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Re: When An Empire Falls

Dear Myself,
So the first Nitro under my booking is set to go live in just a few moments. I haven't had this job for even twenty-four hours yet, and already I'm in meeting after meeting. It's not been bad though, mind you. I got to deliver some great news to a man ready to come back to work, and in the best news of all, got the call that Monday Nitro is being cut down from the pointless three hour show to a more effective two hours. Now, I don't know how much I agree with the next decision, but apparently WCW is bein' all Frenchy and conceding a bit of the war to McMahon, 'cause we only running Nitro from 8-10PM instead of the head-to-head 9-11. Now, I know we get killed in the ratings from 9-11, so I know it makes sense, this decision, but I'm a competitor. I want to go head-to-head, win, lose, or death. But they can't all be winners, me. Ah well. Tonight's show is still a huge three-hour debacle, but as early as next week, September 20th, Monday Nitro goes live from just 8PM to 10PM. Expect Schiavone to talk about that - and Hulk Hogan - nonstop. Why Hogan? Because old habits die hard, me.

Myself, WCW ain't so hot. But right now, it's time to go to work. I have thrown together a 3-hour show in a few hours, and then need to start trying to put some long term plans together. At least I got almost a month and a half until Halloween Havoc. And don't worry, me, there will be no Chucky this year. I am happy to have less TV time to work with because well, the product ain't been too great. Here's what I have to work with, in regards to World Championship Wrestling - my assistant, Sophie, gave me some reports and stuff from that internet about the company too.

Until next time,

Me, Myself, & I

P.S. How in the hell do I book a heel Sting!? Damn Bischoff.

Fall Brawl 1999 Results

The Filthy Animals (Eddy Guerrero, Billy Kidman, & Rey Mysterio Jr.) def. Dead Pool (Vampiro & Insane Clown Posse) at 14:14
~In your usual WCW hot opener, Billy Kidman pinned Vampiro with a botched Shooting Star Press. Vampiro fractured his eye socket and broke his nose from the finisher; Rey Mysterio was carried out by trainers after the match with a potential knee injury.
Lenny def. Kaz Hayashi to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at 12:09
~Ambiguously gay Lenny had ass-istance from his ambiguously gay brother Lodi.
The First Family (Brian Knobs & Hugh Morrus) def. The Revolution (Shane Douglas & Dean Malenko) at 9:26
~In a shocker, the First Family won this match almost as clean as you can get in WCW at the moment.
Rick Steiner def. Perry Saturn to retain the WCW Television Championship at 9:23
~The TV Champion wins clean, successfully retaining a TV Title that is never defended on television anymore, by a champion who is hardly ever seen wearing the belt.
Berlyn def. Jim Duggan (replacement for Buff Bagwell) at 7:58
~Bagwell arrived late to the show because of travel problems (kayfabe), so proud American Duggan lost to the new-look Alex Wright after help from his bodyguard, The Wall.
Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) def. The West Texas Rednecks (Barry & Kendall Windham) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship at 13:05
~Harlem Heat won these belts at Road Wild, then lost them on Nitro to the Windhams, and then complete the circle of life be regaining the belts at Fall Brawl to become the 9-time Tag Team Champions.
Sid Vicious def. Chris Benoit to win the WCW United States Championship at 11:48
~Chris Benoit becomes the next person to job to Sid in what was a truly terrible match. As a result of the win, Sid is now 80-0 in WCW, which is the most tainted and illegitimate undefeated streak ever.
Goldberg def. Diamond Dallas Page at 9:04
~Despite numerous attempts by DDP to cheat, Goldberg wins clean, essentially defeating Page and the rest of the New Jersey Triad (Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Kanyon).
Sting def. Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at 15:21
~Both men entered the match as faces, although Lex Luger was in the middle of this fiasco by trying to convince Sting that Hogan was the man driving the mysterious Hummer that ran down Kevin Nash back in June. Sting was skeptical, Hogan was adamant that he didn't because he wore red and yellow again, and Sting and Luger came to blows heading into the pay per view. It all set up a swerve ending, as after an overbooked mess of interference including Page, Sid, Bret Hart (yes, he's back now, but only because he wants to fight Hulk Hogan... despite coming down to help Hogan), and Lex Luger, Sting takes a baseball bat that Luger brought into the ring and uses it to hit Hogan to get the victory. Sting and Luger end the show by embracing and celebrating together, starting a shock Sting heel turn.

The Wrestling Arsenal
~Tonight's WCW Monday Nitro will mark the first show in the post-Bischoff era of World Championship Wrestling. Bischoff, who became the Executive Producer of WCW in 1993 and Executive Vice President in 1994, has been in hot water with the higher ups of Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting for the past several months. The on-air product of WCW has been stale for quite some time now, despite numerous attempts by Bischoff to expand the WCW brand by bringing in musical talents KISS, Megadeath, Chad Brock, and of course, Master P. In fact, these costly attempts have only dropped the ratings and made even more of a mockery out of the product. KISS ended the 08/23 Nitro with a live performance that tanked big time in the ranks (and they are now getting their own wrestler in the KISS Demon, portrayed by Brian Adams), Megadeath's "Crush 'Em" replaced Goldberg's highly popular "Invasion" theme, Chad Brock did nothing, and Master P's No Limit Soldiers and their feud against the West Texas Rednecks was one of the lowest moments in an incredibly low summer for World Championship Wrestling. To make matters worse, other attempts by Bischoff to expand WCW's name in the world (Nitro Grill and Cologne) have also been costly failures, and the company as a whole continues to spend much more than it makes under Bischoff's leadership. There is no official word what Bischoff's role in the company is currently - there have been mixed reports that Bischoff has simply been demoted from President of WCW, has been fired from the company altogether, and is still a member of the company that could be used in an on-screen capacity.

~One of the most prominent storylines of the past few months under Bischoff has been the 'Hummer' storyline. On June 7, six days before the Great American Bash, Randy Savage's entourage of ladies lured Kevin Nash into a limo, only for Savage and his ladies to lock Nash in the limo. A white hummer then runs into the limo (and Nash). Over these past three months, numerous promises were made by Savage to reveal who the hummer driver was, with Sid Vicious and Eric Bischoff both teasing who the Hummer Driver was. Over the past month, Lex Luger, just back in WCW from an injury, has been telling everyone Hulk Hogan was the hummer driver. Since returning to WCW in the summer, Hogan has defeated Savage to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and then defeated Nash at Road Wild to retire Nash. Oh, and he's gone from Hollywood Hogan to the red and yellow Hulkamania as well. Luger, a well known best friend of Sting, has shown "evidence" to Sting that Hogan was the driver, Hogan hasn't changed, and not to trust Hogan, as Hogan and Sting were now friends. However, despite Sting being skeptical of Hogan and then coming to blows with Luger, Sting showed his true colors last night at Fall Brawl when he hit Hogan with a baseball bat, embraced Lex Luger, and won the WCW World Heavyweight Title. However, despite it all, there has been no conclusion to the Hummer storyline... and don't expect there to be one. The new creative leaders of WCW are rumored to want to be rid of the terribly-executed storyline, so it could never be mentioned again on WCW television.

~Speaking of Hogan, anyone who has watched him wrestle or simply walk to the ring over the past month can tell you that the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion is going through some injuries and pain. Hogan is believed to have some recurring problems in his knee and hip, but surprisingly, Hulk Hogan wants to work through the injuries and not take any time off for surgeries. However, expect Hogan to take time off within the next few months to rest and get the surgeries his body does need.

~Kevin Nash was retired by Hulk Hogan in August. His buddy, Scott Hall, hasn't been since on television in about six months. While Nash is on-screen retired, there is every intention to bring Big Sexy back on-screen and in the ring, while Scott Hall is also nearing a comeback as well. While the two will probably not be returning to the squared circle for a little bit of time, the plan is to utilize The Outsiders on-screen in some capacity so they are not collecting a pay check without having to work at all. After all, for a company that is leaking millions, WCW needs to try and maximize the talents they are paying so much for.

~Last night at Fall Brawl, two men picked up injuries in the opening contest. Rey Mysterio's looked the worst as he had to be carried out of the ring by trainers after the match with a knee injury, while Vampiro took a botched Shooting Star Press from Billy Kidman. Mysterio's knee injury is not believed to be serious, and can in fact work through the injury. Vampiro, however, broke his nose and fractured his eye socket; he is expected to miss a little bit of time before returning back to work. Kidman will not be punished in any way for the injury.

~Don't expect anything out of Thunder this Thursday. With Hurricane Floyd set to rock the east coast this week, Thunder is expected to be cancelled and a recap show will air in its place.

~And that other TV show, Monday Nitro, continues to sag in the ratings compared to Raw is War. Nitro hasn't won a head-to-head battle since October 26, 1998. Throughout the summer, Raw is War has continued its dominance in this Monday Night War. Monday Nitro has drawn a low-to-mid 3 in the Nielsen Ratings throughout the summer (their highest a 3.6 in June 28 before the end of August), while Raw is War has averaged a mid 6 rating, even drawing a 7.1 on July 26. However the past two weeks are seemingly an anomaly. After the failed KISS performance on Nitro from Las Vegas on 08/23, the head-to-head ratings between the two have been the closest they've been in a long time. Raw drew 4.2 and 4.4 (08/30 and 09/06), a steep drop from the 6.6 and 5.9 it had the two weeks beforehand, while Nitro jumped up to a 4.0 and 4.1; the horrendous Las Vegas showed finished with a 2.9 average. With Nitro being 3 hours long to Raw's two, Nitro's first hour (8-9PM) goes unopposed, and does well in the ratings, but WCW's flagship then gets killed when going head-to-head for the last two hours. Rumors are rampant that WCW's new Senior Vice President, Bill Busch, is going to cut Nitro down to 2-hours, and presumably from 8-10PM, in a cost-cutting measure, as soon as possible.

~While WCW has some injuries right now, there is some good news for returning workers. Lex Luger is cleared to wrestle after spending time earlier in the year out on the shelf, while men who have been off-screen for non-injury purposes, Bret Hart and Ric Flair, are also ready to compete. Hart returned to WCW programming last week, while Flair is widely expected to return to television on tonight's Nitro, live from North Carolina, Flair's home state. Scott Steiner (back) and Wrath (knee) are both making progress on their recoveries, but are not due back until January and April of 2000. Fit Finlay (leg) continues to be on the sidelines after lacerating his leg in July and suffering nerve damage; there is no timetable for his return. 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper remains off-screen for no particular reason, along with David Flair, Hardcore Hak, and Dusty Rhodes.

Main Eventers:
Bret 'The Hitman' Hart
'American Made' Hulk Hogan
'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash [Currently "Retired"]
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair [Currently Inactive]
'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall [Currently Inactive]
[WCW World Heavyweight Champion] Sting
Upper Midcard:
'The Crippler' Chris Benoit [of The Revolution]
'The King of Badda Bing' Diamond Dallas Page [of Jersey Triad]
'The Total Package' Lex Luger
'Rowdy' Roddy Piper [Currently Inactive]
'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner [Currently Injured]
'Beast From the East' Bam Bam Bigelow [of Jersey Triad]
Barry Windham [of West Texas Rednecks]
Billy Kidman [of The Filthy Animals]
[WCW Tag Team Champion] Booker T
Brian Knobs [of The First Family]
Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell
Chris Kanyon [of Jersey Triad]
'Flawless' Curt Hennig [of West Texas Rednecks]
David Flair
'The Iceman' Dean Malenko [of The Revolution]
Disco Inferno
Eddy Guerrero [of The Filthy Animals]
Ernest 'The Cat' Miller [w/Sonny Onoo]
Fit Finlay [Currently Injured]
Hardcore Hak
Jim Duggan
Juventud Guerrera
Konnan [of The Filthy Animals, yet also Inactive]
[WCW Cruiserweight Champion] Lenny Lane
Norman Smiley
Perry Saturn [of The Revolution]
Rey Misterio Jr. [of The Filthy Animals]
[WCW Television Champion] 'Dog Faced Gremlin' Rick Steiner
'The Franchise' Shane Douglas [of The Revolution]
[WCW United States Champion] 'Psycho' Sid Vicious
Steven Regal
[WCW Tag Team Champion] Stevie Ray
The Disciple
Vampiro [of Dead Pool]
Wrath [Currently Injured]
Lower Midcard:
Barry Darsow
Barry Horowitz
Bobby Duncum Jr. [of West Texas Rednecks]
Bobby Eaton
Brad Armstrong
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Coach Buzz Stern
David Taylor
Eric Watts
Evan Karagias
Greg Valentine
Horace Hogan
Hugh Morrus [of The First Family]
Ice Train
Jerry Flynn [of The First Family]
Joe Gomez
Johnny Swinger
Kaz Hayashi
Kendall Windham [of West Texas Rednecks]
Kenny Kaos
KISS Demon
La Parka
Mike Enos
Mikey Whipwreck
Prince Iaukea
Robbie Rage
Scott Armstrong
Scott Norton
Scotty Riggs
Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
Shaggy 2 Dope [of Dead Pool]
Steve Armstrong
The Barbarian [of The First Family]
The Wall
Van Hammer
Vincent [of the West Texas Rednecks]
Violent J [of Dead Pool]
The Nobodies:
Al Greene
Bobby Blaze
Bull Payne
Chip Minton
El Dandy
Jeff Farmer
Jim Powers
Rick Fuller
Scott Putski
Silver King
Villano IV
Villano V
Arn Anderson [Currently Inactive]
'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes [Currently Inactive]
'Mean' Gene Okerlund
J.J. Dillon [Chairman of Executive Committee]
'Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart [w/Hugh Morrus, Brian Knobs, Jerry Flynn, & The Barbarian]
Kevin Sullivan [Currently Inactive]
Larry Zbyszko
Miss Elizabeth [Currently Inactive]
Sonny Onoo [w/Ernest Miller]
Torrie Wilson [w/David Flair]

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.

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Re: When An Empire Falls

Love the set up, you have set the bar high with your previous btb-ers, so good luck!

How dare you call Blitzkrieg a 'nobody'!


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: When An Empire Falls

Not a show has been posted and already this thread reeks of so much awesomeness. Looking forward to seeing what happens on Nitro and hoping you become more of a regular with posting of shows.
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Re: When An Empire Falls

Well this looks to be a pretty damn awesome thread so far and not a show has been posted yet! This is an interesting time. The tide had already shifted in the WWF's favor and the exoduses of the Radicalz and Chris Jericho (who, obviously is already gone) really put them over the top. I'm interested in seeing what you do with this time period and you'll definitely have a reader in me. Can't wait.

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Re: When An Empire Falls


WCW Monday Nitro
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
September 13, 1999

As we get the opening fireworks to welcome us to Monday Nitro, live from the University of North Carolina, Tony Schiavone and Bobby 'The Brian' Heenan are live to call the shots and hype tonight's show. Schiavone tries to sell the show as a sold out venue, but The Brian astutely points out he sees two empty seats in the front row. However, the action quickly turns to last night's Fall Brawl - three titles changed hand, the most important one being Sting double crossing his 'friend' Hulk Hogan, hitting him with his baseball bat to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Schiavone still cannot believe that Sting "turned on Hogan, turned on the fans, and turned his back on World Championship Wrestling. It was one of the biggest moments in our sport, but it is certainly a dark one, Brain." Hogan will not be here tonight after his injuries sustained in the main event, but Heenan knows he'll "jealously" be watching the number one contender's match between Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. Schiavone says Hogan, regardless of who holds the belt, will be coming for Sting and Lex Luger, who Brain says was the architect behind the whole scheme. After more Hogan talk (the guy's not even here, for Lord's sake~!), we finally move into...

One hell of an opening match! Best friends and current (and former too) stablemates 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit and 'The Ice Man' Dean Malenko come out, awkwardly together with the rest of The Revolution for the match, with, again, the winner getting to face Sting next week for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. It is no surprise that right away the two men lock-up and go through a dizzying string of reversals, putting on a wonderful series of chain wrestling sequences, working on their feet and on the canvas before ending up - as always - in a stand off in the shoot position. It gets great applause from the fans, their teammates, and each other, but they go back to town again. The opening minutes are fast, furious, and nonstop - the two try to out grapple each other again to no advantage, and then switch to a hard hitting battle of trying to just knock each other's block off. Benoit gets the advantage after a series of knife edge chops and a hard headbutt, only for Malenko to thwart his friend's offense when he comes off the ropes from an Irish whip and shows his agility with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. More constant hard hitting from Malenko, stiff chops and kicks echoing all across the Dean Smith Center, but Benoit ducks a clothesline, drop toe holds the Ice Man to the canvas, sending him outside... but Benoit goes through the ropes with a suicide dive to take out himself and his best friend! Of course the action continues on the outside, with referee Nick Patrick letting it go as their strong style, hard hitting fight continues. They are best friends, but just stiff each other like crazy with hard strikes before Malenko reverses a whip to send Benoit face ring into the ring post! The Ice Man whips Benoit across the ringside area and into the guardrails several times, and then goes one step further when he hits Benoit over to the entrance aisle where there is only concrete flooring, and spikes his friend onto the concrete with a snap suplex!

The match gets back into the ring eventually, and while Malenko tries to start isolating Benoit's back, The Crippler absorbs the attack and fights his way back with an enziguri kick. It puts the match back at page one, and again the two men tie-up and chain wrestle with some excellent standing reversals before both men exchange numerous arm drags, the end result being the two men drop kicking each others feet for another stand off. This will be a long match, but damn will it be good. The two continue to hit each other senseless with hard strikes, and Benoit gets a period to have the advantage when he hip tosses Dean Malenko with so much force that he flips his partner into the corner turnbuckles! Vicious chops and side elbow strikes do their part, but Malenko soon fights his way out as well when he ducks a lariat and smoothly and immediately transitions it into a northern lights suplex for two. From there, the match does start to slow somewhat, but it is only because the two men continue their wrestling clinic with various submission holds. Malenko tries to work over Benoit's legs with a knee bar and leg lock, while Benoit applies various arm bar submissions to Malenko. The action doesn't lead to much - only a few dramatic moments - but the action continues to be crisp. Malenko changes the style when he catches Benoit with a backbreaker, only to try and apply the Texas Cloverleaf, but Benoit uses his legs to shove Malenko away. Benoit hops up, catches a clothesline attempt, and pulls him down into a Crippler Crossface! Benoit latches on the submission in the middle of the ring, arching back immediately as Malenko howls and screams in pain. The match seems over, but Malenko, knowing Benoit so well, is able to see the smallest of openings and slips out of the submission, keeping the match alive. However, the Crossface has worn the Ice Man down, and the Crippler isolates Malenko afterwards, lighting his friend up with knife edge chops and side elbow strikes as well as a series of suplexes. The Crippler holds nothing back on his best friend - in fact, he may be performing even harder, hitting harder - and finishes his dominating spell off with three German suplexes, the final a release German. The combo keeps Malenko down enough for Benoit to ascend up to the top turnbuckle - SWANDIVE HEADBUTT... misses! Face full of canvas for Benoit!

Both men are down to an eight count, and when the action continues, it is no surprise they grapple again. The Crippler eyes an opening, and again tries to pull Malenko down for the Crossface with a Fujiwara arm bar, but Malenko scissors the arm, and flips Benoit to the canvas. The Crippler comes back and charges, but Malenko shoots in with a double leg takedown, and applies the Texas Cloverleaf, like Benoit earlier, in the center of the ring. It is the Crippler's turn to howl in pain, but Benoit, having spent years being stretched in Stu Hart's Dungeon, is able to fight through the pain and claw his way towards the ropes. However, when the Crippler edges closer, the Ice Man makes the pain the worst it can be as he sits down on Benoit's back! Now Benoit cannot move, and the Crippler, yelling and screaming, wildly grabs at the ropes, unable to fully grasp the bottom rope. Benoit raises his hand, ready to tap... but he is somehow able to get a hold of the rope and break up the submission! Even Douglas and Saturn applaud the performance of the two on the outside at this point. They show no favoritism, but Benoit's guts and drive there was superb. The Ice Man keeps his momentum going with a butterfly suplex and a chickenwing powerbomb, but both times Benoit gets a shoulder up on the ensuing pin fall. The Man of 1,000 Holds, showing no emotion as always, scoops Benoit up onto his shoulders, looking to hit his fireman's carry gut buster. As Malenko walks forward to execute the gut buster, Benoit slips out behind his back, and deftly drops Malenko on his neck with a bridging German suplex! Cover, One! Two! Thre- Kick out! Again they're both down, this time to nine.

