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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

The storylines are still quality. Hopefully you take a different route with the Undertaker, but even if it is Punk, I don't mind as long as the feud is done better.

I hope the Royal Rumble creates a STAR.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Originally Posted by Hohenheim of Light View Post
The storylines are still quality. Hopefully you take a different route with the Undertaker, but even if it is Punk, I don't mind as long as the feud is done better.

I hope the Royal Rumble creates a STAR.
Thanks for the feedback! My Taker story will certainly take a different direction as I won't be writing Paul Bearer's death into it. I'm excited for my Taker storyline, I hope others will be too.

As for the Rumble, the match takes a back seat to Rock/Punk this year but there will be a debut and several major returns.

Hope you stick around.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Main Event – Wednesday 9th January 2013

Zack Ryder def. Cody Rhodes
Post-match, Zack Ryder cuts a promo accepting Damien Sandow's challenge to his United States Championship.

The Perfect Generation (Joe Hennig & Ted DiBiase) (w/ Vickie Guerrero) def. International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)
A distraction by Vickie allowes DiBiase to get a roll-up pin on Gabriel.

Dolph Ziggler def. Christian
Christian attempts a Spear but runs into a devastating Superkick from Ziggler.

WWE SmackDown – Friday 11th January 2013

SmackDown begins with classic images of The Rock on SmackDown during the Attitude Era, before transitioning to Rock returning to WWE on Raw and delivering a People's Elbow to WWE Champion CM Punk. Tonight, The Rock returns to "his" show!

Live in the arena, the ring is set up for MizTV as Josh Matthews and JBL welcome viewers to the show.

Matthews: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Friday Night SmackDown! Josh Matthews and John Bradshaw Layfield here on the night that The Rock makes his long-awaited return to SmackDown!"

JBL: "That's right, I never thought I'd see Rock back here so I'm excited to see what he has in store for us!"

Matthews: "Rock's return plus much more, it looks like we're going to kick things off with a little MizTV."

In the ring, The Miz is dressed in a suit and holds his Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder.

Miz: "Welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, welcome to MizTV! I am your host, the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. And I'm here tonight not to get excited about The Rock, I'm here to talk about something more serious. An injustice that needs bringing to light. Without further delay, please show your appreciation for the World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show."

The crowd boo as Show's music hits and the Giant makes his way to the ring, dressed to wrestle and carrying the World title in one hand. The announcers speak as Show makes his way to the ring.

Matthews: "You can see on the face of our World Champion that he is not in a good mood."

JBL: "And can you blame him? The guy is defending his title in a triple threat at the Royal Rumble knowing that he doesn't have to be beat to lose his Championship."

Show enters the ring and shakes hands with Miz, who continues to speak.

Miz: "Now before I address the injustice that you face Show, I'd first like to rewind the clock. I'd like to take you back a few years, when myself and Big Show were tag team champions. There were people, so called experts, saying that Show has lowered himself by teaming with me. Well look at us now, Big Show is the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history and I am on the road to becoming the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time!"

The crowd boo, Show nods his head as Miz continues.

Miz: "ShoMiz always was a dominant force, and here in 2013 we still are. Now, Big Show, my friend, we're here to talk about the match you're preparing for at the Royal Rumble where you will defend your title in a triple threat match against Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Show, what are your thoughts on that upcoming title defence."

Show: "I am angry Miz. I have successfully defended my championship on numerous occasions, defeating the likes of Sheamus and Daniel Bryan along the way. I've knocked out more men than I can remember, Randy Orton included, and what is my reward? I'm put in a match where I don't have to be beat to lose my Championship. If this isn't proof that WWE management have a problem with me, proof that Booker T wants to take this title from me, then I don't know what is. But Booker T will be left disappointed at the Royal Rumble, just like the fans of Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Because it doesn't matter how many men they throw at me, The Giant will continue to knock them out. I said it when I won the title and I'll say it again now, this championship will stay with me until I decide otherwise."

Show is interrupted by Booker T's music, which draws cheers from the crowd. Booker stands on the stage dressed in his suit.

Booker: "Cut the music, cut the music. Show, look, I aint got a problem with you. As general manager of SmackDown it is my responsibility to put on the most entertaining matches possible for that World Heavyweight Championship. And if you hadn't gotten involved in the finals of the tournament to determine your number one contender, then maybe you'd be going into the Rumble with just one man to face instead of two. But look, I'm here with a peace offering, a chance to prove to you that myself and the rest of WWE management don't have a problem with you. Tonight, your challengers at the Rumble will go one-on-one in singles action. Show, you will be the special guest referee in that match. How does that sound to you dog?"

Show: "A referee? Do I look like a referee to you? You think they make referee jerseys this big?"

Miz: "Really Booker, really? Really?"

Booker: "Shut up Miz. Show, that wasn't an invitation, it was an order. You will referee the match and you will do it properly, or you will have me to deal with. Now can you dig that, suckerrrr?"

Booker's music plays again and Show looks angry in the ring.

Matthews: "Big main event set by our general manager tonight, the challengers to Big Show's championship will meet in singles action. The winner of that match is sure to have momentum on his side going into the Rumble."

JBL: "You really think that match is going to go down properly Josh? With an angry giant as the referee, a giant who would like nothing better than to swing for Bryan and Orton, you think that's going to be a pure wrestling match?"

Matthews: "We'll soon find out! And not only that, still to come is that big match between Kane and Ryback with the winner selecting their own entry number in the Royal Rumble match. But up next, number one contender to the United States Championship Damien Sandow will be in action!"

SmackDown fades to commercials with Show still looking angry in the ring with Miz.

SmackDown returns with a vignette. In a dark gym, a muscular black man is easily bench pressing heavy weights. He stands up and reveals the name LANGSTON on the back of his singlet. The screen then goes black before the words "coming soon" appear on the screen.

Back live in the arena, Kofi Kingston is mid-entrance as the announcers reset the show. Out as Kofi's opponent is Damien Sandow, who performs his trademark entrance as the announcers speak.

Matthews: "As we learned this past Wednesday on Main Event, Damien Sandow will challenge Zack Ryder for the United States Championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view."

JBL: "That's right Michael, you've got to be impressed by Sandow. He's been here less than a year, he's already a former Tag Team Champion and is now in contention for his first singles title in WWE."

Matthews: "But before then Sandow has to overcome a former 2-time United States Champion in Kofi Kingston, this should be a good one."

In a 7-minute back-and-forth match, Kofi gets in his signature high-flying spots. Sandow avoids a top-rope splash attempt from Kofi, and capitalises by hitting his neckbreaker finisher to pick up the win.

Damien Sandow def. Kofi Kingston

As Sandow celebrates his victory in the ring, we transition backstage where Zack Ryder is watching the action on a monitor. He is interrupted by Matt Striker.

Striker: "Zack if I could interrupt for a moment. This past Wednesday on Main Event you accepted Damien Sandow's challenge to your United States title, and we've today learned that match will take place at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Why did you accept the challenge of Sandow?"

Ryder: "Bro, the last time I held this title it didn't go too well, I lost it a month later and went sliding down the card. I can't let that happen again bro, the Rumble will be my first US title defence and I will walk out still the champion... Woo woo woo..."

Before he can complete his catchphrase, Heath Slater interrupts. Drew McIntyre and Zinder Mahal flank Slater.

Slater: "Urm, are you serious bro? I just heard you have a single out on the iTunes charts? You? Everybody knows the only musical talent in WWE lies right here with 3MB baby!"

Ryder: "Yeah Heath, I do have a single out. And if you like, you and your buddies can join me in the ring tonight while I do some fist pumping... to your face."

Ryder walks away as 3MB laugh before playing air-guitar.

A graphic on screen shows that the Prime Time Players will challenge Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara for their Tag Team Championships after the break.

SmackDown returns with Lillian Garcia in the middle of the ring.

Garcia: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!"

The Prime Time Players enter first as the announcers feed to footage of the Players defeating Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara on Raw.

Matthews: "The Prime Time Players here with a Tag Team Championship match given to them after they defeated the champions this Monday on Raw."

JBL: "The first time the Luchadors haven't been on the same page, they have to correct that miscommunication tonight or their titles are in serious danger. Make no mistake, they may act around sometimes but Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are the read deal, they mean business here and they are more than capable of pulling this off."

Rey Mysterio's music hits to loud cheers from the crowd, and the Luchadors make their entrance dressed in matching red attire.

Matthews: "Mysterio and Sin Cara have held the titles since TLC where they won a ladder match to become champions, last Monday was the first time in a long time this pair haven't been on the same page."

JBL: "Mysterio vowed to be Sin Cara's mentor, sometimes when you take a rookie under your wing they make mistakes. It happens, the big question is if it's going to happen again tonight."

The Players dominate Sin Cara for the first 4 minutes of the match with a variety of powerful double-team moves. At the five minute mark, Sin Cara makes the hot tag to Rey who clears house and gets the upper-hand for his team. He hits Young with the 619, but after hitting a Frogsplash Rey's pin attempt it broken up by O'Neil.

The Players double-team Mysterio, and Sin Cara climbs to the top rope to make the save. He attempts a moonsault, but Cara mistakenly connects with Mysterio instead of Young. O'Neil throws Cara from the ring, which allows Titus to land a Sky High on Rey and pick up the win!

The Prime Time Players def. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara to win the Tag Team Championships

The crowd boo as the Players celebrate, with the announcers playing up the result as replays of the finish are shown.

Matthews: "Major upset, our Tag Titles have changed hands here on SmackDown. John let's take a look at the finish."

JBL: "You've got to admire Sin Cara trying to come to the aid of his partner, but the move was high risk and sometimes the risk isn't worth taking. Another mistake by Sin Cara, this time it's cost his team the Tag Team Championships."

Matthews: "Credit where credit is due, Titus O'Neil was quick to capitalise on the mistake. I'm sure we've not seen the last of this rivalry."

Sin Cara helps Mysterio to his feet and hangs his head at the disappointment. Rey pats Cara on the back and the pair exit the ring together.

JBL: "Sin Cara visibly disappointed, but how does Rey Mysterio feel about this? He's putting on a brave face, but inside he must be angry at what just happened."

Matthews: "Of course they are entitled to a rematch down the line, if Rey and Sin Cara can iron out these mistakes we know they are capable of regaining the championships."

A graphic showing CM Punk is shown on the screen.

Matthews: "And speaking of championships, WWE Champion CM Punk defends his championship against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Rock returned to WWE on Monday night and delivered a People's Elbow to the heart of the champion, we'll have reaction from CM Punk after the break."

SmackDown goes to commercials, and returns with a pre-taped video focusing on CM Punk. The video is shot in black-and-white, and shows Punk sitting in the middle of the ring in an empty arena. Punk's voice narrates the video.

Punk: "For 414 days, I have held the WWE Championship..."

A replay of Punk defeating Alberto Del Rio at the 2011 Survivor Series plays.

Punk: "... On day number one, the people cheered. They celebrated with me. I went on to defend against the likes of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and Kane..."

Replays of some of the mentioned matches are also shown.

Punk: "... And as I defended against those men, the people cheered. Then came Raw 1000, a landmark event in the history of WWE. On that night, the spotlight was not on the Champion, the people did not cheer for CM Punk. The people turned their back on me the minute The Rock walked back through the door. So when The Rock tried to steal my thunder, I stood up for myself..."

A video of Punk hitting the GTS on Rock on Raw 1000 airs.

Punk: "... You see this is not the attitude era anymore, The Rock's time has passed. Yet, the people did not cheer me, the people turned on me. I continued to go about my business, I continued to successfully defend my championship against John Cena, against Ryback, against Sheamus. Yet as I continue to extend my record WWE Championship reign, the boos just got louder, the chants for Rocky got louder..."

A replay of Rock returning to Raw and hitting Punk with a People's Elbow runs.

Punk: "... I find this disrespectful. I am here in buildings like this 365 days a year, defending my hard-earned title in TLC matches, cage matches, last man standing matches. And what has Rock been doing in that time? Shooting movies. The Rock has won two matches since I won this championship. Two..."

A replay of Rock defeating John Cena at WrestleMania 28 is shown.

Punk: "... yet for some reason he is afforded a shot at my championship? When you have held the WWE Championship for 414, a challenger has to earn their shot at greatness. The Rock has not done this. The Rock has been put in this position by Vince McMahon and his marketting team who want Rock's perfect smile and my title on the poster for WrestleMania 29. Let me promise you, it's not going to happen. At the Royal Rumble, I will defeat The Rock and continue my record-breaking reign. I will prove that I am better than The Rock, that I am better than the attitude era. I will be the WWE Champion. And I will be the new People's Champion."

Back live in the arena, Heath Slater is in the ring with the rest of 3MB. Zack Ryder's music hits to bring out the United States Champion for singles action. The announcers discuss the CM Punk video as Ryder makes his entrance.

JBL: "It's hard to disagree with CM Punk, the guy feels like the people turned their back on him and he feels like The Rock doesn't deserve a title shot."

