee would jump onto the ring apron pointing to the referee to look at Dolph, Cena would try and tell AJ to get down but it was to late, Big Show got up and charged at Cena but Cena would move and Show crashed into the ref and AJ as AJ crashed to the outside and she was out! Cena was in shock and went to check on her. Meanwhile, Dolph still waiting with the briefcase would wait for Sheamus to get back up and drilled him with a briefcase shot! Big Show would pin Sheamus and Dolph would get the referee into the ring.... 1......2......3! Big Show and Dolph steal one! Show and Dolph walk up the ramp and celebrate as Cena is still worrying about AJ as staff members from the back come down to check on AJ.

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Ladders Are No Big Deal

We start off tonight's WWE Raw with "Cult of Personality" hitting in the arena to a mixed reaction. Paul Heyman walking out first holding the WWE Championship up high in the air as out would walk the current longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era CM Punk. Punk comes down with the cocky grin on his face as him and Mr. Heyman enter the ring. Heyman grabs a mic for Punk as the fans boo a little. Punk starts off by saying he is the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era and you fans still want to disrespect me? Punk would just shake his head and mention last week in the main event last week that The Shield and Big Show had to come down and save John Cena and Sheamus from humiliation from losing to CM Punk. The fans would boo and Punk would address the rumor again of him and The Shield working together. He denied it again stating that he hasn't even met these guys yet! "If you people think I need any help, then you are delusional which pretty much explains it anyways because the entire WWE Universe is delusional!" The fans would boo at this before Punk would talk about Ryback and TLC.... "You see the one thing about Ryback demanding this TLC match that everyone seems to forget... Has he ever climbed a ladder before? No. He's constantly proven that he can't handle the big pressure situations seeing as he has lost to me twice in big matches. People seem to forget that I am the only two time Money in the Bank winner and what do you have to do in that match???? Climb the ladder and grab the briefcase folks. I have so much more experience over Ryback and this match falls right into my hands!"

With that the music of Ryback would hit as out stepped the big monster onto the stage as the fans cheer. Ryback pointed out the only reason he has lost those two matches is because Punk had to have Brad Maddox, then The Shield help him win those matches! Punk just smirks and lips not true at Ryback. Ryback would continue on stating that at TLC he will use everything, the chairs, the ladder, the tables, and he is going to put CM Punk through every single one of them. He said he will be the one at the top of that ladder grabbing the belt down and walking out of TLC as the new WWE Champion! With that the music would hit and we could cut to ringside.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

The first match-up of the night starts off with the recently returned Alex Riley who was on WWE Main Event last week and is ready for his first action on RAW. A-Ry got a huge pop from the crowd as he slapped hands with the fans on his way down. Swagger another man we haven't seen in a while since Vickie Guerrero and him split. A-Ry and Swagger put up a decent match here, with A-Ry really showing off his athleticism hitting a very nice standing drop kicks that knocked down the former World Champ. In the end of this one though, Alex Riley would drill Swagger with The Final Score and pick up the 1....2....3! A-Ry would celebrate with the fans afterwards, as A-Ry is really getting back into the grove now.

New match for TLC?

We cut backstage after the match and we see the Apex Predator Randy Orton walking backstage before we see someone bump into his arm and it's Alberto Del Rio! Both men stare each down before ADR speaks up.... "You know Randy, you think your so tough with your little kick to the head now a days? Giving people concussions? You enjoy doing that Randy?" Orton just smirks starring ADR right in the eye not saying a word at all. "Orton I don't like you, and I never will like you, I'm tired of watching innocent men being taken out by you so I'll tell you what Orton let's settle this at TLC once and for all me and you one on one and I'll tell you what Randy, I'm going to break you arm! I'm going to put you out of action just like you did to Otunga and McGillicutty!" Orton gets right into the face of ADR.... "Your on, but here's a fair warning for you Alberto.... I don't care what Booker T threatens me with, I'm going to punt your head off into row 10 of the crowd!" Orton bumps pasts ADR's shoulder as we leave for another break.

Hi I'm the WWE Champ have we met?

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with the entire group "The Sheild", Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins still dressed up in black as Josh goes to ask them a question CM Punk and Paul Heyman step into the shot as Punk tells Matthews to beat it. "Well now, since everyone seems to think we are working together and clearly we are not, I wanted to introduce myself! Hi I'm CM Punk, I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era, and I am THE BEST in the World in this profession. The Shield just looks Punk over as Punk continues on. "Now I'm not stupid I do follow the future of this company and I know all three of you very well but what I want to know is where is everyone getting this that were working together? This is clearly the first time I've ever met face to face with you guys. Because you guys have helped me? I'm sure you guys could just as easily attack me next match!" The Shield looks over Punk again before the big man Roman Reigns steps up and speaks.... "We can very easily spike Powerbomb you to in the middle of that ring Punk....." The fans cheer for that before the leader of the group Dean Ambrose steps up and speaks.... "But we won't do that Punk, you see The Shield we respect you unlike most of these morons in the WWE Universe. We know your body of work and any man who can hold that title for over one full calender year without a loss.... Well what says respect more than that? You've earned respect with us we look up to you CM Punk...." Rollins would then chime in as well.... "But CM Punk we stand to fight for injustice, and you can beat if you and Paul Heyman show any injustice we have no problem doing what we have done to everyone else to you! But we believe your a respectable champion and a stand up man we know you wouldn't do something like that now would you Punk?" Punk just smirks at all three men...."I'm the Best in the World gentlemen for a reason. I don't need anyones help!" With that Punk and Heyman leave as the Shield begins to talk amongst themselves.

Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston and The Miz

Back from a commercial break we have two teams with each of these four men competing in singles matches at TLC. Kofi and Miz teamed up at Survivor Series so will that give them a little bit of an edge? In the early stages the two foreign stars Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro looked like have been working as a tag team for years as they took the beating to Miz early on. Tagging in and out and really working well together. Miz would come back on his own though reversing a hold from Barrett and tossing him into the ropes and drilling Wade with a diving forearm. Miz would crawl to the corner and make the hot tag to Kofi as Kofi came in and really cleaned some house taking both Wade and Cesaro down. Kofi would try for a Trouble in Paradise but Cesaro would pull the referee infront of him and the referee got knocked down! After that all hell broke with Miz and Wade jumping into the ring and all four men battled with Kofi and Wade exchanging punches and Miz and Cesaro doing the same. In the end of this one though Miz and Cesaro battled on the outside and Cesaro would toss Miz into the steel steps. Cesaro would grab his US title and enter the ring as Kofi was looking for another Trouble in Paradise on Wade to seal this match but Cesaro would turn Kofi and blast him with the US title! The referee would begin to come to life as Wade made the pin 1....2....3! Cesaro and Barrett pick up the win!

Stealing The Show At TLC

We come back from another break as we hear John Cena's music starting up as the WWE Universe goes nuts! Cena comes out fired up to the fans reaction and makes his way down to the ring. Once in Cena grabbed a microphone and fired up the crowd a little bit more. Cena would then address AJ Lee's condition. "The number one question I've been asked all week , and on Twitter is how is AJ doing? Well I can happily report AJ is at home resting and she is doing fine. She is a little sore and bruised but she should be back to work soon. AJ thanks all of you for all the well wishes and thoughts and AJ from me personally I wish you a speedy recovery and can't wait to see you soon!" The fans would cheer again as Cena would go to address to the crowd again but "I'M HERE TO SHOW THE WOOOOORRRLLLLDDDD" would start playing as out walked Dolph Ziggler! Dolph with briefcase in hand and a mic would laugh as he stepped out onto the stage. "Awwww how touching John! Reality check though John, AJ got what she deserved! I mean what the hell is she doing up on the ring apron anyways huh? If she wasn't up there none of this would of happened." Cena looks pretty pissed off and speaks up telling Dolph to watch what he says very carefully about AJ. Cena then goes on to talk about Dolph trying to use his briefcase as a weapon on Smackdown as Dolph denys it. Dolph would then go on to say it was all Big Show's fault and not his, if you wanted someone to be mad at then be mad at him Cena. "Cena I'm not out here to talk about that pathetic loser AJ, I'm out here to talk about me and you at TLC, I'm out here to talk about me, stealing the show at TLC like I always do!" Dolph would continue on talking about TLC and how everyone is telling him he can't beat John Cena one on one. Dolph laughs at that and says that is pretty comical because the fact of the matter is not only will I steal the show at TLC, I'm going to beat you, and then I'm going to line myself up for the World Heavyweight championship when I cash in this briefcase, hell maybe I'll even cash it in at TLC!" With that Cena would respond and tells Dolph why don't you put that briefcase on the line at TLC if your so confident Dolph? Let's have a ladder match at TLC me and you, for the Money in the Bank briefcase! Dolph would just shake his head and say No.... But Cena would have a little challenge for Dolph.... "I'll tell you what Dolph. I'm going to be at Smackdown Friday night why don't me and you have a little match. If I win you put that Money in the Bank Briefcase on the line at TLC.... If I lose on Friday night I'll forfeit the right to any WWE or World Heavyweight Championship for one full year. No matches for me involving any of those titles!... Dolph would look up at Cena ... "Your on Cena... see you Friday night!" With that Cena's music hit again and we got a big main event for Friday!