The match nearing a half an hour long, both men are drained and exhausted, and just throw right hands at this point. Benoit's back is still plaguing him, and Malenko takes the advantage, chopping Benoit's chest. Malenko whips him across the ring and shows great endurance and agility as he tries a hurricanrana, but Benoit reverses with a sit-out powerbomb! Benoit pulls himself up to his feet, slides his thumb across the throat, and slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle again. Swandive Headbutt... connects! Benoit flops to the canvas, and then so slowly drapes an arm over... One! Two! Three! It has been an incredible opening contest, and Douglas and Saturn have to help their friends up to their feet afterwards, Benoit and Malenko having drained themselves completely, all in the name of trying to have a World Heavyweight Title shot. Malenko and Benoit shake hands and embrace after the match, with Malenko then raising Benoit's arm to symbolize his victory. All four members of The Revolution celebrate Benoit's big win afterwards, with both Schiavone and even Heenan praising the work rate and abilities of both men, with Heenan uncharacteristically saying that Benoit has "a real chance of finally becoming a World Champion next week, something The Crippler truly deserves." Must be a new WCW after all... [80%]

The Return
When Nitro returns after that hot opening contest, 'Mean' Gene Okerlund is in the ring for an interview time slot. Okerlund talks up the Dean Smith Center and the University of North Carolina before saying, "and ladies and gentlemen, my guest here tonight - well, he's gonna knock your socks off! This man is a true Tar Heel. This man has made his home in this territory. This man is a 14-time Heavyweight Champion of the World. He is... The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!" And as the famous 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' blasts throughout the Dean Smith Center, we get marking out from the fans, Tony Schiavone, and even Mean Gene as out from the back, stylin' and profilin' the whole way, is 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. He's got his best Armani suit on, and he looks darn happy to be in the building. Once he gets on the mic, Ric Flair points some fun at the booking of his character over the past year, talking about having a heart attack and being institutionalized, but moves on to shill his family life, and the success of his children. "But Mean Gene, tonight, it isn't about Ric Flair, the family man, NO NO! Tonight, is about, Ric - WOO! - Flair! THE NAITCHA BOY! WOO!" Flair goes into his total crazy mode, talking beautiful nonsense about the Nature Boy being back in World Championship Wrestling, in Flair Country no less. "And the best thing of all, is that Mean Gene, for the first time in far too long, the Nature Boy is - WOO! - bah gawd, FREE! I'M FREE, MEAN GENE! I'M A - WOO!- FREE... MAN!" Flair makes references to the backstage changes going on in the company, without directly saying Eric Bischoff has been fired, with Okerlund also telling Fair they cannot talk about that. Flair, however, doesn't care. "Forget the politics, Mean Gene! Tonight is about THE NAITCHA BOY and - WOO! - Dubya-SEE-DUBYA! WOO! This isn't Ric Flair, family man! This isn't Ric Flair, crazy and institutionalized son of a gun! This isn't Ric Flair, an Eric Bischoff-like dictator running World Championship Wrestling, OH NO! This is RIC FLAIR, WOO~! The Naitcha Boy is back, baby! And believe me, Mean Gene, I'm still... THE MAN~! I'm still the same limousine ridin', jet flyin', wheelin' dealin', KISS STEALIN'... son of a gun... as before! I've been told this is a new era, Mean Gene, and rest assured Flair Country, Space Mountain is back in business, and comin' along... FOR THE RIDE! WOO~!"

Taking a turn away from moving forward, Flair says that before he can once again become the Nature Boy and win another World Heavyweight Championship, he needs to make amends for past mistakes. Okerlund stops him though, first wanting to know if Flair is even physically capable to wrestle yet. A grinning Flair of course has an answer. "AM I READY!? Mean Gene, ya' oughta know by now who ya' talkin' to! I'm RIC FLAIR! I am... THE NAITCHA BOY! I am - WOO! - all that I said, THAT I AM! I am - WOO! - READY... TA' WRESTLE!" With that, Flair throws off his expensive Armani suit to the canvas, runs off the ropes, and elbow drops it repeatedly. More crazy Flair antics ensue, and of course the crowd just eats it all up. Flair then goes back and repeats himself, again saying he wants to atone for his sins. Flair asks for his son, David Flair, to come out and join him. It is not David who appears, and Okerlund lets us know what's going on. "Hey now wait just a second! We have company coming out to join us, Ric, but it is not the young man you were requesting. It's some uninvited guests to the party - it's 'The Total Package' Lex Luger and the man who hit Hulk Hogan last night with a baseball bat to win the World Heavyweight Championship, Sting!" Despite their entrance, the two men have nothing to say just yet. Flair instead looks at the two men and brings up Fall Brawl last night. "I was watchin' last night, baby! Stinger, I watched you, The Franchise of this company, TURN YOUR BACK... on Dubya-See-Dubya! I saw the man who bled this company, NEVER DID A WRONG THING, do the unthinkable! Stinger, what Ric Flair wants ta' know is... why? I wanna know... just who IN THE HELL... you think you are!?"

It is an approach Sting has taken before, but not one he has used lately - the Stinger is silent to Flair's questioning. The Total Package, however, has a different approach. Luger, wielding Sting's baseball bat in one hand, a microphone in the other, says that if Flair knows what is good for him, he will respectfully bow down to Luger and Sting, and exit the ring. "Ric, I love you, and I respect you - you coined the name The Total Package, helped make me who I am... but you need to wake up, and take a look around. This isn't Flair Country anymore, Ric. Diamonds, they are indeed forever... but Ric Flair... is not. You're not the President of WCW! You're the President... of nothing. You are... nothing, Ric." While the crowd boos and taunts Luger, Flair is very somber in the ring, his head down. "Ya' know, Luger, when you put it that way... you're right. This isn't Ric Flair's WCW anymore... I'm old, and I'm out of shape. You two... you're the big boys now - you rule wrestling. So I am gonna take you up on your offer. Sting, you're the Champ now..." Flair then leaves the ring, not saying another word as the crowd boos heavily. Flair hops off the apron, and walks up the entrance aisle, only to then start wildly shaking his head and turning back around. "HA! I DON'T THINK SO! I may be old! I may be, a little out of shape! But I AM... THE NAITCHA BOY! And I am STILL.. THE KING... of professional wrestling!" Flair gets back into the ring, and starts strutting across the ring. "Sting! Luger! You two can claim all you want that you're the men now in this sport, BUT NUH UH! You ain't Ric Flair! I'M THE MAN... and ya' haven't beaten, Ric Flair!" Flair grins, but Luger retorts that Flair's label as 'the man' has come and gone.

Instead of continuing the war of words with The Total Package, Flair turns his attention to the other man in the ring, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. "Throughout all this time... one man has been silent. I'm lookin' at you, champ; I'm lookin' at the Stinger! Sting baby... what in the hell are you doin'!? What, in the hell... is Sting doing running around with Lex Luger? What is the Franchise of this company - the beating heart and soul of World Championship Wrestling - doing... turning his back on the fans, hitting Hulk Hogan with a bat, double crossing everyone... to become a World Heavyweight Champion? That's not you, Stinger! Me and Luger, that's somethin' we would do! Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game for God's sake! BUT YOU, STINGER... that ain't you, baby! You're the man who has ALWAYS stood up to evil! YOU, you fought the N-Dubya-O for years! ALL BY YOURSELF! ...So Sting... you got some 'splainin' ta' do, ol' friend. I said it once and I'm a saying it again... what are ya' doin'!?" The two men look deep into each others eyes, but there is no emotion on the face of Sting. Again, he says nothing, while Luger speaks for him. "Ya' know, Slick Ric, for years... this man, my best friend, was able to take out his enemies without ever saying a word. And that, that is what you are seeing here tonight. And that, that's what is going to happen... right now!" And then, Luger attacks! The Total Package blindsides the Nature Boy with a running forearm to the back of the head! Flair crumbles to the mat as Luger starts to roughly put the boots to Flair's notoriously poor back, kicking the Nature Boy senseless before pulling him up to his feet, and whipping him into the corner. Luger follows it up by running and crushing the broken Flair with a running avalanche! If that wasn't enough, Luger then calls for the Rack, picks Ric Flair up... and slaps on the Torture Rack! Luger tries to break Flair's back all over again as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion coldly just stands there, silently watching on. Sting shows no emotion as Luger tries to cripple Flair with the Torture Rack before finally throwing him down to the canvas. Luger then spits on the fallen Flair before kicking him one more time, the crowd booing this beat down like crazy. Schiavone ponders whether Sting's silence was because he has no feelings or remorse about what just happened, or maybe, just maybe, he was fighting the urge to stop Luger from assaulting his role model and hero, Ric Flair. The Brain says that Sting has crossed over to the dark side, and he doesn't care about Flair. Luger exits the ring with Flair down and out, but in an awkward moment, Sting walks over to Flair, removes his trench coat, and drapes it over the prone and limp Nature Boy. Sting then grabs his World Heavyweight Title Belt and ball bat, and walks up the aisle, side-by-side with Lex Luger. [100%]

When the show returns from a commercial break, the Talking Heads are still talking up the return of Ric Flair and the ensuing beat down on the Nature Boy by Lex Luger - with Sting watching! We get into the match at hand with the Brits working over Joe Gomez, but within two minutes, we get our "Fucking Sid" moment that we knew was coming. Sid Vicious enters the ring, and Regal and David Taylor both eat double Chokeslams. Big boot to Gomez, and Prince takes a Powerbomb! Taylor and Regal both take pins from Charles Robinson, who of course just happened to be the referee, and more Powerbombs ensue to Gomez and Iaukea again. Double pin, and Charles Robinson then gets a sign that reveals 84-0. [65%]

Master and Whisperer... of the World
Sid then takes a microphone after the impromptu and illegitimate match, and starts his intelligible whispering and yelling. Sid repeats he is now 84-0, "and I will... have... THE GREATEST... WINNING RECORD... ever!" Sid reminds us that he won the United States Title last night, and his win record is almost half way to Goldberg's. "GOLDBERG! I'm.. DA MAN... not you! Halfway... halfway there... I will beat... YOUR RECORD! PEOPLE NEED TO START... listening... realizing... respecting the power... OF SID! I WILL LEAVE A SEA... of bodies laying. ARRRHHHH MASTER... AND RULER.... of the world!" Sid, spit flying everywhere as he talks, throws the microphone down, and he makes his way to the back, Lil Naitch still showcasing that 84-0 sign.

Assembling the Team
As the talking heads talk up Sid's "streak" the show cuts to the back, and we're in the Filthy Animals locker room. Rey Mysterio (in his ridiculous camo coveralls and beanie) is on a bench icing his knee, while Billy Kidman and Eddy Guerrero are also present. Konnan is still in the No Limit Doghouse, I guess, even with Eric Bischoff fired. The trio make general chit chat, with the focus being on Rey's knee not being 100% after taking a bad fall last night in the match against Dead Pool. However, the purpose comes as in walks Chavo Guerrero Jr. Eddy's little nephew talks up how much he enjoyed teaming up with the Animals last week on Nitro, and that since he knows Rey isn't 100% right now, offers to take his place and team with Kidman in their match tonight against the Insane Clown Posse. "Thanks a lot, essa," Rey says, "but I got the ICP ta'night. They keep comin' back fo' more, but me n' Billy gonna take 'em to the woodshed one more time!" Chavo then turns to his uncle. Chavo says, "I know you n' me haven't spent much time together since you came back from the accident, but Tío, you n' me are Familia, and it's time we get our relationship back to where it's supposed to be." Eddy grins and hugs his nephew. "Sobrino, it's music to my ears to hear you say that. You may be my nephew, but I've always looked at you like a hermano. I want us to be like brothers again, Chavito." Chavo says that he knows that he isn't part of the Filthy Animal crew, "but one day, I hope all of you can view me as family - as part of your crew." That seems like something that will happen as Kidman claps him on the arm, and Eddy says that on Thunder, he and Chavo are going to team up in a tag team match. Rey closes the love segment off by saying, "Yo yo, after me and Billy beat on ICP, and Eddy, after you kick DDP right in that overgrown mouth of his, the Filthy Animals... and Chavo Guerrero... are goin' out on the town!" There's a lot of smiles and grins, and perhaps we'll have plus-one in the Filthy Animals rank soon. [79%]

Making Up
When Nitro returns from more commercial breaks, Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell is in the ring, and he has a microphone in his hand. Bagwell is nothing but apologetic as he speaks. "I know The Stuff will usually come out and toot his own horn, but there ain't nothin' ta' toot about tonight. My flight got cancelled and I showed up late last night. It's inexcusable, and I missed my match because of it. I wanted to show Berlyn what American Power is all about, and I'm still gonna do just that! Right here, right now!" Bagwell apologizes again to 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan for last night. Bagwell admits that Duggan doesn't want to trust him because of last night, but says that on Thunder, he's going to team with Duggan against Berlyn and The Wall, as a way to show he has nothing but respect for the American Hero. Berlyn, The Wall, and his German translator lady all make their way out then, and it's match time! [77%]

BERLYN (w/The Wall & Uda Ludendorf) versus BUFF BAGWELL
Wanting to prove himself to the fans, Bagwell attacks Berlyn with no remorse, spending the first few minutes of the match just savagely laying into the German with right hands and forearm strikes. Berlyn eventually has to flee the ring, an uncharacteristic trait of what German Power is all about... one would think that's more of a French Power trait. However, a distraction on the outside allows The Wall to make his presence felt, whipping Bagwell into the steel guardrail. Berlyn then goes to work on Bagwell in the ring, cold and calculating as he works over Bagwell's notorious bad neck. Berlyn almost grabs the win with a bridging German Suplex, but The Stuff fights his way back into the match, slowly working his way out of a dreaded sleeper hold, his arm dropping twice before the support of the anti-German crowd gets Bagwell on his feet. Buff drops Berlyn with a belly-to-back suplex, and with the crowd roaring him on, Buff again starts attacking Berlyn with big right hands. A huge fisherman's suplex gets Berlyn reeling, and with The Stuff calling for the Blockbuster, Uda has the security guard take control of the match. Losing is unacceptable, according to the Germans, but losing by DQ is fine as The Wall climbs onto apron and slams Buff off the second turnbuckle and onto the canvas. The Wall enters the ring and puts the boots to Bagwell, but.... HOOOOOO!

Jim Duggan and his 2x4 come marching down the aisle. Duggan enters the ring as Berlyn and Wall put more boots to Bagwell. However, Duggan comes in swinging his 2x4, and neither Berlyn nor The Wall want anything to do with the piece of lumber. Duggan and the wood result in Berlyn and The Wall high tailing it, getting out of harm's way and backing up the aisle with the translator as Duggan pulls Bagwell up to his feet. The two men shake hands, apparently having come to a truce despite the friction last night at Fall Brawl. [62%]

State of the Union Address
The show then cuts to the back with The Revolution in their locker room. Gee, everyone has their 'own' locker room now a days. Wrestlers are over-paid diva's. Benoit and Malenko are still sweaty from their epic encounter from earlier. It's a group pow-wow as Shane Douglas talks up last night's embarrassing Fall Brawl. "Starting tonight, we get back to basics. Clean sweep last night - 0 for 3! That stops tonight!" Douglas talks up the fact that the four of them are some of the best professional wrestlers in the world today, and it is time they get the recognition they deserve. "Well next week, one of our own will become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!" Malenko adds, clearly holding no grudge about losing to Benoit in the opener. Saturn randomly throws in the "out with evolution, in with Revolution" line. Benoit says that he lost last night to Sid fair and square, but he'll gladly exchange the US Title for the one piece of gold that's always evaded him - the Big Gold Belt. Douglas then says that The Revolution is finished with the likes of the First Family, the Dead Pool, and everyone else. "We came together, gentlemen, as soldiers to stand on the front line... against the cancer... of World Championship Wrestling. It is high time we get back to that reason - that cause. If we are to get the respect, the recognition, and the spotlight that we deserve... then we eliminate the cancers." Douglas and Benoit then shill Benoit's title match against Sting next week, with Benoit finishing the segment off by saying, "The WCW World Belt has been a symbol off all that has been wrong with this company ever since 1996, and Sting only made it worse after what he did last night. Next week on Nitro, I will remove the cancer from that Title, and then... The Revolution begins." Benoit grins and there's a lot of male comradery and high-fiving as the segment ends. [78%]

Making the Main Event
After some more breaks, there is a 'During the Break' segment which shows 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair being attended to by a WCW physician, who is trying to check out the extent of the damage to Flair's back. Naitch seems to care not, and he is absolutely fuming as 'The Enforcer' Arn Anderson tries to calm him down. Flair is having none of it though. "Double A, Arn baby, I don't want or need you to calm me down! All I need, Arn, is for my best friend to check my bags, and make sure the Naitcha Boy's got his robe and his trunks, baby! 'Cause Arn, tonight, I don't give a damn about my back, NO SIR! Ric Flair is goin' back down to that ring tonight, bay-bay, and you can be darn sure that I'm gettin' me Lex Luger! And you, Doc, you can just stop right there, the Naitcha Boy is good enough ta' wrestle tonight, and that's all that matters! Let's go Arn; we gotta make ourselves a match!" And with that said, Flair heads off, Arn in tow, the Nature Boy looking to book himself a match for tonight.

We cut back to ringside to the Insane Clown Posse coming out to their own music; David Penzer doesn't call them Dead Pool because Vampiro isn't with them. Mike Tenay is on commentary now too, and apparently Vampiro suffered a fractured eye socket and broken nose last night in the match against the Filthy Animals, meaning he's out of action for the time being. While Vampiro gets that quick insert, the real focus is initially on the previous segment and Ric Flair's demand to return to the ring, tonight! Alas though, more crappy rap music - this time performed by the MIA Konnan - brings out the Filthy Animals team of Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. Rey does seem to be favoring his knee still, but wants to compete. However, it is apparent that Rey isn't at 100% as just a few minutes into the match Rey tries to springboard from the third rope and dropkick Shaggy 2 Dope, but Mysterio cannot jump far enough to reach him. The skinnier of the two Juggalo's then targets Mysterio's knee, with the un-masked Lucha star spending almost the rest of the match having his knee worked over by Dope and Violent J. It is the fat ICP member, J, who has the most impact as he has one spot where he hits Rey with a knee breaker and then puts all of his weight onto the injured knee with a big running splash off the ropes. However, the Filthy Animal is able to fight through all the pain, and eventually turns the tides when he reverses a powerbomb attempt from Violent J, punching the Juggalo in the head several times before flipping him over with a release hurricanrana.