Matthews: "I disagree, The Rock defeated John Cena at WrestleMania. Not a lot of men achieve that. Wether Punk likes it or not, he will defend against The Rock. And of course The Rock returns to SmackDown tonight, I'm sure he'll have plenty to say on what we just saw. But right now, the United States Champion is in action as he warms up for his own title defense at the Rumble."

JBL: "We saw Ryder scouting his opponent Damien Sandow earlier in the night, you better believe Sandow is backstage taking notes on Ryder right now."

The early-going is filled with constant distraction from McIntyre and Mahal, who continue to hop the apron whenever Ryder takes control. They are eventually ejected from ringside. It doesn't take Ryder long to connect with a Rough Ryder and get the 3.

Zack Ryder def. Heath Slater

Ryder fist pumps with the crowd as the announcers transition to the Raw Rebound. The rebound is a video package of John Cena announcing he will enter the 2013 Royal Rumble match against doctor's orders in a bid to earn a shot at The Rock at WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar then attacks Cena and says he too will enter the Rumble match, not to earn a title match, but to hurt 29 other men.

A graphic on screen then shows that both Cena and Lesnar will be in attendance for Raw's 20th anniversary show this coming Monday Night.

In the ring, Lillian Garcia has a mic.

Garcia: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, with the winner given the opportunity to select their own entry number in the 2013 Royal Rumble match."

Kane's pyro then shoots to boos from the crowd, and the Big Red Machine enters the arena with AJ skipping in front of him. AJ enters the ring and takes the mic from Garcia.

AJ: "My monster is a handful of eliminations away from breaking Shawm Michael's record for the number of men eliminated in Royal Rumble matches. But tonight is not about that. Tonight my monster faces Ryback for the chance to pick his own number. When we win this match we will select number 30, we will strike fear into the other 29 that have come before us, and we will finally win the Royal Rumble."

AJ then laughs to herself before kissing Kane on the cheek and skipping around him as he sets off his pyro mid-ring. Ryback's music then hits to cheers from the crowd and the announcers speak as he enters.

Matthews: "This all came about Monday night on Raw – we had a 20 man battle royal which was intended to give the winner their choice of entry number to the 2013 Royal Rumble match..."

A replay of the finish runs as the announcers continue.

Matthews: "But as you can see, Ryback and Kane were the last two men in the match and eliminated each other simultaneously. Our general manager Booker T put this match together as a result."

JBL: "Don't forget Josh it wasn't long ago these two men were involved in a heated feud, this time there's a prize to fight for! To quote Jim Ross, it's sure to be a slobberknocker!"

The match goes 9 minutes with even offence, both men using heavy-hitting moves. At the 10 minute mark, Ryback gets Kane up for ShellShock but AJ hops the apron. The distraction allows Kane to escape the manouver and follow up with a Chokeslam. Kane goes for the pin, but the crowd pops when Ryback kicks out at 2! AJ once again hops the apron to protest with the referee, claiming it was a 3. Kane gets Ryback up for a Tombstone, but Ryback slips out the back and pushes Kane into AJ. The crowd cheer as Ryback follows up with a Meathook Clothesline and gets the 3.

Ryback def. Kane

The fans celebrate and the announcers wonder out loud what number Ryback will select in the Rumble match. SmackDown fades to commercials as the crowd join in with Ryback shouting feed me more.

SmackDown returns with the Rumble By Numbers video. Back live in the arena, Sheamus's music hits to a good reaction from the crowd. The Celtic Warrior is dressed to wrestle and makes his way to the ring with a mic.

Sheamus: "It's that time of year everybody. The road to WrestleMania, the time of year where everyone raises their game that extra little bit. You know, last year was the best of my career so far. I won the 2012 Royal Rumble match, went on to WrestleMania to become World Heavyweight Champion, and I held that title for quite a while. And while I enjoyed that run, I'm not happy that I lost my world title. The point I'm trying to make is, this year I'll once again be entering the Royal Rumble match. And it doesn't matter if I enter at number 1 or number 30, I will once again win the Royal Rumble and get myself a championship match on the grandest stage of them all!"

Dolph Ziggler's music interupts Sheamus, and Mr Money In The Bank appears on stage with a mic. He makes his way to the ring while cutting a promo on Sheamus.

Dolph: "It sounds like you've got it all figured out Sheamus, but you're wrong. See, everybody is taking about The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, but when the Royal Rumble is over people will be talking about how Dolph Ziggler stole the show. You won't be winning back-to-back Royal Rumble matches Sheamus, because the 2013 Royal Rumble winner is going to be Mr Money In The Bank. I am going to walk into a championship match at WrestleMania knowing that I have the security of Money In The Bank. Hell, I might win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and cash this baby in to become World Champion on the same night. That's the kind of show off I am!"

Sheamus: "Nice story fella, now how about you step in that right and I show off my Brogue Kick?"

Dolph: "Big talk Sheamus, but it seems you've a little case of amnesia. Have you forgotten who eliminated you from the battle royale last Monday on Raw? Yeah that's right, it was me. And if you want a repeat performance, then let's go at it right now."

Ziggler steps into the ring and removes his jacket as a referee enters the ring, the bell rings to begin this impromptu match. In a 7 minute match, Ziggler sells Sheamus's offence with his trademark bumping. Ziggler thinks he has the match won when he connect with a FameAssers, but Sheamus kicks out at 2. Ziggler then locks in the sleeper hold, but Sheamus throws him off his back. Ziggler runs right into a Brogue Kick, which gives Sheamus the 3.

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus celebrates as the announcers recap the match with the replays.

Matthews: "Sheamus gets revenge on Ziggler after the Show Off eliminated him from the battle royal this past Monday, you've gotta have the Irishman as one of the favourites going into the Rumble match."

JBL: "No denying it Josh, but this was a good showing from Dolph too tonight, he's up there with the front-runners for the Rumble match as far as I'm concerned."

Matthews: "As Sheamus celebrates with the WWE Universe, we can now join Matt Striker backstage with an exclusive interview."

The camera feeds backstage, where Striker is standing by.

Striker: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, the former WWE Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara..."

The camera pans out to show Rey and Cara standing with Striker.

Striker: "... Gentlemen thank you for joining me on what must be a difficult time. Sin Cara if I could start with you, you must be disappointed at losing what was your first gold here in WWE."

Instead of answering the question, Cara simply walks away from the interview, leaving Rey with Striker.

Mysterio: "He is upset Matt, so am I. Tonight was just a case of mis-communication, sometimes it happens. But we will bounce back, we're entitled to a rematch and we will do our best to regain our championships."

Mysterio is ambushed by the Prime Time Players, who beat down Rey in a 2-on-1 attack. Titus snatches the mic from Striker.

Titus: "Don't talk so much crap fool! It's the Prime Time Players' time to shine, you aint ever taking these titles from us."

Titus throws the mic down on Rey and the champions walk away as a medic sees to Mysterio.

A split screen shows Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan walking down the hall – they go one-on-one after the break.

SmackDown returns with an advert for the Raw 20th anniversary special, which gives special focus to the Rock vs Punk feud. Back live, Big Show's music hits to boos.

Garcia: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing the first, the special guest referee, the World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show!"

Show steps through the curtain dressed in his usual in-ring gear. He makes his way to the ring as the announcers speak.

Matthews: "It's unusual to see a referee come out dressed in a cammo singlet!"

JBL: "It's unusual to have a 500lb giant as a referee you idiot, where do you suppose we find a referee shirt that big from Josh?"

Matthews: "Either way, this is a glimpse into what will be a fascinating triple threat match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view where Big Show defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton."

JBL: "The odds are stacked against Big Show, he doesn't need to be involved in the decision that could see him lose his title at the Rumble. We know that Orton and Bryan are among the best in our business, Show is right to be angry at the position he's been put in."

Daniel Bryan is the first man out, he makes his entrance to the usual mix of Yes/No chants. Randy Orton is out as his opponent, he gets a loud reaction from the crowd. The Viper squares up to Show before the match begins.

Throughout the match, Show takes little interest in refereeing the match. He gets involved with verbal confrontations with both Bryan and Orton when they look for covers and Show doesn't count. At the 10 minute mark, Orton drops Bryan with an RKO and goes for the cover. Rather than counting, Show simply stands in the corner and laughs at Orton. An angry Orton stands up and gets in the face of Show, who replies by hitting The Viper with a WMD. With Bryan and Orton both down, Show gets a visual pin on both men to illustrate his power before walking out of the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton goes to a no contest

Bryan and Orton remain knocked out in the middle of the ring.

JBL: "Big Show is a sure hall of famer, but I don't think he's going to get in based on his ref work Josh."

Matthews: "The Giant once again stands tall over his challengers, is it simply a formality that Show will walk out of the Rumble as World Champion?"

JBL: "I think the only way Orton or Bryan takes that title is by keeping Show out of the decision, this guy is simply unstoppable right now!"

Matthews: "Well don't go anywhere folks, because after the break the People's Champion The Rock returns to SmackDown for the first time almost a decade. It's sure to be electrifying when SmackDown returns!"

SmackDown goes to commercials. It returns live in the arena, where a montage package on the early years of SmackDown is shown on the titantron. It heavily-features The Rock. The video ends, and The Rock's music hits to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. Rock appears on stage dressed in a Just Bring It shirt and jeans. He poses for fans on the stage before making his trademark entrance on the turnbuckle.

JBL: "In all my years on Friday nights I have never heard a reaction like this, what an atmosphere in the arena tonight for the return of the great one."

Rock takes a mic and waits out a Rocky chant from the crowd.

Rock: "After ten long years, The Rock is very excited and honoured to say that FINALLY The Rock has come back to Friday Night SmackDown! Which means that The Rock has come back to his show, a show created for the Great One. And while tonight is a very special night for The Rock, I can't help but feel the mood has been brought down by CM Punk's moody little video. You all saw it, black and white, CM Punk sitting with all of his friends, talking to himself about how the people turned their back on him..."

The crowd boo the mention of CM Punk as Rock continues.

Rock: "... He's talks about all the men he's defeated, and how he thinks The Rock's time has passed. CM Punk isn't here tonight, he's probably sat at home pissing his pants after The Rock whooped his monkey ass on Monday Night. But I know CM Punk is going to be watching what The Rock has to say here tonight, so let The Rock make a few points. Firstly, The Rock has no doubt that CM Punk is one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time. And The Rock knows the list of people CM Punk has defeated is impressive. But here's where The Rock has a problem with what CM Punk said. CM Punk says The Rock's time has passed..."

The crowd again boo before chanting The Rock's name.

Rock: "... you know the last guy to tell me that, you might of heard of him, his name is John Cena. And you know what happened when he stepped into the ring with the Great One? He got his ass kicked and The Rock walked out victorious. CM Punk, do not think for one single solitary second that The Rock is anything less than 100% ready, willing and able to bring it. At the Royal Rumble, The Rock will bring it harder than anyone you've ever faced before. So you can count your numbers. For 414 days you've been WWE Champion, but The Rock has another number for you. 20. And you don't count upward Punk, you start counting down, because 20 days is all you got left. Once you step into the ring with The Rock at the Royal Rumble, he will once again become WWE Champion. And he will do it... for the people.... IF YA SMELLLL..."

Before he can continue, Wade Barrett's music hits to heat from the crowd. Rock looks unimpressed as Barrett makes his way to the ring with a mic.

Barrett: "Bloody hell, look everyone, The Rock is here. And while that's a nice story you just told everybody, I can't help but agree with CM Punk about a few things. It's not the attitude era anymore, it's the time of the great Barrett Barrage. And I think it's a bloody travesty that there is no room for Wade Barrett on the show tonight because has-beens like yourself decide to grace us with your presence and talk for a few minutes...."

By this time Barrett has entered the ring.

Barrett: "... but people don't tune in to SmackDown to watch people talk, they tune in to watch people fight. So how about you walk yourself back up that ramp and leave this to the here and now. People have moved on from you and your stories Rock. I suggest you leave this ring, before I make you."

The Rock smiles before replying to Barrett.

Rock: "Let The Rock make one thing crystal clear Wayne..."

Barrett: "My name is Wade..."

Rock: "... It doesn't matter what your name is! The Rock is not the reason you're not on the show tonight, the reason your monkey ass isn't on the show tonight is you haven't done anything worth tuning in for since you were running round here with your little Nexus buddies. But Wayne, I'm not just here to talk the talk, if you want to see The Rock in action then let's do this... right now."

The crowd erupts with cheers as Rock signals for Barrett to bring it. Barrett attempts a Bullhammer Elbow, but Rock ducks and hits Barrett with a Spinebuster. The crowd cheer as Rock throws his t-shirt into the crowd and hits a People's Elbow. Barrett rolls out of the ring, Rock picks the mic back up.

Rock: "If ya smellllll, what The Rock, is, cookin'!"