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn

After getting beaten up on Friday's Smackdown , Kaitlyn asked for a one on one match-up against Tamina to prove that she can beat Tamina. Most people would think Kaitlyn was crazy but she really got in some nice offensive movies against Tamina in this one really taking it to her. Hitting a nice DDT and getting a close 3 count only for Tamina to kick out at 2. Tamina though used her strength and really powered back in this one hitting a big press slam on Kaitlyn. In the end, Tamina really proved to be to much and went up top for the Superfly Splash! 1...2...3! Tamina beats Kaitlyn, what kind of condition is Kaitlyn going to be in for TLC?

Sin Cara vs Kane

We get ready to kick off this match as it is announced at ringside by Cole and Lawler that by virtue of beating Team Hell No last couple weeks, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio will take on the disfunctional Team Hell No at TLC for the WWE Tag Team Titles! Big news there as Cara and Kane two completely different styles are ready to start off. Cara would try and use his quickness and speed, also a combination of kicks but Kane would catch one of his kicks and deliver a vicious clothesline. Kane would then begin to dominate throughout this match-up but then Daniel Bryan would make his way out to the ring and distract Kane a little bit , Rey Mysterio would also follow out to be in Sin Cara's corner a few moments later. Bryan would be telling Kane things at ringside, sounding like things to look out for from Sin Cara and Kane started to unravel a little bit as Sin Cara started to pick up the offense. Sin Cara would head up top and hit a nice missile drop kick from the top rope knocking Kane down. Sin Cara would go back up top again but Daniel Bryan would get up on the apron to distract Cara and Kane, Kane would walk over and ask Daniel what he was doing and the two started to argue again, this led to Sin Cara hitting another missile drop kick to the head of Kane and it knocked Kane into Bryan sending him to the outside! 1....2....3! Sin Cara picks up the win over Kane! Leaving Kane extremely frustrated and pissed off after the match leaving Daniel Bryan on the outside.

You Americans Make Me Sick!

After another break we come out to Jinder Mahal's music as he walks down to the ring with a mic in hand talking about how he is unjustly treated by the prejudice's in this country. "You call America the greatest country in the world? Yet someone like me who is proud of my heritage and wear this turban on my head I'm mistreated? I must be "one of them." Jinder would continue on saying that Americans like this make him sick. He said he is more focused and can see clearer than ever, it is now Jinder's time here in the WWE and it all starts with ending the Great Khali and anyone else who stands in his way! He promises soon that it will be his time to claim his birth right to be a champion here in the WWE!

Jinder Mahal vs. Santino Marella

Santino would be Jinder's opponent tonight as the fans gave a nice reaction for Santino. It wouldn't be all that well for Santino though as Jinder has been extremely focused as of late and took it right to Santino. Jinder would just dominate Santino throughout this whole match-up as Jinder Mahal is finally becoming a serious threat in the WWE. Jinder would hit a nice scoop body slam slamming down Santino hard. This one would eventually spill out to the floor as Jinder just wanted to inflict more punishment tossing Santino head first into the guard railings around the ring. Once back in the ring Jinder would signal for the end and would lock on the Camel Clutch on Santino making Santino tap out moments later. Jinder would keep the hold on for a few more seconds before finally letting go! Jinder is on a roll.

Ryback vs. Big Show w/ CM Punk at Commentary

Out first came the WWE Champion CM Punk who was on guest commentary for this contest before Ryback and Big Show made there ways to the ring next. Ryback and Big Show two of the strongest men in the entire company square off as Big Show and Ryback got into each others face before this one started and talked some trash. Big Show would deliver the first blow with a punch but Ryback would strike back knocking Big Show back into the corner as Ryback would drive his elbow into the mid-section of Big Show mutliple times. CM Punk would be scouting at ringside talking about how he has beaten Ryback two times now and isn't scared of him at TLC. Punk says he is the best ladder match wrestler in the world right now! These two kept it up in the ring though trading blows, but a commotion would start around the ringside area as in the crowd we see The Shield start slowly making there way to the ring! Ryback catches this and stares them down begging them come into the ring but Big Show would take advantage of this and hit a huge headbutt on Ryback knocking Ryback down. As Big Show is doing this. The Shield hops the guard railing and all three men begin to circle the ring but not entering yet..... which leads to John Cena and Sheamus running down and chasing off all three men! Big Show and Ryback are both left looking on at what is going on as the crowd is in a frenzy. This is what Ryback needed now as he ran at Big Show with a huge spear! Big Show is down as Ryback just waited for Big Show to get up... he did and drilled Show with a Meat hook clothesline! But it only knocked the big man back a little bit... Ryback stepped back for another and it almost sent the big man over! Ryback can't believe it and steps back for one more meat hook clothesline and drills it knocking Big Show down finally off his feet! Ryback then pins Big Show 1.....2.....3! Ryback did it! He beat the World Champion as the crowd goes nuts! Ryback poses on the top ropes as the fans chant "FEED ME MORE!" Ryback stares down Punk at commentary as the show cuts off the air.

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


International Airstrike vs. Primo and Epico

The opening contest on Main Event tonight is tag team action between two very skilled teams. IA consisting of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel really had the crowd behind them in this one in this high action packed match. All four men were flying around the ring and outside of it. Tyson Kidd did a nice suicide dive to the outside taking out all four men which got the crowd buzzing! In the end of this one though after a superkick from Tyson Kidd to Epico's jaw, Justin Gabriel was tagged in and went up top for the 450 Splash! 1....2....3! International Airstrike continues there hot run with another win!

Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins

Two of the younger stars here in the WWE and both former Tag Team mates in the Edge-Heads, Hawkins and Ryder set off and did battle in this one. The fans were very behind Zack Ryder in this one willing him to battle back in this one after Curt Hawkins took the early lead and took it to his former teammate. Ryder would really come back in this one with a vengeance going up top and drilling a leg drop from the top rope! In the end, it led to a Rough Ryder from Zack who picked up the 1....2....3! Big win for Zack!

Ignorance Is Curable, Stupid Is Forever!

As we come back from a commercial break we see Ted DiBiase in the backstage area warming up for his match but Damien Sandow would arrive in the picture as DiBiase would just look up and stand face to face with Sandow. "Can I help you?". Sandow would smirk and say no you can't help me! DiBiase would smirk asking what the hell he was doing here? Sandow would continue on stating there he is here the save the masses, the masses of idiots in this building who aren't nearly as smart as him and that starts with taking down Mr. DiBiase. He goes on to talk about there upcoming match next saying you must be one of them DiBiase to want to take me on here tonight, so why don't you get a clue you ignoramus and just forfeit now and save yourself the embarrassment infront of the masses! Remember Ted... Ignorance it's curable, but stupid is forever. Be smart and just forfeit now! Ted laughs and smirks getting right into Sandow's face... "I don't know you Damien, hell I don't want to know you, but what I do want? Is to kick your teeth down your throat tonight! Who knows, maybe you will take a little ride down Dream Street tonight as well?" Ted laughs and pats Damien hard on the shoulder and walks away.

Ted DiBiase vs. Damien Sandow

Up next would be the contest we just witnessed escalate backstage between the returning Ted DiBiase and Damien Sandow. Early on Sandow was very physical with DiBiase and took it to him early. He got DiBiase in the corner drilling a few knees to the mid section in the corner before a few stiff chops to the chest. Sandow would then drill a nice suplex for a pin 1...2.. kick out by DiBiase. The fans started to rally behind Ted as Ted would end up coming back a little bit slowly with some offense hitting a nice hip toss and into a sleeper hold. Sandow would eventually power up out of it and this match would continue on. In the end as Sandow looked like he had DiBiase all set up for the finish, Sandow would go for his finishing move but DiBiase would reverse it into a small package pin attempt 1......2......3! DiBiase steals a big win! DiBiase rolls out and gets his hand raised leaving Sandow mad in the ring! What a huge win for DiBiase!

