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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Originally Posted by Terry Gyimah View Post
Yes with Brock Lesnar being back, I can see Triple H coming back considering the way SummerSlam 2012 went down and with Triple H back, you know he is going to want to go after Lesnar the man who broke his arm twice but then Lesnar also has Cena to deal with and you know Cena he is going to want retribution for what happened at TLC but if Cena enters the Royal Rumble Match, I see him winning it with The Rock beating CM Punk at the Royal Rumble to become the new WWE Champion to set up Twice in a Lifetime at WrestleMania 29 leaving CM Punk to feud with The Undertaker heading into WrestleMania 29

But I see Heyman turning on Punk soon enough especially now that Brock is back because no way can I see Brock and Punk ever being on the same page
Brocks reasons for coming back will be explained on the next show, and Paul Heyman will also be addressing the relationship between Lesnar and Punk.

Originally Posted by Hohenheim of Light View Post
Entertaining read. Brock/Cena being re-ignited needs fuel, hopefully something Toguro-esque.

I'm interested.

Couple of points:
Bryan sharpshooter on Big Show is weird. Surely Show would just stretch his legs and Bryan would fly away.
No Shield
I'm glad you're interested, and thanks for reviewing.

The point of the Sharpshooter was to get over Bryan targeting and weakening the legs of Show, it's someone he'd been doing for a few weeks to get the better of The Giant.

Nope no Sheild - but I do have big plans for Ambrose and Rollins as we head toward Mania season. I didn't wanna just rebook what WWE did with them, I have my own ideas on how to debut them and I think especially fans of Ambrose will enjoy my plans for him.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Monday Night Raw - 17th December 2012

Raw begins with stills from the previous night at TLC and the commentators reacting to Brock Lesnar's shock return to cost John Cena his WWE Championship match against CM Punk.

Live in the arena, the camera pans the audience JR and Michael Cole are on commentary as Justin Roberts stands in the ring.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw just 24 hours after the shocking events of TLC."

Roberts: "Please welcome... the WWE Champion, CM Punk."

The crowd boo and Cult Of Personality hits.

JR: "We're not going to waste any time tonight Michael, our WWE Champion has questions to answer and it looks like he's going to get straight to it here."

Punk appears on the stage dressed in jeans, t-shirt and hoodie, with the WWE Championship draped across his shoulder. Punk gingerly makes his way to the ring, limping to sell the effects of the TLC match.

Cole: "Interesting that Paul Heyman is not accompanying Punk to the ring here. Punk looked as confused as anyone when Lesnar showed up last night, you gotta wonder if he was in on it or not."

Punk enters the ring and takes a mic as the crowd continue to boo.

Punk: "Disrespectful... Entirely and completely disrespectful, that's what you people are. I am just weeks away from the biggest match of my life when I defend my WWE Championship against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. And what do people want to talk about? They're not congratulating me on retaining my title in a brutal TLC match, they're not congratulating me on the longest WWE Championship reign of the modern area. No, all people want to talk about... is Brock Lesnar."

The crowd boo at the mention of Lesnar's name.

Punk: "People have been saying that I need to explain myself after Brock Lesnar attacked John Cena last night. Why the hell do I need to explain anything? I have proven time and time again that I can defeat John Cena, I sure as hell don't need help from Brock Lesnar or anyone else! I knew absolutely nothing about Brock Lesnar showing up last night, hell as far as I knew the guy had quit for good. All I know is this... I promised the world that I would retain my WWE Championship last night and that's exactly what I did. And I will not defend this title again until the Royal Rumble, where I will put my knee to the face of the Tooth Fairy and prove... once and for all... that I am the best... in... the world!"

Punk holds his title aloft as the crowd boo. Punk goes to leave the ring before Booker T's music hits to a good reaction from the crowd.

Cole: "SmackDown General Manager Booker T? What's he doing here on Raw?"

Booker: "Hold on there son. See, here's the thing. I aint happy with how things went down at TLC last night. I think John Cena deserves better than to be cheated out of his shot at redemption against The Rock. In my opinion, if it wasn't for Brock, John Cena would now be the WWE Champion..."

Punk: "Nobody gives a crap about your stupid opinion Book. What the hell are you even doing here? This is Raw, you're the GM of SmackDown! Stop wasting everybody's time and go play tic-tac-toe with Teddy Long back there sucka."

"Oh you got jokes? That's great. See, you're right about one thing Punk, I am the General Manager of SmackDown. And see, tomorrow night we have a very special edition of SmackDown... Super SmackDown Live! A commercial-free episode of SmackDown live tomorrow night. And while you're right that I am the GM of SmackDown, you are wrong about one thing... Last night was NOT the last time you will defend the WWE Championship before the Royal Rumble."

The crowd cheer and Booker continues.

Booker: "So here's how it's gonna go down. Tomorrow night on Super SmackDown Live, you are going to defend your WWE Championship... against John Cena! And to make sure that there is a definiteive and conclusive winner, to make sure that Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman don't get involved in the match... You will defend the WWE Championship... in a steel cage match! Now can you dig that... suckaaaa!"

Booker's music hits to cheers and the SmackDown GM exits as Punk sells anger and frustration in the ring. Punk then composes himself.

Punk: "To take a quote from my Royal Rumble opponent... IT DOESN'T MATTER! See I saw the way John Cena's head bounced when Brock threw him through that table last night, I know John Cena is nowhere near 100%. If the world wants to see me defeat John Cena AGAIN, well... Just Bring It."

Punk laughs to himself, the crowd boo and Cult Of Personality plays. Punk exits the ring and the camera shifts to Cole and Ross.

Cole: "Massive announcement to kick things off tonight CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship inside a steel cage against John Cena!"

JR: "Certainly one you won't wanna miss, and speaking of John Cena. We have been informed that Cena will be here later on tonight to react to the events of TLC. You've gotta assume he wants a piece of Brock Lesnar."

Cole: "It's hard to say Jim, I mean the last time we saw Brock Lesnar he snapped the arm of Triple H at SummerSlam! The guy is a machine, I don't think calling out The Beast is a smart move."

JR: "You may well be right Michael but I know John Cena he's a man full of pride. He's gonna be hurting that he didn't win the gold last night, he's gunna be hurting that his shot at The Rock was taken from him by Lesnar. The question is, can he make all that right tomorrow night on SmackDown?"

Cole: "Before we get to Super SmackDown Live we still have an amazing night ahead here on Monday Night Raw. And Jim get this... Paul Heyman has just Tweeted a photograph of Brock Lesnar outside the arena here tonight!"

The picture is shown on the screen for viewers.

JR: "Heyman has a lot of explaining to do! Folks also tonight Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defend their newly-won Tag Team Championships against former champs Rhodes Scholars, and we can now take you backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by."

Backstage, Matthews is stood by Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Matthews: "Damien, Cody, thank you for your time. You have elected to immediatley cash-in your rematch clause and will challenge Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara for the Tag Team Championships tonight..."

Sandow interrupts Matthews.

Sandow: "Sorry, which Championships would they be?"

Matthews: "Urrm, the Tag Team Championships."

Sandow: "Exactly. Not the Ladder Match Championships. Not the jump as high as you can with a pathetic mask on your head Championships. No, the Tag Team Championships. Cody and I won the championships in Tag Team action, defended them in tag team action, yet were forced into a barbaric ladder match by that buffoon Booker T! Gentlemen of our ilk do not pride ourselves on such savagery! Not to worry though, our rematch tonight will be a tag team match, and Rhodes Scholars will regain the Tag Team Championships for the benefit of the unwashed masses... You're welcome."

Sandow and Cody walk away from the interview.

Matthews: "The Tag Team Championships will be defended... next!"

Raw goes to commercials.

Back live, Justin Roberts is in the ring.

"The following contest, scheduled for one fall... is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!"

Rey Mysterio's music hits to a good reaction from the crowd, Mysterio and Sin Cara appear on the stage in matching colours and make their way to the ring as the announcers speak.

Roberts: "Introducing first... your NEW WWE Tag Team Champions... Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara!"

Cole: "You gotta admit it was smart on the part of Rhodes Scholars to take the rematch tonight. You saw the way Rey Mysterio sacrificed himself to get the win last night, you know he's gotta be beat up and you would expect the strategy tonight will be isolate Rey."

JR: "You might be right Michael, but you gotta catch these guys first. This pair of high-flyers will look to get things done quickly the momentum is with Sin Cara and he's gotta be happy to get his first gold here in WWE."

Damien Sandow's music then hits to bring out Rhodes Scholars.

Roberts: "And their opponents... the team of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, the Rhodes Scholars!"