Rock's music plays and he poses on the turnbuckle. SmackDown goes off the air with Rock standing tall and the crowd cheering him.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Monday Night Raw – 14th January 2013
Raw's 20th Anniversary Show!

Raw begins live in the arena with a shot of the crowd cheering as JR and Michael Cole welcome viewers to the show.

JR: “Welcome everybody to a historic night in WWE history as Monday Night Raw celebrates it's 20 year anniversary. Jim Ross and Michael Cole here at ringside for this 3-hour special.”

Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd erupt with cheers as a gong is heard. A second gong plays and the Undertaker's music begins to play. Smoke fills the entrance-way as the crowd cheer, before we see The Undertaker begin to appear through the curtain. Taker is wearing his shredder jacket as he slowly approaches the center of the stage. Flames begin to rise as Taker's trademark entrance pyro shoots with the crowd still cheering. Taker stops at the top of the ramp and slowly raises his arms – thunder is heard before the WrestleMania 29 logo appears on the Titantron. Raw fades to black and transitions into the opening credits.

Back live, the camera is on JR and Cole at ringside.

Cole: “A chilling way to begin this historic broadcast ladies and gentlemen, the return of the Undertaker!”

JR: “We've not seen the Deadman since he went 20-0 at WrestleMania 28, Michael it would appear Undertaker just told the world he will be looking to extend that streak at this year's WrestleMania event.”

Cole: “There were many predicting that Undertaker would never been seen again after that epic End Of An Era match last year, the question now is who will step up and challenge the streak at WrestleMania 29.”

The Rock's music suddenly plays and the crowd once again erupts with cheers as The Great One makes his entrance. Rock, dressed in jeans and a Just Bring It shirt, takes to the ring with a mic.

Cole: “Speaking of streaks, is this the man who will finally end the WWE Championship reign of CM Punk?”

JR: “We'll find out in 13 nights at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. We saw last week on Raw that Rock has no love lost for Punk after dropping the champion with a People's Elbow, a fate also suffered by Wade Barrett this past Friday on The Rock's return to SmackDown.”

Cole: “Rock looks better than ever JR, I don't believe Punk's title reign has ever been in more jeopardy.”

Rock stands in the middle of the ring with the mic and waits out a Rock chant before speaking.

Rock: “Finally... Finally... Finally The Rock gets to answer a question that has been on the mind of experts around the world for months. Every time The Rock is interviewed by E!, every time The Rock hosts a Q&A on Twitter, every time The Rock heads to the bakery for a sweet slice of pie, the question is the same... Rock, why do you want to be WWE Champion. You see in the minds of the people, they have seen The Rock climb that mountain on numerous occasions, why does The Rock need to climb that mountain again? Well let The Rock answer that question right now. There is no championship more engrained in The Rock's history, in his blood, than the WWE Championship. The WWE Championship is a symbol that you are the absolute best in the world at what we do. And yeah, right now CM Punk holds that title and is right to call himself the best, because that's the power that holding that title gives you. But after The Rock returned last year, he stepped in the ring at WrestleMania and felt the electricity again, he heard the voices of the people, it lit a fire in the heart of The Rock. And that's when I knew, when I hit that Rock Bottom on John Cena and won the main event on WrestleMania 28, I knew my next goal. The Rock came back to prove he is still the absolute best, and the only way I'm going to do that is by holding that championship above my head and declaring to the people that FINALLY The Rock is the WWE Champion!”

The crowd cheer and once again a Rock chant breaks out before Rock continues.

Rock: “And The Rock says that in 13 nights, that's exactly what will be happening. But before that, Raw's 20th anniversary. 20 years of Monday Night Raw, 20 years of Ruthless Aggression, 20 years of Attitude, 20 years of jabroni-beatin, 20 years of Fruity Pebbles, 20 years. Tonight there is a big vote, a vote to be decided by the people. Tonight the WWE will crown the most popular superstar of Raw's 20 years, and The Rock knows he can count on the millions... and millions of Rock's fans to take to WWE Active and vote for The People's Champion...”

Glass Shatters, the arena explodes with cheers as Stone Cold Steve Autsin's music plays.

JR: “Oh my God it can't be, it can't be...”

The revs of a quad bike are heard before The Rattlesnake drives his trademark quad on to the stage. Austin stops at the top of the ramp and revs the engine again.

JR: “My God almighty it is, Stone Cold!”

Cole: “The Rattlesnake is here, and he's heading right for The Rock! This place is ecstatic, the roof's about to explode!”

Autsin rides his quad down the ramp and around the ring before he steps off. Austin is kitted out in light jeans and a t-shirt that promotes Red Neck Island. Austin walks right past Rock and performs his infamous 4-corner pose for the crowd, before taking a mic from ringside.

Austin: “What!?”

The crowd cheer as Rock laughs at Austin.

Austin: “You know Rock, I was sitting back there drinking a few beers thinking about the good old days. You remember those days Rock? Me and you, back and forth, some of the greatest damn matches of all time. And then Stone Cold heard you bring your ass out here and start talking about the millions voting for you as the most popular superstar of Raw's 20 year history... You know they did the very same vote 10 years ago, and you know who they crowned the most popular superstar on that night? It sure as hell wasn't you Rock, it was Stone Cold Steve Austin!”

The crowd cheer as Rock and Austin stand face-to-face.

Austin: “You know I've got a hell of a lot of respect for you Rock, and I for one hope you whoop CM Punk's ass all over the Royal Rumble in 2 weeks. But when it comes to the most popular superstar of Raw's history, his name ain't The Rock, his name ain't Dwayne Johnson, his name is Stone Cold...”

Rock: “... it doesn't matter what your name is! You listen to me Austin, The Rock shares that mutual respect for you. Rock and Austin will go down as one of the very best rivalries, some of the very best matches of all time. You want to talk about ten years ago? Ten years ago these people chose you over me, and that lead to us going one-on-one at WrestleMania 19. That night, The Rock put you down for 3 and you never stepped back in the ring again.”

The pair share a rye smile and the crowd begin to chant “one more match” - but the cheers turn to loud boos as Wade Barrett's music hits. Barrett makes his way to the ring with a mic as the crowd boo loudly.

Cole: “You've got to be kidding me? Wade Barrett has no business out here.”

JR: “The Englishman fell victim to a Rock Bottom last Friday night on SmackDown, I don't fancy his chances against Rock and Austin!”

Barrett enters the ring to heat from the crowd, pushes Austin aside and gets in the face of The Rock.

Barrett: “I thought I told you last Friday night that we do not give a crap about the past. Nobody wants to listen to you two has-beens gush about the past. We're in the here and now, and the future of this business is the Barrett Barrage.”

Rock smiles, he spins Barrett round and the Englishman is greeted with a Stone Cold Stunner! The crowd explodes as Austin gives Barrett the finger.

JR: “Stunner!”

Cole: “I don't think the Rattlesnake took too kindly to been bumped out of the way like that!”

Barrett is laid down in the middle of the ring, and Rock adds insult to injury by hitting Barrett with a People's Elbow. Austin once again steps up to Rock, but the pair shake hands and the crowd cheer. Austin's music plays and he signals for beers. He throws one to Rock, the pair share a beer before emptying their cans over the fallen Barrett.

Cole: “Two of the greatest superstars of all time come together to put a halt to the Barrett Barrage here on Raw's 20th anniversary.”

JR: “The stunner, the people's elbow, such iconic images in our company history, what a fitting way to get things kicked off here tonight.”

Cole: “And I don't think that's the last we'll see of Austin or Rock tonight, there is of course the results of the vote later on tonight, plus CM Punk will have something to say about taking a People's Elbow last week.”

We transition backstage, where Josh Matthews is on camera.

Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, The Viper, Randy Orton.”

The camera pans out to show Orton standing with Matthews, wearing a referee shirt.

Matthews: “Randy you are 13 nights away from a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, when you face both Daniel Bryan and the reigning champion Big Show in a triple threat match. Tonight you will referee a match between Show and Bryan, your thoughts?”

Orton: “Josh, last week I was knocked out by Big Show when he was supposedly refereeing my match. So when I was told by Jerry Lawler that I'd be an official tonight, I had to laugh. See, I'm not the most stable of guys at the best of times, much less when you put me in the ring with two men who I need to defeat to once again become World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight gives me a good opportunity to scout my Royal Rumble opponents up close and personal, but I don't think Mike Chioda has to worry about me taking his role as senior official any time soon.”

Matthews: “Randy moments ago we heard The Rock talking about what it would mean to become WWE Champion again. You're a multiple-time World Champion, what would it mean to you to hold the title again?”

Orton: “It's no secret that I've had my demons over the last couple of years, some people have been questioning if I can make it back to the very top. The World Championship will prove to the world that I am as deadly, dangerous and dominant as ever.”

The screen fades to black and Raw goes to commercials. Raw returns with a video package on Triple H's career and how to vote for him as the most popular superstar in Raw history.

Back live in the arena, Antonio Cesaro is mid-entrance. He is dressed to wrestle and carrying the European Championship belt.

Cole: “Even though we are celebrating our 20th anniversary tonight, and we will be looking past to our rich history during the show, I feel I must stress to viewers that Antonio Cesaro is not a sanctioned champion here in WWE.”

JR: “That's right Michael, since losing the United States Championship to Zack Ryder last month Cesaro has declared himself the champion of Europe, and while that is the same belt that the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H once defended, it is not currently a sanctioned championship.”

Cesaro enters the ring and snatches the mic from Justin Roberts, who was about to begin ring introductions.

Cesaro: “As the current European Champion, in fact as the greatest European Champion of all time, I feel it is only proper that I issue an open challenge on this historic night. I, Antonio Cesaro, fill defend this prestigious championship against any former European Champion.”

After a short pause, William Regal's music hits to cheers from the crowd. Regal makes his way to the ring in his usual manor.

Cole: “I'm not sure how this is going to work JR, Cesaro is defending a non-sanctioned title here.”

JR: “Either way, we're in for a technically sound match-up here. Regal may have a few miles on the clock in this stage of his career, but he is still a deadly competitor and will pose a challenge to Cesaro here.”

It's a short match with lots of chain wrestling, grapple holds and technical counters. Regal looks to have the match won and goes for a running knee, but Cesaro catches him with a big European uppercut. He follows up with the Neutraliser for the win.

Antonio Cesaro def. William Regal

Cesaro clutches his European Championship to his chest and the announcers put over Cesaro's strength as they replay him hitting the Neutraliser on Regal.

Backstage, Steve Austin is shown in conversation with somebody. The camera zooms out to reveal Ric Flair, which draws a cheer from the crowd.

Austin: “Ric! Damn it's good to see you friend.”

Flair: “The Nature Boy never misses a party Steve, I'm gonna go out there later tonight and party like it's 1985, woooo!”

CM Punk walks past, before checking back. He stares into the eyes of Flair, before turning to Austin.

Punk: “Hi Steve.”

Punk smiles and walks away. Austin turns back to Flair.

Austin: “What the hell was that?”

Flair: “CM Punk”

Austin: “I know who the hell he was Ric, but what was that little stare thing he just did?”

Flair: “What?”

Austin: “Don't what me!”

Flair: “What? Wooo! What? Wooo!”

Austin doesn't look impressed.

Austin: “Good to see you Ric, I've got some business to take care of.”

Austin pats Flair on the back before walking off camera, leaving Flair alone. He continues to “what/woo” as the screen transitions back live in the arena and the camera focuses on the announcers.

Cole: “You could have cut the tension with a knife right there Jim, CM Punk staring out Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

JR: “Stone Cold has never backed down from a fight in his life, you can guarantee Austin won't let that moment be forgotten.”

Cole: “Punk has been calling Austin out for months, remember the night he cut his infamous pipe-bomb promo, he was wearing an Austin shirt that night.”

JR: “It's no secret that Punk wants to bring Austin out retirement for a match, I'm not sure staring down the Rattlesnake is the way to go about it.”

Ryback's music hits to cheers from the crowd, and they chant “feed me more” as he makes his way to the ring.

Cole: “It's decision time ladies and gentlemen, Ryback has earned the right to select his own entry number in his debut Royal Rumble match in 13 nights, Ryback on his way to the ring to announce his decision.”

Ryback stands in the ring with a mic, light Goldberg chants from the crowd before he speaks.

Ryback: “For months I have been saying 'feed me more'. That is because I have an appetite for destruction. At the Royal Rumble, 30 men will compete for the right to earn a championship match at WrestleMania. But for me, the Royal Rumble match presents the ultimate feast, 29 other men for me to sink my teeth into. At the Royal Rumble, I will enter the match... at number 1!”

The crowd cheer.

Cole: “Number one! Are you kidding me? This guy could select number 30 and give himself the best possible chance of victory, and he goes for entering first.”

Ryback: “I am not entering at number one to emulate Shawn Michaels, I am entering number one to destroy whoever enters at number 2. And number 3. 4, 5, 6. I will eliminate every single man from the Rumble match. Feed! Me! More!”