Ryback vs. Tensai

A big match here between two big men in our sport. Tensai came out focused like he always has but he had a monster waiting on the other side of the ring in Ryback! Tensai would actually get some offensive moves in getting Ryback pinned back in the corner and delivering a few body splashes right into him in the corner. Tensai would then toss Ryback across the ring into the corner before trying another splash but Ryback would move and Tensai crashed face first into the corner. The match continued on and Ryback would come back as strong as ever delivering a vicious Meat hook clothesline! Ryback signaled for the end it was time to try Shell Shock. Last time these two faced Ryback couldn't do it and he's going to try it again.... this time he get's Tensai up!!!! He marches around and drills the Shell Shock on Tensai!!!! 1....2....3! A big Feed Me More chant starts up as we cut off the air!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Contract Signing For TLC

We start off WWE Smackdown with General Manager Booker T in the ring he announces to start off Smackdown tonight Big Show and Sheamus are signing there contract for the TLC pay per view in the Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight title. Booker T then would announce each man down to the ring starting with Big Show followed by the challenger Sheamus. Both men would sit at the table as Booker T would over see things, Show and Sheamus would both stare each down before Sheamus signed the contract first and threw the pen down. Big Show would casually pick up the mic off the table and begin to speak. Asking Sheamus if he is truly ready for this match? That he may just be signing his career away... Big Show would smirk and ask if Sheamus has ever seen what a giant with a chair can do? "Don't you remember a few weeks ago how I dominated two men in a chairs match Sheamus? It really doesn't help that I do not like you at all either, and I plan on breaking you in half!" With that Big Show would lean forward grab a pen and sign the contract. Both men would then stand up face to face and talk trash to each other. Booker T would try and calm things down but it would just escalate with Big Show flipping the table over onto Sheamus and knocking Sheamus back and from there we would have a brawl. Show and Sheamus exchanging punches before Sheamus got the upper hand! He pushes Show back and goes for the Brogue Kick!!!! But Big Show catches it and delivers a vicious WMD knock out punch that puts Sheamus out cold! Big Show isn't done yet as he folds up a chair, Booker T trys to stop him but Big Show pushes him out of the way as Big Show begins to swing the chair right on Sheamus knee! Shot after shot after shot leaving Sheamus down and out. Big Show would laugh at the fallen and hurt Sheamus and leave the ring with his belt over his shoulder as the staff came to check on Sheamus.

Miz TV: With Alex Riley

Up next after we come back from commercial break, Miz TV set is all ready to go in the ring as out first came the host of the show, The Miz! The Miz got a pretty decent pop from the crowd as out walked the Miz. Miz would get into the ring and welcome everyone to the new must see television show on TV today, Miz TV! The fans would pop for that as Miz would talk about tonight's guest, his former protege Alex Riley. Miz would talk about his past with A-Ry a little bit and talk about Riley's recent come back to the WWE. With that Miz would introduce Alex Riley as Riley came out to a nice pop too. A-Ry was pretty pumped up and slapped hands with the fans as he came down. Once in the ring he offered his hand out to Miz and a handshake occured. Miz would ask A-Ry about his return to the WWE and what he wants to do here. Alex Riley would first say something before answering the question and he thanked the Miz. "The Miz trained me, he got me started into the WWE and taught me the ropes, even though we didn't end on the best of terms, I just want to say Miz, thank you for the help you have given me, it was a wild ride and hopefully only better times will come now that I'm back!" The fans would pop to this before A-Ry would start to answer the question.... A-Ry would begin to talk about working his way up the ladder and paying his dues in the WWE, but a moment or so after the music of Antonio Cesaro is heard as out walks Cesaro onto the ramp. Cesaro would laugh and asked "are you two love birds done with your moment?" Cesaro would go onto say no one cares about Miz TV, or what Alex Riley said so why are you out here? This time should be reserved celebrating a dominate multi-talented international superstar much like himself! The fans would boo as Miz would do his "reaaaallllyyy? reeeaallllyyy? bit" Miz would go on to talk about how this multi-talented athlete won't be having the shiny belt to wear around anymore after Sunday because it's coming back to United States where it belongs! As the fans would cheer.... Cesaro would go onto talk about how Miz isn't even on his level and that no American can beat him! It's a proven fact because no one has done so yet! Alex Riley would then jump in and make a challenge... "You know what Cesaro, week after week after week you come out here and run your mouth.... No one gives a DAMN about what you have to say. Hey Miz, why don't we take this class clown out for old times sake? How about it Cesaro? You find yourself a partner so me and The Miz can kick your ass!" The fans cheer loudly at this as Miz shakes his head Yes in approval and Cesaro yells down some things, seems like we got a match for later tonight!

Go Home And Rest Up

We come backstage where a commotion is happening, it's Sheamus tearing apart everything! Flipping tables, throwing chairs and all kinds of things. Sheamus is yelling for the Big Show, as Sheamus is also limping around as well. Sheamus keeps yelling for Big Show like a raged animal before Booker T comes and stops him. "Woo Woo Sheamus what are you doing man? Your in no shape to go fight Big Show." Sheamus still pissed tries to push Booker T out of the way but Booker stops him. "Sheamus stop dawg! Yo Sheamus listen to me... your in no shape to compete man. Infact, I'm sending you home right now. Go rest up." After a moment William Regal walks up, Sheamus friend...."Sheamus, go home , I got this I got a match with Big Show tonight. I'll get revenge for you sunshine." Sheamus just looks at both of them still trying to calm down.. as Booker would speak up again... "Sheamus you got a huge match in three days at the Pay Per View, don't get yourself even more hurt, go rest up, get well for Sunday and kick his ass on Sunday ya feel me dawg?" Sheamus just doesn't say a word and walks off, looks like he is heading home tonight as his buddy William Regal will face off against Big Show later on tonight.

Big Show vs William Regal

Before the match starts we see a video package showing Sheamus walking away with his bags in hand still with a little bit of a limp and into his car and drives away.
We would then cut to the ring as we watch both entrances of these two men as William Regal looks pissed and focused ready to attack the Big Show. The bell rings and Regal charges immediately catching Big Show off guard and begins to attack with some vicious punches the backs Big Show into the corner. Regal would then take his shoulder and drive it into the mid section of Big Show. Regal then would stand up on the top rope and start to punch down at Big Show as the fans counted the punches but Big Show used his strength and pushed Regal off and into the middle of the ring! From here, Big Show was pissed and would dominate William Regal. Big Show would pick up Regal for a nice body slam before dropping a big elbow drop right into the chest of Regal. Big Show would then pull him up and grab Regal by the throat and up for the chokeslam! Big Show didn't pin him though what is he doing? Show picks him up again for another Chokeslam! Regal is helpless in the ring. Show would keep the attack going and toss Regal into the corner and sit him up on the top rope as Regal is motionless, Big Show would then pick up Regal by the throat off the top rope for another vicious chokeslam!!!! Big Show would then make the pin 1....2....3! Show gets the win but he's not done yet. Show pushes the referee out of the way as Show slowly climbed out of the ring and grabbed a chair. What the hell is he going to do? Show would begin yelling "WHERE'S YOUR BUDDY SHEAMUS NOW HUH? HE'S NOT HERE TO SAVE YOU!" and with that Show delivered chair shot after chair shot to Regal's body. Show would get up and pose for the fans before another idea came into his head as he drug Regal's body over the counter and lifted him up into the corner. Regal still ain't moving. Show would take his good old time and he set the chair up right over Regals face. From there Big Show would step back...... WMD PUNCH AGAINST THE CHAIR INTO REGAL'S SKULL!!!!! Regal is out!!!! Medics and trainers rush to ringside as Big Show scares them off not letting them in before he decides to finally leave! Big Show walks up the ramp yelling into the camera... "SEE WHAT YOU DID SHEAMUS? YOU PISSED OFF A GIANT! SUNDAY.... THAT WILL BE YOU LEFT LAYING IN THE RING! YOU WANT A FIGHT, YOU GOT ONE!" Big Show pushes the cameraman away and leaves.

Getting The Tag Team Division Back!

After a commercial break we see Booker T with Theodore Long in his office, and also surronded by 4 sets of teams. International Airstrike, The Uso's, Prime Time Players, and Epico and Primo. Booker T would start off by saying "Right now the WWE Tag Team division it's not what it used to be, ya see I was apart of Harlem Heat, I know what it takes to be on top of the game in the Tag division... ya feel me? Now right here, you four teams your it man. Your the bright young future to the WWE Tag Team division. So tonight... right here on my show Smackdown I'm giving all four of you teams an opportunity... showcase yourself not only to me, not just the board of Directors, but to the entire WWE Universe. Show them what good Tag Team wrestling is all about dawg. Winner of this match, will receive #1 contendership to the WWE Tag Team titles against either Team Hell No or Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio! Good luck gentlemen." All four teams seem pumped up and excited for this opprinutiny.

Alex Riley and The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett : Kofi Kingston on Commentary

A match-up made earlier tonight first started off with Kofi Kingston coming out to do guest commentary once again here on Smackdown. Cesaro choose his partner to be Wade Barrett as both men came out followed by the team of Miz and A-Ry. Miz and A-Ry got great pops from the crowd as both men slid into the ring and attacked Cesaro and Barrett right away. Miz and Cesaro would exchange blows as Riley would clothesline Wade Barrett over the top ropes! The referee got things settled down leaving Miz and Cesaro, TLC opponents one on one in the ring. Miz and Riley would pretty well as a team as they have in the past, using a few double team moves and taking it to Cesaro and Barrett. Barrett would stick his nose in there during a pin attempt to break it up which started a melee. Barrett would end up hitting a Barrett Birage right into Miz's face that sent Miz down and out. From here Cesaro and Barrett picked on A-Ry and really took it to him. A double suplex followed up by a elbow drop from Barrett, and a leg drop from Cesaro. The match continued on as Barrett and Cesaro would cheat a little bit without the referee noticing and this angered Kofi at ringside, Kofi got up to get the referees attention on the apron as Barrett came over and him and Kofi started to argue. It distracted Cesaro and allowed Miz and A-Ry to get back into it. A-Ry delieverd a big drop kick to the back of Cesaro and sent Cesaro flying into Barrett! Barrett flew off the apron! From there A-Ry tagged a hot Miz in and Miz cleaned up on Cesaro, Miz then delievered a Skull Crushing Finale! Barrett would try and slide into the ring to break up the attempt, but Kofi Kingston held Barrett's leg! Miz got the pin 1....2....3! Miz and A-Ry pick up the win! Barrett was mad and went after Kingston but Kofi would deliver a spinning heel kick to the head of Barrett knocking him down! These two matches are going to be interesting at TLC!

Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

After the break we come back to Ricardo Rodriguez announcing his guy, Alberto Del Rio to the ring. R-Truth made his way out to the ring next and this one got started up. A real back and forth match with R-Truth doing some fancy moves including a spinning shoulder tackle right into ADR that knocked him down. ADR would be in the corner as R-Truth was ready to charge, Ricardo Rodriguez at ringside would grab Truth's ankle and trip him up! This allowed ADR get back into it and really go after R-Truth, working on the knee and ankle area of R-Truth. ADR would really focus on that part of Truth and lock on a few submission holds. Truth toughed it out though and would battle back in this match. Out from the back though, Randy Orton started to walk down to the ring slowly as the fans cheered, catching ADR off guard as he yelled and stared down Orton. R-Truth with the quick roll up!!! 1....2... KICK OUT! ADR survives the close one and battles back hitting a nice enzugurri to the back of the head of Truth. From there ADR stalked and waited for Truth to get up, BUT ORTON SLID INTO THE RING BEHIND ADR! He grabs ADR and turns him into a RKO!!!! The referee calls for bell. Orton would then begin to deliver a few kicks to the body of ADR before Ricardo Rodriguez would run in for the save but was met with an RKO as well! Orton would roll Del Rio out of the ring and over to the announcers table. Orton would slam ADR face first into the announcers table a few times before tearing apart the table. Orton rolled ADR up onto the table before getting up and standing on it, pulling ADR up with him..... RKO THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!!!!! What a move! The fans go wild as Orton stands above a fallen ADR with his boot on his chest. Orton grabs a microphone bending over looking right into the face of ADR....."Our match at TLC is not just going be a normal singles match.... oh no Alberto.... its me and you..... TABLES MATCH!" Orton throws the mic down and poses again before walking away.

The Usos vs. International Airstrike vs. Primetime Players vs. Epico and Primo

A match made by Smackdown GM Booker T earlier in the night to get this huge 4 Tag Team match started. With the winner being first in line to receive a shot at the Tag Team champs! All four teams were in the ring and this one was set to go. As you could imagine 8 men in one ring is bound for chaos and it started off that way. All these men hitting big moves early on trying to get that quick pin and a shot at the titles, the referee had to get this under control and finally would. This was a Elimination match so each team would have a fair shot at this one. The first elimination would occur with a The Uso's taking out Epico with there Alley Us finisher and getting the pin on Epico and thus taking them out of this match. The second pinfall would happen with Darren Young down in the middle of the ring as Justin Gabriel was up top attempting his 450 splash but Darren moved out of the way! Gabriel crashed stomach first and led to a quick pin from Darren Young 1...2...3! Two teams left! Darren Young and Titus O'Neil would talk strategy in the corner before this one started up to see who would get the shot. It would get wild with all four men back at in the ring, a lot of near close falls that had the fans up on there feet, with Titus and Darren trying out some double team moves, and the Uso's fighting back each time when they looked like they were out of it. This one would end badly though as Jimmy and Darren were going at it, from out of no where... The Shield hits the ring! All three memebers and just destroy all four members left in this match as the bell was called for! Why did the Shield interfere??? In the end this would lead to all three men hitting there finishing moves on three of the men, the forth of final man was Darren Young was subjected to Spike powerbomb that has been The Shield's finishing move! The fans would boo as the Shield posed and left through the crowd.

Doing This One For Cenation!

After our final break of the night, we cut backstage to see Scott Stanford standing by with John Cena! Stanford would ask Cena about his thoughts about tonight's match-up and how AJ was doing? Cena would reply with AJ is doing well still resting comfortably at home and thanks Scott for asking, he then moves onto tonight talking about how tonight he is going to defeat Dolph Ziggler in the middle of the ring, go on to TLC, climb that ladder and grab that Money in the Bank briefcase! He also realizes that if he does lose, he won't be in the title for a full calender year and he is ok with that. That is the risk he is taking.... "Bottom line Dolph, I got a lot on the line tonight, my career for the next year is on the line, or..... me possibly getting another shot at the World Title with the Money in the Bank briefcase!" Cena says he knows Dolph is one hell of a competitor and is on one incredible roll right now, he knows it will be tough but with the WWE Universe behind him, he knows he will get the job done!

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

It's now time for tonight's Main event with so much at stake. Cena would come down first to a thunderous ovation from the faithful here tonight, as well as Dolph getting a mixed reaction as well. Dolph holds tightly to his briefcase to his chest not wanting to let it go to the referee but finally gives it up as we are ready to roll. Dolph and Cena would lock up once and Cena would overpower Dolph pushing him into the corner and begin to deliver some punches to mid section. Cena would then move Dolph up to the top rope and try for a Superplex off the top rope this early! But Dolph fights out of it pushing Cena off, Dolph jumped off with a missile drop kick! Dolph for the quick pin 1....2... KICK OUT! Close one there as Dolph yells at the referee. Dolph would jump up immediatley doing a standing elbow drop getting huge air but Cena moved! This match was really back and forth the entire time, a big support system would start up for Cena followed by support for Dolph as well. The universe was so caught up in this moment it was really great television. Dolph Ziggler would be on Cena's back having locked in the Sleeper hold as Cena is fading down to his knees. The referee would lift Cena's arm twice only for it to fall but on the third Cena with the will of the WWE Universe behind him powered up and would swing Dolph over his back for a slam. Cena would then get fired up as Dolph would charge right into a clothesline, Dolph popped up right into the Killswitch side power bomb! Cena signals for the 5 knuckle shuffle..... CONNECTS! 1....2... KICK OUT! Cena can't believe it as this match would continue on... In the end of this one Cena would be in charge and would set Dolph up for Attitude Adjustment he's got'em up!... but Dolph slips out... ZIG ZAG!!!! CONNECTS! 1.....2.... KICK OUT! Cena kicked out of the Zig Zag. Dolph can't believe and gets up yelling at the referee kicking the ropes and losing focus, shouldn't of done that as Dolph turns around, right into Cena standing and ready for the STF, Drop toe hold into it! CENA'S GOT THE STF LOCKED IN! Dolph is fighting and clawing trying to get out of it... he crawls to the ropes... so close.... even closer... but Cena gets up and pulls him back into the middle of the ring and locks it back on. Dolph is screaming... Dolph taps!!! He tapped! Cena wins! Cena lets go and stands up and poses on the top rope! Cena's got a shot at the briefcase Sunday at TLC! TLC is this Sunday and what a epic PPV this is going to be! What a show!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


Team Hell No © vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara - WWE Tag Team Titles

We are welcome live to tonight's site for the PPV by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL at ringside. We kickoff tonight's PPV with the WWE Tag Team titles on the line as both teams made there way down to the ring, Kane and Daniel Bryan argued about who would start this match and these two have really been on a different planets lately. Kane would finally win over and start this match off against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio used his speed and quickness early on to gain the early advantage on Kane, but one high risk move after another was too much for Rey as Kane would catch him in mid air and slam him down for a body slam! 1...2.. kick out by Rey. Kane and Bryan would show some team unity in the early stages but it would quick falter as Bryan would start get taken to school by Rey who would deliver some swift kicks to the stomach area before Rey would run into the ropes and hit a running bulldog! Rey and Cara would trade tags in and out working on Daniel Bryan until Bryan got tossed into the ropes, Kane would slap Bryan hard on the back almost knocking him down as Kane would get into the ring and yell at Daniel to get out. Losing focus Kane would turn around into a diving Sin Cara who jumped onto Kane's shoulders, and into a hurricaranna! 1....2.. kick out by Kane! This match kept going back and forth but in the end of this one it would all down to some mis-communication from Kane and Bryan as they would try a double team move, as Bryan would be holding up Sin Cara up, Kane would run into the ropes for a running big boot to the face but Cara ducks and Daniel Bryan gets the foot to the dome! Kane can't believe what he did as Cara ran and tagged in Rey. Rey would run at Kane, leg drop to the knee sending Kane into the ropes laying there for the 619! CONNECTS! Rey would then go up top for the West Coast Pop! 1....2....3! New Tag Team champions! Rey and Sin Cara would get there new belts and celebrate leaving Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing with Bryan leaving Kane behind.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio - Tables Match