Sandow and Rhodes make their way to the ring and the bell rings to start the match.
  • Sin Cara has the upper-hand in the early going of the match, connecting with several impressive high-flying moves.
  • After 4 minutes, Rey is tagged in. It doesn't take long for Rhodes Scholars to capitalise on Rey's injuries and they have the upper-hand.
  • At 8 minutes, Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on Rey but Sin Cara breaks up the pin attempt.
  • Sin Cara gets the hot tag at 10 minutes, sending Sandow out of the ring. Cara connects with a springboard moonsault on Sandow and picks up the win.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Rhodes Scholars to retain the Tag Team Championships

Sandow looks as if he is about to cry at ringside as Rey and Sin Cara celebrate with the titles in the ring. The announcers talk over replays of the match.

JR: "Incredible athleticism from Sin Cara tonight. There can't be any questions now Rey and Sin Cara have overcome Rhodes Scholars twice in two night."

Cole: "Sandow looks like he's going to burst into tears here, you gotta wonder what is next for Rhodes Scholars and the Tag Team Championships."

The camera then shifts back to the announcers.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen last night, by far the biggest upset of the night was Zack Ryder defeating Antonio Cesaro to become the United States Champion..."

Stills of Ryder's win are shown as the announcers continue.

Cole: "...Nobody backed Ryder going into TLC, I mean Cesaro had knocked off the likes of Vader and Jim Duggan just a few days ago!"

JR: "Well we know Cesaro is making his way to the ring, we'll find out what he has to say when Raw comes back."

Raw returns with a vignette. In a darkened gym, a muscular black man is adding more weights to bench-press apparatus. He then lays in position and easily lifts the weights. The screen goes black and the words COMING SOON appear on the screen.

Back live in the arena, Antonio Cesaro's music hits to boos. He appears wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.

Cole: "Well I had wondered if Cesaro was going to follow Rhodes Scholars and cash in his US Title rematch here tonight... he's not exactly dressed for it."

JR: "No he certainly is not... and I wonder what's in that briefcase."

Cesaro enters the ring, where a table is set up. He places the briefcase on the table and takes a mic from ringside.

Cesaro: "You people disgust me, you make me feel physically sick whenever I look at you. Ever since SummerSlam when I became the United States Champion, I was representing this nation and it's inhabitants as it's Champion. Frankly it did not deserve me... you people do not deserve me!"

The crowd boo and Cesaro continues.

Cesaro: "So I made a decision. I will no longer lower myself to your level, I hereby waive my right to a rematch for the United States Championship. Not because I cannot beat Zack Ryder, but because I am above him and the country he represents. No, instead I am here to declare myself..."

Cesaro begins to open the briefcase and reaches inside.

Cesaro: "The Champion... of Europe!"

Cesaro pulls out the European Championship belt from the briefcase and places it around his waist. Suddenly, Jerry Lawler's music hits and the Raw GM makes his way onto the stage. He waits out a "Jerry" chant before addressing Cesaro.

Lawler: "Antonio, I know we're just a few weeks away from Christmas, but you can't just give yourself a championship as a present. The European Championship is no longer sanctioned by WWE, you are the champion of nothing! But if you do want to get all European, well I think I have an opponent for you tonight who, if given the chance, would like to think he would represent the people of Europe better than you..."

Sheamus's music then hits to a big reaction from the crowd. Sheamus appears, shakes King's hand and makes his way to the ring.

Cole: "You gotta be kidding me? Cesaro clearly isn't dressed for a match!"

Lawler: "Ring the bell!"

Cesaro tries to smash Sheamus with the European Title belt, but he is met with a Brogue Kick! Sheamus gets the win in a matter of seconds, which draws a big reaction from the hot crowd.

Sheamus def. Antonio Cesaro

The announcers talk over a replay.

JR: "Not what Antonio Cesaro had in mind... He came out here, waived a shot at the United States Champion to declare himself the Champion Of Europe... and then he's kicked in the face by an Irishman!"

Back live, Cesaro has rolled out of the ring with his belt and is scurrying up the ramp. Sheamus is still in the ring, when behind his back Wade Barrett appears with a chair. The crowd boo as Barrett swings at Sheamus, smashing the chair across his back.

Cole: "Oh my God! Barrett with a vicious attack with the chair, Barrett who lost to Sheamus in a chairs match last night."

Barrett strikes Sheamus again as the crowd boo. Barrett then lifts Sheamus up and delivers Wasteland through the table.

JR: "We said last night that things looked far from over between these two... looks like Barrett agrees."

Backstage, Ricardo Rodrigues is walking down the corridor with a cardboard sign that reads "RING ANNOUNCER FOR HIRE". Santino excitedly runs up to Ricardo.

Santino: "Do it! Do it! Say my name like Alberto! SANTINOOOOOOO."

Ricardo: "I don't work for free."

Santino: "Oh.. How much?"

Ricardo: "$500 a night."

Santino looks shocked. He pauses for a moment.

Santino: "I give you $5 a night and you get to live with me and my cobra at my house, no?"

Ricardo thinks about the offer, then shakes Santino's hand with a smile on his face.

Back live in the arena, the camera is on the announcers.

Cole: "You gotta be kidding me? Ricardo goes from earning $500 a night as Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer to earning five bucks a night for Santino? Talk about desperate."

JR: "Well the guy's out of work right now after Alberto was ruled out for a number of months at the hands of Randy Orton last night."

Cole: "Yeah that's true... well speaking of The Viper, some breaking news, later tonight he will be the special guest on MizTV!"

Kane's pyro then hits to boos and the Big Red Machine appears on stage with AJ.

JR: "Interesting night for these two at TLC Michael."

Cole: "You call it interesting, I call it strange. Kane losing the match via DQ when he Tombstoned Ryback on a steel chair, yet AJ and Kane seemed happy."

JR: "Well AJ said going into TLC that they would prove that Kane is still a monster and I think he actions proved that."

Kane makes his usual entrance with pyro in the ring. Raw goes to commercials.

Raw returns with an advert for Super SmackDown Live where CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena in a cage match, plus Booker T will make a special announcement on the future of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Back live in the arena, R-Truth is finishing his entrance as Kane's opponent. Kane gets a dominant win inside 3 minutes, finishing Truth off the a Chokeslam.

Kane def. R-Truth

After the match, Kane picks up Truth and drops him with a Tombstone as the crowd boo and the announcers sell disgust.

Backstage, CM Punk is in the changing room when Paul Heyman walks in. Punk stands up and squares up to Heyman.

Punk: "Where the hell have you been, I've been trying to call you."

Heyman: "I was with Brock, why?"

Punk: "Screw Brock, since when was he back on the scene? What the hell Paul? At what point did you plan on telling me he was going to get involved last night?"

Heyman: "Calm down. Look, Brock has his reasons for coming back, you are still the WWE Champion... what's to be angry about?"

Punk: "Well, let me see, oh yeah, I'm defending my title against Cena in a cage tomorrow night!"

Heyman: "Don't worry about it, I have a plan. Walk with me."

Punk and Heyman walk down the hall and Raw returns to the arena, where The Miz's music is playing and the ring is set up for MizTV. Miz stands in the ring with a mic.

Miz: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, welcome to MizTV! MizTV of course named after an hosted by your Intercontinental Champion... The Miz."

The crowd boo, Miz continues.

Miz: "Last night I retained my Intercontinental Championship against Christian, and I continue onward in my quest to become the longest regning Intercontinental Champion of all time. Now, tonight my guest is a man who says he is back to his best. A man who last night dropped Alberto Del Rio through a pile of tables so high that we don't know when we'll be seeing him again. My guest tonight is the man I cashed my Money In The Bank briefcase on to win the WWE Championship in 2010 and the man I retained against on numerous occasions... Randy Orton."

The crowd erupt as Orton's music hits, and The Viper appears on stage in his wrestling attire plus an Orton t-shirt. Orton makes his way to the ring and stands in front of Miz.

Miz: "Randy, people have been talking. They've been talking about how you haven't held the WWE Championship since I took it from you. They've been talking about how long it has been since you held the World Heavyweight Championship. My question to you is very simple, what's going on?"

The crowd boo but Orton just flashes a small smile.

Orton: "I'm not really the talking kind Miz so I'll keep this short. 2013 is fast-approaching and I've made a couple of resolutions... To win championships... and to drop RKOs."

Orton surprises Miz with an RKO and sends the crowd into a frenzy. Orton's music hits and The Viper exits as Miz stays down in the ring. The announcers feed to Josh Matthews backstage.

Matthews: "Thank you guys, joining me at this time... Mr Money In The Bank... Dolph Ziggler. Dolph, you had everyone suspecting that you would cash-in your Money In The Bank contract last night at TLC, yet when the time came you were nowhere to be seen. Care to explain?"

