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JasonCage 12-09-2012 09:58 PM

National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

12/7/12 Steve Burke and Bob Greenblatt of NBC have finalized a deal on creating a wrestling promotion to be a flagship show of theirs in an attempt to recreate the wrestling success of the 90s. As WWE has been in decline for years and iMPACT! Wrestling not proposing a major threat to them yet, they see this as the perfect time to capitalize. With little insight on the business they have decided to hire several wrestling minds to work with them. As the deal finished NBC has now become owners of the National Wrestling Federation. NBC owning the product has given them nearly unlimited financial backing to create the next big product, heading off into the new year. They have also made sure to use that financial budget to buy the best talent possible. Some of that money was indeed used to trade mark the product's name formerly used in a small time company they purchased because they decided it would fit their network.

Authority and key figures.
CEO: Steve Burke
NWF President: "The Total Package" Lex Luger (On screen, backstage influence)
Creative department: Scott "Raven" Levy, Dutch Mantel
Road agents: Perry Saturn, Lanny Poffo, Diamond Dallas Page, Justin Credible

Face Roster
Carlito Colon
"The War Machine" Rhyno
Petey Williams
Jack Evans
Teddy Hart
Colt Cabana
Billy Kidman
Amazing Red
Scorpio Sky
M-Dogg 20
Marco Corleone
Rocky Romero
Mr. Wrestling III
Shad Gaspard
Bob Holly
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Johnny Devine
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Jerry Lynn

Heel Roster
"Double J" Jeff Jarrett
"The Savior" Elijah Burke
Judas Mesias
The Great Muta
Tyson Kidd
Antonio Bank$
Alex Riley
"The" Brian Kendrick
Lizmark Jr.
Paul Burchill
Kevin Thorn
Tony Mamaluke
Austin Creed
Cliff Compton
"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner
Chris Masters
Ace Steel
Jason Gory

Announce team:
Don West
Matt Striker

"The Sinister Minister" James Mitchell (Managing ,Muta,Kevin Thorn and Mesias)
Mr. Bob Backlund (Managing Colt Cabana)
Isis The Amazon (Managing Tyson Kidd)

Tag Teams:
Sadistic Fame (Kendrick and Sydistiko)
Picture Perfect (Jack Evans and Billy Kidman)
Tailor Made Express (Alex Riley and Paul Burchill)
Alliance of Darkness (Muta, Thorn, Judas, Mitchell. Tag team form of Judas and Thorn)
World's Greatest Tag Team (Haas and Benjamin)
Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny)
Isis the Amazon and Tyson Kidd
The Standard (Steiner and Masters)

Cruiserweight division:
Scorpio Sky
Jason Gory
Tony Mamaluke
Tyson Kidd
Austin Creed
Johnny Devine
Teddy Hart
Jack Evans
Petey Williams
Jerry Lynn
Rocky Romero
Ace Steel
Jushin Liger
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick

Championships and accomplishments:
NWF World Heavyweight Champion:
NWF Television champion:
NWF Cruiserweight champion:
NWF Tag Team champions:
King of the World:
Survivor of The Cage:

Current Programming:
Saturday Night Warzone: Flagship show, held in 5,000 seat arenas. Color scheme of Black, white, and purple. Hours 8-10 PM.

Pay-Per-View Schedule
January: Punishment
March: Revenge
May: King of The World
June: Final Hour
July: The Race For The Gold
August: All Or Nothing
October: Undefeated
November: Devil's Playground
December: Fight Before Christmas
(FBC Not held this year.)

Gimmick PPV's and trademark matches:
King of the World: Full on tournament, winner receives a world title shot at All or Nothing
All or Nothing: Biggest PPV of the year
Survivor of The Cage: 8 Man cage match surrounded with weapons, held at Devil's Playground. All elimination.

The federation will begin 12/15/12

JasonCage 12-10-2012 07:23 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Advertised Card for 12/15/12
Tyson Kidd w/ Isis The Amazon vs Jerry Lynn

Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Championship
(Scorpio Sky Jason Gory Tony Mamaluke Austin Creed Teddy Hart Jack Evans Petey Williams Jigsaw Rocky Romero Ace Steel Jushin Liger Amazing Red Johnny Devine)

Basham Brothers vs Tailor Made Express

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner w/ Chris Masters vs Colt Cabana w/ Mr. Bob Backlund

World Title Address by President Lex Luger
(Featuring Jeff Jarrett, Carlito Colon, Antonio Bank$, Elijah Burke, M-Dogg 20, and Rhyno)

Main Event

Antonio Bank$ vs M-Dogg 20

JasonCage 12-13-2012 09:24 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
San Diego California, RIMAC Arena
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

We open to a warm welcome from Don West and Matt Striker on the fight night of the National Wrestling Federation. Then they run down the card and mention the Lex Luger address. As they end the card chat, they cut right to the action.

Tyson Kidd vs Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn opens to a warm reception, however Tyson Kidd cuts off his own entrance in anger, accompanied by Isis The Amazon of course.


So, according to the wrestling "minds" running this business, you make a little showcase of your cruiserweight division in a battle royale, and some how forget the hottest rookie today. Instead I have to take on old man river over here, and somehow get a decent match of this "veteran" without breaking his hip.
* A brief "Old man river" chant breaks out, and then quickly ends.*

So I'll give Old Yeller his put down, and end this mistreatment.
[As the match starts Lynn catches Tyson off guard with and drop kicks him out of the ring. Tyson recovers and the two go on for about five minutes in a pure style wrestling match, and a few failed suicide dives from Tyson. As his possible last fail happens, Kidd misses an elbow drop and Jerry Lynn side kicks to the mat and goes up top. Lynn hits a moonsault and goes for the pin, just as Kidd rolls over and gets a school boy pin, for the 1,2 and 3. Jerry then is about to shake Kidd's hand, just as he is slapped by Tyson, Isis drags her partner out and the two walk backstage. This leaves Jerry rather upset.