The crowd chant along before Alberto Del Rio's music hits. The crowd boo as his music continues to play. Del Rio appears through the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp, dressed in a suit with a mic in hand.

JR: “It's Alberto Del Rio! We've not seen Del Rio for a number of weeks after coming out on the losing end of a tables match with Randy Orton at TLC, what is he doing here?”

Del Rio: “Ryback, you have shown the entire world what a stupid man you are. You are a very stupid man. Not just for picking the worst possible entry number for the Royal Rumble match, but for thinking that you will win the Royal Rumble match. Alberto Del Rio was the first and only man to win a 40-man Rumble match, and I have returned tonight to tell you and everyone else that I am back to win the Royal Rumble match again.”

Ryback: “How about instead of standing up there in a suit, you come down here and tell me that to me face?”

Del Rio smiles, he takes off his jacket and teases making his way to the ring before turning back around. He walks back through the curtain to boos from the crowd, Ryback is shown looking angrily up the ramp as Raw fades to commercials.

Raw returns with a video package on Shawn Michaels' career and gives viewers instructions on how to vote for him as the greatest superstar in Raw history. Live in the arena, the bell rings as Justin Roberts stands in the ring.

Roberts: “The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the WWE Tag Team Championships.”

The crowd cheer as Rey Mysterio's music hits to bring out Mysterio and Sin Cara as the challengers, and the announcers speak as they make their way to the ring.

Cole: “Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara looking to bounce right back after suffering a shock loss of their Tag Team Championships on SmackDown.”

JR: “That's right, The Prime Time Players capitalising on miscommunication between the Luchadors to pick up their first championships in WWE, Mysterio and Sin Cara immediately looking to recapture the titles with their rightful return match.”

Roberts then introduces the Prime Time Players as the new Champions, and they makes their way to the ring as the announcers continue.

Cole: “JR before we get going with this match, what are your thoughts on the shock return of Alberto Del Rio here tonight?”

JR: “I think picking a fight with a man like Ryback is asking for trouble, but he's right in saying he is the only man to ever win a 40-man Rumble match so if he is indeed entering this year's match he has to be up there with the favourites.”

Cole: “Right now we have a Tag Team Championship rematch, JR it's important for the Players to put in a dominant display tonight if they want to go on to have a lengthy reign.”

JR: “The important thing tonight is retaining the titles, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young have bright futures here in WWE but they need to get that first title defense out of the way early on. Losing the titles back to Rey and Cara on their first defense as champions could have catastrophic effects on their confidence as a team.”

The match goes four minutes with both sides getting an even amount of offense, before Brock Lesnar's music hits to the surprise of everybody. The crowd pops and the four competitors look fearfully up the ramp as Lesnar appears on stage, flanked by Paul Heyman. Lesnar jogs on the spot for a moment before heading to the ring.

Sin Cara tries to cut Lesnar off, attempting a springboard splash from inside the ring, but Lesnar catches Cara mid-air and delivers a devastating F5 to Cara on the outside. With Heyman laughing and barking instructions, Lesnar hops the apron and enters the ring. The Players back off and retreat to the corner, but Rey tries to stand up to Lesnar. Brock delivers a knee to the stomach of Rey and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Prime Time Players via DQ

Lesnar then makes his way to the champions, who begin to double-team Lesnar. They delver a few shots and throw him into the ropes, but Lesnar comes back with an explosive clothesline to take out both men.

JR: “What on Earth is this monster doing? He's out of control!”

Cole: “Look at the dominance, the ease in which he's dismantling our two best tag teams single-highhandedly.”

The Players roll out of the ring and run up the ramp to avoid further punishment, but Mysterio gets up and once again tries to fight off Lesnar. Brock reacts with an F5 to Rey, before Heyman tells him to stop. Brock stands in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face as Heyman enters the ring with a mic.

Heyman: “What you have seen here is a demonstration, a sneak peek at what to expect at the Royal Rumble. My client is not a man, he is a beast, and he cannot wait to enter the Royal Rumble match in 13 nights to deliver the same punishment to the 29 other superstars brave enough to enter the Rumble match. But there is one man that the beast incarnate has a particular thirst for, a man he wants to break and destroy once and for all, and that man is John Cena.”

The crowd cheer the mention of Cena's name as Heyman continues.

Heyman: “Brock Lesnar is the most dominant, gifted and destructive man in WWE history, he is a man who has climbed to the top of the mountain in UFC, simply put Brock Lesnar hurts people. John Cena should have got the message when Brock Lesnar almost broke his neck last month, but Superman has declared that he will enter the Rumble match too. John Cena thinks he can earn a shot at The Rock by winning the Rumble match. This is foolish, John Cena is foolish to willingly step in the ring when my client is around. As is anyone else. John Cena, if you are stupid enough to enter the Royal Rumble match my client will ensure it is the last ring you ever step foot in. You see, in Brock Lesnar you are facing a different kind of challenge. You're not facing a man who is entering the Rumble to earn a World Championship match – if Brock Lesnar wanted a Championship match he would get one at the click of his fingers because he is a big-match, big-money fighter. No, Brock Lesnar is entering that match to hurt, dismember and destroy as many people as he wants...”

Suddenly, John Cena's music hits and the arena explodes with cheers. Cena wastes no time, dressed to wrestle he sprints down to the ring and delivers a spear to Lesnar. The pair trade blows in a violent fist-fight as they roll around on the mat. Heyman has escaped the ring and watches on in horror as Lesnar and Cena continue to go at it, with the crowd cheering the confrontation. Lesnar begins to take the advantage and bloodies Cena's face with a stiff elbow shot before security and officials try to pull the two men apart. Lesnar throws two security men to the ground before again swinging for Cena, but there are simply too many security men pulling the two apart and the fight is over.

JR: “What a collision it's going to be at the Royal Rumble, John Cena has shown right here that he is not afraid and he is ready for a fight!”

Cole: “He's going to get a fight, he's going to get the fight of his life, these two men cannot stand each other!”

JR: “It's going to be the most explosive Royal Rumble match of all time!”

As Cena is pulled to the back by security with blood on his face, Lesnar and Heyman stand in the ring with a smile on their face. The announcers transition into a video package on how fans can vote for either Cena or Lesnar to be crowned the most popular superstar of all time.

The action transitions backstage, where Santino and Ricardo are sitting at a table in discussion. Santino is congratulating Ricardo on how good a job he is doing at been his new personal ring announcer when Alberto Del Rio walks past.

Del Rio: “Ricardo, what are you doing with this peasant? Come with me.”

Ricardo: “No.”

Del Rio: “What?”

Ricardo: “I work for Santino now, I have a contract.”

Del Rio: “To hell with Santino and his contract, I brought you here, you belong to me, now come on.”

Santino stands up.

Santino: “He said no.”

Del Rio frowns at Ricardo before striking Santino with a right hand and delivering a Spinebuster through the table. Ricardo runs away before Del Rio can turn his attention to him. Del Rio angrily walks away and Raw fades to commercials with Santino lying motionless on the ground.

Raw returns with a vignette. In a darkened gym, the camera is zoomed in close to a muscular black man's chest. The camera zooms out slowly, revealing the word LANGSTON across the singlet. The camera zooms out fully to reveal Big E Langston standing with his arms folded. The camera fades to black and a logo on screen reveals that Langston will make his debut next week on Raw.

Back live in the arena, the ring is set up for MizTV and the Intercontinental Champion The Miz is stood in the ring wearing a suit and the title belt over his shoulder. Zack Ryder and Damien Sandow are sat in two directors chairs as Miz's guests.

Miz: “As we celebrate 20 years of Monday Night Raw, it is only fitting that I bring to you a special edition of the most must-see talk show in Raw history, welcome ladies and gentlemen to MizTV!”

The crowd boo Miz, who continues regardless.

Miz: “I am joined here tonight by the United States Champion Zack Ryder, and the man who will challenge him for the US title at the Royal Rumble, Mr Damien Sandow. Damien if I may start with you, can you remind viewers at home why you have been rewarded with this championship opportunity.”

Sandow: “Certainly sir. Following the amicable break-up of former Tag Team Champions Team Rhodes Scholars, I elected to peruse a singles career. I hold several victories over this ignoramus, who somehow has found himself holding a prestigious championship belt. Zack Ryder is a buffoon, promoting terrible use of the English language and setting a poor example of how a champion should present himself. Take a look at your United States Champion ladies and gentlemen, slouched in this chair with terrible posture, wearing a shirt that depicts the Statue Of Liberty fist-pumping, I find this behavior repugnant. Or in words that even Zack Ryder can understand, distasteful.”

Ryder: “Are you serious bro? How about I get up off this chair and fist-pump you in the face?”

Miz separates the pair.

Miz: “Zack I must ask you to behave yourself on my show, I know you're only the United States Champion but you still have a level of responsibility...”

Ryder: “... Woah, what do you mean ONLY the United States Champion bro?”

Miz: “I mean you're speaking to the Intercontinental Champion, I am a class above you and you will show me some respect.”

Ryder takes exception to this and squares up to Miz, only to be attacked from behind by Sandow. Miz and Sandow beat-down Ryder, with Sandow ending events with his Neckbreaker finisher. He takes Ryder's title belt and holds it aloft alongside Miz, who has raised his Intercontinental Championship belt. Sandow's music plays as the pair receive boos from the crowd.

In Jerry Lawler's office, King is sat at his desk watching events on a TV. In enters John Cena.

Cena: “King, you wanted to see me?”

King: “Thanks John, take a seat... It's about earlier on, that brawl with Brock Lesnar... well actually it's about you in general. You're here against doctors recommendations. Now I have no problem allowing you to enter the Royal Rumble match, but you're clearly hurt and I have to protect the best interests of Monday Night Raw as it's General Manager. John, even at 100%, stepping in the ring with a lunatic like Brock Lesnar can spell the end of a career. In your condition, with the neck still hurt, are you sure you want to go down this road?”

Cena: “I have to Jerry. At the Rumble, The Rock challenges for the WWE Championship. And if he wins, he may well have to defend the title against the Royal Rumble winner. I need redemption for what happened at WrestleMania last year, and I know that's a lot of “ifs” and “maybes”, but if there is a chance there for me to get a second shot at The Rock then I have to take it. It's worth putting my career on the line for King, because without getting my win back from Rock my career means nothing.”

King: “Fine, I can't argue with that. You just be careful John, take it from a guy who knows, hospital aint a fun place to be at. Take care.”

Cena shakes King's hand and heads out the door.

Back live in the arena, Cody Rhodes is in the ring as Justin Roberts introduces him for the following match. Christian's music then hits to cheers from the crowd, and Captain Charisma appears on stage. He has a mic in hand.

Christian: “I hope you don't mind, but with this been a bit of a party here tonight, I decided to invite a friend along...”

After a short pause, Edge's music hits to a big reaction from the crowd. Edge makes his trademark entrance, complete with pyro. Rhodes looks unimpressed in the ring as Christian enters the ring for their match.

Despite Rhodes dominating the early-going, Christian manages to make the comeback at 6 minutes. Christian pays tribute to Edge by hitting Cody with a Spear to pick up the win.

Christian def. Cody Rhodes

Edge enters the ring to celebrate with Christian. Edge asks for a mic from ringside.

Edge: “20 years, that's kind of a big deal right? That's kind of memorable. It's the kind of occasion that might want to make you... I don't know... take a picture?”

The crowd cheer as Edge continues.

Edge: “So... for the benefit of those with flash photography...”

The crowd goes wild as Edge and Christian take part in a five-second pose, Raw fades to black for commercials.

Raw returns with the announcers talking over replays of the key events of the night so far, before feeding to a video package on CM Punk and how to vote for him in tonight's poll. Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is in Jerry Lawler's office watching a replay of the Cena/Lesnar brawl from earlier tonight.

McMahon: “King, we can't let this continue, we need to do something.”

Before Lawler can answer, a loud bang is heard. Brock Lesnar has kicked the door down, he has a sick smile on his face. He turns to Stephanie.

Lesnar: “Hey, Mrs Helmsley, how's Hunter's arm doing?”

Lawler then turns to address Lawler.

Lesnar: “I just wanted to let you know that what I did to John Cena earlier tonight, that was just a taste of what's to come. So you and this woman here, you can do and tell those corporate types that you answer to that they better prepare for blood, broken bones and a lot of violence. I'm really starting to enjoy myself round here.”

Lesnar laughs to himself before exiting.

The camera transitions to Josh Matthews, who is in the interview area.

Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, the World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show.”

The camera zooms out to reveal Show, with the title over his shoulder.

Matthews: “Show tonight you get to step into the ring with one of the two men you will face at the Royal Rumble event in 13 nights when you go one-on-one with Daniel Bryan. The referee for that match will be the other challenger to your title Randy Orton. Show after you knocked Orton out while refereeing his match on Friday, are you concerned that the Viper may not be so partial tonight?”

