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Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Ring of Honor since it's inception has been viewed as the premeire independent promotion in the wrestling world but owner, Cary Silkin saw bigger things for the company in it's future. Silkin knew that his company has become somewhat of farm system as he watched ROH alumni such as C.M. Punk, A.J. Styles, Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe go on to main event the bigger companies. Silkin decided he needed to lock up his younger talent to longer contracts and start building to the future. Ring of Honor started to make a buzz in the industry again as they toured Europe, Mexico and Japan and drew gigantic crowds working with companies from the foreign countries. Silkin wanted to take the next step to make Ring of Honor a household name.

Backstage, Gabe Sabolsky has long been respected as a booker of talent with was has been given to him as he sculpted the young stars and made each one their own distinctive characters but he always lacked the big name but it changed with Bryan Danielson signed back to ROH after his firing from the WWE. Danielson had grew a fanbase during his NXT run and was given the storyline of a lifetime when he returned. Danielson was first thought to be given the world title almost instantly but instead was giving the arc of a man, who in the eyes of ROH executives had betrayed the company by leaving and had to earn his way back up the ladder. Danielson struggles to get the World Title took ROH and wrestling world by storm.

Silkin had Ring of Honor signed to a television deal with HD Net but it gave him a limited audience so he began searching for another television partner. Sinclair Broadcasting offered a deal but wanted to take over as owners but Silkin didn't see the television impact he was looking for. Silkin ended up finding the partner in the Chicago based, WGN America, who recently ended the relationship with the WWE and their Superstars program. In June, Ring of Honor made the switch of networks and debuted on WGN America.

Ring of Honor now had a talented roster, a nationwide television deal and a steady flow of cash to take it to the next level. This is where we pick up the story.....

Ring of Honor Roster

Adam Cole

Cole debuted in February 2011 as he billed himself the biggest Brian Kendrick fan in the world. After a vicious beatdown by Kendrick's rival, Homicide, Cole was saved by Kendrick and started seconding him to the ring. Cole got revenge and helped Kendrick win the feud with Homicide. Cole has been getting tips from Kendrick but still finds himself most of the time on the losing end.

Angelina Love

The beautiful sexy, Angelia Love debuted in ROH as the girlfriend of Christopher Daniels and has been by his side since. Love has had no problems getting involved in any of The Prophecy matches.

Anthony Nese

Anthony Nese has started showing up at ROH shows in June with the motto of being "The Perfect Man". Nese has been joined by "The Perfect Woman" Taryn Terrell but neither has competed saying that "They are TOO PERFECT for ROH and are awaiting better offers. Nese sits at ringside as the duo hold up signs poking fun at the ROH talent.

Austin Aries

Aries became ROH World Champion a record second time with a win over Jerry Lynn in January 2010 after help from then manager, Larry Sweeney. Aries held the title for 7 months until Aries lost the ROH World title to Tyler Black in August 2010 and failed to regain in three rematches. This led a frustrated Aries to fire Larry Sweeny and to go on vacation where he stayed until March 2011, when he showed up at the tournament to crown a new Pure Champion. Aries defeated Low Ki in the finals and ended up holding the title before losing it to El Generico in a three way match with Low Ki included in May 2011.

Brian Kendrick

Kendrick showed back up in ROH in the summer of 2010 and instantly became a top challenger for Roderick Strong's TV title. Kendrick was able to get a one month reign in October before losing it back to Strong. Kendrick then started a bloody feud with Homicide that showed him making a friend in a fan by the name of Adam Cole. Since ending the feud with Homicide in May, Kendrick has been more focused helping Cole with his career then his own.

Bryan Danielson

Danielson showed back up in ROH in August of 2010 with great fanfare and was instantly given a title shot by ROH President, Jim Cornette. But after Cornette suffered a heart attack, Steve Corino was given the job of ROH President and stripped Danielson of the shot saying that Danielson abandoned ROH of needs to prove himself over again. For the next year Danielson has defeated the odds winning matches against the toughest challenge before earning a title shot for Driven after defeating Roderick Strong in a 60 minute Iron Man match that saw the loser having to leave ROH forever. Danielson finally gets his title shot against Tyler Black.

Christian York

York debuted in February 2011 and has competed mostly as a jobber in ROH. York does however hold an upset victory of Petey Williams that led to the latter's slide. York does his job and puts a good match with whoever ROH puts in the ring with him.

Christopher Daniels

Daniels returned to ROH in April 2010 and saw himself winning the tag team titles over the Kings of Wrestling when Daniels was announced as Davey Richards's surprise partner. The duo held the titles until June when the team imploded during a match with the Briscoes. Daniels then reformed The Prophecy joining forces with Jon Moxley and Kevin Steen along with Angelina Love showing up as Daniels' girlfriend. After a feud with Richards, Daniels became Pure Champion with a victory of Brent Albright. Daniels held the title until January when he was injured and had to vacate the title. Daniels has been sidelined since but has been managing the Prophecy team of Moxley and Steen along with Love.

Colt Cabana

**Television Champion**

The engergetic Cabana came back to ROH in February as a surprise opponent for Roderick Strong's TV title where he pulled off the upset. Cabana has held the title for the past 5 months as he has turned back challenges from impressive newcomers Sami Callihan and Mike Bennett. Bennett swears he is doesn't with him yet after Cabana's advancements toward Maria.

Dave Finlay

The hard hitting Finlay signed with ROH and wrestled mostly on TV losing in hard fought battles, putting over the younger stars. This went along until he defeated Sami Callihan but ended up impressed by the youngster. Finlay then offered his services and became Callihan's manager. He now has become great friends with Sami as they look to climb the ladder together.

El Generico

**Pure Champion**

El Generico has spent the past year spitting his time between ROH and wrestling in Japan. The calendar year has been good for Generico as he captured the GHC Lightweight title in December 2010 before losing it to KENTA in March 2011. Generico then showed back up to ROH and became the top contender for the Pure championship. Generico won the title in May in a 3-way match up with Low Ki and Austin Aries.

Harry Smith

The second generation star was announced as the newest member of the Embassy but has yet to debut in ROH because of Petey Williams refusal to team with him. Smith and Nana has both pleaded to Williams and tried to show him the possibility of the success the team can have but so far Williams is focused on being a solo act.

Jay Lethal

Lethal returned to ROH in September 2010 and unsuccesfully challenged Tyler Black for the World Title, then Roderick Strong for the TV Title and finally Austin Aries for the Pure Championship. Lethal then vanished from TV for a couple of weeks with a masked wrestler named "Black Machismo" started appearing after matches. "Black Machismo" was soon recurited to join Prince Nana's Embassy faction but ended up turning the offer and giving Embassy member, Tomasso Ciampa his first loss in ROH.

Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs has spent the past year out of the ring as he became the personal assistant to ROH President, Steve Corino. Jacobs has mostly been used to deliver Corino's next challenge to Bryan Danielson which has often resulted in a beatdown from the American Dragon.

Kid Kash

The hard hitting veteran showed up in ROH in October of 2010 but hasn't made much of an impact. Kash is used mostly as a jobber to get the younger talent over despite getting good responses from the crowd. He provides a strong veteran presence inside and outside the ring.

Larry Sweeney

"The Man with the Golden Touch" Sweeney has led various wrestlers to titles such as Austin Aries to the World title, Daniel Puder to the Pure and The Kings of Wrestling to World Tag Team. Sweeney has since been fired by Aries and Puder left ROH but he still manages World Tag Team Champions. Sweeney is always looking to add new talent to "Sweet & Sour Inc and has rumored to be interested in bringing in some new faces to ROH in the near future.

Low Ki

Low Ki came back to ROH in January and entered the Pure Championship Tournament. Low Ki looked to be on his way to victory in it after injuring other finalist, Brent Albright but was shocked when Steve Corino put Austin Aries in the finals against Low Ki to replace Albright. Low Ki lost the finals and the championship to Aries. Low Ki has been trying to win the title since but has came up short. Low Ki out of frustration attacked El Generico backstage after a loss to Aries and ended up watching Generico walk out the Pure Champion when he was added to a title match. Low Ki now has El Generico in his sight as he can finally capture the elusive title.


Maybe the most famous person on the ROH roster, Maria came to the company with her boyfriend, Mike Bennett. Maria has proven a great commodity for Bennett as her beauty oftens distracts his opponents but also gets Bennett into a violent jealous side. Maria was the cause of the breakup of the team of Bennett and Mordestky and now is in the middle of Bennett's feud with Colt Cabana and she couldn't be happier.

Mike Bennett

Bennett debuted in October 2010 and instantly became the most flamboyant man in ROH alongside his girlfriend, Maria they proclamied themselves ROH's "It Couple". Bennett found himself lost in the shuffle and brought in Chris Mordestky to tag up with in January. The duo was short lived as Bennett savagely beat down Mordestky after Bennett thought he made a move on Maria. The move made a name for Bennett and he became the top challenger to Colt Cabana and his TV title. Now Bennett has made the same claims about Cabana making moves on Maria and looks for him to suffer the same pain as Mordetky did.


PAC debuted in ROH in April 2011 and made a dazzling debut with his high flying style and picked up a victory over Jay Lethal. PAC was originally recruited by Prince Nana to join the Embassy which led to a feud with Petey Williams. Lately PAC has been lost in the shuffle of ROH talent. Has been rumored to be forming a team with Richochet to get more airtime.

Petey Williams

Petey Williams came to ROH as the crown piece of Prince Nana's new Embassy. Williams career in ROH didn't take off as expected as he was defeated by World Champion Tyler Black on two occasions. Petey then found himself feuding with fellow Embassy member, Rhino. Williams defeated Rhino that saw Rhino forced to leave the group but Williams has since lost the full attention of Nana as newcomer, Tomasso Ciampa has caught his eye. Prince Nana has signed Harry Smith to the Embassy, hoping to forge a team with Williams but Petey so far has rejected the idea and Smith hasn't yet debuted in the ring.

Prince Nana

The leader of the Embassy, Nana has had many men come and go in his group and this year has been the same. He started off the year with Rhino, Bison Smith and Petey Williams in the group and ended up adding Tomasso Ciampa and Harry Smith and losing Rhino and Bison Smith. He also has the intimidating Uhaa Nation as his bodyguard and his Princess Mia Yim by his side. Nana has a problem with the Embassy right now as Ciampa, Smith and Williams seem to be having problems.