Ziggler: "Doesn't take much explanation Josh. Last night wasn't the right time. This contract gives me a unique advantage, it lets me do things on my terms. Cashing in this baby will be the ultimate show-stealing moment of my career. It has to be right, it has to be impactful. But don't worry, it'll happen. And it'll happen sooner than you think. But before then I have a singles match tonight against Daniel Bryan, a man who was knocked clean out by Big Show last night. I'll prove I'm in the same league as the World Champ tonight when I do the same."

Big Show is shown walking down the hallway, the World Heavyweight Champion is in action after the break.

Live in the arena, Ricardo Rodriguez is stood in the ring.

"Urm, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... introducing... The Milan Miracle... Santinoooooo Marella!"

The crowd cheer and Santino's music hits, he power-walks his way to the ring as the announcers laugh at Ricardo's delivery. Big Show's music then plays and the crowd boo.

Cole: "You see there folks, Show still the World Champion. Daniel Bryan ran him close last night, but the brute strength of the Giant was enough to get him through."

The bell rings, Santino immediately goes for the Cobra. Show grabs his hands, picks Santino up above his head and Gorilla Press Slams Santino over the top rope and onto Ricardo. Santino courageously re-enters the ring only to be knocked out by a WMD.

Big Show def. Santino

The announcers put over Show before feeding to an exclusive Tout video: new US Champion Zack Ryder is having a party in Long Island to celebrate his win at TLC.

In the parking lot, a car pulls up. Out steps John Cena with a serious look on his face. He makes his way to the arena.

Live in the arena, Daniel Bryan's music hits to a face reaction. Bryan is focused and doesn't do his yes or no chants as he makes his way to the ring.

JR: "Here's a guy with a point to prove he made Big Show tap on two separate occasions but when the title was on the line last night he couldn't get the job done. A win tonight might put him back in the title frame."

Dolph Ziggler's music then hits and Mr Money In The Bank makes his usual entrance.

Cole: "Not as simple as that JR Dolph is fresh after not having a match at TLC last night while Bryan must still be hurting physically and mentally from his defeat to Big Show."

After a fifteen minute back-and-forth match, Bryan applies the No Lock. Ziggler has his foot on the bottom rope and taps out. Bryan releases the hold thinking he's won the match, by the time the official has pointed our Ziggler's feet were on the ropes Dolph has got back to his feet. Bryan walks into a Superkick from Dolph, who gets the cover and the win.

Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan

Raw goes to it's final commercial break with JR telling fans "John Cena is up next".

Raw returns live in the arena, the camera pans the crowd before John Cena's music hits to a largely positive reaction though some vocal males are booing. Cena makes his way straight to the ring, not stopping to milk the reaction as usual. He has a mic.

Cena: "For weeks I have been preparing myself. Preparing for Tables Ladder and Chairs. Preparing for CM Punk. Preparing to once again become WWE Champion. And preparing to get another shot at The Rock. What happened to me last night, I couldn't prepare for that. We all thought Brock Lesnar had left, the last we heard from him was that he had "achieved everything" and that he was never going to return. I aint the kind of guy to moan about things, I'm the kind of guy that gets up, dusts himself down and calls out the punk who attacked me last night. Brock Lesnar, you wanna fight? I'm calling you out man."

The crowd cheer and Cena removes his shirt in preparation for a fight. Lesnar's music hits and the crowd goes wild, but they soon boo when Paul Heyman is the man who walks through the curtain.

Heyman: "First of all Mr Cena, it wouldn't have mattered if you'd had a hundred days to prepare for Brock Lesnar. Just ask Triple H. Let me set a few things straight, just for the record. Brock Lesnar did walk away from WWE but his contract was never officially terminated, meaning he still has the same rights as every other guy in the locker room to show up at his place of work. As for why he attacked you. Look, Brock Lesnar wasn't out there because he wanted CM Punk to be the WWE Champion... he was out there because he didn't want YOU to be the WWE Champion. Brock Lesnar doesn't like you, and Brock Lesnar feels like he has unfinished business with you."

Cena looks confused in the ring as Heyman continues.

Heyman: "You see, when Brock first came back this year he came back with a bang. He walked right down that ramp, he lifted you onto his shoulders and he dropped you with an F5 heard around the world! At Extreme Rules Brock Lesnar beat you within an inch of your life... but he didn't win the match. John, Brock Lesnar simply doesn't like that the record books state that you defeated him. The reason Brock Lesnar came back last night, the reason Brock Lesnar will continue coming back, is to right that wrong."

In the ring, Lesnar is seen jumping the barrier at ringside. He storms the ring and attacks Cena from behind, pounding away as the crowd boo. Lesnar picks Cena up and delivers an F5!

Heyman: "But it's not going to be enough for Brock Lesnar to beat you John. Brock Lesnar wants to END YOU!"

The crowd boo, Lesnar picks Cena up and delivers a massive Powerbomb, with Cena landing awkwardly on his neck.

JR: "Oh my God, oh my God, did you see that? Lesnar might have just broken Cena's God-damn neck!"

Raw goes off the air with Lesnar standing tall over Cena, who hasn't moved since the Powerbomb.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

RAW Review

- Lesnar is a beast, what a move, not only after giving Cena an F-5, Lesnar gives Cena a Powerbomb with Cena landing awkwardly on his neck, I honestly think Lesnar may have broken Cena's neck and if he did, he may have done some serious damage to Cena and if he did, that's great, because it really puts over Lesnar as a destruction machine by injuring Cena and if he injured Cena then it's even better because personally I am a John Cena hater, so if he is on the shelf for a while, it is perfect

- Now with Lesnar back on the scene, you know Lesnar he is going to want to be WWE Champion again and it will only be a matter of time before Lesnar targets CM Punk and if he does, Lesnar will beat Punk within an inch of his life, I mean just ask Cena, just ask Triple H, CM Punk should consider himself lucky not to get on Brock's bad side

- Punk having to defend the WWE Championship on Super Smackdown against Cena inside a Steel Cage, I wonder how that is going to happen especially with what just happened to Cena being injured at the hands of Lesnar, it makes me wonder if Punk will have to defend the title against someone else and if he does, then I wonder just who the replacement will be?

- Love that Dolph Ziggler is using the Superkick as his new finisher because Dolph to me he reminds me so much of an early 1990s era Shawn Michaels in the way that he entertains because Shawn was the ultimate Show Off and now Ziggler has just taken it to new heights, Shawn was the Show Stopper but Dolph is the Show Stealer because he steals the show every single night and Dolph could be an icon in the future and he is well on his way to doing just that by not only being Mr. Money in the Bank but Dolph has done it all, former World Heavyweight Champion former United States Champion former Intercontinental Champion, now Mr. Money in the Bank and the only titles or things Dolph hasn't done in his career are to become WWE Champion or win a Royal Rumble Match and as soon as Dolph does that, then he will end up becoming a Triple Crown Champion in WWE but I love how Ziggler beat Bryan

- Big Show the World Heavyweight Champion beating Santino with relative ease, I love it, because it builds up Show as a dominant champion as a champion who can't be beat and no one has been able to beat Show for that World Heavyweight Championship ever since winning it at Hell in a Cell and I wonder just who will be the one to finally defeat him, just who will beat him for that title

- Zack Ryder is now a 2-time WWE United States Champion becoming the new WWE United States Champion celebrating his win over Cesaro at TLC, big ups to Ryder, but I love how Cesaro was able to bounce back so quickly after his loss at TLC losing to Ryder losing that WWE United States Championship by declaring himself the WWE European Champion but that title hasn't been in existence since the early 2000s, so why bring it back now after all these years of it being non-existent

- I think the debut promo was for Big E. Langston and if I am right about that, then Big E. I can see him making his debut by Royal Rumble or the night after the Rumble

- Sheamus beats Cesaro, love it but what I love even more is Kane decimating R-Truth with Kane using the Tombstone Piledriver, a nod to his older brother The Undertaker using Taker's finisher

- I sense some dissension between Punk and Heyman especially when it comes to Brock, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar and Heyman turn on CM Punk costing him the WWE Championship because I would love to see a Lesnar/Punk feud

- Orton is my pick to win the 2013 Royal Rumble Match but I really hope Orton turns heel and becomes the Viper of old, punting superstars in the skull RKOing whoever gets in his way not caring one iota about the fans or anyone else except himself and championship gold becoming like his 2008/09 self
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Tuesday 18th December 2012 - Super SmackDown Live

SmackDown begins with a promo video emphasizing that this live episode is also commercial-free. The video then transitions to the events of Monday Night: Booker T announced CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena inside a steel cage, but after Brock Lesnar powerbombed Cena on his neck it is unknown if Cena will able cleared to compete.

Live in the arena, Booker T's music hits to a big cheer from the crowd. The SmackDown General Manager makes his way to the ring. Michael Cole and JBL are on commentary.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a very special edition of SmackDown, me Michael Cole and JBL are happy to be here for Super SmackDown Live!"