Show: “Do I look concerned? Nothing concerns you when you're a Giant little man. It doesn't matter if Randy Orton wants to attack me in a referee shirt, in a suit, oiled up in his trunks, the result will be the same. He gets knocked out. As for Daniel Bryan, there's still a part of me that wants to punish the flying goat for cashing in Money In The Bank on me a couple of years ago. So tonight, on the 20th anniversary of Raw, I will do what I've been doing since I got here. I will knock out my opponent, and I will dominate anyone who tries to stop me.”

Back live in the arena, Cult Of Personality hits to a flood of boos from the crowd. CM Punk appears, accompanied by Paul Heyman, carrying the WWE Championship around his waist while wearing jeans and a CM Punk t-shirt.

Cole: “He is 9 nights away from defending the WWE Championship against The Rock, and CM Punk has said for months that he doesn't agree with Rock getting a title shot.”

JR: “It doesn't matter if he agrees, he needs to get his mind ready for what could be one of the biggest matches in his career.”

Punk enters the ring, hands the title belt to Heyman and takes a mic.

Punk: “As the greatest WWE Champion in the history of Raw, I wanted to come out here on this special night and make a few points. My first point is about the Royal Rumble. Everywhere I look, I see posters for the event, and who is on the poster? Not the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era, no, it's The Rock. A black and white poster captioned by the word “finally”. And that poster sums up exactly why is wrong with this company, but also what is going to happen at the Royal Rumble when Dwayne steps in the ring with the best in the world.”

The crowd boo and a Rocky chant breaks out, but Punk continues regardless.

Punk: “See, the fact that it is a black and white picture just shows me how old Rocky is, he is old news, a throwback to an era long-gone, an era subservient to me and what I am doing in the here and now. And “finally”. A word so often associated with The Rock, but in 2 weeks when we are sitting here on Monday Night Raw and CM Punk is WWE Champion, he will be the one yelling “finally”. I will be talking about how I have finally proven that I am the best in the world, finally I have proven that those attitude era guys who can't let go of the past are not in my league, finally I am the true face of this company, and finally I have your respect... I'm not holding my breath, see I know that it's going to take more than me defeating The Rock to get you people to open your eyes. A simple victory just won't cut it, we'll still be back where we started with people clambering for Rocky. No, in 13 nights I'm going to have to end The Rock once and for all. In fact, I don't see why I should wait for the Rumble to do that. I say I march back there and end him right now.”

Punk drops the mic and exits the ring with Heyman following closely behind as Raw fades to commercials.

Raw returns with a summary package on every superstar you can vote for to win the 20 Years of Raw award at the end of the show; the full list of nominees is Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, CM Punk, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart.

Back live, Vickie Guerrero is stood in the ring with Joe Hennig and Ted DiBiase and the crowd is booing loudly.

Guerrero: “EXCUSE ME! Tonight is not only about the past, but it about celebrating the future of Monday Night Raw. My clients – Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig – represent that future, and are calling out any pair of legends backstage for a match right now!”

A short silence is ended by the New Age Outlaws' music hitting to a big reaction from the crowd, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn make their trademark entrance.

Cole: “The Fortunate Generation have laid down the gauntlet, and wow has it been answered!”

“Jesse James and Billy Gun, multiple-time Tag Team Champions and looking in great shape here. This is sure to be a great match between past and present.”

The Outlaws take advantage early on, with Gunn hitting a FameAsser on Hennig but seeing his pin attempt broken up by DiBiase. Perfect Generation then double-team Gunn for several minutes before he makes the hot tag to Road Dogg, who hits his signature spots to cheers from the crowd. After a 7-minute match, DiBiase throws Gunn into the ring steps. Hennig looks set to hit the PerfectPlex, but Road Dogg reversed into an inside craddle and gets the 3!

New Age Outlaws def. The Perfect Generation

The Outlaws' victory is short lived as DiBiase enters the ring and drops Road Dogg with Dream Street. Guerrero laughs to herself and their music hits as they exit the ring.

Backstage, an angry Wade Barrett is walking down the hall when is stopped by Josh Matthews.

Matthews: “Wade if I may have a moment of your time?”

Barrett: “No you bloody well can't. What happened tonight, what happened on SmackDown, and the way this company is treating me of late is unacceptable. The Rock has a WWE Championship match in 2 weeks, but the guy hasn't wrestled a single match since he came back a few weeks ago. If Rock wants to lay his hands on me, then I say he does it like a man. This Friday on SmackDown I am calling out The Great One, he can step in the ring with me and see just how great he really is.”

Barrett then shoves Matthews to the ground and walks away.

Back live in the arena, Howard Finkel is in the ring with a microphone.

Fink: “The following is an over-the-top-rope gauntlet match...”

Kane's pyro shoots to boos from the crowd as the Big Red Machine makes his way to the ring, with AJ skipping behind him.

Fink: “Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by AJ Lee, Kane!”

Kane shoots his pyro in the ring as the announcers speak.

JR: “One of the most dominant Royal Rumble match wrestlers in history, an over-the-top-rope gauntlet for Kane is ideal practise ahead of the Rumble.”

Sgt. Slaughter is first out to cheers from the crowd as the bell rings to begin the match, but he lasts a matter of seconds as Kane delivers a big boot that sends Slaughter crashing to the outside. Out next is Bob Backlund, who puts up a small flurry of offence before Kane takes him by the throat and delivers a Chokeslam to the outside. The crowd pops for Jim Duggan, who enters the ring and attempts to hit Kane with a 2x4, but Kane grabs the weapon and returns the favour to Duggan before throwing him over the top.

Cole: “Sheer dominance here from the Big Red Machine, can anyone even come close to eliminating this guy?”

Cheers from the crowd as Sheamus's music hits and the Celtic Warrior makes his way to the ring.

JR: “Here is a man who will fancy his chances, the winner of last year's Royal Rumble match!”

Sheamus and Kane go at it for 6 minutes, trading blows and attempting to eliminate each-other from the ring. The finish comes when Sheamus slides out the back of a Tombstone attempt and connects with a Brogue Kick, sending Kane over the top and to the floor.

Fink: “Here is your winner... Sheamus!”

Cole: “What a match, what a collision between these two men.”

JR: “Sheamus gets a big boost heading into the Rumble, can Sheamus possibly pull off a second consecutive win?”

Cole: “We find out in less than two weeks. But up next, Ric Flair is making his way to the ring, what does the Nature Boy have in store when Raw continues?”

An image of Flair walking down the hall sends Raw to commercials.

Back live and Flair's music plays to cheers from the crowd. Flair slowly makes his way to the ring dressed in a suit, strutting in his usual manor. A figure is shown running down the ramp behind Flair, and the crowd boo as Dolph Ziggler smashes Flair with his Money In The Bank briefcase. The fans continue to boo as Ziggler stomps away at Flair, ripping his jacket off his back and rolling him into the ring. Flair attempts to fight back with a series of right hands and chops, but Ziggler drops Flair with a Superkick. The crowd boo loudly as Ziggler demands a mic from ringside.

Ziggler: “WWE need to spend less of their time, effort and money on washed up 60-year-olds and more time looking after their future. The future is bright, the future is Mr Money In The Bank, the future... is... Ziggler!”

Ziggler then adds insult to injury by applying the Figure Four Leglock to Flair as the crowd boo loudly. Ziggler eventually releases the hold, picks up his briefcase and mocks Flair's strut as he heads back up the ramp.

Backstage, the camera is on R-Truth, who is talking to someone off-camera.

Truth: “You know, you really need to do something about those Goldberg chants…”

The camera zooms out to reveal Ryback with an angry expression on his face.

Truth: “That’s why me and Little Jimmy invited him along for you to talk to, try and get this thing straightened out…”

Into the room walks Gilberg, acting like Goldberg. Ryback is less than impressed as Gilberg approaches Ryback. Gilberg then begins chanting Feed Me More. Ron Simmons then walks by, sees what is going on and delivers his trademark “DAMN”.

Back live in the arena, the announcers sell disgust as a replay of Dolph Ziggler attacking Ric Flair is shown. We are shown exclusive footage of Flair been helped to the back, before live in the arena Randy Orton’s music hits to cheers from the crowd.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing the special guest referee, Randy Orton!”

Orton appears through the curtain wearing a referee shirt and black pants, and he makes his way to the ring as the announcers speak.

Cole: “The rivalry between Orton, Bryan and Show has escalated over the last couple of weeks to the point where this match we’re about to see really is unpredictable.”

JR: “Randy Orton is unstable at the best of times, putting him in charge of our main event here tonight might not prove to be a brilliant decision.”

Out next is Daniel Bryan, who milks the Yes/No chants from the crowd in usual fashion.

Cole: “Bryan has a point to prove here tonight, a victory over the reigning World Champion will give him a huge boost going into that Triple Threat match at the Royal Rumble.”

Out next is Big Show, who looks angry as he marches to the ring.

JR: “Easier said than done, Big Show has looked like a giant that cannot be slayed since picking up the World Heavyweight Championship several months ago. He’s angry with Booker T for putting him in the triple threat, and while he will look to take his anger out on Daniel Bryan here that does not make Orton safe either.”

Orton calls the first 7 minutes down the middle with no controversy. Show dominates the early-going before Bryan makes a comeback by targeting the legs of Show. At the 9 minute mark, Bryan hits a missile dropkick but Show powers out at one, drawing awe from the crowd.

Show retaliates with a Chokeslam at the 10 minute mark, but Show is shocked when Bryan gets the shoulder up before 3. Show gets to his feet and argues with Orton, before shoving him. Orton reacts with an RKO to massive cheers from the crowd. Bryan gets to his feet and climbs the top rope before landing a diving headbutt. Orton fast-counts to give Bryan the 3!

Daniel Bryan def. Big Show

JR: “If Randy Orton’s mission here was to make Big Show even angrier, then mission accomplished.”

Cole: “Not every day you’re going to see a WWE official deliver an RKO to the 500lb World Champion, and the win gives Bryan a psychological advantage.”

Orton raises Bryan’s hand before delivering an RKO to Bryan, which again gets cheers from the crowd. Orton takes the World Title belt and stands over the fallen Show and Bryan as the crowd continue to cheer.

Cole: “Orton sending a message to both Show and Bryan here tonight, it’s every man for himself at the Rumble and Orton doesn’t need to slay the giant to take his title.”

JR: “You’re right Michael, it’s going to be explosive at the Rumble.”

Cole: “After the break, we will have the results on the vote to crown the most popular superstar in Raw’s 20 year history, don’t go anywhere!”

Raw goes to it's final commercial break, and returns with a backstage segment. Jerry Lawler and Booker T are in discussion when Vickie Guerrero storms into the office, followed by Joe Hennig and Ted DiBiase.

Vickie: “EXCUSE ME!”

Lawler: “Excuse you? Excuse me, we were talking.”

Vickie: “This is important. My clients want a rematch with the New Age Outlaws, and we want it as soon as possible.”

Booker: “Fancy that, Vickie me and King were just talking about what matches to put on the Main Event card this Wednesday. You want a rematch? You got it. Now get the hell out.”

Vickie smiles and escorts Hennig and DiBiase out of the office.

Live in the arena, Vince McMahon's music hits to massive cheers from the live crowd. Vince struts toward the ring in trademark fashion.

JR: “It's been quite some time since we're seen the Chairman on Monday Night Raw, I assume he's out here to present the big award.”

Cole: “It was in fact the Monday Night Raw heading into TLC that we last saw Mr McMahon, he faced CM Punk in a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match!”

Vince enters the ring with a mic and waits out chanting before beginning.

McMahon: “Before I present the award for the most popular WWE Superstar in Raw's 20 year history, I would like to take a moment to thank the WWE Universe. Without the support of our fans we would not be here tonight, so on behalf of WWE I thank you all.”

The crowd applaud before Vince continues.

McMahon: “Right, let's get down to business! I am please to announce that the winner of our public vote, and officially the most popular WWE superstar in Raw history is...”

The Rock's music hits to cheers from the crowd. Rock re-appears for the second time tonight and begins to make his way to the ring.

JR: “There were some amazing contenders for this award ladies and gentlemen, The Rock should be very proud to pick up this accolade.”

Cole: “The final results will be posted on WWE.com shortly, but I can tell you it was very close between Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the voting.”

Rock takes the mic from Vince, who exits the ring to allow Rock his moment.

Rock: “The Rock is a multiple-time World Champion, movie star, whatever I have set my heart on I have aimed to be the very best. The reason I came back, the reason I returned to the ring last year was not for me. It wasn't for money, or to promote a movie. It was for the people. So for the people to vote for The Rock, when there are names like Undertaker, Austin, Michaels and Hart in the running, The Rock thanks you from the bottom of his heart. I am truly humbled...”

Cult Of Personality interrupts to loud boos. CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) appears on stage with the WWE Championship around his waist and a mic in hand, and he shouts furiously into the microphone.