Richochet has been showing up at ROH shows sparingly for the past year being used mostly as an exciting jobber that pulls off a couple of fan pleasing moves before being defeated. He is being rumored to being repackaged and possibly forming a tag team with PAC and heading overseas to get their footing.

Sami Callihan

Callihan debuted in March and suffered loss after loss including a hard fought one against veteran, Dave Finlay. Finlay saw something in the youngster and offered to help him. Callihan showed great improvement in the next upcoming weeks and won his first match against Petey Williams in May. Calliahan then earned a shot at Colt Cabana's TV title but came up a bit short. Callihan and Finlay then left ROH for a tour of Europe and recently came back with a win over Corino's assistant, Jimmy Jacobs to regain his spot on the roster.

Sara Del Ray

The Shimmer champion, Del Ray also appears as the valet to the Kings of Wrestling. She shows her worth with interference as she has the physical attributes to do damage to any KOW opponent.

Shane Helms

Helms signed with ROH in December as he was brought in to face Bryan Danielson. Helms looked strong in the match but came up short. The next day after the match, Helms was involved in a car accident and injured. Helms will be returning sometime in the next few months but has been filling in as a backstage interviewer in the meantime.

Shelly Martinez

Martinez was hired by ROH President, Steve Corino as a special assistant to the President. Her duties are unknown but it's obvious she has something romatically going on with both Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. She has also showed she isn't afraid of anybody on the roster as she has gotten into heated arguments with Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson on different occasions.

Steve Corino

Corino became ROH President after Jim Cornette suffered a heart attack and had to vacate the job. Corino's first order of business was to strip Bryan Danielson of his title shot that began a year long feud with him. Corino set up a year long series of matches for Danielson to prove himself only to see him come out victorious everytime. Corino finally had to give Danielson his shot at the title for the title after he defeated Roderick Strong in a Loser Leaves ROH 60 Minute Iron Man Match that saw Corino's interference backfire and give Danielson the decisvie win. Corino is aided by his assistants Jimmy Jacobs and Shelly Martinez.

Taryn Terrell

Terrell has shown up calling herself "The Perfect Woman" with "The Perfect Man" Anthony Nese. Neither person is signed with ROH but have made enemies with most of the roster by sitting in the crowd and poking fun of ROH talent. When interviewed by Dave Prazak they stated that they are awaiting better offers instead of signing with ROH.

Tomasso Ciampa

Ciampa debuted as the newest member of the Embassy as he replaced Rhino and quickly went on a two month winning streak that saw him jump over Petey Williams in the Embassy ranks. Ciampa lost his first match to Black Machismo that showed cracks in his relationship with Williams. Ciampa is hungry for a title but might be sidetracked by these events.

Tyler Black

**World Heavyweight Champion**

Tyler Black is nearing in on a year as ROH World Champion after defeating Austin Aries in August of 2010. Black since then has been a fighting champion all over the world. Black has defeated ROH challengers such as Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and Petey Williams along with international wrestlers Takeshi Morishima, Go Shiozaki, KENTA, Cibernetico and Mistico. Black has done everything asked of him but has had to face quesitons about dodging Bryan Danielson. The past month Black has been questioned that he is behind Corino's actions after being seen numerous times wth former partner, Jimmy Jacobs,but denies involvement. Black finally gets his chance against Danielson as Corino grudginly gave him a title shot.

Uhaa Nation

Probaby the most physically intimidating man in ROH, Uhaa is the bodyguard of Prince Nana and hasn't yet debuted in the ring. Uhaa has had no problems getting involved in matches for Tomasso Ciampa and Petey Williams. Many people can't wait for Uhaa Nation to show his talent in the ring.


The most successful tag team in ROH history, the Brisoces past year saw them in lenghty feuds with the Kings of Wrestling that saw them exchange the titles four times. After losing the titles back to KOW, the Briscoes ended up in a feud with GHC's NO LIMIT. Briscoes ended up getting the best of NO LIMIT before the duo returned to their native country. They then found themselves the victims of a backstage beatdown by the new team of Kevin Steen and Jon Moxley as the duo decided to make a statement against the legendary ROH team.

Jon Moxley & Kevin Steen

Moxley and Steen was spending 2011 in a feud with each other before getting approached by Christopher Daniels about joining the Prophecy, the duo accepted and ended up spending the most of the year as Christopher Daniels' henchmen. Moxley and Steen has prospered at Daneils' injury as he started guiding their careers. The Prophecy started a feud with the All Night Express. The duo showed a pure vicious side as the injured both Kenny King and Rhett Titus. They then showed they mean business as a team by an attack on The Brisco Brothers.

Kings of Wrestling

**World Tag Team Champions**

The most dominant team in ROH, Kings of Wrestling has either been champions or in championship matches the entire year. The duo dispatched of the Briscoes, The American Wolves and The Young Bucks as they tried to become champions. The duo even ended up challenging for the World Title in a handicap match with Tyler Black but came up short. After a win over New Japan's Bad Intentions they proclaimed themsleves the best tag team in the world but was interrupted in their celebraton by Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, who challenged them to a match which Hero and Castagnoli accepted.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas debuted in ROH during the Kings of Wrestling celebration and challenged the champions to a match. The duo looks like they haven't lost a step with a victory of Tomasso Ciampa & Petey Williams to show the world they still have what it takes to become champions.

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Good setups, great roster, definitely wish you well in this, loads of potential here.
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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Going be interesting seeing Sweeney traveling from Heaven to the shows.

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

There's been some solid ROH threads around here in the past but none of them have really taken flight. This looks pretty well organized and put-together, so hopefully the on-the-field results look good too. Best of luck, mayne.

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Originally Posted by Lane View Post
Going be interesting seeing Sweeney traveling from Heaven to the shows.
The BTB starts before his death.
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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

What about when it reaches the day after?

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

^ It doesn't matter. As long as the start time of the BTB is before the person's death, then it's allowed and it's completely up to the writer themselves if they want to continue featuring them in their shows.

Anyway, this project looks good matey. I'm an indy buff myself so I recognize all of these names and it is a pretty stacked roster. All of the little bios are interesting and it definitely has set the groundwork for you to take this thread in to your own direction straight from the get go. It's nicely presented and it's a good and intriguing concept, so you have a reader in me. Stick to it and good luck, my friend.

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names


Ring of Honor Presents

Glory By Honor X

Live from The Mohegan Sun Arena, Connecticutt

The Mohegan Sun is abuzz with excitement as Glory By Honor X is set to take place. After months of waiting, Bryan Danielson finally gets his shot at the Ring of Honor World Championship and champion, Tyler Black. Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak is at ringside, ready to call the night's action.

Kelly: "Welcome everyone to one of Ring of Honor's biggest events, Glory by Honor X. I'm Kevin Kelly alongside with Dave Prazak to bring you tonight's star-studded show. Tonight is the night everyone is waiting for as after months of proving himself all over again, Bryan Danielson gets his shot at the Ring of Honor World Title."

Dave: "Everybody is talking about this match, I walked around the casino floor today and everybody is ready to see Danielson walk out the champion here tonight but let me tell you that Tyler Black has no intentions on letting the title go without a fight and isn't going to roll over for Danielson. There might be a lot of disappointed fans leaving here tonight if Black can hold onto the title."

Kelly: "While everybody is talking about the main event, it's not the only big match tonight as we will also have a Pure Championship match as Low Ki will finally try to win the belt he has been chasing for the past few months as he faces the champion, El Generico."

Dave: "I predict that the chase will end here as in my opinion the only reason Generico is champion is because of Low Ki. El Generico isn't half the wrestler Low Ki is and tonight Low Ki will prove it inside the squared circle."

Kelly: " I don't agree with your opinion on Generico as he has defended the title with courage and has shown himself worthy of the title. We also have a Television Title match as Colt Cabana will defend his title against one of Ring of Honor's hottest young stars, Mike Bennett, who of course will have the lovely, Maria in his corner."

Dave: "Hopefully Cabana can keep his hands off of Bennett's girlfriend and keep his focus in the ring. Everybody knows that Cabana has been putting some moves on Maria backstage and Bennett has had enough of it. I just hope Bennett can keep his focus and take the title and not let his jealous blind him and thinks get out of control."

Kelly: "I don't think Cabana has done anything wrong and it's just rumors I think made up by Maria to get Bennett furious at Cabana."

Dave: "How dare you talk that way about Maria? Everybody knows what kind of guy Cabana is, he will hit on anything that has two legs."

Kelly: "With that, let's move on as the last title match tonight we have will be the Kings of Wrestling defending their World Tag Team Titles against Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas."

Dave: "I can't believe the nerve of Benjamin and Haas as they interrupted the Kings victory celebration and challenged them for their titles. They weren't even in the company and hasn't came close to earning a title shot. They come off the street and challenge our champions, I've been outraged by their actions as should every Ring of Honor fan."

Kelly: "Every wrestling fan knows Benjamin's and Haas' accomplishments, they are two guys off the street. They are definatley one of the best teams in the world today and worthy of any kind of tag team title shot anywhere in the world. For me this is a dream match up that I thought I would never see."

The crowd goes wild as Bobby Cruise announces the first match. The first man out to a roar from the crowd is the mysterious, Black Machismo. Machismo jogs to the ring, high fiving his fans on the way to the ring before sliding under the bottom rope and takes a perch on the top rope to soak in his cheers.

Kelly: "There is the mystery man, Black Machismo. Nobody knows where he came from as he has denied any kind of interviews but all we know is that he has been a thorn in the side of Prince Nana and his Embassy with victories over both Petey Williams and Tomasso Ciampa the past few weeks and tonight he will take on Ciampa once again."

Dave: "What do you mean "mysterious"? That is Jay Lethal, I know it, you know, the fans here know it, c'mon Kelly. Lethal wearing this mask and acting like it's not him is just insulting to everyone and hopefully tonight Ciampa will end this charade once and for all.

Bobby Cruise announces Tomasso Ciampa and he comes out as The Embassy is out with him in full force. Prince Nana, Mia Yim, Uhaa Nation, Harry Smith and Petey Williams follow out Ciampa for his match.