JBL: "That's right Michael, no commercials tonight just two hours of amazing action. And of course, the WWE Championship is scheduled to be defended inside a steel cage! God I can't wait!"

Cole: "We're going to kick things off with our General Manager, let's see what Booker T has to say."

Booker stands in the ring with a microphone.

Booker: "First of all, welcome everybody to Super SmackDown Live! As SmackDown's General Manager it is my job to make sure every episode is the very best it can be. But tonight will be a very special night. Everybody has been talking about the steel cage match for the WWE Championship, been asking me if it's still on. I've not seen John Cena tonight, I don't know what kind of condition he is in, but until a doctor tells me otherwise then he is challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship tonight..."

Booker waits out a "we want Cena" chant from the crowd before continuing.

Booker: "... The reason I'm out here is not to address the WWE Championship, but to address the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show once again retained his title at TLC last Sunday, the guy is on one hell of a run as World Champion. Now I know it's going to take something special to beat that guy, and with the Royal Rumble fast-approaching we need to make that World Championship match something special. I am therefore here to announce that tonight we will begin an 8-man tournament to determine the number one contender to Big Show's World Heavyweight Championship."

The crowd cheer the decision and Booker continues.

Booker: "Those eight men have been carefully selected by myself, so here we go, there will be four matches tonight... those matches will be..."

A graphic on the titatron shows depicting each match Booker reveals.

Booker: "I am a believer that the Intercontinental Championship is a prestigious honour, and for that reason The Miz is one of the either men. In your opening match tonight, he will go one-on-one with the man who RKO'd him right in the middle of this ring last night... Randy Orton!"

The crowd cheer at the announcement before Booker continues.

Booker: "Now if I'm going to allow the Intercontinental Champion into the tournament, then it's only right for me to also give a shot to your new United States Champion. So tonight Zack Ryder will go one-on-one with a man who I believe is in need of a good ass-whoopin'... Damien Sandow. Now, the main event of Raw last night between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler was one of the best matches of the year, and I wanna see those two go at it again. So your third match will be Mr Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler taking on the man who almost beat Show last Sunday... Daniel Bryan!"

The crowd cheer and begin "yes" chants.

Booker: "And the fourth match will see the former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus take on the Big Red Machine Kane. Now I know that these eight men will tear each other apart to get a shot at Show and that title, the winner of the tournament will be declared number one contender and will challenge Big Show for his World title at the Royal Rumble... Now can you dig that, suckaaaaas!"

Booker's music hits again and the crowd cheer, Booker exits the ring and heads up the ramp as the announcers react.

Cole: "Major announcement to kick things off! We have ourselves a tournament!"

JBL: "Great decision in my opinion Michael, making guys earn a shot at one of the most dominant World Champions in history. It's going to be a great night!"

Cole: "I understand we can join Scott Stanford who is standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion for his reaction."

Backstage, Standford is in the interview position with Big Show, who is dressed in casual clothes with his title over his shoulder.

"Big Show, you have just heard there will be a tournament to determine who challenges you for the World Title at the Royal Rumble, your reaction please."

Show: "I think it's great. There isn't a man walking this planey capable of beating me for my title, so if Booker wants to throw eight of his best guys out there and let them destroy each other then fine. But they're not competing for a shot at my title, they're just getting in line for a Knock-Out Punch. I said it when I won this title at Hell In A Cell and I'll say it again, this title is mine until the day I retire. So that means I will retain at the Royal Rumble, I will retain at WrestleMania, I will retain at SummerSlam, and in one year when we have Super SmackDown Live 2013 I will retain then too."

Show smile to himself and walks away.

Stanford: "There you have it folks, Big Show not concerned who he faces at the Royal Rumble."

Back live in the arena, Lilian Garcia is standing in the ring.

Garcia: "The following contest is a World Heavyweight Championship Tournament match!"

Randy Orton's music hits to a massive cheer from the crowd and The Viper makes his way to the ring.

JBL: "Now this will be interesting Michael. Randy Orton failed to become number one contender a few weeks back, can he get the job done against our Intercontinental Champion here tonight?"

Cole: "That's true but you gotta remember that was a different Orton. Since then we've seen Orton destroy Alberto Del Rio to the point where we don't know when he'll be back. The Viper is back and he is ruthless, you saw last Monday how he dropped Miz with an RKO for no reason."

JBL: "Yeah and you gotta assume Miz wants revenge for that..."

Miz's music then hits and he makes his way to the ring as the announcers continue.

JBL: "And make no mistake, this aint an easy match for Orton. The Miz is the Intercontinental Champion because he knows how to get the job done when it matters, and The Miz knows what it takes to beat Orton when the stakes are high."

Cole: "That's right, remember it was Orton who Miz won the WWE Championship from in 2010."

In a fairly basic 7-minute match, Orton counters a Skull Crushing Finale attempts into an RKO.

Randy Orton def. The Miz

Orton celebrates in the ring as the announcers put over the win.

JBL: "Very important win in the career of Randy Orton, he's into the semi-finals!"

Backstage, Scott Stanford is stood outside the medical room in the arena.

Stanford: "Guys some breaking news here, John Cena has arrived and headed straight for the medical room. The worrying thing for Cena he was wearing a neck brace after that vicious attack from Brock Lesnar on Monday Night. No news yet as to whether Cena will be cleared to compete in the WWE Championship Cage match tonight, but I'll be sure to bring that to you as soon as Cena walks back out of this door."

Back live in the arena, Lilian Garcia introduces another World Heavyweight Championship tournament match. Mr Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler is the first man out.

"Dolph Ziggler competing to earn a shot at the World Title at the Royal Rumble but you can't forget he already has a guaranteed title shot with that Money In The Bank briefcase."

JBL: "So what? You gotta give Dolph Ziggler credit, he wants to earn as many chances as he can get and that is smart. He still has six months before that contract expires, who's to say he won't win the World Title and cash in for a rematch if he's beaten? Nothing in the rules says Mr Money In The Bank can't be champion."

Cole: "It would certainly be a first..."

Bryan's music then hits to a big face reaction and the usual "yes" chants.

Cole: "And for this man the World Championship Tournament represents a second chance. Two nights ago Bryan challenged Big Show at TLC but didn't get the job done, and then last night he was on the end of a loss to his opponent here tonight."

JBL: "And what a great match that was last night, I'm so excited for the rematch here!"

It's another classic match that goes 16 minutes. Ziggler attempts a Superkick but unlike on Raw Bryan is able to avoid the contact. He grabs Ziggler by the arm and applies the No Lock in the middle of the ring, giving Dolph no choice but to tap out.

Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler

The crowd cheer and Bryan soaks up the cheers of the crowd.

Cole: "Bryan picks up the win, but John what a match."

JBL: "These two men really do bring out the best in each other, but it's Bryan who advances to the next round of the tournament."

The camera then shifts to the announcers at ringside.

Cole: "And folks if you were wondering who will face who in the semi-finals of the tournament, I can exclusively reveal that there will be a fatal fourway match between the semi-finalists on the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw, the winner selects his opponent in the semis of the tournament."

JBL: "Now that is big Michael, selecting your own opponent certainly is a Christmas present!"

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen let me take you back to the events of TLC Brock Lesnar made a shocking return to WWE and cost John Cena the WWE Championship."

A video package airs, it highlights Lesnar throwing Cena through a table at TLC and then injuring Cena on Monday Night Raw.

Backstage, Scott Stanford is once again outside the medical room.

Stanford: "No update yet folks, Cena has been in there a while now..."

Stanford is interrupted by Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, who are walking past.

Sandow: "Mr Stanford, nobody is interested in what is going on in the adjacent room. The unwashed masses are much more concerned about the tragic events of Monday night, where Rhodes Scholars lost their rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships. In light of those tragic and unfortunate events, myself and Cody have made the difficult but correct decision to disband Team Rhodes Scholars..."

Rhodes: "... but we will still be best friends..."

Sandow: "... thank you Cody. This decision has been made with our singles careers in mind, and my first opportunity at individual glory comes tonight. Our biased buffoon of a General Manager says I need an 'ass-whoopin'. First of all, his command of the English language is inexcusable, whopping ends in a G that must be pronounced! Secondly, he has paired me with the largest ignoramus of all as my opponent. The fact that Zack Ryder currently holds Championship gold makes me feel ill. But fear not, for I shall defeat Zack Ryder and advance to become the new World Heavyweight Champion for the benefit of the unwashed masses... and that includes you Scott... you're welcome!"

Back live in the arena, JBL is laughing at how Sandow spoke to Stanford when Zack Ryder's music hits.

Garcia: "The following contest is a World Heavyweight Championship tournament match. Introducing first, from Long Island New York... the NEW United States Champion, Zack Ryder."

The crowd cheer and Ryder makes his way to the ring with the US title belt around his waist.

