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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2012: Ever Better

Hello all! Been reading this thread for a while! Wanted to start my own thread to be the booker!. So here is a bit of background:

Vince McMahon decided that at the end of 2011, after a tough 2-3 years booking wise, he needed to step away. Knowing that Triple H and Steph would object to anyone else from the inner circle being put in total control, he decided to give the fans a chance. After a long search for someone who could make the right choices. He settled on a man called Ryan Condred to be the main booker of the WWE. People were not happy, but they went with it, Vince still having final say on who ran the company. The night after TLC, the new era began:
I wont list the roster because its the same as it is at the minute. All tag teams and Stables are also the same. I will let you know about any firings ect. There will be updates to update you guys on big events. Here are your Champions:

WWE: CM Punk

WHC: Big Show

Intercontinental: Kofi Kingston

US Champ: Antonio Cesaro

Tag Team: Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)

Divas: Eve Torres

SmackDown is the first show, should be up soon!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2012: Ever Better

-Few notes before i start. I will be using graphics when i can, mostly for Logos and stuff. Maybe down the road superstars, but for now. Keeping it basic. Also, take this show as a reboot of sorts, storylines have happened but some stuff, ala: JR and JBL on SmackDown commentary is new but is a small thing.

WWE Smackdown

Jim Ross and JBL welcome us to the show. They are talking about Sunday nights PPV and how tonight is going to be a huge night in the WWE. JBL starts going on that he thinks something is going to happen tonight, he feels it. As JR goes to agree, he is interrupted by Wade Barretts music coming over the PA. He steps out to the ramp with a smug look on his face. Making his way to the ring with a chorus of boos he steps into the ring.

To Start a Fire

Wade stands for a moment soaking in the boos. He says that he loves it. That this is what he wants. But tonight he is not here for this, he is after someone. He wants him badly. This man has had everything handed to him from the moment he joined the WWE. Barrett has had to fight and scrape to get here, from bare knuckle fights to wrestling in tiny arenas in front of 100 people for 20 bucks. He has proven himself. Time for this man to do the same. He drops the mic and leaves the ring too boos.

JR: What the hell was that about?

JBL: I don't know, but what i do know is that i like Barrett, and when he says he is going to do something. He normally does it.

JR: Well i don't like it...

JBL: He probably don't like you JR!

JR: Point taking, we have out opening match of the night coming up!
Antonio Cesaro vs. Evan Bourne

As soon as the bell rings Cesaro is all over Bourne, Using all his offense to wear him down. As Cesaro goes for clothesline, Bourne ducks it and hits a dropkick, dropping Cesaro down. Bourne then hits the ropes and delivers a kick to the chest as Cesaro tries to stand. Bourne, sensing that momentum is with him, signals for the crowd to get behind him, he springboards off the ropes going for a cross-body. As he comes off the ropes, Cesaro hits him with a MASSIVE European uppercut straight to the jaw. Cesaro grins and lifts Bourne by the head and hits the Neutralizer for the win! **1/2

JR: Cesaro looking dominant tonight!

JBL: This man has all the tools a WWE superstar needs! I predict big things for him!
Booker T booking~~!

Booker T is backstage, talking very fast and bigging up Smackdown as the biggest show on TV. He says that after Team Hell No regained their belts after Bryan used the tights, that he has made the decision that tonight he will see a rematch between Team Hell No vs. Rey and Sin Cara, and if Rey and Sin Cara get the win, they will get there rematch on the next episode of Smackdown!

JR: Huge main event for tonight!

JBL: That match is gonna be a blockbuster!
Antonio Cesaro educates you~!

We cut to backstage and Cesaro has a massive smile on his face. He begins talking in Swiss, the crowd begin to boo, Cesaro finishes this then starts speaking in german, then Spanish. Once he is finished he looks at the camera; "To all you Americans who do not understand me; i am Antonio Cesaro and i am your United States champion. I am a man better then all of you, i am more educated and fitter then you. I am the example of what an American should be. The title stays with me until a real man can take it from me"

JBL: Great man right there

JR: Oh shut up, man is a a pompous ass

JBL: You wanna get up and say that to him?