Kelly: "I know Black Machismo hates seeing this as The Embassy is out here to back up Ciampa but hopefully they will show honor and keep this match one on one but I find that highly unlikely."

Dave: "I don't know why you always think the worst of Nana and The Embassy, this is a hot show and it's been hard to get tickets for. I'm pretty sure The Embassy is just out here to get a good view of this match."

Kelly: "Now who is insulting people's intelligence?"

Black Machismo VS Tomasso Ciampa

The bell rings and the two men circle each other in the ring before tying up. Machismo is quick and takes over Ciampa with an arm drag, Ciampa is visibly upset by the quick manuever and goes for a tie up again only to suffer another arm drag. Ciampa shakes his arm as Machismo dances around the ring, proud of himself.

The two men tie up again and this time Ciampa rakes the eyes and delivers a solid knee to the stomach. He snapmares Machismo over and locks in a chinlock. He bashes some elbows in to the back of the head as he increases the pressure of the chinlock. He wears down Machismo till they are both on the mat but the crowd rallies behind the good guy as he he gets back to his feet and is able to break the hold with a side slam. Ciampa is the first one up but eats a drop kick to the jaw that knocks him out of the ring to the feet of Prince Nana. Nana and Yim helps Ciampa to his feet as we see Williams smirking in the background.

Kelly: "A great start to the match by Machismo as he seems a step ahead of Ciampa here in the early going."

Dave: "Ciampa is just setting a pace. He is regrouping on the outside which is the smart move and thinking of a way to slow down this match up."

Harry Smith jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee and Machismo as Ciampa blindsides him with a double axe handle to the back of the head. He then plants him with a text book belly to back suplex and gets a two count. Ciampa gets back to his feet and violently stomps at Machismo as he yells insults at him. He yells at the crowd as he Irish Whips Machismo hard into the corner. He chops away on Machismo before setting him up on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Machismo tries to block it but Ciampa gets him over after a headbutt. They crash hard into the mat but Ciampa only gets another two count.

Kelly" What a superplex by Ciampa, I thought Ciampa was going to pick up the win."

Dave: "I don't know how Machismo kicked out of that but Ciampa needs to stay on him."

Ciampa argues with the referee as Machismo starts to move. Ciampa lands a thudding running boot to the side of the head as Nana cheers on from the outside. Ciampa whips him in the ropes again and nails a quick body slam and gets another two count. Ciampa is getting frustrated as both him and Nana heckle the referee. Machismo tries to come back with a few punches but Ciampa dodges one and catches him with a butterfly suplex that sends Machismo from corner to the other. Ciampa has some words for Petey Williams as the two argue for a second as Ciampa chokes Machismo with the bottom rope in William's face.

Kelly: "Machismo is taking a beating now as Ciampa is looking to maybe making a statement to not only Machismo but to Petey Williams too."

Dave: "We all know there has been problems within the Embassy for some time now as Petey isn't being a team player. He needs to get over it and be proud of the job that Tomasso Ciampa is doing tonight and has been doing since his arrival here in Ring of Honor."

Ciampa scoops up Machismo and delivers a backbreaker as Machismo screams in pain, he grabs his legs and turns him over into a Clover Leaf. Machismo yells out again as the crowd tries to rally behind him. Ciampa torques up the pressure as Machismo tries to pull himself to the ropes. He reaches out but is still inches away and slumps down after one last try. He looks like he is ready to give up as Ciampa yells at the referee. The referee is distracted for a moment by the yell as Williams pushes the ropes into Machismo's outstretched hands. The referee sees it and orders Ciampa to break the hold.

Uhaa Nation sees Williams move and the two start to argue, Nana and then Ciampa hear the argument as Smith and Yim comes over too. Everything is blowing up as Ciampa and Williams is shouting at each other when Machismo rolls up Ciampa in a small package and gets the three count. Ciampa is in shock as Machismo slides out of the ring and into the crowd as The Embassy hits the ring.

Winner: Black Machismo
Kelly: "What a big win for Black Machismo as he gets the victory over Tomasso Ciampa to kick off Glory By Honor 10."

Dave: "What was Petey Williams doing? Tomasso had this match won with the clover leaf before his own teammate helps Machismo, then Machismo sneaks up behind him and steals the match that Ciampa deserved to win."

Kelly: "You can't blame Machismo for taking advantage of the situation, I imagine you would do the same thing."

Dave: "I'm a man of high moral fiber and I would have waited till I had Ciampa's total attention then picking up a cheap win like that."

Kelly: "I find that hardly unlikely."

Ciampa and Williams is being held back by the rest of The Embassy as they make their way to the back. We get one final shot of Black Machismo celebrating with some fans in the crowd before we go backstage with the newest member of the Ring of Honor broadcasting team, Reby Sky, who is with Brian Kendrick and Adam Cole.

Sky: "I'm Reby Sky and I'm with Brian Kendrick and Adam Cole. Adam, this is your first Ring of Honor pay per view, even though you don't have a match you still must be excited to be here."

Cole: "Hell yeah, I'm excited. These past few months have been a roller coaster for me, I was just a fan like the thousands here tonight when Brian Kendrick noticed me and talked to me. I tried to save him after a match and then he offered to train me and now we are great friends and I'm so thankful to him.

Kendrick is all smiles as the two shake hands.

Sky: "Listening to all of that must make you feel great, Brian. That you had so much influence in this young man's life."

Kendrick: "I take the credit on finding him but what he has been doing in the training and in the ring is all him. Adam Cole is talented that is no doubt about it. He has a bright future ahead of him and I'll be happy to watch to see what he can do and know I had something to do with it."

Now Cole is all smiles as he smacks Kendrick in the shoulder playfully as he is almost blushing from Kendrick's comments. Then you hear someone yelling in the background as Austin Aries appears in the picture. He gets nose to nose with Kendrick before backing off and taking the microphone from Sky.

Aries: "I hate to break up this bro love fest you two got going on here but this is a wrestling show. They make time for Brian Kendrick, who has one big in years, who's been carried by other people in the accomplishments he has achieved and his protege, Adam Cole but ignore the first ever two time Ring of Honor World Champion, Austin Aries! What is wrong with this picture? Do you think people want to see the two of you over me? I don't think so."

Aries and Kendrick get nose to nose again as Cole grabs the microphone from Aries.

Cole: "Hey listen here, if you want to be part of this show, how about me and you tonight. I have no problem teaching you some respect and showing you why people are interested in Adam Cole."

Aries: "Are you serious? You want to face me? You think you are EVEN in the same class as Austin Aries. Brian, this kid just made a big mistake. Boy, you got your match."

Aries walks away shaking his head as Cole is pumped up and Kendrick looks concerned as we go back to the ring.

Dave: "Who does Adam Cole think he is that he can compete with Austin Aries? Aries is one of the greatest Ring of Honor competitors ever and Adam Cole thinks he can compete with him? Kendrick is rubbing off on this kid in some bad ways. Cole is going to get hurt tonight."

Kelly: "I just think Cole is showing he can't be intimidated by anyone not even someone the caliber of Austin Aries. Cole has shown some great skills in this ring and as we have seen already tonight anything can happen."

Bobby Cruise is back in the ring as he calls for the next match which is the Television Title Match as Mike Bennett is out first with Maria. They ignore the fans on their way as Bennett climbs up on the apron and lowers the rope for Maria to climb through. Maria seducitvely gets on her knees and rips away Bennett's warm up pants. The two kiss as the crowd gags. Colt Cabana is out next and the place goes wild as he dances to the ring. He jumps into the ring and throws his headband into the crowd. Bennett yells at him and ignores the pre match handshake. Cabana turns and says something to Maria that enrages Bennett as he attacks Cabana before the bell.

Ring of Honor Television Title Match

Colt Cabana VS Mike Bennett

The beatdown is on as Bennett chokes Cabana with a towel as the referee tries to pull it away, he finally does and calls for the bell to start the match. Bennett stomps away at Cabana who is trying to crawl away. Bennett chokes him over the bottom rope with his boot as the referee calls for the break. He runs over and drops a leg on Cabana and chokes him again before the referee gets to five. Cabana makes it to the corner where the relentless Bennett chokes him again with his boot as Cabana's head is stuck behind the size 12 and the bottom turnbuckle. The referee calls for a break again and Bennett does and delivers a few stomps to Cabana's face before turning his attention by yelling at the crowd and smile at the cheering Maria.

Kelly: "This is the side of Mike Bennett that is dangerous. When this ruthless,jealous side of him comes out, he is probably the most dangerous man in Ring of Honor and Colt Cabana is feeling that first hand."

Dave: "Well, you saw Colt starting to flirt with Maria as soon as he got here. I told you what Cabana is all about, he has no respect for relationships and it's about time that somebody taught him a lesson."

Cabana is up on his feet in the corner but is driven back down by a series of close fists by Bennett. Cabana is woozy as Maria comes up beside him and lays a huge smack across his face. Bennett laughs as Maria cheers him on. He drags Cabana out of the corner and delivers a vicious lariat and goes for the cover. A two count is what he gets as he puts his knee in Cabana's back and pulls back on his arms in a submission move. Bennett yanks on Cabana for awhile before he pulls out Cabana's mouth and rakes his eyes that draws harsh words from the referee. Cabana gets back to his feet only to have Bennett grab one of his straps and plants a forearm hard into his kidney area that sends Cabana to a knee only to have Bennett pull him back up by the strap and delivers two more. Cabana slinks to his knees as Bennett lets go off the strap and stands over Cabana. Cabana gets to his knees only to see Bennett hook in a camel clutch. The pain of the move is shown on Cabana's face as the crowd rallies behind him. Cabana is able to get to his knees and get to his feet and drops backwards onto Bennett.

Kelly: "This could be the chance that Cabana is looking for."

Bennett is up first and charges Cabana with a lariat attempt but Cabana ducks out of the way and back drops Bennett high into the air as he comes back off the ropes. Bennett is staggered against the ropes as his head hit the mat hard and Colt takes him over the top rope with a huge clothesline. Maria is over quickly to tend to Bennett as Colt climbs to the outside. He chases off Maria as he sling shots Bennett into the steel steps. Bennett yells in pain as his back hits and the crowd is going wild as Colt sends him face first into the steel crowd barricade. Colt slides back in the ring to break the referee's count. He comes back over to Bennett but Maria is back at his side and she is on her knees begging Cabana to stop his attack. Cabana looks for the crowd for an answer and they cheer for him to continue. He thrusts his hips towards Maria's face and she looks visibly disgusted. She moves out of the way as Cabana gets caught by a thumb to the eye from Bennett, who quickly gets to his feet and throws Cabana back into the ring.