JBL: "The biggest travesty in the history of our industry, Zack Ryder gets the luckiest win of his life and is now champion of our great nation."

Damien Sandow's music then hits and he makes his way to the ring in his usual blue gown.

Cole: "So the first test for Damien Sandow post-Rhodes Scholars, he's already won a Tag Team Championship in his short career here in WWE, John what would a win over the US Champion mean for the career of Sandow?"

JBL: "Under normal circumstances a win over the United States Champion would be a really great achievement, but come on, it's Zack Ryder, hell even you could beat him Michael!"

After six minutes of even action, Ryder has the advantage and attempts a Broski Boot. Sandow avoids the contact, grabs Ryder's leg and rolls him up. Sandow uses the ropes for leverage and scores the win.

Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder

Ryder protests with the referee in the ring as Sandow smiles from the ramp, before the announcers feed backstage.

Backstage, Antonio Cesario storms into Booker T's office while wearing the European Championship belt over his shoulder.

Booker: "What the hell you think you're doing Cesaro?"

Cesaro: "I should ask you the same thing. You went out there tonight and told the world the Intercontinental and United States Champions had to be in the World Championship tournament... what about the champion of Europe?"

Booker laughs, but Cesaro remains serious.

Booker: "Look man, everyone knows that the European Championship is no longer sanctioned here in the WWE. But hell, if you're looking for a match against a champion I got one for you. Tomorrow on Main Event, you're going to take on one half of the Tag Team Champions... Rey Mysterio. Now get the hell outta here."

A furious Cesaro storms out of Booker's office. A commotion is then heard down the hall, and as the camera exits Booker's office we see Wade Barrett attacking Sheamus. After several chair shots, Barrett hoists Sheamus up and delivers Wasteland through a nearby table. Booker runs down the hall.

Booker: "Wade! Wade! What the hell are you doing man?"

Barrett walks away while laughing.

Barrett: "Sorry Booker, I don't think Sheamus is going to be able to compete tonight."

SmackDown returns in the arena where the camera is on the announcers.

Cole: "Disgusting behavior from Barrett, he lost a Chairs match to Sheamus at TLC and has retaliated by twice putting Sheamus through a table."

JBL: "What can I say? Wade doesn't take kindly to defeat."

Kane's pyro suddenly hits to boos from the crowd and the Big Red Machine approaches the ring accompanied as always by AJ. Kane makes his traditional entrance, AJ has a mic and stands beside Kane.

AJ: "My monster is not concerned about his win/loss record, my monster is here simply to hurt people. So we are both saddened to see what just happened to Sheamus, because Kane was looking forward to tearing him apart here tonight. But, if he can't compete, I guess Kane will advance to the semi-finals by way of forfeit..."

The crowd boo and AJ starts skipping, before Booker T appears on the titantron from his office.

Booker: "Not quite AJ. You are right about one thing, Sheamus aint going to be in action tonight. But I have just the guy in mind to take his place, and you know, I think he's quite excited at the opportunity for... one more match at the World Heavyweight Championship."

The crowd cheer, Christian's music hits and Captain Charisma appears on the stage. His ankle is still bandaged from his recent injury, but he makes his way to the ring for the match with Kane.

Kane dominates the match for seven minutes before Christian makes the comeback, landing the Killswitch. He is unable to capitalise straight away though and only gets a 2 count. Christian signals for the Spear, but as he takes a run at Kane the Big Red Machine grabs him by the throat and delivers a Chokeslam. Kane though doesn't let go of Christian's throat, continuing to choke him. The referee counts him out and disqualifies Kane, who carries on choking Christian until he passes out.

Christian def. Kane via DQ

AJ enters the ring laughing and Kane shoots his pyro.

Cole: "Further proof of what AJ said, Kane simply doesn't care about winning matches, he just wants to hurt people."

JBL: "I get that Michael but these guys a fighting for a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Those two are just plain crazy."

The camera focuses on the announcers as they continue.

Cole: "So Christian advances to the semi-finals due to Kane's disqualification, so we now know that the four semi-finalists are Christian, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton."

JBL: "And that's going to be one hell of a fatal fourway on Raw this Monday, three of those guys are former World Champions!"

Cole: "I'm going to have to interrupt you there John, I'm receiving word that Scott Stanford is standing by with John Cena!"

Backstage, the camera is on Stanford, who is stood outside the medical room.

Stanford: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... John Cena."

The camera pans out to Cena, who is stood with a concerned look on his face and wearing a neck brace.

"John the question on everyone's lips will you be challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship tonight?"

Cena: "I probably shouldn't. I've been in with the doctor for about an hour now and he says I'm pretty banged up, when Brock Lesnar drops you on your neck you better believe it leaves a mark. Impact like that would break the neck of most men. But I aren't most men Scott. My name is John Cena, and I never give up. So yes, despite what the doctors and my common sense is telling me, I am going to step into that cage tonight. And I'll tell you why nothing has changed since TLC. I still need that match with The Rock at the Royal Rumble, I still need to right that wrong. The only way I'm going to get that is to become WWE Champion before then. It's not ideal, hell I'm putting my career on the line tonight just stepping in that cage, but I'm going to do it here, live, in front of the world. I'm going to end CM Punk's historic title reign, I will win the WWE Championship, and I will beat The Rock at the Royal Rumble."

The camera fades to black and a commercial for The Rock's return airs, before SmackDown returns live in the arena. The cage is been lowered and the crowd is cheering. Lilian Garcia stands in the ring as the bell rings.

Garcia: "The following contest is a steel cage match, and it is for the WWE Championship! The only way to win is via pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage with both feet touching the floor."

Cult Of Personality hits to a flood of boos from the crowd as CM Punk appears, accompanied by Paul Heyman. Punk has a mic in hand an confidently makes his way to the ring whilst cutting a promo.

Punk: "You would think that a man in my position would be offended, angry or bitter. But I'm not. I'm happy. Despite our horrendous General Manager gifting John Cena yet another shot at my WWE Championship, despite giving me less than 24 hours to prepare for this match, despite having won a TLC match two nights ago, I'm happy. And let me tell you people why I'm happy..."

By this point Punk has entered the cage, with Heyman standing outside holding the belt aloft.

Punk: "... Because I saw what happened to John Cena on Raw last night, I saw what happened to John Cena at TLC. Brock Lesnar destroyed John Cena to the point where he is walking around back there with a big old neck brace on. A smart man would walk away from this fight and live to fight another day. But not John Cena, because John Cena is not a smart man. John Cena's like that bug that won't stop flying into the light bulb even though his ass is getting burned. It doesn't matter to John Cena how many times I beat him, he comes back for more. Tonight he comes back for the last time you people are about to witness me finish John Cena off for good."

Punk throws the mic out of the cage door before Cena's music hits to cheers from the crowd. Cena slowly walks out on stage, still sporting his neck brace. Cena makes his way to the ring, keeps the brace on, closes the cage door behind him and the bell rings.

Punk dominates the early going, removing the brace from Cena's injured neck and working away at his injuries. At the ten minute mark, Punk hits the GTS. He goes to walk out of the cage door, then looks back at the fallen Cena. He laughs to himself, then goes for the cover instead. Cena kicks out at 2! Punk can't believe it. Cena then surprises Punk with an Attitude Adjustment, drawing cheers from the crowd. Cena slowly crawls toward the cage door, but Paul Heyman nails the referee with the Championship belt and slams the open door onto the head of Cena.

Cena falls back into the ring. Punk gives Cena a kick to the gut, then puts him in the position for a piledriver.

Cole: "Oh my God no, not that, this is too much!"

The crowd gasp as Punk executes the piledriver before immediately pinning a prone Cena to retain his Championship.

CM Punk def. John Cena to retain the WWE Championship

Punk has a twisted smile on his face and cage raises, doctors rushing to the ring to check on Cena. Cena hasn't moved and the announcers sell outrage.

Cole: "The piledriver is one of the most dangerous moves in our industry, Punk may have just ended the career of John Cena."

JBL: "Punk crossed a line tonight, that's for sure."