Your Winner: Tyson Kidd

-Backstage Segment-
We see NWF's new interview girl Allison Danger interviewing Petey Williams and Ace Steel before their battle royale.

Allison Danger:

Petey Williams, you've been a free agent for several years, as fans have waited for you to make a full TV return, how does it feel?
Petey Williams:

I appreciate you asking, and this opportu-
*To this Ace groans and cracks his neck a little when Petey starts talking*

Petey Williams:

Do we have a problem Ace? It's my interview time, so try to have a little respect.
Ace Steel:

I'm sorry, i just get annoyed when untalented little boys like you, get the spotlight over the actual talent, just a pet peeve.
Petey Williams:

Yeah, well the lady asked me a question, so wait your damn turn and keep your mouth shut. OK, "trump?"
Ace Steel:

We've been in this federation for a total of two minutes, and I already don't like you. Maybe it's because you never could steal the spotlight anywhere you where, you never could take the ball and run. Or, maybe it's because you're an overrated prick. You had your chances, this is my last chance. Make the most with what you have left.
*As they stare each other down, Jason Gory walks in the background and they turn their heads to him, as he scoffs and walks past. Don then leads us into commercial break. After the break we open to most of the talent in the battle royale walking out one after another.*

Cruiserweight title Battle Royale

As they all enter down the ring, we get to the last few. Jack Evans dances out, as Ace Steel walks behind him, disgusted. Petey follows and mocks Steel behind him. While they enter the ring, Jason Gory spits blood out on the stage and slides in the ring quickly as he lays in the corner. Jushin "Thunder" Liger walks out as the final man, to a mild reaction from the American crowd.

The battle royale starts and Jack Evans runs off the ropes and double drop kicks Tony Mamaluke and Rocky Romero to the apron. He hops up, only to be roughly forearmed in the back by Ace Steel. Petey is about to clothesline Ace down, but he's superkicked by Jason Gory, and Ace is tackled by Teddy Hart. Teddy begins wailing on Ace and Rocky Romero goes for a diving knee drop on Evans. Tony Mamaluke then is jumped by three people before he is picked up and tossed onto the ramp.

Tony Mamaluke has been eliminated

Rocky is then jumping DDT'd by Jason Gory. Jushin Liger becomes the star of the match as he German suplexes, Amazing Red, Johnny Devine, Jigsaw, and Scorpio Sky all in a row. The ring is brought down to a few standing and Liger gut kicks Jason right before brainbustering him. Ace Steel then takes a cheap route and neckbreakers Teddy Hart when he's distracted. As he follows up and tosses out Scorpio, and Rocky.

Rocky Romero and Scorpio Sky have been eliminated.
Jigsaw crawls to the rope, but Ace does a dropping elbow on him and flips off someone in the crowd when they boo him. Yelling "THE LAST CHANCE!" Amazing Red then chopblocks him down and takes a deep breath. Only for Jason Gory to clothesline him out,

Amazing Red has been eliminated.

Jushin then follows up on his attack and hits a neckbreaker on Jack Evans. Petey catches him with a reverse DDT and plays to the crowd. Just as he turns and Johnny Devine is in his face. The crowd chants "CANADA, CANADA, CANADA" and Jason Gory does a backflip off the ropes and lands on both of them. The crowd then partially chants "GORY! GORY! GORY!" Teddy Hart goes to toss someone out, but unawareness costed him a lot. Ace Steel hit the Steel Spike off the top rope and took him out for a few minutes. Jushin Liger then managed to flip out Jigsaw, as Austin Creed busted in and arm dragged him across the mat.

Jigsaw has been eliminated.

Creed armdrags him back and forth until Liger reverses and monkey flips him on the canvas. Teddy Hart and Jason then fight it out as Tyson Kidd walks out from the crowd, followed by Isis The Amazon. Cutting a promo on everyone.

Tyson Kidd:

I suppose these are all those "stars" up above me and the retirement home back there. Let's see who we got in the ring, two Canadians pretending to outclass a real Canadian that's obvious. Talking to you two ham sandwiches Devine and Petey. Who else we got, Grade A stoned out Jack Evans with his pants ten sizes too big.
*A lot of them get distracted due to Kidd. Devine also turns around and is flipped out by Jason.*

Johnny Devine has been eliminated


Oh....poor little boy couldn't get the job done like i did.

Johnny does to swing at him, but Isis lifts up Devine chokeslams him on the ramp, as Jerry Lynn rushes out, she big boots him and he stumbles back, only to get clotheslined by The Amazon. Petey is then brawling with Jason as Jushin and Ace Steel throwdown. Austin Creed takes advantage and goes for a double elimination on Jushin and Ace, as Jack Evans drop kicks Creed out for a triple.

Jushin Liger, "Sexy" Ace Steel, and Austin Creed have been eliminated.

This leaves three, as Evans goes for a frankensteiner to the ropes, but Petey powerbombs him out of it, onto the mat.

Jack Evans has been eliminated.

During this Kidd is being chased up the ramp by several cruiserweights, still talking trash.


Come on, guys! Liger! Look Ultimo Dragon's behind you! Please, just go have a tournament in front of a bunch of indy geeks or something!