A big feud that has been going on for quite some time might be finally coming to a crashing end here tonight through a table no less! Both men made there ways to the ring as ADR had his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez at his side. This match started off in the ring with ADR and Orton exchanging some punches before Orton would hit a few uppercuts knocking ADR into the corner. From there Orton would go up and deliver 10 punches to the head as the fans counted them. Orton was fired up as the fans were really behind him, ADR would roll out of the ring and start walking up the ramp trying to get away only for Orton to chase him down as the two fought on the ramp. Orton and ADR would exchange punches before Orton would hit a kick to the gut and a DDT on the ramp! ADR was left out and dry but Orton would walk back down to the ring, going under the ring and pulling a table out. Orton would slide the table into the ring and set it up , ADR would come back down. ADR would grab Orton from behind and attempt to slam Orton through the table but Orton powered out with some elbows! The match continued on as both men were just brawling on the outside, ADR had Orton in a compromising position as he slammed him head first into the steel steps, from there ADR would pull apart the announcers table at ringside getting it set up to possibly put Orton through it, When he turned around he was met with Orton's right hand! Orton would toss ADR into the guard railing outside as ADR crashed into it. ADR would bring his focus back to Orton and the announcers table slamming Orton face first into the table, from there he pushed Orton onto it and got himself up there as well. Alberto would try for a pile driver through the table but Orton would reverse it! Lifting Del Rio up and over and off the table! ADR slams into the mat. Orton got off the table and threw ADR back into the ring. ADR was still hurting from the fall but quickly got back into it with Orton exchanging punches, but it led a to a quick kick to Orton's stomach, and a DDT! ADR would signal for the finish.... setting Orton up on the table in the ring, ADR went up top to the top rope and jumped off! BUT ORTON IS UP... RKO THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Orton wins! Orton looks at ADR's fallen body as Ricardo Rodriguez gets into the ring and checks on ADR who is out. Orton stares down Ricardo getting that look on his face, Ricardo is on his knees checking on his boss but oh no... Orton is setting up.... running.... BOOM! Punt kick to the head of Ricardo Rodriguez! Booker T banned Orton from doing that! Oh no what is going to happen with Orton now?

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston © - WWE Intercontinental Title

A big Interncontinental Title match here as these two men have been going at it for the past month trying to prove who is the better men and really bring this prestigious title back to it's glory days. Both men made there ways down to the ring and the bell rang for this contest. A good back and forth match the fans were obviously really behind Kofi, but Wade was ready, focused and prepared for a lot of Kofi's moves. Providing counter moves to a lot of them which really had Kofi frustrated. Kofi was really trying to steal the show and go for the quick ending's including a Big Trouble In Paradise which Wade ducked and turned into a vicious clothesline that flipped Kofi Kingston totally over and hard into the mat. Wade got the pin attempt but could only get a 2 count after that one. As this match went on Wade was in command as he had Kofi corned in the corner of the ring and started deliver some of his vicious bare knuckle punches to the face and mid section of Kofi which knocked Kofi down to his knees. Kofi was in some obvious pain from these big punches as Wade lifted Kofi and took him to top rope. Wade set him up there and went for a superplex off the top rope, but Kofi blocked it fighting with Wade and pushing him off! Wade landed feet first as Kofi jumped off with a diving forearm right to Wade! 1...2... kick out by Wade! Kofi can't believe it as he went back to work. Kofi would wait for Wade to stand up and deliver a nice standing drop kick that knocked Wade back down. Kofi would then attempt the Boom Drop going for it as the fans were behind him, he goes for it, but Wade moves as Kofi crashes down! Kofi hops back up and runs at Wade right into a huge tilt-a-whirl slam! 1.....2..... KICK OUT! Kofi just got out. The end of this match drew near as it was really back and forth Kofi tried for a quick roll up pin but Wade would get out of it. Kofi got Wade and drilled him with a few huge kicks to the mid-section, Kofi then goes for Trouble in Paradise again! But Wade ducks!, Kofi turns... RIGHT INTO A BARRETT BIRAGE!!! Kofi is out cold! 1....2....3! Wade wins! Wade's your new Intercontinental Champion! Wade would pose over a completely knocked out Kofi with the title belt held high.

Antonio Cesaro © vs. The Miz - WWE United States Championship

Up next is another championship match with Antonio Cesaro defending his WWE US title against The Miz. Miz got a huge reaction from the crowd before Cesaro came down. Cesaro would cut a promo on his way down to the ring claiming that these fans are lucky to have a foreign star such as himself represent the United States with this title! The fans would boo as Cesaro would once again tell us how No American born superstar, much like the Miz can't defeat him one on one and tonight he will prove it again! With that Cesaro would slide into the ring but Miz was there and attacked! Miz was on the offensive early on putting the boots to Cesaro and keeping him down on the ground. Miz would then sit on Cesaro's back locking on a crossface type submission hold. Cesaro would eventually power out and stand up delivering elbows to Miz's mid section , tossing Miz into the ropes into a big hip toss from Cesaro. Cesaro would battle back getting Miz into the corner and start delivering some hard european upper cuts to Miz knocking Miz back. Miz would eventually reverse it tossing Cesaro back into the corner and deliver some vicious rights. Miz would lift Cesaro up top, and set him up for a superplex that he nails! 1...2... Cesaro kicks out. These two kept battling here inside the ring, as Cesaro took control now, Cesaro would toss Miz into the ropes as Miz came flying back Cesaro picked him up and dropped Miz throat first on the ropes, Miz was holding his throat and came walking back into a Neutralizer! but Miz slips out of it! Miz would really start to turn it on now in the end as Cesaro charged and Miz met him with a knee to the stomach and Miz would then pick him up for a backbreaker! Miz is getting close signaling for the Skull Crushing Finale! Miz awaits Cesaro to get up and he does, he sets him up for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cesaro battles out and goes for a wild elbow but Miz ducks it and hits the referee! The referee is down!!! Miz then goes for the Skull Crushing Finale again and hits it!!! ... But no referee!!! The referee is up, Miz trys to wake the referee up but IT'S THE SHIELD!!!! THE SHIELD HITS THE RING AS THEY PUT THE BOOTS TO MIZ! MIZ IS DOWN AND TRYING TO BLOCK THE SHOTS BUT IT'S TO MUCH! The gang beat down would continue before Reigns calls for the Powerbomb as Ambrose and Rollins lift up Miz and into Reigns... SPIKE POWERBOMB! Miz is out as Cesaro just looks on, the Shield leaves the ring and through the crowd as Cesaro would pull the referee over, he makes the pin.....1.....2.....3! Cesaro picks up the win! Cesaro grabbed his belt and held it high , why did the Shield attack the Miz though?!?!

Proving Why He Is The Best In The World

We cut backstage after the match to see Josh Matthews standing by with Paul Heyman and WWE Champion CM Punk. Josh asks how is Punk feeling before his big match against Ryback, in the TLC match. Punk would laugh a little before saying he is confident, infact he is very confident. He has beaten Ryback the last two months, and that won't be changing tonight. "Josh, how quickly you and everyone else forgets that I am the only two time Money in the Bank winner in this company's history, and I am also the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era! But yet I still get no respect? There's only one thing I can do Joshua, and that is what I do best, beat the respect out of people. Tonight, I will beat the respect out of Ryback, and then I will climb that ladder and continue my reign as champion!" Paul Heyman would jump in and comment about Ryback never being in a ladder match before, and he demanded this match? "Ryback is going up against The Best in the World tonight Josh, Ryback has no idea what he is getting into because my client CM Punk, will prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is the Best in the World and maybe just maybe, finally... people will give this man the respect he deserves!" With that Punk and Heyman would walk away.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler - Money in the Bank Briefcase