SmackDown goes off the air as the doctors place Cena in another neck brace and onto a stretcher.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Smackdown Review

I think it is a great idea to have an 8-man tournament to determine just who the new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship will be because I can't wait to see the tournament matches themselves to see just who is paired up with who but also because I want to see if Cena is able to compete tonight in the Steel Cage for the WWE Championship against CM Punk or just what type of damage Lesnar did to Cena's neck

Just gotta love Show's confidence here because honestly ever since he has become World Heavyweight Champion he has nearly been unbeatable, like honestly I am starting to believe if anyone can beat him because he is a Giant, a dominant one at that

My man Randy Orton defeats The Miz to move on to the semi-finals of the tournament to crown a new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, just goes to show you that Orton is back and in deadly form especially after he took out Del Rio with that punt kick to the head punting Del Rio's lights out and if this win of Orton's shows me anything, it shows me that Orton is the favorite in this tournament as far as I am concerned

Daniel Bryan beating Dolph Ziggler in another classic match between these 2, because their matches I could honestly watch them all day everyday and it would never bore me because their matches are similar to that of Bret Hart & HBK or even Bret Hart & Mr. Perfect, that is how good it is, but nevertheless Bryan moves on in the tournament while Dolph is eliminated but Dolph still has the Money in the Bank briefcase which he could cash in on the champion anytime anywhere

Sandow beating Ryder to move on to the semi-finals of this WHC tournament is great, because now Sandow is off to a great start in his singles career ever since he and Cody disbanded Rhodes Scholars but at least Ryder is still the WWE United States Champion at the end of the day

Cesaro is awfully full of himself wearing a title in WWE that is not even sanctioned anymore, what is he going to do? Get the WWE Board of Directors to sign off on him having the WWE European Championship which is a title that hasn't even mattered for years, if Cesaro wants a real title, he should go after the WWE Intercontinental Championship because then he would be champion of all continents as opposed to one but he has to take on Mysterio, should be a good one

Wade Barrett attacking Sheamus, this is great because it continues their rivalry, but I definitely see these 2 going at it again but this time at the Royal Rumble in a 1 on 1 match-up but if both of these superstars are in the Rumble match itself then both are considered favorites in my opinion

Christian being named as Sheamus' replacement in the WHC tournament to face Kane, I loved it, but what I love even more is Christian advancing all be it by DQ since Kane just snapped and just attacked Christian until he passed out, just puts Kane even more over as a sadistic evil monster just like how he should be but Kane at this point he doesn't even need AJ anymore but what would be really funny is if Kane gave AJ a Tombstone Piledriver, now that would really make him unhinged and unpredictable

Now the stage is set for the semis, it will be Orton, Sandow, Christian and Bryan, so I wonder how you will set up that bracket

And as for the main event Punk beating Cena, I obviously knew that was going to happen but what I didn't count on was Punk using a piledriver to finish off Cena, now that will definitely put Cena on the shelf for a really long time but it puts Punk over even more heading into his match-up with The Rock at the Royal Rumble
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

PWInsider News

Rumours are circulating on the Internet about the identity of the black man lifting weights in recent vignettes. Some are speculating that they are foreshadowing the return of Mark Henry, while others are predicting a shock return for Bobby Lashley. Ezekiel Jackson is another name been speculated about, while some have also guessed that they may form the debut of Big E Langston.

As earlier reported, The Rock will be on a full-time schedule upon his return on 7th Jan. Rock is currently advertised for the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29 PPVs.

Sources close to WWE are unsure if Undertaker will be wrestling at this years Mania due to injury.

WWE are expected to reveal some big surprises during the 2013 Royal Rumble match, while legends are expected to return for Raw's 20th Anniversary show.

Jeff Hardys TNA contract expires prior to WrestleMania, but while WWE are interested in re-signing Hardy he currently has a no-compete clause in his TNA deal that would prevent Hardy wrestling for WWE until after WrestleMania.
New shows to be posted Monday.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

I've not gone into massive detail with the Christmas edition of Raw but there's still some storyline development in there. SmackDown will be posted tomorrow and will be back to the usual level of detail.

WWE Main Event Wednesday 19th December

Rey Mysterio (w/ Sin Cara) def. Antonio Cesaro

Santino (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) def. Jinder Mahal

WWE Superstars Thursday 20th December

Zack Ryder def. Primo (w/ Epico)

Antonio Cesaro def. Brodus Clay

Joe Hennig & Ted DiBiase (w/ Vickie Guerrero) def. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Monday Night Raw Christmas Eve 2012

Mick Foley (dressed as Santa) opens up Raw to a big reaction from the crowd. He starts to hand out Christmas presents to the crowd before Vickie Guerrero interrupts. She doesn't think people want to see "the past" in Mick Foley, they want to see "the future of WWE". Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig make their way to the ring and have Foley cornered before Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara make the save. Jerry Lawler books a 6-man tag for later in the night: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & "Santa" vs Ted DiBiase, Joe Hennig and a partner of their choosing.

A video package on John Cena airs, highlighting the neck injury he has picked up as a result of the Powerbomb from Brock Lesnar and Piledriver from CM Punk. Back live, the announcers note that John Cena will not be in action tonight as he recovers from his injuries.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and introduces Santino in his traditional fashion. Epico & Primo are out as the opponents, with Santino scheduled to face Epico. Primo won't stop interfering, Ricardo also gets involved so the match is changed to a tag team match. Santino teaches Ricardo how to do the Cobra and they hit the finisher at the same time on Epico and Primo to get the win.

Santino & Ricardo def. Epico & Primo

Backstage, Randy Orton is interviewed about the upcoming fatal fourway match that will allow the winner to select his own opponent in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament semi-finals. Orton vows to win the tournament and win the World Title at the Royal Rumble.

In the ring, Justin Roberts introduces the following as a "Festive Champion vs Champion match". Intercontinental Champion The Miz is out first, US Champion Zack Ryder is out as is opponent. Miz dominates the majority of the match but Ryder hits a surprise Rough Ryder and gets the win.

Zack Ryder def. The Miz

The announcers reveal that Ryback will go one-on-one with Kane later in the night, before feeding to a video package on The Rock. The video focuses on the career highlights of Rock, and then advertises his return to WWE in 2 weeks.

Back live, CM Punk and Paul Heyman hit the ring for a promo. Punk talks about been WWE Champion all year, and gets big heat from the crowd by saying he gave John Cena a major injury for Christmas. He concludes by promising to do the same to The Rock, saying he will end his wrestling career and his movie career.

Backstage, Antonio Cesaro voulenteers to be Hennig & DiBiase's partner in the 6-man tag. Cesaro wants revenge on Mysterio for his defeat on Main Event.

In a separate segment, lower-card wrestlers are backstage enjoying a Christmas party. Booker T does a Spin-a-roony before Ron Simmons walks into shot and shouts "Damn".

Back in the arena, Kane's pyro hits to bring out the Big Red Machine and AJ. The announcers talk about Kane not trying to win matches recently, instead getting disqualified to inflict further pain on his opponents. Ryback gets a big reaction when he makes his enterance as the announcers remind fans of their recent rivalry. AJ gets ejected from ringside by the ref, which distracts Kane. Ryback connects with a Meathook when Kane turns around, and it's enough for the win.

Ryback def. Kane

Backstage, Sheamus gets revenge on Wade Barrett for the attack on SmackDown by putting Barrett through a table filled with Christmas presents.

A vignette shows; in a darkened gym, a muscular black man is adding more weights to bench-press apparatus. He then lays in position and easily lifts the weights. The screen goes black and the words COMING SOON appear on the screen.

Live in the arena Antonio Cesaro, Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig make their way to the ring. The Tag Teams Champions then make their entrance before Mick Foley (still dressed as Santa) gets a big pop for his entrance. After taking a beating, DiBiase and Hennig are ordered to retreat by Guerrero. This leaves Cesaro to take a 619 from Mysterio before a Mr Socko (in a miniature Santa outfit) Mandable Claw picks up the win.

Mick Foley, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Joe Hennig, Ted DiBiase & Antonio Cesaro

Backstage, Big Show is interviewed about the upcoming fatal fourway match. Show says he doesn't care who wins because he can beat anybody. Brodus Clay then interrupts and tells Show to "cheer up and be festive" before trying to put a Santa hat on Show. Show reacts by knocking Clay out.

Live in the arena, Justin Roberts announces the following is a Fatal Fourway match. The announcers remind fans of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, and that the winner of this match selects his semi-final opponent. Daniel Bryan, Christian, Damien Sandow and Randy Orton enter and the match is underway.

The the final sequence, Christian Spears Daniel Bryan. Christian is then thrown from the ring by Sandow, before Orton connects with an RKO on Sandow to get the win.

Randy Orton def. Damien Sandow, Christian & Daniel Bryan

Orton poses on the turnbuckle, the announcers plug the semi-finals of the World Championship tournament this Friday on SmackDown before wishing viewers a Merry Christmas.

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Loved RAW especially with the Christmas Eve edition of RAW and I for one cannot wait until Smackdown because I really want to see just what will happen on Smackdown
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Friday Night SmackDown - 28th December 2012

SmackDown begins with a video package on John Cena's 2012 included are the following moments:
  • The Rock hits Rock Bottom on Cena to win their match at WrestleMania 28
  • Brock Lesnar returns to WWE and delivers an F5 to Cena
  • Cena is pinned by John Laurinitis
  • CM Punk smashes Cena with the Championship belt after their match at Night Of Champions
  • CM Punk defeats Cena and Big Show at SummerSlam
  • Brock Lesnar returns at TLC 2012 and throws Cena through a table
  • The next night on Raw, Lesnar delivers a Powerbomb and drops Cena on his neck
  • Last week on SmackDown, CM Punk further injurs the neck of Cena with a piledriver.