Dave: "You see Cabana's actions, that is totally uncalled for!!!"

Bennett stalks Cabana in the ring and delivers a scoop slam followed by a jumping leg drop. Bennett is back in full control as he whips Cabana in the corner and charges in with a lariat and then a spinebuster as Cabana staggers out of the corner that gets him a two count. Bennett looks at a once again cheering Maria as he scoops Cabana up in a fireman's carry for the Box Office Smash but Cabana escapes with a few elbows and pushes Bennett into the corner. Bennett staggers out as Cabana plants him with a D.D.T. Maria is beside herself on the outside as Cabana calls to the crowd and does his BOOM BOOM Elbow Drop to Bennett. Cabana then waits and pick up Bennett into an airplane spin and thens whips Bennett into the corner as he slumps in the corner. Cabana runs in with a Flyin Apple that disgusts Maria. Cabana then scoops up Bennett in a fireman's carry and connects with the Chicago Skyline. He drags Bennett away from the ropes and gets the win.

Winner and still Television Champion: Colt Cabana

Cabana is handed back the T.V. title and celebrates in the ring to the cheering crowd as Bennett slides out of the ring and is consoled by Maria as they go up the ramp.

Kelly: "Colt retains the title in impressive manner with a great win against Mike Bennett. Colt kicked it into another gear when he saw the win in sight and couldn't be stopped."

Dave: "Colt survived the match that's all I can say. I thought the Colt Cabana TV title reign would be finally over but I guess I have to suffer a little bit longer."

The crowd is hot with the action so far as we go backstage where Reby Sky is with Ring of Honor commissioner, Steve Corino.

Sky: "Tonight is a night you didn't want to ever see as Bryan Danielson finally gets his shot at the Ring of Honor World Championship. How do you feel about this?"

Corino: "Hold on right there, I never said I didn't want to see Bryan Danielson get a title shot, you are putting words into my mouth. My stance is the same as it was when Bryan showed back up in Ring of Honor and that was he had to prove himself worthy once again. Everybody forgets how he betrayed the company and the Ring of Honor fans by leaving and they all cheer him as the golden boy when he returns but I didn't forget it."

Sky: "So in all of his matches he has had with Homicide, Necro Butcher, Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong hadn't earned some redemption in your eyes. He has done everything you have asked of him to do since his return. But everytime you throw a new obstacle at him."

Corino: "So what if I do, maybe I'm not as easily impressed as all of you but it doesn't matter now, he got his title shot from Cary Silkin, didn't he. He went over my head and whined to the owner about being mistreated and got what he wanted. But I'm going to make sure tonight that Tyler Black, our fighting champion, gets a fair chance tonight since everybody is rooting for Bryan Danielson."

Sky: "What is your realtionship with Tyler Black, we all know his past with your assisstant, Jimmy Jacobs and many now is whispering that all of your actions is to protect Black and his title that Tyler Black has been with you all along to keep Danielson away from the title."

Corino: "Who is whispering about it? Kevin Kelly? Bryan Danielson? You? There is no truth to these rumors. I'm not a friend of Tyler Black in ANYWAY. Do I respect that way Tyler has defended the title, YES I DO. But you wouldn't, he has defended the title around the globe only to have the fans talk about Bryan Danielson the whole time. If I was Tyler Black, I would have some hard feelings about it but Tyler is his own man and not once has asked for any favors from my office."

Sky and Corino is interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs, who comes up and whispers something in his ear.

Corino: "I got some business to take care of, Ms. Sky, so I have to cut this interview short."

He walks off quickly with Jacobs when all of sudden a security guard falls around the corner and a swarm of security guards is all around a brawl as we see Jon Moxley, Kevin Steen and The Briscoes going at it. Mark throws Moxley in a group of steel trash cans that Moxley takes out like a bowling ball. Steen sends Jay over a table, knocking over a Gatorade cooler in the process. They brawl through the curtain and up toward the ring.

Kelly: "Look's like we have one helluva a brawl between the Briscoes, Moxley and Steen coming out here."

Dave: "Somebody better get control of this,it will turn ugly quickly."

The group has broke away from security and Moxley and Jay fight up the ramp and to the ring as Mark and Steen is beside the ramp as Steen chokes him out with camera wire. Jay grabs a chair at ringside and cracks Moxley in the back that sends him to his knees. Steen wears Mark out with a series of short fists and rams him into the ramp. The crowd is going crazy as the brawl is vicious.

A second shot from the chair busts Moxley open as blood pours out instantly soaking his hair with it. Jay stalks him and delivers a running boot to the side of Moxley's head that leaves Jon motionless on the floor. Jay tries to follow up but is blindsided by Steen. Steen reaches under the ring and finds a kendo stick and breaks it across Jay's head in one shot that busts Jay over. Steen yells at the commentary team as Kelly and Prazak moves and sends Jay flying over it, knocking the chairs over. He goes to follow up but Mark is now at ringside and connects with a splash through the ring ropes onto Steen that sends him againt the barricade. All four men are laid out as security finally comes out with the paramedics team. Moxley is up and chases them off with a chair and delivers a thudding shot to Mark and then Jay and both Briscoes are knocked out as Christopher Daniels and Angelina Love make their way to ringside. Angelina is holding handcuffs and gives them to Moxley as Steen rolls the Briscoes into the ring. They drag the Briscoes to the corners and cuff them to the turnbuckles.

Kelly: "Somebody needs to get out here now and stop this."

Dave: "I don't like to agree with you but you are right, The Prophecy is out of control."

Daniels throws chairs into them and slides in with one of his own. Right then, Christian York is in the ring and gets laid out by Daniels, PAC is next and gets the same fate. Sami Callihan is out next and gets a few blows in on Daniels before he is nailed from behind by Steen and Moxley cracks Finlay with a shot of his own. Bodies are all over the place as they turn their attention back to the Briscoes. They get a few more shots in on the Briscoes as they are both bleeding. They uncuff both men as Steen delivers two Steen Drivers to each man. Love pulls out some lip stick and writes on both men's faces. Daniels raises Moxley's and Steen's arms in the air as the crowd starts throwing garbage in the ring.

Kelly: "What a vicious beatdown of the Briscoes. I don't think during the Briscoes whole tenure here in Ring of Honor that I ever seen them decimated like that."

Dave: "The Prophecy showed the Briscoes here tonight that this is a new tough guy team in Ring of Honor and the Briscoes must..how would they say it MAN UP?

Kelly: "No matter how tough they are they can't fight the numbers of the Prophecy with Daniels by their side, it might be something that they can't overcome."

The paramedics are finally in the ring to check on the Briscoes as The Prophecy poses on the ramp one more time to great hatred from the Floridian fans.

The boos are quickly turned into cheers as we Bryan Danielson warming up as Reby Sky enters his locker room.

Reby: "I tonight is a big night but is there anyway I can get a few quick words with you as you get ready."

Danielson is all smiles and wipes off the sweat of his forehead.

Danielson: "Yeah, no problem. What did you want to know?"

Reby: "How does it feel to finally get your title shot here tonight at Glory by Honor 10."

Danielson: " It's been a long time coming, I'll tell ya that. This past year has been a roller coaster for me. I get fired last year for being who I am from what I thought was my dream job. Then I come back here and the fans welcome me back with open arms when I was so worried about how would they react. They really proved that you can come home again. Then to have Ring of Honor Commissioner, Steve Corino, treat me like a traitor which I understood at first but then couldn't figure out but I just kept doing my job and taking out anyone that stood in my way till I got this opportunity here tonight to regain the world title."

Reby: "What do you think of these rumors that have surfaced that maybe Tyler Black has been behind Corino's actions all along."

Danielson: "I don't take much stock in rumors. I've heard the smarks saying Tyler Black is a paper champion because he hasn't faced me, that he doesn't belong in the same class as me or Samoa Joe or Nigel McGuinness or C.M. Punk in regards of great world champions but Tyler Black is the real deal and I know I'm in for a great challenge tonight and I'm going out there to try and do my very best and walk out champion."

Sky looks pleased with the answer when Tyler Black walks in. Danielson backs up and looks confused on why Black is here.

Black: "I don't mean to interrupt but I've heard Ms. Sky keeping on bringing up these rumors that I'm behind Corino and I just wanted to set the record straight that I have no parntership with Corino or have anything to do with how he has been treating you. I've spent my reign as champion fighting the best in the world and whoever has been put in place of me has gone down. I don't play politics. I just know now it's my turn to face you and I plan on walking out champion. I just wanted you to know man to man that the only thing you have to worry about tonight is me."

Black extends his hand out to Bryan for a handshake but Jimmy Jacobs comes out of nowhere and tries to attack Danielson, who just sidesteps the charge and sends Jacobs head first into a locker leaving a considerable dent in it and Jacobs is laid out on the floor. Danielson turns around and gets in Black's face.

Black: "I had nothing to do with this. I wasn't setting you up."

Danielson: "It sure looked like it, you come here unexpectedly claiming your innocence and your old tag team partner tries to attack me from behind."

Black is silent as Danielson drps the mic and they get noese to nose. Jacobs gets up as Black walks over and throws him into another set of lockers. He stares intensely at Bryan as leave the locker room without saying another word.

We come back to the ring where Adam Cole and Brian Kendrick is already waiting as Bobby Cruise announces Austin Aries. Aries comes out wearing one of the most flamboyant robes ever seen. Aries climbs in the ring and is laughing at Cole as he gets last minute instructions from Kendrick before he exits the ring.

Austin Aries VS Adam Cole

The bell rings as Cole turns around to ask something from Kendrick giving the opportunity for Aries to attack from behind. Aries is relentless as he beats down Adam Cole with punches and stomps. He drags Cole back to his feet by his air only to floor him again with an European uppercut. He says something to Kendrick as he mounts Cole and rains down repeated blows to the youngster's face. He whips Cole into the corner and sends him face first into the top turnbuckle over and over again. Cole drops to the mat and starts crawling away from Aries as he patiently stalks him before kicking him easily over. Aries turns his attention to Kendrick as the two argue.