Punk: “There is nothing humbling about this travesty. These people are a joke. I am out here busting my ass every day, breaking records and selling out arenas, yet Mr Part-Time wins this award? You want humility Rock? I'll give you humility, I'll give you all the humility you can handle at the Royal Rumble. In fact, it won't be humbling. When I destroy the People's Champion at the Royal Rumble and once again defend my WWE Championship successfully, you will be more than humbled. I will leave you beaten and embarrassed. Embarrassed that you thought you could come back and go toe-to-toe with the best in the world. Because despite this stupid little award you just won, I remain the best. I am better than you, Stone Cold, Undertaker, whoever else you want to name.”

Rock: “The Rock says you run your mouth an awful lot, how about we don't wait until the Royal Rumble, how about you walk your monkey ass down that ramp and I shove your humble right up your candy ass?”

Punk laughs to himself before unhooking his title belt, handing it to Heyman and sprinting to the ring as the crowd explode with cheers.

JR: “Oh my God it's gonna happen right here, Rock and Punk is on!”

Punk slides into the ring and begins to trade blows with Rock, but Rock gets the upper-hand and drops Punk with a Spinebuster. He signals for the People's Elbow, but as he rebounds off the ropes he is tripped by Heyman. The crowd boo as Punk gets back to hit feet. Punk connects with a GTS, the crowd booing loudly. Punk stands tall over a fallen Rock with the title held high as Raw goes off the air.

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

RAW Review

I loved your RAW 20th anniversary show all be it the only thing that I would have loved to have seen more of were more legends like Shawn Michaels making an appearance or even Triple H or even Kevin Nash or even Bret Hart or Hogan or anyone else like that

But I loved The Undertaker showing up on RAW 20 to basically build up his WrestleMania 29 match and Taker trying to extend the streak to 21-0, here are my candidates as for who I think could benefit from facing Taker at WrestleMania 29 there is The Undertaker's brother Kane with AJ, Sheamus, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, etc. you name it, they are there, so why not have like a tournament to decide who faces The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29

Loved The Rock opening up RAW only for him to be interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin of all people, it's STONE COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD!!!!!!!!!! Austin and Rock in the same ring, what a moment only for it to be interrupted by Wade Barrett of all people, like is Barrett crazy or does he just have a death wish, the second time he has interrupted The Rock but Barrett crossing paths with both Austin and Rock only for it to end in Barrett getting a Stunner and a beer bath for his trouble by Austin and Rock, I wonder who will be crowned RAW's greatest superstar of the past 20 years

Cesaro proving to be dominant yet again by beating Regal with relative ease, Cesaro he could be a darkhorse for the 2013 Royal Rumble Match especially after losing his WWE United States Championship to Zack Ryder, he wants to be recognized as European Champion but the difference being that that title has been non-existent for years

Austin/Flair backstage segment was great but out of nowhere CM Punk interrupts it by coming face to face with Austin, perhaps building up Once in a Lifetime with Austin vs Punk, Austin/Punk is a dream match in of that of itself

Ryback/Del Rio segment I loved that too, Ryback if anything he has got to be the odds on favorite to win the 2013 Royal Rumble Match but Del Rio he has won a Rumble Match before winning it back in 2011 winning the first ever 40 man Royal Rumble Match, but Ryback and Del Rio something tells me that these 2 men are going to get it on at some point

Del Rio returns only to find out that Ricardo is not even his ring announcer anymore but that he works for Santino, I wouldn't be surprised if Del Rio ends up attacking Ricardo physically anyway for turning on him

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara winning against PTP all be it by DQ but they don't get the titles back was the right result if you ask me but after the match what I didn't expect was Brock Lesnar showing up and destroying both Rey and Cara single-handedly and in such a dominant fashion, Brock Lesnar if anything he has got to be another odds on favorite for the Royal Rumble Match and if Cena were smart, he wouldn't enter the Royal Rumble Match at all

Cena/Brock brawl, I loved it, only for them to be separated by security was great but if they are both in the Royal Rumble Match, these 2 could literally tear each other apart which would be even better because there would be no security but Cena is making one stupid decision after another first by getting into the ring with Brock in the first place but risking his health yet again, sheer stupidity on Cena's part, I wouldn't be surprised if Cena is putting his career in jeopardy by competing in the Royal Rumble Match

Cena wants redemption by being in the Royal Rumble Match and if Cena does win it, and Rock ends up beating Punk for the WWE Championship, it sets up Twice in a Lifetime at WrestleMania 29, so I am all for a Cena Rumble victory

Christian beating Rhodes in a great match only for Christian's friend WWE Hall of Famer the Rated R Superstar Edge to be right there with Christian during his match and it all ending in an E & C flash photography moment, I loved it

Loved Lesnar and Heyman backstage with Stephanie and Lawler, because by Brock being in such close proximity to Stephanie it sets up Brock vs HHH the re-match at WrestleMania 29 and if that happens, Brock will finally get what's coming to him

Big Show doesn't appear to be worried about the fact that Orton is the referee for his match with Daniel Bryan, if Show were smart, he would try to manipulate Orton into working with him to get rid of Bryan to make it a 1-on-1 match but even then Orton would see right through what Big Show would try to do but Show his title reign is in serious jeopardy if you ask me especially having to defend it in a Triple-Threat Match against Orton and Bryan and Show doesn't even have to be pinned to lose his title because Orton could pin Bryan or vice versa and Show would lose his title that way

CM Punk is awfully confident that he will retain the WWE Championship and he has been champion for how long now, how many days is the title reign now? Because if anything he has a lot of reason to be confident but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if from earlier that Austin ends up costing Punk the WWE Championship to set up Punk/Austin at WrestleMania 29 because if that happens, then I am all for it because after what Punk did earlier to Austin, I wouldn't be surprised if Austin gives Punk what he has coming

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn on RAW for RAW 20, I love it, and in their match they have to face DiBiase and Hennig only for them to beat them, I loved it

Barrett calling out The Rock yet again, like I said earlier is Barrett just stupid or does he have a death wish

Flair/Ziggler segment with Ziggler attacking Flair out of nowhere, puts Ziggler over even more and the fact that Ziggler used Flair's own finisher against him by locking Flair in the Figure Four Leg Lock, I love it, maybe now Dolph could use the Figure Four from now on, a passing of the torch here if you ask me because everyone compares Ziggler to a young Ric Flair from way back, so I could see why but the main difference is that Ziggler has a MITB briefcase which he could use at any time between now and July that being Money in the Bank, so I loved this segment

Kane in a Royal Rumble gauntlet of sorts an over the top rope battle royal type gauntlet and it ending in Sheamus eliminating Kane, Sheamus won last year's Rumble, can he make it back to back Rumble wins joining the list of superstars who have won back to back Rumbles and on that list are Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, could Sheamus join that club?

That whole R-Truth, Ryback, Gillberg segment with Ron Simmons saying DAMN I have to admit was pretty funny

Bryan beats Show only because Orton the ref gets involved RKOing Show and Bryan taking advantage and then after the match Bryan gets his hand raised by Orton only for Orton to RKO Bryan, I love it because I am such a huge Orton mark and to see him become World Heavyweight Champion once again after 2 years of not being champion, Orton is overdue for a 10th title reign, long overdue for another reign, long overdue to get back to the top and Orton is a Viper through and through he can't be trusted and Bryan and Show should know that by now

Rock is crowned the greatest superstar in RAW's 20 year history, much deserved if you ask me but it all ending in Punk coming out and interrupting the festivities and Rock and Punk face to face with it all ending in Rock having the upper hand about to finish Punk only for Heyman to get involved and then Punk back to his feet hitting the GTS on Punk to end the show, love it

I can't wait until the Rumble pay per view, great show!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

i've really liked what you've done in this BTB. Kane and AJ they do make a strange pair, I hope you build them up together winning titles and all, AJ calling Kane her monster that's like Paul Bearer and The Undertaker lol. You having Brock Lesnar dominating John Cena in this BTB. Your BTB man is clearly on a ball dude. I look forward for more. Stone Cold's appearance on the 20th Anniversary very awesome. Great BTB keep up the good work.

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Friday Night SmackDown – 18th January 2013

SmackDown begins with it's usual intro video before a pyro display inside the arena opens the show. The camera pans the crowd as Josh Matthews and JBL welcome viewers to SmackDown.

Matthews: “We are just 9 nights away from what promises to be one of the greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view events in history. Welcome everyone to Friday Night SmackDown, Josh Matthews and JBL here at ringside for a massive episode.”

The Rock's music hits to a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

JBL: “We're not going to waste any time folks, here comes The Great One.”

Rock appears on stage wearing a Just Bring It tank top and track pants while carrying a gym bag. He milks the moment on stage before heading to the ring.

Matthews: “He was awarded a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble after defeating John Cena at WrestleMania 28, The Rock is 9 nights away from what he says is the most important match of his career so far.”

JBL: “It's a very big statement from a man who has gone to war with the likes of Hogan, Austin and Triple H. Rock wants to prove to the world he can once again become the champion here in WWE, we will find out in 9 nights if he has what it takes.”

Rock enters the ring and takes a microphone from ringside. He waits out a Rocky chant before beginning.

Rock: “Monday Night on Raw The Rock witness the most courageous, yet stupid act he has ever seen. Wade Barrett, ugly English tea-drinking Wade Barrett, not contempt with a Rock Bottom and a Stone Cold Stunner when sticking his crooked nose in the Great One's business, Wade Barrett decides to challenge The Rock to a match right here tonight on Friday Night SmackDown...”

The crowd cheer and begin a Yes chant, which makes Rock smile.

Rock: “The Rock is just days away from the one of the biggest pay-per-view extravaganzas of all time. So The Rock heard the challenge, and so did The Rock's agent. And The Rock's agent said to The Rock that he shouldn't compete on television, he says it will damage business and cost The Rock money. And you know how The Rock reacted. He fired that monkey-ass agent on the spot, he packed his gear in this bag and he walked himself down this ramp to declare that FINALLY The Rock... will compete on Friday Night SmackDown!”

The crowd explodes in cheers at the revelation.

Rock: “So Wade Barrett, The Rock is gonna head back there and get into his gear. You can sit back there, tail tucked between your legs, praying to God almighty himself for forgiveness because The Rock is going to whoop your monkey-ass all over this ring tonight. And then once The Rock has finished laying the smack down on you, he's going to walk right into the Royal Rumble, become WWE Champion... and I will do it, for the millions... and MILLIONS... of Rock's fans, he will do it for the people... If ya smelllll, what The Rock, is, cookin'!”

Rock's music hits again and he heads up the ramp to cheers.

Matthews: “Major news kicking off the show, we're going to see The Rock in the ring tonight!”

JBL: “When Vince McMahon ended the brand split last year he said he wanted Raw and SmackDown to be treated with the same level of importance, tonight The Rock returns to the ring not on Raw but on SmackDown! The folks who didn't tune in tonight are going to be real sad when they hit Raw on Monday.”

Matthews: “I'm still in shock, we're going to see The Rock compete tonight!”

JBL: “We fight on Friday nights!”

In the locker room, CM Punk and Paul Heyman are shown watching Rock live on a monitor. Punk turns to Heyman while shaking his head.

Punk: “Can you believe this guy? CM Punk graces SmackDown with an in-ring appearance, that should be the main event tonight. But now Rocky has pitched up with his gear, I guess CM Punk gets relegated again!”

Heyman: “It's a travesty, but if you do you just do what you've been doing ever since you won that title. You show the corporate suits here that the WWE Champion should be in the main event of every show because he is the best in the world.”

Punk: “It just sums this place up entirely. I'm the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era and I still can't get any damn respect.”

Punk exits the locker room with an angry look on his face, Heyman looks concerned and follows his out.

Back live in the arena, Sheamus's music hits to cheers from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring as the announcers speak.

Lillian Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Dublin Ireland... Sheamus!”

JBL: “CM Punk has every right to be angry in my opinion.”

Matthews: “Well he is angry, and that can't be good for Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton tonight when they team up to face Punk and the Big Show. But right now we've got a thrilling opening match-up which came about thanks to events on Monday Night Raw's 20th Anniversary this week...”

A replay of Sheamus eliminating Kane to win an over-the-top-rope gauntlet is shown as Matthews continues.

Matthews: “AJ Lee set Kane loose in an over-the-top-rope gauntlet to prepare him for the Royal Rumble match in 9 nights. Kane was on a rampage after eliminating Bob Backlund, Jim Duggan and Sgt Slaughter from the match, but when Sheamus came down to the ring it was the Celtic Warrior who won by delivering a Brogue Kick that sent Kane over the top rope.”

JBL: “That's right, SmackDown GM Booker T saw the potential for a great match and it's going to happen tonight.”

Kane's pyro hits and the Big Red Machine makes his trademark entrance, accompanied by AJ and to boos from the crowd. Before the match begins, Teddy Long's music hits.