Live in the area, Cult Of Personality hits to boos from the crowd. WWE Champion CM Punk appears on stage, dressed in jeans and a Brahma Bull t-shirt. Paul Heyman accompanies Punk to the ring, carrying the WWE Championship belt. JBL and Josh Matthews are on commentary.

Matthews: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Friday Night SmackDown for our first show since Christmas Day, I hope you all had a very happy holidays."

JBL: "One man who certainly did not have a happy holiday is John Cena and that is in part to this man Josh. Last week CM Punk used a move on Cena that has been outlawed here in WWE and we haven't seen him since."

Matthews: "That's right John and we will have a medical update from John Cena's doctor later in the program, but right now we're going to hear from the WWE Champion."

Punk and Heyman are in the ring, Punk has a mic.

Punk: "Surprise surprise, people are booing CM Punk. And I wonder why? Is it because I left their superhero John Cena literally in pieces last week? Is it because you are all jelous of my record-breaking WWE Championship reign? Maybe. But I have my own theory. You're booing because you know the truth. You know that we are a matter of days away from The Rock's triumphant return to the WWE. You know that he will face me for my WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. And you know that just like John Cena, he will lose. In exactly one month we will be standing here on the Raw following the Royal Rumble and you will all be talking about how the great CM Punk defeated The Rock!"

The crowd boo as Punk smiles to himself. Heyman steps forward and takes the mic from Punk.

Heyman: "Allow me to expand on the point that you Champion is making. You see, for all the bad things we have said about John Cena, we know he is up there with the very best. And it's nothing against John Cena that he always loses to CM Punk CM Punk is the best in the world, everyone loses to him. When it comes to Dwayne, well, the guy is a movie star. He can drink all the protein shakes, lift as many weights as he likes, but the fact of the matter is that the Royal Rumble will be The Rock's second match in almost a decade. And sure, Rock got a good win at WrestleMania this year, but he wasn't facing the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. When The Rock steps into the ring with CM Punk, it isn't just going to be his WWE Championship dreams that end. By the time CM Punk is through with The Rock, he will be beaten so badly that Rocky won't be making anymore blockbuster hits for a very long time. And if you don't believe me, just ask John Cena."

Heyman laughs, Punk takes the mic back and says in a sinister voice: "If you smell, what the best in the world, is cookin'". Cult Of Personality plays again and the pair exit the ring.

Matthews: "Zero remorse shown by CM Punk and Paul Heyman, what they failed to mention is that fact a lot of the damage was done not by Punk but by Brock Lesnar. So many questions remain about his involvement with Punk and Heyman and why he came back."

JBL: "You're right about that but I have to give credit where credit is due CM Punk is not intimidated by The Rock, it will be a battle between two icons and I cannot wait to see them go at it."

Matthews: "Well it isn't just the WWE Championship been defended at the Royal Rumble, Big Show will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of a tournament set up by SmackDown GM Booker T last week."

Replays from the matches last week are shown as Matthews continues.

Matthews: "Randy Orton, Damien Sandow, Christian and Daniel Bryan all progressing to the semi-finals. And on our Christmas Eve edition of Raw, Randy Orton won a fatal fourway match between the pair and has been awarded the right to select his opponent for his semi-final match tonight. We can now go backstage where Matt Striker is standing by for Orton's decision."

Backstage, Striker is standing in the interview area alongside Randy Orton.

Striker: "Thanks Josh. Randy you have a choice to make, the world is eager to hear who you have selected as your opponent for tonight."

Orton: "It was an interesting choice for me. I have a point to prove to everyone, including myself, I need to prove that I am back to my best. So do I select Christian, a man who I raded World Championships with for the better half of last year? Do I select Daniel Bryan, a man so lethal that he made me submit the last time we got in the ring? Yes I have a point to prove, and to prove I am the best I need to become World Heavyweight Champion. I defeated Damien Sandow on Monday, he is the only one of the three never to hold the World Championship. He is my clearest route to the finals. So my decision, my opponent, is Damien Sandow."

The crowd are heard cheering in the background before the interview is interrupted by Big Show. Show holds the title in Orton's face and the pair have a stare-down.

Back live in the arena, Kofi Kingston is making his entrance for the opening match of the night. Dolph Ziggler's music then hits, and Mr Money In The Bank makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand.

Dolph: "People are too impatient. People think that I should be in a hurry to cash in this contract and become World Heavyweight Champion. Believe me people, it's going to happen. But you can't rush art. So just sit back and enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that you are watching the future World Heavyweight Champion."

SmackDown goes to commercials as the match gets underway. SmackDown returns with Dolph in control. He dmoniates a fairly short match before finishing Kofi off with a Superkick.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

Booker T is in his office speaking with Teddy Long when Sheamus walks in.

Sheamus: "You wanted to see me fella?"

Booker: "Yeah. These last few weeks you and Wade Barrett have taken your rivalry to a new level. When I put you in that Chairs match at TLC I expected you to settle your differences. But since then, Wade has put you through a table and you have returned the favour. I was just speaking with Teddy here and we've decided that if you two insist on using tables as weapons, then you may as well be doing that in the ring. So tonight Sheamus, you're going to go one-on-one with Wade Barrett in a Tables match."

Sheamus smiles as the action returns live in the arena, where 3MB are making their entrance by playing air guitars. Zack Ryder's music then plays to bring out the United States Champion for a non-title match against Drew McIntyre.

Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal are ejected from ringside by the referee for trying to interfere in the match. With McIntyre left alone to fight Ryder, it doesn't take Long Island Iced Z long to hit the Rough Ryder and pick up the win.

Zack Ryder def. Drew McIntyre

Ryder celebrates in the ring before the camera shifts to ringside with Matthews and JBL.

Matthews: "Ladies and gentlemen don't forget we still have a medical update on the condition of John Cena coming up, plus Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow and Christian vs Daniel Bryan in World Heavyweight Championship tournament matches. But up next, The Miz took to Twitter earlier today to declare he had a special guest on MizTV tonight. Find out who that is after the break!"

SmackDown returnsd with a vignette; in a darkened gym, a muscular black man is adding more weights to bench-press apparatus. He then lays in position and easily lifts the weights. The screen goes black and the words COMING SOON appear on the screen.

Back live in the arena, the ring is setup for MizTV and the Intercontinental Champion is dressed in a suit with his belt over his shoulder.

Miz: "Welcome to the most must-see talk show in the history of WWE, welcome to MizTV! I am your host, the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz!"

The crowd boo as Miz holds his title aloft.

Miz: "And the Intercontinental Championship is the reason I am presenting you with this very special edition of MizTV. You see, ever since I regained my championship at Hell In A Cell I have told anyone that will listen that I intend to break Honky Tonk Man's record as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. And despite a series of challengers, I am still on track to do that. Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time is the current holder of the record I am going to break, please welcome the Honky Tonk Man."

Honky gets a pop as his music plays and he makes his way to the ring dressed in his Elvis-like attire, carrying a guitar to the ring with him.

Miz: "Thank you so much for coming tonight Honk. See, I felt it only proper that you face the man who will eclypse your record and take away your claim to fame. How does it feel to be standing in the ring with the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time?"

Miz presents the mic to Honky put pulls it away before he can answer.

Miz: "Never mind, nobody wants to hear from you. This is MizTV not HonkyTV, if people wanna see terrible Elvis imperinators they'll take a trip to Vegas. People tune in to see me, The Miz...

Before Miz can continue, Honky smashes his guitar over the head of Miz to a big cheer from the crowd. Miz lays on the mat clutching his head as Honky grabs the Intercontinental Championship and holds it in the air.

JBL: "What on earth does this washed up idiot think he's going!? He just hit our Intercontinental Champion with a guitar for no reason at all."

Matthews: "Sorry but a lot people think Miz had this coming, he showed no class to the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in the history of our company and these fans here certainly enjoyed what they saw!"

JBL: "Outrageous behavior."

Matthews: "Well as the crowd here enjoy a bit of shake rattle and roll, Matt Striker is standing by with a special guest of his own."

Backstage, Matt Striker introduces Christian.

Striker: "Christian, you seem to have overcome your ankle injury and are just moments away from your semi-final match against Daniel Bryan. Your thoughts?"

Christian: "The ankle's feeling great, but not as great as it would feel to get one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship! But to get there I have to defeat the most dangerous submission specialist in our industry today. I'm going to have to be at my very best to beat Daniel Bryan tonight..."

The interview is interrupted by Damien Sandow.