Billy Kidman, who spent so much of the long match frustrated in the corner but still cheering his teammate on, enters the ring fresh and determined, and he starts mowing through both members of the Insane Clown Posse. Repeated dropkicks daze the ICP, and Kidman then whips both members into the same corner, the bigger Violent J crushing Shaggy 2 Dope. Violent J then staggers out into a bulldog from Kidman, and Shaggy 2 Dope eats a Rydeen Bomb! Rey Mysterio, really limping on his knee, climbs up the top rope, and makes sure Violent J stays down as he scores with a missile dropkick! Kidman then goes up to the top as well, and there is no botching it this time - Shooting Star Press to Dope! Kidman covers, and the Filthy Animals defeat the Insane Clown Posse for the second time in twenty-four hours! [74%]

Words of Silence
Backstage, an out-of-shape 'Mean' Gene Okerlund is trying to catch up to the new dynamic duo of Sting and Lex Luger. Okerlund says he has urgent news, yelling "Stop! Stop!" repeatedly. It finally gets their attention, and when Mean Gene catches up to them, he has to stop and catch his breath first. Okerlund tells The Total Package the news we already knew - Luger will be forced to return to the ring tonight in the main event to take on the local hero, Ric Flair. Luger simply smirks, making a comment that he'll finish the job off tonight. Okerlund, however, is more concerned with Sting. "Stinger, the look on your face, well, erm... it says nothing, really. How can you show no emotion after the man beside you assaulted Ric Flair, a man you have such a rich history with? I thought there was a lot of mutual respect and admiration between you and Flair!" Keeping par with his current course of action, the Champion remains silent. Okerlund has more. "Well can you at least give me something about why you double crossed Hulk Hogan last night!? Why did you turn your back on a friend!? You hit an icon at Fall Brawl with your baseball bat, ya' know!" Gene tries to stick up for his man-crush Hogan, but again, the emotionless Sting has nothing to say... for now(?). The Stinger and Luger turn and walk away, not another word said. Okerlund tries to keep up with them, but the show cuts to a commercial break as it's apparent they won't be talking. [90%]

Cat-Bo, Now Available at Walmart
When Nitro returns, it is time for a weekly 'Can WCW Do Comedy?' segment! Ernest 'The Cat' Miller is in the back with his manager, Sonny Onoo, standing in front of an old television set. The two men are standing on a blue mat, and are performing the Cat-Bo tape! That in and of itself should be comedic, but standing in the background, unbeknownst to the two, is Norman Smiley. The British bloke observes the two men performing the dance-like work-out, and he doesn't seem to be a fan of the Cat-Bo. He tries to dance along, but stops after a few seconds and shakes his head in disappointment. You can tell he's just itching to do the Big Wiggle/Smack My Bitch Up Dance. And then the segment ends. Nope, not that funny, I think. [74%]

It's time for more action, and holy crap, the Television Title is on the line! Mikey Whipwreck, who has done nothing at all since joining the company, is for some reason getting a title shot. The Dog Faced Gremlin stiff shots little Mikey all across the ring in the opening moments, beating him senseless with his hard hitting strikes. However, Whipwreck shocks the champion when he charges at Steiner from an Irish whip, and scores with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Mikey gets more offense in on the TV Champ with his quick speed, but it is also quickly lived, as a springboard from the second rope is roughly cut off with one hell of a Steinerline! From there, a belly-to-back suplex further destroys Mikey's head, and Steiner then finishes the match off with his Steiner Bulldog from the second turnbuckle for the successful title defense. Well, it's about time that belt got defended on TV. [61%]

Badda Bing, Badda Boom, Badda...
When Nitro comes back, the fans all start jeering as "Self High Five" brings out the arrogant and obnoxious Diamond Dallas Page, along with the rest of his New Jersey Triad. Cocky as always, Page goes through the catchphrases, but only after insulting the UNC crowd. "Ya' love me, ya' hate me, you'll never forget me! WHY!? Because DDP delivers the goods, that's why! And is the greatest two-time, two-time, TWO-TIME, Heavyweight Champion of the World!" Page takes more time on the mic to rile up the University of North Carolina Crowd, saying that, "Dean Smith can't hold Coach K's clipboard!" More trash talking of the great coach Dean Smith and the UNC Basketball program occurs, but Page finally gets to wrestling, talking up last night's main event at Fall Brawl. "There was some bad last night at Fall Brawl, but nothin' was better than seeing the biggest sham of a wrestler ever, Hulk Hogan, get played by Lex Luger and my new favorite guy, Sting! Stinger, it's about time you joined the dark side and realized none of these scumbags gave a damn about you, or me, or anybody else. And Hogan, I know you ain't here ta'night, but you red n' yell'ah puke, if you was here ta'night, I would give you the ass kickin' I've been dyin' ta' give ya'!" Page says that he is the biggest star in World Championship Wrestling, and reminds everyone that he took out Hulk Hogan before at Spring Stampede. "It's time that DDP gets the star treatment I deserve! People like Hulk Hogan and Greenberg, their time is up! Scumberg, you may have gotten lucky last night with that fluke win of yours, but lemme tell ya' how it is: you ain't EVER gonna beat me again, I'll make sure of it!" Page finishes the mic time off by saying that after he beats Eddy Guerrero tonight, he and the Triad are going to go to the back and take over Hogan's locker room, "and then... Goldberg... YOU'RE NEXT~!" [82%]

The rapping theme brings out Guerrero then, and he gets even more cheers than usual tonight, probably because the North Carolina fans want to see him defeat Page after all of what DDP just said. The match then gets underway as the two work rate talents start going back and forth with a fast and furious opening few minutes of action. Eddy and DDP go through several exchanges of chain wrestling at first, and while the two stay even for a while, Guerrero ends up out wrestling Page, helping him set up DDP with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors take down. The veteran Page slows the pace down after Guerrero hits some of his spots, raking Guerrero's eyes out of nowhere before subduing him with a DDT. Page slows the pace down as he works over Eddy, getting several near falls in the process. However, whenever Guerrero kicks out of a pin, Page is quick to argue and berate the official like a bully. The beat down goes on for quite a while with Page really working Guerrero's back and neck over, DDP fueled on by his cheerleader Kanyon at ringside. Page eventually tries to finish Guerrero off with the Diamond Cutter, but in a last ditch effort, Guerrero shoves Page away, and catches the unsuspecting DDP with a snap hurricanrana! After a recovery period, the tides turn as Guerrero starts to get himself into a rhythm, knocking DDP down repeatedly with dropkicks before almost stealing the win with a tornado DDT! Fearing a loss for their leader, the rest of the Triad interfere. Bigelow hops onto the apron and looks to enter the ring, but Guerrero runs and jumps off the second turnbuckle, rotating in the air and dropkicking Bam Bam in the face! Bigelow falls to the floor and Kanyon gets onto the apron, but Eddy grabs him and hot shots him off the third rope with a quasi-jaw breaker. However, The Triad's interference distracts Eddy long enough for their leader to recover, and as Eddy turns back around to continue the match, Page catches him out of nowhere with the Diamond Cutter for the win!

It's a cheap win for the Jersey Triad, and the Jersey boys all get into the ring and lay the boots to Eddy after the match to draw more heat. The Filthy Animals come to the rescue as Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio (still selling that knee injury - continuity, WCW!) come sprinting out from the back, springboarding from the third rope to take down Page and Kanyon with missile dropkicks! Bigelow however, jumps in to subdue the Animals with big right hands, and the Triad and Animals all exchange blows when someone else comes running out from the back. It's Konnan! K-Dawg has to pull up his pants once he gets into the ring, but he knocks Kanyon down with a big running clothesline before a series of right hands to Bigelow ends with Konnan running off the ropes and removing Bam Bam from the ring with a rolling clothesline over the top rope! The rest of the Animals circle Page, the crowd loving the prospect of the King of Badda Bing taking a 4-on-1 beating, but the cowardly Page quickly dives out of the ring under the bottom rope, escaping the Animals' revenge as The Triad retreat up the entrance aisle. In the ring, a fully re-united Filthy Animals celebrate and embrace. [72%]

October the Fourth - Nitro is Owen
Having caught his breath and re-combed what little hair remains on his balding head, 'Mean' Gene Okerlund is back in the ring, introducing to us, "a man who just returned to World Championship Wrestling only one week ago. You could almost say that he is in retirement right now because he will not return until he gets to wrestle against the biggest icon in professional wrestling history, Hulk Hogan. He is a man still grieving from the tragic death of his excellent little brother, he is... Bret 'The Hitman' Hart!" Coming out from the back in his own Hitman hockey jersey and jean shorts, Hart makes his way into the ring to cheers from the fans, and then politely asks Okerlund to leave the ring, as Hart "wants to do this solo tonight." Hart recaps his return to Monday Nitro last week, reminding us all that he doesn't want to return to active wrestling until he gets his match with Hulk Hogan. "Now last night," Hart says, "I know I got involved to try and help out Hulk Hogan. And after what happened last night with Lex Luger and Sting... I want a piece of them too! However, I know there's a lot of people who are in that position, so it looks like I gotta pull a ticket and get in line. However, I'm not here to talk aboot Luger and Sting." Hart goes on to again say he he wants to wrestle Hulk Hogan - for himself. "Hulk, I have a lot of respect for you, and my desire to wrestle you hasn't changed one bit since you lost the belt last night. Competing against you, Hogan, it's about pride. It's about wrestling against the best in the history of wrestling, about facing someone I never really got the chance to wrestle against. Hulk, you are still the greatest icon in the history of professional wrestling, and I need to wrestle you and see if Bret Hart really is the best there ever was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be." Hart changes gears though, saying that while he needs to wrestle Hulk Hogan, there is something else the Hitman needs to do as well. "I don't want to spend too much time talking about this because I don't want to exploit my family or my beloved brother. Everybody hear knows that my brother, Owen, tragically passed away in May. Well a month from now, on October 4, WCW is going to have Nitro in the very same arena that my brother was in the night of his passing. And after thinking about it all, yeah, I need to wrestle Hulk Hogan... but on October the Fourth, I need to wrestle... for Owen. So with that said, there's a guy I need to talk to, and that's a family friend, Chris Benoit. So Chris, come on out here man."

With the crowd confused, the Crippler and number one contender to the World Title walks down the ramp and aisle, also looking confused. The two men shake hands, and Hart goes on to say that Chris Benoit is a guy who learned this sport in the Hart Dungeon. "Chris, my father trained you, and Owen, myself, and the rest of the Hart family spent years wrestling with you in Stampede. You, my friend, are a Hart in every way but the last name. So when Nitro goes to the Kemper Arena, Chris... I want it to be you. For my brother, for my family, I want to wrestle you Chris, in honor of Owen. What do you say man?" There's no second guessing from Benoit as he nods his head and hugs Bret. "Bret," Benoit says, "it would be an honor an a privilege to wrestle you, to wrestle for the greatest guy I ever knew, Owen Hart. And I know it isn't about titles, Bret, hell, it isn't even about you or me - October the Fourth will belong to Owen - but I'll tell you right now, if I can beat Sting next week and be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion when that day comes, I'll put the belt on the line too - because if there is one thing Owen Hart deserved, it was to be a World Champion!" The two men embrace again, and they then raise each others arms into the air as the crowd applauds the two men. Tony Schiavone and even the cold-hearted Heenan praise the two men for wanting to wrestle in honor of the deceased Owen Hart and his legacy. As Hart and Benoit continue to milk the response, we then head to another break. [83%]

Tonight's penultimate match gets underway in a Fall Brawl rematch as the West Texas Rednecks cash in on their rematch clause. However, they are on the back foot from the get-go as the newly reunited Harlem Heat are just too much for Barry and Kendall Windham to handle. The energy of Booker and strength of Stevie Ray gets the North Carolina fans going early on as Stevie Ray sends the good ol' boys to the outside with a double clothesline, while Booker T follows it up with a slingshot plancha, taking down all four of the rednecks! Distractions and interference from Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncam Jr. allow the Rednecks to regain the advantage, and from there, a relatively standard tag match occurs. The Rednecks use a slow, roughneck approach to isolate Booker at times, who tags out to Stevie Ray a few times and scores some offense, only for Booker to then again become a face in peril. After a few cycles, Booker takes a lengthy beating and isolation from the brothers, with Stevie Ray having to intervene to save their newly won Tag Titles at one point after a double vertical suplex. Booker T takes his beating like a champ, and proceeds to get the crowd back into the match in the process. The 'Harlem' native counters the momentum when he flips Kendall over with a back body drop, and one hook kick later, we have a hot tag. From there, Stevie Ray runs through Barry and Kendall with relative ease, his big strikes doing a lot of the job. Barry Windham takes a big flapjack, while a rotating spinebuster smashes Kendall to the canvas. Bobby Duncam tries to interfere for the team, but Booker T knocks him off the apron with a Harlem Sidekick! From there, a Big Apple Blast (Bearhug & Harlem Sidekick) finishes off Barry Windham, and as Stevie Ray covers, Booker is on standby to make sure the winning count is registered.

However, when the brothers try to celebrate after the match with their belts, Hennig attacks, sneakily entering the ring and blasting Stevie Ray over the back of the head with the cowbell! Booker T avenges the attack by knocking Hennig senseless with a right hand, but soon falls victim to the numbers game. As the other three rednecks put the boots to Stevie Ray, Hennig takes the bull rope the cowbell is attached to and gives Booker a few good whips across the back to rub further salt in the wounds. It should be obvious, but Tony Schiavone drives the point home when he let's the viewers know the West Texas Rednecks clearly still want to regain the WCW Tag Team Titles. Ya' think? However, potential counterpoint - the Rednecks are racist, well, rednecks, and want to try and commit heinous hate crimes. [62%]

Outsiders in Da House~!
For what is hopefully the final time of the evening, 'Mean' Gene is back in front of our screen. However, he is not in the ring, but along the guardrail because a 'During the Break' segment shows us that The Outsiders, 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash and 'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall, have walked down a flight of stairs, carrying beer, hot dogs, and most importantly, tickets to tonight's show. Heenan points out they must be the ticket holders for the two empty seats in the front row, and indeed they are. Okerlund is now out to talk to them, wanting to know why they are here. "Hey Scheme Gene, you can't talk to me," Nash proclaims, "I'm officially a retired wrassler!" Nash does has something to say though. "As a fan, Gene-O, I must say... kharma came back and bit Hulk Hogan on his orange-skinned ass last night!" Nash laughs and drinks his beer, while Hall pulls the microphone to him. "...Hey yo. Mean Dean... Big Kev ova' here, he may be retired... but 'da Bad Guy... well me, I'm just here fo' some fun. It seems ta' me... that the suits don' want Scott Hall ta' be showin' up n' wrestlin' fo' them. I'm, uh... a..." Nash finishes the sentence for Hall, saying he has been deemed a liability by the Turner suits. Hall says, "Wha' we need ta' do... is talk ta' Uncle Eric, n' figure 'dis out," but Big Sexy chimes in, "Oh snap! Scotty, it seems like the suits in Atlanta are doing the same thing to The Outsiders as they did to Easy E - we've all been fired!" Nash and Hall both shake their heads in mock sadness and shame. Hall says Bischoff would know how to fix this solution. Okerlund, not wanting to discuss the controversial exit of Mister Bischoff, pulls the conversation to the on-screen product of WCW. "Now gentlemen, you may be retired and inactive from WCW, respectively, but I know you are both still fans of the product. So, as expert fans and men who can analyze this business, what did you make of last night when Sting, of all people, hit Hulk Hogan with the baseball bat to help aide him win the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World?" Nash again reiterates about kharma getting Hogan, as Big Sexy is still clearly bitter about having to retire because of his loss to Hogan last month at Road Wild.

The Bad Guy has a more honest approach. "Aye Gene-O... I appreciate'a seein' Hulk Hogan get... punked out, but me... I still can't believe it was da' Stinger who did it. No one thought that Sting... had the cajones, ta' double-cross thee Hulk Hogan." Hall and Nash both agree that Sting should be trusted by nobody. Hall says, "We always knew 'dat Sting... had a bad side. N' 'dis is comin' from Da Bad Guy here, Bean Gene, rememba' 'dat... Sting... he ain't ta' be trusted... not ta' be meddled wit'. Us... me n' Big Kev... we saw the dark side of Sting... we know wat 'dis man is capable of... we went ta' war with da Stinga' for over a year, mang... none of you can know the real Sting... until you've went ta' war 'gainst him. Trus' Da Bad Guy... 'dis Sting... it only just the beginnin'... the worst of Sting... is yet to come." Hall, no more arrogance or smoothness in his voice, stands back up after having been leaning against the guardrail the whole time. He and Nash then sit back down, the tone much more serious now than the start of this little segment. [91%]

LEX LUGER (w/Sting) versus RIC FLAIR
After the main event fireworks and cheesy introductions from thee Michael Buffer, a fired up Ric Flair comes out to his famous music. He still has all the glitz and glamour in his blue-sequined robe, but this is more Ric Flair than Nature Boy tonight. Sting accompanies Lex Luger to the ring, and Schiavone announces this is both men's first match in quite some time, which really means: don't expect anything good. The Total Package starts the match off by blindsiding Flair from behind as he tries to take his robe off. Luger bashes Flair with CLUBBERING double axe handle smashes and forearm strikes, using those steroid-fueled muscles to knock Flair senseless. Knowing his opponent is not 100%, Luger targets the weak back, whipping Flair into the turnbuckles and double sledging his lower spine. The Total Package's biggest spots in the ass whooping are a hip toss and scoop slam, because Luger can't really wrestle. Flair, to his part, sells the attack splendidly, giving Luger several near falls. Luger argues with the referee after one of those near falls, distracting Johnny Boone for Flair to be well, classic Flair, and low blow Luger! The Nature Boy reminds us all he is the dirtiest player in the game with a thumb to the eye, and then does what he does best - knife edge chop the shit out of Lex Luger's chest. Chops o' plenty for Package, and Flair throws in jabs as well. A knee drop and pin follows, but of course it's two at best. Despite Flair's best efforts, he is out of shape and hurt, and Luger's size is too much when he tries to scoop slam him. Luger sledges Flair's back to block the attempt, hits an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Luger again goes back to work on Flair's back, but it is still a lot of basic, simplistic offense. It's somehow effective, and it essentially has Naitch to the break point. Luger tries to finish him off by placing him in the Torture Rack for the second time tonight, but Flair slips out! Naitch lands behind Luger, and takes him down with a bulldog!

After recovering, Naitch chops Luger some more, throws in a chop block, chops some more, and then a DDT, all while styling, profiling, and strutting. Flair Country is alive and well, and Flair takes a leg, spins around, and applies the famed Figure Four Leg Lock! Luger, also not fully fit yet, tries to fight the iconic submission maneuver, but within a matter of moments, the cheering UNC crowd erupts as Luger taps out, and Flair is victorious! It's a great moment for Flair as he fights back the pain to pull himself back up to his feet, but as he starts celebrating his victory, Sting hits him from behind with the baseball bat! Right to the back! They don't want to boo Sting, but attacking Naitch in his territory will yield that desired result. Before Flair can fall, Sting grabs his neck, and hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Flair is laid out! As Luger slowly pulls himself up to his feet, the emotionless Sting grabs Flair by the legs, and looks to break his back with the Scorpion Death Lock! The typical WCW crowd is throwing trash in the ring as Sting shows his dark side, trying to break Ric Flair's back... but here comes the cavalry! It's Bret Hart! The Hitman dives into the ring, and immediately drops Luger with a right hand as Sting keeps the hold in on Flair. Hart quickly grabs the fallen baseball bat, and right away Sting releases the SDL and exits the ring, pulling Luger out of dodge as well. The crowd shows its support and appreciation for Hart as he points the tip of the bat directly at the back-trotting Sting. Hitman then helps the near-broken Flair up to his feet, and helps support the nearly-broken Ric Flair, the faces and heels staring each other down as Nitro comes to a close. [76%]

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.

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Re: When An Empire Falls

The Lariat Review

As a big fan of WCW back in the day and someone who watched the time period you are re-booking, I'm quite interested in what direction you are going to go in. Reading your back story, I understand why your bagging out your own show... this one your fictious booking self apparently didn't have much time to put together a "good" show. It maybe a little counter productive. Will this be your style for the next 3 shows? It could get annoying. And even a way of excusing the quality of your work, if you aren't happy with it.

The wall of text is really is quite headache inducing. Literally, I now have a headache. Some paragraph spacing would be helpful. When Beniot won his match, at least drop a break in there so our eyes can just take a rest.. please.

So you're moving the show in the direction you want which is great. The silent heel champion Sting, standing in the ring like Darth Vader/Dr Doom, while his partner in crime does the damage. It's got some pretty cool visuals. I hope this isn't leading to another Sting/Flair feud. Please no. Flair beats Luger in the main event, also is a bit of a let down. Why not a dq or something that WCW are famous for, especially if you were doing their infamous type of booking through this one. I guess by a clean victory we get a sprinkle of what your new booking style will contain. Just don't buy saggy boobs Flair defeating Luger here, but meh, it's Flair... it's WCW. I was expecting the Outsiders to get involved somehow also. A Flair win and no Outsider shenanigans were the two big swerves of the night!

Onto the Beniot #1 contender's win. At first I saw this as a filler match for Sting. I mean it's on Nitro not ppv. No real build.. Sting will probably get himself Dq'd to keep Beniot strong for example, keeping the belt. But the Hart/Beniot (IRL) type segment adds some uncertainty now... which is great stuff. I'm actually thinking Beniot could win this now, and then drop it to Hart... Either way it's not a forgone conclusion Sting retains.

Goldberg's absence is noticeable during this episode. One of the stupid things WCW did was not put it's hottest star on tv or ppv. Even when he wasn't injured by putting his hand through car windscreens. Also noticeable is that you don't mention the crowd reaction every two sentences like many other BTBs which is refreshing.

All in all, as I said I have fond memories of WCW around this time. And I am so happy someone is going to have a crack at "improving" it. Although there was bad stuff going on, as a Sting mark, I didn't care too much because my hero was Champ. As a fan I easily explained why he was doing things getting revenge on Hogan for all the nWo stuff blah blah. etc. You've got me as a reader, just please throw a few more paragraph sentence breaks in... I'm off to munch on some panadol.

P.S. I'm sure you'll explain those 79% thingys in due time...
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Re: When An Empire Falls


Welcome back babes. Hit me up with a PM for MSN catch ups

Can't wait.

EDIT- Comments coming up for you soon


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Re: When An Empire Falls

IRL, Thunder was cancelled on 09-16 because of a Hurricane. Staying true to life, so it's right into another Nitro instead.