Long: “As assistant to SmackDown general manager Booker T, I am authorized to make alterations to matches on SmackDown. Sheamus, Kane, you two wanted to win that gauntlet match on Raw to build momentum for the Royal Rumble match and I understand that. That is why I have decided to add a special stipulation to this match here tonight – instead of a standard one-on-one contest, this will be an over-the-top-rope challenge match!”

There isn't much reaction from the crowd at the announcement, as the announcers clarify the winner will be the first person to throw his opponent over the top rope with both feel touching the ground. After 7 minutes of even action between the pair, Kane lifts Sheamus to the top turnbuckle as if attempting a Superplex. Sheamus delivers three headbuts to Kane, sending him crashing to the mat. Kane gets to his feet and Sheamus looks to hit a diving shoulder charge, but AJ holds on to Sheamus's leg. The distraction allows Kane to hit a Big Boot, sending Sheamus crashing to the floor.

Kane (w/ AJ Lee) def. Sheamus

The crowd boo as Kane exits the ring, AJ laughing hysterically. Kane grabs Sheamus and delivers a devastating Tombstone Piledriver on the floor, drawing heat from the crowd.

Matthews: “Oh my God! Kane is unstable, he's won the match but he has to take things too far.”

JBL: “You can call it unstable, but I think it's smart on the part of Kane. He wants to win the Rumble Match, it makes sense to weaken the man who won it last year.”

Matthews: “I think it's despicable, Kane seems to have become even more twisted since joining forces with AJ.”

A shot of Dolph Ziggler walking down the hall with his Money In The Bank briefcase is shown as SmackDown goes to commercials.

SmackDown returns with a replay of Kane delivering the Tombstone on the floor to Sheamus. They then show “during the commercial” footage of Sheamus refusing medical attention and attempting to exit by himself before collapsing on the ramp. Back live, Justin Gabriel is in the ring awaiting his opponent. Dolph Ziggler's music hits and Mr Money In The Bank cuts a promo while making his way to the ring.

Ziggler: “Monday Night on Raw I sent a message to the entire WWE Universe, and I sent that message by taking a once-great man in Ric Flair and making him cry out in pain as I put him in his patented Figure Four Leglock. The message I sent was clear – I will no longer be over-looked. I am the best damn thing going on in this company right now, and Monday was just the start of my rise to the stop. Justin Gabriel, you are nothing more than the next step on the ladder...”

Ziggler then enters the ring for his match. In a highly athletic match, Gabriel has a few flurries of offense but it otherwise dominated by Ziggler. After 4 minutes, Ziggler drops Gabriel with a Superkick. Rather than going for the pin, Ziggler instead applies the Figure Four to pick up the submission win.

Dolph Ziggler def. Justin Gabriel

The crowd boo as Ziggler mocks Flair's strut. The action transitions backstage, where Matt Striker is in the interview area.

Striker: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time... Wade Barrett.”

Barrett walks into shot with a smile on his face.

Striker: “Wade can we please have your reaction to the news that you will face The Rock right here on SmackDown tonight?”

Barrett: “I'm bloody delighted Matt. Men like myself have been fighting our way week-in week-out to earn championship opportunities, yet The Rock waltzes on in here and jumps the line, taking title shots that frankly he does not deserve. Tonight I'm going to beat some discipline into The Rock – nobody makes a fool out of Wade Barrett without feeling the effects of the great Barrett Barrage.”

Striker: “Would you say this is the biggest match of your career?”

Barrett: “It's hard to say Matt, I headlined some pretty big pay-per-views as leader of the Nexus. I'm no rookie, I know what I'm doing in the ring and I will show that tonight by taking out the great Rock.”

Barrett smiles to himself before walking away from the interview. Back live in the arena, the camera is on the announcers.

Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen it is with regret that I have to inform you their neither John Cena or Brock Lesnar will be appearing on the show tonight. Both men have been suspended for the rest of the week due to their brawl on Raw's 20th Anniversary Show...”

A replay of the incident is shown as Matthews continues.

Matthews: “... Cena and Lesnar have unfinished business and will both be entering the Royal Rumble match in 9 nights, but this unsanctioned brawl was deemed unacceptable by WWE officials who have ordered both men to stay away from the arena tonight and return for Monday Night Raw next week. Cena and Lesnar's rivalry all began last year when Lesnar returned to WWE and targeted Cena, but Cena defeated Lesnar in a shock victory at Extreme Rules. Lesnar bided his time and extracted revenge for the loss last month at TLC, costing Cena the WWE Championship and a chance to face The Rock. Cena suffered a severe neck injury at the hands of Lesnar, and despite not heeling entirely from the injury he will enter the Royal Rumble match with Lesnar,”

JBL: “It's going to be a pure fight the minute those two step into the ring, they simply do not get along.”

Matthews: “Let me interrupt you for one moment John, I've received news that Sheamus has been taken to a nearby medical facility to further examine the extent of his injuries after that vicious attack by Kane earlier tonight.”

The Miz's music hits to boos from the crowd as the Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring for a match.

Garcia: “The following is a Champion vs Champion match! Introducing first, he is the Intercontinental Champion... The Miz!”

The crowd boo again, Miz makes his entrance as the announcers continue.

Matthews: “We don't feature these champion vs champion matches for no reason – Monday night on Raw Miz claimed to be more important than Zack Ryder by stating the Intercontinental Championship was more prestigious than Ryder's United States Championship. This resulted in a physical confrontation between the pair, Ryder taking a beating at the hands of Miz and the number one contender to the US Title Damien Sandow.”

JBL: “Both the Intercontinental and United States championships have a rich history and both men should be proud to be the champion. Ryder has a very difficult title defense at the Royal Rumble, the last thing he should be doing is picking fights with anyone whose name is not Damien Sandow.”

Ryder then makes his entrance to cheers and the match begins. After 3 minutes of action, Damien Sandow's music hits to boos. He makes his way to the ring slowly, smirking at Ryder. Sandow hits at ringside and watches the action as Miz takes control. At the 6 minute mark, Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Miz. He goes for the cover, but Sandow hops the apron and distracts the referee. Ryder gets to his feet and delivers a right hand to Sandow, sending him crashing. Miz takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Ryder from behind for the win.

The Miz def. Zack Ryder

Miz quickly exits the ring and retreats up the ramp. A furious Ryder then chases Sandow, who hops the guardrail and escapes through the crowd.

JBL: “This match was important to Zack Ryder, he is a proud US Champion and wanted to defend it;s reputation. Sandow has cost him that opportunity tonight, and I don't see Ryder letting it go unpunished.”

A graphic on the screen shows the Hall Of Fame logo, Matthews informs fans the first inductee in the 2013 Hall Of Fame class will be revealed after the break.

SmackDown returns with a special video package dedicated to the career of Mick Foley, as he is revealed to be the first inductee into the 2013 Hall Of Fame class. His image is shown on the Titantron in the arena and the fans cheer. The camera returns to the announcers.

JBL: “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a spot in the Hall Of Fame than Mick Foley, a true legend of our industry.”

Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen I can also reveal that the Hardcore Legend himself will be appearing live on Monday Night Raw next week to react to his induction in the Hall Of Fame the night before WrestleMania 29.”

Ryback's music hits to cheers from the crowd, who chant “feed me more” as he makes his way to the ring for a match. David Otunga is shown at ringside as his opponent, as Lilian Garcia handles ring introductions for both men.

JBL: “I like Ryback, I think he has an amazing career ahead of him here in WWE, but the guy has made on of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen.”

Matthews: “JBL of course referring to Ryback's decision to enter the Royal Rumble at number one when he won the opportunity to select his own entry number. Entering first obviously puts Ryback at a disadvantage, but if he does pull off the victory it will send a career-defining message to the rest of the locker room.”

JBL: “That's a very big IF in my opinion, he could have entered at number 30 and that would have easily made him the favourite going into the Rumble match.”

The announcers continue to argue about the pros and cons of Ryback's decision as he dominates Otunga in the ring, finishing him off with ShellShock inside 3 minutes.

Ryback def. David Otunga

Ryback chants “feed me more” while staring into the hard camera as the action transitions backstage, where Booker T is in his office with the Prime Time Players. O'Neil and Young have the tag titles around their waists and look pleased.

Booker: “Titus, Darren, thanks for coming on down here tonight.”

Titus: “No problem sir, as the Tag Team Champions we know we have a responsibility to carry ourselves properly.”

Young: “Oh yeah, then once we get out of here we go out to play, we go spend those millions of dollars that come with championship gold around your waist!”

Booker: “Don't get too carried away there Darren. Those Tag Title belts are exactly what I've called you in here for. See Monday Night was Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara's rightful rematch for the titles, but that match was interrupted by Brock Lesnar. That's why I have told Rey and Sin Cara they will be granted another shot at your titles.”

Titus: “What!?”

Booker: “Tonight!”

Young: “You gotta be kidding me?”

Booker: “Do I look like I'm clowning? You best get outta here and get preparing.”

O'Neil and Young are furious as they leave Booker's office. We then transition to another backstage segment, where the camera is zoomed in on the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts that are laid next to each other on a bench. The camera zooms out, Big Show and CM Punk pick up the straps and head out the door. Josh Matthews reveals their match against Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton is up next.

SmackDown goes to a break and returns with a vignette. In a darkened gym, the camera is zoomed in close to a muscular black man's chest. The camera zooms out slowly, revealing the word LANGSTON across the singlet. The camera zooms out fully to reveal Big E Langston standing with his arms folded. The camera fades to black and a logo on screen reveals that Langston will make his debut next week on Raw.

Back live in the arena, Randy Orton's music hits to big cheers from the crowd. The Viper makes his way to the ring in trademark fashion as the announcers discuss the Triple Threat World Title match at the Royal Rumble.

Matthews: “For weeks we have known that Show, Orton and Bryan will square off in that triple threat match. Recently we've seen a number of matches where Orton and Bryan have teamed, but they can't seem to co-exist to defeat a common enemy.”

JBL: “And that's very foolish. Big Show has demonstrated since becoming champion that he isn't going to lose in one-on-one situations. If I were Orton and Bryan I'd be joining forces to weaken the Giant, in my opinion that's the only way we see a title change at the Rumble.”

Daniel Bryan is out as Orton's partner to the usual “yes” chants from the crowd. There is a tense moment where Orton won't move out of Bryan's way, but their stare-down is cut short when Big Show's music hits to heavy boos from the crowd. Show carries the World Title to the ring as the announcers continue.

Matthews: “For the first time in a long time we have the rare situation where the World Champion teams with the WWE Champion, Punk and Show have to be favourites here.”

CM Punk is last out, his reaction is mainly boos though there are some Punk fans who give him cheers. He is accompanied by Paul Heyman and they makes their way to the ring to begin the match. In a fairly basic tag team match, Show and Punk dominate Bryan in the early-going. Orton gets the hot tag and scores a near-fall on Show following a DDT from the ropes, but Punk breaks up the count. At the 7 minute mark, Show hits the WMD on Orton but before he can go for the pin he receives a Missile Dropkick from Bryan. The ref begins to count Bryan out as he is the illegal man, but Bryan continues to attack Show. The ref throws the match out, declaring Show and Punk the winners via disqualification.

Big Show & CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton

Heyman encourages Punk to walk away from the situation, claiming it is not his business. As Punk and Heyman walk back up the ramp, Show begins to fight off the Bryan offense. By this time Orton has got to his feet, and he joins Bryan in beating down Show. The pair get a big pop from the crowd after hitting a double-suplex on Show, which causes the Giant to roll out of the ring and an escape up the ramp. As Bryan celebrates, Orton then delivers an RKO!

JBL: “Randy Orton has summed up right there exactly what needs to happen at the Royal Rumble. Bryan and Orton have demonstrated that they can keep Show down if they work in a team, it then becomes a case of who can take advantage of the situation and become World Champion.”

Matthews: “Big Show has maintained all along that he will never be pinned to lose the World Championship, at the Royal Rumble he doesn't have to be! If Orton hits that RKO on Bryan at the Rumble and gets the win, Show loses his title without having been involved in the decision.”

JBL: “And that's why Show is angry at Booker T for putting him in this situation.”

As Orton poses on the turnbuckle, Show has taken a mic and is standing at the top of the stage.

Show: “You can celebrate now Randy, but I won't allow this to happen again. I am the World's Largest Athlete, I don't care if you and Daniel Bryan want to play best friends to take me down. I'll just knock you both clean out. So enjoy this moment, because at the Royal Rumble I'm going to leave you out cold and staring at the ceiling.”

The crowd boo, Show's music hits and he exits through the curtain. The announcers feed backstage, where Matt Striker is standing by.

Striker: “I am joined at this time by Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, who tonight will challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships that they lost one week ago. Rey, Booker T has awarded you a second rematch after Brock Lesnar ruined your match this past Monday Night, how are you feeling heading into an important title match?”