Sandow: "Excuse me gentlemen, I am about to speak. Nobody cares what this ignoramus thinks, the real question is how I, Damien Sandow, feel about been perceived by Randy Orton to be the easy opponent. And I will answer that question Matthew, I feel insulted. Tonight I will demonstrate to Mr Orton that I am neither an easy opponent nor a simple route to the finals of this tournament. And you, Christian, if you are so fortunate as to to face my good self in the finals, well I will demonstrate the same to you. I will then go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion and bring dignity, grace and class back to the title... You're welcome."

Sandow walks away before Christian says to Striker, "I really hate that guy!"

Live in the arena, Daniel Bryan's music hits. Bryan makes his entrance to a series of cheers and YES chants from the crowd.

Matthews: "Two fan favourites about to go at it here in the first of two World Heavyweight Championship tournament semi-finals."

JBL: "Yeah but this here isn't a popularity contest, these guys are fighting for a title shot at the Royal Rumble."

Christian's music then hits to bring out Bryan's opponent.

It's an even high-quality match between the pair:
  • At 11 minutes, Christian connects with a Frog Splash but Bryan kicks out.
  • At 14 minutes, Christian kicks out of a diving headbut from Bryan.
  • At 15 minutes, Bryan applies the Yes Lock but Christian is too close to the ropes.
  • At 17 minutes, Christian hits the Killswitch but is too groggy to immediatley go for the cover, and Bryan kicks out at 2.
  • Christian attempts a Spear as Bryan gets to his feet, but Bryan grabs the arm and applies the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Christian has no choice but to tap.
Daniel Bryan def. Christian to advance to the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Bryan's music plays as he helps Christian to his feet. The pair shake hands as the announcers put over the quality of the match. SmackDown goes to commercials.

Before SmackDown returns, an advert for Main Event airs. As the first show of 2013, every champion in WWE will be in action. There will be two triple threat matches to bring in the new year; CM Punk vs The Miz vs Rey Mysterio, and Big Show vs Zack Ryder vs Sin Cara.

SmackDown returns with the ringside area littered with tables. Lillian Garcia announces the following as a Tables Match before Wade Barrett's music hits. The announcers discuss the recent rivalry between Barrett and Sheamus as the Englishman makes his way to the ring.

Matthews: "What we have here is our General Manager Booker T trying to make use of the rivalry between these two men. It was at TLC when Sheamus defeated Barrett in a Chairs match, Barrett didn't take kindly to this and put Sheamus through a table backstage. That attack cost Sheamus his place in our World Title Tournament, and last Monday on Raw Sheamus retaliated by putting Barrett through a table."

JBL: "I was ringside at TLC and I said at the time things were far from over between these two, I'm looking forward to this one!"

Sheamus's music hits to a big reaction from the crowd and he storms the ring, tackling Barrett as the match begins.

Following ten minutes of back and forth action including several near-misses, a table is set up outside the ring. Sheamus Brogue Kick's Barrett off the apron and through the table for the win.

Sheamus def. Wade Barrett

The announcers talk over a replay of the finish.

JBL: "Barrett is not going to be happy about this at all Josh."

Matthews: "Barrett is 0-2 against Sheamus now, the question now is how will Barrett react to another loss to the Celtic Warrior?"

The camera then moves to ringside and focuses on the announcers.

Matthews: "And guys a bit of breaking news here, Monday Night Raw on New Year's Eve will see the return of the Slammy Awards! Voting will take place on WWE.com and the WWE App over the next few nights, be sure to tune in and see who picks up the big awards of the night."

JBL: "And if I don't win something I'm going to riot Josh."

Matthews: "Now as promised, an update on the condition of John Cena. Cena has a severely damaged neck thanks to Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, what we don't know is how long Cena will be out for. Earlier today WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross met with John Cena's personal physician."

JR and the physician are sitting at a table at WWE Headquarters.

Ross: "I am joined here at our Headquarters by the personal physician of John Cena, Dr Benjamin Smith. Dr Smith you have been responsible for the care of John Cena since he sustained a serious neck injury at the hands of CM Punk last Tuesday night, could you update his fans on his condition at this time."

Smith: "Mr Cena is a lucky man I have studied the footage of the incident that saw John sustain this injury and there was the potential for Cena's neck to be broken. If that happens you can be talking about anything as serious as paralysis. Thankfully the damage is not as serious as that, and while John is obviously not in great shape right now we are pleased with his progress."

Ross: "A simple question doctor: will John Cena wrestle again, and if so when can expect him to be cleared for competition?"

Smith: "Yes, John Cena will wrestle again. If this injury were sustained by a member of the general public who was not in the great shape that John Cena keeps himself in, you would be talking a minimum six months without any excersise. But given John's unique ability to recover from injury, his desire to get back in the ring and compete again, I remain hopeful he could feature at WrestleMania 29."

Ross: "That's still a long way away doctor."

Smith: "Yes it is Jim, that's the amount of time I will be recommending John stays out of the ring for. He has regained movement in his neck these last few days and he is not in any major discomfort, but the injury needs to heel and so does John Cena."

Ross: "With all due respect doctor, I know John Cena. He isn't going to sit at home for four months watching Brock Lesnar on his television set, he's going to want to do something about this."

Smith: "Perhaps, and I am powerless to stop John returning sooner. Technically speaking, John may well return to work sooner than I'd like. But I've made it perfectly clear to him that if he gets back in the ring too soon, one wrong step and his neck may suffer irreparable damage."

Ross: "So simply put, if John Cena returns too soon his career is on the line?"

Smith: "Correct."

Ross: "Doctor thank you for your time, I'm sure the WWE Universe and especially the fans of John Cena appreciate the update."

SmackDown goes to commercials. It returns with an advert for the Slammy Awards.

Back live, Lillian Garcia announces the following as a semi-final match in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. To everyone's surprise, Big Show's music hits and the World Champion enters the arena to boos from the crowd. Show is not dressed to wrestle, and instead of entering the ring he takes a seat at the announce table.

Matthews: "It looks like we're going to be joined by the World Heavyweight Champion, welcome Big Show."

Show: "Shut up. I'm not out here to talk to little people like you, I'm here to watch this match and witness who I'll be knocking out at the Royal Rumble next month."

JBL: "Could not have said it better myself, shut up Josh!"

Randy Orton's music then hits to a big pop from the crowd as the Viper makes his way to the ring. In the ring, he stares a hole through Show.

Show: "What on Earth is this guy's problem?"

Damien Sandow is out as his opponent to boos from the audience.

Throughout the match, Show speaks on commentary about how it doesn't matter who wins the tournament because he is unstoppable. Daniel Bryan is shown watching the match on a monitor backstage. After an 8 minute match largely dominated by Orton, he connects with an RKO to get the win.

Randy Orton def. Damien Sandow to advance to the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Matthews: "Massive win for the Viper, who goes on to face Daniel Bryan on Raw in the finals!"

Show stands up the the announce table and makes his way to the ring. He enters the ring and begins to trade blows with Orton. Daniel Bryan then rushes to the ring, he helps Orton beat down Show before the pair deliver a double-suplex to Show. As the crowd cheers, Orton then delivers an RKO to Bryan!

Orton picks up the World Championship and holds it high above Show and Bryan on the mat.

Matthews: "Randy Orton delivering an emphatic message to his opponent in the tournament finals and the Champion himself. We may well be looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion! Goodnight everybody and thank you for watching."

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Well this was a first for me, reading your BTB, and I like the idea of having such a long road ahead of you with a clear ending in sight.

I will be reviewing your SmackDown 12-28-2012 and from the looks of it, many more down the road.

I really liked how everything is put together, short results for the matches and all. Really like that.

The intro with CM Punk and Heyman was a great way to start any show. It will be interesting to see how you book Punk & Rock at the Royal Rumble.

The night's matchups were good SD! caliber matchups. You were probably missing a tag team match in there, for my liking, but, other than that really, everything was good. What made things that just better was the Tables Match with Sheamus & Barrett. I thaught it was going to go on in last but, since you had some of your emphasis on Randy Orton, I could understand the show ending with that and with three-way altercation.

Other than that, I think that for the SD show, you've got your team of Matthews/JBL/Striker down to a tee, and, your show fell through nicely from beginning to end.


MATCH OF THE NIGHT = Daniel Bryan Vs Christian
SEGMENT OF THE NIGHT = Punk/Heyman Intro
WORST OF THE NIGHT = Zack Ryder Vs Drew McIntyre (It's only in there because I felt it took the place of a tag team bout, especially with McIntyre involved with 3MB)

OVERALL = A little mispelled words and missing letters was not a big issue but it could be better. Your storylines are still pretty true to reality, so everything is comprehensible enough to appreciate and follow without having started from the very beginning. (9/10)

WWWF is Coming...
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