WCW Monday Nitro
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 20, 1999

We get the opening fireworks, and it is time for a brand new TWO HOUR edition of Monday Nitro, live from the Firstar Center! Tony Schiavone and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan are at the announcer's table to hype up last week's show, and of course, tonight's! Schiavone shills up Chris Benoit's chance to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion against the new, dark Sting, which leads to a lengthy talk about Sting, his silence, and allowing Luger to Rack Flair last week and then trying to break Flair's back. Heenan still is in shock that in a 24 hour span, Sting used his famed baseball bat on both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, but "the Stinger should be on the look out, Brain, because my sources have told me Hulk Hogan is here tonight, and he will be coming for Sting! Title or no title!" - Tony Schiavone.

The Talking Heads take us all the way into our opening match, and while it certainly will not be work rate city, the crowd gets going right away as 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan and his 2x4 get chants of 'USA" going for the tag team match we were promised on Thunder. Schiavone apologizes for there not being a Thunder last Thursday do to Hurricane Floyd, and sends condolences to all suffering from the aftermath of said hurricane. Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell, Berlyn, The Wall, and Uda Ludendorf all join the action, and we get a first look at The Wall in the ring. While he's green, his size and strength is impressive as he powers around Jim Duggan early on, who continues to no-sell everything for the most part, including Berlyn's offense that targets Duggan's neck. Bagwell gets into the match then to replace Duggan, and he goes toe-to-toe with Berlyn, rocking him with hard right hands and then a big rotating belly-to-belly suplex. However, The Stuff becomes the face in peril when The Wall clubs him from behind when he hits the ropes. The Germans isolate Bagwell for quite some time, but Bagwell is able to block a Chokeslam attempt from The Wall, and show his strength as well with a big butterfly suplex. Duggan comes in off the hot tag, and big right hands subdue both Wall and the now legal-German, Berlyn. More shit brawling follows, but Duggan is the king of it, knocking his opponents down. "HOOOOOOOOOOO!" You tell 'em, Hacksaw! Duggan whips Berlyn into the corner and looks to give him a running three-point stance clothesline, but The Wall comes to the save with a sledge to the back. But now Bagwell comes in for the save, sending The Wall up and over the top rope with a clothesline. The Stuff exits the ring to brawl with Wall more, while in the ring, Duggan tries a three-point stance again, but runs right into the turnbuckles! Berlyn then grabs Duggan and hits the reverse neckbreaker of his. Cover - One! Bagwell sees the pin. Two! Bagwell enters the ring. Three! The Germans are victorious yet again because after all, 'losing is... is UNACCEPTABLE!" Bagwell kicks the bottom rope in frustration as Berlyn rolls out of the ring, the Nazi-lite character celebrating with the German contingent. Bagwell helps Duggan up to his feet in the ring. The two shake hands, but Duggan grabs a microphone. The proud American thanks Bagwell for proving he can rely on him, and they gave it a great run, but lost tonight. Duggan tells Bagwell to move on from this, as Old Glory wants to take the fight to "the Nazi's" on his own now. After very, VERY mild protesting, Bagwell shakes Duggan's hand again, and leaves the ring on his way. Duggan ends the segment on a high note by grabbing his 2x4, sticking out a thumb, and giving us one more "HOOOOOOO!" And yes, this match had plenty of "USA! USA!" chants. [61%]

Fruit Booties~!
For the first of probably several times this evening, 'Mean' Gene Okerlund and his tuxedo is in the ring... with "the WCW Tag Team Champions of the World, nine-time champions in fact, Booker T and Stevie Ray, Harlem Heat!" The boys come out in their red attire with the flames, Stevie Ray mugging for the camera with his awesome faces. Mean Gene wants to know how the champs are feeling, winning those belts for the ninth time. Stevie Ray, after playfully toying with Okerlund, talks up the joy he feels now that Harlem Heat is back together. "I ain't been dis happy n' dis proud in a long time! Now dat me n' Book be runnin' again togetha', Harlem Heat be takin' care of bus-nas like no otha'! Jersey Triad, West Texas Rednecks, dey already found out! N' Mean Gene, if anyone else wants ta' find out just how good Harlem Heat is, dem Fruit-Booties can get in line!" Booker T then tells everyone that even though they beat the Windham's last week, "dem sucka's still wanna come back fo' mo'! N' dat ain't no thang fo' Harlem Heat, sucka, 'cause Harlem Heat goin' burn this motha' up!" Before the interview can continue, "Rap is Crap" interrupts the proceedings, bringing out the foursome known as the West Texas Rednecks. Curt Hennig leads the group, but they stop on the new WCW entrance platform. Hennig says he agrees with Booker T - "we do wanna come back for more! You gangsters got our belts, and we want what's ours... boy." Okay, the connotation there on 'boy' sounded a little racist. The two teams have some small, threatening back and forth interactions, with the comments from Hennig continuing to sound quite demeaning towards the Heat. Stevie Ray finally says, "You cracka Fruit-Booties can eitha' contin'ya' talkin' dat talk n' ain't back crap up, or ya'll can come down here right now n' get a butt whoopin' from me n' Book here." Booker throws in a, "Now can you dig that!?" Smirking, the Rednecks seem to like the challenge as Hennig retorts, "Heh, you want a fight, huh? I guess your momma din't teach you any smarts when you grew up in the ghetto. Four against two? Me and my country boys are gonna come down there and give you two the ol' country-style whippin' ya'll deserve!" Hennig, the Windhams, and Bobby Duncam Jr. start to walk down the entrance aisle, and Mean Gene scatters. As Harlem Heat get ready for a fight, they're struck from behind! The First Family snuck out from under the ring! Hugh Morrus, Brian Knobs, and The Barbarian all attack Booker and Stevie from behind with big forearms and right hands. Harlem Heat drop to their fronts, and the Family start laying the boots to the champions. The Rednecks come to a halt at the entrance aisle, angrily watching as the First Family steals their thunder (on Nitro!). After a beat down of more kicking and hitting, The Barbarian and Knobs give Stevie a double powerbomb, and Hennig can only glare as Morrus goes up top and hits his No Laughing Matter moonsault to Booker T! Jimmy Hart, also hiding under the ring earlier, yells into his microphone as the First Family caps the crashed-interview off by standing tall and menacing, Hart continuing to yell into the microphone obnoxiously. Hennig and the Rednecks are left fuming in the aisle - the First Family are the ones who made the statement tonight, not the Rednecks. [60%]

After more breaks, Nitro returns to cruiserweight action, with young rookie Evan Karagias and his beautiful braids challenging Lenny for the WCW Cruiserweight Title! Lodi's sign of the night - "Evan isn't the only one going down..." - Yeah, the suits have to can them soon. The "brothers" spend a lot of time giggling on the outside and apron throughout the match, as Lenny is able to rough up Karagias for the most part. His inexperience hinders him, and Karagias is tossed around like a rag doll. When Lane only gets a two count after a gutwrench powerbomb, instead of getting discouraged, he becomes very gay. And by gay, I mean happy. Why, you ask? Because Lenny whips Karagias into the corner, hits him with a running butt thump, and then steals a page out of Rey Mysterio's book when he hits a Bronco Buster! Tony Schiavone nearly vomits in disgust, and the move draws a wonderfully hilarious reaction from the jeering crowd. "I hope nothing slapped Evan in the face there!" - Bobby Heenan, furthering the anger of the suits, I'm sure. Despite Karagias taking a beating, the rookie turns the tides when he slips out of a wheelbarrow facebuster attempt, and smoothly transitions the counter into a bulldog! The spot sparks momentum for the youngster, and he goes on the offensive with dropkicks before hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a hurricanrana for a two count. He has all the momentum, and look at him go now, hitting a swinging DDT before going up top... and hitting a flying cross body block! Evan covers, and Schiavone is certain we're going to have a new champion. One! Two! Three! The ambigously gay Lenny has lost the Cruiserweight Title... or well, he would have if the ambigously gay Lodi hadn't come in and kicked Evan in the back of the head! Referee Scott Dickenson calls for the DQ, but the West Hollywood Blondes lay waste to the winner Karagias after the match, stomping him into the canvas before planting him with a double powerbomb. With the crowd booing in disgust, the "brothers" hug each other, grab Lenny's pink-bow Belt, and walk to the back holding hands... Gay. [63%]

The Feud That Has To Happen
It's time for more 'Mean' Gene Okerlund, because you just can't get enough of him! Mean Gene calls out, "the man who made his long-awaited return to World Championship Wrestling last week on Monday Nitro. He had to survive a two-man ambush, the Torture Rack, the Scorpion Death Lock, and an attack with a baseball bat, all in his first night back! However, he is here tonight... he is, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair!" And that is who everyone gets as "Also Sprach Zarathustra" brings out the man himself, in his finest Armani suit. He's not stylin' and profilin' tonight though; Flair walks out with a very noticable grimace on his face, slowly making his way into the ring through the pain because of the damage his back received last week. When Flair gets to talking, he is not loud or eccentric, but soft, almost a whisper. "Gene... I stand before you tonight, nearly a broken man. I came back ta' Dubya-See-Dubya last week, and I'll tell ya' now... it was almost only a one week tour for Ric Flair. I pushed myself too much - too hard, too fast - and add on all that happened last week... I'm just thankful to be standing right now." Flair recaps the damage he received last week from Sting and Lex Luger, but still is able to point out that through it all, "the Nature Boy came shining through, pulling clear and defeating Lex Luger in the center of the ring, for all to see!" Naitch isn't too happy about what happened after the match though, when Sting tried to break his back and end his career. In fact, it starts to get Flair worked up. "Sting, what you did last week was unacceptable! You can be silent all you want, 'cause I don't need ta' hear anything you've got ta' say now! Last week, I stood here and simply wanted to know, 'why?' I wanted to know why someone I've always admired for doing the right thing... was doing the exact opposite. But last week at the end of Nitro, you tried to break Ric Flair! You tried to end my career, AND NOW... you don't gotta just worry about Chris Benoit or Hulk Hogan comin' for you! You gotta worry about ME! THE NAITCHA BOY! WOO!"

Flair says he wants to slap some respect into Sting and Luger, and that it's not even about titles with Sting. Okerlund asks Flair what it is about then, but we don't get an answer because the official music of The Revolution interrupts the proceedings... and out walks Shane Douglas! Flair and Okerlund both are confused as can be, and a very serious looking Douglas enters the ring with his own microphone. Okerlund, surprisingly, is the man who takes the initiative by asking what Douglas is doing out here. "It's really simple, Okerlund," Douglas says. "I've same to start my mission." It only draws more confusion, but the leader of The Revolution elaborates. "Last week, I gave what you could almost call a State of the Union address. And in my speech, I told my fellow revolutionaries - and all of World Championship Wrestling - that myself and the rest of The Revolution... was going to start removing the cancer from this company. Because Mean Gene, I am tired of being held back in this sport! Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn are tired of the bullcrap! And Chris Benoit, he's tired of being held back too! So when I said last week that The Revolution is going to start eliminating the cancer, well... I'm lookin' at the biggest tumor in the world of professional wrestling today." If it wasn't obvious enough who he was referring to, Douglas points at Flair with disdain.

The Nature Boy looks bemused at first, but then just shakes his head in disappointment. Douglas continues his tirade, saying that Ric Flair is, "an old washed up piece of crap who can't let go! You, Ric, your time has been up for YEARS... but you continue to hog the spotlight like the narcissistic prima donna you have always been!" Douglas says that Ric Flair has been holding people down for years, but, "you fickle fans continue to buy into the load of crap that is continually spewing from this man's mouth. Last week, you all sat and listened to every word this liar said, and believed it like he was Jesus effin' Christ! A changed man!? Ric Flair doesn't change his spots, just like a leopard. All Ric Flair has done is continue to be the greedy, power-hungry piece of *shit* I've known him to be for ten years! What big 'change' did this man really make? You've went from a crazy, power hungry President... to the dirtiest player in the game... to the arrogant and obnoxious 'Naitcha Boy'. Wooo!" The crowd has now totally turned on Douglas, peppering him with boos. Ric Flair simply smirks through all of this, while Okerlund demands an explanation from Douglas for what he is saying. "You want an explanation, Okerlund? How about you remove your lips from Ric Flair's ASS and pay attention to the facts in front of you!? You've bought into his 'change' shtick too! Ric Flair's 'change' has simply seen him go from Hitler to Stalin! There is no improvement... he's just the same ole' Dick Flair!" Flair, now laughing slightly, wants to know if Douglas is down yet, but this only angers him more. "No, I'm not done yet! You've had your turn for over FIFTEEN YEARS, RIC! NOW IT'S MY TURN! I JUST TOOK YOUR SPOTLIGHT! ... How's that for kharma, Ric?"

Flair goes back to confusion, while Douglas says that Ric Flair is no different from Eric Bischoff, Hollywood Hogan, or the New World Order as a whole - he holds the real talent down, "including myself back when I was making a real name for myself with your old rival, Ricky Steamboat! It's always been your M.O. Ric, to hold down the talent around you. Why do you people think Ric Flair had the Four Horsemen? It wasn't a lifestyle! It wasn't a family! It was Ric Flair's own personal security, a group of the best wrestlers working with Flair, not realizing that 'Naitch' was holdin' them all down! There's a reason Arn Anderson never won a World Title, or why real stars like Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko played second fiddle to Ric Flair for years... and I'm looking at that pathetic reason right now." Douglas takes a deep breath, with Bobby Heenan saying that everything The Franchise just said has been building up in him for almost a decade. Having apparently said his piece, Douglas steps back, giving Flair the chance to post a rebuttal. Okerlund is thirsting for it, asking Flair what he has to say.

"Ya' know somethin', Mean Gene," Flair begins with. "I just stood here and listened to all the whining, all the moaning, and all the complaining for the past ten minutes, and frankly... I ain't too impressed. Shane Douglas, I look at you, and all I see... is a big fish from a small pond. You made a name for yourself, Shane, don't kid yourself... but it wasn't in WCW. 'Cause you, you found out that when the big fish came to the gigantic ocean... Shane Douglas couldn't hack it! You can't hack it now, and you couldn't hack it ten years ago! Haha hah, and the thing that just eats you up... is your jealousy. You ENVY... Ric Flair! You're jealous... of the Nature Boy. Because while you were struggling in obscurity, Ric Flair was a headliner! An icon! The king of professional wrestling, of the sport you LOVE!" Flair gets himself on a roll, saying that while Shane Douglas has come in and lost to your Hugh Morrus' and Brian Knobs', "I've been winnin' - count 'em! - FOURTEEN World Heavyweight Championships! AND NOW, now you've come back here one last time to try and prove that Shane Douglas is a somebody... but I got news for you - YOU'RE NOTHIN' PAL! You couldn't make the grade ten years ago, and ya' can't now! That's why you're clingin' on to Benoit and Malenko! I made them stars! And you, you wanna ride along their coattails to glory, BECAUSE SHANE DOUGLAS... can't make it on his own!" Flair says that Douglas wanted to be the Nature Boy as he tried to work his way through WCW a decade ago, "but jack, there were just some things.. that you didn't have! You didn't have the attitude... you didn't have the personality... you didn't have the drive or the hunger! ...And most of all, you didn't have the heart and talent to be... a Ric Flair!"

Flair's now red in the face from his rebuttal, and Douglas has lost a lot of the confident poise he once had. He has to respond with something though, so he meekly says that Flair's time in WCW has come and gone. It gets his confidence flowing again, as Douglas says, "You haven't been relevant in this sport for years now! The Nature Boy is no 'king' of professional wrestling! You've spent the last five years living in the shadow of Hulk Hogan, of Randy Savage! The only thing that has kept Ric Flair a name in wrestling, is the fact that Eric Bischoff hated your guts and did what was the right thing to do - fire your ASS!" Douglas again tries to talk about Bischoff and Flair's rivalry over the past few years, but Flair cuts him off, now screaming and yelling. "I DON'T THINK SO! NOT SO FAST, PAL! You wanna stand here and keep flappin' your gums, well I.. HAVE HAD.. IT! This ain't Bischoff's company anymore! I spent years working MY ASS OFF with lawyers, PUTTING MYSELF AND MY FAMILY INTO DEBT... to get back to WCW! I almost jeopardized my whole life to be allowed to be a part of this place! 'CAUSE THAT'S WHO I AM! THIS IS WHAT I DO! RIC FLAIR IS - WOO! - DUBYA-SEE-WOO!-DUBYA~!" Flair has to stop, partially because he is out of breath from yelling, but also because the line gets a huge ovation from the crowd. "Now that that SON OF A BITCH... is gone, Ric Flair is back, and Ric Flair is free! I don't hafta go to lawyers and spend millions to be a part of the company I helped build... I'm simply here. And you can stand here and call me 'cancer' all you want, BUT I AIN'T LEAVIN'! NOBODY... is kickin' Ric Flair outta Dubya-See-Dubya! You ain't 'eliminatin' this cancer' pal! I may be barely able to walk right now after last week, but if you wanna stand here and threaten my place in this company, MY LIVELIHOOD... then I'll kick your ass right here, right now!"

Flair slams down the microphone and removes his suit jacket, ready for a fight. Douglas rolls up his sleeves, ready for a fight, but into the ring comes Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko! Malenko, a man with great ties to Flair and Anderson, steps in front of Douglas, trying to reason with him not to do this, and the camera picks Malenko up saying, "this wasn't part of the plan, Shane!" Anderson is doing the same thing with Flair, but Naitch is fired up now, and tries to go past Arn to attack Douglas. Perry Saturn dives into the ring and tries to help separate the two, and Doug Dillinger and his team of security arrive. Their arrival is a moment too late though because Saturnn, Malenko, and Anderson try to hold the two men apart, Douglas catches Flair with a sucker punch! Irate, the Nature Boy tries even harder to get at Douglas, but Dillinger and his men are now fully in the middle of the two combatants, making sure no more fists fly tonight. Douglas, apparently having regathered his control, grins as Flair is practically restrained by security, and exits the ring, laughing. Malenko and Saturn, confused as can be, walk behind Douglas, Malenko constantly looking over his shoulder to see what is going on with his former friends, Flair and Anderson. As the show cuts to a commercial break, Tony Schiavone wants to know - "I distinctly heard Malenko say, 'this wasn't part of the plan.' What plan!? What does The Revolution have in store, and how was Ric Flair supposed to fit into it!? Or wasn't he even supposed to be involved!? What is going on with Shane Douglas!? [87%]

We were promised this match on Thunder as well, but alas, Mother Nature was on her period. Coming out to the Filthy Animals music (despite being billed separately), Eddy and Chavo Guerrero come out to face the British Gentry. They get a decent amount of time to put on a great match, Regal carrying the work load for his team, putting on some excellent series of technical wizardry with both Eddy and Chavo. The Guerrero's are doing a good job of working together and seem to be cruising through this match, but a dropkick from Regal to Eddy Guerrero turns the match on its head. It's seemingly innocuous, but the low dropkick sends Eddy tumbling through the ropes to the outside, where he lands awkwardly on his ankle. Referee Charles Robinson throws up the X, and officials and EMTs come down to help Guerrero to the back. The match continues, but Chavo quickly falls to the numbers as David Taylor kicks Guerrero as he runs off the ropes. The British Gentry work Chavo over, stretching the third-generation star like a rag doll. Taylor uses a trusty abdominal stretch, while Regal's STF has Chavo on the verge of tapping before he grasps the middle rope to cause a break. It's a valiant effort from Chavito, but it is too much for him to take on on his own. David Taylor goes to finish the match off with a running powerbomb out of the corner, but Chavo reverses with a hurricanrana! Chavito, against all odds, then starts taking it to the Brits, even as the match breaks down to a tornado-style handicap. Dropkicks and tilt-a-whirl head scissors do the trick, and Chavo spikes Regal with a tornado DDT. Chavo heads up top to finish it off with a Frog Splash, but is denied the clean win he deserves when 'Fucking' Sid shows up to shove him off the top turnbuckle! Sid enters the ring, the crowd already jeering his arrival, and Chokeslams Chavo! Powerbomb to David Taylor! Powerbomb to Chavo! Sid makes covers on all three then, and Lil Naitch of course gladly makes all the pins. Oh yay, there's magically a sign to let us know Sid is now an 'impressive' 87-0. Thankfully, however, we are not treated to any Sid promos tonight. He simply paces around the ring, yelling incoherently while we get more shots of the 87-0 sign. Despite not holding a mic, Sid is sure to look into the camera in the corner always used for promos and reminds that Sid is, "The Master.... AND RULER... of the World! Eighty-SEVEN... and Oh." Sid then laughs maniacally as the show cuts to the back. [76%]