A big rivalry that has brewed on the last couple weeks come to clash tonight between John Cena and The Showoff Dolph Ziggler. Both men made there way down to the ring as Cena would get a mixed reaction much like Dolph would get as the fans are clearly behind both men. Once the bell rang, Ziggler would slide right out of the ring and go for the ladder but Cena wouldn't let that happen so fast as he would take Ziggler by the head and slam him face first into one of the ladder that was already standing up. Cena and Dolph would battle on the outside trading shots, and throwing each other in the objects on the outside. Finally after a few minutes Cena would gain control dragged Dolph back into the ring. Cena was in complete control now as Dolph would swing with a punch only for Cena to duck and turn it into his Killswitch Powerbomb! Here it is! 5 Knuckle Shuffle! Connects! Dolph is down as Cena would slide outside and bring a ladder in with him. Cena would begin to set the ladder up and make his climb but Dolph would follow up the otherside as both men exchanged punches. Eventually Dolph would bounce Cena's head off the ladder as Cena would fall off. Dolph jumped down and went to work on Cena. The match raged on both men trading shots still as Dolph would eventually get a second ladder into the ring now. Cena would hit a clothesline on Dolph and knows he needed to keep him down. Cena is going high risk to the top rope! Cena jumps off for a leg drop but Dolph rolls out of the way! Dolph had the ladder set up in the corner as he pulled Cena up he tossed him face first into the ladder as Cena crashed into it and laid against it. Dolph would run into and hit a running drop kick right into Cena's head! The force would send the ladder bouncing off the ropes and land right ontop of a fallen Cena! Dolph would take the opportunity setting up the ladder and making the climb. Dolph was slow and hobbled and it allowed Cena to get up, Cena grabbed the other ladder and picked it up and drove the end of it into Dolph's exposed hip area. This knocked Dolph finally as Cena tried to climb the ladder back up. Then out of the back comes AJ Lee!!!! AJ makes her way down to the ring as Cena looks on, wondering what she is doing out here as she watches from ringside cheering on John. The distraction allowed Dolph to get up... Dolph would go to the top rope and jumped off, getting enough air to grab Cena by the neck..... ZIG ZAG OFF THE LADDER!!!!!! BOTH MEN CRASH INTO THE MAT! A big "HOLY SHIT!" chant starts up as both men are down. Both men struggle to get up as they finally do, the ladder is still set up in the ring, Dolph would pick the other one up and set it up right next to it. Dolph would begin taunting AJ at ringside after his huge high risk move which only pissed AJ off. Meanwhile, behind Dolph who is not paying attention Cena is climbing the ladder and he's almost at the top! Dolph and AJ would continue talking trash, and AJ smacks Dolph across the face as AJ distracted him long enough to allow Cena to get to top of the ladder and reaching! But the force of the slap sent Dolph back into the ladder, THE LADDER IS WOBBLING.... IT'S GOING OVER.... CENA CRASHES INTO THE MAT HARD!!!!! AJ holds her mouth in shock as Cena is down and Cena's body rolled to the outside and he is down. Dolph realizes what has happened and Dolph grabs the other ladder, sets it up and climbs. Cena still hasn't moved! Dolph grabs the briefcase! Dolph keeps the briefcase!!!! Dolph celebrates getting a huge victory, as AJ goes to check on a fallen John Cena, doctors and agents come to help Cena who is still out. AJ still can't believe what happened.

Eve Torres © vs. Kaitlyn - WWE Divas Title

A feud that has gone on for a few months, with Eve who supposedly attacked Kaitlyn to get this Diva's Title match in the first place, which allowed Eve to win the title might now finally becoming to a head. Eve has been teaming with Tamina Snuka lately which has been a real thorn in Kaitlyn's side. Some have to wonder if Kaitlyn is even 100% for this match. Both ladies started this one off with some great women's wrestling. Kaitlyn using her power would hit a nice snap suplex on Eve for a 1....2... kick out by Eve. Eve battled back though and would get Kaitlyn down after a drop kick sending Kaitlyn down on her knees against the ropes. Eve would use the ropes to choke out Kaitlyn a little bit and was even pulling on her hair. The referee stopped that quickly as we continued on. Eve really dominated this match up, and took it to Kaitlyn, doing a nice headlock pushing Kaitlyn to the ground and held the lock in, Eve would use the ropes for leverge but the referee would make her break the hold. Eve just waited for Kaitlyn to get up and hit a couple boots the Kaitlyn's mid section. Eve would then wait for Kaitlyn to get up and goes for her Neck breaker finisher, but Kaitlyn slips out of it, quick roll up pin....1......2.....3!!!! Kaitlyn wins! Kaitlyn wins the WWE Diva's Title! Kaitlyn wins her first Diva's title as she celebrates in the ring. Very happy and excited as she poses on the top ropes as Eve looks on not looking to happy.

Sheamus vs. Big Show © - World Heavyweight Title - Chairs Match

The World Title is on the line in a chairs match now as Sheamus will try and win back his title from The Big Show. Both men made there way down to the ring, Sheamus had his knee wrapped up from the brutal assault Big Show gave him on Smackdown. walking with a slight limp. Once in the ring this match-up started as both men would lock up, Show would power through and push Sheamus back, making Sheamus tumble over backwards and tweak his knee a little as he held it. This gave Big Show the advantage as he now went to attack the injured knee, giving it some boots, before spreading Sheamus legs and doing some elbow drops to the inside knee of Sheamus! Sheamus was holding his knee in pain allowing Show to slide to the outside and under the ring grabbing a couple chairs from under the ring and tossed two of them into the ring. Show would climb back in as Sheamus was still down, Show picked up a chair with a smile on his face and went to attack Sheamus but Sheamus delivered a low blow kick to the groin! Show dropped the chair and dropped to his knees allowing Sheamus to pull himself up. From there Sheamus grabbed the chair and slammed in into the back of Big Show a few times! The fans were going wild as Sheamus made a quick pin 1....2.. kick out. Sheamus would wait for Show to get back up and tried to drive the end of the chair into Show's stomach but Show would block it and hit Sheamus with a few punches knocking him back into the corner. Show walked over and told the crowd to Shhhhh as he smacked his bare hand against Sheamus chest as hard as he could a few times leaving some big red marks on Sheamus chest. Sheamus would fall to the mat as Show would take advantage now and pick the chair up and swings it at Sheamus back a few times cracking into Sheamus back! Sheamus is def. hurting as Show poses. Show then sets the chair up unfolded and sitting up, he pulls up Sheamus and brings him over by the chair....he grabs him by the throat... chokeslam!, Sheamus slips out of it though and kicks Show in the stomach and turns him into a DDT head first into chair! The chair just about smashes on the seat as Show hit hard. Sheamus goes for the pin 1....2... Kick out! The match continued on both men just absolutely beating the hell out of each other, Show tried to focus on Sheamus knee/leg area trying to weaken Sheamus but Sheamus would keep fighting back. Sheamus would finally hit Show with some solid chair shots knocking him down, Sheamus waited for Show to get up... BROGUE KICK!!!! BUT HE MISSES! Show turns him around.... WMD KNOCKOUT!!!!! CONNECTS! Sheamus is out! Show can win it here but he decides he wants to punish Sheamus some more! Show then delivers some big chair shots to the knee of Sheamus. Sheamus is still woozy from that chair shot and you can see it. Big Show then would stand on the knee with all his weight on Sheamus posing to the fans as Sheamus rives in pain. Big Show had a chair in hand and waited for Sheamus to get up to deliver one final knock out shot.... Sheamus slowly pulled himself up.... Big Show charges..... BROGUE KICK OUT OF NO WHERE!!! THE CHAIR SHOW WAS CRASHING GOT KICKED RIGHT INTO HIS SKULL!!! Sheamus makes the pin....1.....2.....3! Sheamus wins! The crowd goes nuts as Sheamus regains his World Title as he poses and Big Show is out cold!

CM Punk © vs. Ryback - TLC Match -WWE Championship Match

Our main event for the night CM Punk and Ryback for the WWE Title in a TLC match! Punk and Ryback both made there ways down to the ring as the title was held way above the ring. The bell rang as Ryback and Punk circled each other in the ring, then Punk bailed sliding out of the ring and started talking strategy with Paul Heyman. This made Ryback pissed as it made him wait, Ryback couldn't take it anymore and chased Punk around the ring, Punk slid into the ring so did Ryback but Punk was up and delivered some kicks to Ryback while he was down. This is how Punk took the early advantage on the big monster Ryback. Ryback would sit up on his knees as Punk tried to kick him in the head by Ryback caught his leg and he pushed Punk backwards flipping him over just about. Ryback then stood up and charged.... MEAT HOOK CLOTHESLINE! Punk just about folded up like a lawn chair there. Ryback started a big "FEED ME MORE!" chant as the fans really got behind Ryback. Ryback went to the outside grabbed a chair and tossed in, then grabbed a table and set it up on the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, Punk tried to get to his feet as Ryback slid back in and would toss Punk to the outside. Ryback would take Punk and throw him into the guard railing. Ryback was fired up and would pull up Punk....he lifted Punk up.. he's got him in the Shell Shock! He's going to try and Shell Shock him through that table, but Punk fights out of it! Punk slips off the back of Ryback and Punk would push Ryback over the table as Ryback flipped over landing on his head. Punk would laugh and pull up on Ryback and began with a few punches to the head and slammed his head into the table a few times as he laid against it. Ryback looks like he is out as Punk goes up to the top ropes! Punk jumps off!!! BUT RYBACK MOVES!!!! PUNK CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Ryback is still a little slow as Punk is down. Ryback has to grab a ladder and bring it into the ring which he does. Ryback sets it up and begins the slow climb to the top.... Punk crawls into the ring slowly as Ryback is almsot at the top. Ryback is reaching for the title but Punk grabs the ankle, Punk would yank Ryback down and would slam Ryback face first into the ladder sending Ryback down and into the corner. Punk would take the ladder and fold it and drove the end of it into the mid section and face of Ryback multiple times! Punk would then set the ladder up infront of the face of Ryback... step back.. and run into it with a drop kick! Ryback is down! Punk and Ryback would continue this awesome battle trading shot after shot, using the chair and ladders as weapons on each other. As the match went on it was just shot trading pretty much until much closer to the end, Ryback would have two tables set up in the ring now as he would pull Punk up for a Powerbomb but Punk punches him in the face forcing Ryback to drop Punk down, Punk would kick Ryback in the stomach.... G.T.S!!!! NAILS IT!!!! Punk hits the Go To Sleep... Punk then grabbed the ladder and set it up and made the climb as Ryback was out. Punk slowly set up the ladder and began the climb as he got half way Ryback started to awake... Ryback begins to climb the ladder... Ryback in on the other side as Punk reaches for the belt Ryback hits him with some punches. The men battle on top of the ladder until Ryback slams Punks head into the top of the ladder, but Punk pulls the ladder to the side... oh no its going over....... BOTH MEN CRASH THROUGH THE SAME TABLE!!!!! Another "HOLY SHIT" chant starts up as both men are down and out. These men would be out for a little bit before crawling to there feet again...Ryback is the one who makes it to his feet first seeing Punk still down he sets the ladder up again and begins the climb, Heyman at ringside yelling to Punk to get up as Punk starts to move... Ryback is so close, climbing slowly, but Punk begins to shake the ladder, but Ryback wisely moves down the ladder to avoid falling and meets Punk lower on the ladder as the two begin to battle, Ryback would eventually push Punk off and down as Ryback climbed again... Ryback reaches for the title... he's within fingertips!!! BUT PUNK'S GOT A CHAIR AND SLAMS IT INTO THE SPINE OF RYBACK MULTIPLE TIMES! Punk knows Ryback down off the ladder but he knows he has to do something to keep this man down.... Punk delivers a few more shots to his body with the chair before picking him up and dragging him ontop of the other table that was set up by Ryback earlier in the ring... Punk lays Ryback on top of it, Punk still has the chair in hand and goes up top.... ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP, USING THE CHAIR UNDER HIS ELBOW AND DRIVES RYBACK THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE HUGE ELBOW DROP! Ryback is out! Punk still staggers to his feet and begins the slow climb up the ladder.... Ryback is still out, as Punk reaches the top of the ladder and reaches for the belt.... Punks got it!!!! Punk is still WWE Champion. Ryback is still completely out what a match! What a brutal match, Ryback gave it everything he had but Punk outsmarted him a few times!