Just as Liger, Creed, and Jigsaw are about to attack Isis big boots Creed and double choke slams Liger and Jigsaw. Tyson laughs and the two walk out. In the ring, Teddy finally recovers and Petey gut kicks Jason and sets up the Canadian destroyer, and succeeds in hitting it. As this happens Ace Steel runs back in the ring and lifts up Teddy, gorilla press style, and tosses him into the crowd. Everyone catches Hart and tosses him back onto the mat.

Teddy Hart has been eliminated.

Jason then joins him as Petey throws out Gory's lifeless body. Ace stares down Petey and walks out.

Your winner and new Cruiserweight champion: Petey Williams!

*A commercial break and we come back.*

Don and Matt lead us into the back as we get the cut of a promo from a man named..."Krimson"

-Backstage Segment-


Now, now NWF...for all you pretenders out there...the angry and disgruntled. Have plenty of fear, Krimson is almost here. For all your heroes like Petey Williams, Carlito, and the War Machine...well they'll get their ending. An ending that no one wants, but yet they have to accept. You see not every story has it's hero, not every ending has it's justice served on as silver platter. Sometimes...you get the truth..the painful truth...Krimson...like the mask.
The date then flashes on the screen "1/12/13" and a commercial break.

We come back to The Basham Brothers in the ring as the Tailor Made Express made their debut.

The Bashams vs The Tailor Made Express

This bout becomes a technical bout when Burchill is in for a matter of minutes. He tags in Riley who gets beaten down badly by the Bashams, Doug and Danny. He's double hip tossed across the mat and left with several red marks and welts on him. He then finally tags in Paul who avoids any tag maneuvers by them and whips Doug into the corner for a double team. Burchill hits the C4 on Doug and leaves him out of breath, as Danny breaks up the pin and tackles Riley out of the ring.

Paul then hits the rolling cutter on Doug and finishes with a pumphandle sidewalk slam. He goes for a pin but Danny makes the save, leading Alex to attempt the Final Score, but fails. Paul is then forearmed down and Riley is hit with The Last Impression. They try to pin, but Paul is the legal man. Who toe hold drops Danny to the outside and hits a rolling Neckbreaker on Doug to get the pin. Riley then stands up and grabs a mic yelling "WE DID IT!....WE DID IT!" as Paul shakes his head and they walk out to a boo for Alex's fake brag.

Your Winners: The Tailor Made Express

We then go backstage as Lex Luger is stopped by Allison Danger, leaving no comment on the World Title scene. Then a commercial. We come back to Colt Cabana with Bob Backlund, receiving a decent welcome. Scott Steiner then comes out with Masters as the two get in the ring, Scott grabs a mic.

Scott Steiner:

Shut up! Big Poppa's here, the Genetic Freak! And whoever the hell is beaten in the ring or s-s-something must think this fat boy can stand to Big Poppa. I tell you what fat boy,you get a whole five minutes in this ring with the Genetic Freak, and if you survive, i kick your asssss even longer.
He receives several boos and people laughing at him.


Shut your fat girl kissing mouths up! Would you suck your mama's teat with that mouth? No! Me and the Masterpiece are the Standard in body, and in style. Ring the bell fat boy.
Colt Cabana vs Scott Steiner

Colt mocks Steiner as Backlund tries to get at Scott, Colt holds him back and tells him to rest. The two lock up and Steiner shoves him across the ring. Cabana runs for him and tries to him hit with his own Frankensteiner but gets reversed into a sit out powerbomb and the pin only goes to two. Colt rolls out and heads back in as he attacks the knees of the big man. He chops him down and locks in the Steiner Recliner, only to have Scott stand up and drop to his back, laying Colt out. the two then mat wrestle and flip in and out of holds for a couple minutes until Colt DDT's him down hard and locks in an Abdominal stretch. Scott yells in anger as Chris tries to interfere, but Backlund pulls him out.

Steiner flips out and clothesline him. Colt then elbows his gut and lands the bionic elbow to take Scott down. Backlund and Masters argue as Colt puts a sleeper hold on, only to have Scott land the belly to belly. He goes for a pin but only gets two. As Backlund is fed up, he drags Chris in the ring and physically makes the ref eject him. Scott and Colt look around as Cabana calms Bob down, Scott hits the Frankensteiner and locks in the Recliner, while laughing. Bob looks for a towel as Colt taps. Steiner walks out calling everyone fat boys.

Your winner: Scott Steiner

Commercial break, and we come back to Lex Luger in his office with the six people he chose to be there with him.

Lex Luger:

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lex Luger and i'm the President of the National Wrestling Federation. As i sit here, with my top six wrestlers in our federation. Tonight i will build to our main event at our first PPV Punishment, we will have a series of eliminations to get to the number one contender. This week it will be Antonio Bank$ vs M-Dogg 20, next week Carlito Colon vs Elijah Burke.
Elijah Burke:

The Savior...Elijah...remember that Lex daddy.
Lex shakes his head in awkwardness as Carlito laughs a little. Burke then comes at him


Woah woah, You got something to say "unemployment list?"
Carlito quickly stops laughing as the two are about to exchange words, Luger stops them.

Lex Luger:

Gentlemen please! As I stated, next week will be Burke vs Carlito, and then Rhyno vs Jeff Jarrett. The series will be time tested. The two fastest winners will face off, the losers will have two separate matches at Punishment. The winners of those bouts will face off for a No. 1 contender's shot.
The group then walks out as Jarrett tries to talk business with Luger. Burke and Carlito then exchange in a shoving contest in the hall, until a few of the wrestlers back them off. The rules officially show up on the screen.