Ain't What It Used To Be
The Nature Boy is backstage, still with his best friend in Arn Anderson. While Double A is doing his best to try and calm Flair, it clearly is not working. Red in the face, his tie loosened, Flair paces around his room saying he is not going to stand for Shane Douglas and his bull crap. However, Naitch is in crazy mode, and yells "bull crap" repeatedly. "Arn, last week I got Luger! It may not be tonight, it may not be next week - I don't know! But I'm gonna get me Douglas, and I'm gonna slap him right across his overrated fat face!" Arn again has to calm his friend down, and points out something to his friend. "You gotta slow down, Ric," Arn says. "You've only been back one week, and you're makin' a whole lotta enemies. You gotta understand somethin' here - the game has changed. This ain't 1989 anymore... we're in 1999, three months shy of a whole new millennium. Ric Flair ain't what he used to be, Arn Anderson ain't what he used to be. We don't have the Four Horsemen anymore. You don't have the Enforcer anymore; try as I might be, I simply cannot be that guy ever again. Maybe ya' gotta take a look 'round and see, Ric... we ain't the cream of the crop anymore. You gotta figure something out. Diamonds are forever... but is the Nature Boy?" Arn's words clearly sting Naitch, and Flair takes several pauses before answering. Flair's response practically avoids the question, saying he doesn't care if he's all alone, he's going to teach Douglas a lesson, and then Sting and Luger too. Flair finishes by saying, "Arn, you need to remember one thing - I'm Ric Flair! I'm still the dirtiest player in the game, and I've been at the top of this sport for decades. 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009! The Naitcha Boy is THE MAN... and I can still take on anyone and everyone, at any time!" The look in Flair's eyes tell a different story though, and Heenan points that out by commenting who Flair was talking too - Anderson or himself. [97%]

SOMEBODY CALL HIS MOMMA! Ernest 'The Cat' Miller comes dancing down the aisle with Sonny Onoo for a match against Prince Iaukea. The bare-footed prince tries his best to keep up with The Cat, and actually catches him by surprise with a springboard missile dropkick early on, but The Cat dominates soon after, catching the Prince in the jaw with a hook kick as Iaukea springboards off the third rope again. From there, Miller makes easy work of his opponent, but is sure to goad and taunt the crowd throughout. In the end, just to make sure he is hated even more by Cincinnati, Miller has Onoo distract Johnny Boone so the official cannot see Miller put on his red ruby slipper and clock him with the Feliner! That's all she wrote for the Prince, and The Cat picks up the victory. Miller starts to do his James Brown dance after the match, to his own theme music of course, but ten seconds in, his music cuts and Norman Smiley appears on the entrance platform. Smiley stares down The Cat, and then starts doing the Big Wiggle! The crowd, for some reason, pops big for the dance, and The Cat is furious in the ring as a grinning Norman Smiley continues his Smack My Bitch Up dance! [66%]

Thunder Matters
The camera goes backstage to the Filthy Animals locker room where Eddy Guerrero has his ankle wrapped up, but he gets up and walks on it, albeit gingerly, as Chavo Guerrero Jr. walks into the room. Chavo looks groggy and dazed after the beat down from Sid, and Konnan helps him onto the couch. "I'm so sorry, vato," Eddy says to his nephew. "I didn't want ta' have to come back here in the middle of our match!" Eddy, still furious about his injury and what all transpired, punches a locker in anger. Chavito, however, is not angry at all. "Look Eddy, you're my familia! I don't hold any grudges over what happened tonight. Your health matters to me - especially after the car accident! Your ankle, you being taken care of, is more important than a match. What happened, happened. If you were there... it may have just been one more person to fall to Sid. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. No one's been able to take a stand to him..." After the other Animals apologize to Chavo as well for not helping out, Eddy says he will not let what happened to Chavo tonight be in vain. "Look here Chavito: you say no one's been able to take a stand to Sid... well nephew, I'm going to! This Thursday on Thunder, I'm gonna challenge Sid to a match and show him that when you mess with one Guerrero, you mess with ALL OF US!" Eddy then ruffles Chavo's hair and the two embrace as the segment ends. [75%]

We get the awesome, full-length entrance of Goldberg as the cameras start off in the back, and Da Man walks through the hallways before coming out through the sparklers and fireworks. His opponent, the arrogant Scotty Riggs, no longer looks cocky and confident as Goldberg enters the ring. Riggs tries to attack Goldberg from behind, which only ends with his offense being no-sold. From there, it's big right hands, a hook kick, military press drop, and then the usual. Spear. Jackhammer. Splat. Goldberg wins. However, the action is in the post-match. As soon as the bell rings, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Kanyon dive into the ring and club Goldberg in the back of the head from behind! The two members of the Triad club away at Goldberg, beating him into the corner. Kanyon tries to whip Berg across the ring and into the corner, but he reverses it. Bigelow tries to attack Goldberg, but Da Man over powers the big man, and whips him straight into Kanyon, squashing him! Kanyon flops to his butt, and Bam Bam staggers out into a Spear! Goldberg does his signature pre-Jackhammer taunt... WHACK~! Steel chair shot to Goldberg's head! It's DDP! Da Man only staggers, but Diamond Dallas Page bends the chair over his skull two more times, before a fourth and final shot drops Goldberg! The Triad pull Goldberg up to his feet, and Page hits him with the Cutter! Bam Bam to the top... FLYING SPLASH! Tony Schiavone, get your aneurysm ready, because Goldberg has just been the victim of an ambush... and he is down! If having all of that 300-plus pound weight crashing down on Goldberg wasn't enough, DDP is sure to give Goldberg a few more kicks to the face before The Triad make their exit from the ring, Page gleefully jawing into the camera on the exit. As The Triad do exit the ringside area, we return to a shot of Goldberg, still down... but not out, as he slowly starts stirring to his hands and knees. The Brain astutely points out that, "Diamond Dallas Page better start running, Tony, because I think he just poked the hornet's nest!" [70%]

Achieving The Boyhood Dream
He may not be in the ring, but 'Mean' Gene Okerlund graces the television screen for the final time tonight as he is, "standing backstage with a man who is incredibly worthy of the match he is about to be in. He is a man who lives and breathes this sport, and a man who has earned the right to have the chance to be called, Heavyweight Champion of the World. He is, of course, 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit!" A fade out shows the challenger is already standing next to Mean Gene, and Benoit talks up how big of an opportunity tonight is for him. "Tonight is the moment I have been dreaming of for over fifteen years. I have wrestled all across the world, from America, to Japan, to my home of Canada. I have put my body on the line, broken bones and concussions... all for tonight. I want to be the best! I strive to be the best. I NEED to be the best! And Mean Gene, after tonight... Chris Benoit WILL BE CALLED... the best!" Okerlund wishes Benoit the best, but asks about the confrontation between Ric Flair and Shane Douglas, but Benoit brushes it off. "Look Gene, I am not here to talk about that. I have spent all night on my own and away from everyone and everything, including The Revolution and TV monitors. I don't know what happened between Shane and Flair, and right now, I can't know. My sole focus is on Sting, and becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. The Revolution, Flair... that has to wait until Thunder." Before Benoit can say any more, Bret Hart walks into the shot. The Hitman shakes the hand of his friend, and wishes him luck tonight. "Tonight is about you, Chris. You have earned this moment, this night... don't let anyone or anything take tonight away from you. And if anyone tries... I'll be right there to stop it." Benoit nods his head in respect, Hart walks away, and Okerlund wraps up the interview by wishing Benoit the best of luck in the title match. [81%]

Goldberg, ANGRY~!
There is some chaos backstage as heavy wooden crates and various objects are sent flying across a hallway by someone. Who is the culprit? It's Goldberg, and he's incredibly angry. Doug Dillinger and his crew of security are on the scene, simply trying to contain Goldberg and his rage. He's like an animal really, or a behaviorally-troubled 12 year old with Asberger's, yelling and throwing the heavy objects with rage. A security guard gets too close to Da Man, and Goldberg grabs him and slams him into the wall. He gets right into the terrified guard's face, pinning him to the wall with his forearm to the guard's chest. "You're not who I want," he growls. "I want PAGE!" Goldberg then tosses the security guard down before yelling at Dillinger and co. to "Back off!" Goldberg then walks away, the guards moving out of the way for the intimidating figure to walk past them. "Whoa now! If I were Diamond Dallas Page, I'd be getting ready to call and book a flight out of Ohio, pronto!" - Tony Schiavone. The Brain has better - "Getting ready to call? He should've called fifteen minutes ago!" I think the point is clear - Goldberg is pissed, and he wants Page.

Nitro may be two hours now, but we still get fireworks and Michael Buffer performing the introductions for our main event, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match! 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit is out first, by himself, and is followed by the champion Sting and his best friend, Lex Luger (who has the controversial black baseball bat that has made so many waves lately). However, before the match can begin, we get more hulabaloo at ringside as Bret 'The Hitman' Hart comes out as well, clearly counteract the presence Luger. When the match finally begins, the two grapplers tie-up, and Sting reminds us of his technical ability when he goes toe-to-toe with Benoit in the early goings. Despite the champ staying even with the chain wrestling, The Crippler eventually takes Sting down, finishing the rather crisp series of chain wrestling the victor. A hard hitting brawl ensues, both men using a great mix of right hands, forearms, and knife edge chops, and the crowd really gets into the fight, with the eventual result being Benoit lighting Sting up with a spree of chops and then a bridging tiger suplex for two. The Rabid Wolverine takes the action to the outside then, whipping Sting into the side of the ring and the guardrails. Showing just how much this match means to him, Benoit pulls out all the stops early on as he then jumps off the apron and takes Sting down on the outside with a swinging hurricanrana! Luger tries to insert his presence to distract Benoit then, but Bret Hart prevents it, making sure his friend's focus stays wholly on the match. It matters naught in the end as Sting soon turns the tides when the match gets back into the ring.

The Stinger then spends time working over Benoit's back, taking a slow, methodical approach, showing no emotion when Benoit kicks out of a pin, doesn't tap out to a submission, or shows resiliency. When Sting tries to hit the Stinger Splash in the corner, however, Benoit evades it, and Sting crashes into the turnbuckles. Before he can even have time to recuperate, Benoit strikes, dropping Stinger onto his head with a German suplex. Both men get back to their feet by seven, and they begin again with brawling. The Stinger's crisp right hands give him the edge, and he shows why he is the champion as again he starts to work on Benoit's back, taking him down with a back breaker and applying a surfboard stretch. The action becomes more open as Benoit fights back quickly, and goes for the submission style as well as he, at one point, is able to apply a beautiful Indian deathlock. The two men continue to fight back and forth, with Tony Schiavone amazed at both Sting's lack of emotion (why, I don't know - he's Crow Sting, Tony!) and Benoit's tenacity and resilience. Benoit almost scores the win with two rolling German suplexes before hitting a bridging one, and then almost gets it through an inverted STF submission. Benoit really solidifies his momentum with a belly-to-back suplex and northern lights combo, but the Stinger reverses that momentum when he reverses an Irish whip to the corner, and hits a Stinger Splash! Two more follow, and a running one-handed bulldog that earns two. All of a sudden it is all Sting, and he picks Benoit up, and hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Cover! One! Two! Three- Shoulder Up! That brings the Ohio crowd to life, and Hart pounds on the canvas to try and get Benoit back into the match. Sting, emotionless, gets up and immediately tries to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock, but meets resistance as he tries to turn Benoit over. Sting makes a mistake as he throws his arm into the mix to try and help turn Benoit over, and the Crippler snags the arm, awkwardly taking the Stinger down and locking in the Crippler Crossface! "Well now there's some emotion from Sting - pain!" - Bobby Heenan. Atta boy, Brain. Benoit arches back the submission, but it is short lived as the Champion desperately clutches onto the middle rope after a few moments. Both men slowly get back up to their feet and slowly trade blows, with Benoit's side elbow strikes and knife edge chops getting him the advantage. Benoit works over Sting in the corner with the chops and tries to whip Sting out of it, but Sting reverses it, keeps a hold of Benoit's arm, and goes for another Death Drop! No! Benoit back flips over Sting to land behind him, lifts him up, and hits a sit-out wheelbarrow facebuster! Of course in the span of it all, the referee takes a bump and falls to the canvas (it happened as Sting reversed the whip). Benoit slowly climbs to the top rope after sliding his thumb across his throat... SWANDIVE HEADBUTT! Benoit sells it like only he does, and covers. ONE! TWO! THREE! We have a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Or well, we would, if the ref wasn't still out. The crowd, who counted to three, can only boo as Benoit slowly pulls himself up to his feet, furious at his luck, or lack thereof. Benoit can't be discouraged, and slides his thumb across his throat again, and applies the Crippler Crossface! That gets the crowd cheering again, and Benoit looks like he's going to rip Sting apart with how hard he's pulling on the hold, and Sting is left to yell in agony. The champion, so emotionless, so cold, looks on the verge of tapping out - WHACK~! Lex Luger enters the ring and drills the bat over the skull of Benoit! The hold breaks as Benoit goes limp, but before Luger can inflict any more damage, he is hit with a right hand! Now Bret Hart is in the ring, and he knocks Luger silly before sending him through the ropes. The Hitman joins him on the outside as their brawl continues there. In the ring, Nick Patrick slowly shakes the cobwebs out, just as Sting turns Benoit over, and drapes his arm over Benoit's chest... One! ...Two! ...Three! Sting steals the victory thanks to his best friend and retains the title! As trash starts to be thrown into the ring in disgust of yet another screwjob finish in a WCW main event, a very groggy Sting pulls himself up to his feet, observing his surroundings, which features a KO'ed Benoit in the ring and Hart and Luger still fighting on the outside. Sting watches on as Bret Hart knocks Luger around on the outside, and the Total Package eventually rolls into the ring to try and flee the angry Canadian. Hart pursues, and strikes Luger with more right hands, knocking him down... only for the lunging Sting to hit Hart with a clothesline! Sting immediately lays the boots to Hart, who pulls himself up to his feet through the kicking, but the World Champion grabs Hart, and hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting helps Luger to his feet, and the evil alliance make sure the Canadians stay down with more stomps, the crowd continuing to litter the ring with trash. Tony Schiavone is helpless on commentary, disgusted that no one is able to put a stop to Lex Luger and the new-evil Sting....

HE'S AMERICAN MADE~! Those words and the ensuing theme music that follows puts a halt to the antics of Sting and Lex Luger. "He's here~! I was told at the start of the broadcast by my sources that he would be in Ohio tonight, and here he is! HULK HOGAN IS HERE! And he's heading straight for the men who screwed him over at Fall Bawl!" Wagging his finger, the man in yellow marches out from the back, down the ramp and entrance aisle, and straight into the ring. Luger attacks right away with a double sledge, but Hogan isn't phased in the slightest, hitting Luger with some big right hands before a clothesline drops him. Sting tries the sneak attack, and he's got the baseball bat! CRACK~! No! Hogan catches the bat as Sting tries to hit him with it! There's a great stare down between the two, the crowd's energy making the moment more spectacular... and Hogan hits a right hand! The Hulkster is here, he is pissed, and he is kicking ass! Luger and Sting both eat big right hands, and Hogan then grabs Luger by the head, and throws him over the top rope! More right hands from Hogan to Sting, and the American Icon whips Sting off the ropes - he's going for the Big Boot! But Sting grabs onto the ropes, and exits the ring! Sting and Luger back up the entrance aisle towards the WCW logo and entrance stage, and Hogan helps Benoit and Hart to their feet. Heenan still can't believe that the American Hero just came to the rescue of two Canuckers, but Schiavone says it isn't about that, but Hogan seeking revenge on the people who double-crossed him. The Canadians stand tall with Hogan in the ring, all three men staring down Luger and Sting, words exchanged between Luger and the three (Sting remains silent, of course). As Nitro comes to its conclusion, Schiavone says, "the war is only just beginning in WCW!" [85%]

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: When An Empire Falls

WCW Thunder
Norfolk, Virginia
September 23, 1999

Thunder is finally here, and actually live from The Scope in Virginia, yes, the same place where DX once invaded Nitro. That won't be an issue tonight, but the big issue will be tonight's main event when Eddy Guerrero challenges the undefeated streak of Sid Vicious! Vicious took out Eddy's nephew, Chavo, on Monday Nitro, and the head of the Guerrero Family (at least in WCW) is here to regain his family's honor. 'The Professor' Mike Tenay and 'Living Legend' Larry Zbyszko are the men calling the shots for the broadcast, and along with the main event, Zbyszko says he cannot wait to see The Revolution in the ring after the "ground-breaking" altercation between Shane Douglas and 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair on Nitro. Douglas will team with Benoit against the Windham Brothers, according to The Professor, and also on the show is Revolutionary Perry Saturn taking on Lex Luger after Luger cost Chris Benoit the WCW World Heavyweight Title on Nitro, and a Television Title match as 'The Dog Faced Gremlin' Rick Steiner takes on the pride of America, Jim Duggan!

A Filthy Beginning
He works hard for his money! 'Mean' Gene Okerlund is standing in the ring to kick off the sustenance of the show, and the people coming to join him are in for a busy night - "three of these men will be in action tonight, and one is fresh off of a return to World Championship Wrestling. They are friends 24/7. They are... the Filthy Animals!" With K-Dawg rapping the theme, the newly-formed group comes out to the ring like a cohesive unit. Chavo Guerrero, despite having ties with the group lately, is not a part of the party. Konnan, the only one not wrestling tonight, is dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt while the other three are in their usual wrestling attire. Mysterio really needs to go back to tights - he's wearing the stupid coveralls still, and a beanie. He looks 12. Mean Gene forgoes asking about the little child with the group, and instead wants to know how the Animals view tonight going. Konnan starts it off by going through all of his standard catchphrases, with the crowd responding with an, "Orale!" of their own, as well as "Arriba La Raza!" They don't know what it means, but they chant along. K-Dawg does all the hyping to get the crowd pumped up, so that when Mysterio starts to talk, they can still stay interested. Rey-Rey says that tonight's a big night for the Animals, and that it starts with him and Kidman. "We got the First Family tonight, Mean Gene," Mysterio says. "But 'dey ain't real familia! Jimmy Hart's lackeys don't have heart, or soul, or the feeling of true brotherhood. The Filthy Animals... we are familia!" Kidman chimes in that Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobs may be big, but it's "us little guys you gotta worry about." Kidman says that he and Rey are one of the best tag teams in WCW, and that, "First Family may want to try and get those Tag Belts off of Harlem Heat, but boys, I'm tellin' you now, if you want a chance at the gold, you gotta go through us first!" Okerlund transition the interview to Guerrero, asking him how he is going to stop Sid and his undefeated streak tonight. While Konnan was jovial and the tag team congruent, Eddy is the other end - he's very serious. "Tonight is about lessons, Gene," he begins by saying. "Sid, he needs to be taught a lesson or two. Like number one, vato, you don't mess wit' a Guerrero! And number two, if you do, you mess wit' da' whole familia!" Eddy says that Sid's "delusional" undefeated streak is ending tonight, and the Filthy Animals are not a family to be messed with. And if we needed any more reason to not like Konnan, the lazy and overweight member of the stable then takes the mic and says that, "and next week on Thunda', yo yo yo, yours truly, the K-Dawg himself, is gonna be makin' his return to da' ring! Yeah essa!" Konnan does some chest slaps and speaks more Spanish to Okerlund and the crowd. While Eddy leaves the ring to get ready for his match tonight with Sid, Konnan stays at ringside for Kidman and Mysterio's opener. [80%]