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Re: WWE 2012 And Beyond: My Way


The Chairman Makes The Champion Fight

We kick off this Monday Night RAW with the still reigning WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman making there way down to the ring. Punk with a smirk on his face posed as the fans booed before grabbing a microphone. Punk would begin to tell the fans how he did it, no excuses, no run in's, no help and proved why he is the Best in the World. "I gave Ryback his first actual loss, though I do admit it was a tough battle, I proved without a shadow of a doubt why I am the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era!" The fans would boo again as Punk continued on talking about how at TLC he earned the respect of everyone but yet you people and the people in the back still don't give me the respect I deserve and that is crap! The fans would boo again some more but then a very familar music would hit..... "NO CHANCE" is heard as out walks the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon! Vince gets a huge ovation as he struts to the ring. Punk and Heyman just look on rolling there eyes as McMahon makes his way into the ring. McMahon grabbed a microphone and said he didn't think Punk could do it but he congratulated Punk on his victory at TLC. Punk just shook his head not acknowledging Mr. McMahon at all. Mr. McMahon would continue on... "You know CM Punk, for the last weeks you have came out here and DEMANDED respect from the WWE Universe and everyone else.... Well look Punk I think I know a way you can get some respect tonight.... I think you should have WWE Championship match here tonight!" Punk and Heyman go nuts asking Vince if he is nuts and crazy? "I just fought in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Vince, are you going delusional again??? I'm the WWE Champion! I shouldn't have to defend my title 24 hours later after a TLC match you are nuts!" Vince would just laugh and then ask for Vickie Guerrero to come on out! As Vickie would make her way down to the ring and into the ring. "Now Vickie, don't you think it would be a good idea for CM Punk to defend his WWE Championship tonight here on RAW?" Vickie would just look on and smile at Vince trying to please the Chairman... "uhhhh yes Mr.McMahon I think that would be a great idea!" CM Punk is furious now he throws his WWE title down in disgust and begins to ask Vickie what the hell is she thinking? "Now Vickie, do you have any ideas on who should face CM Punk here tonight?"..... "Well Mr. McMahon.... how about.... Dolph Ziggler? I mean he did win last night!"... The fans would boo at this as Mr. McMahon would quickly remind Vickie that Dolph is already booked in a match tonight. "No Mr.McMahon we could change the match! I think Dolph would be a great opponent!" Vince would respond with No Vickie, Dolph will not be competing in this match.... How about Dolph's opponent from last night?" Vickie would say the words.. "JOHN CENA?!?!" Vince would reply... "YES! That's it Vickie! John Cena! John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship tonight!" Vince would smile at Punk as Punk gave him a death look and Vince left the ring! We got a huge main event tonight!

Team Co-Bro vs. Prime Time Players

Our first match-up the night was between two young upcoming Tag Teams trying to stick there noses into this WWE Tag Team championship hunt that has really started to heat up as of late. So many good young teams out there and here was two of them. This match started off with with PTP double teaming on Santino Marella a lot, even cheating a little here and there with illegal tags, and Titus giving his partner some extra leverge holding his arm and pulling him towards there corner to make a hold hurt even more. In the end though, Santino would battle back and make the hot tag into a ready to go Zack Ryder who just cleaned house, throwing punches to both D.Young and Tituts before taking them and smashing there heads together, meanwhile Zack and Santino would signal to each other, Santino pulled out the Cobra and put it on, and cocked it and ready to unleash it hitting Titus O'Neil with the Cobra strike! Zack Ryder at the same hit DY with the Rough Ryder and into a pin. 1....2...3! Huge win for Team Co-Bro to get themselves back in the hunt!

You Will Find Out Why I Am Awwweeesssoommmmmeeee!

Coming back from a break we hear the music of The Miz hit as out walks The Miz from the back in a suit with a great reaction from the crowd. The Miz would get into the ring, he looks like he is not playing around tonight and in a serious mood. The Miz would start off talking about his match with Antonio Cesaro at TLC. Miz said he was destined to become WWE United States Champion again BUT.....The Shield made there presence felt again but why me? With that a voice could be heard laughing a little , it was Seth Rollins from The Shield walking down the ramp with a microphone. "Miz, Miz, Miz why did we attack you? Well it's quite simple Miz, We don't like you! Miz the reality TV star, turned Wrestler. You see Miz your not a lifer like Me, like Dean, like Roman.... you were just given this. You didn't put in the blood, the sweat, the tears, all the pain of traveling around this country earning very little money to do this. You think you can just be like The Rock come in here, wrestle for a little bit, then go make movies and return a hero each time? NO! We will not let that happen on our watch!" Miz would begin his "Really... Reaallllyyy" bit before speaking up to that comment saying that he is WWE through and through, just because he made one movie still doesn't mean I won't defeat you in the middle of this ring. You three cowards had to attack me from behind at TLC, so why don't me and you next week, right here on RAW one on one. Seth Rollins vs The Miz! And I will show you why I am AWWWWWEEEESSSSOOMMMMMEEEEEEEE!" with that Rollins would smirk ... "You asked for it.... don't say I didn't warn you...." Rollins would laugh and walk back up the ramp as Miz was left in the ring pondering what that last statement meant.

Alex Riley vs. Tensai

The returning Alex Riley back in action again this time he has a mountain of a man in Tensai in his way. It would not be smooth sailing for A-Ry in this one as the bigger Tensai would really power his way into some huge moves on A-Ry. Tensai would hit a few clotheslines on A-Ry before throwing him into the corner. Tensai backed up and hit a huge running splash right into A-Ry that just had to take the wind out of A-Ry. A-Ry would come back in this one and hit a nice standing drop kick to Tensai that sent the big man down. A-Ry would hit a few elbow drops on Tensai and keeping the big man grounded. Tensai would not go down without a fight though coming back and hitting a huge Spine Buster on A-Ry! Tensai would back up and go for his big splash but A-Ry rolls out of the way. A-Ry would wait for Tensai to get up and would drill him with his Final Score finishing move into a pin! 1...2...3! Huge win for Alex Riley as A-Ry is on big roll right now!

I'm Sorry About What Happened

We cut backstage to see John Cena in his lockeroom, his rib cage area is bandaged up after his hard fall from TLC off the ladder at the end of the match. In walks AJ Lee into the picture checking on John Cena . "John how are you feeling? I can't begin to tell you how horrible I feel! I'm so sorry that you lost your match and that it was because of me really!" John gives AJ his smile and responds by saying it's alright and he's fine. He's just a little banged up but nothing he can't handle.... AJ would continue on... "I just HATE Dolph Ziggler, with all this stuff with him, and Vickie Guerrero just trying to pry into our business. It just got the best of me and I'm sorry!" Cena would respond by telling AJ to not worry about it.... "Though AJ you shouldn't be really getting up on the ring like that, with what happened with Big Show, and this incident at TLC , I don't mind if you come down for my matches just should probably stay off the apron!" John would laugh a little but AJ would get that crazy look on her face.... "What are you trying to say John?" John sees the look and just avoids the question...."Nothing dont worry about it, I got a big match with CM Punk tonight and I need to get ready for that!" John would smile and lean down and kiss AJ once before leaving.