Kelly: "Aries is relentless in his attack on Cole!!"

Dave: "Aries is making certain that he teaches this young punk a lesson in respect. You don't talk like that do a former Ring of Honor World Champion that and then challenge him to a match. This is what happens when you do."

Aries distraction with Kendrick gives Cole time to recover as he catches Aries with a jawbreaker using the top of his head as Aries tries to pull him up. Cole follows up iwht a standing drop kick and hits a flying forearm off the ropes. Cole waits for Aries to get up and tries for a diving cross body only to have Aries duck it and he crashes into the mat.

Aries quickly locks Cole in a headlock and nails him with knees to the head before delivering a D.D.T. Aries signals for his finisher and delivers a brainbuster. Cole is out as Aries yells at Kendrick and doesn't go for the pin. He instead hooks in the Last Chancery. Cole can't tap out on his own as Kendrick is forced to throw in a towel to stop the match.

Winner: Austin Aries
Kelly: "I just hope that Adam Cole is okay and maybe Brian Kendrick can talk some sense into him to not let this type of thing happen again but you do have to respect his courage to step up to the plate against someone the caliber of Austin Aries."

Dave: "I don't think it's courage it's pure stupidity. You don't just go into a match with Austin Aries on such short notice and expect to win. There has been hundreds of wrestlers more talented then Adam Cole has had weeks to defeat Aries and couldn't get the job done. Cole has to realize he isn't a fan anymore and in the ring not everyone is going to be as nice as Brian Kendrick has been."

Austin Aries is all smiles as he leaves the ring as Kendrick rushes into check on Cole. Kendrick yells at Aries as he gloats all the way to the back. Cole finally comes too as Kendrick helps him to his feet. It looks like Kendrick has some stern words for Cole as we go to a special video promoting Shimmer's IPPV show where Sara Del Ray will battle Ayio Hamada in the main event.

Kelly: "Everybody should check out our sister company company as the Shimmer Champion, Sara Del Ray will take on the hard-hitting, Ayio Hamada in which should be a great match-up."

Dave: "You know I do commentary for both companies and just to let everyone know this is a dream match-up not only for Shimmer fans but for fans all around the world. Japanese wrestling fans are just excited about this as they root for Hamada to defeat the best female wrestler that America has to offer in Sara Del Ray."

Bobby Cruise is in the ring as Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team is announced. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas is greeted by a shaky round of employees as it seems that Ring of Honor fans have excepted the team yet to their company. The Kings of Wrestling is out next along with Larry Sweeney and Sara Del Ray and even though they are heels, they get a louder ovation then the challengers.

Kelly: "Speaking of Sara Del Ray, here she comes to escort the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero in what could be one of their sternest tests to date in Benjamin and Haas."

Dave: "This is a dream match-up for many wrestling fans as they are two of the best teams in the world. Larry Sweeney has told me that the Kings have trained harder for this match then any other match he can remember. Hero and Claudio is determined to send them back from where they came from with a loss on the record."

Sweeney mouths Benjamin and Haas as the referee gives them directions then Benjamin charges him and he jumps out of the ring. Sara has some words for Benjamin and Haas next and doesn't run from Shelton as the referee restores order and gets Del Ray out of the ring. The two teams come out and give each other hand shakes as the referee finally calls for the bell.

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Title Match

Kings of Wrestling VS Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

Haas and Hero start off the match and tie up and Haas quickly escapes and gets behind Hero with a waist lock. He takes Hero down to the match into an arm bar and drives elbows into Hero's elbow joint as he cranks on pressure. He takes Hero to his feet and drags him to the corner as he gets a tag from Benjamin.

Benjamin climbs to the second turnbuckle as Haas extends Hero's arm and comes across Hero's arm with an elbow. Benjamin then sends Hero over with a belly to back suplex and then quickly locks in an arm bar of his own. He scoops Hero up and drives him arm first into the corner. Sara jumps up on the apron and distracts Benjamin as they exchange worlds. Benjamin finally comes into the corner for Hero but he grabs Shelton's tights and sends him through the turnbuckles as he drives his shoulder into the steel ring post. Hero pulls him back into the ring and plants his head twice off the top turnbuckles and then drags his forehead across the top rope over to his corner as he tags in Claudio.

Kelly: "See this what I was wondering if Sara and Sweeney would be the x-factors in the match-up and so far they seem to be with their distractions."

Dave: "It's not their fault that Benjamin is so easily distracted. Benjamin needs to focus on what is going on in the ring and not what is outside of it."

Kelly: "Do you hear sometimes the things that come out of your mouth.?"

Claudio comes in as Hero places Shelton in their corner and delivers a series of European uppercuts and bodly blows that sent Shelton to the mat. The referee breaks up the action as Hero gets in a few blows from the outside. Claudio sends Shelton into the ropes and catches him with a back elbow and drops a second on him. Claudio plays to the crowd before delivering a double foot stomp to Benjamin's stomach. Claudio goes for a cover but only gets one. He drags Benjamin up and delivers a delayed vertical suplex and goes for another cover as Haas jumps in to break it up. The ref sends Haas back to the outside as the Kings use to the time to both men stomping at Benjamin as Hero and Claudio switch places.

Hero drops a leg drop on Benjamin and gets a one count. He takes Benjamin over in a clover leaf and goes for the submission. Benjamin screams in pain as Hero cranks on the pressure. The referee checks on Benjamin and Hero reaches out and gets more pressure from Claudio. Haas screams in protest as the ref turns but the two break hands before the ref can see. The ref goes to check on Shelton again and the antics continue. Benjamin is hanging on somehow but the pain is shown on his face. Hero and Claudio go for the extra help but finally the referee catches them and forces Hero to break the hold. Hero and the ref argue as Benjamin tries to recover. Hero finally goes over and gets caught by Shelton in a small package for a two and a half. Hero is the first to his feet but Shelton explodes him over in a quick slam. Both men are down and crawling to the corners, Hero is there first but Shelton gets to Haas and he sends Claudio down with a lariat.

Kelly: "Each team is laying it all on the line."

Dave: "Hero and Claudio need to pick up their game, I figured they would have already won this match by now but Benjamin and Haas is hanging in there."

Haas is on fire as he catches Claudio with an atomic drop and then a butterfly suplex. Claudio is up and Haas nails him with a flying shoulder block. He goes for the pin but the Swiss powers out at two. Haas drops a knee to the forehead and goes to the second turnbuckle where he connects with a double axehandle to Claudio skull. He gets another two count as Hero gets in the ring. Haas catches him with a series of punches as Benjamin is back in and tackles Hero down. Sweeney is up on the apron and Haas cracks him on the jaw and knocks him off and onto the floor. Haas turns around right into a bicycle kick from Claudio. The referee is busy yelling at Shelton and Hero brawling now on the outside and is late coming over and Claudio only gets a two count. Claudio is angry with the ref as he nails Haas with an uppercut forearm. Haas comes right back though with one of his own and they start exchanging blows before Haas reels off a combination of lefts and rights and then plants Claudio with a D.D.T. Hero is in to break up the count attempt.

The ref gets Hero out of the ring as Haas drags over Claudio and tags in Shelton. Benjamin springboards over the ropes into a leg drop and gets the two count. Benjamin and Haas make another tag as they whip Claudio into the ropes and catch him with double back elbows followed by double elbow drops. Haas then catches him with a kick while Benjamin comes off the ropes into a rolling senton and Haas gets a near fall. Shelton leaves the ring for a second as Haas drives Claudio back into the corner and tags him in. Shelton is back in connects a flying heel kick after Haas Irish Whips him. Shelton goes for the cover but Del Ray drapes Claudio's leg over the ropes to stop the count. Shelton connects on a low drop kick then goes to the top turnbuckle. He comes off for a frog splash but Claudio is able to get his knees up and Shelton crashes into them. Claudio is able to get the tag to Hero.

Kelly: "Shelton crashes and burns on the high risk attempt. He was looking to end it there."

Dave: "That is what makes the King who they are, they are never out of a match as Claudio catches Shelton when all seemed lost."

Hero is in and quickly scoops Benjamin up and hits a cutter for a two count. Hero runs over and nails Haas for the fun of it as he tries to charge in and the referee stops him and ordres him out. Sweeney throws in a new elbow bad to Hero who changes quickly while the referee is distracted by now Sara Del Ray and Haas arguing. Hero waits for Benjamin and nails an elbow and Benjamin is down. He goes for the cover but somehow Benjamin gets his shoulder up at the last second. The Kings are in disbelief as Hero backs up and prepares for the Death Blow. Hero charges in but Shelton catches him with the T-Bone Suplex. Benjamin goes for the cover and Haas stops Claudio as he gets the shocking win.

Winner and NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team
Kelly: "What an upset win!!!! Benjamin shows his guts and avoids a second shot with that loaded elbow pad, hits the T-Bone and we have new champions."

Dave: "I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. The Kings it seemed were certain to retain as Benjamin comes out of nowhere with his T-Bone and picks up the win."

Benjamin and Haas celebrate in the corners with the title belts as they still get a mixed reaction from the crowd. Sweet and Sour Inc. are in shock as they can't believe what happened as they walk back up the ring ramp exchanging words with the new champions. We go backstage to Reby Sky, who is standing there by herself.

Sky: " I just wanted to give an update on my colleague, Shane Helms. For some reason, Shane hasn't appeared here for the show and nobody has heard from him since last Wednesday. Ringo of Honor official and myself are worried about Shane, so if anyone has any information on his wherebouts please leave the info on our official website forum or follow us on twitter and give us updates. Of course, Shane if you are watching please call us because we are all worried about you."

Reby is emotional and looks really worried about Helms as we go back to the ring.

Kelly: "That has been in the back of our mind all night as Shane is usually the first one here for production meetings and in what is one of the biggest weekends in Ring of Honor's year, he has been missing without any explanation why. We all hope tragedy hasn't struck Shane and now just worry about his safety."

Dave: "This is where I would normally put in some smart-ass comment but I feel the same way. I might not always agree with Shane's views on topics but I also hope that wherever he is that he is safe and contact someone here in Ring of Honor soon so we can all rest a little easier knowing that he is okay."