FILTHY ANIMALS (w/Konnan) versus THE FIRST FAMILY (w/Jimmy Hart)
The two opposing sides share dominance in the early minutes of this opening match, Kidman and Mysterio trying to out-move the slower, bigger brawlers, while Hugh Morrus and Brians Knobs simply try to bash their brains in. It's an ugly contrast, especially since Knobs can't really sell any of the good cruiserweight-style moves. Morrus takes a hurricanrana from Kidman like a champion at least, to help keep the young guns ahead early. The First Family start to control the tempo of the match then when Knobs catches a flying Mysterio, reversing the springboard cross body attempt with a falling powerslam. The First Family make frequent tags and do a number on Rey-Rey, with Jimmy Hart obnoxiously yelling into his megaphone throughout the beat down. Mike Tenay tries to sell up the team of Morrus and Knobs, citing their Fall Brawl win over The Revolution and Monday's attack on Harlem Heat. While Knobs doesn't make the team look any more dominant, he can be accredited a talking point when he rolls back the clock and takes Rey to Pitty City at one point. Despite eating odor, Mysterio fights his back into contention, flipping out of a vertical suplex attempt, pulling Morrus down with a sit-out reverse facebuster (sit-out back buster? Sit-out rear mat slam?) to give the little guy time to make the hot tag to Kidman. The greasy-haired boy from PA comes in dropping Knobs with dropkicks and a swinging DDT, and then he spars with Morrus as well. The match quickly becomes tornado-style with all four men in the ring, and Mysterio gets payback when he gives Brian Knobs an equally embarrassing Bronco Buster! The Animals quickly show their prowess and have full control of the match, but Jimmy Hart intervenes, sliding the megaphone into the ring while getting onto the apron and distracting Scott Dickenson. Knobs retrieves the weapon, and hits Mysterio over the back of the head with it and looks to do the same to Kidman, but it's snatched out of his hands... by Konnan! The Animal entered the ring, took it away, kicks Knobs in the gut, and hits the K-Factor! Konnan exits the ring as Hart's words and protests are now ignored by the referee. From there, Kidman throws Morrus out of the ring, heads up top, and hits the Shooting Star Press for the victory! K-Dawg enters the ring and celebrates with his hombres after the match, while Jimmy Hart is left to yell in anger at the result. Not one to let his evening be spoiled, however, Hart gets the megaphone from the side of the ring and yells for reinforcements. They come in the form of Jerry Flynn and The Barbarian. The two men enter the ring and attack the three Animals, with Knobs and then Morrus quickly joining in for the numerical advantage. Try as they might, the Animals cannot compete with those numbers, and start to fall to the punch-kick attack. Here comes the help though! Booker T and Stevie Ray sprint down the aisle, dive into the ring, and start cleaning house on the First Family, avenging their assault from Nitro. With it now a 5-on-4 in favor of the faces, Heat and the Animals quickly chase the Family out of the ring, the exclamation point coming via a Harlem Sidekick to Morrus that flips him over the top rope and to the outside. As an angry Hart leads his camp up the aisle, the two face teams show their respect for another in the way of high fives and manhugs. [79%]

WHO BETTA THAN KANYON!? The crowd thinks everybody, but the man from New Jersey is out to prove he is at least better than the unofficial Chairman of WCW. Despite dancing with the chair from La Parka to entertain the crowd, Chris Kanyon is in control throughout most of the match, easily working over the lovable Luchadore. If it wasn't enough that Kanyon controls the match, he is obnoxious throughout it, taunting the crowd in his arrogant and flamboyant demeanor. He also is argumentative with referee Mickey Jay, making the crowd even more hostile towards DDP's lackey. However, La Parka works his way back into the match, reversing an Irish whip and planting Kanyon with a big spinebuster. Once La Parka gets into a rhythm then, the fun-loving antics return as he dances all about the ring. The highlight is when Parka puts Kanyon in an arm wrench, dances along the top rope like it's a groovy tight rope, jumps off, and hits a hurricanrana! It almost gets the win right there, as does a split-legged moonsault. In the end, with La Parka fully in control, Kanyon reverses an Irish whip with a short-arm whip, and hits the Flatliner! Kanyon covers, and gets the victory! The Jersey boy celebrates his victory after the match, continuing to be very over the top as he shouts into the camera "NOBODY'S BETTA THAN KANYON!" Ain't it the truth, Kanyon. [71%]

Revolution In Doubt
'Mean' Gene Okerlund is back in the ring and ready to introduce a group, he says, that is a subject of much of the talk backstage in the locker rooms after Monday Nitro, The Revolution. The foursome come out together, and while they look united in their similar attire, it's apparent that everyone isn't on the same page, as icy glares are exchanged between the foursome. Douglas, of course, is greeted with a lot of boos after his encounter with Ric Flair on Nitro, while the others are cheered. Okerlund starts the in-ring interview off by trying to ask Benoit about his failed title challenge in the main event, but Douglas cuts him off to do the usual, "Norfolk, Virginia, are you ready... for a revolution!?" Douglas is booed, again. Shocker. Benoit, looking irritated as can be, bitterly talks about coming up short in his match against Sting on Nitro. "I gave it everything I had, Gene, and sadly, my best was not good enough." While Okerlund points out that Sting would not have defeated him if not for the assistance of Lex Luger, Benoit remains steadfast. "Winners, Gene, they win. And on Monday Nitro, I... did not win." Despite a pause filled with yearning for what could have been, Benoit begins to look much more motivated. "I'll tell you now though, Gene, losing on Monday... it has only made me hungrier. I got that much closer to becoming a World Heavyweight Champion, and I now know that if I can get Sting one-on-one, I can become the champion I've always dreamed of becoming." Benoit makes further assurances that he has the tools and talents to become a World Champion, and that he will also get revenge on Lex Luger this Monday on Nitro in a match against him. Perry Saturn chimes in, saying that before Benoit can get his hands on Luger, Saturn will. "No one's gonna come in and screw a Revolutionary out of the World Title! If Lex Luger wants to stick his nose into The Revolution's business... then he can meet me, in the ring, tonight!" Okerlund hypes the challenge for Thunder, but then moves on to a topic everyone has probably wanted to talk about. "Now Perry Saturn, you talk about Lex Luger sticking his nose into The Revolution's business, and it is ironic you say that because one of your Revolutionaries got involved with 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, a man having problems of his own with Lex Luger and Sting, on Monday Nitro. I am of course talking about you, Shane Douglas. What do you have to say for yourself after what transpired the other night?"

Douglas admits that he has received a lot of flak from people for his actions on Monday. "Does that mean I regret what I did, though? Well let me answer with this, Okerlund: I don't regret a *damn* word I said!" It gets the crowd against Douglas, and he goes back through a lot of what he said on Nitro, calling Ric Flair a cancer and elaborating on his hatred for the man he has a legitimate rivalry with. Douglas talks about the plan The Revolution had when they came together - "and that plan was to rid World Championship Wrestling of all of its fatal cancer crippling the company, so the four of us could take our rightful spots at the top of this industry." Douglas looks to try and continue his spiel, but is interrupted as Chris Benoit steps in between Douglas and Okerlund, snatching the microphone out Okerlund's hands. He looks angry, and for good reason, I'm sure. "You keep talking about our 'plan', Shane," Benoit says. "But I look around at Perry and Dean, and we're all thinking the same thing. What did Ric Flair have to do with our plan? He's not one of the cancers we identified. This, this wasn't our 'plan' Shane... this is you, you and your hatred for a man... your desire to get even with someone you feel has wronged you in the past." Benoit stares Douglas down, and The Franchise looks absolutely stunned by Benoit's defiance towards Douglas and his 'plan.' "Are you listening to yourself, Chris?" Douglas asks. "Do you really hear the words coming out of your mouth? You stand hear and DEFEND Ric Flair? Are you out of your mind!?" Benoit says that Ric Flair is an icon of this sport, and a man that The Crippler still has a lot of respect for. This just sends Douglas over the end. "Respect!? What is there to respect about Dick Flair!? Oh, or have you all forgotten what this man has done?"

Okerlund, wanting to back the face, mentions the history of the Four Horsemen with Benoit and Dean Malenko, but Douglas has counter points. "Flair used the Horsemen as a way to hold those boys back! If they never got involved in the politics and the soap opera called Ric Flair's life, they would've already broke through the glass ceiling! All of us are paying for crimes committed by Ric Flair, crimes we were victims of. Flair spent how much of this year trying to end the careers and livelihoods of Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit? Do you remember the spring and summer, Chris? Do you remember Ric making your life a living hell? And you respect THAT? Or how about you, Perry? How fun was it for you having to wrestle in dresses under Flair's Presidency? I didn't see Flair stop you from getting screwed over and humiliated. No! He allowed it to happen! Day after day! And me! Ric Flair held me back for years! Because Ric Flair knew I had the talent and the potential... to be BETTER... than Ric Flair himself! And it drove the sick son of a bitch mad with jealousy!" His anger starts to get the best of him now, Douglas' face reddening as he speaks. There's an awkward silence before Benoit finally tells Douglas, "to let the past go. You keep holding a torch against Ric because of something that happened a decade ago. Flair's no cancer. He has changed, Shane. We have a mission, and we need to stick to it. Ric Flair is not part of it," Benoit finishes in a very stern voice, continuing his stance for Flair to be left out of whatever plan The Revolution. Douglas is at his end now, irate with disbelief and anger. "The problem here, to me, is that Chris Benoit is caught in his childhood. Call me bitter all you want, but you're too busy still being a MARK for Dick Flair." While it is smark terminology by Douglas, meaning not all of the fans get it, but it's obvious The Franchise meant it as an insult. Benoit, tired of Douglas' demeaning behaviors, gets into his face. Nose-to-nose, the two start jawing heavily with each other, but before it can come to anything, Malenko and Saturn separate the two. Okerlund reminds everyone that Douglas and Benoit are set to team up tonight against the Windham Brothers, emphasizing the lack of cohesion and the apparent tension in the group as Malenko is forced to walk Benoit up the aisle before Saturn can do the same with Douglas. The commentators have a field day with the segment, talking up the schism in the group that has been created, unintentionally of course, by Ric Flair. Mike Tenay has only one question - "With Benoit and Douglas at odds right now, what does the rest of tonight have in store for The Revolution!?" Zbyszko doesn't think they'll co-exist... only one way to find out! [79%]

Oh Darwin, this is going to be ugly. The two show their technical mastery from the opening when they go into a TIE-UP~! Needless to say, there is a lot of punch-kick-punch-punch offense in this contest, Steiner forcing Duggan to sell his strikes by stiffing him with his right hands and forearm strikes. With America on his side, Duggan fights back with big right hands of his own before dropping Steiner with a standing shoulderblock. With a thumb up, he and the crowd yell, "HOOOOOOO!" Duggan's offense is short-lived, thankfully, as he misses a three-point stance tackle, allowing the DFG to hit a nasty rotating belly-to-belly suplex. This subdues Duggan enough for Steiner to head to the second turnbuckle, and hit his leaping Steiner Bulldog for the win and successful title retention. As Steiner celebrates in the ring with his belt as Duggan recovers, the German contingent walks down the aisle. Berlyn, sporting his awesome trench coat and cane, stands outside the ring while he motions for his bodyguard to enter the ring. That The Wall does, and white dress-shirt and tie-wearing bodyguard starts laying the boots to Duggan as he tries to pull himself up to his feet. Steiner simply stands there watching it, making for an awkward scene. Help comes though as Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell runs down the aisle! Bagwell by-passes Berlyn as he dives into the ring, and starts duking it out with The Wall. For no apparent reason, Steiner attacks Bagwell from behind with a double sledge, getting in on the beating. Despite the odds, Bagwell overcomes both men, throwing Wall through the ropes and knocking Steiner over the top rope with a big clothesline, getting a huge ovation from the crowd. Bagwell helps Duggan up to his feet, with Tenay remarking that even though the two men are not going to be teaming up against the Germans, Bagwell is still showing his respect and admiration for Duggan. Zbyszko talks up Duggan's story, and the inspiration behind his comeback to wrestling after beating cancer. [64%]

Take Him Seriously
Thunder takes us to a pre-recorded promo featuring the creepy Sid Vicious sitting in a dark corner. However, the camera is close-up on his face, highlighting the fact that he's sweating profusely and shaking with rage. Get ready for whispering with random yells! "Eighty-seven... and oh," Sid begins. "...I am... the most unstoppable... force... known to wrestling. EVER! ...My mission is only halfway... complete. I WILL... have... the greatest undefeated record... in the history... of this sport. NO ONE WILL BEAT ME! NO ONE CAN STOP SID!" Through more whispering and yelling, Sid says again that he will leave behind a sea of bodies. "Broken bones... limbs... skulls will be... crushed. YOU NAME IT... and I... will do it." Sid then just screams, rage overpowering him. Now he's yelling. "BUT NO ONE'S TAKING SID SERIOUSLY! DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW... WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF!? BODIES BROKEN! LIVES RUINED! CAREERS ENDED! ...By who!? BY SID!" After a period of silence, Sid starts shaking, rocking from side to side like the unhinged man that he is. "People... need to start... taking Sid seriously... Tonight... you will... take Sid very... VERY... seriously. For I am... the MASTER... and Ruler... of the worrrrrld." Sid, growling, continues to rock from side to side as the promo ends. [69%]

His goal is to avenge Benoit's screwjob loss on Nitro, and Perry Saturn holds nothing back as he savagely hits Luger with hard rights and lefts. Equally adept to a brawl, Luger holds his own, and the two men spend most of the match going back and forth hitting each other senseless. It actually makes for a decent match too, as Saturn sells the shots well and Luger looks motivated to be back in the ring. Despite his tenacity, Saturn eventually falls victim to an extended beat down from Luger, the Total Package able to reverse a whip that sends Saturn into the turnbuckles. The Total Package follows up with a continued spree of hard rights, and the dreaded atomic drop. The match continues to be a lot of brawling, which suits Saturn, even while on the defensive. The Revolutionary absorbs the blows and works his way back into the fight when he catches a Luger right, trapping his arm to his side and flipping him over with an innovative suplex. It turns the tides for Saturn, and Luger works with him bumping for Saturn as he hits a few of his release and capture suplexes. Feeling the momentum, Saturn tries to hoist Luger up for his Death Valley Driver, but the muscular superstar blocks the attempt with a hard double sledge. An inverted atomic drop further stuns Saturn, and The Total Package shows just how strong those steroids are when he lifts Saturn up above his head before tossing him to the mat back first with a military press drop. With Saturn's back having taken a beating from that, Luger does his awesome pre-Rack taunt, lifts Saturn up, and applies the Human Torture Rack! Luger racks Saturn up and down, and despite the man who once had to wear a dress to wrestle lasting a lengthy amount of time. Ultimately, however, the Torture Rack is just too much and the valiant Saturn is forced to eventually tap out. "He gave it one heck of an effort! Perry Saturn lasted longer than most men normally would in the Torture Rack, but Lex Luger is back, and he is back to doing what he does best." - Mike Tenay. As Luger celebrates after the match, the camera suddenly cuts to the rafters high up in the arena... where Sting is silently watching the proceedings without any real expression on his face. [76%]

Reinventing a Bad Gimmick
The show goes to a pre-taped video package with 'Coach' Buzz Stern, aka the former bust called Glacier. Sporting his tight white short and near 1980s-length gym shorts, a white cap, shades, and whistle, the coach is back in the Power Plant, although a chalk board is in front of the ring. Much like when his first video aired a month ago, the chalk board his two rules on it. Rule 1 - The Coach makes the rules. Rule 2 - If in Doubt, see Rule 1. Wow, a total reboot of a character that already stunk. Stern says that he tried to pick a trainee to join his Winner's Club, but he was nothing more than a "puny, worthless, sissy boy." Stern now apparently has a new batch of trainees ready for him to "turn into men." Stern will only select one student to join him in World Championship Wrestling, "and the trial... begins now." Stern then blows his whistle, and the four students get into the ring to start running the ropes as the video ends. [62%]

The Revolutionaries are still clearly not on good terms after their bust-up earlier in the night as Douglas and Benoit argue over who will be starting the match. The miscue allows the cowboys to strike first as Kendall Windham attacks Douglas from behind. While the match goes back and forth for a while, the difference is in that The Windham's are able to work as a cohesive unit while The Revolution continue to argue throughout the match, especially when Douglas blind tags himself back into the match, just as Benoit was starting to build himself momentum. The Franchise, to coincide with the miscommunication, also is much more arrogant while wrestling, working a slow and cocky approach. He slaps around Barry Windham as the veteran pulls himself up to his feet after a swinging neck breaker. All that does is infuriate Windham, who fights his way back into the match with big right hands and then a DDT. It allows the Windham Brothers to isolate Douglas over with their slow, old-school, brawling approach. The cowboys hit a double flapjack at one point, illegally, and Benoit doesn't come in to break up the ensuing count, furthering the tension. The Franchise is able to handle himself alone though, blocking a bulldog attempt on Kendall and hitting an atomic drop instead. Tags are made, and the fresh and eager Crippler dodges Windham's big blows before dropping him with a high-angled belly-to-back suplex.

As per always in a WCW tag team match, everyone eventually ends up in the ring, although both Benoit and Douglas are handling their business. Bobby Duncam Jr. climbs on the apron to try and help his boys out - because WCW can't do clean matches - so Douglas clocks him with a right hand. However, that allows Kendall Windham to grab Douglas and whip him across the ring... right into Benoit! It of course causes an argument between the two, with Douglas eventually shoving Benoit, presumably because The Crippler didn't believe Douglas the contact was accidental. As Benoit staggers back from the shove, Barry Windham quickly rolls him up with a school boy, and Kendall tackles The Franchise to the ground. One! Two! Three! The Rednecks steal a win because of the miscommunication between The Revolution! Benoit kicks out a fraction too late, and he is left to argue with Douglas more after the match as the West Texas Rednecks celebrate the win on the outside. They make their exit while celebrating, as the focus is in the ring where Benoit and Douglas continue to argue about the match's end and all the disagreements throughout the match. Dean Malenko comes down into the ring to try and play peace maker, but not before Benoit shoves Douglas! The Franchise looks destined to swing at Benoit, but the camera catches Douglas saying, "now we're even." The Franchise then makes his exit on his own, leaving his friends behind. Benoit, still clearly heated about everything, gives Malenko an icy glare. The Ice Man then exits as well, walking out on his own, with Benoit left to do the same thing. Larry Zbyszko talks up the fact that The Revolution was supposed to be re-grouping and starting fresh on their mission, but ever since Shane Douglas confronted Ric Flair - a man with serious ties with Benoit and Malenko - things have quickly gone south in The Revolution camp. [66%]

The Greatest (Momma)
Ernest 'The Cat' Miller is backstage in front of a monitor with Sonny Onoo, watching the end of his match from Nitro. Onoo emphatically over-hypes the win, but The Cat is sour, and even more so when his post-win dance is cut off by Norman Smiley and his Big Wiggle Smack My Bitch Up Dance. Onoo boos and hisses, while The Cat is just simply furious. "Who does dat punk think he is, huh!? Don't he know who he be dealing with, Sonny? I'm Ernest Miller! The Cat, baby! And I AM... THE GREATEST~!" The Cat continues his rant on Norman Smiley, with Onoo soothing his client by saying he is a better wrestler and dancer than Smiley, with it taking a turn for the Lenny-and-Lodi when he says Miller's also a better lover than Smiley too. "Uh... say what!?" The Cat looks perplexed as hell, giving a ridiculously goofy face, while Onoo covers his tracks, rushing out a, "so I've heard, so I've heard!" There's another awkward moment of silence before Miller again says that he is the greatest, "and if Norman Smah-Lay wants ta' find out, then he can check himself into the Cat's Cradle and recognize! ...You feel that, Sonny? OWWWW! SOMEBODY BETTA CALL MAH MOMMA!" His groove and swag now back, Miller starts dancing again as the show cuts back to the ring. [76%]

After the fireworks and introductions, a very fired up Eddy Guerrero catches Sid by surprise with heavy blows, giving the "undefeated" Millennium Man a beating with lethal strikes throughout most of the early goings. It's apparent that this is more than just a match to Guerrero, and he works Sid all across the outside of the ring too, the highlight being when he shows his actual wrestling prowess by leaping off the apron and taking Sid down with a hurricanrana onto the outside. Despite Guerrero's tenacity and willingness to get revenge for Chavo, he is going up against an unstoppable monster in Sid Vicious. The Millennium Man catches Eddy coming off the ropes and hits a big rotating powerslam, allowing him to slow the pace and control the match. From there, Sid uses his size and power blows to work Eddy over, using a combo of strikes and slams to get near falls and leave him down. Guerrero takes his beating like a champion, and Sid tries to finish it off with a Powerbomb, but Eddy steals a page out of Kidman's book when he counters with a face buster. You don't powerbomb Kidman, and you don't powerbomb any Filthy Animal! It gets Eddy back in the match, along with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. With a yell and slap of his chest, Eddy hits a series of suplexes, including a belly-to-back and then a German combo, before applying an arm wrench and walking the top rope. Eddy jumps off and tries to hit a hurricanrana, but Sid catches him. After a struggle, Sid plants him to the canvas, and hits the Powerbomb! Cover, and Sid is now 88-0 in World Championship Wrestling because he defeats Guerrero. However, Sid made it clear tonight that people needed to take him seriously, so his post-match celebration is picking Guerrero up and whipping him into the turnbuckles. Sid looks to do more damage, but Chavo Guerrero dives into the ring! Chavito attacks Sid to cheers from the crowd, but despite stunning the big man, falls victim to a Big Boot after Sid reverses a whip. Sid then hoists Chavo off the canvas by the throat, looking to hit a Chokeslam... but takes a dropkick to the face! Eddy comes to the rescue of his nephew as Sid drops Chavo and staggers back into the ropes. Eddy gathers momentum, charges, and drops Sid with a clothesline that flips him up over the top rope and to the outside! That let's the fans go home happy as we get a nice family moment of the Guerreros celebrating in the ring together as an angry Sid backs up the aisle, yelling promises of retribution as Thunder comes to a close. [78%]

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: When An Empire Falls

WCW Monday Nitro
Atlanta, Georgia
September 27, 1999

WCW Monday Nitro is coming to us all live from the Phillips Arena in the home of World Championship Wrestling, Atlanta, Georgia. And Tony Schiavone is one excited man for tonight's show because one week after getting screwed out of the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World, 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit will seek revenge on his offender, 'The Total Package' Lex Luger. This of course leads into a plethora of talk about Luger and his alliance with Sting, and the new, silent, dark side of Sting that has come out over the past two weeks since he won said World Title at Fall Brawl. When the talk goes back to Benoit, it leads to last week's mega-confrontation between Benoit's former friend and Four Horsemen leader, Ric Flair, and Benoit's current friend and Revolution stablemate, Shane Douglas. Thunder actually gets hyped too, with the confrontation between Benoit and Douglas mentioned as well, along with their loss to the Windham Brothers because of Douglas actually shoving his own partner, Benoit. Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan sees an imploding situation about to occur in The Revolution, but there is one man that the humanoids are dying to see, he says, and that is...