"The Time Test Challenge'
Three time tested matches over three weeks.
The two fastest winners get the title match at Punishment.
The remaining four losers will face one other loser.
This will be split into two matches, the winners of those get a number one contender's match against each other.

We then cut to M-Dogg 20 walking up the steps and out the back to the ramp as he's introduced. He hops in the ring and Antonio Bank$ comes out in full jewelry, claiming he's back on top of the world, and soon the world title. As he talks to the camera of course.

The two get in the ring and Antonio removes his neck towel, rings, and chains. Elijah Burke then stands on the stage and watches. The two go back and forth for about thirty seconds with nothing but reversals, until Antonio hits a stalling suplex and M-Dogg is weakened. He kicks out at two and Antonio begins to throw rough punches to take him down. Burke seems to nod at his aggressiveness. Antonio then knee's his gut and hits a drive by kick.

As this happens a man in a white mask with a white jacket that says "Mr. Wrestling III takes a seat by the announce table and watches. Elijah turns at him and the announcers are unaware of who he is, and simply note him as a new contender.

M-Dogg just barely kicks out of two and Antonio clotheslines him to the mat. He locks in an arm bar and 20 reverses it and spin kicks him in the jaw. He aligns him in the middle of the ring and runs for the turn buckle. He points to the crowd and hits a Senton. Antonio only somehow kicks out at 2, M-Dogg then hits the ropes. He runs for him but Bank$ flapjacks him and he grabs his chest. Bank$ pulls him up and hits an extremely rough shot, almost knocking his throat. M-Dogg runs short of breath and Antonio hits the "Take it to the bank" and M-Dogg tapes in the crossface from lack of breath.

Your Winner: Antonio Bank$ at 5:25 minutes.

Elijah claps and Jeff Jarrett walks out to see, along with Rhyno and Carlito all watching. Mr. Wrestling III then slips in the ring and hits a spinning heel kick, and then three powerbombs on the mat, as Burke runs to the ring, Carlito forearms him down and begins to assault him. Jarrett pulls Elijah out of it and Colon sees Mr. Wrestling III stare him down as the show ends.

JasonCage 12-15-2012 02:19 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
12/22/12 Advertised Card
Jigsaw vs Ace Steel
Jason Gory vs Johnny Devine
The Standard vs Picture Perfect
Sadistic Fame vs The World's Greatest Tag Team
Tyson Kidd and Isis The Amazon vs Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams
The Great Muta w/James Mitchell vs Marco Corleone
"The Savior" Elijah Burke vs Carlito Colon: Time Test Challenge, Time to beat is 5:25.

Held in the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California.

The contenders to be in the future Television title bout at Punishment will be decided.

Also featuring The Colt Cabana show, starring Mr. Wrestling III and Antonio Bank$ as the guests.

Also noted that the first episode of NWF, drew a 1.6 Rating based on the advertisement. We'll see if that continues this week and on. This number was below NBC's expectation.

Possible Prospects for signings as brought by the agents: Low Ki, RJ Brewer, The Young Bucks, and the PR Powers.

JasonCage 12-16-2012 01:02 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
*A Few notable changes.
Punishment is now the first PPV, not The Race for The Gold, just wasn't changed.
King of the World is now a tournament to get the main event spot at All or Nothing for the World title.
The next episode will have Colt's Christmas party, leading up to his talk show with Antonio Bank$ and Mr. Wrestling III

JasonCage 12-17-2012 06:18 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Official contract signings from NWF's website.
Indy Stars, Johnny Gargano and "Lonesome" Jay Bradley. They will likely make an in-ring debut sometime in 2013.

JasonCage 12-21-2012 02:12 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

The Show opens to a pyro and introduction from Don West and Matt Striker. The set is also decked out in a Christmas look, As the show starts Jigsaw is in the ring, and Ace Steel walks out to a rather loud boo. He just cracks his neck and ignores all of them. Until someone taps his shoulder and he flinches at them and a security guard pulls him back and he goes to the ring.

Jigsaw Vs "Last Chance" Ace Steel
This bout is revolved around a back and forth contest as the crowd boos and cheers as the quick game changing match. Both gain the upperhand a number of times and Ace manages to gain control by drop kicking Jigsaw onto the metal barricade. He grabs his arm in pain and he Steel suicide dives onto him when he gets up. Ace then grabs Jigsaw and smacks his skull off the ring post and begins to kick him when he's down. Steel leans in and back out of the ring to stop the count. Jigsaw then chop blocks Steel down and rolls in the ring.

Steel gets in the ring and hits multiple slams on Jigsaw, weakening him badly. Steel climbs to the top rope and aims for the Steel Spike. He hits it and Jigsaw loses after the 1,2,3.

Your Winner: "Last Chance" Ace Steel

As that ends we go backstage to Colt Cabana's Christmas party. Several wrestlers in the back celebrate for a new year as Colt introduces us to the party.

Colt Cabana:

It's 12/22/12 we're all alive. As tonight I host my own talk show with Antonio Bank$ and Mr. Wrestling III. Speaking of me...I have the new official..."Hi, I'm not Colt Cabana" shirt. What else we got here...
Jeff Jarrett then stares at Colt awkwardly when he rummages through shirts in a box.


We got the Ace Steel "Last Chance" shirt, unfortunately i can't find his last title. We also War Machine, GORE!, Petey Williams, Carlito, Antionio, Slapnuts, fat boys, something about pissing people off. NWF Warzone, The official "I was at Colt's Christmas party" shirt.
Jeff Jarrett:

....Hey..slapnuts...the hell are you doing? You got tapped out by Scott Steiner last week, and you're the guy presenting t shirts?
Bob Backlund then stares at Jarrett over his shoulder. He continues ranting as Backlund taps him on the shoulder. Jeff turns and the two stare each other down as Colt grabs a mic.