Bobby Cruise is in the ring as he announces the challenger for the Pure Championship, Low Ki. Low Ki, as always, doesn't have any kind of reaction on his face as he marches to the ring and looks to be all business. The champion, El Generico, is out next and gets maybe the biggest cheers of the night as the crowd starts a loud "OLE, OLE, OLE" chants. Generico gives his cape to a kid at ringside and climbs into the ring. Low Ki seems very agitated at Generico's antics as he plays to the crowd for awhile before the referee gets them ready to start the match. Generico tries for a handshake but Low Ki smacks him in the cheek instead. The ref has words for Low Ki as they both go to the corners and the ref calls for the bell.

Ring of Honor Pure Championship Match

El Generico VS Low Ki

Both men walk from their corners as Generico is still playing to the loud cheers of the crowd. Low Ki tries to get cheers now but the crowd just boos. Generico gets louder cheers as he raises his arms up in the air that bugs Low Ki more. He tries again but the boos are louder as Generico laughs at him. Generico raises his arms up again and gets his loudest reaction. Low Ki tries again and gets boos, he is visibly upset and yells at the crowd. He turns his back on El Generico and Generico hooks him for a backslide and gets the win.

Winner and STILL Pure Champion

El Generico

Kelly: "Generico caught Low Ki by surprise and retains the title, what a great move by El Generico as the challenger got caught up by what the fans were doing and took his eye of his opponent. That is something you never do in the ring and Low Ki paid the price."

Dave: "I think Low Ki should get a rematch because he wasn't ready. Generico was well being Generico and Low Ki didn't know what to do and the champion, picks up what in my mind is a cheap victory here tonight."

Low Ki doesn't know what happens as Generico dashes out of the ring with the title and into the crowd. The place is going crazy as Low Ki throws a fit in the ring. He shoves the referee as he realizes that he got outsmarted by the champion. Low Ki drops his knees in frustration and pounds the mat. The crowd starts a "LOSER" chant as Ki lowers his head and leaves the ring as Generico and the fans celebrate the win. Generico is climbing up the stands when he comes face to face with Anthony Nese and Taryn Terrell. Nese stares him down and then laughs at him. Generico more less ignores him and turns his back and Nese shoves him. Security is quickly on the scene and escorts Nese and Terrell out of the arena and Generico continues his celebration.

We go backstage where we see Steve Corino with Jimmy Jacobs in his office.

Corino: "Are you ready? The championship match is next and I plan on being at ringside when Tyler Black ends the dream of Bryan Danielson and retains his title. Then do you know what I'm going to do."

Jacobs, who is holding a bag of ice on the back of his head from his beatings earlier in the night, shakes his head no.

Corino: "I'm going to climb in that ring with the microphone and laugh in Danielson's face. I'm going to tease him, mock him and let him know exactly what I think of him. Then in the end, I'm going to finally fire his ass in front of everybody in the world. Everybody is right on this being the end of Bryan Danielson's journey."

Corino and Jacobs laugh together as we go back to the ring.

Kelly: "Did Corino just say that he was going to fire Danielson if he lost tonight?"

Dave: "I bet Danielson doesn't even know about it because the match is ready to start, what added pressure to Bryan if he didn't have the weight of all these fans already who expect him to walk out the champion here tonight."

Kelly: "In all my years in this business, I have never seen or felt the desire of fans to see someone become champion and they might riot tonight if somehow Tyler Black retains."

Dave: "Whatever the outcome is going to be, I know for certain it's going to be memorable."

"Final Countdown" plays and the roof almost comes off the Mohegan Sun as pyros go off as Bryan Danielson appears from the back. Danielson high fives fans on the way to the ring as he rolls into the ring and warms up. The crowd is still going wild as Tyler Black is announced and he gets a loud ovation himself, he slaps hands with some fans on his way to the ring as he climbs in. He stares down Bryan from across the ring as music hits and Steve Corino appears from the back. He gets the loudest boos of the night and he has some serious words with a fan on his way to the ring. Black and Danielson look confused as Corino gets in the ring and takes the title from Black. He holds it up over his head to show the crowd and leaves the ring. He takes a seat at ringside with the belt on his lap as Cruise gives the men their directions. The two shake hands and that gets a loud cheer as the crowd has broke out in two chants one for Black and one for Danielson.

Ring of Honor World Title Match

Tyler Black VS Bryan Danielson

The two men circle each othe before tying up, Black gets the first advantage in the match as he is able to secure a side head lock. Bryan breaks it by sending him in the ropes, he goes for a back body drop but drops down too soon as Black catches him with a jumping knee. Danielson rolls out of the ring quickly as he makes sure Black isn't able to follow up. Bryan shakes off the knee and climbs back into the ring.

They ties up again and Bryan is able to get a hammerlock but Black snapmares him over and connects with a dropkick to the back of Danielson's head. He goes for a cover but only gets a one count before Bryan kicks out, Bryan rolls back out of the ring to stop the momentum.

Kelly: "Maybe the pressure is getting to Bryan as he seems a step behind Black here in the early going."

Dave: "It seems that everybody has forgotten that his past year Tyler Black has been the champion not Bryan Danielson and Black is just showing everyone including Bryan that he is the champion for a reason."

Danielson takes a little extra time outside the ring this time as he tries to sort things out. Corino calls him a "loser" and tells him to get back in the ring. Danielson just stares him as Corino taunts him more. He climbs in the ring as Black lets him in cleanly. The two tie up again as Black is able to secure advantage again and strings along a series of armdrags before catching Danielson with flying leg scissors that spill him through the ropes and onto the floor. This time Black follows him out and throws Danielson back into the ring. Danielson gets up just in time for Black to sling shot over the ropes with a flying lariat. He gets a two count out of it and keeps advantage with a rear headlock.

The crowd is silent with the start from Black as he makes Bryan carry some of his body weight as he tries to wear him down with the hold. He grinds the forearm into Danielson's face for added effect as the crowd tries to rally their favorite. Danielson is able to get to his feet and break the hold with a series of elbows to Black's stomach and comes off the ropes with a cross body attempt but Black drops out of the way and he crashes into the mat. Black is quick to pounce on Bryan and drops a series of quick short knee drops to the foreheard. Black then stands up and measures him for an elbow drop and connects. He drags Danielson up and whips him in the ropes and catches him in a sleeper.

Kelly: "The champion is in total control and has Danielson in some real trouble here with sleeper."

Dave: "The champion has definately came out here and shown the world what he is all about."

Black cranks on the pressure as Danielson tries to fight it. The crowd is trying to cheer him back and it looks like he will break free but suddenly drops to one knee. Black continues the pressure until the second knee hits and Danielson topples over. The ref checks Bryan's arm and it falls to the mat for the first time. Corino applauds at ringside as the the ref checks the second time and Bryan's arm hits the apron. The crowd is deafening as the ref pulls up the arm and drops it the third time but Bryan stops it inches from the mat. Bryan starts shaking and sits up. He powers back to his feet and the crowd is crazy. He takes a second to get more strength and in a burst drives Black backwards into the corner. Black holds on though and Bryan crashes him in a second time. Black's hold is weakening as a third charge by Danielson breaks the hold. Danielson breaks free but hits the mat face first as Black slumps down in the corner. The crowd is going crazy as Corino tries to yell at Black to get on Danielson.

Black is the first one back and pulls Danielson to his feet. He goes for a suplex but Danielson blocks it. He goes for a second time but it blocked again as Danielson counters with a small package and gets a two count. The two are back on the feet the same time and Danielson goes for a kick but Black catches it. Danielson then counters with an enzuiguri that connects to the back of Black's head. The crowd is ecstatic as Bryan almost gets a near fall. Danielson is on him with a headlock and drives repeated knees into the top of Black's skull. Black is wobbly as Bryan gives him time to get his feet before kicking him to the sides and to the knees. Black drops to his knees as Danielson finishes him off with a stiff kick to the jaw. Danielson now turns his attention and has words with Corino as he is in total control. Danielson climbs to the top rope and comes off with a diving knee that connects to Black's forehead. Danielson goes for the pin and the crowd is crazy but Black is able to get his shoulder up in the nick of time.

Kelly: "What a close call for the champion!!! I thought it was over with that diving knee drop."

Dave: "Danielson needs more then that tonight to put away the champ."

Danielson is in disbelief for a second but is back on the attack as he grabs Black legs and drops elbows into the side of the knees before going for and locking in a figure four. The move of course gets "WOOOS" from the crowd as Danielson cranks on the pressure. Black tries to reverse the hold and almost gets Danielson over but Danielson is able to keep control. Black falls back onto the mat and almost gets pinned but gets up after two. Black then tries to pull Danielson to the ropes as his fans get behind him. Black finally gets to the ropes as the crowd cheers both men. Danielson is back on the offensive as he comes off the ropes with a leaping bulldog as Black gets to his feet. The ref is distracted as Corino is up on the apron and is late for the pin attempt and Black gets his shoulder up with the delay. Danielson gets up and starts to argue with Corino for awhile as Black gets to his feet. Black nails a leaping knee to Bryan's back that sends him through the ropes and to the feet of Corino.

Corino is cheering on Black as he stands on the apron and takes out Danielson with a running clotheline leap off the apron. The crowd is going wild for the match as Black rams Danielson's head off the apron. He goes to drive Danielson's head into the ring steps but Danielson blocks it and sends Black into them instead. He rolls Black into the ring but is snagged by Corino as he tries to climb back in. This gives Black time as he snaps Danielson over the top rope when he is finally free himself of Corino. Black orders the referee to count as Danielson is down and out on the floor.

Kelly: "Why is Steve Corino ruining this match with his involvement or is it true that he is protecting Tyler Black?"

Dave: "I just think it's Corino's hatred for Danielson nothing to do with Black. But can Danielson get to the ring in time."

The ref is half way to ten when Danielson gets to his feet, he gets his composure and slides back into the ring at 8 but Black is there relentless stomping him. Black drags him up and whips him into the ropes and hits a big time spine buster but Danielson kicks out two and a half. Black climbs to the top rope and dives and connects with a big elbow drop to the chest. The impact bounces him off of Danielson and he crawls back and Danielson still kicks out in time. Black picks him up for a brain buster but Danielson is able to free himself and land behind him and goes for a belly to back but Black is able to reverse the waistlock and drops Danielson with a backstabber. He goes for another pin but Danielson just won't stay down. Black is visibly upset as he starts to wonder what will put Danielson away.