The terribly awesome rift of "American Made" brings out the iconic Hulk Hogan, and it's pretty apparent he looks pissed off as he marches down the entrance aisle, looking straight ahead and not slapping hands with any of his cheering fans. Of course 'Mean' Gene Okerlund is in the ring to kick off Nitro, because WCW can't do promos in the ring without Mean Gene, apparently. Hogan (thankfully) is not dressed to wrestle, but he still has on a famed yellow Hulkamania t-shirt, as well as his bandana. After shilling up his interviewee, Okerlund points out that this is the first time Hogan is making himself available for interview since his World Heavyweight Title loss at Fall Brawl. "WELL YA' KNOW SOMETHIN' MEAN GENE," Hogan begins, his anger and rage already getting the best of him. "It's been two LONG WEEKS since Hulk Hogan's wanted to talk, brother! I've ignored my friends, I haven't been open with my family, and dude, I haven't even been talkin' to all my Hulkamaniacs, brother! And that's because of how bad... Hulk Hogan has felt betrayed by the man who hit me with a baseball bat at Fall Brawl... I'm talkin' about the Stinger!" Hogan, much like everyone in World Championship Wrestling, simply wants to know why Sting decided to double cross Hogan, the fans, and all of WCW when he hit Hogan with the baseball bat to win the World Title. "I get wantin' to win, brother," Hogan says. "But that wasn't the way to do it, man! I've been there, Sting! I've walked down that dark path for THREE LONG YEARS... and you don't want that evil, Sting! You don't want it, brother!" Okerlund, not wanting to have to hear a bad word about Hogan, shies away from Hogan's "dark path" with the nWo, and instead focuses on the future for Hogan. "You wanna know what the future holds for Hulk Hogan?" Hogan asks. "Well let me tell ya' somethin', Mean Gene! At Fall Brawl, I put my World Heavyweight Championship on the line against a friend. Well, that friend decided he'd rather shack up with the biggest slime ball - Lex Luger - in the history of professional wrestling, so now, Mean Gene, it's time for Hulk Hogan to start crackin' some skulls and get revenge!" Hogan talks up the fact that this past week he's been doing nothing but saying prayers, taking vitamins, and training, "and now, Mean Gene, Hulk Hogan is ready... to kick Sting's ASS!" Of course the crowd pops like crazy, and Hogan has one further step to take. "And it ain't stoppin' there, Mean Gene, no way brother! Stinger, you stabbed me in the back - you stole my title! Well brother, lemme make somethin' real clear to you: I'm comin' after you, AND I'm takin' back the WCW World Heavyweight Title, jack!" Hogan starts playing to the crowd, making sure they stay in a frenzy for him, but the Hogan-fest is interrupted by the appearance of Lex Luger.

The Total Package walks down the aisle with a cocky smirk on his face, and Hogan has to fight back the urge not to hit Luger when he enters the ring. Luger already has a microphone, and he has a rebuttal to Hogan. "Look... Hogan, you can keep talking the same spiel you've been preaching for over a decade now, but c'mon, man... who is buying this?" Luger looks very stoic as Hogan shakes his head in confusion. "You, Hulk Hogan, are a liar! You, Hulk Hogan, are a cheat! You, Hulk Hogan, are a disgrace! And you, Hulk Hogan, are a fake!" Okerlund, always the Hogan defender, wants to know what Luger is trying to play at. Luger, of course, has a response. "Gene Okerlund, you keep standing here and defending this big ball of sag, but you of all people know the kind of sycophantic, ego-maniacal piece of CRAP... that Hulk Hogan is. For three years, this guy wore the black and white of the New World Order. For three years, Hulk Hogan did not give a *damn* about anyone in this building, including you, Gene, myself, all of these fans... or Sting. In fact, Hogan, you MADE Sting... the man he is today. So Hulk, let me answer a question that you and pretty much everyone else in wrestling has been asking since Fall Brawl. 'Why, Sting, why?' My answer: WHY NOT!? Sting spent over a decade... BLEEDING World Championship Wrestling! And because of Hulk Hogan, at one point in time, everyone turned their back on the Franchise of WCW! Everyone betrayed Sting, including each and every one of the fans here tonight!" With the crowd taunting him, Luger explains that Sting simply got even with Hogan at Fall Brawl, and that Sting "did to you, Hulk Hogan, the same thing you would've done to him! Sting just beat you to the punch, baby!" While Hogan tries to claim he "never" would've stabbed Sting in the back, The Total Package continues to claim differently. "Hulk Hogan does not bleed red, white, and blue. Hulk Hogan does not believe in the red and yellow of Hulkamania. You only believe in the power of green - the power of money, and greed. If you had the chance at Fall Brawl, you would've taken that baseball bat... and you would've knocked Sting out! Because that's who you are, Hulk! It's who you always have been!"

Having his character and integrity questioned long enough, Hogan finally snaps. The icon gets into Luger's face, yelling, "Ya' know somethin', Luger! I've had it with your CRAP! I'm done standing here and talking to the puppet, the boy who needs to hang on the coattails of the big boys! You're only along for the ride to stay in the spotlight, Luger! So step off, JACK! I ain't here tonight to talk to Sting's stooge - I want the man himself! So Luger, here's what ya' need to do, brother! You need to shut your trap, go find Sting... or else Hulk Hogan is gonna kick your ASS!" Hogan even nudges Luger with his chest as he finishes his speech, knocking Luger back a bit. Luger, instead of looking challenged, intimidated, or even mad... just chuckles and smirks. "You want Sting, right Hogan? You want to hear from the man himself, right?" Hogan says that is exactly what he wants. Hogan says, "I need to hear from Sting, brother! Because the Sting I know and love... he wouldn't be doing this! He wouldn't have turned to the dark side!" Hogan tries to put it all back on Luger, implying that Sting has turned on the fans and Hogan because of Luger, which only makes The Total Package laugh even more. "I have done nothing to Sting, Hogan. All I've done is stand by the side of my best friend. Sting has seen the light, seen the truth." Hogan again doesn't believe it, but Luger has one last thing to say. "You don't have to believe a word I'm saying, Hogan. If you need to hear the truth... from the man himself... then all I have is one last thing to say, Hulk.... turn around." Hogan looks incredibly confused for a moment, but then slowly turns around... into a right hand from Sting! Sting came out from underneath the ring, entered the ring without Hogan or Okerlund noticing... and decks Hogan! Sting and Luger both start attacking Hogan with punches, but Hulkamania is running wild and fighting back! Hogan absorbs the punches and retaliates with big right hands of his own, knocking Luger and Sting backwards. Hogan then hits Luger with two right hands, winds up a third... but takes the black baseball bat to his stomach! Sting swings for the fences, crashing the bat into Hogan's gut! Hulk doubles over, and Sting, showing no emotion, as he tends to do now, twirls the baseball bat before smashing it across Hogan's back! Hogan starts to fall, but Luger keeps him standing, only so Sting can grab Hogan by the neck... and hit the Scorpion Death Drop! The fans are already throwing trash into the ring and jeering the behaviors of Sting, and Tony Schiavone cannot believe what he is seeing. "Sting! Sting! He has shown his true colors, everyone! He is black and white, he is the Crow... he has turned on us all! And oh my God, Bobby, look at what he is doing now!" Sting takes his baseball bat, and places the tip along the side of Hogan's neck. In a very slow, dramatic fashion, Sting slides the bat along Hogan's throat, symbolizing the end - and death - of Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania. Sting then slams Hogan's head to the canvas, and he and Luger then exit the ring as the fans continue to taunt Sting (and Luger) with a plethora of boos. 84%

Nitro's curtain jerker, as typical in WCW, features fast and furious action. The gay brothers, despite having the Cruiserweight Champion in their ranks, are out-classed by the speed and high flying abilities of the Filthy Animals throughout much of the lengthy opener. Lenny and Lodi are no match when the action is fast, with the "brothers" trying to flee the match after they're sent out of the ring by simultaneous tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Their plan backfires though as Mysterio goes through the ropes with a suicide leap, taking them both down with a homoerotic seated senton to their faces. Gay. Kidman follows it up with the spectacular, springboarding off the third rope with a shooting star press to send all four combatants to the concrete floor. The Gays are able to slow the pace down when Lenny catches Kidman with a low blow and diving reverse DDT. The heels isolate Kidman with frequent tags, but the highlight is really how the heels get the crowd riled up. Lodi scoop slams Kidman to the canvas, Lenny goes to the top turnbuckle, blows kisses, and leaps off with a diving headbutt to Kidman's groin! Yeah, I stole a move from the Dudley Boyz. Deal with it. The spot gets the Animals a little more heated to, and Kidman quickly fights his back into the match, soon reversing a whip, lifting Lodi up for a flap jack, only to hot shot him off the third rope. Mysterio, illegal man and all, then slingshots over the top rope and hits Lodi with a missile dropkick! Mysterio then gets tag, and the Filthy Animals start to take on the brothers all at once. Lenny bumps the ref in the ensuing brawl, only for Kidman to toss the Champ out of the ring. Lodi then falls prey to the 2 v. 1 as Mysterio whips Lodi straight into a Rydeen Bomb from Kidman. Mysterio then heads up top to finish it off, only for Lenny to enter the ring and hit Kidman with the Cruiserweight Title Belt! That drops Kidman, and Lenny then crotches Mysterio on the top rope. The brothers celebrate with a hug, the match theirs for the taking. "Hey, wait just a second," cries Tony Schiavone. "A cameraman has just dove into the ring!" He did indeed, the cameraman, wearing a black beanie, picks up the dropped title belt, the brothers unaware of this. Lenny then turns around... right into a shot to the face from the Title Belt! The camera gets a close shot as the assailant takes off his beanie, and tosses it at Lodi. It's Evan Karagias! The young rookie gets revenge on the two for their attack on him last week on Nitro (and being screwed out of the Cruiserweight Title in the process). Karagias high tails it out of the ring, running out of dodge, with Lodi chasing behind him, wanting to avenge his fallen lover, I mean brother. With Lenny down in the center of the ring, Mysterio is able to pull himself back up to his feet on the top turnbuckle, jump off, and wind back the clock with a beautiful 450 Splash! Wow, he still is a cruiserweight! That seals the victory for the Animals, and Mysterio and Kidman are able to celebrate their win in the ring as Lenny remains knocked out from the belt shot. 83%

Beers and Lumber
A camera is following 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan walking backstage, and the symbol of American Pride turns a corner and enters the locker room of Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell. After some formalities, Ole Hacksaw says that no matter what happens in the future, "even if Berlyn is beating me with a pickax... I want you to let me handle Berlyn... all on my own." Bagwell says he admires Duggan's bravery and courage, and won't see him get ambushed by the Germans. "Even if all of Germany is attacking me," Duggan says, "I want to handle this my own way. It's nothing personal... this is just how it needs to be." The Stuff still doesn't like what Duggan has to say, letting his role model know that a true legend of the sport shouldn't be assaulted by the likes of Berlyn. "Don't worry, Buff," Duggan says. "You may be the one with all the stuff, but Hacksaw's got a plan... pretty soon, you're gonna see a new protege following in Old Glory's footsteps. However, if you wanna help Jim Duggan, then I got two pieces of advice for ya'. 1, buy me a beer tonight after the show, and 2, get me a new 2x4... 'cause I'm soon gonna stick my current one up Berlyn's ass!' After a shared laugh, Duggan adds on that in appreciation for Bagwell helping him out again on Thunder, he got him a match against Rick Steiner... right now! 73%

Bagwell still looks a little surprised when the match begins, clearly having not expected to wrestle tonight. It allows Steiner to control a lot of the match, his stiff strikes getting Bagwell on the back foot early and often. The Stuff takes a real beating from the TV Champion, and Steiner almost gets the win with a rotating belly-to-belly suplex at one point. Bagwell works his way back into the match when he reverses a vertical suplex with a suplex of his own, and then gets himself into his groove. Bagwell delivers big blows himself, while working in some impact spots to get Steiner reeling. An inverted atomic drop sends Steiner staggering, and Bagwell then removes him from the ring with a low dropkick. Steiner takes an embarrassing tumble, tripping through the ropes before landing hard on his bum on the outside. It infuriates him, the laughter of the crowd, and when Bagwell exits the ring to continue their fight, Steiner socks him with a cheap shot before firing off a plethora of hard right hands to send Bagwell back. It gives Steiner time to grab a folding chair, and the Dog Faced Gremlin smashes Buff across the back with it! Referee Johnny Boone is having none of that, disqualifying Steiner and awarding the match to Bagwell. However that means nothing to Rick Steiner, and the DFG uses the chair more, sending a message to all that he is not to be messed with... or humiliated. Steiner cracks the chair over Bagwell's back a few more times before dropping the cocky Bagwell with a HARD steel chair shot to the skull that echoes across the arena! With Bagwell left down and out, Steiner kicks him in the ribs a few times, throws the chair on his fallen victim, and walks to the back amidst jeers from the crowd. 73%

Revolution On Notice
Okerlund is back in the ring for interview time, and after speaking to one icon of the sport, he calls out one of the other biggest names in wrestling history, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. While Naitch is still an energetic figure, he looks far more serious than his usual lively self. However, he is also not alone because walking down to the ring with him is his Enforcer, Arn Anderson. Okerlund, to no one's surprise, wants to talk to Flair about last week and the confrontation with Shane Douglas, but that's not why Flair's out here. "Nuh uh! Not tonight Mean Gene! Ric Flair ain't out here ta'night... to talk about Shane Douglas, nope! They ain't on the menu, bay-bay! However, there is some business that Ric Flair does have with The Revolution. Arn, you and I have already discussed this, so let's get to it. Chris, Dean... come on out here, boys. It's time for Ric Flair to man up and set the record straight!" After a moment's pause, the theme music of The Revolution brings out the two men Flair requested. While Malenko is his icy self, Chris Benoit looks very skeptical of Flair. Knowing he has their attention, Flair says, "I think everybody here knows all about Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko! But just in case you don't, let's have a history lesson." Flair recites all about the beautiful, rich history of the Four Horsemen, with Flair making numerous references to the stable dominating the NWA and WCW for years, with Flair and Anderson leading the charge. The Nature Boy then talks up Chris Benoit joining the Four Horsemen in 1995, going to war against Kevin Sullivan and for the Horsemen. "You, Chris, you were - and are - silent but violent! You have been the best damned technical wrestler in this sport today! I respect the hell outta you, Chris! I look up to you, not the other way around!" Flair then talks up Malenko, reminding everyone that it was Malenko who convinced Arn Anderson to re-form the Four Horsemen this time last year. "You, Dean, you never gave up on me, or the Four Horsemen name! You were more loyal to the Four Horsemen than a lot of guys who were a part of this family... before you even got chosen for it! If it wasn't for Dean Malenko... Ric Flair never would've came back to WCW last year! And if it wasn't for these three men standing in the ring before me... I wouldn't be in World Championship Wrestling right now." After a pause, Flair then solemnly apologizes to Benoit and Malenko, acknowledging the fact that he went off the handle earlier in the year when he was President. "I will be the first one to admit it, gentlemen. I became Eric Bischoff! I became everything I ever hated, everything I always said... I'd never be. And in that process, I turned against two men who stood by Ric Flair through all the wars, all the drama, all the chaos and bullcrap that I got put through... and put you through. I made your lives a living hell, and almost ruined your careers... and I am sorry for that. Ya' gotta believe Ric Flair when I say that from the bottom of my heart... I am sorry for what I did." Flair then promises the two men that things have changed since he lost the Presidency of WCW, going back to hyping his renewed family connections and re-found passion for the sport. "I know all about The Revolution's credo, and let me just say this: I ain't no cancer! Ric Flair - and you both know this - I spent YEARS fighting the real cancers of this company. And take a look around... I ain't been too successful. I spent more time in courtrooms and at home than on Nitro and Thunder! But now I say this: take another look around. Yeah, this company, it ain't been doing too great lately, but some of those cancers that caused all that turmoil... are gone. Ric Flair... is a free man! Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko... are free men! This, this right here, is our time! It's our time now! For Ric Flair, this is my chance - maybe even my last chance - to reclaim that top spot. And for Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit... this is your time to take your RIGHTFUL SPOT... at the top!" Flair makes it very clear that he doesn't want to be fighting with The Revolution, but wants to join forces to fight the likes of Sting, Luger, and DDP and the Triad. "Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, good ole Arn Anderson, and throw in Perry Saturn too - he's got talent, bay-bay! We should be together, not fighting against one another!" Flair extends his hand to his former stablemates, but The Revolution music plays for a second time, although now it brings out 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn.

While Saturn doesn't seem to have much emotion for what is transpiring currently, Douglas is clearly livid. Carrying his own microphone, Douglas starts takling as he enters the ring, pointing out how Flair wants to team up with The Revolution, but so subtly left out Douglas' name in that group. "In case you haven't noticed, Flair, it was ME that brought this group together! You don't have a Revolution without Shane Douglas!" Douglas also claims that Flair doesn't really care for Perry Saturn, simply adding him in as a little after thought, partially to appease Benoit and Malenko and partially to make Douglas look like a dick. "Excuse me, but I am tired of listening to all of this CRAP! Ric Flair, any respect I have had for you - and trust me, I don't think I ever had any to begin with - is dead and buried! All of your accomplishments that you have achieved in this sport are nothing but a facade for the corrupt man you truly are. ...You people can boo all you want, but Ric Flair is nothing more than another Hulk Hogan. You stand here and placate your fans like the sheep that they are, spouting off your little catchphrases and crazy antics... blinding them so nobody sees the ego-maniacal JACK OFF that you really are! Ric Flair only cares about himself! His success! His fortune!" With the crowd turning on Douglas ever so quickly, making it so no one cheers him anymore, specially after last week, there is an awkward silence in the ring. Flair and Anderson exchange looks, Benoit is fixated on Douglas, Saturn is just there, and Dean Malenko, surprisingly, is the one who surveys the scene before finally approaching Mean Gene with something to say. "I have done what was asked of me tonight. I've listened to what you had to say, Ric, and Shane, I've already listened to you as well. The simple truth is this: I respect the heck out of both of you. Shane, you have been a good friend over the years, and especially these last few months. And you, Ric, despite all of the differences we have had throughout the year... I respect you... who you are in this business, and the man you are trying to be. Now when I joined up with The Revolution, it was so that Dean Malenko could change professional wrestling and let the guys who've earned their stripes get their chances at the top... guys like me, and Chris, Perry, and Shane Douglas. We want to remove the cancers, the men who put the glass ceilings over our heads so we couldn't be the headliners. Now according to you, Shane, this guy across the ring is a cancer. We're supposed to eliminate him, right?" Malenko asks Douglas, who simply looks at Malenko, giving him a look that says he already knows the answer.