World champion vs world champion...it's gonna be a good one! Who will...
They turn to him and he stops and says back to West and Striker.
The show continues as Johnny Devine enters the ring, and Jason Gory walks out to red smoke and spitting blood.

Johnny Devine vs Jason Gory

This bout becomes somewhat of a spot fest, incredible move was incredible move by both of these two. Jason then misses a frog splash and Johnny catches him with a heel kick to the face. Johnny then delivers several chops to his chest. He picks up Gory and hits a pile driver, then to the top rope as the crowd chants his name. He hits a shooting star press to a wild pop and wins with a one, two, three.

Your Winner: Johnny Devine

*commercial break*

We then cut back to Colt's party as Jay Bradley is introduced as a soon to debut star.

Colt Cabana:

"Lonesome" Jay Bradley, depression, wrestling and alcohol all in one. Soon to debut in 2013, all right guys! DRINKS ARE ON THE LEX LUGER!
Bob Holly then walks in and the wrestlers start yelling "Hardcore." Cliff Compton also walks in and the two stare at each other. Cliff shrugs him off and walks away. We then see Teddy Hart chugging egg nog as Shad Gaspard cheers him on. Cliff then smacks a chair over Holly's head as he leans in and says


There's a new bully now, Bob.
Compton is then chased off by several people.

Back to the ring as Picture Perfect enter, and Kidman gets a decent pop while Jack Evans dances. The Standard then walks out to Steiner yelling "fat boys and mama suckers"

The Standard Vs Picture Perfect

The Standard do NOT work like a team in this match. They miscommunicate and Steiner yells at Masters a lot in the match. Picture Perfect work together getting in double clotheslines, drop kicks, and elbow drops as they can't lift their opponents. Masters is on the mat as Evans goes for a knee trembler, he is caught in a surprise Master Lock.

Steiner then hits a steiner recliner on Kidman and Masters keeps the hold in, until the ref is breaking up Scott from punching out Billy Kidman. Jack has passed out by the ref isn't watching. Evans is tossed to the mat as he wakes up, he pulls out the super kick out of nowhere. Steiner rages and clotheslines Brian and the ref disqualifies him for refusing to leave the ring.

Your Winners: Picture Perfect

The Standard leaves separately and Scott is furious. Colt then mocks them backstage as DDP walks in and announces that Lex will be here soon to talk about the Television title. Colt then yells more free drinks. The rest all chant Luger and Page.

*commercial break*

We open back to our second tag team bout.

Sadistic Fame Vs The World's Greatest Tag Team

Sydistiko gets a lot of "Paul London" chants as the match starts. The bout is fairly matched of high flying vs technical ability. Kendrick then uses TWGTT's own style against them to get Shelton tired enough to tag out. Charlie then powerhouses Brian as the crowd cheers him on, he gorilla lifts Brian and tosses him onto the ramp. Sydistiko then springboards off the ropes and knocks down Haas. Shelton is attacking Kendrick outside as Sydistiko tosses Charlie out and hits the ropes. He suicide doves off into all of them.

A "Sadistic Fame" chants breaks out, followed by "NWF." The ref gets a five count until they start to get back into the ring. Charlie then toe drops Kendrick as Sydistiko goes to tackle Shelton and the two spill out and hit the barricade. Haas then locks in the "Haas of Pain" and Brian taps out.

Your Winners: The World's Greatest Tag Team

Back to Cabana's party as Lex Luger enters. He announces that there will be a choice between the two wrestlers with the most wins until Punishment will face each other for the Television title. Those in the Time Test challenge and Cruiserweight division are not eligible currently, but will be after Punishment. Austin Creed then mentions drinks on Luger and he turns as they all shush him.

Lex then walks out as they chant "Luger" and Page does a Diamond Cutter sign to the camera.

*commercial break*

Tyson Kidd and Isis The Amazon enter the ring to a boo. A recap of their attacks on the battle royale and we go on.
Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams come out separately and Williams shows his new Cruiserweight title.

Tyson Kidd and Isis The Amazon Vs Jerry Lynn and Cruiswerweight Champion Petey Williams

Tyson is mostly on the defense against Petey as he gets slammed and clotheslined back and forth. Tyson then gets in some good offense in the result of getting in some back kicks and a Dragon Sleeper. Petey gets out of it and tries to hit the Canadian Destroyer, but Isis big boots him. She lifts up Petey and Jackknifes him to the mat and Jerry Lynn spears her. Kidd avoids Jerry Lynn and Petey recovers from the powerbomb. He clothesline Isis from getting up and Jerry springboards onto Tyson, but Kidd moves out of the way. He rushes in and brainbusters Petey.

He locks in a sharp shooter and Isis rolls out of the ring. Williams grabs the ropes and Lynn gets headbutted by Isis, keeping him down. Petey then hits a hurricarana and lands the Canadian destroyer. Isis goes to stop the pin and succeeds. Jerry then moonsaults off the ropes onto Kidd and Isis knees him in the face. Petey clotheslines her over the top ropes after that. Jerry rolls out of the ring to an "Old man river" chant. Petey then lifts up Tyson to the turnbuckle and lands a superplex. He gets the 1,2 but not the three. Jerry is then tagged in and Tyson is hit by the TKO and Lynn picks up the victory.

Your Winners: Petey Williams and Jerry Lynn
*commercial break*

James Mitchell then appears on screen.

