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Szumi 11-23-2012 10:19 PM

When An Empire Falls

The Ottomans. The Mayans, Aztecs. The Qin Dynasty. The Moguls. The Greeks and Romans. The Egyptians. Alexander The Great. The Spanish. The British. They all have something in common.

Throughout the vast experience of this place called Earth, there have been many to rule, many empires to control. The past empires have created our present, our future. The best thinkers have come out of some of the most famous empires. Under many empires, the world has been gifted with some of the greatest architecture ever viewed. Transportation, trade, new inventions, peace, prosperity. A quick scroll through history will reveal all the wonderful things that have come through these empires.

The Huns under Attila. The French Revolution's Terror. Hirohito's Japan. North Korea. Soviet Russian. The Nazi's. They all have something in common too.

While all empire have positives, they most certainly have their equal amount of dark spots. Death. War. Pillaging and plundering. Destroying other homes, nations, and empires. Theft. Arson. Rape. Basic violations of human rights. Drought, famine, turmoil.

Empires come, but empires go. Through moments of sheer brilliance, and pure evil. One thing though, remains constant: empires fall. All of them. Each and every one. Regardless of the beautiful things they brought to the world, or the crimes against humanity they inflicted. Empires fall.

Now when an Empire begins to fall, it isn't always a free fall. It can be a slow, painful descent to rubble and ash, leaving in its path a sea of betrayal, blood, and bodies. Some empires can even prevent their fall, and build themselves back up when their fate seems to be all but grimly sealed. But alas, fate cannot be fought. Despite any and all up turns in fortune, at one point, whether months, years, decades, or centuries later, it will come to a conclusion.

World Championship Wrestling is a falling empire. Will they fall and just become another extinct empire, or ascend from the dead? Can an empire that ruled the world of professional wrestling stay afloat through turbulent times? Could they even rise above and be the dominant empire it once was? Or, like so many empires before, will it burn to the ground as the rest of the world idly watches? Is there a hero, a savior, who can stand against the forces of time and fate to salvage the proverbial sinking ship? Or will there be no one, nothing, to pick up what has fallen?

With all that said, it leaves us with just one burning question.

When an Empire falls... who will pick up the pieces?

...Hi again...

Baldwin. 11-24-2012 07:59 AM

Re: When An Empire Falls
YES! YES! YES! Sooo happy you're back, was gutted that ECW came to an end but to see you going to WCW again is great. Honestly can't wait to see this progress.

Wolf Beast 11-24-2012 08:22 AM

Re: When An Empire Falls
I'll keep this short and sweet...

Thank you for coming back :) :) :)

Emperor DC 11-25-2012 08:14 AM

Re: When An Empire Falls
Ir's like a family reunion up in here!


Szumi 11-25-2012 12:11 PM

Re: When An Empire Falls
You are all beautiful people <3


Dear Myself,
It's me. You're not really reading this. This is just a collection of thoughts running through my head all the time; when I am laying in bed at night before sleep encompasses me, absentmindedly standing in the shower, or on the can. There is nothing real to these inner ramblings - no scripture to gaze upon - but it most certainly is a reflection upon reality. One major thought continues to be my constant, although to be fair, everything is a thought - the king has abdicated his throne.

Or, perhaps, more appropriately, his throne has been abdicated for him.

Eric Bischoff's tyrant days as President of World Championship Wrestling are over. He has been forced to leave a crumbling company that saw a great promotion rapidly become fodder in the eyes of many. WCW, we were kings of the world there for a little bit of time, and even Eric himself deserves some of that credit. Yeah, he does. The nWo was killing it for a while, but too bad it only came to a circular ending - the nWo started to kill the product too. The blame can't be solely placed on the New World Order, of course, but... alas. Sorry myself, but these are just thoughts running through your brain, it can get choppy sometimes. It's like a kid in a moon bounce up in here, jumping around from spot to spot.

Ah, yes, the throne being abdicated. The company's been stagnant. This time last year, WCW was neck and neck with WWF in the hotly contested Monday Night Ratings War; we were going back and forth all summer long for ratings supremacy. Two years ago, Vince McMahon's outfit was being crushed by the New World Order and Sting's incredible chase for revenge. Here in September of 1999, and we're second best by a long shot. Yeah, we've been close the past two weeks to the WWF, but all summer long, are product has stunk, and we've been a laughing stock. I guess No Limit Soldiers, KISS, an unsolved Hummer hit, Randy Savage beating women, and Sid randomly attacking people - I think for not joining his new softball team... I'm not sure - hasn't been the huge hits Bischoff thought they'd be. 1999 has seen a lot of lows though, Fingerpoke and all, but somehow, it's all been topped - or lowed? Does that make sense, you? - by this summer.

World Championship Wrestling is an empire. And empires, they have always done one thing at some point or another. Fail. Fall. WCW is falling, burning down in flames. We spend money like a kid in a candy store. We have a flagship 3-hour show that nobody wants to sit through because it's so damn long and has so much damn filler. We have a "B" show that is getting destroyed in the ratings by Vince's new Rock show already. Do people still watch Saturday Night? We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to men who don't ever even wrestle anymore. That's probably why a money-man got put in charge. Bill Busch, an accountant, is your new Senior Vice President of WCW, which really means, we're losing money fast, and he's been put in position to stop the hemorrhaging.

Bill Busch, nice guy. Met him a few times, he seems alright. Don't know a lick about wrasslin' though. That's probably why he put me in charge. Me, I know professional wrestling. I live it, I breathe it. Hell, if I could, I'd eat it. Although, I have ate blood, sweat, and tears while wrestling... does that count? I'm a little new to this position though - being in charge of booking a wrestling promotion. Hopefully I'm good at it, right? It's only your livelihood at stake!

As of right now, that's all I know. I'm in charge of the creative department, and it's my job not to screw things up. I have no idea what Bill Busch's definition of that is, or more important, the corporate shmucks above Bill Busch's definition of what that is. I'm sure I'll find out more soon because well, Fall Brawl just went off the air, and that means I have less than 24-hours to go until I, starting from scrap, book Monday Night Nitro.

WCW is failing, and it's my job to fix it. I heard a quote, years ago, that said, "when an Empire falls... who will be there pick up the pieces?"

Well, I guess the answer to that question... is me.

Until next time...

Me, Myself, and & I

TKOW 11-25-2012 06:04 PM

Re: When An Empire Falls
Welcome back you old fart.

I have a question, is this a "reboot" of TTO, a sequel to it, or a completely new thread?

Nitro_4_Life 11-26-2012 11:48 AM

Re: When An Empire Falls
interesting read. will be paying attention.

IJ 11-26-2012 05:53 PM

Re: When An Empire Falls
Wasn't around for WCW so I never really understood it, but I'll try to keep up with this.

Szumi 11-26-2012 08:54 PM

Re: When An Empire Falls
As awesome as it would be, this has nothing to do with TTO. This is a new take on WCW, starting September 1999, the period when Bischoff was fired, but just before Russo and Ferrera took over and all but killed the company.

Darth_Galactus 11-27-2012 12:43 AM

Re: When An Empire Falls
Well I must say that was truly a brilliant introduction. I was around for WCW and was a big fan then so I am very much looking forward to this. I will review as often as possible. Best of luck!

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