He stands up and smacks Danielson in the back of the head as Danielson gets to his feet. Black does a cut throat signal as he picks up Bryan and delivers a jumping pile driver. He hooks the leg but Danielson once again kicks out. Black is beside himself as he gets back to his feet. He scoops up Danielson in a powerbomb position and runs over and throws him viciously into the turnbuckles. Black ties him up in the corner and goes to the outside and pulls on Danielson's head twisiting it around the bottom turnbuckle. The ref frees Bryan from the corner and Black climbs back into the ring and signals for the superkick. He stands away from Bryan and comes charging at him and misses. Bryan catches him with a bridging suplex and then hooks in quickly Cattle Muitilation.

Kelly: "What a reversal by Bryan, this could be it!!!"

Dave: "C'mon Black, hang on."

Corino is up and beside himself as Bryan yells as he gives it all he has but Black isn't tapping out. Black is about ready when Bryan releases the hold and catches Jimmy Jacobs sliding in the ring. Danielson scoops up Jacobs and hits a GTS and kicks Jacobs out of the ring. The ref doesn't call for the bell as Danielson turns his attention back to Black and drives him into the corner. He whips Black into the corner and charges in but Black jumps up and Bryan hits the corner instead. Bryan staggers out and Black readies himself for the superkick and goes for it again but Bryan ducks and Black nails the referee. The referee is down and out.

Corino raises up out of his feet and slides into the ring. He measures Bryan for a shot with the title belt and charges in but at the last second Black tackles Corino. Corino stares at Black as he stands over him. Black turns his attention back to Bryan and tries to whip him in the rope but Bryan reverses it. Corino is up and tries to nail Bryan again with the belt but Bryan ducks and Corino nails the moving Black instead right between the eyes. Black is knocked out cold as Corino is in disbelief and rolls out of the ring as the referee gets back to his feet.


Dave: "Corino's plans have backfired as Bryan is going to walk out champion."

The crowd is going nuts as Danielson looks at Black laid out. Danielson goes for the cover but gets up after two. The crowd is stunned and in shock as Danielson looks confused about pinning Black. Danielson walks back over to Black and then away as the crowd cheers him and he finally yells at Bobby Cruise to hand him a microphone.

Danielson: "I know a lot of you people are be very angry with me but I didn't wait a year to get this match to have it end this way. I'm not going to end my quest like this."

The crowd is silent as Danielson drops the microphone and leaves the ring. The referee is baffled as Corino climbs in and yells at him to count. The crowd boos with every number the ref calls out till he finally reaches ten. Corino jumps up in celebration and drapes the title over Black's waist. Black starts to move and gets up wondering what just happened as he stares at Danielson on the ring ramp as the referee holds up his arm in victory. Black shoves Corino away as he triest to hug him and walks over to the ropes but falls flat on his face. Black starts shaking and spits up blood as the crowd is now silent. Paramedics run out and work on Black for awhile.

Winner and still champion

Tyler Black
Kelly: "What a turn of events as Danielson shows the definition of honor by walking out of the match instead of winning the World title that way and now the champion, Tyler Black, looks to have something seriously wrong with him as paramedics work on hm."

Dave: "Who cares aobut Bryan Danielson? Our champion is in the ring spitting up blood and seizing!!!"

Kelly: "I didn't mean anything by it."

The paramedics bring out a stretcher as they lock Black into a neck brace and get him on a body board. They slide him out of the ring as the crowd starts cheering him as they load him up on the stretcher. Wrestlers from the back are coming out as the mood has changed as everybody is concerned about Black's condition. Black is wheeled up the ramp but gives the crowd a thumbs up to show he isn't paralyzed before vanishing in the back.

Kelly: "What a terrible way to end the night!! But what a night it was and one that will go down in Ring of Honor history as the main event before the ending was one for the ages."

Dave: "I think as much as I hate to say it but it's time for Ring of Honor's Board of Directors to look at Steve Corino's job. Corino's obsession with Bryan Danielson has to end as we see tongiht the World Champion, Tyler Black, paid the price."

We go to the back as we see Black getting loaded up into an ambulance and Bryan Danielson shows up to check on him. Danielson whispers something in his ear as they rolls him up the ramp and shut the door and drive away. Danielson watches drive off and turns around and then starts running as we see him leap into a crowd. The cameraman runs over and we see Danielson pummeling Steve Corino. Finally wrestlers are able to pull Bryan off of him but not before Corino is busted wide open. Corino and Bryan is yelling back and forth before Corino yells.


Bryan doesn't seem to care as he tries to go after Corino again but is stopped by wrestlers and security guards. Corino is laughing at him and the last thing we see is an up close of a bloody, laughing, Steve Corino.


Black Machismo defeats Tomasso Ciampa by pinfall
Colt Cabana defeats Mike Bennett by pinfall to retain T.V. title
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team defeats Kings of Wrestling by pin fall to win Tag Team titles
Austin Aries defeats Adam Cole by submission
El Generico defeats Low Ki by pin fall to retain Pure Championship
Tyler Black defeats Bryan Danielson by count-out to retain World Title

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Ring of Honor's Top Ten Rumor-May 19-26

10. T.N.A. is buying R.O.H.

This is being reported by many internet sights because Dixie Carter was seen with Cary Silkin in Chicago this weekend having lunch. Everybody knows that Silkin was shopping the company before getting his television deal with W.G.N. but has taken the company off the market since. Ring of Honor officials says that there is no truth to the reports and it was just a simple lunch date between two friends.

9. Petey Williams kicked out of the Embassy

This has been posted on sites but it hasn't happened yet but after his actions Sunday, many think it's just a matter of time before Nana gives him his walking papers.

8. Black Machismo isn't Jay Lethal

If anybody believes it isn't Lethal, they are an idiot says Dave Prazak.

7. Low Ki is on the verge of a mental breakdown

Low Ki latest failure of becoming Pure Champion has really gotten to the superstar close friends say. They have shown concern as Low Ki hasn't left his house since the loss and some wonder if he will be at Revolution on Friday.

6. Bryan Danielson leaving for the W.W.E.

Everybody is saying that this is the reason for him not winning the World Title and then his firing. Danielson's contract is close to expiring but most think there is no way that Silkin can let him leave after the year long investement in the storyline.

5. Nigel McGuinness returning to R.O.H.

Nigel has been making some interesting tweets about this and was seen in Chicago two weeks aga leaving R.O.H. offices. R.O.H. statement was that McGuinness was just there visiting friends.

4. Brian Kendrick getting sick of Adam Cole

I don't think Kendrick is sick of Cole but is frustrated with the youngster after Cole's lopsided loss to Austin Aries. Kendrick sees a bright future for Cole if he doesn't get seriously injured first.

3. Ring of Honor to hire more women.

Ring of Honor is said to be looking to bring in more women to make Revolution and the promotion more sexy. Reports have linked Daizee Haze,Christie Von Eeerie. Lacey Von Erich, Becky Bayless, Daffney and Traci Brooks for various on-screen jobs. Some inside the company don't like the idea thinking it will hurt the company with the diehard fans.

2. Steve Corino will be fired Friday night.

Most people see this as a guarantee after his actions but who knows? Cary Silkin will appear on Revolution and most expect the firing of Corino to be the reason but Corino seems to always keep his job somehow.

1. Tyler Black will vacate the title.

Ring of Honor has been hush-hush about the title situation but Tyler Black is still hospitalized and whatever was his injury it seems pretty serious, so Black might have a long time till he climbs back in the ring that will almost force the title being held back.

To find out if these rumors are true and for much more action tune it to Ring of Honor:Revolution, Friday 8 p.m. on W.G.N. America

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Re: Ring Of Honor: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names

Ring of Honor: Revolution

Live from Honor Hall in Chicago, Illinois

Honor Hall, the home of Ring of Honor, is filled to capacity as fans have flocked here to see the ramifications of Glory By Honor X. The fans are instantly satisfied as Tyler Black's music plays and the injured Ring of Honor World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Black's head is bandaged up and he looks worse for wear as the crowd cheers him for his performance at last Sunday. Black looks very distraught as he begins to speak. He thanks the fans for their support as champion and then changes to his match with Bryan Danielson last Sunday. Black puts Danielson decision not to win the title after Steve Corino's interference over as the greatest act of honor in the company's history. He then asks for Bryan Danielson to come to the ring.

The crowd goes bananas for Danielson as he makes his way to the ring. He shakes hands with Black as he praises Black for his courage last Sunday and how much of a fighting champion he has been. He then asks Black the million dollar question on what is Black's condition on continuing his championship reign when they are interrupted by Ring of Honor Commissioner, Steve Corino.

Steve Corino comes out to great heat and is joined by his assistants, Jimmy Jacobs and Shelly Martinez. Corino insults both men for the actions Sunday for not giving the great Ring of Honor fans what they wanted. Corino talks about how many demands for pay per view and ticket refunds that his office has been flooded with from the end of the match. He then goes on to say that he has been vindicated that Danielson doesn't have what it takes to be champion and that Black crumbled under the pressure of being the face of the company. Corino then demands for security to come out and escort Danielson out of the building because he is no longer employed by the company.

Security comes and heads to the ring but Danielson doesn't look like he is ready to leave without a fight when music plays and Ring of Honor owner, Cary Silkin appears. Silkin orders for security to stop and gets in the face of Corino. He informs everyone that Bryan Danielson is instantly re-hired and that Corino himself will have his fate decided later tonight. Corino is angry and starts to argue with Silkin for a second before Silkin gets mad and orders him to the back. Corino is hesitant at first but then slinks off to the back with Jacobs and Martinez in tow. The crowd cheers for Silkin and he tells everyone that Black has some important news.

Black takes back control of his segment and is choked up, he tells everyone that he has a fractured skull and will be out of action for a yet to be determined amount of time. The crowd is growing upset as Black confirms their suspicions that he has to vacate the World title. Danielson is upset about decision as Black puts over Danielson as the man he wants to win the World title and be the man that Black will face when he comes back to regain what he never lost. The two men shake hands and then hug as they exit the ring leaving the Ring of Honor World Title laying in the middle of the ring.