Malenko seems to get that, and says, "Well if I'm going to have to tarnish the name and legacy of a man I love and respect, despite all the differences I've had with him... well... I'm not sure if I want to be apart of this anymore." Douglas looks ready to flip his lid, while Malenko has one last thing to say. "This doesn't mean I am quitting The Revolution, but you can certainly say I'm putting myself on notice." While Malenko clarifies that he doesn't know if he wants his future to be with Douglas, he also is not ready to join sides with Flair either. "I got a lot of love and respect for you, Ric, and a whole lot more for Arn Anderson... but I can't trust you or the changes you've made just yet. Simply put, I don't know who to trust or what to believe in... except for myself." With that said, Malenko then turns on his heel and exits the ring, walking out of the area without a look back. While Flair and Arn seem to get the decision, Douglas does not, immediately blaming Flair for what happened. "DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE!?" Douglas almost lunges at Flair, but Benoit steps in between the two. Douglas continues his rant. "You, like you ALWAYS do, want to come in and be the center of attention! Dick Flair just can't stand to see Shane Douglas and The Revolution in the spotlight, so ya' just had to come in and put yourself between me and my team, my friends! I'm tired of Dick Flair walking around like God's gift to professional wrestling! You're nothin' Flair, nothin'! NOTHIN!" Despite the barrier between the two, Douglas manages to get through Benoit and shove Flair, knocking him all the way into the ropes. Flair immediately tries to come back at Douglas, but Anderson and surprisingly Benoit intervene, essentially restraining Flair into the corner. Perry Saturn still looks confused, while Douglas tries to come at Flair again. Benoit now turns to Douglas, shoving him back. The two members of The Revolution start shoving each other now, and just when it looks like punches are about to be thrown, Perry Saturn essentially tackles Benoit to the canvas to prevent it. Doug Dillinger, head of WCW security, and his team are now finally on the scene, with Douglas, Benoit, and even Saturn all being gripped up and restrained from any more physical activity. Flair tries to get a shot at Douglas once security has him restrained, leading to Flair being held back as well. It's complete pandemonium in the ring, Tony Schiavone having no choice but to usher the show to a break while Heenan calls this the end of The Revolution as we know it. 85%

HUGH MORRUS (w/Jimmy Hart) versus STEVIE RAY (w/Booker T)
Wanting to get some revenge for the assault they were victims of last week, Stevie Ray attacks Morrus with gusto at the match's beginning, pounding his fellow big man senseless with heavy punches and forearm strikes. The action is brawl heavy, featuring a lot of whips into the corner turnbuckles, and ensuing attacks in said corner. Morrus is the victim of most of it, the First Family member very quickly being made to regret that decision to ambush Harlem Heat last week. Despite being a big man, Morrus ends up showing incredible agility when he reverses out of a back body attempt, spinning himself so he lands on his feet behind Ray, allowing him to hit a bulldog to the "Harlem" native. Morrus uses big blows as well in the brawl-heavy match to work his opponent over, but Stevie Ray quickly powers his way back into the match. Ray reverses a whip, sending Morrus into the turnbuckles, and follows it up with a running avalanche! Stevie Ray tries to then power bomb Morrus, only for him to be flipped over with a back body drop. Ray then pulls himself up to his feet, only to eat a huge clothesline and sidewalk slam. Morrus then heads up top... and it's No Laughing Matter! A huge Moonsault by Morrus, and cover, and victory for the big man! That's not the end of it though, as Jimmy Hart orders (through the megaphone, of course), for an attack on Stevie Ray. Morrus does just that, while Brian Knobs walks down the aisle to join in. However, the other brother of the team ain't down with that. Book enters the ring and goes toe-to-toe with Morrus, eventually ducking a clothesline and hitting a leaping Harlem Side Kick to knock Morrus down. When Knobs gets onto the apron, a hard right immediately drops him back to the floor. Morrus rolls out from the kick, and younger Book stands over his brother as he gets up to his feet. Harlem Heat stand tall, with both Booker and Stevie Ray mouthing off to Hart's First Family, trying to get them to come back for more. Hart simply smirks as both members of Harlem heat get attacked from behind! Barry Windham and Kendall Windham come from out of the crowd and assault the Tag Team Champions from behind with big forearms. Big blows follow from the Rednecks, with the Windham Brothers leaving the Harlem Brothers down on their stomachs after a barrage of punches, forearms, and kicks. Jimmy Hart and his team watch the entire string of events occur, not making any effort to stop or get involved in it. As Tony Schiavone so astutely points out, Harlem Heat have "not one, BUT TWO, challengers for their Tag Team Title Belts of the World." And yes, that did not make any sense, that quote, for Fat Tony is fat and incompetent. 74%

Access Denied
For no apparent reason, the show cuts to the outside of the arena at the back entrance where some official, most likely an intern by the looks of him (puny and nerdy), is standing with a clipboard. As if he's like a bouncer outside of a club, he checks the list on his clipboard and allows a bunch of people into the building. The segment gets good when two men stroll up to the entrance... The Outsiders! 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash and 'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall stroll up to the intern, with Hall announcing their presence. Hall tries to walk into the building, but the intern shakily stands his ground. Nash grunts at him to "move," but the official quivers out a, "I'm s-so-sorry... but you're not on the list of people allowed access to the building." This seems to completely stun The Outsiders. Nash stands over the intern, crossing his arms in an intimidating pose. "What do you mean... we're not on the list?" The intern barely stutters out, "well, uh... you aren't on the list." Hall actually smirks at the statement now, saying, "Yo chico... The Outsiders... we are... da list." Nash adds that The Outsiders are too cool for paper, and do what they want, when they want. The official again says he can't give them permission to enter, which only makes Nash angrier. "Listen here, kid. You don't want to get beaten up tonight, right? Me and Scott here, we run our own lives... not you or Ted Turner." As Nash postures at the intern, he cowers in fear, causing Big Sexy to laugh. "Ya' know what, kid, maybe I was too hard on you. I'll let you get off light tonight... but next week... The Outsiders are gonna be at Nitro, and we're coming through the door... either by choice... or by force. Feel me?" Hall ruffles the intern's hair in a bullying manner, and The Outsiders then disappear into night. Tony Schiavone, baffled by what just transpired, wants to know who isn't letting The Outsiders into the building, and what it all means. The Brain provides the logical answer... Nash is retired and Hall's inactive. They got in two weeks ago with tickets; if they want to watch Nitro, they gotta pay! Schiavone fears this isn't the last we'll see of The Outsiders...

Much like his uncle did on Thunder, Chavo Guerrero comes storming out of the gates, hitting Sid with everything he has in the opening moments. Chavo has been Sid's whipping boy as of late, and the third-generation star releases his pent up anger and humiliation with big right hands and dropkicks to Sid, knocking him over the top rope at one point with a running clothesline. Guerrero tries to go high risk with a slingshot plancha to the outside, but Sid catches him! The Millennium Man holds Guerrero in a bear-hug position before driving him spine first into the ring post. That's the moment that turns the match for Sid, and the big man mows through Guerrero on the outside with big whips into the guardrail and a scoop slam to the protective mats. Sid then disposes of Chavo once in the ring, quickly thwarting an attempted comeback with a rotating snap powerslam before finishing Chavito off with a Chokeslam and Powerbomb for the victory. While David Penzer declares Sid an impressive (yeah, right) 89-0, the Master and Ruler of the World is now looking for destruction over victory. Grabbing Guerrero by the face and pulling him up to his feet, Sid rocks Chavo with big right hands, and then hits a second Chokeslam! If that wasn't already enough, Sid calls for another Powerbomb, looking to maim the beaten young Chavo. However, as Sid stalks the hurting Chavo, out from the back sprints Eddy Guerrero! The uncle dives into the ring and starts wailing away on Sid with a flurry of right hands, and more cavalry is on the way as the three remaining members of the Filthy Animals come from the back as well. Eddy is able to send Sid back into the ropes with a big right hand, and just as Sid looks to come back for more of a fight, he spots the whole gang of Filthy Animals standing next to Eddy and over the recovering Chavo. Sid may be unstable, but he's not (wholly) stupid; recognizing the odds, a smirking Sid exits the ring, back stepping up the aisle as he yells out promises of pain and misery for the Guerrero family. The Animals, for their part, look united as can be as Konnan helps Chavo up to his feet, with Eddy then hugging his familia. 71%

The greatest Nirvana rift ever brings out Diamond Dallas Page and his New Jersey Triad lackeys, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Kanyon. All three are dressed to wrestle, even though none are scheduled for one... interesting. Page grabs a mic from the stagehand, and goes through his usual catchphrases - you love me, you hate me, you'll never forget me, greatest two-time, two-time, two-time champion - and throws in a few jabs at the hometown crowd as well. DDP then makes it very clear who he wants to talk about. "Yo Scumberg! Listen up, chump! I heard you last week, all your talk about wantin' me... well I got news for you pal... the feelin's mutual!" DDP talks up his history with Goldberg, coming so close to beating Goldberg last year, and losing in a "fluke" to him at Fall Brawl. "Scumberg, I'm real tired of you being treated like the greatest thing since sliced bread around here! People bow down to you like you're the second coming of big J.C. and quite frankly... I think you're NOTHIN'! What have you done in the past year, huh? Besides get stunned by a tazer, get arrested, make a crappy movie, and have a bromance with Megadeath - CRUSH 'EM SCUMBERG - ... what has Goldberg done? Oh, yeah... NOTHING! Me, I've headlined pay per views, and been the greatest two-time, two-time, TWO-TIME... World Heavyweight Champion. So Goldilocks, the way I see it, if you wanna face me... you gottta do it... on my terms, punk! So you want Diamond Dallas Page? Then you gotta face my boy, Bam Bam, here... right here, right now! How ya' like them apples!? So c'mon, Scumberg! Bam Bam's waitin' for ya'... to feel the BANG!" Bigelow starts slapping his forehead in anticipation. There's a few moments pause, and the crowd then erupts as "Invasion" hits, and out comes Goldberg! I guess challenge accepted! 93%

BAM BAM BIGELOW (w/Jersey Triad) versus GOLDBERG
The challenge made and accepted, Goldberg wastes no time in brawling with Bigelow, a man Heenan points out had problems with Goldberg earlier in the year as well. Wait... what!? WCW recognizing continuity!? Alas. The Beast From The East, a man of great size, goes toe-to-toe with Goldberg for much of the match, staying on par with equally big stiff strikes as well. The brawl that is the match spills to the outside, playing to the Triad's advantage. Chris Kanyon distracts Billy Silverman, allowing Page to hit Goldberg over the back with a steel chair. While it has minimal effect, it distracts Goldberg enough for Bam Bam to land a nice head butt and whip Goldberg into the ring post! That does have an effect, and Bigelow is able to work Goldberg over with a good mixture of strikes, slams, and suplexes. Bigelow even gets a near fall with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but no one can keep Da Man down. Knees to the torso allow Goldberg to prevent a vertical suplex, instead scooping the big man up and hitting a nice, slow rotating powerslam! From there, Goldberg hits a few of his spots while mixing in some whips to the corner and attacks. The greatest moment is when Goldberg shows amazing strength, lifting Bigelow up into a military press position before dropping him belly first. He couldn't hold him for long, but got the job done. From there, big Bam Bam Bigelow eats a Spear, and a Jackhammer to the Beast follows to give Goldberg the victory. The rest of the Triad attack like hawks after the bell, DDP and Kanyon laying boots to 'Berg. Da Man works his way up to his feet through the kicking, and rocks both Page and Kanyon with right hands. Goldberg keeps both men rocking, and then decks the standing-again Bigelow with a hook kick. Big leg lariats to Kanyon and Page knock them down as well, and Goldberg lowers his shoulder in anticipation for a Spear. Goldberg charges at Page, but DDP grabs Kanyon by the arm, pulling him right into the Spear! Goldberg decks Kanyon with the big tackle, but the move gives Diamond Dallas Page the time needed to exit the ring, fleeing the ringside area in fear of Goldberg. Da Man doesn't bother to pursue the running Page, instead using his feet to push Page's lackeys out of the ring, having decimated both of them. Goldberg does some of his taunts in the ring before marching to the camera in the corner of the ring and screams, "Page! You can run... but ya' can't hide! You're next!" Goldberg then throws up the Diamond Cutter sign and yells out "BANG", sending a clear message to DDP... I think. 76%

The White Knight of Harts
'Mean' Gene is back in the ring for the final time tonight, and calls us a man who, he says, will make his in-ring return to WCW next week when he wrestles Chris Benoit in a friendly competition in honor of his deceased brother... Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. Out the former WWF Champion comes, once again wearing a Hitman hockey jersey and jean shorts. Hart takes his time playing to the crowd during his entrance, but then gives Okerlund the time for the interview. Mean Gene, instead of talking up Bret's return to the ring next week, wants to get Hart's opinion on his opponent for next week, Benoit, and all of the drama currently surrounding him with Ric Flair and The Revolution. Hart's very candid in his response. "You know, Gene," he begins, "I think it's pretty clear to anyone who knows anything about wrestling that Chris Benoit is a dynamic talent. He's been the best all-around wrestler for years now, better than Ric Flair, better than anyone up north, and even better than myself. To put it simply: Chris Benoit is a World Champion kind of talent, and Chris should be a World Champion now, not later. The problem is, Chris is being held back by all of the drama between The Revolution, aka Shane Douglas, and Ric Flair." Hart sends a very strong message to Benoit to avoid all the politics between the two, and simply focus on his career and getting to the top. "Don't even bother, Chris. I've been there. You get involved in the drama and the politics and all the BS... and you just ended up getting screwed." Oh, there's bitter Bret~! This leads into Okerlund talking about their match next week on Nitro in Kansas City, with The Hitman of course hyping up the match a lot. It leads back to Benoit, with Hart saying he wants The Crippler to be able to allowed to simply focus on wrestling for the night. "I'll say this loud and clear to Flair and Douglas. Next week... is not aboot you. Next week isn't aboot Chris Benoit, or even Bret Hart. Next week is aboot honoring the life and legacy of my best friend and little brother. Chris is wrestling for Owen, for the Hart Family. So please, don't be selfish and ruin next week for Chris, for myself, for my family, and most importantly, for Owen. Allow Chris to be removed from your little soap opera for a week. Thank you."

Okerlund then asks Hart about the overall state of World Championship Wrestling since his return, and what he thinks about it all. The Hitman acknowledges that he has been watching from a very close distance (which sounds like an oxymoron), mentioning Benoit, Flair, The Revolution, Sting, Luger, and Hulk Hogan. "I've seen everything, Gene," Hart says, "and it's making me want to get back into action even more. This company is plagued by people in power abusing their power. This company is plagued by people who are corrupt. There are a lot of wrongs in World Championship Wrestling, and when I get back into the ring, I'm going to start righting a lot of those wrongs." It draws an awkward cheap pop, and of course a shill from Okerlund. "Mean Gene, when I came here two years ago, I came to make a difference... I haven't done that! I simply came to work, got mixed up in all of the soap opera, high-level politics that screwed me in the first place, and just did... nothing. Well time's, they are a changin', Gene, and so is Bret 'The Hitman' Hart! The time has come for Bret Hart to be the star he was meant to be, the white knight this company needs!" Hart says he is going to have Chris Benoit's back no matter what happens, and then mentions Hogan. "I've made it very clear I want the chance to wrestle Hulk Hogan, but Hogan, I want you to know now, man... I got your back, brother. After what I saw earlier tonight with Sting and Lex Luger, I want it to be very clear that Bret Hart is not going to sit by idly and let an icon like Hulk Hogan be made an example of. What happened to Hogan tonight, and at Fall Brawl, is a sham! And I will not stand by and let another person be screwed! I have to take a stand, Gene! So Mean Gene, here's a first-hand exclusive for your hotline: Bret Hart is the new white knight in WCW, and anybody that stands for greed and corruption... and tries to screw over others, is an enemy of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart! And any enemy of mine... will be... excellently executed!" Okerlund then over sells Hart's mission statement to remove the corruption and greed out of WCW as Hart exits the ring. Instead of returning to the back, however, he heads over to the announcer's table to join Tony and Brain for tonight's main event. 86%

As Luger and Benoit start the match with a tie-up, the camera focuses not on the ring, but up in the rafters, where Sting lurks without an emotion on his face. Luger actually tries to wrestle with Benoit... shockingly, Benoit out-wrestles him and works him over with various technical maneuvers. Not wanting to go the amateur grappling route (and because Luger can't wrestle...that style), Benoit quickly changes his tactics, wanting to physically assault the man really responsible for costing him the WCW World Heavyweight Title last week. The Crippler spends a lot of the match whacking Luger with hard strikes and knife edge chops, his stiff chops leaving echoes throughout the Phillips Arena. Benoit really just out-classes Luger in all aspects throughout most of the match, dominating the former World Champion. After a two count from a bridging northern lights suplex, The Crippler becomes distracted as he spots 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas walk out from the back. Douglas simply stands on the entrance set, not coming down the little ramp or interfering in any way. Bret Hart advises his friend to just focus on the match from the announcer's table, but it's obvious Benoit is distracted by his friend's appearance. It allows Luger to get back into the match, gaining momentum by reversing a whip to send Benoit into the turnbuckles. A slow beat down begins, with Luger using his trademark power strikes to wear Benoit down, especially his standard forearm strikes and a big clothesline. Douglas continues to watch the match from his spot on the stage, while Sting looks on in the rafters. Douglas, however, slowly makes his way down the aisle and circles the ring as Luger scores a near fall with an atomic drop and belly-to-back suplex. Douglas and Hart get into a little spat, actually, although the whole thing is ignored by Lex Luger. The muscular man, in an arrogant display, yells out he's going to make Benoit tap out, with the implication clear that Benoit's an inferior (technical) wrestler than him. Luger applies a dreaded abdominal stretch, and while it's painful for Benoit, he refuses to give up, despite The Total Package doing his best to tear Benoit's ab muscles apart. The Crippler fights through the pain, and when Luger lowers his head in concentration, Benoit is able to score a quick headbutt to break the hold. Benoit ducks a clothesline and hits a release German suplex to halt the action, both men down as a result.

When both men get back up to their feet, the two brawl it out, but Benoit again lights Luger up with knife edge chops before hitting a nice rotating belly-to-belly suplex. The Crippler then hits two snap suplexes in quick succession and goes for a third, but the Package stops it all with a knee to the groin. Johnny Boone chides Luger for the cheap shot, but Shane Douglas has much more to say. Despite shoving him earlier in the night, Douglas gets up on the apron to defend Benoit, shouting at Luger and getting his attention. With a cocky smirk on his face, Luger retaliates, telling The Franchise to back off. Instead, Douglas tries to get into the ring, only for the referee to intervene. Luger shoves the referee out of the way as Benoit now gets back up to his feet, seeing the altercation. Douglas, not happy with Luger's low blow, swings for the fences, misses... and socks Benoit with a huge right hook! It stuns Douglas as Benoit DROPS from the shot, and The Franchise is motionless on the apron as Luger then picks Benoit up and powerbombs him. Luger covers, Boone counts, Douglas stays motionless, and Lex Luger is victorious! While Luger gets declared the winner, the post-match is set for craziness. Benoit pulls himself up to his feet shortly after the match, and has harsh words for Douglas, who apologizes from the apron, looking stunned still at his mistake. Benoit challenges Douglas to get into the ring with him since he punched him, but instead of Douglas answering him, he's pulled off the apron.. by Ric Flair! The Nature Boy turns Douglas around and socks him with a big uppercut, causing a brawl between the two. Security is quickly on the scene to break it up, with Benoit and even Bret Hart coming over to separate it. Hart convinces Flair to remove himself, while Benoit just looks lost by this point, torn between the two men. However, just when Nitro seems set to go off the air, the crowd ERUPTS as Hulk Hogan comes marching out from the back! He rips his shirt off as he walks down the aisle - pointing at Luger, of course - revealing taped ribs and back from earlier. Luger looks shocked that Hogan is still in the Phillips Arena, with Schiavone over selling it by saying it's a miracle Hogan is even walking. Nevertheless, Hogan enters the ring, and Luger immediately starts attacking him! The Total Package hits Hogan with everything he has, but Hogan fights through it, and starts hitting big right hands! A first, a second, a wind-up... and a third right hand knocks Luger back into the ropes! Hogan then whips Luger across the ring... Big Boot! The Hulkster means business, and he quickly (well, for him) comes off the ropes... LEG DROP OF DOOM~! Hogan has just come and made mince meat of Luger, and instead of playing to the crowd, Hogan stares straight up into the corner of the rafters where Sting is perched... and simply wags his finger at him, yelling out, "I ain't goin' down that easily, Stinger! No way, brother!" The camera picks up Hogan also saying he was going to kick Sting's ass, even challenging him for Thunder on Thursday! As Hogan stands over the lifeless Luger, Nitro ends with one final look of Sting in the rafters, still showing no emotion at all despite what just transpired, before we get one last look of an enraged and focused Hogan challenging Sting... 74%

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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