James Mitchell:

Now...This business me and my friends are in has been killed. People have destroyed what we once thrived in. Tonight, we start liberation. For you Marco Corleone, you represent the cowards of this business. You've hid from Lizmark for years, and now you face The Great Muta. YOUR OWN PERSONAL...HELL...
The Great Muta then walks out followed by Judas and Thorn. They all enter the ring and Marco walks out, nervously looking at them. He slides in and the Alliance goes to ring side, minus Muta.

The Great Muta vs Marco Corleone

This bout leaves Marco often nervous as he slides in and out of the ring after being attacked. Muta is always about to capitalize but Corleone escapes. Muta turns to stare at the crowd and Marco hits a springboard clothesline. He then beats down Muta with a lot of swings as the crowd pops for his attack. He is then kicked off and clotheslined. Judas and Thorn circle Corleone outside by the ropes. Marco backs off and Muta hits the Shining Wizard and continues to punch him down. Marco is eventually bleeding from the eyebrow and lip as Muta locks on an armbar and Marco taps.

Your Winner: The Great Muta

Marco tries to get out as the ref attends to hit and Muta mist sprays the referee and does a throat slice to the crowd as Mitchell claps at the top of the stage.

The screen then cuts to Krimson.


Now, now. You carbon copies and imitations will meet your own hell. Everything you try to do, i can do even bloodier. Oh...and Jason don't worry. I'll get to you eventually. But for now, we mark our victims.
He then rubs red paint on the picture of M-Dogg 20.


Krimson....like the mask...
*commercial break*

Back to Colt's party as he walks out on the stage, followed by Bob Backlund. He takes a seat on the stage. He has a couch, a banner abd some Christmas presents. "Double J" Jeff Jarrett then takes a seat in a press box and watches on.

"The Savior Elijah Burke vs Carlito Colon Time Test Challenge. 5:25 is the time to beat.

Carlito makes his entrance and Elijah follows with a grin on his face. The bout starts and Elijah hits the STO to get an advantage. He locks in a guillotine choke hold and tries to get the submission early. Carlito pulls himself out and lands multiple knees to the head. Burke rolls out and gets back in to avoid a kick, and hits the 4-Up.

Colon stumbles and Elijah tosses him to the corner and lands the Elijah Express. Carlito kicks out of the 2 count pin and Burke looks for a desperation move with only minutes left to win. Carlito is then dropped by a double knee face breaker and only just barely escapes the count. Carlito surprises him with a drop kick, and then the figure four. He reverses the hold and gets out. A springboard back elbow then takes down Elijah as he stumbles back up to catch the backstabber.

Elijah is locked into a sleeper hold and almost passes out and he elbows Carlito and gets out. Colon kicks his knee out and hits the backstabber again and gets the figure four back on. Burke then taps from his hurt knee.

Your Winner: Carlito Colon as 4:56 Minutes

Carlito celebrates as he walks out.
*commercial break*

We come back to Antonio Bank$ on the stage as he takes a seat. He has managers and agents around him called "Team Bank$." Mr. Wrestling III is then introduced as Colt talks about the masked attacker taking down Antonio last week. Bank$ stares him down, hardly blinking. Antonio then says whatever problem they have, he'll settle on his own time. But the world title is his main priority. Mr. Wrestling III never speaks and only leans back in his chair.

The screen then flashes "Everyone is a target." as Mr. Wrestling III drop kicks Colt over the couch and Antonio stands and says,


That time...is now!
Jeff Jarrett then swings his guitar at Mr.Wrestling and misses as Rhyno charges across the stage and goes for a GORE! on Jarrett, he misses and hits Antonio. Bank$ has his team surround Rhyno as Antonio crashed through the Christmas tree. Jarrett then hits Colt on accident with the guitar, as Backlund attacks Jeff. Mr. Wrestling III. then takes a look around as they all fight, Bob is hit by the stroke. And Jeff Jarrett gets pushed off the stage into a table by Mr. Wrestling III. He then straightens his jacket and raises his fist in the air to the arena.

The show closes with the announcers freaking out as Team Bank$ is beating taken down by Rhyno and Mr. Wrestling III laughs. We get a final shot of Jarrett broken on the table.

JasonCage 12-21-2012 08:01 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Advertised card for 12/29/12
Agganis Arena, Boston Mass.
Bob Holly Vs Scott Steiner w/ Chris Masters
Cliff Compton Vs Shad Gaspard
"Last Chance" Ace Steel Vs Scorpio Sky
Tyson Kidd w/ Isis The Amazon Vs Jack Evans w/ Billy Kidman
Marco Corleone speaks on Lizmark Jr. and The Great Muta
The Alliance of Darkness Vs The World's Greatest Tag Team
Petey Williams Speaks on his title defense at Punishment
Colt Cabana Vs Antonio Bank$
"Time Test Challenge" Rhyno Vs Jeff Jarrett Time to beat: 5:25

*Special note: The Time Test Challenge winners will get a special segment on The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.*

JasonCage 12-28-2012 04:18 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Agganis Arena, Boston Mass.
Saturday Night Warzone

We open to a recap of the ending to last weeks show, as well as a pyro and Don West introducing us. We then see Scott Steiner cutting off the intro insulting the crowd. As he yells Bob Holly comes out to stop him.


Come on wanna be! I'll snap your friggin' neck all over again
As Holly rushes to the ring someone in a Jushin Liger mask hops from the crowd and tackles Holly. He starts kicking him in the face and smashes his head off a barricade. The attacker tosses his mask laughing, as it's Cliff Compton. Compton throws Holly in the ring then Scott locks on the Steiner Recliner.