Mysterio: “We are both grateful to Booker T for giving us a chance to correct our mistakes and reclaim our championships. Me and Sin Cara had a couple of bad nights, our communication wasn't what it should have been and it cost us the titles. We believe we have learned from our mistakes, we are ready to win those titles back here tonight.”

Striker: “Best of luck to you both.”

Striker shakes the hands of Mysterio and Sin Cara, before a commotion is heard down the hall. The camera man runs with the camera down the hall to reveal Damien Sandow beating down Zack Ryder. As Sandow delivers one last book to a fallen Ryder, Sandow crouches down and says “you're welcome” in a sinister fashion.

Live in the arena, R-Truth is in the ring awaiting his opponent for the next match.

JBL: “Damien Sandow does not like Zack Ryder, that match is going to be big at the Rumble.”

Matthews: “And before that we heard from Rey Mysterio, a huge Tag Team Championship match still to come tonight as well as the in-ring return of The Rock!”

JBL: “You gotta love Friday nights!”

Vickie Guerrero's voice is then heard and loud boos rain down as she walks out onto the stage.

Vicky: “EXCUSE ME! Last Wednesday night on Main Event my clients, The Fortunate Generation, defeated the New Age Outlaws. Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig are the future of this company, and we will be keeping a close eye on the Tag Team Championship match later tonight. But my clients are not only a fantastic tag team, they are dominant singles stars. Something Joe Hennig is about to demonstrate...”

Hennig's music then hits and he comes through the curtain, accompanied by Ted DiBiase. The trio make their way to the ring as the announcers speak.

Matthews: “Credit where credit is due, a couple of months ago Hennig and DiBiase were floundering with little direction in WWE. They have saught out the managerial talents of Vickie Guerrero, and they're making a real name for themselves.”

JBL: “There's no denying the talent of these two men, sometimes you just need a little direction. Vickie Guerrero is working her magic yet again, it's only a matter of time before titles are around the waists of these two men.”

In a short match, Truth has the upper-hand but can't quite put Hennig away. He hits the Lie Detector, but Vickie hops the apron to distract the referee. DiBiase tries to interfere, but Truth throws him from the ring. The distraction have Hennig enough time to recover however, and he connects with a PerfectPlex for the win.

Joe Hennig (w. Ted DiBiase & Vickie Guerrero) def. R-Truth

The trio celebrate as they retreat up the ramp, before we feed backstage where Santino is pacing the locker room. Ricardo walks in.

Ricardo: “Santino, Mr Santino sir, you don't have to get into this fight for me.”

Santino: “I have history with Alberto Del Neo, he eliminated me from the Royal Rumble two years ago and stole my moment of glory. Now I have stolen his ring announcer, and I will beat him tonight!”

The pair exit the locker room and the announcers note Alberto Del Rio's return to action is after the break. SmackDown returns with Ricardo stood in the middle of the ring alongside Lilian Garcia.

Garcia: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Santino Marella's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodrigues!”

Santino's music hits and Ricardo introduces him in the same manor he used to introduce Del Rio, and the crowd cheer as Santino power-walks to the ring. Del Rio's music then hits to boos, he enters down the ramp instead of via his car and has a serious look on his face.

In a very short match, Del Rio counters a Cobra attempt into a Cross Arm Breaker for the submission victory.

Alberto Del Rio def. Santino (w/ Ricardo)

Alberto continues to apply the hold and gets boos from the crowd. Ricardo attempts to help Santino, only to receive a stiff kick to the head for his troubles. Del Rio walks out of the ring and up the ramp as his music plays.

JBL: “You notice the change in Del Rio tonight Josh? No fancy car, no showmanship, just down to business. Alberto Del Rio is a dangerous man, a dark horse for the Royal Rumble match next week for sure.”

Matthews: “It's almost as if that absence through injury has given Del Rio time to rethink how he goes about his business, and if tonight is anything to go by that can only be bad news for the rest of the roster.”

Backstage, Daniel Bryan walks into the locker room to be greeted by Randy Orton.

Bryan: “I am willing to let that little RKO go on this occasion, we need to talk strategy.”

Orton: “We? Why do WE need to do anything?”

Bryan: “Did you learn nothing from tonight? We shouldn't be fighting each other, that just makes it easier for Show. Look, we both want that World Title but we both know Big Show isn't an easy man to beat. But if we worth together, weaken Big Show, take him out of the equation at the Rumble... well, then we just let the best man win.”

Orton thinks about this for a second before replying:

Orton: “I intend to.”

The pair stare-down as we transition back in the arena, where Lillian Garcia is in the ring.

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!”

The crowd cheer as Rey Mysterio's music brings out the Luchadors. They make their way to the ring in matching colours, sharing a few words when they get to the ring.

Matthews: “A huge night for these two, can they regain the Tag Team Championships just one week after dropping them to the Prime Time Players?”

The Prime Time Players then enter to boos, still looking angry that they find themselves in the match at all.

JBL: “An equally important night for the Players though Michael, they don't want to lose those titles without having a successful defence to their name.”

In an even match, both teams trade offense for the first 6 minutes. The Players take advantage, and O'Neil lands a Sky High on Sin Cara. They think they have the job done, but the crowd pop when Cara kicks out at 2! The Players continue to dominate for a further 3 minutes before Cara makes the hot tag to Mysterio. Rey hits a flurry of offense on both Young and O'Neil, the crowd hot for The Luchadors. O'Neil and Young charge at Mysterio and Cara, but the pair deliver dual drop-toe holds that leaves the Players draped across the middle rope. The crowd goes wild as the Luchadors hit twin 619s. Sin Cara pulls Young from the ring as Mysterio climbs the top rope and hits a Frogsplash on O'Neil, going for the pin and getting the win!

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Prime Time Players to regain the Tag Team Championships

JBL: “I don't believe what I'm seeing!”

Matthews: “The crowd is going wild, Mysterio and Sin Cara have won their Tag Titles back just a week after losing them!”

The Luchadors celebrate in the ring and then embrace as they are handed the titles. O'Neil and Young look heart-broken at ringside as Rey and Sin Cara climb the ropes and pose for the crowd.

Matthews: “What a night on Friday Night SmackDown, but ladies and gentlemen the best is yet to come. After the break, for the first time in over a decade, The Rock wrestles right here tonight!”

SmackDown goes to it's final commercial break as Rock is shown walking down the hall in his gear backstage.

SmackDown returns with a shot of the live crowd, who explode with cheers as The Rock's music hits. Rock appears through the curtain, dressed the wrestle. He begins to make his way to the ring, but is suddenly ambushed from behind by CM Punk. Punk is wielding a steel pipe, and strikes Rock several times in the left knee. Punk throws Rock into the ring. Rock attempts to fight back, hitting a few right-hands on Punk before Punk smashes Rock around the head with the pipe. The crowd boo loudly as Rock is shown bleeding from the head. Punk laughs to himself and delivers several more blows to a grounded Rock with the pipe. He then picks Rock up, hoists him over his shoulders and yells “best in the world” before delivering a GTS to Rock.

Rock is motionless in the middle of the ring and the crowd is booing loudly. The announcers sell outrage as Punk holds the pipe high, smiling into the camera.

JBL: “Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful.”

Matthews: “The Rock was heading down to the ring for a match, CM Punk attacks him from behind with that pipe. You look at Rock, he hasn't moved John.”

JBL: “For so long we're associated CM Punk with those verbal pipebombs, he has literally taken the pipe to Rock tonight. You have to wonder if Rock will even be able to compete at the Royal Rumble.”

Matthews: “It's been one of the most memorable nights in SmackDown history, we're not going to forget this savage attack any time soon. Thanks for joining us ladies and gentlemen.”

A close-up of a bloodied Rock closes the show as SmackDown goes off the air.

Match Results
Kane (w/ AJ Lee) def. Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler def. Justin Gabriel
The Miz def. Zack Ryder
Ryback def. David Otunga
Big Show & CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton
Joe Hennig (w. Ted DiBiase & Vickie Guerrero) def. R-Truth
Alberto Del Rio def. Santino (w/ Ricardo)
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Prime Time Players to regain the Tag Team Championships

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Wow what a great Smackdown, I can't wait, one more week until the Rumble
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview – 21st January 2013

The most recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown had looked like becoming one of the most memorable in history as The Rock accepted Wade Barret’s challenge to a match that very night! But The Great One’s return to in-ring action as ruined by WWE Champion CM Punk, who attacked Rock with a steel pipe while on his way to the ring for the match. Punk defends the WWE Championship against Rock this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but feels the decision to award Rock a Championship opportunity is disrespectful to his record-breaking reign. The pipe attack left Rock bloodied and beaten, will the Brahma Bull be in any shape to challenge Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble? Punk himself is one week removed from receiving a Stone Cold Stunner on Raw’s 20th Anniversary Show, an incident he told his Twitter followers “will not go unpunished”.

Also on Raw’s 20th Anniversary show, John Cena and Brock Lesnar had to be separated by security after coming to blows during the show. Cena wants revenge on Lesnar for costing him the WWE Championship at TLC last month, and ultimately a shot at redemption against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar has returned to WWE for one reason: to hurt as many people as possible. That very reason has seen Lesnar enter himself into the Royal Rumble match on Sunday, while Cena is entering the match against doctors orders after his neck was severely injured by Lesnar. Cena has not lost sight of his ultimate goal, a rematch against The Rock, and hopes winning the Rumble match will give him a chance at redemption should Rock capture the WWE Championship. The rivalry between Cena and Lesnar has become more heated as the weeks have gone on, prompting Raw General Manager Jerry Lawler to announce he will open the show tonight to “put measures in place to keep Cena and Lesnar apart until Sunday”.

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show has proven for months that he is not going to be beaten in singles competition when his title is on the line, but at the Royal Rumble his title is on the line in a triple threat match when he faces Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Orton had seemed intent on tearing each other apart as we headed closer to the Rumble, but last Friday worked as a team to beat down Show. Having formulated a plan (eliminate Big Show and then let the best man win), Orton and Bryan appear to have placed Show in an unwinnable situation.

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley was revealed as the first inductee into the Hall Of Fame Class of 2013, and it has been revealed that Foley himself will appear in person tonight on Raw. What role will Foley have to play, and what will he have to say about his induction?

Ryback had earned himself an opportunity to select his own entry number for the Royal Rumble match, but shocked the world when he chose to enter at number one. A returning Alberto Del Rio mocked the “stupidity” of Ryback before claiming he will win the Royal Rumble match. The pair face off in singles action as we head toward the pay-per-view. Also confirmed to be in action is Big E Langston, who will be making his debut after a series of intimidating vignettes.

After trading wins on Raw and Main Event, the New Age Outlaws will face the Perfect Generation (Joe Hennig and Ted DiBiase) in a Texas Tornado Tag match. Vickie Guerrero’s clients will also have one eye on the developing situation with the Tag Team Championships. The Prime Time Players won their first titles in WWE 2 weeks ago when they defeated then-champions Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, only to lose the titles back to the Luchadors on SmackDown. How will the Prime Time Players react to such a shockingly short reign as champions?

The Big Red Machine Kane is one of the most feared competitors in Royal Rumble history, and prepared for another campaign to win the Rumble match by facing last year’s winner Sheamus in singles action on Friday in an over-the-top-rope challenge match. The night ended tragically for Sheamus, who received a Tombstone on the concrete floor that has seen his challenge to make it back-to-back Rumble wins jeapordised. Kane is confirmed for singles action tonight.
It is sure to be another memorable night on Monday Night Raw, just 6 nights away from what is been billed as the most “historic Royal Rumble of all time”. Show coming soon…

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Here is hoping this leads up to Punk/Austin for WrestleMania 29, Once in a Lifetime but with Punk and Austin, since everyone compares Punk to Austin in the sense that both men stand up to authority, both men hate authority and do whatever they do to spit in the face of authority in the sense that both men are antiheroes don't conform like every other superstar and both are popular, 2 eras clashing

Cena and Lesnar will get their hands on each other in some capacity but if they do get their hands on each other, both men will be out of the 2013 Royal Rumble Match hence the reason for a No Contact Clause

Orton and Bryan need to work together to eliminate Show and then just turn on one another because then if they do that, it will be their only hope at the Rumble

Foley being inducted, I can't wait

Ryback to me he is an idiot, why would you choose #1 in the Royal Rumble Match to start off the Rumble, when he could've picked #30 where he would be at a distinct advantage but #1 a complete disadvantage because if Ryback wants to win the Rumble he is going to have to last 60 plus minutes to go wire to wire to win it all, but Del Rio he is a former Rumble winner winning the biggest ever Rumble back in 2011 where there was 40 men and he thinks he can do it again winning his 2nd Rumble, he is a favorite but I don't see him doing it, but Ryback vs Del Rio, I can't wait

Big E. making his debut, will he be face or heel, that is the million dollar question now isn't it?

Kane after what he did, he is an odds on favorite to win the Rumble but we can't count out last year's winner Sheamus
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