The Show Stealer Has His Eyes On The Prize

After a commercial break we come back to see Josh Matthews in the back standing by with Dolph Ziggler. Josh would ask Dolph about his big win at TLC against John Cena and his tag team match tonight with him and The Big Show to team up against Ryback and Sheamus! Dolph would smirk with his big TLC win on his mind first, showing off his briefcase to Josh.... "You see this Josh, this is my big ticket. At TLC it was my TIME to steal the show and the spotlight away from John Cena and I did exactly what I promised! Dolph would smirk and laugh... "Oh and AJ... thanks for the little assistance! .... Now as for tonight goes, Sheamus you need to keep your eyes open at all times, because in just a moments notice, I can come down with this briefcase and steal the show like I always do!" Dolph would continue on talking about Sheamus and how he is so focused on Big Show , he needs to have his focus on me. "You know what though Sheamus if you don't want to have your focus on me? Tonight I'm going to give you a reason to focus on me! The next World Heavyweight Champion!" With that Dolph would walk away.

An Open Challenge

We cut back out to the arena as the music of the WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro walked out to the ring with a microphone. He talked about TLC and how one of your American Born Superstars couldn't beat me yet again at TLC! The fans would boo to this as Cesaro laughed a little. "Tonight I throw out the challenge to any American Born Superstar to defeat me one on one in this ring... If you do defeat me then the next week I will give that same superstar a shot at my WWE United States championship!"

Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay

With that Cesaro would wait in the ring until the lights went out for Brodus Clay's entrance! Brodus came down and accepts the open challenge of Cesaro. Once in the ring this match started off and Cesaro tried to over power the big man but Brodus was having none of it and hit him with a huge head butt. Clay took the early advantage hitting a big body slam on Cesaro into the mat and then Clay would run into the ropes and come back with a leg drop that connected! 1....2... kick out by Cesaro! That was close! As the match went on the champion came firing back on all cylinders, hitting Brodus with some stiff uppercuts and knocking the big man back. Cesaro would be on outside of the ropes and springboard himself into a big shoulder tackle right into Brodus. Cesaro would finish the job as he actually got Brodus up for the Neutralizer! Connects! 1...2...3! Cesaro with the big win as he would pose with his belt over a fallen Brodus Clay.

Tag Team Problems!

We cut backstage to see Daniel Bryan walking back and forth, Kane with his head down as Daniel Bryan started to scold him. "YOU LOST THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Not me! Your the one who got pinned... and... and.... you hit me with a boot to the face! What do you have to say for yourself huh?" Kane still with his head down.... "I'm sorry Daniel...." Bryan would end up replying with ... "NO....NO......NO.....NO....NO!" Kane would lift his head finally and tell Daniel he already feel's bad enough and he is sorry. Daniel looking him over and mad would reply with ... "We still get our championship re-match clause to use. I plan on cashing it in on Friday night for Smackdown, you better be on your A game and no more screw ups or else!" Bryan would storm off mad as Kane was left still shaking his head.

Big Show and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Ryback

A huge tag team match-up here as all four men made there way down to the ring for this one. Once in the ring Big Show told Dolph to get in the corner as Big Show was pretty pissed off about losing still, Big Show would call for Sheamus to start this one as Sheamus wouldn't back down. These two men would brawl to start the match exchanging punches before Show would knee Sheamus in the gut, pushing Sheamus back into the corner Show would deliver some vicious slaps to the chest. Show would then whip Sheamus across the ring into the corner where Ryback as was as Ryback would tag himself in and stand infront of Big Show. Big Show would talk some trash asking if he wants some of him? Ryback just licks his lips and charges! MEAT HOOK CLOTHESLINE THAT TOOK BIG SHOW OFF HIS FEET! Big Show pops up and is stunned, falling back in the corner as he would be in the corner Dolph was in and Dolph tagged himself in! Dolph would charge at Ryback but Ryback would duck the clothesline attempt as Dolph came running back into a belly to belly suplex. Ryback would begin to dominate a little bit, and him and Sheamus would team up on Dolph Ziggler, as Ryback made the tag, Sheamus and Ryback did a double suplex on Dolph sending Dolph crashing to the mat in pain. Sheamus would quickly wait and begin to pound his chest looking for the Brogue Kick.... Dolph would get up and duck the kick and run to the corner and tag in Big Show! Big Show came in and was ready this time. Sheamus and Show continued on this brawl as they would spill to the outside. Battling to the outside as Big Show threw Sheamus into the steel post. Show would call out Ryback to telling him he's next as Ryback would jump down and come after Big Show the two men stared each other down before exchanging punches! Ryback would over power the big giant! Ryback would toss Big Show into the steel steps. The referee regained order and back in the ring it would be Dolph and Sheamus now as Dolph was working on Sheamus injured knee. Hitting a few kicks before applying a hold to his leg working on the knee. Dolph would yank back hard trying to get him to tap before Ryback would break it up! Big Show would get in the ring and charge at Big Show, Ryback would duck and pull the ropes down sending Big SHow over the top rope!!!! Ryback is getting the best of Big Show as Ryback pulled up Dolph Ziggler and picked him up for the Shell Shock!!! Connects! Sheamus would then slowly get up and pound his chest waiting for Dolph to get back up .... BROGUE KICK!!!! Sheamus makes the pin 1....2....3! Big win for Sheamus and Ryback, could we be seeing the start of two new rivalry's?

Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox - WWE Diva's Title

The brand new Diva's Champion is in action defending her title as Kaitlyn got a great pop from the crowd as Alicia Foxx was in the ring awaiting her already. This one was a quick match-up with Alicia getting in a few nice moves on Kaitlyn but the new WWE Diva's Champion had something to prove, that she really did deserve this title and took over. Hitting a nice snap suplex on Alicia. Alicia was down in pain as Kaitlyn would pull her up and hit a nice body slam on Alicia making sure she stayed down as Kaitlyn would lock on her submission move the Lotus Lock and force Alicia to tap out! Kaitlyn successfully defends her title for the first time!

CM Punk © vs. John Cena - WWE Championship Match

A huge main event for tonight that was made by Vince McMahon and Vickie Guerrero just 24 hours removed from his big TLC victory over Ryback, CM Punk is forced to defend his title against John Cena tonight. Punk came down first with Paul Heyman at his side, a look of disgust on Punks face still as the fans booed him. Once in the ring he awaited the arrival of John Cena as a pumped up Cena came out to the roar of the crowd. Cena would run down to the ring and get in and we were ready to start this main event WWE Title match! Cena and Punk would start with a lock up and Punk would deliver a few knees to the gut of Cena's wrapped injured ribs. Cena down holding his ribs as Punk would deliver some vicious kicks right to the rib area that forced Cena to roll out of the ring and regain himself. Punk made the referee count to 10, and at 8 Cena would roll back in! From there Punk would mainly focus on the rib area of John Cena and attack it. Heyman yelling things to Punk at ringside as Punk kept the focus right on the rib area as he locked up Cena in a bear hug. A new move Punk hasn't used before but wanted to squeeze the air right out of Cena. These attacks and focus kept on for a while but Cena would fight back as the Universe came to life behind him. Cena would come up with a huge clothesline, and another, and another knocking Punk down! Cena was on a little bit of a roll now as Punk popped back up and ran into a back body drop as Cena ducked and flung him over. Punk would then go to the outside and recover for a few moments but it would also Cena recover too. Once back in the ring this match continued on as Punk would strike back with some standing kicks to the rib area again. From there Punk would go for the G.T.S.! He has him up but Cena slides out, and turns Punk into a DDT! Both men are down as the referee would count both men until they both stood up, Punk would fire a huge right hand but Cena ducks, into a Killswitch side powerbomb! HERE IT IS! 5 KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!!! But as Cena came running back Punk slid back out of the ring. Cena would give chase now and would catch Punk from behind who wasn't expecting it and Cena would toss Punk into the steel steps! Cena was getting fired up now, picking Punk back up and tossing him back in the ring. Cena would pick up Punk again and hit another Killswitch! Cena then does it again..5 Knuckle Shuffle! Connects!!! Cena then signals for the Attitude Adjustment as he stands back and waits for Punk to get up..... Waiting.....Waiting .... BUT THERE'S THE SHIELD! FROM OUT OF THE STANDS THE SHIELD HITS THE RING AND ATTACKS CENA AND CALLS FOR THE BELL!!! The Shield is stomping the life out of Cena and his rib area, delivering some punches too. Cena was just getting mauled as Punk sat in the corner just watching the beating, but then THE MUSIC OF THE MIZ HIT! HERE COMES THE MIZ!!!! Miz hits the ring and takes out Roman Reigns first with a huge clothesline over the top rope.... Miz turns and takes Dean Ambrose who is charging grabs him by the head and tosses him over the top rope!!!! Then it's Miz and Seth Rollins! Rollins and Miz circle each other for a moment before Rollins charges, Miz ducks and turns and kicks Rollins in the gut , turns him around... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!! CONNECTS!!!! Reigns would grab Rollins leg and pull him out of the ring as Miz is fired up, wanting more of The Shield! Cena would eventually get up as him and Miz would stand next to each other as The Shield was up at the top of the ramp walking away, CM Punk at the bottom of the ramp all retreating as Miz saves the day and the show goes off the air.

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