JBL: Thought so!
Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater vs Christian and Justin Gabriel

Fairly basic tag match here, nothing special but very smooth and nice to watch. The two members of 3MB looking to pick up some momentum. The ending comes after 8 minutes when Christian throws Heath to the outside as he tried to stop Christian from hitting the unprettier. Gabriel climbs to the top rope and launches himself off on top of Heath with a shooting star press to the floor! Drew grabs Christian and tries to go for the future shock, Christian smoothly slips through him and hits the unprettier for the win! **3/4

JBL: Aww dammit

JR: So close for the 2 young guns, but a big win for Gabriel and Christian!
Seth Rollins vs Primo

This is Rollins debut in the WWE and its a solid one. Seth dominates from the word go. Showing off his excellent technical ability. He hits Primo with a superplex then lifts him up and hits him with the Blackout for the 1...2... **

JR: Huge win for Rollins there on his WWE debut

JBL: This blue chipper has all the talent in world to do well here. Great win. Needs to cut his hair though...
Sheamus talks....fella!

Sheamus is backstage with Matt Striker. Striker asks him if his loss last night to Big Show will set him back on his goal to regain the World Heavyweight Title. Sheamus admits that he may have taken Big Show lightly last night, that Show came focused and he did not. But tonight he will set that straight and next time they meet. The Brouge will meet the face.....fella

Sheamus vs Tensai

Sheamus is looking very focused tonight. Him and Tensai got at it in a great old fashion brawl. Hard hitting and Tensai is giving as good as he gets but Sheamus is too much. After Sheamus tries for a ten punch combo in the corner, Tensai shoves him off. As Sheamus hits the floor, Tensai sits on the second rope and goes for a flying shoulder tackle, Sheamus moves to the left, and hits the Brouge kick. Not done, Sheamus picks him up and hits the White Noise for the win! ***

JR: Sheamus making a statement tonight! Taking out Tensai with ease

JBL: I tell you what JR, Sheamus is as focused as i have ever seen him, but Big Show is more dominant then we have seen him in a while!
Two Monsters meet..

Big Show is shown watching Sheamus pick up his win and he gives a small chuckle and shakes his head. He begins to walk away and as he turns a corner he stops when he comes across the massive frame of Ryback! Ryback just stares at him, breathing heavy. Show places the title in his hand as Ryback does not break his gaze. “Take your best shot little man” Show says. Ryback continues to stare at him and Show walks off, not taking his eyes off him.

JBL: Wow

JR: That match would be bowling shoe ugly let me tell you...
Team Hell No vs Mysterio and Sin Cara

Unsurprisingly this match starts off with a great high pace, with Rey and Cara showing off all their athleticism, taking down Kane with headscissors and cross bodies. The pace slows with Bryan comes in working over the legs of Rey and cutting Cara off numerous times. The story of the match is Rey and Cara doing all they can to get that rematch and the cost to even their own bodies. Kane signals for a chokeslam after Bryan slams Rey into the stairs on the outside. Sin Cara is in trouble! Bryan jumps back in the ring and pushes Kane out of the way, saying he will take care of this. He sends Kane to the outside, as Bryan turns around, Cara locks in the La Mistica!! Kane sees this, tries to get back into the ring, but Rey grabs onto his leg! Bryan is screaming: NOOOOO and finally has to tap! Rey and Cara have earned their rematch! As they leave Kane just looks down and Bryan and shakes his head and leaves the ring. ***

JR: Huge win for Sin Cara and Rey, they get there rematch next week!

JBL: Kane looks disgusted at Bryan. Friction between the two champs?

JR: There is always friction between them two...
The Golden Boy

Randy Ortons music hits the PA and the crowd pop big! Orton walks out to the ring mic in hand. He says that everyone tonight seems to be throwing there hat in for a shot at the Big Show, he wants in. He has been without a title in so long that the hunger has come back. The lights then cut out and a video plays. The video is of everything Orton has achieved in the WWE so far, also mixed in is all the times that Orton as messed up. The drug failures and the suspensions, Orton with his father is also shown. Orton is starting at this with a stern look on his face. As the lights comes back on, the crowd boos, Orton turns to address the crowd but Wade Barrett is standing there! He nails Orton with the Souvenir. Orton hits the mat like a ton of bricks. The crowd boo’s heavily! Barrett smirks over Orton downed body and his seen mouthing to him “ I am your reality check Randy!” as Smackdown goes off the air

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