Scott Steiner vs Bob Holly

Masters tries to stop Scott from injuring him. Scott and Chris then push each other as Bob gets a roll up on Scott and gets a pinfall.

Your winner: Bob Holly

Scott freaks and Holly rolls from the ring. Scott and Chris shove each other as the ref tries to hold them back. Masters is angry for him attacking a beat down Holly, as Scott just shakes his head at him and leaves. We then cut to backstage as Cliff is laughing and Allison Danger stops him.

Allison Danger Backstage Interview


Cliff why are you targeting Bob Holly?

Why? Because that man is nothing but a bully that these people celebrate! I'm doing the wrestling world a justice and stopping him, now excuse me I'll have to go put on a wrestling match for the same clowns that cheer for him.
*commercial break*

We come back to Shad Gaspard in the ring as Cliff walks out smirking to everyone. The crowd boos him as Shad prepares to fight.

Shad Gaspard vs Cliff Compton

Shad hits a surprise big boot on Cliff and then continues to beat him around the ring for several minutes until Compton takes his knee out. He lands a hard DDT and begins to illegally choke him. The ref pulls him off and Cliff yells out "You like bullies, So i'll be one too!" Cliff then locks in a Cobra Clutch and Shad is running short of breath so he elbows Cliff. Shad then kicks him and hits the STO. He only gets a two count and Compton manages to reach the ropes.

Shad then hits the sidewalk slam and hits another STO. He gets the two count as Compton pokes his eyes. He then knees him in the face and clotheslines him down. Compton his a major tornado DDT and goes for the pin. Feet on the ropes as Cliff gets the victory.

Your Winner: Cliff Compton

Compton then grabs a steel chair and aims to clip Shad's knee out. The ref grabs the chair and Cliff dodges a big boot from Shad as he runs back to the locker room. Then we see Ace Steel backstage as Cliff runs by him he shakes his head and gets to the curtain.

"Last Chance Ace Steel vs Scorpio Sky

The two cruiserweights enter as Sky pumps the crowd up, only to have Steel hit the Steel Spike from the top rope, as Sky was turned around. Ace then looks as Sky almost knocked out as he then sets Sky up on the top rope and powerbombs him to the mat. He turns to the crowd and they all boo him as Petey Williams steps on the stage holding his title. Sky tries to get a roll up but fails. Steel then continues to beat him as Petey watches on.

Steel then sets up a hurricarana on the top rope, but is slamme down by Sky. Scorpio is then ready to do a splash, but Ace kicks the rope and he falls off. Steel drags him in the ring and superplexes him off the top rope and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner: "Last Chance" Ace Steel

Petey then grabs a mic.

Cruiserweight title bout announcement at Punishment.


Forget waiting until later, Ace you've beaten everyone put in front of you. Lex Luger said i could pick my opponent. And i've decided to take on the most impressive. So at Punishment, it will be Ace Steel vs Petey Willia-
Tyson Kidd cuts them off, followed by Isis The Amazon.


Woah woah there. Slow down there Has been express. I wrestled the very first match in the NWF, beating Jerry Lynn. A so called legend in this business. Who calls him a legend? Good question, but i assume they don't have much of a life, or a job resume. But you consider this old piece of trash who's never even seen a live audience that actually liked him, over me?
Jerry Lynn then hits the stage and makes his own announcement.


...Kidd...please listen up and shut your mouth you jackass. I went to Luger, I went to Page, to went everyone in the back and demanded a match that they have given me. Punishment, it's Jerry Lynn vs Tyson Kidd in a Dog Collar match. So at the PPV in 2 weeks after tonight, I will beat you like the bitch you are.
Jack Evans and Billy Kidman then walk out as Tyson freaks. Petey walks out laughing as Ace cracks his knuckles and leaves as well.

*commercial break*

Tyson Kidd Vs Jack Evans

We open back to Evans monkey flipping Kidd across the ring. Evans and Tyson put on a clinic trying to one up each other in the ring. Kidman and Isis shout at each other a bit just as Tyson is knocked out of the ring onto the ramp. Evans then bounces off the ropes and grabs Kidd's hips and lands a powerbomb on the mat. A loud thud hits and the crowd makes a "ooohh...." noise at the hit. Kidd doesn't even flinch as he lays there. Evans throws him in the ring and goes for a pin. Kidd somehow kicks out Evans shakes his head in disbelief.

Tyson then takes advantage and locks in a quick sharp shooter. Jack can't reach the ropes but still gets out. Tyson then briefly takes advantage before Evans hits a facebreaker and locks in a figure 4. Tyson reaches the ropes and gets out of it. Kidd then heel kicks him to the mat and arm bars him. Jack screams and has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner: Tyson Kidd

Isis carries him out and Kidman helps Jack up. Before Kidd leaves he heek kicks Evans in the skull and Isis clotheslines Kidman as they take off. We then cut to backstage where Shelton is with Charlie and says


Charlie...i'll be honest...i'm not sure about this tag thing anymore. It's been years on the road and we're still going to be in the same place.
Charlie Haas then nods and says


After tonight's match..we'll talk about it..
*commercial break*

We come back to Marco Corleone seated with a few bandages on his face from his cuts.


Last week, James Mitchell decided that i was a coward. Maybe he was right, maybe i did have some fear in my eyes when i faced Muta. But Lizmark, i'm not scared of you...i'm not worried about you. I've beaten you night in and night out in Mexico, and here won't be different I can promise you. If Lizmark wants a fight so be it, if Muta decides he isn't done with me we'll settle that too. But Muta you endangered my career. You didn't just beat me, you tried to injure me and i won't let that go unresolved. But as i sit here-
Lizmark then attacks Marco and begins to stomp on him and breaks the wooden chair over Marco's back. Corleone groans and spits out blood as Lizmark smacks him in the face. Police officers then restrain Lizmark and hold him back as Medics attend to Corleone.