We come back from commercial and are sent to the parking lot as we see Tony Nese and Taryn Terrell trying to get into the arena but is stopped by security because they don't have tickets. They see the camera and come over and tell everyone that they aren't allowed in tonight because El Generico is scared after Nese bitchslapping him Sunday. Nese rips on the company and Generico some more before he leaves with Terrell.

Bobby Cruise is in the ring and he announces a match to determine the number one contender for the Pure Title as Tomasso Ciampa and Sami Callihan is announced as the challengers. Ciampa is out with The Embassy by his side and Callihan is out next with Finlay. Petey Williams is already aruging with Ciampa and the problems seem like they haven't been solved.

Tomasso Ciampa VS Sami Callihan

The match is back and forth as Callihan is having a great showing. Nana and Yim provides distractions throughout the match to Callihan but Ciampa constantly argues with Williams instead of focusing on the match. Finlay gets agitated and tries to confront Nana only to get taken out by Uhaa Nation. The confrontation between Ciampa and Williams finally boil over as they start to brawl leaving Callihan alone in the ring. Callihan looks to win the match by countout when Low Ki arrives out of nowhere and attacks Callihan from behind. The referee causes for the bell and throws the match out. Low Ki is vicious with the attack until El Generico hits the ring and chases him off. Low Ki and Generico have words as Finlay checks on Callihan.

Winner-No Contest

We go back to the commisioner's office and we see a frantic Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino as Shelly Martinez tries to calm them down. Corino is upset saying he knows that he is going to get fired tonight and that they will be fired too. Corino is trying to come up with something to present to Silkin and Jacobs has no ideas when he is asked. Martinez tells them to calm down and she has a plan. She pulls down her shirt a little bit to show more cleavage and leaves the room. Corino smiles to Jacobs

We go back to the ring and we see PAC already there as Bobby Cruise announces Mike Bennett to the ring. Bennett gets a good amount of heat as Maria joins him. They get in the ring and Maria undresses him sexually down to his tights. PAC doesn't look impressed by their antics.

PAC VS Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is relentless as he dominates the match minus a short fury of offense from PAC. Bennett finishes him off with a huge spinebuster and celebrates with Maria. He then turns his attention to Colt Cabana. Bennett accuses Cabana of trying to steal his woman and that Cabana should be suspended for his actions. He warns Cabana to steer clear of Maria.

Winner-Mike Bennett

We go backstage and we see Cary Silkin talking to Austin Aries. The two are interrupted as Shelly Martinez walks up. Silkin looks confused as she starts flirting with him and asks Aries to leave so they can be alone. She takes Silkin by the tie and pulls him in a closet.

We come back from commercial and we see Silkin coming out of the closet, wiping his forehead when the Kings of Wrestling walk by, Silkin stops them and tells them he has something to discuss with them as we go back to the ring.

We go to the ring and Kid Kash is there as Bobby Cruise announces Colt Cabana as his opponent in a non-title match. The Chicago crowd is very hot for Cabana as he gets one of the loudest ovations of the night.

Colt Cabana VS Kid Kash

Kash gets offense in but Cabana's has a strong effort in a pretty easy win for the champion as he puts him away with the Chicago Skyline. Cabana then gets on the microphone and addresses Bennet's comments from earlier.

Winner-Colt Cabana

Cabana calls Bennett out to the ring and Bennett and Maria comes out. Cabana gets the crowd laughing as he insults them a couple time especially Maria. Cabana then admits that he wouldn't turn down Maria if given the chance and that probably she would like it. Bennett is furious and demands another T.V. title shot. Cabana tells him that he came up short Sunday like he does probably every night with Maria but he will give put the title on the line again only if Bennett puts Maria on the line also. Maria is visibly uspet as after a few moments Bennett agrees to the match. Maria is horrified as Bennett tries to calm her down as Cabana smiles in the ring.

We go to Corino's office as Shelly comes in and tells him that she's pretty sure Silkin is satisified with her job performance and that she has bought them some more time. Corino is ecstatic but Jacobs seems upset about Shelly's actions. Corino then says he has to make Silkin forget about Sunday and he needs to make a great main event. Right then they are interrupted by Christopher Daniels. Daniels says he came at the right time because he has the men that everyone wants to see and thats Jon Moxley and Kevin Steen. Last Sunday, they destroyed The Briscoes and tonight they want to become Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions. Corino agrees and makes the main event as The Prophecy against Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

We go back to the ring as Kevin Kelly informs us of a possible Shane Helms sigting as we see what looks like a home video. Somebody is talking as we see a house on fire across the street. We see somebody carried out of the house and laid on the lawn. The picture is out of focus but we see the rescuer in a green suit. Before the shot can be focused the hero is gone.

Bobby Cruise is in the ring and announces Black Machismo. He comes running out and Kelly and Prazak argue about the masked being Jay Lethal or not. His opponent is announced as Petey Williams as The Embassy is absent except for Harry Smith but Williams yells at Smith that he doesn't want him here there either.

Black Machismo VS Petey Williams

Williams is out to make a point and dominates Machismo. Williams looks to put him away before Ciampa comes out. Smith tries to stop him on the ramp but Ciampa nails Smith in the jaw and walks by him. Williams is distracted as Machismo rolls him with a small package and gets the win.

Winner-Black Machismo

Machismo leaves the ring quickly and climbs into the crowd as Ciampa and Williams start to brawl again. Smith tries to break it up as Nana, Yim and Uhaa come out. Nana grabs the microphone and says that he has had enough and says one of them have to go and makes a match between Ciampa and Williams for Survival of the Fittest. The two men look happy as tempers calm down.

We go backstage as we Cary Silkin waiting outside as a limo pulls up. The door opens and Silkin is happy to see whoever is inside. The person is ready to get out when Silkin realizes the camera there and orders the camera man back inside the building as Prazak and Kelley guess who it is.

We come back from commerical and we see The Prophecy backstage as it seems Daniels just informed them of their title shot. Steen and Moxley is excited when they are confronted by Adam Cole. Cole rips into them saying what they did to the Briscoes shouldn't be rewarded and that if Brian Kendrick was here tonight they would teach them a lesson. Daniels just laughs at Cole and signals to the two. Steen and Moxley beat down Cole as the Prophecy leave him laid out on the floor as they head to the ring.

We get a shot of Cary Silkin as he is now talking to Bryan Danielson. Danielson looks happy with what they are talking about as the two shake hands before we go the ring.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas is in the ring and they cut a promo talking about the title win on Sunday. They talk about how important the belts mean to them and that it was another great achievement on their resume. The crowd doesn't seem to into it as Daniels quickly interrupts them. Daniels rips on them a bit as Angelina Love laughs. Moxley and Steen come out and make their way to the ring.

Ring of Honor Tag Team Title Match

The Prophecy VS Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

The match is a great one as the action is back and forth. Daniels cracks everyone up as he joins in on commentary and calls the action. Angelina Love tries to be a distraction but is sent to the back by the referee. The crowd loves the decision as Benjamin and Haas start to dominate. The match turns when Haas enters the ring and seems to injure himself when he comes off the ropes as he rolls his ankle. Steen is quick to capitalize and locks in an ankle lock. Haas won't give up but the pain is on his face and he can't get to the ropes. Benjamin has seen enough and he throws in the towel for his partner. Steen and Moxley celebrate as Benjamin and Haas's reign is over at six days.

Winner and new World Tag Team Champions-The Prophecy

Haas is visibly upset but calms down as Benjamin helps him up. They are on the way to the back when they are attacked from behind by the new champions. Daniels brings chairs as they knock out Benjamin before placing Haas ankle in the other chair. They take turns stomping on the chair before Moxley starts hitting it with another chair. Haas passes out from the pain as the new champs leave their self made carnage.

We come back from the last commercial and we see Cary Silkin in the ring. Silkin informs the crowd that he has came up with the way that the World Title will be decided at Survival of the Fittest. He announced that the match will be a six man match-up and that he has chosen the six combatants. Music hits as the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli is out first. Silkin informs the crowd that they gave up their rematch for the World Tag Titles for the shot at the company's biggest prize. He then announces the third man as Austin Aries and the crowd boos as Aries struts from the back to the ring. Aries gets in and stares down the Kings before finally going to a neutral corner. Silkin announces the fourth man as Bryan Danielson and the roof about explodes off Honor Hall. Danielson is out and Silkin is all smiles as Danielson once again gets a shot at the title.

Corino is out and is visibly upset about Danielson being announced. He comes in and complains to Silkin that Danielson doesn't belong. Silkin just listens and finally tells Corino to shut up and he should be worried about himself. Corino shuts up as Silkin announces the fifth man and everyone is in shock as Nigel McGuinness comes out. The crowd chants "Welcome Back" as Nigel gets in the ring. Nigel looks to be in great shape as he gets nose to nose with Danielson and the crowd loves it. Corino takes the microphone and applauds Silkin for bringing in McGuinness as a surprise. Corino talks about Nigel's accomplishments and looks at the men in the ring and says there is no way that Danielson is winning and laughs. Silkin is handed back the microphone and tells Corino he should wait to he hears who the sixth man is. Corino shakes his head in approval as he looks down the ramp when Cary Silkin says that name as STEVE CORINO. Corino turns around and looks at Silkin confused and tells Silkin he doesn't want it. Silkin turns around and orders everyone out of the ring. Corino is pitching a fit and finally turns around and sees only Bryan Danielson standing there. Danielson is all smiles and he starts to pound away on Corino. Corino tries to escape but Danielson pulls him back into the ring and locks in a crossface. Corino yells at in pain as the Danielson cranks on the pressure and is the last image of the week's shows.

Quick Results

Tommasso Ciampa VS Sami Calliahn-no contest
Mike Bennett defeats PAC
Colt Cabana defeats Kid Kash
Black Machismo defeats Petey Williams
The Prophecy defeats W.G.G.T. to become R.O.H. World Tag Team Champions

Matches Announced for Survival of the Fittest-June 16th, 2011

Tomasso Ciampa VS Petey Williams (loser leaves The Embassy)
Colt Cabana VS Mike Bennett (Television Title VS Maria)
Bryan Danielson VS Chris Hero VS Claudio Castagnoli VS Nigel McGuinness VS Steve Corino VS Austin Aries (for the vacant ROH World Heavyweight Title)

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