*commercial break*

The Alliance of Darkness vs The World's Greatest Tag Team
Shelton neglects his match and stays on the apron. Charlie is left to defend himself against Judas and Thorn. Both work as a team and Haas gets few moves in. He then makes a come back on Kevin and begins to gain momentum, until Mesisas hits a clothesline from hell and Shelton just walks out on his partner. Kevin gets the pinfall and wins.

Your Winners: The Alliance of Darkness

James Mitchell then smacks Charlie with his cane as DDP rushes out and tells them to back off. Judas pushes Page and Kevin slaps him. He then turns is about to strike him, but he knows better and helps Charlie out.

*commercial break*

Colt Cabana vs Antonio Bank$

We see Colt enter the ring with Bob Backlund as Antonio enters with Team Bank$ and announces that he'll have his own personal bodyguards with him. We then see Monty Brown and Michael Tarver walk down in Team Bank$ shirts. He addresses them as his official reps and calls them "The Enforcers of Team Bank$"

Antonio gets in the ring as the bell sounds and Colt quickly tackles him and takes advantage. Antonio regains control and begins to stomp Colt in the corner. Backlund yells but Tarver and Brown back him off from the ring. Bank$ then locks in the Take it to the Bank and almost gets a victory, but Colt reverses it and locks on the Chicago Crab. Antonio is in severe pain from the move and grabs the ropes. An agent tosses him a pair of brass knuckles and he drops Colt as he throws the knucks, the ref was distracted by Tarver.

Backlund then locks the chicken wing on Michael and everyone jumps into stop it. Antonio looks outside the ring as Colt is busted at his nose from the knucks. He stands up and lowblows Bank$. Antonio slowly hits the mat and Colt puts a sleeper on. The ref turns and Antonio turns it into the crossface, but Colt kicks him off and Antonio lands the Playmaker and gets the victory.

Your Winner: Antonio Bank$

He rushes out with his team and Backlund helps Cabana out.

*commercial break*

"The War Machine" Rhyno vs Jeff Jarrett, Time Test Challenge: Time is 5:25

Rhyno is in the ring and Jarrett comes out with his guitar. Still weak from being knocked off the stage last week. Carlito sits on top of the stage on a chair watching. Antonio then walks out with a towel watching as well.

The bout starts and the two brawl for at least 30 seconds. Rhyno then tackles him to the corner and begins to land a flurry of fists. Jarrett then hits a quick Russian legsweep. He lands multiple punches on the War Machine and goes for a pin, but only gets a one count. Jarrett hits a drop kick and then the crossbody from the top rope as he goes for a second pin, only getting two. Rhyno then rests in the corner and hits a clothesline, then two more.

Jeff is dazed as Rhyno hits the "GORE!" on Jarrett. He flips backwards and falls out of the ring. Rhyno then elbow drops off the top rope onto him. He tosses Jeff in the ring afterwards. Jeff reverses the pin attempt by Rhyno and drop toe holds him. Jarrett does his strut and lands the Stroke on an unaware opponent. Jeff goes for the pin but Rhyno kicks out and Jarrett irish whips him to the ropes and spears him, yelling "GORE! GORE! GORE!" He goes to the top rope for a finishing cross body with only 20 seconds left, but Rhyno hits a Gore in mid air. He then drags him to the middle of the ring and goes for the pin. But the time is up at the two count.

This match is a draw.

Jarrett is laid out and Rhyno enraged hits the Rhino Driver on him. Antonio laughs as he turns to see Carlito staring right at him. the two take center stage as the two winners of the Time Test Challenge. Mr. Wrestling III then hits the ring and Rhyno catches him in a bear hug, but III reverses into a DDT and Jeff Jarrett grabs his guitar. M-Dogg 20 rushes to the ring and grabs the guitar, but Mr. Wrestling clotheslines Jarrett and M-Dogg swings for him but misses only for him to be drop kicked to the turnbuckle.

Elijah Burke then runs in and hits a 4-Up on M-Dogg and goes to clothesline Mr. Wrestling but Jarrett grabs the guitar and misses his swing, knocking out Burke. Elijah is covered in guitar as Mr. Wrestling hits a heel kick on Jeff and knocks him down. M-Dogg then rests in the corner as Carlito and Antonio stare each other down. Police officers hit the ring and Mr. Wrestling III runs out and M-Dogg jumps off the top rope and drop kicks him into the barricade. Mr. Wrestling then collapses and crawls over the steel barricade and to the crowd. M-Dogg chases him and gets heel kicked to the concrete. Our final shot is the two contenders for the world title staring down the ramp and back at each other and to Mr. Wrestling III.

JasonCage 12-28-2012 04:33 PM

Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Advertised Card for 12/5/12
San Diego California, RIMAC Arena
Jason Gory Vs Jigsaw
Jerry Lynn Vs Tony Mamaluke Vs Rocky Romero
Petey Williams and Ace Steel Vs Sadistic Fame
Shelton Benjamin Speaks...
Cliff Compton Vs Chris Masters
Several matches annnounced for Punishment
The Tailor Made Express Vs Picture Perfect
Lizmark Jr. w/ James Mitchell Vs M-Dogg 20
Lizmark Jr. joins the Alliance of Darkness officially

"The Savior" Elijah Burke Vs Colt Cabana
Carlito Colon and Antonio Bank$ Contract signing

*Jimmy Fallon segment coming soon*

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